Extortion Letters Claiming to be City of Ada Resident in Child Abuse and Elder Abuse
It does not matter if the company is smaller than another company, when the legal question which is germane to the untrue recital upon SECURITIES of a corporation of the United States is in consideration of the attempt to commit a crime (43A O.S. 43A-5-104) to abduct and abuse a family member and to coerce labor in a fraudulent use of a Federal Trust, by violence, and for racially motivated activity held to be unconscionable contract and a civil matter already closed and prohibited further enforcement or collection by ORDER of a court of competent jurisdiction assuming jursidiction over the case - even if improperly or in violation of law to obstruct justice. No benefit obtained from such pleading in 5 years of malicous prosecution may be disclaimed without forfeiture of the CIVIL JUDGEMENT and in evidence that the greivance of the civil claim was NEVER EXTINGUISHED while payment was held out as owing and due for such SETTLEMENT, a mandatory obligation of a competent court and paid in some degree owing total void of continued harassment and extrinsic fraud to compel or accellerate the payment of a false debt or payment in excess of FEDERAL LAW. No civil contract of such nature and threats (see RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACTS § 174-177) may be held valid, and is an avoidable contract, duly alleged Federal criminal fraud.

The party writing the letter claims to be a father of a child and married and living in city of Ada, while actively aiding the abduction, concealment, and abuse of a child to overcome the REGISTERED AGENT of a corporation established in City of Ada in the year 2009 May to Present.

The fraud is of clear exceptional fabrication, pretending to contain elements of legal untrue recital to felony perjury to intimidate jurors and commercial partners in a pending court hearing of Federal Agency and $10 billion grant fraud; and acts to knowingly, unlawfully, and intentional impersonate persons to overcome PROBATE and the Legal Will of the estate of the child to obtain money and property in Federal Fraud.

Elements of this fraud include false recital of alleged homosexuality to compel termination of custody of a child to obtain property and disrupt commercial use of real estate in organized activity to aid NTT AMERICAN (now NTT/SPRINT in legal name post-merger), and for EQUINIX data centers (formerly owned/employed as DIGITAL REALTY TRUST properties and used in such fraud to extort since 2003).

These actions meet Federal Hate Crime ( 18 USC 249) violations in concert with physical threats to disrupt inheritance and tamper with family relations in felony elder abuse and kidnapping; prior reported to BILL PETERSON as DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, and refused relief contrary a writ of habeas corpus for the missing child.

By fraud to falsify mental health in order to overcome PARENTAL RIGHTS, the parties have on the basis of race and ethnic appearnace engaged in 'serious bodily harm' per 18 USC 2246(4):

(4)the term “serious bodily injury” means bodily injury that involves a substantial risk of death, unconsciousness, extreme physical pain, protracted and obvious disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty;


The claim that the size of a company has bearing on the legal rights of a business to overcome it by threat of injury to children and persons in interference in international trade and in threats to persons to overcome the right to matrimony and false sale of goods in an international criminal manner;

And in knowing fraud to suggest theft of debit cards and misuse of elder funds and property to impair the free and lawful commercial use of such real estate on concealment of a child;

And in identity theft of several persons for legal claims to overcome the kidnapping of a child and fraud in false debt exceeding $70,000 USD for non-performance of a FEDERAL TRUST by the TRUSTEE;

Is hereby met by legal statement to contest false claims of child support and false claims of mental health defect issued by VERONICA PETERSEN, ALICIA MCMAHON, BRIAN WOLF, BRIAN YOUNG (KEIF-LP Enid);

And by one person alleged to be in the CITY OF ADA and alleged to be a male married parent who has engaged in repeated letters to knowingly and criminally overcome the businesses of JAMES ALLEN in a joint admitted pattern of Federal fraud and 15 U.S. Code 1 felony activity for and on behalf of STATE OF TEXAS and white supremacist elements operating in the City of Ada to extort, menace, and harm mixed race persons in FEDERAL WELFARE FRAUD and CHILD TRAFFICKING for commercial advantage.

In concert with burglary (March 2024) and grand theft and assault upon the registered agent in the month of January 2024 at two locations for purpose of commercial extortion in a pattern of criminal racketeering to aid in the kindapping and sexual abuse of a child and sexual harassment of adults and persons over the age of 62 resident in City of Ada by U.S. Mail and repeated (2022-2024) letters by DONALD J. BEAL of Dallas Texas ( of ICELAND / aka JASON SMITH aka JAY CHRONISTER, aka JOSIAH DEUTSCH, aka IX NETWORKS LLC of Texas, aka TEK SYSTEMS, aka ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, aka NTT AMERICA INC. group LOSTSERVER administrator of with DORIAN KIM ( / and JARED MAUCH ( Also as IANA domain owner and CANADASUCKS.NET domain creator/owners.

- 05-26-2024

- 05-27-2024



March 2nd 2024

Intent is not required to mandate injunction / commercial use of an abducted child

Sexual Assault and ECU Employee Claims
of Homosexuality to Abuse Alumni

January 17th 2024

All I Remember of ECU

Homosexuality Frauds and Marxist Activity at ECU

What do we Actually Do?

Terrorism and Slavery based on EMPLOYMENT claims

Do You Play Video Games For a Living


January 20th 2024

The IP ADDRESS of the AT&T cell phone user that poked me in the eye is:
at the time of the incident JAN 13-14 2024.

He looked at the page JANUARY 13, 14, and 17th, 18th, and 20th.
On the 17th he looked at the page about 2:26 am, after close of the bar.

On the 18th, IP ADDRESS changed to:
107.77.198 on host 136
at 1:11 am to 1:21 AM CDT

And this morning to IP ADDRESS:
107.77.198 on host 49
at 1:12 AM CDT.

So the guy is definitely stalking me about 12 midnight, 2:26 am, 1:11 am, and 1:12 am on the 14th 17th, 18th, and 20th of the month of JANUARY and the year of 2024, who attacked me at VILLAGE INN CLUB JAN 13 2024 and DRINKS ON BROADWAY at 1:40 am JAN 14 2024.

That should be sufficient for police to locate this person.
Don't poke me in the eye, dude. I have very detailed files.
And you accepteda contract when you went back to this site waiving your IP ADDRESS privacy in this case.
Read the TERMS OF SERVICE next time, baku.

FAMILY MEMBERS received a U.S. MAIL card that said "SAY GOODBYE TO SLEEP" with an attached audio message meant to disturb and aggravate the kidnapping of a newborn child, the 3rd such card delivered in January 2024 and such harassment to addressee over the age of 62 years and a GUARDIAN OF THE COURT or WARD OF THAT GUARDIAN threatened in real estate scheme in City of Ada near EAST MAIN STREET and TANGLEWOOD TERRACE and the 600 Block address of ECU employee who published the 2001 NOV threat letters calling for murder of James Allen after abduction of his child from his car on I-75 during INTERSTATE TRAVEL. The child has been unlawfully concealed since 2001 AUGUST, and all contact refused since SEPTEMBER 9 2001, contrary alleged JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION assigned by fraud to conceal abduction and felony perjury.

The card was delivered at 4pm CDT FRIDAY NOV 19 2024, and mosted MONDAY NOV 15 2024 from STATE OF NEW JERSEY. This is the 10th such package in extortion letters during ongoing threats of violence and persons in Pontotoc County acting to carry out that violent threat to conceal a kidnapping victim during STATE OF OKLAHOMA case brought in FICTITIOUS PETITIONER "Veronica Peterson" for creditor/party "Veronica Marie Petersen" (who has plead INNOCENT PARTY, a non-signatory and done so to avoid counter-suit for $40,000,000 USD in damages on TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 and UIFSA 314 immunity barring case 01-177202-R to tamper with case 15-06292393 and 01-17702-R, a retrial without merit and perjury on prima facie of case 01-17702 and DEC 18 2001 ORDER.

Some Basic Rules

January 15th 2024

If you are doing something illegal in a public road, in plain view, and where video camera notices are present - your privacy is not a defense against photography of reckless maneuvers or passing where a crime occurs such as multilation of an animal or tampering with vehicles in a PRIVATE PARKING LOT. If you have reason to fear the release of public documents or letters sent to a person as MEMORANDUM OF A CONTRACT, do not send them to that person or publish them or any information in the PUBLIC that you do not intend to release such as LINKEDIN job titles or address used in that JOB TITLE. That information is subject to use by other LINKEDIN members. Should it be pertinent to a violent crime, the disclosure to establish the means and the motive or publication to indicate (whether true or not) the means and proximity to a person who has given prior notice to cease following activity and false claims and any other fraud - the information can be used to show the violation of the obligation. Mr. A.S. was documented JAN 9 2024 in a coincidental contact, and on JAN 11 did in her own initiative follow Mr. K.H. for 4 separate isles, prompting the legally disabled party to call and report the issue. Travel services did not observe or seek any further information then, other than take the report. Subsequently we have received additional proof of a residency claim 2 blocks from the 1970s residency of a second party maintaining a harassment complaint, and such location given is equidistant between the prior established homes of the victim, to facilitate foot travel and excuse passing the property targeted in APRIL 2023 animal killings. We therefore consider the behavior and a motor vehicle attempted strike JANUARY 7 2024 prior 2 additional U.S. mail packages deposited in U.S. Mails JANUARY 5 2024 and JANUARY 8 2024, to be pattern stalking activity followed by a directed JANUARY 14 2024 physical unprovoked assault and contact at two separate venues over one mile apart.

Effort to therefore allege this is stalking initiated by the resident of the 1970s established property toward the resident of the NEWLY DISCLOSED 2024 property is fraud to assist in felony harassment and Federal Stalking (18 USCA 2261A). Moving into a 2 block radius neighborhood and accusing your ex of stalking you because they live there is stupid.

In clinical sociopath diagnostic criteria, this is known as 'INVERSION', the act of doing an illegal act and then accusing the victim of the illegal act. Like, "Claiming you are working with the Florida FBI and have and are giving information from closed deliberations of a GRAND JURY to deceive the public, while accusing the person being accused of pretending to be or holding out the authority of an FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION agent, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, or PUBLIC ATTORNEY. These are frauds on prima facie, where the accused is a PRO SE in a registered STATE OF OKLAHOMA CIVIL COURT OF APPEALS and PRO SE for over 5 years in legal matters on the subject matter, with PETITION FOR APPEARANCE SO ORDERED by the OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT for the subject matter of that case and all applicable laws which are due CONTRACT LAW and ILLEGALITY - a reliance on Federal and State Statutory Law as rule of CONTRACT owing compliance or voidable contract or avoidable contract, a CIVIL LAW MATTER. As is telling the party they cannot speak of CRIMINAL CODE or CRIMINAL LAW to defraud, where observation of acts that are crimes are part of the testimony and a II-3 and II-22 right by law of the PRO SE to make LEGAL ANSWER to 2001 NOV and 2001 DEC and 2003 SEPT prior unlawful and false claims, still held out in 2024 to suggest they were not the initial and the ongoing root of the concealment to abuse a child and extort persons over 65 and persons with legal disability and ward(s) of the court in 2003-2024, for whom that party is the DESIGNATED AGENT of the GUARDIAN and entitled protection (21 OK STAT 21-853.4).

§21-843.4. Exploitation of elderly or disabled adult.
A. As used in this section, “exploitation of an elderly person
or disabled adult” means:
1. Knowingly, by deception or intimidation, obtaining or using,
or endeavoring to obtain or use, an elderly person’s or disabled
adult’s funds, assets, or property with the intent to temporarily or
permanently deprive the elderly person or disabled adult of the use,
benefit, or possession of the funds, assets, or property, or to
benefit someone other than the elderly person or disabled adult, by
a person who:
a. stands in a position of trust and confidence with the
elderly person or disabled adult, or
b. has a business relationship with the elderly person or
disabled adult, or
2. Obtaining or using, endeavoring to obtain or use, or
conspiring with another to obtain or use an elderly person’s or
disabled adult’s funds, assets, or property with the intent to
temporarily or permanently deprive the elderly person or disabled
adult of the use, benefit, or possession of the funds, assets, or
property, or to benefit someone other than the elderly person or
disabled adult, by a person who knows or reasonably should know that
the elderly person or disabled adult lacks the capacity to consent.
B. 1. If the funds, assets, or property involved in the
exploitation of the elderly person or disabled adult are valued at
One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) or more, the violator
commits a felony punishable by imprisonment in the custody of the
Department of Corrections for a term not more than fifteen (15)
years and by a fine in an amount not exceeding Ten Thousand Dollars
2. If the funds, assets, or property involved in the
exploitation of the elderly person or disabled adult are valued at
less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00), the violator
commits a felony punishable by imprisonment in the custody of the
Department of Corrections for a term not more than ten (10) years
and by a fine in an amount not exceeding Ten Thousand Dollars
C. For purposes of this section, “elderly person” means any
person sixty-two (62) years of age or older.
Added by Laws 2006, c. 215, § 1, eff. July 1, 2006.

Any act that violates a STATUTE of the OKLAHOMA CRIMINAL CODE is further entitled TORT protection 76 OK STAT 76-8 and 76-9, immediate franchise and use of all necessary force, including legal force and authority of the Public Office by the member of the PUBLIC (see Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat, Sec 3 rider terms and agreements in contract and Federal Law) to stop the felony or contest its claim, a lawful and protected act. MEMORANDUM and NOTICE OF DISHONOR are two such powers, per RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACTS (1984) and UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, known also as OK STAT Title 12A. These are enumerated rights, and thus rights in force (OK CONST ART. II, Sec II-2) and 76 OK STAT 76-1, by which no prior writ is required to automatically assert a right which is a rule, with full force of law, by the party entitled to its protection and full force of statutory law. Denial of this enumerated right is sedition and a 10th Amendment violation and Pub Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat Sec. 22 duty of all officers of the State of Oklahoma and Federal Law and collateral contract singed by the member States in representation of and for the property Federal Union, by the United States - their agent signature of NOV 16 1907. Section 22 bars modification or new contract contrary this agreement, even by Federal Law or Congressional Act or edict or any change worked or security minted. The exception is a thing that was never void or overreach of authority, which being so void is not real and cannot be then changed because it does not exist at-law at any time and reliance on it as a real thing is fraud, to seek value or obligation upon that contrary the rule of law.

Outlaw/outlawry means "waiving your rights to protection by law, and to any privilege of law - like the right to be heard or standing to bring a claim or pettition an officer for relief or protection". It does not mean laws do not apply to you. It means you have no right to resist or contest the matter, as a non-party, and admit illegality on prima facia or refusal to be enjoined by the Laws which you are seeking to apply for any relief. If you persist, in any claim or coercion, the use of force to justify the act will be entitled all necessary force to stop this attempt to overcome the lawful agent, including limited, non-legal, and lethal force. Minimum force is not guaranteed when you claim "outlawry" or "outlaw" status, even if it is attempted or applied in degrees - no law protects a person who is declared or self-identified as an "outlaw". This, is why a good attorney will prefer a client who shuts up and does not speak to a party of the court, in a word that has authority and once employed cannot be withdrawn (it is estopped, by ore tenus rule and operation of law). Therefore, once things said, cannot be unsaid. And once things are ORDERED, they cannot be retroactively changed, only changed at the time and in the manner of the specific bill which is passed as the ORDER of record. Bad record keeping creates bad situations, and do not become lawful just because of time or intent or benefit or spoliation to extinguish the value of the goods or make what is the case facts to suit the court. UIFSA Art. 7, sec. 707(e) rule.

Some persons have taken it upon themselves to try to compel persons by force, and assert that only FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION AGENTS can stop them as TEXAS CITIZENS ABROAD; in TEXAS NATIONAL SOCIALIST WHITE SUPREMACY ACTIVITY toward residents in City of Ada. This is not true, and the police are there to save you - from the consequences of doing acts of harm to elders and/or children and/or chattle/livestock, which are per 21 OK STAT 21-8, any punishment that is not the punishment or fine ascribed in the Statute for an offense, and done without necessity of indictment or conviction, a right of action to self defense owing substantial caution and due diligence, civility, and moderate language not to include "fighting words" or other call to arms or abuse owing protection from harm ascribed in the code, a right by law and as such a perfect right.

In the following instance, a man seized $200 USD in property from a person in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and began to hit the property with enough force to damage it in order to coerce their cooperation. The agent just looked at the property, looked at the man, and demanded the property back and inspected it for damage, owing no protection in the recovery of the property commencerate with the value of the property or its replacement, but in the act alone and performacne of the surrender and cooperation considerate other conduct to determine the degree of relief or force required. There is no "fair" rule in doing this, and the value of the property is not considerate by fair market price, but by title right the security of a person in their 4th Amendment and 1st Amendment right against harm to compel their loss of that right or its infringement, sole right of action. Had such article not been returned on demand for surrender, other actions would be entitled, that may be extreme in light of cooperation, but no guarantee of return to peace or prior right or standing can be reclaimed by redress as security; and the principle is not to violate the right and exercise caution at all times. As relief is not a franchise of the State exclusive of the people in Oklahoma, nor such theory other than a teaching of CHINSE COMMUNIST PARTY activity under color of DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM and the extremist activists in these disputes now before the court on matters of forced child removal and extortion in Chickasaw Nation Reservation and its established Indian Territory, and in shared jurisdiction for persons abandoned by UNITED STATES or tricked into settlement in the area or sold for human trafficking purposes by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in violation of Federal Register VOL 81 No 244 pg 93492 duty of Required State Law made Feb 21 2017, an elected contract by the States and United States for the People and Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat, and terms of 1907, a collateral contract and federal law owing Section 3 and 21 duty as a Federal Law in full force. The purchase price of State of Oklahoma was the 1907 extinguishment of State of Texas independence. State of Texas resists since AUGUST 11 2001, in open rebellion and sedition, with hostages, and in ongoing violence in domestic uprising against the creditors of United States aided by employees of State of Oklahoma and State of Florida, and person in State of Michigan and State of Colorado and State of Wyoming and State of California and State of New York, an organized Cold Rebellion.

In targeting children and the elderly, we can see the State of Texas and State of California revolutionaries activity similar prior designs on other independent regions, and for foreign sovereign interest and emolument not permissible in a port of trade or port of entry state, to disable an enclave state from franchise and equity and right to trade and retain and develop its industry and local domestic commercial organizations against large organized and foreign labor activity as a KEIRETSU or Illicit TRUST activity (Sherman Antitrust Act).

This was observed in "Price Fixing" public statements by NVIDIA CORPORATION, following other NTT GROUP statements of human and child removal to extort and overcome NORTEL NETWORKS and other companies in Oklahoma and Texas; owing a Federal Executive emergency response or other breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of 1907 agreement. The use of child welfare and child concealment and child abuse to overcome United States, is not a lawful chose of action to void the 1907 agreement or disable its resisting officer(s) and PUBLIC OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST targeted in this (2001-2024) ongoing explicit harrasment and violence.

2024 Physical Incidents

January 14th 2024 Homosexual themed assault at Village Inn and 1:40 am assault at Drinks on Broadway, punctuates the bizarre decline of safety and equity in the Arts and Entertainment industry of City of Ada.

  • One presenting male caucasian with pronounced crowded top eye-teeth (cainine)protruding over the front teeth from the gum and standing approximately 6'4" of slight build approached and began accusing the PRESIDENT OF RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES of being a FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION AGENT at VILLAGE INN CLUB, after the officer met with a friend and discussed the hit-and-run and two U.S. Mail extortion packages sent to elderly family members in the area.
  • The questions were loud and directive, and did not stop repeating this demand after being told "No" twice.
  • The party then approached the officer as he was leaving the venue and asked him where he was going which seemed odd. Planned travel to visit a sick friend performing tonight in a regular saturday night as part of the private 7a (Seven Alpha) network site, a commercial product of DEEP LAYER INC., a client of MILITECH SYSTEMS computer solutions and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, was the host, and request for a BUSINESS CARD made and satisfied to the party.
  • At approximately 1:40 am at the 2nd venue, after visiting with friends and meeting a close friend at the location and his partner, the male appeared with a second man and began asking the same question to the officer at the bar.
  • This time, the caucasian male with the dental deformity took the officer's hand and attempted to apply a physical pain position. The officer has a genetic hypermobility condition and felt no pain, but realized he was being assaulted and an attempt to compel him to stop making resistance was clear when the caucasian male grasp his hand with both hands in an attempt to improve the pain condition and stop the officer from pulling his hand free, which he did successfully.
  • The caucasian male then took the glasses from the officer impairing his vision after stating he was a one-percenter and - in response to question who - declared he was an OUTLAW - but when asked again stated he was not in a MOTOR CYCLE CLUB. This ruled out BACA and "The Outlaws" as possible suspects, and narrowed identification of the two men to TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD or similar prison interstate gang, despite their age.
  • The male hit the officer in the face on the brow with the glasses with sufficient force to raise a small abbrasion four times, with sufficient force to blind the officer. The subject then attempted to retain the glasses momentarily, refusing to return them, and then surrendered them.
  • This act de-escalated the situation momentarily, before the two men began making threats of sexual assault and of attacking the officer. This was inside the place of business and directed to intimidate and extort, and stated on behalf of all the bars in the Ada Area they were doing this thing.
  • A female patron was sitting with the officer and said they would walk him out and insisted that she walk him to his car under these conditions, but as they left stated that she knew the men involved in the assault; which prompted the officer to enter his car and leave the area to de-escalate the situation, observing that where such persons were associates or defending these actions it was evident that entrapment was the goal of the attack and following and targeted approach at THE VILLAGE INN.
  • A report was made to the VILLAGE INN CLUB of the confrontation - citing the men approached and followed the officer with intent from earlier in the evening. As this would provide evidence of identity in any conflict and a timeline if required. No major injury was done, but this conduct is consistent with other attacks at SOONERCON on appearance of ALICIA MCMAHON and her business SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC) and in 2010 at CAINS BALLROOM, where SOONCON security JEDIOKC were observed attempting to plan and execute a violent attack by NORMAN COMPUTERS owner M.D., in a similar pattern of commercial extortion to gain control over the venue in the "Baby Boy Allen" abduction and concealment.
  • The company received a tip that - per publication of ALICIA MCMAHON - she was now an employee of EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY as an OFFICE MANAGER and allegedly living at a location 2 blocks from the site of the animal mutilation in April 2023 and attack on a 2nd property destroying an 8 foot fence in January 2024, and such SMS TEXT MESSAGES suggesting the property was harmed were similar to 3 prior physical attacks on real estate causing substantial damage by home invasion reported to OFFICER VOGT, and to CAPTAIN DESTRY MUSGROVE and CHIEF CARL ALLEN of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT.
  • Similarity in these attacks, and in sexual threats, warranted report to Edinburgh Scottland Vice President and other Board Members targeted in similar attacks in SEPTEMBER 2003 and August 2007 and 2022 and ongoing 2023-2024 U.S. Mail harassment with penis shaped objects and packages embossed with JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR. images and the words DILDO and THE DON.
  • These were featured on packages sent in ongoing extortion addressed JANUARY 8 2024, signed by DONALD J. BEAL using his mark employed in threat letters in 2002 and 2007 "Reginald" alias, and in a 2011 formal LEGAL CIVIL ANSWER letter to Attorney Mary Rounds and 70 members of RIGGS ABBNEY LAW FIRM in a written plan of criminal threat to conceal "Baby Boy Allen" during a writ of ORDERED POSSESSION owing service to JAMES ALLEN, the officer targeted JANUARY 14 2024.

  • So far, only Crossbones has denounced the attack, which continues to show excellent customer care and concern for their patrons.
  • It is expected this was not condoned by management at any bar, but part of an incitement to injure by employees of EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY and previous retaliation for attending VINTAGE 22 and THE LOT, establishments which the University employee considers their 'territory' in NOV 14 2021-2024 threats and extortion activity consistent with similar impersonation of a GRAND JURY and of FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION agency employees of Florida Office and of the Texas Office in letters threatening and contents of a GRAND JURY alleged which ended in other-than-indictment, as if an insider of such legal proceding. This is typical of TEXAS NATIONALIST SOVEREIGN CITIZEN and WHITE SEPARATIST elements involved in that activity and forums using FRANTECH.US in Cheyenne WY and from a user in Casper WY believed to be DONALD J. BEAL of IX NETWORKS LLC, DIRECTOR, per JAN 28 2022 and OCT 5 2022 extortion letters sent to the family of "Baby Boy Allen" demanding $70000+ which is not sought by or a balance due per WARRANT and declaration of ORDER CLOSING SUCH ACCOUNT in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT. THE WARRANT shows nothing is OWING OR DUE, and JAMES ALLEN is owed money refused payment by STATE OF TEXAS in court filings.
  • Use of such trust to influence or limit U.S. trade is illegality per 15 USCA 1, and 42 USCA 408. Fines begin at $100 million USD for incorporated violators and $1 million USD for individuals. A $10,000 fee has been issued to MONTHLBOXER of STATE OF NEW YORK, for unsolicited and unauthroized use of a LEGAL IDENTITY of a PROTECTED PERSON OF THE COURT or their GUARDIAN to harass, JANUARY 13 2024, or confirmation of sender information for States evidence and agreement to permanently cease and desist all mailings to the victims by that company.

A tall male approached ADAOK.CLUB review staff and alleged the PLAINTIFF in FEDERAL APPEAL 121225 was a UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION AGENT at the VILLAGE INN CLUB, and followed the reviewer to DRINKS ON BROADWAY where they did take the hand of the reviewer, hold it against his will while trying to perform some sort of clumsy painful hold method which was impotent, and then continue over resistance to sexually assault the reviewer while talking about anti-government extremist and 1% images and symbols - indicating ORGANIZED GANG MEMBERSHIP and DENYING BIKER MEMBERSHIP to isolate this to TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD in description, and by trying to inflict a pain inducing hold on the patron while explaining they were a 1 percenter but were not a member of a BIKER CLUB. The assailant took the glasses of the reviewer and hit him four times in the face to try to provoke a fight at 1:40 am CDT inside DRINKS ON BROADWAY, and with another male patron engaged in homosexual proposition of the reviewer using violence to threaten the reviewer for the reviewer stating that they were heterosexual and politely not interested in this homosexual advance or language.

The assailant was told "NO" twice at VILLAGE INN CLUB when asking if the reviewer was a Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent - and his demeanor and conduct appeared to be joking due to the absurdity, prior appearing a 3rd time near the door and a 4th time after following the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES OFFICER to 1030 N Broadway Ave, Ada, OK 74820 - and attempting to assault the PRESIDENT OF RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES there just prior close, grossly misconstruing patience for intentional non-violence, and an effort to find out who the white thin perpetrator was attempting to represent.

For a moment, the reviewer thought the bizzare man might be a Federal Agent due to his behavior and provocative homosexual pretext and style of direct approach without any provocation - and due to his rude and curt manner before then approching and following the reviewer to the door to seek information as to where the reviewer planned to go, at which point it was explained this was a REVIEW SERVICE, and such review to encourage more people attend events in a PRIVATE SERVICE not open to the public to localize that community and to make community events possible without general audiences or surveillance activity - a private forum only for the event promotion (not gossip, threats, rumors, etc) on that site (which is not this site, and is accessible only IF you have a PKI digital key). The project was shelved in 2021 due to threats by ECU EMPLOYEES at THE VINTAGE 22, who sent hundreds of messages to the company in obscene and sexually harassing behavior over 2021-2024. Including threats to deceased persons at family member phone numbers. This sort of conduct, by ECU EMPLOYEES, is the major reason public venues have been struggling since 2021. That, and arson and police foot chases and copper theft forcing the leading venue to close permanently on Main Street and preventing re-opening. These facts are the reason new businesses are afraid to open, and the project in 2021 initially created to try to combat that, met with overwhelming resistance from East Main Street and ECU, along with attacks on property to damage the property value and killing 7 animals in 2022-2023. In what now appears to be a real estate scheme and investment scheme in the 400 block with ongoing violence. As a resisting property owner in that area, what happened next is expressly typical of the harassment used by those EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY interests against local real estate owners.

In the third confrontation on Broadway as the gaunt young man attempted to apply a hold to coerce it became clear he was genuine under the impression he could provoke a confrontation or incite a weapon to be drawn in classic criminal entrapment of the Alicia Scarbrough and Donald Beal threat pattern.

The assailant then proceeded to take the glasses from the officer and hit him with it in the face, four or more times, in an attempt to provoke him. This only concerned the company officer that this might break the glasses, and would require more force due impaired vision if the situation escalated.

Fortunately the suspect surrendered the glasses after it was clear this would not produce the fight after fapping the officer in the face like a B-movie porno actor in a gay blade manner, which prevented any use of force but did not de-escalate the felony extortion activity on behalf of a group of NON-BIKER-CLUB criminal interest represented by a hand sign and verbal explanation that this was a "1 percenter" who had come to intimidate and threaten and falsely accuse the officer in an effort to control customers at the location in protection of organized crime activity.

The more urgent concern was to ensure that no mistake of the reviewer or unaffiliated color or clash over insignia prompted this, or rumor started to target witnesses in a child recovery - granted specific threats and specific property, and the need not to be anywhere on a schedule due to multiple robberies and targeted extortion attempts like Saturday night. The jacket, for instance, is a gift from a cancer victim - a very dear friend, which is why it is too short. Technically, the long coat is too, as that victim died in 2022. Most of the company research is for cancer and serious terminal and genetic disease, and is protective wear for dealing with infected animals and harsh weather conditions in that work.

Without further confirmation, lethal force was not justified and more information concerning the identity of the organized gang or persons of greater value.

Statements made expressly suggested this was an attack because of a sense of intent to "intimidate" the venue owner by going to more than one venue in one night - a function of the music and promotion service on SEVEN ALPHA private networks for several years since the 2011 founding of the media platform and 2021 establishment of the dedicated NGINX video streaming service promoting specific acts.

    "All of these claims about the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION agent and GRAND JURY claims and allegations in letters alleging in demands for money ($70000 USD, OCT 5 2022) to assert falsely that JAMES ALLEN is a criminal sound like the premeditated claims and inventions of Alicia McMahon, which at one time described her ex boyfriend prior to James Allen as a practicing Satanist. "

    "Only to find out after a little digging he was a member of the Ada Masonic Lodge, and all the claims made by Ms. McMahon were dramatization of stories like the Templar legend and other culture of the real Masonic Fraternity - told to Allen as if she was the victim of a psychopath through the lens of her purposefully distorted interpretation."

      Per Record of the Incident

      "Mrs. McMahon/Scarbrough accused our renter at 925 E 9th Street ADA OK of threatening to rape her, prompting the 925 E 9th St property manager to evict the renter over threats alleged formally to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.; despite increasnig doubt about these stories."

      "In hindsight, I do not believe a single word she said about the renter or Cathline Spencer, and was not able to grasp the depth of this pattern of lying until the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF appeared at 925 E 9th St to serve a warrant on her for failure to appear in court as the party who admitted to taking the checks and owed restitution - contrary her story alleging that Cathline Spencer stole business checks from Alicia McMahon, and was allegedly engaged in other criminal activity which had prevented me from speaking to Cathline during the time this was ongoing to conceal the lying.

      "As Shawn McMahon had told me when I was fifteen years old, and Ally was 21, he alleged she had so brutally and intentionally circulated claims that he had a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that Shawn was never able to even date in high school. Shawn told me when she left, that he was not cross as long as I never hit her, after telling me how he handcuffed her to a chair with his father's reserve ADA CITY POLICE OFFICER equipment and held her at gunpoint demanding she stop doing this to him when they were young. He said that is the only reason she stopped. I was young, and I did not believe him."

      "After 25 years of watching this I do now."

Incompetence would have been sufficient, if the party had not flashed an ORGANIZED INTERSTATE GANG HAND SIGN to signal their intent, and verbally explained this significance in threat, subject to a formal report of criminal syndication with prior DONALD J BEAL threats and letters of SEPT 2003 and DEC 2001 extortion on abduction and concealment of a minor child to defraud UNITED STATES by other members of the TEXAS NATIONALIST MOVEMENT in case 01-17702 admitted a kidnapping in 2002 pleading to amend and 2003 SEPT public letter and 2015 MEDICAL RECORDS admiting abuse of a minor child to obtain Federal Funds and extort grandparents resulting in the death of a grandparent MAY 2nd 2022 in City of Ada.

This physical attack suggests that such action in CITY OF ADA is a direct threat to life and property at DRINKS ON BROADWAY, and that such assault was permitted by staff in support of other activity at the business, in a felony stalking act from one location to another in intent to commit battery.

When told that the person being assaulted was a member of the family Witherspoon, the attack was intensified in contempt of authority of the Laws of the United States and to coerce and interfere with business and travel, in an intent to carry out a politically motivated DEMOCRATIC PARTY attack on REPUBLICAN members of the ADA CITY COMMUNITY, to threaten and promote unlawful syndication and homosexual violent threatening activity.

As prior cited, the extortion activity is physical, in Pontotoc County, and initated by persons operating business claims at 611 South Center Street, Ada OKLAHOMA 74820, prior ongoing and criminal threats to abduct and conceal a child documented since NOVEMBER 2001 and in DECEMBER 2001 and SEPTEMBER 2003 in ongoing child abuse and extortion involving TERRABOX, NTT/VERIO, and employees of that community engaged in animal cruelty and violence and U.S. Mail threats JANUARY 8 2024 and JANUARY 13 2024 to persons over 62 years of age in the community.

In two years of working with CROSSBONES and other music venues, an assault has never occurred at those venues on any music reviewer or guest, and this activity appears to suggest a targeted attack on persons falsely accused of being FEDERAL UNITED STATES AGENTS in motivation, to influence business activity at DRINKS ON BROADWAY and in refusal to take action by VILLAGE INN CLUB on report of a physical assault by a patron and threats to a patron.

The TEXAS AYRAN BROTHERHOOD threats in 2021 NOV 14 to 2024 JANUARY 14 assaut, appear consistent with the organized Interstate Federal Racketeering complaint filed against these parties - and has now escalated to physical stalking and assault as of JANUARY 14 2024 with intent to INTERFERE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE and 1 USCA 15 violations to abduct, conceal, and abuse a child.

This sort of unregistered business activity using violent strong-arm tactics and false claims are typical of organized criminal activity by TERRABOX.COM CO and SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC) business, and a product of Alicia Scarbrough and Veronica Marie Petersen fraudulent claims to obtain benefits from the UNITED STATES in coordinated child abuse, elder abuse, and threats to intimidate the family of the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP under false claims and fraudulent public writing.

We were celebrating the cancer remision of an artist February 13th 2024 when this attack occureed, sustaining extortion against the Tarver and Allen families by Alicia Scarbrough, an employee of East Central University, when this physical attack was carried out. Neither assailant was harmed and such video was recorded of the bizarre language and sexual unwanted contact and interfrence with a disability to harass a customer there, indicating sexual harassment followed by physical battery in an attempt to convice patrons that the publisher was a FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATIONS agent at two separate venues during criminal extortion to intimidate and in organized following from VILLAGE INN to DRINKS ON BROADWAY, where the performance was planned and billed in advance and part of the ADAOK.CLUB community project.

ADAOK.CLUB has suspended its reviews of all businesses in City of Ada due to this use of VIOLENCE by patrons at VILLAGE INN and by patrons at DRINKS ON BROADWAY to coerce reviewer opinion using physical violence.

This appears to be physical violence following January 14 2024 discovery that Alicia Scarbrough has obtained residence at 611 S Center St, two blocks from the animal mutilation and a hit-and-run attack on the property of deceased Medical Doctor Charlye Ann Klepper, disclosed in concert with two extortion SMS text messages sent Mnonday at 2:29 pm and Thrusday at 2:30 pm from +1 (405) 931 0652.

    "I was less hurt by his trying to apply some sort of painful grip to my hand, than with the homosexual comments he was making while doing so, suggesting that if I were to take his claims on face value, that all Texas Aryan Brotherhood members are homosexual. Where I was raised, men don't come up to men and try to hold their hand to communicate their feelings, or keep doing this while cussing the government and trying to extend their penis. The venue is very progressive, but I have never witnessed violence in support of homosexuality at a location like January 14th, and cannot recommend anyone go there while such violence is tolerated. I was actually thinking what a wonderful job the promoters were doing to enhance the City of Ada arts community and art appreciation, when the assault occured. If more venues had that sort of involvement, it would benefit the community economically. Then this happened, and I was reminded that East Central University does not tolerate competition and its employees engage in this sort of activity to disable competitors and harm the safety of those places in favor of the East Main Street venues. The attacker represented himself as a 1%, and denied being a member of a BIKER CLUB, impliying that he was representing all TEXAS AB members to be homosexual in his approach and attack on behalf of Alicia McMahon and Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald J. Beal."

    "I'm pretty sure even the Texas AB would be embarrased by this behavior, and his caressing of my hand and attempt to portray a gay man in his approach, leaves me with a very uncomfortable perception of the Texas AB members who self-identified to me at (the site, which was respectful then - and in a and later contact - suggesting we have impersonation efforts of major groups to misdirect from known threat letter authors to instigate a conflict directed by misuse of law enforcement) during prior intimidation and direct approach. "

    "The vehicle that attempted to strike our officer JANUARY 7 2024 is featured below, from video surveillance footage of the attack, and prior JANUARY 8 2024 and JANUARY 13 2024 extortion letters delivered using U.S. MAIL SERVICE to family members in City of Ada. On stopping at the driveway, the vehicle was blocked by ongoing traffic and reversed into the Westbound Lane at high speed backwards, then spun into the side-street by the Chickasaw Nation Student Union, reverted to forward drive at high speed in a 25 mph intersection, and drove at high speed over 40 mph into the curb and back toward the officer, in an attempt to intimidate. This preceeded the attack JANUARY 14 by 7 days."

    "I have no choice but to cite the extensive extortion activity by an EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY employee in this conduct, and JANUARY 14 2024 discovery that they have declared their residence to be exactly between the 722 E 17th St. home of Charlcye Ann Klepper during physical hit-and-run attacks on that property, as well as other property where animals have been killed by violence and mutilated to aid in a child abduction and child trafficking fraud by Veronica Marie Petersen and Alicia McMahon, and by 2011 extortion letter SIGNATURE of DONALD J BEAL, owner of IX NETWORKS and an employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and NTT/VERIO and EQUINIX in partnership with OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS and PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of State of California. This whole thing is like "WHITE LIVES MATTER" at this point, a violent attack on businesses to push a radical and wholly fabricated Texas Nationalist and White Supremacist criminal enterprise across State lines into Oklahoma and using NATION OF JAPAN assets with support of the college community in the City of Ada to defraud the public. If the community is engaged in this homosexually themed criminal intimidation to defraud in concurrent malicious prosecution of case 01-17702 and 01-17702-R and in cases 15-0629393 and 01-177202-R in State of Texas, it is evident that a criminal enterprise to overcome the United States was confessed in the attack of JANUARY 14 2024."

    "These are self-identified 1% TEXAS WHITE SUPREMACIST elements acting jointly to promote a 43A OK STAT 43A-5-104 crime in harassment and gaslighting to carry out child abuse and child kidnapping. We will not tolerate this conduct any further, and will regard such behavior as evidence of criminal enterprise to defarud State and Federal Justice in organized activity and directed stalking during case 121225 to thwart the prosecution and to falsify a homosexual misrepresentation of parents in the interest of racial kidnapping activity by STATE OF TEXAS."

    "Never in my wildest dreams did I expect TEXAS or WHITE SUPREMACISTS to aid PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN in national socialist activity in our community, but after what I witnessed today JANUARY 14 2024, I believe that this syndicate activity is potentially the greatest threat to the United States since the National Socialist Party of the second World War, and seditious treason in public violence attempting to work a fraud upon the public and use children and elder abuse as a just cause to coerce REPUBLICAN voters to withdraw from public life and public participation. If we cannot hire in the community due to targeted violence of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, then we are not able to invest or trust CITY OF ADA to provide a safe workplace for our employees and family members."

    "I do not fear a fight, but the use of homosexual solicitation and violence in an effort to project delusional and misguided claims that I am a FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION agent or PUBLIC ATTORNEY or DISTRICT ATTORNEY on my person to incite violence, are an assault on Public Law 59-234 and the People as creditor of that collateral contract, in ongoing organized DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL SOCIALIST intimidation and racial discrimination, and in ADA MASONIC LODGE members apparent support for such acts over 2001-2024 whereby I find myself unable to trust their members with my safety, welfare, or security as members of the City or State or County or Federal Justice Department due to this cross-loyalty and bizarre pattern of explicit intentional directed violence. These "JESTER" white supremacists, disgrace the Masonic Temple and the people associated with the Aryan Brotherhood, working in concert to promote child sexual abuse and sexual assault and homosexual behavior as a pretext for violence with bizarre intential initated approach by which I recognize that activity as pattern of criminal misuse of claims owing a general COMMERCIAL SANCTION and HIRING BAN and SERVICE BAN to any person expressing Texas AB or SOJOURNER claims in context to the prior sexual assault behavior in City of Ada repeatedly published by Alicia McMahon and Veronica Petersen and Donald J. Beal and Brian Young and Brian Wolfe."

    "When I met Mr. Wolfe, I thought his Thor pendant was just jewelry, but since I have come to believe his conduct is incorporated a pattern of violent criminal behavior since his forfeiture of Terrabox.COM CO in 2004 and false books presented to my company for evaluation, which has persistently been incorporated a pattern of WHITE SUPREMACIST and HOMOSEXUAL and FALSE PUBLIC CLAIMS carried out to abuse and exploit a child, and to falsify FEDERAL MEDICAL REPORTS for CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES in 2015 for use on minors under the age of 8 years. Mr. Wolfe expressed to me that he lied under oath concering RIAA v BRIAN WOLFE, and did upload digital content to violate copyright, which he did swear was done by other perons. He did further admit that he intended and premeditated to use mental health to protect his actions by feigning mental incapacity to break contract, and did then employ such terms to abduct, sexually abuse, and conceal my child from 2001-2024, while continuing to send his associates to abuse and harm my family in a pattern of acts continuing in APRIL 13 2023, JANAURY 7 2024, JANUARY 8 2024 and JANUARY 13 2024. The attck JANUARY 14 2024, only affirms the use of the threat by the 611 S CENTRAL STREET team organizer, an ECU employee, to sustain such abuse in misdirection to sexually molest a child and support a concurrent lawsuit in FORGED NAME of a UNITED STATES FEDERAL INSTRUMENT OF DEBT to pay monies to STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS to purchase support of the Court in fraud spanning NOV 20 2018 to 2024 JAN 14 false prosecution."

    "It is evident that TEXAS AB support in City of Ada owes POSSE COMMITATUS and formal investigation of GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT and TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL KEN PAXTON for their role in violation of Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Pg 93492 and in ongoing JANUARY 14 2024 attacks on persons to intimidate witnesses after killing of a defense witness DEC 25 2022 and murder of other OSBI Confiential Informant in 2005 and killing of two other employees prior."

    "If killing is what Texas AB want, then we should give them the death penalty in every case at law."

Attacks JANUARY 14 2024 were a formal declaration of outlawry (the actual word used by the attacker, who claimed he was acting on behalf of "other bars" which Alicia McMahon had been present at immediately preceding dozens of directed commercial threats (VINTAGE 22 and THE LOT and VILLAGE INN) prior to hitting the patron - and motive and M.O. (entrapment, picking a fight on camera to create POLICE EVIDENCE then subject to a FOIA demand by DONALD BEAL to use in extortion) a clear pattern and practice of intent to use violence to settle Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN, a child abduction.

The Lot was not open due to weather, and VINTAGE 22 was not active when the reviewer stopped to speak with the owner of a prior establishment shut down by police activity and robbery in 2022, which sabotaged the building to disable competitors on West Main St. It appeared the two men intended to suggest that single heterosexual men were not safe to enter into establishments in City of Ada by such threat, and this homosexual assault to try to create a scene and follow the patron during their COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ACTIVITY to DISABLE THAT BUSINESS AND HARM THAT BUSINESS INVESTMENT IN CITY OF ADA supporting video studio investments of DEEP LAYER INC. represents organized racketeering in institutional unfair business practices by EAST MAIN STREET against other venues and patrons for their recommendations and to coerce and compel consumer reports using physical violence.

Patrons at VILLAGE INN, who were informed after the fact due to the security camaera footage of the initial approach and attempted provocation twice ending that Saturday music review early, called this act outside their control, in defense of this report JANUARY 14 2024, and such felony stalking and targeted felony crimes fall under 18 USCA 249 hate crimes in City of Ada on the language and the physical approach, instigated by IX NETWORKS LLC and DONALD J BEAL and ALICIA MCMAHON claims in 2021-2024.

This is exactly what three witnesses described at the 2010 VNV NATION show, prior at CAINS BALLROOM in Tulsa OK, in stalking and physical threats, prompting the ADA business members to leave the venue CAIN'S BALLROOM (423 N Main St) after NORMAN COMPUTERS business owner observed a group of security staff openly discussing jumping and harming James Allen after following him and harrasing him during the performance, with staff member Susan Quincy placing herself in the location between Allen and the stage in direct proximity and doing so after menacing female guests with security by walking the line and pointing out Allen to the JediOKC and venue security in each pass prior, then impairing the performance as much as possible as close as possible to upset the female guests with Allen prior threats to follow and assault Allen witnessed by Mr. Deaver. Mr. Deaver gave testimony of these events and other attacks in Texas in 2002 on Mr. Allen, in a pattern of criminal racketeering and commercial extortion, and in the impeding of Mr. Deaver's vehicle witnessed by his assistant and himself, to compel him to fear for his life to free his vehicle and leave with Mr. Allen, who was at that time in need of medical attention and unconscious due to conditions at TERRABOX.COM CO created by the building operator and refusal to return substantial property to Mr. Maidt, who was killed in December 25 2022 by immolation in his home with one additional victim.

In light of this, we cannot take the threats of JANUARY 14 2024 lightly, or as some form of protection racket fraud to target persons in City of Ada during ongoing CIVIL COURT ACTIVITY seeking $40,000,000 USD for malicious prosecution from 2018 to 2024 and forgery of a beneficiary ("Veronica Petersen" as "Veronica Peterson") to initiate two concurrent simultaneous cases to provide cover for a child kidnapping and child abuse against the prosecution in another State and County separate from that illicit case and exclusive jurisdiction owing performance without this conduct by PONTOTOC COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY to defraud UNITED STATES and abuse a newborn child for TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD or other interests based on race and perjury to obtain Federal benefits and real estate in PONTOTOC COUNTY from the grandparents of that child.

What we have witnessed here is NEO NAZI activity in City of Ada, and because of this - the best solution is to accept that such conduct owes a total extinction of investment by the firm in any business in PONTOTOC COUNTY until such time as this criminal enterprise is extinguished.

Homosexual approach of persons and bizarre "hand holding" is not normal, even in prison, and I don't know what to think of Texas Aryan Brotherhood after this Queer Language and radical anti-government exteremist rant I witnessed. I felt as if we were witnessing ALT RIGHT take a physical position - following persons from one BUSINESS to another BUSINESS and there try to engage patrons representing related registered businesses from meeting with other patrons in a previously established business relationship and to harm the $2 billion video streaming industry talks there in intentional sabotage of patronage on behelf of EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY adjoining competitive businesses.

The prices at these UPSCALE locations are higher, with serious health record issues. When we entered JANUARY 13 2024, a customer had thrown up on the floor at VINTAGE 22. This made passing the narrow walkway to speak with employees and transact business difficult, and signs indiciating glassware could not be taken outside the room surprising, resulting in everyone being in a single tight standing-room only.

Attempts to blame patrons or established SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS company (1991-2024) food reviewers for the difficulty this causes or the preference in higher prices in a PROTECTED SERVICE INDUSTRY CONSUMER AFFAIRS REVIEW to coerce the reviewer to give the business a higher review or to stop reviewing equally other locations using violence or allegation of FALSE FEDERAL JUSTICE EMPLOYMENT, repeated loudly and to alarm customers at THE VILLAGE INN CLUB, in anti-competitive business practices (78 OK STAT 78-53), continues to reflect badly on EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY development of East Main Street and extremist behavior paired with other abuse of U.S. Mail and (5) text messages and repeated telephone calls to harass reviewers in JANUARY 7 2024 to JANUARY 14 2024. This is interference by U.S. POSTAL SERVICE to target persons in the community out of STATE OF NEW YORK, and a formal complaint to notify the company of handling fees for further unsolicited mail posted, along with UNITED STATES POSTAL INSPECTOR complaint in two separte incidents constituting sexual harassment by U.S. Mail of persons over 62 years of age to extort behavior and intimidate established residents from attending the East Main venues installed there to build the so called ARTS DISTRICT for benefit of EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY and specific firms only.

I can only construe the person is confused or mentally ill, or has been directed to engage in such activity by publications used to threaten CANCER and ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS in the City of Ada this week, prior the assault. And hold the residents of any new property created near the 1970s home and 1990s home of my parents by the former ADA CITY POLICE technician JOHN MCMAHON'S daughter responsible for these bizarre and demented rumors in a pattern of fraud dating back to her accusing her brother Shawn McMahon of having an STD at ADA HIGH SCHOOL in exceptionally cruel and sociopath behavior. I have seen this conduct against Cathline Spencer, ACT II Community Theater, the ECU Theater Department, and now this, following 20 years of libel activity against my charcter and to harm intentional commercial and exceptionally violent defamation of intentional cruel and dangerous false claims to extort my right to work - including working with BRIAN YOUNG in 2010-2014 to abuse his spouse and former ADA HIGH SCHOOL alumni who came to my office for help against domestic violence.

If this is what the 2012 CONVICTION of Mr. Beal in Denton County created, and the context of the 2012-2022 concealment and nexus of threats by Brian Young a and Donald Beal and Alicia McMahon and Veronica Petersen, then I can only call it organized gang activity and treat all known associates of such persons as members in competent intentional criminal enterprise.

Physical threats - JANUARY 14 2024 - will not change that.

I hope that Mr. Trump is elected, and he seeks the death penalty against such persons for this activity.

The prior appears retaliation for my report on Soonercon programming entitled "Lolita Tea Party", a Sunday morning event seeking minors to appear in adult lingere for sexually explicit photography, and my refusal to allow my COMPANY to pay Brian Young (pictured here:) or his SOONERCON members for this in 2010 as a COMMERCIAL SPONSOR.

A formal complaint to the FBI and to a Federal Judge had already been filed in U.S. Mail when this attack occurred Sunday morning JANUARY 14 2024.

This appears to be retailiation in support of child sex trafficking and sexual human trafficking in City of Ada related to new address information of a subject two blocks from the killing of an animal with sawdust shoved in its mouth to suffocate it prior to twisting its neck and placing it on the porch of the elderly owner - and breaking of the teeth of 3 other animals, and JANUARY 7 2024 use of a car to draw attention and threaten animals in ongoing harassment of a PROTECTED PERSON in terminal illness by TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD and an EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OFFICE MANAGER.

Both the ECU OFFICE MANAGER and the ENID OK man arrested filed extortion claims in false police report in 2011, prompting the targeted company to retain a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR to document the hundreds of letters of extortion in 2007-2013 and public letters among Donald Beal, Brian Young, and joint police report by Brian Young and Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough.

As stated, we went to support our friend who was concluding cancer treatment, and this is how the Texan criminal syndicate responded. Prior victims in Oklahoma have filed formal complaint with the court, alleging a pattern of this extoriton of cancer victims by the ECU OFFICE MANAGER since 1999 - in what appears to be remorseless commercial activity to overcome property owners for real estate property value damage in the 400 BLOCK of S HIGHLAND and near the new CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION building in the 500 block of S HIGHLAND. Driving vehicles in the street in dangerous manner, provoking police response, and depositing over 40 separate feces into the yard of the elderly disabled couple to injure and create disease which killed several animals and cost over $20000 USD in fiscal year 2023, including over 50% in medical injury and delays in renovation and office development - commercial rights of the lawful property owner.

We have seen this sort of 'real estate' scheme in other communities and I am not confident that City of Ada is prepared to deal with this degree of activity and terrorist hoax and social security identity fraud to carry out extortion for accelerated forfeiture of inheritance on child taking and human trafficking in interference in the right to marry and the right to produce and retain other heirs, entailment and primogeniture (OK CONSTITUTION, Art. II)

There is definitely a "STREET TEAM" and a "REAL ESTATE AGENCY/OFFICE" fraud now engaged in this activity. Automated SMS TEXT harassment (6 now) and other factors, indicate that interference in this activity, and delay of U.S. Mail (mailed DEC 27 2023, received JAN 11 2024) continues to indicate U.S. MAIL DELIVERY is impaired inbound and delays from Oklahoma City to City of Ada for DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES MAIL appear to be either delayed or postmarked and not deposited until the last minute in ongoing misuse of U.S. Mail. Therefore and in context to five (5) prior vehicle-hit-and-run attacks on U.S. Mails in this case, and verified stolen U.S. Mail in 1 instance, this ongoing harassment to tamper with U.S. Mail and to damage community business relations to favor persons in the 2001-2020 concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP sustains evidence of a clear Interstate activity, Federal fraud, and domestic parties engaged in false claims closely (2 blocks) associated with serious attacks and property damage in the 400 BLOCK of HIGHLAND and 700 BLOCK of E 17th St., and in two other U.S. Mail addresses in continued related harassment and identity theft using U.S. Mail.

Someone posing as an OKLAHOMA REAL ESTATE AGENT has contacted my office and attempted to communicate knowingly with a DECEADANT to work a property modification, and to harass the DECEADANT'S heirs in interfrence in that inheritance to create a fraudulent Federal Lien. This activity paired with physical attack upon the subject of those texts, makes this a real estate investment fraud, for benefit of a REAL ESTATE COMPANY of STATE OF TEXAS in court records and employment with multiple $500000 properties used in the activity to overcome inheritance in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and to accellerate inheritance by harm to legally disabled persons and elders and in harassment of physical disability to extort. This is also harm to impair the recovery of pets of a GUARDIANSHIP OF AN ELDERLY PERSON made by the Court, in interference with its agent and disruption of hiring labor and manpower to work repair and recovery and restore serious damage to the property.

If we cannot hire in the area because our workers are assaulted as paying customers, in deference to other competitors and businesses near EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY to benefit persons working in the University to overcome our normal course of business; and to harm our CONTRACT with AMAZON INC. subsidiary in STATE OF CALIFORNIA by this activity - and with REPUBLIC OF GERMANY in 2013 and 2014 direct targeted predaotry business practices in FLORIDA and COLORADO and WYOMING not licensed to exist in Oklahoma and Colorado and Wyoming while directing TELEPHONE CALLS to Fort Collins Area Code (CO) - that is unlawful per 78 OK STAT 78-53 and owing prosecution by the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY per 78 OK STAT 78-54 rule. These actions are a barrier to commercial development, and a byproduct of radicalized elements in criminal syndication now confirmed by publication to be the work of an employee at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY with a prior history of false criminal complaint to conceal abduction during times of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child for commercial advantage.

- James Allen

2024 Physical Incidents

January 7th 2024

Any information on the WHITE 4 DOOR vehicle with damaged windshield observed JANUARY 7th 2024 at 12:22 PM CDT should be given to ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. In this incident:

  1. A suspicious vehicle slowed to stop in front of a driveway and in a position to avoid cameras
  2. The vehicle was blocked from retreat by an SUV arriving at its unusual point of stop.
  3. The suspicious white 4 door vehicle performed a powered reverse Eastbound maneuver turning 90 degrees into a side street in the middle of the road.
  4. The suspicious white 4 door vehicle then performed a full throttle motion forward into the intersection erratically, turning right very breifly before swerving left against the curb and proceeding southbound at high speed crossing the midline in a dangerous motion and speed, fleeing the scene.
  5. Two witnesses and surveillance cameras documented the incident.

"People drive fast up that hill, but I have never see someone drive at full power in reverse half a block, make a ninety degree reverse turn, and then accelerate back in the same direction indecisively toward the same direction of original travel and the witness. This suggests attempt to intimidate with a motor vehicle and effort to conceal the license plate from authorities. Additional caution will be assigned by our on-site staff to protect personnel and property. Several children live on this street and it is an Residential zone with foot traffic. As the incident took place near the Chickasaw Nation Student Union, and we have received threats from the Texas Aryan Brotherhood and their ISP, this prompted Militech Systems property management to report the incident to law enforcement."

- James Allen, Manager Site 6A

2024 Physical Incidents

February 8th 2024

The following day, a solicitation for a dead family member led to discovery that a section of fence was knocked down to conceal entrance to the property of the deceased, and door left open, and signs destroyed, and hinge of the front storm door torn off.

Following this incidient - a package directed to extort a disabled family member and embossed with the name of the extortion publication in the OCT 5 2022 LETTER demanding $70000 USD for VERONICA PETERSEN was delivered to a 3rd address. This is the 5th packege of this type in 12 months of ongoing threats to that address, and the 7th package in 12 months to all addresses. The sender knowingly concealed their name and addressed the package to their own legal name used to extort in REGISTRATION of a property employed and the victim's name as the second line of the US Postal Service address on the 9 oz package. A police complaint was filed, on behalf of the disabled person's guardian, as ELDER ABUSE and felony stalking, and photo of the mailing label recorded by ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT.

2024 Physical Incidents

January 8th 2024

At 5:38 PM at WALMART STORE 231 in City of Ada, the suspect who was present at the 800 East Main St adddress November 13 2021 prior to threatening messages November 14 2021 from 2am to 7am transmitted to the business owner did appear at the local grocery store. After observing the victim, the suspect did flee quickly and was seen at the checkout at at 5:48 PM. On leaving the store, witnesses observed a white vehicle pull up and park parllel to the victims vehcle while the victim was loading groceries and stop across 3 parking spaces on the row South of the victim's automobile. This was observed by Kyle Hibbs and James Allen. The vehicle did then turn and drive to the automotive service side of the Store 231 business, in an unusual manner, and was not observed there after entering that side of the building, indicating it fled Northbound. The ADDRESS on the January 8 2024 package was created November 14 2021 in concert with the letters of threat, and incorporated in the $70000 USD demand OCT 5 2002 after an unidentified male approached the REGISTERED AGENT office on CCTV camera October 4 2022 and inquired as to a Mary Currier at the door. U.S. mail from Quantico, VA directed to the office of the REGISTERED AGENT later was received which was addressed to "Mary Currier", and appeared to be additional evidence of IDENTITY THEFT in the kidnapping of a child which fraudulently used the parent's address in communication and false identity with the retired U.S. Marine General overseeing "TOYS FOR TOTS", to harasses the parents of the missing child at Christmas in 2022.

For these reasons, we consider the prior persons ongoing claims to be extreme intentional abuse of a child and of elders to extort money and property, and to threaten in an ongoing and sustained organized manner and across State and Federal borers.

"I am certain that I saw CHURCHBOARD.COM user ALLYKATT, and verbally identified the person to the client to not cause attention, verifying that appearance and confirming they are present January 8th 2024 in City of Ada, Pontotoc County, immediately following the time of these threats. I instructed the client we were to avoid this party, and went to the far end of the store to avoid them, owing to their history of fraudulent claims of stalking and entrapment activity to defraud State and Federal Justice and the court since 2011 SWORN AFFIDAVIT showing their false claims to conceal the child from ORDERED POSSESSION. "

January 7th 2024 POLICY NOTICE:

Anything sent to this office is the property of the office exclusively and person to whom it is addressed, for purpose of photography, documentation, disclosure, or other legal right, and limited to necessary documentation of a crime in return and at the cost to the party of a fine up to $5000 per item. By sending me items, you enter into this contract in use of the address which is not addressed to the REGISTERED AGENT of the entity, such as my PRIVATE NAME or that of persons not registered to receive items or persons not prior giving permission to mail to this physical address. Such fine is not held out against REGISTERED COURT PROCESS SERVERS or other members of State or Federal PUBLIC OFFICE acting under authority of the office on OFFICIAL BUSINESS.

This $5000 USD fee is a "handling fee" for each item, parcel, or letter, sent to the address which is deemed return to sender or requires disposal under the terms of our security policy or discretion of the senior executive officer.

2024 Physical Incidents

February 8th 3:50 pm CDT 2024

One package enbossed to a LEAGL NAME ascribed as a DOMAIN NAME of DONALD J. BEAL was presented to a victim over 65 years of age and her name ascribed without her consent or that of her guardian upon the package to BOXER using U.S. Postal Service tracking Number ending in 2929090 from SABOD, 22419 FISHER RD WATERTOWN NY 13601, from 11816 INWOOD RD #3335 IX NETWORKS LLC and its known sender 3110 Cambridgeshire Dr, Carrolton TEXAS 75007, under alias of "SABOD" according to SIGNATURE rules of law, RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1984) section 134, which reads:

RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1984) section 134. Signature
The signature to a memorandum may be any symbol made or adopted with an intention, actual or apparent, to authenticate the writing as that of the signer.

IX NETWORKS LLC DIRECTOR of record DONALD J. BEAL using this signature in JANUARY 28 2022 and OCTOBER 5 2022 will be charged the $5000 USD fee set JANUARY 7 2024 for this service, performed at 4:55 pm to RETURN TO SENDER the parcel with U.S. MAIL SERVICE employee at 11th Street and Crown Point, as per policy and cost of return service for billable time incurred by misuse of the U.S. mail in 2021-2024. This is in addition to the felony stalking complaint and elder abuse felony complaint made January 8 2024 at 4:30 pm CDT, and misuse of a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT in publication for commercial use of ADA CITY POLICE OFFICER body camera footage MAY 3 2022 to extort $70000 USD for VERONICA PETERESEN, a frauudlent judgment creditor of ORDER 01-17702. Signature in this matter matches 2002-2004 admitted use before District Judge KILGORE in 2010 OCT 31 open court by Donald J. Beal, and is valid regardless who signed the form as it was his SEPTEMBER 20 2003 public letter and 2011 LEGAL ANSWER admitting to use of the SIGNATURE in question, upon which this claim was delivered and ascribed. Use of his signature without his consent is his own liablity against the party separate from the handling fee established for his 9 ounce 5 inch long chocolate penis delivery of 2023 to the victim and to their rental property in a 2nd package demanding termination of a commercial lease for protection from this obscene behavior.

Mr. Donald J. Beal's attempt to use his adopted ICANN-name established in 2002 and 2011 letters of extortion to:

  • impersonate that LEGAL SIGNATURE of JAMES ALLEN;
  • attach his signature on LINE 1 of a USPS form;
  • sending the item to another NAMED PARTY U.S. MAIL ADDRESS underneath his own SIGNATURE in fraud as a falsified legal resident (LINE 1) to convery responsibility for distress in 18 USCA 2261A activity;
  • and placing the victim's name in LINE 2 of the USPS form;
  • As the shipping label image indicates just above the 9 OZ ZONE 6 line - this is a COMMERCIAL activity in fraud and in INTERSTATE COMMERCE in FALSE LEGAL NAME to an addressed party in the last of a pattern of 7 separate instances of harassment in 2022-2024 using interstate mail or common commercial carrier to extort.
Label design in SIGNATURE of DONALD J. BEAL created 2001-2004 brand and 2011 threat letter to atotrney firm Riggs Abbney shows premeditated U.S. MAIL FRAUD, and creation of a mixing of "DONALD J. BEAL" with the physical U.S. POSTAL ADDRESS of other persons to intimidate, extort, and blackmail while knowingly avoiding ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT and UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE - FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION members legal knowledge of policy and forms to defraud, misuse, and generally violate Criminal Law in Title 21 Section 21-1533 and 21-29.

Civil Law allows the legitimate user to impose civil fines for the improper use of their COMMERCIAL MAIL ADDRESS to send unsolicited or obscene material to frustrate law enforcement and other COMMERCIAL NECESSITY OF THE UNITED STATES MAIL in COMMERCE. NOTICE OF THIS POLICY was posted 24 hours prior to receipt of this product, in fee schedule, owing and due FEBRUARY 8 2024.

Fees are not a license or service fee to perform the act, and are LABOR COSTS for the GUARDIAN OF THE COURT to dispose of the property and file report and keep records and impairment of service and use requirements due to a pattern (7 instances) of such malicious fraud across State Borders to disable UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE and UNITED PARCEL SERVICE and other compitotrs of the senders family member's employer: FEDERAL EXPRESS of Dallas County, and in interest of the CREDITOR OF RECORD in the alleged fraudulent DEBT which is being misapplied to extort in this manner, shown to be located at 139 Park Valley Ct, Coppell TX 76019.


    11816 INWOOD RD #3335
    DALLAS TX 75224
    [Address employed 2022-01-28 to Attorney Frank Stout of CITY OF ADA in FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT request to obtain ADA CITY POLICE OFFICER VOGT body camera footage for MAY 3 2022 extortion of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER and family members after her death MAY 2 2022]

and its known creditor/payee of this LEGAL LAWSUIT IMPROPERLY FILED 2018 NOV 20 as CASE 01-177202-R in VIOLATION OF TEXAS FAMILY CODE SECTION 157.375 and UIFAS Section 314, as genunien party in RESTATMENT (THIRD) OF AGENCY (2006), as a violation of 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1673 and 1692d rule, the AGENT OF THE creditor responsible in LAW OF AGENCY:

    under alias of "SABOD" on the 2024-01-08 DELIVERED PARCEL

And in RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF AGENCY (2006) the CREDITOR IN PRINCIPAL in the illicit transaction:

  • Veronica Marie Petersen
    aka "VERONICA PETERSEN", "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON", "Veronica Peterson", "VERONICA PETERSON" in alias (2015-2024 court documents)

Federal Law provides that by signature to conceal the address in 'Care Of' (C/O) a third party to conceal this information in communication of threats, standing of parties, and in damage to the utility of an INTERSTATE COMMON CARRIER in unfair compeition per Title 78 Section 78-53 Okalhoma Statutory Law, the TRUE ADDRESS OF THE PARTY is permitted identification as employees of a competitor business documented at those locations and by LINKEDIN.COM information disclosing this commercial employer to damage U.S. Mail in favor of and for unfair commercial advantage of the FLORIDA based company FEDERAL EXPRESS.

The victim is seeking forty million USD in compensation for a 2018-2024 malicious prosecution and failure to prosecute or recover a child owed surrender in ORDERED POSSESSION from 2002-2023 on case 01-17702, a fictitous child substituted for a real child already in the CUSTODY and CUSTODY CONTRACT of JAMES ALLEN at time of abduction AUGUST 11 2001, and fraud in filing of a lawsuit to conceal that abduction on OCT 1 2001 by Veronica Marie Petersen, a natural person, in 21 OK STAT 21-853 criminal claim filed in a foreign civil court against an OKLAHOMA resident illegally to extradite the party, and altered allegedly to include SHAM MARRIAGE in claimed in 2002 on case 01-17702 to tamper with the evidence and accomplish a child taking and hostage situation spanning 2001-2024.

TEXAS COURT CASE 01-17702-R was created fraudulently on mutilation of evidence and DECEMBER 18 2001 COURT RECORD, repeated in JULY 27 2015 mutilation of court record, and venue transfer to a court of exclusive jurisdictionin DIST. CT. OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in the year 2015, prior illicit filing in the year 2018 of a case in DIST. CT. OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS ex juris to impair the 2015-2020 case in the proper court of exclusive jurisdiction. This is a double jeopardy, carried into DIST. CT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 2018 NOV 20 to PRESENT civil action not permitted by law, an illegality to abduct, conceal, and extort a social security number in duplication before a District Court as two separte legal persons for fraud, alleged a birth in DALLAS TX and then (in 2002 filing) a birth also in CARROLTON TX, for which the CARROLTON TX child was already subject of a prior CONTRACT, collateral to that contract, and not entitled seizure or re-collateralization for UNITED STATES fraud in 18 USCA 666 and 42 USCA 408 violation.



This matter is a 42 USCA 1981 EQUAL PROTECTION case, on refusal to allow JAMES ALLEN to contract, while seizing $10,000+ under fraud and $100,000+ under false custody to abduct, and in interference in over $1.1 trillion USD in securities and $300 billion USD in United States and foreign trade value subject to RIGHT TO WORK and specific intellectual property theft and fraudulent conveyance for foreign registration in a pattern of industrial espionage with state sponsorship by "Government of Japan" in 23% equity interest as monopoly with the primary party, and with other major investor parties via OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS and NTT/VERIO joint activity for the SOROS FAMILY OFFICE, a company formerly known at law as QUANTUM GROUP HEDGE FUND. OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS is a SOROS entity.

DOCUMENTS showing the financial relationship in public statements of each group and nexus of parties in LOSTSERVER.NET and LOOOPBACK0.NETWORK top-level-domain nexus upon "ATLANTIC.NET DALLAS LLC" (suite 700, 2323 Bryan St DALLAS TX) and "SHARKTECH.NET" of Phoenix AZ, in concert with ICELAND based "DEPREF.NET" and use of "NAMESCHEAP.COM" in ICELAND registration, to extort, in 2022-2024 ongoing threats to blackmail and suppress the case in extortion of $70000 USD using the physical network of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. as those firms actual assets ascribed as their personal tier 1 network, and as ZAYO GROUP INC. of Boulder CO (USA), a subsidiary of EGT GROUP AB of Sweden, in threats from Fort Collins (CO, USA) and Casper (WY, USA) and Cheyenne (WY, USA) and other points-of-presence in STATE OF FLORIDA associated with VERONICA PETERSEN properties, and STATE OF NEW YORK associated with VAMPIREFREAKS.COM brands of ALICIA MCMAHON, and from BEAUHARNOIS QUIBEC associated with OVH DATA CENTER installation there and defamation site use on GOOGLE LLC company services to create the property employed in this incident as ADDRESS LINE 1 party - a wrongful association with the LEGALLY DISABLED TERMINALLY ILL WARD OF THE COURT OVER 65 YEARS OF AGE, whose estate is the target of this ongoing 2001-2024 extortion after the death of her mother in 2007 and father in 2008, who were the prior targets of the child taking, concealment, and extortion. The child has not been seen or allowed to communicate with the OKLAHOMA JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR since prior the abduction, on AUGUST 2001, and threatened with violence and false arrest systematically by IVA PETERSEN, VERONICA PETERSEN, DONALD BEAL, ALICIA MCMAHON, BRIAN WOLFE, BRIAN YOUNG and such threats hosted by DORIAN KIM of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE / NTT COMMUNICATIONS INC / IETF IANA.ORG and by JARED MAUCH of AKAMI TECHNOLOGIES and prior at such time of NTT COMMUNICATIONS (NTTA.COM).

The timing of this attack DEC 31 2023 and JANUARY 5 2024 and JANUARY 7 2024 vehicle incident in Pontotoc County, coincide with the national CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES) and product launch activity by NVIDIA CORPORATION, a partner in the claims and fraudulent conveyance of property subject to the "Baby Boy Allen" child taking in 2001-2024 and 2022-2024 threats related to SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION report by JAMES ALLEN citing SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of NATION OF JAPAN brokering to sell NVIDIA CORPORATION control to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in a $40 billion STOCK SWAP DEAL with ARM HOLDING CO LTD barred in FEB 2022, prior April 2022 threats, and September 2022 notice of intent to BECOME A DIRECT COMPETITOR by NVIDIA CORPORATION against their former customer SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and JAMES ALLEN.

Threats in this matter initiated in 2017 with MERGER talks of NVIDIA CORPORATION and ARM HOLDING CO LTD (2017-2022) and intensified with breakdown of that deal (2022 February) and retaliation against the whistleblower and their supply chain parner EVGA CORPORATION by NVIDIA CORPORATION in public price-fixing and supply chain manipulation with nexus with the abducting parties and foreign sovereign country private ownership of NTT SYNERGY and NTT/VERIO and NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN.

PRESIDENT JOSEPH BIDEN JR recognized and ORDERED all CORPORATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES on OCTOBER 31 2023 to address this matter of export of devices classified in this activity, the subject of 1998-2006 key scientific research by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada Oklahoma, in context to THE WASSENAAR ARRANGEMENT and ongoing U.S. Trade restrictions.

NVIDIA CORPORATION has formally expressed their intent to violate such restrictions, to design product to bypass the intent of such U.S. Policy, and to thwart such export restrictiosn against the transfer of and claims against U.S. military dual-use technology, eviden in FEB 8 2024 video press release at the 2024 CES event, as published on YOUTUBE LLC.

Concealment and use of false name to defraud in this matter against 'vital employees' of NORTEL NETWORKS and SYKES ENTERPRISES to defraud and impair trade with foreign nations (REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, by contract in SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. ongoing business in City of Ada) and among the states, is alleged in pattern misuse of TITLE IV AGENCY powers and swearing as brief that NO GUARANTEE OF APPLICATION OF LAW BY THE PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT IN A CIVIL CASE SUBJECT TO UNITED STATES FEDERAL AGENCY limited exclusive delegated authority is the defense of STATE OF OKLAHOMA in case 121225.

JAMES ALLEN alleges seditious conspiracy and conspiracy against rights, owing protection from illegality in civil process per 18 USCA 2384, 241, and 249, and in fraud (18 USCA 1341) and civil felony conduct (15 USCA 1, 42 USCA 408) owing protection of Federal Justice and State Justice, a duty of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. and NOV 16 signed agreement in collateral contract in the year 1907 by the 60th Congress of the United States for the member States then and later enrolled in the Federal Union and for United States as the underwriter of that legal senior instrument of debt and credit in case 121225.

As a CONTRACT DISPUTE, the allegation of a violation of STATUTORY CRIMINAL LAW is not a crime, and is protected as a MEMORANDUM and REMONSTRANCE (OK Const. II-3 II-22) on ILLEGALITY per RESTATEMENT OF RESTITUTION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT (Sec. 32 Illegality), and may not be misrepresented by any party, government employee, government, state, or agency as a false claim of acting as or for the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT or other agency, as the party is a PROPER PARTY in a CONTRACT owing performance, and as that contract is a collateral contract made with James Allen, and in contract to JAMES ALLEN securities of right to protection in contract for James Allen, in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22 and final terms sheet endorsed November 16 of the year 1907 by the 60th Congress of the United States to James Allen as party in a CIVIL LAWSUIT brought by their agent under false name NOVEMBER 20 2018, so ORDERED ENTERED AS LEGAL FACT IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA ON APRIL 18 2023.

The representation that resort to the Federal Law or Federal Regulations over TITLE IV AGENCIES or denial of LAW OF AGENCY in all acts by the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma and State of Florida are a rebellion and insurrection contrary to the Laws of the United States owing total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and dissolution of the State of Oklahoma with forfeiture of the related I-1 property "Federal Union" and all member States then and since enrolled, and of United States as underwriter of that contract in the incorporation of the terms of their charter as obligation owing breach in two or more terms, a "Repugnant Inconsistency" to void that contract of 1776 in the 1907 collateral contract to James Allen, and terms incorporated of full remedy in Section 3 owing Seisin in Deed and Seisin in Law as prescribed reserved UCC 2-308 relief, a TITLE 12A OK STAT Law in 12A-2-308 State Law and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-9 rule.

The Democratic Extremist groups have seized upon the Federal Law and State Law to suggest that, like People's Republic of China or Nation of Japan in foreign sovereign law, none may invoke the code of the Laws of the United States or Laws of the State without their permission, and none may speak of the violation of law but their chosen men, in open contempt and rebellion and insurrection against the right of REMONSTRANCE and the right of DUE PROCESS which is evidently and clearly denied, a CONVERSION OF A NON-NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT OF FEDERAL DEBT in "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" to corrupt case "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEN" made by DAMARCUS OFFORD of DIST. CT. OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in 2015 JULY 27, and further to final corruption in the case "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" on the same instrument - a lawsuit by a non-person held out to be STATE OF OKLAHOMA v James Allen, a fraudulent lawsuit to overcome Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in fraudulent conveyance of a non-transferrable FEDERAL DEBT of JAMES ALLEN to a payment of that debt assigned exclusively to "Veronica Marie Petersen" to "VERONICA PETERSEN" and a transfer of the debt from "JAMES ALLEN" (a UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IN ACCOUNT TITLE) to "James Allen" (a natural person and beneficiary, and member of the People) using the abuse and concealment of his biological child and foster family to accomplish this conversion of a NON-NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT.

A NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT is a debt instrument redeemable by the assigned party, wherein the assigned party is not the name on the instrument, but may be the bearer or other name ascribed.

A NON-NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT is a debt instrument that cannot be redeemed for value by any person other than the legal person ascribed on the instrument.

A debt that can be transferred from one debtor to another is also not a NON-NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT, and is not ordinary in any form of debt recognized by the United States, as it would be a debt assigned to a class payable by any member of the class in any portion - and where on penalty of some kind for non-payment against the class, is a crime in International law and the Laws of War (Geneva Convention). The use of mental health claims to coerce payment are a WAR CRIME per U.S. Treaty, and evident in "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" acts to injure the beneficiary "James Allen" and to sue illegally the beneficiary of the UNITED STATES technical person (SSN) for debt held out as a benefit of the operation of the UNITED STATES not extending into the private property or bodily labor or service or slavery of James Allen to compel the forfeiture of franchise to work, trade, and reputation - a protected II-6 right owing full restoration per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of the 16th Day of the month of November of the year 1907 signature of United States for the members of the Federal Union and State of Oklahoma and United States in security, a collateral contract backed by the assets and sovereign entity and property of all parties in pledge as State of Oklahoma in principle, and as enjoined "Federal Union" per terms made part of that contract in Article I Section I-1 "inseparable" clause owing forfeiture of an entity on breach of contract, a legal relief for total breach or partial breach due on demand. This type of contract is not unusual, nor irregular, and is the essential rule: if you do any offense so ascribed or constructed, it shall unmake the legal state and deprive the state of the assets by which it did the offense, which are tendered as a BOND and SECURITY in the 1907 contract by format accepted by the Federal Union owing no interpretation as a Federal Law and not as a Constitution in this act, a complete contract. State of Virginia Court of Civil Appearls has heard such cases versus the Legislature of the State of Virginia, and ruled that the acts done by the Legislature could not have been OFFICIAL ACTS and are void, as to make such official act that would unmake the state and the Legislature would nullify their authority and were an overreach of authority owing rescission and restitution in full. State of Oklahoma is now hearing this case in District 2 and 4 of the Civil Court of Appeals, styled on the claims of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA as the FICTITIOUS PETITIONER "Veronica Peterson" and debt sought in demand and threat in abuse of the Public member "James Allen", a creditor of State of Oklahoma and creditor of United States in this 1907 contract so accused to overcome the JAMES ALLEN estate and companies by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

If the States have become so incompetent as to suggest that REMONSTRANCE is a crime, then the dissolution of State of Oklahoma, triggering a forfeiture of that property in full to the injured party, and insepparable act at law worked on the Federal Union of the same forfeiture and dissolution in collateral contract, and in breach of United States charter a part of that incorporation as underwriter and guarantor also forfeit, is owing and due. It is ascribed at law this is the lawful remedy, and the contract a formal written agreement drafted by the 59th Congress of the United States, held out for value and amendment, and accepted with amendment by the 60th Congress of the United States - owing performance and obligated the same binding force of McGirt v State of Oklahoma. By electing "James Allen" as the DEFENDANT in the action, in violation of TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 and UIFSA 314 immunity to defraud, the Federal Union has elected its party in receivership of total breach of the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and enjoined these claims by three member states in public claims of MEMORANDUM to initiate rebellion: "State of Texas", "State of Oklahoma", and "State of Florida". COURT DOCUMENTS of DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY show the appearance of "State of Oklahoma" to do this as OFFICIAL ACT MARCH 16 2023, in case FR-2018-04, to conceal the fraud of a suit by a FICTITIOUS PETITIONER in a child kidnapping and COMMERCIAL EXTORTION to overcome a CUSTODY AGREEMENT and $1.1 trillion USD in trade secret theft.

The contract of 1907 waives in full LACHES DEFENSE and grants MEMORANDUM as specified in II-3 and II-22 rule to fraud, and per RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACT (1984) is the common law specific to the right of memorandum and the misuse of SIGNATURE in the names created by DONALD J. BEAL and VERONICA PETERSEN in fraud per section 134 employed on U.S. Mail JANUARY 5 2024 and JANUARY 8 2024 in delivery into the jurisdiction of PONTOTOC COUNTY subject OK STAT Title 21 Section 21-29 sole jurisdiction to redress the harassment and execute the case exclusive of other competing jurisdictions.

Specific parties are PRESUMED INNOCENT OF CRIMINAL PUNISHMENT AND RECORD BY THE UNITED STATES, which includes the bar against threat or suggested specific incarceration of persons as EMPLOYED TO EXTORT IN PUBLIC CLAIMS BY DONALD BEAL AND VERONICA PETERSEN AGAISNT James Allen, while the PROPER PARTY and the real ENJOINED PARTIES of RECORD in malicious prosecution are entitled the right to bring the action against the TRUE PARTIES in the contract instrument and to invoke and to publish and give NOTICE OF DISHONOR and LEGAL STATUTORY RIGHT IN CAUSE FOR DISHONOR where such notice has been falsely made to ALLEGE VALUE IN PUBLIC BY THE PERPETRATORS (Veronica Marie Petersen, and her agents so specified in letters of conspiracy to extort) regardless of the use of FALSE NAME to conceal the true identity and LAW OF AGENCY rule governing such acts in organized strong-arm racketeering and corrupt misuse of the State and Federal Justice Department and Civil Courts to defraud and manufacture false record, breeder documents, and to engage wantonly in 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 criminal violations. CONTRACT LAW does not grant the State a right to suppress the grievance or the criminal code to become the sole arbiter and to obtain interest in a contract at law in substitution of the facts of the case and evidence entitled public controversy initiated by a deliberate false claim and deliberate act of fraud or terrorism or terrorist hoax or combination of acts. To do so would be to gag all persons in contract and sell the right of dispute in a private civil contract or in CONTRACTS MADE UPON THE PUBLIC TRUST in a 1st amendment and 2nd Amendment and 5th and 6th and 7th and 10th, and 14th Amendment violation.

It is the Conclusion of James Allen that the prior is the intent of the three (3) rebel States in this action from 2001-2024, and rebellion evident against the People of the united States of America in violation of the 1907 agreement since AUGUST 11 2001. As the creditor named in a CIVIL SUIT by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA under color of identity "Veronica Peterson" to defraud and create in a UNITED STATES FEDERAL INSTRUMENT OF DEBT to "Veronica Marie Petersen" a transfer or fraudulent conveyance of such debt to "VERONICA PETERSEN" for additional payment to the States, comes now James Allen as DEFENDANT/APPELLANT on Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., a true creditor of the United States in interest and contract, to enforce the November 16 1907 agreement in whole and terms agreed (Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Constitution of the united States of America, and Declartion of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America) therein specified explicitly as enumerated (10th Amendment) law of contract and enjoining United States and the many members then and since enrolled as the entity "Federal Union" and State of Oklahoma separately and firstly subject performance for value or total breach without substitution or monetary compensation a lawful option of that specific contract duly made by United States and for the United States and Federal Union, its property in collateral held out for value.

Soverign Nationalist movements in State of Texas, State of Florida, State of California, State of Oklahoma, and other States - who appear to be white sepratist elements aligned with the Sweden financial interests, Iceland technology industry, and Asian Pacific militant political Shinzo Abe government of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, are engaged in this action, financially supporting such acts via NTT GROUP and EGT GROUP AB, and their subsidiaries NTT/VERIO and ZAYO GROUP INC. of Boulder Colorado in sustained action with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and agency installed in the INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE of the IANA.ORG (a quasi-international non-government entity, formerly a contractor of United States since terminated). These firms, known by their AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBER (ASN) designation of clients and BORDER-GATEWAY-PROTOCOL (BGP) system, a competing proprietary implementation of BGP and open standards in GRE tunnels classed as SD-BGP, integrated with not-for-profit shell company of for-profit entities and major investmor FAMILY OFFICE group, appear in State of California as "PACKET CLEARING HOUSE" (PCH.NET), and are a financial arm of the OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS of the former QUANTUM GROUP HEDGE FUND known publicly now as THE SOROS FAMILY OFFICE COMPANY or similar name, a $19 billion front of investment activity by and for George W. Soros and family. The political extremism, contempt for U.S. Government, and in extremist positions of terrorism as a policy to influence securities are documented in similar bans on OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS by the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN for identical misuse of public trust organization to impair the laws of those countries and corrupt the government of those nations. This action indicates a nexus in the unlicensed and clandestine FRANCHISE ACTIVITY of this group for-profit in a formal organization then employed by network access and IDENTITY THEFT and peering contracts, which is documented in the "PeerDB" database and "IXP" brand of partner "EQUINIX" at 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas, in letters of threat to this office from suite 700 and 2670 in the child taking, and in action by 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas TX facility of EQUINIX primarily occupied by VERIO (now NTT/VERIO). The entity at law "Government of Japan" is a 23% direct equity shareholder in NTT GROUP of Japan, and NTT/VERIO is their wholly owned subsidiary - formerly known also as "NTT COMMUNICATIONS" and "NTT AMERICAN (NTTA.COM)" and recently as "NTT SYNERGY". Similar name changes in $7 billion investment rounds created DIGITAL REALTY TRUST of California, a partner of EQUINIX financed by NTT and overseas funds suddenly to perform service for NTT COMMUNICATIONS which was barred by charter to prevent this foreign purchase of U.S. vital infrastructure in real estate; and by EMBRACER GROUP AB of Sweden, formerly "NORDIC GAMES LICENSING AB" formerly "THQ NORDIC", a GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP licensee. Interest in and partnership with PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, a 10% equity TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD or direct subsidiary company (TENCENT GAMES), has also moved into this group with acquisition (100%) of FATSHARK AB and partnership with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP obtained in that merger. Use of trademarks of James Allen in dilution wihtout license to the publishers in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES (AMD), and as the 2024 brand announced this week as "STRIX POINT" (AM6) Ryzen processor socket, and in ASUS COMPUTERS "STRIX" brand, appear derived works from 1998-2006 "STRYX" proprietary brands sought in the suit and extortion letters to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma in City of Ada on concealment of the abducted/missing child in the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" suit of 2018-2024.

James Allen established the "STRYX" brand in 1992 COMMERCIAL USE since sustained, and in REGISTRATION in CHICKASAW NATION business SMOKESIGNALS COMPUTER CORPORATION as for publication signature of FASA CORPORATION products and goods in Interstate trade and computer technology development in City of Ada. James is a computer hardware specialist raised by APPLE COMPUTERS franchise company engineer at COMPUTER UTILITY of City of Ada. Computer science work in early Tektronics, Texas Instruments, Apple II, Commodore, Amiga, and International brands and electronic home entertainment charcterize a 40+ year education level in this specialization, with MICROSOFT DEVELOPERS NETWORK and HTML WRITERS GUILD membership in formation of the Internet and WORLD WIDE WEB technologies, and in prior work for BULLETIN BOARD SYSTEMS including the original Wildcat BBS networks prior the WWW. Effort to impersonate his 1991 image and character in later film and television (1999, The Matrix) are falsely held out by the abducting parties to suggest Allen is imitative of properties that were in substantial evidence derived works from his lectures, commercial presentations, and discoveries in the 1991-1999 period shared in good faith and work with FEDORA distribution of Linux operating system, now an IBM product. In 1998-2001 development on a distributed operating system and parallel hardware command structure for ray tracing technology and distributed rendering, real-time rendering, and accelleration of game technology with dynamic asset framework - similar to the 2022 announced NVIDIA OMNIVERSE product later claimed as discovery during extortion of James Allen, exposes a corruption of patent and strong arm illegal trust activity in the NVIDIA CORPORATION and data center partnership activity acting on concealment of an abducted child for fraudulent UNITED STATES trust and benefits paid in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP denied performance at all times by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to obtian this commercial fraudulent conveyance of patents from protected trade secrets of James Allen and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada Oklahoma.

Efforts to jail or incarcerate or render legally incompetent by fraudulent perjury in 2001-2024 claims of RECORD, are proof of a criminal conspiracy against rights owing forfeiture of NVIDIA CORPORATION and other companies gains in this region, and major trade embargo and restriction on export of technology which James Allen swears and affirms is dual use military technology not for export easily derived from the appropriation of his work as demonstrated, and a result of the product of his father's TRAJECTORY ANALYSIS expert field interest in the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE and family member access to STATE OF OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD and contract work for and with the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES by his foster family father and uncles (2).

Knowledge of this information allowed us to develop technologies which were innovative but restricted in application and scope to PREVENT THEIR USE IN MILITARY TECHNOLOGY. What NVIDIA CORPORATION and NTT/VERIO have done is appropriate that technology to export it to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA brokered by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP purchase of equity as buyer/broker in NATION OF JAPAN, in a premeditated intentional export of military dual-use goods and attempt in 2018-2022 to transfer the company NVIDIA CORPORATION to control of a foreign sovereing nation with that technology concealed in a $40 billion sale price, blocked by report of JAMES ALLEN and other competent experts to the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC) February 2022, and after such block did April 2022 and October 2022 retaliation against the whistleblower carry on during September 2022 presss conference that NVIDIA CORPORATION was the alleged discoverer of the 1998 technology and capitalization on this fraud to obtain $1.1 trillion USD in securities investment and $300 billion USD in projected year-over-year future exports by seizing the manufacturing of the goods designed and proposed by JAMES ALLEN via SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., following refusal to make such transfer on demands to State of California and ICELAND in 2002 during the taking, holding, and abuse of his only child for coercion of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma.

This matter is therefore commercial industrial espionage, securities fraud, and a WASSENAAR ARRANGEMENT violation in intent to defraud on kidnapping, incorporating PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in stock offer and controlling resulting interest in the corporation NVIDIA CORPORATION by merger with ARM HOLDING CO LTD under control of NATION OF JAPAN entity SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and partner businesses in data center industries and real estate in State of Texas, State of Florida, State of Michigan, State of California, and State of Oklahoma. Such technology will be a decisive matter between any military contest of the United States and PRC, which is a foreseeable conflict in the near-term future and parallel unprecedented military buildup by the PRC. JAMES ALLEN is a fiduciary, established in 1998 a registered agent, and represents more companies in this dispute in that capacity who are licensees of the IP-RISC group, in a legal structure that is permitted per 78 OK STAT Sec. 78-54 rule against unfair business practices predicated on the concealment from ORDERED POSSESSION and ordinary location of his child since the SEPTEMBER 10 2001 last contact and abduction AUGUST 11 2001, prior OCTOBER 1 2001 false swearing of "ABANDONMENT" (a crime, owing GRAND JURY INDICTMENT prior suit) and "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF JAMES ALLEN AND Veronica Marie Petersen, a natural person", which is illegal and was never a thing at-law or common law marriage declared or proven nor LEGAL MARRIAGE, a "sham marriage" employed by STATE OF TEXAS to conceal, abduct, and falsify benefits in the holding as hostage of "Baby Boy Allen" designated in medical records retained and filed by James Allen demanding communication and return and relief, and contrary fraudulent writ suggesting such return was ORDERED for a FICTITIOUS CHILD alleged born in DALLAS TX falsely substituted in RECORD without legal right and in a felony degree act with the "Baby Boy Allen" child after the fraud and perjury was discovered to conceal the act of child abduction and human trafficking by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.


Effort to actively discredit these claims are clear violation by persons outside of Pontotoc County, Indian Territory (per McGirt v State of Oklahoma), now in actions prohibited (civil illegality a right of notice) by 18 USCA 2261A

Keep in mind that:

  • April 13 2023, a REGISTERED PET was killed in City of Ada in context to this activity.
  • Five separate hit-and-run vehicle strikes on U.S. Mail at one property, which stopped after ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT made announcement over their unencrypted radio that the victim had installed cameras at the location, warning the perpetrators and preventing a POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION in addition to video defamation then given to the perpetrators and uploaded by the perpetrators to YOUTUBE.COM and URL therof incorporated into formal letter of extortion OCT 5 2022 demanding $70000 USD for protection and control of commercial property of a LEGALLY DISABLED FAMILY MEMBER over the age of 65 in that letter.
  • high volume electroinc interference in AT&T BUSINESS INTERENET causing loss of contract and disabling fully the business and telephone system of the targeted business, admitted in court as an act performed by Donald J. Beal in 8 million ICMP type-flag packets continaing ASCII text to threaten by name JAMES ALLEN during the concealment of Baby Boy Allen
  • Organized premeditated crafted paid publications to suggest a mental health illness to disable the PUBLIC OFFICE of a REGISTERED AGENT in concert with vital TAX DEADLINES and NATIONAL SALES AND MARKETING EVENTS to damage investment (CES, NVIDIA CORPORATION annual product announcement programs).

See also:
21 OK STAT. §21-1173(A,B,F)

§21-1173. Stalking - Penalties.

    A. Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or harasses another person in a manner that:

    1. Would cause a reasonable person or a member of the immediate family of that person as defined in subsection F of this section to feel frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested; and

    2. Actually causes the person being followed or harassed to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested, shall, upon conviction, be guilty of the crime of stalking, which is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one (1) year, or by a fine of not more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or by both such fine and imprisonment.

State Criminal Stalking can include a 10 year sentence for a person in a 2nd offense, or aggravated circumstances.

The small fine in this statute veruses the circumstance of a 42 USCA 408 violation and COMMERCIAL TRADE INTERFERENCE by written plan and design - is not sufficient deterrant in context to $50 billion USD companies engaging in this action, a 15 USCA 1 violation, and thus citation on the CIVIL CONTRACT RIGHT IN MEMORANDUM entitled by report of the activity and illegality (Restatement of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment, Sec 32) is protected speech not subject false claims of libel where such activity is to COMMERCIAL TRADE RIGHTS or enjoined with any CIVIL CONTRACT as a means of coercion and misapplication - so also barred by 22 USCA 7102 Federal Law. Federal Law is a duty of Public Law 59-234 section 3 and 21, owed performance or total breach by any officer of State of Oklahoma.

No FOREIGN STATE LAW OR RESIDENCY CLAIM AFFORDS A RIGHT TO NULLIFY A PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22 right by collateral contract and senior instrument of debt of the United States and all Federal Union Member States collateral in full to that agreement. Such attacks are an assault upon the government of State of Oklahoma by OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS and NTT/VERIO via PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and their partner ZAYO GROUP INC. and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. via the IP ADDRESS at the Dallas Data Center used in the 2002-2004 and 2007-2013 and 2021-2024 organized directed attacks, hosted by GHEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC of Texas and employees of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES in contract to the two identified officers of NTT COMMUNICATIONS (NTT/VERIO) aiding in this and PACKET CLEARING HOUSE operation in State of Michigan and State of California on behalf of GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN and its buyer, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in the NVIDIA CORPORATION transfer and patent claims.

We, the People, named DEFENDANT in case 121225, view these acts by:

  • PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA be acts of War and Securities fraud, to instigate a total breach as precedent by legal influence and undue foreign influence upon the court and Justice Department of the United States, for emoulment and foreign investment in specific entities, city ports, regions, and to overcome the Laws of the United States by design and plan and acts - and to purposefully and criminally erode the security and franchise of the People of the United States by unfair business practices involving the seizure, concealment, abuse, and carrying away of our children and by threats to our disabled, vulnerable, and elderly family members to obtain control over the PUBLIC OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST.

These actions are not protected by COMMERCE, nor by DIVERSITY OF CITIZENSHIP, and are an assault upon the United States form of government by foreign interest in an attempt to impose a KEIRETSU style market. This is evident in public PRICE FIXING statements by NVIDIA CORPORATION, false claims, overly broad patent claims, and plagiarism of scientific and academic discovery in a pattern of predatory practices and industrial espionage both against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and NORTEL NETWORKS in an organized sustained, and clearly immoral manner in bad faith to disarm and subjugate domestic industry and trade of the People, and to assume command of such trade as if a monopoly of the sovereign government exclusive of the people and in contempt of the creditors and right of standing by false and dishonest corrupt records and false books entry and false NAMES upon the RECORD of a LEGAL MATTER to defraud the parties and threaten incarceration for report and block report of invoked right of relief to oppress and destroy the credit of the United States for foreign substitution and re-collateralization not permmissible after NOVEMBER 16 1907 terms were signed by The 60th Congress Of the United States, for value owing performance or total breach and surrender.

2024 Article Index

Petersen utters claims of GRAND JURY not resulting in INDICTMENT
to THREATEN from STATE OF FLORIDA and allege to be acting with FBI
employees of Florida Office in DECEMBER 2023 Public Written Threats

A Public Letter: Jan 5 2024

James Allen issues MEMORANDUM per RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACTS (a Right by Law)

Recommended reading prior communication with the APPELLANT OFFICE:
  • Restatement (Second) of Contracts (1981)
  • Restatement (Third) of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment (2011)
  • Restatement (Third) of the Law of Agency (2006)
  • Restatement (Second) of Conflict of Laws (1988)
  • Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Edition

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Certain words such as discharge have specific legal financial and judicial meaning, for which disputes in this area and of contract at-law are reliant and owe no further claim or equity rights than 'contract simple' in public RECORD, and other DUE PROCESS limitations such as additive and substitutive amendment versus NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT rule, ore tenus rule, and interlocutory versus final judgement in statutory and regulatory law. Effort to coerce a fiduciary to alter their performance of a PUBLIC OFFICE of the PUBLIC TRUST or to coerce control over property of a party entitled fiduciary protection may be construed as criminal threats and/or civil wrongdoing, owing no further communication and no duty to communicate with persons who are not 'real' in United States registry of persons. Threats to influence property of a person under guardianship or legally disabled person or person over the age of 65 may be construed as felonies in communication or demands upon this office. False testimony of a disability or incapaciaty to impair a designated caregiver of a legally disabled person is a felony in State of Oklahoma. James Allen is a designated caregiver by a legally disabled person and by a person under guardianship of the court, is not himself disabled, and all claims suggest or imply defect of mind or legal competence illegal per 43A OK Stat. Law Sec. 43A-5-104 and are part of a documented effort to commit a felony in State of Oklahoma incorporating concealment of a minor child held out to UNITED STATES as subject ORDERED POSSESSION of JAMES ALLEN at law, now under 18 U.S. Code § 1509 criminal complaint.


As stated to Captain Destry of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, the activity in this matter demonstrated in May 14 of 2022 nexus with NAMECHEAP.COM and THECHURCHBOARD.COM in REYKJAVIK ICELAND, coinciding with registration of DEPREF.NET and email letter of OCT 5 2022 to extort and blackmail private citizens of $70000 and real estate commercial use by DONALD J. BEAL from identical to the February 28 2022 letter sent to CITY OF ADA attorney Frank Stout to obtain video used May 3rd 2022 in upload for commercial distribution on YOUTUBE from Officer VOGT's body camera.

The competitor "CCP GAMES", a division of "PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB" of Sweden, is resident in REYKJAVIK ICELAND, and has been engaged in this activity since 2002 letter to our office (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) to commercialize our 1998 established "BEYOND WAR" product under coercive force of the kidnapping and concealment of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN, a child prior 2019 MAY 29th seized and concealed from ORDERED POSSESSION and trust of the UNITED STATES as United States property of JAMES ALLEN.

Solicitation by the perpetrator using HALIBURTON.COM (a fake site, impersonating by nginx proxy server JOBS.HALLIBURTON.COM employment site of STATE OF TEXAS oil company HALLIBURTON) using address information of ERLICHINC.COM and DOMAINREGISTRY.COM which claimed in records to represent the "Haliburton Tourist Information Service (Erlich)" in State of New Jersey. This was in care-of (c/o) "c/o Erlich Management 2301 Evesham Road Suite 204", in Vorhees NJ 08043 (USA).

Since that time, the domain has moved registration to UTAH and Austin TEXAS.

DEPREF.NET was found to be hosted on HARPOON and SATURN physical servers, a pattern of names used by DORIAN KIM, JARED MAUCH, and DONALD J BEAL in their prior "PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET" (site of the extortion domain hosted in Dallas Texas at 2323 Bryan St data center suite 2670) and "ATLAS.LOSTSERVER.NET" ( server, resume of Dorian Kim and substantial personal photos and travel photos and sexual documents concerning bisexual and homosexual practices and bodily fluids in prepared documents linked for distribution) and "TITAN.LOSTSERVER.NET" ( - JARED MAUCH resume posted there and credit for such server claimed in extensive personal writing).

This line of query led to discovery of "ATLANTIC.NET - DALLAS, LLC" registry, suite 700 at 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX, on COGENTCO.COM physical hosting as a virtualized instance, and SHARKTECH.NET servers - who are the physical end point of this new OCT 5 2022 extortion letter server infrastructure at ( and ( This places the company assets physically in STATE OF TEXAS (DALLAS TX) and STATE OF COLORADO (DENVER CO).

Because both companies are competitors of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by designation, further assessment showing they appear to be VIRTUAL CLIENT MACHINES on COGENTCO.COM who are advertising to the public that they own the physical network hardware and tier 1 infrastructure for sale of service to the public as a single-tenant clear title network computer facility, does not correlate with their leased virtualized hosting of these servers and their own website. This indicates they are a brand of the host, "COGENTCO/ATLANTIC.NET - DALLAS, LLC". Possibly an employee or contractor utilizing the tier 1 carrier and data center as a personal business to impersonate a tier 1 genuine provider and direct vendor of DoS mitigation services. Claims alleging that the service can "stop DoS attacks instantly" further support high probability of fraud in false advertising. The only party who can stop a DoS attack instantly and with certainty is the attacker source. Such language (improper word choice in advertising) is typical in the threats addressed and delivered to our office and that of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED for the duration of the 2001-2024 child concealment and abuse.

The facts of the case show that SHARKTECH.NET is as of 2022 May 14th made registration in the NAMECHEAP.COM service of REYKJAVIK ICELAND, operating a domain DEPREF.NET in concert with LOOPBACK0.NETWORK servers SATURN and HARPOON who are employing OCT 5 2022 extortion threats to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED real estate vendors in coercion to obtain $70000 USD payable to VERONICA PETERSEN illegaly, and control over the real estate of lot 130 in the Country Club Rd area of City of Ada; in a pattern with Vorhees (State of New Jersey) fraud to impersonate HALLIBURTON petroleum company of Austin Texas; and in concert with creation of website and false legal claims material to a pending 2015-2023 case to intimidate witnesses in concealment of a child for commercial forfeiture of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and other companies named in written threats. That such threats are part of a written plan by DONALD J. BEAL issued to MARY ROUNDS of RIGGS ABBNEY LAW FIRM of Tulsa OKLAHOMA in the year 2011. That such plan and scheme follows prior 2002-2004 publications in false legal name to conceal civil liability using the IDENTITY in ICANN registration of the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER legal person entitled POSSESSION of registered property prior assigned to it MAY 29 2001, a MEDICAL ORDER and legal writ and address of billing that of the father, JAMES ALLEN from which the child was registered and housed at in WORKER HOUSING for temporary housing during a 12 month limited engagement in State of Texas contracted by PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES of PLANO TEXAS, for client NORTEL NETWORKS, to perform services including the audit and investigation of licensing compliance of TEK SYSTEMS and returning a report of "FRAUD" and "SOFTWARE PIRACY ATTEMPTED" in sale of a PROPRIETARY DATABASE APPLICATION AND FRAMEWORK to NORTEL NETWORKS as a PROPRIETARY IN-HOUSE PRODUCT DEVELOPED SOLELY BY TEK SYSTEMS.

Use of HARPOON.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK and SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK appear identical in use of COGENTCO.COM hypervisor infrastructure to create a fictious tier 1 or tier 2 network claim for investment, use of alternate names concealing true owner/operator(s), and identical in construction to PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET and ATLAS.LOSTSERVER.NET and TITAN.LOSTSERVER.NET unregistered business enterprise entity activity by and for NTT/VERIO (aka NTT COMMUNICATIONS) by its DIRECTOR and SENIOR IP ENGINEER for the Americas and with unregistered employee DONALD J. BEAL to act in this matter in the unjust enrichment and interest of the NTT/VERIO company with other VERIO subcontractors at 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, 722 South Haskell Ave, and 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas data facilities against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada Oklahoma and (later, 2009 to present) against RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and (later, 2011 to present) against DEEP LAYER INC. of Ada Oklahoma.

The Resume Documents Discovery

The presence of repeated scans from NETWORKS named in RESUME DOCUMENTS of JARED MAUCH known to be OPEN COMPUTER NETWORK (OCN, 7 million subscribers), and from State of California in security penetration automation and monitoring of servers in City of Ada, Oklahoma without permission or consent to compromise and resell such industrial information in this interest and patterns associated with written direct addressed communicated threats concerning injury and concealment of the child MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN, styled also in JULY 27 2015 AFFIDAVIT by VERONICA PETERSEN as MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON twice in the document in unusual spelling of a court subject matter in rem, and by "CRIMINAL IP" - an artificial intelligence service of the prior design situated in SOUTH KOREA correlating to the NATIONALITY AND CITIZENSHIP of DORIAN KIM, continues to support strong evidence of a seven-person fraud coordinated across Federal borders to interfere in trade among the States and with other foreign nations (15 U.S. Code 1).

Use of in 2005 to request assistance in killing Veronica Petersen from James Allen, paired with later $4000+ payment by VERONICA PETERSEN to DONALD BEAL in loan forgiveness corresponding with new threats and harassment, and OCT 5 2022 use of to send via LOOPBACK0.NETWORK host servers HARPOON and SATURN in COLORADO and TEXAS the demands for money payable to VERONICA PETERSEN; create a clear pattern of improper conduct.

Veronica Marie Petersen did initiate this fraud, jointly and subsequent to November 2001 public call for murder of James Allen by Alicia McMahon (Scarbrough) in written use of THECHURCHBOARD.COM and alias ALLYKATT and in DECEMBER 2001 in joint claims to extort as user ALLYKATT and by VERONICA PETERSEN as user SEX KITTEN.

The transfer of these assets (THECHURCHBOARD.COM) on which this threat and DECEMBER 2001 dialog was obtained by KARA METZGER, from STATE OF TEXAS to ICELAND registration, further supports industrial exploitation of the Oklahoma worker and solicitation to work for CCP GAMES of ICELAND in the sale of his project and designs to other investors as CCP GAMES during and upon concealment and exploitation of the Oklahoma business owner's child. This is a violation the HUMAN SLAVERY STATEMENT of EMBRACER GROUP AB, and unfair business practices conjoined with sale of network services and distributed parallel computer designs over 2001-2024 which are the basis for later (2022 September) NVIDIA CORPORATION claims of discovery and invention during sustained illegal restraint of JAMES ALLEN by illicit malicious prosecution and false felony criminal complaints by NTT/VERIO and EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST with PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET) dual-identity senior NTT COMMUNICATIONS technical officers having DIRECTOR authority over North American operations of NTT GROUP subsidiaries, and to influence IANA and ICANN via COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. direct role in this activity and status as one of 7 major TOP LEVEL DOMAIN (TLD) providers actively directing the "JAMESARNOLDALLEN" property created in 2002 and 2011 and 2021 to sustain the child taking and extortion for commercial enrichment.

A Formal Analysis

It is RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED formal opinion that OCN and NTT GROUP and NTT/VERIO are in fact one monopoly operating on 23% equity direct ownership by "Government of Japan" to unfairly and criminally interfere with the United States optical tier 1 telecom and data hosting market, to do so with EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST in a fabricated "arms length transaction" not in fact true or genuine, and to do so via nexus in Dallas Texas and with PACKET CLEARING HOUSE utilizing SOROS FAMILY OFFICE COMPANY capital donations to OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS then injected into PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of STate of California creating a diluted liability for secondary financial sponsor actions by NTT/VERIO to this enterprise activity and misuse of the Interstate Commerce and termination of data circuits with "real estate investment trust" subsidies aligned in designated for-purpose-created trust entities EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, to service NTT GROUP in North America and franchise such activity via the IXP brand, IX NETWORKS LLC, and PeerDB database of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE to promote the BGP strategy of NTT GROUP as the "AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBER (ASN)" franchise - and in letters JANUARY 30 2022 to communicate to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by persona suspected to be DONALD BEAL a series of explicit demands inconsistent with the RFC-1918 agreement and solicitation of INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE (an IANA.ORG ENTITY) to assert a right of monopoly over all TCP transport and IP ADDRESS services against RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, DEEP LAYER INC., and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. entities - predicated on impairment of parental custody of a child.

Western legislators who are not familiar with the Japanese Keiretsu style of business, may fail to recognize this is not a cultural overstep - but represents a sustained 2001-2024 intense strong-arm racketeering activity with intentional compartmental assignment and kidnapping and fraud across State borders and to employ State and Federal Justice to aid in pressure to impair domestic pre-existing and senior companies to submit to foreign control and transfer of United States dual-use technology to Nation of Japan for brokerage by Government of Japan against United States interests and with transfer to People's Republic of China in industrial espionage for registration and return licensed sale back to United States at a high premium (NVIDIA CORPORATION, APPLE CORPORATION, FOXCON model). This model arises from foreign legal convictions and values inconsistent and incompatible with United States civil and legal protections, intent to violate such protections at-will and maliciously, and to invalidate as criminal the UCC 2-308 reserved rights of established businesses and persons in a directed attack on Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. and 1907 NOV 16 collateral contract terms of the Federal Union and United States obligations to the People and Individual rights of persons (James Allen) which are superior and exclusive to any authority assumed by State of Oklahoma and exclusive of the right of State of Oklahoma and Federal Union and United States to legal existance in any conduct violating those reserved rights. Attacks in language upon title and property, to impose equity and intent superior to the operant words and contract simple of such documents and instruments, and to alter the names in forgery to obtain money and property and other franchise of substantial value in unjust enrichment - regardless of past sale or future sale or valuation in market outside of the private family rights reserved and enumerated, are a clear and malicious weaponization of the merchant commercial code (Admiralty Law) to return to the practice of PIRACY and KIDNAPPING and HOSTAGE TAKING FOR NEGOTIATION similar to OCT 7 2023 HAMAS attacks.

Such actions serve to destabilize the State of Oklahoma as a government, corrupt the Justice Department in its effort to free itself without incriminating itself or overreaching its jurisdictional borders, and are an organized attack upon the United States commission and laws of the United States owing response or constituting an abandonment of the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 terms and agreement; provocation in rebellion and insurrection and seditious conspiracy to incite treason and portray the assertion of reserved rights as treason falsely - a misprision of treason in the planning, threat, act, and communication of the intent and demands. For which Federal Justice and United States Department of Defense owe service by obligation and duty prescribed, whether brought by individual, foreign national, foreign entity, foreign sovereign, unregistered stateless entity, domestic enemy, or member State of the Federal Union or former member of such Federal Union obligated to such contract (Pub. Law 59-234).

Where such agency or government does not perform, it shall be the right of the injured party in self-defense of residency and trade and family and vulnerable persons and cultural right of identity to self-defense; any act necessary per 76 OK Stat. Sec. 76-9 and related law. And further to make Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22 "REMONSTRANCE" to give "MEMORANDUM" and "LEGAL ANSWER" to such false claims first published DECEMBER 30 2023 by Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald J. Beal, for the previously described unregistered labor organization defined in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII Section XXIII-1A rule. Legal Answer in CIVIL PROCEDURE has been made IN DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and no LEGAL ANSWER owing 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE (CFR) §302.56 filed or served, making the AFFIDAVIT of JAMES ALLEN and of the member of the Public who was revealed to be the bona fide DEFENDANT in APRIL 18 2023 ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, the law of the trial. An Unrebutted Affidavit is LEGAL FACT in law of the trial. The matter is therefore determined as LEGAL FACT per MARCH 21 2023, on such testimony, and service denied rescission or remedy the final answer of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., owing Total Breach and forfeiture of the entity made in State of Oklahoma for failure to perform in forfieture, and all inseparable property enjoined Section 3 and 21 and 22 and terms (Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Article I section I-1) signed by United States on the 16th Day of the month of November in the year 1907, a collateral contract owing automatic execution without further hearings or adjudication to work the forfeiture.

Abuse of Control Document Identity Numbers

Effort to maintain the decorum of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA in CIVIL PROCESS and to present the CONTROL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER in motion to the Court in District 2 and 4 CIVIL COURT OF APPEALS proving malicious proseuction on use of false name ascribed to forge credit and civil action to obtain value and false book write-down of a debt over $40000 USD styled $0 owing and DUE in letter by KEN PAXTON, ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS duly filed also in record thereafter and present sole account of such claims wrongly held out to UNITED STATES for value by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and STATE OF FLORIDA in seditious rebellion - and to receive a formal LEGAL ANSWER by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to concurrent double jeopardy and malcious prosecution for damages proposed in the injury to James Allen and the Allen family, are now pending adjudication as of JANUARY 4 2024.

This pending trial and witness status of "James Allen" at the time of DECEMBER 31 2023 written public threat impersonating the Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the State of Florida in communication, and persons invovled in such activity prior documented and of record in State of Texas as DIRECTOR of a real company concealing such fact during harassment in formal fraud to City of Ada for video data distributed commercially in violation of Federal Law on YOUTUBE.COM to further this fraud May 3rd 2022 and OCT 5 2022 to obtain real estate title and contract control and money over $70000 USD on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN, owes protection to "James Allen" from such misuse of the Justice System and failure to recover property owing TITLE (2001 May) and reduced unlawful POSSESSION issued to obscure title of property paid in full to sole title of JAMES ALLEN prior AUGUST 10 2001. The United States Patent and Trademark Office and registration of designs are tainted by this action, and affect BERNE CONVENTION patent rights in CANADA and JAPAN and other nations, by which the whole of that agreement may be regarded by the victims of such "raiding" as null and void and legally in total breach due to the context of coercion to take, sieze, export, and register designs of substantial value and discovery claims over property prior developed by persons born in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION owing sole title to the NATURAL PERSONS there and their right to TRIBAL RECOGNITION without respect to other treaties or TRIBAL REGISTRY OF THE UNITED STATES made and treaty violations by assimilation of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION into STATE OF OKLAHOMA from 1906 to 2020 and ending prior the adjudication of this trial was ongoing and entitled full and ordinary hearings concerning intentional GENOCIDE ACTIVITY permitted into the region and removal of children in the person of James Allen from his biological parents by force and SECOND GENERATION FORCED REMOVAL OF NEWBORN CHILDREN in the taking of "Baby Boy Allen" then known as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" and in concealment as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON" and "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN of DALLAS TX birth in initial filing under oath" to obstruct, dilute, and erode the title of property in "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN of CARROLTON TX birth" released to 2502 LIVE OAK ST #335 DALLAS TX housing and residential PORT OF DEPARTURE in contract paid for delivery to CITY OF ADA, INDIAN TERRITORY, CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION at-law.

Intentional Defamation of Religous Rites

The missing natural child awaits his naming ceremony, a religous rite due upon his 15th year of life, and religious instruction interfered with by STATE OF TEXAS in violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335 34 Stat., of 1907 collateral contract, per terms of Constitution of the State of Oklahoma Article I section I-2. The articles of this ceremony remain secured in City of Ada, despite attempted burglary May 20 2020 and threats of arson and forfeiture to seize religious artifacts inherent in the culture of the people and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. legal history and formation; preserved for the child in this struggling possession contrary false claims to overcome, destroy, or liquidate for value those heirlooms of the KLEPPER, ALLEN, OVERTON-NICHOLS family made there at-law. The effort to monetize such claims as evidence of mental illness or defect is an attack upon the cultural rites of the Allen family and the culture created by 1975 legal action to overcome the will of persons and seize and traffic children prior birth and in the first six months of life after live birth, which is an International Crime in act, planning, deed, and complicity to tolerate its sustained effect - Genocide (The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide). Portrayal of such persons based on race, skin color, or hair style or ethnic traits as mentally ill or other-than-their-gender of birth, is criminal, and has become inherently associated with NTT/VERIO and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and EQUNIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and ZEYO GROUP INC. activity in this fraud and sale and misuse of software paid for by ELON MUSK and by assimilation of property by NVIDIA CORPORATION to exploit human trafficking in the United States for global registration of products and monopoly trade practices. It is impossible to view this conduct as significantly different that abuse by UNITED KINGDOM of INDIA, and the pattern of racism and colonial false claims is identical: as Ghandi said, "First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." describing his pacifist approach to refusing British Occupation and embargo to control the economic development of India.

Efforts to style or revise the narrative of the kidnapping of the child to a religious incompatible diversity of Citizenship is void, as the record shows this is a matter of false title, perjury upon oath of INDICTMENT, ALTERATION OF INDICTMENT AFTER DECEMBER 18 2001 HEARING, and corruption of record by misjoinder to work a corruption of blood.

No Due Process In 6 Trial Cases

The accused (Allen) has never been permitted to face his accuser in a court of law by fraud, threat, theft of summons, failure to provide notice, and refusal to allow him to bring evidence or witnesses onhis behalf in absence of the accuser - a criminal miscarriage of justice to fabricate the record in a serious matter of property and right to work and of franchise rights not obligated sale or any service or labor incorporated in the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 signed collateral contract, a senior instrument of debt owing "performance or insolvence of United States" for no other value or financial sum or property in substitution or duration or term less perpetual and continuous enforcement and guarantee of these rights free exercise and protection without sale or fee or other obligation in-consideration. Opponents demand - as per NATION OF JAPAN and in CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY and NATIONAL SOCLAISM convictions and beliefs held to be illegal in the United States, that service is due for parental rights and input into the child by the father, a contract seeking a JOINT MARITAL ESTATE be made conditional to procreation and marriage right of a male gender person. James Allen is a biological male, despite legal finding of fact in DECEMBER 18 2001 that the RESPONDENT in case 01-17702 (James Allen) gave birth to the DALLAS TX birth child; confusing in that record the respondent to a hearing Veronica Marie Petersen - who was the actual PETITIONER of the suit 01-17702 and swore under penalty of perjury she gave birth in DALLAS TX to a born-alive child, using the name of a legally separate child already solely belongoing to JAMES ALLEN for paid sum agreed and CONTRACT duly made and executed in witness of ARNOLD ALLEN and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as financial underwriters and creditors to the terms set forth in material representation and promise for performance in-consideration of tender. See: RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS, 1981 - section 18, 19, 21, and 28.

Veronica Marie Petersen, as beneficiary of VERONICA PETERSEN (the legal person, to whom payment was tendered and accepted by account receivable at TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER of City of Carrolton Texas in the year 2001 from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) would have been enjoined by her written agreement and promise to perform and by other incapacity of medical record against modification of the agreement or entry to file suit OCT 1 2001 due mental incompetence of a diagnosed illness; unless she did return the money prior to seeking such contract in a rejection of the prior terms. VERONICA PETERSEN has not returned the money paid for 23 years and is not entitled to return or refund on her obligaton now, nor is Veronica Marie Petersen a competent parent or guardian or person as her JULY 27 2015 AFFIDAVIT in which she endorsed the document showing she did not know her own son's legal name, there ascribing it under oath and penalty of perjury next to her own correct name as the name MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON twice.

This conduct, in parallel to written threats and instruction to the child to defraud exposed in MEDICAL RECORDS by the physician written report, prove intent to defraud by Veronica Marie Petersen; injury to the child in this interest, and refusal to allow the child to communicate with the parent a part of a planned complex premeditated concealment of habeas corpus and evidence to deny discovery (see: extrinsic fraud, MARCH 16 2023 pleading for relief)

Where such activity is paried with January 28 2022 letter to CITY OF ADA by DONALD J. BEAL and by October 5 2022 letter to ARNOLD ALLEN and NANCY ALLEN by DONALD J. BEAL to extort money and control of real estate commercially in interest of his business and on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN by name, and in ongoing 2021-2023 public MEMORANDUM of a criminal intent to defraud; there can be no doubt as to the necessity of International Law to address this matter and for the United States to assume protection of persons and property against this fraud, including prosecution and DISCOVERY HEARINGS of a compentent manner involving James Allen as a non-suspect and victim of a major crime. The continued effort to ascribe James Allen as a convicted criminal is false, wholly untrue and malicious in claims by Veronica Petersen and her publicist, and conceal criminal conviction of DONALD J. BEAL for substance abuse involving striking a vehicle transporting minor children while intoxicated in Denton County, State of Texas. Creation of MAJOR SERVER LLC and TRUNKSPACE HOSTING INC. in 2013 and 2014 to compete directly with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in follow-up to conviction of DONALD J. BEAL at trial, suggests silent partnership and targeted commercial activity without registration in City of Ada to damage the parent-child relationship and overcome SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in the custody of a child; whereat TEAMSPEAK GmbH was a primary and known vendor in Republic of Germany to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of State of Oklahoma, an active contract since 2008, and disabling those services part of other business activity of DEPREF.NET and COLOMART.COM (employers of DONALD J. BEAL) and of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES observed in direct targeted competitive activity in concert with ongoing threats of extortion and express and implied violence against James Allen and his industry and clients in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION at such time.

Legal Gaslighting

Effort to style burglary attempt of May 20 2020 in Pontotoc County as imaginary NOV 2021, follow similar threats by BRIAN YOUNG and DONALD BEAL in 2010-2012 and two additional daylight burglaries then against property of the same real estate owner to intimidate; and in attempt to style the arson of Building 24 at 7750 Willow Winds Court Dallas Texas in the year 2002 during trial in case 01-17702 as 'accidental', contrary fire marks on the back of the building indicating accellarant and destruction of the unit during SERVICE OF PROCESS preceding the rush to initiate case 01-17702-R impacting U.S. Mail delivery and theft of summons by SEAN CARMICHAEL (A TERRABOX.COM CO employee at 722 S Haskell Ave, Dallas TX) concealing such summons until April 19 2002 (less than 24 hours prior hearing, later styled trial by Judge DEE MILLER, in violaton of KELLEY v KELLEY and in modification of the INDICTMENT to alter the parties and initiate new trial on a sham marraige sworn by Veronica Marie Petersen to JAMES ALLEN - legal impossibility).

Gaslighting (43A OK Stat. 43A-5-104) and burglary are therefore central to the TITLE IV AGENCY fraud and disability claims in this case, and ongoing failure to provide DUE PROCESS or CIVIL PROCEDURE owing LEGAL ANSWER per U.S. Public Policy made REQUIRED STATE LAW February 21 2017 in Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 Page 93492.

In light of the EPSTIEN CLIENT LIST RELEASE JANUARY 4 2024, the importance of providing the FACTUAL RESIDENCY INFORMATION AT ALL TIMES of the missing child from 2001-2019 JUNE is legally obligated and necessary. Deposition of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN to confirm on RECORD his whereabouts and information presented to him concerning the absence of his father, JAMES ALLEN by those PRIMARY OBLIGORS of a FEDERAL TRUST made in JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP is mandatory to any minimum DISCOVERY PROCESS. Concealment of the party because of age is not valide as of 2019 alleged age-of-majority as LEGAL FACT plead by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in March 16 2023, contesting report of SERIOUS MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER held out to justify MISGENDER of JAMES ALLEN and MAGNUS PETERSEN by DONALD J. BEAL in extortion demands and portrayal of the child as being unsound of mind due to claims that the father's testimony was imagined or fabricated, made in public writing of VERONICA PETERSEN, DONALD BEAL, ALICIA MCMAHON, BRIAN YOUNG and documented in 2012 by MACK INVESTIGATIONS and by eye witness Elizabeth Botelho and Kyle Hibbs, in ongoing pattern of felony stalking of James Allen by DONALD BEAL and BRIAN YOUNG jointly agreed in public MEMORANDUM and substantial activity in public view to defraud parental rights and commercial right to work.

ORDER MODIFYING THE ORDER was based on hearsay and medical malpractice held out as a paid service owing sale of the court for endorsement of parental rights created by fabrication of the father's COMMERCIAL REGISTERED LITERATURE for a real business in science-fiction filed in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS as established works in a 1998 documented franchise product of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to be representational of religious and working beliefs that the father asserted he was other-than-human at-law and a "supernatural creature" by VERONICA PETERSEN in case 15-06292339; taking advantage of the absence of the father to raise these claims in hearsay and to intimidate the DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT JUDGE in the year 2016 to ORDER evaluation by the concealing physician of the child already aware of the denial of contact and in medical practice violating the ORDER OF THE COURT FOR POSSESSION OF A CHILD at such time. This order, in concert with termination of client relationships and discrimination arising from such fraud, barred action in the matter and was sought in a written waiver that expressly denied Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. enumerated rights conditional to relief and performance of attorney services obligated by STATE OF TEXAS in case 15-0629339, to discriminate against the rights of the OKLAHOMA PARENT in favor of the TEXAS PARENT contrary Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 pg 93492 U.S. public policy, owing void any contract obtained by duress of this nature by DENTON COUNTY.

Such activity, in concert with arson in 2002 and burglary in 2 counts in 2011 and attempted burglary in one count in 2020 May 20, suggests in context to other letters describing bringing a deadly weapon to the City of Ada office to discuss at a place other than the property and office of the REGISTERED UNITED STATES AGENT the claims and demands in the concealment of a child, indicate criminal intent and implied violence in coercion paired with January 6 2022 photography of the office to show proof of the perpetrator outside the City of Ada registered office of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in threats and YOUTUBE.COM UNIFORM-RESOURCE-LOCATOR (URL) data provided by DONALD J. BEAL to exploit the ADA CITY POLICE OFFICER VOGT body camera footage in extortion and blackmail activity attached to demands forwarded to ARNOLD ALLEN and NANCY ALLEN at a second address in Pontotoc County (see 21 OK Stat. 21-29).

The purpose of such activity is to abuse the target (James Allen) and injure commercial and personal relationships, while damaging the 1st Amendment right to speak against the fraud and 2nd Amendment right to possess firearms which could prevent such strong-arm abuse activity and threats full effect on persons around James Allen. The same is true of criminal entrapment, to impose a conviction for impairment of the 2nd Amendment to make less dangerous the prospect of future attacks like the prior assault at gunpoint in November of the year 2001 with serious injury immediately after trial in the fabricated case 01-177202-R (retrial of 01-17702 prior adjudication on new case indictment not read or granted time for legal answer - as if a separate legal action in the same legal benefit scheme).

This conduct constructively creates a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendment violation, owing full rescission and restitution; and substantial monies to provide for security of the Allen family and property and for its removal at their option and election individually from Pontotoc County or State of Oklahoma or United States to a place of safety and for perpetual security until such time as all persons participating in the criminal activity are identified and incarcerated. Damages sought for malicious prosecution have therefore increased with threats over 2018-2023 from 1 million USD initial request to $2 million, then $4 million, and then $8 milliong, and in 2023 to $40 million on increased threats without protection obligated by Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of 1907 signatory collateral contract. Now entering into total breach after five (5) years without relief and adjudication obligated final judgement in case 01-17702, a default by Veronica Marie PEtersen entitled full return of the abducted child and money and property; and loss of career and investment in context to NVIDIA CORPORATION exploitation of research and development assets seized in concert with this fraud by NTT/VERIO and their domestic and International partners and creditors and contributors. The right of remedy is perpetual, and guarenteed as a federal law per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in Oklahoma Constitution Article II Section II-6. No statute of limitations or laches defense applies to this enumerated UCC 2-308 right.

Commercial Use of Forums for Child Abduction

The use of THECHURCHBOARD.COM to organized 800+ registered users in this fraud, then sustained by the use of NEW YORK STATE based VAMPIREFREAKS.COM to organize among its 30,000+ members in this fraud, ascribed in written signature on each page of the 300+ page publication in the year 2013 supporting the child concealment and taking with LOSTSERVER.NET also ascribed there in threat of murder; owes special attention to the commercial and optical data carrier and hosting industry parties engaged in and deriving unjust enrichment from this criminal Interstate (and evidently International organized criminal activity with SWEDEN and ICELAND documented parties in REGISTRATION and letters threatening as of OCT 5 2022 by DONALD J BEAL). National Regulation should immediately address this activity, per the Geneva Convention and Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide with special interest in government commercial interest (23% equity direct ownership of NTT GROUP by "Government of Japan") which is a driver and invasive act against the Peace and against "The Laws of the United States" (18 U.S. Code Sec. 2383 and 2384), owing Congressional Hearings after such immediate and urgent protection and restoration of Article II section II-6 and Article XXIII Section XXIII-1A rights are imposed to protect property and life from spoliation accellerated by this form of organized abuse of International Corporate predatory activity under color of merchant law.

NATION OF JAPAN and UNITED STATES do not appear competent to limit the Keiretsu tactics of these organized cross-interest activites and of investors ability to apply NGO and charitable funds to commercial exploitation for publicly traded and private securities and unregistered business activity across the optical data exchange industry; and in the interest of foreign legal theory that is incompatible with title of property, private property, 4th and 14th Amendment labor law, and the minimum requirements of the family to security against unjust enrichment by exploitation and division along parental-rights to disable the industry and property of the People in an act of shameless and unlawful liquidation for foreign sovereign favor and interest. Family law and family courts were not designed nor authorized to fight for or represent foreign sovereign commercial interest or speculation on franchise of persons through the instrumentality of parent-child bonds.

As such, and in the interest of peace, total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of the November 16 1907 collateral contract with the Peaple, represented in case 112225 and prior case numbers as a single interlocutory case at law, as "James Allen" in final 2018-2023 misuse of the United States agency in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, bear forfeiture of the bundle of rights for insolvency on failure to perform the terms of the agreement from 2001-2023. This does not mean that foreign nations "win". It means that the authority of United States to continue "losing" is revoked, and its franchise terminated as it was begun November 16 1907, owing no contract and no performance or interest in the assets deemed "Federal Union" nor in the people or their industry there any longer. This may be the interest of such violence done by the perpetrators, but it is the necessary and obligated execution of a contract owing and due and automatic in execution for failure to perform, which preserves those assets from falling into lien of the foreign interest and foreign use and foreign claims as abandoned. Someone must be the receiver of the default, for it to be protected and preserved from foreign interest - and that person is by design the party injured named in the suit which brings the breach to maturity by enduring and asserting the rights refused performance to pronounce insolvency is the result of non-performance over demand and invoked right of duty and obligation on United States and all member States, a shared obligation per "RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF RESTITUTION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT (2011)" and duty not escaped by delegation of that obligation upon STATE OF OKLAHOMA to perform solely, by any member of the Federal Union enjoined by the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. or terms agreed in November 16 1907 endorsement by the 60th Congress of the United States.

Case Invokes Root 1907 Contract

There either is a (1907) contract in senior debt and obligation, or there are no contracts - period. As the root of all contracts made are based in the 1907 agreement, or void at law.

By this solution, the parties (or refusal to self-identify thereof) do not matter. Only the jurisdiction by policy to rectify the injury and assert lasting protection without sale of the court or excuse or libel of the injured party to produce such protection, a duty at law. And a duty by which the execution and trustee must continue to assert as new abuse arise, manifest, and in discovery owing substantial disclosure not provided and concealed from habeas corpus over 2001-2024 in extrinsic fraud precluding ordinary operaton of a trust (15 U.S. Code § 1) and to interfere in commerce and title, barred by illegality. The illegality (violation of a statutory law) does not require any indictment or conviction to owe duty to cease its action and void any obligations imposed which incorporate illegality in their making. Citation of a Criminal code (federal law, State law, Regulation, et al) is a MEMORANDUM RIGHT owing performance of the conformity or void for illegality of any claims refusing to comply with rule - and are not as the perpetrators continue to mislead Justice and the Public to believe: a claim of criminal Justice or act of the Justice Department function or duties. These rights in the 1907 collateral contract are a reserved right in MEMORANDUM and owing to the illegality of the action, for which notice to contest in LEGAL ANSWER the false statement of the first party to utter false material facts in the matter (see DECEMBER 2001 deposition of KARA METZGER) which illustrate the intent to defraud and false claims subject to termination of all privacy concerning any fact at law (addresses, telephone numbers, frequency of contact and time of contact, publication of the behavior in reported misconduct and injury contrary law) a right of REMONSTRANCE and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22 rule, made Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., signed by the United States for the member States of the Federal Union - their waiver to any other rights or limitations in their Statutory law or other rule defferring in CHOICE OF LAW to STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Per "RESTATEMENT OF CONFLICT OF LAWS (1988)" this is the final word on the matter, a contract by United States endorsed by the 60th Congress of the United States, representing its interest in and consent of the Federal Union and all members then and thereafter, to CHOICE OF LAW in the 1907 Constitution of the State of Oklahoma exclusive of their own definitions of slander and libel, privacy, and self-interest. Therefore, if you swear and endorse and file in AFFIDAVIT a statement alleging residency in Denton County, as done in July 27 2015, then any information suggesting that is not true is PUBLIC INFORMATION where its use is enjoined the potential concealment of stolen property (ORDERED POSSESSION) of a child, whether fabricated (DALLAS TX birth) or real (CARROLTON TX birth), and part of any public LEGAL ANSWER to every statement of improper right uttered a full legal right in MEMORANDUM to deny those assertions in the same forum and format and scope or any necessary mode of notice; a protected perfect right to suppress FRAUD and SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY in prima facie disclosed to a REGISTERED AGENT OF THE UNITED STATES in interest of such controversy or PROPER PARTY named (JAMES ALLEN), or ohther intrest (family, James Allen, contract of the Public made in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 NOVEMBER 16 endorsement by the 60th Congress of the United States for and on behalf of United States).

By bringing this matter to the table in 2002 REGISTRATION OF A LEGAL NAME TO DEFRAUD via ICANN and IANA.ORG partners, and by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and ZAYO GROUP INC. host ABOVE.NET carrying the fraud in violation of 47 U.S. Code Sec. 230 rule, this was brought to the table of the REGISTERED AGENT of the affected company in State of Oklahoma jurisdiction; and in 2009 was made the business of the REGISTERED AGENT of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES so also named in extortoin and coercion demanding control of a fiduciary office on concealment of a natural child to overcome the officer of that corporation for NATION OF JAPAN and rebellion ascribed in letters there as "REPUBLIC OF TEXAS", a State claiming it has resumed its rights contrary surrender and enrollment in the Fedreal Union and asserting then the power to ignore and dismiss Federal Law contrary Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 and endorsement of the terms (Constitution of the State of Oklahoma) in UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE per 2-308 rule, a full reservation of rights owing performance by United States and all members of the Federal Union then and since enrolled, on payment of benefits tendered and accepted conditional that obligation - and full refund in-consideration of willful and opportunistic breach of contract a duty of rejection by State of Texas from the year 1907 to present, or forfeiture of the State as property and territory and national charter along with all other Federal Union member States for failure to perform, insolvency in contract.

The question is not whether you are in total breach, as that is proven. The question that should be singular in case 01-17702 and sustained, is whether you have a "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" born in DALLAS TX as a 1 U.S. Code § 8 "born alive" child to produce for benefits applied in a sworn oath and DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER on MOTION FOR DISCOVERY the sole subject matter of the INDICTMENT filed and sworn OCT 1 2001. A child born in CARROLTON TX is not entitled substitute.

The failure to produce this specified "DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER" child, is insolvency of State of Texas on prima facie, and total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. in section 3 and 21 and 22 and attached rider contracts and terms of 1907 endorsement.

"Ore Tenus Rule" (CIVIL PROCESS) does not allow the State of Texas to change the facts of the case, nor does UIFSA Art. 7 Section 707(e) allow this. The facts remain what they were. Not what you want in later 2002 amended record to "alter the purpose of the trial (01-17702)" in which such MOTION TO AMEND (a simple additive motion) was filed and ORDERED - corrupting the "individual" who was a DALLAS TX birth, by addition of a second "individual" to create by this improper act "a class" who may not be entitled any benefit (1 U.S. Code § 8) or incorporated in any "child support order" or considered a "child" per UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT, Artcle 1 Section 101.


The incompetence of United States and its agents (STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF FLORIDA) to carry on in spite of this, owes its removal and execution of the default in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., to the defendant of record: "James Allen", a natural person. He may hand the whole bundle of property back in full, or in part, or not at all. But that (franchise) is what you entered into and agreed and CONTRACTED for in 1907 in the act of the solicitation (United States, the draftsman - not entitled intent in their offer or any choice of interpretation), and in acceptance (the People, represented by James Allen, entitled interpretation of contract simple, duly performed and executed in MEMORANDUM here).

Some members of the public, and those reliant on the State to assert their deception, will naturally find this exclusive of their interest - and foreign to the "DEMOCRACY" that the seditous elements of the populist and foreign media and digital media barons so pander to. Remember: "Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat." - you brought the lawsuit against "James Allen", a natural person and member of the Public born in and entitled to Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and additional rider agreements and terms of 1907, federal law made federal contract, a collateral contract owing obligation and execution without civil suit or other legal action or ORDER necessary to work the mechanisms of the contract simple. By designating this person, and sustaining the suit wrongly from 2018-2024 to work a civil action against JAMES ALLEN, a wholly separate legal person at-law and UNITED STATES property; did STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA on behalf of the Federal Union and in AGENCY explicitly alleged on UIFSA suit and pursuant to TITLE IV AGENCY authority defined in Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 pg 93492 owing REQUIRED STATE LAW in all terms and rules (45 CFR) then agreed and payment accepted forming a CONTRACT, the duty and limitations and consequences of such authority then exceeded, to trigger this. And in doing so, over ordinary and minimal due diligence, did create in RECORD and ORDER the receiver "James Allen" as the DEFENDANT of the action, without a contract to back such claim (partial contract filed is not a contract, void at law other than as evidence of the court for counter-claims), and elect your "destoryer" as C++ language would style the party responsible for executing the winding-down and removal of the assigned resources from the instantiated "class" that is the "object" in this legal case, a legal entity, known formerly by title as "State of Oklahoma", "Federal Union", and "United States" - and wherein each member State of the Federal Union is a member of "Federal Union", enjoined with the call of the destroyer class to remove them as it removes the thing in rem "Federal Union" in one legal act.

It is hard not to quote the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters" when "Gozer the Gozerian" tells the boys:

    "Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volgus Zildrohar, the Traveler has come! Choose and perish!"

    Ray Stantz: What do you mean, choose? We don't understand.

    Gozer the Gozerian: Choose! Choose the form of the Destructor!

    Peter Venkman: Oh, I get it! I get it. Oh! Very cute. [to the others] "Whatever we think of." If we think of J. Edgar Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover will appear and destroy us, okay? So, empty your heads. Empty your heads. Don't think of anything. We've only got one shot at this.

    Gozer the Gozerian: The choice is made!

    Peter Venkman: Whoa! Ho-ho--! Whoa!

    Gozer the Gozerian: The Traveler has come!

This little aside (comedy, satire) speaks to the very nature of CIVIL PROCESS, in that - you must elect the process by your own initiation, to trigger the outcome. Because the process is bad for you and contrary to your interests, the rules of Western Law demand that the party who benefits does not initiate the process or execute the clause that reaps the mature asset for their own exclusive use arbitrarily. That would not be fair. Instead, you as the party who will pay or surrender the instrument or goods must by some act prescribed initiate the process which triggers that conveyance.

This is what STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA as "Agents of The Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a 5 U.S. Code § 101 designated division of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the UNITED STATES (the government of the nation, United States) did, when they filed case 01-177202-R "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" and refused to admit the written use of the name "Veronica Peterson" was not the same person as "Veronica Marie Petersen" (the creditor in the instrument) or falsified the person to be "VERONICA PETERSON" (a fabricated person and FICTITIOUS PETITIONER, a fraud upon the court), and later "VERONICA PETERSEN" (a legal person of UNITED STATES, separate from "Veronica Marie Petersen", and such person in the "VERONICA PETERSEN" incorporated person still not a bona fide judgment creditor of order 01-17702-R at-law. Then admitting that "Veronica Marie Petersen" did not give her endorsement to this act, disclaiming that the UNITED STATES or its STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA were in legal fact her authorized agents - while sustaining and maintaining that they were entitled to the civil action and had standing to sue despite not being the "bona finde creditor of instrument 01-17702-R", to obtain and embezzle $2 USD for each $1 USD that the UNITED STATES paid in TITLE IV AGENCY funds to STATE OF OKLAHOMA (per their website, a publication now filed in motion in case 121225).

Because in MEMORANDUM prior authorized in DECEMBER 2001 and SEPTEMBER 2003 to delegate as agent Donald J. Beal as agent of Veronica Marie Petersen, and in agency of this DONALD J. BEAL so also acting in that chain of "Law of Agency", and such claims published to demand in OCTOBER 5 2022 a fraudulent bill of $70000 USD on a 3rd party and lien on real estate to interfere with the commercial use of such property in coercion to obtain payment from "James Allen" in lawsuit 01-177202-R as filed; the necessity of agency to swearing of MARCH 16 2023 is void by State of Oklahoma, as the assent to the illegal action and breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 - a collateral contract of United States, is duly proven insolvency for failure to perform and intent to commit opportunistic breach for unjust enrichment.

The contract, so in total breach, and refusl to arrest or suppress this public claim and communication per 21 OK Stat. Sec. 21-29 rule, and in violation of 21 OK Stat. 21-1533 rule - is "illegality", owing per "RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF RESTITUTION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT (2011) - Section 32" void the obligation of ORDER 01-17702-R, in offense against "James Allen" to collect a debt of UNITED STATES ex rel JAMES ALLEN, and the Public member (James Allen) enjoined to trigger the clause by simple written filing and service of process upon UNITED STATES via their authorized agent (Federal Register Vol 81 No 244, pg 93492) made in STATE OF OKLAHOMA as necessary part and in petition of appearance duly served, the right by law to execute the 1907 contract for total breach, as the performance not done and violation maintained in conflict with terms is insolvency of United States so shown.

The Agent (STATE OF OKLAHOMA, ex re OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, a self ascribed State Agency who is acting under sole authority of UNITED STATES Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 pg 93492-93569 ascribed Federal Regulations and limited exclusive delegated authority), has appeared and been served. CIVIL PROCESS is completed, and the "Destoryer" function executed in the notice of non-performance and forfeiture and seisin in deed and seisin in law rights asserted in writting.

Clauses like this are designed to stop a party from blindling bullying ahead while asserting their ignorance, improper or limited authority, and abusing the public office to injure others.

It results in the execution of the contract regardless of the prior wilfull and malicious negligence, a legal "work" executed automatically, as it is a collateral contract in design, not a petition for intervention or adjudication of a question which is not previously and clearly and explictly in writing ascribed and entered into Congressional Record as a contract at law.

Destructor clauses are designed so that when "illegality" reaches a degree of non-resolvable dispute, a DISCHARGE or release or combintion or full void of the contract shall be triggered in a structured fashion and disbersement or conveyance of assets done where that is evident without further equity claims or imbalance by inequality of force or control of property.

In C++ language, this removes the assigned memory for use by other applications in an orderly fashion, and may remove data for security written there by any method to ensure the next use of that assignemnt is not able to collect data from the prior atomic unit of work.

In law and contract, this is the partial breach (a defect owing right of cure, potentially limited in its scope of forfeiture and owing report for cure) or total breach (a serious breach by which the purpose of the contract and intent and benefit are altered to void its consideration or force at law where any terms ascribed as essential are violated, and if possible any process and timeline to cure such contract a duty of the party in violation which is not owing report to avoid or void the contract by the injured party).

Petition for redress of grievance, express in cases 01-17702 (brought by Petersen) and in case 01-17702-R (brought by fraud of Petersen), and 15-06292393 (petition for return of a child, brought by ALLEN) then interdicted by 01-177202-R (brought by "Veronica Peterson" a non party to the contract, and carried illegally as "VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN" in fraud. The defendant/respondent of which in 01-177202-R was "James Allen" a non-party to the contract with JAMES ALLEN ex rel UNITED STATES, and so improperly detained and abused and threatened with incarceration unlawfully and in EXCESSIVE FINES barred by 45 CFR, for a period of 5 years without relief, and in ongoing public incitement of violence in State of Florida by "Veronica Marie Petersen" in agency of DONALD J. BEAL as officer of IX NETWORKS LLC illegally; from which we arive at petition of 121225 owing relief from malicious prosecution and rescission of all cases to the original facts of case 01-17702 and parties, to remove the fraud from public record and bring restitution and restore security owed by Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of 1907.

Comparison to C++ CODE REVIEW

No part of the prior would pass a C++ code review.

A competent programmer in a case-sensitive language would note (and it was noted and filed objection) that the parties "Veronica Marie Petersen" and "VERONICA PETERSEN" and "Veronica Peterson" are not the same assigned ADDRESS (account/person).

A compentent programmer would also cite "JAMES ALLEN" (the original defendant, secondary obligor of a Federal trust made in fraud on a sham marriage of improper character of parties, is not "James Allen" and has not been since 2018 nor ever will be, owing perpetual error in disruption of other process (15-06292393) and citing in that case the corrupt page by DAMARCUS OFFORD that falsified the parties on the original case 01-17702-R to defraud, then made improper party in "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEN" by incompetence of attorney and Court Clerk over objection, and fraud by "Veronica Marie Petersen" to substitute her UNITED STATES incorporated person into the role of award for the order 01-17702-R, an act that is expressly prohibited by the language of order 01-17702-R, and thus void in the making and illegal all payments sent to such VERONICA PETERSEN account by any UNITED STATES agency, embezzlement from the TITLE IV AGENCY program by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

A compentent programmer would finally cite that "James Allen" is the party at law, sued in initiation by forgery of "Veronica Marie Petersen" in judgement creditor standing by UNITED STATES in act of their delegated designated AGENT OF RECORD, and thus a clear violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., which violates the constract simple restriction prohibiting "Veronica Marie Petersen" from transferring her payments and debt to UNITED STATES or any of their agents or to any other person or alias or corporation such as "Veronica Peterson", ORDERED IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA ON APRIL 18 to be the sole party in the style of the case, and a natural person by designation of type face a fabricated person and thus "forgery" evident to a competent trustee and cited in objection of contract by "James Allen" explicitly.

Nothing is confusing about this. It is just contract law and C++ in identical structure.

Comparison to Fiduciary Review

Anyone competent in fiduciary books and accounting, database services, and commercial data management would recognize such error, and it is repeated to prove intentional fraud as we see in July 27 2015 sworn AFFIDAVIT of "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON" entered twice in the same document, next to the legal name "VERONICA PETERSEN" as the mother and surname, a clear intentional mutilation of TITLE IV AGENCY and court records to defraud.

In C++ when a process fails and returns improper data, the error is thrown in check of this in good design, and a TRY method employed where the error shall be captured and an attempt to cure the contract or data or identify the nature of the error and return the correct message to diagnose the defect. This is evident in the NUMBERED IDENTITY assigned to each name in the OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES database, whereby the different names would not be possible in any action prepared by the computer unless someone had tampered with and inserted the improper names into the database in fraud.

One error might be keying error. Two or more, and refusal to correct any error on report, would be malicious fraud.

Because such a system exists and is documented in OKALAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES public website glossary - this is proven fraud in court records, to abduct a child.

Because the DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUTNY cannot agree or review or give legal answer to this report, despite presentation in witness of James Allen and Kyle Hibbs, presented in hardcopy to the District Judge, and ruling without reading the facts of the case or giving answer to the petition is maintained without relief over 2018-2023 in illegality of a civil action worked in REGISTRATION OF A FOREIGN ORDER OF SUPPORT as if unopposed in this filing, the matter triggers the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 terms collateral contract. Appeal for review in District 2 and 4 of the CIVIL COURT OF APPEALS for final decision by the AGENT of UNITED STATES in STATE OF OKLAHOMA, will be determinate to the total breach condition and automatic execution of refusal to cure the contract or explain and correct the improper parties and fictitious petitioner; owing DISCHARGE of the contract 01-17702-R per UCC 3-604 per REPUDIATION of the trust obligation by Veronica Marie Petersen in September 2003, and UCC 3-605(d) full DISCHARGE for failure to perform at any time the obligations of the Primary Obligor in the trust; or fraud by UNITED STATES executed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS to total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907, a senior instrument of debt and collateral contract with "James Allen", duly registered.

The effort to not read the contract and to ignore the type face and names to impose the intended outcome in interest of United States benefit, is seditous conspiracy.

Not for its criminal punishment, but per contract in Section 3 in context to the "illegality" owing void incorporation of "State of Oklahoma" this would work; is sufficient to trigger the forfieture and related "inseparable" clause.

None of this would be possible if:

  • Veronica Marie Petersen had not sworn in perjury OCT 1 2001 that JAMES ALLEN did abandon his child willingly, after seizing the child by force with DONALD BEAL from a PORT OF DEPARTURE from the UNITED STATES bound for CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION in paid passage a contractual obligation for which VERONICA PETERSEN was paid to void her claim of parental rights, and did accept and retain in payment then and conceal from the DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY such information to defraud, in partnership then and while living with Donald J. Beal, whom she called in 2003 September her "husband" at such time.
  • Veronica Marie Petersen had not sworn in perjury in 2002 that she was married to JAMES ALLEN, an incorporated person (legally impossible, a sham marraige), to obtain a second trial in 01-17702-R not granting required adjudication to the INDICTMENT of case 01-17702, which terminated automatically in default for JAMES ALLEN OCTOBER 1 2002. The interdicting case 01-17702-R began and ended in 2002 prior OCTOBER 1 2002, and thus was an illegal trial procedure on a pending matter.
  • Veronica Marie Petersen swore in AFFIDAVIT her child was a different legal person than the party in the instrument to evade return in JULY 27 2015 fiing; in two separate places on the document. Veronica Marie Petersen did make LEGAL RESPONSE to such suit as "VERONICA PETERSEN", a non party to the legal instrument 01-17702-R, and thus lacked the standing to defend her claims, while appearing as such person and making knowingly false statements in trial hearing prior not disclosed - which the judge did rule on without affording 22 OK Stat. 22-13 right of CROSS EXAMINATION, a Constitutional Right of the Oklahoma Resident bringing the suit, to defraud him of a $1200 USD sale of the court for further action - a crime in Oklahoma and 18 U.S. Code Section 241 owing void per illegality any product of this and ORDER MODIFYING THE ORDER, which STATE OF TEXAS did stand upon then in 2016-2020 JANUARY 1.
  • "Veronica Peterson", a non party and fabricated person in FICTITIOUS PETITIONER did then bring suit versus "James Allen" in DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, with intent to pass this trial off in DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA as "VERONICA PETERSON v JAMES ALLEN" falsely. This was done, and maintained despite citation that the petitioner "VERONICA PETERSON" was a FICTITIOUS PETITIONER, and on the instrument filed an "incomplete instrument", thus void - no registration or legal rights installed in State of Oklahoma jurisdiction, per UIFSA rule. Contrary this, the DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY did proceed as if the partial instrument were the true instrument, a false bill, and maintain the suit as if a true bill from 2018 to 2023 with civil actio nworked, resulting in total breach of PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 endorsed by United States.
  • "James Allen" was summoned in such case to "DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA" a fabricated and non-real court in subpoena signed by the DISTRICT JUDGE, prepared by CLAY PETTIS, and instructed to appear at "Dallas County District Courthouse", a place not located in State of Oklahoma and thus void; for which the summons was tendered to OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT as a true instrument and alleged sufficient notice of the NOV 20 2018 filing to assert no legal right of contest in DECEMBER 10 2018 LEGAL ANSWER on receipt that week only. A violation of terms of notice on OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES website filed in DECEMBER 2023 motion, and contrary required notice of UIFSA Article 7 Section rule, owing void the registration for timeliness in addition to its incomplete instrument status.
  • "James Allen" was threatened throughout NOVEMBER 14 2021 to JANUARY 4 2024 to intimidate his testimony, harm his famly, and abuse his legal right to work and care for his parent, Charlcye Ann Klepper, who died as a result of this interference in 2017-2022 illegal action, and was named in COURT DOCUMENTS published by the abducting Veronica Marie Petersen group in an attempt to falsify a GUARDIANSHIP DUE TO LEGAL INCOMPETENCY upon JAMES ALLEN arising from the lawsuit 01-177202-R ("Veronica Peterson v James Allen"). Again, JAMES ALLEN is not a PARTY in this case, at all, and his case is suspended due to the placement of his name on the lawsuit contrary the filing and forgery of a petitioner to initiate a double jeopardy lawsuit to obstruct his established parental rights over MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN to extinguish them and liquidate that obligation while accruing illegally (again, illegality, of TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.008 and 157.261 and 157.375) a debt alleged to be $41000+ and less than $42000 USD which is in letters of OCT 5 2022 MEMORANDUM served on ARNOLD ALLEN in extortion alleged to be $70000+ USD in fraud by DONALD J. BEAL.
  • These actions, in summary, do not release the United States from its Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., terms in Federal Law (Section 3 and 21) or duration (section 22) nor Constitution of the State of Oklahoma Article II section II-6 rule in terms granted endorsement NOVEMBER 16 1907.
  • One cannot, therefore, in 2001-2024 pursuit and petition and demand never abandoned, assert that petition and patience has not been asserted and all lesser avenue of redress than total breach and insolvency of United States on action of its AGENTS in this matter and comingling of the accounts and debts of "Veronica Marie Petersen" (a natural person, separate from UNITED STATES accounts) and UNITED STATES (A government, by and for United States as a nation, which created and owns as property the account "VERONICA PETERSEN"), owing insolvency for failure to correct its fiduciary books and records to comply with the instrument and defend the writ as a true bill contrary illegality (collection of $41000+ purge amount as enforcement action, barred by 15 U.S. Code Section 1673 and 45 CFR § 302.56(f) and § 303.6 maximum purge amount of $500 USD in any month for release).
  • These are formulas, owing performance, and federal law, owing performance per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., section 3 and 21 a duty and obligation of State of Oklahoma to exist at law.
  • These formulas include 42 U.S. Code § 666(a)(10) rule owing "automatic modification" of child support to 25% of net income reported on the State Income Tax Form of JAMES ALLEN, a duty and obligation not performed and repudiation by silence on demand UCC 3-604 DISCHARGE due in full on order 01-17702-R, if it were in fact a true bill (a writ obtain on sham marriage, concealing kidnapping styled as ABANDONMENT refused adjudication).
  • As such, "total breach" of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., is evident and stands all terms as collateral contract, owing automatic execution of the insolvency and forfeiture to the party ("James Allen") named in the injury as a legal action carried out under color of law (22 U.S. Code § 7102), as set in terms of the NOVEMBER 16 signature of 60th Congress of the United States on behalf of the United States and all member States of the Federal Union then and since enrolled, CONTRACT and senior instrument of debt.

In absolute truth, UNITED STATES named its destructor.

The name elected was "James Allen".

Obstruction of Justice - 22 Years

It takes 22 years to undo 248 years of good intentions (1776-2024). By law, it should not have taken 12 months (Fast and Speedy Trial).

Artificial Intelligence is designed to catch fraud like this, because it does not fatigue or suffer from very limited capacity of points of dispute, dates, order, names, and fatigue. Fatigue, as a method to overcome the court, is evident in the misuse of the court in "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" conversion to "Veronica Peterson v James Allen". At law, the party who leaves the contest is in default, where the other party remains on the field of contest in opposition, and as such - the purpose of violent and psychological and defamatory claims against James Allen and the Allen family and JAMES ALLEN (the incorporated person, who is the legal person that holds the public office of the public trust, the target of such act in criminal effort to overcome and incapacitate a fiduciary and auditor of a competitor by NTT/VERIO employees), which is why extrinsic fraud (fraud outside the court, such as tampering with or intimidating a witness or judge off the record) is so serious - and grounds for mistrial to throw the entire case out at the root (01-17702) as the matter is evidently brought on illegality and perjury, admitted in public MEMORANDUM in 2003 and DECEMBER 2001 evident first publication of such claims by Veronica Marie Petersen and Alicia McMahon.

The perpetrators would have the public believe that the sustained resistance and pursuit of recovery of the child is the crime, and any indication or negative information disclosed in LEGAL ANSWER to their publications and false statements is a felony.

This is seditious conspiracy, and substantial evidence indicates STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF FLORIDA are acting to carry out such illegality - owing Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 right to execute the insolvency for such act or utterance as if material fact or right by law, so reported DECEMBER 31 2023 to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Threats to seize property, real estate, COMMON CARRIER USE to intimidate and injure clients and workers, and to defame the REGISTERED AGENT OFFICE of "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C." and "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED" and "DEEP LAYER INC." brought them into conflict as interested parties, upon DOCUMENTS naming them as targets of this active extortion for order 01-17702-R, a violation in illegality of 15 U.S. Code § 1 rule, owing Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., a collateral contract be applied in full remedy immediately.


No person who has by name or alias recognized publicly (ALLYKATT) who as engaged in such threats and comercial endorsements, is entitled to privacy or concealment of their COMMERCIAL STANDING as disgruntled former employees falsely making equity claims reported to our office, as a d/b/a style legal business entity of trade whether registered or unregistered, as a silent partner operating or publishing jointly in name or alias with any CORPORATION engaged in such unjust enrichment and exploitation of the stolen property or fraudulent legal claims as commercial value, nor any private carrier who is facilitating written threats to our office or to family members of our employees or officers or agents or other party in interest of harming COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY among the states or with foreign nations. Once these parties entered into these claims, they were in the dispute actively and stand upon their PUBLIC WRITING IN MEMORANDUM which we have discovered, observed, and filed in key portions with the court - a copious (300+ separate page articles) created for this purpose in fraud and concealment of a child for commercial unjust enrichment. It remains a contract matter, by virtue of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22 and Constitution of the State of Okahoma incorporated in that as federal law - a single transaction.

Claims that these persons - having made false claims and material aid and threats toward James Allen or any company or incorporated person named DEFENDANT in any suit in this matter - are private persons upon their release of statements directly or by proxy in a highly organized publicist activity of NTT/VERIO and PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and DONALD J BEAL as IX NETWORKS LLC and other aliases (including those alluding to murder in 2007-2024), may resort to claims as "Private Persons" to conceal or shield themselves from the civil public responsibility for their actions and words employed in this manner, and owe a duty to compel the parties to cease and remove their names from such claims without any legal right to in turn compel the injured parties to cease the report of this pattern and of all persons involved.

It is a criminal scheme to suggest that such persons are PRIVATE PERSONS while engaged in this matter at any time prior to its conclusion and restoration of stolen property and return of reputation and security to the Allen Family and JAMES ALLEN. Calls for this privacy appear to be led by NEO NAZI publishers in State of Wyoming and by TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD in State of Texas and State of Colorado and State of Florida; and arise from a gross misunderstanding of what insolvency and forfeiture of United States represents in collateral contract and terms agreed as absolute law and waiver of other (49) member States laws and CHOICE OF LAW in the 1907 signature of the 60th Congress of the United States to Public Law 59-234 CH 3335 amended terms and conditions addint to rider agreements and Section 3 and 21 and 22 rule.

No such contest of rights should exist in nature without malice of intent to engage in illegality and a misdirected belief that Federal Union member States local Constitutional Rights and Laws are valid in violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., collateral contract signed by all parties; and submission to this rule absolute on enrollment at any time in the institution known as the "Federal Union". The Texas Nationalist movement and other Confederate and Sepratist movements in State of Florida, State of Texas, State of California, State of Michigan, State of Nevada, and State of New York would likely disagree, in resort to "States rights" as cover for what is racially motivated isolation and organized violence of an Interstate and International level directed to class warfare and to undermine the integrity of the Federal Union and harm the United States through this action.

By provoking a forfeiture and insolvency of the Federal Union, they are attacking the authority of the United States and enhancing their own State's regional Sovreign Nation claims over Federal Law; even where that comes at the expense of individuals or in attacks upon the Indian Territory and Chickasaw Nation Reservation to abolish the right of persons to organize and designate their own culture, tribe, and identity separate from such "National Socialist Movements" and "Communist Party Unity Arguments".

This works to disable stability in domestic industry, creating opporutnity for foreign International capital to scoop up damaged industry at fire-sale prices present only under coercion like this.

This also incites BLACK COMMUNITY MEMBERS to organized along racial lines for equity claims, and to act in violent and improper ways that damage their cause, inciting other (WHITE NATIONALIST) sentiment which over the long term strenthens the cause of the foreign International Capital colsolidation and promotes a normalization of illegality to combat illegality, which benefits corrupt foreign organizers and foreign investment in domestic industry for export permanently.

While these are in appearance styled to be conservative calls for order, they are in fact attacks upon the equity already in the law, and conditioning to impose on young persons over 1-2 generations a normal sense of this need for a collective unity to resist foreign abuse, owing no duty to rules or ordinary rights or protections other than their capacity to impose dominance over other parties who are vulnerable, under-represented, or easily isolated. The lack of consequences for these abuses and improper acting is encouraging to the breakdown of law and order, as seen in "Veronica Petersen v James Allen" as the case devolved into a slaughter of any party or person still engaged, and attacks against witnesses of JAMES ALLEN systematic from 2001-2023, in organized insurrection and rebellion and conspiracy against rights (which were ironically installed in the contract and writ held out for value - but never produced or afforded without demand for acceptance of the legitimacy of this criminal taking and abuse).

Contracts cannot be made, or stand, in this manner.

NO CONTRACT is therefore the fact at law, when illegality is intentional.


A return to contract, on end of illegality in behavior, is not entitled or permitted, and the contract or ORDER of a court is VOID and NULL per 15 U.S. Code Section 1673(c) rule.

NULL and VOID in ORDER 01-17702-R does not mean the other rights entitled for payment of a CUSTODY CONTRACT fully due performance and executed in financial satisfaction prior AUGUST 10 2001 all promise of JAMES ALLEN due and owing shall be void also. The incapacity to permit JAMES ALLEN to contract for his security and that of his child, by UNITED STATES and their agents, is a violation of 42 U.S. Code § 1981. The Contract of UNITED STATES has no right to overcome the prior contract, nor supsend it, and in order 01-17702-R is an unconscionable contract (UCC 3-302).

By yelling and screaming false claims into the court system, has "Veronica Marie Petersen" attempted to overcome for 23 years the duty of her contract to deliver the CARROLTON TX birthplace child to JAMES ALLEN and Pontotoc County.

Nothing changes in that - upon void of ORDER 01-17702-R. It is a separate contract.

The CUSTODY ORDER held out by UNITED STATES is a custody order over the possession of a child due minority, a DISABILITY, owing the age of majority ends such POSSESSION.

The CUSTODY CONTRACT of JAMES ALLEN to MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN is perpetual in nature, affording the full force of the industry of this family in James Allen and the Allen family a right of action (not an OBLIGATION DUE LIQUIDATION OR FORFEITURE OR DIRECTION TO ANY OTHER PARTY) to the direct assistance of the child at the reasonable and limited right of discretion of the natural parent, a member of the Public. JAMES ALLEN is a trustee of this, not a thing in rem at law which exists without context or obligation to James Allen, and an instrument solicited to serve this purpose - not to overcome it or assume the franchise of the natural person in place of the Public.

It is the misconception of the SOCIALIST EXTREMIST that this public life (incorporated person) is inseparable from the natural person, or that the right of franchise exists in any form other than exclusively in the natural person. Society may own the legal person, as a thing in rem, and prescribe terms for its use in interface with other instruments of its making. But the right to contract and authority to do so is a franchise of the direct will of the natural person, which cannot be conveyed or retained against their will or by coercion to suggest a contract made nor in their death a contract worked that is not their will and direction.

The state has begun to treat the LEGAL PERSON as a parking space for property, and deem such property part of the PUBLIC TRUST, which is improper.

The guarantee of security and Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. and terms of 1907 signed contract are not in-consideration of these rights reserved by law or property, and the limited role of the thing in rem to allocate and concerse such assets does not entitle the State or society to assume their possession as if their title were void on the death of the living person or reap the asset prior such maturity, as a form of security or surity.

It is hard to imagine the prior NEEDS TO BE STATED IN MEMORANDUM, but that the LETTERS THREATENING served on JAMES ALLEN are express to the contrary and opposed in deep and militant and criminal degree all the prior rights and reservations, boundaries, and limitations of the franchise and reserved rights.

Total Collapse of Civil Procedure - Total Breach

CIVIL COMMUNICATION and decorum of a civil process have wholly collapsed and have been inert since the AUGUST 11 2001 seizure of the child, owing physical interdiction by United States or insolvency in its 1907 contract.

It is a "Mobster Mentality" that kidnapping, threat, violence, and use of force against vulnerable and elderly persons justify the continued control over MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN in 2001-2024. It is a criminal mentality that the parties and the Courts officers have, in any instance or time, suggested by defect of their own imagination, that the suffrage rights of the missing natural child warrant nullifying the obligation to produce the child for examination and habeas corpus DISCOVERY RIGHT based on these conditions of 100% captivity and deceit over 2001 to 2019. Further, that any franchise in the years 2019 to 2024 obtained protect the adult-child from the same habeas corups DISCOVERY RIGHT which was a contractual right specified in the term POSSESSION and prior superior right in CUSTODY of the child refused by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF FLORIDA.

Fraud in this area to suppose (imagine, a delusion of criminal nature) that James Allen still sees the missing person as a minor child, not as an adult child, owing void any right to information in the case and fraud; a right to face his accuser and cross-examine the claims and testimony given to the court in violation of KELLEY v KELLEY (2007, OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT RULING) - is part of this terrorism hoax. The child is an adult as of 2019 based on available information, which conflicts with TESTIMONY IN WRITTEN MEMORANDUM that the child is alleged to be mentally unsound by DONALD BEAL and thus injured and in need of assistance from the father - and such injury arising from deprivation of 76 OK Stat. 76-8 right by tort to access and communication with the father - so documented in the MEDICAL RECORDS obtained in the year 2015, which are relevant to this hoax and thus in age of majority and refusal to hear such matters in closed court in motion to do so in 2019 duly filed and refused DECEMBER 2019, substituting a hearsay action in clandestine ex parte hearing to direct the case in false pleading contrary filing of FRAUD owing legal answer; the public notice of such facts and RECORDS necessary to show basis at law for the habeas corpus demand, a right of contract on writ held out in partial contract as EVIDENCE in filing of 01-177202-R, owing performance or void in full.

This concept of "partial contracts" and "substantial evidence" and of RIGHTS ENUMERATED to JAMES ALLEN then refused conditional payment of EXCESSIVE FINES and demands to forfeit franchise rights and designs held to be trade secrets in fiduciary duty of a REGISTERED AGENT of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES and REGISTERED AGENT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA in local specific business; is proof of refusal to apply the contract as contract-simple for the DEFENDANT, while alleging the benefits to the Petitoner (or judgement creditor) owe payment in full prior working the services and in direct opposition of the RIGHTS ENUMERATED THERE PROHIBITING THIS AND THE ORDER OF OPERATION IN BRINGING SUIT AND CONTRACT NOT TO SUE CONDITIONAL OTHER CIVIL ACTIONS tendered and then NOT PAID in 2015-2016 to defraud by VERONOCA PETERSEN.

RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1981) Section 21 "Intention to Be Legally Bound" is evidently absent in "Veronica Marie Petersen", as evident in SEPTEMBER 2003 public written MEMORANDUM denying her obligation as Primary Obligor of a Federal Trust, while asserting she would still be paid for this service based on her intent to disobey the Contract she had sought and been granted through perjury.

RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1981) SEction 73 "Performance of Legal Duty" is concealed by DONALD BEAL and VERONICA PETERSEN and Veronica Marie Petersen, in their filing and defense of claims of ABANDONMENT and MARRIAGE of "Veronica Marie Petersen" to "JAMES ALLEN" (a non-living incorporated thing in rem, at law), to conceal that "JAMES ALLEN" was an OKLAHOMA RESIDENT of PONTOTOC COUNTY, and REGISTERED AGENT OF STATE OF OKLAHOMA obligated to return home AUGUST 2001, a fact of Legal Duty extensively discussed and conditional to the CUSTOD CONTRACT and payment for CUSTODY OF "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" born in CARROLTON TX, as a requirement of the 12 months prior work in two 6 month terms with brief return and constant maintenance of the OKLAHOMA DRIVERS LICENSE and OKALHOMA RESIDENCY and frequent travel to home and home office of the registered business SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of City of Ada, Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma. JAMES ALLEN was duty-bound to go to Oklahoma, where he was a permanent resident, and such monies paid to arrange and secure (in CONTRACT) his child's return with him permanently and for permanent residency, were the subject of the payment made in full to "SETTLE THE MEDICAL DEBT OF VERONICA PETRSEN AT CARROLTON TX DENTON COUNTY HOSPITAL" the price agreed at the time prescribed and fully paid, via SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. accounts, and by extension of additional credit provided by ARNOLD ALLEN to facilitate this contracted promised performance of the child's residency then.

VERONICA PETERSEN did then, in knowing and intentional act of sabotage and opportunistic breach of contract, and for personal enrichment styled $108,000 USD in additional unlawful demand not agreed and after such payment tendered and accepted over $10,000 USD to the ACCOUNTS PAYABLE of VERONICA PETERSEN in Denton County, full payment - seize and remove and flee with the child and OCT 1 2001 undertake her scheme to increase the demand of the contract by concealing its execution and seeking a new re-collateralized contract on the CARROLTON TX child in case 01-17702; filing in her document to conceal this collateral contract - such event and right as a DALLAS TX birth child invented to alter the facts of and evade the report concerning the real child. On contest DECEMBER 18 2001, ORDER to test the DALLAS TX birth child, did then Veronica Marie Petersen (plaintiff) bring the substitute evidence in a CARROLTON TX birth child, who was the subject of the prior AUGUST 10 2001 COLLATERAL CONTRACT, and present that child for re-collateralization as the DALLAS TX child, seeking to obtain United States Benefits for the DALLAS TX birth she invented and fabricated.

The Bronston Defense of 2001

A BRONSTON DEFENSE (1973) is the duty of the respodent/accused-DEFENDANT in a criminal matter at law (ABANDONMENT, a 21 OK Stat. 21-853 felony) to give legal answer solely to the INDICTMENT as worded and set before him/her.

JAMES ALLEN did, on observation that the indictment of abandonment of a thing in rem was a DALLAS TX birth child, recognize the defect and enter a LEGAL ANSWER that he did not ABANDON or know the DALLAS TX child specified, who was using the UNITED STATES CITIZEN legal name of his own CARROLTON TX child's SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and as such - the denial was simple and denied generally the INDICTMENT.

PROOF OF SUCH FACT IN OATH is in the DALLAS TX child not being held out in 2002 as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" born in "DALLAS TX".

That's it - the trial is over. The INDICMENT was false. Default justement and award is owed to the respondent, which would be had such trial been adjudicated and not abandoned illegally - return of the CARROLTON TX birth child. Mr. James Allen, appearing in DECEMBER 2001 before Judge DEE MILLER, did ask for this, and was refused.

Cause for refusal was cited as the failure of the Petitioner to Appear, being then wholly in default. At such point, no party was in contest entitled to contest the motion for summary judgment and return of the CARROLTON TX child. But Judge DEE MILLER assumed the role of the PROSECUTION and refused to do so.

The later acceptance of motion to amend suit 01-17702, creating suit 01-17702-R in ALTERATION OF THE INDICTMENT and JOINDER of "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" a chld born in CARROLTON TX, after such DECEMBER 18 2001 hearing, was therefore fraud.

Neither can a Simple Motion (as filed, MOTION TO AMEND) which is an "Additive Motion" appending to the RECORD the new information, which does by LEGAL ACTION not strike the prior RECORD nor entitled a retroactive effect at law, a power reserved for the specific NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT form not filed; for which no change to the DALLAS TX and DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER was then worked in 2002, and the record stands in 2024 as unmodified and legal ore tenus rule, a thing of fact of law. The "Child" in such "Benefit" is therefore in RECORD a pair of alleged children, "DALLAS TX" birth first in order; and "CARROLTON TX" birth in second order. The first is fabricated evidence, imagined to defraud. the Second is re-collateralized property, seized during INTERSATE COMMERCE and TRAVEL from DALLAS TEXAS to CITY OF ADA (CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, per McGirt v State of Oklahoma 2020 ruling, a retroactive determination of error). This is therefore removal from INTERNATIONAL DEPARTURE of a child from a parent at the port of entry to United States or State of Texas, specified a crime under Texas Title 8 Section 37.

Again, we need not prove INDICTMENT or CONVICTION, where collateral contract in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., section 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of 1907 signed in contract by the 60th Congress of the United States enjoin Texas and all other Member States to the duty of obligation on insolvency for failure to perform, a contract owing execution in full or automatic execution of insolvency determination against State of Oklahoma and (separately, equally) United States, who on behalf of the Federal Union and its members, are insolvent by this denial of performance of duty. Long overdue delivery, and refused on repudiation - a legal forfeiture of the collateral (State of Oklahoma, then Federal Union, and United States as a third part of that bundle of rider agreements joined by contract).

Illegality is all we must prove, to execute the remedy of collateral contract of 1907.

Confusion in Record Explicit

The confusion and ineptitude of DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER is clear, showing claim that the "respondant" in case 01-17702 "gave birth to" the "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" legal person. The hearing consisted of two parties, a petitioner and a respondent to a case before the court in 01-17702-, who were respectively "Veronica Marie Petersen" and "JAMES ALLEN" in record. So the prior claim that "JAMES ALLEN" gave birth, and his gender a biological male beneficiary and legal gender a male, is a GOD DAMNED MIRACLE not seen since Jesus of Nazareth appeared in public common policy. As the first male to give birth to a LEGAL CHILD, as a LEGAL PERSON, this is not physically impossible, but would suggest that "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN of DALLAS TX" sprang from the legal entity of JAMES ALLEN of ADA OK magically, a legal fiction.

Obviously the biological child, "Baby Boy Allen" was born of a human mother in City of Carrolton, County of Denton, State of Texas; and this LEGAL CHILD of order 01-17702-R is not the same child. But the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER which is known generally as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" born in Carrolton TX, assigned to the natural child, was being used in violation (illegality) of 42 U.S. Code § 408, a felony degree which in civil terms is serious offense and as a serious offense in civil contract is a total breach in the commission of such illegality.

The UNITED STATES, nor any legal fiction it creates in JAMES ALLEN or VERONICA PETERSEN cannot by its commission (14th Amendment) own "Baby Boy Allen", the biological child, if that person were born alive, but it is the CONSERVATORSHIP over a DISABLED PERSON whose disablity is that of "MINORITY" in condition applied to them, by which a trust is established and Primary Obligor (the parent/parents) who have control over the collateral versus the Secondary Obligor (the parent who has an interest in the child but is not for some defect of law in civil wrongdoing not permitted a right to full control over the child as collateral) so assigned. In this case, the STATE OF TEXAS deemed that the failure to execute a MARRIAGE CONTRACT with their CITIZEN who was female in gender, owed superior custody exclusive of the male unwed father. This is a crime, violating PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. Section 3 and 21 and 22 in its extended terms made Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in Article II section II-36A.

II-36A requires that in EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS (which ORDER 01-17702-R is by virtue of the garnishment clause on employee of the UNITED STATES, such an instrument); that no discrimination on the basis of gender may be applied by the court affecting employment (earnings, wages, distribution).

Beacuse the ORDER 01-17702-R is directed to a Secondary Obligor "JAMES ALLEN", a legal incorporated person - and such discrimination is a civil act to compel the obligation to MARRY ANOTHER PERSON, the Statute of Frauds (RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACTS 1984) prohibits such contract from having legal force whatsoever - and is wholly void. JAMES ALLEN cannot legally marry "Veronica Marie Petersen", as she is a homo sapiens species member born alive, and he is a legal fiction (non-human in personality). What you meant to say would be if the lawsuit were reorganized to be a suit "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN AND JAMES ALLEN", then the two legal persons of the same class (legal fiction) could be joined in LEGAL MARRIAGE. This is the normal type.

If the parties were "James Allen" and "Veronica Marie Petersen", then the two natural persons could be joined in RELIGIOUS MATRIMONY, a right of religious freedom, formally available somewhere - but not the same as "common law marraige", which requires (per Oklahoma Constitution and OKDHS rule, that the parties both at the same time and concurrently publicly state they are married AND Use the surname of the other party with consent in public record then (and only then) is a common law marriage in effect.

Intent to marry, is not enough. One party using the name of the other and claiming to be married, is not enough. Both parties claiming to intend to marry but not using each others names in legal documents prior is not enough.

Thus, no marriage was ever a LEGAL FACT.

However, since AWARDS AND BENEFITS upon "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF Veronica Marie Petersen AND JAMES ALLEN" was operated by DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in 2002 ORDER 01-17702-R in style of the hearing, sole subject matter and insparable from the attached "IN THE INTEREST OF A CHILD" also there, the legal marriage of "Veronica Marie Petersen and JAMES ALLEN" appears to be done in 2002, and never dissolved (like McGirt, this is a legal fact of record).

Then and afterward, when in SEPT 2003 in public letter Veronica Marie Petersen states that Donald Beal is her (legal) husband, and on the 20th of September 2003 does Donald Beal respond with no objection or notice, implicit in consent to this fact and accepting the duties assigned in the prior letter by Veronica Marie Petersen, to execute the office in public claims demanding money from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to argue his right to have impregnated Veronica Petersen at this time and expecting a baby, we see the awful impact of this "sham marriage" to JAMES ALLEN in the 2003 "Polygamy Act" publicly initiate the 2003-2023 extortion publications of JOSIAH DESTUSCH and HITMAN4HIRE@YAHOO.COM and other threat sites.

Polygamy, is illegal per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., terms of 1907, Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, Article I section I-2. As such, the marriage of "Vernoica Marie Petersen" to "JAMES ALLEN" is nullified on that letter and all benefits (ORDER 01-17702-R) obtained from such violation of contract (a 1907 collateral contract) are void.

The nature of the sexual harassment, over 2001-2024, expose a bizarre trend of possessive antisocial cluster B traits, seeking to restrict JAMES ALLEN from engaging in intimate relations and in marraige (contract) rights, to limit his heirs to the "Baby Boy Allen" child, which remains in the possession by force and violence and deceit and relocation without notice of moving to other Counties and States (suspected, State of Florida) in support of this weird "BONDAGE, DOMINANCE, SADO-MASOCHISM FANTASY" and "POLYGAMY" power fantasy maintaned by DONALD J. BEAL and Veronica Petersen / VERONICA PETERSEN.

Parts of this fantasy are evident in the sexual age-regression portrayal of JAMES ALLEN in 2010 OCTOBER 31 to 2013 OCTOBER 31 documents; published by aka JOSIAH DEUTSCH aka DOANLD J. BEAL.

These publications include detailed hand altered images of James Allen to style him in drag and in makeup and to feminize him and sexualize him.

Other publications include 100s of memes including posters for propaganda which incude slogans directed against the mental health and Constitutional Rights of James Allen such as: "GUNS + James Allen = Murder".

This is clearly, completely out of control, and yet STATE OF TEXAS and (per new information, STATE OF FLORIDA) fully defend this action and child taking and concealment in cooperation with non-enforcement of any relief depsite formal complaint and petition for relief to STATE OF OKLAHOMA, who in this action as AGENTS OF UNITED STATES designated TITLE IV AGENCIES, act in violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., to total breach over 2001-2024 concealing the child from the parent to support this abuse and misgender campaign against rights that are collateral contract for property in ORDERED POSSESSION, spanning the duration of the trust lifetime. During this time, STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA collect Federal matching funds for this abuse of rights and enforcement activity, inconsistent with any ordinary duty of office, in malicious abuse of the public trust.

Now, legality owes that "JAMES ALLEN" cannot marry "Veronica Marie Petersen", as the personality (class) of the two forms of person are not natural persons exclusively or incorporated persons exclusively. So there should be no legal impact for JAMES ALLEN avoiding the contract, unless the ORDER 01-17702-R were to specify that the parties had changed since case 01-17702.

The parties did not change, and remain in ORDER 01-17702-R as "Veronica Marie Petersen" and "JAMES ALLEN", the "Primary Obligor" and the "Secondary Obligor", by virtue of an implied right of STATE OF TEXAS to compel or force legal or common law marriage upon a male worker travelling in the STate of Texas under Federal Constitutional protection, which was by collateral contract incorporated explicitly in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21.

Sexual Discrimination

Can STATE OF TEXAS as the AGENT OF UNITED STATES in this action compel JAMES ALLEN to participate in a contract that pays to a natural person or other legal person a portion of wages based on the GENDER of JAMES ALLEN as a discrimination factor?

Legally - No.

But, the STATE OF TEXAS as agent of UNITED STATES is asserting that the benefit to the child is superior to the PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 terms, a collateral contract - to breach the contract with intent to defraud.

That is not legal, because the contract bars the action.

And the action done in violation of the bar renders total breach on the contract, ab initio (on the first act, 2002 MOTION TO AMEND).

So, legally speaking, "State of Oklahoma" and "Federal Union" have been legally dead (insolvent, owing void and forfeiture) since 2002 filing of that MOTION as being SO ORDERED by Judge DEE MILLER of DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS. It is by her hand, and your implicit silence, assent over 2001-2024 not granted remedy and full rescission and restitution done on first application, that endorsement of this abuse was executed and breach in total breach committed, signed, and "elected" in the name of your injured party, "JAMES ALLEN". Now, is that enough, if UNITED STATES is the owner of the JAMES ALLEN incorporated person?

Potentially not, because the incorporated person is the property of UNITED STATES, in this case the AGENT is simply suing the party to assign money and income.

But in case 01-177202-R, did "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" appear, and the natural person who is the contracting party in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 collateral contract by 60th Congress of the United States for the United States and Federal Union and all member States endorsement then arrive.

And then, and after 2018-2024 without relief, a 5 year span refused operation to move the case to rescission; does the presentment of a full Public Law 59-234 CH 3334, 34 Stat. total breach stand on the District 2 and 4 CIVIL COURT OF APPEALS right to overturn the MARCH 21 2023 ORDER to DISMISS the CITATION OF CONTEMPT held out to threaten and abuse in $41000+ demand on a $500 maximum fine permitted, illegality per 15 U.S. Code Section 1673 rule owing void ORDER 01-17702-R in full for its misuse, in whole or part, and in REGISTRATION OF A FOREIGN ORDER OF SUPPORT in an action initiated by forgery or FICTITIOUS PETITIONER there "Vernoica Peterson" to obstruct justice in case 15-06292393, a separate case having exclusive jurisdiction over this matter and whole ORDER 01-17702-R and ORDER MODIFYING THE ORDER required to undergo any civil process or lawsuit in filing not done in 01-177202-R NOVEMBER 2018 filing.

Illegality, in collateral contract, makes both a voidable contract - and further makes avoidance of the contract (refusal to participate or acknowledge the contract on substantial breach) full defense. While the rights of the contract which the fraud and hoax seek to obtain and liquidate in concealment of a prior AUGUST 10 2001 contract fully paid for CUSTODY of "Baby Boy Allen" as the "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" birth of City of Carrolton, County of Denton, State of Texas event that was the subjet event of case 01-17702 OCT 1 2001 filing.

If you need help reataching your head after that, because you are not a C++ language programmer, capable of the concepts of TYPE CLASS and TYPE CASTING and other case-sensitive name space management in complex transactional process design and development, like "James Allen", then it is understandable. It is not a defense that you do not attempt to work through the prior or act in any way to rush to judgement or act contrary to the facts at law, or risk total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and associated terms.

This is because Section 3 and 21 require that Federal Law (including the text of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335 Section 3 and 21 and 22) are applied fully and executed by the officers of State of Oklahoma - conditional to the continued incorporation of "State of Oklahoma" as an object and entity at law.

And if that performance does not satisfy the rule, insolvency for failure to perform as the performance is the sole value encompased in the rights of that collateral contract, owe no interpretation or deference or financial or monetary or property substitution for the performance.

One can see, after this analysis, why companies hire James Allen to tackle very complex and intricate process and system interactions and negotiations. It is not simply a capacity to tire the other party by argumentative intractable position, but the logic and terminology and command of language required to work exceptionally complex arrangements and mechanisms is a gifted talent not taught or teachable, and valued asset which James Allen seeks to confirm in examination of his son and is unhappy and displeased that he was not able to train the child as planned and contracted to use this gift without as little emotional and psychological distress as possible of an experienced instructor with similar gift.

This is not a mental illness. It is a hyper-focus neurdiverse physical side effect of hereditary genetic advantage and an ethnic trait, themed common in the culture and family and complexity of the Allen Family in Chickasaw Nation Reservation.

Isolation of Full Spectrum Perspective Children

Without proper training it can cause distress with neurotypical persons who are not able to "organize and visualize data and abstract concepts to the same degree and complexity, manage multiple tangent threads in a pattern of complex related thoughts, and before person of lower intellectual capacity can appear as confusing because the reader or listener has a low capacity to associate the concepts presented and impaired attention span". The closest comparison is like trying to talk to a person with Downs Syndrome, about a complex subject they do not have a personal interest in, and difficulty at maintaining a laboratory level of professional dialog and focus with such a person. From the perspective of an Allen family member, everyone around them is a Downs Syndrome teenager. This does not mean that members of the group view other people as inferior or dumb or invalid or deficient. To the contrary, people who do not have a full spectrum perspective are happier, less anxious, and do not consider the number of responsibilities and subjects that a member of the ethnic group assume as a normal and natural responsibility scope. Due to lack of facial expressions and emotional regulation, Allen family members tend to be both extremely structured and unstructured - without anxiety from this pattern in either case, and curt in their expressions and specific in their statements and language. Dealing with people outside the 'community' requires linguistic adaptation that emulates the speed of thought and vocabulary and accent to help others feel at ease, and polyglot (speaking multiple languages and dialects) is common in the family. This habit can sometimes be counter-productive, when the wrong accent or language creeps into conversation, and non-family members do not alert the speaker they have assumed a tone or monotone or afflected voice out of fear of insecurity or incapacity to understand this is a normal part of the diversity of culture in the Allen Family.

Persons in the Deep South may find the Allen voice in internal meetings to be quick and curt and very soft, even hard to hear. While this is a result of adapting to very rapid conversations and metropolitan audio and video conferencing used to communicate with sites in other countries and specailists from other countries in their natural pace, which is much faster in Bejing and Hong Kong than it is in Austin Texas or Dallas Texas or Tulsa Oklahoma.

Members of this culture share a great deal of their relationship via media and common referenes to a large body of works, similar to Protestant settlers in New England used the Bible as a common context - to quickly communicate the setting and tone and situational levity of their experience. It is a terrible misrepresentation to take this as autism or autistic spectrum or other DSM-IV or DSM-V assertion, and speaks to racial and ethnic profiling of persons in context to Communist and National Socialist and State Nationalist and Racial Sepratist/Supremacist cultural to attack those traits and effort to over-simplify to the degree it satisfies the "Downs Syndrome Nazi/Communist/Nationalist" presentment of a "simple narrative" - a fiction of perception suitable to the limited capacity of such persons as aid in their ego disorder and insecurity driving violent and unethical behavior.

From the bottom of that spectrum, those persons perception of the high ideas and full spectrum scope and intention misrepresent the very concept of ideas discussed and extended independent and unorthodox values as "grandiose" and interpret the rejection and refusal to concede to the impaired standard as a proven factual limitation as "narcissism". No statement of simplicity, importance, or right by law to any of those high ideas and large scope of dynamic range imply a superiority complex, but from the limited position of the impaired party aware of the complexity and layers of presented facts compared to the index of undisclosed information under that surface layer they are acustom to - the very projection of a scope of work beyond the surface and narrow subject, as if any context is relevant or applicable or normal, is a direct offense shedding light on the cognitive incapacity of the observer. Not all persons respond with anger or violence and narcissistic dominance acting out. Many people just realize the depth or interest of their own scope of work is comparable or being compared or obligated comparison to be valued as equals and human beings. But for some people who are insecure, insincere, or engaged in wrongdoing that may be exposed by examination of someone like James Allen, the effort to attack and degrade and disable that observer before they can be critical or express any rejection is an obsessive compulsive mental illness evident in the letters of Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, Alicia McMahon, Brian Wolfe, and Brian Young.

Those persons, despite having high academic intelligence, express in writing a deep emotional disturbance and abnormal personality which, as a group is cultural and representative of an extremist community who intend violence and harm upon those who have witnessed them, contested their claims, or rejected their claims.

Exposure of the child to these persons may be exceptionally harmful, and indicate in REPORTS that the child is injured because of fraud and false claims in this per MEDICAL RECORDS, and such dissent to the criminal family atmosphere has been punished by styling the child as a mentally ill person in PUBLIC WRITING and holding out the child ("Baby Boy Allen") as a mentally ill person over whom Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal and others dominated to gain a sense of power over James Allen and work a proof that the fabricated claims unjustly enriching themselves in the narrative of child abduction as ABANDONMENT and MARRIAGE are are a mental illness in "Baby Boy Allen" that is derived solely and 100% from James Allen and this is a hereditary illness passed on to James Allen by Arnold Allen, Charlyce Ann Klepper, whom the abductors knowingly, falsely, and criminal hold out as the biological parents of James Allen.

The Secret(ish) Adoption

James Allen was illegally adopted, over objection of his biological parents, and has no blood relation to the heredity of Arnold Allen and Charlyce Ann Klepper. He was born an OVERTON like that of Chickasaw Governor Benajamin Overton, and by Nichols. His parents were 16 years old and 15 years old per one written letter, filed in the case after receipt, and of dubious quality not reliable or confirmed or denied by DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, who declined to comment as the letter indicated the child was kidnapped and concealed in James Allen, and then the same violence done to "Baby Boy Allen" in 2001-2024 to repeate corruption of blood. The Culture of the Allen family therefore is one of legal relationship and elders who - while not sharing blood ties - share a common ethical and legal and academic relationship as Charlyce Ann Klepper (M.D.) and Arnold Allen, an Electrical Engineer and Crypto Top Secret United States Air Force Armed Services Member (Retired) with Trajectory Analysis and microcomputer experience, industrial processing machine repair, and extensive travel across the region of Oklahoma. Grandparents include Merchant Marine members, Military Police, and Daughters of the American Revolution, who with other marriage to the Witherspoon Family of New Jersey who - by lateral relation to the Signatory of The Declaration of Independence of the united States of America, were principal parties in Orval Price and his wife Dorthy Witherspoon to the fundamental core organization of United States. Allen family members include Ret. Command Sergeant Major of the Oklahoma National Guard (2 term appointments), a retired Air Traffic Control Sergeant who served in Bosnia and Iraq theaters, and special contractor and Specialist who died after serving in the active combat zone during the Tet Offensive. Efforts to detract from these soldiers and their achievements and contribution to the Allen family, and to other persons who are chemistry specialists and (by marriage) train Apache Air Combat Helicopter troops, make the Ammunition Specialist experience of James Allen in 2005 and separation with rank of E-4 in that service seem less important.

The kidnapping of children with the intent to knowingly export military dual use technology developed at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C and its registered legal TRADE NAME brands "MILITECH SYSTEMS" and"SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP" which focus on computer design and network application develompent for realistic war game simulatio and training styled in the products and technology behind "BEYOND WAR" platform software "Massive Multiuser Operating Systems (M2OS)" - a distributed operating system and full stack application design in 1998 development and sourcing of hardware from NVIDIA CORPORATION, ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, and ASUS COMPUTERS of TAIWAN, demonstrate how the 1992-2024 legal name use in contract circulated among those companies and during the 2001-2024 unlicensed and unauthorized use to dilute the property in preparation for sale of reverse engineered designs and technology not for export to CHINA or NATION OF JAPAN was then undertaken in the "STRYX" brands and "STRIX" adaptation and "BEYOND..." practically all those works obtaind from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. works and project insider information.

These brands were developed in the year 2000 by registration initiated by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. at GODADDY.COM. All later use arose from that work.

Mr. Allen has contributed to projects including NEWTEK LIGHTWAVE, MODO, THEFOUNDRY.COM, MAXWELLRENDERER.COM, KRACKEN.COM, BULLIONVAULT.COM, FEDORAPROJECT.COM, and other technology including mSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB Licensing with Oracle.

Systems built today touch on one or more of the technologies described by James Allen in the 1990s, and he has not been credited with or received the support for the STRX socket or STRIX POINT (Ryzen model 8xxx series socket) proposed for the year 2024.

Effort to style James Allen as imitative of later 1999 popular Native American ethnic films in the public eye including "NEO" in "The Matrix" are a serious disservice to the 1991 trech coat made of deer skin black leather which was a gift from Charlyce Ann Klepper, and at such time it touched the ground when worn. Black Pakistan-made goat-skin bags carried to events in a porter fashion in 1992-1998 also ceased to be practical when "Neo" carried those bags into the highrise building in the 1999 film. The sword that Mr. Allen was given as an anathema (a religious icon) for his fifteenth birthday, featuring a black stright blade and a black square hilt guard whith black eel skin, later resembles the art by animators for "Ichigo" in the animated series "Bleach" starting in OCTOBER 5 2004. Unless Mr. Allen is less than 25 years old, he owned the sword that the character's "Zanpacto" was based on and his photographs bear a stark resemblance to Zangetsu (Slaying Moon, Jap); and such characters and works were shown to him after he gave a speech on media law and media technology - demonstrating at that time the birth defect of his inverse sternum and ribcage, which causes a concave water pool in his chest - a function of a premature birth and 16 year old mother which presents in other skeletal abnormalities noted by the U.S. Army in 2005, including "the flattest feet the examiner had ever seen".

Abnormal Health as a Factor (45 CFR §302.56(c) rule)

These abnormalities are the result of a connective tissue abnormality which is treated with an FDA approved drug dail, allowing for longer life and normal physical activity with early mortality. The health conditions related caused deafness and blindness in the year 2007, from which Mr. Allen did diagnose with assistance of a researcher at Johns Hopkins University and recover from fully. Other notable traits include hypermobility (over-extension of the joints) and pale skin with thin body type, affording rapid recovery from some injuries and prolonged injury due to other ordinary repetitive movement, with extreme soreness lasting days to weeks.

This health condition and circumstance of premature birth owe to Mr. Allen a childhood history of serious internal digestive ulceration and heart condition illness, for which he lived with a substantial amount of physical pain constantly until 2008. Medication can relieve these conditions, but they are long-term and the importance of bringing this medical condition to the attention of "Baby Boy Allen" so that it is not misdiagnosed or treated as an emotional disorder by "non-Full-Spectrum adults", who wrongly and with substantial injury perceived these symptoms in Mr. Allen as a young child to be mood or personality disorder rather than a simple medical condition incorporating the metabolic process to synthesize a necessary protien, now fully met.

Advantages to this condition include vascular dynamic range and ability to recover from very serious injury with little to no long term effect; owing to a higher efficiency cardiovascular and respiratory system, lower fatigue level tolerance, and higher degree of hair and nail growth due to body chemistry producing the pronounced hair, nails, removed gumline, dark circles under the eyes, and absence of broken bones despite substantial injury and impact, and respiratory distress falsified by Dr. Ann Klepper as Asthma to protect her child from examination in this illness and early classification as a person of physical difference. The net result is longer bones, a long frame and body, narrow face that Mr. Beal has falsely associated with female members of his own family and community improperly, and 210 lb 6-foot 2-inch height in maturity at almost fifty years of age.

These are ethnic traits, of a hereditary class, and are not the subject of DONALD BEAL and VERONICA PETERSEN claims of "mental illness or physical transgender traits", and such claims suggest serious child abuse of "Baby Boy Allen" over 2001-2024 during their fraud to conceal and deny the child communication with his father and the Allen family. Fraud in this case included repeated public written claims that Charlyce Ann Klepper was both aware of the child and in agreement with Veronica Petersen in her assertion of a mental health disorder. Dr. Klepper did not speak to Veronica Petersen nor was a confidant or associate of Alicia McMahon, and denied having such conversations to the day of her death in 2022. Witness Sean Wayne Pike in 2002 did contact and swear that Veronica Marie Petersen did before him speak and respond and carry on imaginary conversations with Charlyce Ann Klepper which were wholly in her imagination; and do so in the presence of Mr. Pike to the extent that he urgently sought out James Allen to report his fear that Veronica Petersen was mentally unwell, hallucinating, and a danger to "Baby Boy Allen". These matters were to come before Judge DEE MILLER, when she refused to hear the evidence or set trial DECEMBER 18 2001, and elected to proceed with trial after alteration of the evidence to produce "Baby Boy Allen" (a Denton County birth) as the child specified as the "DALLAS TX birth", corruptiong the indictment and evidence of case 01-17702 in accessory after the fact to abduct "Baby Boy Allen".

Pattern of Criminal Threats

In light of this, and based on written threats and a second independent witness coming forward with details of a planned burglary of 925 East 9th Street, City of Ada 74820 offices of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by Alicia McMahon; the pattern of 2011 and 2020 burglaries and gaslighting and ongoing false name fraud and joint fraudulent police reports (2011 A. McMahon / Brian Young; 2023 alleged Florida Indictment by FBI) bear a clear case of child abduction and child trafficking in case 121225 filed as "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" on 01-177202-R in forgery to obstruct justice.

A victim of a crime does not need to wait for permission of the Justice Department or State Justice Department to take up avoidance of a contract that is subject overwhelming illegality and coercion, tampering with right to trade, tampering with right to marry, and incorporated with physical threats and violence against animals and persons; to obtain money in excess of Federal Law. The pleading in case 121225 that STATE OF OKLAHOMA ex rel OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, a TITLE IV AGENCY of UNITED STATES, owes no obligation to perform any act legally in a civil court as an agent of UNITED STATES, is repudiation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22, owing total breach - for which the "overly simplistic narrative" which UNITED STATES agents in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF FLORIDA have raised bear no designation lesser than a UCC 2-308 reserved rights violation by intentional violence, and UCC 3-302 "unconscoinable contract" in re-collateralization of "Baby Boy Allen" and "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" of Carrolton TX in 2002 illegaly, and repudiation of the 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. terms and signature of 1906 and 1907 in UCC 3-604 owing DISCHARGE the obligation of the Public from United States and State of Oklahoma all debts and contracts in perpetuity, and 3-605(d) DISCHARGE for failure to perform of UNITED STATES from this legal sham and sham marriage and polygamy.

While DISCHARGE may be argued a prohibited defense of "child support" the contract simple 01-17702-R includes the clause "DISCHARGE" and the object of that lanaguage in operative contract simple clause "the obligation" upon performance of one payment in one instance - and such term is binding and enjoins the UNITED STATES to the terms.

Regardless, Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., is not a DISCHARGE in operation of law, but an insolvency in performacne on incorporation, with collateral contract made in the "State of Oklahoma" an object entitled forfeiture to the party and "Federal Union" an object enjoined by inseparabl clause, language of contract, owing and due the object of any insolvency and forfeiture worked on the prior object.

United States and the States may pretend to be good at logic operations, but in contract law and operation, these terms are express and limiting to the language of the instrument, a security of the United States duly made and owing performance or insolvence - and no equity or intent permitted in "operation of law".

Legal scholars would style such positions as "intractable" or "legally unworkable" and fall back on the defense that while factual and written, those performances described and promised cannot be achieved by any act of the court or of law or authority, due to the public resisting the promise made by the State in their representative name; and assert that the agreement to this is a new contract or that resistance to this is indication of an "intractable party" unwilling to be reasonable and in fact at-law being irrational to the degree that the contract is avoidable or is a voidable contract to suit the interest of the less sophisticated (or pantomime of unsophisticated and incapable person) assumed by the party enjoined by the clause against their interest. This is the act of "perfidy", and as UNITED STATES, it is not permitted - but documented in war and a violation of ethics rarely enforced. It is foolish to suggest that Mr. Allen approaches the United States or State of Oklahoma with a believe this duplicity and perfidy will not be their defense prior to the end of incorporation, as the State sees no legal life beyond that and will fight to the death and abandon all legal and moral and civil rule to overcome its position and justify its wrongdoing without restitution and rescission.

However, this posturing does not support the case at law, and is contrary the contract, and delusional and unrelated to reality whereby the People and their property will be unharmed and umolested in general upon such change or forfeiture, affecting only the legal minutia of the state in Structure to formulate a new safeguard system and correction of records not allowed due to the exception process and abandonment of the EXECUTIVE DUTY of the EXECUTIVE OFFICE owing performance long before now in this matter.

Memento Mori - considera mortem civitatis

The reaction of the State to refuse to contemplate its own (legal) death, is proof of its intractable corruption, and owed upon no other finding dissolution for that fact.

Mr. Allen brings, to this new Organization, the promise that people do not need to be the same physically or academically or commercially to be equal members of our society, and that the protection of any one person is paramount to the mission of the State and the nation, a duty that cannot be infringed to benefit others as a regular or ordinary course of business or rational transaction, nor limitations of the state alleged be permitted to assume that incapacity a defense against the duty of high office.

These people, responsible for harming "Baby Boy Allen" have done this thing for a number of reasons, but partly because it is in their interest that James Allen and men like him and persons of every persuasion do no and are not permitted to run for public office or stand the public office in any capacity, so that corruption may prevail and people may be taught to fear the will of society as an ignorant mass who can - while brilliant in their time - be fooled for critical moments and deceived, misled, and directed to cause tremendous injury which must be rectified and shall not be misplaced as unavoidable simple because to restore those people and assure the security of the public is difficult or complex.

Everything that is done, today, is done in recognition that we - too - will die, and our duty is to put in place the methods and the people to ensure that this injustice and fraud never find peace or result in profit or unjust enrichment or sell the People of the United States futures short for the gains of a few or at the expense of any one - no matter how they are related to our society and community - whether they are a part of it or separate from it.

All UNITED STATES technical persons, who participate in the UNITED STATES and pay taxes on those estates, are subject to Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-36A, and right to parental rights and relationships without compulsory duty to marry or enter into wedlock or religoius or LEGAL MARRIAGE, in order to enjoy the protections and benefits of parenthood in safety and protection of our larger community. Marriage is a religious right, not a class entitled to impair the protection of persons or enforce a religious gender role, and participation in the workforce is not a qualifier for rights in our society - it is a benefit that must not become a measure of the fitness or participation of a parent in award of those rights. Financial support, where such support is detrimental to other rights, is not a surplus to be assigned - and for most Americans who have no savings it is a form of bondage and debt bondage, which the public and community must learn to cope without compulsory creation of a service or labor in raising a child to be converted into a Public Office.

The provision of such awards, now deemed an entitlement wrongly by many women, and to criminalize men who are not able to particiapte or prohibited from participation in the workplace of the UNITED STATES, is a form of bondage and peonage not permitted by Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms related; shown to be evident misuse in 15 U.S. Code § 1 illegality in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen"; in extreme neurodiverse dysfunction of persons aided by foreign support and advances in communications, which enabled global defamation unlawful in every manner and custody of family law. Reproductive rights are human rights, and are not entitled taxation or levy or fee for their production or assignment based on gender, a fact of the 1907 extended federal law, now owing a rescission of policies by the People over United States to end the practice, as it once ended slavery with the 14th Amendment - and to the same end this practice has been and continues to be styled as "Human Slavery" in its misuse.

Therefore, the Title IV PROGRAM will be done away with and reorganized, and benefits removed from the Federal and State authority, which shall have no impact on the individual's right to continue to maintain the prior programs voluntarily or terminate them without prejudice, and to void any debt that exists which was not collected from the public credit and private credit immediately. The debts of the People are their own business, not that of the UNITED STATES nor the member States, and the UNITED STATES may not issue debt or credit to persons based on the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION in LEGAL PERSON which is drawn against the income of other persons, as that is not a voluntary or lawful taking of funds and contrary to the solicitation by which the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and incorporated person were held out to the People in benefit prior and in consideration of their adoption and use of the legal instrument. Payments shall be made one-way dispersements, and no payment to the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION or any person shall be subject levy or taking or removal of funds, per Flemming v Nestor (1960) rule; making these accounts as secure in their construction as a bank dispersement of cash to an account holder - subject only CIVIL PROCESS and ordinary lawsuit for recovery on a case by case basis. The issue of broad contracts in-context to WARRANTS PAID OR ISSUED shall cease, and no terms or conditions shall be permitted in the issue of a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT other than expiration and applicable redeemer in name, as illustrated in the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL issue of warrants in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", whereby such warrants were balances of credit and perfidy held out to secure false terms of contract, a fraud.

It is not enough that the United States cease its actions. It must compel its AGENTS to act in accordance to the Regulations and REUIRED STATE LAWS elected by those programs, or remove the animals from tet of the United States Treasury fully until they comply with obligations set forth in law and full performance of justice. The United States is in debt, and has no assets in the Federal Union which it can collateralize due to 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907; and must repay its creditors and balance its spending immediately - without use of such human trafficking and debt bondage strategies and expectation of COMPULSORY LABOR for the in-consideration benefit of contact between parents and their children. The term LEGAL PARENT and biological parent are not unequal, and this practice of religious extremist conduct omitting acts of force and inscest and other violence of conviction, exception, and specific cases - must end.

The United States, in this act of 2001-2024, has attempted to exterminate my people. This is why Dr. Klepper concealed those physical differences in James Allen from discovery and classification, and it is evident that such differences are not compatible with the delusion of an interest in the private person and the legal person as other than an asset for labor and production of capital to the present State, which is not and shall never be the legal right of a competent government of these united States of America.

It is the opinion of most, with whom the firm has consulted, that a genuine doubt that the United States or its member States will come to the bargaining table or give legal answer to these charges and claims and obligations, even where the contract is clear and explicit. The confidence due to misuse and abuse and violence is so pervasive that most competent persons do not see a way forward which involves the courts or the public as a competent partner.

The United States has a remedy in attention to the 1907 collateral contract, and to the real persons and natural persons and the Public, to heed the notice and demand to perform and to arrest such insurrection and rebellion; or by tacit complicity demonstrate to many that the intent of this Administration and of State of Florida and State of Texas and State of California and State of Illinois and State of New York, is to follow their foreign capital backers in a form of rebellion and insurrection no less than that of the Ukrainian and no less disasterous.

Trust and commerce cannot operate where a portion of the population is marginalized and deemed an inferior class based on race, economic inequality, limited opportunity, or physical differences or diversity of culture and language and interest. Business and industry are not our national purpose. The People and their dignity and security is the sole purpose of a competent national government. If tht must be compelled by consolidation or forfeiture to a singular voice and conveyed to a limited committee of oversight to correct broad intractable and deeply rooted divisions for which the business of government has become a narrative deceit of brinkmanship rather than a podium of ideas open to the public, then it is time to accept that the United States and the great experiment of the Republic has failed utterly - that it is unable to defend its most vulnerable members from the creeping corruption of an envious foreign led DEMOCRACY which would sell children to their own parents if permitted to operate freely and gag every child and soldier to protect itself from criticism.

If you feel nothing for this and prefer to stand on the sidelines while such abuse is done, then by tacit silence you signal your assent to the worst injuries done by this improper use of force and public record and mass community self-interest. But if you wish to save the value of the United States, then you must be prepared to legally put down the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union and all member States, and recognize they are not the basis of this nation or the purpose of its organization and rule - but the social construct and no more defined than some would demand you make the words that we use for gender to mean exclusively and only what they want them to mean - rather than what we ourselves elect to show as we ourselves carry on our lives as individuals elect and choose rather than communities.

This sort of provocation is designed to provoke in those it injures the appearance of treason, for moving to execute the rights and initiate the "process of law and operation of law" as prescribed in 1907 explicitly and with concrete obligation to perform in full those rules.

When slavery existed, it was considered insane to suggest that a slave was worth a free man; or that a woman was worth a free man.

Today, the question is whether a father is worth a parent.

Most of you already know the answer. But for those who do not, know that the alternative to a Father is the replacement of that figure with the State assuming all those roles in the life of your children and over your sons.

Consider, then, if the history you want your sons and daughters to know is that of the State and its noble effort to extinguish your family and your history and your identity from its profit and exploitation of your human person - or the heritage of your family and of the people who were there to fight for you and stand for you and their genuine plans for you as their child, contrary to the interest of a deeply indebted and insolvent state.

The DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL SOCIALIST movement would suggest that unity and collective identity are the only avenue to obtain the protections and success afforded by society, and to seek and obtain approval and endorsement of institutions and government to carry out that success - picking winners and losers.

The Allen family, and James Allen, would prefer the institutions provide only the tools, and cease to act as gatekeepers of the institutions and right to trade and markets and capital that they have attempted to brand themselves and become - and to ensure that the access to such tools and education and right to franchise is not one that is subject to purchase any more than the right to speak to your own family children without first obtaining permission or contributing to the coffers of the State and the capital mechanisms which suggest your very health and medical care relies upon your constant employment and participation in the United States labor force and its income in order to simply survive or marry or live in peace on land or property you own; and that such instruments to insert an interest of the community or of the state or nation into those things necessary to survive, and to continue your family, do not become entailments by which your survivial is suspended until you participate and cooperate.

These principles, and their purpose in context to the misuse of the State in 2001-2024 seem simple enough; yet for the duration of their works - difficult for most people today to understand or afford the time to grapple with. And for that, and due to that, the resulting product is the misuse of such services without fear of reprisal, which has emboldend and enriched and concentrated the wealth of such enterprise to those who are willing to keep shaving off small pieces of the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms until we are nothing but 50 distinct warring nations, and our enemies travel freely among them seeking patronage and arms to wage war against those persons who resist and any pockets of resistance to their interest and monopoly in those markets domestically and overseas. We cannot continue to live as we did, or rely on the simple rules of 1776 or casual faith of good will in 1907.

It must be confronted and overcome - and the matter ended with permanence - even where we contemplate the legal termination of the prior incorporation (1776) or recognize the second restatement of that in 1907 is still insufficient, and what has not been said owing to the detail of the matter requires that we deploy persons to confront these infringements of the United States authority and integrity as one might audit a narcotice trafficker - with an indepedent small force and substantial vigilance and force of legal authority and physical support to assert the interest of the Public and of the private and individual is held out over the foreign and sovereign interest in the correction.

The public requires someone who knows they will die if they fail, or already has, but keeps resisting.

There is a reason that men like that are being accused and threatened with indictments and violence and terror and harm today. It is because the moment is fading wherein correction can be accomplished, and while the injury is fresh. There is a breach, in the error of such audacious criminality, and while the critics dwell on whether they have had their day in court to deflect from the 2001-2024 period they denied that DUE PROCESS to others to injure them and blacken their name - understand, collateral contracts do not require that a conviction or indictment is worked to trigger operation of law which automatically executes a relief prescribed. Intent, and equity, are no defense. Only the admission that total breach is evident, and thus irreversable - and the acceptance that the prescribed remedy is regardless of all apprehension, the lawful thing to implement immediately. Trust in the process, and it will resovle the imperfect contract if you follow the procedure. There will be time for blame and time for accounting and time for trials after the moment of test is concluded successfully. But for the moment, a legal thing at-law must be assessed as "performed" or "failed" and insolvency in the value of a performance by a State or entity is the outcome; not a defense in excuse to suggest the ability to collect from the victim is simply impractical, impossible, or no longer important to conceal the error in initiating such unjust and illegal and unfair act which owes rescission and restitution.

DEMOCRATIC EXTREMISTS would tell you that these are the past, and the debts of the past are DISCHARGE.

This contract states that all injuries are cumulative, and this is a truth everyone knows to be true.

Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 and terms of 1907, particularly that of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6, makes federal law that obligation to the Public injured in violatin of the collateral contract of 1907 exceptionally clear duty of United States and of its agents, for which its Federal Union and member States as component assets of that Federal Union, hold no legal right or power to suggest is othwerise in order to overcome the People of the State of Oklahoma, as it would be Sedition (18 U.S. Code §2383) and against the Laws of the United Stats themselves.

The hard part about doing such a thing is that you actually have to confront the people who are tasked with doing this, and admit that - not only did you know them, but that when they were injured you did nothing to help them, and now that may make accepting their truth very hard when those actions directly contributed to the more serious impact. It it easy to see a person and say that you value society and your ability to ignore and carry on more than you do them. It is harder to face that person, when you see them crucified, shamed, condemned, and sent to Hell - and they come back, expecting things to be different. Expecting you to be different. And it is hard to face such people without measuring yourself and feeling that they hold themselves to be better than you - when in fact it is your own shame creating that, not them. And your shame is a poor reason send them back to Hell so you can sleep at night again. Being responsible for everything - is hard.

That is why as a species humans find people they can invest that responsiblity in and walk away, and it serves their sense of self worth when they install that task in people who are not as sophisticated or capable as themselves, so the things seem less important than they really are.

The problem with a "Full Spectrum View", is that it affords the awareness that everything is important, and every one. And that no one has the right to assign or guess or triage people - even though we all do.

Until that becomes so extreme in behavior that the people we assign to care for matters have no will or power or integrity or loyalty; so the things we do seem more important even as their value diminishes also.

Look to your chidren, and ask, "How important is this?"

Don't look to James Allen. He already died in 2001. What's still there, fighting - is something else, and it is because he has not taken his eye off his child ("Baby Boy Allen") since this began when he was just 26 years old. That is the man's career and his profession. They call him a criminal (written letters, to attorneys, representing City of Ada) and they call him a monster and a threat and murder and more. James Allen has no criminal conviction. He has committed no crime. These things said, are said out of fear that he understands Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 made signed contract, a RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF THE UNITED STATES fully, owing force of law and perpetual right and prohibited change (Section 22). The SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION does not classify JAMES ALLEN as legally disabled, nor is he mentally incompetent or other allegation created by fraudulent report of a surgery done to him in February 2019 that was not in fact true and refused surgical repair until no sooner than June 2020 in torture. They cut a hole in his side, sewed him up, and sent him home to lay in a closet and sleep it off for three months. At times, he could not walk. Lindsay Tarver had to carry him, during that time, so he did not expire on that floor.

So when you hear who these people are - you see the names - you read the stories, and he shows up in that black leather (1991) trench coat and combat boots today, or tells you he owns DEATH HELL AND THE GRAVE (, and has all three keys to open it - the cryptographic master keys to access that network and the SEVEN ALPHA network for secure communication used by the INTANGIBLE PROPERTY - REGISTERED INTEGRATED SECURE COMMUNICATIONS (IP-RISC) GROUP; that's not a story. That's a fact.

The photos with the silver lock of hair - that's him. That's not dye. It happened because of a thing.

The long hair and the beard that look like a mural, that's him - even if the Army cut it off in 2005 and it grew back and he cut it off again when it began to all turn silver.

The wide smile, the crazy face, the stretchy skin, the scars all over and the quarter-sized marks on his forehead, knees, shoulder blades, and left side that looks like a knife - that's where the connective tissue abnormality allowed him to heal from the concrete burns and bike accident. Those are not cosmetic or injury. The knife marks. Red crecent cut into his upper right lip, an impression of a gun barrel from assault in 2002 in Dallas Texas, an attempt to maim him and knock out his teeth after he reported fraud against TERRABOX at 722 S Haskell Avenue documented by an enrolled IRS AGENT and in cooperation with the CEO of TERRABOX (who is now the VICE PRESIDENT OF RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED).

This is not a man who has not seen violence, nor a man who deals in violence where there is a civil way forward.

But it is a man you need to consider has witnesses who remain prepared to testify for twenty years in opposition to a child abduction and criminal extortion activity of major corporations of the United States acting under foreign sovereign interest and corrupt organizations in Interstate Rackteering activity. Some people run. Some people die where they stand, and have stood for 32 years, waiting. Waiting in one spot for 23 years for a child to show up and for a paid obligation to be performed or abandoned, owing service, of UNITED STATES.

Who would you send to a meeting on your behalf? A convicted criminal, or that man?


It is not possible to be certain, in war, that the information we have is 100% accurate and true. Whomever you send, must simply be the best at identifying the enemy, targeting their assets, eliminating their command and control and ability to fight, and eroding their ability to fight until they cannot resist effectively or rationalize prolonging the engagement. Such a man is not a kind man in the eyes of his enemies and those he is intent on eliminating or disabling. He is a monster.

Understand the stories, in the perspective of those who hate him. Understand the convictions of the man.

Then you will finally understand who you are fighting - by how much they hate him, and how much they fear his making contact with his child in any degree - and why they do not want that child to be anything like the father.

Ask yourself - is that the franchise that you want the State and a DEMOCRACY to make, when it comes to deciding if the world - their world - needs more or less of you.

It is not supernatural. It is just the reality of what happens when a person refuses to submit and conceed to the lie of SOCIALISM and COMMUNIST beliefs in the insanity of private property and private life. It is how such people see anyone who would stand between their own intentions and the children of the future who are the product that those people seek to reap before they mature.

It is a culture and a conviction that wants you to own nothing and be happy about that. Including the interest in your child and your spouse and your home and your reputation and your name.

And we have seen it on full display in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" from 2001-2024.

Mr. Allen is still not the outcome that such people want, having invested so much in his injury. But - as the rules of CIVIL PROCEDURE dictate, he who leaves the battlefield first is the loser, and he who remains is the winner. In the "nudge" of SOCIALISM, this is the resulting image of what happens when that process to degrade, humiliate, abuse, and defame a person by extremists fails to achieve compliance. It creates a culture of non-compliance, and a creed of people who will never quit and never stop, and - perhaps most importantly, which is to the question of the absolute franchise: "never forgive".

COMMUNISM would have you believe that to refuse to surrender your franchise and submit yourself to the will of the collective as if it were a promise of remedy and protection without unjust and unfair exploitation, that you are mentally ill. Mr. Allen studied Clinical Psychology and was PSI CHI (GREEK SOCIETY PSYCHOLOGY) President at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY in 1999 under J. Harris and R. Wigdor, with fellow S. Goodridge. He would argue, that to suggest that a person must surrender that franchise of judgement and independent assessment for favor or consideration is coercion, and the effort to portray such conviction as other than healthy and a reserved right of a human being is criminal malpractice of the medical science, a licensed practice to suit and benefit society at the expense of the patient, and improper intrusion of the State regulation of a franchise in the alleged interest of Public Health to undercut and injure and disable the suffrage rights of the People.

It is, therefore, lawful to be angry. And it is possible to be angry justifiably, and perpeptually. As it is legal and protected for a person to harbor such sentiment without being a danger or a threat to the public, or unfit or otherwise denied any civil honor of a competent society. To presume that we must mitigate our anger or participate in any collective or joint action, is to assume a right to seize the franchise of the individual in service of the public, a 1st and 14th Amendment violation.

It is absurd to believe that you can choose to set your boundaries, and that other people would blame you for their election to intentionally violate those boundaries and injure you. Provided that you do not set those boundaries outside of the square of your authority and franchise which is easily defined and elementary, but as a thing in law - in rem - it exists.

NATIONAL SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, and RACIAL SUPREMACISTS - presume that no such boundary exists for the individual, but only exist for the class, and must be fought to protect and to expand that boundary. Their way of thinking rests in the conviction that this is natural, real, and all other doctrines are immoral or evil or delusional and grandiose.

Mr. Allen simply presumes that, regardless of the odds - if one person sets their convictions upon the task, that the number of opposing parties or the presumption of those parties to any right not granted for good purpose is delusion owing correction - and that action is not required to assert or prove this nor to suggest the threat or to alarm those against whom force is potentially necessary to protect a thing of value - and that such value is designated by each individual person, not a collective. In this respect, a party of the first party would be secure in their rights in their own authority and space that is recognized and admitted by the second party, but if they choose to cross that into other avenues to infringe, then the party nor their original security is other than null and void, until such time as they indicate their submission and withdrawal under security or are eliminated. This is a military cultural upbringing, owing merit to the need for readiness and extent of action in martial duties. It is not an ill intent, resentment, or contempt for the affairs of others or the manner of their affairs, provided those affairs do not incite the necessity of force or require force for the protection of others.

It is therefore perfectly possible to not infringe upon anyone, and live in peace.

But the possibility of this franchise, and the very franchise in contemplation by any individual without the consent of their community or authority outside themselves; is alien to some and mentally ill to others who lack this sense of identity and peaceful intentions. Their anticipation of violence, and the fantasy of violence, when it cannot be acted out - is projected on persons like James Allen for his convictions, because it is easier to live in this dissociative state than to recognize the violent ideation is actually a product of the critics imagination and simple concepts.

People can, and do, live peacefully and in harmony, who contemplate these potential rights and franchise; but it requires that others are taught the nature of boundaries and respect and dignity owing and due to strangers, and to acknowledge that we do not truly know nor should we be so narcissistic as to contemplate the actual thoughts of other people or their motives or conditions - whereby that imagined image of a real person becomes a thing confused with reality and acted upon.

Militech Systems training in HEAVY OPERATOR program teaches that this is the function of observable world versus speculative (imagined, construed, implied) world image - and that officers are to report and limit their actions and reports to the observable world. At no time shall a HEAVY OPERATOR assert that they are confident in the mental or internal thoughts of a person, and to report such beliefs and thoughts to their superior for counselling, so that may be more effective warfighters and investigators.

On the contrary, 90% of the defamatory claims, writing, and publications over 2001-2024 are raving claims about the "imaginary world" of James Allen's mind and life by Veronica Petersen, Alicia McMahon, Brian Wolfe, Brian Young, and Donald Beal. These people have, in their letters, said more about the imaginary world of James Allen's alleged secret thoughts than Mr. Allen has ever time to discuss at length.

The "Petersen writings" describe in detail a clearly supernatural (i.e. delusional) level of claims as if absolute knowledge and facts at law in public declaration of Mr. Allen's alleged emotions, feelings, intentions, lack of feelings, at all times in context as-if-legal-facts-of-trial and reads like a cross between "AMERICAN PSYCHO" and "The Cell" (movie).

"The Petersen Writing" as a body of documents and claims in court are a deeply disturbed mental state evident in the letters, across multiple persons collaborating in this activity, reinforcing their delusions, which include imagined drug use and imagined sexual escapades, imagined cheating, imagined drinking habits, imagined beastiality, imagined homosexual encounters and homosexual imagery which seems to focus on Mr. Allen's butt very offen, and themes which make the letters identifiable as publications of Veronica Petersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young, Alicia McMahon, and Brian Wolfe.

The (Petersen) letters occassionally and purposefully reference other people including Susan Quincy of Tulsa (OK) AXIS (Band) / JEDIOKC (Group) and Charlyce Ann Klepper (Grandmother of the abducted/missing child) as if Dr. Klepper were a participant in the conversations (denied, witnessed by Elizabeth Botelho from 2003-2007); and use these names and impersonation of people in Galey Oklahoma and of witnesses by creation of false FACEBOOK PROFILES to impersonate them in application to send explicit violent and unusual letters and threats to the businesses - usually in large volume (20+ in one hour) and in the hours of 2am to 7am as if part of a pattern of alcohol abuse or substance abuse.

As a result of this, and repeated harassing unusual telephone calls to Mr. Allen, sometimes 2-4 per day in harassment, if you are associated with these people or SOONERCON SYNDICATE or JEDIOKC, or AKA DESIGNS or ALLYKATT DESIGNS or SCARBROUGH DESIGNS or INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC or IX NETWORKS LLC or their data centers in Dallas and Denver and New York and Beauharnois and at HURRICANE ELECTRIC (a data center company in California); the firm and most HEAVY OPERATORS trained in the City of Ada will treat you as an automatic threat and associate with a violent terrorist community engaged in physical attacks on the Ada facilities.

This does not mean anyone will harm you - but it does mean that your very presence or contact, and any business or purpose of your communication will be scrutinized; documented; and recorded in report for later records due to this pattern of 2001-2024 extortion by TERRABOX, COLOMART, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, NTT/VERIO, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, EQUINIX, ZAYO GROUP INC,. ATLANTIC.NET DALLAS LLC, SHARKTECH.NET, LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, DEPREF.NET, NAMESCHEAP.COM, HALIBURTON.COM, ERLICHINC.COM, FEDERAL EXPRESS, DOMAINSDIRECTORY.COM, or any other company associated with that activity in concert, such as MEJOR SERVER LLC.\

These are not random names or parties or all competitors. They are actually the names of the businesses which have been active and employed in the 2001-2024 harassment and child concealment communication.

After violence done to small animals in APRIL 2023, following MARCH 21 2023 conclusion of a 4 year malicious prosecution without report of "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" as a FICTITIOUS PETITIONER and resulting REGISTRATION OF A FOREIGN ORDER OF SUPPORT worked by such forgery, still under appeal, this conduct and resulting damages warrants the $40,000,000 USD civil damages sought in MARCH 16 2023 hearing on extrisic fraud and changes in assessment to investors concerning the safety and performance of law enforcement under the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY during this concealment and injury to a child contrary ORDERED POSSESION and in double jeopardy on concurrent trial initiated outside of the court of exclusive jurisdiction styled as valid before the State Court.

The history and facts of this account, by patiently watching and stoicly recording ever action deliberately to bring suit against Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and 1907 terms, seeking forfeiture for insolvency, far exceeds the value of doing harm to or gaining financial penalty from any one party which has been employed in the purposeful dilution and evasion of jurisdiction to extort and harass over 2001-2024. It is a proof of the state of the UNITED STATES default, and evidence of the nature of such illusory and delusional legal arguments held out to intimidate the court and the Judges of the District Courts before whom this case was brought; divided, and refused unification as a single legal trial. The state has failed to even bring the petitioner to the trial over 4 years, and eventually defaulted in admission of forgery to bring suit.

By observing STATE OF OKLAHOMA as AGENCY OF UNITED STATES to overreach and enter into the square of James Allen, a member of the Public; a proof of illegality is obtained.

To the COMMUNIST and DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST, whose mental framework rests on the property and the recovery of such property prior to its total spoliation, this action is success because of the dilatory tactics effectiveness. To the observer, this returns to the question, what is the reasonable degree of fine and of taking of property and indictement burden versus those persons unjust enrichment from such activity over 2001-2024?

If you imagine that each person must be prosecuted by UNITED STATES or a STATE of the district in which they are resident, and the persons are already engaged in mobility across 5 or more separate States and six DISTRICT COURTS, that is substantial. But if you imagine instead that the nexus of the entities in which these parties have enjoined their activity with are present in any one State or in the jurisdiction of 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and 1907 terms of United States franchise rights in INTERSTATE COMMERCE and access to the Federal incorporated person of each in Federal Deposit Insured Accounts (FDIC), then the ability to reach these assets and identify their distribution and dates of purchase and acquisition and cross-compare them to reported income by a Federal Bureau of Investigation member would be juvenile;

And that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMMISSION may, at its discretion, issue a STOP ORDER to suspend such companies operation and liquidate or dispose of business as property of the UNITED STATES owing duty to the 1907 collateral contract, for fines imposed under the INTERSTATE COMMERCE CLAUSE, then there are mechanism of control and methods of approach which the party enjoined to perform retians and must be exhausted prior to its default or insolvency as last resort.

These mechanisms are not imposed to be punitive, but this form of crime requires oversight that the DISTRICT COURT and the STATE COURT and the FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT do not have to assess a large misuse of INTERSTATE COMMERCE, owing substantial evidence and letters proving this activity (retained by Mr. Allen, for this purpose).

Thus a RE-ORGANIZATION of UNITED STATES BUSINESS is not outside the powers of the UNITED STATES nor those reserved powers of 76 OK Stat. 76-9 rule, a tort entitled "All Necessary Force" to arrest the misuse of assets in a criminal activity or fraud (18 U.S. Code 1341).

For many in business, it would be like the government walking into their office and firing a loaded gun just to gather the attention of everyone present. It is unthinkable.

It is not, however, illegal.

And it is not unlike someone walking into your home or seizing control of your motor vehicle while you are a passenger and driving you to a place against your will as a passenger while threatening to harm your newborn baby if you resist or call police or do not leave the location immediately after they take the child and conceal them, refusing to allow you to stay or to go inside and remain with your child. This is what happened to "Baby Boy Allen" in AUGUST 2001.

Abductors wrote that "James left. So he abandoned the child." This is fraud.

ABANDONMENT requires 60 days, and willfully leaving a child, and that such child is left without a responsible parent or guardian or caregiver at that time. None of that was true. So this is intentional perjury and 8 TX Stat. Sec. 37.03 perjury that is material and 37.09 and 37.10 false swearing in evidence to defraud.

Anyone who shared in the benefit of that fraudulent statement, whether a person or a corporation, should know that taking is not without consequence later - no matter how long it takes or how many buildings that regulators must walk into and seize business and arrest the activity of those officers or seize files and property to determine their involvement.

Over one child? - Yes.

It should always be every means of recourse, even if it is "only one child".

DEMOCRATIC PARTY members do not believe that is how society or commerce or government should work. They want to marginalize and rationalize these things to favor their interest(s). Those favors are at the expense of other people's families, lives, and children.

We cannot, therefore, tolerate a DEMOCRATIC PARTY who support such position; and the opposition to the suggestion of national investigation and nationwide fact finding action should tell us prior to any actual search and seizure or STOP ORDER who among the UNITED STATES is complicit with this activity in the employment of United States public office. Is this their right of suffrage to resist such actions? Is that resitance not fully and clearly evident in this case of complicity, a war crime in International Law.

Obviously there are better and more direct methods, such as a subpoena duces tecum to summon "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN" born in City of Carrolton, County of Denton, State of Texas to a court of competent jurisdiction and to depose the witness of their location as far back as they can recall. But that would not give us the financial data we require to assess the gains.

Nor would it be as likely to result in a correction of conduct among other firms against child trafficking.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY claims would by their belief in a right of fairness and due process denied to their victims in this case, barred by estoppel in example of "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" as proof and example of minimum protections to be employed - that they cannot be arrested, detained, stripped of all property, expelled from the country, or their UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP removed summarily regardless of naturalization status or place of birth. These, too, are against International Laws, just as the taking of "Baby Boy Allen" was, and again by estoppel, all protections are void as they were held out to be void by DONALD BEAL and Veronica Marie Petersen in commercial extortion letters, refused prosecution then and sooner than now.

The right of enforcement has reached a stage where there are no laws (NO CONTRACTS, no civil contract) by which any protection is guaranteed arising from briefs filed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA to that defense in case 121225; and that can be taken in pieces and in parts - or it can be done in equity as a shared liability, to void the entire incorporation of "State of Oklahoma" and so doing work automatically a void upon the incorporation for forfeiture and conveyance of "Federal Union".

Frankly, the second option is cleaner, quicker, and involves less chance of gunfire and people jumping out of windows. Of course, the problem is that States will not comply even if ordered to and will engaged in similar dilatory tactics for decades if permitted. Whether done in individual raids or in a national forfieture.

So is there "Legal possibility of accomplishing the task".

This is a stupid question to ask a man who has waited 23 years and stood before six separte court cases without seeing his accuser appear or hearing any testimony to contest his SWORN AFFIDAVIT while this continued as if nothing were done of legal effect to delay.

In time, especially with Artificial Intelligence leading the drive to overcome this, the States and the businesses involved will capitulate or be dissolved and liquidated. And this is not the end of the interest of the People. It is a beginning to install services to address this improper and illegal activity, even where automation and aggressive safeguards and new authority must be created, and other rights which have become a tool for abuse are removed by an administrative force with Seisin in Law authority. Kingdoms last, historically, because central authority has the franchise to initiate major changes in response to specific threats, faster than DEMOCRACIES and REPUBLICS.

In the past, we considered the UNITED STATES to be a REPUBLIC with a DEMOCRATIC self-image.

It is time that we consider the United States to be a Subbordinate State to the People, and a REPUBLIC in image owing no duty to the DEMOCRATIC rule of equity or place for it, and extinguish forever the concept that a collective or majority vote may work law upon the minority without the executive veto power of a central executive and a representative assembly to blunt that will to do what is easy rather than what is right.

In essence, the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES was made to perform the duty that has been described, but its occupancy and misapplication and disablement owes now Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 be brought forth as the COMMISSION of that agreement owing service and peroformance or report and final entry of 'insolvency' the failure thereof to act.

At no time in the defamation and public writings about James Allen, did the prior claims appear or were imagined or put forth, other than to assert the DEMOCRATIC PARTY cry that no person is entitled to the power that has been seized and divided among the usurpers. And any who would dare assert the right, or franchise owing service for that, be insane or put to death - in the person of JAMES ALLEN (legally) or James Allen (physically).

That sounds, in reversal, like a simple estoppel of rights confessed in 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - the paraphrasing of the penalty for "TREASON" for the crime of being "JAMES ALLEN", and for the crime of being "LEGAL FATHER" of "Baby Boy Allen", and for preserving the name of the child for his naming ceremony as is our tradition, over the objection of VERONICA PETERSEN who did name the child after herself in-exchange and in-consideration for allowing JAMES ALLEN to choose the first and middle name in addition to the right to remain in the life of the child and have custody of the child and for the child to choose his name upn his coming of age (then presumed by traditions and acts to be 15 years of age); sole reason for agreement with the proposal of using the names in the book found while Allen was asleep in the room and directed by Veronica Petersen in her offer there. A process James did not suggest, and was elected by VERONICA PETERSEN from a spiral notebook containing names James wrote there in the maternity room as his picks for Veronica to consider and his suggestions - not some command in a BDSM fantasy of control and oppression. James was awake for 3 days without sleep when this was done, after watching his son born in front of him, while standing in a suit. A 13 lb boy, popping into the arms of the stunned doctor who barely caught him in front of Allen and did arrive in his own time of choosing ahead of expected medical claims. Allen was standing there, in his business suit, asking when he should change when this suddenly happened - without warning and to the surprise of the attending, terrifying the young father and the doctor alike. Ms. Petersen, on seeing this, was enraged that James did not participate and catch the baby, in a demonstration of similar empathy deficit disorcers - and refused to speak to Allen despite his staying by her side and passing out in her maternity room from exhaustion at her bedside.

So - when these people say "ABANDONED" his son, and "NEVER CARED FOR HIS CHILD", these are self-talk and delusions of a deeply disturbed or criminal intent in written publications. The child's last name would have been ALLEN if VERONICA PETERSEN had allowed it to be so written, and is still secret from the child 23 years later - the suggestion chosen by the Father if it were his choice alone. It is a name that would bear good use for a child, or for a new nation.

And so when we consider ambition, and the audacity of James Allen, it is important to consider that before that name was chosen and suitable for a new United States - it was chosen for the one thing he loved more than even that - his only son.

But Veronica Petersen said that she feared that she would have trouble picking the child up at school with that name, so she chose her own instead - and made a story out of that to defraud the child and the world to follow from 2001-2024.

The child has the right to choose their "family" name on their fifteenth birthday. A day that came and went, despite hiring PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS and attorneys to find and recover the child as soon as possible, finally locating them in 2015.


The year today is 2024.

Nine years have passed since case 15-06292393 was made exclusive jurisdiction of District Court of Denton County, State of Texas without ordinary DUE PROCESS afforded due case 01-177202-R filed in District Court of Dallas County, Dallas Texas in 2018 to defraud right to trial in 2015-2020 and by prosecution ex juris under false party forged "Veronica Peterson" and "VERONICA PETERSON" and "VERONICA PETERSEN" in name alleged to be in MARCH 16 2023 in fact and all along a legal civil action initiated without agency or consent of the creditor "Veroncia Marie Petersen" by UNITED STATES agent in fact made and petition of appearance filed as "STATE OF OKLAHOMA" for motion filed in case FR-2018-04 as "State of Oklahoma" in party, a party of PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat and terms of 1907 agreement owing service to and in lawsuit against "James Allen", a natural person per filing documents, to seek payment of a debt owed by UNITED STATES alleged against the legal person of "JAMES ALLEN" (a United States incorporated account, subject Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 Pg 93492-93569 and 45 CFR as REQUIRED STATE LAW Effective Feb 21 2017 or prior in elected contract by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF FLORIDA. For 9 years this activity has worked an obstruction of justice in dilatory tactics and for opportunistic breach for unjust enrichment of a Federal 5 U.S. Code § 101 trust made in interest of JAMES ALLEN and VERONICA PETERSEN, to deny JAMES ALLEN such funds and to pay money awarded to "Veronica Marie Petersen" exclusively as if a debt of VERONICA PETERSEN at-law, contrary ORDER 01-17702-R which bars transfer of the debt from the natural person (who is not UNITED STATES to the legal person VERONICA PETERSEN who is in fact at law a division made by and of UNITED STATES legal property and accounts separate from the bona fide judgement creditor of record). Fiduciary rules would cite 1.) the legal instrument filed is the sole proof of account, and; 2.) payment to UNITED STATES or actions under authority obtained from presumed CREDITOR status of UNITED STATES not present in the ascribed instrument, are proof of embezzlement in the document owing no further evidence, a full proof; 3.) from which it is evident STATE OF OKLAHOMA as agent of UNITED STATES acted to violate Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and separately the terms of Constitution of the United States in two or more clauses, a 'repugnant inconsistency' owing total breach by operation of law in the act, and total breach grounds for 'insolvency' evident and forfeiture to the party in the elected civil action (James Allen, a natural person - and member of the Public in character of entity).

The work continues.

It is hard not to draw conclusions from this legal circumstances, or parallels in the stories and the fiction of society in turmoil to mythologize the 2001-2024 conflict as imagined to conceal their liability and accountability and debt created - to the Dark Father figure - to the Man from Oklahoma born of Chickasaw Nation Reservation but white by attribute in the records of his enemy and of dark skin only in the fiction of his enemies - He Who Remains, the existential threat of an aggressor in the shadow image of a masculine boogeyman, some sort of underworld figure by the letters to Mr. Stout and Mr. A. Allen according to Donald J. Beal, an insane criminal imbicile and mastermind of no moral worth according to the detailed reports of the Petersen conspirators and their claims alleging the FBI cooperation and Pontotoc County Sheriff and ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and District Judge co-conspiractors in this activity. It sounds like a story, the claims being made, so the report of it will be disbelieved and dismissed as untrue - a gaslighting legal tactic of substantial criminal premeditation and sustained effort and planning requiring 2 or more persons, shown in letters of threats and in 2011 ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT documents exposing Alicia McMahon and Brian Young acting there on behalf of and in partnership with Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal and Brian Wolfe - commercial officers of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY, IX NETWORKS LLC for EQUINIX and ZAYO GROUP INC. and NTT/VERIO and PACKET CLEARING HOUSE interests with DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, and TERRABOX.COM CO (a Texas Corporation, 722 S Haskell Ave, Dallas TX).

The child has yet to see or speak to or admit his father because of this - and the claims that does not want to do so and why are in the notes of his PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICAL RECORDS, citing the inablity to do this as the reason for his SUSPENSION in public school and mandatory counseling, a sustained form of abuse from 2001-2015 and 2015-2024.

The child does not know his father. He only knows the imaginary verision of his father that suits the narrative of the abductors and STATE OF TEXAS fraudulent claims to conceal these facts and eye-witness observations. He will take more convincing. And it would be easier to overcome a country than it would be to overcome a child of someone who does not want to hear the truth or be discovered and revealed.

It would be easier to fight the world, than to fight your own children.

This is why the NATIAON SOCIALISTS, the DEMOCRATIC EXTREMISTS, and the COMMUNIST movement and supporters choose to make you fight your children. To seduce your children. And to abuse and take and threaten to conceal your children, to obtain your compliance.

Because they know we would grieve more if we hurt our children than anyone else.

And that this is the security and the bond upon which their actions rest, speaks volumes as to why we need to do this thing and remove legally the incorporation of State of Oklahoma and Federal Union, to subject those persons to the peril that they have held out against our People to obtain our rights.

Rights that do not exist in their mind, according the letters published and observed in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", but are despite that expected enforcement and the service of the United States to assert such threats against any who reports their fraud and violence and criminality to the public or resists.

There can be no Peace.

A moral person cannot live or contract or treat with such a people or culture.

A people who, when confronted with the PRESCRIBED FORFEITURE OF THE PROPERTY that was held out as security, abuse and defame and attack to obliterate the creditor, before the petition for relief and rescission is even heard; and call that grandiose - to have asked for what was pledged, what was promised, and what is due.

It is not narcissim or grandiosity to demand satisfaction of the pledge of performance.

It is simply a repudiation by those persons and a declaration they do not intend to be bound by law while expecting it to be their weapon against their enemies.

They have, by this one act in assertion - separated themselves from the protection of ordinary People, and alienated themselves from the class that is entitled to the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in overt act of war and sustained acts of war; for which we can have but one conclusion. One which is above the UNITED STATES right of franchise and beyond its authority, a reserved right.

To declare in this those persons enemy combatants of the American People and Traitors to the Human Race.

Mr. Allen differs from United States, in his assertion - the franchise and the responsibility of the People is not the business of the United States, or its economic or military or political aims. The People are about the business of but one thing - the interest of the Human Race. Where there are members of this Race, there shall be the interest of the American People, and in that without respect to borders or territory or tradition or Treaty, we assert our interest at law. This is our interest in our own land and territory as well as others, equally, and we assert that all persons of the Human Race are our franchise - whether they believe themselves to be United States Citizens or Russians or Ukranians, or Somali or Saudi or Japanese. They do not have to cease being who they are, to be a part of our franchise and our purpose and our mission. This does not mean that everyone should come to the United States, and attemp to hide in that place. No.

This means, that if you think that terminating the charter of the Federal Union or the State of Oklahoma is Grandiose - you have no concept of what a "Full Spectrum View" would set out to do, or how they might go about that strategy of policy and International activity - industry - and assertion of a presence in affairs of the world.

The question every American should ask is not whether we should preserve the Federal Union and the States - but whether we should get up, out of our corner, and go out there and do what Americans do best.

Because the people who did this, those who benefited, are still out there, and they will run. And you need to decide, are you going to be satisfied when things are changed here - or are you going to go out there and get them, no matter where they hide.

Many American sons and daughters will die in that process, none of those losses are welcome. But when it comes to deciding how we die, and where we die, and what we die over and if we choose to die easy or die hard, that is a choice many Americans are more than ready to make. And there are many more of us, than there are of those who we should pursue. 400,000 people have died over the last 4 years because we were unable to be decisive and clear in our direction. Does it mean less that those men and women were not United States Citizens? Or that many of them were Russians? How many sons and daughters are spent for such things?

To let that happen, or continue, for those 400,000 people and their children, is treason against each and every one. What ambition, then, to end that and to choose an option that does not humiliate or destroy either or both of the parties dying on the fields of Ukraine?

This is the scope of a father's love for his child, and the cost of restraint and detention of people and voices who would fight - to satisfy the delusion of imputed earnings and false entitlement and arrogant SOCIALIST NATIONISM that owes no loyalty to any country or State, but only to its foreign banks and foreign profiteers.

Is the injury a puppet to that - and a settlement that is to be made to proportion of the injured body of the family that survives mutiliation and violence? or is the penalty and remedy set forth not total in the franchise made forfeit and insolvency for performance alone, owing insolvency as total finding - no lesser thing. That the franchise of people is denied to service the earnings of others, is not equitable nor due a fine in response to the loss of franchise. Only franchise for franchise, an insolvency, can work the proper correction.

The DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS have demanded we the People give up our franchise, so that their entitlement and their reputation is unsullied by their own deeds and indiscretion and perfidy.

The letters of "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" are a manifesto of such DEMONCRATIC SOCAILIST dogma and delusion.

It is the teaching of COMMUNISM under color of merchant law in State of Oklahoma.

And for that, and in respect to 21 OK STAT., already the prescribed remedy, forfeiture and loss of all right to do business and trade is the remedy promised.

For spoliation of title, void of the right to title at law.

And where such spoliation is intended by letter and by design to be complete, let the remedy by insolvency and forfieture equally complete.

The People, elected by action of STATE OF OKLAHOMA in suit, have made the LEGAL ANSWER upon UNITED STATES and its AGENCY in that entity, for failure to perform. Treason against the United States is their reservation. Treason against the People, in the franchise and the authority of the People, for cause and overwhelming evidence owing void on failure to perform Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. and full terms of 1907, a contract at law, in legal force in all language and terms, demands insolvency is the finding of "State of Oklahoma" were it to fail to perform its duty in Rescission and full restititution, which were it legal impossibility or impracticality, does not excuse the State or United States and on the contrary condems it to insolvency and the forfieture pledged as remedy to the injured party. At which point, and for the complexity of the offense and duration and dilatory forgery and deceit, is a finding of Treason superior to and separate from any rights and protections and privileges of later DUE PROCESS incorporated in the previous contract - owed void and no defense. That this cannot be understood or is repudiated, is treason in rebellion and insurrection to obstruct and delay the laws of the United States duly made in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 agreement signed - a duty of United States and all members of the Federal Union. No defense exists where estoppel has withheld those rights to others to work an unjust enrichment or execute spoliation or liquidation of collateral owing delivery and performance of contract. It is repuduation of the very intent to be bound by law, outlawery, and thus treason ab initio.

This is the language of our people, and if by this in absolute conviction do the parties exclaim and pronounce their separation from us now and forever, then so be that in election to expel themselves from the contract duly made and the security pledged therein, to be alien themselves and not cast that dispersion upon our people or their character further - and where they shall not leave this place in their acts or repent their actions in full compensation which is legal impossibiity, then may they be removed and set aside from us and from all the benefits of our trust and a nation duly organized and made - omitting this disease and its sickness from us, that we may restore the Peace - or be at lest secure in our conviction as we prepare for perpetual war.

For with such persons among us or above us or over our works and our families and our lives, there can be no Peace.

Those persons who were quick to claim that a Sacred place has been desecrated in 2020, did not and still do not admit that prior in 2001, more sacred places were assaulted and destroyed, buildings burned, and violence begun - for which there has not been rest for 24 consecutive years (initial violence was in 2000, in ambush with injury in The Colony, State of Texas). Your claims of insurrection, rebellion, and contempt - come somewhat late to the acts already ongoing which complicity and criminal fraud and perjury did conceal from you - but were just as real and far more violent than a soiled desk or a man in a funny hat. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been engaged in rebellion since AUGUST 11th 2001. The violence we see today, is just a symptom. The record speaks for itself, and the letters, a testamony to the intentional assassination of the franchise of any person who is in their way - without reservation or regard for children or the elderly or the sick or vulnerable or injured. And from this performance do we know them, and owe them nothing but insolvency for the performance in the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms of 1907 owing performance or default.

Let us proceed with the claim of insolvency formally, where this does not resolve itself fully, and assume the correct personality of the nation which was held out to us in contract, or the fofeiture of the collateral in full and whole.

It is by election of STATE OF OKLAHOMA as agent of UNITED STATES that the subject has chosen their receiver, "James Allen". And for the purpose and for the cause and upon the details and facts of the case, not entitled pesrona moralis (a class, a greater good in abstract) any chose of right, to pursue your default and execute an insolvency at law. Now, the sheer disbelief at the stakes, having walked into a court room and placed on the table contrary UIFSA Rev 2008 terms held out, the "Full faith and credit of the United States" as superior right to ignore the WAIVER and AGREEMENT enumerated in the style of case 01-177202-R as filed, forgery on prima facia of a FICTITIOUS PETITIONER "Veronica Peterson", to test that Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and terms in full of 1907 contract, for the collateral assets ("State of Oklahoma", "Federal Union") and the underwriting for performance of a District of Columbia granted by the same in federal law part of that agreement fixed then in Federal Law and duty of State of Oklahoma (Section 3 and 21 and 22), the terms sufficient to incorporate both Declaration in text and Federal and State Constitution as Federal Law in rider aggrement, a contract for collateral.

Satisfy all of the terms and demonstrate that they were performed from 2001-2024 in full at all times, or accept insolvency, and legal relief owing to the injured party of the property pledged on that rule. Mr. Allen, an experienced fiduciary, has prepared a formal organization to assume in place of himself and for the security of the innocent parties - a committee to administer the receipt of the default. Removing himself from such process, as is good judical judgement. Consider, this to be a gentle solution, and accept the automatic execution of the contract at law; or resist - and be in rebellion and seditious conspiracy and treason against the duty of the United States made manifest and invoked and duly filed for performance.

Decorum and civil process and MEMORANDUM is thus satisfied, and nothing further is owed by James Allen or any property in his image or likeness or name - nor by UNITED STATES to the FALSE BILL before the Court in partial instrument and illegal (prohibited, polygamy) construed thereof. Let it be so ORDERED or taken under administrative right of the designated committee per 78 OK STAT. Sec. 78-54 in IP-RISC GROUP, to direct such sustained and perpetual relief and actions - and cease all hostilities and derogatory claims and records be so corrected to show FRAUD perpetrated by and for Veronica Marie Petersen, a non party to title of a child, and seizure of a REGISTERED LEGAL CHILD for benefits fraud and in theft of property of the United States duly registered for its rightful use and POSSESSION then denied and obstructed and extinguished in 2001 AUGUST to defraud the COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SECURITY (42 U.S. Code Sec. 408), in flagrant and unjustified premeditated illegality.

So Mote It Be.


January 3rd 2024

The prior are not without context to a physical attempted burglary May 20 2020 in Pontotoc County, witnessed by Kyle Mathew Hibbs, a legally disabled terminally ill patient resident in City of Ada and James Allen - a full proof.

This act was also witnessed by residents of East Woodland Drive and North Crown Point Drive, who witnessed the two vehicles fleeing the RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED business office after attempting to break down a door of an internal room on the property. This is not a door subject to deliveries, and force sufficient to break down the door was employed.

Testimony of this was given to ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT PATROL OFFICER VOGT, who did then on video fraudulently and criminally and knowingly make report to DISPATCH to add a derogatory term to the record of the BUSINESS ADDRESS to discredit reports of violence and felony stalking in the "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" civil suit then ongoing since NOVEMBER 20 2018 filing of case 01-177202-R in DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS outside of the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS.

In light of extortion threats, and prior break in on two separte occassions targeting other property of the building owner in Pontotoc County during false police report filed by ALICIA MCMAHON and BRIAN YOUNG in the year 2011 to conceal demand for MONEY DEMANDED by BRIAN YOUNG for SOONERCON SYNDICATE and KEIF-LP "The Rocket" Enid OKLAHOMA not-for-profit public radio license, revoked by the Federal Communication Commission on non-payment of a $10,000 USD fine.

Use of the concealment of a child by BRIAN YOUNG, DONALD BEAL, ALICIA MCMAHON, and VERONICA PETERSEN in 2011-2013 publications under the alias LOSTSERVER.NET and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM, where ALICIA MCMAHON was a registered VIP MEMBER account with moderator privileges in State of New York, employed to incite violence in the taking, concealment, and abuse of the child of JAMES ALLEN to overcome SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. business activity in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas, and in attacks upon RACKSPACE data centers leased to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

These attacks, paired with physical burglary and effort to falsify such act witnessed by two or more persons, to corrupt the services of CITY OF ADA and ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, then solicited January 28 2022 by DONALD J. BEAL under color of a non-commercial inquiry while DONALD BEAL was the DIRECTOR of record of "IX NETWORKS LLC" of State of Texas, established in AUGUST 20 2020.

ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT reports did not disclose the presence of Kyle Hibbs as witness, nor seek to verify the account of the attack witnessed by Hibbs and Allen, prior reporting it as if an imagined attack - a report which is typical of white supremacist gaslighting of victims in Klu Klux Klan tactics against victims of organized violence. This act occurred in 2020 May, prior installation of cameras, and OFFICER VOGT reported that cameras were installed on the property during the 2021 August video he made, warning persons on the unencrypted police scanner by this act to prevent further attacks exposing the persons responsible. Prior five separate vehicle strikes on mail boxes mounted in concrete on a six-inch square 1cm thick steel post, flipping the concrete and steel post out of the ground in five high speed collissions with vehicles in the 250 foot ninety-degree left-hand turn in targeted attack.

ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT has declined to inverview witnesses without using body cameras which place the video into PUBLIC RECORD available to COMMERCIAL COMPETITORS of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, and declined to take or discuss criminal activity or detection methods and counter-measures used by the firm including logs of the attacks without acting as a hostile overseas competitor agent in this recording activity.

As of 10:13 AM CDT January 3rd 2023, harassing phone calls from a modem dialing officer phone numbers, repeatedly (2nd attempt at 10:13 am CDT), in a pattern of directed felony stalking prompted by the public release of this information and sustained throughout the prior testimony in this case; in apparent abuse of STINGRAY or similar cell phone systems and FALSE CALLER ID INFORMATION encoded in all such calls to defraud their origin. One robocall in particular seeks employee information and voice print samples using a recorded female voice impersonating a live caller, in harassment over a dozen identical calls. Calls appear to coordinate with employee movement on and off the property at S Country Club, suggesting presence of a VIDEO SURVEILLANCE installation being abused in context to this gaslighting activity. Attacks in April 2023 involved entry to a locked fence area to place the body of the elderly animal on the porch and close the gate behind the intruders where other serious animal mutilation occurred (later discovered in December 2023 on medical exam of rescued animals and substantial change in domestic animal behavior), further increasing security concerns.

It is not likely that animals primary fangs are being broken in half while still in their mouth, along with secondary teeth removed to disable the bite on some animals and render exceedingly dangerous the bite of other animals. Two subject animals were recoverd whose toes had been cut to the quick, and half of the ear of one animal cut off with a straight-edge through the primary vein and healed - indicating severe mutiliation and behavior suggesting felony animal cruelty, possibly for bait as dog-fighting animals at the 400 block of South Highland. Use of explosives in front of the property to terrify the animals further and deposit of substantial feces by large animals led to the property to purposefully defacate on the property damaging its property value and public health, and destruction of a fence to allow a large animal to roam the area in an insufficient enclosure, paired with GOOGLE MAPS designation of the site as a BUSINESS in an R2 zone open after 7pm who offer 'non surgical nasal adjustment' and similar body modification procedures commercially as late as 11 pm; increase concerns of intentional activity to damage the property value indicated in OCTOBER 5 2022 letter of extortion by DONALD J BEAL from of ICELAND, an email address in use by LOOPBACK0.NETWORK hosting virtual servers on Suite 700 offices of 2323 Bryan St, Dallas Texas business and SHARKTECH.NET business servers with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. owning the actual server used in this extortion.

Prior threats from Suite 2670 office at 2323 Bryan St, Dallas Texas, make these communications in OCTOBER 5 2022 part of a pattern of concealment behind foreign corporate entities (DEPREF.NET) and COLORADO and NEVADA based SHARKTECH.NET service resellers, who RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED have reason to believe are reseller accounts of NTT/VERIO and Denial of Service protection schemes by their provider and in undocumented trust activity among NTT and EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST (see synergy data study). These threats appear part of a 30% market share strong-arm racketeering activity by Donald Beal, acting as IX NETWORKS LLC to carry out attacks on competitor RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in City of Ada and Pontotoc County, using concealment and abuse of a missing exploited child.

The companies have established on GOOGLE LLC the identity of the OFFICER of the company to target search related false material claims concering child custody to gain this market share, in anti-competitive practices, and created companies whose lines of support terminate in Fort Collins (State of Colorado) area code 970, where no company of record exists (real company, MEJOR SERVER LLC - a State of Florida company); and nexus between the Florida address and the concealment of the missing exploited child evident in the real estate records and contrary SWORN AFFIDAVIT of residency in the court of exclusive jurisdiction on JULY 27 2015 not modified then or since and the case closed JANUARY 1 2020 due to malicious unlawful prosecution in 2018 NOV 20 to MARCH 23 2023 in DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA on the same matter initiated in DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS without jurisdiction or legal standing to bring suit.

Legal claims to dismiss the physical attacks, the third such daylight burglary in 2010-2021, amid threats, exposes regional corruption and violence precluding the safety of property and employees in Pontotoc County.

Concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION while holding out such partial contract and briefs filed to allege acknowledgement of such writ as an ORDER OF POSSESSION OF A CHILD refused service, further indicate that PONTOTOC COUNTY has acted in accessory to abduction of the child from DALLAS COUNTY and concealment in DENTON COUNTY, without semblance or minimum due process and in violation knowingly of 22 OK Stat. Sec. 22-13 rule in false trial spanning 2015 July 27 to 2024 JANUARY 1.

At no time has the accused been permitted to face their accuser, to call witnesses, nor any contest to the SWORN AFFIDAVIT filed in court owing law of the trial as EVIDENCE in 45 CFR §302.56 rule of rebuttal and in "RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1984)" obligation due LEGAL ANSWER or abandonment of such civil suit and debt; which fails the "fair" and "just" requirements of U.S. Public Policy made REQUIRED STATE LAW in all COMMON FEDERAL RULE as REGULATIONS in administrative law governing the delegated limited and exclusive "Agency Powers" assumed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in case FR-2018-04 during 2018 to present, barred by 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule as owing void to order 01-17702-R upon enforcement deemed over $500 USD in legal demand - a duty of 45 CFR §303.6 Federal Regulation of TITLE IV programs.

This fraud is reminicant of the OSAGE MURDERS, and inseparable now from City of Ada as it has claimed the life of the child's grandmother Charlyce Ann Klepper in May 2022 amid ongoing directed public distribution of her POWER OF ATTORNEY to falsely represent a CUSTODY ORDER OVER AN ADULT OFFICER OF A CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES to defraud RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED of legal RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) in a pattern of child trafficking and human trafficking activity by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES authority as agent of UNITED STATES in each official act by the member States.

For which total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and related 1907 NOV 16 collateral contract is alleged by James Allen, defendant in the 2018-2023 civil suit upon the legal instrument filed in partial contract (incomplete contract, to defraud) naming "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" IN THE INTEREST OF A CHILD (BENEFICIARY) named MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN born in case 01-17702 and DECEMBER 18 ORDER there explicitly designated a born alive child who was given birth in "DALLAS TX" (City of Dallas, or County of Dallas), a fabricated entity not qualified by 1 U.S. Code § 8 rule or UIFSA Art. 1 Sec. 101 as a genuine party to any order or debt instrument of United States Federal Law.

Rebellion and Insurrection are repudiation of the "Laws of the United States" in whole or part, and Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 are such law owing performance now or total breach of contract and collateral forfeiture of the incorporated property subject to such 1906 solicitation by the draftsman (59th Congress of the United States, a security instrument of United States duly made), and 60th Congress of the United States endosrement on NOVEMBER 16 1907, a bond conditional performance of service and protection not satisfied and disclaimed in briefs by STATE OF OKLAHOMA per case 121225 now before the COURT OF CIVIL APPEALS District 2 and 4.

Effort to tamper with that case by DECEMBER 2023 claims of a Florida Office of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, is component to the prior burglaries, publications, threats, child taking, child concealment, assault at gunpoint, commercial standing of parties in competition and Interstate publications, misuse of POWER OF ATTORNEY of a deceased person over the age of 65 to extort real property and real estate in Pontotoc County as a function of that fraud, and to tamper with the debts and credit of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by employees of EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, NTT/VERIO, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, OPEN SOCEITY FOUNDATIONS (A GEORGE SOROS FAMILY OFFICE COMPANY), and by partners in San Jose California and Enid Oklahoma and Plano Texas who represent NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) AFFILIATE broadcast stations, inciting genocide and racial taking of children to overcome a domestic company founded in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by persons born on the land there in 1975 and operating continuously since the year 2009 under these conditions in RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and other legal industry of record, real businesses targeted in this fraud and public physical threats.

Any one act of violence cannot be taken without context to the other acts, and in light of racial slurs calling James Allen a 'greaser' and 'olive' skinned person, and to portray NATIVE AMERICAN ETHNIC TRAITS as transgender in violent removal of children for commercial advantage by NATION OF JAPAN and STATE OF TEXAS and DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and COLORADO and WYOMING parties enjoined with EGQ GROUP AB of Sweden and other major Sweden-based companies jointly promoting racial defamation and white supremacist claims throughout 2001-2023 taking of a child for commercial extortion.

Federal invervention has been requested pursuant 18 U.S. Code § 241 and 249 rule on January 3rd 2024, citing renewed claims of Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pontotoc County Sheriff's Office, Pontotoc County District Attorney employee active support of this fraud, and continued misreport by STATE OF OKLAHOMA to conceal racial discrimination using MENTAL HEALTH computer records fabricated to justify this embezzlement of TITLE IV AGENCY funds and misuse of TITLE IV AGENCY authority as a divison of State Justice to carry out racial child trafficking.

James Allen is the victim of a similar forced adoption in 1975, seized from his parents against their will according to their report in 2022, and entitled restitution and protection and recovery of his abducted child who has been seized for total concealment in commercial extortion since AUGUST 2001 with conspiracy to commit Federal SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD by those persons holding the child from 2001-2024 in isolation to obtain Federal Benefits and to overcome a business established in 1998 and AMERICAN EXPRESS BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT over $20,000 USD, and damage NORTEL NETWORKS in estimated $250 billion security value loss on industrial espionage and computer tampering in State of Texas confirmed by Brian Haberman of Canada.

The perpetrators - RADICAL TEXAS NATIONALISTS and DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS representing CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY interests (TENCENT) and NATION OF JAPAN interests (SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, ARM HOLDING CO LTD, NVIDIA CORPORATION shareholders) would by false public report seek to overthrow the government of the State of Oklahoma duly made by 1907 collateral contract in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 and rider agreements and supplementary terms endosred NOVEMBER 16 1907 by the 60th Congress of the United States conditional to the commission of that State and Federal Union. The parties hold that populist and deceptive practices may overcome, liquidate, and render impossible upon damage done any legal restoration of property or right by law to the injured parties; as if the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., were not federal law owing performance or total breach of a collateral contract and forfeiture. This is incorrect, and an attempt to test the will of the STATE COURT and FEDERAL COURT and FEDERAL JUSTICE to honor its contract, or side with public will to commit acts of wanton genocide against persons and industry of mixed race in CHICKAASAW NATION RESERVATION on behalf of foreign sovereign interest and government policies of such foreign states and foreign law.

Letters indicate use of violence by these domestic terrorist elements, and their use of venue shopping and deception to wage legal warfare against the People, who are in this suit solely "James Allen" as DEFENDANT of record, for which any degree of compromise or grant of partial rights or immunity obtained by this strategy and combination of Interstate domestic violence and computer system disruption and false claims, is a premeditated plan to damage the integrity of Constitutional Law and render practical by exhaustion the will of the court and State and public to resist such legal unfair business practices in interest of monopoly and Keiretsu and Zaibatsu Strategy of Foreign Trade Practices standard in China and Japan.

Both practices are barred by Oklahoma Constitution Article II Section II-32 and XXIII-1A rule, as part of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., final signature terms NOVEMBER 16 1907 - a security and collateral lien against all property enjoined to the Federal Union (an asset of record), owing performance or insolvency and default for failure to perform, barring all other substitute performance including financial award or compensation short of that total forfeiture as a whole to the injured party of such suit; a design intended to prevent such practice and corruption of blodd (tampering with the right of property in title and inheritance, without conviction of a crime or prior to such conviction in any claim or order or direction of any State or United States - a condition of incorporation of all such entities to operate). The publication of the POWER OF ATTORNEY document of the court as if a CUSTODY ORDER over an adult person, to thwart inheritance and right of heirs, and to lay claims to inheritance prior to such death or in accounting of sums past 30 calendar days (45 CFR &sec; 303.6 rule, February 21 2017 Federal Regulation of TITLE IV AGENCY administrative law and required STATE LAW by contract fully paid); a duty now subject total breach in claims sustained in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", a lawsuit brought in alleged barratry simple and malicous prosecution NOVEMBER 20 2018.

Such 'lawsuit' against a non-debtor (James Allen, a member of the public and not the same legal person at-law) cannot occur per OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES (OKDHS) public report, as they have a NUMERIC IDENTIFYING NUMBER For each party in each order, and were thereby responsible for the application of such suit against any name not the legal party of order 01-17702-R to defraud, and in use of any name not the correct debtor in "Veronica Peterson" as filed to defraud and in forgery in the 1st degree for value over $100,000 USD contrary UCC 3-605(d) rule owing DISCHARGE for total non-performance to defraud in Federal Contract and in capacity as a legal agent of UNITED STATES in these claims, on behalf of UNITED STATES in breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and rider agreement and terms of signed collateral contract; the UNITED STATES sole agent present and appearing in PETITION FOR APPEARANCE and thus UNITED STATES duly notified in this matter of the fraud in case 121225, owing no further Federal prosecution to obtain default judgement of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., designated property "State of Oklahoma" and inseparable property entitled "Federal Union" in forfeiture - a contract duly made, witnessed, and registered in perfect right by law. State of Florida is part of the bundle of assets therein, "Federal Union" and thus their dissent to block such execution of a United States Contract is obstruction of justice in a security or bond or obligation duly made by United States November 16 in the year 1907 by signature, illegal in claims now relayed January 2nd 2024 to influence the public in ongoing deceit and foreign unregistered agency of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA interference in 2024 government affairs of United States and State of Oklahoma.

Denial of these LEGAL FACTS and WRITTEN SIGNED OBLIGATIONS AND PERFORMANCE OWING SERVICE, are as much a burglary as the physical MAy 20 2020 attempted break-in at the offices of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, met by residents there in defense of residency - a perfect right. The parties are escallating their behavior, not withdrawing, and thus obligate a directed rescission of the fraud and restitution of substantial and lasting mechanism to suppress this foreign unregistred agency carried out via DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, EQUINIX, ZAYO GROUP INC., EQT GROUP AB, SHARKTECH.NET, NTT/VERIO, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET), OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS, NPR AFFILIATE members role as / PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO / GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC hosting of such fraud in 2002-2004, and commercial exploitaton of missing and exploited children as a commercial group with IX NETWORKS LLC and IX Provider groups franchised by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and NTT/VERIO and OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS as a network registered in the database "PeerDB" created by that group, known in letters threatening as "LOSTSERVER.NET", "DEPREF.NET", "LOOPBACK0.NETWORK", "SHARKTECH.NET", and 2323 Bryan St Suite 700 and 2670 of Dallas Texas and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway "INFOMART" site formerly the "VERIO" data center in the year 2000-2001 at time of abduction of the missing exploited child.

Such parties, aware of the violence in this case and ORDERED POSSESSION writ held out for value, have continued to apply pressure to influence commercial trade among the States and with foreign nations publicly and willfully and knowingly to harm the defendant and contract with United States made in Public Law 59-234 CH 3334, 34 Stat., Sec. 3 and 21 and 22; in sedition and contempt for the laws of the United States duly made, and to overcome the franchise and title property and right to private property and marriage of the Defendant systematically on 'sham marriage', using the full force of such enterprise provided by NTT/VERIO, INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE, IANA.ORG and its divisions, in organized threats. Such entities must therefore be wholly and permanently dissolved, and reorganized to remove any assets of those persons and unjust enrichment obtained, evident in the 30% market share gained during extortion of missing and exploited children and human slavery, debt bondage, peonage, and racially motivated radical socialist and communist rhetoric employed to carry out such separation of generations of familieis.

As of 11:30 AM, a third harassing phone call has been placed to this office, without any voice or speaking on the other end of the line, which is remaining on the phone while this paragraph is being typed, now over 60 seconds of silence. The Caller ID is 538-208 3637. Prior two calls were from +1 (415) 333-1110 and +1 (773) 235-8505. These calls were originating in Area code from Tulsa Oklahoma, Chicago Illinois, and San Francisco California.

This concludes the 3rd call received so far on January 3rd 2024 in series at 10:13 am, 10:13 am, and 11:30 am in harassment by telephone and silent telephone calls today. Further evidence of Interstate organized criminal harassment of felony degree. Such activity is part of gaslighting paired with crafted complaints to State and Federal Justice to create false claims. GOOGLE Maps further documents a 'blue mustang' at the Dallas County residence similar to the genuine vehicle used by our officers, that would suggest the identity theft may employ assets in State of Texas to impersonate James Allen to carry out criminal entrapment, as alleged in report January 2nd 2023 by an independent client bringing NEW INFORMATION of false claims of legal and material Federal Justice content to our attention on discovery. Dallas County District Court records, prior not visible, have been further discovered January 3rd 2024, which were not visible to the public concealing this activity and DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER admitting (ore tenus rule) that such lawsuit pertained only to an alleged birth of a child MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN in "DALLAS TX" specified in indictment and in ORDER FOR DISCOVERY not entitled substitute of child or other facts, a wholly in default ruling then against "Veronica Marie Petersen" so made then notice also - barring her challenge of these facts at a later date in MOTION.

In Affidavit, JULY 27 2015 in DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, did Veronica Marie Petersen sign under oath that the name of the child was "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON" in two entries, and then in 2018 filing in DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, contrary ongoing exclusive jurisdiction of DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY unrelated to this act - did the party file suit as "Veronica Peterson". No legal name change or other notice of change of venue or residency from County of Denton was filed; making the swearing of a complaint in Dallas County a forgery and barratry on prima facie. The legal hand of whomever filed such document, IN DIST. CT. OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, is responsible for the act. STATE OF OKLAHOMA has refused to release that persons name, claiming that it was done by "State of Oklahoma" (the nation itself, per court record) in forgery of "Veronica Marie Petersen" and with her public MEMORANDUM OF CONSENT evident despite denial to defraud and block right of Counter-Suit, a legal right by law per TEXAS FAMILY CODE § 157.008 and OK Stat. Title 12A sec. 12A-3-605(d) rule, made International LAw in UCC 2-308 and 3-302 and 3-604 and 3-605(d) rule. FAlse information in an AFFIDAVIT to conceal the identity of a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER of a person (MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN) by use of a different name (MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON) is a crime in each count. Criminal indictment and prosecution is separte from that act, a criminal act, and the duty of the UNITED STATES and TITLE IV AGENCY and State Court to pursue or be in total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., owing void the incorporation of State of Oklahoma and forfeiture to the injured party of that property and any and all inseparable property in single 'bundle' of assets a collateral in first lien of NOVEMBER 16 1907; a prior use of such collateral superior to the 1913 FEDERAL RESERVE ACT. As such, this prior instrument of debt and refusal to perform may bear substantial impact on the legal franchise and scope of assets subject to the Federal Reserve for credit, and is a matter of National legal importance in light of the explicit letters of extortion by the 2003 September designated public spokesperson of Veronica Marie Petersen, made in agency one Donald J. Beal, and any company or business affiliated or collaborating or jointly sharing property or name (LOSTSERVER.NET, LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, COLOMART, ROBERT HAFT TECHNOLOGIES) and their entire customer list who would benefit from this fraud and unjust enrichment.

Continued effort to actively conceal all assets of Veronica Marie Petersen subject to civil suit, while demanding disclosure of James Allen in illegal lawsuit since the year 2018, further underlines how the comingling of UNITED STATES accounts and that of "Veronica Marie Petersen" in this matter and foreign agency constitute a fully corrupt book by UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and STATE OF FLORIDA in any claims brought on this matter or any property discovered to be subject to DONALD J. BEAL or VERONICA PETERSEN or FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of State of Texas; whose relationship to and dealings with EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST as registered "Real Estate Investment Trusts" raise serious legal questions of agency for foreign sovereign interest in California, Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas initially - and potentially all other States and foreign assets not disclosed over the 2001-2024 child concealment.

Modern Treason

January 2nd 2024
18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
U.S. Code

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22, and rider agreements ascribed therein explicitly in federal law as the documents of record:

  1. Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America (a document)
  2. - text and broad principle as binding law owing performance, signed by and for United States in the hand of the 60th Congrss of the United States, for solicitation held out by the 59th Congress of the United States, owing no interpretation other than by the receipient party to whom the bond or security was in full text and citation rendered, a COLLATERAL CONTRACT and CONTRACT SIMPLE.
  3. Constitution of the united States of America (a document)
  4. - full text
  5. Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (a document)
  6. - full text, ratified as final terms of collateral contract NOV 16 1907 by the 60th Congress of the United States for their predicessor in office and author of the security bond in the 59th Congress of the United States, an offer by all Federal Union members held out for value and against all future federal union members a contract conditional their participation and joinder.

The prior (Federal Law) referencing itself and all documents within its text (Section 3, Section 21) and for a duration and prohibited later repudiation or alteration or interpretation per Section 22; is de facto: owing allegiance to the United States by all it enjoins and all property it encompasses (State of Oklahoma, a state duly organized; Federal Union, a legal entity consisting of all present member States who were represented in the 59th and 60th Congress of the United States and all future States who are admitted to the Federal Union, a legal binder and collateral contract pledge in trust and security issued by the United States upon this prior bundle of rights re-affirmed as federal law in all documents - including the Declaration of Independence and for all member States obedience to the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma as terms of that whole agreement consistent wit the 18 U.S. Code Section 2381 and 2382 and 2383 and 2384 rule against treason, misprision of treason, insurrection, rebellion, and seditious conspiracy.

The Prior signature as COLLATERAL CONTRACT of RECORD and Federal Law duly made, not entitled modification per Section 22, language ofthe solicitation conditional all other contracts so made the root of the United States pledge to James Allen, a member of the public in the class entitled individual standing to obtain claim of total breach in FR-2018-04 and 01-177202-R filed ex juris to the DIST. CT. OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in case 01-17702-R legal instrument and incomplete instrument filed in the prior two cases to defraud, a product of 01-17702-R case made res judicata of bona fide case 01-17702 of OCT 1 2002 filing; the sole INDICTMENT subject legal answer and final judgement by automatic execution per TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.261 language in July 2002 default singular judgement entitled a case (final judgement); those parties and states (Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, et al) now enjoined the previous 'allegience' set forth in written obligation and duty to perform, Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., final terms of NOVEMBER 16 of the year 1907 - immutable obligation, owing allegience to United States, and to its signature to perform in that allegience for the public in individual chose of rights and protection and full remedy of any injustice and any injury to property and to reputation, the duty of Oklahoma Constitution Article II and Article XXIII, in section II-6 and II-32 and XXIII-1A and XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule.

The prior, collectively, "RESTATEMENT (FIRST) OF CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION OF THE FEDERAL UNION AND MEMBER STATES AND UNITED STATES" (1907), a document that renders in Public Law 59-234, CH 3335, 34 Stat., the inseparable property clause of Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 and I-2 rule, for which default to the terms of the State of Oklahoma held out to the Public trigger default and forfeiture of State of Oklahoma as a titled property; and automatic forfeiture or identical legal operaton on Federal Union and its property, an agreement of United States made in public Treaty and Federal Law.

This is contrary the public and BAR ASSOCIATION claim that while the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America are historical documents and persuasive documents, they are not in contemporary legal advice recognized to be Law or Federal Law. Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 signed by United States and the 60th Congress representing the Federal Union, err in the prior claim to dismiss Independence documents as 'obitur dictum' (things said in passing, speeches not considered law); as the 59th Congress of the United States in Federal Law did make such rule, and the 60th Congress in full text ratify it - including section 22 which does nullify any attempt to change or alter the language or interpret such Federal Law as a duty and allegience of the United States entered into by all who are admitted into the property 'Federal Union' and a pledge of their State and its people and territory and full fortures to that collateral risk in retroactive authority of the 16th Day of the month of November in the year 1907. A law which, per abuse in "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" alleged a marraige of a natural person to a legal incorporated person of the Congress of the United States in SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION sole making and ownership - as agency of the UNITED STATES and a trust and benefit account, and legal instrument for the conduct of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and contract and public office; afford no right to bring the suit "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" against a member of the public entitled full force of that allegience and performance of duty or total breach and forfeiture of collateral in full and to their sole individual franchise of rights owed performance - failure of which is insolvency by United States and by State of Oklahoma, on facts of the prosecution of such case without a legal instrument and by persons lacking standing to seize and liquidate the value of children and benefits owing and due the promise of the security and bond created by the 59th Congress and endorsed by the 60th Congress.

The documents, so ascribed, are thus "A Second Founding" of the national organization superior to the first, in full, and a whole contract - in legal force - now invoked for value by "James Allen" in response to "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" - a civil suit by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS to overcome Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and final terms sheet, a contract, and to do so illegally.

Equity, fairness, and intent - are not permissible defenses against a written COLLATERAL CONTRACT of OFFICIAL RECORD. The public may rely upon the signature and the written terms of the United States and the interpretation of such terms subject to the party solicited - not to the interpretation of the draftsman - and such incapacity to derive a legal remedy by the draftsman does not void the right of the party solicited to apply and design the remedy and to sutain the duration and maintenance of that remedy to changing circumstances until satisfaction is accomplished or default is expressly proven, nor excuse repudiation of the duty to apply the full power of the agreement and assets to this end as legal defense. To quote Alexandar Dumas, "All for one. One for all." The pledge of the entire collateral and its people were made for no reason lesser than the security of one person, no more. That this is disputed by any party is treason on prima facie in deed, concealment, deceit, delay, or repudiation in any act or indication.

Put another simple way:

Incompetence of the State or lack of will is no defense to this collateral contract. So long as the injured party asserts their will to pursue the remedy, the State is obligated to perform or admit default and insolvency, as it has declined to successfully fulfill its performance, the sole value it may tender for satisfaction of contract and in full as ascribed in detail - owing no alternative or financial measure or currency or thing-at-law not accepted without duress or in-consideration of the sustained and perpetual degree of this previous 1907 agreement.

Another way to look at this is:

1776 was the first founding of the United States, styled united States of America.

1907 November 16th was the second founding of the United States, styled a collateral contract in fact and text, for which the State of Oklahoma is the keystone property in the construction and the other member States of the Federal Union and the entire Federal Union and its capacity and resources to include the charter of the United States government made in documents conditional absolute performance to the letter in District of Columbia and all Federal Forces and Federal Lands, are incorporated as collateral for guaranteed in security of performance of services and deliverable product and performance - a value - the failure of which in delivery is insolvency owing the ordinary dissolution of the entity and conveyance of property to those injured by its defect in full, duly named in the legal action where this federal law shall be invoked and applied. A dangerous pledge, that 23 consecutive years of unsatisfied and illegal misrepresentation and refusal to perform in "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" resulting in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" as the final act, owe execution of a collateral default.

No later claim such as the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT or other property claims or regulations contrary, as were made in 1913, would be superior to or entitled to alter the Section 22 rule of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., endorsed as final agreement and living contract in force since 1907 November 16th. A legal obligation of a primary senior lien holder, and superior to all secondary liens agaisnt the same ascribed property; to include a right to void any attempt at re-collateralization of the specified collateral in part or full or franchise right or license. The same is true of the CARROLTON TX birth child, paid for in AUGUST 10 2001, prior to the filing of the OCTOBER 1 2001 civil suit 01-17702 on a different child (DALLAS TX birth) and to the motion in that case to joinder of a CARROLTON TX child birth which was the prior collateral already paid for and such payment as payment in full previously tendered, accepted, and has not been returned in 2001 AUGUST 10 to 2024 JANUARY 3rd, expired beyond the RIGHT TO RETURN THE MERCHANDIZE afforded by UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. By keeping the payment for the baby, admitted in DECEMBER 2001 and SEPTEMBER 2003 letters of PUBLIC MEMORANDUM, the parties entered into a contract in AUGUST 2001 owing void to all legal actions in OCTOBER 1 2001 and 2002 and later legal actions, which were illegal re-collateralization, identical to claims on the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 Federal Law against future modification (Section 22).

Because the 1907 founding is NOT PROHIBITED by the 1776 founding, it is superior contract replacing the prior terms with the new terms - in performance as value for incorporation of value in solicitation for joinder of the Public who are represented in this matter by individual reserved rights (UCC 2-308 rule, 12A OK Stat. 12A-2-308), in "James Allen". The member of the public, "James Allen" reserved his rights in the Public Law 59-234, CH 3335, 34 Stat., and the STATE OF OKLAHOMA publicly repudiated the obligation in their brief filed in case 112252, asserting that STATE OF OKLAHOMA owed no duty to United States or to the Laws of the United States, in performance of case FR-2018-04 from NOVEMBER 20 2018 to MARCH 21 2023; a vital admission of total breach, owing forfeiture of collateral in full.

Any state or person who dissent in this right, enumerated by written Federal Law, owing no change or other exemption as it were presented and solicitation in written terms duly ratified over 100 years prior, is engaged in treason, misprision of treason, rebellion, insurrection, and seditious conspiracy.

The entire FOREIGN UNREGISTERED AGENCY dispute distils to this:

Critics claim that the United States does not have a fixed obligation to perform, and all matters are subject to equity in court and trial conditions. Second Founding conservatives affirm that, "Yes, in fact we do have a fixed COLLATERAL CONTRACT with consequence for default, and DEFAULT is what you are proposing by challenging every reservation and property and title with the use of equity claims."

The purpose of such contract is not ephemerial, and while it is active - prior default, it serves to substantially urge United States to carry out its performance of service quickly and fully and permanently, without delay or tolerance for equity as a remedy to negotiate the erosion of rights - as is evident in the substantial support and 2001-2024 concealment of a newborn child by STATE OF TEXAS in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", for which the States and United States employees assume they are immune and not liable for the consequence of such misuse, spanning 23 years of sustained violence and fraud. When a nation or its employees cease to take its legal obligations and commitments seriously, that nation is void in its authority which was derived by the security and obligation pledged in that document in full, owed no contract in any other form, and legally forfeit to those it injured. Normally this very vague, but in a COLLATERAL CONTRACT duly made, it is ascribed and execution is automatic for failure to perform a proof of insolvency beyond later rescission or restitution any degree of right to assume such property pledged conditional the prior performance in a timely fashion and resistance owing and due to fraud on prima facie, so demonstrated in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen".

Those parties who have taken children to overcome title and property, disable right to work in the market to carry out such acts, and to grant the conveyance of trade secrets and property of the People to foreign investors for overseas registration, denying the children of natural unions and seizing children from the homes of the American People to subbordinate them to this form of foreign labor, are in this conduct and public claims to defraud and deceive in this action - engaged in aid and comfort to the enemies of People, and to the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., which the United States owes allegience and performance, superior to the will or interest of those employees whom it retains or agency it creates or affords. And where such agency suppresses or extinguishes these rights, it is a domestic enemy and those persons owing allegience to the United States which is owed to the People and the Public are engaged in a clear and unapologetic treason against the United States obligation and service, which is secondary and a lesser crime than the treason against the People which is elementary to each individual of that class a reserved right (UCC 2-308) and such actions is to extinguish the true creditors of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in installation of a false heir or mutilation and corruption of a true heir. Forfeiture in full of all collateral permanently is the natural and automatic execution of that total breach of a real and written contract.

The problem with the word treason is that enemy designation is limited to the entity of the nation as a legal person, "United States", and thus it is hard to qualify.

While in insurrection and rebellion, the terms are legally different in "laws of the United States" as include Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and the related terms signed in 1907 November 16 by United States, an agreement defining these facts at law.

18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection

Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

In the prior, against the authority of the United States -or- the laws thereof, are two separate conditions, owing that despite where United States or its government may stand on a matter as U.S. Public Policy; there is a legal condition in which the laws of the United States are in violation (Pub. Law 59-234, CH 3335, 34 Stat., and related terms of 1907 agreement), affording for United States or UNITED STATES to be engaged itself in rebellion or insurrection against the duty, contract, commission, and obligation of its own charter, and having no legal right to define exclusive of the statutory laws and other Public Laws, those obligations in which it is responsible to perform or be insolvent for failure to perform for value.

This is further evident in the same diversity in Seditious Conspiracy.

18 U.S. Code § 2384 - Seditious conspiracy

If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Use of the -or- clause is very important in U.S. Statutory Code, as is the term: or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, with respect to the rights of order 01-17702-R in concealment of a child in MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN of CARROLTON TX birth, or to obtain benefits for MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN of DALLAS TX birth (a fabricated beneficiary, case 01-17702 as plead in indictment owing adjudication and final case ruling on the matter before the court in OCT 1 2002).

"Veronica Peterson v James Allen" would therefore fall into this case, where the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 in full terms signed collateral contract and federal law is subject to breach and non-performance by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA (two legal incorporated persons). To seize, to take, to possess property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof (FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244 Pg 93492 Dec 20 2016) and to perevent, hinder, or delay the execution of that law or order 01-17702-R alleged ORDERED POSSESSION to demand payment of fines in excess of 42 U.S. Code § 666(a)(10) formula in automatic rule or 45 CFR §302.56(f) and 303.6 rule, limited to $500 paid and $500 paid at any time per "contract simple" in the ORDER LANGUAGE of 01-17702-R, authoried by Judge DEE MILLER.

Whether the Judge or STATE OF TEXAS disagree with such interpretation, has no bearing on the DUE PROCESS of case 01-17702 and prior ORDER OF DECEMBER 18 2001 citing the child to be "DALLAS TX birth" exclusive of any other subject matter before the court and thus not the same person at-law as any other party described differently in a later INDICMENT or 2nd INDICMENT after trial began and the defendant was found (DEC 18 2001) to be on record "WHOLLY IN DEFAULT" for failure to participate despite proper notice.

Res judicata (new trial on the same subject matter, a birth of that designated date and time and person) is not permissible in 01-17702-R, de facto.

The action is thus SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY in the act, owing and due prosecution and recovery of property, which are two legally separate contractual obligations of a collateral contract now in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" on the same legal instrument, in partial contract, submitted as a false copy of the full instrument to defraud NOVEMBER 20 2018.

The crime of SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY is a legally separate thing from the CONVICTION or INDICTMENT for SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY, and Donald J. Beal and associates in commercial organized fraud claim that it is unlawful to discuss the act - as if it were indifferent from the duty of the Justice Department to perform per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 Collateral Contract; even though the injured party is a member of the Public and in suit is "James Allen", a party entitled report and PUBLIC MEMORANDUM alerting the public to the facts of the contract of record and real contract owing performance or default with total forfeiture of "State of Oklahoma" the automatic outcome for failure to perform immediate and full and permanent releif (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II Section II-6).

Belief has no bearing on this, as it is a written collateral contract, and its execution will be done or failure to perform shall be insolvency of "State of Oklahoma" and trigger legal processes for which the "Federal Union" is an inseparable object in law subject to the same legal work and outcome by language of collateral contract, and by design.

Whether we believe in the contract or the law, the contract is supported by 18 U.S. Code § 2383 and 2384 rule as the contract Public Law 59-234 CH 3335 34 Stat. is a federal law which enjoins its disobedience as we report in MEMORANDUM per "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" to be clear violation of the terms and conditions set forth in UNITED STATES PROPERTY TITLE issued to JAMES ALLEN and VERONICA PETERSEN for which "Veronica Marie Petersen" and "STATE OF TEXAS" did seize without legal right to deny all use and return to "JAMES ALLEN" and to indenture "James Allen" in violation of the 4th and 14th Amendment to unlawful service and labor not permitted a TITLE IV AGENCY contract nor 15 U.S. Code § 1673 act of any order or other writ of UNITED STATES or any Federal Union officer, and the ignorance of Donald Beal or Veronica Marie Petersen or STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF FLORIDA or STATE OF OKLAHOMA is no defense.

The very first resort of a criminal child abuser is to infer that a statement reporting their abuse is not the subject of the discussion - and to raise other issues which are dilatory and deflect attention upon the accuser. We see this in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" - a lawsuit filed in violation of immunity owed to JAMES ALLEN agaisnt prosecution for filing prior and concurrently "JAMES ALLEN v Veronica Marie Petersen" in legal prosecution, then falsified by STATE OF TEXAS as "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEN" to defraud and misjoinder of the parties to embezzle from UNITED STATES predicated upon distincted and planned and pattern acts of violence and public written solicitation of murder in 2001 NOVEMBER, 2001 DECEMBER, 2002 arson of a building, 2003 threats of violence and false employment with TEK SYSTEMS as conspirator named in letters to witnesses, and 2007 false use of the name REGINALD and 2008-2013 extortion threats of commercial nature during concealment of a child with injury documented in MEDICAL RECORD falsifying the child's hereditary parents medical history.

Use of MISJOINDER in law to corrupt a court case, as we see in 2001 OCT 1 filing of a felony allegation as a civil lawsuit to knowingly defraud; (21 OK Stat. Sec. 21-853, abandonment of a child - in fact a child kidnapping from Dallas County residence during PAID PASSAGE to Pontotoc County residence in a prior executed fully paid contract owing performance to this day and having no expiration or limitation of UNITED STATES separate terms and conditions associated with a TITLE IV AGENCY security or standard contract, which expires on AGE OF MAJORITY of a beneficiary or later time as granted by State Law. The fraud to falsify the child as legally disabled, is contributory and resultant from child abuse alleged to extend such time to the age of 26 chronological years in intentional medical malpractice of record to mainpulate the TITLE IV AGENCY to pay increased benefits illegally.)

Then converted in 2002 by a simple motion to res judicata (retrial on the same matter, not permitted) in entry of a NEW PARTY and NEW INDICTMENT without removal or adjudication of the prior case which was still ongoing and the motion a simple motion filed IN THE CASE showing it was already underway and a DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER subject sole test of facts of the case concealed by STAE OF TEXAS to defraud; default judgment due on or prior OCT 1 2002 not reported to defraud over $100,000 USD and abduct for hostage a newborn child in fraud upon the UNITED STATES by a legal AGENT OF UNITED STATES in STATE OF TEXAS;

Then modified by misjoinder again in 2015 by alteration of the PETITIONER name on Documents in the same case to corrupt the case, and alteration of the RESPONDENT party on documents to corrupt the trial in DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS;

Then modified by misjoinder again in 2018 NOVEMBER during the prior case (double jeopardy) to ascribe a FORGED LEGAL NAME as PETITIONER to evade the prior exclusive jurisdiction of DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS and misjoinder further of a new DEFENDANT in the natural person of the LEGAL PERSON in the prior matter as if the debt were transferred from UNITED STATES legal person to a natural person who is the beneficiary of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN registered incorporated person;

And modified yet again by misjoinder in 2018 JANUARY IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY to ascribe the LEGAL NAME of the DEFENDANT of record IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS as the proper party and signatory there per Interstate Agreement in compact in a pending matter as a false name of STATE OF OKLAHOMA not disclosed and revealed and denied prior 2018 NOVEMBER 20 to 2023 MARCH 16 trial, at which time "State of Oklahoma" (the nation) appeared in attorney without notice and moved to escape a $40 million Counter-Suit and default evident on record; denying relief resulting in substantial property damage in City of Ada and killing of animals by agent of the PETITIONER in 7 counts, one by physical trauma mutilating the body and 4 by injury to dental causing lifelong disability and by use of pathogen in 4 documented counts; and in concert with 6 separate packages to threaten and intimidate the witnesses employing U.S. Mail and UNITED PARCEL SERVICE in 30 days - preceeding renewed threats DECEMBER 2023 of false GRAND JURY INDICTMENT and threatened imprisonment of the DEFENDANT under these conditions for making testimony against the TEXAS, WYOMING, COLORADO, and FLORIDA parties, suspected of being commercial associates of the TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD.

Alleging in such publications that FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION employees of STATE OF FLORIDA OFFICE were actively attempting to carry out a criminal investigation of the target of these TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD threats and child taking and Interstate concealment of a child subject to CUSTODY and ORDERED POSSESSION claims held out to UNITED STATES as a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP to defraud Federal Benefits.

Then revealed as having been filed as "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" in ORDER OF APRIL 18 2023 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, where such petitioner (Veronica Peterson) is not a natural person or UNITED STATES CITIZEN, and is a STATE OF OKLAHOMA acting in a court not of exclusive jurisdiction to bring a civil suit to obstruct justice in a pending ongoing case IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS to extinguish that lawsuit, in violation of a contract not to sue, and for value in the negotiated in-consideration and temporary WITHDRAWAL OF CITATION FOR CONTEMPT there filed in 'good faith' prior evidence of FLIGHT FROM THE JURISDICTION (Denton County) to DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, and subsequently to STATE OF FLORIDA to evade Justice. Aided in such actions by persons in STATE OF WYOMING and STATE OF COLORADO who are registerd officers (and thus Residents of record on penalty of perjury) in Dallas County, State of Texas at the time of such threats issue and claim of standing to file civil suit based on State of Wyoming residency in retaliation and threat (a crime) against Oklahoma residents to overcome a $10,000+ payment owing return in a CUSTODY CONTRACT for a CARROLTON TX child misjoined to the OCT 1 2001 case no sooner than the year 2002 in attempted replacement of DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER for evidence proving fraud on the facts of a formal INDICTMENT concerning a DALLAS TX birth alleged to obtain Federal Benefits in fraud by TITLE IV AGENCY employees of State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, and State of Florida.

Joinder in the case is limited to the full instrument, not filed in any case other than 15-06292393 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, as of JULY 27 2015 and sustained court of exclusive jurisdiction until no later than JANUARY 1 2020, contrary parallel unauthorized prosecution in DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY (TX) and DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY (OK) to defraud;

Concealing in such malicious prosecution the forgery of signature of "Veronica Marie Petersen" as the signatory "Veronica Peterson" and "VERONICA PETERSON" and "VERONICA PETERSEN" prior admission of forgery MARCH 16 2023 on liquidation of the collateral prohibited by UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE Sec 2-308, 3-302, 3-604, and 3-605(d) rule. And such demand held out as a false debt to UNITED STATES to defraud by the TITLE IV AGENCY of each State in coordinated forgery.

These acts aided by evidence of letters and transcripts by Veronica Marie Petersen of The Colony (TX) and Donald J. Beal of Lewisville (TX), and Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough of Ada (OK) and by Brian Young of Enid (OK) in organized child trafficking alleged for debt bondage and forced labor demands against James Allen, Arnold Allen, Charlyce Ann Klepper, and the assets of those persons not permitted by a normal TITLE IV AGENCY trust or contract, and against the assets of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and DEEP LAYER INC. by explicit letters of demand not permitted by a genuine TITLE IV AGENCY trust, to impair trade among the States and trade prior established with foreign nations in favor of the abducting parties, alleged violation of 15 U.S. Code Section 1 and 42 U.S. Code Section 408. And to suggest the right to report violation in MEMORANDUM contrary to RESTTEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1984) is a crime in sustained blackmail and extortion activity of a substantial level aided by employees of State and Federal Justice in DEMOCRATIC PARTY political and racial discrimination and misgender of persons to obtain control over BUSINESS LINES OF CREDIT and in felony perjury barred by TEXAS TITLE 8 Section 37 to facts of the case and misjoinder employed as a pattern of FEDERAL BENEFITS FRAUD barred by 18 U.S. Code 1341 an 1509 obstruction of Justice in a trust or obligation of the United States, and benefits embezzlement barred by 18 U.S. Code § 666 rule.

The parties are knowingly, unlawfully, and criminally convoluting the right to suppress report of a crime in act with the purposeful use of allegation of a FORMAL FEDERAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION OF RECORD and GRAND JURY DELIBERATIONS not resulting in INDICTMENT as a proof in written publications to justify their active threats and conealment of a minor child for FINANCIAL UNJUST ENRICHMENT and violation of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 DECEMBER 20 2016 PAGE 93492-93569 U.S. Public Policy and REQUIRED STATE LAW made a contractual obligation since FEBRUARY 21 2017, to kidnap and permanently disable the parent-child relationship while obtaining FEDERAL GRANTS in this process - a 2+ billion annual fraud spanning the years 2001 to 2024 ($48 billion USD estimated damage to the United States).

Now, I would rather not discuss this - but it is a fact of the case at law that the 2011 filing by Alicia McMahon and Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma to extort $3000 USD from a medical surgery of Lindsay Tarver, were submitted to grand jury by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY concealing abduction of a child to defraud for extortion. And that such extortion influenced the Jury Trial of a rape case in 2007 by harassment then of the jury foreman, James Allen, which was carried out further in 2024 by a second claim of GRAND JURY called which A.) NEVER PERFORMEND A COMPETENT INVESTIGATION PRIOR TO THE MATTER, and B.) NEVER RESULTED IN INDICTMENT.

The contents of both alleged GRAND JURY operations in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF FLORIDA are part of fraud by State employees alleged in written letters of extortion disclosing the contents of the alleged grand jury procedings to gain commercial advantage and intimidate a pending case before the CIVIL COURT OF APPEALS DISTRICT 2 and 4 in Tulsa Oklahoma this JANUARY 2nd 2024.

Such letters having been published in registration with ICANN use of IANA.ORG services to publicly identify and associate these claims with the FULL LEGAL NAME of the accused in a searchable format for commercial advantage by IANA.ORG, ICANN, NTT/VERIO, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET), ZAYO GROUP INC. of Boulder Colorado, EQT GROUP AB of Sweden (their parent company) and for sale of U.S. property alleged in a scheme to companies named in letters as SPLITSCREEN ENTERTAINMENT and discovered to be PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden and EMBRACER GROUP AB of Sweden.

The prior licensed to TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD subsidiary TENCENT GAMES the property in FATSHARK AB of Sweden and proposed sale to AMAZON INC. film studio in a DECEMBER 2023 contract by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, such content with intent to defraud - a proceed of child trafficking in 2001-2024 barred by the HUMAN TRAFFICKING policy of EMBRACER GROUP AB. The content is part of a 2007-2024 misgender of a competitor employee to remove and conceal their child in State of Florida to overcome ownership of a competitive franchise for sale and to sell trade secrets of the competitor as property of NVIDIA CORPORATION and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products licensed by THQ NORDIC AB (EMBRACER GROUP AB) and TENCENT GAMES (FATSHARK AB) in racially motivated defamation organized to support a child abduction and concealment spanning 2001-2023 misuse of TITLE IV AGENGY programs to extort, to subcontract services, and to utilize not-for-profit entity standing to franchise for-profit competitor activity and distribution of this technology as SD-BGP hybrid GRE control layer technology involved in a series of computer service disruption attacks on CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION businesses in child removal and concealment of business owners minor children to compel their submission to white supremacist and foreign national socialist competitor trusts operating in the United States on this fraud and by letters of blackmail transmitted in November 14 2021 and January 28 2022 and May 3 2022 and October 2022 and Janury 6 2023 and February 5 2023.

The very idea that a person is not a 'criminal' or a 'mentally ill person' or other false character attributed to victims by ALICIA MCMAHON in her pattern behavior to extort family members of CANCER VICTIMS in L. Tarver and J. Allen, using a pattern of threats similar to claims that her brother SHAWN MCMAHON was an STD carrier at ADA HIGH SCHOOL, demonstrate a bizarre and wholly extreme form of empathy deficient behavior paired with directed implication of criminal guilt upon persons whom she has victimize in a clear, prepared, and extensive pattern since 1997 in my witness - including accusing Cathline Spencer of cocaine use and indecent behavior while an employee of my office (hourly, non-officer). I became concerned when the statements by the OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION reported false claims of equity in the company and use of the company brands for resume content which were not employer-employee related, discoverd in 2002, and after the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE made an attempt to serve a warrant on 925 E 9th St Ada OK office at which time they indicated the claim of a theft by check against ALICIA MCMAHON was false report of a theft by check against CATHLINE SPENCER by ALICIA MCMAHON concealed and falsified to gain employment.

This conduct, and the ongoing pattern from 2001-2024, continue to indicate that there is a deviant psychology present in concert with other persons who did engage in physical violence against my person with injury; and by persons aiding those parties in public written claims to extort while concealing and fleeing with my child from 2001 abduction and removal without a writ for purpose of use as a commercial hostage. The child has not been seen or heard from since 2001 OCTOBER 1, and the STATE OF TEXAS has refused to return the child while collecting payment from UNITED STATES in false cause of a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP they refused to exercise or grant due process obtained in substitution of a prior CONTRACT FOR SOLE CUSTODY paid in full prior OCT 2001; and to portray me as mentally ill in an ongoing criminal enterprise to refuse all communication with my child for 18 years in fraud and upon indictment of a FALSE SEPARATE LEGAL CHILD held out for trial in 2001.

The court has, by wilful intent, refused to accept that the child in the 2001 suit is not the child in the 2002 motion to start a wholly new case, contrary DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER designating the false child by detail not permitted in UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY identifying information practices; and has falsified the case to embezzle benefits with STATE OF OKLAHOMA over 2001-2024.

The matter is now on appeal after four years without 22 OK Stat. Sec. 22-13 obligation to call witnesses and to present the prosecuting party, refused at all times; and to substitute the petitioner with STATE OF OKLAHOMA in appeal as if the State were entitled to bring suit when the plaintif of the case does not exist and the order is in another legal name. It is fraud, of a Federal degree, in 21 OK Stat. Sec. 21-748.2 human trafficking, entitled civil suit refused by STATE OF OKLAHOMA to suggest UNITED STATES authority in bringing this illegal suit violating the UIFSA Rev. 2008 Art. 3 Sec. 314 immunity owed to the defendant.

Why were they able to do this?

Because they sued the wrong person at-law.

The legal instrument (a debt instrument) named the party with immunity.

To obtain payment and fraudulently bypass the mechanism, the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY in the name of a falsified person (a natural person, not a creditor or person with standing to sue) filed suit in a court that was expressly not the court of exclusive jurisdiction, and began a case against "James Allen", a natural person. Little did I know, and further was it concealed by false style and false presentation of parties in misjoinder later admitted forgery of a LEGAL NAME of "VERONICA PETERSEN" to the case by PONTOTOC COUNTY - that this would invoke the "Member of the Public" rights reserved by my natural person "James Allen" in incorporation and commission of the State of Oklahoma owing insolvency and forfeiture of the State for repudiation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 and other basic protections, a duty of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., federal law. Owing per Section 3 and 21 the duty of STATE OF OKLAHOMA to comply and enforce federal law (the prior law included) in full text, or be in total breach of the duty of the State of Oklahoma to perform a contract signed by the 60th Congress of the United States upon collateral that included 'State of Oklahoma' in full, and 'Federal Union', a legal thing that constitutes all 50 States of the United States and the Federal lands of the United States in that physical region as part of the property. Not to mention all military forces of the member States, and all Federal military forces present in those States de facto, exempt property stationed on location of the Federal Union and for its defense. This is not the 'bundle of rights' anyone wants, but it is a legal instrument made in 1907 and per section 22 is active and in full legal force, enjoining all member States of the Federal Union today, including Texas and Florida at the time of the 1907 November 16th signature.

By suing a member of the Public ("James Allen", a natural person); the UNITED STATES designated AGENT in STATE OF OKLAHOMA had - rather than filing suit against a division of the UNITED STATES made by the Congress of the United States formally in the incorporated legal person "JAMES ALLEN", instead filed suit and sustained such lawsuit against a genuine creditor of the 1907 incorporated collateral contract owing right to demand forfeiture of collateral for default and total breach.

This is unfortunate, because it is so obscenely valuable that the discussion of the asset as a NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT styled in this contract borders on 'treason' for some extremist political elements in the United States, such as the current radicalized DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY and DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, as well as that of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF FLORIDA; who for their part in this violence owe sanctions in my professional opinion.

JAMES ALLEN is, as a legal incorporated technical person - not a natural person at-law because it is a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER in fact, and the all capital designation a 'name of title' used interchangably with that account, a property of the United States Legislative Branch, made by and for it per the U.S. Supreme Court case 'Flemming v Nestor' (1960).

The natural person, "James Allen" is therefore not made by the UNITED STATES, and was born 'on the land' so to speak in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, a sovereign nation separate from the United States and State of Oklahoma, whose capital is City of Ada. The 2020 McGirt v State of Oklahoma decision determined that - having never officially dissolved the Reservation(s) on making the 'State of Oklahoma' - that the borders of such nations and the territory inside still have legal sovereignty exclusive to the tribal governments.

Radical WHITE SUPREMACISTS and NATIONAL SOCIALIST countries aiding this abuse hold that the sovereignty is limited to the REGISTERED MEMBERS OF THE TRIBE and their REGISTERED TRUST property only, not the borders of the defined CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION. And have asserted that occupation of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by 'whites' and 'european settlers' who are not CHICKASAW NATION MEMBERS justifies by DEMOCRATIC PROCESS the assimilation of the State regardless of title.

State of Oklahoma borders are obligated to end at the border of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, but the government of that State (STATE OF OKLAHOMA) maintains by its employees the ongoing action to assert a claim of sovereign territory over the persons in that region, as we see in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" - a lawsuit by a forged natural person later styled to be STATE OF OKLAHOMA in legal filings in 2023 March 16 without previous petition for appearance contrary the style of the case and UIFSA duty of a pending court of exclusive jurisdiction on the same matter not consulted or enjoined to the 2018-2023 trial activity by design to defraud, now present before THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKALHOMA as "Veronica Petersen v James Allen" on legal incomplete instrument filed as a whole contract wrongly, owing void its legal force as such partial instrument, which concerns only "Veronica Marie Petersen" and "JAMES ALLEN" as proper party to any civil suit or standing, and barring signature of "Veronica Marie Petersen" as liable party and as AGENCY granted to UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS or STATE OF OKLAHOMA alleges in defense that it is not liable for any debt or conduct of "Veronica Marie Petersen" (the sole creditor of record, who did in 2003 September repudiate her Primary Obligor duty fully while expecting payment of a benefit of contract upon that trust), a malicious prosecution sustaining 2001-2023 human trafficking of a natural child re-collateralized by OCT 1 2001 perjury before Judge DEE MILLER as a fictitious non-beneficiary "DALLAS TX birth"; and modified illegally in 2002 to alter the purpose of trial by a simple motion - a motion not entitled to RETROACTIVE MODIFICATION as if a NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT or SUBSTITUTIVE AMENDMENT, in corrupt misuse of DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS records and later mutilation by employee DAMARCUS OFFORD in documents JULY 27 2015 to create further mistrial in case 15-06292339 on false parties. Comingling at that time the financial accounts of UNITED STATES ex rel VERONICA PETERSEN with that of "Veronica Marie Petersen" (a natural person, legally not UNITED STATES nor VERONICA PETERSEN in legal contract at-law).

The parties are trying to pretend the narrative of such corrupt paperwork is ordinary, applying a form designed solely for the use of a UNITED STATES technical person (VERONICA PETERSEN) to create a COLLATRAL CONTRACT on a pair of alleged children having the SAME LEGAL NAME and two separate unique identifying information in INDICTMENT wherein the "DALLAS TX birth" alleged first OCT 1 2001, is concealed in forgery by the 2002 filing of a "CARROLTON TX birth" not permitted retroactive force of law or to extinguish the prior case 01-17702 owing adjudication without 2002 joinder of a new child; and such new party (IMPROPER PARTY) already the subject of a prior (AUGUST 2001) FULLY PAID COLLATERAL CONTRACT to the same DEFENDANT as the prior case 01-17702 in SOLE CUSTODY; creating for fraud the case 01-17702-R in NEW INDICTMENT and NEW SEPARATE AND FRAUDULENT SHAM MARRIAGE to carry out such claims which was then abandoned and NEVER DISOLVED as per rule owing similar law in "McGirt v State of Oklahoma" litigation for CHIACKASAW NATION RESERVATION held out for value by UNITED STATES. The parallels are as disburbing as the sustained intent to defraud, and require background to understand the prior actions and fraud in relationship by ALICIA MCMAHON/SCARBROUGH against her former hourly employer and family members - evidence of a deeply altered mental state and common antisocial behaviors of criminal degree refused protection by ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT in favoritism to family members of MCMAHON as contractors to private business of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT retired members in the community and competition of such business against that of JAMES ALLEN in 1996-2023 denying EQUAL PROTECTION OF LAW and ordinary and lawful reporting; and evident further in 2021 video made by OFFICER VOGT to damage the public records and property of the DEFENDANT in support of the child taking and ongoing threat activity; and other false reports filed by MARY LANGUILLE-HOPPE in a pattern of DEMOCRATIC PARTY extremist behavior to injure and target REPUBLICAN owned businesses in PONTOTOC COUNTY and City of Ada and racial defamation of mixed-blood business owner JAMES ALLEN. Our animals teeth were removed (6 teeth) and sawdust shoved down the throat of another animal, while the fangs of two additional animals were physically broken off mid-line as if struck in the right side of the head with a hard object with sufficient force to break bone in April 2023. Yet we have not received any support from the State or FEderal Law enforcement Agencies concerning the posing of our family pet on our steps with its neck twisted 160 degrees back over its shoulder in an unnatural position amid these ongoing threats and new DECEMBER 2023 claims of a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OF RECORD in STATE OF FLORIDA to influence the commercial right to market of our business in favor of MEJOR SERVER LLC of Florida and their undocumented call center in STATE OF COLORADO in the City of Fort Collins area code (970) established in 2014 July 11th in concert with these sustained threats of extortion by white nationalists who have our children in violation of a Federal Trust for their POSSESSION held out for demands of money and property illegaly!

Those governments permit the United States to police and enforce and tax the people inside, in prohibition against other charges that might be brought against their people by anyone other than their own courts and agents of their courts. Many people, who were living in the land prior 2020 and believed it to be State of Oklahoma, continue to (unlawfully) allege that McGirt v State of Oklahoma is not 'real', and act accordingly.

James Allen is not one of those people, but was born on the land and granted a UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP which he did use under the public solicitation that such rights would be fully secured and protected, from which his industry and property were established, and public office executed lawfully - a right by law which is the subject of the attacks by the criminal fraud and child concealment in 2001-2024.

Chickasaw Nation Reservation has no provision to 'naturalize' persons born on the land. So JAMES ALLEN nor James Allen are not member of the REGISTERED TRIBES and thus not subject to their court jurisdiction, nor after 40 years of living on the land - is such person an alien to the land or the territory and property developed there, a natural person with the added benefit of UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP and the protections of property and personal security held out to him by such false claims of UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA as to be provided all the protection of such Federal Citizenship and State Citizenship regardless of the factual dispute and settled law in present condition of the land as CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION exclusive of Oklahoma. State of Oklahoma comes in MArch 16 2023 for the first time in court, never prior on record, so witnessed by the gallery and two witnesses for Allen, a new party to the suit; and asserts that it has jurisdiction. James Allen, upon APRIL 18 2023 ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA clarifying that he is the DEFENDANT/APPELLANT in fact, not 'JAMES ALLEN' in legal person prior falsified in style of the case and initial documents served upon him in 2018 DECEMBER 10th, and without adequate notice to respond sworn by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in their brief and statement that no guarantee anything done in DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA shall be 'legal', written by the attorney for STATE OF OKLAHOMA; is a UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE Sec. 2-308 and 3-604 reserved right citation and official filed REPUDIATION OF A GUARANTEE OF PUBLIC LAW 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Section 3 and 21 and 22 rule made November 16 1907 signed collateral contract for the property of 'State of Oklahoma' and 'Federal Union' an inseparable property enjoined forfeiture of such former asset in rem, owing the brief for insolvency of obligation as value and a duty to perform refused by STATE OF OKLAHOMA attorney of record.

The brief term for this is, "Y'all dun fucked up."

An error of epic proportion, born of pathological fraud, owing 3 separate trial cases and 2 concurrent fraudulent prosecutions with injury and death of two witnesses in the year 2022, resulting from dilatory tactics and refusal to set trial in 12 months of NOV 18 2018. After which and in concurrent counter suit refused registration, STATE OF OKLAHOMA has with other States coordinated a pathological defense to conceal fraud and embezzlement of Federal benefits on behelf of a non-person in a DALLAS TX birth falsified before Judge DEE MILLER in 2001 OCT 1st by Veronica Marie Petersen, a resident of Denton County pretending to be a resident of Dallas County in 2002 without notifying the court of her JULY 27 2015 AFFIDAVIT confessing this perjury.

Ms. Petersen swore she would never move from County of Denton, STate of Texas without notifying the court; and did then file a civil suit in false name in County of Dallas where she is believed to be resident by property and public record, having fled the jurisdiction in 2016 or soon thereafter, to evade return of a child and legal discovery associated with her real estate demands and employment from 2008-2021 in FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY as VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE, while demanding forfeiture of real estate from the grandparents of the child she was concealing in violation of an alleged ORDER OF POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP (a trust, subject 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 Federal Law).

The contract, and the lawsuit in 2018 filed in County of Dallas, State of Texas outside of exclusive jurisdiction and sustained in 2018-2024 as a civil action and ORDER produced by fraudulent violation of immunity, owe Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., be examined - along with REQUIRED STATE LAW made elected contract by the DIRECTOR OF OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, a TITLE IV AGENCY of the UNITED STATES executive branch so delegated in exclusive authority and limited authority per Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Dec 20 2016 pg 93492 owing performance for $1.5 billion USD in paid compensation to STATE OF OKLAHOMA as the agent of UNITED STATES.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA cannot act contrary those terms, rules, and COMMON FEDERAL RULE directing the TITLE IV AGENCY; as the term 'exclusive' and 'limited' and 'delegated' indicate.

Instead, we find STATE OF OKLAHOMA is operating wholly in violation of UNITED STATES regulations governing their actions, in excessive fines over 82x the permitted amount filed for enforcement in 2018 NOV 20; and such filing using a false name alleged a forgery giving rise to the 2018-2023 delay and death of two persons.

This degree of conduct requires executive correction, as would be the custom of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, a chief executive officer of a duly organized company incorporated under the terms set forth and exclusive to those terms in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., but no such action has been made nor has been promised; owing default of the United States on its signature for forfeiture of the collateral (Federal Union) to the injured party (James Allen, a member of the Public and natural person named in the suit by UNITED STATES own agent, STATE OF OKLAHOMA).

The understanding of "RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF AGENCY (2006)" and "RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF CONFLICT OF LAWS (1988)" have very clear rules for this sort of contract dispute, but none are being applied in the effort to conceal the nature of parties and failure to perform State Legislative Session activity to fully comply with the February 21 2017 deadline for FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 pg 93492 "substantial change in (state) laws" contractually obligated by and elected as contract by the DIRECTOR of each State TITLE IV AGENCY made to carry out the Federal Law; a duty owing complete adoption of the rules in absence of other laws of identical language like Title 12A OK Statutory Law is to UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE statutory rules.

In short, both states have been lying and relying on the fact that they believe their State Sovereign status allows them to take the money paid by UNITED STATES, while performing none of the duties of the contract to satisfaction; and operating in immunity (a fallacy per U.S. Supreme Court Case 17-647 ruling, 2019).

This activity is a sustained violation of a BENCH ORDER by U.S. Supreme Court Case 17-1091 ruling in pronouncement by R.B. Ginsburg for the 9-0 unanimous court in her opinion of the case, a direction to the State and Federal Civil courts to obey and cease specific practices.

So this is not simply a question of my personal opinion, or my advice, but citation of ORDER by the UNITED STATES to the lower court, in concurrent 76 pages of instruction made mandatory and Regulatory duty of the State employees as formal clear and official U.S. public policy.

A Contract that is contrary U.S. Public Policy is voidable per illegality, Section 32 of Restatement (Third) of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment (2011), as specified in 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9. The latter of which are incorporated explicitly as terms in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., signed NOVEMBER 16 1907 terms; and the former in Section 3 and 21 duties of officers of the State of Oklahoma.

This close tie to Constitutional and Statutory Law is not subject negotiation with a RESIDENT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA or an Oklahoma Citizen or Resident, as is the right and protection granted to the JAMES ALLEN account; and is explicit in protection owed to the natural person 'James Allen' held out to be such protected class by virtue of pre-McGirt rule and contract in effect at such time.

The Native American tribes have, in agreement, secured for those persons not of their TRIBAL REGISTRY, the same protections as were present prior and service provided by State of Oklahoma and United States, for which the government of each entity is obligated to perform or void its incorporation and treaty with the CHICKASW NATION RESERVATION.

As stated, many persons including the Governor of the State of Oklahoma are continuing to carry out a legal contest to overturn McGirt v State of Oklahoma, contrary opposition by the CHICKASAW NATION and other tribes.

A crisis is therfore developing, and "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" arises in the midst of this crisis, a claim of total breach by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in misconduct owing forfeiture of State of Oklahoma in the case for failure to produce trial over 4 consecutive years and false report to THE COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SECURITY in 2019 fabricating a surgery to defraud the protection of James Allen from abuse and removal of his child, and to defraud UNITED STATES of benefits in this action. It is this written fabrication to the UNITED STATES by the agent, in STATE OF OKLAHOMA, over objection and dissent, whereby a 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408 complaint evolves further proof of State collusion in the concealment and abuse of a missing and exploited child to defraud a creditor of State of Oklahoma their full rights and protections under color of false trial.

The written January 2nd 2024 threats by STATE OF FLORIDA published by Veronica Marie Petersen (the creditor, in agency sustained from 2001-2024 extortion and public designation of her power of attorney to carry out such fraud in plain view and written memorandum before two witnesses and a private investigation in 2012 conclusion) sustain claims that employees of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE in STATE OF FLORIDA are conspiring in this fraud to prosecute James Allen in order to overcome his right to file or enjoy adjudication by the ongoing trial court in District 2 and 4 of Tulsa Oklahoma - a Supreme Court assignment by ORDER DECEMBER 6 2023 to the State Court of Civil Appeals. Such public intimidation of witnesses in trial tampering ins part of a pattern in 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 and 2002-2004, and 2007-2009 and 2009-2013 and 2021-2023, owing substantial attention of International Law Enforcement to failure to act by UNITED STATES against this human trafficking activity and participation in such threats of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES and DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF STATE OF OKLAHOMA, DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF STATE OF TEXAS, and DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF STATE OF FLORIDA in ongoing trial interference.

The practice of alleging a failed indictment is a proof of a criminal guilt and right to incarcerate or deprive persons of legal protection is a violation of Oklahoma Criminal Code Title 21 Section 21-8.

Damages sought are presently 40,000,000 USD but may be in addition to fines of $100 million USD per company in 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 and any other fines as appropriate for unjust enrichment on opportunistic breach of contract by UNITED STATES and/or STATE OF TEXAS and/or STATE OF OKLAHOMA or any District Court or commercial business whose employees are involved or whose name is used to carry out such threats by Donald Beal or other persons identified as publicists in premeditated schemes of extortion communicated to Tulsa OK attorney Mary Rounds and 60+ other employees in a mass mailing by Donald Beal in 2011 LEGAL RESPONSE TO SERVICE OF PROCESS, describing then the criminal plan to abduct the child in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION or other right held out as a trust by TITLE IV AGENCY benefits and UNITED STATES obligations (18 U.S. Code Sec. 1509).

The repeated use of legal false material statements by Veronica Marie Petersen, State of Texas, and State of Oklahoma, warrant substantial CHOICE OF LAW in Texas Title 8 Sec. 37.03 and 37.09 and 37.10 rule to material false statements to influence or intimidate a trial or jury in 2001-2023 on this matter.

The effort to use companies to deepen the complexity of the suit to overcome the DEFENDANT, and in concert with EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST real estate for NTT/VERIO and ZAYO GROUP and PeerDB members including LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., and their assets employed in the attacks often exceeding 16 gigabit per second against LINODE LLC and other firms (RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED) in these acts are substantial proof of misuse of Administrative Root privileges to routers and metro-class routing equipment by NTT/VERIO and AKAMI INCOPRORATED staff to prolong and aid the child taking and concealment.

It becomes, therefore, evident that the public cannot rely upon UNITED STATES to carry out remedy of this situation due to a lack of will, not a lack of technical knowledge or authority, and that relief owing to Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 duty and forfeiture owing insolvency for non-performance make a sound case for surrender of the title of "State of Oklahoma" and inseparable in that same action is and must be "Federal Union" in title so also forfeit. If only to attend to this abuse and permanently end the intrusive and invasive conduct in Federal Union guaraneteed by 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 and 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408, federal law obligated performance.

DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY and State Components of the same entity are clearly not prepared for the fact that a legal 'remedy' was built-in and hard-baked onto Constitution of the State of Oklahoma creation in 1906 and ratified terms in 1907 November 16th signature owing full and total compliance with the operant words and constructive words of the contract made in 1907.

There is "an off button" for the United States. And for the "Federal Union" as a whole. For which pressing that button will not destroy the value or the people, but will arrest the misuse of such title and property as a convenience separate from the duty and obligation made upon its commission for performance owing service or forfeiture.

It appears that the parties have been trying to press the button for some time, but got unlucky in picking James Allen as the first person to read the core documents and invoke the right in a court of law and motion, for which obligation is unconditional and the duration perpetual in conveyance; from which only illegality is a defense now against automatic execution of the remedy and resulting struggling possession not permited a legal standing in clear title and written contract at-law.

No one at the office of James Allen believes that such transition will be painless or smooth, but denies and refutes that any obstacle or difficulty constitues a legal impossibility or impracticallity, lest that claimant on such utterance admit repudiation in the defense, owing the same void per UCC 2-308 and 3-604 and 605(d) rule.

It must be done, or other remedy with permanent security and restoraton of reputation produced to satisfy. Satisfaction is subject the creditor approval solely, not conditions otherwise prescribed or in-consideration subject to negotiation.

Contempt to this condition is treason, on prima facie.

Democratic Terrorism in Texas Child Trafficking

January 2nd 2024

Democratic Party members have, for so long as I can recall, claimed there is a social contract inferred and legally implied owing some participation in society and contribution toward the society of their election, for which other rights are in-consideration only. This is treason, but we were abused from the year 1990 to 2024 to support such knowing criminal fraud.

The case of "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", a litigation by a forgery of a natural person "Veronica Peterson" who is in fact not a UNITED STATES CITIZEN nor a real person with standing to sue in legal instrument filed - a partial contract and incomplete instrument, held out as a FULL CONTRACT FRAUDULENTLY to abduct a UNITED STATES CITIZEN; on the signature authority of "Veronica Marie Petersen" of The Colony, State of Texas, admitted fraudulent filing in 2023 March 16 while claiming such suit was in the interest of STATE OF OKLAHOMA in collection of debt for UNITED STATES, a government entity, to apply such payment to an estate "VERONICA PETERSEN", which as a UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER is not entitled transfer of the debt in the legal contract filed explicitly to bar its right to stand as creditor - a false debt of UNITED STATES executed under the agency powers of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH delegated per Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 December 20 2016 notice of limited, exclusive, and delegated powers - of which this suit is not one such power.

In such case, a debt assigned by fraud on marriage of a NATURAL PERSON to a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES created in legal fiction, to pay benefits on a collateral prior SECURED BY CONTRACT AND CHECK TENDERED AND ACCEPTED IN THE ACCOUNT OF VERONICA PETERSEN for delivery of a child to residency of a SOLE CUSTODY CONTRACT AGREEMENT, was recollateralized for $108,000 USD and an BOND INSTRUMENT styled in contract simple an "unlimited contract for labor and service" on demand, of any amount presented; by which this question of the social contract is tested in 2001-2023 violence and assault at gunpoint with extortion and threat of murder.

After decades of fraudulent claims to THE COMMISSIONER OF SOCIAL SECURITY by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA during concealment of a child and substitute of collateral, a DALLAS TX birth filed OCT 1 2001 falsely changed for a CARROLTON TX birth in the year 2002 without legal right to modify the evidence or discovery RULED by DECEMBER 18 2001 to be the fact of the case before the court and presented as such to defraud UNITED STATES; a kidnapping later admitted to obtain UNITED STATES benefits by child abuse, and parental alienation to promote a DEMOCRATIC PARTY radical agenda paid for by OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS (a GEORGE SOROS FAMILY OFFICE COMPANY) and NATION OF JAPAN business made to compete with the parent of the child illegally in such activity, hosting false material claims to sustain the child concealment and defamation - does this question of social contract become finalized - more than a mere 'suggested structure', the basis in fact a COLLATERAL CONTRACT made in discovery, signed by United States agent as agreement for property and obligation of service by the 60th Congress of the United States, an express set of terms in the 16th day of the month of November in the year 1907 a physical document and specific terms in Section 3 and 21 and 22 owing attention.

Democratic Party members have, falsely, suggested that at all times such terms are subject to a form of collective bargaining and negotiation, owing civil disobedience and non-performance a right of ongoing undefined equity to change the agreement as labor and superior force afford means to do so.

Public Law 59-234, CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 Section 3 and 21 enjoin the Officers of the State of Oklahoma upon its incorporation to obey Federal Statutory Law, and to apply such law, including the full text of Public Law 59-234 which is itself a Federal Law.

The Federal Law in this text cites as agreement the documents:

  1. "The Constitution of the united States of America", in construction of words be so applied;
  2. "The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America," in broad principle owing legal force beyond and to encompass expressly the powers and authority therein also jointly - superior to the plain text of such document or parties of its time solely, and in "general principal" the rights therein as Supreme Law.

Now, this is probably not the legal history you were taught in a public school. Nor advised or shown evidence of by the Courts of the public community incorporated by UNITED STATES and Federal Union; but it was made in 1907, prior to the FEDERAL RESERVE and exclusive of such claims, prior collateral contract on a thing in rem "State of Oklahoma" and on a second legal property in bundle of assets and territory and sovereign power ascribed as "Federal Union", a legal thing at law.

All member states of the Federal Union then and since are enjoined, a part of that property, and contract.

Unlike a social contract that is merely implied, this is a COLLATERAL CONTRACT owing obligation and performance, made interesting by its language: for the fate of the "State of Oklahoma" is "inseparable" from the "Federal Union", and as such in contract the dissolution of such State by default would be so a legal act worked upon the "Federal Union" and all assets under the umbrella of that legal "title", so pledged a security for the obligations prior cited, and for the addition of terms agreed in 1907 on the November 16th endorsement by United States, a document of some length known as "The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma". It is a very interesting document, frequently ridiculed because of its very large Article II, a bill of rights reserved, which are in UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) things owing legal force per UCC 2-308 rule, also made State Statutory Law in Title 12A section 12a-2-308.

So what have is "the bona fide social contract" which re-asserts as one legal chose of action, the Federal Law in Statutory rule a duty, and obligation of the State of Oklahoma to perform it or default, making void their incorporation and the possession of "Federal Union" by its incorporator who did endorse the document and in their name ascribe this unity without immunity against default or breach, waiving all such rights per UCC 2-308 rule. The United States technically possesses "Federal Union", but it is a negotiable title, and in this 1907 November 16 document did the United States tender to agreement the title as a security and asset subject collateral obligations, for which defect of "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" as matured improperly by STATE OF TEXAS to false suit in "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEN" (15-06292393) and concurrently (illegally, a double jeopardy) in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" (01-177202-R) made in 2018, then carried by STATE OF OKLAHOMA as "VERONICA PETERSON v JAMES ALLEN" in FR-2018-04 filings and later mutilated again as "VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN" prior March 23 2023 admission that the party "VERONICA PETERSEN" in case FR-2018-04 concurrent to case 15-06292393 on the same subject matter and contract was allgedly not the UNITED STATES CITIZEN ascribed there nor a natural person prior filed, to defraud the Defendant of a TITLE IV AGENCY obligation pledged and for money seized without performance at any time by premeditated written plan and intent - a newborn child from the AUGUST of the year 2001 to JANUARY of the year 2024.

Not only has this fraud spanned 23 years, but it is continuing in threats of incarceration for report of the abduction, to conceal the crime in STATE OF FLORIDA as of DECEMBER 2023 in public MEMORANDUM by "Veronica Marie Petersen", for commercial advantage in unjust enrichment and opportunistic breach of contract.

And the party alleges STATE OF FLORIDA and UNITED STATES to be collaborators in such fraud, in public claim of FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION employee participation in such fraud as of DECEMBER 2023 reported JANUARY 2024 on the 2nd of the month by eye witnesses (2) to the Oklahoma office.

No fine or financial compensation is permitted substitution for failure to perform the obligation of all duties and rights set forth in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 collateral contract. And the extortion prior is based on nothing more than a similar 2002 issued collateral contract by STATE OF TEXAS for a fabricated child who is not a born-alive person or beneficiary entitled UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS per 1 USCA 8, in a formally filed alleged "DALLAS TX" child birth not of record or name.

This is one of those cases, where the "hypothetical" consequences which by their lack of a CONCRETE CONTRACT and due to the Section 22 stipulation whereby the Congress of the United States nor any State may modify or disclaim or repudiate the terms and conditions in operate wording of the 1907 written agreement, owe full force of law or forfeiture of commission and incorporation in full default, total breach for insolvency.

Value pledged in such contract is for performance in a timely fashion, to prevent liquidation of assets or right of action, against which failure to perform pro-actively and fully is default; and financial payment as a penalty is EXPRESSLY NOT SPECIFIED AND THUS NOT PERMITTED as a contract at law, affording sole insolvency and default for lack of performance of the obligation in all terms and successfully.

Democratic Party members, facing such a "RESTATEMENT OF CONTSTITUTION (1907)" are hard pressed to continue their defense already in direct assault on many statutes of "RESTATEMENT (SECOND) OF CONTRACTS (1984)" and "RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF RESTITUTTION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT (2011)", in which the later 2002 collateral contract has disputed without any performance at any time whatsoever, the duties of a PRIMARY OBLIGOR (UCC 3-604, 3-605(d) rule) to merit other than DISCHARGE of the the obligation against the SECONDARY OBLIGOR of such contract; a cause for which violence and threat of murder and seizure of real estate and homes and assets valued at over $1.1 trillion USD in intellectual property and $300 billion USD in annual market value are at risk; and in attempted 2018-2022 transfer to control by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA negotiated by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of NATION OF JAPAN as broker, rejected in 2018 February prior such disclosure of hidden assets and broad unlawful patent claims with intent to evade U.S. Trade Restrictions over instruction of the United States by NVIDIA CORPORATION and in products designated 4090D series discrete integrated consumer electronics and business H800 electronic devices, dual use goods subject to the WASSENAAR ARRANGEMENT and other export controls.

Truly, this is a watershed moment - and the concrete RESTATEMENT OF CONSTITUTION (1907) is a very demanding and strict immutable social contract which the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and GEORGE SOROS FAMILY OFFICES active charity in OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS was not prepared to confront in collateral UCC 2-308 "RESERVED RIGHTS" of 1907 enjoining United States by the 59th Congress draftsmanship and 60th Congress of the United States signed endorsement, a prior and superior instrument of credit and lien over the assets many persons persumed were collateral for "THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACT OF 1913", which occurred after the 1907 COLLATERAL CONTRACT with the People (natural persons, James Allen) of proposed State of Oklahoma containing CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION and birthplace of James Allen, defendant, in a frivilous and unlawful double jeopardy suit to abduct and conceal a child, overcome a registered business, and forfeit vital intellectual property reserved and refused sale or franchise or license to NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

The standing of NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in all BERNE CONVENTION TREATY and other rights, is now subject void, in pendancy for their ongoing support by franchise and agency to impede these rights owing contract of any kind arising from the root Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 agreement in collateral contract; and a right to give NOTICE OF DISHONOR and REPUDIATION OF CONTRACT that does not concede return of property and rights to the affected persons in such dispute; and full restoration of reputation per Oklahoma Constitution Article II sec. II-6 rule; proof against monopoly in II-32; and protection from primogeniture and corruption of blood and double jeopardy in 2001-2002 OCTOBER 1 suit overlap with 2002-2002 suit 01-17702-R duplicate res judicata suit; and repeat of this fraud in 2015-2020 JANUARY 1 suit 15-06292393 with concurrent illegal suit 01-177202-R known also as FR-2018-04 in double jeopardy for the same matter concurrently on incomplete evidence as "full contract" falsely held out for value in a TITLE IV AGENCY federal civil contract, to knowingly and criminally breach for unjust enrichment Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 COLLATERAL CONTRACT by fraud on RECORD and by FICTITIOUS PETITIONER supported by Federal forgery.

Never in history has a CONTRACT OF THE UNITED STATES been so clearly and purposefully broken, as "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", nor a defendant so established in prior living contract as the natural person "James Allen" in this case, with injury of clear and historical degree and intent in written claims, perpetrated by SOROS backed PACKET CLEARING HOUSE members and registered SERVERS in documents and letters of clear intent to kidnap a UNITED STATES CITIZEN for hostage.

We are, as a result of the sedition by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and aid by two companies in partnership with those foreign sovereign states in KINGDOM OF SWEDEN and in ICELAND, the case for immediate emergency reorganization of the Federal Union as a "private property" of a single individual as seisin in deed and seisin in law, which they have directed be entered into a CONSERVATORSHIP of private parties for the preservation of the American People and civil order; against false cause by UNITED STATES and in consideration of breach of contract by United States reported JANUARY 2nd 2024.

UNITED STATES is a government entity, and does not represent the obligations of United States (a nation) based in the District of Columbia and solely there; separate from the "Federal Union" as a territory and all Federal Land claims outside that limited authority disputed misuse of Federal authority in violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 Federal Law - as such language and rider in "The Constitution of the united States of America" did restate and re-submit all the terms and the limitations of the original document contrary prior (pre-1907 NOV 16) legislation, to void any Federal Land claims made by UNITED STATES which are not specified therein and bar any claims against the collateral property pledged in a security thereafter, per custom of law.

The Democratic Party of the United States, a foreign sovereign agent, has by its actions exposed its clear rhetoric and intent to work a modification of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in violation of Federal Law in Section 22 of that document, by which a state of "NO CONTRACT" may exist with them and with their agents and members in any public office or public position of the public trust or public service.

This statement, having been uttered, is not a declaration or call to action. It is a NOTICE OF DISHONOR in DUE PROCESS a CIVIL PROCEDURE, by which the arrest of the process to direct the attention of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES and of each STATE LEGISLATURE and GOVERNOR to Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat, 1907 rule is owed; and to instruct the public that James Allen believes the language of the contract enjoins them contrary their intent or whim or self-interest or other constructed claim of public interest, to the duty to perform or quit their claims.

Whereby, upon notice to perform, the duty may be performed to satisfaction in full or not to satisfaction, and total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of the 1907 endorsed contract be resumed or found in total breach - and the test of such upon "Veronica Petersen v James Allen", a suit for credit in a partial contract of debt against UNITED STATES ex rel JAMES ALLEN (a legal incorporated person, legal fiction) is in violation of 42 USCA 408 and 666(a)(10) fiduciary duty of the United States by direct contempt of the TITLE IV AGENCY delegated in the person of "STATE OF TEXAS" and "STATE OF OKLAHOMA" to void the incorporation of State of Oklahoma for repudiation (UCC 3-604) of the obligations set forth in 1907 November 16th signed terms fixed then and in full and final compact.

The Democratic Party and its movement to suggest that the Federal Union and the many States, or United States, are a true or partial or limited "DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT" is repudiation and fraud, owing submission to the express written social contract and collateral contract aspect thereof in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907.

Other states, including State of Texas public, and State of Florida, have in knowing and premeditated SEDITIOUS REBELLION risen up to contest and disclaim and refuse performance of these rights; in a SECOND REVOLUTIONARY ACT OF WAR in 2001 OCTOBER 1 to 2024 JANUARY 2, and published their repudiation of such duty of Federal and State law, for which forfeiture of the incorporation of each member State of the Federal Union separately and jointly is made conditional their submission to the rule of law and rights set forth with State of Oklahoma in all protections; and across all States of the Federal Union. Contest to such Universal Right (UNIDROITE) and contempt for the International Law (UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE) owes no marginal response, and bears no merit other than forced liquidation and reorganization of franchise for those entities who resist or seek to flee the jurisdiction with intangible property in looting of the Federal Union and their sister State obligations to the People and private property and trade secret rights.

It is evident that NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SWEDEN, ICELAND, and their partners are buying influence in HOUSTON, SAN FRANCISCO, SAN JOSE, NEW YORK CITY, MIAMI, ORLANDO, CLEARWATER FLORIDA, ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN, and other major port cities of the United States in interest to overcome Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Federal Law of 1907; a contract securiting the protection of other member States and the people from taking of their children as hostages.

This conduct must end. The ascribed collective bargaining of a suggested negotiable social contract so popularized by PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN, and by NORWAY and SWEDEN and other states friendly to these NATIONAL SOCIALIST and CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY claims as legal convictions; do not coexist with Section 3 and 21 and 22, nor allow by agreement the Congress of the United States or other court to violate SEction 22 rule of immutable terms; other than as an attack upon the legal system of the country and its incorporation.

We cannot continue to 'bargain' with parties engaged in violence and bad faith like HAMAS and STATE OF TEXAS in these matters, nor tolerate the intentional perpetual concealment of our children as products or prizes of war under such duplicity of conduct owing NO CONTRACT; and the use of the courts to legitimize this abuse is evident fraud, for which our own leadership cannot now conduct ordinary business or participate in the ELECTORIAL PROCESS due to this misuse of the Federal and State Courts; in a clear pattern of organized intimidation for which we find in our financial audit the SOROS CHARITABLE FOUNDATIONS to be directly sponsoring in criminal extermination of our people and attacks on our right to participate in society and commerce and markets by directed misuse of MEDICAL and HEALTH policies and slander, libel, and extortion.

It is therefore the conclusion of James Allen, a member of the People named in suit FR-2018-04 explicitly per APRIL 18 2023 ORDER IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, that such conduct owes a declaration and notice of final total breach in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 and automatic forfeiture in full of such ascribed property therein specified and encompassed as 'Federal Union', a property prior of United States (a nation, in personality of entity).

It is not a burden lightly considered, nor is it a practical assertion of TITLE for which the agreement and submission of the many persons in PHYSICAL POSSESSION of the goods subject to the 'title' made in United States issue of this bond and security will likely (nor should) take without objection and concern; but are enjoined fully and without their full awareness to the use of this Public Trust over their person and territorial identity applied by the 59th and 60th Congress, a power ceded to it by all member states then and all member states since, owing no repudiation not filed PRIOR in full termination of that full or partial relationship, to pay this debt of the collective bargain struck by the 60th Congress for addition of "State of Oklahoma" to its register of "Member States", nor any reservation of rights not in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., not made therein that document expressly - as State of Texas has often been attributed to in threats and letters of violence concerning "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" in extortion of "James Allen" throughout 2001-2023.

The implied contract is fixed in instrument, and cannot be modified or void unless default is accepted, and one sole claimaint now present (James Allen). Mr. Allen, for his part, has delegated to the "INTANGIBLE PROPERTY - REGISTERED INTEGRATED SECURE COMMUNICATION" (IP-RISC) Group, the power to maintain and administer this property in case of forfeiture, and to carry on the perpetual administration of such titles or new property made by such re-organization, as is necessary to protect and maintain the previous government of the States and agencies and organizations in general and to disturb the least any member of the private community and public life of persons - while acting to address key defects contributing to this default by "UNITED STATES" to administer its obligations under "Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 contract", a duty of a competent sovereign state and agreement entered into under the GENERAL ORDER NO 100 Article 16 and 65, which prohibit use of PERFIDY by the Federal Union and United States, a Public pledge with force of law applied to Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in the signature of the 60th Congress of the United States for and on behalf of United States and representation of the present and future Federal Union members in legal force.

Unless United States or State of Texas or State of Florida or other Member State wishes to declare war and openly break its agreement with James Allen, it will likely require decades to carry out the agreement of such settlement or reorganization, and sustained effort that will require new States to be educated in the lack of Sovereign integrity afforded to them by the decision of the 60th Congress of the United States, a contract. In the meantime, the member States are subject to forced collection under one body and direction, whereby they shall comply or be in rebellion and insurrection, owing duty to the agreement of United States or rebellion against that authority and LAws of the United States so made in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907.

The idea of a 'shadow government' or other 'legal body' having superior direct authority over the 'Federal Union' is repulsive and unexpected, but not prohibited or repugnant to the Constitution of the United States after a 1907 to 2023 span of failure of any person to file grievance against the contract while collecting value from it. Such a contract is thus fully paid in, and a maturity to reap the contract without dispute beyond contest by any member State; a clear and evident design of the United States delegated to the 60th Congress to leverage its territory for value to James Allen (the individual injured, as a single party in individual standing entitled full chose of action, of a larger class each sharing individual rights), which are by the prior description repugnant and foreign to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN as to be incomprehensible in chose of action by any single person without some consensus or collective (two or more members) to warrant execution of contract.

It is this very "limitation of real surity" as to deny rights to any ONE person, by which the breach did develop and occur, for which cure of the contract is necessary by long term elimination of unwanted and corrupt foreign influence - owing a new security to the protection of individuals and barring sale of the court and protection only to large financial stakeholders and incorporated persons over natural persons and non-incorporated persons who are at this time styled in exploitation as "undocumented persons" or similar legal status of less-than-protected parties before the laws of the States and public.

Recognition of the legal difference between "unregistered persons" and "outlaws" (persons who are by writ refused the full protection of law as if enemy combatants in an active and military hostility owing capture or neutralization by degree and by policy and threat other-than-ordinary civilians" are now necessary - and required force due to the tactics of HAMAS and other premeditated militant and criminal organizations operating under color of civil protest and 1st Amendment rights to menace, impede, threaten, and injure the right of travel, property, and freedom of markets and community against undue and corrupting influence aimed at vulnerable persons.

In such right, and with respect to the protection of persons who are vulnerable and against "forced labor as a condition of national or state rights" or of "forced labor to enjoy parental rights based on gender" these conducts require executive use of force owing no duty to Posse Commitatuts or other State jurisdictions as a shelter against pursuit, arrest, and recovery of missing and exploited children or other directed violence and human trafficking, labor exploitation, slavery, and misuse of the authority of the commercial franchise granted by UNITED STATES and the Member States to tax and regulate business in Interstate Commerce and in Intrastate commerce (See: Silencers for in-state use, and other regional trade practices of special arms which are pre-emptive to an organized armed rebellion in concert with undue foreign influence and unregistered immigration).

Long term management, empowered to stabilize these issues, would benefit from a 'shadow government' whose focus is constitutonal rights and protection from misuse of State and Federal courts abuse of discretion and reporting characteristic of computer based classification and titles in rampant GRAFT AND FRAUD ACTIVITY under the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES false suggestion of a 'benefits' program payable on credit of UNITED STATES and borrowing to pay future unsustainable and impossible annuities which are NOT ENTITLED A MANDATE TO COMPEL PERSONS TO ENTER INTO THE UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE CONDITIONAL TO ENJOYMENT OF OTHER RIGHTS LIKE PARENTAL CONTACT AND SECURITY IN THE COMMUNITY AND OF PROPERTY AND RIGHT OF TRAVEL AND INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.

That these restrictions are even being discussed and that such long-term impact for minor offenses and civil debt are being applied, are a GROSS MISUSE OF COMPUTER RESOURCES AND CAPABILITIES owing removal and dismissal from public life.

The United States was not incorporated to post a profit or to borrow money or provide for the public welfare by borrowing any thing of credit from any foreign power or from any public in excess of its basic earnings. The misuse of this is void, and creditors may expect their debts to be disclaimed or a STAY placed during audit, as these acts violate the core obligations set forth in value per Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of 1907 agreement, sole terms of contract entitled force of law.

The Concept of Equity as Law is so ingrained, that we may not overcome it without a violent push-back from United States domestic DEMOCRATIC AGENCY against the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., but the terms are set and the sedition is one of any deviation from that written social contract, a "RESTATEMENT OF CONSTITUTIONS" made collateral contract; and purchased with the life of children under criminal enterprise from 2001-2023, for which correction is both owing and due immediately.

This may require removal of persons who are DEMOCRATIC PARTY MEMBERS from public office and public trust, and because of this, resistance to such direction - duty of the actual entity and legal property the parties claim to serve - is likely. It would be preferable that such radicals recognize why their indoctrination in a "equity only right of action" is improper and illegal, contrary Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 rule - but not necessary. What "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" demonstrates is that radical terrorism in our country initiated in one State can refuse to submit due to State identity contrary all facts, and spreads like a disease to every other member State, even enticing State of Florida and United States employees to aid in that treason and insurrection under color of defense of a radical political group backed by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and by other wealthy foreign sovereign directive interests and investor interest contrary to the Laws of the United States. For that reason, the present United States administration of the Federal Union is unsatisfactory to the CONTRACT AT LAW in Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 rule, owing performance and value, for which failure to perform is defect of value and a work of insolvency proven by that result; subject execution of the contract to work the change of title and ownership of the 'Federal Union'. No longer shall the Congress meet to pat itself on the back and create a spectacle of celebrity and deeds and honors, while children are left in the street and missing due to the corrupt nature of the States. It is time to admit that the duty of the office requires a pro-active approach to combat active organized and Interstate terrorism aided and supported by foreign capital, and to pursue and remove such elements from our society to ensure equity in the marketplace and security in our homes against abuse of the civil and financial fines and implied "gender and social identities" of other nations and states from being violently and illegally thrust upon us, our property, and most importantly on our children when we must participate in society at the expense of the time we are entitled by law to spend with them without condition or obligation or performance to purchase that natural right.

A person who takes a child from a parent to control the development or reputation of the culture is a war criminal where such act is the product of less-than-criminal-conviction of the parent.

Such rights cannot be sold or licensed or titles created (NCP/CP) which are not consistent with the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES and a natural family, which is the product of biological relationships and has no authority in LEGAL MARRIAGE nor in RAPE as a crime whether violent or coerced or statutory, to create a product for which the SOCIALIST INTEREST OF A FOREIGN STATE or DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST MOVEMENT should have in any degree whatsoever a claim or right by law. Families and persons are not restricted to LEGAL PRIVILEGE OF MARRIAGE as the basis of such rights, and the resort to such is an attack both on the franchise of persons and the protection of children from abuse and export of child services and companionship for which neither gender is at-fault for the activity of consentual procreation or failure to take precaution in the product thereof, a duty of a competent society entitled to the STATE or UNITED STATES to marginalize or commodify for SERVICE or other obedience or direction conditional access to a child of a natural union. The use of the family courts to assault the right to work, compete, and marry, is unlawful in this degree; and as such, financial support awarded to persons who can work is criminal in its application to create FEDERAL BENEFITS for STATE AGENCIES acting as UNITED STATES AGENTS while denying United States signed obligations to perform in good faith the protections and rights of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 of 1907 contract.

DEMOCRATIC policies to "elect the superior or executive parent" are an attack on the human condition, the rights of persons, and would not have been tolerated in prior Centuries due to flight to avoid persecution prior to the 1970s and increased property and computer title management. As such, the use fo such policies must end, permanently, and the courts exist to settle such disputes between legally EQUAL parents, not to delegate that power to one or the other without substantial evidence of an intentional crime.

The rights of children demand that such protections of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., be applied to their welfare and to eliminate NON-CUSTODIAL PARENT claims without a CRIMINAL CONVICTION for loss of such important rights; owing to evidence of clear and foreign manipulation of the public to defraud in "Vernica Peterson v James Allen" (2018-2023) and related false cases in 2001-2023 on admitted child kidnapping styled "ABANDONMENT" and in act of perjury admitted "MARRIAGE" claim where no such marriage or legal right was factual, dissolved, nor part of the INDICTMENT filed in 2001 OCT 1. A fraud on prima facie with violence incorporating $19 billion foreign aid and foreign national commercial support, and membership in the IANA.ORG abused to promote the hoax from 2001-2023 in concealment of a child to overcome NORTEL NETWORKS and UNITED STATES interestes in optical data transport by NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA systematically.

Relief against such taking, as HAMAS worked OCT 7 2023, does not afford prosecution and conviction of a party to a criminal degree prior return of missing and exploited children and protection from threats against family members across State and Federal borders to conceal a child and bar DISCOVERY. Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 asserted this plainly, in common language, which is now repudiated by THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY and by their STATE entities in FLORIDA and TEXAS, owing void those States legal participation as active members in the Federal Union and to all Federal Benefits upon "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", a suit at law by a non-person in concurrent prosecution on a partial contract to disable prosecution and intimidate witnesses in DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS case 15-06292393 from July 27 2015 to January 1 2020 and by false affidavit of permanent residence of the abducting party in Denton County from 2001 to 2020, while such party filed in 2002 on claim of standing arising from residency in County of Dallas a MOTION TO AMEND and in 2018 an APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF A FOREIGN ORDER OF SUPPORT and APPLICATION FOR CITATION OF CONTEMPT in perjury violating the prior AFFIDAVIT on November 20 2018.

Like HAMAS on OCT 7 2023, these things happened and remain unresolved legal fact owing correction of awards per TITLE IV AGENCY or default on Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22 rule, and related NOV 16 1907 terms in signed agreement, a COLLATERAL CONTRACT entered into by United States freely and conditionally future performance for value in full satisfaction.

If the United States cannot correct this defect, then an alternate bona fide seisin in deed and conveyance is obligated and automatic execution upon default to the defendant of such fraud, abuse, and specified case at law. If only to install a competent trustee and restore order in interest of the contract without the prior restrictions of the prior trustee, "United States".

Such trustee would, in natural person or agency, not be subject to Possee Commitatus or other restraint or supervision of a Court or Justice Department, a natural person not enjoined by such duty as the incorporated technical person, and entitled by such right to Title 76 OK Stat. Sec. 76-9 rule ("all necessary force") as well as "any force and any rights of law or authority elected", without restriction. Some of you would be more terrified by the potential of that than by the injury to a child. It is that division from which the separation of the UNITED STATES people and the "American People" with whom the Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and related terms signed into Federal Law are clear and separate cultures for which no resumption of unity or uniform collective organized body is permissible in any degree, as it would invalidate Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., to do so and void the incorporation of "State of Oklaoma" and "Federal Union" to do so.

The United States, a nation, is little without the "Federal Union", but it has collateralized the property.

The United States is in breach, also, where it has signed this Federal Law and incorporated "The Constitution of the united States of America" as a rider document, for which it then has breached in the concealment of this obligation to defraud any (ONE) person, or several persons, or any party in any degree.

We are threfore at a crossroads - where we must choose SOROS' "DEMOCRACY" or the "CONTRACTUAL DUTY OF THE UNITED STATES" to satisfy its treaties and contracts and obligations in opposition to that "populist will and equity arguement" which is in direction an approach to solicit the surrender of our franchise in our children and the next generation - plainly made.

I choose the child, in commitment, over the economic security offered in leu of the child.

What will you choose? Child Trafficking by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF FLORIDA, or the 1907 Pledge of United States?

There are two social contracts - the unwritten one, and the WRITTEN INSTRUMENT (1907).

Honor your written ratified Federal Law pledge or overthrow the United States in treason - the choice is simple.

What kind of American are you, as recent propaganda films ask. (the film below is propaganda by radicalized DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL SOCIALISTS prepared for 2024 release during the upcoming Presidential Election. It is not endorsed by this website, and provided for academic purposes to affirm the degree of incitement by the radical 'Western' extremist fantasies and their intent to lure State of Texas and State of Florida into a partnership to overcome rule of law in 2024 activity by massive investment in media and directed deceit to influence young and vulnerable persons like the Veronica Peterson v James Allen case demonstrates at-law).

You want a blueprint out of the prior: read Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, sec 3 and 21 and 22, and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma (with attention to Article I-1, I-2, all of Article II and all of Article XXIII). We have a (living) contract, including the Declration and severability clause in such document to defend against breach - which is and has been for 116 years an active and fully in force Federal law owing performance on penalty of sedition and treason (18 USCA 2384).

You just needed an injured party to invoke it - which "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" provides.

DATA CENTER EMPLOYEE Administration Misuse

January 2nd 2024

It is a legal misconception that Internet Service Providers are not liable for content they publish on the Internet to falsify MATERIAL FACTS OF A COURT PROCESS. Where such acts are done in violation of 47 U.S. Code Sec. 230, only the removal of content is protected from prosecution - not the publication.

Further, publication where the use of FALSE LEGAL NAME is used to conceal the publisher, and the purpose is to threaten persons with real injury or detention not allowed by law, is a crime under U.S. Law and falls under Oklahoma Statutory Code Title 21 Section 21-29 rule of jurisdiction.

In the prior, where letters were knowingly addressed, transmitted, and delivered to attorneys in Tulsa Oklahoma and City of Ada Oklahoma, and to persons not subject to DEBT or CREDIT INSTRUMENTS in a legal instrument, such as "James Allen" (the natural person, a specific party at law not interchangable with JAMES ALLEN the legal person as an incorporated person at-law), or to other members of the family of the person to coerce and intimidate them to pay a debt, that action is barred by 15 U.S. Code §1692d and owes void where such demand exceeds the maximum permitted fine by Federal Law at any time or perior, as specified in 45 CFR 303.6 limitation of $500 USD and in contract 01-17702-R as $500 USD paid which works a DISCHARGE the OBLIGATION, a financial term indicating the OBLIGATION constituting the whole of the contract per UCC 3-604 and 3-605 is null and void any further demands and fulfilled fully and in completion successfully without breach (DISCHARGE). Or where Federal Law prohibits such demand, on any legal action to collect more than the permitted $500 limit at one time in 30 days, as was done in FR-2018-04 filing NOV 20 2018 illegally, owing void and null to such order permanently per subsection (c) rule. And where it shall violate 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10) duty of STATE OF OKLAHOMA to perform its fiduciary obligation limiting such demand to 65% of post-tax earnings filed in the State Income Tax only, or be void per such rule in taking over 65% of that sum in any enforcement attempt (the demand, not the tendered amount) for which the legal force of the instrument is rendered void and null (15 U.S. Code § 1673).

These protections are further in International Law made State Law in UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) section 3-604 where performance is refused (SEPT 2003) owing immediate DISCHARGE of such instrument; and UCC 3-605(d) where any term or period was not performed to subject such debt to DISCHARGE in full for non-performance of the contract in all aspects set forth, up to total value owing proof of performance or default by the primary obligor of a trust in collateral contract. Fraud to conceal this right - set forth in TEXAS FAMILY CODE sec. 157.008 right of counter-suit to nullify non-performance periods as credit value, including interest accrued upon such fraud, is obligated by AGREEMENT of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS per UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT Revision 2008 Section 604 "CHOICE OF LAW". Failure to perform these rights is seditious contempt of the duty of public office, abuse of public office with malice, prohibited by 21 O.S. § 21-1534, and total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 signature in contract per United States by the 60th Congress of the United States a contract duly made, and duty of the State of Oklahoma officers in Federal Law per Section 3 and 21 and duty set forth without right to modify later or disclaim such duty per Section 22.

Default means State of Oklahoma is void in incorporation, owing forfeiture, and that Federal Union is as an inseparable property also then resultant owing forfeiture to the same injured party; on breach by any State of the Federal Union to these terms, a contract made in the year 1907 on the 16th Day of the month of November and draftsman of such document and terms the 59th Congress of the United States; made contract in signature on additional terms set forth in "The Constitution of the State of Oklahoma", as agreement by the 60th Congress of the United States for all member States who have since (1907) been part of the Federal Union. A First lien.

The Congress action to suggest a second lien in the Federal Reserve, is void, where breach of the first lien is present, per UCC 2-308 reserved rights, and unconscionable contract owing void in second lien per UCC 3-302.

The Circumstances are similar to the Carrolton TX birth child, in second lien, made in 2002 on a 2001 AUGUST prior contract fully paid, owing SOLE CUSTODY; and creation of a straw-man in a "DALLAS TX Child Birth" sworn in 2001 OCT 1 by Veronica Marie Petersen to defraud UNITED STATES and JAMES ALLEN of paid property seized during INTERSTATE COMMERCE and paid passage, a kidnapping admitted in 2003 MEMORANDUM in public writting by Veronica Petersen and Donald J. Beal, naming there Alicia McMahon of City of Ada as accomplish to that act.

Use of a network to electronically make false claims contrary those facts of a "DALLAS TX birth" in indictment of OCT 1 2001 and DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, are felony acts in Texas Criminal Code Title 8 Section 37.03 and 37.09 and 37.10 in each utterance or publication; not provided a right of protection by 47 U.S. Code Section 230 rule.

    Oklahoma Statutory Code - Title 21
    §21-29. Sending letter - When complete - Place of prosecution.
    In the various cases in which the sending of a letter is made
    criminal by this chapter, the offense is deemed complete from the
    time when such letter is deposited in any post office or any other
    place, or delivered to any person with intent that it shall be
    forwarded. And the party may be indicted and tried in any county
    wherein such letter is so deposited or delivered, or in which it
    shall be received by the person to whom it is addressed.
    R.L.1910, § 2800.

Jurisdiction of prosecution for extortion in CANADA or STATE OF FLORIDA or STATE OF TEXAS in communication to a person in STATE OF OKLAHOMA or INDIAN TERRITORY in 1910 R.L. is there in that place of receipt; and where the person to whom the threat is addressed and uploaded or distributed does receive such communication whether in TRUE LEGAL NAME of a sender or by FALSE LEGAL NAME of a sender, regardless of fraud or dead-drop practices or other methods or proxy or common-carrier. It is alleged the sender is per COURT DOCUMENTS RESIDENT IN COUNTY OF DENTON, STATE OF TEXAS and has sworn to this, owing proof or default for flight from the jurisdiction prior contest conclusion to evade service of process and failure to make LEGAL ANSWER.

No LEGAL NAME CHANGE has been filed, owing alteration of "Veronica Marie Petersen" upon such legal instrument to include "Veronica Peterson" or "VERONICA PETERSEN" or other person as creditor, and thus in absence of and upon formal DENIAL OF AGENCY by STATE OF OKLAHOMA, no right of standing to bring suit FR-2018-04 is or was lawful, and dilatory tactic in similar 15-06292393 malformed suit made by STATE OF TEXAS to defraud UNITED STATES of benefits in embezzlement from JAMES ALLEN for kidnapping of a child from his household and passage paid under good faith in sums over $10,000 USD for delivery of a newborn child in the year 2001 and prior to the end of the Month of August, a contract owing performance or default in total breach; and first lien on such property seized and carried away by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF FLORIDA, and UNITED STATES to defraud Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in total breach from the year 2001 to perpetual liquidation of value; a violation of UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE section 2-308, 3-302, 3-604, and 3-605(d) rule.

James Allen, DEFENDANT, has alleged total breach worked upon contract Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., of the year 1907 by UNITED STATES and its Registered Agent made in STATE OF TEXAS as TITLE IV AGENCY and Registered Agent made in STATE OF OKLAHOMA as TITLE IV AGENCY in documents to defraud and forgery made in the name of "Veronica Marie Petersen" as the ascribed name "Veronica Peterson" to defraud the public. Accounts "VERONICA PETERSEN" of UNITED STATES are not conjoined lawfuly with that of "Veronica Marie Petersen", and indicate false books worked in payment of funds from JAMES ALLEN and in false claims against "James Allen" payable to "VERONICA PETERSEN" in financial records of State Public Office.

James Allen, a member of the public entitled claim, has invoked his rights in case 121225 for default judgement on case FR-2018-04 brought by "Veronica Peterson", a false person, and for forfeiture on total breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., in all assets attributed there as potential collateral in full forfeiture. This includes State of Florida and other Member States, who are pledged in that 1907 agreement, to terminate permanently the flight to foreign venue initiated in 2018 by ex juris suit 01-177202-R during case 15-06292393, a frivilous and prohibited suit by immunity void in the making per TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 and UIFSA 314 rule. A registered conservatorship with BOARD OF DIRECTORS is presented to ensure continuity and protect the public in this conversion of title owing seisin in law and seisin in deed, a perfect right by express contract, on the instrument and automatic execution on total breach alleged in false material fact of a DALLAS TX birth in DECEMBER 18 ORDER and change of facts without NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT to alter the INDICTMENT in 2002 by Veronica Marie Petersen filed in case 01-17702, a case concerning a DALLAS TX birth alleged a born-alive child as legal fact per 1 USCA 8 rule, proven to be fraud by UNITED STATES in agency action of STATE OF TEXAS on their behalf, a TITLE IV AGENCY of 5 USCA 101 rule duly made and authorized in their proxy, and act to defraud documented in 2001-2023 on total concealment of collateral in the person of the child of the secondary obligor without relief, and in substitution of the real child of the secondary obligor for a prior filed and sole subject in a DALLAS TX false child birth used to suspend DUE PROCESS and apply EXCESSIVE FINES for 15 U.S. Code § 1 intentional injury to trade rights and RIGHT TO WORK component (XXIII-1A of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. collateral contract by United States to James Allen). James Allen is the creditor of United States, and United States is the debtor in default, for failure to perform now in condition of insolvency owing no substitution in paper currency, fiat, or other thing at law permitted but forfeiture in full of the ascribed collateral 'State of Oklahoma' and 'Federal Union' as asset.

The system works. The Officers do not. Correction - is due in 2024. All resistance is sedition.

The use of data centers by unregistered foreign and domestic competitors is the subject of the offense in fact - not the terms of a CONTRACT AT LAW made in 1907 owing execution and enforcement as it is automatic in its performance on first repudiation of right by law; fraud simple and a clear obstruction of justice and tampering with performance of obligations and securities issued by United States. The ability of such data center parties to act, will be the subject of corrective action by the true and bona fide owner of such franchise made in CORPORATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, whose assets are property of the member States named collateral in the 1907 contract as 'Federal Union'. The mistake to believe that such franchise is a private property, where stock is traded, is error; and such abuse owing forfeiture or void or combination of liquidation and reorganization and assignment, a right reserved by the EXECUTIVE OFFICE of UNITED STATES and pledged in property to the 1907 agreement for contract thereafter. The 'master knot' so to speak, in the language of 'knots' that create the State and the Federal Union, rests upon the "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" case of 2001-2024.

One cannot dismiss a false trial where it supercedes a LEGAL TRIAL to obstruct its purpose in the time-sensitive liquidation of value by dilatory tactics, without restitution and execution of all terms and conditions of contract duly made and executed, living agreements owing performance of a competent State and of United States in charter a rider agreement to that pledge for substantial property. Nor flee to STATE OF FLORIDA to overcome STATE OF OKLAHOMA in a pledge (Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., which enjoins as collateral State of Florida and its government as a property subject forfeiture for default of a collateral contract to the injured party in double jeopardy and false legal name). Proof of the legal name "Veronica Peterson" is therefore required, or default is established by the Federal Union, State of Oklahoma as its officer and by any action of any other State to tamper with that contract impairing its performance default in a 2nd count owing total breach and purposeful breach of contract for unjust enrichment evident, per RESTATEMENT OF RESTITUTION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT (2011).

No company, nor officer of any common Interstate or International carrier terminating telecommunications or data circuits in United States, may engage in breach of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., and expect to be other than nationalized and reorganized under Federal Regulatory Supervision and control; as an attack upon the form of government made in the year 1906 held out to State of Oklahoma and in an attack upon the Federal Union by abuse to fracture or corrupt that form of government ratified in the year 1907 by the 60th Congress of the United States. Rights enumerated in Section 3 and 21 are federal law, self-referencing, callback functions owing performance or default, and enumerate "The Declaration of Independence of the united States of America" in broad legally binding operant language equal to strict specified language as-law of "The Constitution of the united States of America" specified a rider agreement, owing full legal force and application now - a virtual "Second Constitutional Contract" signed by the 60th Congress, now subject to "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" as a fixed lawsuit, owing no substitution of parties or other JOINDER than that of the INCOMPLETE INSTRUMENT filed in 2018 (thus void, a partial contract, incomplete) and mutilation of parties "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" therein not joinder in themselves to either of the 2018-2023 parties nor 2015-2023 parties, fraud by UNITED STATES in its STATE OF TEXAS performance as TITLE IV AGENCY of the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, A REGISTERED DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH, and action in all such instruments the legal act of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, proof of breach of contract (Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat.) by willful breach and intent to deceive the public in false financial records - a joinder of the accounts of "Veronica Marie Petersen" (a natural person) and that of "UNITED STATES" to overcome by joinder of the property in body of "James Allen" with the legal account "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN" to violate the 4th and 14th Amendment, and incorporating false claims violating the 1st and 2nd, and 5th and 6th Amendment.

The Forfeiture Clause is present for a reason, and the inseparable nature at-law of 'Federal Union' to defect of performance of obligation by 'State of Oklahoma' as the agent of UNITED STATES in any action, designed to blow like a fuse in a fusebox, on such fraud - owing dissbursement of the 'Federal Union' to whomever the UNITED STATES legal agent has attempted to overreach its authority to resulting in injury; a permanent solution to the problem of rogue government in a single document and language of default for performance, legal capacity to perform, and method to penalize by termination of commission and incorporation the State if it pleads incapacity after dereliction of duty or obstruction of justice or other fault or breach or misuse of the legal fiction afforded for its organization; a privilege and limited power of incorporation.

Democracy, nor CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY or NATIONAL SOCIALIST or other claim, grant any legal right which is in equity a relief from this WRITTEN CONTRACT and obligation at law to deliver or default in insolvency for failure to produce the child of title in the Carrolton TX birth (secured in AUGUST 2001 by paid sum, a fee fully paid), nor in the fraud of a Dallas TX birth (a fraud, not a real born-alive child) held out and then concealed by SIMPLE ADDITIVE AMENDMENT to create a class in 2002 - barred TITLE IV BENEFIT as a class and per AGREEMENT (UIFSA Art. 1 Sec. 101) and Federal Law (1 USCA 8). The threats (ongoing) are a test of will financed by OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS (an NGO, $19 billion foreign fund of the SOROS FAMILY OFFICE in partnership with NTT/VERIO) to overcome State of Oklahoma and the government of the Federal Union in direct abuse of persons and organized sedition. Democracy has no standing to contest this contract, nor any claim upon the asset named in the 1907 agreement, a trust and collateral contract; despite its demand to monetize or pay a fine for such loss as property in full clear title made to solicit the settlement of "State of Oklahoma" and "Indian Territory" in place of resident reserved and undissolved rights of "CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION" and other Sovereign Nations. "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" is therefore a "DEMOCRATIC FRAUD IN LEGAL SUIT TO OVERCOME UNITED STATES AND STATE OF OKLAHOMA" in evidence. As is the marriage of "Vernica Marie Petersen" proposed in 2002 AMENDMENT to UNITED STATES ex rel "JAMES ALLEN" in legal fiction, an unnatural marriage to impersonate a LEGAL MARRIAGE or Common Law marriage between persons of identical legal character (i.e. natural persons OR incorporated persons, not a mix of two types done in STATE OF TEXAS direction).

This action, and the effort to "LEGALIZE THE MARRIAGE OF NATURAL PERSONS AND CORPORATIONS" in and by STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF FLORIDA, and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, is sedition - and contributory to human trafficking and forced labor and debt bondage, owing dissolution of those assets engaged in any formal action to carry such unlawful conduct as a benefit of United States contrary Federal Law and UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC). The use of media, and buying of media, demonstrates how the mobility of such FOREIGN UNREGISTERED ENTITITES use of DATA CENTERS in 1950 N STEMMONS FREEWAY and 2323 BRYAN ST in DALLAS TX, paired with WYOMING and COLORADO and FLORIDA data center use to evade jurisdiction, requires a new FEDERAL JUSTICE BRANCH with nationwide authority of the civil and criminal justice system to overcome such foreign interdiction of U.S. Trade and Interstate and International Trade for FOREIGN UNREGISTERED INVESTORS and FOREIGN SOVEREIGN STATE INVESTORS.

"Veronica Marie Petersen" (a natural person) could not have married "JAMES ALLEN" an incorporated legal person (not a natural person, in character), in formal or common law, and such act is a perverse misuse of the TITLE IV AGENCY by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA to suspend the right to marry of James Allen, and to seize and conceal the children of the Allen household to overcome a prior-established company in the early stages (1998-2003) of development of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and VIRTUALIZED OPERATING SYSTEM and DISTRIBUTED APPLICATION WORKLOAD technology, now deemed a $1.1 trillion USD global security and $300 billion annual market by trade reports and sample works derived by NVIDIA CORPORATION from prior FX-74 and GTX8800 based hardware prototypes and MICRON ELECTRONICS prototype "Venus-01" manufactured for SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS of Oklahoma. Investments valued at over $20000 USD (2024 USD), describing in documents the applications of distributed automated character and environment modelling and adaptive learning solutions based on high-speed bus and parallel architecture in the peripheral card discreet processor units for logic and in-memory data systems large relational data sets and branch prediction technology by James Allen.

The effort to overrun this right of 'trade secrets' in 1996-2001 development, on taking for exploitation of a newborn child and sabotage of global networks to target specific persons with IANA.ORG and ICANN aid, for export of weapons and navigation technology as quasi-government agencies made in these groups activity and misuse of the Family Court and Federal Benefits to alter ordinary legal rights; obligates a full reorganization of the industry and termination of BERNE CONVENTION rights and claims to recover the technology and arrest patent filing upon stolen technology, brand names, and identity theft similar to the prior EUROPEAN COLONIAL MOVEMENT INTO NATIVE AMERICAN LANDS and WESTWARD EXPANSION MOVEMENT obliterating domestic tribes and cultures in interest of commercial development and exports.

Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 is ideal for this solution, and written recommendation for restructure upon insolvency of State of Oklahoma and Federal Union prepared and set forth. United States position in such restructure depends on recent threats alleging fraudulent use of grand jury to influence case 121225 in DECEMBER 2023 public writing of Veronica Marie Petersen in her agency of SEPT 2003 delegated to DONALD J. BEAL, a co-conspirator in the child taking and 2001-2023 concealment for unjust enrichment. Any company that worked with Mr. Beal would be subject to forfeiture in this activity, under Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., as it obtained benefit from kidnapping of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION in the industry of optical data communication and data networking and academic and industrial computing to include sales to data centers of equipment for that purpose, such as NVIDIA CORPORATION, Intel, ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, or their subsidiaries as suppliers of the criminal enterprise activity.

Clearly all employees are not complicit, but asessment by fiduciary review and discovery is obligated, citing the ongoing (2024) written threats by DONALD J. BEAL and IX NETWORKS LLC, authorized in public written documents upon FACEBOOK reported to law enforcement with BRIAN YOUNG of ENID OKLAHOMA and other persons concealing the child from lawful recovery in the year 2007-2013 prior any ORDER MODIFYING THE ORDER and contrary the alleged ORDER HELD OUT FOR VALUE refused return of payment or performance. Such corporations include SOONERCON SYNDICATE, WAGONER PHOTOGRAPHY, and KEIF-LP ENID Radio and "GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC" of Plano Texas (aka VIRTBIZ.COM) who hosted the extortion letters to conceal the child criminally. Known also as "NPR AFFILIATE RADIO STATIONS", and as "PeerDB", a registry of "IX" brand providers in the data connectivity industry organized by OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS and NTT/VERIO jointly via PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of state of California; this activity owes Federal antitrust attention and immediate freeze of all assets to prevent withdrawal of the $250 million USD in admitted spending and $19 billion USD in additional funds employed in this market influence activity for those firms acting to benefit from the "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" lawsuit of OCTOBER 1 2001, a lawsuit concerning a "Dallas TX birth" proven to be fraud on substitution of evidence and DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER fixing the facts of the case before Federal Justice.

January 2nd 2024 reports indicate the parties are continuing to speculate on how much time they can incarcerate JAMES ALLEN for refusing to participate in this fraud; alleging to be working now with employees of the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in STATE OF FLORIDA to accomplish this fraud, showing no remorse and intent to defraud the material facts of the prior case wholly in a criminal enterprise that claims to have approached STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKALHOMA JUSTICE DEPARTMENT employees and obtained cooperation in violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., to carry out substitution of evidence in case 01-17702 and 01-17702-R made on MOTION TO AMEND the prior after ORDER DECEMBER 18 2001 setting facts of a DISCOVERY and INDICTMENT other than those submitted to UNITED STATES for fraud in 2002 as an alteration of the TITLE IV AGENCY duty of STATE OF TEXAS and UCC 2-302 violation (collateralizing a child already subject a prior collateral contract paid in full, kidnapped and such kidnapping concealed from the court in OCT 1 2002 filing to defraud, and admitted in fraudulent marriage claim in 2002 by Judge DEE MILLER to carry that TITLE IV AGENCY misuse), then and in public writing admitting the intent to carry out a perpetual concealment while collecting BENEFITS OF THE UNITED STATES for this and demanding control of a prior (1998) established PUBLIC OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST to corrupt its purpose and obtain use of the BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT of AMERICAN EXPRESS and other major credit providers as private financial capital for liquidation in a scheme of debt bondage and human trafficking.

NO INDICTMENT has been produced, nor persons interviewed, and such claims are impersonation of EMPLOYEES OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE to work a securities fraud on behalf of interests of THE SOROS FAMILY OFFICE made in "OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS" and "PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET)" jointly with NATION OF JAPAN entity "NTT GROUP" subsidiary "NTT/VERIO" for foreign sovereign unlawful purposes, and to injure the government and the incorporation of "State of Oklahoma" in violation of "Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., 1907 signed contract with James Allen as creditor at-law"

Extortion Threats Continue

January 2 2024

January 2 2024, new EXTORTION THREATS are reported to the Ada Office of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED.

Claims include impersation of UNITED STATES FEDERAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT employees of the Office of the the Federal Bureau of Investigation in State of Florida, by Veronica Marie Petersen publicist Donald J. Beal of Casper Wyoming. Mr. Beal alleges to disclose information of a GRAND JURY which did not reach a conclusion of indictment, on charges which he does not disclose as obligated by law, to assert the incarceration of persons in Pontotoc County to suit his written threats of murder in 2001 and 2003 demand for control of a BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT conditional to access to a child obligated CUSTODY and POSSESSION in Federal Documents.

These claims, following prior letter February 28 2022 to City of Ada by Donald J. Beal falsely stating that a conviction of a crime were legal fact, and obtaining ADA CITY POLICE OFFICER body camarea footage for non-commercial use only allowed and acknowledged in his letter; then published to aid in extortion on YOUTUBE.COM May 3rd 2022 and in letter signed by Donald J. Beal OCTOBER 5 2022 to persons over 65 years of age demanding control of their property for commercial use in Pontotoc County, City of Ada; follow a pattern of public fraud under false legal name. These letters conceal the 11816 INWOOD RD DALLAS TX address of his business, IX NETWORKS LLC of State of Texas, a company registerd to DONALD J BEAL in 2021 AUGUST prior such demands and publications; and in concert with written plan of extortion mailed to 70 attorneys at RIGGS ABBNEY LAW FIRM in Tulsa Oklahoma in concealment of the child in the year 2011.

Prior Mr. Beal has claimed that he would sell unlawfully the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. proprietary technology to companies in other nations, then directing the claims to "SPLITSCREEN STUDIOS" and later directing to Republic of Germany in this fraud; to compel payment of money in excess of Title 42 Chapter 666(a)(10) Federal Law and formulas owing payment of no more than $500 USD, prior accepted in the year 2003 owing DISCHARGE of such claim and by automatic execution of contract simple the legal instrument he continues to hold out to defraud UNITED STATES in a TITLE IV AGENCY fraud barred by REQUIRED STATE LAW on elected contract February 21 2017 in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas.

It is our opinion that Mr. Beal represents NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN, in their subsidiary NTT/VERIO of 1950 N STEMMONS FREEWAY, DALLAS TX (USA); and partner EQUINIX in 2323 BRYAN ST DALLAS TX (USA) per documents obtained indicating SUITE 2670 and SUITE 700 as their office address in extortion letters and notes from LOOPBACK0.NETWORK (a domain created by Beal and associates) for use with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and to host DEPREF.NET services of ICELAND and in association with business in VANCOUVER CANADA, BEAUHARNOIS QUEBEC, DALLAS TEXAS, CLEARWATER FLORIDA, FORT COLLINS COLORADO, CASPER WYOMING, CHEYENNE WYOMING, and the neo-nazi forum "THE DAILY STORMER" hosted there at FRANTECH.US and FRANTECH.CA companies - whose IP ADDRESS and use of TYLER TEXAS service provider by an ENID OKLAHOMA resident appear to be coordinated in extortion activity and malicious website traffic prior and during the killing of animals in APRIL 2023 in City of Ada near EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY and 15th Street.

Four animals were found mutilated, with one killed and sawdust in its mouth as if choked and its neck broken. Company employees consider this activity to be the conduct of TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD in City of Ada, and have issued a warning against unsupervised contact due to the felony stalking and detailed reports and photographs of office property transmitted with threats in false name to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and ascribing violent fantasies directed toward the defendant in lawsuit 01-177202-R, "Veronica Peterson v James Allen". "Veronica Peterson" is not a real person and FICTITIOUS PETITIONER, attempting to impersonate by forgery "Veronica Marie Petersen" and comingle the accounts of a natural person with that of UNITED STATES for Federal fraud in "VERONICA PETERSEN" and later "VERONICA PETERSON" in forgery, to conceal immunity barring litigation in 2002 and 2018 initiated and sustained illegally by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to defraud UNITED STATES. A Federal Criminal Complaint has been filed February 2nd 2024, citing this renewed claim of some employee support for this fraud in STATE OF FLORIDA against the defendant during ongoing trial for $40,000,000 USD in restitution before the court MARCH 16 2023, and wholly in default status of petitoiner "VERONICA PETERSEN" after four years at trial and two separate notices of hearing to her attorney of record, who failed to appear.

Failure to appear is ordinarily subject to default in a civil suit. Threat to intimidate a witness is normally grounds for default judgement to the witness subject such intimidation, per 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1692d rule.

Threats omitting the CHARGE alleging incarceration are baseless incarceration threats to kidnap a person not convicted or indicted of a criminal offense; and constitute threat under color of law to tamper with a witness.

Title 78 Section 78-53 OK Stat. Code bars use of the 970 AREA CODE published in advertising of a FLORIDA based LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY created to do business in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF COLORADO which has no legal incorporation in any of the prior states, while directing its customers to call unnamed employees in State of Colorado in concert with the prior extortion scheme to sell commercial TEAMSPEAK 3 services as the company MEJOR SERVER LLC. The REGISTERED AGENT of the firm is not found in State of Florida, and was located in ARGENTINA (the country) per public record, a business owner there. Normally a REGISTERED AGENT must be a resident of the State and reside at the address during regular business hours to qualify as a legitimate agent in that state. Representation by proxy is not permitted, as is found in the records obtained and filed by the defendant, indicating undocumented presence in STATE OF NEW JERSEY and substitute agent in STATE OF FLORIDA for that alleged domestic agent public office. The company began service in 2014 July 11th, on the anniversary of court conviction of Donald Beal, one year after a second company engged in the same anti-competitive behavior from CANADA, electing City of Ada to set up their business to damage JAMES ALLEN in unjust enrichment on extortion and child concealment to obtain commercial advantage. Similarly, the IX NETWORKS LLC company is based out of a PRIVATE MAILBOX SERVICE which does not allow service of process, as the Texas office of Donald J. Beal for this company as its DIRECTOR. Such officer address in a mail box service is prohibited and defeats the purpose of the registration of a public officer for SERVICE OF PROCESS and complaint of State service. Further, UNITED STATES has informed STATE OF OKLAHOMA that a State Limited Liabilty Company may not use the term "DIRECTOR" for any officer filing, as that term is reserved for officer filings of corporations of the United States, a rule; making the filing of DIRECTOR illegitimate in the case of IX NETWORKS LLC and fraud in the filing on The Office of the Secretary of the State of Texas rolls by Donald J. Beal. Honorary titles are permitted, but not filings, per United States direct instruction to State of Oklahoma. IX NETWORKS LLC has therefore no officer, due to its illegal filing, and is void in the making and registration by STATE OF TEXAS contrary Federal Regulation. The firm appears to be a front company for relationships with NTT/VERIO enjoined with OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS (a GEORGE SOROS FAMILY OFFICE COMPANY) operating as PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (PCH.NET), an alleged not-for-profit engaged in DNSSEC and "Software Directed" (SD) BGP routing derived from James Allen intellectual properties and GRE tunnel methods using obsolete BGP protocols in reverse engineering of "SEVEN ALPHA" registered trademark works owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma.

BGP allows servers to impersonate other servers and IP ADDRESSES, and to engage in attacks on other assets by IDENTITY THEFT across Federal and State borders, observed in 2001-2023 attacks on RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and consisting of clients of NTT/VERIO and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS administered by Jared Mauch, Dorian Kim, and Donald J. Beal jointly as "LOSTSERVER.NET" in clandestine activity to promote the concealment and taking of a child for NTT COMMUNICATIONS commercial advantage over NORTEL NETWORKS, and in impersonation of "PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES" of Plano Texas in letters publicly claiming the firm to be "TEK SYSTEMS" to promote that child abduction in 2003 and in 2011 and ongoing false claims before multiple State and Federal Agencies - per letters of Donald Beal and Alicia Scarbrough published in 2007-2023 under various murder-for-hire aliases and false names of local persons to communicate demands for money and property to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. offices.

Falsified 970 AREA CODE numbers for MEJOR SERVER are visible here:

MEJOR SERVER LLC does not have employees or a legal registration in State of Colorado (970 area code, Fort Collins), as required by Oklahoma Statutory Law, Title 78 Section 78-53. The address of the IX NETWORKS LLC officer is public record obligated, and was concealed in filing a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST for alleged NON-COMMERCIAL USE in FEBRUARY 28 2022 used to extort and contributing to the death of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER, grandmother of the abducted child and pediatrician. Effort to extort in this case are directed against medical disability of a clinical nature consisting of BRAIN CANCER injury and attempt to obtain money and property from persons who were diagnosed with brain cancer by falsifying their disabiilty as a mental or emotional hereditary illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar or other judgement-impairing disease to obtain controlled substances and impair the operation of a real and registered business, obtain control over its line of BUSINESS CREDIT since 2001 AUGUST and in 2003 SEPTEMBER written admission, and to harm family members to obtain such control over 2001-2023 in a Hobbs Act Violation alleged.

Use of legal name forgery to bring multiple lawsuits concurrently in the same subject, overlapping in 2002 and 2018-2023, prove barratry simple. A request for Federal removal of the case for Federal Criminal Justice has been duly submitted January 2nd 2024 on alleged involvement of the FBI employees of State of Florida to overrun the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma legal process to defraud, and to execute threats on prior (2022) written letters in two separate counts affecting 2 separate deaths resulting.

Property records show the parties engaged in perjury in 2015 JULY 27 AFFIDAVIT and appear to have lived in Clearwater Florida while collecting child support for State of Texas, in a practiced scheme of Federal Benefits fraud and flight to evade the jurisdiction in abduction of a newborn child during INTERSTATE COMMERCE owing recovery. Removal of a child subject ORDERED POSSESSION of a TITLE IV AGENCY contract is a United States Obligation, owing obstruction of Justice in evasion and refusal to perform (18 U.S. Code §1509). The puprose of such activity appears to be use of the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP TRUST made by UNITED STATES to defraud RIGHT TO WORK permanently, in violation of 15 U.S. Code § 1 Federal Law. A formal amended complaint has been filed.

What is the Dispute About - A.I. from 1998-2023

How A.I. misuse in 2022-Present is a Declaration of War On Privacy

Summary (Slashdot, Dec 6 2023)

Fraud, Damned Fraud, Fraudulent Conveyance, and the attempted export of A.I. in the Massive Multiuser Operating System (M2OS) in a supply chain channel attack on U.S. companies by data center providers paired with a child taking, led to the 2022-2023 violence and ongoing harassment of Indian Territory firms and officers for foreign unregistered influence, foreign national military applications, and investor abuse of NGO and Not-For-Profit entities to evade SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION and UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMMISSION restrictions on NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SWEDEN, ICELAND, and their domestic agency activity in 2001-2023 inside NORTEL NETWORKS, a Canadian telecommunications and optical data carrier company in 2001-2011, directly contributing to $250 billion bankruptcy and quasi-government claims of 'contracting' away human rights for federal grant fraud and federal benefits fraud.

    "Modern A.I. products are a flagrant reverse engineering of our ethical A.I. product based on the 1998 MICRON ELECTRONICS contracted 'VENUS-01' prototype and 2006 'FX-74-01' and 'FX-74-02' prototypes employing GTX 8800 and Asus parts for development of the 'STRYX' literary electronic works product and application components in the software product 'Beyond War', a registered trademark and from documents of that period showing its commercial use and cross-site data manifest and signal processing system. It appears they went down our PROSPECTUS RISKS list and did every single thing we itemized as prohibited and improper to sell this thing as new discovery in 2022 September, amid extortion threats for $70000 USD from State of Texas."

    "Threats against developers privacy and the privacy and protection of their families in January 2023 to August 2023 including physical packages sent to elderly persons in their home and photos of our office with written threats, sustain that this is a criminal enterprise originating in Dallas Texas, Ann Arbor Michigan, and San Jose CAlifornia with office presence in Beauharnois Canada, New York City NY, New Jersey, Clearwater Florida, Fort Collins Colorado, Casper Wyoming, and Cheyenne Wyoming linked to specific business entities and addresses of record in registration of products used in the ongoing attacks.

    "As of December 2023, we are monitoring IP ADDRESS IMPERSONATION to solicit massive ICMP response traffic to impair our servers and carry on a pattern of false LEGAL NAME use in concert with the child taking and extortion and blackmail letters of 2001, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2021, 2022, and 2023."

    "Injury to animals is now the focus in 2023, with 7 animals killed and three more injured in City of Ada, in a physical and biological agent attack. Two persons have died in 2022 related to these attacks, and demands for control of real estate in PONTOTOC COUNTY are evident in OCT 5 2022 letters of extortion sent to property owners (see: 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1)."

    - MILITECH SYSTEMS, Ada Oklahoma

How Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN, a planned child taking and 22 year concealment of a child violating ORDERED POSSESSION obtained in place of SOLE CUSTODY and a prior paid in full CUSTODY AGREEMENT to extort the City of Ada and Indian Territory in forfeiture demands against a 1992 established business working in Artificial Intelligence in 1998-2006;

Led to violence and the death of 4 persons, threats by U.S. Mail, and five (5) vehicle strikes on U.S. Mail delivery sites of a REGISTERED AGENT resident in Pontotoc County - disrupt a child recovery prosectuion begun in 2015 (location of the missing child) and during the 2015-2020 case, initiated by fraudulent name and forgery in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" - a false case discovered APRIL 18 2023 ORDER OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA;

Exposing how a case was filed in 2018 and sustained from 2018-2023 in double jeopardy and simultaneous concurrent prosecution in violation of immunity (UIFSA §314 and TEXAS FAMILY CODE Sec. 157.375) and under false name - initiated by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE OF BILL PETERSON - in the name of "VERONICA PETERSEN" and "VERONICA PETERSON" and "Veronica Peterson" to prosecute a member of the public: "James Allen" (not JAMES ALLEN, the UNITED STATES legal person in the document) in so denying return of a child and extortion letters to family members for real estate in Pontotoc County and demands of over $70,000 USD among killing of seven (7) animals in 2022-2023.

Language and threats spanning 2001-2023 in this case mirror and foreshadow the October 7 2023 kidnappings and hostage taking by HAMAS in Israel, illustrating how failure to stop this fraud in Texas and Oklahoma encouraged and created a model for the 1200 deaths in the Middle East planned attacks parallel to the public 2021-2023 extortion letters refused prosecution by ADA CITY POLICE CHIEF CARL ALLEN and video blog of OFFICER VOGT made to aid in this fraud and barratry simple, uploaded to YOUTUBE.COM the day after the grandmother - Dr. C.A. Klepper - died of cancer;

And using the name and legal documents of Dr. C.A. Klepper (the grandmother of the child) to call for the arrest of JAMES ALLEN, her son, to conceal this abduction of her grandson by the child's hostage takers.

Dr. Klepper, a pediatrician and Emergency Room M.D., never saw her grandchild from 2001-2023, while her name was used by locals to support the fraud in forgery in 2001 December, 2003 September, and 2022 April (immediately after her death) to seek $70000 USD in violationof law on a maximum $500 possible fine. Motive for this action is racial and based on the ADOPTION of her child, suggesting that her illness was hereditary and passed down to the ADOPTED CHILD and GRANDCHILD to defraud the United States Social Security Administration and United States Justice Department in a 22 year child concealment based on ethic discrimination, an illegal contract to marry Veronica Petersen filed in 2002, and punitive fines for refusing to marry into a polygamy situation created by Veronica Petersen admitted in 2003 September 12 after kidnapping of the child in AUGUST 2001 then filed OCT 1 2001 as ABANDONMENT to conceal this kidnapping act admitted Sept 20 2003 in public writing and full confession refused enforcement by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma for 22 years;

Including five separate case numbers, two concurrent prosecutions of four of the prior cases without report of DOUBLE JEOPARDY and res judicata on false process, sustained to obtain $2 U.S. Dollars for every $1 U.S. Dollar collected in this fraud, a $2.2 billion annual Federal Grant fraud alleged violating elected contract from February 21 2017 to present (Nov 30 2023). The first case was never adjudicated, abandoned, and a second case initiated and concluded prior the automatic DEFAULT OCT 1 2002 by operation of law of the prior (first) case filed, in res judicata to kidnap and abduct, and for interference in the trade among the States (15 U.S. Code Sec. 1) and Social Security Fraud (42 U.S. Code Sec. 408) and in the obstruction of justice in the concealment of the child while collecting Federal monies for benefits of the UNITED STATES made obligation but refused service at all times from 2001-2023, alleged 18 U.S. Code Sec. 1509 obstruction of justice on sustained racial discrimination (18 U.S. Code Sec. 241 and 249) and misgender of a heterosexual parent to obtain Federal Funds and commercial unjust enrichment in opportunistic breach for unjust enrichment of and application of an unconsionable contract (a second collateral contract made on a prior security fully paid in collateral, to defraud).

To understand the behavior in this case and in misconduct of City of Ada and Pontotoc County, a graphic illustration of what happened is best viewed in context to the video below:


Ramifications hit $1.3 trillion Market

$250 Billion Industrial Espionage in Pontotoc County

    • The attacks on Allen, a former vital employee (SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER) reporting the data breach in 2001 August, and employee of PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES of Plano TX (a subcontractor of Nortel, continue in 2023 August.

      ALLEN was hired to audit TEK SYSTEMS and other contractors by NORTEL regional DIRECTOR in the Richardson, TX campus).

      Abductors maintain the 2001-2023 seizure and concealment of a child to extort and discredit the Federal whistleblower in City of Ada; including claims that the prior NORTEL NETWORKS attack did not occur or was a fantasy solely constructed by JAMES ALLEN, contrary eye-witness facilities entry using stolen credentials by VERONICA PETERSEN.

      VERONICA PETERSEN of CARROLLTON TEXAS, a VICE PRESIDENT OF FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY (2008-2023) and failed contractor then of NORTEL NETWORKS (2000) following job abandonment, repossession of two vehicles, eviction for subletting her apartment, and false claims in medical documents in 2015 to obtain drugs used on a child as young as 5 per medical records in violation of FDA rule owing no such lawful use before the age of 8 years;

      did abduct the child and allege knowingly, falsely, and to harm such seizure was willing abandonment by the Oklahoma parent to extort NORTEL, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and later RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and DEEP LAYER INC. in direction of her attorney September 12 2003 and September 20 2003, in a global hoax and welfare fraud scheme involving exploitation of persons with ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and CANCER.

      Knowingly and falsely representing these illnesses as emotional disorders or schizophrenia to gain public sympathy, money, welfare funds, custody, and falsify the biological relation of her child and the father of her child to his ADOPTION PARENTS as if a hereditary or racial biological illness, and in concert with white supremacist extortion threats to disable trade among the States and with foreign nations of the company who financed her child's birth (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) and paid for CUSTODY and RESIDENCY in contract in AUGUST 2001, prior her filing for Federal custody to escape this $10000 USD contract by concealing her obligations in an unconscionable contract (UCC 2-302 violation) based on false claim (Title 8 Sec. 37.03) of ABANDONMENT to conceal kidnapping on Interstate Highway 35 during delivery of goods after payment, retention of payment for delivery, and in MOTION not entitled retroactive effect (NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT) in 2002 by a LEGAL SHAM MARRIAGE claim to conceal her abduction of the child from the parent.


      "Ore Tenus Rule" bars change in the DEC 18 2001 ORDER of Judge DEE MILLER, which found the child in the original claim was not a human child, not a member of the species homo sapiens, and thus not entitled benefits per oath in indictment filed OCT 1 2001 by Veronica Petersen, in her claim of a DALLAS TX birth.

      The child abducted was born in County of Denton, City of Carrollton, State of Texas, and subject to a prior PAID CUSTODY ORDER. In the year 2002, the attorney for Veronica Petersen did substitute the CARROLLTON TX child for the prior specified SEARCH WARRANT TARGET of the DALLAS TX child, a fact owing purpose of trial in 2001 OCT 1 filing and subject of TARGET habeas corpus writ issued DEC 18 2001. STATE OF TEXAS did refuse to report this Title 8 Section 37.09 and 37.10 felony, to obtain FEDERAL TITLE IV BENEFITS from UNITED STATES, on a false trial in 01-17702-R begun by modification of case 01-17702 by the 2002 MOTION of Veronica Petersen and Judge DEE MILLER; which violated the BRONSTON DEFENSE (1973) rights of trial and attempted to try JAMES ALLEN on a criminal charge in his HOME STATE held to be an infamous crime (21 O.S. §21-853) using the civil court of DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS to do so.

      Such MOTION TO AMEND was a simple addative motion, creating a CHILD SUPPORT CAUSE for a child born both in DALLAS TX and CARROLLTON TX, rather than a substitive motion to change the purpose of trial retroactively - which is BARRED BY LAW for a motion including a proper NUNC PRO TUNC (now for then) correction of mistake. Virginia Court of Appeals has ruled that NUNC PRO TUNC motions may not be done unless documents were signed prior to such event, and may not be done to alter the purpose of a trial (indictment language) after hearings and motions have begun, as it violates res judicata to alter the indictment and retry the same person for the same event, even in a change of chose of action as was further evident in the concealment and falsification of a marriage in 2002 while Veronica Petersen and Donald Beal were living together out-of-wedlock and did conceive a child (Kaitlyn Beal) during such activity owing civil wrongdoing, to suggest in 2002 filing a POLYGAMY fraud against JAMES ALLEN by the Texas Couple of Beal and Petersen.

      The case was moved to DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS JULY 27 2015. A false lawsuit was then filed IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS NOV 20 2018, prior to adjudication of the same case in DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY no sooner than JANUARY 1 2020; in double jeopardy to defraud and in false name to conceal the lawsuit from Federal Bureau of Investigation. The false name of the suit was/is "Veronica Peterson v James Allen".

      "Veronica Peterson" is a false name, and purposeful misspelling of "VERONICA PETERSEN".

      "James Allen" is a natural person, at law not interchangable with "JAMES ALLEN" in the original suit.

      DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, was tricked and mislead into changing style of suit to "VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN", due fraud in DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS to mutilate the case on venue transfer by DAMARCUS OFFORD, IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, where he did file it "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON v VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN". Use of false name in JULY 27 2015 AFFIDAVIT by Veronica Petersen as "VERONICA PETERSEN" further enumerates the child's name falsely twice as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON" while spelling her own name "PETERSEN" in the document, showing a degree of pathological evasion of civil process to defraud.

      No marriage record or legal name chance or change of address contrary to the SWORN AFFIDAVIT pledging residency in COUNTY OF DENTON, STATE OF TEXAS, has been filed by Veronica Petersen. She is legally still resident thus in County of Denton.

      Evidence indicates Veronica Petersen fled to County of Dallas in 2018, and did file the suit in fraud there, to defraud JAMES ALLEN as dilatory tactic violating CONTRACT NOT TO SUE, in-consideration of conditional WITHDRAWAL OF CITATION FOR CONTEMPT in DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS in the year 2016 by JAMES ALLEN; pledging them communication with the child subsequently refused and maintaining total concealment of the child from the year 2001 to 2023 to defraud in a planned hoax.

      Evidence places VERONICA PETERSEN as resident in CLEARWATER FLORIDA while she collected child support for STATE OF TEXAS residency; and further shows her residence in COUNTY OF DENTON at OCT 1 2001, contrary oath before the court of residency in County of Dallas to bring suit; concealing her abduction and flight with the child in AUGUST 2001. New Evidence shows VERONICA PETERSEN as resident in County of Dallas as of 2018, where it is believed she did bring the new lawsuit illegally as "Veronica Peterson", an alias, in violation of TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.375 immunity of JAMES ALLEN; and UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Art. 3) Sec. 314 immunity of JAMES ALLEN versus suit prior January 1st 2020; to harass the prosecution and publicly defraud the prosecution in threat of false arrest for false cause.

      RESTATEMENT (Second) OF CONTRACTS (1981) § 176(1)(a) bars this activity (threat of arrest) to obtain or enforce a civil contract, owing void.

      RESTATEMENT (Third) OF UNJUST ENRICHMENT AND RESTITUTION (2011) §32 "Illegality" bars this conduct per 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 and 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408(a) rule; in felony degree.

      Section 14 Duress, bars this conduct per subsection (1) as a matter of law.

      Section 13 Fraud and Misrepresentation prohibit this lawsuit, now maintained from NOV 20 2018 to November 14 2023 illegally in DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, from legal force.

      Threat to harm the child on resistance in the taking August 2001 by Veronica Petersen, who was then in control of the motor vehicle at high speed when the abduction began during the paid travel, violate Section 15 Undue Influence and Section 20 Protection of Another's Life or Health in resistance from 2001-2023 by the Allen Family against this abuse of a child.

      Section 31 Unenforceability bars obligation against JAMES ALLEN from these frauds, including UCC §2-302 Unconscionable Contract (cross-interest on a prior pledged collateral fully paid, for new contract prior delivery at the place of written agreement), and Section 33 Incapacity of Recipient - as Veronica Marie Petersen was diagnosed as MENTALLY ILL and PRESCRIBED medication prior to her actions AUGUST 2001 to abduct and OCT 1 2001 to file a fale civil suit; and further was never a guardian of the child per CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH issued MAY 2001, naming there "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN" and "VERONICA PETERSEN" as guardians of the legal child - who are both UNITED STATES technical persons at-law. Suit by "Veronica Marie Petersen" to reclaim the child from UNITED STATES by force and taking, to commit fraud, are therefore not a claimant entitled suit under the TITLE IV AGENCY, and part of a later hoax to then substitute "VERONICA PETERSEN" as the guardian contrary to the ORDER OF APRIL 29 2002 removing that custody from both persons for a TRUST constructed as a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP on a SHAM MARRIAGE between a natural person (homo sapiens species member) and a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES made in the legal fiction JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, a person incorporated by the CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES per Flemming v Nestor (1960).

      This is a marriage by STATE OF TEXAS between a living person and a dead entity, representing the first registration of a person marrying a corporate entity in the UNITED STATES; and thus an unnatural marriage in legal fact, concealing POLYGAMY admitted Sept 12 2003 in the disclosure of a marriage between Veronica Petersen and Donald J. Beal which he did not repudicate in MEMORANDUM or Several writings published Sept 20 2003 to 2023 November 14th, obligated standing as public writing and per "RESTATEMENT (Second) OF CONTRACTS (1981) §32".

      State of Oklahoma bars all polygamous marriages, and requires marraige be solely between a man and a woman. Such marriage in ORDER 01-17702-R is therefore void, as the legal person JAMES ALLEN is a gender male person at-law, but is not a member of the species homo sapiens at-law, unless such assumption is a social contruct accepted by all courts; by which right all corporations are entitled to such identity as male or female, to the right to marry, and to the right of procreation and family benefits - which would be stupid.

      The case reveals fatal defect in the CONTRACT SIMPLE of the ORDER by DEE MILLER, including language that obligates the whole 'obligation' assigned to JAMES ALLEN was 'DISCHARGED' upon first payment of one month of child support; owing legal application or void. STATE OF TEXAS has been abusing this same contract for twenty years, to extinguish the rights of persons in a systematic fraud on par with corruption of blood and forfeiture of estate for non-payment of excessive fines against certain racial and ethnic groups, owing void; and have enjoined the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL and STATE JUSTICE SYSTEM with the TITLE IV AGENCY as a STATE AGENCY barred by February 21 2017 Federal Regulation in exclusive limited delegated authority of the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, AN AGENCY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH DEFINED IN 5 U.S. Code Sec. 101. The designated TITLE IV AGENCY must be a foreign entity, and its designation by State of Texas or State of Oklahoma preclude assignment of such right to any entity commissioned by and for and of the State Government.

      Both STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA are participating in this IMPERSONATION OF A FEDERAL AGENCY to designate their own State Government entity as the TITLE IV AGENCY, while refusing to comply with Federal Regulations governing the TITLE IV AGENCY whatsoever and in contempt of the United States and Laws of the United States, open sedition in felony degree.

      February 21 2017 Federal Register obligated that the States make these new rules REQUIRED STATE LAW to receive funding.

      The DIRECTOR of the State Title IV AGENCY was responsible to inform the State Legislature of this required change to STATE LAW and obligation in elected contract in-consideration for any Federal Funds, to comply regardless of failure to change Statutory Laws in time, owing performance of State Legislative time to do this work and time to adjust ending in 2017 February 21st or no more than 5 years thereafter if the STate filed suit for a FEDERAL ORDER to obtain more time to fully comply. Neither STATE OF TEXAS nor STATE OF OKLAHOMA are compliant with the Federal Law, and their TITLE IV AGENCY operations appear to be IMPERSONATION OF A FEDERAL AGENCY, to defraud Federal Funds in non-compliance with required Federal Regulations - an act of open rebellion and sedition for political purpose.

      MARCH 16 2023, THE OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY plead that the suit filed in FR-2018-04 was filed by STATE OF OKLAHOMA without permission of Veronica Petersen, and such lawsuit filing held her to be an 'innocent party'. This is contrary ongoing threats by the attorney of Veronica Petersen demanding $70000 USD or jail of JAMES ALLEN, a person whom APRIL 18 2023 ORDER IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA did find to be a non-party of the lawsuit FR-2018-04 in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen". Despite this, the lawsuit and REGISTRATION OF A FOREIGN ORDER OF SUPPORT arising from this false lawsuit held out as a genuine prosecution from 2018-2023 (present) continues - as if a legitimate suit contrary style of the case "VERONICA PETERSEN v JAMES ALLEN" as if "STATE OF OKLAHOMA v JAMES ALLEN" were the parties, on a matter of private debt assigned to a natural person "Veronica Marie Petersen". This comingles the funds and accounts of "VERONICA PETERSEN", "Veronica Marie Petersen", and "UNITED STATES" for counter-suit in 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 violation. Barratry simple is alleged, and ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT have refused to acknowledge barratry as a crime, stating such claims in 2021 NOVEMBER video given over to attorney for Veronica Petersen then uploaded May 3rd 2022 after the death of the child's grandmother Dr. Ann Klepper on May 2nd 2022, and incorporated in extortion letters to local business owners and Oct 5 2022 and Jan 6 2023 and Feb 5 2023 letters of extortion from Casper Wyoming, Boulder Colorado, Dallas Texas, and persons in apparent employment of EGT GROUP AB of Sweden (ZAYO GROUP INC., Boulder CO USA - previously known as ABOVE.NET of DALLAS TX at 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas, an EQUINIX data center).

      Threats appear to originate from IX NETWORKS LLC executive officer, and to promote the PACKET CLEARING HOUSE franchise activity in "PeerDB" and "IXP" brand of EQUINIX, a real estate company and partner of DIGITAL REALTY TRUST and NTT/VERIO. Sites and brands used to promote the fraud are associated with THORN.BLACKROSE.ORG and PUCK.NETHER.NET, host computers of LOSTSERVER.NET comprised as "ATLAS.LOSTSERVER.NET", "TITAN.LOSTSERVER.NET", "PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET" and later "HARPOON.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK" and "SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK". Defamation sites were hosted on PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET in Dallas Texas at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 and 700, using COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and ABOVE.NET networks to distribute the fraud commercially. Evidence of this activity in COGENT includes ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM server use and hosting of the ongoing 2021-2023 extortion sites with DEPREF.NET of ICELAND, a CCP GAMES company competitor of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. (the domestic company targeted in the child taking and child abuse).

      Extortion letters were sent to CITY OF ADA attorney Jan 28 2022 to obtain body camera footage from ADA POLICE DEPARTMENT officers involved in the fraud, using DON@DEPREF.NET and signed by DONALD BEAL, a convicted substance abuser reporting his income to be $16/hour in 2011 proseuction. Mr. Beal has impersonated a $60-$200/hr employee, aided by IX NETWORKS LLC and NTT/VERIO over 2001-2023, while abusing the child in his custody during ORDERED POSSESSION owing performance to JAMES ALLEN - the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR of such child. Letters in these threats sustain white supremacist claims including calling Mr. Allen "Olive" and a "greaser" and attempting to style Native American hair as transgender and feminine in males, creating photos portraying Mr. Allen as female or transgender, and attacking his 2nd amendment rights directly to violate Oklahoma State Law Title 43A §43A-5-104. The office address of DONALD J. BEAL given in STATE OF TEXAS filings is a mail forwarding box on INWOOD RD in Dallas Texas, who by contract do not accept SERVICE OF PROCESS. Comments like "Casper Wyoming is the whitest place on Earth" sustain indications of organized white supremacist extremist and sovereign citizen activity owing Federal attention, and incorporating with FRANTECH.US host activity for IX network products since 2012 incarceration, which integrate with the white power newsletter "THE DAILY STORMER" and "TEXAS ARYAN BROTHERHOOD" threats in related letters.

      Use of CITY OF FORT COLLINS, COLORADO as a suspected employer of the person(s) sending the threat and use of CITY OF FORT COLLINS, COLORADO area code by MEJOR SERVER LLC (An Argenina Resident Owner Company, based in State of Florida) despite no registration in State of Oklahoma nor State of Colorado of such firm, indicate Title 78 Section 78-53 unfair business practices, undocumented employment, Interstate racketeering concealing labor violations, direct advertising of such phone number as if a real business in City of Ada per registration of agency also not filed in the State of any real business, and targeted competition to interfere with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. contracts with TeamSpeak GmbH of Germany for commercial exploitation of the child taking; a 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 alleged violation of Federal Law on ORDER 01-17702-R continued misuse for commercial unjust enrichment and exploitation of a child for commercial terrorist hoax activity. (See Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, Terrorist Hoax)

      Identical use of TRUNKSPACE HOSTING INC. in the year 2013 appear to be paired with MEJOR SERVER in radical anti-semitic activity to dilute market valuation below licensed cost of goods in City of Ada paired with kidnapping of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION or exclusive CUSTODY CONTRACT. Neither firm owns servers, business location, or employees in State of Oklahoma, while appearing to be created on the 1st and 2nd anniversary of the DONALD J. BEAL conviction in DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS to exploit the child taking from 2012-2023.

Legal Gaslighting of Parents In City Of Ada

A great deal has been said that runs contrary to Title 12A Oklahoma Statutory Law concering the taking, concealment, abuse, and withholding of children by State agencies for federal benefits in violation of federal law (42 USC §408).

At the root of this fraud is the claim that child custody has no legal right to consider 'circumstances' of persons subject to threat and coercion, because financial impact or impariment are not real on a person in a child support order, a court order to create a TRUST and a CONTRACT that the State then enforces as trustee, over the party holding the child (collateral) as a primary party (primary obligor) and the party who receives limited access to the child under direction of the primary obligor, the secondary obligor. Use of defamatory terms like 'payee and payor' for these persons, or NON-CUSTODIAL PARENT, NCP, etc. are defamatory and improper misrepresentation of a legal TRUST made by UNITED STATES under THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH for UNITED STATES PROPERTY and the natural child attached to that technical legal person (the child's LEGAL NAME estate, a proeprty of UNITED STATES owing specific obligations.).

This week, a filing on Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat owing performance or total breach to disbar the prior fraud, a larceny by misrepresentation contrary Title 12A Sec. 12-3-604 and 12-3-605(d) comes before the Court.

A contract for use of a collateral in a trust, firstly - must not be already collateral subject a prior trust. This is cross-interest and the second collateral contract null and void, as an unconscionable contract.

The contract, barring this automatic proof of fraud for failure to report a sale or mental health defect of medical diagnosis, owing forfeiture of custody of a child due to attempted murder and violence, still cannot be treated in several key ways, or it is null and void.

The contract as a settlement must incorporate the grievance (the cause of wrongdoing) in the settlement, a judgement, extinguishing the grievance for the judgement to be real and take effect. Ergo, if a woman alleges she was abandoned, then sues and obtains money for that in judgment, she would not be entitled to claim after payment that she was abandoned; because the money paid was the sole benefit that she elected to accept in full term for the extinguishment of the claim. In Petersen v Allen, this is clearly not true, and thus no settlement or judgement ever worked.

Secondly, the grievance must be on the chose of action - the legal merits - of the indictment sworn and not modified after trial or evidence are directed production to determine cause. Where the TARGET of that oath is not true, the case is default to the DEFENDANT, and may not be brought up again with new merits on the same event - or be void, which is res judicata.

In the prior case, a DALLAS TX birth was the TARGET of the indictment and the ORDER DEC 18 2001, which the PLAINTIFF must produce a DALLAS TX birth child to prove. The plaintiff swapped the evidence, and when it was clear this was a violation of Texas Criminal Law, the judge changed the lawsuit in the year 2002, allowing a petitioner AMENDMENT filed to alter the TARGET of the prior lawsuit in December 2001 in the opinion of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS. This is illegal, as only a NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT may alter that which occurred prior, and then only to correct mistake that does not PREJUDICE THE DEFENDANT or change the "purpose of the lawsuit". A NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT is a judge's motion, not a plaintiff. So this was a simple MOTION TO AMEND, as filed, and "addative amendment", creating two children of the SAME name and time of birth who were born in DALLAS TX and in CITY OF CARROLLTON, COUNTY OF DENTON, STATE OF TEXAS.

As a woman cannot give birth to two children at the same moment at the same time in two different buildings, this is fraud ab initio, and mutiliation of evidence, concealing the fraud in the bringing of a NON-TARGET property to test as if it were the TARGET of a SEARCH WARRANT; to defrud.

The use of this substitution created a wholly new CASE NUMBER, and did not properly adjudicate the original case for 22 years this OCT 1 2022; by which it became a default judgement OCT 2 2022 for the DEFENDANT (Allen) owing recording and to nullify case 01-17702-R, a fraudulent case and order.

Finally, the chose of action was changed in 2002, from "ABANDONMENT" of a chld under the age of fifteen (a felony, 21 O.S. 21-853) being tried illegally in a civil court setting against an OKLAHOMA RESIDENT by a COUNTY OF DENTON resident, in a COUNTY OF DALLAS courtroom ex juris; to a chose of action in 2002 of "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE" of the parties, which is not lawful - as each a case sought to terminate custody rights PRIOR GRANTED TO "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN" and purchased exclusively prior OCT 1 2001 due to agreement (a contract, not a MARRIAGE, for custody due to violent behavior to injure the child by Veronica Marie Petersen) owing delivery and residency of the child in Pontotoc County, then State of Oklahoma territory (2001).

In 2003, the parties abducting the child admitted they took the child by force, voiding the claim of willing abandonment in 2001 OCT 1, in letters SEPT 12 2003 and SEPT 20 2003. The parties who did this claimed to be husband and wife, and were living together when they filed the 2002 MOTION TO AMEND, alleging JAMES ALLEN was married to Veroinca Marie Petersen.

A Legal marriage cannot occur between a UNITED STATES technical person (JAMES ALLEN) and a natural person (Veronica Marie Petersen, the plaintiff in case 01-17702).

This would be like a horse marrying a stable building. One is alive, the other dead.

A legal marriage in Oklahoma law is between a man and a woman. Due to gender identity, the legal technical person has 'gender', and the terms are improperly used in this manner to suggest marriage is between a man and a woman, but one is a corporation of male gender and the other a natural person of female gender.

Normally a marraige would be between two natural people, both members of the species home sapiens. But as the context of a religious marriage in that union and a LEGAL MARRIAGE in technical persons who are incorporated and property of the UNITED STATES and specifically the Congress of the United States per Flemming v Nestor (1960), what we call a LEGAL MARRAIGE is a union of two technical persons incorporated similar to a merger of companies, with specific rights, protecting what religious and common law marriage were prior.

Regardless, POLYGAMY - the marriage of one person to two persons of the opposite or same sex, and marriage of persons of the same sex, are outlawed and have no legal standing in State of Oklahoma.

Therefore, the Sept 12 2003 letter citing that Veroinca Marie Petersen / VERONICA PETERSEN were married to Donald J. Beal / DONALD J BEAL, would at such time of lawsuit in admitting by Veronica that she called Donald her 'husband' in her public writing, and was having a child with him at the time of such complaint, void her MARRIAGE claim in 2002 as POLYGAMY activity harming JAMES ALLEN and the right of JAMES ALLEN to marry. A pattern of threats and fraud and impersonation by Donald J. Beal and IX NETWORKS LLC of Dallas, aided by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and NTT/VERIO as LOSTSERVER.NET over 2001-2023, which indicate the unregistered foreign agency of such undocumented relationship and partnership with TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES as insiders at competitor firms for NTT/VERIO in fact, a form of industrial espionage.

UCC 2-302 specifies that this activity in concert with a child custody trust, a TRUST, and also in its presentation a fraudulent contract obtained by violence, threat, and force, owing no legal right to the prior SOLE CUSTODY PAID AGREEMENT (paid in full prior OCT 1 2001) over the CARROLLTON TX child of County of Denton, State of Texas.

Specific words are required to ensure the elementary separation of the DALLAS TX child (the TARGET of a legal action, a felony in degree, owing a BRONSTON DEFENSE (1937) right), to a CARROLLTON TX child. Germaine subject matter to a lawsuit is permitted in AMENDMENT. The legal person of the child alleged to be a birth on a date in the year 2001 May, is a specified place, is one legal person.

It is non-Germaine (not permitted) to place a legal person whose characteristics would be different than that of the TARGET into the position of TARGET of a specific SEARCH WARRANT, knowing full well then the origin of such person disbarred them from being the TARGET subject matter, to defraud.

MOTION TO AMEND in 2002 does exactly this, attempting to work a 'substitutive amendment' which is not default, and barred as a non NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT, both for retroactive affect of a simple amendment and for cause prohibiting such use of a genuine NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT. The MOTION simply could not retroactively change in 2002 filing the 2001 DEC 18 TARGET of the SEARCH WARRANT or indictment in the original OCT 1 2001 lawsuit filed as legal fact by Veronica Marie Petersen, a legally insane person diagnosed with clinical depression and on medication for that at the time of her oath - making it void.

In a CHILD SUPPORT ORDER, the design is based on two LEGAL Technical persons who have the ownership of the child TITLE created by the MEDICAL ORDER issued on birth, a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. A secondary document, a CERTIFICATE OF LIFE BIRTH is distributed as proof of this; and custody of the child is to the MOTHER and the FATHER in technical legal person of the property UNITED STATES. The natural parents are not listed, as they signed over their natural rights to the UNITED STATES in a bid to receive performance of obligations pledged in contract, Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat., Sec 3 and 21 and 22. This contract, a collateral contract, is made NOV 16 1907, a duty and senior debt of the UNITED STATES by indorsement of the 60th Congress, owing performance or default upon the State of Oklahoma as incorporation and upon the terms presented and signed at that time, a pledge of inseparable nature of such legal entity to be 'inseparable' from the legal entity ascribed there as 'federal UNION', a collection of other States and property, territory, mineral rights, air travel, military bases, cities, roads, and property - collateral. Owing that the agreement would never be refused performance or repudiated in any way, as specified in Section 3 and 21 and 22 of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. and rider agreements (3).

The prior ORDER creates a 'contrct', which with adoption of UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) in Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 12A, make STATE LAW the rules of UCC owing performance. One of which is rule 2-302, which bars validity for contracts obtained which are cross-interest (collateral pledged already to another, brought into a new contract and to alter that prior agrement - which is illegality of a contract and thus void).

The other, is to recognize in 2-302 that the use of such contract, regardless of its TARGET or scope, is subject substantial legal invalidity where it is used to coerce or abuse commercial business or the right to trade. This is further express in 'Restatement (Third) of Unjust Enrichment (2011)' in § 1 and 3, and in 'Restatement (Second) of Contracts (1981)', which void such contracts that punitively abuse or injure or restrict MARRIAGE or seek to overcome by false claims the persons right to trade by attacking systematically the 'Capacity to Contract' of one party to overcome or extinguish the rights pledged in any contract, where such claims are baseless or incorporate fraud (false persons as witnesses) as we see in 'Josiah Deutsch' (lit. John German) persona of a FALSE EAST CENTRAL UNIVERITY STUDENT created to suggest a fabricated history of JAMES ALLEN by Alicia McMahon, Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma, Donald Beal, Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX.COM CO (A failed company forfeit to STATE OF TEXAS in the year 2004, so void future use there), INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC (of Arkansas, similarly a forfeit company), SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC) [presumably the C stands for Corporation where it was not such legal entity, to defraud, and in imitation of the real company SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP known as SDP locally].

The 2003 letters admitting kidnapping, prior sworn as ABANDONMENT, and later attempted concealment by filing a MOTION to restate (illegally) the claim was about MARRIAGE; are not permitted or allowed. Only the first legal cause is permitted on an 'event', in a chose of action - and the attempt to bring a second cause after the first indictment fails on the same event is fraud.

The refusal to TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION and OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION members to bring this matter before the Court, and actions to conceal and even aid the abduction, are a testament to the repudiation by the organizations of AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL LAWYWERS (AIL) prior restatements and UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) made State Law in Title 12A and Title 21 and 22.

Repudiation of the contract, to deny its effect publicly - whether in one statement or in 'MEMORANDUM' (a publication signed by a party, or their signature per Restatement (Second) of Contracts § 134.

Even where these statements denying the contract is enforced in any part are published in 'several writtings' (Restatement of Contracts, § 132), they are binding as a violation of the contract owing void per UCC §3-604 rule.

Thus when Veronica Marie Petersen stated that she would conceal the child forever, she was making a void of the order 01-17702-R regardless of its legalitly in Sept 12 2003 public writing, and entitled no benefit for this action and loss of all payments for it per RESTATEMENT OF UNJUST ENRICHMENT (2011) Sec. 1 and 39, whereby the taking and concealment of a child from 2001-2023 is an opportunistic breach of contract and repudiation of the contract void per § 3-604 of UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE since 2003 public writing of Veronic Petersen and Donald Beal, as well as an unconscionable contract void ab initio, from which the parties did attempt to overcome the 1998 established business of JAMES ALLEN and to seize other companies (2) in concert with this activity over 2001-2023 counting on the injure done by abuse of the fiduciary of all three (3) of those real entities, and to defraud in concert with employment directly against the interest of tose companies and their investors. Further demanding that persons be hired, paid, and fired based on their direction, and to remove the companies from contracts and break contracts with clients by interference in Interstate communication using assets of NTT/VERIO, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, ABOVENET (ZAYO TECHNOLOGIES), and their clients in the XSP network (PeerDB) to launch attacks exceeding 16 gigabit per second flows versus LINODE LLC on behalf of the group, which did include an AKAMI TECHNOLIGES employee JARED MAUCH prior AKIMI bid to buy LINODE LLC for $200 millin USD.

Actions that, jointly, suggest antitrust activity and partnership with NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2018-2023 to steal SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. designs and products for sale to the public in April 2022 and September 2022 in concert with threats to extort and incarcerate the designer and disrupt the ability to counter-sue or report the theft; a partnership between the XSP and EQUINIX and NTT/VERIO data centers, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and NVIDIA CORPORAITON.

Termination of partner status by direction of pricing and demands for subbordination of company policies by NVIDIA CORPORAITON against EVGA CORPORATION in April 2022, terminating that supply chain to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., make this failed 2018-2022 February merger of NVIDIA CORPORATION and ARM HOLDING CO LTD of China coinciding with illegal enforcement activity in Pontotoc County, STate of Oklahoma against design holders under trade secret concerning those technologies and prior 1998-2003 documents and 2003-2022 development and delivery schedules exceptionally suspicious abuse of legal process barred by 22 U.S. Code Sec. 7102 and 15 U.S. Code Sec. 1 violation alleged.

Fines in tihs matter now exceed $100 million USD per company and $1 million USD per person (15 USCA Sec. 1), and touch on a $1 trillion market capitalization of NVIDIA CORPORATION shares, based on $300 billion annual sale of NVIDIA CORPORATION products (H100) based on the prior designs, trade secrets, and work of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. illegally, which has been summarily terminated OCT 17 2023 by new U.S. Export Rules barring the sale of NVIDIA CORPORATION products (H100, etc) to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

JAMES ALLEN remains in limited exposure, due to this and testimony to the UNITED STATES SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISSION in the year 2021, prior termination of the MERGER between ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD and NVIDIA CORPORATION in February 2022. His child remains missing and exploited, not seen since 2001 September 10th due to physical abduction to extort.

Taking and concealment of this child appear intermingled with NORTEL NETWORKS $250 billion bankruptcy (2001 collapse, 2011 court ruling); and insider theft occurring by data breach performed by persons with stolen passcard access badge, observed in use by Veronica Marie Petersen in the year 2000. Veronica Marie Petersen is a former NORTEL contractor who abandoned her job after exposure (inappropriate workplace nudity and alcohol use on-site), with prior EVICTION for sub-letting her leased apartment in the year 2001 and repossession issued on her vehicle for non-payment with failure to return the vehicle as agreed. Donald Beal is an employee of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and NTT/VERIO, in unregistered agency, operating as ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES in STATE OF OKLAHOMA jurisdiction, and creator of "JAMESARNOLDALLEN" sites in 2002-2004, 2011, and 2021-2023 in concert with extortion, simlar to his creation of "CANADASUCKS.NET" at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 and termination for hosting pirated software on client servers to evade liability at 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas Texas INFOMART building (both EQUINIX data centers). He is currently operating under a shell company at 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TX, which is a private mail box listed on his documents of INCORPORATION for IX NETWORKS LLC as the address for service of process of the officer/DIRECTOR DONALD J. BEAL. The address does not accept legal service of process, by contract, and is a mail forwarding service. His real location is alleged to be CASPER Wyoming and alleged employment in City of Fort Collins, Colorado; where MEJOR SERVER LLC telephone lines terminate. MEJOR SERVER LLC is a Florida company, and has no legal office or employees in State of Wyoming or State of Colorado, nor in State of Oklahoma, despite advertising as a competitor of REPUBLIC OF GERMANY products previously licensed to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in Pontotoc County, City of Ada, to directly gain profit off of the child concealment hoax after the DUI arrest and conviction of DONALD J. BEAL in the year 2011 in County of Denton, State of Texas.

Additional use of State of Florida, State of New Jersey, and Canadian data centers conicide with this activity and with physical address of Veronica Marie Petersen in State of Florida (Clearwater). Child support prohibit the taking of the child or receipt of child support from State of Texas while the party and child are living in State of Florida or other State. Members of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE in State of Michigan and State of California have aided in this fraud, and concealed Donald Beal in State of California according to court documents in the 2011 DUI conviction, showing a flight risk in concert with child abduction and concealment to extort on behalf of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of California. Packet Clearing House is a not-for profit entity, a front for NTT/VERIO (a for-profit company of NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN, a 23% equity owned "Government of Japan" monopoly) and their sponsor for this activity is "THE OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS" - a $19 billion endowment - created by and for George Soros, an Austrian born naturalized United States Citizen and leading DEMOCRATIC PARTY Donor.

Mr. Soros has substantial market investments, and this activity appears to be a front for terrorism and abuse of his competitors to gain unfair market advantage, including child abduction and gaslighting of other business owners from whom technology is sought and obtained illegally without license.

The level of hate speech and hate acts by these organizations, including "Frantech.CA" hosts in 2022 January amid killing of animals (3) and maiming of others (2) in City of Ada, along with letters of clearly anti-semitic character and bizarre homosexual and deviant transgender values, at times framing JAMES ALLEN As transgender falsely while at others seeking to obtain and capture complaints to incite LGBTQ+ communities to join in attacks on ALLEN, espcially by former neutral trade show SOONERCON in 2010-2023, a convention intially SPONOSRED BY SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. based on its prior conservative and tolerant values; indicate organized interstate hybrid gang activity of a clearly unprecedented level and intent to do serious bodily harm and death to persons who are testifying. The death of a witness by fire consuming their home DEC 25 2022, amid threats, and ongoing extortion lettes and packages by mail (6) to multiple witnesses, including sexual content targeting elderly and disabled persons - owes special attention to orgnaized hate crimes by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and efforts to void prior 1996 agreements in contract by IANA.ORG members - specifically by THE INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE - whose founding members pledge in 1996 in RFC-1918 bar such claims and abated such demands as a condition to operate any part of the Internet.

Exploitation and abuse of these Top-Level-Domain companies (TDL) and the for-profit $240+ million annual business of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE to sell DNSSEC and DNS TDL services, under such malfeasance of abuse to extort and gaslight competitors of major investors, owes no contract to GEORGE SOROS or NTT/VERIO or EQUINIX or other IXP members of the PeerDB, an unlicensed and illegal franchise activity of PACKET CLEARING HOUSE (a not-for-profit entity, run by officers of NTT/VERIO to overcome market diversity and limit trade among the states and with foreign nations). It is an assault on the form of government obligated in 1907 Nov 16th agreement, contrary State of Oklahoma duty to perform, and forgery in "Veronica Peterson v James Allen" - a lawsuit brought in violation of CONTRACT NOT TO SUE and in concurrency to "JAMES ALLEN V VERONICA PETERSEN ex rel Veronica Marie Petersen" already underway in County of Denton, STate of Texas; initiated illegally in County of Dallas, State of Texas, after 2015 July 27th "venue transfer" made void any claim arising from any county other than County of Dention. County of Dallas filed such illegal claim in 2018 Nov 20, as case 01-177202-R, to defraud - having no joinder to either the prior case and contract (01-17702-R) and to defraud in case FR-2018-04 in Pontotoc County, then sustained despite 2015 July 27th to 2020 Jan 1 case 15-06292393 having exclusive jurisdiction and no right to bring a new lawsuit or to threaten any incarceration or demand over $500 USD if brought through the correct jurisdiction.

We are seeing our government being purchased by Mr. Soros, and the need to sanction those investments and firms pursuant Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. or be in material breach of incorporation and forfeit State of Oklahoma, prompting then simultaneously a forfeiture of the federal Union in full. Many persons styled falsely as extremists live in fear of such forfeiture, believing Mr. Soros or other parties hold some note of debt over the United States. In fact, failure to perform in this matter is the insolvency of the State of Oklahoma owing forfeiture to the injured party, James Allen, the DEFENDANT in case FR-2018-04 as ORDERED IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA on the 18th Day of the Month of April in the year 2023. "James Allen" is the DEFENDANT, a non-party to the contract 01-17702-R, and the party suing him is a false person fabricated to bring a frivilous lawsuit, "Veronica Peterson" (not "Veronica Marie Petersen", despite 4 years of vindictive prosecution to carry out this fraud.

Forgery is evident in the use of "Peterson" to sign for "Petersen", thus evading the double jeopardy rule by a malformed nonjoinder lawsuit.

"VERONICA PETERSEN ex rel Veronica Marie Petersen" was already in case 15-06292393, a concurrent case, and representation of "Veronica Peterson" as "VERONICA PETERSEN" created joinder on the same TARGET subject, order 01-1770-R, without a proper registration and concealing the case 15-06292393 to continue as if case 01-17702-R were still a live case in County of Dallas, contrary 2015 July 27th transfer permanently to DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS.

JAMES ALLEN was falsely served in this ("Veronica Peterson v James Allen") lawsuit, and held for 4 years to impair trade rights during concealment of his child, in an effort to coerce him to liquidate businesses in which he was a fiduciary officer. JAMES ALLEN is not the defendant of case FR-2018-04, therefore, and the order does not have joinder to James Allen, nor to the plaintiff "Veronica Peterson". Prior, "Veronica Marie Petersen" did sign documents using the fake name in 2015 July 27th filing attributing the child's surname as "PETERSON" in two instances, while her name was ascribed "PETERSEN" in the document. Damarcus Offord, county clerk of DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, also ascribed the surname improperly, due to this knowing perjury in the AFFIDAVIT, and mutilated the case in documents showing improper lawsuit to conceal this transfer void all actions in future from DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY after July 27 2015. Which did not stop the filing in case 01-177202-R in the year 2018, a void suit owing barratry simple on report to ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, duly performend in the year 2018 and 2021 November again reported, without proper registration of a criminal 21 O.S. Sec. 21-1533 "legal sham" due negligence of PONTOTOC COUNTY. Additional documents show impersonation of a Federal Agency by State of Oklahoma employees, in petition for appearance as "OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES" as an entity of and agency of STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES is a designated Title IV Agency of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the JOSEPH BIDEN JR government, organized under the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, a 5 U.S. Code SEc. 101 agency, owing submission to federal Regulations made effective State Law Feb 21 2017 in Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 pg 93492 per Dec 20 2016 publication, LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS upon STATE OF OKLAHOMA to comply by that date or be void in Title IV Agency authority. Title IV Agency powers arise from exclusive, limited, delegated authority of the UNITED STATES DEPARMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, a federal Agency, and the designated Title IV Agency is a federal Agency like any corporation of the United States operating in State of Oklahoma.

The Correct designation is "OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, A TITLE IV AGENCY of UNITED STATES, designated by State of Oklahoma".

The improper designation is "OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES, OF STATE OF OKLAHOMA" as if the commission were the product of and legal animal (fiction, incorporation) of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and a branch of STATE OF OKLAHOMA, a State government.

Use of the TITLE IV AGENCY without federal Regulations and in attribution this way is impersonation of a federal Agency/Agent, so prohibited per 21 O.S. Sec. 21-1533.1 Oklahoma Criminal Code "Identity Theft". Operation of the Agency without application of 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE is an illegal activity, owing void all actions done and enforcement attempted. To do so, the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and in pattern with STATE OF TEXAS, have assumed the powers without the protections and limits of a United States Agency to abuse the public, a violation of Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. Sec. 3 and 21 and 22 - owing insolvency of State of Oklahoma and forfeiture of State of Texas and other member States for total breach of the Nov 16 1907 contract - a collateral contract and senior debt for which "James Allen" is a creditor enjoined by this fraud in 2018-2023 illegally, a matter of $500 maximum fine permitted, and such fraud to suspend and extinguish trade valued at $1 trillion USD and $300 billion USD per year from 2025 to future.

A formal organization has been formed per Title 78 Section 78-54 to carry out the suit in case James Allen dies or is incapacitated, registered Oct 18 2023. The value of the 'contract' (01-17702-R) is limited by the unlimited option clause, making the value of such uncontested call refused void the total scope of damages, an unlimited amount in restitution as a contract on a false child, who is never entitled benefits of the UNITED STATES in 1 USCA Sec. 8 rule, having never been 'born alive' nor a member of 'homo sapiens' in the senior instrument of a DALLAS TX birth of a child, first chose of action. The first chose is cumulative and senior debt in the collateral to the second chose of action, a second child born in CARROLLTON TX (County of Carrollton, State of Texas), who was in the making never subject to a collateral use due prior fully paid $10000 USD transfer executed prior OCT 1 2001 for custody by the trustee SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of City of Ada, Oklahoma, and AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD SERVICES and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK; business lines of credit. Sept 20 2003 letters in public writing show that overcoming the fiduciary and abuse of these credit lines as if a matrimonial right of Veronica Petersen owed by James Allen, were the motive for such child abuduction, and are thus void and criminal and illegal in demands to use such business credit for a fraudulent or implied or real contract concerining obligation to MARRIAGE. This is barred by RESTATEMENT OF CONTRACTS (1981), and the use of marriage as a condition or limitation on marriage, voids such claim as fraud; and is not entitled to comingle the assets of the person (JAMES ALLEN) with the assets of a business (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) at any time, a fraud.

Efforts to intimidate the public to discourage the right to marry of JAMES ALLEN since 2001 in this matter, are therefore hate crimes of felony degree, and misgender to carry out an unconscionable contract in order 01-17702-R, owing habeas corpus to a DALLAS TX child and CARROLLTON TX child on trial, or void case at law.

The first suit, in order, is the DALLAS TX child, and the second suit (01-17702-R) is a res judicata of the first mid-way, prior to any JUDGEMENT owing for substitution of evidence in a DEC 18 2001 TARGET of a SEARCH WARRANT proving the indictment false (Bronston Defense, 1973).

Illegality of all contracts and prosecutions are therefore proven, on the order of operation owed performance; and default OCT 1 2002 judgement for the DEFENDANT in case 01-17702, the BREEDER DOCUMENT from which the false suit arose and false cases 15-06292393 and 01-177202-R and FR-2018-04 and DF-121225. The case spans 22 years of child concealment without legal cause, to extort a fiduciary and obtain AMERICAN EXPRESS funds illegally contrinbuting to the collase of a $250 billion securities package and extortion of a 'vital employee' (PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES agent) at NORTEL NETWORKS. Claims that JAMES ALLEN was an employee of TEK SYSTEMS are knowingly false fabrications by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and NTT/VERIO agents alleged to be engaged in industrial sabotage of bidding and email servers at NORTEL NETWORKS directly exporting over 100 documents cited by BRIAN SHIELDS from executive accounts to Singapore, in an act of commercial espionage prompting the collapse of the company NORTEL NETWORKS.

JAMES ALLEN was a regulator / auditor, hired from PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES and asked to investigate $2 million USD in missing funds and a project by TEK SYSTEMS at RICHARDSON, TX campus of NORTEL NETWORKS. His investigation discovered improper reliance on email (SMTP) transport and storage of contracts, work orders, and routing outside the company, leading to false contract claims by TEK SYSTEMS in fraudulent contract promising proprietary in-house development of software for-sale by NORTEL, later identified as off-the-shelf products used under license to impersonate a deliverable of a software development contract by persons in Richardson, TX (USA) site. Letters in 2003 and 2011 indicate that TEK SYSTEMS was aware of the kidnapping and aided in this activity per Donald J. Beal in public writings held to be legal claims and matierality to the case subject Texas Criminal Code Sec. 37.03 through 37.11 rule.

The 2001-2023 gaslighting of JAMES ALLEN began NOV 2001 by Alicia McMahon, a former SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. disgruntled employee, and in direct aid in 2001-2003 by Veronica Marie PEtersen and Alicia McMahon to carry out these threats as user names "Sex Kitten" and "AllyKatt" across multiple platforms including "" and "" and SOONERCON events in Oklahoma.

Full deposition of the planned criminal activity were cited in deposition Dec 2001 by caputre of public writing done by a member of the forum, who was subsequently threatened with the burning of her home - and such home so burned in 2002 prior MOTION TO AMEND, destroying 2502 WILLOW WINDS CT #224 BLDG 24 DALLAS TX. Further threats of arson in 2011 and 2013 and 2021-2023 indicate the violent nature of these groups in interstate activity arising from " JUGGALO GANGS" and "GOTH" community sites targeting minors with drugs and events in parody of older charitable hobby and tabletop game events in Oklahoma and Texas. Threats using Juggalo and white supremacist language in 2021-2023 continue in this child taking, without support owing duty of CITY OF ADA POLICE DEPARTMENT. The grandmother of the child died in 2022 May 2nd, and her estate was immediately sought by the parties in fraudulent claims, promoting further the 'incapacity to contract' scheme in legal sham against JAMES ALLEN, a criminal fraud owing to removal and control of his child from 2001-2023 for fiduciary coercion and commercial extortion. NO DISABILITY status exists for JAMES ALLEN, and all records of such are fraud, with evidence of direct perjury to obtain those by Veronica PEtersen, Donald Beal, Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma (see KEIF-LP license forfeiture), and Brian Wolfe (d/b/a TERRABOX, an RIAA defendant in piracy business, at 722 S Haskell Ave site of assault at gunpoint on James A Allen in 2002).

Actions in concert with attacks resulting in serious bodily harm, are unconscionable contracts. (UCC 2-302)

In the prior 12 months, 6 animals have been killed and 2 maimed, in ongoing threats against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and partner/licensee offices, in concert with this ongoing extortion. These killings, including 4 poisonings and 3 physical attacks maiming animals, are indicative of the failure of OSBI and federal Justice to see beyond "child support" debt in a commercial Hobbs Act violation owing International law relief. Mr. Allen has suffered over $30,000 in medical injuries since 2017, was denied surgery until 2020 June due to this abuse, and refused recognition of his physical injury and need for surgery to compel him to betray his fiduciary duties on concealment and injury to his child. Regional medical services were also withheld, causing the death of Charlyce Ann Klepper and serious injury with long term loss of lung capacity and permanent injury for refusal of $9 USD medicine by prescription for a serious infectious parasitic illness placed in bait in two instances on properties of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to maim or kill. In addition, five (5) separate at-power vehicle strikes on U.S. Mail and the determination of stolen and rifled U.S. Mail, on the office of SHADOWDNCERS L.L.C. to disrupt court communication in 2015-2021 indicate no semblance of civil process and tampering with U.S. Mail is a part of this organized child taking and commercial extortion by regional and State TITLE IV AGENCY employees. No legal answer to 45 CFR § 302.56 have been made, including by KEN PAXTON, DIRECTOR of the designated TITLE IV AGENCY designated by STATE OF TEXAS; owing full relief for failure to answer with affirmative cause for this false report. Sept 27 2023, a WARRANT showing that STATE OF TEXAS owed JAMES ALLEN money, contrary prior claim he owed money to STATE OF TEXAS, proves false books in the region and impersonation of TITLE IV AGENCY services of the UNITED STATES, to defraud. This original was filed in THE OFFICE OF THE COURT CLERK OF PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT on Sept 29 2023, for evidence, and is a conditional contract not permitted use of a WARRANT in payment of a legal debt, forgery of a STATE OFFICE of STATE OF TEXAS to aid in abduction and false books.

JAMES ALLEN remains a fiduciary entitled protection at this time by UNITED STATES and INTERPOL. The prior actions are a knowing violation of U.S. Treaty, and of THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS by UNITED STATES. A fiduciary is not obligated to pay for protection of his role appointed by persons - and such act is an interference in trade of the United States and trade among the States and by the States with other nations, both new and prior established in extensive documents of contractual relationships spanning 1990-2023.

The ability to do business where UCC §. 2-302 is not regarded as Law (Title 12A-2-302, Oklahoma Statutory Law), makes further contract or investment in Pontotoc County or State of Texas inappropriate at this time. All resources are obligated to protection of assets targeted in this abuse, and lack of prosecution by the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY and ATTORNEY GENERAL of each state contrary 21 O.S. Sec. 21-1305 rule. Jurisdiction is that of Pontotoc County per 21 O.S. Sec. 21-29 and letters threatening per 21 O.S. Sec. 21-1304 rule. Additional complaint in 21 O.S. Sec. 21-837 and 21-838, obligate clear illegality in the claims, threats, and systematica impersonation of officers and employees and persons to carry out fraud interfering and intimidating the hiring practice by OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS client PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and partner NTT/VERIO, their data centers, and those of partner EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST at 2323 Bryan St and 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas Texas. Acts in this matter are crimes, per Oklahoma Constitution Art. XXIII-1 Sec XXIII-1A, a Public Law 59-234 CH 3335, 34 Stat. federal public law owing performance or total breach of product of that collateral contract in forfeiture.

Other States use these rules to determine what laws the Court may not, themselves, break, as their violation would result in the dissolution of the State and thus the Court and nullify its authority, to void the ruling it would issue otherwise. The failure to work such law is excess of authority, barred IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Session 588 Case 17-647 and Session 586 case 17-1091 pronouncement of Hon. Justice R.B. Ginsberg in ORDER from the bench, an express overeach of authority of the Civil federal Court and state Courts, prohibited in all manner therein described in her opinion from the bench, an ORDER directed to the States and to the federal Courts below. No immunity exist where any officer of any court exceeds such authority, to fine persons more than is paid to their person in a period or year, nor to accumulate for later periods such fines to work a forfeiture of any property which was purchased or developed by any protected funds, at a later date of maturity. Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 pg 93492 reflects this Dec 20 2016, from the prior 2019 February ruling IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, a Bench ORDER. Noncompliance is sedition, and contempt for Laws of the United States so made rebellion and insurrection by the State or Court.

The use of medical terms to conceal this or pollute the evidence, is proof of "willful and malicious conduct" owing no protection from bankruptcy in the making, so made clear in "PETERSEN v ALLEN" on case "Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ALLEN" and later "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEON ex rel Veronica Marie Petersen", and "Veronica Peterson v James Allen", a clear case of the incompetent nonjoinder or malicious fraud of one or more courts, originating in 2001 DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT abuse of a MOTION as if a NUNC PRO TUNC AMENDMENT, to conceal perjury in felony degree for 42 USCA Sec. 408 felony benefits sought on a birth of a non-human child reported in DALLAS TX and unconscionable contract to amend a CARROLLTON TX child for benefits sold prior and payment duly tendered and accepted in full prior OCT 1 2002 filing


Antitrust Case Developing


Friday, Sept 29 2023 - James Allen (editorial)

  • Greetings Program - Welcome to the Game Grid (Nvidia Offices Raided Sep 28 2023)
  • Bloomberg Covers NVIDIA OFFICE RAID Sep 28 2023
  • Wall Street Journal Coverage: NVidia Raid
  • New WARRANT issued by STATE OF TEXAS Sept 27 2023 shows JAMES ALLEN owes no CHILD SUPPORT. A formal signed WARRANT shows the court that in case initiated in November 2018 to tamper with case initiated IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS July 27 2015 to January 1 2020, that "IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA" subpoena duces tecum filed and served December 10th 2018 to defraud, alleging a debt of $41404.58 USD - no such debt exists on STATE OF TEXAS record for "CHILD SUPPORT" per indorsed letter delivered September 29 2023 bearing the seal and signature of the STATE OF TEXAS.

    Demands of $70000 USD for a fabricated DALLAS TX birth fabricated as evidence from October 1 2001 to April 2002, the subject of court hearing DECEMBER 18 2001 ORDER then adjudicated upon such evidence entered into record, and modification by amendment by addition performed in 2002 April on motion by County of Denton resident Veronica Marie Petersen during her cohabitation with Donald Jonathon Beal (Director of IX NETWORKS LLC of STATE OF TEXAS) as a claim then of "MARRIAGE OF JAMES ALLEN AND VERONICA PETERSEN" which did not exist at statutory or common law, to conceal a paid separate child custody collateral contract fully paid prior August 10th 2001 for unconscionable contract void per THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC), and abduct a child prior from federal land and Oklahoma vessel during a prior fully paid travel passage from State of Texas to Chickasaw Nation Reservation and County of Pontotoc, in excess of $10000 USD (2001 USD) owing service and delivery and sole jurisdiction IN THE DISTRICT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA at such time; refused from 2001-2023 to abuse the child; seeking payment for refusal of access to collateral contrary UCC Sec. 3-605(d) rule owing DISCHARGE of all obligations of the secondary obligor (JAMES ALLEN) upon such fraud by Veronica Marie Petersen and STATE OF TEXAS. Sworn and indorsed AFFIDAVIT by VERONICA PETERSEN places her residence in County of Denton from the year 2001 to present, filed July 27 2015, which void her filing for MARRIAGE benefits initiated in 2002 as a presumed and sworn RESIDENT of County of Dallas to obtain jurisdiction IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS with intent to defraud on aggravated perjury and polygamy activity to seize control of and flee with a child from paid passage removed by force and piracy from a registered Oklahoma vessel engaged in paid passage and interstate commerce then bound for State of Oklahoma and County of Pontotoc and City of Ada the destination and contractually enjoined residency of such newborn child, a prior paid contract in full owing performance and without expiration of obligation or duties (unlike a TITLE IV AGENCY benefit collateral contract, this is a private contract for private property owing protection from public use of such collateral then in an unconscionable contract or other agreement later execution and performance of the duties therein specified and spanning no less than 2001-2019 custody of such child by JAMES ALLEN and VERONICA PETERSEN, a matter of record exclusive of the natural person "Veronica Marie Petersen" to assert rights outside that benefit of registration of the child for United States protection at law - a common law filing performed to defraud in 2001 October prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution Article II-2 and II-36A).

    These acts to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of STATE OF OKLAHOMA to surrender key technology and brand name rights and franchise, owing direct and paid relationship and contract with NVIDIA CORPORATION and other partners named in the French Antitrust suit; represent human trafficking to obtain and fraudulent conveyance of trade secret designs obligated restitution for foreign registation or use or discovery claims, including parallel remote procedure call stack operations and direct memory access and out-of-kernel access techniques claimed by InfiniBAND products and their licensees during barratry to suppress resistance to larceny of trade secrets and limit travel of the parties to contest such claims overseas through TITLE IV AGENCY abuse of public office in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA contract with UNITED STATES owing REQUIRED STATE LAW enforcement per Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 pg 93492-93569 on Feb 21 2017 to present.

    The WARRANT specifies, that STATE OF TEXAS owes $138 or more to JAMES ALLEN for "Child Support" overpayment - a figure that is evasive and enjoined unlawfully with conditions suggesting entrapment and perfidy in its issue by KEN PAXTON, former Attorney General of State of Texas; recently acquited for similar fraud activity in his office of Attorney General related in this matter by his head of TITLE IV AGENCY services specified as a UNITED STATES AGENCY of the Executive Branch under the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a conflict of interest in appointment and operation of his office as State Justice and as a United States agent simultaneously to withhold protection and relief obligated by 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE. 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE (CFR) owes maximum fine of $500 USD in the prior $41404.58 USD claim filed NOV 20 2018 "IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA" (a fictional court, and direction to appear at Dallas County Courthouse in such subpoena duces tecum, misdirection to a false judge presdiing over a fictional court - in misrepresentation of a UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT filing and registration. The filing was presented as "Veronica Peterson vs James Allen", and later (January 2019) as "VERONICA PETERSEN, petitioner" represented by STATE OF OKLAHOMA as attorney for the prior legal person; later admitted in March 2023 as having no authority or grant or agreement to remove jurisdiction from IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS made affidavit in July 27 2015 - to initiate a new case in 2018 in any other court or any other civil action (including a REGISTRATION filing). After which the attorney did admit that they were "STATE OF OKLAHOMA ex rel OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES", in filing - and such legal person (OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES) is the "designated TITLE IV AGENCY" thus the prior is ex rel UNITED STATES in filing this suit on $41404.58 USD claim in violation of jurisdiction for a DALLAS TX birth, now specified in the WARRANT to be a $0 debt at such time, and credit owing payment to the DEFENDANT of such frivilous lawsuit at such time, to interfere in custody of a child abducted in the year 2001 at 74 days of age to extort for land and real estate ownership and commercial use and control in Pontotoc County.

    From which a complaint against NVIDIA CORPORATION arising from this abuse and employment by the abductors in the prior industry and data center 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 and 700 in Dallas Texas, and prior at 1950 N Stemmons Freeway, Dallas Texas, are grounds for serious antitrust activity by NVIDIA CORPORATION and their partners in child trafficking to obtain NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Omniverse technologies and designs and plans for commercial registration and sale in securities fraud activity and export to overseas markets and military applications against United States.

Harassment July 20th, 21st, August 8th, 10th, 15th, and 24th 2023 brings further need to discuss what NATION OF JAPAN did prior, and how they have treated auditors in harassment by NTT GROUP and ZAYO GROUP INC. contractors in Dallas Texas and Denver Colorado toward Oklahoma business owners in abduction and concealment of a child under fraudulent indictment in 2001 in a civil court violating the 21 O.S. Sec. 21-851 criminal code of Oklahoma - denying all DUE PROCESS in a child taking and child abuse spanning 2001-2023 fraud. The indictment (in a civil court, a crime) filed in Octo 2001 was altered illegally in April 2002 in order to amend the prior false claim in violation of 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408(a) using a false UNITED STATES CITIZEN in a false claim under oath of birth in DALLAS TX, then altered to use a CARROLLTON TX birth already subject paid passage to Oklahoma prior abduction August 11th 2001 on federal highway in a premediated kidnapping. STATE OF TEXAS has refused to acknowledge this child taking, despite ongoing threats from 2001-2023, continuing in July and August with attempted murder Nov 20 2022 and Sept 1 2023 and killing of witnesses December 25 2022 and May 2nd 2022. Civil suit in 2015 shows FALSE USE OF LEGAL NAME to carry on the fraud, and false affidavit July 27 2015, and again in Nov 20 2018 in case 01-177202-R using a false plaintiff to illegally tamper with the prior case under the false name "Veronica Peterson" to impair recovery of a child. These acts aided NVIDIA CORPORATION claims in Sept 2022 and their investment in COREWEAVE to purchse $2 billion USD of NVIDIA product affecting NVDIA CORPORATION stock price and U.S. trade in tampering with supply chains. The fact that EQT AB Group and TENCENT have aided in this activity is a terrible blow to the integirty of the People of Sweden and China, dealing with this human trafficking activity via Sweden as a proxy and Japan as a platform to purchase NVIDIA CORPORATION prior to declaration that the manufacturer was seizing the Oklahoma company property for sale as a new discovery 20 years after the product was described in work legally separate from and simultaneous with NORTEL NETWORKS 1998-2003 work and 2006 development with ASUS COMPUTERS and NVIDIA using FX-74 platforms in City od Ada, Oklahoma, indicate the degree of industrial espionage activity now present in the product claims affecting the U.S. registered securities and discovery claims of this group during periods of self-dealing and LEGAL NAME FRAUD enjoined child taking of a NORTEL contractor, false claims such PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES auditor worked for TEK SYSTEMS and other aligned competitors, and abuse of a child to embezzle benefits from the UNITED STATES using false LEGAL NAMES to aid this abuse in 2001-2023.

The effort to suggest that the United States engaged in unlawful use of nuclear weapons, while Japan was a victim of this weapon, popularized in the military renewal of Japan and partnership with China in BRIC economic union, place these actions in substantial false light - concealing what U.S. veterans and military analysts knew were necessary to stop the factual use of biological weapons by NATION OF JAPAN prior to and in concert with gulf stream 'firebomb' tests on the United States.

The use of biological pathogens in 2022 and 2023 resulting in 5 animal deaths and one human injury in City of Ada, have raised our concern as this disease and prior and subsequent threats, use of uncooked meat January 2nd 2023 and cooked prepared meat in 2022 to carry out these actions in Pontotoc County, raise serious questions about business activity in Fort Collins, Colorado; Casper Wyoming; Cheyeene Wyoming; FRANTECH.US, OVH HOSTING INC. of Ontario Canada, Hurricane Electric, and 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 and 700 business employees threats in Dallas Texas to Ada Oklahoma employees, and abuse of a child from Dallas TX and Coppell TX and nearby Denton County (Lewisville, Carrollton) during the concealment of a child to extort a 1992 established business and 1998 incorporated company in City of Ada violating ORDERED POSSESSION and INHERENT RIGHTS to return of a child. At no time was the parent a legal RESIDENT of State of Texas, nor at such time of filing was the County of Denton resident a legal RESIDENT of County fo Dallas as plaintiff - and living with a man who was not her child's father when she filed a complaint of MARRIAGE in civil suit against the father of her child; to defraud the prior collateral contract for custody of the child (a contract, fully paid, not a MARRIAGE at law nor subject to any law of MARRIAGE as a private contract over private property owing delivery by August 11th 2001 to City of Ada for residency of the child in custody of the father).

The parent of that missing child wrote a book concerning experience the family gained from military conflict, opposing radicalized socialism, which has made this fraud so extreme and support for the abuse so criminal. War, in fact, is about numbers to socialist moral and theological thinking. While to the family the child was taken from, nationalism and ethnic and religious conflict were set aside in Strategic Air Command doctrine and United States Army military theory spanning the Revolutionary War to World War I and World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and later Bosnia and Iraq Wartime ground experience developed during the Cold War, in which resistance against vastly superior forces and during occupation by foreign forces were fundamental to the culture of that community the child was taken from and concealed from. A rich history of electronic warfare and classified military experience not released to the general public for over seventy years. A personal knowledge of the insider activity of the battles of the Coral Sea, surrender of Japan, and global nuclear air and space war doctrine incorporating military and civilian computer technology applied to global war, spanning the first computer programs and rocketry to modern artificial intelligence and advanced industrial planning for extended warfighting. Based on convictions that numbers do not matter in war - only will and determination to resist. Culturally rooted in foreign stations including Japan and signal warfare operating around the globe, long before Internet and civilian use of telecommunications technology became commercialized for consumer purposes. Raw SIGINT operations and security.

Of course persons unfamiliar with this operational area of industrial practice misrepresented such customs and characteristics of those service personnel. Much of what they did and still do arose from and remain rooted in knowledge of the prior activity (Unit 731) and compartmentalized information management to ensure that no power who assumed the socialist doctrine ever obtain or utilize those technologies necessary to wage unrestricted unilateral asymetric warfare and signal intelligence operations. And to ensure that financial and economic and industrial advantage never overcome the importance of that core mission, at any cost.

There was no MARRIAGE, nor were there any RIGHTS prior PAID FOR IN FULL AND PLEDGED IN WRITTEN TERMS waived for lack of MARRIAGE in the prior fraud. Nor was the filing of a State of Oklahoma felony as if a civil lawsuit against an Oklahoma Resident by a Texas Resident ex juris lawful or valid IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS, and solely such act a 42 U.S. Code Sec. 408 felony aided by NATION OF JAPAN and other countries subsequent effort to work an EXPORT of designs and technology obtained in that 1998-2001 period from the Oklahoma firm, ever anything other than fraudulent conveyance and larceny of trade secret with military dual use applications prohibited by the WASSENAAR ARANGEMENT, a duty of all signatories to enforce or be in material breach and perfidy of their lawful duty of public office in International Law and UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. The alleged "ABANDONMENT" was admitted as early as 2003 and again in 2011 as "KIDNAPPING" of a child who was 74 days of age from a REGISTERED OKLAHOMA VESSEL in paid passage then underway on FEDERAL INTERSTATE 35 from State of Texas to Chickasaw Nation Reservation, known then as a territory of State of Oklahoma by error of the United States and State of Oklhaoma. Allegation that such claims were extinguished as part of the CSA surrender as part of an unconditional surrender of the Texas allied states, is just that - false allegations - owing no legal authority by McGirt v State of Oklahoma 2020 ruling. Support of such child taking, itself, rebelliion and insurrenction in affirmation that such States are immune in perfidy contrary payment in-consideration of adoptiion as STATE LAW in February 21 2017 of FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 pg 93492-93569 and specified 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE, a duty of State Law by contract - fully paid. Breach of which remains a UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) violation, and perfidy owing void Pub. L. 59-234 CH 3335 for material breach of section 3, 21, and duty to perform as STate of Oklahoma public officers a public obligation at law per Section 22, an "ordinance irrevocable". Ancient law (laws over 100 years, made perpetual in authority, owing the compliance or void of ARticles of Organization and Incorporation as a legal act of such State, to the forfeiture of any collateral contract pledged in the existence of such incorporated entity, as specified in the 60th Congress of the United States adoption of Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 rule.)

UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC) is International Law adopted by all fifty states of the Federal Union, owing performance and binding contract (simple contract) to these terms, on penalty of perfidy. Any thing of credit extended to UNITED STATES after such time (the year 1907) would therefore be in debt or collateral upon the assets of the Federal Union or its "member states" who are STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS, subdivisions of the prior Federal Union (a private entity) not entitled later use as collateral in a contract or borrowing, as UCC prohibits an "unconscionable contract". By comingling accounts of a private person, and that of UNITED STATES in a letter of credit or debt held to be 01-17702-R, issued by State of Texas and reworked illegally contrary the terms of such simple contract in lawsuit 15-06292393 of July 27 2015, did the United States and STATE OF TEXAS attempt to convey and create false trial upon the prior matter, owing VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN ex rel UNITED STATES, sworn in AFFIDAVIT to be the parent of "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON" (with a O, not an E, a wholly illegal claim not real at law) to be the child and subject of the PATERNITY TEST sworn of a false and manufactured evidence in a DALLAS TX birth (which is not or record) then AMENDED in polygamy in April 2002 from County of Denton in false jurisdiction to be a CARROLLTON TX birth (the birth of the child prior enjoined a prior and fully paid collateral contract - and thus such collataral in a second contract to void the first without report an unconscionable contract and VOID AT LAW), comes then lawsuit 01-177202-R IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY filed in the year 2018, by "Veronica Peterson vs James Allen". Whereby then also is "Veronica Peterson" not the parent of the child in contract 01-177202-R nor creditor "Veronica Marie Petersen" nor is the secondary obligor "JAMES ALLEN" (legally JAMES ALLEN ex rel UNITED STATES) the party named in suit as "James Allen" (a natural person). And as such, a fraudulent conveyance of the debt attempted in July 27 2015 by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT CLERK "Damarcus Offord", who did style the case as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSON v VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN" in absurd mutiliation of evidence - a felony act per Texas Title 8 Section 37.09 and 37.10 rule.

The sum of which corrupts the TITLE IV AGENCY records of STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to aid in an alleged child snatching (21 O.S. Sec. 21-891) with industrial espionage for export of foreign military use technology form Chickasaw Nation Reservation by employees of TEK SYSTEMS and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., GEHBARDT BROADCASTING LLC, IX NETWORKS LLC, NTT GROUP aka LOSTSERVER.NET aka NTT AMERICA, ABOVE.NET aka ZAYO GROUP INC. of Boulder Colorado, and their parent company EQT AB GROUP of Sweden. In false allegation and criminal trial under color of a civil trial to abduct in case 01-17702 unlawfully modified and change of evidence done there to defraud (2002) to work a false conviction violationg Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-8.

See also:

Oklahoma Statutory Code, Title 21 Section 21-851. Desertion of children under age of ten a felony.

    Any parent of any child or children under the age of ten (10) years, and every person to whom such child or children have been confided for nurture or education, who deserts such child or children within the State of Oklahoma, or takes such child or children without the State of Oklahoma, with the intent wholly to abandon it shall be deemed guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary for any period of time not less than one (1) year nor more than ten (10) years.

    R.L. 1910, § 2433. Amended by Laws 1923, c. 78, p. 143, § 1, emerg. eff. March 28, 1923; Laws 1997, c. 133, § 250, eff. July 1, 1999; Laws 1999, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 5, § 154, eff. July 1, 1999. NOTE: Laws 1998, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 2, § 23 amended the effective date of Laws 1997, c. 133, § 250 from July 1, 1998, to July 1, 1999.

Oklahoma Statutory Code, Title 21 Section 21-8. Conviction must precede punishment.

    The punishments prescribed by this chapter can be inflicted only upon a legal conviction in a court having jurisdiction. R.L.1910, § 2090.

Oklahoma Statutory Code, Title 21 Section 21-9. Punishment of felonies.

    Except in cases where a different punishment is prescribed by this title, or by some existing provision of law, every offense declared to be a felony is punishable by a fine not exceeding One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), or by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding two (2) years, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

    R.L. 1910, § 2090. Amended by Laws 1997, c. 133, § 13, eff. July 1, 1999; Laws 1998, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 2, § 1, emerg. eff. June 19, 1998; Laws 1999, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 5, § 4, eff. July 1, 1999. NOTE: Laws 1998, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 2, § 23 amended the effective date of Laws 1997, c. 133, § 13 from July 1, 1998, to July 1, 1999.

Oklahoma Statutory Code, Title 21 Section 21-10. Punishment of misdemeanor.

    Except in cases where a different punishment is prescribed by this chapter or by some existing provisions of law, every offense declared to be a misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or both such fine and imprisonment.

    R.L.1910, § 2091.

The child was alleged to be ORDERED to POSSESSION (a property right, owing larceny the charge for violation) to County of Pontotoc, State of Oklhahoma, under occupation of State of Oklahoma in the year 2002-2023, and thus subject to the false claims of ABANDONMENT leveled by the abductors contrary their presentation at-law in court on filing MOTION TO AMEND case 01-17702 and creation of case 01-17702-R by such ORDER of Judge Dee Miller, the change in evidence of a PATERNITY TEST which was prior subject to December 18 2001 ORDER of Dee Miller as the central evidence of such case 01-17702 lawsuit; so creating a "legal sham" by alteration of the civil cause of action to a fictitious MARRIAGE from fictitious ABANDONMENT in a child snatching during an International trade agreement owing recovery of goods by United States; changing both the civil cause of action and changing the evidence also AFTER SUCH EVIDENCE WAS ENTERED INTO RECORD AND RULED UPON to suit fraud, resulting in the 2001-2023 concealment of a child to carry out commercial extortion on behalf of NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SWEDEN, ICELAND, and in concert with extortion by DEPREF.NET employee "" in Demands for $70,000 USD on behalf of "Veronica Marie Petersen" on October 5 2022 using FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT evidence obtained for NON-COMMERCIAL USE EXCLUSIVELY in prior January 28 2022 LEGAL REQUEST WITH OFFER OF $500 USD BRIBE TO OBTAIN AND HAVING OBTAINED SUCH VIDEO FROM THE CITY OF ADA POLICE DEPARTMENT CREATED BY OFFICER VOGT IN THE YEAR 2021 NOVEMBER DURING REPORT OF BARRATRY SIMPLE IN THE PRIOR CASE (21 O.S. Sec. 21-551, a crime - litigation by a non-person against a person held out to obtain incarceration of a natural person on a debt of the UNITED STATES wrongly applied to injure or disable a natural person and to tamper with court case 15-06292393 "JAMES ALLEN v VERONICA PETERSEN" IN THE COURT OF DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS).

Maximum fine in this case were it not fraud ab initio, having no legal basis at law in any case against JAMES ALLEN; was $500 per the contract - owing DISCHARGE OF THE OBLIGATION upon payment done in 2003.

Fine sought Nov 20 2018 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA (a non-existant place, thus void, in subpoena duces tecum and failure to perform SERVICE OF PROCESS owing UIFSA Art. 6 and 7 rule) was stated as $41404.58 USD, 81.8 times higher than the MAXIMUM FINE allowed by 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE (CFR) Section 303.6, and contrary prior statement owing LEGAL ANSWER by 45 CFR Sec. 302.56 served on KEN PAXTON as TITLE IV AGENCY Director of STATE OF TEXAS, owing $0 payable and $108,000 USD in refund per 45 CFR Sec. 303.100(a)(8) rule. Suit was brought in violation of UIFSA Art. 3 Sec. 314 "immunity" and TEXAS FAMILY CODE Sec. 157.375 "immunity", and counter-suit entitled per TEXAS FAMILY CODE Sec. 157.008 rule for the unlimited value option call clause of contract 01-17702-R; now set at $40,000,000 (forty million USD) on March 16 2023 hearing as proposed settlement for barratry simple. Damages for larceny of trade secrets are now estimated to exceed $1 trillion USD in NVIDIA CORPORATION false claims of Sept 2022 upon the prior technology in dispute, and $300 billion USD in lost revenue per year; entitled modification of the prior settlement as continued and escalatting claims of false discovery for patent continue from NVIDIA CORPORATION and use of the "STRYX" REGISTERED TRADEMARK continue in use by ASUS COMPUTERS and ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES (AMD) series 8000 "Strix Point" product name and computer hardware arising from the year 2006 prototype FX-74 and Nvidia GTX 8800 model systems (2) created by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to demonstrate the technology owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma, known then as "MASSIVE MULTIUSER OPERATING SYSTEM (M2OS)" and "MANIFOLD SPACE ENGINE (MSE)" technology and platform, systems, and works of James Allen, a natural person, in private property and limited license, franchise, and Oklahoma Constitution Article II-1 and XXIII-1A right to work.

BEYOND HOPE is the registered trademark of the television series covering the cancer surgery of the father of JAMES ALLEN. BEYOND WAR is the registered trademark of the technology application platform designs and works in 1998 for which this system in microcomputer and data center and server-to-server site-to-site technology was designed and built to utilize fully for air and space navigation and ballistic fire control with navigation in mixed environments (simulated, real, and analytical models) known generally now as the later field of "Artificial Intelligence" works and products arising from such supply chain requests of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and EVGA CORPORATION its supplier prior April 2022 unfair business practices with extortion and direct threats from the NVIDIA CORPORATION partner group, in benefit of private investment and equity held by NVIDIA CORPORATION and others in COREWEAVE service group. BEYOND WAR has been the trademark and domain of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for over 20 years, and use of "BEYOND" to brand RTX and other products appears to be violation of Title 78 Section 78-53 rule of unfair business practices to dilute the registered mark for larceny of trade secrets in International and Interstate commercial use with extortion.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is a developer with contract working relationships with NEWTEK LLC, LUXOLOGY LLC, PIXOLOGIC, NEXT LIMIT INC. of Spain, and other developers of key real time ray tracing technology, distributed computer language and network tools, and advanced visualization and graphics technology in ray tracing and distributed artificial intelligence. Effort to misrepresent this, or dispute work of employees as AUDITORS for NORTEL NETWORKS in prior report of FRAUD against TEK SYSTEMS in Richardson TX industrial sites, to carry out removal and concealment of a child, is kidnapping with Interstate extortion barred by United States Code Title 42 Section 7102 and Title 18 Section 1589.


2023 June 17th - 12:30 pm CDT, Notice: TERMS OF SERVICE

The justices said the court had used the wrong standard in convicting the man and sent the case back down with a new test to apply to the case. The justices said it would suffice for prosecutors to show that the speaker was aware that his speech could be viewed as a threat and that the speech was reckless, even if not intentionally threatening." - Billy Ray Counterman v State of Colorado

Pattern of Threats via Facebook and Email

Over 2021 to 2023, our office has received 100s of threats from IX NETWORKS LLC and SCARBROUGH DESIGNS founder Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough; in a pattern of hate speech and racial and ethnic discrimination. Sunday June 26th 2023, photographs of property near the site of the October 5 2022 extortion letter appeared in the ADA EVENING NEWS suggesting CITY OF ADA violate the prior AGREEMENT made in CITY COUNSEL to leave the historic property in the 500 block where the 14 year old animal belonging to the grandparent of the missing and exploited child named in those $70000 USD false demands was killed by trauma to the neck and placed on the porch in a posed position to intimidate the 87 year old owner.

This conduct, following January 28th 2022 release of SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER and other PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION by CITY OF ADA in response to a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (a non-commercial use legal request) to IX NETWORKS LLC then used May 3rd 2022 in extortion accounts created on YOUTUBE.COM to seek blackmail and Article XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK control over property in the PONTOTOC COUNTY area; using a false child identity to obtain fraudulent benefits from the TITLE IV program of the UNITED STATES, is now before the Oklahoma Supreme Court in a pending case. This activity, upon face-to-face contact with the witnesses June 25th 2023, exposes a racially motivated pattern of harassment that appears enjoined with East Main Street business activity and community events - using media to carry out purposefully abusive demands directed at costs and injury, following poisoning of animals resulting in death of two indoor only pets and serious infection refused treatment by MERCY HOSPITAL in Pontotoc County.

After over $10,000 in medical costs, physicians refused to prescribe basic medication on the basis of inconclusive tests, contrary CDC guidelines, and forced victims to use alternative medication to treat and ultimately cure a life threatening parasitic illness presenting with three day gestation and inter-organ parasitic infection undocumented in the region, suggesting a biological agent attack following March 16 2023 dismissal of the prior case used to threaten false incarceration against the witness in concealment of their child and abuse of that child violating ordered possession for 22 years.

False Evidence and Multiple Generation Child Trafficking

Double jeopardy and duplicate case prosecution violating UIFSA Section 314 and TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.375 as well as UIFSA Section 707(e)(2); to fabricate merits of the case to conceal Federal Fraud and embezzlement from Federal Benefits; use of DNA of a child to commit fraud; and legal sham exceeding maximum fines set forth in REQUIRED STATE LAW as of February 21 2017 on prosecution commencing no sooner than November 2018 to sustain such child taking and human trafficking; make this conduct exceptionally offensive and support concerns of racially motivated discrimination by the members of the community to carry on a 2nd generation child trafficking activity.

As a child of parents who did not consent to the taking, sale, and transfer of a newborn to a 'buyer'; the act of seizing and concealing my own child by violence and force supported by repeated harassment to encroach on the real estate and property to prevent transfer of such assets to heirs without payment of ransom on child taking - this activity following contact with Scarbrough at THE LOT (an open air restaurant) in City of Ada on June 25 2023 is identical to prior abuse November 13 2021 at THE VINTANGE 22, and indicate persons in association are abusing their access to media to support such harassment in predatory and racially motivated photography contrary explicit assurances to not molest the property where these killings occurred conditional rezoning and limitations on foot traffic, use, and changes to service EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY in their expansion through the neighborhood area to the new CHICKASAW NATION STUDENT UNION.

I have no confidence in the ADA ARTS COUNCIL due to this call for action against historic local property after the concert June 25th 2023; the resulting toxic atmosphere at events on East Main Street dominated by specific businesses; and similar prior use of the ACT II Community Theater in 1999 to position such false claims before the public in incitement of wrongdoing alleging then to my office claims of baseless termination from the board and drug use by members of the board to solicit my help then at our 925 East 9th St Office - to defend against dismissal for cause, ultimately what came to be discovered as fraud and simple non-attendance prompting justified removal of the claimant from that board who has since made false claims in 2001-2023 on concealment of a child to extort this company. In addition to discovering full manequines in the discarded property, allegedly taken from EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY THEATER DEPARTMENT, in the abandoned property on breach of lease, the firm has since had a NO CONTACT POLICY with the THEATER DEPARTMENT over this slander and libel activity ongoing since it was reported the claimant began telling people on campus that I was 'her husband', a knowingly false claim reported by Scott Goodridge along with letters showing the claimant was using our name as a company and my name personally to sell product contrary terms and conditions prohibiting sexually themed content from the firm and its business activity. These letters are quite detailed invoices, including file names and categories of pornography websites organized by the claimaint, and specific use of my name to suggest I remained on the project and was the senior technical lead to defraud.

Later reports while I was working for NORTEL NETWORKS describing a plan to break into our 925 E 9th St Office while I was out-of-state to steal property without attempting to schedule an appointment, and after prior day to remove property prepared for pick-up; in unsupervised access - further increased our concerns at targeted robbery in Dallas Texas of specific property from locked vehicle lots made by the claimant; and prompted our present security policy concerning NO TRESPASSING and APPOINTMENT ONLY contact at the business. Ongoing acts including a screw driven in a tire in November 2022 prior appearance of the pathogen on the property, warrant active security following confirmation of U.S. Mail theft and 'rifled mail' (open, discarded, and mutilated letters concerning health insurance for witnesses in the case; reported by the U.S. Postal Inspector on discovery in a place of concealment).



The risk to the property posed by these demands that it be converted into a thoroughfare destroying the historic work and 1975-2010 laboratory work in computer science there, far exceeds the benefits of repeated demands to conform to other gaudy, cheap, whitewashed concrete bike paths and stonework that scar the City of Ada like a spiderweb of Los Angeles spillways for the homeless to congregate upon and camp as public spaces in former residential and suburban community centers near EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA.

Initial threats saw persons driving under full power through our business office to break open U.S. Mail lockboxes and steal SOCIAL SECURITY MEDICARE and COURT DOCUMENTS on five occassions; rotten sausage and rotten raw meat dumped on two properties; a dead bird thrown at the office window May 4 2023; and packages ripped open and persons visiting the property October 4 2022 prior U.S. mail using names given in that incident to subscribe mailing by charitable organizations addressed to the office to injure and abuse the grandparents of the missing and exploited child. Photographs taken January 6 2023 continue to support evidence of local domestic assistance in this surveillance activity, included in threats of extortion and witness intimidation February 5 2023; for which these new security measures are necessary and essential for the security of property and vulnerable elderly persons named in those letters of extortion concerning the abuse of the missing and exploited child retained for benefits and use in commercial blackmail since letters by Scarbrough and Petersen in December 2001 and September 2003.

Activity Targets Death of Grandmother

Effort to exploit this fraud upon the death of Dr. Ann Klepper, a Pediatrician and grandmotehr of the child, who died May 2nd 2022 as a result of this abuse and fraud; and to promote foreclosure and forfeiture of property to obliterate that family history in support of the child taking; paired with identity theft using court documents to falsely claim her role as a Medical Doctor at VALLEY VIEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL (MERCY HOSPITAL) and regional Pediatric Practice to be some delusion supporting the taking, abuse, and control of her grandchild - describing in OKLAHOMA STATE REPORTS the relationship of this background to defraud as "raised by doctors" to confuse and defraud the UNITED STATES TITLE IV PROGRAM by attributing the work of a professor of chemistry, a professor of physics, and a medical doctor as some delusion of comic book style - expose the gross criminal fraud of such programs and the medical profession in the State of Oklahoma presently aiding in these racist claims to refuse return of a child obtained by identity fraud on record; applying the DNA and the vital statitstics of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN to a non-person born in DALLAS TX to remove, conceal, abuse, and traffick to foreign export such person to overcome a REGISTERED BUSINESS and seek to control REGISTERED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY for commercial purposes in this pattern of abuse. Under such conditions and for want of prosection and refusal to refer the matter as a genuine felony on concealment of a child to extort, a HOBBS ACT VIOLATION, we cannot admit East Central University students or faculty to a business facility where such conduct is tolerated.

Pattern of Harassment Since mid-1990s

Prior, when we operated offices at the Centennial Bank Building in Downtown Ada, EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA faculty approached the business regarding "THE SHADE" newsletter; seeking to enforce a ruling concerning grade fixing reported in a prior unrelated magazine published on-campus. I also observed grade fixing, including a photography professor who berated a female studen to agree to date him and in class threatened her with loss of letter grade for refusing while she openly cried and refused to answer. When I reported this to the DEAN OF THE MASS COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT, my grades were altered to penalize me for this report, compelling me to leave the MASS COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT. During the prior incident, concerning the newsletter, the firm was directly threatened, despite having no knowledge of the prior scandal, and later I was falsely accused of sexual impropriety for REFUSING TO SLEEP WITH A STUDENT WHO DISCLOSED SHE WAS ENGAGED after having done so. Were it not for two young women who came forward to testify on my behalf, I would have been expelled over that false claim, and was stripped of honors and REFUSED the right to walk in graduation over the false claims, and demoted in my position due to the refusal to bring charges or other action against the female student making the false claims.

This conduct by the ADA EVENING NEWS to resume harassment with photographs of the property prior discussed and agreed to be left "as-is" conditional changes in the zoning; resumes all of those issues for my family and I - and compel us to disregard the potential of any EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA students as part of our program or future industrial and scientific development near the campus.

In context to the April and May biological agent attack, and killing in April of one animal during that action by force and trespass; the firm elects this week on discovery of the Sunday ADA EVENING NEWS article, photograph, and demand to tamper with the prior agreement as cause to terminate any conditional services and outreach prior planned fully. We will not combat a racially motivated discrimination activity in the regional press by investing in the city under such ongoing bad faith actions; nor accept further effort to damage or destroy the property sought in extortion letters Oct 5 2022 on taking of a child and blackmail in felony degree of elderly property owners and family members to expand the University or its investment. Our attorney has assessed the assets of the University for potential legal action if this continues, citing similar $900 million award for abuse of this nature for lesser actions in a Texas hoax; and will continue to monitor the situation.

Photographs June 26 2023 of persons in the street at 11:00 pm, a police cruiser pursuing, and return of such person following a failed pursuit - only to observe them leave after our officers began nailing up signs and alerted them that they were under observation;

Follow use of explosives June 18th at 5:26 pm outside the facility by residents directly across the street from the June 26th 2023 photo, reported to police concerning the small mortar set off at that time the prior Sunday. These issues are of a much higher concern for safety than an 80 year old concrete sidewalk.

Video of this incident and lighting of the explosive is available for Federal Law enforcement to verify such activity, in a pattern of conduct and harassment following animal mutilation. The deceased animal was found to have sawdust shoved in its mouth, despite no sawdust on the property, suggesting it was killed and moved into the back yard, prior in April 2023. Drug paraphernalia concealed at the address where the photo was featured by the ADA EVENING NEWS[1], and photos of a couch set out on the porch and neon sign in the window lit at night which spelled out 'open', further support concerns of regional security in video of Aryan Brotherhood tattoo visible on the right shoulder (full patch) and baby feet on the left back shoulder - while bearing of semi-automatic 5.56mm rifle by the same party shown on video advancing outside toward a suspected intruder; increase concerns of conflicting reports surrounding animal deaths at the location and feces of the large breed dog (20+ documented locations in a single lot) left all over the Highland facing yard prior installation of our surveillance team and camera array at the location.

[1] Tuesday June 28th we received notice from the ADA EVENING NEWS that their employee DID NOT TAKE THE PHOTO of the sidewalk on 500 block; and it was in fact provided by the ADA CITY COUNCIL. The same body that did hear the conditional zoning terms for grant of ZONING TO ESTABLIS A STUDENT UNION and purchase by the CHICKASAW NATION of such property, on assurance the imported custom sidewalks set by Orval Price of Witherspoon Finance would not be molested or altered by the changes suggested or resulting traffic flow planning of the City of Ada.

The stones themselves are in good condition, and may be carefully reset with a winch and careful repair to accommodate the trees that have grown there and are a central part of the property value. Plans to address these issues were impaired by poisoning and the bleach burns to a resident animal after its sibling was killed brutally and posed in the back yard by persons in the area damaging the property value amid $70000 USD exotortion demands to intimidate a witness in a pending court case. As such, City of Ada focus on these issues caused by a 4 year 4 month refusal to carry out JURY TRIAL violating $1.5 billion Federal Grant per year; warrants qui tam litigation now under preparation in OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT FILING and CRIMINAL COMPLAINT being prepared. Attorney General Ken Paxton has been Impeached, and other persons in similar activity violating these grants are under report for the same abuse of public office.

The injured cat is recovering, having lost 20% of her skin and fur and suffered permanent burns and illness which required our attention over the sidewalk in felony animal abuse by Ada Residents on the 500 Block property.

At the same location the housing of a large breed dog unsuited for damaged fence lines in the area which has menaced persons passing the location of the recent sidewalk complaint. Grow products including soil and a softball-sized fungus and chemcials and plants found in the concealed bag by the water meter near the ADA EVENING NEWS photo Sunday June 26 2023 sidewalk, and chemcial burns on grass nearby immediately after the animal was killed and human infection determined, raise concerns of a biological agent imported in samples of fungus ( see: 1, 2, 3, 4) which led to blindness, liver failure, and plural effusion resulting in death of four animals.

Deflection of Rising Criminal Element

Complaints about sidewalks therefore seem to be a deflection from organized crime in PONTOTOC COUNTY, and ongoing corruption along racial and ethnic lines to force elderly persons out of their homes near the EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA campus for real estate development.

The City of Ada prior agreed to leave the historic sidewalks alone, so that owners may preserve those works and restore them the aftermath of the $40 million lawsuit now directed at the County and State in Oklahoma Supreme Court Appeal on human trafficking spanning 2018 November to 2023 March malicious prosecution and false trial in double jeopardy of a habeas corpus action prior underway in 2015-2020 DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT (STATE OF TEXAS) to recover an abducted endangered child; and identity theft of Dr. Ann Klepper in 2001, 2003, and 2022 in that child taking (her grandchild). Efforts to suggest such extortion and blackmail threats were free speech or a civil matter violate Oklahoma State Law, Title 21 Section 21-26, 21-29, and 21-1304.

False claims in the merits of the suit include false allegation of surgery which did not happen in 2019 to conceal injury to witnesses to damage testimony by false medical report to the UNITED STATES; false claim of debt violating FEDERAL LAW and FEDERAL STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS MADE REQUIRED STATE LAW; and demands to control property in excess of debt in felony aggravated perjury documented in filings of over $20,000 USD in felony extortion in writing served on persons over 65 years of age in a pattern of threats against persons with disability and cancer survivors documented since the year 2001 to defraud; and impersonation of a grand jury and OSBI in these actions in publications to do so in writing; enjoined a legal sham in felony degree and identity theft in filing for United States benefits paid in part or full to a non UNITED STATES CITIZEN and non-person (an estate of fictional origin, a non-estate, having no natural person as beneficiary thereof of its own) by fraud on sworn affidavit and to conceal ex juris status (lack of standing to file a suit, false residency to apply for suit).

AFFIDAVIT filed with the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS, show the TEXAS RESIDENT party to be ex juris on filing a lawsuit to restrain Oklahoma residents from return to their HOME STATE and seize the child granted to that party and to defraud over $10,000 USD in paid contract a travel and residency agreement; to instead conceal the child in DENTON COUNTY from the year 2001 to present without CHANGE OF ADDRESS filing to any court during two separate legal actions initiated in DALLAS COUNTY as-if-a-resident; to initiated false trial and double jeopardy enforcement barred by FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 PAGE 93492, Federal Regulation and United States Public Policy made REQUIRED STATE LAW in February 21 2017 owing enforcement by State of Oklahoma and its employees. The missing child has not seen or spoken to their parent since the year 2001, and remains abducted at less than 90 days after child birth in CARROLLTON, DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS. While false civil suit concerning a false birth in DALLAS, DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS has been registered to obtain benefits on their UNITED STATES CITIZEN identity in fraud to extort and blackmail a REGISTERED BUSINESS across State and Federal borders, and to seek forfeiture of real estate and franchise and patent rights in felony violation of 'larceny of trade secrets' alleged in Pontotoc County through public written false claims and pattern of false persona to defraud UNITED STATES TITLE IV AGENCY INVESTIGATION of such matter in formal reports of false medical facts and false testimony of non-persons as if real natural people and eligible witnesses to defraud.

Recruiting of youth to carry out provocation in these acts, including minors, via VAMPIREFREAKS.COM and THECHURCHBOARD.COM and LOSTSERVER.NET and other domains (LOOPBACK0.NETWORK; DEPREF.NET; COGENTCO.COM; NTTA.COM), represents a pattern of racial incitement of violence against mixed race persons and business owners in Chickasaw Nation Reservation to obtain land and property on concealment of children styled as subject to JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION rights falsely to obtian United States Benefits during perpetual concealment and foreign export of such childrne in human trafficking activity (debt bondage, forced labor, and child concealment prohibited by 22 U.S. Code §7102 and 18 U.S. Code §1589).


2023 June 18th - 4:30 am CDT, Notice: TERMS OF SERVICE


To follow the logic, to defraud, the parties claim that Title 21 Section 21-1782 in letters published PUBLICLY AND FOR EXTORTION or DIRECTLY TO ASSERT FALSE CLAIMS in felony degree to persons over the age of 65 and legally disabled persons and in identity theft and false persona, should be protected from the repercussions of the proof of false claims, as it tends to disgrace and damage and do injury to be known by persons not being the subject of such blackmail and extortion demands, without regard to the fact that the parties to whom it was addressed gave their permission to disclose or transfer the letter with respect to report of a crime.

It takes a special kind of mindset (DSM-IV / DSM-5) to adhere to such claim, to deceive the public, and style this as harassment in context to the letters. It does not excuse the letters, nor deny the right and authority to prosecute the sender of such letter in this jurisdiction, per 21 O.S. §21-29, nor to seek protection under color of other civil ORDER or right to contempt as defense §21-26.

To be absolutely clear, the parties made initial threat of murder November 2001 and to defraud in abduction of a child in transcript publicly visible in December 2001, prior all counter-claims they later allege harassment to conceal this fraud; and have styled COUNTER-CLAIM IN LEGAL ANSWER TO PUBLIC NOTICE OF A FALSE CONTRACT as harassment to incite the public to attack the witnesses on taking from 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX registration, during INTERSTATE and INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for A CONTRACT FULL PRIOR PAID AS OF JULY 2001; in interdiction of goods from United States to CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION (a foreign sovereign state) then concealed from 2001 to 2023 to defraud benefits of the United States in TITLE IV AGENCY, a UNITED STATES AGENCY false report and false claims in report on FEDERAL INVESTIGATION owing 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.6 FEDERAL INVESTIGATION, a duty of 5 U.S. Code §706 and 18 U.S. Code §2071 alleged violation.

Unsolicited contact of the witnesses to abuse and interfere with testimony and civil process are felony acts in Oklahoma Stalking Statute degree; while publications to notify the victims upon their own business and customers who are systematically targeted of such false claim are expressly NOT STALKING nor harassment, and governed by private communication in response to requests FILED WITHOUT SOLICITATION by the public, and never designed by creation of ICANN products or GOOGLE products to appropriate the legal name in registration or incorporate explicit use of terms like murder and hitman4hire in accounts created for the sole purpose of communicating demands on SHADOWANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES and other companies and clients of those businesses, named also in demand letters seeking forfeiture and control of property and intellectual property franchise rights by injury to a child, injury to parent, injury to grandparents, and injury to great grandparents.

Interstate Agreement and civil suit filed in violation of Texas State Law rendering JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN not amenable to civil suit while his attorney was present in State of Texas on the same matter in Denton County (2015-2020, case 15-06292393), then initiated in Dallas County, is malicious prosecution sustained form 2017-2023 to further this Federal fraud. Texas Law is applicable under UIFSA Section 604, owing a felony in the third degree for false statements and publications violating Federal Requirements per UIFSA section 707(e) and PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII) indicating the subject of such suit is a false UNITED STATES CITIZEN and non-person using the SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and DNA of an actual legally separate UNITED STATES CITIZEN and REGISTERED BIRTH in another county at the same time to carry the case.

The Tribunal is not entitled to substitute this [UIFSA Rev 2008, Sec. 707(e) rule], and fraud of Federal degree evident on this fact in record, a duty to report on penalty of aggravated perjury and 18 U.S. Code §2071 in claim barred by 21 O.S. §21-1534 and legal sham (21 O.S. §21-1533) in any legal process or public claim material to the prior.

INCONSISTENCY of demands when compared to filings in amount constitutes felony perjury.
[Texas Statutory Code Title 8 Section 37.03]

Effort to interfere with securities of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES or falsify its officers names in public statements and claims contrary the company filing and facts, or otherwise make false financial statements to the public to harm that company or its ability to exercise XXIII-1A State Constitutional Rights to coerce endorsement by vendors or carriers or business entities in a labor organization defined by Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII Section XXIII-1A, whether registered or unregistered and whether formal or informal, is subject criminal law and Title 78 Section 78-53 civil action, with power of the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY to bring the action per 78 O.S. §78-54 and duty to do so.

Jurisdiction of such action is where the letters were delivered as addressed to the party and their LEGAL RESIDENCE (21 O.S. §21-29), not from where they were sent or who sent them exclusively, per Oklahoma State Criminal Code.

False statements in such letters are felonies in the third degree, per Texas Title 8 Section 37.03 and 37.8 (false report of no CUSTODY or JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP to abduct), 37.081 (false report on a missing child), 37.082 (misrepresenting child as a legal family member at a port of entry), 37.09 (fabricating evidence), 37.10 (tampering with records), 37.11 (impersonating a public servant), 37.13 (representing a power of attorney of C.A. Klepper as a guardianship in court order over her legal son to obtain her estate and grandchild), and 37.14 (false statement regarding a custody order into a foreign country - Chickasaw Nation Reservation). (see Texas Law)

Claims to the contrary are seditious conspiracy against rights and insurrection of domestic extremist terrorist nature, covered by The Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act and The Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act, and Larceny of Trade Secrets in damages including potential earnings and punitive (exemplary) damages per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 (D)(III) rule of unlimited potential award by JURY determination only upon full trial, owing performance without right to disbar those protections and relief, a duty of State of Oklahoma, made ORDER in the year 2019 February in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA and counter-suit entitled TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.008 right by law for malicious prosecution there enjoined without permission to file suit.

To better understand where these bizarre ideas are coming from in demands and extortion letters, the following video on Hobbes and the error of law contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 rule and guarantees of The Enabling of Statehood Act (U.S. Law, 1906; ratified in Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in 1907) is required viewing of the same nature maintained by abductors in seditious counter-claim - as is better explained by the foreign culture video to follow, mistakenly calling the United STates and Chickasaw Nation a 'Western Democratic Society' in seditious foreign unregistered agency claims under color of State of Texas State Soverign White Supremacist National Socialism arguments promoting rebellion and insurrection with kidnapping of the Allen child and other children: a form of benefits fraud (18 U.S. Code §666) and human trafficking for religious extremism and racial and ethnic cleansing motives expressed in letters threatening.

(see also: More About the Author;
hear also: The Diffrence Intonance of Language As It Affects Law a Diversity Owing Attention Before the Court)

Substitution of the lawful father by mob-style violence and overwhelming of individuals employing fraud and deception is substitution of authority (law).

It is a declaration of war on the keystone of fundamental bylaws, a commission of limited authority, and incorporation owing duty to the parties in principal prior onset of the business of the United States; who are the true party entitled performance of duty by this government and submission to the rights enumerated in the Constitution and Laws of the United States (1906) expressly incorporated by construction of words and the operation of law (which negate intent, for meaning of words) defined in Blacks Law Dictionary (see ISBN #: 978-1-539-22975-9).

Use of words like "Truth" and "New Learning" owing duty to "progress" and demur any difference of convictions as dissent contrary a unity of agreement styled mental health in agreement with policy of majority rule and single identity inseparable between moral piety (Filial Piety, where the government and society are treated as a faux family to create broad and misleading class divisions) and collective benefit owing submission of the individual.

Operation of law does not owe benefit to emotional or general benefits over protection and performance of service to individuals; and this belief that intent and benefit are superior to law and to void laws as it benefits larger groups or more high status persons (or classes, persona moralis [Latin]) over individuals and minorities and to abuse the status of persons to gain advantage (civil honors, 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-9) without conviction to punishments for crimes prescribed by law, are foreign and repugnant to the Constitution and Laws of the United States and expressly barred upon bylaws of the nation prohibiting expressly such application or use (22 U.S. Code §7102; 18 U.S. Code §1589; 15 U.S. Code §1673).

These beliefs are so ingrained in the language, where the word "Country" is literally composed of "guo" (state) and "jao" (family), at 4:27 into the prior video. "Without the State, families cannot survive." is literally stated as dogma.

It rests upon "The Legitimacy of the government falls upon its ability to take care of the people." (4:26).

Attacks to seize children, remove and disable the biological father, and disable their ability to work if they do not submit - is a direct treason evident in letters threatening in the demands by the agents named authorized for this claim in 2003 September threats public letters by Veronica Marie Petersen, and the concealment an act of treason benefiting NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA as the organizers of the labor group and companies actions in TENCENT, NTT GROUP, SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, and their purchase of NVIDIA CORPORATION in direct competition to overcome and monopolize the industry and large language model data in development in the year 1998-2003 by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. sought by the child abduction and abuse activity removing the child from contact and delivery as agree and paid in PRIOR CONTRACT, to defraud on false identity of a DALLAS TX birth (never happened) and DALLAS residency (admitted fraud, 2015 affidavit, prior trial in the prior case).

The ex juris matter refused report is fraud by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma to maintain the suit; owing reversal of false claims and benefits embezzlement from United States. Proposed claims mirror the "land reform" that sought to abolish private property, applied to intellectual property and legal name of the biological parent in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, then and prior in commercial use since 1992 in public registered documents and public performance.

The fundamental difference is proposition between the following opposing claims:

    1. "A crime against one is less than a crime against several or all."

    2. "A crime against one is a crime against all."
    (Dumas, Witherspoon, Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America, a contract incorporated by The Enabling of Statehood Act as U.S. Law, ratified by the Congress of the United States in 1907 as Supreme Law) and remedy and relief owing no claims or liens a right to severability of such incorporation upon breach enumerated in terms adopted as a Constitutional Matter of contract owing service to void the incorporation of the same and Federal Union for failure to perform. One against which the property and territory of the Federal Union and the member States are collateral pledged in formal legal act of United States Law entered into willingly by the Congress of the United States (Ratification of the State Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, a Congressional Act upon terms set forth in the text of The Enabling of Statehood Act, a U.S. Law prescribed incorporating those prior texts as contract owing service and obedience of Law, enjoining full force of all courts thereafter to their performance and delivery, or default of collateral contract made).

The predicate that "natural rights" are rights only in condition they do not harm others (1:45) is false. Natural Rights do not guarantee others are not harmed. It is irrational to suggest the assertion of a superior right does not injure the want of others generally nor persons seeking to overcome them by force physically and permanently in any necessary degree of defense to permanently end the threat. Only the injury to "Natural Rights" of others specifically are prohibited. This generalization, converting "natural rights" to some arbitrated "Liberty" enjoyed but conditional as a privilege owing benefit to society, is treasonous in the United States and State of Oklahoma, and those persons owing protection pledged to settle in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by perfidy of United States, owing duty to protect those lands pledged in dual offer, and compensate Chickasaw Nation for the false or failed delivery of such land, or to void the Treaty of Ponotoc Creek and return other lands or compensation and jurisdiction, mineral rights, and other property seized illegally.

The issue of INTERSTATE COMMERCE license and franchise into those places, and effort to utilize those franchise to menace and overcome property and industry on holding of hostages in children to coerce surrender, is material breach by any State or Nation or its agents who maintain such claims, and contrary the Incorporation of the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union.

It is - in this case and any official act or claim at law held to be official at any time to obtain any thing for any period of time, and upon foreign sovereign influence to maintain these claims under a foreign theory of law - sedition and overt treason and material breach to void incorporation of the state and trigger protections set forth in law and enumerated bylaws; owing performance immediately with effect.

The act is an attack upon the form of government by violence and force sustained in public media a proof of right of foreign law over U.S. Law, to compel the submission of the officer(s) of the State of Oklahoma and United States, and to alter its form of government by such abuse - with direct commercial authority back to those foreign States franchise and competitive activity and agency initiated in United States to injure persons and overcome competitor businesses of domestic corporations and companies refusing to sell or join or obtain endorsement to operate a trade. (See: Okla.Const.Art.XXIII Sec. XXIII-1A)

Two In-Depth Video Reports

Familiarize yourself with the language of the militarized marxist-communist groups and organized crime in sex trafficking and human trafficking interfacing with major tech companies in Texas to promote this fraud for foreign extremism in Sweden, Japan, and China:
  • The Misunderstang of FREE SPEECH by Chinese Agents
    Why there can be NO CONTRACT with a person or group who misunderstand what speech is protected and what acts of speech and violence are not.
  • The Criminal Element in Organized Violence Today
    The degree of lack of understanding and overgeneralization of violence by one party to justify and solicit and warrant violence in a pre-emptive manner to abuse the right to public speech and public assembly among the militant leftist extremist movement and their admission of domestic terrorism as a policy and activity.

Commercial False Claims of Paranoia in Military Information Warfare by Multinational Competitor NTT GROUP (LOSTSERVER) members are Fraud to Deceive the Public in attacks on MILITECH SYSTEMS by NATION OF JAPAN NTT OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES in Texas and Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, and California

2023 June 10th - 8:30 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

If you do not want to sound like a moron - such as to suggest 'Pen Testing is Legal' to our office during targeted Denial of Service Attacks exceeding 240,000 requests per DAY from the child abusers during litigation; stop and listen to a United States Air Force instructor for Cyberwarfare explain the job, the risks, the best practices, and standard procedures prior to speaking to anyone regarding Donald Beal claims and allegations of casual use in 8 million ICMP packets, 200 thousand plus daily requests, and similar attacks on networks in City of Ada under monitoring. We have documented CHANG WAY INC., ACEVILLE PTE of JAPAN and SINGAPORE, and OVH HOSTING in attacks this afternoon, in joint coordinated abuse sustaining a CCP/PRC SINGAPORE JAPAN action with OVH core routers in State of New York and Ontario Canada against specific assets in a conjunction with ICELAND based FINANCIAL FRAUD and impersonation of a corporation of the State of California and patent infringement in such false sale June 2nd 2023 documented June 9th 2023 and observed June 10th 2023 in related server penetration and abuse attacks with identity theft. These activities against family members of retired USAF Crypto Top Secret and Oklahoma National Guard members are abuse to conceal a child from legal process, in extortion for real estate in PONOTOTC COUNTY, now before appeal in the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Do not aid in this defamation without respect to the serious nature of this SINGAPORE/CHINA/JAPAN joint activity and prior $250 billion data breach at NORTEL NETWORKS reported by Brian Shields, in which MILITECH SYSTEMS officers are witnesses in fact to the events of 2001-2011 extortion demands concealing that securities fraud on child abuse.

Some of the claims by these convicted criminal publishers include allegations that JAMES ALLEN imagined the coup against the Emperor of Japan prior to the public surrender of the NATION OF JAPAN, in propaganda using the abuse and concealment of his child to promote that fraud during 2001-2023.

The following recounts the actual events, as describe by the military officers interviewed and debriefed on the event, known to MILITECH SYSTEMS and among other action including project ECHELON and early Dalnet and CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB activity, Cult of the Dead Cow, and Lopht work for the Department of Defense in similar early cybersecurity operations falsified by the child abusers to carry out the flight from justice and conceament of the child from the year 2001 to 2023.

Effort to style these events as delusions, to deceive U.S. Courts, for benefit of commercial firms: NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, OVH Hosting, IX NETWORKS LLC and their partners in Michigan and California, Texas, New York State, and Ontario Canada, illustrate foreign influence in unregistered foreign agency activity with kidnapping in PETERSEN v ALLEN violating JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION (a Right by Law, not a privilege or civil right, entitled the full force of property at law and criminal protection from theft).

Imperial Guards Division Strategic Order No. 584

Strategic Order No 584 is taught at the HEAVY OPERATOR program of MILITECH SYSTEMS in City of Ada, Oklahoma, as a lesson in the importance of loyalty and duty by the civil staff who stalled the coup and protected the Emperor of Japan from rebellious murders at gunpoint, saving the world and the People of Japan. Efforts to conceal this honor by the NTT officers of LOSTSERVER dishonor the Emperor and the Nation of Japan, and are treason against the present Japanese State in an effort to promote Nippon Kaigi rearmament and alliance with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) against United States Interests.

Claims that lack of documentation on the REGISTERED LEGAL TRADE NAME "MILITECH SYSTEMS" and its use for over 10 years in Oklahoma, prior later FOREIGN USE, grant no legal rights to other companies. Lack of documentation concerning members or agents or projects and clients of MILITECH SYSTEMS in INFORMATION SECURITY AND DIGITAL COUNTER-ESPIONAGE is not negative. The Company motto is "We were never there." No matter the circumstances. To suggest that is generally believed, is to support the company mission of having no footprint during all operations and interdiction activity. Good intelligence operatives are famous. Great operatives are undocumented and held to be unsubstantiated urban legends. To equate success to financial proceeds, is to grossly misunderstand the stakes of the mission directive and theater of operations.

These themes are present in the works "Those who Walk Through Walls" and "The Spirit of Legend" doctrine, as well as in the fictionalized account of such work made in literature known as the "Beyond War" project, a hypothetical framework discussing modern espionage and policy influence doctrine of high technology application (71st Century Relative Era) in low-technology-cultures (21st Century Modern Era). The "Silver Six" Concept in the REGISTERED LITERARY WORKS of JAMES ALLEN, epitomize this transfer in weapons to less sophisticated cultures, unsure of their workings or cost. Imitation and adoption of these products by foreign (SWEDISH) firms, appears criminal and intentional plagiarism to confuse public audiences as to first-use and REGISTRATION of such works in THE UNITED STATES LIBRARY OF CONGRESS prior.

In addition to the extortion letters, which exceeded 100 in the prior year (2022) to the Allen family and businesses, and direct solicitation of three non-employees in this extortion activity refused regional protection; claims that lethal force or the notice of surveillance or lethal force in private property subjected to these attacks would be unlawful or indicate mental illness are premeditated foreign unlicensed agency commercial and criminal fraud in Federal felony degree (18 U.S. Code §1341) - and a civil wrongdoing on prima facie (Title 76 Oklahoma Statutory Law, Section 76-3) of felony degree (21 O.S. §21-29, criminal acts not entitled civil contempt as cause to deny protection) to defraud in a court case (TEXAS STATUTORY CODE, Title 8 Section 37.03).

These events follow a pattern of criminal daylight burglary in PONTOTOC COUNTY during similar 2012 extortion by SOONERCON members against the Allen Family Property. Including two daylight break-ins using a sledgehammer to batter a door down, and a later third incident on May 20 2020 in assault by two heavy duty work trucks near Country Club Rd involving forced entry witnessed by K.H. and JAMES ALLEN, and five (5) recorded vehicle strikes on U.S. Mail with United States Postmaster finding of "Rifled Mail" recovered at another location, interdicting COURT PROCESS from DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT to PONTOTOC COUNTY in theft of service of process to influence a case; April 12 2023 killing of an animal at a property near ECU, and impersonation of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. prior and after her death using COURT DOCUMENTS to solicit kidnapping of a child (her grandchild) for money and control of commercial property use in PONTOTOC COUNTY by extortion October 5 2022 and February 5 2023.

Photography of the property January 6th 2023, attached these threats, relayed to owners of the business across from POLOS MEXICAN RESTAURANT and real estate agency company officers in MEXICO, follow threats to sustain a fraudulent lawsuit by employee(s) of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of Texas to obtain real estate title by fraud violating UNITED STATES FEDERAL REGULATION in false in rem forfeiture threats barred since February 21 2017 by Federal Grant fully paid and obligated effect of REQUIRED STATE LAW owing service due. Failure to perform is a crime, per 21 Oklahoma Statutory Law section 21-1305 to such duty of public office by all Oklahoma employees.

Claims to defraud these rights are subject civil suit, and such employer(s) owing duty to any violation by City, County, or State employees in false claims or records made to aid the fraud.

All Militech Systems staff are armed where legally permitted, and are not in violation of their rights by law to demand harassment and false claims cease; as such claims are an abuse of privacy and harassment of a commercial place of business and of business employees and clients directly in an unsolicited manner and pattern of repeated approach - specifically prohibited by civil debt collect claims in 15 U.S. Code §1692d and in felony degree in State and Federal Stalking legislation regarding this pattern of unsolicited and violent contact referring to CARJACKING, ARSON, DESTRUCTION OF COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS BY FIRE, ASSAULT WITH SERIOUS INJURY, SURVEILLANCE BY FALSE IDENTITY OF STATE AGENCY INCLUDING (OKLAHOMA SPECIAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION) and contents of a GRAND JURY alleged to have failed to conclude with indictment to extort the Allen Family during this child concealment and death of Dr. Ann Klepper. Acts to abuse persons with serious terminal illness in 2003-2008 and 2021-2023, are documented, and part of a pattern of abuse of LEGALLY DISABLED persons to extort documented in 1998-2001 written public claims by the abducting parties, circulated by GOOGLE LLC and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Those firms do not have protection under 47 U.S. Code §230 for this abuse, and appear to be acting in knowing complicity with human trafficking - refusing relief - in concert with META BRANDS, TWITTER INC., FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, CRAIGSLIST, and OVH HOSTING in this organized child taking.

Claims that such report of FACTS OF THE CASE owing UIFSA Section 707(e)(2) duty are harassment due to negative public perception of discovery of fraud, are Federal Fraud barred by TEXAS CRIMINAL CODE §37.03 (a felony) on utterance or publication, and are not owing any protection of LIBEL or SLANDER laws to suppress evidence or FACTS OF RECORD owing 5 U.S. Code §706 JUDICIAL REVIEW in a child abuse (parental alienation and use of a controlled substance on a minor under the age of 8) and child abduction to extort a registered COMMERCIAL BUSINESS for control of a $50000 USD AMERICAN EXPRESS line of credit, documented in the 2003 September 20th letter of extortion.

Claims that the persons targeted by these threats in writing are manufacturing the situation are fraud in felony degree, and have influenced the decision of our business to place business assets outside of PONTOTOC COUNTY and the UNITED STATES and damaged investment and economic development of State of Oklahoma and the United States substantially. These claims to portray rights as if they are impersonation of law enforcement or the District Attorney to conceal misconduct, have permanent impact of the business and development of the United States and State of Oklahoma. For example:

Similar claims that CISCO SYSTEMS, JUNIPER NETWORKS, MICROSOFT, or other corporations private certifications serve as a legally obligated minimum qualifier to work in an industry or compete with those firms is a violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, and a felony under United States Law (18 U.S. Code §241). Where such claims incorporate misgender of a person to overcome their rights by law, that is a felony under 18 U.S. Code §249, even where the party is heterosexual and the accuser is homosexual styling the party being robbed as a homosexual to incite the public to conceal racial hate speech based on ethnic features, documented in the testimony of the abducting parties claims and letters toward the 'olive' (Native American) ethnicity of the owner of the firm, their length of hair (a custom in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION of men), or to style such persons as transgender for Native cultural heritage in PETERSEN v ALLEN to abduct and conceal a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP obtained by fraud after abduction from the home to extort a CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION resident business and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK.

Such threats are part of a pattern of criminal conduct prohibited by 43A O.S. §43A-5-104 and 21 Oklahoma Statutory Law Section 21-8 and Title 22 Section 22-13; and to criminalize the rights reserved in Title 22 Section 22-31 as mens rea amid sustained ongoing physical threats with physical injury resulting in loss of hearing and vision, attempted murder-suicide, and threat to injure a child to obtain money and property in excess of State (REQUIRED STATE LAW) and Federal Regulations by 5 U.S. Code §101 agency: THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES - impersonating the agency in violation of limited, exclusive, delegated agency powers. Impersonating a legal agency to carry out unlawful taking is Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-1533 "legal sham".

Efforts to style domestic U.S. Company officers and shareholders as homosexual or non-human (as animals, to suggest fraud in Federal and State Registration of a Business), is a tactic used by these NATION OF JAPAN competitors of SHADOWDANCERS LLC and MILITECH SYSTEMS to appeal to the present regime of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, which is increasingly homophobic.

Since our products are WAR STORIES for mature audiences with political moral focus contrary sexual and communist themes, we do not anticipate export to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) to be accepted or permitted in modern day China. This fraud is expressly tailored to solicit support from CCP (Chinese Communist Party) values, which are fundamentally contrary to the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. business charter and franchise.

Not all policies of China are bad. Some make very good points. But the political speech that this firm enjoys and was created to support, are styled as crimes by the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP). The Chinese people are not our enemy. They suffered greatly at the hands of NATION OF JAPAN. Our infrastructure partner officers include Citizens of The People's Republic of China and Italy and Great Britain, and their identity is protected due to threats against their family by the group carrying out the prior fraud - including IDENTITY THEFT in 2022 during extortion threats to conceal the grandchild of Dr. Ann Klepper, who died in March 2022 during this criminal fraud activity.

The effort to dehumanize and obliterate the credibility of our military criticism in literary fiction and film, using concealment of a child taken by force, is a watershed moment in U.S. government ongoing since August 11th 2001-2023 without legal basis to aid foreign unregistered agency.

Use of slander from ICELAND and SWEDEN in these extortion and intellectual property taking, including the abuse of persons styled as peons or slaves, is evidence of white supremacy and human slavery crossover with the abductors - justifying homosexuality on one side while demonizing persons who are styled as owing money or duty to others, a form of modern human trafficking flourishing in the State products of those nations and in their games. When we tested EVE ONLINE, the original game included human slave trafficking based on race: where black persons were portrayed as slaves 'by race', and a tradable property in quests. These games from CCP GAMES INC., now based in Reykjavik Iceland and owned by PEARL ABYSS of SOUTH KOREA, sustain a pattern of bizarre views and anti-heterosexual claims normalizing homosexual abuse and sexual abuse common in the language of Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. Evident later in Atlanta Georgia and Reykjavik Iceland work by WHITE WOLF GAMES promotion of genocide and killing of gays as a playable character, and adaptation of cultural terms from Mexican culture as BRUJAH to suggest evil in Mexican and Mezo-American culture.

This revisionist sexist and pro-slavery history has attracted pro-racial-supremacist elements in State of Texas, State of California, and Asian markets who are increasing racial nationalism; to support the fraud over 2001-2023 in escalating commercial behavior and gatekeeping attempts to damage domestic firms like those founded prior in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION purposefully and by human trafficking and child taking fraud refused all DUE PROCESS (KELLEY v KELLEY, 2007) and any review of merits of the actual case evident fraud (UIFSA Section 707(e)(2)) to embezzle from United States funds and TITLE IV AGENCY fraud sustained in public and Federal Records (21 Oklahoma Statutory Law, Section 23-9.1 violation on examination) to gain commercial advantage and export United States and CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION protected intellectual property for sale overseas, franchise, and license back to the United States and into State of Oklahoma and CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION with malicious intent to defraud the culture of those people and identity of those persons in Federal hate crime felony activity.

This conduct became evident in SPEAR PHISHING attacks via META platforms traced to REYKJAVIK ICELAND via the brand SUPRCOOLZ.COM, in fraud for $182 USD, and June 8th 2023 counterfeit United States Postage employed to carry out such fraud from State of California, State of Missourri, State of New Jersey, and State of Texas documented in the analysis of the attack. Paired abuse from and ACEVILLE offices in SINGAPORE and JAPAN further underline the misuse of network services and non HTTP/HTTPS request traffic including over 600/second flooding targeting networks of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to disrupt video and VPN traffic services during the fraud, following Monday June 5th 2023 trespass onto the property of the City of Ada offices captured on video surveillance. Perpetrators in PONOTOC COUNTY were observed turning from Southbound to enter rapidly into the property two lots North, parking to evade camera equipment, and making a foot travel behind the building to utilities prior confrontation and retreat to leave rapidly again Southbound in the original direction of travel after such action at 3:45 pm CDT. Staff security is therefore not without basis, and this is the 3rd such documented approach amid killing of animals on property and poisoning of personnel requiring over $10000 medical cost in treatment.

Japan's NTT Group are promoting values that sustain forced labor and 'invisible' slavery in Japan, which the PETERSEN v ALLEN case over 2001-2023 exposes in foreign unlawful influence over U.S. technology sector fraud and child abuse. Damage to the future economic relationship with NATION OF JAPAN and the 23% GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN stock ownership in the company making these claims in PETERSEN v ALLEN is both permanent and expressly demonstrates the inability of relying on high school graduates as officers by NTT in Texas, Michigan, and California to carry out such business in 2001-2023, complying with FTC regulations barring foreign officers as a condition to enter the marketplace. Creating a breeding ground for racism and violence that will never be separate from Japan in future.

For American companies like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. that refused to cooperate with the KEIRETSU system: it was a declaration of War on August 11th 2001 - that has sustained by fraud, force, and threat of murder. These acts were attack on the Article XXIII section XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, and XXIII-9 rights by law of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate based on gender, race, religion, or prepatory education unrelated to specific skill sets (S3) and high technology adaptive practices (HTAP). This equal opportunity policy is offensive to the JAPANESE and CHINESE state culture.

Efforts to style these equal-opportunity hiring practices as mental illness, are criminal (21 Oklahoma Statutory Code §21-838) and anti-American per Constitutional Law of the State of Oklahoma, a felony per 18 U.S. Code §241 and §249, a terrorist hoax in publications. Abuse of families and children to enforce these JAPANESE values and integrate forced labor as an in-consideration duty for Rights by Law and property rights, are a Communist position whose teaching is a crime as a legal claim at law (Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Law Section 21-1266.4) in State of Oklahoma and Chickasaw Nation Reservation enumerated rights (Article II section II-2, INHERENT RIGHTS); and in Oklahoma Criminal Law Title 21 Section 21-8. The dangers of such hiring are evident in the economy of India and other former Soviet Bloc Nations, as are Communist Party Social Credit Systems. Understanding the competitor to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is the CCP franchise Tencent. TENCENT owns FATSHARK AB of Sweden (100%), the developer of WARHAMMER 40,000 RTX game "DARK TIDE", and owns stock in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB (11%), which owns WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and prior owned CCP GAMES INC. (Eve Online, 2002-2023) in Reykjavik Iceland and 40%/100% of EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES (two separate U.S. Companies). Because SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. makes media and literature that is contrary to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), our company will never sell to TENCENT or work with their partners and subsidiaries.

Tencent also owns equity of substantial volume in Tesla, Didi, Discord, JD, Reddit, SnapChat, Activision Blizzard (5%) and Spotify. The firm made $86 billion gross income with $35 billion in profit (fiscal year 2021). Holdings in FATSHARK AB have incrased subsequently (2022), and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB reports 11% equity held by TENCENT per filings (2022).

The SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. product "BEYOND WAR" is a competitor with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP of United Kingdom franchise "WARHAMMER 40,000", and is legally separate and compeitive with registered independent rights sought by that same market, based on work done in 1991-1998 as an independent editorial commentator in the industry.

Homosexual harassment from Suddenlink releated prior Enid OK threats issued by a SOONERCON GUEST in illegal demands for VERONICA PETERSEN/COGENT from 2010 October 31st escalating until late 2013 and again in 2021 November 14th to 2023 June 8th against Hetero Ada Parent to conceal a child

2023 June 8th - 1:30 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Suddenlink IP from prior February 2023 Threats Verified in ongoing EMAIL ABUSE

What we have here is religious and homosexual discrimination to seize and conceal a child, exclusive from a COURT ORDER and prior SNATCHED OUT OF THEIR HOME for Federal Benefits Fraud, evident in court records, owing UIFSA Section 707(e)(2) duty not performed; in a Federal Hate Crime (18 U.S. Code §249) enabled by access to carrier class optical data services and foreign ownership in those businesses operating contrary U.S. Law openly.

tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80      TIME_WAIT   timewait (5.81/0/0)	AMAZON CLOUD
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80      SYN_RECV    on (10.98/5/0)		CENTRILOGIC
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:443      TIME_WAIT   timewait (15.83/0/0)	KOREA
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:443      FIN_WAIT2   timewait (41.48/0/0)	VODAFONE CHECHNIA
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (11.76/0/0)	AMAZON CLOUD
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     SYN_RECV    on (8.93/5/0)		CENTRILOGIC
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:443      SYN_RECV    on (7.40/5/0)		TEMEPST HOSTING AZ USA
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     TIME_WAIT   timewait (21.83/0/0)
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     TIME_WAIT   timewait (31.35/0/0)
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     TIME_WAIT   timewait (59.27/0/0)
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tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     TIME_WAIT   timewait (49.48/0/0)
tcp        0      0 ThisServer:80     FIN_WAIT2   timewait (5.29/0/0)	Unified Layer UT USA
See Also:

The prior shows we have SOUTH KOREA (LOSTSERVER.NET), COGENT COMMUNICATIONS (actual network), STARCIUM (Cyprus company infringing on the registered Trademark in dispute), and (a paid for-hire abuse service) incorporated with TYLER TEXAS based Enid Oklahoma service of SUDDENLINK Internet; prior employed in February 2023 direct threats of extortion and by guests of SOONERCON to demand $5000 USD in payment from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in violation of contract and to extort L.T., a legally disabled person entitled to those charitable donations made and paid by S.M. of Andrews School of Medical Transcription, CIO of the firm, for Dr. James Clarke DDS of City of Ada Oklahoma surgery for a legally disabled person.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. (this company) prior offered in first option funds, which were rejected in witness of the board of directors by JAMES ALLEN and E.B., and at such rejection did locate and assign such charitable funds to the next available case for charitable donations. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. was the FINANCIAL SPOSNOR of the SOONERCON event at such time, and this demand and defamation to impair and damage the firm for refusing to make ADDITIONAL UNLAWFUL DONATIONS TO SOONERCON was the basis for threats in 2010 aided by stated agreement with VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE of Texas.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. did withdraw further financial support from SOONERCON, on discovery of a "LOLITA TEA PARTY" operated by "REFLECTIONS PHOTOGRPAHY" which appeared on the printed program, at which time on investigation did the host claim they were expecting MINOR CHILDREN dressed in adult costumes to appear, and to carry out photography of such MINOR CHILDREN at the Sunday event. Upon discovery of such conduct, and report without action, did the firm SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. immediately suspend all future sponsorship and engagement with SOONERCON SYNDICATE aka SOONERCON. Threats following that failure to pay further monies are alleged extortion in the publications in 2010 October to 2013, which were documented by PRIVATE INVESTIGATION FIRM "MACK INVESTIGATIONS" and "KRISTEN MACK".

Attacks from Wave Broadband in San Mateo California (USA), appear to indicate prior ATLAS.LOSTSERVER.NET aka THORN.BLACKROSE.ORG servers used in the child abuse and child concaelment hosting of defamation sites by the child abductors and VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN over 2002-2023, and ongoing collaberation between LOSTSERVER officers and the abductors and extortion in demands by Enid OK based SOONERCON guest in 2010-2023, eviden in a joint police report by the guest and ALICIA MCMAHON in 2011 prompting a private investigation and abuse of the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE to sustain the child taking and concealment from 2001-2023.

Sexual defamatin in felony degree, violating 18 U.S. Code §249, continues as of November 2022 to June 2023 in this case, with concealment of the missing and exploited child since September 10 2001 contrary ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP in a pattern of flight from the jurisdiction without NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN to the court, to evade recovery and conceal the child from the father, initiate dual enforcement actions, and violating TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 and UIFSA Section 314 immunity in criminal barratry evident in threats of arrest and incarceration and false claims of conviction in letters October 5 2022 and during 2022 November to June 2023 by DONALD J BEAL, Director of IX NETWORKS LLC of State of Texas - and using that company address and 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas prior (2011) to carry out registration of such work as domreg at for commercial extortion.

Either all prior servers listed are compromised, or the system administrator / router admin in the common carrier is conducting large-scale organized man-in-the-middle attacks on servers using these clients, as prior described in a criminal plan disclosed to our office in the year 2000, explained as a technique by DONALD J BEAL after his termination from employment for similar abuse of systems and at such time expressing no remorse or awareness of any need to be responsible for such abuse, from which SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. requested he be barred from the 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX offices due to this personality issue and boundary issues expressed during interview.

Effort to dismiss this activity as normal network usage, visitors, et al - are Federal Fraud (18 U.S. Code §1341) on prima facie, and similar to dismissal of prior "8 million ICMP packets in bandwidth flooding" which disabled SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. networks with SBC BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICES during prior extortion threats for and on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN. Claims that a wrong command or button press instigated a multi-day sustained megabit-level ICMP protocol flood attack to Judge Kilgore October 31 2010 by D BEAL, indicate proof of felony purjery under oath barred by Texas Criminal Code Title 8 Section 37.03 concerning a pattern of activity in this area and on concealment of the child in context to 10,000+ emails sent to our office and in context to any email address disclosed to PETERSEN et al. Email forgery is a complaint in this case, and email from the party as evidence is likely fraud if not signed by DIGITAL SIGNATURE OF THIS FIRM CURRENTLY ON FILE. IDENTITY THEFT and EMAIL FRAUD are a component of this CONFIDENCE SCHEME against the welfeare of a child and in the death of Dr. ANN KLEPPER M.D. March 2nd 2022.

Identity theft of Dr. Ann Klepper by the abductors in December 2001 false claims in writting, 2003 September 12th public letter to extort a witness, and in 2022 publication of court documents to defraud in a case belonging to Dr. Ann Klepper, affecting disposition of her estate - constitute a pattern of abuse by VERONICA PETERSEN an her attorney specified as her 'husband' in the Sept 12th 2003 letter, and in his affirmation of such fraud Sept 20 2003 to extort claiming false employment by TEK SYSTEMS of officers of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to conceal a child of those workers from ORDERED POSSESSION in STATE OF TEXAS after abduction from 2502 Live Oak St #335, Dallas Texas residence of the child in Dallas County for concealment in Denton County, State of Texas, admitted in 2015 case 15-06292393 documents before DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT employee DAMARCUS OFFFORD.

Considering our competitor MEJOR SERVER LLC has ownership in ARGENTINA - falsely filed as if a resident of FLORIDA by their FLORIDA and NEW JERSEY agents of record in FLORIDA, while their phone number terminates in the FORT COLLINS COLORADO area despite NO BUSINESS REGISTRATION there, while DONALD J BEAL lives in and works in that area allegedly at CITY OF FORT COLLINS, COLORADO while ALSO HOLDING OFFICE AS A DIRECTOR in the TEXAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "IX NETWORKS LLC", which his employer likely does not know or understand the conflict of interest created by that activity in nexus with DEMANDS ON CITY OF ADA ATTORNEY for NON-COMMERCIAL USE of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT BODY CAMERA FOOTAGE of OFFICER VOGT in 2021 November USED TO EXTORT DR ANN KLEPPER prior her DEATH in 2022 March - that might interest the public.

NEXUS: COGENT / ARGENTINA / NEW JERSEY / FLORIDA / SAN MATEO CALIFORNIA / SOUTH KOREA / DALLAS TEXAS obtained today, affirms the complaint of organized criminal activity with and dedicated identity theft activity.


2023 June 5th - 8:00 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Libra Trans Russia server discovered in COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. attacks June 1st-5th 2023

Denver Colorado and RoadRunner use in pattern linked to LIBRA TRANS RUSSIA / COGENT June 5th 2023

Ukrainian Terrorists with links to PSINet and Tulsa Oklahoma engaged in crimial threats against heterosexuals in City of Ada, Chickasaw Nation Reservation, on taking of and concealment of a child born to residents of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION for extortion.

Frantech - host of the DAILY STORMER, a WHITE SUPREMACIST NEWS LETTER, and perpetrator of prior attacks, supporting the taking, abuse, and concealment of the grandchild of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. (deceased 2022 March 2nd) in fraud to extort; documented in the ongoing attacks using their client "GALAXYGATE, LLC".

Frantech Clients used to Stage Attacks on June 5th 2023

Logs show use of domain, founded by KIM DOTCOM, and People's Republic of China after seizure of the shares of MEGA.NZ by the New Zealand Government. The prior groups association with software piracy, and origin names in New Zealand and The Netherlands, affirms that an International intellectual property theft ring is involved in the PETERSEN v ALLEN extortion activity and threats, concealing the location, health, and welfare of the child since 2001 September 10th contrary COURT ORDER claims and false title of a child to embezzle TITLE IV benefits in abduction styled as ABANDONMENT to defraud.

As of June 6 1700 CDT, we are monitoring COMCAST COMMUNICATIONS and ROADRUNNER mail servers in State of Colorado and State of New Jersey (in a 2:1 ratio), with limited State of Utah abuse also evident, engaged in a mass brute force username relay attack on servers in City of Ada, Pontotoc County, owned by RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, a corporation of the United States.

These attacks are targeting the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. registered domains in an organized specific and direct attack systematically executed by malicious CNC malware indicating FRANTECH and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS employee IX NETWORKS LLC Director Donald J. Beal and owner of DOMAINSDIRECT.COM in State of New Jersey ERLICH, who did prior appear in 2022 in impersonation of HALLIBURTON OIL CORPORATION employees seeking to obtain SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS using the false domain "HALIBURTON.COM" registered by that company in State of New Jersey and a proxy server running NGINX software re-directing the request to to skim the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and other information in extortion demands featuring identity theft of CHARLYCLE ANN KLEPPER, and falsified court documents of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER, to allege mental incapaicity in the officers of the Oklahoma based corporation targeted by the child taking of the grandchild of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER.

Sufficient evidence now exists in a 500 MB log and trace request information of source of true IP ADDRESS making these false request, to warrant a Federal Investigation of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, PSINet INC., and related firms maintaining open relays used in these organized attacks on CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION industry and residents supporting child trafficking and human trafficking, transgenderdate, and other extremist groups in Colorado, Texas, Michigan, California, New York, and New Jersey engaged in child abuse and commercial outreach to solicit child abuse victims under color of comic book conventions, childrens' programming, regional NPR affiliate activity, Disney and transgender rights movements concealing sex trafficking and extortion racketeering threat activity involving children and targeting grandparents expressly - as evident in October 5 2022 and February 5 2023 letters to our office by Mr. Beal for VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN.

June 5th, a man came to our office, southbound on the road and turning around northbound at a property two houses away, then quickly into our office where they parked out of sight of the primary camera; exited their vehicle and passed around the front of the vehicle to the passenger side and walked into the property beside the utility connections, then left turning southbound after returning to their vehicle. This was not a utility vehicle or teenager, and appeared unaware of redundant concealed cameras observing the movement.

Messages from the group supporting theft and illegal license of comic book series Akira Matsumoto by Eternity Comics (U.S. Artist Ben Dunn) then sent harassing messages on a post from the prior year, suggesting theft of intellectual property and admitting false sale of the rights to Captain Harlock, in a fraudulent sale by Malibu Comics and Eternity Comics of California in 1989-1992. Eternity Comics is now owned by Marvel.

Eternity's 1989-1992 adaptation of the popular Japanese manga Captain Harlock was discontinued after it was discovered that Eternity/Malibu did not have the Captain Harlock rights. The alleged representative for the rights to Harlock with whom Malibu exchanged money turned out to be fraudulent and was in no way connected to the actual rights holders.

Efforts to "strong arm" publishers and allege no crime was committed in the unlicensed use of a famous foureign character by Eternity Comics, harming the real rights of the (late) Akira Leiji ("Matsumoto Leiji") which disabled his ability to produce more than one genuine movie before his death, cannot be understated in the June 6th 2023 hostile communication and felony unsolicited stalking via the Norman and Midwest City, Tulsa, and Dallas regional labor movement activity supporting concealment of the child in exchange for surrender of REGISTERED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY which would have paid the CANCER TREATMENT COSTS of CHARLCYE ANN KLEPPER had the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma not elected to defraud the TITLE IV AGENCY while concealing the child from 2001-2023 to extort over $70000 without legal right under Title 42 and Title 5 regulatory duty to perform minimum safeguards, respond to complaints, and false claims filed in violation of 18 U.S. Code §2071 in felony degree - sustained in filing in Oklahoma in 2023 violating Title 8 Texas Statutory Code Section 37.03 and INCONSISTENCY evident in 37.06 to qualify for felony aggravated perjury on prima facie to extort.

Jun 06 19:59:18 sendmail[99020]: 3570xEGo099020: lost input channel from [] to MTA after rcpt
Jun 06 19:59:18 sendmail[99020]: 3570xEGo099020: from=, size=0, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, []

Logs show the parties (Domestic Terrorists) are impersonating Russian groups systematically to conceal the nature of their abuse of the COMCAST COMMUNICATIONS INC. network and domestic presence in Texas, Colorado, and New Jersey amid threats across multiple channels this afternoon. When blcked, the users fall back to Dallas, Houston, and Michigan, where LOSTSERVER members were resident per legal records involved in the 2002 and 2011 extortion threats signed by for NTT COMMUNICATIONS officers DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINEERING and SENIOR IP ENGINEER servers atlas and titan, known as and in DNS aliasing.

Jun 06 20:05:07 sendmail[99111]: ruleset=check_relay,, arg2=, [], reject=550 5.7.1 Access denied
Jun 06 20:05:19 sendmail[99112]: ruleset=check_relay,, arg2=, [], reject=550 5.7.1 Access denied
Jun 06 20:06:35 sendmail[99115]: ruleset=check_relay,, arg2=, [], reject=550 5.7.1 Access denied
Jun 06 20:08:06 sendmail[99117]: ruleset=check_relay,, arg2=, [], reject=550 5.7.1 Access denied

Evasion to Bellview Washington and Atlanta Georgia using Tmobile and Comcast legacy mail servers, continue to follow a scheme described in extortion in the year 2001 similar to other IX NETWORKS LLC criminal threats and false claims in 2022-2023 letters of extortion toward the Oklahoma firm. Microsoft and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB offices in those areas coincide with 2011-2013 extortion threats and later false sale of product to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP in exeuction of extortion on the child taking to contaminate their franchise "WARHAMMER 40,000" by use of the REGISTERED TRADEMARK of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. prior established 1992-2023 products in compeition with that foreign busienss. TENCENT of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA owns PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB stock (11%) and FATSHARK AB (100%, a licensee of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP product rights), and such sales and license also used by EMBRACER GROUP AB of Sweden, which raised $7 billion USD during the child abduction on sale of the rights of the mark to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP for re-licensing to TENCENT, FATSHARK, EMBRACER GROUP AB, CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED, and OWLCAT GAMES (formerly GAMES.RU / MAIL.RU - now hiding in the country of Cyprus to evade war embargoes imposed on the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and their parent company).

Efforts by the companies to recast the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION registered trademark of a world famous editorial author in the WARHAMMER 40,000 community as a "racist ethnic stereotype like the long-nosed-jew charicature of the Nazi Party in WARHAMMER 40,000 and ROGUE TRADER franchise, for sale back to AMAZON INC. as film rights"; illustrates the deep infiltration of white supremacist and transgender child trafficking conduct ingrained in the video on demand adult content services of NTT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and NTT GROUP employees high school educated DIRECTOR and SENIOR officer corp, established in Michigan and California as LOSTSERVER.NET, and their recruiting of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees to work covertly for those firms while servicing competitors in Dallas Texas and aided by TEK SYSTEMS activity in letters of extortion September 20th 2003 and July 2011, on child taking, to overcome NORTEL NETWORKS and conceal a formal report of FRAUD filed by the child's parent disclosing a $250 billion data breach exploited by Mainland China bidder HAUWEI, compelling a 90%+ loss of stock valuation by NORTEL and bankruptcy in the year 2011.

Granted the dedicated, unremorseful, and total concealment and abuse of the child as a hostage, to defraud the United States, and in publications - we have no reason to suspect the prior biological agent placed on the property in April of 2022 and killings were less than an act of bioterrorism by these countries, executed by their employees franchise activity in commerce and self-interest via this network of criminal extortion and organized network abuse afforded and supported by incompetence of the IANA.ORG and its INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE, of which one of the parties is a member per self-identification and resume documents obtained; and via the ICANN system to abuse with GOOGLE SEARCH and GOOGLE LLC acounts, the recovery and protected rights of the child to claim OpenAI and other technologies as original discoveries following prior documents in 1998-2003 showing those technologies to be property protected by trade secret in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION at the time of the child abduction.

By late Tuesday, 9:40 pm CDT, evidence is mounting of insider abuse at the Mount Laurel (NJ, USA) Comcast facility, by employee abuse aiding in such fraud, and to the DENVER COLORADO region such servers are being exploited to launch attacks in a pattern of criminal felony network service activity theft and identity theft activity. Ongoing action from: exposes the security fraud by a COMCAST CUSTOMER at 9:39 pm CDT, in hundreds of variations of:

Jun 06 21:39:33 sendmail[99623]: 3572dTHj099623: ruleset=check_rcpt, 
arg1=<>, [], 
reject=550 5.7.1 <>... Relaying denied

Direct abuse of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and PSINet. INC servers indicates employee misconduct documented throughout the 2001-2023 child abduction and abuse.

Nexus with San Mateo CA (USA) servers at Wave Broadband, and with Michigan and Texas locations, sustain LOSTSERVER.NET extortion prior documented in 2002, 2005, 2011, 2013, and 2021-2023 ongoing child kidnapping letters demanding over $35000 USD in excess of State filings in fraudulent TITLE IV claims on kidnapping registered as abandonment to defraud, admitted a kidnapping in 2003 and 2011 letters of extortion.

The effort to implicate Russian sites by fraudulent username logins from United States radicalized Democrat businesses, makes this domestic terrorism and manipulation of the political process to sustain the Ukraine war in concert with white supremacist and child trafficking industries present in former Ukraine under the Zelenski Administration.

These attacks by COGENT / PSINet, Wave Broadband, and using VERIZION and COMCAST servers as relays - are false flag attacks in a time of war, and to impersonate RUSSIAN NATIONALS while launched from United States TLD hosting providers in a manner consistent with SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIOR and high level (NTT GROUP) access to Interstae optical carrier routing and hosting system abuse. Any system or organiztion reliant on NTT optical services should be considered insecure at this point, due to this form of network abuse and extortion by its 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX labor operating the IXP / IX NETWORKS LLC product brands established by EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, NTT/VERIO, and their affiliate(s) in PACKET CLEARING HOUSE of State of California and NTT COMMUNICATIONS INC. in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA).

Radicalized transgender content documented on and in threats from TRANSGENDERDATE in 2001-2013 establish this is a felony 18 U.S. Code §249 hate crime activity enjioned domestic terrorism and child taking to overcome domestic optical carrier and industrial trade practices by violence and public fraud to kidnap.

We are systematically watching the abuser walk through all their associated regional mail servers and those of COGENT top-level systems and LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS (a client), to carry out this terror act. Information gain by this abuse would facilitate forgery of email which has been cited by the ADA CITY POLICE as evidence to refuse criminal protection of law to victims during the 22 year child taking and concealment from JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP, ORDERED POSSESSION, and to extort businesses in the CITY OF ADA and CHICKASAW NATION RESERAVATION to surrender land and intellectual property to abductors.

Claims that death threats and direct physical approach with demands for MONEY and REAL ESTATE USE by a non-title owner, to compel the City of Ada registered owners to comply on concealment of a child and injury to a child barred by an alleged COURT ORDER filed in such claim, fully paid per that order and discharged per that order, never exceeding $500 USD per TEXAS STATE LAW, are criminal extortion and blackmail using ICANN and IANA and ALPHABET INC. services to defraud, suppress prior discovery in OpenAI products, and to engage in organized intellectual property theft from the year 2001 August 11th to present (2023).

September 12th 2003 letters naming ALICIA MCMAHON (SCARBROUGH), VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, DONALD JOHNATHON BEAL, and other persons later identified as BOBBY SCARBROUGH of Bentonville AR (USA) aka INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC, SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC), GLITCHCON, and related business activity predicated on the exploitation of a missing and exploited child during concealment from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP; owe the demands of false claims before the public to intimidate witnesses and give false employment records in 2003 September 20 as TEK SYSTEMS by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees of 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas, named in registration as suite 2670 and suite 700 in letters of extortion and to defraud, no avenue of legal protection in this ongoing PSINet Inc. and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. abuse initiated at GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC of Plano, Texas, aka VIRTBIZ.COM aka PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.NET aka DOMREG@LOSTSERVER.NET aka MYLUV187 of GOOGLE LLC accounts, aka HITMAN4HIRE at YAHOO INC. accounts.

Insider access abuse at GOOGLE LLC data centers, to impersonate clients including UNITED KINGDOM GOVERMENT ORGANIZATIONS, is evident in ongoing attacks as of 9:00 am CDT June 7th 2023. Agencies being abused in this way ( Department of Public Work, United Kingdom) are likely not aware Google technicians are employing their IP ADDRESS assigned by IANA.ORG and ICANN name in this way to carry out threats on kidnapping of CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION children and extortion of residents and businesses founded there for racial hate crimes.

The pattern of well known compromised systems used by the DALLAS LABOR GROUP "LOSTSERVER" aka "SATURN.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK" and "JUPITER.LOOPBACK0.NETWORK" are evident in CenturyTel requests following, indicating a large scale botnet deployed by the network administrators to carry out organized harassment using client IP ADDRESS as was disclosed in the year 2000 for cause of termination of DONALD BEAL from employment in State of Texas, reported by his fellow employee due to similar remorseless behavior and exploitation of client identity to carry out software piracy distribution and fraud in a paid process witnessed by CEO M.M. of "TERRABOX.COM CO" and CFO S.M. of "TERRABOX.COM CO". False claims to discredit those officers by the founder of the forfeit "TERRABOX.COM CO" firm (2001-2004) were filed with DUN & BRADSTREET, in fraud related human trafficking abuse alleged at 722 S Haskel Ave, Dallas Texas in the year 2002-2003 disclosed in animal abuse and threats and testimony of a conspiracy against rights with VERONICA PETERSEN by that business - named in September 20 2003 and July 2011 letters of extortion contrary forfeiture of the company "TERRABOX.COM CO" to STATE OF TEXAS.

While at TERRABOX, a leased office not affording use of our company equipment and personnel in contract, JAMES ALLEN was solicited to work on WILD TANGENT software using NEWTEK LLC licensed products owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION. As contracts were produced, it became clear such business was hosting illicit copyright protected files for money and had failed to report T1 Data circuit past-due billing, reported by S.M. (CFO, TERRABOX.COM CO) compelling our firm to REFUSE TO SIGN FALSE DOCUMENTS endorsing the company for a securities offer, and then did the firm agree to pay INTERNET BILLING to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and fail to do so, using our SOTHWESTERN BELL DSL BUSINESS INTERNET to sustain their customers briefly; while pressing us to work on products including "SHELTER 69", "CLOUD MEADOW", "THIRD CRISIS" prototype game software, which was outside our "NO ADULT CONTENT DEVELOPMENT" terms and prohibited service. AT such time, did I observe the code in those products and artwork, verified in June 2023 as being the same products, and realize the attacks from GAMESERVERKINGS in DALLAS TEXAS in our logs suggest ongoing relationships there in the sexually-themed adult content of STEAMPOWERED.COM services offered by those companies. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. maintains since 1998 incorporation a strict "NO ADULT SEXUAL THEMED CONTENT" policy, citing prior misuse of and false use of my name by ALICIA MCMAHON to sell adult content to a buyer, disclosed at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY by Scott Goodridge. Mr. Goodridge, a former C.I. with multiple cases to his credit, was killed shortly after my return to CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, in a manner nearly identical to the attempted murder of my person in 2003 after assault at gunpoint and carjacking at 722 S Haskel Ave, Dallas Texas, during my attempt to leave. On a prior attempt to leave, witnesses (2) M.D. and L.T. observed physical effort to stop my exit and refusal to release computer equipment obtained on ORDER OF RETRIEVAL for title cause in contract by NORMAL COMPUTERS, of Norman Oklahoma. After the successful retrieval of computer equipment owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. from 722 S Haskel Ave, Dallas Texas; and assault at gunpoint in November 2002, officer C.M. attempted to demand the remaining papers and property be released - which TERRABOX officers refused. Officer C.M. was killed December 25th 2022, during ongoing threats, in the persistent child taking and fraud by fire destroying his home and all persons who lived there (2 persons) in State of Oklahoma.

Effort to continue to style these claims as "harassment" on concealment of a child from a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR and ORDERED POSSESSION held out to the court, are Federal Fraud (18 U.S. Code §1341) owing Federal Justice intervention in the case retained in Texas and Oklahoma; and in malicious prosecution in 2017-2023 during case 15-06292393 brought by civil suit affording immunity to the Oklahoma parent, violatind by filing of case FR-2018-04 and fraud in excessive fines barred by Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 and 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE §303.6 maximum fine, a REQUIRED STATE LAW owing enforcement per February 21 2017 and Oklahoma State Law 21 O.S. §21-1305. The child has been missing/exploited since August 11th 2001, with no proof of life since September 10th 2001 contrary Federal TITLE IV AGENCY benefits paid for false contract created by KEN PAXTON and GREG ABBOTT to conceal the missing child from habeas corpus since the year 2002.

Fraud to Discredit Biological Agent Further Criminal Activity

2023 May 22 - 10:00 am CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Any persons making claims that the biological agent activity documented in March and April and May 2023 are imaginary or fictional are aiding in a Domestic Terrorist Activity agaisnt a REGISTERED AGENT OFFICE of a Corporation of the United States. Human and animal infection has been documented, with two deaths of small breed animals and serious human illness.

Samples following are from bloody spitum of the human patient immediately after infection and following mebandozale treatment for 30 days, occuring in 24 hours of agent exposure May 3rd 2023 - to suggest matured cultured parasitic pathogen introduced with sudden onset of symptoms including vomiting, blood in stomach contents, lung discharge, and other images of massive sudden and rapid onset of infectious disease inconsistent with a prior course of treatment. Denial of medical care due to the frequency of such injury and speed of onset is consistent with regional abuse of medical license to carry a fraud in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) qui tam retaliation.

Militech Systems has deployed a biological threat response group and microscopy team to investigate the City of Ada (Oklahoma) attacks, following physical abuse to a 6th animal observed at the site with new wounds May 19th 2023 and captured for exampination May 21 2023. The animal appears to have been "bleached" and large portions of its hair torn out in 3 locations on its body, including sheadding skin larger than 2x2 inches, prior grooming with scissors to conceal the injuries extent, and behavior changes suggesting additional pathogens. Marks on the fence of a horizontal orientation newly made, sugggest the animal was held and dragged down the fence to make claw marks - and to do so out of sight of cameras prior to the kiling May 12 2023 of the male and subsequent injury to the female shortly thereafter. The two animals were siblings, did not associate, and appear to be targeted by human abuse in context to written ongoing threats in case FR-2018-04.

Parasites were confirmed in microscopy of the samples from human victims, despite no bite, which did not present on fecal tests, to rule out common domestic species used in this attack, and suggest a larval migrans employed causing organ damage and loss of eyesight, neurological impairment, and rapid death upon exposure to the agent. Microscopy rules out Baylysascarsis B. Procyonis due to rapid onset and gestation, unless such strain has been weaponized or modified for rapid gestation. Symptoms include sudden pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting egg-yolk-like contents on drinking or eating after sleep immediately, and whitening of the eyes rapidly to suggest loss of nerve control and micro-larval infestation of the ocular cavity by a larval migran microorganism.

Meats placed on the property of the Ada Office in 2021 and 2022 during threats, prior carcasses and on May 3rd 2023 a dead bird thrown at the window of the Ada Office with sufficient force to stick feathers to the glass on impact; appearing then to have its wings tucked and no indication of struggle on death suggesting post-mortem prior strike at 8:03 am; follow a pattern of serious illness then the evening of May 3rd 2023 and death MAy 4th 2023 of animals with human infection evident - possibly through lacing of the body with other transmissible parasites prior deposit to overcome biohazard handling and disposal of the carcass carried out on video.

Thus far 6 animals have been harmed across two separate properties in PONTOTOC COUNTY in these attacks, and a 7th has lost partial eyesight in the left eye prior emergency treatment.

While examining the animal, a pedestrian early 20s male walked slowly by the locatoin singing in a loud voice audible from their entry to the 500 block and continuing to their exit on 15th St Westbound "I've got murder on my mind" by YNW Melly (video), in bizarre behavior. The party was leaving East Central University Campus at such time, May 21st 2023 at approximately 4:43pm CDT (per video and audio capture). Subject was wearing a red ball cap and gray shirt and tan knee shorts with tan backpack. (Strange Pedestrian MOV video - 43 MB)

The strange thing was not what he was singing, but that he was singing loud enough that we heard him coming half a block away, and he continued the entire length of the block only to quiet down after he passed the corner. Additional attention was made to this after the prior night (May 20 2023) Ambulance and Fire Department response to the same site occurred on the curbside, responding to an call across the street after midnight May 20 2023. Additional infrared and off-site active monitoring are now increased due to October 5 2022 and February 6 2023 written threats by Donald J Beal for VERONICA PETERSEN in context to these attacks on animals and property sought in the letters to the property owners, who are not PARTIES IN THE CIVIL SUIT and named in the threats seeking $70,000 USD for security of their grandchild, missing since 2001 from legal custody ordered by State of Texas refused enforcement by Texas and Oklahoma.

Similar 'red' Chicago Bulls colors appeared on a suspect appearing on the second office property prior, on CCTV, amid threats, and suggest organized crime subcon activity in concert with a 2002 carjacking and assault at gunpoint in the prior case in Dallas Texas at 722 S Haskel Ave (TERRABOX.COM CO) facility during the taking and concealment of a missing and exploited child from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP.

The parties (THECHURCHBOARD.COM) have a history of dealing in exotic pets, in State of Texas, and access to materials that may be controlled or hazardous through that network. CDC warns that if infected animals have been dumped on the property, extreme precautions are necessary to clean the site - and pose specific risk to elderly and vulnerable adults targeted in this extortion activity in written threats. Gestation does not appear to match domestic pathogens, having a very fast cycle and such rapid development evasive of conventional anti-parasitic treatment methods to cause substantial risk of injury and resistance to conventional medical treatment. Such activity appears part of a Real Estate Scheme described in the in rem forfeiture demands of Oct 5 2022 and on-site visitor documented Oct 4 2022 in concert with December Threats and death of a key witness by fire in his home December 25 2022.

Security considerations in context to this death and threat of bodily harm are therefore justified and pathogen organism is physically documented to rule out false 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 criminal claims employed throughout this child taking for extortion of a registered Oklahoma Limited Liablity Company and AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANKING account of $50,000 USD named in September 20 2003 threats by Donald J. Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen jointly.

All persons near the targeted property on public or private property of the victims are subject to video surveillance, out of necessary precaution and due to documented animal cruelty incorporating written demand letters on persons over 65 years of age and legally disabled persons deemed exceptionally vulnerable adults per felony elder abuse. Attack or abuse upon persons acting on behalf of an elderly or disabled person to overcome their use or control of real estate or property is a felony in Oklahoma.

NEGATIVE test results DO NOT VERIFY HEALTH OF VICTIMS, and 4 out of 5 tests may be negative prior detection while still remaining infected. Blood tests are also not conclusive. Infestation of the lung leads to rapid death in this species, detected in May 04 2023. See WebMD - strongyloidiasis. Targeting of persons with compromised immune system and animals in poor health, paired with purposeful deposit of contaminated feces and contaminated soid, suggest a biological agent attack on the targeted property in PONTOTOC COUNTY, CITY OF ADA with violence against surviving animals to carry out written letters threatening (21 O.S. §21-1304). At one point, investigators documented 20 separate feces drops, in criminal trespass by a non-property animal, in the vicinity of the elderly couple's home; and found mixing bottles and potting soil that was used to ship the agent to the location hidden and concealed near the suspect residence. Additional mixing and chemical residue indicated preparation of a biological agent in the concealed bag. Multiple species were found in the attack.

White Supremacist Attacks Continue in May

2023 May 11 - 3:00 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Polish based OVH Hosting and ROBLOX FRANCE IP Addresses used to send 10,000 request bursts to disrupt SPARKLIGHT HOSTING BUSINESS SERVICES during ongoing harassment and witness intimidation, following the killing of 3 animals in April and May in City of Ada.

Fraudulent conveyance of "Silver Six" registered trademark property into ROBLOX products, following its disclosure in the REGISTERED COPYRIGHT FILING of books for BEYOND WAR, continue to indicate a knowing and criminal transfer of intellectual property in concert with child abduction, child abuse, and animal cruelty following biological attacks and a dead bird thrown at the office Window on May 3rd 2023 prior serious illness and emergency room admission of staff May 6th 2023. Prior written threats April 7th and 23rd before and after the head of a cat was twisted 160 degrees and the body placed on the property near East Central University - indicate a pattern of abuse since December death of Christopher Maidt on Christmas Morning in a house fire, and leaving of a large bone in the back yard amid written threats of extortion from Casper Wyoming, Enid Oklahoma, and 11816 Inwood Rd #1115 Dallas Texas DIRECTOR of IX TECHNOLOGIES LLC - Donald Johnathon Beal.

January 28th 2022, Mr. Beal requested video for NON COMMERCIAL PURPOSES, then sent to multiple persons for commercial extortion of this firm, and in ongoing impersonation of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D., a pediatrician and grandmother of the missing child, who died May 2nd 2022. Such use, in upload to YOUTUBE.COM, is commercial use, and for a party in COMMERCIAL PUBLIC OFFICE to extort, on the taking and concealment of a child alleged exported to Paris France after the year 2016 to evade ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP - a duty held out to obtain benefits and payments from the TITLE IV AGENCY of the UNITED STATES fraudulently.

Use of the service FRANTECH.CA and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. to carry out these attacks continues to indicate (NTT GROUP, MICHIGAN/TX/CA) use in 2011 extortion letters and registration of extortion websites, with accessories in Argentina, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, California, Arkansas, and Texas concealing the child for money in a fraudulent claim of abandonment during concealment from ORDERED POSSESSION to extort this company and Dr. Ann Klepper, Orval Price, Dorthy Price, and the Allen family. ROBLOX CORPORATION is a San Mateo California company, and its IP ADDRESSES were detected in mass attacks used to disrupt the business Internet service in Ada May 11th 2023.

Company IP ADDRESS space used for these attacks appear to be Microsoft subsidiaries, applied by Network administration of insider access to data centers in fraud, and are designed to disrupt and disable law enforcement attention from direct threats and letters of extortion, violence, and acts of direct harassment during these fraudulent claims to injure or disable testimony and witnesses in the ongoing case before the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

See: Attack from OVH, May 2023

What is Roblox? (Video)

Roblox engine is a competitor of SHADOWDANCERS LLC and "BEYOND WAR" product of the company, and was first relayed in threats on TWITCH.TV during extortion activity there in 2017-2021 October, in a pattern of industrial espionage and threats to interfere with business and employees of the firm in Ada during concealment of a child. The ROBLOX engine can be customized for photoreal effects, as seen here. ROBLOX use of "BEYOND IRL" is imitative of the prior 1998 established "BEYOND WAR" brand and engine, in a pattern of dilution of trademark by a labor organization with extremist democratic socialist and white nationalist views in Dallas Texas and Michigan, California, Wyoming, Arkansas, Florida and Colorado. Authors of these threats compare Chickasaw ethnic features to 'transgender' claims and profile fraud to justify the taking of a child from PONTOTOC COUNTY for concealment since the year 2001, violating ORDERED POSSESSION and refusing all location and communication from 2001 August to present (2023 May) to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. seeking forfeiture and property in real estate in PONOTOC COUNTY for holding the child under these conditions for extortion.

The SDP company mascot was killed May 4th 2023. Its mate of 14 years was killed April 1st 2023. An additional animal belonging to the owner was killed April 12th 2023, following threats April 7th and 23rd 2023. A bird (believed dead prior the incident) was thrown with tremendous force at the South window of the SDP office May 3rd 2023, prior onset of sudden illness and death of the company mascot and transmission of the illness to a human host with resulting serious injury and medical costs over $8500 USD upon its owner.

This incident is being regarded as a suspected biological attack on the Ada Office, now under medical diagnostic investigation. Multiple unusual carcasses have been found on the property near EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY where the animal was mutilated on the 12th of April, and abuse of a 4th animal observed there also suggesting animal cruelty and an attempt to kill or injure in what appears to be a bleach attack on a second animal at the property where the prior animal was killed April 12th 2023.

In total, 5 animals have died in May 2022 to May 4th 2023, and two instances confirm human-animal crossover of the pathogen used with resulting injury; and symptoms of blindness and organ failure with rapid onset (24-48 hours from infection to death), neurological symptoms, and negative tests for traditional illness a part of each death with identical symptoms.

These acts are being regarded by the firm due to ongoing threats as domestic bioterrorism so defined under the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act, with direct threats October 5th 2022 and February 5th 2023 against persons over 65 years of age to coerce loss of commercial use of real estate in PONOTTOC COUNTY refused police protection or investigation over 2003-2023 pattern of child concealment and public extortion. Photographs if the parasites obtained are secure on icloud for Federal Investigators, citing threats of murder toward the company officers in November 2021 - Present, and a refusal to investigate despite letters threatening and serious injury in Ponototc County. Suspicious placement of animal remains in December, April, and May continue to suggest a serious biological pathogen in concert with the following information:

Use of the (identity theft) account 'Robin Birdloder' during these poisoning acts further suggests human involvement prior and after the death of the animal by neck trauma (below) April 12th 2023 in a posted staged killing, and ongoing denial of service attacks exceeding 10,000 requests on five or more separate attacks during Spring Break 2023 against Company Networks and customers.

Additional male suspect observed May 12th 2023, on property lying to investigators and departing after contact, documented in video and approach at the site of the killing; in possession of a large flashlight and trash bags, and open food can, and unusual kit including a backpack placed on the property during activity in the neighborhood increases concern of unlawful surveillance following attacks on networks this week exceeding 500,000 requests in repeated network disruption activity Friday 6am to 7am CDT. Staff observed the party flee, quickly, on a bicycle and then in a large truck nearby concealed on the opposite block. Animals on-site were visibly afraid of the man, and fled on contact, suggesting prior abuse. The party was carrying an open can of spam on a bicycle left near the property to attract the animals within distance, adding to concerns of animal abuse and animal cruelty with ongoing threats toward the home owners in October 5 2022 and February 5 2023. Additional threats with photos of property near Country Club Rd to extort January 6 2023, sustain criminal complaint and increase security response.

The information is provided because of a Terrorist Hoax to suggest that such violence is imaginary, while real animals and persons are dying and injured, by State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of California organized labor active in the Texas data service market as an unregistered union executing strong-arm labor tactics and threats of a clear and foreign interest. Persons solicited to share such defamation claims involving delusion of victims or other abuse of parent-child abduction and concealment on the basis of race, by affiliation or organization, incur full liability for any action aiding in this racial unrest and racketeering activity against CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION residents, regardless of tribal membership, and due to abuse to extort disabled elderly persons and their adopted children taken from the Nichols and Overton family in the area using sexual harassment and sexual defamation now a felony hate crime (18 U.S. Code §249).

Attackers involved in Today's Abuse: packets 2836 packets 1358 packets 1 packets 6 packets 2 packets 12381 packets 1 packets 2 packets 1 packets 97900 packets 1 packets 7 packets 8543 packets 116

Numbers with more than 1 packet requested the same bait file 
despite refusal to serve the file, some over 97000 times.

Subsequent Denial-of-Service Attacks:

Attack by Games Server Kings IP May 14th 2023

Monitoring by Chicago IL Server GTHOST on May 16 2023 attack at 7:40 am CDT.

Over 1.4 million illegal requests since May 10th 2023, to interfere with the business during extortion letters from OVH and Cloud Web Manage. The Major offenders for the day are: Very Clear And Anti-Competitive Practices by OVH HOSTING Inc. clients. As these attacks of high volume unsolicited and declined traffic bursts indicate nexus by registration in the City of Dallas, Texas - along with prior 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX threat letters, it doesn't take a great detective to determine what is going on or how this is Interference in Interstate Commerce by the abducting parties labor organization via EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST client sites there ongoing as of May 13th 2023 amid escalating physical violence and animal deaths with injury to human workers in City of Ada, State of Oklahoma. The SENDERS are NOT PRIVATE PARTIES, ARE COMMERCIAL PARTIES, AND ARE IN THE SAME INDUSTRY AS THE TARGETED COMPANY IN CITY OF ADA. Senders Administrative access to Dallas TX and New York NY servers supports the abuse of privileges by the network officers named in the criminal complaint.

Retaliation for Company Research

These attacks appear to be direct martial support for child trafficking and human trafficking of persons, exposing a nexus of white supremacist and radicalized political insider abuse at major technology companies which mix asian socialism, homosexual militant subversive beahvior, foreign socailist, foreign law, and foreign policy with domestic terorism and extremist progressive democratic (socialist) activity promoting vice, sex work, and violence in child taking 'under color of law' prohibited by 22 U.S. Code §7102(1) and 18 U.S. Code §1589(a)(1).

Forensic analysis during Denial of Service (DoS) attacks from targeted rental server and foreign commercial networks disclosed substantial evidence of a domestic (Cheyenne WY / Dallas TX) and foreign (People's Republic of China, Beijing P.R. Department) and Credit Suisse (Seyechelle Islands, Contient of South Africa) nexus of parties engaged in active interdiction and SYN FLOOD ATTACKS on SHADOWDANCERS LLC and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP of City of Ada, CHICKASAW NATION and STATE OF OKLAHOMA limited liability company assets during May 2023 apperance of biological agents on property near East Central University of Oklahoma and resulting illness with a pathogen killing 5 animals and resulting in injury in two counts (April 1st, May 4th) to one human employee.

Suspicious Activity IP VISITOR TRAFFIC

Hydra Communications,, and other hosts (FRANTECH) associated with paid-revenge-services and Seznam networks, suggest organized for-hire cybercriminal activity paired with biological pathogen use on site, illness, and blindness and respiratory failure in animals and human victims now under medical care.

Outages are documented at the following times: Outage Log May 2023

Daily Abuse Reports Indicate the Following DALLAS TX companies and Foreign DoS Partners Failed Attempts:

GAMESERVERKINGS et al Report 2023 May 19th

Use of ChatGTP and other helper-applications which act as two-way information gathering tools at United States companies and businesses, are increasingly recognized as a major threat to U.S. Trade Secrets and Industrial Development. Threats in this area related to the 1998-2003 large language model technology then in development at SHADOWDANCERS LLC for BEYOND WAR, sustain claims of industrial espionage in ongoing use of South Korean and Singapore support of Texas, Michigan, and California offices of NTT GROUP officers LOSTSERVER, documented as engaged in this fraud since registration of domains in the year 2011 at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas using account '' to do so for extortion clear in letters of threat concealing a child from ORDERED POSSESSION, habeas corpus rights by law, and a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP to extort.

Further Evidence Bejing is pissed:

Every 60.0s: showguests           Fri May 19 11:35:12 2023
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443   TIME_WAIT   timewait (4.00/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443   TIME_WAIT   timewait (11.91/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (6.72/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (7.51/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (10.92/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (8.93/0/0)

The prior shows five different IP ADDRESSES in the 180.160.220.x network, CHINA SHANGHAI PROVINCE NETWORK, to abuse the Oklahoma business the morning of May 19th 2023. Ordinary traffic does not use six (6) different host IP numbers (41,43,47,52,101,111) to query an SSL web server in regular activity. This is evidence of procedural malware programming and IP established connections from PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to impair service to other customers, in retaliation for publication and data in this article.

The address of such abuse is originating from No.31, Jingrong Street, Beijing - People's Republic of China. Additional IPs include: - Use of data centers by administrative access to conceal domestic (United States) origin, exploiting poor IP delegation to create anonoymity via China telecom services, shows substantial evidence of planned activity and abuse of administrative professional skills familiar with data center and metro network IPv4 address pool assignment to carry out illicit network practices from commercial hosting facilities under access, administration, or control of a real party. IP ADDRESS evasion (changing address to avoid triggering security tools) in requests to port 80 / 443 intermittently is further evident, showing a design of software to evade and impair firewall protected systems in INTERNATIONAL TRADE and INTERSTATE COMMERCE activity amid ongoing threats. (see below, 1.192.192.x network, hosts 4,6,8,11 use in procedural evasive requests to impair services.)

Every 60.0s: showguests           Fri May 19 11:46:13 2023
tcp        0      1 This_Server:80      LAST_ACK    on (30.64/1/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443       TIME_WAIT   timewait (54.90/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:80       TIME_WAIT   timewait (34.69/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:80       TIME_WAIT   timewait (15.00/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443       TIME_WAIT   timewait (36.70/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:80      TIME_WAIT   timewait (41.70/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443      TIME_WAIT   timewait (0.86/0/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443      TIME_WAIT   timewait (18.60/0/0)

Bejing Telecom and Contabo (Germany) continue also to appear, in pattern abuse associated with 2323 Byran St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas threats spanning 2002-2023.

Every 60.0s: showguests           Fri May 19 12:22:14 2023
tcp        0      0 This_Server:80      SYN_RECV    on (3.20/4/0)
tcp        0      0 This_Server:443    TIME_WAIT   timewait (57.53/0/0)

While many people including rural law enforcement refuse to believe and insist such claims are delusions that such industrial fraud is both real and ongoing in dedicated long term operations, recent news exposes the naive and incompetent nature of such delusional failure of the Justice Department to carry out its duties when reports were filed by this firm and parties named over 2001-2023 in extortion, threat of murder, and child taking. This mercenary attitude and foreign values alien to the laws and customs of the United States, empower domestic extremists despite their isolation and minority status, to leverage hate crimes, conspiracy to injure, and incite the public while engaging in high value fraud from relatively humble and limited physical presence, hiding their assets and gains in crypto and via real estate fraud and credit leverage on real estate with partners in the industry in border states. Insider access at telecom, data center, and major firms - even as a simple subcontractor - afford to these criminals access and use of metro-class industrial bandwidth and identity ingress of many very large customers and client persona to wage all out war on their critics and alienated members of the modern post-nuclear-family benefits-fraud-oriented state-agency-backed child abuse scenarios.

Adversarial Surveillance Activity Continues

2023 April 11 - 5:00 am CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Information Security Specialists have access to confidential data generated by visitors to networks, servers, and websites. Visitor data is normally confidential, unless otherwise specified in TERMS OF SERVICE.

    For Example: - St Louis MO, France, and Deleware IP group in less than 240 seconds to web port monitoring. Typical of round-robin ban evasion using NOC access to evade law enforcement and create the false pretext of multiple users attacking a site - where there is only one user and an iOS phone.	1	1	15.40 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:56	DediPath NOC, Hockessin DE (USA)	1	1	6.64 KB		23 Apr 2023 - 08:55	DediPath NOC, Hockessin DE (USA)	2	2	41.16 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:54	Centrix, France	1	1	6.33 KB		23 Apr 2023 - 08:54	ServerMania, Los Angels CA (USA)	1	1	7.36 KB		23 Apr 2023 - 08:54	Future Tech Dist, Seyechelles Islands	1	1	26.36 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:53	LeaseWeb, United Kingdom	1	1	26.36 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:53	Aside MCD, Estonia	1	1	26.36 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:53	Future Tech Dist, Seyechelles Islands	1	1	32.54 KB	23 Apr 2023 - 08:52	Korea Telecom (Home Country of D Kim)

    Same Source / Same Machine / Routing Botnet

    Initiated by an iOS device, this is a scan of sites by a group of IP addresses across multiple well known compromised installations to conceal the original requestor, log content in an automatied fashion, and violate terms of service in a pattern of felony stalking and information gathering to evade bans. - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:52:41 -0500] "GET /bw2018_contrast.php HTTP/1.1" 200 33319 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 15_6_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/15E148 KAKAOTALK 10.1.0" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:00 -0500] "-" 408 - "-" "-" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:41 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302 213 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:42 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 26997 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:30 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302 214 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:44 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 26997 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:50 -0500] "GET /index.php HTTP/1.1" 302 223 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:53:56 -0500] "GET /index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 26997 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:16 -0500] "GET /index.camouflage.php HTTP/1.1" 302 234 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:17 -0500] "GET /index.camouflage.php HTTP/1.1" 200 7539 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:25 -0500] "GET /index.brief.php HTTP/1.1" 302 229 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:35 -0500] "GET /index.brief.php HTTP/1.1" 200 6480 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:38 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 302 230 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:54:51 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 36912 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:55:27 -0500] "GET /index.ia.php HTTP/1.1" 302 226 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:55:38 -0500] "GET /index.ia.php HTTP/1.1" 200 6795 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:56:28 -0500] "GET /index.about.php HTTP/1.1" 302 229 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36" - - - - [23/Apr/2023:08:56:28 -0500] "GET /index.about.php HTTP/1.1" 200 15772 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/83.0.4103.97 Safari/537.36"

    See Also:
    Singapore-UK Probe 2023 Apr 25
    Related Fraud Score of 73/100

However, in cases of extreme abuse, certain types of visitors are BANNED - manually or automatically for violating rules made to prevent abuse. Like A.I., these simple automated rules protect networks from abuse and unlawful redistribution to carry out criminal activity or extort.

Law enforcement must be fluent in this private data and right to discriminate (47 U.S. Code §230) in cases of abuse, threat, and extortion; and the right to extend broadly such protections when BAN EVASION is being employed to KNOWINGLY AND PURPOSEFULLY EVADE CIVIL CONTRACT OR CIVIL LAW to abuse a business or real or natural person(s).

Efforts to style persons reporting abuse, or compel disclosure of all data provided privacy on benefit of doubt, as paranoid or mentally unsound, is a criminal activity in private or public office where evidence is omitted from or refused consideration in official reports and claims due incompetence of a reporting party or bias, and an attempt to injure real persons civil honors and rights purposefully where such data is subject to any privacy rights under any theory of law, and such data is commercial private data entitled protection from a SHOW PROOF demand outside of closed court.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and JAMES ALLEN have substantial data strongly indicating the abuse by an adversarial party in commercial activity to harm, sabotage, and appropriate for storage and use without license in a pattern of criminal activity to harm a child, which the following file supports is both ongoing and evident purposeful network service abuse to gain access to information using automated rotation of IP ADDRESS and specific providers known or associated with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, IX NETWORKS LLC, EQUINX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC of Plano Texas, NTT GROUP, NTT/VERIO, TERRABOX.COM CO, ATLANTIC.NET DALLAS LLC, SHARKTECH.NET, and other providers at 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas, 1950 N Stemmons Freeway Dallas Texas, and affiliated Denver Colorado, Cheyenne Wyoming, OVH HOSTING INC. Floor 2 New York City data center, HURRICANE ELECTRIC of California, OVH data center #1 of Canada, HETZNER.DE, FRANTECH.CA, THE DAILY STORMER (newsgroup for neo nazi national socialist white supremacy in the United States at FRANTECH) and threats from those networks documented on this server.

The following MS Excel file shows that pattern of abuse, employing VPN/IP automated evasion created at CLOUDFLARE to seek information prohibited by law to the viewer - in a proof of service abuse and network service software and application development in ongoing collateral fraud and property theft.

Effort to style such unusual abuse as imaginary or delusional is component to a felony fraud in taking and concealment of a child for commercial extortion in Interstate fraud ongoing as of March 28 2023 demands for over $69,000+ USD in false claims by U.S. Mail, on a case closed by the TITLE IV AGENCY for cause, obligated report and duty under UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT and trial spanning 2017 November to 2023 March so prohibited collection also by 45 COMMON FEDERAL RULE CFR section 303.6 in civil law; representing harassment of businesses and ongoing false claims barred by 45 CFR §303.100 specified Federal Statutory Law 15 U.S. Code §1692g. Time devoted to such monitoring at the rate specified by the company for LEGAL SERVICES designated by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA as $1950 USD or less per hour, is owing and due cost of service to the perpetrator(s) in interference in Interstate Commerce and clandestine misuse of INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS to solicit a business, utilize its resources, and to do so without purpose in its ordinary business activity of commerce at the expense of other customers and to intimidate and abuse the party in collection of a debt evident in U.S. Mail notice of a December 2016 void form made void by Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 pg 93492 and 45 CFR §303.6 rule, a REQUIRED STATE LAW governing the creditor and invalid for debts after 30 calendar days time from first day owing and due. The effort to roll-over such debt is contrary United States Public Policy set mandatory Federal Law and void in any claim of imputed income not proven to be factual income in formula, so alleged Federal Fraud to report - per 18 U.S. Code § 1341 and enjoined taking for concealment and abuse of a newborn child from possession and inherent rights of the parent owing and due Title 76 Section 76-1 and 76-8 in Oklahoma Statutory Law and false title of possession (a right by law) violated in felony degree, 18 U.S. Code §241 with hate crime elements to lynch and maim and disable the parent to prevent recovery also in felony degree (18 U.S. Code §249) entitled notice upon the public and self defense without State or Federal indictment in the ongoing effort to commit a felony and harm the victim further (22 Oklahoma Statutory Law, section 22-31).

Time-Date-Stamp of these instances indicate both premeditation of design and automation, ruling out organic human browsing activity (limited license legitimate use) and limiting suspects to a specific peer (COMPETITOR) group of commercial parties engaged in violent abuse of an alienated JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR; and in the death of one animal and permanent blindness to another immediately after $12,000 USD surgery in April 2023.

As these actions appear to immediately precede public notice of a biological terrorism act, they are subject to no right to privacy and further public information in the interest of public safety and to combat any fraud now being presented to the Texas Attorney General or U.S. Attorney General to further harm the Oklahoma parent and business targeted in this 2001-2023 sustained child taking and concealment contrary ORDERED POSSESSION of a child.

Additional review of server logs confirm this is a security breach attempt exceeding 3000 requests.

Additional Visitors Of Interest

  •	42	42	12 Apr 2023 - 00:44
    Prior Employer of Donald J Beal
  •	1	58	48.38 MB	11 Apr 2023 - 11:35
    French Site Used for Virtual Machines, Prior cited in threat "I'm in Paris now" on Twitch
    along with rape and extortion threats targeting TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. viewrs of this LLC
  •	12	12	301.69 KB	12 Apr 2023 - 00:01
    ContaboServer, a data center frequently associated with repeated attacks by the TX group.

None of the prior are ordinary home users or major VPN services, and represents a group of SERVER RENTAL activities by a designated specific and distinct organization with ties to Ukraine, Croatia, Panama, Canada, New York City, Seychelle Islands, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, and Beijing/HongKong sites affiliated with the hostile labor group activity and NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN data centers and connection activity.

Domestic Texas, Michigan, California, Colorado, Florida, and New York sites correlate with COGENT-NTT property and compromise of backbone routing at NTT GROUP systems to carry out attacks using major client IP ADDRESS space, mentioned by Donald Beal in 2012 October 31 as alleged attacks on his networks from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. which appear to be misrepresentation of reply traffic and reflection (answer to request) traffic generated by his group in the transport layer; aking attacks to win client trust described in open court and technically impossible. Other technical impossiblity includes his claim he 'pressed the wrong key' and sent 8 million ICMP packets in 3 days to an ADSL business data line with text message payload (malformed ICMP) to intimidate and extort the parent during concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and fraud to thwart and conceal JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP over that child with VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN.

By design and default, ICMP 'ping' only sends 1 packet per second. It requires additional (unusual, substantial) coding to initiate a 6Mbps ICMP traffic flow, and such activity has no legitimate business purpose. By lying about this under oath before Judge Kilgore of PONTOTOC COUNTY, DONALD BEAL evaded a protective order claiming he was not physically in PONTOTOC COUNTY so such authority of the court could not extend to communications impariing INTERSTATE COMMERCE initiated or sustained by him acorss State borders into PONTOTOC COUNTY. Failure to admit this indicates the degree of pathology and criminal premeditation paired with regional incapacity to apply 21 O.S. 21-1304 (Letters Threatening) and other laws against this form of abuse, or enforce civil law over common law in child taking for Hobbs Act felony abuse sustained from 2001-2023 on child snatching and fraud ab initio.

Because of a written authorization by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN to act on her behalf in written letter Sept 12 2003 and affirmation of such power of attorney in subsequent letter made explicity by DONALD J BEAL on Sept 2003 to make false claims to defraud and extort, citing collaboration with ALICIA MCMAHON SCARBROUGH in the prior Sept 12 2003 letter, all parties are deemed jointly acting as a group in concert with and other LOSTSERVER.NET members in State of Michigan and State of California employed as officers by NTT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT GROUP. VEORNICA MARIE PETERSEN is a VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE in State of Texas at FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE from 2008-present, involved in such demands for property forfeiture by threat and withholding of a child during ORDERED POSSESSION. DONALD BEAL is DIRECTOR of IX NETWORKS LLC and prior an unregistered agent of NTT GROUP employed by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and working for and with TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX cited in letters of extortion in the year 2011 on concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma across State and Federal borders. These facts are written letters, witnessed by other persons and documented by PRIVATE INVESTIGATION in 2012, and business activity of THECHURCHBOARD.COM and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM and LOSTSERVER.NET and CANADASUCKS.NET groups joint ventures with NTT GROUP of JAPAN. THECHURCHBOARD.COM was based in State of Texas, and is now based in Reykjavik Iceland. VAMPIREFREAKS.COM is based in State of New York and dissolved in 2020 its online forum, which reorganized on FACEBOOK.COM.

JAMES ALLEN was a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER and last member deemed a VITAL EMPLOYEE of NORTEL NETWORKS in AUGUST 2001, during layoffs of over 80,000 other full time employees, then a contractor for PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES tasked with the AUDIT OF TEK SYSTEMS subcontractors without their knowledge or consent. Claims that JAMES ALLEN was an employee of TEK SYSTEMS at NORTEL are fraud by such persons, in retaliation to conceal a data breach valued at $250 billion USD then resulting in total insolvency and bankruptcy of NORTEL NETWORKS in 2011 procedings, during which the natural child of JAMES ALLEN was taken for hostage by TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employees who engaged in fraud to conceal the child from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGED CONSERVATORSHIP aided by refusal to produce habeas corpus rights by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS spanning 2001-2023. This is presently alleged a felony Hobbs Act Violation, and heavily documented in regional interstate corrupt organizations activity in the false claims of both parties and false records made to overcome the TITLE IV GRANT and UNITED STATES AGENCY status of the program by State controlled entities refuting REQUIRED STATE LAW and Federal Regulation in violation of civil law to extort, and to do so in a series of 4 separate trials on false civil cause of wrongdoing in 2001-2023. Evidence against Allen is hearsay, inadmissible, and at no time have either State afforded JAMES ALLEN the right to face his accuser or respond to evidence which both courts in three counties have falsely relied and held up to UNITED STATES for benefits in knowing fraud and on manufactured evidence incorporating a wholly fabricated false person to pretend to be a peer of ALLEN in his education at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, to abduct and conceal a child for Interstate commercial extortion. Injured parties include AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, NISSAN MOTOR ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION, CAPITAL ONE, MBNA AMERICA, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its subdivisions named in fraud to include MILITECH SYSTEMS and SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, and such organizations duly registered real trade names entitled full protection of law; and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and DEEP LAYER INC., whom the parties in 2021-2023 have sought to claim in rem forfeiture of SECURITIES by withholding of the child and information to overcome and blackmail, extort, and intimidate clients, employees, shareholders, officers, and property owners in a pattern of criminal intimidation and false letters of evidence to extort under color of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT and UNITED STATES MILITARY false claims of rank and service to defraud the public, threaten persons over the age of 65 and legally disabled persons systematically (4) and style Allen falsely as such a disabled or mentally incompetent or morally defective person using ethnic and misgender (transgender) claims of a clear anti-indigenous ethnic character to abuse and blackmail in places of commerce and public business and to disable and engage in fraudulent transfer of the REGISTERED TRADEMARK "STRYX" and "BEYOND WAR" and other marks to foreign sale via Minnesota, Ireland, England, Sweden, and other countries intermediary with PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN.

JAMES ALLEN has never been an employee of TEK SYSTEMS, and such letters (2002 Sept 20 and 2011) impeach all claims of DONALD J BEAL in all matters pertaining to this case and concern - and to omit to the public duties ordered to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN prohibited by Texas Criminal Code Section 37.03 (aggravated perjury) in a pattern of felony activity under false names and false address to avoid civil service upon genuine employers of a multi-layer multi-state subcontractor network, of which IX NETWORKS LLC is the present 'shell' company made to insulate those firms and prior LOSTSERVER and LOOPBACK0 and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS operators found in documents in 2011 and letters and registrations of messages to defraud such as and usage, and violent threats in 2010-2013 promising physical abuse and maiming to the parent during so called periods of alleged neutrality and ORDERED POSSESSION - sustained in medical records of the child disclosed in 2015 as an ongoing sustained fraud by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN in person and upon medical report to obtain a controlled substance used on the child by fraud. Promotion of these frauds by SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC), an unregistered company legally ALICIA MCMAHON SCARBROUGH d/b/a SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC), operating in faithless servant activity following prior EMPLOYMENT BY SHADOWDANCERS LLC prior the Month of August and year 2000, during and since in 2001 to 2023, are component with organized sustained and directed following, harassment, violent threats, and recent contact November 13 2021 prior renewed express terrorist threats on November 14 2021 sustained to Feb 5 2023 in blackmain and March 2023 biological terror activity on a residential property in concert with messages of harassment referring to such acts in August 2022 and March 2023 resulting in two blined animals and four sick animals, one animal death, and serious injury exceeding $8500 to James Arnold Allen.

Counter-surveillance for lawful commercial purposes is therefore ordinary, and allegations of any misplaced security concerns intent to commit a felony fraud in claims by any party. All persons and property under such commercial and residential use are subject surveillance upon entering or communication with the office, for any purpose deemed necessary for the security or public notice to combat such fraudulent claims and gaslighting intimidation and provocation activity, industrial sabotage, industrial espionage, et al. All calls are recorded and monitored, and all in person meetings are subject to video recording.

This is a labor dispute, by FORMER EMPLOYEES and COMPETITOR OFFICERS and UNREGISTERED CLANDESTINE OFFICER ACTIVITY so easily viewed in concert to false employment claims and auditor retaliation by those groups, who have standing as business operators to be subject to a felony Hobbs Act protection owing and due the alienated parent/business-owner.

Downloadable PDF: Printble Timeline FR-2018-04 Threats to Extort ALLEN

See also:

UPDATE: following this article April 12th 2023 in City of Ada, the pet of the author was found with its neck broken and posed on the steps of his childhood home in the enclosed yard, sustianing claims of Interstate organized racketeering in criminal enterprise activity with violence in PETERSEN v ALLEN. The animal's body was clearly posed after being killed, with the head bent back to the left over the shoulder and the leg left over the water bowl damp from being moved post-mortem. The tail was in an unnatural position, and no sign of blood or blunt force trauma to indicate a vehicle accident. Position of the hind against the brick shows placement by a human perpetrator. The head is folded under the left shoulder beyond any angle a living animal could accomplish even in a seizure. A foreign substance was visible in the mouth and on the roof of the mouth, observed also by the examining vet. This is in addition to the prior April 1 2023 death of a pet, and blinding of a 2nd pet, in a 3rd injury resulting in death in pendancy of appeal on the prior civil case brought by VERONICA PETERSEN in violation of UIFSA section 314 immunity in 2018-2023 without fast and speedy trial or legal cause required of a CITATION FOR CONTEMPT such as factual income calculation sheet obligated by Feb 21 2017 REQUIRED STATE LAW in Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Pg 93492-93496. This follows prior placement of a large bone in the yard, during other threats to extort in January and February 2023 prior dismissal of CITATION FOR CONTEMPT wrongly brought versus Allen, alleged out of jurisdiction since June 2019 but sustained until March 2023 unjustly to extort and suppress evidence. The animal was registered and under care of a vet when the death occurred, and the property of JAMES ALLEN.

Suspected Biological Terrorism Kills Pet

2023 April 10 - 9:30 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Following the ruling March 16 2023, on or about the 28th of March, a pathogen causing blindness and death was determined after a dead animal carcass was left on the property of an elderly disabled person, causing sickness in her animals and illness in the DEFENDANT and three of his animals, one of whom died April 1st 2023 in approximately two days after infection. A second animal lost its sight, which was restored by April 9 2023 dosage of medication killing the parasite. This is being treated by our office as a suspected biological terrorism attack on the grandparent of the missing and exploited child, in concert with a March 28 2023 demand for over $69,000 USD in writing served by U.S. Mail violating Federal Law and Required State Law - delivered April 8th 2023.

INTENT TO APPEAL is prepared due refusal to afford counter-suit and intercession by State of Oklahoma as a new non-party in the suit not prior exposed and former attorney of the plaintiff, having come forward in 2018 November as VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN as sole party at law in civil suit violating UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (UIFSA, Rev 2008) Section 314 "Immunity" and in double jeopardy of DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT case 15-06292393 already underway in 2015 to 2020, to interfere with and block all motions to that court contrary UIFSA Section 3 and suppress a written confession of fraud and child snatching maintained from 2001 to 2023 for commercial Interstate extortion, warrants Federal Special Investigation in Pontotoc County.

It is our opinion that these abuses are targeted to Christians, served to cause emotional injury on Christian national holidays purposefully, unlawful, and in connection with compelling a heterosexual parent prior in a paid contract for promise (contract) of marraige and relocation and residency between states; and then child taking and abuse and fraud to coerce the Christian parent and Oklahoma business owner to accept, tolerate, and participate in a lifestyle of polygamy, polyamory, sodomy conditional to access to their children and operation of their business, and a bondage dominance and sadomasochism (BDSM) lifestyle and community in the City of Dallas, State of Texas, protected by the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, and ongoing obstruction of justice prohibited by Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Page 93492.

Representation of a UNITED STATES AGENCY, so made in any TITLE IV-D AGENCY, by a State entity as State of Oklahoma or State of Texas, and especially where such entity is also the State Justice Department or its Distict Attorney Office, to impersonate a Federal Agency at law while refusing to apply Federal Regulations of delegated, limited, and exclusive authority set forth in REQUIRED STATE LAW made effective February 21 2017, is prohibited by Oklahoma Criminal Code Title 21 Section 21-1533 ("Legal Sham"). CITATION FOR CONTEMPT in this case in 2018 was a sole LEGAL ANSWER and retaliation to a 45 CFR §302.56(f) filing citing "unjust" and "unfair" demands in EXCESSIVE FINES and FRAUD, owing LEGAL ANSWER in CIVIL PROCESS per §303.11(b)(17) of 45 Common Federal Rule (CFR).

Efforts to style report of this UNITED STATES AGENCY and improper organization of State Justice denying all Criminal Law Protection to the debtors of a TITLE IV AGENCY by State of Oklahoma and State of Texas, represents a criminal law violation prohibited by Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-8 and pattern of denial of right to bring witnesses or be heard on fraud (UIFSA Section 6 defense, denied; 5 U.S. Code §706 right of relief) in favor of res judicata claims in a collateral contract and on a fraudulent title of a natural child, created as a DALLAS TX birth not of record to spoliation of title of a prior May 2001 real and registered birth in The City of Carrollton, Denton County, State of Texas granted custody to JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN at 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX 75204 FOREIGN RESIDENCY during Interstate work limited to 1 year. Effort to style JAMES ALLEN as having abandoned his child on taking by force admitted in written threats and extortion letters September 12 2002 and September 20 2002 and 2011 repeated claims in LEGAL ANSWER, on wholly in default ABANDONMENT civil suit 01-17702 and double jeopardy of such suit illegally in case 01-17702-R under new civil cause of action "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN AND JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, AND IN THE MATTER OF A CHILD" where no license or certificate of marriage or common law marriage was found to exist or divorce granted, and a child taken from the prior address to Denton County for concealment and commercial extortion of a registered Oklahoma Business and $50,000 USD credit line of that business in City of Ada, Oklahoma to defraud; having accepted as payment in prior civil contract $10,000 USD for relocation and settlement of the children paid by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER of Carrollton Texas accounts receivable of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, shows clear kidnapping of a newborn child to defraud and injury with malice sustained in public fraud and abuse of reputation of a commercial degree by FORMER EMPLOYEES OF SHADOWDANNCERS L.L.C. and NORTEL NETWORKS, and COMPETITOR EMPLOYEES and FORMER EMPLOYEES and UNREGISTERED AGENTS IN ORGANIZED ACTIVITY themed a HOBBS ACT VIOLATION refused investigation from 2001-2023.


VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN is a former NORTEL NETWORKS contractor. The father of her 3rd child Donald J. Beal did create CANADASUCKS.NET to damage NORTEL NETWORKS investors in retaliation for her termination, and has since carried on the same fraud to take, conceal, and abuse the child of NORTEL contractor JAMES ALLEN - falsifying his employment history with PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES of Plano Texas as that of competitor TEK SYSTEMS in 2002 September 20 and 2011 to defraud and conceal the child from ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP. Failure to hear this case in full, constitutes abuse of the investors and creditors of NORTEL and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and a pattern of violent criminal labor activity in DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY refused protection on public fraud and a terrorist hoax.


Use of biological agents causing blindness to instill fear in elderly real estate owners and injure their animals and property, following threats November 2021, January 28 2022, video blackmail activity March 3rd 2022, impersonation of Dr. Ann Klepper (grandmother of the child) resulting in her death March 2nd 2022, October 4 2022 direct CCTV documented visitation upon the office of this firm to intimidate and extort, October 5 2022 threats in written notice by Donald Beal upon the property owners to extort and promise grief if they did not comply with financial demands, January 6th 2023 photography of the office sent then in threatening messages over 100 times to business audiences to extort, and February 5 2022 express threat of a false lawsuit in State of Wyoming where the party is resident in Casper WY and alleged to be operating as a City Employee of Fort Collins (Colorado) from which local AUTHORIZED TEAMSPEAK HOSTING PROVIDER services owned by an Argentina (South America) resident incorporated in State of Florida direct their calls to the Fort Collins (Colorado) area - in which no business or office or employees are registered of that firm: duly suggest a Title 78 Section 78-53 "unfair business practices" activity and COMMERCIAL COMPETTTION in action in 2013 July 11 to present in City of Ada to damage the prior established 2008 July business and statewide franchise license of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. encrypted voice and data service in this fraud.

The standing of COMPETITOR and OFFICER rank in these business activities, paired with commercial use of a child and publicity of an Interstate and International nature to defraud in child concealment and taking stated a plan in September 12 2003 threats to witnesses by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, in which she designates DONALD J. BEAL as her spokesperson for this legal matter explicitly and indicates also as accomplices ALICIA MCMAHON SCARBROUGH and (falsely, to defraud) CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER (Oklahoma grandmother of the child, an ADOPTION and exploitation of that ADOPTION status to abduct in identity theft repeated in 2022 ongoing threats in writing by her spokesperson to defraud in criminal degree, prohibited by Oklahoma Statutory Code Title 43A Section 43A-5-104 and a pattern of such fraud over 2001 December to 2023).


Similar cases have awarded over $900 million USD in civil damages, and attorney fees. Title 23 Section 23-9.1 sets damages at "unlimited" amounts, entitled no prejudgement other than by a jury trial, granted in 2019 February indictment and motion in case FR-2018-04 in witness of Kyle Hibbs from the gallery of PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT. Dismissal appears to be an attempt to evade the TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.008 right of counter-suit, a reserved right per UIFSA Section 6 in any process, and to refuse to offer State of Oklahoma services and adjudicate the case contrary in Texas contrary a duty to interface and forward all motions to other courts during any UIFSA matter per Section 3 and section 6, and overcome the defendant in violation of section 314 prior "immunity" in place at the time of such filing, and evade Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Page 93492 duty of February 21 2017 REQUIRED STATE LAW permitted no time later than April 2018 to take full effect; and such case filed November 2018 when such REQUIRES STATE LAW would have been owing an ddue service.


Abuse of network services in an organized fashion from THE SEYCHELLE ISLANDS (South Africa) and PANAMA (Trump Tower data center specifically, no longer a TRUMP asset and under foreign control) and by Brazil and Netherlands and Swedish sources in context to other attacks in volume from OVH HOSTING INC. of CANADA and NEW YORK CITY (NY) appear to indicate nexus of the biological pathogen. This pathogen resembles a South American organism, is not detected by conventional parasite tests for animals employed by the regional (North American) veterinary care provider monitoring the animals at the time of death, and is caused due to the animal laying eggs in the eyes and other organs outside the digestive tract, causing severe injury and death.

Access to the pathogen is therefore evidently possible, part of prior organized Terrorist threats and four unsolved directed at-power vehicle attacks on U.S. Mail Box to break open and steal mail during case 15-06292393, and no correspondence from the DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT received in 2018-2023 to show delivery of CIVIL PROCESS to PARTIES IN THE SUIT in City of Ada as formally alleged performed in court record, nor of resignation of attorney in case FR-2018-04 delivered in similar fashion in 2022 to show interference in CIVIL PROCESS in PONTOTOC COUNTY with FEDERAL MAIL and a terrorist hoax against a registered place of business on concealment of a child and Federal fraud (18 U.S. Code §1341) formally filed complaint in this matter.

Alex Jones commercial fraud versus parents and children of Sandy Hook School Shooting increases Damages to $1.4 Billion USD


Offices of the firm remain closed to the public as a result of this activity, and ongoing demand by "The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas, designated as the Title IV-D Agency," dated March 28 2023 to continue to pursue the case contrary closure of case 0117702R by the State of Oklahoma formally reported in open court to apply for dismissal of the civil suit FR-2018-04 without prejudice - asserting no intent to enforce such contract by State policy to overcome TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.008 counter-suit and evidence in order of a FICTITIOUS PETITIONER employed to lure the DEFENDANT into a 4 year trial on wrongful filing of a CITATION FOR CONTEMPT as legal answer to 45 CFR §302.56(f) formal civil process served on their office. Jury trial was granted, and denied on the basis of 'doubt' and in written submission to the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION of evidence manufactured in false name and false persona to impersonate an East Central University Student to give testimony of legal material nature alleged to defraud in an prohibited by Title 8 Texas Statutory Code Chapter 37 Section 37.03 aggravated perjury, a felony offense in the third degree.


Effort to style the defendant as a TRANSGENDER person is a felony hate crime (18 U.S. Code §249) initially witnessed in hiring at NORTEL by libel of prior contractors to discourage communication with ex-employees in Richardson (TX), disclosed by the hiring agent to JAMES ALLEN; and in abuse by false accounts created on TRANSGENDERDATE.COM by developers identified as owner/operators of LOSTSERVER.NET - an unregistered labor organization between NTT COMMUNICATIONS Senior IP Engineer and Director of IP Engineering and Donald J. Beal (a ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee, operating clandestinely in this capacity among NTT competitors in Dallas Texas at 2323 Bryan St data center facilities of EQUINIX and Stemmons Freeway data center INFOMART - a client of NTT/VERIO at such time). Other NTT/VERIO employees at 722 S Haskel Ave Dallas Texas include Amy Snelgrove, who sought and obtained contract with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and "TERRABOX.COM CO" simultaneously - and at such time had access to email services and accounts of JAMES ALLEN which are alleged since to be falsified evidence to support and maintain the abduction amid threats of violence witnessed by Elizabeth Botelho and other members of the Board of Directors of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, including former U.S. Army instructor Michael Marino and his spouse Sarah Moore of H&R Block - whose testimony has been refused in this case without legal cause in 4 separate trials to sustain a fraud. Witness Christopher Melton Maidt did see the act of child kidnapping, and was killed amid threats December 25 2022 in a fire destroying his home and killing his roomate and himself on Christmas morning. Mr. Maidt and James Allen fled Dallas after an assault with serious injury on Allen and subsequent targeted robbery of a vehicle owned by Mr. Maidt immediately following disclosure of its location to "TERRABOX.COM CO", and seizure of property refused return to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by that firm and over express contractual demand; similar to human trafficking retention of James Allen witnessed by Mark Deaver (owner, Norman Computers) and Lindsay Tarver (employee, Norman Computers) in 2001 attempt to remove vital computers owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for recovery to Oklahoma with the incapacitated body of James Allen from the 722 S Haskel Ave Dallas Texas site occupied by TERRABOX.COM CO, and leased space to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. then obligated access and contractual security of such hardware for return at-will resisted in an ANTIFA-style blocking of the street and approach of the vehicle to disable travel and escape with Allen and his equipment. James Allen alleges human trafficking in violation of 21 O.S. 21-748.1 and seeks counter-suit right entitled such claim per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 refused all due process and sustained on concealment of his only child since 74 days of age, who was taken at knife point after forced removal and false offer of return to compel his surrender of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. line of credit to abductors documented in Sept 20 2002 statements of commercial threat to Elizabeth Peta May Botelho, a British / People's Republic of China dual Citizen with permanent resident alien status in State of Oklahoma prepared to testify to human trafficking in this matter and ongoing (2023) identity theft to abuse her right to testify by the abducting group in pattern commercial fraud.


The animal killed April 1st 2023 was adopted by Allen and Botelho in 2008, following the death of the prior animal adopted by James Allen and Veronica Petersen in the year 2000 due to abuse suffered at 722 S Haskel Ave during confinement of Allen; whereupon return did Allen find the animal put out on the street and starving, infected with parasites, and such treatment done by the owner of TERRABOX.COM CO admitted to E. Botelho in transcript as concealed from the owner and money paid to feed the animals not used for such purpose - attempting instead to accuse the owner of abandonment and destroying the wall of the building housing the animals in alleged renovation. "TERRABOX.COM CO" was forfeit to State of Texas in 2004, having been established in 2001, and insolvent as of 2002 - per Sarah Moore (CFO) assessment, at which time the owner began to operate as a "d/b/a TERRABOX" brand in self employment to organize a new company, concealing costs of accounts payable for a T1 data circuit at 722 S Haskel Ave Dallas Texas, and terminated Michael Marino and Sarah Moore for refusing to cooperate with such plan - reporting them later to Dun & Bradstreet as false officers to conceal his activity. Michael and Sarah, in the presence of the owner of "TERRABOX.COM CO" and his designation of such persons as officers of a corporation, did entice and hire JAMES ALLEN to contract for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. to lease space designated at 722 S Haskel Ave, Dallas Texas; then and before Elizabeth P. Botelho later disclosed as a 'forced labor and communal-work-arrangement for residency and shelter' falsely presented to other victims of this scheme, which was discovered when confronted by John Marquis II (aka Indy, CatOnMars) who was deceived by this fraud. John lured James outside and left quicky, the night of the ambush and assault at gunpoint, locking Allen outside the building with two gunmen who approached with lights on and took Allen from his car at gunpoint, threatening to kill him. It is believed that Mr. Marquis was also a trafficking victim, coerce to do so, and has since fled to State of Colorado. Other witnesses have fled to State of Florida and State of Maine, citing retaliation and threats upon their life. At such time E. Botehlo had fled to London (United Kingdom), and her photos were placed upon the seat of the stolen car in the carjacking at 722 S Haskel Ave Dallas Texas in the year 2002, in a clear message to threaten witness Botelho. This conduct was continued in 2002 by Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald Beal on September 12 2002 and September 20 2002 in concert with the group known to be users of THECHURCHBOARD.COM and later VAMPIREFREAKS.COM (a New York City, NY site with over 30000 members) where ALICIA MCMAHON was a moderator and Senior Member (CHURCHBOARD) and VIP MODERATOR (VAMPIREFREAKS). LOSTSERVER.NET and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM are included in all pages of the GOOGLE LLC site created by myluv187, a user account employed by the group to carry the threats in 2010-2013 ongoing extortion.


Failure to grant this matter criminal protection of law or referral to Federal authorities in ongoing concealment of a child by the TITLE IV-D AGENCY of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma appears to be State sponsored Kidnapping denying all due process. Law enforcement claims they lack the sophistication to process digital evidence, and wholly disregard all evidence of a digital nature to sustain the case, concealing such evidence to suggest no crime or offense which does not occur in-person by persons who are permanent residence of the respective County and Jurisdiction of each court affected. Evasion of multiple counties to carry out fraud and across multiple states is racketeering, and part of organized crime owing investigation. Hybrid Gangs use persons with conventional jobs and career history and registry to act in alternate persona while relying on false confidence in the integrity of separated registered entities to disclaim potential cross-organizational activity of this nature, and upon the use of minors and juvenile symbols and elements such as the 'ax' in JUGGALO and ICP organized anarchist and ANTIFA violence styled as protest or 'social justice' to target persons and minorities who do not support radicalized SDS (Socialist / Students for a Democratic Society) platforms of the group. Policies of these groups directly mirror Chinese Communist Party (CCP) revolutionary 'committee' organization and lack of rule-based practices, reliant on power-dynamics and vice activity deemed democratically accepted customs in narcotics and recreational drug abuse and sexual practices, and appeal to such groups and minorities on collective bargaining claims disregarding all titled property and rights of private property not enforced by regional City, State, and Federal authority as void - and to style any confidence in such rights by law as 'delusion' of persons and incompatible with a real-world practice of taking by force and right of possession as title rights backed by public endorsement solely. These endorsement claims extend to overcome 'right to work' (Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A) and to further assert civil contract and civil law are superior to Constitutional Law and void Constitutional Rights, Federal Law, State Law, and the bylaws of regular organizations, contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9. Their insertion into critical data center operations and key social network and communications services represent a direct threat to the government of the State of Oklahoma and United States, and imminent danger owing Congressional Special Investigation. Treatment of whistleblowers by the group is evident in the injury to James Allen, Christopher Maidt, and use of Identity Theft and FALSE LEGAL NAME to impersonate victims and threaten in evasion of the civil process.

Escalation from violation of the Okalhoma Anti Terrorism Act - alleged a "joke" or "prank" formally in the PETERSEN v ALLEN case to evade ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY protection unjustly in felony degree; appears to have natrually escalated to biological terrorism with evidence of foreign support April 9 2023 (Easter Sunday) in City of Ada.


Ongoing investigation to determine the nature of such injury and illness of James Allen phsycially diagnosed Tuesday April 4 2023, pending a formal complaint and police report; are scheduled for laboratory examinations Tuesday April 11th 2023 in good order. Injury pain is about a 3/10 now, with severe abdominal pain after $4250 in medication and initial temproary relief. Allen remains injured, physically; and in isolation citing a highly contagious and sudden onset (48 hour) illness.

Use of these tactics and public fraud are alleged violation of 21 O.S. §21-837 (intimidating laborers) and 21-838 (intimidating employers); and have been ongoing since 2001 August 11th abduction of his child. Efforts to style Allen as paranoid, while concealing his child from alleged JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION for over 10 years and without any communication whatsoever since 2001 September are fraud to suspend habeas corpus rights. James Allen is not a public attorney and the prior is not legal advice to any other matter exclusive notice of habeas corpus and clamour de haro (common law right, hue and cry) of a violation of law to contest fraud in abuse of civil process and serious injury threatened, susustained, and maintained to overcome a commission of the STate of Oklhaoma and impersonate the Office of the Secreaty of the State of Oklahoma and other agenices in "legal sham" to incite taking and lynching of James Allen, a hate crime.

James Allen is a Christian and heterosexual person, and claims to the contrary are typical of this "foreign sovereign agency movement" now alleged a criminal labor movement in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas operating against title of property, in spoliation of title, and concealment of family members to overcome a registered business. "TERRABOX.COM COM" legally existed only in 2001-2004 per record of the Secretary of State of Texas, and its citation as a living reference in 2011 by DONALD J BEAL to extort, documented by CIO Stephen Marino of Andrews School of Medical Transcription in public threats upon a domain created to extort Allen and his family and business at that time, and in plan of extortion sent in LEGAL ANSWER to CEASE AND DESIST notice served on DONALD J. BEAL, Director of IX NETWORKS LLC of Texas (2020 August 27th registration) was then (2011) described as a clear written plan and intent to extort Allen to alter his testimony to suit the narrative supporting the kidnapping, concealment, and abuse of Allen's only child by the parties.


Mark Deaver described what he witnessed in 2002-2023 as "A test run, against a private citizen, of what the Democratic Party has since done to Donald J. Trump and other public figures."

The office of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada Oklahoma agrees, citing findings of SOUTH KOREAN NATIONAL leadership with SAUDI ARABIA residency and Ann Arbro Michigan nexus at University of Michigan in the NTT AMERICA organization and staff there associated with LOSTSERVER.NET, to be operating in a manner similar to prior WEATHER UNDERGROUND terrorist activity utilizing data center subcontractor employment and vendor influence in antitrust activity to target, abuse, harass, and publicly gaslight in abuse of property, commercial rights, and suffrage rights those competitors of NTT GROUP (23% equity owned by the entity GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN) and its Japanese Congress Party (Nippon Kaigi, a radical socialist pro-rearmament nationalist group) of whom former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (assassinated, July 8 2022). These groups are not engaged in ordinary business, operate across State lines in not-for-profit and for-profit conflicts of interest, and appear increasingly to try to leverage the employees of the State and Federal JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to carry out their intimidation and racketeering schemes or validate them by failing to register or recognize their offenses as proof of no crime or wrongdoing in large scale and sustained organized and meticulous harassment to overcome suffrage and eliminate competitors in the general marketplace - establishing monopolies and authority not otherwiser or ordinary in these trade union groups similar to the Japanse Keiretsu as if that is normal. Going further to style non-members and resistors as mentally ill for asserting rights to privacy and independent market access and regulatory protections.

Initial belief in FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION response to a Federal Bureau of Investigation formal letter objecting to NTT AMERICA being formed, to require such organizations of foreign soverein ownership to employ domestic officers and not to own real estate, have proven wrongful. Where blocked, the groups organized Real Estate Trust entities through investment in other states (California), gifted land to those groups to capitalize them, and proceeded to move into the State of Texas and other areas to overcome domestic Internet Service Providers. When this was cited, a domestic organized Real Estate Trust status was obtained for a proxy firm based in the U.S. to work hand-in-pocket with these groups, trading high value data center real estate to equalize the risk. At the same time, overseas in Sweden, large ($7 billion) trusts have capitalized rapidly and suddenly to acquire over 127 diverse established companies (Embracer Group AB), and to leverage political and cultural aspects of prior establishd firms reach into the United States, while remaining insullated from U.S. Law (PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB) and selling large assets to South Korea (CCP GAMES, Reykjavik Iceland) which are in nexus of very samll communities (300,000 persons) with other organizations sending threats in the PETERSEN v ALLEN dispute (2013 and 2021 extortion letters, Jan 28 2022 email domain registration in Reykjavik Iceland of Donald J. Beal). Conduct and threats of this nature do not 'randomly' end up in four different countries sharing assets, in commercial competition - or assume use of registered trademarks of targeted companies at the same time across three (3) or more organizations. The entry of Tencent Holding Co Ltd, a Chinese firm holding 10% equity or more in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, to then purchase outright FATSHARK AB of Sweden to license the same franchise sold such Oklahoma company 1992-2023 established trademark in fraudulent conveyance of title enjoined 2013 explicit threats to do so, for a sum of over $200 million in purchase. September 22 2023 announcement of similar use of the BEYOND WAR PROJECT as "PROJECT BEYOND" and heavy name dilution exploiting path tracing technology and Oklahoma trade secret designs in 1998, 2000, and 2003 documents governing this technology created and owned by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and developed with NEWTEK LLC of Texas, Slicehost LLC of Kansas, RACKSPACE HOSTING of State of Texas, and IBM Redhat LAbs Inc. operating systems and platforms over 1997-2023, incorporating also 2003-2023 work with Asus Computers and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) semiconductor those works for multi-site multi-network virtualization and operating system stack applications in large data model language and prior mSQL / MySQL / Oracle / MariaDB research performed by JAMES ALLEN at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and NORTEL NETWORKS, do not suddenly appear in context to such public and organized ongoing threats to eliminate SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as a competitor by in rem forfeiture sought over a fraudulent fine barred State or Federal enforcement by United States Public Policy of less than $70,000 USD; for which that industry is valued in recent NVIDIA CORPORATION claims of original design rights highly contested by numerous firms as $44 billion USD in value or more. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. notes its work for and with NEXT LIMIT INC. of Spain in MAXWELL RENDERER and other products including ZBRUSH and MODO, appear to be directly plagiarized and imitated in these claims to disrupt investor confidence and overcome the Okahoma firm purposefully using the child despite their age of majority as a 'de facto hostage' and to demand peonage, debt bondage, and forced labor to impair the lawful right to trade secret prior held and interdiction of this technology since 2001 abduction in a struggling possession of human collateral on human trafficking styled as 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violations and BLACK CODES - reliant on imputed EXCESSIVE FINES which have no legal basis at law.


We are seeing an attack on suffrage and convictions of monogomous and heterosexual persons to misgender and abuse those people, provoke their right to instruct their children against such enticement of minors and exploitation of minors on the basis of sexual norms as a social construct, elected by democratic right to dictate 'what is a woman' and assume that biological gender's good and orderly protections made for-cause by anyone; disenfranchising the genuine right of biological women (and men) to a wide variety of traits and character attributes and ethnic and cultural identity to suggest a 'monoculture' that obliterates any minority or tribe not subbordinate to the state and a mandate of public endorsement at-any-given-time-for-any-cause, regardless of rules and bylaws and other contracts made to safeguard the rights of persons conditional participation in society.

Society has, in these foreign sovereign influence efforts, mistaken its mandate as one of a privilege to be a party and included in the ordinary civil honors afforded human beings and living things; by which it asserts failure to comply with its policy of the hour will result in a loss of these rights otherwise reserved and enumerated or protected by right of individual existance and recognition. It is a reversal. Society is privileged to enjoy the voluntary participation of individuals and diverse groups, who have rights which are INHERENT RIGHTS (Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-2), and the 1st Amendment guarantees not only the right to elect association and assemble - but also the inverse right to dis-associate and refuse to assemble as a fundamental component of suffrage and in consideration of nothing owed to society or the community to enjoy these basic liberties. The right to dissent, in essence, and thus the right of suffrage to object and maintain a clear and grounded formal objection which must be recognized and made JOURNAL ENTRY in any ORGANIZED BODY (RONR, 12th Ed), is under assualt. To include and not limited to - the right to instruct and direct the moral, religious, and cultural norms and positions of children of persons in such a society, as to destroy their identity as a people and legal separation from such political body as the general community or central state. This is PROGRESSIVE HEGELIAN DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, as set forth in THE ELEMENTS OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF RIGHT (1821), and the basis of the NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY (NAZI PARTY) of Germany and also the MARXIST COMMUNIST MANIFESTO based on the same book, whose authors are known in history as YOUNG HEGELIAN THEOLOGISTS to separate them from OLD HEGELIAN THEOLOGY of G.W.F. HEGEL, the Prussian author. The tow differ in only one way: OLD HEGELIANS assert the status quo is ideal, and change is negative and its suggestion is a mental illness outside of the process of the State as gatekeeper. NEW HEGELIANS (PROGRESSIVES) allege that the status quo is inherently defective and improper, and change is required to reach perfect or near perfect social order, without liability for anything that may be injured as a result of these new and radical ideas implementation. OLD HEGELIAN appeals to conservatives and the nobility of established European monarchies. NEW HEGELIAN appeals to grossly incompetent and criminally and morally corrupt persons who have not awareness or empathy or compassion for others over self interest, which is a larger body of manpower to recruit from in a revolution or violent uprising and more insullated against reason and moderation. Injury done is often styled as IRREPARABLE and thus not entitled restitution, or rely on statutory limitations to excuse acts like child abuse, rape, major crimes, and employment of mobility across jurisdictions and dilatory tactics to 'out-smart' the JUSTICE SYSTEM. This poses specific risks not common in prior Centuries, including ability of criminals to travel from one national jurisdiction to another in the premeditated commission fo crime with ease, while also employing foreign sovereign capital to support these actions under color of commerce and business similar to Colonialism and North American settlement and land treaties as if some part of trade activity - making long term claims using small value assets like capital or security pledges.

Oklahoma Constitution Aritcle II section II-6 disclaims these positions in Constitutional Law, voiding both contracts contrary these rules (XXIII-8 and XXIII-9) while asserting:

Courts of justice open - Remedies for wrongs - Sale, denial or delay.
The courts of justice of the State shall be open to every
person, and speedy and certain remedy afforded for every wrong and
for every injury to person, property, or reputation; and right and
justice shall be administered without sale, denial, delay, or

A HEGELIAN would read the prior as "Courts of Justice" and remand such rights only to the operation of the District Court or other State Authority. While a Constitutional reading would show the hyphen is a full break in title, as is the comma found after "open to every person" sets a second noun-adverb-noun clause in "speedy and certain remedy afforded for every wrong and for every injustice to person, property, or reputation;" a function of the English Language. That means the second clause stands, as Constitutional Law, without reliance on the noun of the first clause or the title of the article, a separate compound sentence in legal service guarantee entitled contract. The semi-colon further separates the two compound clauses from a third, and asserts "and right and justice shall be administered without sale, denial, delay, or prejudice." This clause stands independent of the prior two, as the title hypen also shows, a guarantee of security against certain civil contracts made by the court to suggest a limitation of relief based on State Statutory Law that would be abused or misused in purposeful mischief or legal fiction, and is not afforded that right where injury to real natrual persons are done (see - 3 Blackstone's Commentaries (21 ed.))

"No fiction shall extend to WORK AN INJURY, its proper operation being to prevent a mischief or remedy an inconvenience which might result from the general rule of law." - 3 Blackstone's Commentaries (21 ed.)

As a legal reference, BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES (21st Edition) cites the origin in Common English Law for which elements like the LEGAL PERSON, an incorporated legal fiction made by UNITED STATES in a UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP granted to a natural person under conditions for use as a legal instrument, is prohibited application as a contract of bondage or slavery and made for distribution of benefits only in its commission; and in practice a registration of property prior accepted to sole purpose of the protection of title of property after the death of the natural person (beneficiary) for whom it was made to assist - so allowing that property to be retained by the State under ownership of the Congress of the United States (see Flemming v Nestor 1960) until it can be properly adjudicated and distributed to the appropriate creditors, heirs, and other causes designated.


PROGRESSIVE HEGELIAN DIALECTICS would suggest that such legal fiction is subject to alteration, like a DRIVERS LICENSE, to suit the purpose and use of the bearer. And if the SEX or GENDER on such license is not desired or disclaimed as incorrect, the bearer may assert their election of an alternate and the STATE having no authority to interfere with that election must comply to issue the legal instrument. The associated civil honors of such designation, prior then relied upon by society for a number of matters at law, becomes corrupt and persons having physical and genetic and biological traits not otherwise 'expected in the guarantee of voluntary participation in the collective or specific organized assembly (RONR, 12th Ed) are denied that exclusive right to limited membership based on a reversal of the well-intended non-discrimination clause of such equal access made for women and men in commercial activity and other civil honors - to then physically and often unwillingly and without other safeguards and superior protection of adults secure in their suffrage rights and property rights over their own children, expose such vulnerable persons to enticement and corrupt information, claims, and normalization of conduct that constitute an assault upon the values and convictions and identity of the young and vulnerable targeted by these actions). As in the case of PETERSEN v ALLEN, where BDSM lifestyle and violence in sexual relationships were placed before the children by a community to overcome JAMES ALLEN in his parental rights, and to style his objection to the normalization of this relationship before his child as though it were natural and consistent with a relationship or his culture, community, religious values, and principles in the interference and exclusion of his access to his child.

PROGRESSIVE HEGELIAN DIALECTICS treat this sort of abuse as one might treat a 'build-a-bear', assembling children to endorse, support, and add equity to their collective through appropriation of children and public events, community activity, and to overcome other conservative and religoius groups while styling them as violent, controlling, and abusive to gain public support of exclusive and monopoly relationships with children and to exclude those persons from markets by fraud, false light (see BLACKS LAW 11th Ed), and purposeful abuse of character to suggest their mind and values as imagined in a characteristic and unsophisticated public appeal - similar to how NAZI propagandists portrayed the Jewish people in the prior Holocaust.

Not only are these practices normalized, but in societies where the State is considered real and God and authority other than the state is considered a form of mental illness or criminal insurrection; very large capital and banking support through International investment can bring these values into domestic markets and conflict with individuals and communities; extending that reach further through control and abuse of a misreading of Title 47 Section 230(c) rules to suggest immunity for such conduct or account usage to carry out Genocide activity and promotion as if it is hosted content or private publications of non-identified entities or groups, diluting or concealing LEGAL NAME to evade the ordinary and limited CIVIL PROCESS to combat and overcome such action. A process that frustrates law enforcement, and paralyzes criminal prosecutors to the point of gross dereliction of duty and inaction when faced wtih genuine acts that WORK AN INJURY on a real (natural) person through this abuse of LEGAL NAME and legal fiction.

Social media, and abuse and policies to deny the risks of such tools abuse and police work there, for profit by private entiteis and under foreign sovereign investment and publicly traded securities; show us that this has created a direct and military vulnerability that other nations (People's Republic of China, Russian Federation) have already recognized and moved to combat - while The United States remains far behind and a battlefield for this revolutionary foreign and domestic seditious insurrection and criminal racketeering activity under color of otherwise ordinary and normal commercial business. The lack of education, and election of law to a licensed practice, has stripped the public of the minimal tools to recognize this abuse, rendered them dependent on the court to determine if wrongdoing has been committed while in witness of felony acts and ongoing abuse, and even been directed to assault persons who - for cause and in immenent fear for their life and property and injury to themselves and their family and labor and children - rise to defend those persons in justifiable and enumerated rights by law.


There is no daylight between the right of the private person to practice contract, and that of the public to assert a limited jurisdiction to extend its customs and policies and designated authority of specific officers over the PUBLIC LAW or STATUTORY LAW or operation of its State Governments and Agencies made in the Federal Union. But where the Federal Union and all its assets are pledged as collateral, as in THE ENABLING ACT OF 1906 incorporating the full text of "The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America" as United States Law duly made and expressly specified, to incorporate State of Oklahoma, and then ratified in 1907 by the Congress of the United States as drafted and in full - articles like Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 specify the violation of such incorporated documents by any State of Oklahoma agent as formal act would void the incorporation of such State and further trigger per Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 the immediate and total forfeiture of the Federal Union to the aggrieved party for breach of contract. The State of Oklahoma is inseparable, therein so specified in 1907, and its elimination would - like pulling the keystone from an arch - have identical legal effect upon the Federal Union of the United Stes, which holds its member States as assets and territories in book property a collateral to such pledge - Full Faith and Credit of the United States entitled in rem forfeiture for default.

States like Texas dissent wwith this issue, having voluntarily rejoined the Congress of the United States on the 30th Day of the Month of March, in the year 1870. But this agreement, made by their participation in the 59t Congress of the United States to Ratify the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, done on the 16th Day of the Month of November in the year 1907, per Proclomation 780, so approve and enter into contract these terms and all incorporated documents a duty of the United States subsequent to that insurrection by State of Texas and its surrender and unification.


The perpetrators in PETERSEN v ALLEN claim that STATE OF TEXAS has reserved a right to hold its laws superior to that of the UNITED STATES, disclaiming the authority of such Federal Union and United States in favor of their ongoing sovereign nation authority while electing to accept payment in TITLE IV-D AGENCY status of a UNITED STATES AGENCY conditional REQUIRED STATE LAW mandate agreed and voluntarily entered into February 21 2017 or prior April 18 2018; and upon such grounds persist in a seditious conspiracy against rights to overcome the United States and State of Oklahoma in the taking, concealment, and abuse of the Allen Child to overcome the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION, style its people and those of their ethnic character of mixed race as transgender due to hair and skin tone and mannerisms - calling James Allen an "olive" person and attributing the same ethnic hate speech toward his natural child to abuse the boy, and sustaining these claims in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT before Judge Kilgore in October 31 2012 to allege this is the result of "bad Genes" attributed solely to the Ponottoc County father.

This conduct, in the words of the incorporated "Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies of the united States of America", may therefore be put in contractual context:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, 
pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a 
design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, 
it is their right, it is their duty, to throw 
off such Government, and to provide new Guards 
for their future security.--Such has been the 
patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such 
is now the necessity which constrains them to 
alter their former Systems of Government.'

HEGELIAN DEMOCRATIC PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM (NEW HEGELIAN) would suggest that such language is sedition on prima facie, and its utterance is that of a PUBLIC ATTORNEY wrongly. What is written is simply a quote from the expressly incorporated contract duly made to form State of Oklahoma in 1907, specified in explicit direction of United States Law as incorporated language and construction of words for which the public can rely is a guarantee against abuse; and the publication thereof is a notice - not a legal advice or direction which incompetent and ill-read people oft seek to confuse and to defraud as incitement of some illegal rebellion and a crime to speak - as are some songs and names in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. I am reading from the book, only, a contract - made with me and mine as a party, against which all other CONTRACTS made with my LEGAL PERSON or natural person are conditional and subject proof of enforcement of those protections described at law in the document provided to me to entice me to enter into the agreement of INTERSTATE COMMERCE and INTRASTATE COMMERCE as a business officer and agent of a legal person made by FLEMMING v NESTOR (1960).

The arguments of the PROGRESSIVE HEGELIAN SOCIALISTS and their NATIONALIST LABOR PARTY ALLIES are as the same as the prior CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA and similar doctrine. Their ghastly response to the very concept of one of their slaves reading the terms of the contract to them or seeking to enforce those terms, a personal law right, is treated today as it was in the ANTEBELLUM SOUTH, save for the term NIGGER being applied to my person to harm my reputation; substituted now with any number of slurs from the DSM-III, DSM-IV, or DSM-5 to distract from the total breach of the PEACE and resumption of conflict initiated by these persons under color of commerce and PUBLIC LAW.


Under such conditions, where illiteracy passes for competent authority and due process, there can be NO CONTRACT. The rights pledged as compensation by falsely holding out such legal instrument to obtain any thing of value, are not gone with that legal instrument, but entitled collection as forfeiture, to include everything specified and anything else of compensatory value or use to the enemy of such terms ordinary fulfillment and basic civil honors. The technology the firm develops is designed to produce a framework to bar those abuses, to franchise, and to overcome monopoly and objection for the protection of individuals and to demonstrate as a teaching tool the object lesson of failure of a society that becomes so deluded as to resort to these abuses - which by literary fiction protected by the 1st Amendment still appears to so grossly offend the abusers of such rights and convictions that they have assumed my identity, mutilated my gender to suit their narcissistic grandiose self image, and honor their friends and supporters to purchase and share in the spoliation of the estates and names of their victims as plunder. Like Rome, such a community can neither stand nor will its victims long endure or forgive, nor should they - and retain all right to perpetual and lasting restitution for that injustice contrary any relief or contract held out to defraud or stay a DISCOVERY and consideration of the validity of such fraudulent title and credit in the future. Colonialism is dead, as is the PUBLIC LIFE in any effort to extinguish the PRIVATE LIFE (Doctor Zhvago, film 1965) - but to hear these same radical socialist communist claims repeated by Texan and Wyoming and Colorado white supremacists against Native American nations and the lost boys (children sold in the occupation of the territories by State of Oklahoma, through forced taking like James Allen - at birth) and multi-generational child taking to suit State interest, one can only then understand the state of the Federal Union - its insolvency - and the Constitutional Crisis looming over abuse of the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and activity of the State to impersonate UNITED STATES AGENCY duties in the taking and trafficking of children and exploitation of labor violating Oklahoma Constitution (Article II Section II-32 and II-37B) in monopoly claims by labor unions and discrimination in labor of the UNITED STATES based on the gender of UNITED STATES CITIZENS to compel their mandatory participation in such a labor force to pay entitlements barred by Federal and State Law, EXCESSIVE FINES, and imputed fines in excess of 15 U.S. Code Section 16763.


The duty of the state in 45 CFR §303.100 and 15 U.S. Code §1692d and §1692g has not been met, and is owing and due per 15 U.S. Code §1692n, a requirement of Okahoma State Criminal Code Title 21 Section 21-550 and 21-1533 and 21-1305 rule. A FICTITIOUS PETITIONER employed to suggest false suit, violating UIFSA Section 314 to intecede in an ongoing civil suit (15-06292393, DENTON COUNTY) to abduct and conceal a child; voids such contract; and does not afford a right to escape counter-suit or final judgement already worked by operation of law (TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.261) to make false book entry of earnings of a State (STATE OF OKLAHOMA), or other gross waste and qui tam fraud. (see: KFOR April 9 2023 - Report Says Agencies Spent Billions Without Any Oversight; see also: $3 billion Spent in Oklahoma Without Oversight )

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  • Faithless Servant Doctrine
  • MCMAHON while employed and on paid travel for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. did admit in 2001 December depositoin she was operating on her own commercial interest counter to the company and concealing her decision to leave while accepting gifts and travel to events paid for solely by JAMES ALLEN and his company under color of business travel. During such deposition, did MCMAHON claim marital rights, calling romantic rivals the MISTRESS of ALLEN, despite no marriage or legal right to do so or use such terms to take, conceal, and aid removal of the child of ALLEN from the home where such child was registered in medical records - then concealed from the court to defraud.
  • Definition of Common Law Marriage
  • ALLEN could not be married because he never gave consent or acknowledged such claims on discovery as valid and contested them as fraud. Despite contest, the United States imposed lien upon his estate against his will and forced labor - styling his objection to such peonage in polygamy and polyamoury by his unfaithful partners as mental illness to overcome his right to participate in trade and society. Taking and concealing his child to compel him to silence and to hold out possible relief to compel his forced labor.
  • Slavery in Common Law
  • Lord Mansfield said, "fiat justitia, ruat cælum, let justice be done whatever be the consequence."

Living in City of Ada

2023 March 13 - 9:30 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Experiences over the past 2001-2023 have left me with no other way to describe the contempt for civil rights and lack of protection from abuse, than to cite directly: John Bingham and the Background to the Fourteenth Amendment 36 Akron L. Rev 671, 681-685 (2003) (describing Black Codes' use of fines and other methods to "replicate, as much as possible, a system of involuntary servitude").

For more information on policies and specific evidence, see: SDP Multimedia Group

I was forced and compelled in the City of Ada to receive defective returned merchandise and to repackage and prepare for sale 'as new' that merchandise consisting of malfunctioning ANDROID based tablets to buyers at Walmart and Best Buy USA and The Home Shopping Network; and threatened with jail if I did not do this in PETERSEN v ALLEN, a civil case during which my son was removed and concealed from me on no legal cause - in the year 2001 August - and refused communication and return and all contact from 2001-2023 contrary JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION reported to the TITLE IV AGENCY of the UNITED STATES for grants by the local authorities.

During this abuse, in violation of immunity and to disable my civil suit to recover my child, I was prosecuted in 2018 November - following REQUIRED STATE LAW changes barring this abuse, and such prosecution wrongly maintained from 2018-2023 without evidence or due process; in a pattern identical to the BLACK CODES, including refusal of attorney services to admit a defense of 'fraud' in taking of my child and forced labor demands upon my person - threat to seize property of my family - and to direct them in the use commercially of their real estate in the City of Ada and PONTOTOC COUNTY area October 5 2022 and February 4 2023 by direct written threats. City of Ada police provided video after such attack which was uploaded to YOUTUBE March 3 2022 to extort my family, immediately after my mother died March 2 2022 due to brain cancer. This information was requested under a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT which barred COMMERCIAL USE, and was provided to an address of a listed OFFICER of a commercial limited liability company of the STATE OF TEXAS known to be 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TEXAS 75244, a private mail box of the 'DIRECTOR' of 'IX NETWORKS LLC'; who did create a defamation site using my full legal name November 14 2021 with my former employee whom I saw November 13 2021 in City of Ada at Vintage 22; and use such publication to carry out commercial extortion for SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC) and IX NETWORKS LLC, a company servicing COLOMART, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., prior registered at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas and 2323 Bryan St Suite 700 Dallas Texas, who continue to conceal my child and falsify my employment history in fraud alleging wrongly that I had worked for TEK SYSTEMS, a competitor I reported for fraud as a genuine employee of NORTEL NETWORKS and PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES when my son was abducted for perpetual concealment.

This fraud is a 14th Amendment fraud, employing Title 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 criminal claims to extort, and sustained in organized extortion in formal police complaint in 2010-2023 by my former employee (an INTERN in 1999), who has made claims that EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY falsified my grades to extort, claimed to be my wife fraudulently, and claimed an imaginary relationship to my late mother to promote the taking, concealment, and abuse of my child to national audiences in concert with commercial work for INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC of Arkansas and online communities THECHURCHBOARD.COM and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM electronic forums and businesses, jointly with an NTT COMMUNICATIONS officer group self-identified as LOSTSERVER.NET (THORN.BLACKROSE.ORG / PUCK.NETHER.NET / PATRIOT.LOSTSERVER.COM).

The parties have and continue to claim ARTICLE XXIII-1A labor organization right to end my career and parental bond with my child based upon allegation that I was unlawfully compensated above my STATE EDUCATION LEVEL as a $60/hr employee for NORTEL NETWORKS; and in impersonation of my prior $60/hr wage in court under oath to defraud (2010 October 31, claiming $15/hr income was a $500/day loss of income to appear in court) to style my person as criminal and subordinate to authority afforded by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and NTT COMMUNICATIONS partnership with that group concealing and holding my child. And to allege the rate I may charge as a registered business (limited liability company) or other industry, as to proclaim my participation in their industry or trade area were fraud based on the superior capital of the 23% 'Government of Japan' ownership of NTT GROUP and foreign support of the INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE (IETF) committee - upon which one of the members sat; contrary IETF rule of 1996 designation barring these claims in RFC-1918 - which prohibits such monopoly or other authority under the term INTERNET (Section 2, Paragraph 1, entities 'outside the Internet').

Abuse of IETF Membership to Injure

These groups, in partnership with the IANA.ORG, ARIN, RIPE, and their subsidiaries - appear to be engaged in a government activity to overcome the United States and property rights by law, which resumes the prior BLACK CODE claims to impose fraud on a mass communication and global level, exploiting my child and based on racist and eugenic presumptions repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and State of Oklahoma. Seeking through premeditated fraud and appeal to racist and bias elements of the State Sovereignty and white supremacist and national socialist movements, aid to overcome the United States and carry out fraud in an organized manner similar to prior SDS University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) and Weather Underground (Bill Ayers) strategies and tactics, including abuse and exploitation of children and human trafficking of persons under color of law - barred by 22 U.S. Code Section 7102 and 18 U.S. Code Section 1589. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is bound by RFC-1918 rule, to desist in this action, and to admit wrongdoing in monopoly claims to extort and overcome non-INTERENT private networks and property in their misuse of such ASN (Autonomous System Number) routing and professional groups as we have repeatedly witnessed participate in the BGP and Open BSD communityto support this child taking and child abuse for commercial advantage with Dallas Data Center members at 1950 N Stemmons Freeway and 2323 Bryan Street, and in Denver Colorado actions in 2021-2023 alleged to be employees of City of Fort Collins ( in letters threatening to extort money over $70,000 USD on concealmnet of family members of an Oklahoma business for commercial control of registered property and in sexual harassment.

Use of IDENTITY THEFT and FALSE PERSONA to evade civil process in commercial threats by members of these labor groups and through collaboration with their professional network evident in written letters of extortion as citation of accessory by name and corporation (TERRABOX, TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC aka Plano Community Radio aka, COLOMART, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC.,, and NTT COMMUNICATIONS / NTT-VERIO); are most concerning in their nexus with abuse and LOSTSEVER.NET members in the NTT Communications and AKAMI corporation employment (per their self-identification and resume and written admission on member servers used to abuse the Oklahoma parent). Content used to create the domain CANADASUCKS and other hate sites targeting NORTEL NETWORKS OF CANADA, JAMES ALLEN, the ALLEN FAMILY, and businesses for affiliation with such targeted legal organizations to cause Interstate commercial harm and impair trade.

In the course of 2001-2023, I have witnessed these parties specifically impersonate EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA students to issue threats; claim degrees issued by EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA are meritless to assert public control of children and superior pay, and to call for the incarceration and arrest of my person in violation of State and Federal Law.

The perpetrator has done this jointly with an ECU THEATER AND ART DEPARTMENT MAJOR graduating in 1999, who operates an unregistered business in City of Ada, while a legal resident of Arkansas at such time; and in impersonation of a registered firm in Ontario California and another firm in Ontario Canada bearing the same legal name. The perpetrator is acting with two women in State of Texas, two men in State of Oklahoma, one man in State of Arkansas, and two women in State of Oklahoma. Additional persons in State of California include one woman having registered the name, and two women in Ontario Canada who have registered the name jointly.

In such claims the parties allege to have attended school with me at SOUTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (in Durant, Oklahoma). I never attended SOUTHEASTERN STATE UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, and graduated in 1999 from EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA. Law enforcement and the Dean of Students have informed me that no such person exists at EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY, and such persona is a fabricated person, while State of Oklahoma have submitted this person's testimony as if evidence of fact to THE UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION to attempt to overcome my public office and XXIII-1A right to work in fraudulent evidence of clear manufacture to defraud.

These threats have been ongoing and violent since 2001 November, after I had a child with another woman whom I was engaged to marry, and the child removed by force from the home without a legal order for purpose of concealment - then submitted as 'abandonment' for TITLE IV FRAUD. In September 20 2003 letter, the abductor admitted kidnapping the child by force; and again in July 2011 in a LEGAL ANSWER to attorneys (70) sent to intimidate and threaten any attorney who would represent me, concealing this legal fact of ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP wrongly obtained on fraud without due process and after fire destroyed my residence and prior assault at gunpoint with injury amid threats to traffic my services and person in Dallas Texas at 722 S Haskel Ave, witnessed by MARK DEAVER of NORMAN COMPUTERS and his assistant, who remain prepared to testify.

ADA CITY POLICE refer to this as a civil matter, despite threats to my business and family, threat of fire, and threat of physical violence.

Photos of my home and office were transmitted to me January 6th 2023, and threats in writing February 5 2023, in ongoing extortion activity; alleging my arrest if I testify in January and March 2023 on appearance at PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

No prosecution or investigation of the persons making these threats has been afforded, nor our witnesses granted interview by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY nor requested by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. Nor have TITLE IV AGENCY employees thereof admitted their fault in such conduct, nor abandoned their effort to collect payment for this abuse over 2001-2023 concealment of a child without due process obligated by KELLEY v KELLEY (2007) and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Page 93492-93569. To the contrary, parties have acted as if this conduct is a choice of working for the TITLE IV AGENCY or being classified as mentally ill based on false publications entitled 'jamesisalittlebitch' issued by the abductors in 2002-2004 during concealment of my child; to discredit the letters, statements, written plans to abduct, and admission of no fault in my behavior to justify such abuse and concealment of a child fabricated as 'abandonment' (2001 Sept) and amended in fraud as 'IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF' where no MARRIAGE existed to afford a late April 2002 continuance of the prior 'wholly in default' finding against the petitioner of the prior 'abandonment' suit for non-appearance; suppressing all evidence including the fabrication of the city of birth of the child to overcome the prior issued CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD for a CARROLTON TEXAS birth (where I received my child into my home with agreement and payment to move to Oklahoma then paid in $15,000 USD to the mother for her relocation and costs conditional delivery of my son to Oklahoma for permanent residency with me as a family unit including the mother and older step-sibling) - predicated in Sept 2001 Sept falsely as a DALLAS TX birth to defraud the court.

During ongoing substantial threats in 2021 November to February 5 2023, the key witness for the defense was killed December 25 2022 during these threats. He was burned alive in his home on Christmas morning.

Prior, other witnesses were killed by suffocation (on a pillow) and in a violent car wreck on the Chickasaw Turnpike, and in a witness walking into highway traffic at night on the Interstate in Texas. Death threats continue despite these actions, and threats of mutilation and sexual assault of other witnesses explicitly by persons in 2007-2013, compelling a British/Chinese national to go into hiding after such threats; while styling the victims anxiety and concern in ongoing directed and overwhelming contact (100s of messages to extort in 2022-2023, publications in early morning hours to business pages on META and in direct approach on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC., and in direct messages to persons believed to be in contact with the victim in any commercial capacity in City of Ada and Canada and Mexico) as if it were delusional and imaginary activity to suggest clinical paranoia in the victim or other felony crime despite no indictment or conviction and in impersonation of the OSBI and OKDHS as of 2023 February and 2022 October letters to extort.

This conduct follows misgendering the heterosexual Christian parent as TRANSGENDER and HOMOSEXUAL in 300+ pages of publications in 2013 on GOOGLE LLC, to justify such condition as a MENTAL ILLNESS to merit the taking by force of the child, and to style the parent unfit to be a parent without court order; then published in claims in 2003 September 12th and 20th and again in 2013 and 2021-2023 as false and fabricated claims of emotional and mental cruelty to justify the child taking.

Concealing by such acts physical attempted murder-suicide in 2002 against the Oklahoma parent by the Texas Parent, and prior two (2) assaults with battery that resulted in visible injury and loss of hearing and complete loss of vision for 5 minutes or more due to deadly force applied to the head and temple area of the Oklahoma parent without provocation or warning; and for threat of express murder witnessed by KARA METZGER of SUGARLAND Texas in 2002, terminating all parent-child contact in 2001 September prior filing of a civil suit which further forbade contact outside the court. Claims of alleged contact during trial, and publications to suggest such contact were 'an open door' to the Oklahoma parent - were paired with threats of murder witnessed by ELIZABETH BOTELHO and PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR KRISTEN MACK. BOTELHO was present when the threats were made and agreed appearance where threat of murder was publicly circulated was not an obligation of the parent of the child and further suggested entrapment activity in light of the language of the civil suit endorsed and filed and served upon the OKLAHOMA PARENT to suggest contempt for any appearance not submitted and approved by the court. Effort in September 12 2003 to hold out these failures to appear where threat of murder was written and evident in public plain view, as proof of offense or crime ex post facto and delusional statements showing unsound mind in the abductor, were supported September 20 2003 by direct statement of the abductors admitting their fraud and taking of the child, prior named explicitly in the Sept 13 2003 letter.

The abducting parties admitted in 2005 in written letter that the mother was of unsound mind, who filed the civil suit. Written statements show the mother of the child did not read nor comprehend the suit she filed, making it TITLE IV FRAUD by her own admission of failure to read the endorsed order barring contact, then held out as a legal false claim to allege abandonment ex post facto; and to raise money using the child injury for sympathy.

Nurses reported the (13 lb late May birth) child emaciated and ill fed by December 2001, despite abduction August 2001 and no request for help or goods or other need to the abandoned parent. "Abandonment" cannot be alleged where the party leaves their child with the other parent, or without placing the child in danger, and responsibility for report of need(s) fall upon the parent retaining the child - or concealing the child - in such abuse.

Contract Fraud

TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.261 makes the judgement a FINAL JUDGEMENT when it is not paid in any month, and as a FINAL JUDGEMENT, it is not cumulative (As is a MONEY JUDGEMENT), and bars all future claims in the case. Thus, in this case (01-17702-R), no more than $500 USD cash was ever obligated payment for 'child support', per Texas Law and UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT section 6, which enjoins the court to the privileges and immunities set forth in Oklahoma Law and Texas Law in this case, and relies on Texas Law to set the amount owing and due.

Further, the contract tendered to PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT is a 'collateral contract', and as such - enjoined as a UNILATERAL CONTRACT bifurcated by exclusive clause of payment and POSSESSION rights, for which the contract states that payment by withholding in the period shall discharge the obligation. The obligation cited in this contract is the entire child support duty and all medical and insurance costs and duties - explicitly. The word the STATE OF TEXAS failed to use properly was 'payment, installment, or fine'; instead using the word constituting the entire duty of child support owed by the payor to the payee, from which the payment of the installment by operation of law did trigger a contractual clause to discharge the obligation. Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Edition defines such fiduciary rule as a nullification of the debt or obligation, not a satisfaction of a term or period, later renewable. The contract therefore tendered is one of fraud, in false book accounting, and the sum demanded paid in full as of 2003; with a credit and return owing to the payor for all other payments falsely reported to the State and/or United States. This is the Standard Contract per statements, so this defect would affect ALL IDENTICAL CONTRACTS issued by STATE OF TEXAS in ALL OTHER STATES. Common law or other desire of the State, or other rule to prohibit modification of the contract by the State at a later date - prohibits this sum from being altered or misreported to suit the 'intent' of the contract or court or public demand, as 'intent' has no legal right to overcome operation of law.

The contract is therefore 'discharged' (per operation of law, on execution of a conditional clause performed in 2003) as well as owing a credit to the Oklahoma parent for all payments made over $500 initially, and all insurance and other duties of the Oklahoma parent are void per 'discharge' rule; while the duties of the counter-contract in a bifurcated UNILATERAL CONTRACT consisting of POSSESSION right and other information stand as entitled enforcement despite delay or obstruction or refusal, per Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6.

Federal Law further obligates that the State adopt these limitations per 15 U.S. Code Section 1673 and 1692d, and set no amount owing and due greater than net income of the estate per 42 U.S. Code Section 666(a)(10) duty to 'automatically' modify the contract and to void such order if it demands over 65% of the net income of the estate in a period - made REQUIRED STATE LAW Feb 21 2017 per FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 Page 93492. Filing requirements further obligate a formal inclusion of written formula for the finding of 'factual income' be deposited in the TITLE IV FILE of the subject as EVIDENCE provided to the party prior any CITATION FOR CONTEMPT, per Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Page 93492-93496.

In the prior case (FR-2018-04), no such filing of 'factual income' was done, on filing in 2018 a CITATION FOR CONTEMPT, a barratry and double jeopardy interdicting DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS case 15-06292393 and prohibiting the prosecution by suspending the freedom of the petitioner of record in violation of TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.375 and UIFSA Section 314.

The case is therefore owed finding of forfeit, fraud ab initio, the fruit of a poisoned tree in a nonsuit by a mentally incompetent person filing for custody of a child to overcome the rights of a competent (Oklahoma) parent and their business, seeking per Sept 20 2003 letters control over a $50,000 line of credit of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. provided by AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK; and citing the kidnapping of the child on the refusal to allow the (non married, unwed mother) to buy "hot pants" (designer shorts) using the Oklahoma based SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. company money (and thus creditor funds, including investors and elderly retired persons assets in City of Ada) whom the parties did subsequently (December 2001, Sept 12 2003) impersonate to gain credit and control and possession over the grandchild of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. (Pediatrician, Emergency Room Physician at MERCY HOSPITAL); and to conceal and abuse such child until her death March 2nd 2022 - then impersonate her to sustain commercial claims over her son's company and business assets using her identity after her death, and in October 5 2022 and February 5 2023 threats to her ex husband and his disabled spouse.

Consider the fraud in this, and ongoing concealment of a child from the Oklahoma parent to extort, without prosecution - prior to enrollment in EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY or investment in the PONTOTOC COUNTY and STATE OF OKLAHOMA region; and in abuse of persons who are adopted children placed with parents with severe medical illness and a history of brain cancer and Alzheimer's Disease in City of Ada. Serious illness in 2003-2008 prohibited effective recovery and defense, and was the purpose of such move to the State prior onset of Alzheimer's Disease in the great grandparents (2) and their death in 2007 and 2008 with intensive care exceeding $300,000 USD in costs. Additional illness due to brain cancer in the mother and father of the Oklahoma parent, an adopted child, and effort to style these illnesses as an emotional mental illness in the child by association to overcome their parental rights; is an abuse of the FOSTER CARE SYSTEM and TITLE IV AGENCY in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA - and such illness in 2001-2023 restricting the Oklahoma parent to care of his foster family, a duty of care and financial obligations to their welfare and safety, superior to the hostile and violent conduct of Texas Citizens to overcome the estate, real estate, intellectual and real property of the family; and to seek to portray knowingly such business as a 'delusion' of the parent after stealing over $10,000 USD from AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and other accounts of the business in 2001, including a CELLULAR PHONE owned by the company in the name of the firm refused return on abduction of the child in September 2001 - whose termination of service prompted the psychotic recorded death threats demanding the Oklahoma parent never see or speak to or seek to meet with the children again or the mother: a theft of telephone services and equipment belonging to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of State of Oklahoma, then a City of Ada business entitled protection from such abuse, and evident in CINGULAR WIRELESS records such abuse and misuse to cause theft of telephone services.

Intent to Defraud American Express Centurion Bank

The so-called-rules that the parties are discussing as being unfair in September 12 2003 and September 20 2003, are in fact FIDUCIARY RULES OF SEPARATE ACCOUNTS and the spending obligations and purpose of lines of credit belonging to an OKLAHOMA LIMITED LIABILTY COMPANY which were not 'personal spending habits' of the father, and a duty of his public office of the public trust to protect from misuse or abuse by persons who were - at such time - NOT YET HIS WIFE, nor a member of a marital estate - AND NOT ENTITLED SUCH RIGHT OR EQUITY EVEN UPON A MARRIAGE OR IN ANY OTHER THEORY OF EMPLOYMENT OF W2 PERSONNEL WHO AIDED IN THIS FRAUD, repeated by the abducting parties in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2013, and 2023 ongoing threats to suggest false equity and false ACADEMIC HONORS affecting commercial RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A), or to impose a civil (collateral) contract as superior to Constitutional Rights by law (XXIII-8, XXIII-9). And to impose a limit on speech to suppress publicity without their consent or to style damaging report of LEGAL FACTS and EYE WITNESS EVIDENCE as libel, which is prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution (Article II-3, II-22).

The abducting party claims, designed to fool and deceive the public, are a SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS in written admission and form, violating Title 21 Section 21-8, Oklahoma Statutory Law. Many of the claims made are now felonies in Federal Criminal Code Title 18 Section 241 and 249. Suspension of habeas corpus of a child, over whom a legal right exists at law, is a crime in Oklahoma, and in cause 01-17702-R the 'collateral' of the 'collateral contract' is a fabricated title (A CHILD, BORN IN DALLAS TX) where no such title or natural child was ever done, fraud.

Refusal to dismiss this matter immediately on habeas corpus demand, for cause, and in refusal to set restitution, is cause for TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.008 counter-suit; and Title 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-748.2 civil counter-suit, and Title 23 Section 23-9.1 Subsection D jury trial for 'spoliation' of 'unlimited damages' owing and due.

State Legislature Duty Not Met

The LEGISLATURE of STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS independently are obligated to meet and execute prior February 21 2017 or no later than April 1st 2018, any change in laws to comply or void such laws not consistent with 45 CFR and Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492-93569, for payment made of TITLE IV GRANTS in excess of $500 million USD per year in 2017-2023.

Failure to meet and carry out this task by operation of law void all State Statutory Laws and Common Law which are contrary to the Federal Regulations imposed in Limited, Delegated, and Exclusive use of the term 'child support' and other benefits of the TITLE IV AGENCY - a UNITED STATES AGENCY - and the civil process owing and due United States Citizens over which the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES has sole jurisdiction as the UNITED STATES AGENCY in fact reserved this right; for which any moneyed STATE AGENCY has no jurisdiction or legal authority to adjudicate, and would be in violation of Oklahoma Criminal Code Section 21-1533 in felony degree to assert authority or action before any court of competent jurisdiction.

Effort of the STATE OF TEXAS and/or STATE OF OKLAHOMA to carry such case, entitled VENUE TRANSFER to DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in 2015 per case 15-06292393 and DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT CLERK DAMARCUS OFFORD, from case 01-17702-R, is the act of fraud where the case alleges standing continued in 2016-2023 in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS after that act.

Overlapping prosecution in 2015-2020 and 2018-2023 make this a double jeopardy matter, and violate 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) obligating closure with prejudice for fraud of such case, having sustained the prosecution for over 1 year in violation of grant for "FAST AND SPEEDY TRIAL" in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA in February 2019, initiated November 2018. Ruling as of December 2019 would further be 13 months after onset of case - contrary 21 O.S. §22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial", and evidence of an ex parte hearing prolonging the case from 2019 December to 2023 March without legal cause to conceal the child and damage the business of the DEFENDANT irreparably; granting competitors a $44 billion advantage over the State of Oklahoma firm and CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES named in those false claims and threats to impair investment, securities of the United States, and damage United States trade on behalf of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) and NATION OF JAPAN interest in purchase/acquisition of the firm NVIDIA CORPORATION, which styles itself as of September 2022 as a competitor of the victim's firms and trade secrets obtained by delay, threat, abuse, and fraud in this matter before DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS; DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS; and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA from 2001-2023 on unlawful hold and concealment of a child to overcome trade secret and 1992-2023 in-legal-use of a REGISTERED TRADEMARK.

Foreign Commercial Influence to Defraud

In concert with use of email in 2022 January 28th by the abductors then legally registered to Reykjavik Iceland, where PARADOX INERACTIVE AB and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING were present in such disputes named in 2013-2023 as competitors seeking control over the Oklahoma company, in email sent to CITY OF ADA attorney for video used in extortion and commercial fraud; the acts of this abuse enjoin PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and the company EMBRACER GROUP AB and their subsidiary PLAION GmbH and THQ Nordic GmbH in unlawful (400+ instance) use of the REGISTERED TRADEMARK to extort; and in pledged false sale of $93500 USD named in 2013 letters and threats by the parties; then styled on behalf of WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden; and in sale of such works to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP for license to AMAZON INC. and OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED (Cyprus), formerly GAMES.RU and MAIL.RU.

THECHURCHBOARD.COM has also been registered in Reykjavik Iceland, indicating that such organizations are affilaited with the single-city white supremacist nation, and with SOUTH AFRICA ex-patriot activity in Nation of Canada known by the OpenBSD and JunOS product derived from that work in JUNIPER NETWORKS metro-class data switching and routing products, a competitor of CISCO SYSTEMS - and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED respectively former CISCO CHANNEL PARTNERS targeted by this abuse to damage CISCO SYSTEMS sales and marketing in the State of Oklahoma through this fraud; academic fraud; and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" scheme to defraud CISCO and other products sale and distribution, affecting D&H DISTRIBUTING, TECH DATA, INGRAM MICRO, and other vendor distributor channels by unfair business practices prohibited by Title 78 Section 78-53 rule, Oklahoma Statutory Law. Investment by TENCENT in purchase of FATSHARK game development in Sweden, to act as an independent developer of NVIDIA and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products and license, also incorporating the franchise seeking to assert a false claim over the OKLAHOMA PARENT'S REGISTERED TRADEMARK in-legal-use from 1992-2023 upon these claims, represents a direct attack on the trade secret rights of the Oklahoma firm, its distributed M2OS technology, and disclosure of intent to enter direct competition by its former vendor NVIDIA CORPORATION and termination of EVGA CORPORATION (the selected provider of the firm in April 2022) amid the coordinated threats of extortion in April and September 2022 announcement of intent to compete in this matter with NVIDIA Omniverse, and derived META brands "METAVERSE" products - a parody/copy of 1998-2003 development documents and designs and plans held by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of City fo Ada, Oklahoma.

The failure to register this degree of activity as industrial espionage, incorporating child abuse and child concealment, using a competitor in NTT GROUP to harm a 'vital employee' of NORTEL NETWORKS (a $250 billion impact, on data breach) and false employment claims of the NTT GROUP contractors exploiting the child; sustained over 2001-2023 - following on further fraud to exploit NVIDIA and its relationship with foreign attempted (2018-2022 blocked sale to NATION OF JAPAN under direct control of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA officers of the purchasing firm), fundamentally exposes the trust 'holding company' practices of these foreign competitors. Where 217 separate companies are incorporated into a $7 billion investment firm, and PRC firms having over $1 trillion USD in assets are investors in such activity through intermediary nations, setting stakes in EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES of just under 50% to evade U.S. regulators - the monopoly practices barred by Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-32 are evident.

Duty of Federal Justice

United States industry cannot survive if the Justice Department of the United States does not register computer crime and espionage against domestic firms unwilling to sell to foreign takeover activity, or allows foreign and domestic agents to work to overcome those companies by tampering with family rights, property rights, and harassment of elderly family members of the principle officers and workers of U.S. based firms.

State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County District do not appear, nor do City of Ada accept and expressly deny on contest, the ability to provide a minimum level of protection against such abuse of the court, manipulation of the Interstate regulatory law, and abuse to evade and twist the jurisdiction limitations and differing laws to carry out coercion of local companies in City of Ada, State of Oklahoma - to afford normal operation and minimum security for a technical or scientific workforce. The effort to allow civil contracts to suspend habeas corpus and criminal law, to obtain payment and suggest JUDICIAL REVIEW is a right of the State while acting as prosecuting attorney for such claims also as attorney for a UNITED STATES AGENCY or FOREIGN PERSON(S), is inherently a conflict of interest and abuse of public office, contributing to corruption of record and self-dealing up to $1.5 billion USD in Federal TITLE IV GRANT monies per year (State of Oklahoma, as example), without compliance with minimum REQUIRED STATE LAW.

The duty of compliance falls upon the DIRECTOR OF THE TITLE IV AGENCY per Federal Regulation, to both inform the Legislature of the obligations for the grant and to comply in full; while the duty of the assignment of TITLE IV AGENCY cases to the correct District Court is a duty of THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE, failed in case 01-17702-R and 15-06292393 and FR-2018-04; suspending ordinary justice and encouraging a foreign criminal enterprise to overthrow the Laws of the United States for 22 years (2001 August 11th to 2023 March 13th or present).

In analysis, this is how a country dies - when the Office of the Public Trust of the Department of Justice is purchased or fully overcome by foreign sovereign influence to suspend the right of parents and through that abuse to overcome private business and other industrial and scientific and commercial property and franchise rights - as shown in the prior BLACK CODES, and disclaimed a power of the State or Federal Courts per Ginsburg in a 9-0 ruling as of 2019 affirming this settled law by the Supreme Court. (see: 586 U.S. Case 17-1091 oral pronouncement as recorded by the Court Clerk)

Seditious Denial of Constitutional Law

I have been told that my 4th and 14th Amendment rights do not exist at law, and all my property and franchise and legal name are forfeit if I do not pay $70,000 USD in excess of real income; during which my child was taken and concealed to extort and coerce me to surrender my technical discovery and property. That any amount not paid would be held as equity as if in rem forfeiture of all my assets and my body (my natural person) for debt alleged against my United States Citizen (legal person) and that personhood condemned to abuse (21 O.S. 21-8) without conviction or right to cross-examine evidence or see my accuser at any time in any court of law (never done, no notice over 24 hours in April 19 service to April 20 2002 trial alleged by Dee Miller, and my appearance and direct communication with the Judge during session omitted to defraud - contrary transcript admitting my presence and witness to such appearance produced to the court for evidence a statement of the eye witness). Where the truth does not matter, and journal entries are made 'to suit the narrative fraud' of a custom or practice, there can be no justice nor any future case sustained on such fraud of record - and with malice evident there can be no limit to the restitution owing and due, including whole default of The Enabling Act of 1906 and incorporation of Statehood of 1907 and with it per Article I-1 forfeiture of the Federal Union and all its territory and property a collateral duly pledged on incorporation of two (2) documents in 1907:

  1. The Declaration of Independence (a severance clause contract rider, entitled construction of words per UCC rule)
  2. The Constitution of the United States

What some theme broken, by other treaty or claims, cannot be undone or disbarred per those Laws of the United States made in 1906 "The Enabling Act of Statehood" and conditions admitted in 1907, for which all agreements prior are void by its making - and all claims contrary to its breach void (CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA - Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule) or grounds for forfeiture of the Federal Union allod the injured parties in breach, a dominium plenum exclusive of title (Quia Emptores, A Statute of our Lord The King, concerning the Selling and Buying of Land, known also as "Statute of Westminster III"). In simple terms, the taking of a child for concealment in a foreign sovereign land is a cause for breach and casus belli. And by the Grace of God, is The Chickasaw Nation Reservation (a sovereign country, separate from the United States and under its protection), made in McGirt v State of Oklahoma, one nation - and the United States (a sovereign country, separate from The Chickasaw Nation Reservation) another, from which the right by law of POSSESSION of the child in contest is owed and due in The Chickasaw Nation Reservation - and restrained to extinction without ever having been satisfied even once - whereby then is made the whole and satisfaction of that breach accomplished in incorporated duty of the Enabling of Statehood Act a collateral contract in deliberate default of clear felony degree to injure, defraud, deceive and murder.

Call for the Orders of the Day Refused

We do not ask for your whole country, nor even a majority of it - but rather for our children to be returned and released from use as hostages. And on refusal to do so, and contempt evident to conceal this abuse and complicity with total genocide; only then do we bring to POINT OF ORDER (RONR, 12th Ed) and by a MOTION FOR A CALL FOR THE ORDERS OF THE DAY (RONR, 12th Ed), a civil procedure to impose the rule of law or confirm total abandonment of the State from such duty and pretext in abdication of a legal authority by delay, obstruction, sale, or abuse of such right to diminish or dishonor its obligation - owing and due. The very essence of 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.11(b)(17) rule, made REQUIRED STATE LAW Feb 21 2017. An effort to disclaim and bar further BLACK CODE abuse, equity claims on real property and franchise barred civil courts for payments beyond 30 days past due as CONTEMPT in 45 CFR §303.6 rule, and for minimal protections of Federal Law also obligated in 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule.

Duties - not suggestions or guidelines - affording on SOVEREIGN STATE IMMUNITY to evade the paid collateral contract ELECTED by the DIRECTOR OF THE regional TITLE IV AGENCY (a UNITED STATES AGENCY), which cannot be delegated or subcontracted to evade those rules to any STATE AGENCY, DISTRICT, or LAW ENFORCEMENT organization; without seditious rebellion and insurrection of felony degree in the assertion or act upon that exclusive, delegated, and limited authority of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES exclusive programs and benefits management of services; including all prescribed protections owing and due. Duties which the State Legislature is bound, upon payment accepted by the State, to comply without buyer's remorse - an elected contract over the most precious collateral of all: our children.

"If to state the rule or Laws of the United States is wrongdoing or treason, then we are already in the national condition of a full blown and open rebellion. The state whose agents resist have themselves by act or complicity openly and formally so declared against the nation and its bylaws, charter, and the People - having further by abuse made the People as a class their declared enemy in the abuse of even one member or person whether that entity be natural or legal in personhood."

James Allen

Perspective Versus Ongoing 2023 Criminal Threats

2023 Feb 15 - 3:30 pm CDT, Editorial by James Allen

Fraud to attempt human trafficking and gang activity directed toward our firm and custody of a child as though such claims are not real or cannot be related to white supremacist organizations contradicts later 2017 FBI determination of Criminal Street Gang Federal registration of the group.

Private Investigation in 2012 reported to Officer Kyler Poole of the Ada City Police Department the relationship of such persons at SOONERCON and in association with persons operating in City of Ada, City of Dallas, City of Carrollton, and elaborate "ax" wielding fantasies in 2021 November 14 to 2023 February 5th ongoing threats by the SOONERCON associated group, their members in Enid Oklahoma, and IP ADDRESS traffic from SUDDENLINK users in Enid Oklahoma and of Cheyenne WY and Cogent Communications Inc. network in Denver and Dallas from employees in Casper WY allegedly employed by Fort Collins CO City Government ( and Halliburton Corporation of Texas during ongoing January 2023 and February 2023 threats to support extortion and blackmail to obtain $70,000 USD in violation of Federal Law and regulation barred by 45 CFR, and to defraud commercial business and income in a pattern of systematic approach of suspected clients and shareholders and investors and property owners under color of a mental health fraud to extort (Title 43A Section 43A-5-104 criminal violation alleged from 2002-2023 in taking and concealment of a child, false title of birth certificate to defraud, and concealment of JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to overcome a real business and registered trademark sale and dilution for export to franchise and film rights sale to AMAZON INC. of other property under such conditions of human trafficking and forced labor threats).

Injuries done in these attacks are real and serious injury, including Oct 5 2022 and February 4 2023 threats toward persons over 65 years of age, in witness intimidation and jury tampering activity in Pontotoc County District Court to suppress evidence of a 2003 September 12th and 20th admission of kidnapping of a child for welfare fraud, alleged 'abandoned' and 'fraudulent marriage' filed as civil cause to sustain and escape with the missing child, last seen in September 2001 being taken into concealment in The Colony (Denton County) State of Texas; while alleged resident in Dallas County and falsely alleged born in Dallas TX to forge the court record; and on admission in 2015 of being concealed in Denton County since 2001 without notice or change of address to the court, prior multiple relocations in 2001-2019 and flight from the jurisdiction during case 15-06292393 (Denton County) to conceal again in Dallas County prior end of trial in violation of UIFSA Section 314 immunity by filing of 2018-2023 trial in PONOTOTOC COUNTY to impair the petitioner and 2017 illegal collection activity barred by 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Rule (TITLE IV AGENCY, a REQUIRED STATE LAW).

Injuries above were done in 2002, prior 2003 September letters threatening to witnesses and asserting the child was never going to see the father (above) again, because the father did not care or he would have tried (to visit during threats of ongoing violence sustained in 2001-2023). Despite these acts, and constructive termination of custody in 2001, the Texas parent and her associates hold out belief they are owed child support during the injury and loss of income of the parent on identity theft to extort and falsification of employment and work history to overcome recovery efforts - a form of criminal entrapment, admitted a plan and enterprise of four persons and using the name of Dr. Ann Klepper (the child's grandmother) without her knowledge to endorse this abduction and concealment spanning 22 years, sustained in threats after her death March 2nd 2022, and ongoing impersonation of her identity (2022) to falsify court documents to overcome SHADOWDANCERS LLC on concealment and control of the child. Demanding forced labor and submission to the fraud contrary written admission of child taking, barred by 'abandonment' and 'marriage' civil suits filed to obtain TITLE IV benefits.

Despite claiming emotional abuse, and false denial of the child as that of the Oklahoma parent, the letters show a pattern of abuse evident in a mental illness diagnosed in the mother, Veronica Marie Petersen, in 2001 prior abduction and prescribed mental health medication preceding the abduction. Support of these delusions with criminal intent to extort in 2001 December and 2002 September admit the taking of the child in a criminal plan refused relief on confession by Texas and Oklahoma TITLE IV AGENCY employees, denying recovery and sustaining a pattern of blackmail over 2001-2023 presently before the court under UIFSA Section 6 seeking 'fraud' defense to release the victim from human trafficking and initiate recovery of the adult child for lawful discovery refused over 22 consecutive years of total concealment without any communication or location or access - violating ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP denied legal enforcement by State of Texas and State of Oklahoma conditional prior payment of imputed child support (barred by 45 CFR, and Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Page 93492 Federal Regulation effective Feb 21 2017).

The mother disclaimed emotional abuse in public letters after separation, admitted she never read the lawsuit she imagined to create a narcissistic delusional injury contrary the order of the District Judge to have no contact during trial, and never filed any evidence or claim of emotional abuse what-so-ever.

The mother did file emotional abuse against the Texas abduction partner, and utilize the benefits of that filing to suggest she was the victim of the Oklahoma parent and her first child's parent to deflect blame and evade due process completely in the courts (KELLEY v KELLEY 2007 OK Sup Court violation alleged), in a premeditated fraud to deceive and take possession and flee and exploit the child for employment and public aid (false hospital bills, disclaimed on demand for information after soliciting money as legal answer in writing to the father claiming then bills were not real). No medical costs or injury or illness or location or school enrollment records have ever been provided to the Oklahoma parent, contrary the order, and the child was taken from his home per medical records for concealment in a plan concealed from the court and later (2003, 2011) admitted in writing and published confessions.

Threats in 2002-2023 are consistent in the intent to overcome the business SHADOWDANCERS LLC and its AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT LINE of $50,000 USD, and to mix the credit of the business and the parent and assets and estate of other relatives by marriage to the concealment and abuse of the child; as a duty to pay or borrow the money sought in violation of 2017 Feb 21 REQUIRED STATE LAW, barring such claims from legal life or use in CITATION FOR CONTEMPT and limiting such demands per 45 CFR 302.56 rule - a duty of "Circumstances" including medical incapacity and duty of care for dying parents and grandparents in 2003-2008 and 2001-2023 end of life care with Alzheimer's Disease in 3 cases and brain cancer in 2 additional cases a medical burden supported by the physical work of the father in City of Ada.

Use of the 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX data center owned by EQUINIX to carry out these threats makes such conduct a commercial fraud, themed a Hobbs Act complaint, enjoined trademark abuse and slander of title to overcome the Oklahoma parent in taking and damage and right of sale of his commercial works and franchise under such conditions from 2001-2023, seeking to forfeit creative rights and copyright to books and art and his image in holding of his child as a de facto hostage, and to assert his commercial activity owes taking of investor money and credit to pay these demands prior intended and contractual services and other agreements and obligations existing prior to case 01-17702 exceeding $80,000 USD.

Estimated loss of income is projected at $2.5 million USD (1999 Dollars), and abuse of trade secrets including distributed graphic software pipeline and ray tracing and path tracing technology described in year 1998 and 2000 documents, now broadly being marketed by NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2022 September of similar and inferior implementation using hardware cited in 2018 court documents as vital supply chain assets for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. via EVGA CORPORATION and other distributors targeted systematically in this fraud. Export and use of this technology threatened in 2013 written statements to Iceland, Sweden, Norway and China appear to be under execution and franchise to escape litigation in concert with 2021-2023 threats and letters soliciting and claiming contract sale to OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED of CYPRUS (formerly GAMES.RU and MAIL.RU), and to AMAZON INC. under project direction of Henry Caville, by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP of Great Britain as unauthorized re-license of the Oklahoma Registered Trademark 12415565 (STRYX, in legal use since 1992) and 12341878 (BEYOND WAR, in legal use since 1998).

Veronica Petersen was clearly Exceptionally Emotionally Disturbed (Letter, Aug 29 2001 - preserved to show state of mind in detail at time of attempted suidices) and the claims to do violence and deny the acceptance of the child by James Allen are wholly clearly and maliciously fabricated lies of a pathological degree to defraud.

Frantech ( users continue to try to break security on the site, in a pattern implicating, Cheyenne WY, Casper WY and related DAILY STORMER hosted material and Chinese support of such attack traffic in detailed logs originating in Hong Kong. Perpetrator is located in Casper WY. Frantech is based in Cheyenne WY. Narrows it down, narrows it down,....

Because the parties have DECLINED to invoke MENTAL HEALTH DEFECT as a DEFENSE, and to persist in styling their victims as being MENTALLY ILL using COGENT and EQUINIX facilities at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 to do so in 2011 to 2023 onoging threats, the information proving this to be a clear criminal intent to defraud has been granted release. We were trying to be kind and not bring mental health evidence against Veronica Marie Petersen into public view, for interest of the child M.V.P. and A.M.P, who are now both adults and permanently injured by the sustained fraud maintained to harm their estate and inheritance.

Ongoing threats against the witness in that document as of February 5 2023 of a sexual nature, and prior 2021-2023 threats against the same persons and in 2013 and 2011 and 2010 and 2008 of a sexual nature, denied protection by ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT on concealment of a child, obligate a public notice to protect victims from an ongoing fraud and EXPRESSLY COMMERCIAL USE of OFFICERS BODY CAMERA FOOTAGE to carry out a criminal extortion falsely alleging STOLEN VALOR for commercial harm and incitement of serious bodily harm resulting in death in March 2022.

Analysis of Conspiracy to Kidnap Admission (2003)
Original Threat wishing miscarriage on female worker
2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas TX extortion Address Use


While the parties were making death threats in 2002 Nov 15 with members of the threat group who approached witnesses in Sept 10th-12th 2003 to deny these actions were 'real' and knowingly, criminally, and falsely style the death threats as paranoia aiding in the kidnapping hoax and terrorist fraud ongoing in 2023 February 4th and 5th, January 2023 weekly threats, December 2022 U.S. Mail and death of a witness by fire, November 4 2023 in 84 threats, October 5th 2022 in two (2) letters of extortion by Donald Jonathon Beal to persons over the age of 65, October 4th 2022 physical contact seeking the party in December 19th Mail Fraud just prior Dec 25th 2022 death by fire, and September 2022 repeated threats following May and April threats to extort and identity theft to sexually abuse the same witness in the 2003 letter by Veronica Marie Petersen (Original Letter, and Analysis).

    During such time the abducting parties have never afforded communication or reported injury or illness or location of the child as required by law, and admitted concealing the child in letters in 2003 Sept 20th and 2011 July 29th, and done so in a pattern of commercial threats to carry out the mental health hoax on the United States TITLE IV AGENCY and welfare benefits system. Fraud is evident in claims the child was never acknowledged, defrauding $15,000 in relocation costs and 11 months in the home prior abduction (per Texas heartbeat law), and the 'legal process' alleged was a false civil suit of 'abandonment' that Veronica Marie Petersen failed to show up for followed by a false civil suit of 'marriage' that was also fraudulent to escape prior legal finding that Veronica Marie Petersen was 'wholly in default' in the case as of December 2001. The claims admit the actual child taking, admitted again in 2011 July 29th letter, on what is a 'willing abandonment' claim during taking for concealment to Denton County, and then to undisclosed location admited the home of Donald J. Beal for five years without communication or disclosure - then another move without disclosure to Denton County, where in 2015 Veronica Marie Petersen swore in affidavit she lived in Denton County since 2001 before DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS, confessing fraud in her prior claim in case 01-17702 that she lived in Dallas County to carry out the fraud and abduction. Her letter of September 12 2003 shows her mental instability and false claim of being married then to Donald Jonathon Beal, prior his letter admitting abduction of September 20 2003 - and both such letters sent to intimidate and defraud a key witness in the case for premeditated fraud and threat that she 'deserve' a miscarriage if she carried the child of James Allen. Malice could not be more evident, nor harm to the child in the care of Donald Jonathon Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen, then ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN and such JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP obligated a court order never honored in 2002-2023, as well as the subject of ongoing commercial threats concerning the child in February 4th and 5th 2023 in a pattern of extortion and blackmail activity by Donald Jonanthon Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen, and Alicia McMahon(named in the Sept 12 2003 letters and present in the November 13 2021 to February 5th 2023 ongoing campaign of extortion and blackmail commercial demands).

    When confronted in 2015, Veronica Marie Petersen alleged that she feared that the Oklahoma parent would 'kidnap' the child to exploit the BAKER ACT and RED FLAG LAWS based solely on hearsay afforded as EVIDENCE by DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in ex parte hearings and false threat of arrest violating TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.375 rule (immunity to bring a citation of contempt by JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, sustained by the court and attorneys for both sides in threats to impair the recovery if not paid the full amount of fines in excess of factual income superior to custody and ordered possession rights of Allen) to terminate custody and flee froms civil process into Dallas County from Denton County without notifying the court or other parties in case 15-06292393 (a venue transfer of case 01-17702-R).

    This action followed the 2013 media campaign on GOOGLE SITES (300+ articles) to style James Allen as a literal deranged schizophrenic person who believed himself to be a 'vampire', and as 'transgender' to support the child taking fraud and hoax publicly - using LOSTSERVER.NET and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM to stage such attacks and felony hate crime activity criminalized in 2022 April Federal Law, which appears racially motivated against Chickasaw Nation Reservation residents and defamatory of mixed race persons in INDIAN TERRITORY with white supremacist overtones. LOSTSERVER is a labor organization created by NTT COMMUNICATIONS and DONALD JONATHON BEAL to extort.

    Appearance of / (THE DAILY STORMER hosting ISP) and South Africa and Argentina and Sweden support of racial threats incorporating commercial franchise piracy and theft to harm the the Allen business in The Chickasaw Nation Reservation borders by direct trademark dilution threatened in 2013 and done in 2014 to 2023 ongoing threats and product promotion, make this a commercially targeted International trade interference based on race and human trafficking under color of law and abuse of legal process denied all habeas corpus and 5th Amendment protections.

    The fraud is now themed a racially motivated kidnapping and child taking from INDIAN TERRITORY for exclusive control by State of Texas residents over CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION residents of mixed race and prior illicit / unauthorized / forced adoption in human trafficking activity spanning two generations - and a land extortoin scheme against the parents and grandparents of the child in Pontotoc County, City of Ada, Capital of the Chickasaw Nation on corruption of blood for civil debt of false character obtained by knowing fraud.

    This is not a disputed matter, and already admitted fault by DONALD JONATHON BEAL May 7 2005, then resumed to conceal criminal activity in such extortion threats to coerce for commercial advantage publication of the fraud in 2011, sustaining an admitted fraud incorporating child abuse (parental alienation, violation of ORDERED POSSESSION for consideration of anything of value).

In the interim, the group under Donald Jonathon Beal actively threatened attorneys (70) in mass mail from 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 offices. The pattern of death threats clearly preceed the 2003 September 12th narcissistic letter styling fear of such abuse and harassment as paranoia in James Allen to conceal and flee with his child contrary ORDERED POSSESSION and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP sought and granted on fraudulent filing in case 01-17702, a kidnapping. The prior statement was made during ORDERED POSSESSION of the child to JAMES ALLEN and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP, which Donald J. Beal was aware of having concealed the child in 2001-2006 in his home with Veronica Petersen to thwart recovery - in a clear pattern of criminal conduct to extort. Intent to defraud and threaten as many people as possible in doing so (70 parties named in reply) show a gross premeditated intent to carry out a terrorist hoax in concert with admission of a plan to use the .me site and other sites under FALSE LEGAL NAME to coerce behavior he could not achieve through legal process, by blackmail activity and defamation evident in the 2002-2004 'jamesisalittlebitch' site created using edited photos of the NORTEL contractor and meta data 'NORTEL' and other business names to support this interference in custody and commercial interference in TITLE IV benefits to entrap and conceal a child from a parent.

The criminal narative is clear - admitting child taking by design of Beal and Petersen, while neglecting to mention that the couple filed 'abandonment' civil suit (01-17702) to gain possession of the abducted child - which requires that Allen relinquished possession voluntarily, a fact admitted to be false. Allen NEVER worked for TEK SYSTEMS, and such job and performance reveiw fabricated by DONALD JONATHON BEAL with VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN is therefore employment fraud to abduct. As of July 29 2011 DONALD JONATHON BEAL admitted in writing he was aware of a custody order, while never affording that order to be enforced and concealing the fact from other persons to extort and blackmail using FALSE LEGAL NAME throughout 2002-2004, 2007-2008, 2009-2013, and 2021-2023 threats. DONALD JONATHON BEAL is the DIRECTOR of IX NETWORK LLC of State of Texas as of 2020 Aug 27, and continuing in this fraud in January 28 and October 5 2022 and multiple letters of threat in 2023 to promote the mental health fraud to deceive the public and implicate CITY OF FORT COLLINS, COLORADO in concert with telephone service targeting TEAMSPEAK GmbH contracts established in 2014 July 11 in City of Ada (Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma USA) to overcome prior 2008 statewide contract of SHADOWDANCERS LLC in direct competition with the voice conferencing business; harming the child's support through such abuse to carry on custodial interference and criminal entrapment.

In concert with "absurd mental health fraud" publications by Beal and associates including photographing the business and home of a REGISTERED AGENT OF THE UNITED STATES to use in such threats in 2013 and 2023 Jan 6th threats, the denial of criminal liability is absurd in the PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud and abduction. The 2001 December, 2002 May, 2002 November death threats, and 2003 Sept threats spell out a clear premeditated and fabricated mental health fraud to kidnap, abduct, conceal, and abuse a child under the Texas and Oklahoma TITLE IV AGENCY complicity and support to extort a business of the State of Oklahoma and multiple corporations of the United States by fraud named in 2021 December written threats for in rem forfeiture scheme and real estate forfeiture scheme (Feb 4 2023) barred by Federal Law.

Claims of appointments or notification by email are fraud, never afforded LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS, and incorporated at times of threats of violence and threat of fire and destruction of 7750 Willow Winds Court #224 Buidling 24 Dallas Texas property during trial to suggest fabrication of email evidence identical to later 'false persona' in and accounts created to threaten Allen - evident in their very design as criminal threats of murder - using the alias for Donald Beal of "Josiah Deutsch" / "Deutsche Canoe" to pretend to be an East Central University student and classmate of Allen (fraud) in 2010-2013 sexual threats of an explicit nature to female witnesses and to interfere with their employment at WALMART #0234 in City of Ada, Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma with resulting serious injury by falsification of sexual claims to extort, false marriage (again, 3rd time) evident in 2022 and 2023 threats, and IDENTITY THEFT to extort. All indicators of a perfectly abnormal and violent condition of co-parenting held out as normal and 'an open door' by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, a non-party to the original suit ("Veronica Marie Petersen v JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN"). The Affidavit is clear, and award of benefits has never been granted to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN (an estate), nor is transferable per the contract, from the claimant in 2001 September filing, Veronica Marie Petersen (a natural person, non-estate) declared as the petitioner in cause 01-17702. Substitution of the petitioner then is spoliation and barratry in prima facie in case 01-17702 denied DISCOVERY, a separate suit not afforded and double jeopardy of the prior failure to appear in all 2001 hearings by Veronica Marie Petersen, showing her found WHOLLY IN DEFAULT by the court as of the December 2001 ORDER. Effort to retry the case in 01-17702-R on "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN AND JAMES ALLEN, AND IN THE INTEREST OF A CHILD" is fraud on prima facie as there was no LEGAL MARRIAGE affording amendment so long after the prior case to seek extension.

Donald Jonathon Beal is a convicted criminal with earnings reported at $16 USD/hr or less in 2011, and at such time in 2012 October 31 under oath did he swear his personal loss of wages for an 8 hour day to appear was $500+ USD, before Judge M. Kilgore of Pontotoc County District Court. He lived with his parents at such time, demonstrating in his arrest report the same verbal claims and combative deflection activity and to blame his brakes as faulty for a DWI collision with a vehicle transporting children. This is found in the report. According to a Private Investigation in 2012, he is making these threats with an Enid Resident, using Suddenlink Internet Service in 2023 February to aid the fraud while Beal remains outside the State of Oklahoma for an alibi. Both parties seem to be incensed by wages paid to JAMES ALLEN over 20 years ago, which they seek to obtain a portion of or injure the employment and career and industry of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN through his child and concealment by aiding the mental health fraud and hoax activity to extort.

Banned Traffic / Threats in False Name

If SPECIFIC ADDRESSES FROM ENID OKLAHOMA Were Not Visiting Sites THEY ARE BANNED FROM REPEATEDLY & DESPITE NO PAGE BEING SERVED TO THEM, Immediately After Direct Written Threats to Harass Elderly persons and female associates in a prior sexual extortion scheme from 2010 October 31 to 2023 Feb 6 ongoing written explicit criminal threats - we would not be looking at Enid Oklahoma and Soonercon Every Time Someone messages the company (Feb 4 2023 in 23 counts from 10pm to 10am) using a FAKE NAME with EXTORTION DEMANDS TO TAMPER IN A COURT CASE SET FOR PENDING HEARING. Citation of Casper WY and Fort Collins CO in explicit threats in concert with competitor CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER TERMINATION in Fort Collins CO further indicates an Interstate Racketeering Activity since 2013 July 11 and 2014 July 11 to impersonate a 2008 established real business by violation of Title 78 Section 78-53 practices and concealment of a child ORDERED TO POSSESSION of the domestic business owner to extort, already alleged felony child snatching concealed by false civil suit of "Abandonment" and "(false) MARRIAGE" to defraud, in embezzlement of Federal (Social Security and Title IV) Benefits programs.

Use of FALSE NAME to threaten, and pattern of extortion demands from 2010-2023 in organized threats attached prior threat of murder on taking and violence, do not proceed to a civil legal claim versus the parent of the missing and exploited child, or a justification based on duration of concealment or age of a victim missing since abduction without legal cause or writ from their legal residence since 2001 August to defraud. The nature of such threats are HUMAN TRAFFICKING barred by United States Public Policy in REGULATIONS expressly incorporated to the States by REQUIRED STATE LAW since Feb 21 2017, and prior fraud never entitled benefits in fraud ab initio (fraud from onset, false legal cause, evident fraud in filing and record of a civil suit to overcome existing title and create false title to defraud) in concert with slander of title of a franchise of the State of Oklahoma for foreign sovereign competitor advantage, and jactitation of marriage in a legal sham.

The Legal Fraud In Basis:


Alicia McMahon statements in College at ECU that Allen was her 'husband' without telling him:

    JAMES ALLEN has NEVER been married to ALICIA MCMAHON/SCARBROUGH despite her use of terms like MISTRESS to falsify her abuse of minor children who have come forward to testify in 2023 January against such fraud against them in their minority, nor has JAMES ALLEN been married nor legally abandoned a child - contrary civil cause of action filed in knowingly false claims less than 90 days after physical abduction from 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX 75204 home of the child in Dallas County for concealment then in Denton County from 2001-2019 without notice to the Court or the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR of such change of address nor any access, telephone, or communication contrary ORDERED POSSESSION sought to obtain by fraud payment of United States benefits to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, the abducting parent and diagnosed mentally ill person as of 2001 August 10th (prior abduction). Effort to suggest mental illness in JAMES ALLEN is fraud to conceal use of PROZAC on a child under the age of 8, and use of PROZAC admitted in 2003 letters threatening for mental illness in Veronica Marie Petersen, evident in letters in 2001 December, 2002 May, 2003, 2005 email from Don Beal of COLOMART, and to defraud by Donald Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen in concet with other persons seeking marital control and marital estate powers over JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, his businesses, his physical person and relationships, and in ongoing 2001-2023 menace of such persons systematically in Interstate stalking and identity theft to defraud.

Veronica Petersen allusions to JAMES ALLEN as husband of Veronica Petersen, and all claims of paternity doubts in child prior abduction act to defraud public in abduction:

    JAMES ALLEN has NEVER been married to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, and was the sole provider of her child for 11 months under contract of marriage and relocation to City of Ada, when she engaged in sexual activity with another man and removed the child from the home to carry out alleged welfare fraud with that person using the child of James Allen already granted to his custody and release in a Carrollton TX birth, employing FALSE CERTIFICATE OF VITAL RECORD alleging a Dallas TX birth to defraud the court and a false address to work a fraud upon the court supporting mistrial violating KELLEY v KELLEY constitutional due process of a civil procedure for alleged welfare fraud under ongoing and sustained violence with serious bodily injury for human trafficking and ongoing (2001-2023) conduct themed clear violation of The Hobbs Act refused local protection to sustain false TITLE IV AGENCY claims.

Allegation of marriage Sept 10 2003 between Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen:

    2003 page 9 of threats to E. Botelho, intimiate partner of Allen in 2003 (after the abduction, and pregnancy by Donald Beal in Veronica Petersen during 2001-2006 concealment of the chlid taken from 2502 Live Oak St #335 and custody of JAMES ALLEN by force. DONALD BEAL has NEVER been married to VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, and did admit her mental health disorder in May 7th 2005 solicitation for murder of Veronica Marie Petersen, entitled 'Vee > Satan' and then did Veronica Marie Petersen file emotional abuse legal suit against DONALD JONATHON BEAL. These acts done while concealing the child of JAMES ALLEN without notice to Dallas County District Court of the couple's true address in Denton County per false swearing incorporated in and EVIDENT CORRUPTION by DALLAS COUNTY COURT CLERK of that case in 2015 to disrupt recovery completely by a Court Clerk contrary her 2001 affidavit that she lived with her mother (in The Colony, Denton County, State of Texas USA). Such (corrupt) case (15-06292393) executed then without regard to motions obligated relay in case FR-2018-00004 (initiated in 2018 Nov, sustained through 2023 Feb) owing and due UIFSA section 3 joint service to avoid double jeopardy in trial and conceal the defense and parties to embezzle from benefits of the United States.

Pursuant Title 5 Section 702, JUDICIAL REVIEW is obligated and a duty of the DISTRICT COURT or EASTERN DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, refused lawful relief on continuous public terrorist hoax to defraud and use of violence in commercial and public abuse of the IANA.ORG and ICANN and GOOGLE business services now under FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION authority and incorporating $93500 USD alleged fraudulent transfer of title to support this child taking and concealment in public extortion activity. Overwhelming evidence of legal detail, showing a clear premeditated plan to defraud since 2001 December cross-examination by Kara Metzger of the group, and 2012 formal Private Investigation by Kristen Mack P.I. for RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, repeatedly expose this fraud in embezzlement of United States Benefits refused ALL DUE PROCESS in Interstate racketeering continued Feb 4-5 2023 in threats from HTTPS://WWW.FCGOV.COM/ employee accounts utilized in 2022 April 4 impersonation of HALIBURTON CORPORATION and false hire efforts enjoined STATE OF NEW JERSEY IDENTITY THEFT ACTIVITY and CANADIAN based abuse from Haliburton (The City, Canada) Tourism Bureau organized in STATE OF NEW JERSEY (USA), and on behalf of persons registered as a business in STATE OF TEXAS registry at 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TX; now admitted to be in STATE OF WYOMING where they claim to have filed a civil suit to threaten witnesses resident in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA for refusal of OCT 5 2022 extortion letters prior OCT 18 2022 illegal demands for $6000+ USD and $70,000 USD not afforded Federal TITLE IV AGENCY power or 45 CFR authority, in extortion activity of specific and clear commercial XXIII-1A criminal RIGHT TO WORK violation alleged 21 O.S. 21-837 and 21-838 specific abuses of Title 21 Oklahoma Criminal Code and Title 78 Section 76-53 protections at law entitled exemplary damages.

The adversarial parties are hopping jurisdictions from Dallas County to Denton County (2001) and back to Dallas County (2019) without notice to the DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT case 15-06292393 then ongoing in 2015-2020 January, to defraud in dual collection.

Paired with use of movement from State of Texas to State of Florida, State of Arkansas, State of Oklahoma, State of Missouri, State of California, State of New York, State of Wyoming, and State of Colorado to carry out enforcement dual actions and legal harassment while evading the regional situational awareness of the fraud (2011-2012 Officer Kyler Poole, ADA PD) and solicit new officers to carry out the fraud (Officer Vogt) in vexatious civil and criminal prosecution to overcome public report of a crime and demand for recovery and location of a missing and exploited person deemed in some accounts to be mentally ill and under mind-altering narcotic use from age 5 to adulthood barred by FDA Rule (age 8, minimum age for use of the drug). Use of such drug on a child, and serious illness concealed in 2001 December to 2003 July, admit child abuse and 'doping' of the baby uner 1 year of age, with unknown neurological impact then attributed to ethnic and hereditary defect of mixed-race Native American origin in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION and fraud to suggest hereditary illness in a family created by LEGAL ADOPTION to defraud the public and extort victims of ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and fatal diagnosis BRAIN CANCER systematically (5 separate cases/persons targeted).

Conspiracy Claims are Religious and Ethnic Hate Speech

Many of the claims of Donald Beal appear to imitate Islamic Extremist killings in Iraq in stereotypes of 'Emo' written claims from 2002 to 2023 ongoing hostile claims - which appear to be a Mujahdeen Conspiracy Theory - attempting to allege JAMES ALLEN is a believer in conspiracy theories while alleging in 2013-2023 that JAMES ALLEN "Thinks he is a vampire" to carry out custodial interference and child abuse (parental alienation, contrary ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD). Using these claims to style ALLEN as mentally ill to overcome him in his prior $120,000/yr employment and slander of title to overcome his public office in the public trust of the State of Oklahoma and United States - and to seek a fraudulent claim upon extended family estates and property in Pontotoc County (State of Oklahoma, USA).

Competitor False Claims

Claims of bipolar, emo, schizo, dangerous, incompetent, et al - are Narcissistic Emotional Abuse of a Severe Clinical Degree created by projection of mental health disorder upon JAMES ALLEN by the abducting parties - styling Allen both as a criminal genius and dunce as well as owing payment while denying income against which sole claim can be valid to confuse and promote a disordered thinking which admits no legal right to withhold the child and dismisses such physical abduction in 2001 August as justified due to success of purposeful unlawful and criminal concealment AFTER Sept 2001 service of process refusing all contact endorsed by Veronica Marie Petersen. Petersen was under the influence of prescription drugs, admitted suffering from suicidal thoughts and ideation, and attempted suicide prior to her taking of the children - while trying to style Allen as causing these mental health disorders and in other public statements denying Allen did anything legally wrong in public perjury of her legal action to conceal her direction of neglect and concealment of the 13 lb child resulting it his emaciated condition 4 months after abduction, and serious illness of the newborn also concealed from Allen to gain public sympathy. Contrary ORDERED POSSESSION TO JAMES ALLEN and JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP, Veronica Petersen has never facilitated any contact with the child during 2001-2023, and used public threats of violence and enticement to go to places of assault as a foil to suggest Allen's failure to enter such public gatherings of her supporters pledging to physically harm Allen in writing suggest a 'willing lack of interest in the child' then conveyed to the child to deceive and defraud in her favor from 2001-2023, and documented as cause of mental health disorder in the child by 2015 medical report.

Alleged Welfare Fraud and Slander of Title

Under OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, JAMES ALLEN had INHERENT RIGHTS to his child per article II-2 and Title 76-1 and 76-8, which the abductors have falsely alleged to foreign countries to gain business for COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT GROUP were decided by the knowingly fraudulent filing of 'abandonment' on physical taking to conceal and flee with the child from the legal address of residence during the prior 11 months of life.

The prior was done after soliciting and accepting payment for promise of relocation (a contract) in AMERICAN EXPRESS cash value over $10,000 USD in payment (1999 USD) for promise and pledge and assurance of performance by VERONICA PETERSEN to deliver the child to Oklahoma for permanent residence with the father where the father was a PERMANENT RESIDENT since 1975 and never surrendered his OKLAHOMA RESIDENCY at any time. All such Texas residency was a FOREIGN RESIDENCE under Federal Constitution Article IV section 2 right of travel and return for work in INTERSTATE COMMERCE, entitled Federal protection.

No Contract or Agreement may void his rights, per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, even one promugated by a District Court of the State of Texas ex parte and without due process to overcome such State of Oklahoma right to recovery of a missing and exploited child taken from his legal protection by force.

Any claim a civil agreement waive his rights are a felony conspiracy against rights and seditious conspiracy against rights and void in making or assertion at law. Any demand over 65% of factual net income is further grounds to void such order and void any enforcement claim under the present theory, per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule and §303.6, express in citation of 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule a duty of a genuine TITLE IV AGENCY since Feb 21 2017 effective State Law date.

Slander of Title is proven by the fraudulent COURT ORDER being held out as if a genuine order, while the parties did conceal in the same order the explicit ORDERED POSSESSION from the public unless first paid $100,000+ in excess of factual income and without modification or regard for interference in employment by the beneficiary or their agency detailed in medical filings and evasion of location without notice to the court - and in false claims to the public not filed in a court of law nor in any change of address filed in a court of law as required to comply with a real order - to flee, evade, conceal, and on contest deny outright without legal basis or due process nor cross examination a legal cause for such perpetual concealment and control afforded admission as evidence by State of Texas based solely on hearsay and to compel extradition under threat of arrest for any appearance or attempted contact or filing of CITATION OF CONTEMPT if not fully paid false and excessive fines prior that court appearance.

This violates TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.375 and violates the order, and further refutes TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.261 'final judgment' election and the construction of words which work by operation of law a 'discharge' of such debt on performance prior 2004 - due incompetency of legal design in such contract evident on examination by a competent fiduciary in language and terms of law employed in an ignorant fashion, for which the defendant is told this is the 'standard custody order' and as such would affect all such orders of State of Texas of similar format to make them void at law under construction of words and other Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC) rule. Performance of the act discharge the obligation. The act is payment of a single month by withholding.

The obligation described in contract is the whole financial and medical payment, not the 'installment' of such 'obligation' prior described, and misuse of such term made a fixed order submitted to UIFSA interstate courts preclude its alteration to suit a purpose other than the express order, per 42 U.S. Code §666(A)(9) rule. Modification is owing and due 'automatically' and solely limited to factual 'state income tax' reported amount minus taxes and remainder reduced by 35% minimum and 75% normally automatically required change no more than three (3) years apart, per 42 U.S. Code §666(A)(10) rule.

Failure to perform these duties are failures of the State of Texas to comply with TITLE IV programs, a requirement of such terms, and fraud to embezzle money over $700 million USD each year from the United States benefit program each year by design and criminal negligence sustained after report to the Texas Attorney General, who is Director of the Texas TITLE IV AGENCY per designation in improper dual STATE OF TEXAS public office of Justice and UNITED STATES AGENCY in separate public office subject oversight by the prior in design and intent a duty of the TITLE IV AGENCY program. Denial of Criminal Justice services to hold such abuse of the TITLE IV AGENCY program is therefore a clear embezzlement act and obstruction of justice.

Retaliation against whistleblowers for 45 CFR §302.56(f) filing of service requiring LEGAL ANSWER by styling them as non compos mentis is criminal felony abuse of the prescribed relief and appeals process in design, a fraud. It violates 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) civil process by design, and voids such claims on failure to perform the minimum duties set forth in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492-93561 made Required State Law February 21 2017 owing full performance of 45 CFR and prior instruction, with no more than a five year maximum delay on grant of Federal exemption for any specific rule or process requiring a Federal Motion to obtain and duty to report as DISCOVERY never done in PETERSEN v ALLEN; refusing evidence to proceed with a case through denial of required civil discovery.

Abuse of JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP by concealment from the public to suggest a SOLE CUSTODY AGREEMENT or ABANDONMENT not proven in a factual court case at trial by mutilation of civil cause of action, held out for employment and benefits, during ongoing and purposeful violation of resulting ORDERED POSSESSION to wholly conceal and terminate all contact with a child over 2001-2023 to obtain money and property from the grandparents and disable the employment and performance and credit of a parent and their business by the officer(s) of two or more other businesses having NO LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP OR CUSTODY over the child, and at the direction of the Texas Guardian/Parent/Conservator - to gain commercial advantage - is prohibited by The Hobbs Act and entitled relief denied by obstruction of justice in PETERSEN v ALLEN with ongoing 2023 February commercial extortion letters and false claims to threaten shareholders, creditors, clients, investors, employees, their families, and falsely style the business of the State of Oklahom and multiple Corporations of the United States as fictitious and delusional in impersonation of the Secretary of State of Oklahoma and United States for foreign sovereign commercial client advantage, to overcome Federal Trade Commission complaint of formal degree versus NVIDIA CORPORATION / ARM HOLDING CO LTD merger (2022), and to tamper with the suffrage and real estate of persons in Pontotoc County resulting in death, hospitalization, and contributing to serious injury to persons over 65 and disabled persons named and targeted in the threats and publications of Veronica Marie Petersen and her agency.

| Federal Law In Dispute (Fed Reg Vol 81 No 244 Page 93492-93569)
+ + + 9-0 Unanimous SCOTUS ORDER Feb 2019 by Hon. R.B. Ginsburg
Whereby Seditious Conspiracy is Lawfully Evident in Rebellion to such Superior Order

- ongoing 21-837 and 21-838 activity w. CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE (2001-2023)

| The admission Sept 20 2003 of AMEX embezzlement Goal
| The Plan to Abduct and Defraud Since 2003 Written Admission
| Brute Force SSH Attack - Follows 20 Messages to Company
| January 6th 2023 Photo of Office Taken from Street Car
| 2023 January 17th Attacks by Frantech/Sharktech/OVH
| Clear Welfare Fraud
| Public Calls for Murder by A.M.
| Related FOIA Extortion Activity Letter
| Admission of Child Abduction to CIO of Oklahoma Company
| Impersonation of Oklahoma Secretary of State
| False Stalking Claim Part of Scheme to Defraud
| False Legal Name and False Persona
| Neo Nazi White Supremacist Support to Abduct and Conceal
| Commercial Bias from Operating System Dev Groups
| Japan's Holocaust Deniers Role
| Human Trafficking for Labor
| Nexus with NTT/VERIO
| Fraud Evident In Record
| Probable Cause for Title 43A criminal Fraud since 2001
| Identity Theft and Commercial Plans Damage
| Parties Joint Nature (K-8 SEC FORM)
| Ongoing Computer Crime
| Race and Homosexual Transference In Child Taking
| Visual Map Of Commercial Defamation Activity
| Damning Evidence (Transcripts)
| Background
| Itemized Extortion
| Transcripts of Plan to Abduct
| Timeline
| Analysis of Claims
| Safe Jack And Drill Hidden By Property
| Domestic Abuse Fraud
| Vehicular Sabotage
| History of Incidents
| Public Safety Notice
| Competitor Stolen Valor Fraud
| October Summary
| Nov 4 2022 Threats

| Editorial - Witherspoon Heritage
| What We Know So Far
| Violence and Ongoing Harassment
| Injuries from Harassment/Fraud
| Securities Manipulation Evident
| Swedish Companies Laundering Fraudulent Title Property
| Original Site and $250 billion Data Breach Report
| Ukraine War Evacuation Notice
| Similar Identity Theft Schemes
| Confidence Scheme In Child Taking
| Evidence and Incident Frequency in 2022
| Ongoing Unsolicited Extortion Contact
| Pattern of Aggravated Perjury To Defraud Public
| Criminal Parental Alienation
| Screws In Both Ends of Drive July 5 2021
| Property Vandalism after Family Death
| Organized Harassment via TWITCH.TV
| Medical Emergency and Deaths (3)
| U.S. Mailbox Strikes with EVIDENCE IMAGES


Definition of Deceive

California has a statute that defines deceit in the context of civil fraud. California Civil Code Section 1710 defines deceit as either:

    The suggestion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who does not believe it to be true;

    The assertion, as a fact, of that which is not true, by one who has no reasonable ground for believing it to be true;

    The suppression of a fact, by one who is bound to disclose it, or who gives information of other facts which are likely to mislead for want of communication of that fact; or,

    A promise, made without any intention of performing it.

See e.g., Ray v. Watnick, 182 F. Supp. 3d 23 (S.D.N.Y. 2016); Duszynski v. Allstate Ins. Co., 107 A.D.3d 1448, 967 N.Y.S.2d 796, 2013 (N.Y. App. Div. 2013)

Definition of Abandonment

Texas Penal Code § 22.041 states that a person commits child abandonment if he or she has custody, care, or control of a child younger than the age of 15 years old and does the following: Intentionally abandons the child in any place; and. Exposes the child to an unreasonable risk of harm. Taking a child, against the will of a parent, out of their REGISTERED HOME for concealment elsewhere, is not abandonment by the parent of that home. It is felony child snatching. Relocating the child or address without notifying the parent and the court after a court process has begun, is further not entitled abandonment, nor any child support claim violating Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Page 93492-93569 or 45 CFR or other Federal Law governing the use of the term "Child Support", a FEDERAL LAW TERM for FEDERAL BENEFITS OF THE UNITED STATES exclusive to the TITLE IV-D AGENCY, a UNITED STATES AGENCY at law. States may not maintain State codes contrary 45 CFR or Federal Register following February 21st 2017, and accept TITLE IV-D GRANT FUNDING IN FULL OR PARTIAL PAYMENT. Claims of money owing and due in violation of these State REQUIRED LAWS are sedition, a felony, and in enforcement acts or claims in COMMERCE not supported by Federal Law are a felony legal sham (21 O.S. §21-1533) themed Federal fraud 18 U.S. Code 1341 and embezzlement of Federal Benefits (18 U.S. Code §666).

example: | 1 | 2 |
Re: how do you get a restraining order
"I don't really want one, and I can't prove anything. I was just stating that I don't have one nor would I get one, and that some people are full of crap."
- Veronica Marie Petersen, aka Sex Kitten (2001 Nov 15th, THECHURCHBOARD.COM)

    At this time, and since October 2001, did Judge Dee Miller on motion by Veronica Marie Petersen, so ORDER no contact by JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN or his attorney with the petitioner - a de facto restraining order issued ex parte on hearsay to pose contempt should Allen initiate contact with or seek or visit his child, taken August 2001 by fraud, force, and threat of murder from 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TX 75204 home where the child and sibling lived solely suppoted by Allen for 11 months with their unemployed mother. Veronica Petersen claims she "did not read the civil suit" that she signed, then as legal fact did promote to the public to deceive and defraud, and maintain such claims contrary the contents of the order terminating contact and communication with the father of her 2nd child, and refuse to give information to her location from the year 2001 August to the year 2023 January in ongoing flight to evade civil process, concealing knowingly a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and to deceive the children to carry out this fraud with Donald Jonathon Beal, documented by sustained public fraud and ICANN registration to extort money and in rem forfeiture of the company and business activity of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN over 2001-2023 in ongoing threats (Jan 13 2023, 20 counts). The children have never been allowed to speak to their father, and the older sibling was fraudulently purposefully styled as a product of rape to conceal her birth from her biological father.


Human Trafficking Activity on, a TWELVE99.NET / ARELION / TELIA.NET (of Sweden) client, continues NSFW content on the Amazon Inc. children's eSports gaming network, citing loss of Texas Employees (20) if mature content production were to stop after exploitation complaint by Kaitlyn Siragusa in an October live stream in 2022, and on-stream threats to kill her dogs to compel a Twitch.TV performer. Kotaku Report: Siragusa 2023 Jan 12th.

Fraud Alert: Tek Systems Fraud in Employment False Claims 2001-2023


Admission of Commercial Fraud
What we see here is admission that the AMERICAN EXPRESS CREDIT LINE, employed to purchase tools for the job site required to carry out the project and maintain employment, are cited as a defined legal demand ($3000 USD) by the abductors; so the abducting parent could buy a pair of hot pants (shorts).

The abductors organized threats allege that notice of the child's location were sent via email, and they claim to retain that correspondence. Email is not LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS, nor is there any evidence such email correspondence was or is genuine, and is alleged manufactured evidence to abduct and extort.

Granted that no communication was ongoing at such time, so witnessed by other officers present there, it is clear the notification claim is a lie. As is the claim of insurance for the child a defined fraud because insurance cannot be provided to a child whose address and medical history and hospitalization are concealed. This is "extrinsic fraud", the withholding of information required to perform a duty to cause the failure of that duty before the court, and a legal cause to void a civil contract on prima facie. No medical information or hospitalization or treatment, or report of ANY ILLNESS AT ANY TIME WHATSOEVER has been served upon JAMES ALLEN regarding his child. On inquiry, that information was refused, and reports obtained from pleadings for money to gain public sympathy and incite the public, then denied in writing (admitted fraud), in exploitation of a minor child under the age of 5 at such time.

The denial that SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is real, while the parties admit in September 2003 that the COMPANY had authorized expenditures of $3000 USD for tools in context to working income over $100,000 necessary for its activity then as a firm, to seek "PERSONAL USE OF SUCH FUNDS TO BUY CLOTHING (shorts) FOR VERONICA PETERSEN" should be sufficient to disbar the claims of the company being "not real" to conceal abduction of a child and family member of the business to carry out criminal coercion and seek "in rem forfeiture" of the assets, credit, and property of the company and of clients of the company.

Claims that the child was not the acknowledged son of the business owner to abduct and conceal the child are pure fabrication to defraud, contrary direct observation and planning and a $10,000 USD early withdrawal from the SOCIAL SECURITY RETIREMENT FUND of the child's grandfather to pay off all debts of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN at Trinity Medical Center in agreement she move the children to City of Ada and enter into family therapy for her physical acts of violence against James Allen and her eldest daughter, Alexis Marie Petersen. Fraud in this case is pure evasion of a debt, preventing the grandfather (A. Allen) from retiring for two year, due to failure to repay this conditional loan, and at such time due to his age (65+) this is serious wrongdoing in fraud. If such claims were true, the family would not have paid for the child's medical costs or provided housing and other support (including a pediatric M.D. an her network standing by) - all of whom expected their grandchild to be delivered. The fraud is a sustained narrative to deprive the child of support, overcome a business of the State of Oklahoma prior established in 1998, well before the child was born in 2001, and to defraud the United States and State of Oklahoma.

The admission of planned taking of the child from the home, contrary the affidavit filed in September 2001 of "abandonment" is fraud on prima facie in Title IV-D Agency benefits, entitled criminal law protection under Federal Criminal Code Title 18 Section 666. Custody was conditional the LEGAL CIVIL CAUSE OF ACTION made in 2001 filing, and LEGAL ANSWER, and change in civil cause on the same case to retry the prior wholly in default case without notice after destroying by fire (2002) the foreign residence of the respondent (7750 Willow Winds Court #224 BLDG 24 Dallas Texas) following threat to do so in intimidation of witness Kara Metzger for her objection in writing December 2001 (see transcript) is clearly not entitled service and obligated 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) ORDER STAYING CASE with referral to the Office of the United States Attorney General seeking criminal charges.

Criminal Plan From 2003 September False Claims

The Plan
Donald Jonathon Beal describes the fabricated narrative to extort - admitting kidnapping of a child falsified as legal ABANDONMENT to defraud the United States. Beal mentions invitations to go to a park where threats to do serious bodily harm to James Allen were being discussed, and no agreement or contact carried out due to violent claims witnessed by the party that Mr. Beal is actually writing the fraudulent email to deceive. Fraud is therefore evident as early as 2011 November, and sustained in unsolicited repeated and vulgar approach to intimidate witnesses from 2001 December to 2023 January 13th.

Criminal design in this fraud is evident in the Reginald letters upon to threaten Allen and other customers and workers of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in 2007-2009, identical to ongoing threats in 2010-2023 on FACEBOOK.

Threats of murder by Alicia McMahon and threats against the grandparents of the child are further evident in such claims, in graphic serious bodily harm, later incorporated in commercial defamation in 2002-2004 and 2011 and 2013-2023 and 2021-2023 - resumed after November 14 2021 contact with A. McMahon at The Vintage 22 in City of Ada, Oklahoma.

Express threats include 'big indian t smack him in the head' and fantasies of 'electroshock', sent to the Oklahoma parent by the Texas parties holding the child in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION without communication and concealing the location and school and health and welfare of the child to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of City of Ada, State of Oklahoma and seek to harm their registered trademark "BEYOND WAR" by presenting false claims (titles of books, alone, are not TRADEMARKS at law, and legally are registered as the title and author name; while registered trademark precludes naming a book after a literary franchise or work that is so protected - or other product to defraud legal rights). The scheme to style the beneficiary as 'his sister' and to 'collect money' for doing this fraud, are evident in the delusional 2008 comments, identical to 2023 January 13th comments, to prove such conduct is that of Donald Jonathon Beal.

The delusions falsely attributed by Deutch are organized fraudulent claims of these early projection of mental illness claims upon JAMES ALLEN, to whom the threats were sent in 2008 to extort in identical fashion and commercial aim to defraud on the taking, concealment, and abuse of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN, a child then 7 years old alleged missing and exploited from 2001-2023 for Interstate Commercial Extortion and Forced Labor Threats against the father.

Payroll and contract terms show the true employer that the abductors are impersonating in IX NETWORKS LLC and related work, upon the fraud of persecution and victimization as custodians of the missing and exploited child. TEK SYSTEMS was never an employer of JAMES ALLEN, and all such claims are fraud to embezzle Federal Benefits from the United States and work a fraud upon the TITLE IV-D AGENCY of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma.

Children appear concealed at the home of Stephan Lance Baker Jr of Dallas County, State of Texas, since 2019; and such profile appears to match Oct 4 2022 visitor at 8:42 pm CDT prior threats December 19 2022 and Oct 5 and Nov 4 2022 in ongoing harassment to support this fraud. Additional threats appear to originate from the home of Kimberly Beal at 3110 Cambridgeshire Drive, Carrollton Texas 75007. Both homes are valued at over $498,000 USD at time of sale. Use of 11816 INWOOD DR #1115 DALLAS TEXAS 75244 and 11816 INWOOD DR #1115 DALLAS TEXAS 75252 (false address), appear to be an effort to mislead investigators into DALLAS COUNTY from perpetrators in Denton County, and conceal the children in Dallas County while reporting them resident in Denton County as of 2015-2020 January Court Process (case 15-06292393) without filing a change of address to evade service of process.


THE STATE OF TEXAS VS Donald Jonathan Beal
CR-2012-02385-D 2012-10-09 page12-13
income living condition (public record)

The fraud is predicated by a displacement for guilt and shame, evident in January 13th 2023 ongoing threats (14) to extort, by former ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee Donald Jonathon Beal of Collin County, State of Texas.

Frequent claims to abuse appear to arise from his period of living with his parents for 2.5 years prior to his arrest in Oct 9 2011 for DWI, and ongoing ability to allege he makes more than JAMES ALLEN ($60/hr term, $200/demand - 1999-2001 periodi) prior fraud activity by Donald Beal:

aka ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, aka JOSIAH DEUTCH aka DEUTSCH CANOE, aka JAY CHRONISTER, aka JASON SMITH, aka STRYX ARNOLD ALLEN, aka SHEPRONOUN JAMES, aka REGINALD. Alleged fictional children named as "Ally" and "Reginald". Known associates: "VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN" (aka Sex Kitten, aka Diva Vee), "ALICIA MCMAHON" (aka AllyKatt), "BRIAN YOUNG" (aka Dr. Fear, Enid OK), Brian Wolfe (aka Sir_Ahzz, TERRABOX.COM CO 2001-2004). Known commercial addresses: 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas TX 75201 (per ICANN, CANADASUCKS.COM,, .ME defamation site registration and letter admitting responsibility to extort in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child).

Known Aliases/Usernames:

  • WINSOCK - (like the Windows 95 process, to deceive users as early as citation in the year 2000)
  • LOOPBACK0.NETWORK - domain name (registered - hosted at ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM clients "SHARKTECH.NET" and "ATLANTIC.NET DALLAS LLC")
  • - (verified user account don as of 2022 Jan 28 solicitation to obtain public records then used in extortion activity)
  • - (email domain used to signal hiring party to choose the candidates of the labor group over other more qualified candidates in a scheme described in the year 2000 employed by Veronica Petersen to gain employment)

M.O. of Fraud
Portrayal of other contractors/workers as TRANSGENDER since the 10th day of the month of August in the year 2000, in concert with claims of support in this fraud by TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX.COM CO group;

    With reliance on white supremacist ethnic and eugenic claims to overcome companies, impersonate client capital and identity as authority to intimidate law enforcement, and overcome the rights of other companies;

    Based on this perceived endorsement gained by authority of agency through very large foreign (Government of Japan) subsidiary (15% equity ownership) in NTT COMMUNICATIONS clandestine LOSTSERVER.NET labor union group established in the year 2000, in 8-K filing a partner of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC.;

    And use of the PACKET CLEARING HOUSE system for IANA.ORG adoption of (NTT GROUP) directory of ASN routing and IXP embedded services of EQUINIX and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. (real estate investment trusts operating in public as Internet Service Providers with direct product offerings to the public as other business);

    And with FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of State of Texas, a party to demands and threats by a Vice President of such firm (VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, 2008-2023).

    Organized along known prior as "NTT/VERIO" and "INFOMART" unregistered labor groups.

Most Recent Legal Identity Used:
IX NETWORKS LLC (Texas) - 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS 75244.
A "POSTNET" mail box, which does not accept CIVIL PROCESS, as
use of Interstate U.S. Mail to defraud.

Due to prior criminal record, and evasion of CIVIL PROCESS in operation of a business to defraud in illicit communications expressly seeking $70,000+ USD, on harassment of PRIVATE FAMILY MEMBERS and persons over the age of 65 to surrender commercial use of their property on demand and threat; the previous address is entitled notice as last address of CIVIL PROCESS given over to the parties in a pattern of extortion by U.S. Mail and other common carrier, barred 21 O.S. §21-1304 State Law.

Legal questions as to motive in such a juvenile and obscene pattern of conduct under FALSE LEGAL NAME in injury to a child and child concealment, obligate recovery right and evidence indicating in 2005 Court Process and 2020 August 27th Registration of false business activity a concealed address of service in zip 75252 - Collin County, State of Texas.

Due to August 27th 2020 record, such use of FALSE LEGAL NAME to extort as a PRIVATE CITIZEN, concealing commercial intent and registration to compete using a shell company for other parties named in prior 2011 and 2002 letters of extortion, expose commercial racketeering activity of an interstate nature, naming IX NETWORKS LLC and its officers as suspects in distribution of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT video and false claims by Alicia McMahon and Veronica M. Petersen contrary 2011 admission of taking for concealment of a child to extort a registered business.

You can Stop Trying to Brute Force the Login Now:
We have enough data,

Harassing photos were taken immediatley prior 16:58:35 CDT, with intent to extort $70,000 USD and threaten 5+ persons Jan 6 2023.

2023 January 17th HoneyPot Server Results:
The usual suspects:

  • SERVERION in the Netherlands
  • CENSYS Scanner in Ann Arbor MI
  • PRIVATE LAYER INC. of Panama (A Swiss Private Dedicated Server Group)

This is a botnet attack, showing nexus among a set of accounts/servers/parties, which are scanning our client domain for changes and systematically attacking new entries within 24 hours of publication to target optical router equipment in a compromise effort of fundamental edge enterprise optical router equipment. This nexus paired with the prior threats, makes this industrial sabotage by parties in the prior and subseuqent child abuse and concealment fraud. Paired with activity from Twente University OpenINTEL Active DNS Measurements program in Stockholm Sweden, coincide with claims that the child has been exported to an EU country or Member State where GDPR has been engaged to conceal the missing and exploited child since 2016 illegally. Use of the login script and nexus of parties strongly suggests organized criminal attempt to gain privileges upon a private commercial network in the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION in context to other (January 4 2023) threats in child taking and concealment to extort. Nexus of our competitor with Fort Collins, WY telephone number further suggests a link to the Florida Based ARGENTINA-OWNED company operating in City of Ada in concert with Beauharnois QUEBEC (Canada) data center of Digital Ocean LLC there.

This is a documented attack discussed in detail here.

Sharktech and OVH are documented sources of these attacks (see here).

And the target IP string similar in nature, show here.

The prior honeypot server is NOT PUBLISHED in any regard, other than DNS server records updated on one device today, which confirms ongoing active surveillance for criminal intent to exploit network security in City of Ada, Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma / CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION business systems targeted by the prior organized network and persons photographing the office, communicating with the staff under false name, and issuing demands on behalf of Veronica Maria Petersen, Donald Jonathon Beal, and Alicia McMahon in the cause of in rem forfeiture and $70,000+ demand for money and fraudulent title sale to AMAZON INC., PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB (Sweden), EMBRACER GROUP AB (Sweden), and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (United Kingdom).

Clear Welfare Fraud In Child Taking

Premeditated Plan to Kidnap by Veronica Petersen

  • Public Written Threat to kill lawyer
  • Written admission of cause in narcissistic injury to cause harm to the Oklahoma parent and child.
  • (Portion of infidelity was added to MOTION OF DISCOVERY as condition by Judge Dee Miller, over objection of Allen and her withholding of DISCOVERY conditional some suggested wrongdoing by Petersen to warrant a simple medical test to rule out child snatching felony charge in the case of a biological child of another man sole legal defense for abduction in common law by Beal, who acted as if he owned the child without legal cause in taking and concealment against the will of the father and out of the home of the child and father.)
  • Admission of concealment of a serious illness in a child less than 1 year of age
  • Public suggestion to 'dope' the baby

Dissociative Mental State Evident - 2002 April 28th
When directly accused of committing physical domestic violence, Veronica Petersen responded by stating "I moved on." showing no denial or personal responsibiilty for battery of James Arnold Allen causing permanent hearing loss in both ears.

Despite claims to defraud, the location of the children was concealed and not disclosed to James Allen at this time or since September 2001, and later disclosed to be concealed in the home of Donald Jonathon Beal in 2011 letters threatening, and to be in DENTON COUNTY since 2001 (prior this letter) in affidavit to the court in 2015 venue transfer by Veronica Petersen on discovery after skip trace. Veronica Petersen has NEVER updated her address with the court voluntarily nor informed James Allen of the location of the children, relocation, homes, residency, school enrollment, grades, medical care, illness, or any information while falsifying these offers to the public to obtain money and property and seek in rem forfeiture of the franchise, property, and real estate of the Allen Family and businesses. Veronica Petersen and Alicia McMahon own no shares, memberships, equity, or stake in such property, and are debtors for money paid in good faith which was refused repayment and taken under false claims from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., the company they have tried to disable and claim is not real to evade admission of removal of information and cell phone property belonging to the firm, and jointly over $15,000 USD paid for relocation of the child to City of Ada, Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma via AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD SERVICES.

Similar theft by Veronica Marie Petersen against UGLY DUCKLING CORPORATION for non-payment and refusal to return a car was documented in 2001. Petersen falsely claimed Allen agreed to make these payments, concealed them, and then used this to suggest a failure to perform a duty in similar dissociative public fraud.

Law Enforcement wrongly believe Allen committed a violation to warrant concealment of the information from Court Records, which was actually the result of a filing by Veroinca Marie Petersen against Donald Jonathon Beal in 2005. JAMES ALLEN has never been accused in court of any injury or emotional abuse of the children or Petersen family - excluding the perjury to suggest willing abandonment of a child under the age of ten (a felony, falsified and confessed in public written admission by the abductors), and such substitution of Donald Beal for the Oklahoma businessman to carry the fraud appears to be done jointly with Donald Jonathon Beal, despite his letter to solicit James Allen to murder Veronica Petersen in the year 2005.

Extortion of Unpaid Caregiver
The extortion of Allen during the death of his family to Alzheimer's Disease and brain Cancer under fraud by the TITLE IV-D AGENCY of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma, and refusal to acknowledge the 40 year gap between Allen and his father due to FORCED ADOPTION against the will of his biological parents in City of Ada, place a burden of end-of-life care upon the Oklahoma business owner that criminal Texas Courts have refused to acknowledge impact "Ability to Pay", and to seize money and property by threat of "in rem forfeiture" to deny support to dying family members over 2001-2023, and to conceal the child on demand for payment in full conditional any communication with his child, and to deceive the child to believe he left voluntarily under threat of murder, fraud, and force used to remove the child from the family home without a writ or legal cause solely to defraud the United States Title IV-D Agency and the Court. When obligations made are limited to income, and abuse to limit or disable that income are done, there is no obligation. It is an entitlement of criminal and unlawful character under color of law violating set simple existing limits (15 U.S. Code §1673) and duties to modify (42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10)(i)(III):

    (III) use automated methods (including automated comparisons with wage or State income tax data) to identify orders eligible for review, conduct the review, identify orders eligible for adjustment, and apply the appropriate adjustment to the orders eligible for adjustment under any threshold that may be established by the State.

Refusal to do this over 20 years, despite global defamation and concealment of a child, constitute a clear Racketeering Interstate Corrupt Organizations abuse and use of the UNITED STATES AGENCY made in TITLE IV-D AGENCY as if it were a private State Agency for profit without accountability to Federal Law or basic protections and duties whatsoever.

20 years without any communication in a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP over repeated complaint and report of abduction to conceal a child on demands to overcome a pre-existing business in property and title is clearly regional corruption and fraud.

About 53 million adults in the United States were unpaid family caregivers in 2020, up from 43.5 million in 2015, according to a report by the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. Around half of those were caring for a parental figure, said Scott Beach, a social psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh. The use of TITLE IV-D Benefits to overcome care for a vulnerable elderly family member to obtain their property and damage their investments is a criminal misuse of the Title IV-D Agency and barred by Federal Law in 22 U.S. Code §7102 (Human Trafficking under color or threat of abuse of the law) and 18 U.S. Code §1589 (forced labor). When the message is that a party will work for the Title IV-D Agency beneficiary or not enjoy the right to work (XXIII-1A) at all, a felony crime is evident.

Bizarre Threats/Thinking in Child Taking

Bizarre Threats April 8 2003 By Alicia McMahon
When you spend 3 years at dinner discussing the importance of NOT publishing elaborate fantasies or every writing any remotely harmful thing as a press agent, and then find that FORMER INTERN publishing things like this during the removal to conceal a child - it isn't lack of education that formulates statements like the prior. When offered violence against James, Alicia McMahon (" user AllyKatt") actively offered to give the names and addresses of family members to the party writing the threats, despite graphic description of cutting up the victim and sending pieces to their parents, on behalf of and benefit endorsed then by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN aka " user Sex Kitten".

This conduct, discovered after the assault at gunpoint at 722 S Haskell Ave Dallas Texas with serious bodily injury, further supports the DO NOT ADMIT registration of the party to all events in future due to pathological behavior and incitement of violence. It is part of a fantasy later described in detailed findings and sustained persecution delusion. Investigation shows these claims are not that of Donald Jonathon Beal, and are made separately by a verified account and in repeated contact.

The CDROM was tested and readable prior disbursement, and no error reported to the company. Files were retained and were available for years after the alleged incident, without request. No guarantee of such files were made for legal purpose, and the complaint discovered 3 years after the fact in concert with an assault at gunpoint, threats, and concealment of a child - part of a pattern of false claims to suggest persecution of an imaginary and fantasy degree to seek public sympathy for invented injury and unreported narcissistic grievances (minor disputes retained for grudge accounting consistent with domestic violence).

Technically, the disc cannot read as one file type (audio) on one device, and be accessible on another (older) device as a file system. This is a condition that is inconsistent with a file format. The perceived malice by James Allen attributed, is a symptom of a mental health condition in the writer - evident despite high function to formulate a claim that sounds plausible to a non-technical audience.

This is not the first time Alicia McMahon claimed she was victimized by her ex boyfriend(s). Prior she told James Allen that her previous ex threw her record player out of the house and that he worshiped Satan, participated in rituals of the occult, and was crazy because he thought of his actions as a member of the Knights Templar. It was discovered he was a young Mason, and in tears about the whole (fabricated) thing at a Bible study hosted by Dr. Mark Hall's home when discovered - trying to cope wiht the same deceptive trauma that James Allen is confronted by every time Alicia appears or her name is mentioned in context to her claims on the matter at law.

The perpetration of these grievances to cause commercial injury and menace, as in the photo taken Jan 6 2023 about 5pm as a silver Tuscon passed the location on Country Club Rd, continue to indicate her role in the local threats and extortion claims directly with the concealment of the child evident in letters threatening and in rem claims to ownership in SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. by this ex-employee, an intern, and her use of the organization names as if enterprises of her own making in her later resume (published publicly by her online while living in Texas, and thus public information concerning claims of any TRADEMARK used there by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - the owner of those marks and actual entity named in her work at that time for employment which the firm finds false claims of their name, membership, or marks). A similar silver vehicle was seen in the November interview with Officer Vogt, and abuse and delay suggesting local use of Police Scanners to carry out such harassment of a place of business by the party, and on prior 2011 false police report with Brian Young (later arrested for threat of murder).

Graphic Threats Against Foster Family of Allen by A. McMahon (AllyKatt) and Veronica Petersen (Sex Kitten)
The detail of later explicit threats shows a pattern of mental health claims to suppress and overcome the custody of the child from 2001-2023, evident in unsolicited threats to James Allen refused prosecution by the DALLAS DISTRICT ATTORNEY, DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY in solidarity to conceal violence denying all communication with the child of a severe degree in premeditated taking and parental alienation with drug use a factor. Subjecting Allen and other victims (see arrest of Young) to false claims of hearsay and casual idle threats in a pattern across County and State borders from 2001-2023.

    At such time in 2001, the abductor was publishing to a user group of 800 persons on THECHURCHBOARD citing that James Allen (the father of the child, missing and exploited then from his legal home and Dallas County), was "useless"; and planning to construct a baseless restraining order (expressly cited), to conceal a BENCH ORDER to not contact employed to suggest legal abandonment. The child was taken August 11 2001, and 'abandonment' filed Sept 29 2001 by Veronica Petersen.

    The Child was left with the mother on threat of murder of the child and father, in her care, at her direction, disqualifying such right to file abandonment.

    Abandonment requires 90 days prior filing.

    This filing was done 49 days after the forced taking of the child, to defraud the court and United States.

    Abandonment requires the child was left in danger to qualify.

    Unless Veronica Marie Petersen and Iva Petersen qualified as danger, this is fraud.

    Claims that such act were abandonment after the case began or under a bench order to prohibit all contact by the respondent and their attorney with the petitioner and their attorney outside court, without any basis of civil wrongdoing and to deny such order in the service is aggravated perjury of a material fact of the court to defraud the public, a felony in Texas Criminal Code Section 37.03 - even where one is not under oath or in court.

    Failure to pay support demands prior an ORDER FOR SUPPORT is not a real claim, and larceny from the estate sought without legal basis under color of law.

    Failure to pay support after for lack of means or failure to give proper service results in a FINAL JUDGMENT per TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.261, and total award for all money damages sought in such case including health insurance to be made as one obligation no more than $500 USD in cash value - a stupid law, but a binding law, per 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule the elected "judgment" made by operation of law based on the State of Texas Statutory Code and option to elect any "judgment" they choose, even a stupid (final) judgment to supersede a declaratory judgment in a collateral contract.

    A "final judgment" cannot be overruled per Federal Law and 45 CFR State Statutory Law made State obligation per February 21st 2017 rule in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 paid contract with the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma; and requires per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) that the state repay any charges or costs in overpayment to the payor out of pocket in their own system to operate a TITLE IV-D AGENCY or perform the limited, exclusive, and delegated powers of such UNITED STATES AGENCY and reserved civil debt entitled "child support" or similar benefits of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES.

    State discretion ended February 21 2017 in this degree, and impersonation of a UNITED STATES AGENCY by any State Agency or employee to suggest exclusive authority from the mandate and commission of that UNITED STATES AGENCY to obtain anything of value or adjudicate or limit the rights of persons is a legal sham (21 O.S. §21-1533).

Only one final judgement can be issued in an enumberated court case, and later judgements (money judgements, declaratory judgements, future final judgements) are void unless the prior ruling is overturned, which 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule and 45 CFR expressly prohibit at law to alter the amount ($500) then made owing and due in the TITLE IV-D AGENCY benefits determination on first judgement elected by the State executing the 'agency' granted in limited authority as a subcontractor serving as a UNITED STATES AGENCY. (see 5 U.S. Code 101, 702-705, and 706 rule). The District Court is entitled jurisdiction to carry out enforcement and issue necessary orders to execute this relief, per 5 U.S. Code §702-705 rule, with authority over the State of Texas as it is a subcontractor of the UNITED STATES AGENCY made in the designated TITLE IV-D AGENCY, and not a State Agency as prior claimed before February 21 2017 change of law (see FED REG Vol 81 No 244 Page 93429)

The entire process is a reprehensible fabrication against XXIII-1A "Right to Work" and exploitation of a child as a cause for GLITCHCON and INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC and SCARBROUGH DESIGNS (SDC) businesses of Alicia McMahon and Bobby Scarbrough and their partners Donald Jonathon Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen over 2001-2023 concealment of a child to blackmail prior Oklahoma registered business SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its creator, James Allen, using his child as a hostage. Denial of this and concealment as if a single abuser or private matter, on injury to a child for commercial gain and false claims on concealment of a child taken by force in improper 'abandonment' claim later admitted a forced taking from the home and residence in Dallas County to Denton County, obligates a Federal Investigation of TITLE IV-D AGENCY employees and directors in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma for fraud and vexatious petitioner activity of business owners and franchise content creators by State Child Services employees and their Legislature, where were contracted to perform changes in State Law never done to prevent this ongoing extortion in February of the year 2017 no later than the 21st Day of such month for payment over $500,000,000 USD per year (2017-2023).

All claims against JAMES ALLEN are clearly fabricated and wrongly sustained as if legal facts contrary clear criminal threat of murder and serious bodily harm, actual bodily harm, and denial by officers that the perpetrators of such act were business owners or officers of COLOMART, IX NETWORKS LLC, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., NTT GROUP, or their representative labor union groups "LOSTSERVER.NET" and "TERRABOX.COM CO" and "THECHURCHBOARD" registered organized member activity to extort for blackmail and sexual hate crime activity using alias "", "", "", "", "" and related servers "ATLAS", "TITAN", "PATRIOT", "HARPOON", "SATURN" at LOSTSERVER.COM and "ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM" and "THORN.BLACKROSE.ORG" and "NETER.NET" organizations of the NTT COMMUNICATIONS officers DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINERING and SENIOR IP ENGINEER in State of California and State of Michigan. Both of whom attended University of Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor MI, USA) and recruited Donald Jonathon Beal as their agent in the COLOMART and SPARKHOSTING INTERNET SERVICES L.L.C. business later known as IX NETWORKS LLC and contractor for 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas TX 75204 - a competitor to the Oklahoma business owner and parent of the missing and exploited child. Use of "Reginald" and "Ally" in threats by "JOSIAH DEUTCH" (a false name to extort written by Donald Jonathon Beal and Brian Young, with information and aid from Alicia Scarbrough/McMahon and Susan Quincy), there described again in 2023 January ongoing threats and photographs of property to extort in City of Ada sent January 4th 2023 and January 6th 2023 and January 13th 2023 to the victim in blackmail activity and detailed description of approach and threat with an ax to mislead police to Ardmore Oklahoma using the alias "Deutsche Canoe" (Donald Beal), in impersonation of a fictional EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB employee alleged in 2013 to have sold the rights to the STRYX brand to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP for $93500 in fraudulent title supporting this child abduction. Such profile claims to be the father of "Reginald" and "Ally", to further confuse Federal Investigators, in a clear and misleading misdirection from creation of threats in a 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TX 75244 public address concealing in Dallas County the residence in Denton County and secondary residence in State of Wyoming coinciding with local service/sales of TEAMSPEAK GmbH product to compete with JAMES ALLEN businesses in 2014 July 11 to present - commercial sabotage employing a chlid and targeted Denial of Service attacks from OVH Hosting in Beauharnois Quebeck and Dallas Texas data centers.

This links the 2007-2008 "Reginald" threats to the 2013 and 2021-2023 threats directly, in a clear and ongoing criminal enterprise. Veronica Marie Petersen further is shown to have moved prior 2020 January to Dallas County, from Denton County, without giving notice to the Court in DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS case 15-06292393; and in October 2022 is shown to have a DAMAGED TRUCK WITH MISSING FRONT BUMPER parked behind her property with imprint similar to the damage on the City of Ada mailbox struck 4 times in 2015-2021 vehicular attacks upon the REGISTERED AGENT OFFICE and documented rifleded stolen mail (opened, rifled and torn up by hand prior discard to conceal) reported by the U.S. Postal Inspector. Flight from DENTON COUNTY in 2019 to DALLAS COUNTY jurisdiction to undertake false dual collection activity on the same case (15-06292393) already underway in 2015-2020 when a second case was filed 2018 November against Allen on the same matter to defraud and impair prosecution - violate UIFSA Section 314 immunity and is a vexation petition to disrupt the custody and prosecution of child protection evident in evasion from one DISTRICT ATTORNEY to another enjoined theft of United States Mail to carry out such fraud with over $2000 in damages (4 mailboxes replaced at $700 each).

Photos of the vehicle are already transmitted to the UNITED STATES POSTMASTER GENERAL by U.S. Mail, and in electronic formal complaint duly filed of tampering with CIVIL PROCESS in case 15-06292393 and other PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT cases in 2018-2023 ongoing threat to the office of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES and REGISTERED AGENT U.S. POST OFFICE to impede business of the United States. It is evident th vehicle has an additional gas tank in the bed, to further minimize discovery on travel from State of Texas to State of Oklahoma in this coordinated business activity, minimizing the need to purchase gas or stop in State of Oklahoma during such interstate activity to threaten, defraud, and damage United States property in an Interstate Court case concerning TITLE IV-D AGENCY impersonation and UNTIED STATES AGENCY fraud. A blue mustang is also evident at the location in State of Texas, possibly supporting other claims in impersonation to create false police reports imitative of the Oklahoma business owner, suspected over 2001-2023 false claims of menace without legal or factual basis manufactured by the abductors. The Mustang is an older model than that actually owned by the victim in City of Ada, but in the same color, and has been concealed from the victim to suggest its use in an Interstate crime or identity theft due strange parody of his signature vehicle and company activity in name (SDP v SDC logos and colors and impersonation of a real corporation by Texas parties and Oklahoma parties to confuse the public). No record of "Scarbrough Designs Corporation (SDC)" exists in State Records, and such use ("SCARBROUGH DESGINS (SDC)") appears imitative of "SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS (SDP)" - a registered and real trade name of the State of Oklahoma company SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma. This is similar to purposeful use in 2007-2009 to abuse the mark and falsify the impressium locally, as "Shut'em Down Productions (SDP)", and appears ongoing in handbills targeting venues the real company has visited for development work in 2021-2022 now evident in the community following the prior threats and escallated (200+) messages in January 2023.

Related Extortion Activity

Beal uses Commercial Address to Obtain Video to Extort after prior Incident with Alicia McMahon.

Video used in subsequent April, May, October, and November 2022 and January 2023 unsolicited extortion contacts (100+) by the same sender, connected to explicit in rem forfeiture demands enjoined with the child taking and concealment alleged "abandonment" fraudulently.

Commercial Address used to Obtain document as a PRIVATE PERSON for COMMERCIAL USE to extort, and in 2011 representation of an INACTIVE company in threats to answer of legal service on 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas administrative office of the following extortion letter served on a client of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.

The October 5 2022 letter puts this in perspective. When compared to the prior July 7 2011 letter, it is evident what James Allen and his family are dealing with in harassment and extortion of persons with cancer and Alzheimer's Disease over 2001-2023 concealment of the child of James Allen to extort. While the Oct 5 2022 letter is attempting to sound polite, the tone is clear from the prior 2011 letter and abuse that this is a confidence scheme for over $70,000 USD in fraud, 'in rem asset forfeiture' fraud, and real estate fraud by the Texas parents of the child's younger sibling, incorporating FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY, IX NETWORKS LLC, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC., NTT COMMUNICATIONS, and to abuse SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma.

Second Party Elaborate Fantasy Letter to Threaten

Donald Jonathon Beal Letter of 2011 July 29th to CIO of Client
In ongoing threats to clients, to damage commercial business and promote an extortion scheme during concealment of a child and medical illness from a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR for consideration of money and property; we can see the repeated use of false material legal statements in PETERSEN v ALLEN child taking activity.

The child benefits civil suit was filed by Veronica Marie Petersen, who swore out an affidavit of "abandonment" by James Allen to Judge Dee Miller, Dallas County District Court, seeking TITLE IV-D benefits and welfare support on those grounds styled trial. The prior letter is a confession of "child snatching", the taking of a child from a party by intent and plan, which exposes the fraud and enjoins it to commercial claims to overcome the parent across State lines.

The letter makes knowingly false statements to mix up events, suggest no assault at gunpoint existed to confuse the reader, and falsely states a knowingly false employment by TEK SYSTEMS to defraud where JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN has never worked for TEK SYSTEMS. The TEK SYSTEMS claim was initially documented in 2003 extortion letters to a witness - and indicate a bizarre collaboration with a hiring manager at that firm expressed in later letter to MARY ROUNDS and mass mail to threaten 70 persons at Riggs Abbney Law Firm in reply to a CEASE AND DESIST notice served on Donald Jonathon Beal at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas.

The specific focus to declare credit worthiness and income statements of a firm by Donald Beal, to conceal AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD SERVICES payments over $15,000 USD to accounts payable of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN in larceny activity, are fraud to extort evident in 2001 December letters and complaint by K Metzger. The ongoing 2023 threats January 4 by Josiah Deutch / Deutsch Canoe are therefore identical to the prior 2011 threat by Donald Beal, indicating a pathological commercial extortion plan sustained over 10 years.

In such capacity, was Donald Jonathon Beal then a managing member of the business which was engaged in such extortion activity, per the following letter admitting the emotional disorder in Veronica Marie Petersen by Donald Jonathon Beal issued directly to James Arnold Allen on July 2005.

2005 July 20th letter by Donald J. Beal from Hotmail, Admitted Authentic Oct 2012 in Open Court
This is the only communication from the abductors that was not abusive of James Allen, and did not contain any information related to the child despite later claim of severe medical condition in the child alleged to be proof of neglect in narcissistic blame shifting, contrary an ORDER to give over all such information and means of contact evident in the 2005 ongoing concealment of the child in State of Texas later admitted in the home of Donald Jonathon Beal contrary such order and during illness, injury, and concealment of such injury to later extort.

Veronica Petersen Public 2002 April 1 Statements
The use of the child and child's illness to gain public sympathy and request money, while concealing the details of the illness from JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN are evident in the prior 2002 April letter; wherein the Texas parent refuses the Oklahoma Parent access to information and degrades him by calling him 'Freak' for reading her public statements. Veronica Petersen signed an order to prohibit without legal cause all contact with her or her attorney outside of court, and then promoted to the public that this lack of contact was voluntary by James Allen to suggest neglect, in a clear pattern of fraud. In 2015 when injury to the child was discovered, Veronica Petersen again sealed such record to prevent all disclosure and has never reported any medical bills or injury to James Allen for payment as ORDERED, despite holding such debt up to obtain public support of her taking, abuse, and concealment of the child including illness during such time PRIOR TO ORDERED SUPPORT.

    Further, styling the illness without disclosure or falsifying the child's medical records to obtain drugs evident in documents obtained in 2015, incorporate prior 2012 October testimony in open court by Donald Jonathon Beal to suggest "bad genes" in James Allen the fault of such dysfunction of the child, then also refusing to give information on such illness or injury to the parent; and to attribute such illness falsely to JAMES ALLEN and CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER M.D. and ARNOLD ALLEN as if biological defective people; concealing the prior (2005) admission that Veronica Marie Petersen was diagnosed as mentally ill and exhibited signs of severe bipolar and dissociative behavior, evident in the 2002 "I've moved on." comment to physical domestic violence done to James Allen by her on three (3) occassions - one of which was an apparent murder-suicide attempt endangering the lives of her infant daughter (2 years old, 2001) and unborn child at such time by striking the driver of a vehicle she and the child were a passenger in at such time and speed to cause a fatal wreck. Injury of this battery was witnessed by Christopher Melton Maidt of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, an employee then of Radio Shack in Nichols Hills.

The Allen child - BABY BOY ALLEN [1, 2] - was born healthy and 13 lbs in The City of Carrollton, Denton County, State of Texas in May 2001. The Child was reported to be emaciated after removal by force on threat of injury to the child August 2001 by Donald Jonathon Beal and Veronica Marie Petersen aided by Iva Petersen, and alleged to be kept in the home of Iva Petersen in The Colony, Denton County, State of Texas during such abuse and neglect, with all contact refused to James Allen after the September 11th 2001 attacks in retaliation for theft of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. cell phone property refused return on demand, issued to Veronica Marie Petersen.

Such demand was for off-plan usage to incur substantial charges and threat of murder for cancellation of the service on refusal to return the handset cause for claim of narcissistic injury - alleging no phone at the location the child was concealed. This threat was called in before Kara Metzger, from the land line at the home of Iva Petersen.

In Court Documents August 2001, Veronica Petersen swore in Affidavit she lived with her mother (Iva Petersen), while her attorney also entered with the court that her residence was in City of Dallas, Denton County, to deceive the court in a false claim of "abandonment" to gain benefits and custody.

In 2015, in filing for venue transfer, Veronica Marie Petersen swore in affidavit that she lived since 2001 in Denton County, State of Texas, and had since that time without filing a change of address with the court or notifying James Allen of any new address at any time over 14 years - during which she concealed the child of James Allen to carry this fraud contrary ORDERED POSSESSION, and STATE OF TEXAS did refuse to locate or recovery the child or grant CITATION FOR CONTEMPT without threat of false incarceration superior to that of the Oklahoma parent.

Improper enforcement of this kind is barred by TITLE IV-D AGENCY commission in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492, prohibiting such priority over a foreign party to favor the domestic party of the benefit due to residency in the State seeking enforcement.

Initial claims of "stalking" by Veronica Petersen, a felony crime accused for reading her public false statements following December 2001 threat to burn down the home of Kara Metzger and initial report of her use of the public forums to defraud and falsify the case on concealment of a child; are based in the LiveJournal claim to criminalize discovery not barred by DIRECT ORDER OF THE COURT and defame Allen.

In the same publication, the Veronica Petersen admits the child has been hospitalized and also denies the child has been seriously ill, contradicting her statements prior of a serious illness found published in the public view after destruction of 7750 Willow Winds Court #224 Building 24 Dallas Texas by fire, just after witness Kara Metzger fled the lease, and during such court case to disrupt the respondent James Allen (then resident in FOREIGN DOMICILE there to contest the taking and concealment of his child, and sole remaining tenant at time of destruction of the unit by fire).

Veronica Marie Petersen had taken this issue public in December 2001, per transcript, four months prior to a FORMAL DENIAL by the company to false claims issued by Veronica Petersen; after which the petitioner created the ICANN registration of the respondent's legal name with 'jamesisalittlebitch' and mental health claims to defraud the respondent against commercial activity and recovery of the missing and exploited child. Dallas County never afforded James Allen the right to present evidence in legal answer, insisting that Veronica Petersen be present for such activity, while refusing James Allen the right to face his accuser and relying on her hearsay claims as if evidence without CROSS EXAMINATION for trial. At no time has JAMES ALLEN been allowed to be present in any court hearing to cross-examine claims, and trial has been done repeatedly in ex parte hearings to suggest cross examination by an attorney unfamiliar with the facts of the case to qualify as due process; under threat of false incarceration for EXCESSIVE FINES if Allen were to appear at such hearing with less than $10,000+ to pay for his participation. This is a violation of TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.375 and UIFSA section 3 rule and 6.

The accuser and the accused have never been in the same room in court, nor attorneys familiar with the facts of the case in the same room with James Arnold Allen present and granted sufficient notice of hearing (see prior-day notice May 20 2002, on theft of summons by Sean Carmichael of TERRABOX.COM CO employment), contrary requirement of Fast and Speedy Trial in 22 Oklahoma Statutory Code section 22-13.

Issuance of orders based on hearsay claims of Veronica Marie Petersen and Donald Jonathon Beal are therefore fraud, and such claims inadmissible and Baker Act abuse consistent with Red Flat abuse to suspend the 1st and 2nd Amendment right of the Oklahoma Resident, falsely style him as a Texas resident for jurisdiction in violation of Federal Constitution Article IV section 2 Paragraph 1 travel for work, and to overcome the Oklahoma business owner to obtain control over his business and franchise and property in a clear design of commercial intent to defraud and ongoing racketeering in interstate organized corruption contrary to the Title IV-D Agency grant.

Both State of Oklahoma and State of Texas style the Title IV-D Agency as a "State Agency" falsely, where it is a UNITED STATES AGENCY, and have elected to apply State Sovereign immunity to deny all abuse in furtherance of this case to extort a real and registered business and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit lines through concealment of a family member and concealment of medical illness and injury to a child to extort in public criminal conspiracy against rights. Both State of Oklahoma and State of Texas deny Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 and 45 CFR are real or apply to their agency or grant whatsoever as of 2017-2023 in ongoing hold on James Allen contrary Federal Law and State Law made effective February 21 2017, barring this conduct and violating Fast and Speedy Trial in debt bondage and forced labor threats themed 22 U.S. Code §7102 "abuse or threatened abuse of law" and wholly contrary the purpose and intent of such Title IV-D law.

Impersonation of the authority to determine a business is "In Legal Use" or otherwise "real" is a felony to obtain any thing of value, specified in 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-1533. Use of a false name to do so is also a crime under 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-1533.1, including use of a false persona to carry out such publications or legal claims of material fact. False claims in a court case are a felony in Texas Title 8 Section 37.03 rule.

False registration of a business or officer is also a crime, evident in documents pertaining to the 2020 August 27th creation of IX NETWORKS LLC. Attributes of a false-front operation for other companies ascribed to James Allen appear to be legal fact in discovery of IX NETWORKS LLC use by Donald Jonathon Beal, and are typical of the projection of ego disorder upon a third party by a dissociative behavior to conceal criminal activity. Duration and technical effort in concert with false persona use to evade civil process would affirm this is a criminal enterprise across State borders in activity targeting James Allen, inconsistent with a simple elated emotional lapse in judgement, and of felony criminal nature barred any civil debt claim held against this conduct per 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule or right to collect or allege owing and due under such coercion to extort, blackmail, and written plan to do so on concealment and injury and harm to a child to obtain payment.

The written invitation to see the child published on LiveJournal does not overrule the FILED COURT ORDER in effect in case 01-17702 at that time; and is subject CONTEMPT CITATION had James Allen attempted visitation or communication as indicated without a prior release from such restraint in the COURT OF LAW by Veronica Marie Petersen or her attorney.

When informed of the claim that Veronica Petersen 'physical hit' James Allen, her response demonstrates a clear altered mental state in her reply lacking all denial, stating, "I've moved on." to answer the charge of domestic violence. This demonstrates her conduct and behavior toward the father of her children, whom she styled as a rapist falsely to conceal her first birth, and similar abuse toward James Allen to conceal and flee with her second birth, prior to having a child with Donald Jonathon Beal, and his 2005 July letter attesting to similar abuse in a pattern of domestic violence evident an unfit parent and fraud upon the court and public exploitation fo the child with other members of the community jointly to conceal a child-snatching as "abandonment" under conditions of physical domestic violence and to defraud commercial right to work (XXIII-1A) in Interstate activity and as an officer of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY in 2008-2023 concealment (Senior Vice President of Systems Architecture, a computer based area of practice).

The child may have been taken to State of Florida (Clearwater) or out of the country (GDPR data wipe evident, requiring EU Citizenship or similar European residency); and no such change or address reported to the court or James Allen in flight to escape the jurisdiction and conceal the child. No Legal Name Change has been reported (as required) and the child may be operating under an assumed or foreign LEGAL NAME to conceal the child from discovery and report. No photos or health or school reports have been provided by the parties to the Oklahoma Parent over 21 years, and sole proof of life is a photo alleged to be the child sent in extortion letters in the year 2013 with 300 pages of commercial defamation and sexual false representation of the father as being fraudulently TRANSGENDER to extort and blackmail.

The firm regards the matter as an International Kidnapping concealed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA false claims of trial to the United States in cause/case 01-17702-R, and extrinsic fraud barred by 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.11(b)(17) rule. Both States seek $60,000+ to release the parent to pursue the child, violating 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10) rule and obligation to automatically modify support to factual income - refused to impose EXCESSIVE FINES during loss of income caused by targeted identity theft and fraud to abduct and conceal the child over 2001-2023 of a clear premeditated and organized degree aided by regional law enforcement and the Office of the Texas District Attorney Greg Abbott and successor Ken Paxton. There is no basis in LAW OR INCOME eligible a claim of child support upon which to base the $60,000 USD claim, and per 45 CFR §303.6 rule such demands over 30 days past due are not obligated payment by CITATION FOR CONTEMPT since February 21 2017 Federal change in TITLE IV-D AGENCY state law obligations and duties of an authorized UNITED STATES AGENCY. Impersonation of the authority of a UNITED STATES AGENCY by any party is a felony, and a legal sham in Oklahoma. Refusal to indict a party for punishment does not void the protection at law granted per 15 U.S. Code §1692d rule, specified in 45 CFR §303.100 rule. State employees who participate in such abuse are subject civil suit per 588 U.S. ____ (case 17-647) opinion of the United States Supreme Court. More information on the abuse of the Civil Court process can be found here, in 586 U.S. ____ (case 17-1091) oral pronouncement.

Both parties were informed, and refused to grant relief or conduct investigation obligated by law in 22 U.S. Code Chapter 78 rule, human trafficking regulations.

The fraud seeks to work an in rem forfeiture, as cited in Timbs v Indiana, which is clearly punative fraud to abuse the rights of persons in INTERSTATE and INTERANTIONAL COMMERCE themed HUMAN TRAFFICKING by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA employees.

Per Timbs v Indiana - Accordingly, to prevail, Indiana must persuade us either to overrule our decision in Austin or to hold that, in light of Austin, the Excessive Fines Clause is not incorporated because the Clause's application to civil in rem forfeitures is neither fundamental nor deeply rooted. The first argument is not properly before us, and the second misapprehends the nature of our incorporation inquiry.

In this case, in rem (Lit. "Against a thing", 18c) - involving or determining the status of a thing, and therefore the rights of persons generally with respect to that thing. [Blacks Law Dictionary 11th Ed, ISBN 978010539-22975-9], the claim by BEAL, PETERSEN, MCMAHON, YOUNG, WOLFE et al - is against the 1998 incorporated SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. business ownership, a firm created 3 years prior to the birth of the child taken as collateral hostage over the firm in 2001-2023, and to overcome the Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A and XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rights of the owner and members of record by fraud. Further, the "RIGHT TO WORK" and direction of such work of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, a legal person, and the natural person and agent entitled to those benefits - are being subjected to coercion contrary Title 21 Section 21-837 and 21-838 State of Oklahoma Statutory Criminal Code protections, and civil protections violated also in Title 78 Section 78-53(A)(5) and Title 76 Section 76-1, 76-3, 76-4, 76-6, and 76-8 in broad and sustained abuse across State and Federal borders and to impair United States Trade and Interstate Commerce adversely.

Due to reliance on laws made void February 21st 2017 by Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 and 45 CFR - the conduct appears to be seditious conspiracy against the United States, and to overcome the Public Policy of the United States as if actual or real law contrary prior Supreme Court ruling and bench order by Justice Ginsberg for the unanimous Supreme Court of the United States (9-0 rule). Reliance on State Sovereign Immunity, employed wrongly by threat of abuse of the legal process in MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES denial of hearings on this matter on threat of such defense by Greg Abbott to intimidate a Federal Judge against due process and trial; and to deny liability of State employees in a United States Agency obligation and duty elected by paid grant of the state, so enjoining the State to all terms is fraud upon the court contrary 588 U.S. ____ (2019) Case 17-647 ruling of The Supreme Court of the United States, and unlawful claim of immunity to obstruct justice in aid of human trafficking.

The effort to style victims of human trafficking as non compos mentis is explicitly criminal conduct, and malfeasance of license and abuse of public office to conceal a fraud on the Title IV-D Agency and grant program specified in Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 Page 93492-93569. It is human trafficking pursuant Title 22 Chapter 78, specified in Section 7102 rule.

Veronica Marie Petersen has plead:

  • "Abandonment" of a child by James Allen, a fraud. Child Taking is confessed in this matter since 2011, and well known since 2001 December public claims contrary a frivolous baseless nonsuit filed by Veronica Petersen, which she admits she did not read when signing and sustains a claim of personal grievance for incompetence to style compliance with her signed order as neglect by JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN due to his compliance with her written and formalized restraint action in the court, never released and re-affirmed in 2016 without legal cause on evidence to satisfy this premeditated intent to defraud shown there (case 15-06292393, and 2015-2023 concealment of the children from James Allen with intent to defraud).
  • "MARRIAGE TO JAMES ALLEN" as cause to amend her prior "wholly in default" status after cut-off for appeal rendered December 2001 for non-appearance at each hearing then set, and such docket not recorded by STATE OF TEXAS despite citation of prior hearings made in December 2001 to show fraud, where there was no MARRIAGE LICENSE nor COMMON LAW MARRIAGE, and the child released to the father and his registered residence then taken out of DALLAS COUNTY to DENTON COUNTY for concealment, to carry such fraud, admitted in 2015 venue transfer to Denton County of case 01-17702 Dallas County to 15-06292393 Denton County. A transfer that was improperly done, corrupting the case irreparably and making case 01-17702 and 15-06292393 and FR-2018-00004 INOPERATIVE per 5 U.S. Code section 704, and entitled PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA or superior court to review the matter.
  • Fraudulently claimed offense at PATERNITY TESTING while fleeing and living with another man clandestinely after snatching the child with that man (D. Beal) during INTERSTATE TRAVEL of the family; to conceal the child from James Allen to work a civil suit in rem versus the business SHADOWDANCERS LLC.

      PATERNITY TESTING was themed MOTION FOR DISCOVERY in case 01-17702, not obligated a legal cause or motive imposed by Dee Miller to suggest a moral or immoral claim of her own design themed trial by medical test for TITLE IV-D Benefits unrelated the civil cause of action (a felony allegation, in the Home State of the respondent where his business was already registered 3 years prior and operating since 1991 there under other organization consistently and successfully; and such fraud entered as a civil claim of fabricated design to extort by Veronica Petersen), barring then discovery related 21 O.S. §21-891 recovery and 76 O.S. §76-8 rule of an Oklahoma Resident and business owner before her court under Federal Constitution Article IV section 2 protection of Interstate Travel in Commerce; and such rights refused and denied by extrinsic fraud to rush to judgment, a false trial violating KELLEY v KELLEY right of cross examination held to be a Constitutional Right of persons in Due Process by State of Oklahoma and 10th Amendment Federal Constitutional Right. BEFORE FILING CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FOR ABDUCTION AND EXTORTION, JAMES ALLEN SOUGHT TO RULE OUT THE POTENTIAL THIS CHILD WAS THE BIOLOGICAL CHILD OF DONALD BEAL TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN FROM THE TRAUMA OF A CRIMINAL TRIAL AND INVESTIGATION OF THEIR MOTHER FOR A COMMON LAW ACT OF ANOTHER MAN PROTECTING HIS ACTUAL BIOLOGICAL CHILD CONCEIVED WITH A WOMAN WHILE SHE HAD CARRIED OUT A 10+ MONTH RELATIONSHIP UNDER COLOR OF MARRIAGE WITH ANOTHER MAN. NO OTHER RATIONAL NON-CRIMINAL ACTION FOR THE CHILD TAKING EXISTED IN THE ABDUCTION, OR BEHAVIOR OF DONALD J. BEAL.

5 U.S. Code Section 703

    The form of proceeding for judicial review is the special statutory review proceeding relevant to the subject matter in a court specified by statute or, in the absence or inadequacy thereof, any applicable form of legal action, including actions for declaratory judgments or writs of prohibitory or mandatory injunction or habeas corpus, in a court of competent jurisdiction. If no special statutory review proceeding is applicable, the action for judicial review may be brought against the United States, the agency by its official title, or the appropriate officer. Except to the extent that prior, adequate, and exclusive opportunity for judicial review is provided by law, agency action is subject to judicial review in civil or criminal proceedings for judicial enforcement.

    (Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 392; Pub. L. 94–574, § 1, Oct. 21, 1976, 90 Stat. 2721.)

5 U.S. Code Section 704

    Agency action made reviewable by statute and final agency action for which there is no other adequate remedy in a court are subject to judicial review. A preliminary, procedural, or intermediate agency action or ruling not directly reviewable is subject to review on the review of the final agency action. Except as otherwise expressly required by statute, agency action otherwise final is final for the purposes of this section whether or not there has been presented or determined an application for a declaratory order, for any form of reconsideration, or, unless the agency otherwise requires by rule and provides that the action meanwhile is inoperative, for an appeal to superior agency authority.

    (Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 392.)

Recap and Threat Proof of Extortion

Threats by mass mailing to persons in City of Ada and Mexico on Friday January 6th and Thursday January 5th 2023, in an effort to extort and blackmail identical to Brian Young, Alicia McMahon, Donald Jonathon Beal, and Veronica Marie Petersen fraudulent claims in the taking, concealment, and abuse of the child to extort and assault at gunpoint in 2002 November; continue to demonstrate a clear mental health disorder sufficient to convey threat across multiple State borders in fraudulent title transfer of Oklahoma Trademark No 12415565; themed 21 O.S. §1533 legal sham to impersonate the authority of THE OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA in context to normalizing a child kidnapping and concealment to defraud Federal TITLE IV-D benefits with identity theft and false employment claims to sustain and export the child overseas.

The withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and criminal threat to prohibit due process involving direct unsolicited repetitive contact and vandalism, white supremacist remarks to race, and abuse to conceal completely such child from communication as if no injury or duty is done by this fraud in attacks upon a COMMERCIAL BUSINESS by officers and executive agents purposeful and global scheme to thwart use of services for COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGE, then exposed as DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINEERING (NTT COMMUNICATIONS), SENIOR IP ENGINEER (NTT COMMUNICATIONS) and their employee (ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS subcontractor) now styled DIRECTOR of IX NETWORKS LLC in ongoing COMMERCIAL vs COMMERCIAL Interstate fraud by officers against other officers incorporating targeted high volume Denial of Service Attacks, threats, and unsolicited contact to intimidate, abuse, and extort witnesses;

And to style such victims as mentally unwell systematically since 2002 written plan in documents labeled "jamesisalittlebitch" by the group during withholding and abuse of his child, and during periods of serious bodily injury (2001, 2002, 2007, 2017-2020) to extort; where such claims are so commercially absurd as to expose a clear criminal intent to defraud with emotional disorder incorporating death of the child's great grandparents in 2007 and 2008, end of life care in 2003-2008, and death of the child's grandparent in 2022 with threats to blackmail the remaining survivors over 65 in direct letters October 5 2022 and evident in letters also January 28 2022 by Donald Jonathon Beal to obtain such information under color of a PRIVATE CITIZEN, when then and since August 27th 2020 an officer of a State of Texas company, for unlawful COMMERCIAL USE done March 3rd 2022 and repeated threats in April, May, October 5th 2022, and November 4th 2022. Then seeking $70,000 USD payment for such protection violating Federal Law not afforded by the TITLE IV-D AGENCY, and "forfeiture" in written December 2021 threats on renewed November 14 2021 creation of extortion sites to damage the employment of the parent and extinguish their income, a constructive entrapment scheme exploiting TITLE IV-D AGENCY employee and State Attorney General complicity with this violation of Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 deadline February 21 2017 to comply.

Given the overwhelming absurdity of these threats, and the organization and number of persons who are aiding directly or by complicity in fraud to conceal the State obligation and REQUIRED STATE LAW made effective prior this abuse; for which claims in the threats that are LEGAL FACTS and license of the Government of the State openly and criminally contested under false legal name to avoid civil process and under misleading names to suggest identity theft in false personification of real persons and employees of HALLIBURTON CORPORATION in the year 2022 and to solicit SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and other information for such fraud by companies with nexus to this criminal activity and regional hosting firms participating in REGISTERED BUSINESS CONTRACTS IN DIRECT COMPETITION WITH THE TARGETED COMPANY made REAL in 2013 July 11 and 2014 July 11 to overcome the 2008 October 31 prior and sustained COMMERCIAL RIGHTS of the defending City of Ada business in public Terrorist Hoax; and to style such threats and violence and surveillance activity to threaten as a "joke" or "prank" refused enforcement by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY and charges for report of such concealment of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD styled as "libel" to suppress and prevent recovery from 2007-2023.

Such activity is credit fraud, on denial of REGISTRATION of a business in good standing; and felony abuse where claims of STOLEN VALOR or other felony charge are alleged as fact where no indictment or arrest or conviction has been worked; so specified a 21 O.S. §21-8 violation and to lynch the accused REGISTERED AGENT on the basis of falsified "TRANSGENDER" persona manufactured and fabricated in 2002 and 2007 and 2013-2023 by the abducting parties; who are commercial business operators and officers of various regional companies. Understanding how these people have sought to normalize this behavior with injury to a child and deprivation of contact without due process or right to face the accuser or bring CITATION FOR CONTEMPT without threat of automatic false incarceration on EXCESSIVE FINES demanded prior any return or communication with the child, for cause of mixed race and legal adoption status of the parent of the missing and exploited child - speaks volumes about the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma conduct toward the purchase, sale, and transfer at birth of mixed race children like JAMES ALLEN (who was sold prior birth in the community, against the will of both his parents, and abuse done then to conceal such fraud identical to the taking and abuse of his child in 2001-2023). This is second generation human trafficking, and evidence thereof, clear:

EXAMPLE 1 - "If you want to meet in the park one day below your stepmom's house, let me know"

  • The agent - after giving information to validate himself describing criminal trespass to cross over the COUNTRY CLUB GOLF COURSE, a private property, to reach the defendant in order to threaten them against their will and in a pattern of prior photography of the residential private office there employed in threats to extort and uploaded as proof of physical presence in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA jurisdiction to directly physically threaten the REGISTERED AGENT and residents and property there - including five (5) vehicle strikes on UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE property, and lack of all such strikes in 2008-2015 and 2022-2023 after installation of professional camera systems; and disclaims as fact the camera system cited in prior 2022 January 28th video specified by ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT officer Vogt to video for consumption in this process to extort, so released to Donald Jonathon Beal (DIRECTOR, IX NETWORKS LLC) then and uploaded to YOUTUBE.COM (a commercial act in INTERSTATE COMMERCE prohibited by the legal letter served upon CITY OF ADA from 11816 INWOOD RD #1115 DALLAS TEXAS 75252 address of Officer Donald J. Beal (DIRECTOR, IX NETWORKS LLC). So Mr. Beal is using his professional address to send personal letters, concealing his commercial status as a competitor, and seeking and obtained on false promise of non-commercial use as evidence files or video to extort then released to the blackmail group and/or employed to this purpose by Donald J. Beal personally in subsequent letter citing the YOUTUBE.COM site in threats to 87 year old grandparent of the child; and to the wife of the grandparent, who is a person over 65 and a vulnerable elderly disabled adult, on Oct 5 2022.
  • The party talks about their wife, her ethnicity, their kids, and how they handle their ax, in what appears to be some fan fiction style sexual confusion substituting it for their masculinity; in a clear compensating behavior and "delusional perception" of military aspects and components as a "magical thinking" and "delusion" attributing their own thoughts to a fabricated character of JAMES ALLEN, in narcissistic competition and non-existent relationship whereby the writer thinks their publication is speaking directly to JAMES ALLEN - seeking a reply which obviously is not present and a component of a delusional fantasy and imagined role-play-as-reality situation, then pursued and actually solicited without invitation and to injure and abuse in direct contact not only to JAMES ALLEN, but also to 5+ other people (reported, thus far) solely because they are public associates or comment on posts of JAMES ALLEN about other topics; and to create false accounts under FALSE NAME to evade prior bans and to renew this contact. If this were the behavior of one person, it would be an outlier and mental illness matter, but it is part of a narrative employed by 4+ people documented by fabrication of evidence of the prior parties to take, conceal, and abuse the BABY BOY ALLEN child - and to overcome the business of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN and his family property. The reliance on such claims, as if legal fact or opinion of a legal basis, so directly cited by ROBERT ROGERS, JASON GUNTER, and MARY LANGUILLE-HOPPE to suggest these claims are in fact LEGALLY TRUE, is SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD on prima facia and refused correction or hearing in a flat refusal to speak to any of the witnesses to the events, and file a FEDERAL FORM to harm the LEGAL CREDIT AND BENEFITS AND OTHER RIGHTS of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN to hinder his ability to carry out his duty and protect his intellectual property from such misconduct, theft, and sale in fraudulent title into foreign markets to damage or extinguish his legal COMMERCIAL and PARENTAL RIGHTS.

EXAMPLE 2 - "Dude, your company doesn't exist"

  • The agent - after mass mailing customers of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and directly contacting persons in Mexico and Canada and the United States; to assert these claims and other false allegations in retaliation for criminal complaint and civil counter-suit obligated by TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.008; asserts under the legal authority of THE OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA as legal fact, in alleged aggravated perjury prohibited by Texas Criminal Code Title 8 Section 37.03, that the registration of the company and its legal right of franchise is not real, to deceive and defraud the public consisting of all potential users of the INTERNET worldwide, and in direct unsolicited mass mail to persons known to be in communication publicly with the company to extort.
  • This conduct shows a clear delusion, almost child-like false confidence in an area subject strict legal regulation to confidently defraud, and pathological assertion to a delusion of personal grandiose authority over the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA to engage in a legal sham for commercial advantage and possession and control of a missing and exploited child.
  • Threat site Statement: "No one charges $600 an hour. No one."

    At present, attorneys for JAMES ALLEN charge $1950/hr, and the intellectual property firm has the right to charge professional fees without endorsement of any other agency or entity to meet costs. Reasonable attorney fees are permitted at the prior rate in State of California, and most professional workers know that rates incorporate insurance, liability, contracting, closing, travel, and other expenses as a 'Shop Rate', which a real incorporated company can and does charge for service and in group production as is ordinary in any small team provided as a single organization; and are the basis of professional services in printing, industrial equipment operation and manufacturing. In the case of the firm, where a consultant appears and fixes a process in half a day that then guides the client for 1-3 years before the next consultation, the cost is quite low at $600 per hour. The "magical thinking" of a "clearly delusional" person who has equated hourly rate to value or self worth in a serious ego disorder, having no frame of reference but a 40 hour per week full time entry level position for unskilled labor (anything under $40/hr) appears to be the only frame of reference this person has - and such framework common in radicalized socialist and Marxist / Maoist extremists like the STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY (SDS). Also, where disabled clients pay less, commercial clients rates support those subsidized services as low as $25/month for full time support for the legally disabled at the firm. Whereby the burden of such charity is worked in a for-profit model to pay both taxes to the community on commercial rate and provide for-profit-class service to ordinary not-for-profit and economically disabled persons; just seems impossible to grasp in the prior simple minded world view of compensation described. Corporations (and companies) offer a variety of SKU (designated services) for accounting purposes and billing, with rate plans predicated on the client and terms, including liability waivers and accommodation for the (well known, rural, highly impoverished) community that the firm serves. Normal fees are $2000+ per task, but where computers cost $600+ to simply replace; repairing versus disposing of a machine usually depends on what data is on the device and how quickly parts and productivity are needed for downtime. So if you want it fixed within an hour, and an employee dispatched to drive the part from the next state, that's the standard rate. It is clear that the writer has no experience in business, management, or adult finance, but the frequency to make these remarks as if "LEGAL FACT" and to invoke claims abusing family and elderly persons and persons with surgical diagnosed medical disability who are clients reliant on the public good will toward the company - is criminal and express evidence of a lack of boundaries suggesting a deep fantasy that has somehow incorporated JAMES ALLEN into it and applied classic narcissist disease evident in the writing to warrant enhanced security of all persons, property, and contact in the area until the party is arrested and restrained from continuing in this contact under false legal name (Mr. DEUTSCHE CANOE).

    The fact that all of the persons named in the complaint have shown these symptoms to some degree, to clinical severity, and in an organized effort to imply their beliefs are LEGAL RIGHT to suppress and disable SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its operation and rights at law; support the need for a Federal Investigation explaining why this group was able to obtain, conceal, and harm a child without TITLE IV-D AGENT intervention or report for 2001-2023 on no due process over repeated complaint.

    Narcissistic mental health disorder is evident in the "value" placed on whether others care about a publication, as if that were a "legal privilege" to compel the suppression of ORDERED POSSESSION or other rights - from which a clear "deeply disordered" perception that all of this is somehow the "fault" and "caused by some failure to please and submit" to a "delusion" held by the writer - in which "James Arnold Allen" is the villain - and all other events and legal and commercial acts including strikes at high speed under power in control on property by a motor vehicle to extort and in retaliation for perceived slights (narcissistic injury) done by the dissenting opinion in publications of JAMES ALLEN are justified cause; or when cross-examined are "things that just happen all the time", citing specific threats and items found including rotten food placed in enclosed locked gated yards on private property, by windows, and in food and trash thrown in specific areas during such threats which is absent at other times and in a pattern. When a person writes that they are going to "creep up on your window and watch you" in one blog, and then denies that in another post, to style the concern as a fabrication of a sick mind; that is a criminal plan - not a dissociative disorder.

    Persons who have associated themselves with such person making these threats before our witnesses including Brian Young, Donald Jonathon Beal, Veronica Marie Petersen, Alicia McMahon, and other parties employing letters threatening based on "187" (California code for Murder) and literal \ "hitman4hire" as the user name in the email - coming from parties we HAVE NOT NAMED BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT CENTRAL TO MAJOR CLAIMS TO WARRANT DIRECT PROSECUTION ALONE, i.e. minor criminals engaged also in this fraud to a lesser degree; that does not mean that the magical thinking of the writer and their own threats or their own intent constitute the sum of joint and organized activity to blackmail and extort, as if it were unrelated or valued only when enforcement were done.

    The prior two examples represent two of hundreds of threat letters by less than ten people. The prior writer has been writing since 2012, where sexual threats to female residents were reported; and so this conduct is criminal in nature and degree - and further voids the presumption of a minor pretending to be an adult due to duration and due to the claimed LEGAL AGE of the photo, styled to be an adult male reported as a false persona of DONALD JONATHON BEAL, BRIAN YOUNG, and ALICIA MCMAHON made jointly in 2007-2013 prior investigation and to send threats using the name "ALLY" and "REGINALD", which are claimed as son and daughter of the prior "DEUTSCHE CANOE" persona in writing - further exposing the integrated activity to concealment then of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION to extort "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C." and "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED" following threats October 2010 at SOONERCON to do so and written citation of collaboration then with VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN.

  • Such conduct, in concert with concealment of a child and claims the child was "abandoned" to defraud the child of contact as a minor, expressed a point of anger disorder in 2015 notes giving evidence of building resentment created by this fraud in parental alienation (A form of serious child abuse); sustains the claims of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN against such persons and right to REFUSE ALL CONTACT and REJECT FOR BREACH ANY CLIENT ASSOCIATION OR DEALING WITH THE PARTIES as workplace safety conditions of contract in perpetuity.

Consider this

Consider - and then look back on the original claims for the same symptoms/tone.

  • Exhibit Q - Veronica Never Read the Title IV-D Lawsuit She Endorsed and Filed (01-17702)
  • Exhibit T - Veronica admits she left the relationship, began dating, and then sued for abandonment
  • Exhibit L1 - Suicidal Veronica, Aug 29th 2001
  • Exhibit X - Sept 8th 2001 Transcript
  • Exhibit P - Hand Written Letter to James by Veronica Petersen admitting clinical depression prior Allen
  • Exhibit 3E - Testimony of Alfonzo Alvarez (Zane) to victim name concealment by direction of TERRABOX leadership in Organized Human Trafficking by Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX
  • Exhibit 3G - Health Fraud in Animal Abuse Claims by Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX
  • Exhibit 3I - Admission of Fraud in Lease and Injury to Animals by Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX
  • LOSTSERVER 2011 Dec Domain Information
  • 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX Location of LOSTSERVER, Billed then as Office of UNIVISION (see content)
  • It is easy to see why, due to the homosexual metaphors and strange (myluv) references, why it is difficult to determine if the Deutsch Canoe is a man or a woman writing with a man's photo and profile to express their gender choice and project a false or multiple personality - which could be that of Veronica Petersen herself, Brian Young, Donald Beal, or Alicia McMahon, who have all engaged in such conduct and gender fluidity behavior; including demonizing and narration of other persons with a total lack of remorse evident to victims who witnessed the factual events first-hand, and pathological pattern of lying.

    Alicia McMahon seemed too smart to do the things we were seeing or suspect, until Scott Goodridge provided proof and other members of a similar organized hate group passing images to abuse the Norman High School victim came forward with information. It was very difficult to believe, but conduct -and the transcripts above - were utterly convincing and final in the delusional persecuted narrative invented, and supported by the incorporation of identity brands and names and values after such abuse as if her own invention and work exclusive of the real owner/creator of those brands and services, in an employer-employee relationship and to defraud commercial assets in admission of such act later in transcripts showing a premeditation to steal and justification lacking any sense of others injury or ordinary rules of a society or impact on others. She has yet to apologize for any of those offenses, and the witness (Scott Goodridge, a confidential informant for Oklahoma Law Enforcement and Vice President of Psi Chi prior 1999 President appointment) died just after a similar attempt on the life of JAMES ALLEN in the same manner.

    Veronica Petersen, likewise, completely denied she attempted murder three times, with deadly force - and concealed the attacks to defraud and discredit her victim (JAMES ALLEN) despite witnesses to injury in this pattern of domestic violence centered on control issues of the children. In one instance she reverted to a child like state, suggesting multiple personality disorder of a severe degree - sucking her thumb. In another, she tired to kill the family while on Interstate 35 at highway speed without provocation or lawful cause; in a psychotic break - showing no regard for the injury to her child (then 2 years old in the back seat) or her pregnant state. This was witnessed by Choctaw Nation member Christopher Melton Maidt in injury and bizarre behavior thereafter.

    Brian Young came to our attention because he was dating (while married) a classmate of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN known as KIMBERLY JOYCE CHILES. K