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June 25th 2022 - Nexus of Companies Engaged in Fraud Appear at 2323 Bryan St, Dallas TX

The Lizard Lounge (1991-2020), location of THECHURCHBOARD.COM user base employed in threats, closed May 9th 2020 citing $28,000 USD monthly costs in excess of its upkeep on 2424 Swiss & Good Latimer.

The Allen child was legally resident at Live Oak Lofts, about 2 blocks away, when removed from the Oklahoma parent without a writ or legal cause for use in a false claim of "abandonment" and during Interstate travel to settle in the City of Ada at such time prior arranged, agreed, and all costs paid over $10,000 USD.

Records indicate in 2011, the commercial business address of "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC." and "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" and "EQUINIX" were actually used to create the extortion site observed by CIO of an Oklahoma Firm reporting that public threat and confession of child taking filed June 24th 2022 in evidence; on discovery of nexus with the companies launching attacks on the Oklahoma parent and his businesses over 2002-2022. Such action was by - and such defamatory site signed by LOSTSERVER and VAMPIREFREAKS in the meta data on each page in 2013 extortion.

Concrete evidence therefore links LOSTSERVER/LOOPBACK0.NETWORK/COGENT employees to the action in ongoing fraud and $108,000 USD false claim on false collateral (a child named in civil suit who is not a natural person per record, i.e. never born in DALLAS COUNTY) and to defraud in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT during concealmnet of a natural child removed and secreted and hidden in DENTON COUNTY to extort and abuse the child from 2001-2019 in UIFSA Section 6 "fraud" and 5 U.S. Code Section 706 alleged fraud to extort a COMMERCIAL COMPETITOR and INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE across State borders spanning 2001-2022 in a pattern to deceive and defraud.


ICANN records show CANADASUCKS.ORG / CANADASUCKS.NET and the 2011 (.ME) Hate Site Created by Donald J. Beal of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, featuring 2323 Bryan Street as the Administrator of such written confession in the taking, concealment, and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of a child - illustrating nexus and proximity to the home of the child taken for concealent in 2001 under color of law to extort. EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. have substantial ($53 billion) dealings with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and their parent company, NTT GROUP of Nation of Japan. NTT is 23% owned by "Government of Japan", a foreign sovereign power, and tied to bidding and work with similar HUAWEI activity at that time of the 2000-2009 NORTEL data breah, with similar undercut bidding activity in partnership with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

See Nortel Data Breach
(2020 Report, PDF 11 MB)

See also:

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These actions caused substantial damage to NORTEL in conjunction and in fraud using NORTEL and other company names as keywords in the fraud in 2002-2004 - and are false employment claims and false preformance claims to conceal a child:

PROCEEDTECH.COM reported "We never received any complaints about your work at the Nortel Group".

The scale of this fraud is quite substantial to the United States, and abuse of James Allen is an effort to coerce and intimidate eye-witness 'vital employee" testimony in the largest commercial fraud in Texas History. For comparison:

This fraud is therefore 470% larger than the total equity of "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC." ($53 billion) and and approximately 6x the size of MCI-Worldcom and 12x larger than the Texas Savings and Loan fraud.

The presence of foreign sovereign owned firms who are public partners of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and of TENCENT and SOFTBANK and ALIBABA GROUP with shared commercial activity; and represent in NTT a $100 billion annual gross revenue approximately 40% of NORTEL's value when this fraud and email breach with sub-40% bidding scandal exposed Shanghai based export of data to destroy that U.S. traded company and Canadian Retirement Funds security during the 2001 August 11th to present suppression of James Allen; may be entitled to claims for obstruction disbarring very early reports of the fraud by James Allen refused due to Greg Abbott and Dee Miller in DALLAS COUNTY supporting the concealment of a child taken during Interstate Transit for permanent residence in the City of Ada prior granted to his natrual parent James Allen by residence, lease, and release and sole financial support then of such child of record born in DENTON COUNTY, State of Texas, shown here, themed missing and concealed since 2001 alleged taking by fraud, force, and threat of murder.

The center located at the CANADASUCKS.NET hate site, is EQUINIX/COGENT/DIGITAL-REALTY-TRUST-INC, a joint company acting to exploit "real estate investment trust" status via the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE code inthe United States; concealing realty practics barred on incorporation of NTT AMERICA in Michigan due to substantial (beneficial owner) equity by "Government of Japan" and fear made formal notce in letter by the FBI that such foreign ownership posed a material threat to private businesses.

In the following Four figures, showing Data Center 3 and 4 aka DA3 and DA4 respectively - prior known as "Infomart" and VERIO-NTT at 1950 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas TX; we see the use of such real estate to "awe and impress" naive State and Federal law enforcement into false belief as to who the genuine owner of the business and nature of the business is.

As one can see, EQUINIX and COGENT both present themselves as Internet Service Providers, while the true OWNER/OPERATOR is "DIGITAL REAL ESTATE TRUST, INC."; which should absolutely not be engaged in public sale of services other than lease of space per its special real estate investment trust structure. This shields the smaller firms from taxation in an evasive manner, and grants nexus and access to abuse and in documented instances to employ and use the client names of those sites at the IBX facilities to stage attacks on RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. systematically; while pretending to be larger firms to intimidate law enforcement and paying far inferior wages documented in the arrest report of Donald J. Beal then about $15/hr compared to full time monthly income.

A keen eye shows that the facilites resemble frat-house benefits with "showers and wifi", and "community" tools, and luggage racks (aka crash carts) are about as sophisticated as most modern storage rental units such as UHaul. Confusion with legitimate Intel and commercial R&D facilities is purposeful misrepresentation of colocation facilities observed in a pattern to defraud, suggesting falsely to investors and customers that the entire facility is owned by the small tenant or that the large tax shelter is a technical Internet Sevice Provider Host and Backbone Leader itself, despite having only 20% of the equity of older firms like NORTEL and 50% of firms like NTT GROUP of Japan (a monopoly).

Use of terms like N+1 to certify redundancy, and certifications themed in January 30th 2022 threats to extort sent to our staff as some narcissistic affirmation of right to assault our employees on DISCORD to deny customer communication exceeding $2 million USD per month in customer revenue, sustain the pattern of formal intimidation and stalking activity toward our employees and clients documented in April 2022 and May 2022 and messages to suggest "stolen valor" and assault and blackmail former U.S. military service members to retain and abuse their grandchild. Theft of U.S. Mail and destruction (5 counts) of U.S. Post Office property in 2015-2022 continue to indicate a serious fraud with foreign economic aid to extort commercial trade secrets for export and foreign sale to foreign registration for resale back into the United States and for patent registration fraud.

We genuinely hope that the City and State police have not been relying on such charlatanism to dismiss a $250 billion fraud from 2001-2022 in ongoing Interstate civil unrest and violence contrary to "The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906" and protections voiding the Federal Union and State of Oklahoma in incorporation for failure to return a child ORDERED TO POSSESSION and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION alleged HABEAS CORPUS suspension and fraudulent collatreal contract to kidnap, extort, and blackmail over $44 billion in Federal Grant funds and similar value up to $250 billion in securities and trademarks, patents owned by Nortel Networks, and national security access to a foreign hostile sovereign power in competitive trade with the United States themed industrial espionage and industrial sabotage.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. received some bizarre and incomeptent requests by phone in 2022 concerning data center roofing, etc. which appear to be employee or law enforcement failure to recognize or report accurately such facitilies or composition to compare this fraudulent DIGITAL REALTY industry against our specific industry and activity, in criminal 4th AMENDMENT fraud activity to obtain proprietary commercial data. All requests were flagged as illicit unsolicited and unusual - and rejected for internal investigation and counter-espionage.

If this was not a LAWFUL FORMAL INVESTIGATION BY THE UNITED STAETS FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION or STATE or Local Law Enforcement; Federal authorities should be aware of such inquiries as "phishing" and "fraud", and regard any claims concerning such activity which was barred all escallation due illicit activity as incompetent law enforcement practices suggesting a fabricated and knowingly false report already under complaint in 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III counter-suit claim duly made and KELLY v KELLY violation themed an "automatic mistrial" on any report reliant on such false investigation, false conviction of a criminal record reported to any Federal Agency, and such details discovered in actions by the State of Oklahoma and a verified UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION employee in records obtained in 2019 offered to PONTOTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT for review and report of fraud (18 U.S. §1341 on claims to extort over $67,000 USD).

Respectfully, regard these facts when speaking with Mr. Allen or SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma, a registered business prior (1992) and continuously in operation throughout 1992-2022 (30 years) in the City of Ada, Oklahoma.

Security practices are duly warranted after such acute fraud and assault at gunpoint with pattern of Interstate felony intimidation in written threats to extort, overwhelming evidence of filed false police reports against James Allen, and extortion by abuse of legal process and under color of law themed "forced labor" and "debt bondage" on concealment and taking of a newborn child evident to any competent foreign court.

June 25th 2022 - Ukrainian Front Collapses / U.S. Media Silent or Fixed On Roe v Wade.

Academic Use Only, afforded COPYRIGHT EXEMPTION for pertinent legal question of civil and human rights violations in omission of accurate war reporting by the U.S. media to defraud substantial aid payable and due by the U.S. Treasury.

Local government estimates up to 230,000 casualties if the entire city does not flee after the front line collapsed - per CNN. Mykolaive is the southern-most city on the front and the gateway to Odessa on the M14 highway.

June 25th 2022 - Information re: Criminal Nature of Such Identity Theft of Companies

Because the General Public is not aware of the Legal Fraud affecting very high value properties and sale rights, some context is necessary. Today, for example, Bungie Games filed a $7 million Lawsuit versus a firm impersonating them in an identical fashion to that of the 2001-2022 PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud and commercial United States Corporation identity theft and franchise impersonation to sell license to a REGISTERED Oklahoma trademark, use of a Registered Oklahoma Trademark to extort, and threat to extort evident in 2003 and 2011 explicit commercial demands over $80,000 USD.

Impersonating a company to damage its credit and right to sale of a REGISTERED PROPERTY or REGISTERED BOOK is a very serious matter, exclusive of other child abuse and child injury employed in the prior case to extort as a criminal plan evident in 2002-2004 use of name during WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION and taking by force to violate INHERENT PARENTAL RIGHTS spanning 2001-2022 in ongoing 2021-2022 commercial extortion targeting the City of Ada government and Police Officer(s).

June 22nd 2022 - Diagnostic of a Con Artist in Child Taking

From 2001 to 2022, we see a pattern of fraud by Donald Jonathon Beal, Dallas County (Texas) as attorney in fact for VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, creditor in the DALLAS COUNTY birth of a child not of record.

Persons unfamiliar with Mr. Beal's termination for hosting of pirated software on client servers in State of Texas, and threat to assault the employee who reported him before James Allen, could mistake Mr. Beal's $15/hr 'network admin' claims for a genuine engineer or person of competent character. Certainly, Mr. Beal repeatedly struggles to promote his belief that a degree or special authority is required to earn $200/hr rates for Sykes Enterprises and $60/hr regular pay by PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES versus his employer: ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, or his associate TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX. TERRABOX claims to Dun & Bradstreet that former CEO and CFO executive officers were false officers, contrary eye-witness of James Allen, shows the nature of such conduct to extort as early as 2002 January; and verified by 2012 investigation exposing pledge in writting to assist in the concealment of a child.

The more important aspect that such child, alleged per affidavit sworn by Veronica Petersen to be resident in Denton County (TX) since 2001; was never reported to have been removed from DALLAS COUNTY (TX) alleged in the original civil suit nor amended prior 2015 March, indicate the concealment of a newborn child to extort and blackmail the Oklahoma firm in 2001 August to 2022 refusal to return or afford any communication with the child in fraud to extort.

Thus all claims of failure to visit the child at a secret location not disclosed and to terminate all contact on threat of murder and false arrest in criminal entrapment pledged by Iva Petersen and Veronica Petersen prior case 01-17702 before witness KARA METZGER are Title 8 Section 37.03 aggravated perjury in any legal allegation publicly or before any competent court, to deceive the public to the taking, holding, and denial of ORDERED POSSESSION and communication themed parental alienation of a child to extort.

This is evident further in 2002-2004 "meta data" tag of the first website created for the extortion.

Use of business registered names and "NORTEL" contributed to fraud damaging Nortel Networks (NT) investors that ultimately aided in the bankruptcy and alleged IP Theft from NORTEL CANADA by HUWEI. Overall the fraud and targeting of NORTEL incorporting sabotage of vital employees like James Allen resulted in a bankruptcy and $7.3 billion finding, a loss of over $243 billion USD.

James Allen was an insider at the company, a contractor for PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES, and one of the first persons to report fraud by TEK SYSTEMS contractors at the company resulting in termination of working groups prior removal for concealment and abuse of his child in retaliation by TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees in a joint-labor-union fraud sustained from 2001-2022.

Practiced Fraud Evident in Claims

What we see in statements by DONALD J BEAL is a pattern of clear false claims, paired to imitate professional language and confidence, omitting facts of each case purposefully to intimidate and defraud. This is common in confidence schemes.

Admissions of "taking" and "concealment" of a child, later made in repetition of his story, do not add up with the ORDERED POSSESSION and duty to make FORMAL FILING OF ANY CHANGE OF ADDRESS not done, resulting in skip-trace services by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to locate the missing child in 2015 after repeated threats of violence and murder to harm James Allen.

When confronted, State of Texas attorneys refused to admit this detail or regard the abuse of the child - use of drugs violating FDA regulations on the child - and fraud to extort; and without a contest did alter and mutilate the order to create a fraudulent ruling falsified as an agreement then carried forward contary report of abandonment of all negotiations and communication in "bad faith" by Veronica Petersen to again conceal the child from 2016-2020 without any relief or even a phone call for 21 years of baseless and premeditated child concealment as collateral leverage over Oklahoma businesses and to sustain a fraud of mental health defect in aid of the prior NORTEL / NTT competition supported by NTT-VERIO and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS employees and data center services in State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of California.

The activity of total child concealment predicated on "in-consideration payment for rights" violates Article II-6 and all TITLE IV AGENCY duties of any competent state or nation.

While almost every claim of Donald J. Beal is fraud, the admission of concealment are factual admissions of abuse of a child in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION supported by Brian Young, Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough, Donald Beal, Veronica Petersen, Iva Petersen, and their commercial associates known to us by employment in FEARCAST of Tulsa OKLAHOMA, and under vairious aliases.

Forgery in the second degree, in issueance of a legal public statement using the LEGAL NAME of the Oklahoma business person and of NORTEL in 2002-2013 to damage its relationship with the business and PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED are evident in "Friends of Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen" used to sign such 2002-2004 publication to extort. In fact, in September 2011 it was admitted by Donald Beal that he was the author of such document, and in doing so under 'fictitious name' and in 'commercial extortion' so evident, did create using the persona of other businesses and persons the impression of a collective professional community organized against JAMES ALLEN, prohibited by 21 O.S. §21-1533 to extort.

Persons having confidence in this use of identity of large firms names in letters to extort, and in the denial contrary prior direct involvement and commercial nexus and exploitation of the child to gain commercial employment as a cause and collateral falsely, as evident in 2011 organized threats in later disclaimed before the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT to seek an indictment of LIBEL against James Allen for giving eye-witness testimony in 2011, prompted RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to retain two licensed private investigators for defense against this scheme and plan to defraud by SCARBROUGH DESIGNS / INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC / FEARCAST group.

Parties named as co-conspirators in complaint are identified in in-person and verified account joint activity to extort and circulate the false claims, aiding Donald J. Beal in this fraud on behalf of associates in his LOSTSERVER and VAMPIREFREAKS groups - cited in documents retrieved from "patriot", "atlas", and "titan" on the LOSTSERVER public HTTP/HTTPS web servers as resumes of DORIAN KIM (PCH.NET) and JARED MAUCH (NTT AMERICA INC., MI); and in ongoing use for COGENTCO.COM in servers "atlas", "harpoon", and "saturn" to continue this fraud in 2021-2022.

Interstate relationships between NOT-FOR-PROFIT (NGO) group PCH.NET and NTT AMERICA alleging "affiliate" status contrary non-profit standing in State of California, further indicate a commerical interstate activity observed to be enjoined with "real estate investment trust" (IRS class registration) of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST; which did buy and hold data center real estate barred as a business for NTT GROUP in North American per their charger to incorporate in Michigan; and later to transfer such activity to the EQUINIX company after trading several properties to sustain this activity in State of Texas and with new ZEN LAYER INC. firm in State of California after ZLAYER.COM industries were formed in 2012 by JAMES ALLEN.

We see therefore a competitive activity, commercial relationship, and threats in 2007-2012 in context to the alleged HUAWEI IP THEFT prior cited, to export and reverse-engineer technology for PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA via TENCENT-owned firms in ICELAND and SWEDEN known to us today as PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB; who is 10% equity at one point a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD or its related TENCENT GAMES And TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES groups.

This activity is highly unusual, even among commercial businesses, and use of COGENT network clients appear in ICANN registry to be employed systematically by the group to send denial-of-service and packet IP stack attacks to harass and impair the Ada Oklahoma based networks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in a 2017-2022 ongoing attack of simplistic design and industrial scale evident in a single advesary on analysis.

This is not "penetration testing" - and constitutes over 200,000 requests per day over months to impact service quality in concert with development of TEAMSPEAK GmbH license to sell competitively and set up on the same day in Dallas Texas and Ada Oklahoma to contest and divide and compete without STATE REGISTRATION of such business against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its clients amid this ongoing port-scanning and directed network attacks.

Such abuse of networks included 16 Gbps multi-day flows directed via Level3 communications in New York State toward LINODE LLC of State of New Jersey, and to harm and disable commercial INTERSTATE COMMERCE contracts of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. using NTT GROUP optical routers and carrier access to conceal the source of such attacks, bombard the target with SYN requests directed to sensitive 'security monitoring and government and military sites', and in unmitigated activity create "reflection attacks" then fraudulently stated to Judge Kilgore of PONTOTOC COUNTY as if an abuse of network services initiated by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to cover this conduct by the State of Texas and State of Michigan and State of California points of presence in the LOSTSERVER group.

This conduct represents premenditated domestic criminal terrorism, child conecalment, and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION in concert with a practice to deceive the public and court to support punitive actions against the Oklahoma Parent impairing business in specific business release cycles and major acquisitions and infringement activity of the PRC and NATION OF JAPAN based businesses; which obligate a national Justice and International Trade response to such domestic sabotage activity and false claims to extort "forfeiture" of registered copyright, trademark, franchise, and trade secret technology for use on default of the Oklahoma Company immediately and without transfer by staged and prepared reigstration at the first sign of default by the Oklahoma firm.

Ordinary business registration is not designed to deal with this form of aggressive foreign SOVEREIGN OWNED (23%) business monopoly activity; and damage due to corruption of the registry and disablement of ordinary standing to file and contract are substantial - having impact beyond the imagined capacity of County and State courts to understand damage in patent registration and franchise rights during capital fundraising and investment strategies between genuine stakeholders and licensing parties. Impairment of a franchise, or assessment of rights based on past sale and earnings, are improper and criminal denial of protection by States and Counties seeking to assess a loss of income in intellectual property and scientific and academic discoveries ordinarily protected by Title 78 and trade secret in State of Oklahoma.

Right to work (XXIII-1A) and right to speak and give negative true disclosure of facts and eye-witness evidence without respect to injury or economic loss due legal publication, are disputed by STATE OF TEXAS contrary II-3 and II-22 rights of Oklahoma Residents in this case and to defraud 1st and 2nd and 4th Amendment rights.

These acts have provoked a condition of undelcared war by KINGDOM OF SWEDEN, NORWAY, DENMARK, THE NETHERLANDS, ICELAND, JAPAN, GERMANY, SINGAPORE, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and SEYECHELLE ISLANDS - who are used in the attacks. Data routing to South Korea and Panama further strain releations, with information indicating a compromise in the PANAMA based data center at TRUMP TOWER there, and in ISRAEL at the OMEGA BUILDING, which correlate with series of attacks from other NTT optical transport termination and routing services.

Attacks from new data centers in UKRAINE drew the Oklahoma companies attention, and were intense until elimintated by Russian Federation intervention against those criminal ports of authority used to abuse and disrupt network service in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma. It is our belief the Ukranian networks were compromised and utilized for this fraud, and the people of Ukraine unaware of such International acts of war being perpetrated by operators of those networks prior to the Russian recapture of Luhansk and Donbass People's Republic. The people of Donbass, Luhansk, and Russian Federation have never attacked our networks excluding some presence on Steppe Host, which is methodical in its abuse, and secondary to French owned "DIGITAL OCEAN" and "HETZNER.DE" brands IP ranges used in these attacks. Evidence suggests the prior are COMPETITORS of NTT GROUP, and are being systematically targeted by false IP SYN flood abuse to impact their servers by the group attacking our network in Oklahoma, Virginia, Chicago, and such abuse a systematic attack similar to prior SPRINT / T-Mobile attacks in 2010-2013; when SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM purchased the former client of NORTEL NETWORKS during similar threats directed toward our data center in like name and character to exploit the WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD.

Our firms are therefore adamant that this fraud is organized, having observed cycles of retaliation and threats in direct confrontation with privilege gain (root login attempts, brute force assured TCPv4 connections) from known advesaries in association with the advesarial parties holding the child.

Regard today's reports: for example -
10,000+ requests per hour in flat report.

Nortel Security engineer Brian Shields now confirms (2020) the attack observed by James Allen via email servers at the time of his child's taking; and bizarre language received via email concerning the abuse a first indication of the breach. (see Nortel Breach In Detail | ( Original Story )

    Shields found that a computer in Shanghai had hacked into the email account of an Ottawa-based Nortel executive. Using passwords stolen from the executive the intruder downloaded more than 450 documents from “Live Link” — a Nortel server used to warehouse sensitive intellectual property.

    Shields soon found the hacker controlled the accounts of at least seven Nortel executives. This was no random cybercriminal. But who was it?

    “To date, we have 1,488 documents which were downloaded,” Shields wrote to Nortel’s management in his “data theft” investigation report. “China is the source of all extractions we are aware of.”

    So the systematic hacking continued, Shields says. And as a result, Shields says, in 2009 — after getting massively underbid on a series of contracts by China’s state-champion company Huawei — Nortel went bankrupt.

    In the end, Shields determined China’s government gained complete control of Nortel’s internal systems. After ten years of cyberattacks they could see everything Nortel was doing, he says. The infiltration was so insidious, Shields says, that technicians in China could send encrypted packages of stolen Nortel data to Shanghai and Beijing, by sending Internet commands to a “backdoor” buried in a Nortel computer.

The effort to portray witnesses like James Allen and Brian Shields as mentally ill, appears to be in concert with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE of public record, and to be ongoing in City of Ada and State of Texas and State of Oklahoma by parties who assisted in the fraud, and whose companies and contractors are now known by name due to admission by Donald J. Beal.

June 21st 2022 - Tuesday Industry Notes

Figure 3 - Contents

  • 2002-2004 Threats / admission of kidnapping themed "abandonment"
  • 2008-2013 Threats / extensive commercial threats to extort
  • False State of Texas Warrant by Greg Abbott Alleging No Debt Owing or Due
  • 2020 January Report Summary - disregarded by State of Oklahoma / Texas

Fig 3 - shows the nature of such evidence manufactured in images and 1st and 2nd Amendment violation claims by LOSTSERVER/DEPREF/COGENT/VERIO-NTT and VAMPIREFREAKS reps described as Quincy and Scarbrough, to extort and conceal in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of a child, prior November 4 2021 to June 2022 harassment of the parent in City of Ada. Use of spoiled meat, vehiclular attacks on property, U.S. Mail tampering confirmed by the Postmaster in December 2022, and express deliberate threats in organization with January 28th 2022 solicitation of City Attorney Frank Stout increase concerns of our company as to the safety and security of personnel in Pontotoc County.

Additionally false claims that Joshua Edwards had run for District Attorney in 2023, provided by the ADA CITY POLICE to the DEFENDANT, appear to be unsettling misinformation further misleading a competent trial and defense on 5 U.S. Code §706 "fraud" evident in the fictitious plaintiff and false cause for a child born in DALLAS COUNTY per December 2001 ruling and default; amended after "wholly in default" using MARRIAGE claim to JAMES ALLEN in fraud, and refused all 22 O.S. §22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial" to sustain demands exceeding $10128 USD on a maximum fine of $500 USD, creating a hold on the legal person for a large sum of money over $67,000 in a cause predicated on a non-existing child and use of a natural child taken by force to carry the case using the DNA of the DENTON COUNTY birth in a DALLAS COUNTY child birth claim, evident fraud and since confessed a fraud and taking by force prior filed suit as "abandonment" by "Veronica Marie Petersen", and transferred without legal right to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN (a United states estate at law) for benfits embezzlement without return or admission of ORDERED POSSESSION of the fictional child, and violation of 76 O.S. §76-8 civil rights of the natural child and natural parent targeted in this scheme to defraud. Such action prohibited by 18 U.S. Code §1341, and aggravated abuse to suspend the XXIII-1A rights of the victim and call for serious bodily harm to their person on gender and cultural character and to control them for the way they "carry themselves" - 18 U.S. Code §241 and §249 violations evident on prima facie, themed alleged HATE CRIMES obligated immediate ORDER FOR GENERAL RELIEF and PROTECTIVE ORDER and a LEGAL FINDING OF FRAUD.

Threat of false arrest and representation without communication with the defendant, in ex parte hearings, and to conduct judgment concealing numerous witnesses whle subjecting the UIFSA Rev 2008 party to forced self-extradition where his Oklahoma Civil Rights were expressly disclaimed and 45 CFR rule disclaimed contrary Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 terms of the $1.5 billion and $720,000,000 USD annual Federal Grants were rejected and denied without Federal Exemption Ruling (wave file recording available of such TITLE IV statement of fact, in evidence).

The inability to determine the incitement to suspend the 1st and 2nd and 4th and 14th Amendment rights of the accused from "abusive language" in a COMMERCIAL EXTORTION and INTERSTATE EXTORTION to impair INTERSTATE COMMERCE refused State Judicial Review obligated by TITLE IV GRANT a duty of the County Court and City Investigators to carry, amid numberous 21 O.S. §21-1533 and §21-1304 threats; impersonation, and withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to coerce cooperation and change testimony, is central to creation of improper civil process obligating sanctions per 21 O.S. §21-1305 rule.

The effort to shield other officers of STATE OF TEXAS as employees, contrary 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 rule and related limitations on the Federal Court and State Court in 586 U.S. _____ (2019) case 17-1091 and Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008) section 3 and 6, prohibiting ex parte and closed hearings also void and null per KELLY v KELLY (2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court) as "automatic mistrial", and such finding operation of law a duty to report without judgment or discretion; are central to the need for a Federal Congressional Investigation and Special Prosecutor now in Pontotoc County (OK), Denton County (TX), and Dallas County (TX).

Incidents on:

  • November 3rd 2021,
  • November 6th-7th 2021,
  • November 9th 2021,
  • November 13th-14th 2021,
  • November 23rd 2021,
  • January 28th 2022,
  • March 3rd 2022,
  • April 4th 2022,
  • April 6th 2022,
  • April 8th 2022,
  • May 11th 2022,
  • May 13th 2022
Appear to show a pattern of organized and Interstate cooperation to extort, violating Federal Law and 45 CFR rule. Further reports incorporate false claims by Oklahoma medical license holders to allege mental health on the basis of payment of a false debt entitled 15 U.S. Code §1692g rule; and in written report incorporate a false conviction of a crime to carry as legal fact in Federal Record such claims to defraud, refused correction or review by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to sustain such fraud of a 21 O.S. §21-8 violation in order to coerce payment of a civil debt in excess of 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) and in retaliation for filing a 45 CFR §302.56(f) rebuttle citing "unjust" and "unfair" conditions contrary 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule. Taking 65% of gross income and 100% of State and Federal Tax earnings year-over-year without modification or regard for concealment and extortion violating XXIII-1A civil rights of the victim in organized Interstate Commercial fraud to disable their practice of a prior established $100,000/yr (1999 USD) earnings by concealment of a child and false claims to overcome the business and forfeiture design to take, possess, and resell the property and franchise of that Oklahoma based business at law.

Modern Federal and State law are clear, in "within no more than 30 calendar days of identifying a delinquency or other support-related non-compliance" a rule barring demands for payment over 1 period of support, entitled enforcement, per section (c)(2) made State Law February 2017. The fraud appears an attempt to pretend no awareness of any delinquency, and to repeat this demand annually, for the full amount sought with interest, barring section (c)(5) rule: "taking an enforcement action in accordance with the requirements of this section at that time".

Fiduciary rule thereby obligates the amount unpaid over 30 days be void any future demand per 45 CFR rule §303.6; and to comply with 65% total taking including withholding of Federal Income Taxes later or violate 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) and 15 U.S. Code §1573 rule. Where that rule is violated, the entire civil debt is made by "operation of law" to be "null and void", as is the order that made it or was alleged to authorize such collection so also permanently null. These new safeguards exist for a reason, to stop abuse as seen in "Petersen v ALLEN" (2001) and to prevent false cases and dual collection, suspension of judicial review, and evasion of 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) and §666(a)(10) rule - a duty of "final judgement" not entitled discretion of the States as set in TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 of no more than $500 USD total award - and "automatic modification" based solely on State income taxes also due in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 not performed as required or entitled substitution of other property to suggest implied income a legal lien or claim on the private or registered property or body of the agent of an estate of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTARTION named respondent in this prior 01-17702 suit, a nonsuit in DALLAS COUNTY never lawful per confession of false petitioner in a DALLAS COUNTY birth not of record and abduction of a DENTON COUNTY birth from the home of the father and during INTERSTATE COMEMRCE taken on INTERSTATE 75 by force, admitted in letters public and to attorneys of Riggs Abney Law Firm in 2011. The value of such cargo then interdicted themed $10,000 paid and $50,000 USD in property and $35,000 USD in vehicles and $2.5 million USD in wages lost due to fraud sustaiend by STATE OF TEXAS in this matter, due to aggravating circumstances and use of collateral contract to extort in false collateral and across State and Federal borders to commit commercial fraud and to export Oklahoma trade secrets for $80,000 USD alleged sale in securities fraud and false prospectus activity against UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS resident in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma.

Incorporation of a false conviction to obtain federal grants and findings is a serious offense; and a $1 million USD per year violation in DUE PROCESS and additional $1 million USD violation per refusal of HABEAS CORPUS evident on ORDERED POSSESSION and refusal to grant TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375 privileges to appear and return in order to testify, a serious offense threatened to negotiate in bad faith by DENTON COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY followed by DOUBLE JEOPARDY in 2018 suit in PONTOTOC COUNTY of the petitioner to impair prosecution in case 15-06292393 DENTON COUNTY then in progress from 2015-2020. Represenation of the petitioner/DEFENDANT as non compos due to this illegal abuse and hold upon their person to disable judicial review, is aggravated and criminal per 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 without GENERAL RELIEF and protection from suspicion of wrongdoing not granted in 2018 November to 2022 June; and no waiver of fast and speedy trial granted from November 30 to November 30 2019 period, to rule later in December or January contrary a full relief and award of $8 million USD counter-claim then filed. Hold on the victim has resulted in counter-claim amendment to $16 million USD, and other jury awards entitled per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III violation alleged, styled "unlimited damages" by the Oklahoma Supreme Court; and alleged $3 million USD per year for wrongful hold on false petitioner in false collateral and nonsuit to impair XXIII-1A rights, over 2001-2022 or end of trial with full payment done. Such award does not include 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) claim "qui tam" against $44 billion USD in Federal Grants enjonied this dispute, and the incident is ongoing as the demands (May 11 2022) are ongoing in consistent act incorporating 2001-2022 offense, and obstruction of justice barring ordinary access to attorney services evident in written threats to extort, defraud, and deceive the public. see "qui tam Primer". As UNITED STATES has not notified the relator, per "It can dismiss the action, even over the objection of the relator, so long as the court gives the relator an opportunity for a hearing (§ 3730(c)(2)(A))", the action is not dismissed nor the party pro se injured in such abuse, and the relator as reporting party is exempt public disclosure per "There is an exception to the public disclosure bar where the relator was the original source of the information." Therefore no settlement made can be lawful as §3730(c)(2)(A) has not been satisfied, nor sealed filing made prior entitled extension in filing to suppress this complaint at law.

There is simply "a thing to do" that is not being done - per custom - wrongly implied as State Law contrary Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 and 45 CFR, whereby injury is extreme and organized commercial fraud is in a high degree of mobilization obligating response from victims of violent crime in Pontotoc County; due to consistent failure to issue a LEGAL FINDING OF FRAUD in EXCESSIVE FINES a duty of UIFSA Section 6.

Where such conduct and misuse of State license to practice medicine continues to impair ordinary protection and estate rights in GUARDIAN AD LITEM, resulting in two deaths in 2022 (March 2nd 2022, June 18th 2022) affecting DEFENDANTS and witnesses; this activity impairs confidence in the region and law enforcement; and has undertaken tones similar to 4 murders in the area in 1909 enjoying a similar "code of silence" to protect perpetrators activity and grant immunity to parties sustaining this violence in the United States against minorities and in II-36A violation adversely affecting the United States Labor Force and to suggest forced participation on child taking and concealment in violence and ethnic and racial discrmination centric to an improper adoption of a child with similar abuse in domestic servitude.

Targeting of adopted persons and the taking of their children to create multi-generational bondage and destruction of the family, indentured servitude, and to style the parent as fictional or unfit by the abducting parties concealing from them the ordinary relationship with such parent for-profit, is evident in the sale of James Allen as property to Dr. Ann Klepper - and later taking and conecalment of the child of James Allen for similar abuse and fraud by Veronica Petersen, in a 2nd generation kidnapping of a newborn child under color of law.

Arnold Allen was not aware or privy to these arrangements, nor his current wife, and per his description James Allen "arrived in a box" bought by OKDHS. After arrival, Dr. Klepper told the child that he had imagined his mother, Robin, and "made her up" essentially. This fraud, in contrast to the abuse of his own son, sustains why James Allen has a specific moral objection to the abuse of his child and false character implied against his person to conceal and abuse the child during WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD and theft of the natural child from his home to extort and abuse and conceal, a design of the abductors in DENTON COUNTY and PONTOTOC COUNTY over 2001-2022 refused all ordinary relief and to defame Allen based on a (false) allegation of hereditary defect in his adoption parents ill health and struggle with brain cancer (both parents, one dying March 2nd 2022).

June 20th 2022 - Monday Fraud Pattern w Notes

Money and property are central to the 2001-2022 WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD TO EXTORT in Pontotoc County, sustained by 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 fraud activity, false report to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY regarding a criminal conviction which does not exist to commit fraud in 2019 by Mary Languile-Hoppe and members of the Oklahoma Board overseeing her misconduct violating Kelly v Kelly (2007) rule, and to base false claims upon payment of a fictitious petitioner in case 01-17702 DALLAS COUNTY, for a child born in DALLAS COUNTY, which does not exist as of record of birth and to extort over $100,000 USD.

To understand the fraud, the false claims by the attorney-in-fact of the abducting party for a natural child should be compared to the threats in 2008 to extort, as sustained in November 21 2021 to May 13 2022 ongoing fraud.

Here we see a member of the organization citing an employee of a care home in Ada, Oklahoma by name, seeking advice and refusing to pay $600 USD obtained by fraud themed a loan for civil trespass after shoplifting complaint at Walmart Store #0231 to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. In the text messages, citation of threat of murder predicatedon the mental health fraud, on coercion to surrender recovery of the ORDERED POSSESSION of a minor child sought by the target, and coercion to marry and thereby direct or control the intimiate right of the victim to compel their coorperation are evident.

This preceeds later business by the firm in 2009, and extortion to carry out this fraud in 2010 by the parties in a scheme or plan to defraud.

In concert with other claims in 2011 published to RIGGS ABBNEY law firm in 70 person mass mail to intimidte attorneys, and extortion letters to suggest the firm did not exist prior to the involvement of competitors aiding this fraud since 2001 as material support under Allykatt/Scarbrough brands, the company did in fact exist and have contracts and business dealings both at FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST OF ADA, and with ARBUCKLE PAGING. As FIRST NATIONAL BANK records show, the business existed prior to change of structure in 1998 to a limited liability company from a sole proprietorship, never afforded any membership or shares or other interst to Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough at any time. Claims the business did not exist at-law appear to escape a Hobbs Act claim of taking of the child of a real registered business with intent to extort and control it illegally upon concealment and abuse of the child, repeated in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD and organized effort to fraudulently style the victim (Oklahoma parent, business owner) as non compos mentis before the court purposefully.

Whether these were idle threats is best addressed by the IDENTITY THEFT document then discovered in 2012:

Remember, at this time Mr. Allen had not lived at the Ameriprise address since it was destroyed by fire in 2002 during case 01-17702, which is the root case and prior to the May 2002 alleged trial following the December 2001 "wholly in default" ruling against Veronica Marie Petersen in the same case.

This pattern of "written threat" followed by "false report to OKDHS to defraud", and "financial identity theft using a former/invalid address to create an FDIC insured LEGAL NAME bank account" should be sufficient to halt all claims of any mental health defect, and hold all persons who have submitted such claims without right to review evidence to a criminal conspiracy to extort indictment referral. Repetition of this pattern of fraud in 2021 November following in-person contact with Alicia Scarbrough at the Vintage 22 on East Main Street in Ada, Oklahoma before witness of two persons; immediately preceding 30+ threatening messages themed extortion activity in concert with ICANN registration of a domain name to extort James Allen in identical style, naming also "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.", "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", and "DEEP LAYER INC." in that site; seeking "forfeiture" of those companies and their membership certificates and/or shares for protection, are before the Board of Directors of each firm now - in regard for fraud by PONTOTOC COUNTY to refuse protection of law to this abuse, in use of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT video to extort March 3rd 2022 for COMMERCIAL USE by January 28th 2022 request for such documents by the parties holding the child in a commercial plan to extort stated 2011 September in written confession of taking of a child for concealment; and such demands predicated on claims of an ORDER made in violation of Oklahoma Inherent Rights on false cause of "abandonment" admitted fraud before DALLAS COUNTY and entitled "Fraud" in legal finding by PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT per UIFSA Rev 2008 Section 6 rule; a duty of the County to produce and pay restitution for any delay in Fast and Speedy Trial, burden of proof per 45 CFR §302.56(f), and excessive fines sought in violation of 45 CFR §303.6 rule of 30 calendar days ($500 USD) maximum total demand - exceeded by $10,128 USD in May 11 2022 demand by Texas State employee Ken Paxton, under color of law and abuse of legal process.

These frauds are COMMERCIAL as the threat elaborates "I lost a client" because of the statements of a person to report an oridnary police arrest, and to imply blame for loss of a scholarship due to the arrest, upon JAMES ALLEN or his staff for report of such arrest and to coerce them to take down or remove content conditional refusal to pay $600 USD to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and interference in custody of a child. The party states "we", affirming two or more persons, in conspiracy, and names a party who sought to offer telecom services to McCalls Chapel School, competitve to WPS Inc. and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. services. Age was a factor in not pursuing this matter, prior 2009-2013 extortion activity and 2012 hiring of a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR to address the mental health fraud at a cost of over $2000 USD by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and additional $2000 USD in costs paid also by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to locate and pay for recovery of the child then barred on false claims based on hearsay incorporated in this fabricated activity and ongoing identity theft fraud.

Express evidence of disorders in suggesting fault of pushing people away who love James in the letter show a pattern of deviant behavior known as "love bombing" and "gaslighting" emotional abuse with commercial use to extort and a clear awareness of the WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD then ORDERED POSSESSION refused enforcement on the grounds of this fraud and conspiracy against rights.

The entire fraud is predicated on a red flag law fraud and abuse of the BAKER ACT to entrap criminally persons in intimidate spousal abuse and by groups targeting persons to suspend their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, and 14th Amendment rights.

The frauds usually style the male victim as isolated, emotionally unstable, dangerous, or criminally minded while taking property, coercing them to change their publications, and coercing them to give up business and allow persons having or seeking illicit insider access to exploit and impersonate their real business.

These frauds rely on gender bias once the courts and law enforcement apply gender bias abuse to ordinary commercial and personal matters without a real trial, without DUE PROCESS, and violating KELLY v KELLY (2007) Oklahoma Supreme Court rule. A male partner, faced with organized crime and collective threats, can be disarmed and abused due to this fraud - depriving him of ordinary right to resist criminal influence and criminal taking and control over his child. Misuse of terms like "Domestic Violence" to invoke suspension of rights and due process are felony activity at this level (18 U.S. Code §241 and §242, and where serious bodily harm such as brain trauma are the natural result of this repetitive criminal investigation and malicious prosecution by interrogation in the 3rd degree, 18 U.S. Code §249 hate crimes evident on prima facie).

Misuse of the term "mental health" by Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton, to suspend 2nd Amendment rights to persons based on gender and prejudice in State of Texas, are central to the "prejorative language" found in other Radical Extremist websites like CNN. (source: Texas Governor Claims to Be a Psychologist | "Boyfriend Loophole" Propaganda on CNN).

The use of such terms and defense to a $44 billion Federal Grant Fraud violating 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 exposes the embezzlement by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma leading to a 23% single parent home and 3:1 ratio of fatherless home situation. Criminal bias to create work debt-bondage is evident, violationg Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A rule, contributing to gun violence and loss of a generation due misuse of Federal TITLE IV program funds by State embezzlement.

The prior 23% rates are 300% the global average (7%). (see: graphic map), resulting from gross abuse of the law and a lack of due process requirements due state conecalment of Federal Grant Fraud under color of public welfare and 'mental health' code abuse in clinical psychology enjoined major medical insurance fraud.

Abuse in this area has proven extremely expensive to the victim in Ada, Oklahoma - by permanent injury with medical complications to a small animal victimized in this abuse in 2020 and aggravated injury in 2021 November resulting from ongoing fraud to extort carried in January, March, April, and May 2022 using the same false claims and gaslighting strategies on ICANN servers and ALPHABET INC. owned "YOUTUBE LLC" and "GOOGLE LLC" hosting sites - competitors of the victim and their commercial firms in direct competition with DEEP LAYER INC. and other named targeted parties targeted by the WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to disable a competitive domestically owned Pontotoc County business.

The victim is seeking $16,000,000 USD in damages and 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III jury damages in addition to those awards. The child born in DALLAS COUNTY named in case 01-17702 does not exist, and is a fictitious plaintiff, to conceal removal and concealment of a child born in DENTON COUNTY from DALLAS COUNTY residence for ransom of an Oklahoma established business.

June 17th 2022 - Friday Noon Section

Realtors have responded diligently, and with great professionalism - affirming our belief in the larger investment strategy our firm has maintained under duress. The interest in protecting the property, which in this community is often not comparable to large cities, and based on the history of the people and the welfare of those in Pontotoc County - was well served by the agents assisting today, June 17th by or before 11:45 am.

Having seen much worse conditions, as in Dallas, our desire to act quickly and deter any effort to exploit the fraud may seem zealous. After years of false claims, and fraud to impersonate - my policy and that of the officers of the corporations affected by such abuse in the $16,000,000 counter-suit are to the restoration of such works, homes, and businesses which were affected by the XXIII-1A fraud and 5 U.S. Code §706 violation alleged in this misconduct.

Parental alienation works in two degrees:

  1. ) By destroying the parent who cannot communicate their genuine character and values to the child;
  2. ) By destroying the property and family history that the child would have been entitled had they not been wrongly removed, despoiled, or damaged beyond utility.

Our goal is to protect both, and to where necessary go to great expense solely for that purpose and mission, even where economic utility or public design might otherwise tear down all evidence of a generation of our country and its character and effort. Time does irreparable harm, but it does not remove the duty to preserve, restore, and rebuild the past. We may not like what we find, it may be a massacre, but beneath that Little Big Horn or Greenwood is the true history of a culture and a family that were entitled a duty of protection and service.

European Settlers hated the natives who fought, and called them savages. Attributed to them the character of animals and of non compos mentis dangerous and immature and unfit human slurs. And we are seeing this again in the public eye, to take from men, from Christians, and from the community any thing of remote value for the worth only a foreign market may assign it due in a season of looting.

To the individual, to the parent, that home or that child means more than it would to any other person - and where we forget that, or think it is not everything for which we fight and live; or put industry before family and trust - there can be no franchise that a community or a society ought or should theme to value above the rightful heir and holder of that estate; and to harm that by fraud or false treaty is null and void at law before a competent government regardless of the claims or public policy preceeding it.

The firm (SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, at law "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.") took steps to secure that former location and we are satisfied by the support that the City of Ada has shown to this by noon the following day.

Such performance, even if it required calling upon the elders of the community to their duty, was satisfactory. Sometimes it takes more experience to recognize the value a person will afford upon a place or a person, that comes only with experience. This is a mighty asset in itself, from broken fences and overgrown property to the need to create jobs that install dignity and security as well as support for our labor and workforce that carry over with royalty-bearing job credit for intangible works for all our team members in creative projects and design, in addition to regular pay at $15/hour; this work is important for generations.

Cities are not built based on the economy of ease - but upon the exceptional will to make a living for those who are born in them and come to them.

A company can move, but grandparents and children of complex families cannot without losing those bonds which are the core of our culture as a business. The transition from local economics to global electronic markets is hard, because building those products requires timing as well as long lead-production prior short sales cycles in a competitive market, with capital reserves to survive and pricing that may not be approachable to communities and other pre-global industries labor and earnings. This is all very intimidating, and even sometimes seem "unreal" because local norms and markets resist the very high price of offering unique and protected value, brand, and service which too often are falsified as commodities to undercut the long-term-needs of employees and their families who make those products domestically.

It is okay to be cynical, but if you board a ship and halfway to the far shore you chop the mast down for firewood because you reason it is cold, that is not a service to the rest of the people on the ship with you - no matter how cold everyone is.

Thus, if we see someone walking towards one of the mastheads the officers are prone to respond with haste, as the importance of such things may not be clear to everyone or the presence of sail set or hung there yet of any importance to the long term plans to rig for deep oceans.

What you may think you are doing is protecting a person who claims to be a victim, when you are actually assaulting every business investor who comes into the market against their ideas systematically. Solely so they can own a street corner or a seat at the bar, rather than ship at sea actually engaged in real commerce.

Ada may not be big enough for those $70 billion projects. It may be more concerned with trying to carry on with $16 million matters. But such disputes were never more than a $500 fine per month entitled enforcement for 30 calendar days; no later than July 1 2019. And $0 now the price for resisting such business clearly about more than the economic welfare of the City or its residents - a personal vendetta among some evoked suggestions to paint a mural of the 4 hanged men. Joe Allen was one of those men.

James Allen suspects he may be the 5th, as the tone at the VINTAGE 22 is rightly close to THE COMMERCIAL CLUB in Downtown Ada where the original 4 attribute their murders were planned.

Of the men hung, no one has bragged yet of killing more than Miller (51 men), but that does not make the bragging at the LOT any less offensive at 27 - nor this media company (SHADOWDANCERS PRESS) any more likely to hire you. Over 100 Ukranians die every day in Sievierodonetsk, and this is taking resources away from those fighters and even more soldiers whose families will never see their sons and daughters again. Further, it is leading our firms to believe the Russian Federation might be right, given the resistance and tact of the progressive elements in Oklahoma; and considering Moscow as an alternative for our air and space guidance and ballistic intercept technology based on NVIDIA CORPORATION application development. Certainly that technology, and remote guided forward operator anti-armor weapons and munitions concepts in the open architecture stack and spatial learning technology for dynamic intercept and long linger air and ground ordinance - that has a clear demand as Ukraine calls for "heavy weapons" outnumbered 10:1 and by manpower 7:1 in Sievierodonetsk this June 15th 2022.

It is not our legal obligation to explain how the concepts of fire control, navigation, and flight systems in these systems for entertainment and adaptive engine technology operate. It would be irresponsible to discuss such technology or claims, products, or capabilities at this time. It is enough that the artwork, names, and products of such development spanning 1996-2022 are not entitled forced taking or forfeiture to service a false claim or a $500 debt; and are one key press away from becoming public information globally - which would benefit the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and other advesaries of the United States enormously.

Efforts to disrupt, discourage, or impair our key personnel and intimidate against hiring or compel persons to abandon their job sites on the eve of the largest GPU release in 5 years are qualified sabotage adversly affecting timely purchase of facilities and offices necessary to carry out that work. Therefore it may be relatively stupid to play square and compass games with firms who are only sitting in the venue to breath between front line footage of live fire and field casualty assessments, or creep up on their window and play stupid mailbox tricks with a motor vehicle five times. The screws left in the driveway also did not help July 5th 2021 and we hope not to see a repeat of that stunt this year (2022). Having replaced all four tires this year, it would be a line item on the security report to add a 5th wheel to this report.

July 5th 2021 - both ends of the driveway.

Therefore, if you leave or place or hide a knife (or that very large 1 inch industrial drill and safe jack we found) it will be put in another report. The Sausage with both ends cut off and allowed to rot prior to putting it by the mailbox, also found by Country Club security (2019 Nov 4th), was very similar to the plan described by the subject's brother in his "revenge" planning books - to draw biting insects to infest the house, pets, and cats - had we not removed it.

We are still making sausage jokes two years later at the office, but it's not cool - and a pattern of malicious on property provocations paired with increasing contact in November 2021 to June 2022 in fraud activity.

Therefore, if you aren't responsible for ALL OF THIS, you need to know before you do ANY OF THIS to the people who are tracking this conduct near the City of Ada "COUNTRY CLUB GOLF COURSE AND RESORT".

The combination of these things, in concert with shooting into the house breaking a window and public threats to style these acts as "delusions" in concert with the prior child concealment and child abuse to coerce surrender of business assets and equity - do not convey a level of security requirement lesser than a Federal Office or Foreign Post. Nor does it amuse the director with former military experience as a pattern of activity or claims to suck up to U.S. Marines while escorting persons doing such activity in the City of Ada and in a pattern themed "entrapment" conduct and unlawful following and tailing of the Oklahoma Director of DEEP LAYER INC. while he is hiring. Especially after someone shot the window September 2nd of that same year. Because of the 2021 November 9th vehicle strikes, following threats by phone begun November 4th 2021, when ADA CITY POLICE responded to a neighboring break-in by blocking off the driveway (see Fig 1,Fig 2 ), the escalation November 7th and November 14th 2021 appears criminal in context to later extortion January 28th 2022 and March 3rd 2022 to blackmail April 4 2022 through May 13th 2022. Report of these activities in absurd narrative do not speak well of the service, nor the claim that Joshua Edwards ran for District Attorney in 2022 reported to the Director - which the present District Attorney Paul Smith's office confirmed was false information passed to the company and in fact Erik Johnson was the party elected by default in 2023; suggesting false information distributed to carry the fraud created of delusions if repeated by the Corporate Officers who relied on Captain Destry in this report of District Attorney representation.

While we hope that this is confusion, the nature of such false information as to who the District Attorney will be in future suggest an entrapment activity originating in city services to conceal repeated targeted vandalism and false police report made to violate Kelly v Kelly (2007) Oklahoma Supreme Court rule in ex parte hearings sustaining a taking of GUARDIAN AD LITEM rights to overcome real estate and property in the City of Ada and claims of tax burdens which our office have not been able to verify - to work a forfeiture of estate under color of violation of $1.5 billion Federal Grant paid to State of Oklahoma in this matter and protections obligated by 45 CFR rule prohibiting fines in excess of $500 per month entitled civil suit, held without witness access from 2019-2022 on the basis of a false child made Federal claim in TITLE IV BENEFITS, born in DALLAS COUNTY May 2001. The child, as collateral property, does not exist - so the case cannot exist - unless it is fraud and a refund of $108,000 USD plus all insurance and premiums, claims, and lost income be paid for the false use of a legal person in fictitious plaintiff following a default by the original petitioner and written admission of fraud in kidnapping of a natural child from DALLAS COUNTY to DENTON COUNTY in 2001; sworn then by the plaintif in the case in PONTOTOC COUNTY who is not the original plaintiff in the original legal case or entitled transfer of the judgment or debt per the order produced - and such transfer in fraudulent conveyance to exploit the Federal Benefits of the United States Department of the Treasury as prohibited in Federal Law 18 U.S. §666.

Civil Law dictates per 15 U.S. Code §1692d, that such violation must bar the claim in civil court as "Fraud", so also set in 5 U.S. Code §706, as the benefits sought cannot be paid to the party who has no legal standing in the original case or where such case is admitted a fraud in public written notice by the perpetrators and in concealment of the natural child (an Oklahoma Citizen) and refusal to produce in HABEAS CORPUS the natural child or the "unnatural child" born in DALLAS COUNTY as no such child exists born then in the region upon which the case is presumed a TITLE IV cause; and per 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) such demands and collections must cease and claims of such debt be expunged with restitution for false publication per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 and 18 U.S. Code §1593 Restitution for coercion to forced labor and "debt bondage", also sought in 21 O.S. §21-748.2 civil counter-suit levied and filed against the petitioner in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT; there seeking $16,000,000 USD for 2003-2022 hold on the legal person of the victim whose child is concealed.

While estates ens legis legal persons (incorporated persons) and natural persons (human beings) are similar in LEGAL NAME, parties cannot be substituted in a case as observed in 01-17702 DALLAS COUNTY or a new case begun using the LEGAL NAME in place of a natural person who is found wholly in default prior in December 2001 for failure to attend hearings after bringing suit against the estate of the Oklahoma resident and detaining them then in State of Texas through concealment of their natural child taken from their home for control over their Oklahoma business and assets and future work and franchise rights; so evident in substantial publications to extort from 2001-2022, as shown in (fig 3 - - 134 MB) and designed to cause a mental health fraud (43A O.S. §43A-5-104) before insufficient jury trial and to tamper with any jury in the State of Texas or Oklahoma by the abductors of the child.

June 17th 2022 - Friday Business Section
We were scheduled to do a full business write-up Tuesday, before a broken foot and shoulder x-ray at Mercy Hospital; and other more serious medical emergencies. But the pattern of bizarre activity continued well into Thursday - delaying planned meetings in Norman regarding the violence in Ada, Oklahoma.

Thursday, ADA CITY POLICE failed to respond to a call after the front door was torn off the latch in what appears to be attempted forced entry. The Sheriff's Department did respond sooner, in town, after a neighbor called in the presence of the family member waiting on the Ada City Police to respond to dispatch.

This was prompted by suspicious activity including observing the door adjar and the chain broken from the force used, and two other building doors open wide in plain view, and two knives found on the property secreted in the area. One was concealed in a pile of chemcial bottles and inhalant cans near small seculuded portion of the yard - suggesting drug use on the property - and the other in the garage with the tip broken off - obviously used to attempt burglary. Evidence of burglary including small pieces of broken glass scattered around the property to conceal entry, and a forced screen broken open were evident.

I could not determine if entry was successful, but the knife located in the yard was the bread knife of my dead mother, so I assume it was not brought to the scene and quite distinct. The other knife was also taken from my mother's estate property. Therefore we have probable cause to suspect entry to the home and / or use of the dead woman's estate due to neglect contributing to further property damage and crime in the area.

I closed the house after documenting this, removing the weapons found as estate property and for public safety, and moved the stones to bar access to animals to the house. Two entry points were opened purposefully to allow animals to enter the house, and an animal appearing abandoned and familiar with the property present. It was hungry, and a large empty can of chicken left on the side of the porch, indicating someone had been returning to feed it at the property without notice since the death in March 2002 prior extortion efforts on Youtube to style this fraud as mental health disorder amid criminal menace.

An empty bottle of whisky and a Christmas ornament, and a black sharpie magic marker were also found in the open building, and two graffiti marks in a woman's hand writing; further suggested intrusion. Trace of black paint on the front wall also indicate some cleaning of prior damage, despite no report to the executor by the real estate agent, and no sign of the expected security for such estate evident without further investigation.

My concern regarding this conduct, and comments at Vintage 22, as if this were imagined fraud, preceeding the appearance of Alicia (Ally) McMahon Scarbrough there - persist in unsettling behavior in our community.

Prior observations were made at 5:57pm CDT of the breach, weapons, and broken glass after passing the site and observing the door adjard from the street during medical charity work at Mercy Hospital, providing transporation to an injured legally disabled man.

Police were contacted at 9:51 pm when on passing the residence, it was observed that the door to the building closed previously was now open again - and visible from the street. Pontotoc County Deputy responded after neighbors called in the matter, and arrived prior to the ADA CITY POLICE from the previous call at 9:51 pm. A search by the family member was not attempted due to the deadly weapons and placement at the 9:51 pm call, in concert with other threats to extort in April 2022 through May 2022 and threats toward family members.

  • Wind does not rip the frame off the door like those marks. (fig 4)
  • Wind does not break the chain but not the door (fig 4)
  • The cylinder has been ripped out and re-attached.
  • The knives show exposure - indicating long term use.
  • The stone over the knife (fig.1) is to keep it there.
  • The tip of the knife (fig.2) has been broken off using it to open the damaged window.
  • Glass from the window was scattered around the yard to conceal entry to the property.
  • Knife #1 (fig.3) is my dead mother's bread knife from her property (estate).
  • Knife #2 (fig.2) is part of that matching set from inside the house.

We therefore have reason to believe that someone gained entry via the window after her death in 2022 March, and activity on the property indicated by cigarett butts inside the front door and alcohol in the storm shelter and cat food can on the front porch not yet faded by sunlight - and by purposeful openings made to give access to an animal in the area living there and staying on the property - that there is neglect and a failure to secure the property by the realtor / executor to cause substantial harm to the property, misuse, and public nuisance by fraud to extort the heir of the estate to give over $67,000 in violation of Federal Law.

Appearance of breach of property June 16th 2022 at 9:51 pm after closing up at 5:57 pm the prior doors and breaches, gives cause to suggest illegal occupancy and concern for the failure of response prompted by FALSE POLICE REPORTS in 2011 and fraud to sustain WITHHOLDING OF A MINOR CHILD in 2001-2019 to extort under color of a mental health fraud (43A O.S. 43A-5-104) abusing persons with cancer diagnosis in PONOTTOC COUNTY and to overcome their real estate and title and intimidate their will and estate in probate.

Any one of these things alone would be coincidental, but evidence of entry and failure to respond or disclose any prior break-ins by the executor, alarm at report of knives found on the property, and general fear instigated by fraud perpetrated to suggest a delusion in such specific behavior not based on fact, sustained in local "rumor" to extort by competitor SCARBROUGH DESIGNS / INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC upon abuse of a child, and conduct witnessed June 16th 2022 during such actions observing the party while a breach was executed on the property - sustain concerns of threat.

Twitch Interactive Monitoring / Stalking

Additionally - we purposefully suspended TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. streaming for 60 days citing unusual tracking, paired with threats impersonating victims to extort cited by a concerned Citizen Monday June 13th 2022 in ongoing identity theft related to the January 28th 2022 letter and March 3rd 2022 extortion use of the ADA CITY POLICE video to conceal this fraud and physical threats cited to a clinical psychologist by eye wintess accounts corroborating the assault in 2010 and 2002 on Allen; and prior threats by SCARBROUGH DESIGN owner/operator seen again at Vintage 22 during such breach June 16th 2022 during this incident discovered at 9:51 pm, sustains the same concerns that led EDGE TECH CORP owner Jeff Thompson to leave the City of Ada.

(fig.5) June 15 17:00 CDT
(fig.6) June 17 05:00 CDT

Granted the nature of claims made by Johnathan at THE LOT in CITY OF ADA to killing 27 men before witnesses - and his appearance with Alicia McMahon June 17th 2022 at VINTAGE 22 during such activity with a large group of persons at the Craig Stone music event; the increase in contact and following of the victim into the establishment - a reasonable concern as to the image on the prior Supra profile and person making such claims of violence to intimidate and abuse and harass Allen at THE LOT and VINTAGE 22 prior, suggest similar issues to the TWITCH STREAMER Kaitlyn Siragusa home invasion this week, targeted in January 30th 2022 contact following immediately the January 28th 2022 letter to Frank Stout, CITY ATTORNEY for CITY OF ADA.

The prior 'users' appeared without comment, disabled voice (audio) on their streams, and remained in the channel for 48 hours after the 2 hour stream ended; in monitoring activity unusual and specific to other threats by telephone, which have been ongoing since breach of property at 126 N Country Club Rd in 2021. "bots" will appear in this manner, but not in the pattern or with the profile photos matching other approaches on TWITTER to harass and extort, nor follower count without content and directed to a specific re-stream of AlienCommunity (a pattern identical to 3 years of ongoing abuse in harassment, not seen by other professional moderators - themed exceptional behavior and extending to target a minor in testimony given in 2022 to a licensed professional expert witness during depositions paid for by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED).

Snapchat Location Services Trigger Vigilant June

User profile "st0ner_dr3ams" aka Ally_Kat, cited May 30 2022 in proximity to a witness residence on Near Me "Snapchat"; and prior group account repeatedly placing 2 static users (bots / harassment app non-chat non-viewers) into the stream; prior to the appearance of the "AlienCommunity" user group and identical behavior (hopping on stream and remaining on-chat for days, affording the users the ability to log other accounts who visit the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. chat room - are a factor in this ongoing bizarre behavior coinciding with legal threats and violent rhetoric to abuse persons in retaliatory conduct and seemingly territorial activity regarding the East Main Street venue and services near Papa Georgios.

Citing the prior (2001, 2011, 2021) fraud after contact with the user of that alias, the firm (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) and its employees have assumed a defensive policy since the 2009-2011 threats and exotrtion involving SOONERCON and other events, which preyed upon the WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to promote the fraud and false employment claims (Allen never worked for Tek Systems, Tek Systems was fired from job sites because Allen was tasked with the investigation of their misconduct in the NORTEL NETWORKS site at Richardson, TX). Granted the same claims toward Cathline Spencer to suggest moral defect in 1997-1999, and appearance of Cathline Spender with the party who claimed her a criminal in those years, it is evident that a grift or fraud is ongoing in concert with other property damage and threats of trespass to impose gaslighting injury and disable recovery and prosecution of child taking and probate in Pontotoc County.

Edinburgh Director Consulted

A Meeting at 8:00 AM with the Director of DEEP LAYER INC., and citation of inclusion of accounts impersonating female Directors, to sustain a prior fraud - paired with a failure to respond, and quick response of the Sheriff's Office to presence of our personnel to secure the property in probate from destruction or illegal occupancy indicated between 7pm and 9pm ongoing activity; support the company vote to prefer Michigan over Oklahoma for investment.

What began today as a "cat rescue" of an abandoned tenant's animal, and observation of damage to property in Ada subject PROBATE and to preserve the property value; has been an unsettling series of discoveries involving deadly weapons and stolen property now enjoined other activity online and on East Main Street that would indicate community support for violence and intimidation to do business in the City of Ada against persons and based on gender identity and false claims, against LEGALLY DISABLED PERSONS to abuse their rights, and in a pattern of activity reported by 3 witnesses (directly) to come forward with false claims and false military service allegations to extort; using body camera footage obtaind from the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT during such contact in over 30 separate unsolicited and harassing messages incorporating now identity theft linked to letters of sexual assault and injury resultant from such felony stalking activity, using names like "" and "myluv187" signed by the parties corporate brands in competitove conduct themed a commercial enterprise in New York State (aka VAMPIREFREAKS.COM) and prior "THECHURCHBOARD.COM" activity in this area to do harm, conceal a child, and seek to overcome property, industry, and real estate.

Raccoon Technologies Incorporated Assessment

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED as a named party in such threats November 14 2021 and due approach November 5 2021 via SIGNAL invitation preceeding entrapment activity November 6 2021 and November 13 2021; leave the firm dissatisfied with the commercial security situation of City of Ada - as discussed in meetings for zoning concerning the Pruit Estate and potential risks evident on 15th Street and Stadium Drive to College Drive, near Tanglewood Terrace Apartments.

The shoot-out at Tanglewood and the June 15th 2022 attempted kidnapping of a child at the Agriplex, should affirm that such conduct in our community is not acceptable of a commercial business - or claims to aggravate or incite violence by fraud to discredit persons being harmed and threatened in written or illicit demands violating FEDERAL LAW.

There is so much more information about this than time affords, and a committee for public safety and privacy regarding special matters will be proposed to address this issue citing the November 2021 to June 2022 ongoing activity with City of Ada as we develop more information on the cause of damage to property and similarity to prior break-in reported by the Chickasaw Nation to other property purchased in 2022 before our community, and prior 2010-2011 threats in this ongoing dispute to conceal a child and overcome XXIII-1A rights by fraud themed a Hobbs Act complaint.

Need for Dedicated Cybercrimes Position Evident

Cybercrimes must be divided into sophisticated and simple communication, and such activity incorporating explicit threats respected where real world property and children are impaired, or the orderly and natural protection of persons who require and invest in their children for GUARDIAN AD LITEM services are not extorted to bar those children from performing the natural duty of protection for the estate and property of their elderly family while alive or recently deceased, which such 43A O.S 43A-5-104 "mental health fraud" directly attacks with intent to overcome the 4th and 14th Amendment rights of persons and to obstruct justice and deny DUE PROCESS and Fast and Speedy Trial by fraud of a tremendously clear premeditated and malicious abuse of public office - and based on gender identity confusion in the parties to target heterosexual and male persons to deprive them of ordinary rights and the role of guardian, caregiver, and executor - as hate crimes now in PONTOTOC COUNTY.

The disposition of property and real estate of title and of intangible property of registry or copyright of unregistered works also - are not subject to "radical democratic socialist demands" or afforded only in-consideration-of some claims to overrule the WILL AND DIRECTIVES of persons or intimidate them against ordinary and natural succession of property by TITLE IV GRANT fraud. Such conduct is a crime worldwide in one form or another, and known as "Genocide" in International Law.

Impressions of Prejudice Remain

To hear people singing "Summer Nights" from the musical "Grease" and "did she put up a fight" proudly at Vintage 22, just telegraphs how far Ada Oklahoma has come from the days of date-rape and gender inequality; to a reversal of that in fraud to conceal parents from their children and to ransom the rights of parents to industry and business if they do not "pay into" those Democratic Party institutions and labor groups who would interfere with the normal rights of suffrage, private property, and right to work (XXIII-1A) without respect for the rule of law or truth.

As the ex marine braggign about his 37 kills said, "I just ride on the back of a truck and take out the trash", referring to our City Garbage collection service and disclaiming such remarks later to suggest he did not really work for the city of Ada, but then paying his respects to a serving marine after they approached this ongoing activity from THE LOT to THE VINTAGE 22 and to VILLAGE CLUB where it finally stopped; this sort of conduct paired with weapons and broken windows and open doors at a dead Pediatrician's home do not make for a comfortable environment for a business to put investment in; nor pay respect to the good will of any business owner who supports such investment in similar establishments and efforts to develop the City of Ada and create a safe, positive, and inclusive community free of retaliation and designs upon the property of one's neighbors, their business, or their legal right to use of their name without explicit fraud and injury to their children, family, and estate. I have never felt so unsafe in a community as I do now; despite walking the streets of Deep Ellum and Wintersmith Park at night before the curfew and end of "Dragging Main Street". Even with a West Main Street full of people, I never felt I should take concern with so many people engaged in violent and abusive threats to protect their illicit business activity in PONTOTOC COUNTY - and effort to create a "street cred" by such activity against persons who would threaten their "community service" and outreach efforts targeting families and minor children in concert with the content listed prior, vice services on Twitch directing to OnlyFans and Patreon, and increasing recruiting and development of ages 12-17 as potential candidates to support and sustain this conduct in Rural Oklahoma like similar activity in the 1980s in L.A., N.Y.C., and overseas demand for vulnerable young persons as a commodity for online and illicit service portals engaged in such "liberating gender bias outreach" appealing to disaffected youth. I am very critical of China and other nations restrictions on such products, but at this stage I cannot fault the PRC or Russian Federation for "calming the unrest and incitement" of real civil forfeiture similar to ANTIFA via the gender bias fraud and active measures we have witnessed over 2007-2022 in Oklahoma. In any other country this would be industrial sabotage, and it is a reason I feel we cannot rent office or other venue or public space now in the City of Ada - citing unfair business practices and political extremism with substantial property damage to drive out Conservative Christians from the community and promote "Progressive Christian/Athiest" values which regard no property or family rights not imposed by martial law. If they can burn it down, I would fear they would do so - just like my apartment in 2002 during the prior threats. These sort of threats we are finding are "gaslighting" behaviors, and they are never acceptable in a civil society or community - a "business cause to leave that city". They resemble the Tulsa Race Massacre and Four Men Hanging in enforcement policy as well, and appear to repeatedly use Masonic symbolism (points to the black golf ball) that even other business owners are now seeing in their employees being hired away and hours cut to damage hiring in competition with the employees of the City or other groups.

Clearly there are parties willing to move outside of Ada into the nearby countryside, building very large homes; while tearing down Ada and the buildings there remains a lucrative interest for expanding academic institutions and housing development and retail firms.

For those of us who have family in Ada and expect their property to be unmolested - and for them to not live in fear - this conduct is wholly foreign to American values and the security obligations set forth in United States Federal Law and Public Policy, and express protections from such abuse and spoliation as is set in Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 and the excellent Essay as order from the bench of the Uninimous Supreme Court, 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 by Justice Ginsberg.

Pattern of Fraud To Isolate Victims

The group appear to be using REAL PERSONS names, incorporated in threats, to imply that the victim is harassing other people (3rd parties) if they report the violence against themselves or their family - and to portray the victim as alone and isolated and in a delusion, in a constructive effort to compel the party to produce their key witnesses for targeted extortion and intimidation, consistent with organized crime and organized violence against persons. This conduct appears to be relative to City of Ada, City of Dallas, City of Lewisville/Denton/The-Colony in DENTON COUNTY, and directed by Ann Arbor Michigan and San Jose California financial interest with ties to Singapore, China, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and network services through Dallas TX to those ports of egress and foreign registry to evade jurisdiction and confuse the regional and State authorities as to clear jurisdiction. While engaging in publications for the express purpose of extortion, concealment of a child, and to harm witnesses to securities fraud in State of Texas and child taking to compel the surrender of real estate and property and GUARDIAN AD LITEM right of service to force forfeiture of a business conditioned on the inability to care for elderly parents with cancer.

Efforts to defraud, dilute trademarks, claim equity in the business of the victim falsely, and to take credit for creative works and impersonate business structure and color and design to depreciate the rights in equity to franchise are consistent over 2001-2022, to support a formal complaint on violation of Federal Law and fraud to extort through the TITLE IV GRANT programs of the United States to evade Judicial 5 U.S. Code mandatory review and provisions of protection barring EXCESSIVE FINES and other forms of "civil asset forfeiture" sustained illegally by STATE OF TEXAS. Where such conduct is against multiple generations, and ethnic and hereditary in nature of claim of defect broadly and falsely, it is racisms and it is a violation of International Law not entitled the laws of a competent sovereign State or Government.

Such conditions make it impossible to build industry or labor in the area for our firm and other vendors, who were looking to this region for development and continue to encounter unusual degree of local and domestic fraud themed a "Terrorist Hoax" per the Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act. Actions to disable persons from holding public office or participating in the community or enjoying their suffrage due to the race or gender or contributions for endorsement to work, are foreign the the laws of the United States, and illegal activity making re-education of such work force under the protection of those policies at law and with evident injury to victims to shift blame on the commercial and registered companies and persons whose right to title and property are upended - inconsistent with a functioning County, State, or commissioned United States jurisdiction. Custom has replaced law, and the damage to property and real assets is evident even in a cursory inspection of the property today overcome by the March 2nd 2022 death of an Ada Citizen.

Net Injury is Far Beyond Economic Gains Analysis

Where that death is celebrated by any business or institution, it has lasting impact on the surivors of that family and deep regret for 35 years of service done to Valley View Regional Hospital and local rural medicine. It is an effort to destroy the property the people before the next generation even comes to know them, to pay for the luxury of the present and debt beyond the capacity to make good on without forced labor and bondage made to abuse a class of people and deprive them of the benefit of franchise and freedom to leave employment where they are abused or victimized. This is why the Suprme Court ruled as it did, to assert that the "lifestyle" cannot be maintained at the expense of the "agent" of the "estate" to constitute a form of "forced labor or a lien on any thing but the income by the Civil Court, exclusive of real private and of all registered property against the State and Federal Court. Because the abuse is a crime (EXCESSIVE FINES) if the 4th Amendment and 14th Amendment are valid law.

June 13th 2022 - Medical Emergency, Industry Background Information Program Pause

Evidence incorporating detailed use of sexual and material threats, in a pattern evident a criminal scheme and plan to extort paired with assault at gunpoint and serious bodily harm sought and sustained in 2022 ongoing threats; obligate that such information be provided only in a Federal Bureau of Investigation deposition of record; based on the sensitive nature of such details and use of such content to extort component with prior vice and systematic targeting of minors and elderly persons in this 2001-2021 (pre Nov) and 2021-2022 (post Nov) ongoing Interstate blackmail activity.

Three separate witnesses have been contacted in 2022 for intimidation by the Texas Party, and so exposed to such material themed to blackmail the Director and other officers of the Oklahoma firm, in a systematic and apparent obsessive-compulsive behavior, for which the fraud aims to falsify the victim as the author of such obscene content and identity abuse to conceal and retain control of a child and for commercial advantage over registered securities and forfeiture of property and franchise, real estate, and rights to works of creative fiction themed a 30 year product development to bar their sale for foreign sovereign competitors.

Each competitor has been specifically identified, named, and evidence of transfer of false title obtained in proof as sold back under false title into State of Oklahoma to defraud in a complex scheme to disable the industry of the City of Ada and Pontotoc County, and to harm the State of Oklahoma irreparably in foreign International Trade and rights of scientific and commercial discovery entitled invention and broad legal protection (trade secret, copyright, trademark, and potential patent application to deprive the United States of national defense assets and technology).

This use of specific named persons over 2002-2022 to extort, makes this case a special matter subject high profile enforcement priority as a foreign sovereign unregistered agency abuse of U.S. domestic and vulnerable ports and export regulations enforcement. Aerospace and weapons guidance application of such technology poses special consideration in this technology transfer being coerced for foreign sovereign takeover under color of a small investment and odious debt to blackmail surrender of ballistic intercept tools and technology in guidance and control surface automation for adaptive and networked platform navigation.

Large firms named are both employers/owners of the RATLINE intermediary hiring firms, approached formally for sale competitors equity in 3 or more large subsidary actions to compete with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. products, and invested in tool and die manufacturing predicated on national policy and transportation industry jointly over $5 billion USD who are predatory monopolies of foreign sovereign disposition over $100 billion USD in annual revenue (TENCENT, NTT, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, PIF Saudi Arabia).

Smaller "broker" firms like SOFTBANK post only $50 billion USD per year, and act as buyer-agent, while conjoined with ALIBABA GROUP as director for TENCENT-SOFTBANK coordination. SOFTBANK attempted to buy NVIDIA CORPORATION for $40 billion USD (2018-2022, failed) coinciding with the double jeopardy action in fraudulent enforcement initiated at that time blocking early objection to takeover of supply chain vital to the project developed over years among NEXT LIMIT TECHNOLOGIES, LUXOLOGY LLC, and NEWTEK LLC by the Oklahoma based SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. firm.

Organized attacks crippled SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. relationship with RACKSPACE TECHNOLOGIES (Nasdaq: RXT) and SLICEHOST, and LINODE LLC of New Jersey; employing NTT-VERIO equipment to carry out high volume multi-day attacks reported to FBI officers with Mark Deaver as liaison. Subsequent activity in November 2021 was reported in December to the Oklahoma City Field Office, and referred for future report to the Ardmore Field Office citing appearance of County level misconduct not ordinary or permitted civil process in a TITLE IV AGENCY abuse and 45 CFR violation expressly barred by 45 CFR §303.0 rule.

Effort to suggest such actions are all in Mr. Allen's sole claim, are a purposeful concealment and omission of witnesses to specific events, in a fantasy to maintain the fraud and concealment of a child as legal cause and to extort the industry of the Allen family in the City of Ada, Oklahoma by one or more persons abuse of public office. Representation of Mr. Allen's caution as irrational in light of this action is therefore also criminal accessory to the fraud.

June 12th 2022 - Attacks on U.S. Mail Service prompt Increase Company Security

Federal Mail Destruction July 14th 2021 and November 9th 2020, and theft of U.S. Mail confirmed December 2021, are a part of the ongoing fraud below, as illustrated in the clear and directed driving-to-strike attacks on the U.S. mail box at our office refused investigation (800 MB Zip).

Despite finding one woman "stuck in the yard" in the first strike, all (4) subsequent strikes have been treated as "accidents", contrary the clear path of travel and speed to swerve into the property to strike the dark mailbox with precision and without braking or delay - to intimidate and harass the REGISTERED AGENT of a United States Corporation there resident and reliant on that Post for SERVICE OF LEGAL PROCESS and CIVIL PROCEDURE in ongoing court cases concerning a child.

These are the 4th and 5th such strikes on our U.S. POST in 2015-2021, including a 6th incident where POSTAL INSPECTOR notice of discovered mail torn up by a party were located. Amazon has filed $1000 in insurance claims also, and packages from the Oklahoma Secretary of State have been found at homes over two blocks away. Other small packages were found at homes over 4 blocks away. Trash from one block away has also been thrown into the driveway in 2022 prior installation of commercial camera systems by a licensed contractor. Water bottles were also cited on the property with regularity prior such installation, and none since that installation.

In June (7th) 2022 the following was found by the mailbox:

Now, the office is by The Country Club Golf Course, but in 2008-2022 no one has seen a "black ball" on the property. In concert with threats by the prior publications to say "BEWARE" (an old Masonic notice in archaic use of the language, having a value to Free and Accepted Masons), the use of a "blackball" is a vote to indicate one is banned from civil society and such persons are not to be sold to or traded with. This conduct in addition to delays in goods over 30 days and sudden termination of negotiation without credit check, suggests that the relationship documented by the P.I. and certain businesses in the City of Ada whereat the parties engaged in the prior claims frequently checked in on FourSquare, who are commercial service contrctors of the City of Ada Law Enforcement - would give cause to explain why false reports were made in November 2021 to conceal the two daylight burglaries of Allen homes and to suggest in extortion activity a "43" be added to the victims address to conceal such prior abuse by the officer; then given over to Donald Beal and distributed on YOUTUBE in April 4th, 8th, and 16th and again in May 13th 2022 to extort the business during scheduled payment and filing with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION filing deadlines (April 15th, May 15th).

It could be coincidence, a novelty ball, but no one at the LAKEWOOD GOLF COURSE has ever seen a black ball in play either. In concert with the hole shot in the window in the prior year, this sort of behavior is enough to compel the firm to cancel the ADAOK.CLUB project, donation of this site (ADAOK.ORG) to Frank Stout planned in February 2022, and plans to lease in Downtown Ada after June 2022 inquiries were terminated alleging a credit check and background check. Ordinarily credit is locked so the failure to report that in performing a credit check prior a decision, left an impression that the City of Ada has based such determination upon the prior refusal to perform an investigation of barratry in UIFSA Rev 2008 section 314 "immunity" and to carry a fraud suppressing the evidence in the prior 2003-2022 report of a missing child.

These concerns would be unlikely, except that James Allen had already sat on a Jury and witnessed similar activity wasting two years of a DEFENDANT's life over a contrived plot to convict a young man of assault by a minor family member with a history of false allegatons - encouraged to assault her older male family member by another family member on promise the minor would be allowed to marry if she convicted the family member targeted in the fraud - witnessed by Allen as Jury Foreman; and other accounts such as those of John Grisham. It was by the grace of God James became aware of this fact of the case, and without revealing this did I decide to share my sexual assault story as a victim of such abuse, at which time several men in the jury did also stand to admit similar experiences before the women who doubted this possible defense - resulting in acquital of the accused for good cause I knew to be just by first hand discovery of fraud and by no fault of Mr. Allen's own interest he did take comfort in that decision to be persuasive and give up his own personal privacy to support an innocent man with a clear conscience as foreman of such jury.

Dr. Klepper worked for 35 years in the area, greatful that the community paid for her medical school when her family had nothing. She wanted to give back to the community. She died waiting for it to look for her grandson, over a period of 21 years during WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION without a legal cause or relief.

Her son, James, worked to bring business to Ada by publishing and promoting hobby and games for miniature toys and science fiction, developing SYKES ENTERPRISES capabilities to $2,000,000/month in new business, and returning to the City after assault with skills from Nortel Networks experience intending to develop optical data services and software that would help the people of Ada as other companies like Edge Technologies, Remington Arms, Wrangler, and most of the stores quit the area over taxes exceeding 9% - turning neighborhoods into parking lots and cerfews on the street leaving the once active community a ghost town after dark.

The People of Ada are afraid to be outside after 1:30 am, due to the police presence in the community and crime including homelessness and 20% of persons living below the Federal poverty level. A young woman even fled with Mr. Allen's car in 2017, and police refused to act claiming it was "a civil matter" while text messages threatening to take the vehicle out-of-state were sent to Mr. Allen from the group holding the vehicle whose parent owned a local small business. Mr. K. Hibbs was injured during the recovery of the vehicle, which he embarked on upon his own, resulting in loss of use of his shoulder and hands and over $300,000 in State Insurance costs since that time.

These policies aren't working. They are costing Oklahoma insurance companies hundreds of thousands of Dollars, to prefer enforcement and sustain EXCESSIVE FINES, and in corruption of the record to misrepresent such acts as civil wrongdoing or defect of victims for failure to stand up to the required duty of investigating computer crimes fairly and honestly.

In May, James Allen was wrongly told that Joshua Edwards would be the next PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY, expressly. Court sources report this was false information, given to the victim to further disrupt and confuse the existing process; discovered in June 2022. Such conduct, even if accidental, is exceptionally damaging and appears to be in concert with other refusal to record promises and complaints to falsify the court and city record, paired with release of information under false CIVIL PROCEDURE and CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS not afforded - to extort COMMERCIALLY persons using the body cameras of the ADA CITY POLICE by Donald Jonathon Beal.

James Allen is considering filing a proposal for a policy committee to study this impact over four to six months, to make a formal report for the ADA CITY COUNCIL on the abuse of body camera and surveillance tools and the impact of such public policy as a violation under Municiple Regulation falsely deemed Law to violate the 4th Amendment and disable high technology businesses and industry and to aid in the felony stalking and extortion of persons entitled protection and notice to such unlawful surveillance activity on their private person, in times of crisis or abuse, and in the context separately of businesses and small-operation-home-office services such as the computer industry prior and during COVID-19 and other fuel and work practice changes.

That civil proposal has been blocked by the "blackball" and other ongoing "electronic harassment" via BUSINESS CLASS INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS AND WIRE FRAUD ACTIVITY of an industrial level and procedural individual and criminal nature; which the City should hire a competent computer security and enterprise corporate crime specialist to augment THE ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and OFFICE OF THE PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY as a new organization and to restore public confidence with direct report to the CITY COUNCIL at arms-length from the Mayor or any other civil officer.

Such forensic regulatory security specialist appears necessary and obligated, as reports of prior felony stalking and harassment do not appear to be in the database or records of the CITY OF ADA or ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT from prior 2012 formal investigation, Private Investigation by Kristen Mack on behalf of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, or the quality work of Officer Kyler Poole who resolved such fraud professionally in the previous attempt to extort James Allen by Donald J. Beal before discovery of such letters made clear in concert with 2022 paid subsequent New Private Investigation by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED on the matter raised in November 2021 threats demanding $41,000 USD; now $67,000 USD or more in new U.S. Mail claims violating 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) rule; a clear and sustained failure to make proper report or enforce 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) rule to close such fraudulent case and clear such demands from record under authority afforded the state to bar a 4th and 14th Amendment violation.

Those payments of $1.5 billion USD from United States Treasury to State of Oklahoma to establish an Agency (45 CFR §302.0) and to comply by changing State Statutory Laws automatically voiding Statutes not compliant, and to pass laws only in compliance a duty of the Legislature for the payment of such funds, to comply with 45 CFR §303.0 rule; from January 2017-present such sum each year; is not being enforced or acknowledged in City of Ada or State of Oklahoma as a whole.

As a result, a $7.5 billion TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD appears evident on failure to make journal entry the 45 CFR §302.56(f) rebuttle of Mr. Allen, and such burden of proof solely upon the State to bring proof or abandon all claims, including "doubt" and admit his written 5 U.S. Code §556(d) filing as LEGAL FACT unless motion to contest and evidence proving each point separately is wrong to sustain such claims against his person, character, estate, or compos mentis of his agent in fact the natural person James Allen. This is the Federal and State Law per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244; and the resistance - regardless the origin of the "black ball" - evidence of insurrection and rebellion by the County Government and State government against their public office of the public trust, not entirely without support by some employees of the City government.

The proposed auditor, a cybercrime specialist like Conrad Constantine of formerly of RSA Systems or similar professional, could quickly determine if the records of the City of Ada have been tampered with or fail to comply with the ordinary rules of evidence and practices for a pattern of Federal or Interstate fraud expected to be initially supported by good local City, County, and State police work.

This is an area James Allen specializes in, and has performed for NORTEL NETWORKS, despite his advesary (Nortel's public enemy, the creator of CANADASUCKS.NET Donald Beal), and such false claims of false employment to discredit James Allen improperly alleging he worked for the perpetrator cited in his last service report known to him as TEK SYSTEMS; is fraud of a rudimentary XXIII-1A Oklahoma Constitutional Criminal degree on prima facie entitled a referral to Federal Justice for interdiction and recovery of a missing child now presumed beyond enforcement due obstruction of justice and the age of majority in the victim without any relief or protection to correct mistake or admit fraud in the record due uncorrectable mistake - a duty of 5 U.S. Code §706 and the State TITLE IV AGENCY to perform, in concert with Title IV judicial Review provided by the county in the case a service for the $1.5 billion Federal Grant payment - in-consideration of those funds in full.

Knowledge of this, and false claims to abuse - including harassment June 10th at The Lot, The Vintage 22, and in bragging of killing 27 men by a patron to carry this fraud - makes the City of Ada and its businesses appear to be a dangerous place for honest business to travel or invest. Mr. Allen remains to protect his parents, despite efforts to liquidate his property and to demand over 50% of his dead mother's gross property value without respect to his having no ownership of such goods in legal letter of demand and to extort his extended family to "give up his service as a GUARDIAN AD LITEM" in their infirmity or to compel he give up his industry, property, and trademarks and trade secrets as described in the AIP Studio fraud to assume the true identity (21 O.S. §21-1533) of "AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES" (an MGM/Orion company) cited in discovery this June 2022 of records still public from 2010 October by FEARCAST members in Enid, Tulsa, and Los Angelos California joint false public claims enjoined identical fraud to overcome James Allen in The City of Ada, Oklahoma by employees and members of the group cited in 2011 police reports themed fraud with the parties making statements below to murder James Allen using the alias then of AllyKatt and Sex Kitten.

Mr. Allen has led an interesting life, but he did not willingly abandon his child - as the letters admit. And the concealment thereafter violating ORDERED POSSESSION to suggest such abuse of the child themed "parental alienation" constituted "abandonment" falsely thereafter, is ex post facto deflection of a more sophisticated fraud embezzling TITLE IV GRANT funds over $44 billion USD in Texas and Oklahoma by their highest office and as State public policy to defraud. Records obtained show State of Oklahoma employees and United States employees coordinating to carry this fraud, and have been provided in written record obtained by the OFFICE OF THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION in addition to similar fraud by Kyle Hibbs, so also reported against the same examiner. Fabricated interview details, false criminal conviction, a fraudulent presumption of diagnostic claims prior to the interview, and failure to hold FORMAL HEARINGS in an ex post facto hearing, appear to be a consistent and accepted culture of fraud against Federal programs prior barred by "Malone v Malone (1970)" and "Kelly v Kelly (2007)" in the Oklahoma Supreme Court - convicting persons under color of civil court for criminal findings on hearsay evidence lacking all CROSS EXAMINATION and to defraud the United States Treasury and in II-36A workforce discrimination with human trafficking in "Debt Bondage" and "Forced Labor" a repeated false claim on unconstitutional claims themed in letters threatening "21 O.S. §21-1304" activity citing impersonation of a GRAND JURY to allege deliberation information to defraud and suggest "FAILURE TO WORK" a legal criminal enforcement strategy - contrary 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.6 rule, which void the order on face and in making of such order alleged such powers per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) and 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule.

"Automatic Mistrial" is the least of the worries for the United States, by "operation of law" where such conduct is ongoing. Free and Accepted Masonic Fraternities should take notice that, while the local brothers may not be involved and some have been phenomenally brave in opposing this abuse, someone is trying to make this look like another "Four Men Hanging" incident by implicating Masonic custom against a non-member to abuse and coerce a false confession. It reflects badly upon the entire Fraternal Order, that such improper order is evident in City of Ada; and further urges the appointment of an independent outside special counsel in computer and forensic analysis to assess facts that the Justice Department is cannot incorporate into the present City or special matters, give resolution per 22 O.S. §22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial" duty of a competent court from November 2019 to November 2020 not met.

These processes are rudimentary to an experienced auditor, but appear to be reported as "jibberish" or "verbal vomit" or "fast talk" and "word salad" by employess of City of Ada and State of Oklahoma concealing the evident corruption and spoliation (23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III) violations done to stand off - perhaps out of fear - the superior and overwhelming abuse of the State of Texas misuse of the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS in its role as TITLE IV AGENCY also - improper in design and custom on face and in material legal instrument, a letter not updated since December 2016, void as a form of INTERSTATE CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS used as recently as May 11 2022 to extort, blackmail, and defraud victims in State of Oklahoma as INTERSTATE COMMERCE carried by UNITED STATES POST under color of law and improperly.

Regulations matter, and by targeting a regulator and concealing their child to seek their endorsement or signature, prior sought by TERRABOX from Michael Marino and Sarah Moore in witness of improper and concealed accounts payable to obtain securities and for offers subject to the UNIFORM SECURITIES ACT OF 1934 which those parties did jointly and lawfully refuse in witness and concert with JAMES ALLEN in Dallas Texas; such claims are of exceptional importance to the UNITED STATES and SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION (S.E.C.) as part of a pattern of such fraud in MCI-Worldcom; Federal Savings and Loan; ENRON; and refused similar OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS support in each case until harm to the economy of the United States was exceptional and widespread. Similar damage is evident in the 2002-2004 Telecom Recession triggered by the collapse of NORTEL NETWORKS, and sale of SPRINT (client of Allen and NORTEL) to SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of Japan and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM around the time of the threats use of "Josiah Deutsche" alias to carry such fraud and electronic attacks to disable and disrupt AT&T and LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS service to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in Oklahoma and New Jersey.

Perhaps some golfer just "lost their ball", but what it found in the rough has implications for the United States economy and National Security, landing in the yard by the prior mailbox strikes (5) and similar screws placed on July weekend on both ends of the office driveway to puncture tires; and in addition to physical injury to maim one of Allen's cats in 2020 causing it permanent injury paired with lies to conceal the abuse witnessed by Kyle Hibbs also and documented with video of the impact over 2020 November to 2022 June.

In concert with physical destruction of property in the adjoining unit and to remove pets, prompting police contact and at such time telephone calls to harass then also made to Allen which persisted into 2022 June; and in similar repetitive and obscene calls to witness Kyle Hibbs also in May and June 2022; using numbers provided solely to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT - a reasonable degree of concern is evident to all witnesses of misuse of police and City records obligating a chain of authority investigation.

The ball is kind of the last straw, in a sustained fraud and criminal effort under color of law punctuated in May 15th 2022 discovery of the demand letter on a Sunday afternoon after all regular mail had run and been checked the prior day (last day of service of ordinary U.S. Mail); and such demand double-jeopardy in an existing ongoing civil case previously reported and such report recorded according to OKLAHOMA STATE LAW in wave/mp3 format for evidence of contempt against Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 as "public policy" of State of Texas prior, retained for a Congressional Hearing and Federal or State Court use by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED citing ongoing extortion activity to blackmail and falsify no record of documented appeals and notices to stop per KELLY v KELLY rule and substantial fraud discoverd in 2022 paid $2000 ongoing licensed investigation.

June 11th 2022 - DAILY NOTICE

We are still working on Server Repair after a new equipment test forced a restart impacting certain production and test platforms. HTTPS servers are up, while RTMP and HLS servers are being reviewed in ADA, OKALHOMA.

Obsolete PHP application extension code was at fault, and no breach has occurred. Attempted breach by DALLAS TEXAS servers prior cited were detected, and are pending legal review for public release to show the 3 data centers engaging our company to disrupt service in CITY OF ADA and explicit privilege gain attacks on those servers.

As of Saturday 4:26 pm CDT - we are seeing some irregular behavior. Services will be locked down for an audit.

Service appears restored as of 6:39 pm CDT. Returning to station.

Wire Services report basis of Legal Cause To Refuse Unlawful Search as fundamental to present computer development in Oklahoma and City of Ada, in November 2021 attempted video surveillance search of Oklahoma business by Texas competitor after initiation of a HATE CRIME act November 14th 2021 following contact by the abuser with the victim at Vintage 22. Preceding threats from November 14th 2021 to May 13th 2022 in ongoing concealment of a child to extort.

Prior threats expose child concelment for blackmail activity:

The January 28th 2022 letter, following prior $41,000 USD demand seeking forfeiture of the COMMISSION and property of the State of Oklahoma and United States public office from the victim for failure to pay, the requesting party who did obtain, release, and use then for COMMERCIAL PURPOSE to damage as prior threatened in extortion prior, and in a pattern to extort, for subsequent demand by VERONICA PETERSEN of a $67,000 amount barred by Federal Law. So prohibited by 45 CFR §303.0 and §303.6(c)(2) rule, and 15 U.S. Code §1673, already under counter-suit for $16,000,000 USD in PONOTTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT per 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 21 O.S. §21-748.2 citing debt bondage and EXCESSIVE FINES prohibited these powers by the Kelly v Kelly (2007, OK Sup Court) and 2019 Timbs v Indiana (17-1091) ruling and express order from the bench of the Supreme Court for the Unanimous Supreme Court, citing 4th and 14th Amendment Violation and such order and enforcement claims UNCONSTITUTIONAL and EXCESSIVE FINES.

The Statements to defraud crafted by Donald Beal, author of the 2002-2022 defamation sites and CANADASUCKS.NET site, prior made to extort NORTEL NETWORKS shareholders and employees - of which JAMES ALLEN was a contractor for PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES; admit the joint work of TERRABOX, TEK SYSTEMS, and per criminal record of Donald Beal also of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES in this ongoing fraud.

The abduction of a child from DALLAS COUNTY to DENTON COUNTY for concealment to extort, was sworn as "abandonment", and admitted in court records to be concealment from 2001-2015 or latter in DENTON COUNTY by Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen - who alleged such concealment on threat of murder and false arrest on false police report sustained by public fraud to extort, using access to VERIO-NTT and COGENT networks granted by those firms and aided by ICANN and other private and foreign corporations in ICELAND, DENMARK, and THE NETHERLANDS - based in REYKJAVICK, COPENHAGEN, and AMSTERDAM as well as Ann Arbor Michigan and San Jose California - sustained such fraud from Dallas Texas facilities using client identities to launch extortion and denial of service attacks against the Oklahoma firm across State Borders and in INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE sustained the goal of violation of protections guaranteed in The Hobbs Act.

Such concealment, violating INHERENT RIGHTS on "automatic mistrial" granted no legal standing in State of Oklahoma, and violating also ORDERED POSSESSION (a right, Black's Law Dictionary 11th Ed), constitute child kidnapping; prohibited in numerous statutes including the 18 U.S. Code §249 amended conspiracy and lynching and serious bodily harm - a fraud supporting criminal activity prohibited in 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 to defraud themed upon a false presumption that James Allen was "gay", and therefore mentally ill and unfit to enjoy parental rights or contact with his abducted child.

These "gay" threats evolved as attitudes changed and VIRTBIZ (PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO) hosted "Schitzophrenia" service websites, incorporating the indicators in threats and harassment of the disorder to purposefully decieve the public while threatening E.B., K.M., M.D., L.T., A.A., J.A. and other direct witnesses systematically from 2002-2022. Fraud to misrepresent this abuse as "Delusion" was then carried out by the State of Oklahoma licensed board members in violation of KELLY v. KELLY and the $1.5 billion Federal TITLE IV GRANT made State Law in 2017, consistent with 45 CFR §303.0 rule; to defraud and embezzle from the Treasury of the United States for refusal of UIFSA Rev 2008 Section 3 and 6 protections, in a false trial in 2015-2020 in DENTON COUNTY and 2018-2022 ongoing PONTOTOC COUNTY double-jeopardy case void per UIFSA Section 314 "immunity" and failure to carry out a venue transfer in 2015 from DALLAS COUNTY to DENTON COUNTY by employee DAMARCUS OFFORD, who did destroy the original case at law and create a wholly new case 15-06292393 in DENTON COUNTY themed "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN v VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN" (the son, versus the mother) - in gross defect of the duty of office - then sustained by KEN PAXTON in DALLAS COUNTY as if such transfer were not a legal thing of record and the case released and lost by incompetence of public office.

In matter of fact, the case 01-17702 was never a valid case, other than a nonsuit owing the property made therein a LEGAL FINDING OF FACT be forfeit to James Allen; as there was no child born to a mother in DALLAS COUNTY upon which the case was based. The child whose DNA was used to falsify the case was born in DENTON COUNTY, as the CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD shows, and never a party to such case or entitled to be used in legal person as the 2nd (legal) child for which payments were made, nor correct, making the December 2001 order also showing VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN "wholly in default", ancient law and legal record which the whole case rests upon.

Further, per the ORDER, wherein the case 01-17702 at law, JAMES ALLEN, the respondent and Veronica Marie Petersen the petitioner and non-movant (RONR, 12th Ed); the Judge Dee Miller signed a binding order that JAMES ALLEN (an estate of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, ens legis incorporated person at law) to a male child of natural name born in DALLAS COUNTY; using the name of a real natural child born in DENTON COUNTY to defraud. Legally, this is identity theft pro forma affirming that James Allen was uncertain he had given birth as he is a biological male and his estate is a legal person unable to give birth to a natural child; and to falsify as if LEGAL FACT the claims of Dee Miller as sole legal cause in fraud to extort and refuse Kelly v Kelly rights to face his accuser (who never did appear in 3 hearings set in 2001 nor did DALLAS COUNTY record the hearings contrary admission of their notice in this order, fraud on prima facie. James Allen alleges therefore his legal child proven by law to be born from him through supernatural power of the courts making and order made public record, is a "perpetual sovereign national trust" of equal standing to the CHICKASAW NATION or STATE OF OKLAHOMA per "The Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906, and entitled separation for abuse of his natural child under such fraud, prohibited on forfeiture of the incorporation of the Federal Union and State of Oklahoma, and all other incorporated States there also franchise of the Federal Union; as the refusal to return his natural child of Denton County violates the incorporating terms set forth in "The Enabling of Statehood Act" and concealment from 2001-2022 grounds for material breach by the Federal Union and State of Oklahoma, voiding their incorporation should they refuse to surrender his natural person, legal person, and all property and industry created under false solicitation of those protections then withheld from 2001-2022 in ongoing criminal fraud themed a terrorist hoax and violation of the agreement themed THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and also "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE", which the United States did endorse - and in such endorsement lest forgery be the official act, no perfidy or failure to comply in Public Policy of the United States then made a duty of the Supreme Law of the United States and General Order No 100 (The Lieber Code) - Article 58 section 2. And further in Article 16 and 65 no perfidy afforded to the Federal Union or United States, and punishments there prescribed.

A Simplified Explanation of the Controvery

"Genius is 99% feeling stupid, and 1% solving the problem after everyone else quits and pretends nothing is wrong."

Words like 'perfidy" may seem strange to modern language, as do the ARTICLES OF WAR OF THE UNITED STATES (aka THE LIEBER CODE, GENERAL ORDER NO 100) to non-military families. Such words have special legal meaning relevant to kidnapping under color of law and abuse of legal process to impose forced labor and genocide activity with clear malice of forethought and a pattern best described by Federal fraud statute 18 U.S. Code §1341.

Basically, it means - the United States and its government and franchise States so made as 'member states' - must legally be enjoined to not lie or deceive in matters of material fact even toward enemies at war or in lesser states of conflict; as the reliance on the integrity of the word of the United States rests on that conduct. Should any state or Federal officer violate perfidy rules, or conduct themselves in a manner which shows 'no quarter' (no mercy, lawless war), then:

It is punishable even against military enemies in time of war, and obviously to the same degree at law against persons in civil unrest or false civil process incorporating violence and taking of prisoners, hostages, and children from families to coerce subbordination, forced labor, or other participation and loss of suffrage, right to assembly, right to free speech, right to bear arms, or other loss of (XXIII-1A) "Right to Work" incorporated in PETERSEN v ALLEN over 2001-2022 ongoing Interstate domestic conflict.

Before the property of book record (land, corporations, patents, et al) including the SOCIAL SECURITY REGISTRY and all accounts and deposits therein property of the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES per Flemming v Nestor (1960), revert to the prior States before admission to the Federal Union, they are collateral subject lien of the victim of such violation of The Enabling of Statehood Act, incorporated as collateral a pledge by the claim used to enjoin the party wrongly themed, "The Full Faith And Credit of the United States" - to include forfeiture of those whole assets, lands, and title to all property and patents of registry to any estate at law in those places - natural persons estate or incorporated entity such as MICROSOFT or CITY OF DALLAS, would be part of that property obligated to the victim(s) of such crime as collateral forfeiture. The inability to produce "a child born in DALLAS COUNTY on the specified date and name" is, in essence, a pledge of false collateral to JAMES ALLEN then duly and criminally sworn by Dee Miller as agent for State of Texas and United States, and sustained from 2001-2022 by other agents in fact of the TITLE IV PROGRAM, who cannot on HABEAS CORPUS produce the child described in December 2001 legal record - unless that male child be a nation separate from the United States, owing and due return without obligation or sale of the court, to James Allen as its parent.

It is a legal theory contrary the "intent" of the fraud and those responsible, but the "operation of law" a duty so made in 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule "executed law without respect to intent" (Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Edition) required of the language and judgment (a final judgement, prior fully paid in 2003, not exceeding $500 USD per TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.261 rule and 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) "operation of law" which the States cannot change or modify to suit their "intent" or any other purpose to change it - nor the "discharge" of the "obligation" also paid that year in the same act, legal language solely meaning to void the debt for performance of that 2003 payment, executed and done).

So the discharged debt, and maximum fine of $500 U.S. Dollars, was the price of the "Full Faith and Credit" and all property and patents and estates and their attached property of the United States and all Federal Union Member States, by this fraud worked upon the American People by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, through their DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY employees as agents of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (FED REG Vol 81 No 244, 5 U.S. Code §101), and done in true title to the Laws of the United States and authority to barter such collateral upon their swearing before the man from Oklahoma of a collateral property which is clearly not the natural child of the same - as he said in his motion - the same as the collateral put before him and the cause put before him despite the effort to misuse his words and conceal his true claim illegally, in false and improper civil process fabricated by DALLAS COUNTY among three or more employees and in 2001, 2002, and 2015 repeated fraud.

The matter was made again Public Controversy by 2021 November 14th.

In written claims and by formal legal letter alleged CIVIL PROCESS to defraud sent to Frank Stout, City Attorney for City of Ada by Donald Jonathon Beal (acting then as attorney in-fact per his claims prior to defraud and dispense legal advice in a case he is not a part of record to - and despite no license at law, of Veronica Marie Petersen) then used in violation of that letter and pledge of no COMMERCIAL USE by transfer to INTERSTATE COMMERCE use and sale to YOUTUBE, an ALPHABET INC. company and subsidiary of GOOGLE LLC.

Where Donald Beal did also create and host in CANADA the claims to extort and conceal the natural child of James Allen to extort the estate and property valued at over $100,000+ of the decased grandmother of the child C. Ann Klepper.

Further did the parties jointly act to impersonate at law C. Ann Klepper and R.T (executor of the estate) in public claims and false publication of a false GUARDIAN AD LITEM (writ) which he predicated upon a legal unrelated POWER OF ATTORNEY for the medical care of C. Ann Klepper to extort.

By making such public claims at-law, the party as attorney and by FALSE LEGAL CIVIL PROCESS executed on Frank Stout and Officer Vogt to defraud, did the parties void all protection from LEGAL ANSWER and PERPETUAL ANSWER to their initial false claims in public and in the same degree and by conduct themed "no quarter" fraud defined further in Title 76 and Title 78 violations to the scope of the planet and in letter by threat in perpetuity, void their privacy rights over any and all content necessary to prove the fraud then done March 3rd 2022 (day after Ann Klepper died in Pontotoc County);

And did on April 4th-16th assuming the name "Jason Chronister" and "HALLIBURTON" petroleum company to extort in INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE acts, then further sustain an effort to engage in blackmail and extortion sustained in May 13th 2022 in concert with letter by KEN PAXTON to extort money in excess of the $500 USD maximum enforcement demand allowed by 45 CFR §303.6 rule barring any demands after 30 calendar days from the first day such sum was owing and due; Federal Law governing STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and all genuine TITLE IV AGENCIES per 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 rule.

The TITLE IV CASE has no basis to continue, per 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) therefore, for violation of all judicial process and habeas corpus suspended since 2001 August, a fraud evident in UIFSA Rev 2008 section 6 and 5 U.S. Code §706 entitled no standing and void; and void and null per 15 U.S. Code §1673 as cited expressly in 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule also explicitly.

Continuance then of such claims or fraud is "no quarter" and "perfidy", and any State or Nation engaged in them under color of the United States or Federal Union is subject to the terms and conditions of the Lieber Code, if not also 18 U.S. Code §2384 "sedition" and potentially 18 U.S. Code §2383 "insurrection" in formal complaint - duly filed by JAMES ALLEN in 2021 to notify the U.S. Attorney General of this ongoing and escallating behavior, conduct, and fraud against the United States themed 18 U.S. Code §666 violation of law, a duty of the man from Oklahoma per the prior Criminal Code to make report, and upon sufficient grounds and evidence of a non-existent child and related letters of false employment and identity theft evidence to show concealment of violations refused relief by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY and ATTORNEY GENERAL OF STATE OF TEXAS in letters of commission of violations expressly signed May 11 2022 with the seal of the STATE OF TEXAS to this fraud.

It is legal theory that - as a nation or state is not a living thing - one cannot "kill" the offender who gave no quarter. The legal process to extinguish it and all claims is known instead as "dissolution" - and that is the resulting action for the Federal Union and all member States without right to return to their prior "Republic of Texas" or other Territory or prior "Colonial States" as collateral including their social security estate and trusts and all businesses and industry so registered to those entities not "private property", for the fraud in PETERSEN v ALLEN. PETERSEN v ALLEN is not even the legal party of the 01-17702 case, which was "Veronica Marie Peterse v JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN" - a nonsuit by a natural person against a legal estate, and order prohibiting the natural person from transfer of the award granted to them to any other "legal person", which at law would include her VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN estate as a separate legal person - and so make void the claims brought too in 15-06292393 and FR-18-04 as false parties seeking to obtain on false cause for collateral of fictional creation by the natural person, and in public to defraud and extort and blackmail, any thing of value. (See also: Fictitious plainfiff)

The Lieber Code is therefore essential reading to the terms in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 and pronouncement by Justice Ginsburg for the 17-1091 limitation of power of the State and Federal Court to civil fines, EXCESSIVE FINES, BLACK CODES, CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, 4th and 14th Amendment UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTS, and 5 U.S. Code §101 violation of exclusive delegated limited authority granted by the TITLE IV AGENCY program from the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES. Violation of which is fraud without statutory limitations per 5 U.S. Code §706 rule.

Art. 15.
Military necessity admits of all direct destruction of life or limb of armed enemies, and of other persons whose destruction is incidentally unavoidable in the armed contests of the war; it allows of the capturing of every armed enemy, and every enemy of importance to the hostile government, or of peculiar danger to the captor; it allows of all destruction of property, and obstruction of the ways and channels of traffic, travel, or communication, and of all withholding of sustenance or means of life from the enemy; of the appropriation of whatever an enemy's country affords necessary for the subsistence and safety of the army, and of such deception as does not involve the breaking of good faith either positively pledged, regarding agreements entered into during the war, or supposed by the modern law of war to exist. Men who take up arms against one another in public war do not cease on this account to be moral beings, responsible to one another and to God.

Art. 16.
Military necessity does not admit of cruelty - that is, the infliction of suffering for the sake of suffering or for revenge, nor of maiming or wounding except in fight, nor of torture to extort confessions. It does not admit of the use of poison in any way, nor of the wanton devastation of a district. It admits of deception, but disclaims acts of perfidy; and, in general, military necessity does not include any act of hostility which makes the return to peace unnecessarily difficult.

Art. 58.
The law of nations knows of no distinction of color, and if an enemy of the United States should enslave and sell any captured persons of their army, it would be a case for the severest retaliation, if not redressed upon complaint. The United States cannot retaliate by enslavement; therefore death must be the retaliation for this crime against the law of nations.

Art. 61.
Troops that give no quarter have no right to kill enemies already disabled on the ground, or prisoners captured by other troops.

Art. 62.
All troops of the enemy known or discovered to give no quarter in general, or to any portion of the army, receive none.

Art. 63.
Troops who fight in the uniform of their enemies, without any plain, striking, and uniform mark of distinction of their own, can expect no quarter.

Art. 64.
If American troops capture a train containing uniforms of the enemy, and the commander considers it advisable to distribute them for use among his men, some striking mark or sign must be adopted to distinguish the American soldier from the enemy.

Art. 65.
The use of the enemy's national standard, flag, or other emblem of nationality, for the purpose of deceiving the enemy in battle, is an act of perfidy by which they lose all claim to the protection of the laws of war.


The prior parties known as "SEX KITTEN" aka "VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN", aka "Veronica Marie Petersen"; and "ALLYKATT" aka "Alicia Scarbrough" aka "Alica McMahon"; and "Don" aka "Donald Jonathon Beal"; are evident in publications to extort and claims of failure to attend a court hearing contrary Judge Dee Miller ORDER of December 2001 revealing Veronica Marie Petersen was "wholly in default" and never did appear prior and during the repeated hearings then or in 2001 after falsely swearing the child was born in DALLAS COUNTY and concealing the child in DENTON COUNTY to extort James Allen; are evident on prima facia in these images obtained by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED from licensed Private Investigation by Kristen Mack; showing the degree of ongoing fraud in January 28th 2022 letter to Frank Stout by Donald J. Beal, and pattern of abuse November 14 2021-present after in-person contact with Alicia Scarbrough, aka ALLYKATT, who did offer to give information to carry out assault on James Allen prior his injury at gunpoint and in 2001-2022 stalking since that time with repeated injury exceeding $15,000 USD due to this fraud.

James Allen was hospitalized November 8th 2011 due to this fraud, aided by L.T. in Norman Oklahoma at Mercy; as shown in this image of admission record

The Scarbroughs have used the 2001-2022 concealment of the child taken from James Allen under these circumstances and during ORDERED POSSESSION then unlawfully denied and concealed in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION, a right, to promote other businesses including:

There appearing jointly as INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC and SCARBROUGH DESIGNS and AKA DESIGNS to impersonate work of JAMES ALLEN to damage his firm and use the colors, styles, and manner of his 1991-2022 company SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP in exploitation of concealment of his son. When confronted, the Scarbroughs and associates have hidden, concealed, and denied their role in these firms - aided by publishers of similar works known to be affilitated with members of POISON APPLE in ADA OK; Sandra Tappan aka "Boobzilla" and material images shown below:

New Investigation has revealed an effort to overcome MGM Studios Orion Pictures real business "AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES" (AIP) by the group in 2010 Octber prior to FEARCAST employees attacking James Allen in concert with Brian Young, aided by Alicia Scarbrough, to overcome the real identity and to "forfeiture" of the real property and franchise rights of ORION PICTURES and credit for such work identical to the 2001-2022 fraud now ongoing in threats by Donald Jonathon Beal and extortion exploiting the death of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. March 2nd 2022.

Video located by our forensic team at shows FEARCAST promoting the claims of ownership and trademark camping used in the concealment and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION and INHERENT RIGHTS of the child and parent in fraud, a part of the fraud sustained during the 2001-Present concealment of a real child taken by force to blackmail a real and registered business existing prior the child's conception in 2001 and sustained today without protection of law enforcement due failure of the TITLE IV AGENCY and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to recognize this organized, Interstate and obscene conduct with murder and fraud in the taking of Magnus Vincent Petersen from DALLAS COUNTY and to overcome this firm and its members legal rights in false cause refused all DUE PROCESS under Kelly v Kelly including pre-trial conference and obligated (Title 22 Chapter 78) investigation on false claims revealed since 2001 August; human trafficking, force labor, and spoliation of State and Federal record impeaching the registry of patent and trademark and Library of Congress from 2001 August 10th to present.

The only thing the record proves is that James Allen slept with Sex Kitten, and Ally Katt got mad, so the two jointly concealed his child and with Brian Young and Donald Beal did act to extort, defraud, and to abuse the child to conceal medical illnessess and injury and to lie to the child in the nature of that removal and to the court, a Title 8 Section 37.03 violation entitled UIFSA Rev. 2008 Section 6 "Fraud" in LEGAL FINDING by PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, with prejudice and exceptional aggravated circumstances entitled referral to Federal Justice for indictment on 18 U.S. Code Section 666 and 2071 and 1589 violation in addition to section 1951 and 1961 elements of felony wrongdoing evident on examination of the claims and commercial standing of the parties joint exploitation of a child.

James Allen has been falsely accused and convicted without trial or right to bring witnesses and evidence at any time to a competent court which acted upon them lawfully. His citation to the ABLE COMMISSION on the above content circulated to children at conventions for all ages is evident proof of conduct and self-harm and issues themed imagined by fraud before the public and court; and an incompetent investigation obstructing justice for 20 years.

Use of aliases are common, as shown on the reverse of persons at such events, in Darth Blonde, and such person aka "Suzanne Quincy" and other names used for MC of events in Tulsa of similar character as above and for children's events as GHOSTBUSTER figures and JediOKC to attract children to such activity, is evident in design not a delusion - as the photo purchased for evidence shows in reverse and cheap context of such Intangible Property and License violation to raise money in similar schemes in Houston TX and Twitch Interactive Inc. for-profit commercial work, as in this sold commercial piece:

Recruiting of such persons to carry out the fraud, cited on websites created by user "myluv187" to sustain this fraud and citing there Quincy and others to support such acts - then witnessed by M.D., E.B., and L.T. so given deposition to licensed psychologist representing Rolling Hills Medical Center in Ada, Oklahoma as facts and with ticket receipts of such place and location of such attacks and threats by the prior party staff members to harm and abuse James Allen against his commercial right to work and in competitor activity on behalf of Scarbrough, Young, Fearcast, Veronica Petersen, and in sale of property to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB for alleged sums exceeding $80,000 USD in those threats; support the claim of organized Interstate criminal conduct incorporating the kidnapping of a child and false conviction of a man without due process to conceal his child to compel forfeiture of his public office of the public trust in INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Mr. Allen deeply regrets that Ms. Quincy and other women have been lured into this fraud which is clearly a deliberate child kidnapping, and have refused to relent in this conduct under investigation to sustain such activity and renewed statements November 14th 2021 after Ms. Scarbrough did see Mr. Allen in the City of Ada at dinner with another party; to compel release and lawful (II-3, II-22, XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9) rightful release of information to arrest a call for civil violence based on false claims and commercial fraud in formal letters exceeding $67,000 USD by STATE OF TEXAS and $10,128 USD or more in demands sought by June 11th 2022 illegally; a violation of 45 CFR §303.6 rule and void enforcement actions per first day owing and due was prior 2019 July 1st; making the claim null and void and a fraud paid in 2003 in full "discharged civil debt" falsified by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to extort in violation of 5 U.S. Code §101 and §706 "Fraud" obligated ORDER granting RELIEF IN FULL AND INJUNCTION AGAINST FURTHER ABUSE WITH EXCEPTIONAL AGGRAVATED CIRCUCUMSTANCES WITH PREJDUCE a minimal relief and in concert with other RESTITUTION now themed over $16,000,000 USD in counter-suit duly filed on substantial evidence of nonsuit claims and a DALLAS COUNTY child having never existed to embezzle $44 billion USD in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) "qui tam" violation duly filed complaint by James Allen on behalf of the United States with the Office of the Attorney General and December 2021 contact also with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Oklahoma City on this matter.

Young people are exceptionally vulnerable to this sort of fraud, and the failure to address this as a crime has created a very large populist movement to overcome the United States similar to ANTIFA or other unregistered labor organization defined in XXIII-1A with access to critical data services in Dallas Texas, San Jose California, and Ann Arbor Michigan known to observers as LOSTSERVER and later by DEPREF and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK (a domain, intermediary for SHARKTECH.NET and ATLANTIC.NET front companies of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS in Amstardam and Copenhagen sites - themed and servers harpoon, saturn, titan, patriot, and atlas as members in the fraud to kidnap since 2001 August 10th.

The fraud appears to mirror bizarre imitation of INSANE CLOWN POSSE (ICP) and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM (a forum, where AllyKatt was a moderator themed VIP party also), and prior sex site reseller; using James Allen's name to promote her work without his knowledge - in a pattern from 2001-2022; and in concert with the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURES (AIP) and a group using "AIP STUDIOS" claiming to own the prior firm. The prior firm made exploitation films "BLACKULA" and "FOXY BROWN", which portrayed black Americans as terrible stereotypes, in a pattern with ICELAND and NORWAY, SWEDEN, and SCANDINAVIAN racist remarks styling Allen as "transgender" for his hair and ethnic facial features derived from Overton/Nichols bloodline in Oklahoma; calling such features of Chickasw character "bad genes" before Judge Kilgore in October 31 2012 on the stand in open court, to imply all persons are mentally ill who resemble James Allen or his son; and making such report by VERONICA PETERSEN also of such claims against Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. and Arnold Ray Allen (adoptive parents of James Allen) to obtain the drug PROZAC to dose the child from age 5 to adulthood, noted by the doctor in 2015 March notes obtained by attorney John Raggio of Fears Nachiwati Law Firm.

Letters by Donald Beal allege TERRABOX (Brian Wolfe d/b/a Terrabox) and TEK SYSTEMS (a competitor of Allen, never his employer) and Beal's actual employer ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES were a party to this in letter of legal answer to Mary Rounds of Tulsa Law Firm Riggs Abney in similar extortion and 70 recipient mass-mailing to extort and intimidate abandonment of attorney service to James Allen, in what is clearly a fraud to obtain registered intellectual property by name and for export for franchise or dilusion in the kidnapping, hate crime, and injury of James Allen and his elderly famly (who are 30-40 years older than he, and in their late 80s residents of the community reliant upon him for their survival - a fact that if jailed for contempt would result in their death, and did contribute to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper due to the fraud over 2003-2022, preventing her treatment for cancer (the cause of her death).

Both of James Allen's original adoptive parents were diagnosed with cancer, and were impaired by such disease, falsely portrayed as other emotional disorders to take, conceal, and abuse their grandson while James has struggled to support the elderly Allen and Klepper family. James' concealment of these medical conditions was necessary to protect the family and their homes from such direct organized violence. The abductors were fully aware of this cancer and medical issue, and exploited this to abuse the Allen and Klepper family, and the child.

Images above are the product of those parties, by their design, and were not made or altered by James Allen or SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in any way other than digital imaging to share the information necessary and obligated to show the facts concealed by the Agencs of the Court in this matter, for which such behavior in context to entertainment and theater companies is ordinary when not enjoined with public solicitation of children, a hoax to compel forfeiture of property or public office, or to disable a business or conceal or kidnap a child.

Each ORDERED POSSESSION denied to James Allen of his child is a violation of the rights of the child and the parent, and a kidnapping act distinct in each case on each expected transfer, not made immune by civil contempt from criminal law or protection from perpetual or extended concealment created by EXCESSIVE FINES and sale of the court (II-6) violating the inherent rights of James Allen and his child separately (II-2, Inherent rights; enumerated in 76 O.S.), and felony behavior in any act so prohibited per 18 U.S. Code §241 and 242 Federal Law.

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