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72,000 viewers today watched as TWITCH STREAMER "ASMONGOLD" claimed that all court process not consistent with the narrative of the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY were fictitious and cult-like-process suggesting delusion and mental illness sole cause to intimidate, abuse, and threaten with violence (economic and physical violence then suggested by non compos mentis allegation barred by Oklahoma Statutory Law Ttiel 43A section 43A-5-104).

These acts are not "protected speech" and transgress on the 588 U.S. _____ (2019) case no 17-647 right to appeals and remedy in violation of civil rights by any State court, Federal employee, or State employee.

As described by ASMONGOLD, those rights of legal contest and claim are not lawful because they contest the "right think" narrative of the SAUDI ARABIA owned firms CNN and MSNBC, FOX NEWS, and other major public news sources falsifying the record. These acts are felonies per 18 UC 2071 in false claims, violation of 76 O.S. 76-3 State Law in Oklahoma, and part of a campaign of active misinformation to give as LEGAL ADVICE to minors and underage audiences via services like TWITCH INTERACTIVE a foreign theory of law contrary the United States requirements of due process, rules of evidence (5 USC 556), and other Federal Regulations, as if legal fact.

The incorporation of suggested "religious implications" to expressly claim a "defective mind" for resistance to Democratic Party claims contrary State and Federal Law as fraud mirror the child kidnapping for concealment with abuse of PETERSEN (01-17702-R) and rebuttal FR-18-04 now filed in 36 month hold suspending ordinary enforcement of 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule over $40 billion USD in fraud accepted by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA for non-compliant and illegal activity violating 45 CFR 303.6 and 303.100(a)(3) rule (citing 15 USC 1673 limits on all claims); for which embezzlement from the Treasury of the United States from 2001-2021 is evident in the prior case and fraud before the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and suspension of all DUE PROCESS in human trafficking (22 USC Chapter 78), including suspension of lawful investigation and destruction of affidavits and witness testimony to sustain false bonds contrary 21 O.S. 21-748.1 "debt bondage" and "forced labor" under DEMOCRATIC party support.

Where such claims are sustained, the charge of "Genocide" against STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and STATE OF CALIFORNIA in the 23 O.S. 23-9.1 spoliation to conceal and traffick in persons on false record and by suspension of investigation obligated at law (22 USC Chapter 78) and conditional all funds themed TITLE IV and other programs subject 45 CFR, set forth in Public Policy of the United States as superior to State Law conditional Federal Notice and grant: Federal Register Volume 81 No 244, suggest the need for a clear and immediate Congressional Hearing under an appointed Inspector General; and the forced suspension of the commission of firms engaged in this incitement of economic violence (genocide, per Supreme Law) and suspension of ordinary civil honors (23 O.S. 23-8) without due process (23 O.S. 23-3).

Such investigation must be formal, reported to the parties, and disclosed in all findings and claims or void - per 5 USC 556 as an administrative process obligated 22 USC Chapter 78 and all Title 22 Chapter 78 programs and services including TITLE IV Agency creation and operation under state election and without state discretion to deviate from 45 CFR 302.0 or 303.0 rules since 2017 February, and such claims the Public Policy since 1991 of the United States per Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 (full text).

The rhetoric incorporates claims by OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION members who spoke with me, using the same terms to discredit and denigrate the right to citation of laws contrary the void Oklahoma State statutes negated February 2017 in failure to file an appeal or make accoomodation in compliance or form an agency in compliance with 45 CFR as required by Federal Law conditioned all grants; and such propoganda carried now by TWITCH INTERACTIVE of STATE OF CALIFORNIA appears a party and component to such fraud to suspend due process, ruled void and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in Malone v Malone (1970) and Kelly v Kelly (2007) by the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

In concert with violence against our property and person, both legally and real person in bodily harm and threat of death in written LETTERS, THREATENING; and by theft of U.S. Mail in a pattern of attcks on UNITED STATES MAIL recepticals in PONTOTOC COUNTY paired with theft of INTERSTATE UNITED STATES MAIL from Nebraska this July 2021; we can frankly say this line of argument by any PARTNER of TWITCH INTERACTIVE MEDIA is suggestive of public incitement of violence and obstruction of justice to conceal broad embezzlement from the UNITED STATES TREASURY cited in this case and others as a class, attched the present matter pending jury trial in PONTOTOC COUNTY under 23 O.S. 23-9.1 counter-suit for "unlimited damages".

The Portrayal of a "class" of Citizens as "non compos mentis", or to disbar without lawful cause the evidence or testimony by use of terms like "mental gymnastics" to intimidate and obscure collective application of laws in relationship the opposing counsel deny; having no other LEGAL BASIS to make such denial and such denial a clear act of sedition to disbar a portion of the LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES that would otherwise restrain or enjoin them against abuse of a wrongful or malicous application of other statutes alone, is clear felony activity per 18 USC 2384 and possible insurrection claim per 18 USC 2383 to discredit and obstruct the civil honors (rights) of persons to access to the court (Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6) or to work or other public reputation (Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A) for which the tort (contract: Terms of Service of Twitch or other ISP) do not afford release contrary any clause (Oklahoma Constitution, Artcle XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9).

No party may, by tort (contract) suggest a waiver of rights contrary the resort of the Oklahoma resident or Citizen of the State of Oklahoma, that their real or legal person be abused as a class or by broad claims to disbar or injure its lawful right to contest before a jury or judge in formal trial, to include the right to conduct discovery and hearings which are not part of application of a case for trial which has frequently been used as a basis for "prejudgment" to refuse trial in the 2020 election, child concealment to injure and perpetually conceal, and in extortion of estate benefits prohibited by Federal Law (18 USC 666) and obligated automatic modification to real income with no work obligation or other criminal penalty a right of the civil court (586 U.S. ____ case no 17-647 opinion of Ginsburg before the court, 9-0 ruling); and such fines of a civil matter barred from forfeiture of property to make payment and limited to 25% of real income to the estate named party in the suit, which holds no lien on the agent (real person) or other property already their possession in final sale (4th Amendment Right) which is thereby prohibited seizure or auction to settle civil debt incurred.

Where the states rebuke or aid or promote by commission or franchise any claim or publication contrary these facts - is rebellion against the United States and treason against the Union, the People, and the Human Race by promotion and perpetuation of bondage, peonage, and human trafficking themed genocide in broad claims an incitement versus a class for political public intimidation to coerce political and commercial monopoly barred by the Constitution of the United States and Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, and to discriminate in concert with an attack themed crafted legal practice of law to a gender vulnerable to such fraud, in payment of benefits and rights to make inferior one parent, and contrary Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-36A in tort (contract) of any civil claim.

In short, it appeals to women and pre-pubecent males, suggesting an existential threat in the acts of sexually mature males and "operation of law" (see Black's Law, 11th Edition), which exclude from any legal claim the "intent" of the State, community, society, or parties from the application and protection of law in equal enforcement - obligated in 42 USC 1981 and 1994, and specified in Title IV fraud a duty of the State to apply as written and defined at-law those regulations and protections without delay or sale per 42 USC section 666(a)(9) the duty and automatic change to comply (666(a)(10)) or be at-fault and unable to render ENFORCEMENT of any kind on any civil claim (debt, obligation, etc) against the party as a State (45 CFR 303.6) after 60 calendar days from the first due date of such demand for funds claimed owing and due.

Use of the term "mental gymnastics" to conceal such protection in threat of false incarceration in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA by agents of STATE OF OKLAHOMA herein - sustained - support this right of remedy and protection pursuant to "THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENC ACT" for all persons of the class not granted disclosure and "ability to pay" notice not made on each demand a condition and "sole legal question" of any enforcement hearing; a fraud themed $44 billion USD in 2001-2021 case now before the docket with taking for extortion, blackmail, and concealment in perpetuity of a real child, paired with threats of murder and false imprisonment not granted relief by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA - and actively defended by GREG ABBOTT and KEN PAXTON in court process to obtain constitutional protection denied trial in MARK BITARA et al vs UNITED STATES.

AMAZON PARTNER streams "DEATH TO AMERICA" and abuses Oklahoma Civil Rights

With video services becoming key to everyday life, AMAZON INC. video platform "TWITCH INTERACTIVE" has lured many companies to partner with its discriminatory broadcasting and public abuse. Three years ago we investigated, formerly known as "", in concert with claims its audience were mature and its broadcasts invited mature content for adult interactive social and craft platforms in science and engineering, art, and culture.

As of 2021, that is clearly false. Most twitch users are under 17 or behave as such; and sponsors including Anheuser-Busch have withdrawn from advertising deals citing failure to discriminate between minor audiences and mature content by Twitch employees and engineers.

July 27th 2021, I was shocked to be asked a question and then banned for answering, in what I can only describe as hate speech for sensational incitement of terrorism against the United States by streamer "27dollar", a PARTNER of the TWITCH INTERACTIVE company.

The alerts used including "DEATH TO AMERICA" in voice, and abusive ad hominem language and labels we find consistently in Democratic Terror speech inciting violence (Volksverhetzun): blaming all persons who do not accept vaccination by the COVID program for the deaths of others and as inferior human beings subject loss of humanity and civil honors.

This is "genocide" in legal activity, a violation of 18 USC 241 Federal Law in Oklahoma Constitutional Right set forth in Article II-37 and XXIII-8 and XXIII-9. As if to make the point by TWITCH INTERACTIVE of a very serious degree of sedition in false claims made toward American Citizens there, the claims were specific to American Citizens (not a foreign country) and the alerts and speech continued with "Comrade" and other slogans of radical socialist rhetoric in alerts and language used.

This conduct violates 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code section 21-1266, and would make the assets of TWITCH INTERACTIVE subject forfeiture to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA in its promotion, false medical practice, and incitement of violence to suppress objection or statements on the broad basis of a foreign theory at law - and further danger to the public and community through direct approach to minor children a component of such media now operating in INTERSTATE COMMERCE into and with financial transactions under the jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma.

As a publisher in free speech and responsible lawful speech for 40 years, my firm has argued for liberty in all forms of public address, grounded in the necessary and minimal laws against public solicitation of violence (DEATH TO AMERICA) and commercial sensationalism of such activity in concert with direct retaliation to discriminate against any person or enumerated right of the UNITED STATES or STATE OF OKLAHOMA so made a duty of incorporation.

In 2018, due in part to this abuse in fraud (18 USC 1431), my firm entered into AFFILIATE STATUS with TWITCH INTERACTIVE, under solicitation by the California-based firm of a code of conduct prohibiting sexual performance or exhibition and legal compliance with United States Federal and Oklahoma State Law.

I regret to say, based on what I am observing, that between TWITCH employees and managers approving, paying, and even endorsing "licking microphones" for hours in revealing clothing and in context to sexual exploitation admitted in concert with falsified subscriber and donation patterns suggesting money laundering on a massive scale to embezzle over $30,000 USD per month for some streamers - the solicitation of terms is not met, and breach a clear and evident component of a larger fraud incorporating abuse of mass communication in a scheme and plan to directly solicit children. Further, to incite children to act illegally against the public and domestic business, peace, and civil order in criminal degree, by adult instruction in foreign and illegal theology not grounded in public law, and to incite the overthrow of the United States and its businesses and property title system in favor of a foreign theory of law.

While the FCC and other agencies suppressed this abuse in criminal conspricy against rights, a war crime under the International and Supreme Law of the United States in exercise, use of packet-switched networks to carry voice and video have left the public and the court afraid to assert control over the conduct of businesses which use the media afforded by personal electronics. This is a false presumption that such systems are Federal or State to escape enforcement by either, a costly process against cyber-crime and public communication, embodied by 47 USC section 230 subsection (c) rule.

However, when such claims are enjoined by a company to contract formally a PARTNER whose actions are to create content themed "MEDICAL MALPRACTICE", "MEDICAL MISINFORMATION" for creation of revenue and incitement of audience against a clearly enumerated CIVIL RIGHT of the UNITED STATES CITIZEN(S), and to support terms and claims supporting the violent overthrow of the United States, a nation, and its system of laws - there can be no daylight between the 1099m contractor and the hiring party so named and in this case a "commissioned franchise" of the UNITED STATES, a legal person subject Federal Law and 18 USC 241 rule, which appears both sedition (18 USC 2384) in public address and rebellion (18 USC 2383) protected by a member State (STATE OF CALIFORNIA) against the guarantee of protection by the Union, or other body of law or government so made since 1865.

While removing persons from groups to promote the good order, civil rights, and tranquility of ordinary commerce and private right to associate, these acts are beyond the limit of such rule - calling for "DEATH TO AMERICA" and by a CITIZEN OF A FOREIGN POWER employing the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION and INTERSTATE COMMERCE clause to solicit and impose abuse and degrade and suppress systematically other members of the TWITCH INTERACTIVE contractor community through such acts paired with tort (contract: prohibiting abuse of other content producers in contract with TWITCH INTERACTIVE), as well as the rights and reputation (76 O.S. 76-6) of Oklahoma Citizens and UNITED STATES CITIZENS.

We therefore cannot commit our corporation or its products to the TWITCH INTERACTIVE platform, citing these serious offenses and incitement of violence and forced medical procedures on persons by their PARTNER, a criminal act contrary public rights of the Residents of the State of Oklahoma and Native American Territory, whose are entitled protection under Common Law by Treaty with the UNITED STATES.

TWITCH INTERACTIVE allows persons to enter into publication as a hosting company, but contracts such parties to perform work and commit minimum hours without compensation or health insurance in a scheme and plan similar to a prior brand "UBER", a joint venture of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD (of China) and "SOFTBANK GROUP CORP" (of Japan).

SOFTBANK GROUP CORP is the owner of ARM HOLDING LTD, maker of Apple iPhone central processors in the United Kingdom, and $9 billion USD joint venture with TENCENT to form "UBER", a gig-work venture in the United Kingdom and STATE OF CALIFORNIA jurisdiction. SOFTBANK GROUP CORP is also seeking per 2020 September filing to buy majority share ownership of NVIDIA CORPORATION, a United States chip manufacturer and owner of designs and patents used in the video encoding and decoding of RTMP and HSL video used by TWITCH INTERACTIVE and YOUTUBE video platforms.

Use of media, in concert with the forced vaccination of persons and abuse of persons who disclose disagreement or cause to refuse mandatory vaccination paired with this $40 billion takeover bid of NVIDIA CORPORATION, appear to suppor the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and goverment of "PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA" on prima facia, and support a trend of abuse and DOXing ongoing since 2001 in takeover activity and terrorism against U.S. CITIZENS cited in case FR-18-04 and 01-17702-R kidnapping of an Oklahoma child for perpetual concealment and to extort for export intellectual property in concert with $428 million sale in 2018 of similar work, harassment, and felony stalking in 18 USC 2261A activity across FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MYSPACE, and other platforms in the prior case.

Need of Oklahomans to regard this in concert with public law, Title 21 Section 1266, in regard to criminal scheme and abuse of franchise as if a "private person" of "foreign jurisdiction" not subject franchise or commission or assent of the President of the United States or other officer granted sole authority to issue or revoke commission in INTERSTATE COMEMRCE, a monopoly of the UNITED STATES now acting in conflict with the enumerated 10th Amendment rights of the People and in abuse to disbar the "civil honors" of the same in violation of 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8; and to disarm the same in systematic and premeditated fashion for political purpose in suspension of suffrage rights alien to their public right to answer false claims and fraud in the same context - a State Law per 22 O.S. 22-31.

This appears an assault upon the United States sovereignty by STATE OF CALIFORNIA and UNITED STATES, where such contracts (tort) made among the states, solicitation predicated upon labor then provided and compensation not paid, and institution of mandatory "security" upon basic services of health and education and employment so barred by sale in monopoly wrongly themed a franchise contrary their rights (Oklahoma Constitution, Article II-36A, II-37, XXIII-1A) by a foreign power themed "communist" in context and "anti-capitalist" in self-identification, going so far as to actually claim "DEATH TO AMERICA" in its automated and visual announcements via a STATE OF CALIFORNIA franchise entereing into the jurisdiction of State of Oklahoma, Native American Territory, and against those UNITED STATES CITIZENS and People there protected by residency and common law in their rights versus forced medical services and procedures expressly barred at law.

In concert with other (physical) violence against "real" persons, it brings to mind the PATRIOT ACT, section 802 (codified 18 USC 2331), "a person commits the crime of domestic terrorism if within the U.S. they engage in activity that involves acts dangerous to human life that violate the laws of the United States or any state and appear to be intended: (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population."

The question at law is not whether the party "intended terrorism" by their behavior, but under the "rule of law" whether such activity and pattern of claims and abuse are not incitement more serious by far than any "sedition" alleged against the 45th President, to suggest the commercialization of this form of abuse and purposeful conveyance to minors "as mental health" and "rational thought and lawful actions and conduct" is not a criminal offense by a franchise of the UNITED STATES against the rights of the Citizens of the United States, the People, or any person.

That it is "terrorism" by definition, becomes sole legal question of the dispute; regardless intent, per "operation of law" (Black's Law Dictionary, 11th Edition); and the act in a pattern of similar behavior a lawful cause for alarm, objection, notice, and public right to cause in action (76 O.S. 76-9, 21 O.S. 22-31) for violation of persons "inherent rights" (76 O.S. 76-1) and the peace (1865) so made conditioned such lack of contempt for the terms in its making; a serious violation of the civil honors of persons (21 O.S. 21-8) not afforded conduct to discriminate or penalize any American or person in public communication subject to the regulatory obligations of a "franchise" so made in "corporation" or "registered business" of any state or government body; nor by contract an escape from such obligations possible without fraud (18 USC 1431) in resort to such defense of "private person" to escape the reasonable limitations of civil communication and assemble, disbursment of information, or the injury to parties in the territory or jurisdiction into which it is dispersed or "made available" (76 O.S. 76-4), where false claims at law (76 O.S. 76-3) are evident and insurrection its goal.

As seen in Letters, Threatening (21 O.S. 21-1486), the jurisdiction of PONTOTOC COUNTY and STATE OF OKLAHOMA where such conduct is communicated and injury done or evident, is a rightful place for enforcement and claims to be heard in proper jurisdiction; and so due any competent court of the State or other government who regard the statutory law as binding in this form of INTERSTATE COMMERCE subject State releif and Federal Jurisdiction on failure of any foreign state or state-of-origin or other foreign power to comply on entry into the monopoly of wire and telecommunications, data, or signal over those jurisdictions.

In short, the POTUS can revoke such INTERSTATE COMMERCE commissions, and should do so - where this trend continues to operate under color of a commissioned United States Corporation or registered business of any State's making, that promote claims contrary to the Constitutional reservations and enumerated rights of the People of the United States; and all such government bodies who do not execute their duty to perform such function abdicate the public office of that authority in full for failure to perform.

The performance of public oratory or content to solicit the overthrow of the State or Title or property rights of any real person or estate should be seen by the public as the critical step in usurpation of the United States jurisdiction and rights of franchise; and any claim predicated upon such forfeiture or bond made against real persons under color of law or for obligation of labor void and UNCONSTITUTIONAL where it exceed their income or threaten them with incarceration or other civil or criminal penalty or loss of civil honors or employment or right to trade made conditional surrender or interference in their enumerated Constitutional Rights. The right does not cease to exist on failure to enforce. The government body as lawful officer entitled the public office ceases to exist, and that agent becomes alien to the laws of the United States and becomes "outlaw" to such civil society and jurisdiction.

I have watched this movement (radical Hegelian Socialist) develop on Twitch, under color of International dialog, and increasingly employ abuse of persons and systematic punishment of objection in the community, backed by employees of TWITCH INTERACTIVE. I would strongly urge any civil officer to regard this activity as one might "national socialist party" and fascism in Germany in the 1930s, and take immediate action to bar such products from commercial franchise and operation in the States - as well as refer such domestic corporations under criminal complaint to the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE for forfeiture of commission in racketeering and unregistered foreign agent activity contrary the purpose of their general (lawful) commission.

Where foreign schemes (18 USC 1431) to escape civil and criminal liablity are evident in International activity, we must hold the domestic corporations and their shareholders liable, and consider 21 O.S. 21-1266 a good model of forfeiture for promotion of such activity in concert with hate speech to disparage the right of other persons to ordinary and meaningful dialog - and criminalize the use of such platforms to identify and systematically silence persons on the basis of their protected "suffrage" rights in public and civil discourse - a criminal form of 1st Amendment violation now normalized by presumed privacy to elected assmebly, which incorporates entrapment and retaliation among contractors and 1099m parties to impose corporate image and policies alien to the good order and civil rights obligated operation of any legitimate commissioned organization of the UNITED STATES or a member state.

Where such accounts obtain thousands of followers (4,900+ in the prior case), the incitement of violence and toward persons in clear conduct and INTERNATIONAL claims against the rights of United States Citizens and other residents of the protected territories who are sovereign (Chickasaw Nation, Native American Territory) represents a threat to that sovereignty now wrongly styled as a form of commercial activity similar to previous genocide activity and populist movements which seek to break the bonds of generational authority and parental control to eliminate resistance and coerce the young to adhere to radical and violent dehumanizing behavior.

I need only look to the deep dents in the steel post of my mailbox, hit 5 times since 2015, to know this sort of "Volksverhetzung" (incitement of genocide, a war crime) has real injury and real persons are the object of this hate and recruiting behavior, now a commercial enterprise of TWITCH INTERACTIVE and certain political parties of the United States in vocal and monopolist conduct through CNN, MSNBC, and other foreign-owned media conglomorates whose conduct is "alien to the laws of the United States" in word and deed more extreme every day.

Attacks continue in July 2021

July 14 2021 - a vehicle diverted into the property striking a concrete secured metal post at high speed, and then continued to travel northbound across the property until entering the driveway, there turning back onto the road.

This occurred prior 7:41 am, destroying a UNITED STATES POSTAL BOX in a pattern representing the 4th such incident in concert with other threats of violence, murder, and arson to violate Federal Law in a false claim, themed 31 USC 3729(a) qui tam now under Federal Criminal Complaint June 11th 2021.

This action follows July 12 2021 attempted hit and run with a motor vehicle at 18th Street Southbound at E 18th Street. The party in this incident slammed on their brakes after the collission one block south after passing Wintersmith Drive on Scenic. The driver then followed the targeted vehicle from Wintersmith Park toward Country Club prompting the company driver to divert from the route and return to solicit assistance from a motorcycle officer at Wintersmith pool.

A request for observation after the incident was made with the ADA CITY POLICE, citing prior July 4 2021 placement of new unused screws 8-10 feet from the street in both ends of the driveway - discovered July 5th 2021. This act represents a hazard to authorized vehicles and to any person in the City of Ada who chose to park in the driveway, and to instigate property damage against the public that implicates the residents of the property.

This follows the November 9 2020 attack on the property in the same manner, and pattern of attacks including shooting into the front windows of the property causing damage to glass and prior breaking of windows at the property on the opposite side of the building in ongoing execution of written threats in concealment of a child ordered to the custody of residents of the property and concealed from 2001-2021 in criminal threats to blackmail, extort, and intimidate the public.

These acts appear to include timing to menace LEGALLY disabled persons resident at such location, in concert with a fraud (18 USC 1431) complaint of false medical disability used to carry the kidnapping for ransom of a child, and in threats of murder prior cited in indictment against KEIF-LP Program Manager and Soonercon event staffer responsible for this child concealment in extensive posts on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and prior part of threats of murder on MYSPACE and using the social media channel VAMPIREFREAKS.COM.

VAMPIREFREAKS moderator Alica Scarbrough and the KEIF-LP party filed a false police report in 2011 requiring private investigation to confirm organized gang activity in threats in the concealment of a child, for which STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS have failed to respond or honor contrary 45 CFR Federal Law, prompting a 31 USC 3729(a) "qui tam" suit complaint filed in regard to the $44 billion USD fraud involved in 2001-2021 concealment of the child, 23 O.S. 23-9.1 spoliation of record to conecal denial of due process in kidnapping of a child from the home of the Oklahoma parent, and no legal cause for concealment in concert with threats of forced labor and false debt violating 21 O.S. 21-748.1 State law and 45 CFR 303.6 and 303.100(a)(8) duty to repay such fraudulent claims in full and with $2 million in lost income due to violation of KELLY v KELLY (2007) and "MALONE v MALONE" (1970) Oklahoma Supreme Court rulings making by operation of law the prior claims "automatic mistrial" and taking for purpose of extortion, concealment, and INTERSTATE INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE a false claim; and such claim refused appeal as obligated by UIFSA and confessed by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS in audio record provided to the FBI - and in concert a pattern of embezzlement themed 18 USC 666 felony action by both States to suspend United States Citizen rights obligated by 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 and imposition of fines without respect to income or circumstances (45 CFR 302.56) a duty of the State (45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 Federal Law). So themed 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violations per 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 filed in FR-18-04 counter-suit versus VERONICA PETERSEN, an estate of the UNITED STATES themed a resident of State of Texas, now before Pontotoc County District Court, State of Oklahoma since November 2017.

These matters, including tampering with UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE during a Federal criminal complaint and fraud in false claims to the DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY in embezzlement so discovered a conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241) felony and spoliation of Federal Records (18 USC 2071), are entitled the 22 USC 22-31 right of public notice to the intent to commit fraud and threats related Title 76 violations, a criminal plan set forth in writing in 2013-2021 public notice by the parties. (see 76 O.S. 76-1, 76-3, 76-4, 76-6, 76-8)

In addition to specific attacks on SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS HOSTING SERVICES of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION resident in the county and so named in threats (Letters, threatening) made in 2021 February and 2020 February, and prior 2013-2021 ongoing fraudulent posts - consisting of 200,000 false requests per day as of July 13th 2021 measure and with evidence of human interactivity to optimize and adapt attacks to ordinary mitigation of unwanted traffic, in disruption of TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. services of the State of California and with such firms in State of Oklahoma the target of this abuse and fraud; that 18 USC 1951 ("The Hobbs Act") is evident in harassment and retaliation.

Citation of participation by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and other employees of NTT GROUP (NTT AMERICA) and partnership of SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD in $9 billion business (Uber) and acquisition of NVIDIA CORPORATION by September 2020 filing for $40 billion in stock of ARM HOLDINGS; suggest this matter is organized union activity against the OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO WORK (Article XXIII section XXIII-1A) using a child as hostage.

The parties have likewise attempted impersonation of the SOCIAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES by phone, threat of arrest by the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE by phone, and identity theft to impersonate the officers of the firm named in the 2013-2021 threats repeatedly and to "destroy" that company in concert with claims of $80,000 USD false title sale of the franchise owned or licensed by the firm to overseas buyers themed "subsidiaries" of TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, known as PARADOX INTERACTIVE of Swedent; and in concert with WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and their upcmoing "Vampire: The Masquerade" product - a property based on the Mustang (Oklahoma) based film by MGM "Near Dark" without license or lawful franchise.

The public should be aware of these violent activities, claims, and fraud to suggest mental or emotional disturbance in favor of this "SOFTBANK GROUP CORP" / "TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD" firm - companies who share a common BOARD OF DIRECTOR member "Jack Ma" (CEO, Alibaba - a Chinese monopoly in Internet hosting approved by the Chinese Communist Party). Other firms themed subsidiaries include "CCP GAMES" (a subsidiary of PARADOX INTERACTIVE prior 2018), "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES" (now defunct, transferred to France as a subsidiary in franchise rights), and of the 50% ownership in EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD (of China), makers of "Fortight" and "League of Legends". These properties represent a $5 million/month to $418 million property in sale (2018, Eve Online), which seek to suppress the lawful and prior intellectual property claims and rights of the Oklahoma developer of a prior title upon which such products appear to have been based without license or franchise in concert with child concealment to extort.

Any person granting credence to defamatory claims or medical claims will be themed to be participants in a TERRORIST HOAX, pursuant to the Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act, and such activity criminal without defense as a "JOKE", "PRANK", or other form of harmless activity in illegal export of navigation and avionic dual-use technology incorporated into the products of the Pontotoc County based UNITED STATES CORPORATION and Oklahoma Limited Liability Company named in the complaints as the victim of this child concealment to extort over 2001-2021, a $10,000 USD theft and credit fraud exceeding $70,000 USD of book assets impacted by false prospectus and ongoing direct physical intimidation in the State of Oklahoma and State of Texas.

Physical attempt to make entry to the offices of the company on May 20 2020 by two vehicles in concert with striking a door of the office to breach, and prior two physical break-ins on other properties involving substantial force, follow an August 31 2020 injury to a pet with debilitating brain trauma. The firm and its employers therefore do not take this ongoing provocation or failure to stop and make notice July 14 2021 lightly, and cite the failure to apply brakes or other avoidance in this act a pattern of Interstate Criminal Racketeering (18 USC 1961) in concert with Title 22 Chapter 78 "human trafficking" and false operation of a TITLE IV AGENCY and TITLE IV CAUSE contrary Federal Law and immune from sovereign state claims per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244 since 2017, voiding all State law not in full compliance with 45 CFR protections, rules, and due process obligations of 5 USC 556, 557, and 706 "fraud" evident in this cause/case and ongoing acts prohibited 15 USC 1692d and explicitly illegal per 15 USC 1673 (see 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3)).

Any aid to this cause is subject immediate termination and removal from the property of the firm or its programs and workspace, and shall be construed as a participation in a felony act to injure a child; and as a felony crime under present Federal criminal complaint involving tampering with COURT PROCESS and SERVICE OF LEGAL DOCUMENTS to a REGISTERED AGENT of the UNITED STATES in Pontotoc County. Oklahoma law affords the right to notice, report, and immediate action to stop any such 76 O.S. 76-3 and 18 USC 1431 felony acts per 22 USC 22-31 et al. These acts appear possible attempted theft of SOCIAL SECURITY funds prior reported April 15 2020, violating Federal Law, and as intimidation activity whereby this conduct continues to show a pattern of remorseless action in concert with criminal taking of a child to extort.

Alica Scarbrough was cited in court documents as having passed bad checks, and did report such claim as a crime against her person rather than identify her person as the perpetrator - later discovered in 1999 service of a warrant on 925 E 9th Street. Efforts to conceal this conduct, including false claims of equity ownership of the firms to incite public support, are part of a pattern of fraud in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas exploiting the concealment of a child in violation of a custody order and to harm the child in fraud for commercial gain under a variety of commercial unregistered businesses and Interstate activity with persons holding the child, to solicit other performers, and in criminal conspiracy against rights with Brian Young, Donald Beal, Iva Petersen, and other persons known to the firm in threats against witnesses including arson, death by grave bodily harm, and organized intimidation to extort in Pontotoc County in concert with embezzlement of benefits for the concealment and abuse of a child.

This fraud is in cause of a "civil" debt claim, void and prohibited all civil enforcement actions of any kind per 45 CFR 303.6 Federal Law, and in cause of an "unregistered order" violating UIFSA (Rev 2008), a void legal instrument obtained despite "Veronica Petersen having been found Wholly In Default" in 2001 December by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS; and "final judgment" in such matter paid in full in 2003, negating all claims therefter per Federal Law. Fraud to conceal and sustain this is a $30 billion fraud by STATE OF OKLAHOMA now under 18 USC 1431 Federal Criminal Complaint.

Public records cite Alica Scarbrough as a "moderator" and "VIP" member of VAMPIREFREAKS.COM during the prior threats, signed by VAMPIREFREAKS.COM and "LOSTSERVER", a domain owned by the ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee engaged in this fraud. Such employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES did report in substance abuse conviction his real income to be $15/hour despite perjury to claim before Judge Kilgore that his actual loss was $60/hr or $500/day, and to carry out an impersonation of the Oklahoma Parent from whom the child was abducted and whose income per documents now filed show $60/hr regular income and $200/hr billing prior for Sykes Enterprises preceding this criminal extortion and blackmail scheme spanning 2001-2021. Lost wages are obligated a lawful damage per 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III violation and 18 USC 1589 and 1589 Federal Law in this criminal scheme and plan to kidnap, conceal, and abuse a child taken from the home of the Oklahoma parent at the age of 74 days, since then concealed, and assault with intent to murder and carjacking a component of subsequent acts barring ordinary due process and to intimidate Oklahoma witnesses in the case in Interstate fraud.

The theft and refusal to return a motor vehicle in 2017 paired with purposeful refusal to grant employment on demand of a $35,000 bribe by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in violation of Federal Law, further aggravates this matter to a Federal Criminal Conspiracy Against Rights involving Human Trafficking with ongoing criminal menace to intimidate witnesses under ongoing case activity before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS in violation of 18 USC 3161 and without waiver of fast and speedy trial, a component cited in "Turver v Rogers et al" as "coercion" to suppress victims of abuse of TITLE IV fraud.

OKDHS employees have engaged in fraud to defame and sustain this abuse, despite injury to the witness in 2017 constituting a $15,000 cost and refusing ordinary medical relief from 2017 February to 2020 June of surgery, aggravating all efforts to recover the child in 2001-2015 and 2011-2013 extortion, and in fraud in 2016 evident a violation of Federal Law again by STATE OF TEXAS so confessed in false records made by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS regarding the case, claims submitted to PONTOTOC COUNTY by OKDHS, and claim of no knowledge of such suit in 2021 February to show false status further defaming the Oklahoma Parent and barring ordinary and obligated return and location of the missing child.

NEXUS of Equity in Claims

Understanding the 'interest' of parties familiar with the threats against the Pontotoc County office require the public be so informed of the beneficial owner of T-Mobile, Sprint, Fortnite, League Of Legends, and other brands, in a 2020 Sept proposed takeover bid of U.S. based "NVIDIA CORPORATION", by SOFTBANK GROUP CORP (a Japanese firm, and sponsor of Chinese based Alibaba; and partner with Chinese based TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, with whom the companies shared a Director "Jack Ma" [Founder of Alibaba, a Chinese Monopoly]).

Threats in 2011-2021 to sell company property to PARADOX INTERACTIVE or other GERMAN firms in $80,000 USD false public prospectus, therefore enjoin the prior firms by nexus with the criminal abuse, harassment, electronic sabotage activity, and public fraud to conceal the child in concert with this domestic (U.S. based) unregistered business and community activity themed a 60,000 person member electronic forum used for underage video and drug trafficking activity (VAMPIREFREAKS), and activity to overcome NORTEL NETWORKS relationship with SPRINT by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and their employer NTT GROUP represented in State of Michigan by NTT AMERICA and in California by PACKET CLEARING HOUSE and LOSTSERVER brands (used in the criminal threats of kidnapping, extortion, and blackmail during the concealment of the child from 2001-2021 and in 300 letters dated 2013 sustained public hosting from 2013-2021).

The purpose of which, in seeking to discredit and harm a NORTEL NETWORKS "SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER" overseeing SPRINT, and in such activity then to make acquisition of ARM HOLDING CO LTD (maker of Apple microprocessor technology), and NVIDIA CORPORATION, represent a serious threat of monopoly and violation of anti trust laws led by a foreign sovereign power and by proxy in NTT AMERICA, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, EQUINIX, DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, and INFOMART company activity in State of Texas, Michigan, and California.

Tactics appear to benefit China, using Sweden, Norway, Germany, Japan, and Australia as ports for PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to acquire equity and representational voting over U.S. firms vital to the national defense, communications, and in cooperation to suppress anti-CCP media. These tactics, including abuse of children and families, appear similar to KGB and radical communist activity of the 1953-1993 era violence and fraud by foreign sovereign backers and domestic unregistered agents concealing bona fide owners and ports of transfer to a foreign sovereign power.

Due to the actions of LOSTSERVER to link NTT, PACKET CLEARING HOUSE, and INFOMART contractors and workers in the Dallas and Denton county area to this child concealment and abduction under 18 USC 1431 Fraud; we cannot regard any member of TEK SYSTEMS or ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES as anything but a public enemy of the firms to whom the custody of the child did belong in Article II Constitutional Rights and Title 76 inherent rights of recovery refused by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in accessory to kidnap and embezzlement from TITLE IV PROGRAMS barred by FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 and 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 Federal Law.

The fraud appears to attack the very "Laws of the United States" per 18 USC 2383, by design and sustained abuse of an industrial and commercial nature intent on diluting and disabling the ordinary registry of the Berne convention agency and public "civil honors" of American engineers and business owners; whereby such claims under the TRADE SECRETS ACT or other intellectual property shall have no validity and be legally void before victims of such acts of "genocide", a defined war crime subject 22 O.S. 22-31 right to immediate and summary relief not limited in any way by the UNITED STATES or any UNION member state so made - per 76 O.S. 76-9 common and Statutory law of the State of Oklahoma, so made Supreme Law in 1907 per article I section I and Federal Constitution Article IV protection during INTERSTATE COMMERCE of any kind not met or acknowledged as required by 42 USC 1981 and 1994 Federal Law.


Frankly, when we began receiving threats from the EQUINIX / INFOMART group in Dallas County, STATE OF TEXAS, the scope of the claims and fraud were not immediately evident. A serious mental illness in the primary abductors and multi-generational welfare fraud with exceptional criminal violence in the Petersen family was evidnt. However, threats to harm by Brian Wolf, theft of Court Summons by SEAN CARMICHAEL, and public threats in 2001-2002 by Alica Scarbrough in writing and in cooperation with Veronica Petersen and Donald J. Beal later incorporated officers and servers at NTT NETWORK and NTT AMERICA, COGENT COMMUNICATION, ABOVE.NET, PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO (an NPR Affiliate, legal name GEHARDHT BROADCASTING LLC), and NPR affiliate KEIF-LP in ENID OKLAHOMA to the 2001-2011 threat file. Claims incorporating WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, CCP GAMES, and respective titles and franchise rights not sold or licensed to any 3rd party outside of Oklahoma as employee public fraud against the child's parent and firms there named in extortion forced the UNITED STATES CORPORATION entitled to those rights to retain an PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR in response to false police report by DONALD BEAL, ALICA SCARBROUGH (MCMAHON), and BRIAN YOUNG (now indicted on a $50,000 bond for threat of murder).

Ongoing support of the fraud by each party, in concert with child concealment and child abuse (fraud, to lie to the child about their loss of contact with the WITHERSPOON FAMILY of Ada, Oklahoma), and false claims of a MEDICAL NATURE discovered in 2016 location on skip trace of the child (relocation not reported to the court of authority over the case to avoid legal service of process ordinary to any appeal, and so concealed conditional payment of a false bond by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA) further extended this case to a FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS matter and Federal Felony embezzlement with detension of a UNITED STATES CITIZEN at the core of such fraud, a RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) crime entitled 22 O.S. 22-31 response.

When acqusition of SPRINT in 2013 and T-Mobile, ARM HOLDING CO LTD, and later NVIDIA CORPORATION (2020) by the foreign sovereign power's commissioned franchise engagedi nt his fraud was revealed, the correlation of all the attacks upon the Oklahoma UNITED STATES CORPORATION became evident from 2009-2021.

In combination with bona fide ownership of EPIC MEGAGAMES and RIOT GAMES, this appears an effort to execute a license business model proposed by the Oklahoma firm in 1998, and to suppress the firm through kidnapping and blackmail with hostage taking, including broad dilution of the registered 1992 trademark "STRYX" among foreign personal electronics manufacturers enjoined with the parties and foreign trade syndicate.

Express threats to carry out this dilution are made in the 300 pages signed by LOSTSERVER (NTT AMERICA / INFOMART / ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES / TEK SYSTEMS) employees, along with threats of arson, murder, rape, and injury to children and animals.

Lack of remorse and false claims of a negative nature to disbar contact with the extended family in Pontotoc County and extended family in Oklahoma, as evident in statemens by Veronica Petersen on the child's medical records in 2015, further expose the deceit afforded by STATE OF TEXAS against personnel including the former Command Sergeant Major of the Oklahoma National Guard - and public fraud to portray the family members as guilty of stolen valor for the abduction prior to the death of military personnel in 2002 and 2008.

The firm and its licensees are therefore entitled full protection from the jurisdiction and foreign sovereign claims of any nation or government, foreign or domestic, who support this fraud - as they are alien to the Laws of the United States and repugnant to the Constitution of the United States as well as devoid of all Due Process and other (1st, 2nd, 4th, 14th) Federal Amendment Rights on face, an "automatic mistrial" and war crime (CPPCG, a Federal Treaty - Supreme Law per Oklahoma Constitution). Threats to disbar the discoveries, patents, trademarks, and TRADE SECRETS of the persons victimized in this foreign abuse of law, forfeit for their respective sovereign nations all rights and privilegs, claims, and enforcement of any law or registration contested by the parties; as is the right of the victims of a severe form of trafficking or genocide against coercion on taking for hostage the children of such people in the interest of their utter destruction and attempted subordination through kidnapping.

Discovery of Hugo Awards for claims discussed and covered in 1998 regarding Oklahoma research and development in advanced spatial navigation and concepts for literature and fiction, appear to further show evidence of this plagiarism activity by the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in 2008 (translated in 2013 from Mandarine). Both the foreign claims and the original claims predicate opposed theology as to the value of fundamental good, and represent opposed relivious and theological views which these attacks upon the Oklahoma territory and people appear to be an overt act of genocide aided by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in false cause (qui tam) for $44 billion USD in fraud, and to disable United States national laws and industry in favor of foreign sovereign interest in the monopoly of vital technology and credit for discovery.

Nexus of such actions, in intent to exploit and monopolize automated automobile systems in proposed sale to TOYOTA GROUP by the parties, paired with acquisition in ROBOTICS in France, and in aerospace use of unmanned drones to carry out war in violation of International Treaties prohibiting such weapons, portray the clear criminal nature of the Chinese Communist Party and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA in these activities linked with the child taking and public fraud, acquisitions, and potential lock-down of patent related technology (monopolies, legal fiction not permitted in the State of Oklahoma) which fundamentally seek to overthrow the intent and system of government of the State of Oklahoma so agreed conditional the membership of the People in the territory with the Union (1907).

This fraud is further aggravated by the "Texas Nationalist Movement", an extremist group which holds that the court of PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA is "not a court of registry" and in October 31 2012 did make false claims to conceal the order to return the child to the Oklahoma parent; there expressing to Judge Kilgore this fraud in full extent and to criminal interest in combination with false claims of earnings to discredit the actual software engineer and impersonate the compensation and leadership role of the Oklahoma parent usurped by this kidnapping act.

The Texas Nationalist Movement in these claims and letters has made racially motivated allegations to the sexual deviancy of Oklahoma persons based on the "length of their hair" and other "warrior culture" aspects of the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY to support their claims of mental health defect; preying upon anti-gay and anti-native prejudice in clear violation of the ABA rule on CRITICAL RACE THEORY obligating protection; and by calling the Oklahoma parent a "greaser", in concert with his Italian heritage; and by repeated threats to commit homosexual acts against the party in public statements and letters to elaborate on a delusion of homosexual character in the Oklahoma parent supporting unlawful child concealment.

The Texas nationalist Movement further alleges that the Article 1 rule of the State of Texas Constitution legally authorizes STATE OF TEXAS to reject Federal Law and Federal Programs, foreign state law, and to UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (UIFSA, Rev 2008) - a treaty that STATE OF TEXAS did enter into conditional to receipt of $720 million USD per year from 2001-2021, similar to $1.5 billion USD per year accepted 'in-consideration' of waiver of similar sovereign rights by STATE OF OKLAHOMA so specified in 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 and prior made public notice in FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 No 244.

This act is therefore "Insurrection, Rebellion, and Sedition" per 18 USC 2383 and 2384, a felony offense, and 22 O.S. 22-31 rights apply in addition to 76 O.S. 76-9 rules themed "all necessary force", for which the "Seven Alpha Network" was formed to resist as is lawful and protected II-3 and II-22 rule a right of the persons of the Oklahoma Territories against this treason against the People, and such rebellion to declare independence and an end to the peace of 1865 by STATE OF TEXAS in 2001 August 11th an open act of war obligated response by the UNITED STATES not performed in Petersen v ALLEN, et al.

"Seven Alpha Network" and the "SEVEN ALPHA" Certificate Authority employ X.509 and similar Public Key Infrastructure systems to enjoin all parties in a new commercial enterprise against this insurrectionist conduct, foreign sovereign power, and any unregistered agents actions in concert with the prior or similar fraud - themed "Hegelian Dialectic Socialism" in form and methods established in documents from 1821 to 2021 pattern of genocide activity and criminal aggression against the Human Race. The "Seven Alpha" systems and "civil honors" obligated protection in 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8 central to this matter, are rights abandoned by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA, STATE OF TEXAS, and UNITED STATES in forfeiture of their office of the public trust and contrary the express orders of The Supreme Court of the United States (586 U.S. case 17-1091; 588 U.S. case 17-647) and subsequent opinions striking down the claims and violations used throughout "Petersen v ALLEN", a criminal matter falsely themed a civil case to embezzle from the Treasury of the United States.

"Seven Alpha" members agree and enjoin themselves to a unified embargo against the foreign and domestic sovereign powers acting in contradiction and by perfidy against the Constitution of the United States, as outlined in "Marbury v Madison" and "Dred Scott" case, citing the presence of John Knox Witherspoon in the estate of ALLEN under Oklahoma law - a party in the first part to the incorporation of the Constitution and real person with real injury arising from this fraud and taking with intent to murder, complicity with genocide, and act of genocide in "Petersen v ALLEN" so express in 2017-2021 case law exposing wilful violation and disclaiming the Federal Rule a component of regional TITLE IV (OKDHS) agencies so made; as to be false agencies contrary 5 USC 556, 557, 706 and 18 USC 2071 rule - a fraud in qui tam (31 USC 3729(a)) not afforded any legal registration or standing as presented in PETERSEN v ALLEN (2017) in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA; and refusal of 18 USC 3161 "Fast and Speedy Trial" on "no lawful debt" and incorporation of a bond denied by TITLE IV commission to be lawful demand or enforcement per 45 CFR 303.6 (limiting all claims to sixty days from the first due date of any funds sought; and such claim paid in 2003 per TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.261 "final judgment" an "operation of law" in concert also "discharge" of the "child support obligation" therein made a condition set and met by performance in 2003, voiding all later claims and taking as embezzlement from the estate and Treasury of the United States owed return per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) without further adjudication a duty and debt at-law by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in its sustained execution of any claims contrary those laws).

STATE OF OKLAHOMA was entitled to file a dispute per FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244, and did not do so prior the deadline to waive State laws and void all such laws not in compliance with the Federal Rule therein "in consideration" of the $1.5 Billion USD seized; and in 2017 did accept as a case the 2001-2021 dispute for all funds be made subject UIFSA in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRIC COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, without result or seating a jury after motion granted to do so in 2018. This would result in default judgment for the respondent, and all claims made therein affirmed for failure to hold trial in the required timeframe, regardless objection of the court-appointed attorney to agree and without any signature to waive "fast and speedy trial" so made.

MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA further removed the jurisdiction claims of STATE OF OKLAHOMA from this matter; and further reinforced the rights of the WITHERSPOON ESTATE through the maternal line under tribal law to its position as a first-party in the incorporation of the United States, a nation, for which the government as public office so made and occupied by the legal and incorporated fictional person UNITED STATES does not afford any authority to violate these pledges, promises, and public claims made statutory law - and to return the property and value and restitution to JAMES ALLEN for the taking and concealment to discharge his prior $120,000 USD/yr career from work from 2001-2021 in fraud, concealment, and denial of the companionship and enjoyment and influence over his heir and sole child.

A brave employee of the OFFICE OF SOCIAL SECURITY did release the digital records in 2018 exposing an attempt to make false trial by medical examination of James Allen, and to convert the claims and threats of the prior letters and abuse of Federal Law into a fabricated formal filing with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY. Appeal to cite this fraud to the STATE OF OKLAHOMA through their organization was met with equal criminal negligence to deny all DUE PROCESS, enjoining STATE OF OKLAHOMA to the 18 USC 2071 fraud in this making of false claims of "owing and due" contrary FEDERAL LAW and express legal DEFENSE of JAMES ALLEN, so prohibited a lawful claim or TITLE IV CAUSE per 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule against coercion or any crime to impair the rights of persons or fines in excess of real or Federal Limits in Income. Federal Limits are set in 15 USC 1673, so denied by OKDHS attorney representation in perjury by VERONICA PETERSEN as attorney in fact for the estate before Judge Kessigner, contrary 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) Federal Law enjoining OKDHS as the TITLE IV AGENCY to admit this a fraud limited by such rules and 45 CFR 303.6 "sixty day" maximum enforcement claim; and such sum certain concealed by use of "interest" and other terms to suggest a $70,000 claim conditional return and communication with the heir to the JOHN KNOX WITHERSPOON estate - a sale of the court (Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6) so prohibited all legal standing and disclaimed by the legal instrument tendered as evidence, an unregistered foreign order failing UIFSA and II-36A and II-37 State constitutional rules. Being therefore void per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, this evidence is "void" any standing and "void in making" per 15 USC 1673, as it claims "unlimited taking" and payment without right to dispute due in ten (10 ) days from demands contrary 15 USC 1673g, a duty of STATE OF OKLAHOMA to afford and enforce per 15 USC 1673n Federal Law.

These acts, on record, sustain the legal claims of WITHERSPOON against UNITED STATES, and assert as law the right of the incorporator to exercise all powers without other implied or express limit not clearly made in Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1 and Article II section II-1; including dissolution or alteration of the United States or its Government, and further endorsed in 1907 by adoption of 76 O.S. 76-9 "All Necessary Force" a full and complete reservation to omit no legal authority, power, or order from the assertion of the People's agent in lawful right - so made the Witherspoon heir at law JAMES ALLEN.

For more information on "John Knox Witherspoon" see Wikipedia.

JAMES ALLEN maintains that all persons before the laws of the United States are equal, having no authority by gender or faith over others to the full scope of these emergency powers where their rights or those of their employees, spouse, or family are threatened with harm or fraud to cause permanent injury; and denounces the claims that the benefit of society or of the productivity or purpose of a child made by any community or society shall supercede those of the parent of that child in equity - nor any division of such equity entitle one party to suspend the rights of the other or deny them exercise without restraint of the ordinary civil honors and privileges enjoined in the title made by and for the People of "Father" or "Mother" or similar rank - nor these powers be now or ever granted to the UNITED STATES or any member State of the UNION by Article I section 9 and 10 of the "Constitution of the United States" presented as "Supreme Law" to his witness, contrary any subordinate agreement or claims to the contrary by any agency or office made in the public trust as conservator of the authority invested soley in the nation "United States".

JAMES ALLEN has, as a result of this abuse, written a story based on his experiences and claims themed "BEYOND WAR", based on the early 1992 and 1998 documents "BEYOND WAR: CELESTIAL KNIGHTS", and incorporating the fiction in literature and art about the "King of Kings" which embodies his claims and theology, philosophy, and scientific claims against Hegelian Dialectic Socialism and subsequent theologies of Communism and Radical Fascist Socialism popular in Eastern Europe and Asia in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Beyond War is a Christian testament against the collective taking of people and children into subordination and surrender, which defiles the dignity of the Human Race and the individual person - the fundamental center of his People and their philosophy at law - describing this concept of value in a specific being as the "One" for which the needs of the many shall have no claim in equity or interest contrary the core value and franchise of those who love them; and wrongly styling ALLEN as a psychopath or mentally ill for rejecting radical communist and socialist values which make all persons "fungible assets" to be valued and exchanged based on their benefit to society and others solely.

To prevent James Allen from sharing these values with his child, and installing in the child a value system similar to the father, the Texas Nationalist Movement and its present and former Attorney General have concealed the child from 2001-2021 without legal cause.

Ultimately, these questions central to the foreign assault of "Ruism", a perverse form of Confusionism themed acceptable after the Chinese Cultural Revolution and popularized in Nation of Japan and other former AXIS powers and allies against the United States, which have strongly infiltrated United States society, social institutions, and public education including higher education - whereby authority to work and enjoy access to lucrative trades and professional office have been increasingly limited to state-commissioned degrees contrary the intent of the United States and its incorporators; and such rights then exposed in social media platform abuse barred by Allen and his peers in 47 USC section 230 subsection (c); which expressly PROHIBITS the abuse now evident in public and INTERSTATE COMMERCE themed "Cancel Culture", a form of "Ruist extremism" not disimilar to Hitler or Maos criminal use of Volksverhetzung activity amplified by public mass communication frauds.

Allen's adoptive grandfathers fought in World War I and II, and extended family served in the National Guard in Iraq and Bosnia as well as the highest enlisted rank (selected by the Governor of Oklahoma for two terms), and share a first-hand knowledge of foreign radical socialism in Holocaust and sectarian violence spanning Korea and Vietnam Conflicts. Allen served in the United States Army, despite injury and under criminal coercion upon the concealment of his child by Oklahoma Title IV Agents, and his childhood incorporated electronic warfare concepts and signal warfare education provided by electronic warfare contractors and specialists. Classified information including merchant marine action in Operation Drumbeat and other operations is the legacy of the family and corporations formed in resistance of this kidnapping, which espouse equallity among all persons as equals at the core of all companies and corporations now participants in the "Seven Alpha" movement and formal organization.

Efforts to style James Allen as non-compos-mentis based on this criminal fraud are therefore criminal conspiracy against rights, paired with criminal activity including child concealment and physical battery, property damage, and letters of explicit threat during such activity as a formal conspiracy against rights and for foreign registered entities not identified as foreign agents, whose actions are clearly foreign law falsely promoted to the public in context to material violence themed war crimes and for commercial advantage not authorized at-law.

Allen holds a degree in science, with a focus on clinical psychology, and prior was the President of the PSI CHI HONOR SOCIETY under Dr. Ruben Wigdor and Dr. Joanna Harris in 1998. Allen's associate and OSBI informant was killed in 2005, upon his return to Oklahoma, in an attack identical to the one that attempted to take Allen's life in 2003 and in the same location. Employees of Allen were likewise killed in 2004 by suffocation, and in a second incident by motor vehicle on a highway in Dallas, Texas while "walking in highway traffic". Allen's office was destroyed by fire after threats to do so in 2002, disrupting the original trial and legal service of process in case 01-17702-R, refused report by JUDGE DEE MILLER on formal notice and theft of summons. Witnesses fled citing fear of arson made in 2002 prior the fire; and sustained threat of abuse in 2003 and 2013 show organized criminal threats to intimidate by name and photo those witnesses for Allen, in a pattern of INTERSTATE CRIMINAL RACKETEERING concealed by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

Photos of Veronica Petersen in full nude public exhibition were filed in case FR-18-04 demonstrating the sexual trafficking and exploitation activity in DALLAS COUNTY and DENTON COUNTY to inflict cruel and unusual emotional harm on Allen during the concealment of his child; fraud in false claim of "abandonment" filed after kidnapping, and 2013 admission of kidnapping in writting and to conceal by the group during the ongoing 2001-2021 concealment of the child. A Federal Criminal Complaint was immediately filed and denied lawful investigation contrary 22 USC Chapter 78 Federal Law by the G.W. Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Biden Administration. Federal Register Volume 81 No 244 was made public policy (Federal Law, in Delegation of TITLE IV AGENCY, in-consideartion of all payments to state a duty and waiver of State Sovereign rights) by PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP December 16 2016, taking legal effect during his administration. Attempts to discredit and defame the 45th POTUS appear identical to methods employed in 2001-2021 against JAMES ALLEN, and suggest the monopoly and anti-trust actions then underway were fundamental in the telecommunications relationship between DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INFOMART, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, NTT GROUP, SAUDI ARABIAN SOVEREIGN INVESTMENT TRUST ($200 Billion fund backing Softbank Group Corp, the Japanese franchise acting as buyer/broker for NVIDIA CORPORATION and ARM HOLDING CO LTD), and TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD (a franchise of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA). Ventures including UBER (gig work, as lawful 1099m or W2 replacement labor ventures) underwritten by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and SOFTBANK GROUP CORP appear to be illegal enterprises now widely recognized by THE UNITED KINGDOM and REPUBLIC OF FRANCE as illegal foreign labor schemes. State of California continues to back UBER and similar practices, undermining United States income and revenue in favor of these acquisitions by PRC and NATION OF JAPAN with investment primarily in State of California, State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of Kansas.

James Allen was, at the time of the abduction, the SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER for NORTEL NETWORKS - a Canadian corporation derived from BELL TELEPHONE, which was the actual engineering department for the company known publicly as SPRINT. At his position, ALLEN discovered that service for SPRINT was being disabled by a single desk, and reported the compromise of NORTEL email systems and bidding later confirmed by Brian Haberman in audit of the $7 billion 2011 bankruptcy of the company triggered by a 90% loss of stock value on bidding by NTT to purchase out contracts pledged prior as earnings by NORTEL as was lawful before SARBANES-OXLEY ACT; affording NTT GROUP a foothold and strategic partnership with the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

James Allen has not been an employee of TEK SYSTEMS, contrary false letters suggesting this in 2003 by Donald Beal, who did in 2011 then make similar false claims to Oklahoma Attorney Mary Rounds in fraud on behalf of TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and in concert with SPARCHOSTING LLC. Veronica Petersen was terminated for job abandonment at NORTEL NETWORKS prior to her claims against Allen and NORTEL, and Donald Beal did registre with ICANN "canadasucks" as a domain to harass and belittle the firm in cause of a false claim of wrongful hiring for Veronica exposing herself at a Nortel event and her claims of being intoxicated then supporting a pattern of sexually deviant behavior and mature content operations - while carrying on a false claim of no-commercial-role in website design and development to law enforcement. Both Beal and Petersen were commercially employed, and fully conscious of the scope of damage their actions did in making in 2002-2004 and 2011-2021 defamatory sites to falsely claim lawful control over the child ordered returned to ALLEN.

Refusal to service the case as a criminal matter, pursuant to 18 USC 1201, on the basis of some inherent right by Veronica Petersen not shared by James Allen in Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-36A and inhernet rights in 76 O.S. 76-8, sustain the clear fraud now under 31 USC 3729(a) "qui tam" complaint formally filed with the UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL and UNITED STATES JUSTICE DEPARTMENT subject a duty to carry the case or be complicity with all charges and Treaty violations as the UNITED STATES formal agents in fact at-law.

Spoliation (23 O.S. 23-9.1) and barratry (21 O.S. 21-550) are rights entitling James Allen to "unlimited damages" by jury trial plus any loss of career and income, emotional and psychological injury, and loss of other benefits themed in the $418 million sale of similar products and services targeted in the false prospectus, including a portion of the $44 billion USD qui tam funds embezzled in "false claim" by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA. These rights to Unlimited Damages were upheld in subsection D class III violations by the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and express in "operation of law" a duty of all states so enjoined per 42 USC 666(a)(9) and 666(a)(10) rule; made in "final judgment" by such in TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.261 rule and UIFSA case brought in 2017 against JAMES ALLEN on false claim prohibited by 45 CFR 303.6 rule.

Pursuant to Blacks Law, 11th Edition, the "Discharge" clause of instrument 01-17702-R is triggered, further voiding any obligation of JAMES ALLEN to any estate or person, while custody and return of the child is not incorporated by the same instrument or common law into this obligation so made void. 15 USC 1673(c) further does not void the right of return or restoration of custody and protection of inheritance prior receivership in civil law, which such abduction and abuse were intent on forcing in 2001 from the elders of the family in Pontotoc County, including $10,000 USD paid for relocation to Veronica Petersen prior her flight to avoid delivery or return of funds in 2001 August 11th. No act of remorse, and consistent claims suggesting a sociopath personality disorder is evident, have arisen from Petersen and the Petersen family; including 2016 false claims to suggest honoring the order would constitute "risk of kidnapping" to enter an illegal emergency order on no legal basis or evidence equally void in 2016-2020 January 1st (7 months into the age of majority of the child, exceeding all authority and suggesting serious injury admitted in 2001 use of drugs on the child by Veronica Petersen reported in 2015 as chronic and illegal distribution of emotional mood altering Federally Regulated substancs since the child's age of 5 years and at the sole direction of Veronica Petersen to sustain this fraud).

Attorney's suggestion that "NO RIGHTS EXIST WITHOUT THE COURT ORDER" appear in violation of Article I section 9 and 10, and Oklahoma Constitution Article II, to suggest the BAR ASSOCIATION OF OKLAHOMA and BAR ASSOCIATION OF TEXAS are co-conspirators in a STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS fraud admitted in open court in 2017 disclaiming any obligation of 45 CFR and all Federal Law contrary State public policy violating those rights to persist in illegal collection activity, garnishments not provided TITLE IV AGENCY rights or State Rights on payment of Federal Funds, and to extort and carry out peonage and forced labor using persons as public policy themd "Black Codes" by Justice Ginsberg in formal remarks pronouncing the 586 U.S. ____ Case no 17-1091 opinion of the Unanimous Supreme Court of the United States.

Any attempt to suggest this activity is a "Prank", "Joke", or other "Hoax" of consequences not intended for execution of criminal purpose is void per The Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act (21 O.S. 1268.1 §§9) and due to the commercial nature of the REGISTERED AGENT and ADDRESS OF SERVICE so named and targeted in the concealment of the child in this matter over 2001-2021.

This is evident in:

    9. "Terrorism hoax" means the willful conduct to simulate an act of terrorism as a joke, hoax, prank or trick against a place, population, business, agency or government by:

    b. any act or threat of violence, sabotage, damage or harm against a population, place or infrastructure that causes fear, intimidation or anxiety and a reasonable belief by any victim that such act or threat is an act of terrorism to disrupt any place, population, business, agency or government;

Letters on behalf of the group in 2013-2021 paired with attempted breach of business offices May 20 2020 and 4 repeated destruction acts against UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE using a vehicle on the property in 2015-2021 (2 in the lst 6 months) sustain in concert with directed electronic warfare and written threats to extort sustained by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in false claims, a clear and concise admission of kidnapping and hostage taking for purpose of extortion and terrorism agaisnt the expression and civil honors of those persons supporting the political suffrage and right to work expressly disclaimed by the Texas Nationalist Movement and GOVERNOR against Federal Law in this matter, and by GREG ABBOTT in his false entry of a DEFENSE of SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY in "MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES" to avoid trail during the concealment of the child, a member of the class enjoined by BITARA for relief on clear UNCONSTITUTIONAL use of "TITLE IV CAUSE" and "TEMPORARY ORDER" so made by STATE OF TEXAS to refuse return or communication with the WITHERSPOON heir in their possession contrary public pledge of return to JAMES ALLEN and lawful duty to admit "James Allen" a party appearing in 2001 DECEMBER record of DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT to make demand of return of the child as was the inherent right of the Oklahoma Territory parent against false concealment cause and "wholly in default" ruling against "Veronica Petersen".

So sustained from 2001-2021 against criminal and conspicious punishment and obstruction of ordinary RIGHT TO WORK and other rights imposed by fraud through STATE OF TEXAS, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES entities and in express overreach of any authority granted to their legal person conditioned their incorporation and sustained legal existence.

Any nation, a legal fiction in person, who takes as hostage themed collateral and upon a "collateral contract" not met in equity and good faith so enforced and executed without sale, voids its claims in full and forfeits any and all registered property it may suggest to the injured party - a real person - and as incorporator in title the receiver of the lien before all other pledges made which are themselves conditioned upon this sole authority of its making and compliance to conduct other business or credit a secondary pledge to the prior party claim in all matters and exempt any subsistence claim or reserve as it is void in their violation of chartered limits, unlike the protection amended real persons at law (45 CFR 302.56(c) and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244; so made pursuant agency of the direction and INTERSTATE COMMERCE subject 5 USC 556 and 557 evidence and rule not met, a fraud per 5 USC 706 due relief regardless delay or obstruction and fully due).

In layperson's terms, "Honor the agreement in full and to the letter of Blacks Law and all Constitutional Rule made Supreme Law - or abandon the commission and all property to the receivership of the injured party asserting the claim, its true executor in absence of the legitimate officer made by legal fiction and limited in its commission to the rule of law, lex rex". The meaning of the words is not subject intent, nor are the consequences contrary such intent legally binding per "operation of law" so made, that the words used by STATE OF TEXAS in 157.261 and the instrument void its claims over James Allen or his estate and enterprise; and subject the State and UNITED STATES (a government body) to abdicate that office and dissolve upon its failure to perform and admit its duty; contrary the rules made to govern it and without discretion barring explicit use of the word (4th and 5th Circuit Court, UNITED STATES) in each statute to each rule so made.

Such property including but not limited to the Patent and Trademark Registry of the United States or any portion or division thereof, royalties, rights, and other registration in treaties and claims and license to include military cause or need to exempt the use or commercial employment by the public on demand by the officer, and copyright and trademark monopolies of the Library of Congress of the United States so also enjoined in this claim and in full, without limitation; as tangible property of the UNITED STATES subject a lien or claim for the child and their taking sustained from 2001-2021. This is the definition at-law of "all necessary force" (76 O.S. 76-9) in full authority (Article II section II-1); and such claims resistance by violence or intimidation so express July 14 2021 appear to be a sustained pattern of rebellion, insurrection, and organized opposition to the Laws of the United States and by complicity and omission of records, for which the legal organization UNITED STATES nor any legal subdivision or member of the UNION so made is not exempt the pronouncement of failure or breach by an incorporator or their heir of the original commission (The Articles of Confederation, John Knox Witherspoon) and signature upon such notice of "The Declaration of Independence", a letter of intent to the formal incorporation of the nation "United States" then so made and sustained.

The United States, a nation incorporated by the People, exists separately from the government organization so made to act as its agent in "UNITED STATES", and such conduct by one body politic does not incorporate a seamless authority to pronounce the commission or redefine the terms by the other from agent to nation absent the process set forth in the charter and so made.

Nor do any other sovereign power outside the United States claim over these people carry legal right to recognition contrary to their own authority, a separate people, and this right affirmed by the UNITED STATES in THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, a Treaty being then so made "Supreme Law of the United States" and pledge where not in violation of the Constitution of the United States - superior to Statutory Law, State Law, Regulations, and Public Policy.

While these broad claims may be difficult to define in other cases such as migration and immigration, the case in PETERSEN v ALLEN and prior "cause 01-17702-R" is clear for the fundamental claim of the People now outside the United States themed its incorporators by common law and ESTATE that of WITHERSPOON et al; to affirm their claims having residence in the NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY and such lands never a part of the UNITED STATES nor within its lawful borders pursuant to MCGIRT v STATE OF OKLAHOMA, nor its people subjects of the CHICKASAW NATION or members in any tribe there, and entitled their right as residents born upon the land itself and there present for 46 years or more - affirming their authority and heritage in these rights and against qui tam or other simple fraud (18 USC 1431) or agency fraud (5 USC 706) or "fraud" by UIFSA (Rev 2008, a civil contract between UNITED STATES agencies commissioned and agreed between STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA) from which those "government bodies" now seek to escape and evade in Petersen v ALLEN.

The General Order No 100, of UNITED STATES ARMED CONFLICT LAW, states clearly - that there can be no authority in these acts or perfidy, such that a "return to peace" is impossible while the fraud is sustained by any party against the WITHERSPOON ESTATE or its members; and such acts to provoke them to instill a fear in their lawful response among the public is terrorism against the People and the public, barred by 76 O.S. 76-3 and 76-4 State Statutory Law taken from 1907 common law then acknowledged by the UNITED STATES admission of STATE OF OKLAHOMA to the UNION, enjoining UNITED STATES to these rights and themes later codified in "THE CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" in Federal Treaty (Nov 5 1988) made "Supreme Law" ( Poindexter, et al).

No order of a court is necessary to restate what is already made law. To resist or obstruct the operation of law is therefore sedition, rebellion, insurrection, fraud, and paramount to treason against the People; even by a government or their agent or agency - by act or by inaction to sustain a wrongdoing either civil or criminal without due process or to deceive the public by false report or omission (18 USC 2071).

"Seven Alpha" establishes a commission, like that of the Holocaust Commissions, to oversee and document, preserve, and undertake global distribution of the evidence of this abuse by the UNITED STATES and other self-described sovereign powers, contrary to the Laws of the United States and in injury to the People who retain the right to remonstrance and full relief without sale or delay or consideration for their protection - a duty inherent and fundamental the incorporation of the legal authority of such body to the individual and without regard to benefit to the collective welfare at compromise of this core duty or injury so evident in the premeditated acts of genocide in 2001-2021 claims concealing the child of the WITHERSPOON estate and public fraud to incite loss of work, loss of right to work, and loss of other fundamental standing in a civil society and civil honors without conviction (21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8).

KTEN and other agencies are misquoting the Election Fraud Claim November 15 2020

In a stunning comic-book like move of incompetence: CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, YAHOO NEWS, and KTEN all falsely claim the United States Government said the election was secure. The actual article and statement arise from a claim by "Election Infrastructure Government Coordination Council", a group with about as much credibility as the Tides Foundation.


"Security through Obscurity" is the well known logical fallacy that "no breach has occurred because no one has found the leaked data or discovered the vulnerability / breach yet. A crime in Computer Science to even suggest as FACT.

So, someone needs to tell me who created the public office of "Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council", and show me the legislation that formalized it. Because they seem to be pretending to be a government agency atm in the press.

    "The statement was signed by officials from the Elections Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council, which shares information among state, local and federal officials, and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council, which includes election infrastructure owners and operators." - prior article. It seems this is an illegal agency created among U.S. Federal and state agencies, barred by Article I of the U.S. Constitution, and therefore treason on face.

Language being, "“No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.” That includes "Councils" making claims on behalf of the state or Federal Government they are not authorized to act in an official capacity, and jointly. So sad, they didn't read the ToS of their jobs.

Comparatively, it would be like Apple and Microsoft joining with a State Justice Department to say their OS never had a vulnerability, only features and "undocumented features". Scary stuff. Esp when it is carried like a formal government statement by some shil reporter. Shady stuff afoot at the Circle K, my friends. Stay frosty. Reprisal is even clear, when you have the following:

    "Among the 10 signatories were Benjamin Hovland, who chairs the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and Bob Kolasky, the assistant director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Key officials at the cybersecurity agency, including its head, Christopher Krebs, are stepping down or expecting to get fired as Trump refuses to concede."

The group the news are quoting is therefore comprised of voting machine manufacturers accused in the Trump Lawsuit, and not actual spokespersons for the UNITED STATES or any incorporated state. The creation and false styling of such group "as a government agency" and their claims official UNITED STATES or state claims, is false evidence on face. On that point alone, Trump wins the case without further contest as a fraud in legal fact on examination to deceive (76 O.S. 76-3 and 76-4).

Any government employee who endorsed such group by signature, that did then impersonate the United States Government on the credit of their office, has committed a serious offense and should be immediately removed from office.

The conspirators are so named:

    WASHINGTON – The members of Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Assistant Director Bob Kolasky, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair Benjamin Hovland, National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) President Maggie Toulouse Oliver, National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) President Lori Augino, and Escambia County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections David Stafford – and the members of the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) – Chair Brian Hancock (Unisyn Voting Solutions), Vice Chair Sam Derheimer (Hart InterCivic), Chris Wlaschin (Election Systems & Software), Ericka Haas (Electronic Registration Information Center), and Maria Bianchi (Democracy Works) - released the following statement:

And have made such claims as if a lawful government agency at:

Members Chair Brian Hancock (Unisyn Voting Solutions), Vice Chair Sam Derheimer (Hart InterCivic), Chris Wlaschin (Election Systems & Software), Ericka Haas (Electronic Registration Information Center), and Maria Bianchi (Democracy Works) are not government officers, and have used a .gov website to portray their office as if an official legal finding during pending legal claims filed in suit, a fraud to manufacture evidence as if the UNITED STATES formal legal finding not afforded investigation or discovery of civil procedure, a fraud to damage a civil suit already under formal record.

This is fraud on face, as such claims are not entitled the position of UNITED STATES to short-circuit ordinary hearings, and a crime in manufacture of evidence pertaiing to the United States Presidential Election of 2020, clear abuse of public office without factual investigation of evidence or cross examination due (KELLY v KELLY, P100 OK Sup Court, automatic mistrial).

When was this 'investigation' and 'hearings' held? Was the plaintiff Donald J. Trump invited or the claims there made record?

No. This was a very real 'star chamber' (secret trial in absence of the accused and all evidence) held by employees of the UNITED STATES during a pending civil action, and then blasted by the Left media as if legal fact. If you didn't have a proof of tampering prior - this is absolute proof of fraud invalidating the 2020 United States Presidential Election on face.

In closing, the officers testified in their formal capacity without review of evidence or right to such review a privilege of their office while knowing of such pending procedure in a separate jurisdiction, "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.", while refusing to acknowledge mail-in ballots and affidavit of wrongdoing themed criminal forgery whatsoever, making them liable on production of such information in a court of law or public record or disclosure, as accessory to the fact for this formal claim during such civil procedure with evidence lawfully concealed until time of hearing, a right of due process not upheld and falsely predicated to attack the integrity of the remaining administration during organization of a false government body prior confirmation and support to act and seize power against the acting government of the United States.

The act, alone, is a coup per Oklahoma Supreme Court (KELLY v KELLY, MALONE v MALONE) in civil procedure not met, a minimum duty of office.

FACEBOOK INC. entered into this fraud to suppress this informaton November 15 2020, and should be held criminally liable as a co-conspirator at this time and in future. Against such malicous fraud, martial law is fully justified. The public is not capable of managing the degree of willing fraud in this matter, support from some incorporated states openly, and criminal nature of such acts of record with amplification and censorship to support false reports as if a legal trial or finding of fact on no information. Efforts to shut down economic activity by the parties with bias toward opponents represents an immediate threat to ordinary Constitutional Rights.

More Terrorism by Democratic Left in Ada, OK supports new China-Japan Alliance

November 9 2020, United States Postal Service was disrupted by a small vehicle strike destroying a steel mailbox and turning the post out of the ground. Black plastic parts of the vehicle were found on the roadway 200 feet away, showing no braking or effort to stop in the attack.

Following the killing of a dog by slitting its throat earlier and the August 31 2020 abuse of a small 15 year old office cat during routine medical care, this activity resulting in permanent injury paired with ongoing threats and retaliation continued November 15 2020.

At 4 am we learned that reports were made on accounts in publication in 2015, applied November 15 2020 by FACEBOOK INC., and later such account complaints escalated to a ban for report of a $200 billion USD Saudi Arabia state sovereign investment fund used by APPLE INC. and other firms to buy ARM HOLDING and leverage offer in September 2020 for purchase of controlling interest of NVIDIA CORPRATION on behalf of Tencent Holding Co Ltd of China (PRC), via agency of Softbank Group Corp of Japan, their partner in the prior $9 billion USD "UBER" business venture in State of California.

SoftBank Group Corp director in 2013-2020 "Jack Ma", CEO of China's well known "Alibaba" web service firm, a monopoly made possible by the People's Republic of China, left the firm just prior this offer to reduce evidence of a joint Chinese-Japanese action in this monopoly activity over the U.S. based chipmaker, NVIDIA.

In no small surprise after the retaliation by FACEBOOK INC., did China and Japan announce their new 10 country economic alliance in the RCEP, cementing an economic block excluding the United States.

    RCEP will account for 30% of the global economy, 30% of the global population and reach 2.2 billion consumers, Vietnam said.

    “For the first time, China and Japan reached a bilateral tariff reduction arrangement, achieving a historic breakthrough,” the ministry said in a statement, without giving further details.

Funding for the prior $9 billion "UBER" venture, purchase of SoftBank Robotics, and effort to extort our company of automated navigation and flight technology covered by the Wassenaar Arangement, made these claims and discovery of use of the $200 billion Saudi Arabia state sovreign investment fund appear to be an organized capital venture to disable U.S. based business.

Ownership of nearly 50% of Riot Games and of Epic Megagames by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, paired with their ownership of TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD in Shenzen, China, further consolidates back this technology via South Korea and in concert with product give-away activity to win over the public in these entertainment sectors at a very young age, an illegal activity in Oklahoma.

Funds of this nature, facilitiating a coalition of radical pro-socialist interest in media buys and advertising, venture capital, and other funds, exposes a foreign organized and financed effort to achieve monopoly in our media.

The 7 day ban and 30 day ban imposed by FACEBOOK INC. in this respect, following a 90 day economic ban October 3 2020, constitute a further knowing and direct intereference in the election of the United States by disrupting businesses now filing formal Federal Criminal Complaint in concert with the above (2nd) destruction of U.S. Mail at a REGISTERED OFFICE OF A UNITED STATES CORPORATION in concert with such activity.

This act at this address follows a direct shooting into the office in PONTOTOC COUNTY there also in September 2019, paired with over 200,000,000 forged requests for websites at a rate of 28,000 per hour now directed toward that firm in concert with this activity to disrupt a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION in State of Oklahoma and Pontotoc County.

Over 23 million of such attacks come from 'Digital Ocean' in one single source, constituting a serious abuse of INTERSTATE WIRE FRAOUD and impersonating firms like Digital Ocean, themed to be competitors of 'Government of Japan' owned "NTT" group and its subsidiaries, "Verio, Cogent Communications, and NTT AMERICA".

Further, SoftBank Group Corp owns substantial (bona fide owner) share in T-Mobile and such activity then so enjoins iQor Inc. in ADA OKLAHOMA as a nexus of this business and activity toward those persons already filing a formal criminal complaint as of November 2020 against this activity and false reporting.

Damage to the mailbox and post appear to be a golf cart or mail carrier truck in size and dimension, having the mass to uproot the concrete post and continue with minimal damage to the front-right corner of the vehicle.

The suspect vehicle's mass is high, based on the ability of the vehicle to tear the rivetted steel mailbox apart while carrying parts down the road to the position of the bystander. This indicates an unusual amount of speed, path through the lot avoiding other mailboxes, and act to drive on after turning out of the driveway to deposit parts then on the right side of the road while showing no sign of applying braking force.

Harassment of an electronic and abusive nature continue, as shown November 15 2020 in logs of over 15,000 false requests per hour in this action.

What We Do At AdaOK.Org

This site was created in response to incitement to do violence against developers of real estate and business in the City of Ada, after the domain was obtaine to stop scammers from misdirecting community sites in the late 1990s. Attempted murder caused loss of control over the domain briefly prior 2004, related a 2002-2004 hoax to kidnap and conceal an Oklahoma child taken in carjacking in Interstate travel in 2001 August.

Fraud is a serious threat to small business, and media in the United States is so bias today that propaganda hardly describes the work of major companies like CNN, MSNBC, and even recognized names like Reuters and CSPAN. The effort to falsely imply 'mental health' a cause for censorship and abuse of persons in political and religious (sectarian) behavior, is a product of foreign investment in our community college, schools, and government.

What some theme as 'big tech' is actually 'sovereign state investment funds' of China, Saudi Arabia, and other 'hostile nations' - whose laws and 'science' do not differentiate between private property and misrepresent 'free speech' to promote active socialist sectarian taking of equity, suffrage, and civil honors - including control over children and the public space.

My father, his two brothers, and my grandfather were United States Armed Forces members. This is therefore exceedingly offensive to me - and a clear product of a failure of the United States Department of Education and 'incorporated' states, government organization in legal person acting incompetently to injure real people.

Government is not bad, inherently, where it remains government restrained by law. By failing to educate our people in the law, has government and foreign abuse become rampant and dangerous, enabled by companies who wrongly believe themselves to be 'international citizens' and free to leave the jurisdiction when they are threatened with sanctions or rules, despite being a 'franchise' of the 'monopoly' of INTERSTATE COMMERCE or of the 'INTRASTATE COMMERCE' made by incorporation.

On threat of sanctions, FACEBOOK has suggested it take its data and leave the United States, as it claims the data on users to be its property in fact, contrary their 'understanding' and 'rights'. Efforts to dismiss this fraud as a contract, so evident in Oklahoma Constitution article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9, voiding such 'terms of service' in all fifty states as Constitutional Law made national via the Article IV clause in the national bylaws, appear ineffective under present administrative leadership and office. To fruther confess such plan, has Facebook made downloadable in a data format all such data, for interest that if they dissolve and reforce in Mainland China or other territory, users may be coerced into 're-uploading' the data to sustain their existing commercial and professional investment in such service.

As an Analyst for 30 years in Internet and pre-www technology, I stronly urge our community to regard this activity as both organized, extra-national in jurisdiction, and a direct threat to the rights of Oklahoma business owners and the People.

This site was intended to be that gathering place, but hostile threats and fraud to disrupt and aid this foreign criminal activity and its unregistered agents in the Untied States compelled it to become a 'public bulletin board' for notice from our firm to the community, on several threats of murder and attempted murder, arson, and sexual assault in organized activity to sustain the kidnapping of a child.

Our community was thus forced by targeted abuse to assume a 'private association' status, 'strong encryption identity' system for users access, and is generally known as 'The Merrimack Network', a secure partition of the 'Seven Alpha' network family of services. Seven Alpha and Merrimack member keys are available with background check, performed by a licensed Private Investigator, and by approval only.

Access to these services is found at ADAOK.CLUB

'Merrimack Network', 'Seven Alpha' are trademarks of SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, of Ada, Oklahoma.

More Terrorism in Ada, Oklahoma

This violence against animals as a form of intimidation in PONTOTOC COUNTY has got to stop. This is not simply an isolated case. In concert with the following 2001-2020 violence, we have a problem that requires Federal Investigation into the lack of prosecutions.

$1,000 reward to anyone who can give me the name of the person that loaded my sweet girl up, hauled her to Caney Boggy...

Posted by Josh VanOrden on Sunday, October 25, 2020

Impact on Business In the City of Ada

Constant and violent harassment, now exceeding 28,000 requests per hour over sustained weeks, an increase of 10% over prior 12 month rate from a single offender - paired with local physical violence, has greatly reduced my 1991-2020 business investment in the City of Ada.

This 'menacing' of staff and resources is not accidental, and component with a "RIGHT TO WORK" (XXIII-1A) labor organization illegal racketeering.

In the late 1990s, I helped organize services for SYKES ENTERPRISES, which built the call center facility in Ada, Oklahoma now used by T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom", a company co-owned by SoftBank Corp Group, a holding company acting as agent for ALIBABA, the Internet Hosting monopoly firm of the People's Republic of China and partner with Tencent Holding Co Ltd. Together with Tencent, Softbank invested $9 billion USD into the United States to create and prop up the "Uber" concept and business directly. Thereby destabilizing healthcare by classifying thousands of Americas as 'contractors', despite insufficient wages to meet that requirement.

Our investigation found a $200 billion USD Saudi Arabia "Sovereign State Investment Trust" used by these firms to buy and influence our community, social media, and finance the $32 billion acquisition of ARM HOLDINGS in the United Kingdom, so it could be used to acquire controlling interest in NVIDIA CORPORATION, a United States company that owns the RTX technology vital to our company.

This fraud is to suppress past the war crimes of Japan and Germany - and sustain racist positions in those movements in business now subject unlawful competition activity, and similar acts in China now ongoing. Such efforts seek to suppress reports in ths ame way that prior activity destroyed witnesses to violence similar to the Massacre at Guardalagen.

This is revisionist sino-asian manifest destiny themed 'democracy', representing radicalized socialist government claims, and to promote those false forms of government and law to control industrial activity at a critical time.

The fraud and claims are no different today than those that exterminated over six million people, and would put my family and our people to death for convenience, to sustain their fraud in 'narrative' to gain monopoly position in key industries now in the United States.

Whether this is a 'physical death', or a 'civil death', the death is the same. The loss of presence in our children's lives, to strip them of the knowledge of their real parent in favor of those chosen to serve a foreign state, is the most serious crime possible in our nation - and summarizes "Petersen v ALLEN" in 2001-2020.

The loss of public confidence in the community caused by this "Terrorist Hoax" and directed violence in gaslighting and direct harassment of a sexual nature toward residents in PONTOTOC COUNTY, including false criminal complaint of libel to supress report of a child abduction by Alica Scarbrough and Brian Young, expose the severe nature of RICO violations under state-based TITLE IV organizations refusing to comply or organize under agreement with Federal Law (45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0), who sustain by fraud this abuse, in false claims (31 U.S.C. 3729(a)).

Communications Services

Due to the harassment, free access to encrypted Voice Chat Servers and networks based on strong cryptographic identification cannot be tested in the region.

Targeting of customers during these projects and impersonation of customers and violence against them with serious injury under color of law, further make even basic product testing and community relations impossible in our region, in Tulsa Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Yukon, and Norman.

Our clients in those areas have all received threats regarding this matter, and as a result have withdrawn from the STATE OF OKLAHOMA ordinary business.

Threats in this matter drove our officers to move to Italy and then to Scotland, after attempted murder in Dallas, Texas.

We therefore take these activities very seriously, and construe them as attacks on the economy of the State of Oklahoma and on ordinary industry in our county and State by STATE OF TEXAS and their associated foreign business interest in STATE OF MICHIGAN, in 73 O.S. § 73-3 violation of law.

When these threats involve threats to people, animals, and with property damage and theft of mail, including the misdelivery of mail from the Oklahoma Secretary of State this Saturday, October 25th 2020; the matter is not simply a 'perception of harassment' versus reality. Theft of UNITED STATES mail is a felony, with over $1000 in property lost in the past 60 days. We therefore consider this matter a physical and tangible threat in concert with prior letters of extortion and death threats, sexual assault, and attempted breaking and entering May 20 2020.

We have two global communications networks prepared to launch, but find the hostility and prior denial of service from and Deutsche Telekom, in concert with blackmail attempts on our company, paired with the present "Digital Oceal" flood of 28,000 requests per hour, show a pattern of abuse as T-Mobile moves into this area with free services to dilute the market in the United States during the Pandemic. As their owner SoftBank moves to purchase Nvidia and pair that with Uber and SoftBank Robotics, to access the automated vehicle navigation and networks related to that service, supported by NTT of Japan (32.6%, government of Japan owned).

We are seeing in this an organized effort to corner the market on communications by socialist and CCP style propoganda, paired with child abduction and concealment, prior employed to disrupt Nortel Networks (80,000 employees, $11 billion USD) in 2001-2011.

In this cause, two competitor firms have even been installed IN THE CITY OF ADA, to divest referrals to our prior franchise for encrypted voice conferencing at cost or below cost of license.

These actions, jointly, support the XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK violation and Sherman Antitrust Act claim now filed in concert with this activity, and citing the interests in equity of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD in this activity; themed International industrial espionage and sabotage.

Ada Citizen caused Brain Damage

Ada citizen caused braind damage to my cat, suggested animal was "dizzy" while one pupil was visibly larger than the other after contact and animal had lost 100% of sense of balance, rendering it unable to walk.

This abuse occurred during a routine contact for medical care, with symptoms clearly identical to "shaken baby syndrome". A formal PACT ACT felony criminal complaint has been filed with the Ada Police Department.

The animal could neither move its tongue or eat or drink or walk after the incident, August 31 2020. She would have died without two months of intensive care.

October 27 2020, the animal cannot stand or walk without altered stance and remains unable to perform ordinary balance due to severe damage to the ear canal. Efforts to conceal this in witness of Kyle Hibbs further suggesting this is a medical side effect similar to intoxication, are refused by ELANCO, the manufacturer of the drug DRONTAL, as well as all other drugs admitted given to the animal.

Use of animal abuse in concert with threats and harassment do not make this community safer or more secure, and suggest the degree of violence in the City of Ada, Oklahoma, falsely themed 'regular business' by the Democratic Party members and persons supporting the kidnapping to conceal my child since 2001 in violation of Federal Law (45 CFR). The child, ORDERED TO POSSESSION of the FATHER, JAMES ALLEN, since 2002 - has never seen his father on August 2001 abduction since September 10th 2001.

Support for this activity is a terrorist hoax (21 O.S. §21-2268), and a Federal felony (18 USC §241) in embezzlement of COVID 19 relief funds (18 USC §666) illegally (45 CFR §303.100(a)). Members of the TITLE IV AGENCY "OKLAHOME DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES have lied and filed false claims in violation of 18 USC §2071 rule, a crime subject suit in May 2020 complaint of 31 U.S.C. §3729(a).

This activity appears to be targeted retaliation in concert with increace of 28,000 false requests per hour still being sent to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED by this group to disrupt INTERSTATE COMMERCE and aid in XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" violations themed 18 USC Chpater 78 and 79 RICO Act violations.

New BLM Death Threats by T-Mobile employees in ADA, Oklahoma

Pursuant Policy 501g


The following is the arrest report in the news at KFOR television for the same "Dr Fear" who was sending threats to my female coworkers in 2010, and posting hundreds of photos of myself, my family, and the private investigator hired by the local firm to respond to false police report of "libel" for complaint made against him in extortion of money for Dr. Clark DDS in Ada, Oklahoma.

The charity surgery being performed by Dr. Clark for a disabled patient in Norman, Oklahoma; a former victim of Alica Scarbrough (McMahon) when a minor at Norman High School, was the subject of the collaboration between Alica and Young to blackmail my person during the concealment of my child (then ORDERED TO MY POSSESSION, and concealed against the law).

This is the reason neither my firm nor any other in our group will donate or participate in SOONERCON, where Brian Nester Young was a member of executive staff on the basis of his credentials as a PhD in "Arthurian Studies" (fiction, European legends of King Arthur).

I became concerned when Young suggested "Gothic" street fashion was derived from "Gothic Architecture and Visigoth culture", unrelated elements of Western European history - and upon pleas for help in domestic violence by my former Ada High School classmate, whom Mr. Young began dating while married.

In 2010, after initially refusing the funds in grant for SOONERCON, then offered to medical needs and committed before witness of Directors of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, did this campaign of intense harassment to disable the corproation and damage the prior credit for donations to SOONERCON by SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP. The campaign appears to be a joint criminal activity with INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS LLC, an ARKANSAS corporation now dissolved for failure to pay taxes, which was operating in Oklahoma illegally via Alica Scarbrough, and in immitation and to exploit the concealment of my child in false charities for children.

We are very glad that Mr. Young has been apprehended, but his conduct is part of a pattern of abuse of persons in concert with serious injury, for which a misdemeanor charge is not appropriate, and abuse linked to his activity evident and ongoing via GOOGLE user accounts and citation of his claims sustained in 2013-2020 threats of violence and arson.

Our inability to work with SOONERCON or other regional events are a direct result of this sort of conduct and radicalized political extremism by licensed teachers support of the violence in our communities.

A prior 'program director' for KEIF-LP, the station was fined for its for-profit use of a not-for-profit license and broadcast violations - including reports of use of resigned directors names and endorsement to maintain a discounted not-for-profit license; and on failure to pay $10,000 USD fine its registration removed as a legal broadcaster in Enid, OK. Emotional issues described by the victims in the KFOR article are accurate to claims and threats received from October 10 2010 to 2020 from this group, which we have dubbed the "187 Group" due to their letters and names signing such documents, endorsing rape, arson, and false sale of property and other goods to support a child kidnapping in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION themed perpetual concealment on NO LEGAL CAUSE, and on false trial in which the abductor was 'wholly in default' prior such embezzlement of benefits from the TITLE IV GRANT program made in criminal forgery of record now under complaint with the United States Attorney General's Office.

Victims of this abuse appear to be disabled persons common in the tabletop hobby and miniature wargame community - and such abuse to claim mental defect and infantilize those pesons on extortion and blackmail a form of racketeering including threats against family members and of serious bodily harm and sexual humiliation, appearing in the letters, claims, websites, and publications of Donald J. Beal and Brian Nester Young, and backed by letters alleging endorsement of this abuse acclaiming ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS as supporters.

Both firms are foreign to Oklahoma, represent low-end $15/hr staff marketed as certified network and field engineers, and act in immitation of more senior workers by basing claims of "RIGHT TO WORK" (XXIII-1A illegal criminal labor organization) against other older workers and employees, and to disclaim qualification to hold office based on the Cisco Systems Certification, A+, and other programs not lawfully regulated or senior level experience, to assert a trade-union in Oklahoma against local labor.

ENID, Okla. - A former teacher and local-access cable personality was carted off to jail for allegedly threatening to have a city commissioner and her friend killed and their body parts scattered in a Kansas river. Brian Nester Young, also known as "Dr. Fear," was featured on News 4's "Great State" back in 2007. The story chronicled his horror T.V. show.

Young and city commissioner Tammy Wilson worked together on the town's Halloween parade for years, but Wilson says they didn't always agree.

"I think that he’s upset that he hasn’t received some kind of credit he thought he should get," said Wilson, who told News 4 the problem got worse after she was elected as a city commissioner. She says Young harassed her online and she eventually had to block him on Social Media.

Wilison says this went on for years, and recently his wife reached out to her online after filing a protective order against him.

“I feel like this is something you need to know because I’m afraid, you know, once he gets served with papers, you know, he may get upset," Wilson said the woman told her. Court documents say Young's wife had allegedly found dating profiles and lewd photos on a cell phone used by Young.

The woman told authorities Young, who used to be a teacher at Enid High, told her the ordeal was a conspiracy against him by Wilson and her friend, who also used to work in the school district. She recorded the conversations and gave them to police.

“He had been saying all of these things about, you know, meeting someone that, you know, that he could have me killed," said Wilson. According to court documents, Young told his wife that he met a guy at a local bar that would take care of Wilson and her friend and dispose of their body parts in a Kansas City river. Young was arrested for the threats, but posted his bond of $50,000 and says it was all just talk.

Wilson says regardless, it's disturbing.

“Even if it’s just a fantasy, it’s a pretty sick fantasy," she said. But she's not afraid.

"I’m not going to spend my days looking over my shoulder and being worried about it," said Wilson. "I mean, it’s unsettling, it’s unnerving a little bit, which is what I think he would love more than anything, if I were afraid.”

Young is due in court in December and faces misdemeanor charges.


My company will be shifting our position to support Black Lives Matter as of July 21 2020, based on contempt by NY and FL attorneys to ridicule child kidnapping and human trafficking.

We cannot support a body of government that aids in genocide, the concealment of children contrary law, and employs force and threat including false arrest to compel forced labor; conditioned a political belief or premise of "mental health" that is subordinate to baseless taking and re-education of offspring of any person or religion.

Testimony to this effect confirmed our decisions, made via the ABA Journal on Facebook, in witness of statements of support of child abuse by ABA members and defamation of persons entitled standing, per 45 CFR 302.56(f), uttered by attorneys to knowingly to suppress claims with criminal threats barred by Federal Law (15 USC 1692d).

An institution that cannot police its own has no right to a professional practice or license, or publicity in this cause to dissent against the United States in this endeavor of international war crimes against real people, estates, or across platforms spanning national and international jurisdiction.

We disclaim looting, trespass, blocking traffic and business, and harassment; but sustain the right of protest is a protected right, and admit the courts are by their own admission refusing to regard the law or prior cases in their rebellion, insurrection, and sedition against the UNITED STATES, a felony with injury to real persons and estates at law.

See: details / Opinion of SCOTUS on this abuse (PDF, 101KB)


Our firms have TERMINATED all support for BLACK LIVES MANTTER, the organization, on fiduciary investigation to discover Political Action Committee (PAC) use of donations appear to falsely suggest support for actual legal and charity causes suggested. Our companies will instead continue to support black and latino and other cultural identity groups through active history and promotion of professional conduct and examples, as we have always done at SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP in our United States Military history publications and notices for all service members equally. It is our finding that BLACK LIVES MATTERS (BLM) is a false charity and front for the "DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY", and acting in that capacity against the welfare and equity of small business ownership and equality for people of color and native peoples.

NFAC and other militant violent activity such as ANTIFA association with BLM, further contributed to our decision to suspend all endorsement and funding, per 5 USC § 556 and 557 rule.

Harassment by Paul Brooks

Conversation regarding WALMART, STORE #0231, by Paul Brooks remark to support threats against James Allen in witness intimidation now filed a Federal Criminal Complaint May 11th 2020 UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE, MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA, and matter pertaining embezzlement of $1.5 billion USD by STATE OF OKLAHOMA violating 45 CFR Federal Law, Feb 17 2017 to July 2 2020 child concealmnet to extort, taking on stimulus, and harassment of medical patients in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA pertaining suppression of child kidnapping in 18 USC 241 violation duly made.

Re: How do you feel about Walmart and Home Depot checking masks?

Re: Mike Downing - "What does something that happened before COVID (in 2017) have to do with employees (approaching customers) over masks (requirements):

Re: Paul Brooks - (Employee Abuse After Threat of Murder toward Store #0231 employees; and subsequent - Attack in premeditated fraud, issued July 1 2020;

Incident occurring 41 days after attempted B&E at offices of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED at 2pm CDT, 6pm threat of explicit rape of two female residents then made in subsequent contact reported and recorded by TWITCH INTERACTIVE concerning this extortion activity and physical contact with JAMES ALLEN in the ongoing TERRORIST HOAX in ADA OKLAHOMA to kidnap a minor child for embezzlement already under COURT RECORD AN OPEN CASE since 2018 NOVEMBER and FEDERAL COMPLAINT on 04-15-2020 THEFT in TAKING A FELONY made report to the U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE 05-11-2020 preceeding sustained acts a physical attack 05-20-2020 with written threats following such assault on private property)

After the bizarre post by Paul Brooks 'evoking aliens' we detected the following Electronic Attack consisting of 2869 requests (Set 2, Colum A0) in 60 minutes between 8:00 pm CDT and 9:00 pm CDT July 1 2020; and a coordinated turn-down prior a turn-up of 20,000 false requests per hour against the network, suggesting further TEK SYSTEMS and TENCENT HOLDINGS CO LTD network abuse intersecting with Dallas Data Center "Informart", now under EQUINIX management and routes by NTT AMERICA of Michigan.

Ordinary use of Facebook apps on iOS and Windows 10 PC systems do not qualify the traffic increase, nor are these records indications of requests (SYN REQUESTS) sent to the network FROM "FACEBOOK INC", and instead indicate someone is making repeated FALSIFIED requests to FACEBOOK INC. using the ICANN address of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and other businesses to impersonate the firm in PONTOTOC COUNTY at a rate of over 2600 per hour in a coordinated fasion, following a premeditated attack to incite violence and deny law enforcement on criminal complaint by a parent seeking the return of a missing child.

1800 requests to TCP port 8233 (a router administrative port) from SEATTLE WA based AMAZON DEDICATED SERVERS, coinciding with impersation of IP addresses to harass CALIFORNIA based FACEBOOK INC. to damage holiday sales and revenue of the corporations targeted by the child kidnapping on July 2nd-4th Holiday, further underline the "threat to cause financial loss to a UNITED STATES CORPORATION" by such content, an ongoing Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act incident and RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) threats themed felony 18 USC 241 violation; similar to May 20 2020 "Antifa" themed threats and 'mental health' qualifiers a defense to child abuse and child concealment in ebmezzlement of Stimulus funds now under Federal Criminal Complaint. SYN vs ACK traffic in during 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm shows also a user impersonating JAMES ALLEN then employed to harass FACEBOOK INC. from a non-server IP in prior targeted stalking. Traffic in these areas is not counted unless it was NOT SENT FROM THE ACTUAL SERVER in 2850 counts, each an identity theft not matching SESSION tables record of ordinary SYN-ACK connections, and limited to two targeted servers to disrupt business in PONTOTOC COUNTY and INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS relevant to a commercial holiday:

[root@diana biglogs]# cat /var/log/messages | grep "Jul  1 20" | grep  "Major" | grep "ACK" | wc
   2850   77385  745303
[root@diana biglogs]# cat /var/log/messages | grep "Jul  1 20" | grep  "Major" | grep -v "ACK" | wc
    113    2983   28273

At which time, criminal INTERSTATE WIRE FRAUD is added to the charges sought in formal prima facia evidence July 1 2020 supporting "kidnapping" to defraud. It further adds support for IDENTITY THEFT of a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION to support such "gaslighting" posts, and instigate tortious interference (contract breach) between FACEBOOK INC. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED following these knowingly false claims by user 'Paul Brooks'.

JAMES ALLEN, Re: WALMART STORE #0231 and activity 2017-2020 Activity Regarding Community Support of Child Kidnapping

Actually, when an employee gives another employee who is suicidal a gun, then tries to frame a person to "fofeit their house" on a false charge in trasncripts to extort, and grabs your fucking friend with a broken arm and pins him against a wall for allegedly "shoplifting", then follows you around the fucking store for two weeks harassing you - that shit is very much about store 0231 (ADA OKLAHOMA).

Did I mention that when I worked there, they would LOCK US IN and NOT LET US GO HOME until we sorted your grocery isle, Sometimes for 1-2 hours more than we were scheduled on 40 hours. While that manger was FIRED for abusing labor, I still remember the nights one employee would unload 3 pallets at 2000 lbs a piece alone in an isle due to staffing.

So yeah - when the fucking store employees take a 9 mm handgun and give it (not sell it, give it) to a girl who is crying her eyes out IN THE PARKING LOT after she has prior slashed her fucking wrist the month prior, and then approach the Ada Police Department suggesting your response to a phone call that she INTENDS TO KILL HERSELF by implying your appearance and having talked her into handing over the gun is "A FELONY CRIME", that sort of behavior by ADA CITY WALMART EMPLOYEES is very high on my list.

Felony stalking by actually harassing my disabled friend AFTER that incident, to the extent he FEARS GOING TO WALMART IN ADA alone, doubly make the concern "ABOUT YOU AND YOUR STORE".

At Christmas (2019), he attempted to return three monitors, and the lady at the customer service desk stuffed the manual into the box and then claimed he did not have it to refuse his return. Another shopper and I saw this, and objected, which is the only reason he got his return processed.

I don't mind the fact that I has to be detained without access to heart medication throwing 6000 lbs of freight, or that Walmart sold the returned merchandise as new in their Electronics Department, but when your customers have a MEDICAL CONDITION with a LETTER FROM THEIR PHYSICIAN that they are not to wear a mask, and your staff force a person into a wall so they can search the basket - that's not normal behavior.

It is a pattern of behavior that stemming from the assault on an employees (the same young woman) and mistreatment of walmart employees, that make me especially concerned by new policies about masks and mandatory shopping obligations of customers prior targeted.

When I was a stocker, freight crew would follow young women who walked in the store at night, leading several of us to also change isles because we were concerned for the conduct and suggested sexual assault of specific customers. Hiring may have improved, but job conditions for persons paired with local tolerance of that "false police report" practice (for which no charges were filed, because no complaint was made by the young woman or myself, contrary the walmart employee trying to initialize an arrest of my person, and later my client in a subsequent contact).

As the State of Oklahoma remains non-complaint in a $1.5 billion annual fraud now reported May 11 2020 to the United States Attorney General, and in 2018 and 2019 made criminal threats in writing to collect on this conditioned my failure to return to work in such conditions at Walmart store #0231 on concealment of a child ORDERED TO MY POSSESSION AND CUSTODY, such matters bear remarkable 2020 relevance and planned seizure of 130,000 payments to Oklahoma residents on similar fraud by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in theft of benefits from the Department of the Treasury of the United States, so performed April 2020 in first taking on failure to seat a jury in PONTOTOC COUNTY duly granted January 2019 and such suit for unlimited damages in false records arising from such abuse by CITY OF ADA walmart store #0232 in 2015-2017; and resultant loss of wages over $2 million USD.

Granted the number of times fraud control suspends access on checkout, my client will not go alone to automated tellers without a witness now; and I have to agree - having seen the systems fail over and over when I shop there.

There's only so many times I can be accused of stealing a tuna fish pouch; or prosecution of my coworker at iQor over a baloney lunchmeat on the cart he was pushing (now part of his record, affecting employment) before serious questions as to the hiring and professional standards of a store arise.

When I was injured with $10,000 in medical costs in 2017, I was actually told if I "continued to shop at the Ada Walmart near my house, I would be charged with stalking" by the young woman who fucking tore open my gut, as a form of RETALIATION for reporting her injuring me in PONTOTOC COUNTY and 'information' I had of medicare fraud and OKDHS foster care abuse (which I duly reported, only to be threatened with a $31,000 garnishment violating 45 CFR 302.56(f) Federal Law).

As absurd as that is, because it had no basis and similar abuse was witnessed by my client and members of the Norman Business Community in irrational threats made against my person, the 3 inch hole in my side today makes keenly personal how WAL MART EMPLOYEES treated my family and I during those incidents and in repeated contact themed a $70,000 fraud against Social Security now under formal Federal Criminal Complaint naming STATE OF OKLAHOMA defendant.

So you can be sure when someone says "how is the mask policy", and "can I enter the store or not" due to a client with a breathing issue and a broken arm due to unlawful use of force in execution of a search warrant, now "shredded like string cheese", or my own incapacity to stand due to the actions of abuse of police force by WALMART and other local officials in express unlawful claims violating Federal Law to sustain the kidnapping, concealment and ransom of my child - I'm going to want clear, concise, and professional answers to any "policy" that might single out my limping body after surgery this month or point a finger at my maimed friend I have to help shop there due to his $300,000 in annual medical costs resultant form Oklahoma police brutality.

Everyone in my family "lived", but we are all maimed for the experience, and expect more from the Ada City Police after community members threaten to rape my family member and break into my home on May 20 2020 physically, exceeding then 7 people in the log of communicated threats published to my office 4 hours after the attempted break in on Country Club Rd in Ada.

When people in your employ or community are calling for violence against residents, especially disabled persons and persons seeking Federal Aid for Federal felony crimes in embezzlement of Federal Funds, on letters of extortion and false incarceration barred by Federal Law overruling State statutory rule - those sort of basic courtesies and access to the disabled during your "health crisis" or other terrorism hoax, bears a strong amount of preliminary language in letters from 2013-2020 over 300 pages in length and 2017 written plan to sue for control of property built by Witherspoon Finance and to extort land developers in the CITY OF ADA near Wintersmith Park and Country Club Rd.

Before you pull that "selfish fucking attitude" bullshit because you don't like the question, perhaps you should know the answer will drag your district attorney into Federal Court to explain 18 months without due process to conceal a child, with planned $24,000 per case and 130,000 case class action against the State, for which even simple efforts like "going to the grocery store" a few blocks down the road become a major undertaking for persons subject Federal Grant Fraud by Oklahoma Department of Human Services Director Renee Banks and the Office of Ken Paxton, Attorney General for the State of Texas, in letters by Lakeshia McMillian threatening criminal prosecution prohibited by 45 CFR 303.6 and other Federal rules suspending use of $2.2 billion in annual funds to the states denied hearing.

How you conduct yourself to victims of fraud, and in retaliation for Federal grant theft of Pandemic funds including child concealment for human trafficking and major injury (taxpayer obligations over $900,000 in the prior case to date), may bear fruit.

Caution is fine, but it is a far cry from pointing a finger and putting a gun in the hand of a witness to encourage your public officers from being implicated in terrorism activity spanning 2002-2020 with assault at gunpoint and solicitation of murder under color of law.

Oklahoma had to comply in 2017 February. STATE OF OKLAHOMA IS NOT IN COMPLIANCE, prior $70,000 in false taking in this case, and false filing of a crime admitting there $120,000 USD per month in alleged wages owed from 2001-2020 by Federal formula; an illegal act per SCOTUS ruling Feb 2019 (586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091, EXCESSIVE FINES by definition a debt on imputed income refusing all facts and 5 USC rule obligated to defraud and make travel and employment restrictions designed to create peonage and criminal extortion of real and personal property) having no legal basis to make extortion demands or conceal a child.

That such person, place of business, or employees took part in any way during 2015-2020 in such injuries to persons seeking and obligated relief in formal filing for protection under "THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT OF 2000", or may further retaliate during the COVID 19 period on the basis of some "half assed mask mandate" as prior physical contact to intimidate and extort support in criminal complaint made this May 2020 in ongoing violent acts within the County of Pontotoc and State of Oklahoma; suspends any question as to whether the 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III "unlimited jury damages" to move outside of the district where this abuse is being used to target $400,000 in land and property sought in extortion, a Federal Crime employing OKDHS and other agents already delivered to the court a confession of FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE HUMAN TRAFFICKING obligated Title 22 Chapter 78 Federal Law, and forced labor by Walmart and other firms to exploit this taking on EXCESSIVE FINES barred in 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091, in false filing of a Federal Debt to compel forfeiture of title and estate by STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS jointly.

Check your prejudice and know this matter is formally under Federal Criminal Complaint with active violence including forced entry as of May 2020 on explicit threat of bodily harm both against senior and minor members of my family, and such actions alleged by publications a product of a student of EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY in the COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT alleged a registered CISCO SYSTEMS certified professional; made in writing to kidnap a child across State lines violating a court order and 76 O.S. 76-8 State Law.

Actions which, in my opinion and photos of persons alleged to be "walking the block and showing photos of the property prior a shooting in September 2019 into the home from Country Club Rd, support a pattern of terrorist activity sufficient to merit Federal jurisdiction aggravated by fraud at State levels of the Director of OKDHS not permitted per 45 CFR 302.56 and 303.100(a)(3) Federal Law, theft of benefits.

Where such matters also affect demands by the OKLAHOMA INSURANCE COMMISSIONER in 2017, and grand theft auto in 2017, aggravating such injury in written plan to extort by EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY students aiding in this fraud to kidnap (SMS TEXTS, KNOWING REFUSAL TO RETURN A CAR TO A VICTIM WITH SERIOUS INJURY PRECLUDING WALKING AND TRAVEL & IN INJURY AGGRAVATING $300,000 USD annual costs of torn connective tissue and spinal damage inflicted in pursuit and recovery of the stolen vehicle made near N MISSISSIPPI AVE and 8th Street, you damn well better regard the escalating civil unrest and pending $6 trillion stimulus package prepared to be redirected on such cause a factor in these events; to compel industrial sabotage in State of Oklahoma, and such conduct an assault on over $7 million USD in City of Ada an extended violation of the Hobbs Act, 18 USC 1951.

Right now I'm still recovering from the last "policy change" that substituted my abusers barbituate prescription causing a psychotic break and injury to my side that has me maimed for 3 years. Just as soon as I'm up again, we will be talking about this with Judge White in the Eastern District of Oklahoma, UNITED STATES FEDERAL COURT, pertaining suit obligated 588 U.S. ___ case no 17-647. now a class action due to the 130,000 counts of violation in 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) and failure to make payment as of June 2020 on the April 2020 excessive seizure obligated by STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8).

As far as I know, the old indian lady who gave over the handgun still works at Walmart, with her disabled son, and so I never shop outside grocery if I can help it. Frankly, that means, I don't want her checking my mask or accosting me when I visit, and this situation creates more problems that - due to the arrogance of the public, I guess we are going to have to put out word for word to discuss the build-up to this recent open terrorism and State Agency embezzlement of funds a component in that violent intimidation activity subject Federal Intervention and prosecution of Title IV and other regional Oklahoma Medical Board members who did knowingly, willfully, and purposefully conceal this medicare and Title IV -D fraud from the Trump Administration since the law changed in Feb 2017.

The State had time to contest the law. They did not, and instead intensified in a campaign of terrorism under color of law causing $25,000 in direct costs and $4000 in private investigation and legal bills over 2017-2020, leading us to the present civil unrest today; and my need to obtain major surgery to address my injuries during the brief pause between COVID 19 wave 1 and protester-engineered wave 2 extortion activity.

The state lost all right to sue or charge me after holding me for trial without any legal order or debt of record in barratry (21 O.S. 21-551) from November 18 2018 to present, a retaliation by the Office of Clay B. Pettis to my invoking the right prescribed in 45 CFR 302.56(f); and such retaliation a felony abuse of office.

18 USC 3161 limits State prosecutions of such cases ot 12 months without dismissal, and rejection of my 21 O.S. 21-748.2 counter-suit duly filed an action has not been made to RECORD as REQUIRED A FORMAL MOTION NOT SUBJECT DISCRETION OR APPROVAL TO ENTER THEN, whereby per 5 USC 556 and 557, it is then fraud in false prosecution and harassment by the court to sustain the case or debt claim; and in excise of KELLY v KELLY on an "automatic mistrial" in which the other party was "wholly in default" a false record subject any damages a Federal Jury see fit to award in the $30 billion taking of Federal Funds during the 2001-2020 concealment of my only child.

An act to obtain or force sale for proceeds to the abductors of the land, property, and estates in PONTOTOC COUNTY including the homes and buildings, businesses, and intangible intellectual property that were prior established in 1991 a registered business of Oklahoma, and so also not a party or subject the "$500,.00" final judgment against which this $108,000 false fine and unlimited false forfeiture of a UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ESTATE is then based in written letters made official act of STATE OF TEXAS, a fraud before UIFSA (Rev 2008) and illegal order constituting bondage of a person under color of a pretext of custody or child welfare, to extort business in INTERSTATE COMMERCE. UNITED STATES further disclaimed EMPIRICALLY the basis of such fraud in December 16 2016 official notice of the RECORD known there by all men as "Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244", with dates of appeal not exercised nor excuse beyond deadline February 17 2017 to enforce this rule themed LAW OF THE UNITED STATES for "at least 25 years" and by 9-0 SCOTUS uring Feb 2019 to be in 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 the Supreme Law and sole authority denying as UNCONSTITUTIONAL this abuse of JAMES ALLEN expressly since the ratification of the 14th AMENDMENT and so all duration of the dispute and life of JAMES ALLEN or his agent in body and injured party in FR-18-04 or similar 01-17702-R case - an Fraud per "KELLY v KELLY, P100" Oklahoma Supreme Court 2007, by operation of law subject no other requirement settled rule.

If you don't want to hear about it, just pray this COVID thing goes on forever. The matter is, per 42 USC 666(a)(9) already "by operation of law" a "settled final judgment", and that "$500" fine long ago paid in full, subject the future obligations of about $8 billion USD in annual budget for State of Oklahoma a qui tam suit duly submitted for cost plust 30% in returns spanning all State grants from 2001-2020 during this abuse. Class action indicates 200,000 victims per year in other States exist, and per policy claims made by the House in the recovery act, conspiracy against that class evident in embezzlement by the Democratic Party a design to conceal this human trafficking activity under color of social services and destruction of cases systematically in title IV program a $28.3 billion annual budget embezzlement implicating at least two State governments in the direct claims and threats made.

I will say, Walmart Inc. tried to help, and I place the blame upon the employees responsible for this abuse at the local store, who acted in their own interest to commit child kidnapping and embezzle from Title IV grants in accessory with RENEE BANKS and CLAY B. PETTIS in this matter contrary 45 CFR 302.56(c) and 302.56(f), governing the operation of the agency in full in 302.0 and 303.0 obligations not guidelines, a bar against this abuse and accessory to kidnap an Oklahoma Child.

The very nice gun shop that sold the gun at least alerted me to the purchase on notice of a stated intent to commit suicide related the prior harassment and threats of rape and murder describing the Walmart store as the place of such event, in ongoing witness intimidation there and suggesting employee participation in such sexual assault themed a trend in the 2001-2020 child kidnapping.

Loss of employment at the store was the result of this abuse, and taking over 65% of gross income in knowing embezzlement of funds identical to fraud now proposed and barred at law and in debt for Title IV funds and operation of Title IV programs per 42 U.S.C. 666(a)(10), a duty solely of the State of Oklahoma, not the debtor, to prove - prohibiting imputed income a value of record or standing - and limited to income minus tax and 35% (75% in ordinary operation.)

By failing to apply the UIFSA and 157.261 rule of Texas Code, did the States engage in sale of a child and seek to force change of employment to suit a false claim forfeiting legal property valued at over $400 million USD.

So how their "greeter" (an employee - of a STATE OF OKLAHOMA SCHEDULE C CORPORATION, a commissioned franchise of STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and such policy or authority the subject of the debate in dispute a present COVID-19 PPE policy prompting harassment or discrimination on the grounds of a presumed medical threat superior to the prior $566 billion indictment for fraud) responds to a mask or a man trying to reach for a loaf of bread, in context to such paranoid schemes excusing this police brutality and maiming of Residents in Pontotoc and Garfield County, and prior sale of Commission by the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner to deny employment and medical aid to victims of violence in child taking, remains foremost on my mind with beating of my friend (MIKE, an employees then) in college and "shredded tendons" in the diabetic arm of my present client (KYLE, a witness similarlly abused for report of insurance fraud and concealment of embezzlement in WEWOKA PUBLIC SCHOOOL where he was then an employee), subjected to prior abuse by employees of the specific store.

And Paul Brooks, to your attention - Let's take this to ADAOK.ORG so I can share your fucking face with the US AG about harassment of child abduction by FALSE CLAIMS IN PONTOTOC COUNTY related fraud at McCalls Chappel, a school for the mentally disabled I was given access to review prior being assaulted on my discovery of FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS BY A NON-MEDICAL STAFFER to categorize behavior into MEDICARE and INSURANCE claims just prior my 2017 injury. The patients where were being given diagnosis for medications by a non-clinician when this occurred, so we can let those persons join in the class action as victims because you feel the need to make stupid shit up about me to settle your own wounded ego at medical malpractice activity in PONTOTOC COUNTY prompting child services to be sued for well over 3x your State annual budget ( $8.1 Billion USD/year ).

The crime you just committed is under Title 43A, and it is why we don't regard Ada Oklahoma as a safe place for business since EDGE TECH was robbed of over $2 million USD in merchandise. Prompting them to move out of the area citing the hostile community and pro-crime activity. Do All the Organized Criminals in this area call people they rob "crazy", or is it a family thing about you and your known associates we need to look into specifically?

Your fucking cops broke my client's arm, Paul Brooks. Shredded it, looking for "batteries" and "a space heater" his dad had, and two laptops without batteries thrown out "for parts". Your fucking cops showed up at his house, kicked his feet out from under him, and broke the tendon in his right fucking arm, motherfucker. And you have been paying for his surgeries ever since (2015-2020), so I damn well am concerned how he's going to manage if the knife I took in my side FRIDAY MAY 26th 2020 over stupid commie shits like you heals up enough that I can walk into a court and point out your fucking name as the one responsible for fucking drowning my daughter twice and destroying the police reports at every contact and threat of rape with ANTIFA-classy remarks like the one above. You have family on the ADA PD, motherfucker? Do we need to subpoena that and find out what the fuck you do, that you want to help break a motherfucker's arm and call people crazy who built your fucking town, paved its tennis courts, and delivered your fat ugly babies at Valley View for 35 years before you decided to be a big man and fucking shoot off your mouth to support a FEDERAL EMBEZZLEMENT OF $1.5 billion USD, signed by Clay B. Pettis?

How about if I described the COVID-19 symptoms in COURT DOCUMENTS prior to February 2020, and your stupid ass dismissed that as imaginary too? You want to explain that to 387 dead Oklahoman's motherfucker? (death count, 11pm CDT 07-01-2020)

The only "alien" here is that fact fucking Democrat who just defended baby rape and sexually assaulting little girl's in Ada Oklahoma as "(imaginary) aliens" to discredit finding missing kids.

If you are a democrat willing to sell out insurance fraud and support this violence by police too - and make your community a foster care home where I walk into it (incident, 2016) and see two people having sex in the wheelbarrow position in front of a 4 year old developmentally disabled girl, and have to hear about "Sausage Party" from a 9 year old staying there, let's see who your family is and what part they have to play in OKDHS services responsible for those crimes against children and the prior FEDERAL EMBEZZLEMENT OF FUNDS themed a felony under 18 USC 666, "embezzlement of benefits of the United States".

Put your old dick back in your pants and get the fuck away from me, Paul Brooks. You look too much like the dad of the man who was staying illegally in that Ada Foster Home for girls living in the garage for me to feel comfortable around you.

It sounds like you are just covering for your child touching son, but I don't know you. We can get to know each other in Federal Court if you like. I already filed the Federal Complaint, and you just stepped up to plate with all the rape threats of little girls I got May 20 2020. Are you registered, Paul? And I don't mean with a party in the election. Let's check the sex offender registry and see.

According to our research of Oklahoma and other state lists, there were 55 registered sex offenders living in Ada as of July 01, 2020. The ratio of all residents to sex offenders in Ada is 317 to 1.

Read more:

Maybe you are just a friend of the Cantrell's. That's a shame. I guess Cantrell Solutions is who I need to question over this chicken shit child abusing local rodeo bullshit. Alien's sounds better than asking where Ada Petroleum firms dump their oil or if that guy in the FOSTER HOME was a foreman on one of your rigs responsible for toxic runoff. You must be seeing aliens after the stories that rig company told. Stay away from little girls, Paul. We'll be talking to the Feds about your bullshit Alien and rape threats over here May 20 2020 soon.

I do, however, own a REGISTERED PROPERTY themed a science fiction book, at the Library of Congress. Pardon your meth if you get confused by that. But hostility in our community toward people in a trend of violence against children and discrimination involving sexual assault and a terrorist hoax to kidnap a child was the topic on Walmart Store #231, before you popped off with that "I seen em (aliens)" Fourth of July remark.

You, sir, are the reason we don't hire locally anymore. And Drug Test all maintenance personnel.

You like 80 year old women? The threat letter in May (20 2020) after the two pickups pulled into the property and tried to kick down the door said they'd rape an 80 year old woman, so I have to ask if that was you. They also said they were going to rape a little girl, so, don't make me ask twice, Paul Brooks.


NEWS April 2020

April 28 2020 Evening - "Deceit" Formally Alleged

In a move right out of DOCTOR STRANGLOVE, CNN pulled a classic argument April 28th 2020 - escalating their abuse to allege DONALD J. TRUMP, as POTUS, had purposefully and illegally committed 76 O.S 76.3 "deceit of the public" by performing the duty of his office as set forth in Marbury v Madison by Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

This logic, clearly expressed in the 11:00 pm CDT broadcast, was a perfect and classic example of what Radical Sectarian Socialism now is seeking to pass on to the American public as some sort of delusional cause for pulblic offense or criminal wrongdoing.

In a statement of knowing fraud, contrary the laws of the United States, did the hosting parties allege that 1.) if an advisor of the President of the United States makes a written statement; 2.) that statement must be admitted as RECORD a LEGAL FINDING; and 3.) repeated by the President of the United States verbatim.

This claim is a clear and criminal statement to 4.) allege criminal liability for failure to do so in the prior case, themed a fraud or deceit with malicious intent in injure.

As Justice John Roberts, as head of the Supreme Court at the hearing of Marbury v Madison stated, the authority and determination of the Office of the Public Trust is exclusive of any other appointment and once made appointment, no further control or influence over its operation or judgement is afforded any other office not explicitly granted superior authority.

This act is - confessed in its form - a claim that the failure to intimidate, compel, and control the actions of the President of the United States subjugating the office to a person or other expert not appointed that office, may be criminal wrongdoing to injure and knowingly harm the People of the United States as a violation of the fitness and duty of office, beyond the discretion of the agent in office, and to compel the agent to conduct themselves as a puppet of other inferior officers or organizations.

This abuse is consistent with a gross criminal fraud by CNN and MSN, and identical to the PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud in extortion spanning 2001-2020, which seek forfeiture of a public office of the public trust to the control of a party on false claim of equity not a thing at law.

This was prior echoed in the evening by claims that the Vice President, when visiting Mayo Clinic, failed to perform his duty because he "did not dress as others did," contray a conscious decision not to do so and decision by the Clinic to admit him despite BREAKING POLICY in doing so. This transferrence of blame from "private property" and "private business" to liability of "public officers in the performance of their duty" or any "private citizen in the equity of their home or freedom of travel and activity outside a private business or other private property of the State or government" shows serious BOUNDARY ISSUES which fail to ackonwledge the public spaces belong to the public for the use of individual members of the public, and do not belong to the municipal City, County, State, or UNITED STATES (legal person) which would condition their use based or compliance to their enjoyment or liberty.

This gross misconception of the very core value of "the Public Trust" and "Public Roadways", is fundamental to a foreign jurisprudence not permitted monopoly under any theory of law in the State of Oklahoma, and so set forth in Article II of the Constitution of the State of Oklhaoma a right prohibited herein. To suggest that such person be obligated solely to "set example" sought by the public, conditioned his office of the Public Trust, is an attack on the equity of his office and upon the United States Political System by which he was installed in that office - treason against the core liberty of the agent and rights of the same not a duty nor offense by the property owner or institution having title to the property of such offense.

In short, it is a demand a code of conduct to private persons be affirmed, on condition of the "civil honors" afforded, in like claim a 21 O.S. 21-8 crime in Oklahoma, prohibited to seize control of the office of the Public Trust in abuse of public broadcasting and INTERSTATE COMMUNICATIONS, a serious fraud upon the American People and effort to deceive the public not versed in the rulings of the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES and other rights for which a corporation - a franchise organized under those rules - is obligated to act and sustain without sedition or other rebellion or insurrection their business model or daily activity as rule.

As allegation of deceit of the public is a civil wrongdoing, and escalated to indicate knowing malice a fraud to disable the office or its authority under the agent of the Public Trust so lawfully made, has CNN entered into a degree of behavior subject suspension per their organization and abuse of privilege now evident.

Cause for this abuse appears their backing of "Bill Gates" and his "GatesNotes" publication, a bid to obtain $15 billion USD in Federal Funds to combat the virus with vaccines already under industrial production for sale in September 2020 and being made in India at a cost per dose of $0.004 USD. India is where Gates moved his MICROSOFT corporation and support, and appears now to be acting as a foreign unregistered agent, per claims arising in what FACEBOOK INC. calls "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" (below). Tracing ownership is difficult, despite announcements made publicly in March 2020 according to AP News.

Our investigators had prior received credible information on COVID-19, its 4 extra amino acid pairs and claims by report that such strain appeared 'altered by CRISPR technology' due to markers from former GRU sources; as well as aggravated claims from our Tiawan lab and Scotland office for Italy operations of over 30 distinct strains now detected.

How can CNN be So Wrong?

In the CNN broadcast tonight, the prior (left) speaker then went on to say, "There is no scientific evidence this virus is going to change form." - CNN, alleging Donald Trump is lying about every single statement made to "Deceive" the American Public.

This claim, regarding the allegation that COVID-19 has not and does not MUTATE like the flu, making immunization very difficult and extinction impossible due to this mutation factor in large populations and seasonal viral epidemiology, is further evidence of the fraud to sell the $15 billion qui tam violation to the UNITED STATES during the April-September 2020 period as a violation of "THE FALSE CLAIMS ACT" (

This is the same title law cited by JAMES ALLEN in PETERSEN v ALLEN regarding violations of 45 CFR and Federal Register Volume 81 No 244, for which STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA are not compliant as of 2020 April and throughout the February 20 2017 to 2020 period of concealment of his child to extort money and property now themed $15200 under the CARES ACT OF 2020, embezzlement from the U.S. Department of the Treasury on a massive scale affecting 130,000 Oklahomans in violation of 45 CFR 302.56 and 303.100(a)(3) limits; which triggered in all such cases affected 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) change of ORDERS by "operation of law" (a binding consequence so cited in 42 U.S.C. 666(a)(9)(C) rule voiding those orders regardless intent of such law and automatically, without need of any Court or court order or endorsement to have permanent and perpetual effect).

ALLEN, a programmer and former Senior Software Engineer whose child was abducted by FRAUD, FORCE, and THREAT OF MURDER, attempted to bring this matter forward in 2001 August 11th, and was suppressed from that date to 2020 by violation of 18 USC 3161 Federal Law in 15 U.S.C. 1692n rule violation, now before the court not granted relief.

The one good outcome of this unlawful delay is the presentation of a scheme or plan to embezzle funds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury, themed 18 U.S.C. 666 felony, which is undeniable in examination a criminal act by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA on examination of false books made TITLE IV record, threats, and claims made falsely to the program concerning PETERSEN v ALLEN while suspending all recovery of an abducted child ordered to the possession of the Oklahoma Parent in false "automatic mistrial" never granted 42 U.S.C. 1981 equal enforcment, a violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II in multiple points. These injuries, themed 18 U.S.C. 241 felonies, are also now clearly 18 U.S.C. 242 in their application and multi-party joint activity of false books prohibited by 45 CFR, Federal Law, for which the CARES ACT of 2020 is a vehicle for massive and long-term XXIII-1A violation and forefiture of estate a plan made by persons in like speech as the DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES is now reliant to the prior claims, a fraud.

As if it could get more pseureal, the sponsoring public relations groups on FACEBOOK INC. have self-identified this vaccine development plan at "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" in their claims to justify their actions, after prior groups like the "187" (murder) group did write over 323 pages of death threats and XXIII-1A violation claims to sustain the kidnapping and hostage taking from 2013-2020 following 2009-2012 FACEBOOK INC. platform use without protection to support the child kidnapping described under 22 U.S.C. section 7102 and 21 O.S. 21-748.1 felony abuse of office and false records made.

Attacks from Lansing Michigan over 2003-2020 in this matter of PETERSEN v ALLEN become only more disturbing, as the base of abuse in this fraud now appears the regional base for the new PORUS candidate tendered April 28 2020 of Justin Amash, and having held the 3rd Congresional district of Michigan since 2010 on the grounds of anti-Federalism affording NATION OF JAPAN owned (25%) NTT AMERICA to install a $100 billion USD telecom industry in State of Michigan.

Even today, April 18 2020, we are receiving traffic out of Michigan that indicates the State's role in the 14500 forged packets per hour sent to two sepearte machines in PONTOTOC COUNTY amid threats in PETERSEN v ALLEN, and cosntitute several of parallel single-source ban-evasion TCP-SACK attacks since 04:00 CDT April 28 2020 on SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS INTERENET SERVICES in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA. The nexus of conduct in context to child concealment and human trafficking activity suggests a clear and present danger posed to U.S. domestic firms and journalists by unregistered foreign investment and foreign agency in the United States, favoring a nexus of specific foreign firms and parties who are co-owners in large-equity of top brands targeting the commercial firm in Oklahoma.

Machine 1 Log - 1287 IPs Used in 20 hours

Machine 2 Log - 1290 IPs Used in 20 hours

April 28 2020

INDIA and OXFORD admit via FACEBOOK what as covered by videos from the group "PROJECT NIGHTFALL", a plan to release the COVID 19 vaccine in September 2020 at a cost of $0.003 per dose, and justify the joint NATION OF JAPAN and INDIA vaccination program as a claim of immunity to the disease.


How India is planning to carry out a large scale industrial takeover the United States medical industry using $0.004 USD per dose, and making 40,000,000 (forty million) doses of the drug in anticipation of this claim proposed by the GATES FOUNDATION. What will U.S. insurers charge for the vaccine? It cannot be much, now that the COST is disclosed in the prior video as $0.004 or less per dose.

Well, we have the price and the timeline for the fear-selling. Sponsored by Oxford University (and whoever funds their research in this area... perhaps... THE GATES FOUNDATION?).

It is to sell a vaccine in September 2020, for India to the UNITED STATES.

INDIA AND JAPAN claim BCG VACCINE protects them from COVID-19.

Ex-GRU cites the appearance of COVID in CHINA - a political rival of JAPAN - as is the UNITED STATES, may be reliant on this presumed immunity and call for suspension of economic and civil rights which PROJECT NIGHTFALL is promoting via California-based FACEBOOK INC. paid promotion promising a VACCINE no sooner than SEPTEMBER to promote a lockdown of UNITED STATES economic and labor a was performed by martial force for 21 days in INDIA.

You don’t have to be an expert in Sino-Asian relations and trade to see this claim of action paired with United States “OXFORD UNIVERSITY” and activity by patent owners in vaccination technology sponsoring FACEBOOK INC and INDIA based technical support are linked to ONE MAN.

That man’s name, as of April 28 2020, is reported a flag to trigger the auto censorship “community standards” suspension on Facebook today, per our Social Media Director.

Therefore we will not mention this person who is seeking $15 billion USD to chair the United States COVID-19 response as an annual grant in perpetuity to his private organization.

This represents a nexus subject Title 18 Chapter 96 rule.



7708 people die every month in the United States. What is the “delta” of actual deaths versus “death not diagnosed by chemical test to be COVID”.

By August 61,664 without COVID-19.

Anyone not giving total death statistics is lying to you about the scale of this crisis. Get the numbers. Get the deaths due flu. Compare.

The U.S. Government MUST SHUT DOWN companies promoting these 24/7 fear tactics, and forfeit their stock and that of firms suppressing dissent to control and support the narrative.

This is martial law, in all but name, and retaliation not afforded Civil Administration Rule (5 USC 556 and 557) is subject a duty of the United States to protect Citizens and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, by mandate or rule not voluntary by UNITED STATES CITIZENS to carry out in equity title or powers a suspension of the use of any property or franchise right (business).

These rights - once understood - combined with the PETERSEN v ALLEN embezzlement of funds from the United States Department of the Treasury, and in over 130,000 cases affecting Oklahoma Residents, requires this duty be fulfilled its office.

Omitting the ordinary death rate, the actual death toll rise possibly attributed to COVID-19 would be 23,168 persons over January 1 2020 to May 1 2020, pre-covid ordinary rates. While this is significant, it is not scientifically accurate or lawful to report all deaths as COVID related ruling out other natural causes, to create an epidimiology metric for charting future death rates. To the contrary, it is malpractice of medicine to rule out other deaths without testing and symptoms, and represents a pattern of wrong information being reported by U.S. media to include falsely styling the disease as "Pneumonia" and interal to the lung, while reports indicate it is "autoimmune" and a "circulatory hypoxia disease caused by virus activity in the lungs an small cappilaries which can be treated by medications like quinine, zinc and zpac antibiotics, and ordinary FDA approved drugs already in use for high blood pressure. It took until late April 2020 for U.S. Media giant CNN to even report that blood clots were a symptom, and loss of smell reported was the result of STROKE in persons age 20-35. Despite this, doctors continue to follow U.S. insurance protocols only, refusing testing and protocols not compensated, which may contribute to broad misdiagnosis and treatment resulting in high mortality and complications.

Having spent 35 years in medicine as a media and technology journalist, I can already say this is a serious failure of the United States Medical Industry backed by media companies enabling and covering for a failure to practice ordinary medicine and ordinary diagnostics which were common-place in the 1920s-1990s. The reaction is like the discovery of HIV treatment and resistance to the same, classifying persons as 'end of life' and 'no recessitation' due restort to traditional low-threat PPE which have no place in a hot zone or high-intensity medical care setting. Attacks to protect standards and practices appear to be costing lives, and that is statistically evident in delta mortality analysis of the State-to-State and nation-to-nation handling of the disease, including the absurd call to return children to public schools and classrooms while prohibiting ordinary persons from operating businesses which are much lower risk points of sale and activity.

In short, shelter in place is a right - not a rule subject enforcement - and the failure to comprehend that right to disbard public education in favor of family and child health and welfare without the full confidence of parents or to discriminate against virtual education is a union issue of the United States. Likewise, business will be impacted regardless of shelter in place orders, and support for the public must be made mandatory, including all protections of 45 CFR 302.56 classifying such CARES ACT 2020 funds as "subsistence" not subject any form of taking, contrary action by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to confiscate 100% of such funds during a declared STATE OF EMERGENCY themed embezzlement from the United States Department of the Treasury, a felony and grand larceny by their State Governors.

This follows a pattern of Title IV fraud, themed 45 CFR violation by many states contrary 586 U.S. ___ (2019) case no 17-1091 ruling by Justice Ginsburg, and is a critical form of embezzlement from and effort by abuse of media and electronic communication of an INTERSTATE NATURE to cause forfeiture of the estates of UNITED STATES CITIZENS under false civil judgments, false awards themed bonds and obligations barred at law, and to cause forfeiture of UNITED STATES businesses and patents and trademark rights related to established businesses in favor of large foreign sovereign fund backed businesses now in State of Michigan, State of Texas, State of California, State of Arkansas, and State of New York - which should be suspended in their activity based on actions of civil rights violations not afforded ordinary business and in context to abuse. These acts voiding the rights of the UNITED STATES and its Union member states to the claims made in the registry of Patent and Trademark and Copyright forms since 2001, and disbarring all other nations to such claims until such matter is settled, and hostages so returned in accordance with Federal Law including all civil honors restored in full with damages themed restitution and for "serious injury" made paid in full, exempting any contest on such grounds arising from those 2001-2020 years in perpetuity against the injured parties.

Censorship Escalates to Pro Hitler Movement on Facebook by FACEBOOK INC. STAFF

Facebook issues warning to JAMES ALLEN over post of Adolph Hitler meme criticizing lockdown tracking of U.S. Citizens a FELONY in Oklahoma, April 28 2020. (see meme below, "To Those Turning In Your Neighbors and Local Businesses - You Did The Reich Thing' Meme)

CNN admits phone data tracking is now being used to analyze movement of United States Citiznes across the United States, alleging that by removing names and other identifying information this geolocation data without voluntary installation of an app or consent is lawful and essential in the prior "PROJECT NIGHTFALL" activity themed moral and authoritative in INDIA, JAPAN, and other extremist foreign countries.

Citing in April 28 2020 broadcast the notice of data covering UNITED STATES CITIZENS used in this manner and involuntarily within the past few days and in real time monitoring use, prohibited by the GDPR and other laws in the UNITED STATES.

As an analysist for security and policy, JAMES ALLEN noted this, finding the report a serious confession of abuse granted his prior knowledge of T-Mobile and DEUTCH TELEKOM, and prior role as a SPRINT and SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER over wireless engineering in Richardson TEXAS, where he managed business and personal acocunts for National service as part of the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION of NORTEL.

This action, a retaliation for comments on Islamic slavery articles, affirms the need to nationalize Facebook as a Common Carrier with legislation prohibiting U.S. companies from hiring outside of the jurisdiction. Extremist religious claims and efforts to impose pro-nazi pro Hitler support under Facebook Community Standards a color of law not legal use in the United States, affirms the obligation of the California based company to uphold UNITED STATES law regarding parody of public historical figures.

The concealment of genocide and suppression of legal speech on public policy is an “interference in the right of suffrage and II-3 and II-22 rule of Oklahoma law.

The threat of suspension of use for citation of Holocaust related material is a was crime, under the International law, and prima facia for 5 U.S.C. rule disclosure (556-557) of the location of staff and their religious affiliation, themed a criminal component of a felony in retaliation for political protected speech and Holocaust denial by Facebook Inc. to sustain embezzlement of funds from the United States benefit program also themed a felony (18 U.S.C. 666).

Due to the failure to accept review as an appeal, this action warrants legislative investigation, citing intimidation of UNITED STATES CITIZENS themed “disruption of primary communications” during a NATIONAL STATE OF EMERGENCY for “political speech having no lawful cause for danger or injury to the public” under rule of United States Law.

Abuse of this degree by employees is a red flag - of abuse by users or insider action - and such initiating persons subject criminal liability for its use in context to attacks exceeding 29000 requests per hour currently ongoing versus UNITED STATES registered Oklahoma Schedule C corporations in a child kidnapping and extortion of office and INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Failing to meet this “common carrier” standard, Facebook would be liable for fraud and false claims themed otherwise immune under the “safe harbor act” covering Internet Service Providers and other content hosts.

Community Standards are not an excuse for pro-nazi pro-hitler pro-democrat propaganda.

A legal investigation and classification of Facebook Inc. as a news agency subject fact verification and national customer service hiring legislation to localize their employee outsourcing as a legal protection of United States “community standards” (1st and 2nd Amendment law), is the logical Federal legislation or civil lawsuit.

In response, a lawsuit has been pursued against 3M and other companies by this party, citing harassment by Facebook employees and other persons aiding in the fraud from 2009-2020.

Attorney contract was signed in this cause, and this “warning” then discovered subsequently evidence of such harassment in joint activity a fraud against the UNITED STATES CITIZEN named in that United States Treasury theft of benefits prior filed April 20 2020.

Attacks resumed at 1 am April 28 2020, after a pause at 6 pm April 27th 2020, and alteration of firewall systems showing CHOOPA LLC and other parties among ten sources documented at attackers in the child kidnapping abuse spanning 2001-2020 by persons known to the group via the death threats as the “187 Group”.

Employees of Robert Half Technologies, Tek Systems, NTT America, and such persons subcontractors at INFOMART in Dallas Texas for Gehardt Broadcasting LLC and Cogent Communications so named in this fraud, and cited in letters of extortion upon Facebook Inc. to this end a false prospectus made 2013-2020 to kidnap a child ordered to POSSESSION of JAMES ALLEN, warrant this notice of employee abuse now made record amid other 18 USC 2261 and 100% theft of benefits styled $15200 USD, themed 18 USC 666 felony offense now underway 04/15/2020 and 04/27/2020 a matter of Public Record prohibited at law and per 5 USC 706.

Harassment to intimidate suffrage or political speech themed humor or satire to intimidate “STAY AT HOME” orders or other United States Public Policy is a felony, and such class action lawsuit filed in Guthrie Oklahoma already for civil relief.

JAMES ALLEN asserts today’s report a component of such felony FACEBOOK INC. or its agent in fact, denying appeal or review by stated design, shall constitute such fraud themed 23 O.S. 23-9.1 malicious abuse of the public trust and commission of business contrary rule of law, to warrant “Terrorist Hoax” complaint per the Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act, and cause injury to persons and animals themed a felony in the United States.

“I woke up with the intent to take my cat to the vet because it was injured. I immediately received a warning that an image of Hitler telling people they ‘did the reich thing’ to report persons seen outside their house during the quarantine was a violation warranting 30 day suspension of communication services on Facebook and public visibility during a terrorist attack of reports to associates and business partners primarily accessible via Facebook alone. This both upset me and angered me after realizing I had reported the German and Japanese military history and defeat of radical Islamic slavery in the Tripoli Wars, to see a threatened loss of rights for discussing the reasons these elements define American public identity and mental health at law contrary radical socialist elements in German, Japanese, and Arabic culture, to counter fraud in kidnapping of my only child on a threat of murder, fraud, and similar use of felony force sustained a civil suit now before the court as of April 28 2020 in ongoing and active computer crime paired with explicit human trafficking and BDSM kids and animal rape threats received via Twitch Interactive in May and April 2020.”

The severity of such issues, to permit actions without review, are aid to human trafficking and violation of rights, and warrant regulatory changes to disbar foreign customer service, foreign staff affecting U.S. communications companies, and such rule the authority of the Legislature and United States Department of Justice on such serious grounds, injury, and express XXIII-1A rights violations shown in PETERSEN v ALLEN claims now 323 pages of death threats by employees of TENCENT HOLDINGS INC and NTT GROUP.

The value of such communications at critical times or during such lawsuits then over $423 million USD in verified sale and indefinite economic harm of theft of public office cited in Marbury v Madison of patent and trademark rights not afforded this abuse, a present matter with TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES (SHENZEN) CO LTD and other subsidiaries and interested firms (Epic MegaGames / RIOT Games) owned by TENCENT HOLDINGS LTD. - corporation of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

A post for which of sarcasm to imply the “felony” of surveillance of an Oklahoma Resident by any person not holding a Private Investigator License or other LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICE and acting then strictly in scope of a registered formal investigation - is harassment and component of 18 USC 2261A felony where a component of written threats to aid in the kidnapping of a child or theft of benefits of the United States Department of the Treasury so themed motivation and written plan now filed a formal complaint in “18 USC 1951” INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE” and Chapter 95-96 of the United States Criminal Code.

Regulatory action will follow civil suit already made record, and such actions support a forfeiture of securities and equity by companies aiding this fraud by abuse of thr Public Trust, which their commercial franchise is an office of and subject suspension or order to cease operation and surrender not made a right against FORFEITURE for criminal felony offense or pattern of any criminal behavior so construed effort to compel or limit protected (1St Amendment) speech (and electronic communication) in the United States or under its commission of any member State or UNITED STATES authorized such powers.

Free speech is not unlimited, nor offensive speech prohibited, and community standards do not entitle defense of GENOCIDE or felony injury or intimidation to infringe on any other right (18 USC 241) not afforded.

Free speech does not protect use of persons where other coercion or thing of value is sought on condition of its threat or use, nor is use of historical or national leaders in political speech against policy not an express injury made by inference barred.

Only by allegation that the comparison to criminal abuse of speech in complaint of criminal actions barred at law, a felony, were protected speech or. Adolph Hitler a person now endorsing this claim as living person, not already in legal fact a war criminal and guilty of the murder of six million persons, may this claim have standing.

In short, I woke up to Facebook defending Hitler, and a warning that I should not make jokes about the abuse or intimidation of my person to go to the vet with a cat that is bleeding and seriously ill, a felony in the United State then encouraging retaliation for aid necessary to a wounded animal. (the cat is now fine, meds obtained, and Ada vets wonderful as always in every way)

I found and returned two lost dogs Monday, and now this. So, I am a little annoyed and find the suspension of rights themed a debate quickly feeling like a boxcar that the Facebook Inc. business team just directed me to board. (Allen represents a schedule C corporation, recruited to use Facebook for business, prior this abuse to suppress ordinary and protected use without right to appeal Apr 27 2020)

We must end their status as an ISP and make them subject common carrier law, and reduce their staff to UNITED STATES EMPLOYEES ONLY FOR ACTIONS OVER UNITED STATES CITIZEN DATA AND ACCOUNT, in the same fashion the Russian Federation prior made law.

April 20 2020

The City Counsel has made claim of a meeting during which MANDATORY MASK ORDER was made, for a $500 USD fine, so reported in local channels. No record of meetings or signed orders obtained by our office appear to be made public in APRIL 2020, contrary The Open Meeting Act, and such fine conditional suspension of movement themed in ADA EVENING NEWS a suspension of 1st Amendment freedom of travel and assembly not permitted on mandate of commerce to obtain or create or provide labor of manufacture to obtain a MASK, whereby such civil rights are suspended or infringed on threat conditional 18 USC 241 violation.

Notice is given of this failure to provide AGENDA or notice of matter before the counsel made this APRIL 21 2020, in regard to concerns that MASKS ARE NOT PROVIDED TO PERSONS WHILE RESTRICTION OF USE OF PUBLIC ACCESS AND TRAVEL ARE HEREBY SUSPENDED in conspiracy against rights, not permitted the authority of a City or Counsel.

Businesses may require masks, but municipal organizations may not interdict common roads or throughoutfare activity, travel, or assembly under threat of approach and citation of fine.

This matter aggravated by unlawful interdiction of $1200 payments by STATE OF OKLAHOMA also themed consideration for prior orders, in violation of 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) and immediate payment of such infringement due per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) rule not made, a suit in emergency order filed with the PONTOTOC COUNTY COURT CLERK made delivery per USPS 70200090000158491565 delivered 10:04 am April 20 2020 to the COURT as directed by the COURT CLERK.

Confiscation of funds prohibited at law by STATE OF OKLAHOMA paired with fines violationg 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 rule, a unanimous SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES ruling February 2019, makes the $500 USD fine against such persons subject the 130,000 person class action complaint an aggravated injury designed to suspend INTRASTATE COMMERCE and XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK and engage in public activity, so cited in civil suit filed Dec 31 2018 Answer per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule by JAMES ALLEN in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.

April 19 2020

Because PAULA BROOKS decided to make claims in ADA CURIOSITY to suggest child abuse was funny, this site will be happy to make public notice of the issues used by ADA LANDLORDS to harass persons in notice of THE CARES ACT protection against EVICTION for subsidized housing until JULY 25 2020.

OK Sup Court rules until March 15 2020 in matter

Also on Monday April 20 2020, The Supreme Court ruled in Ramos v. Louisiana that convictions may not be made on felony charge without unanimous jury consent in any State Court, under the same 14th Amendment basis cited in PETERSEN v ALLEN and affirmed unanimously in 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 on EXCESSIVE FINES a violation by State courts in the taking and concealment of a child from 2001-2020, now under counter-suit in PONTOTOC COUNTY per 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule.

I've sat on a COUNTY JURY as a foreman, where I witnessed a false prosecution in 2007, similar to the JOHN GRISHAM "AN INNOCENT MAN".

Since that time, I've had my windows shot out (2019), broken (2018), and dead animals placed on my property (3) along with threats to my client, a legally disabled person whose arm deputies broken in 2015 without charge of resisting arrest. Causing about $300,000 in claims against Oklahoma Taxpayers for this excessive force since then as surgery prior testing for diabetic condition aggravated his injury beyond recovery of ordinary use.

While I was a member of the ADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE at one time, I do not feel the need to register where persons in the CITY OF ADA attack persons targeted in organized violent racketeering activity. Similar businesses like WRANGLER and REMINGTON have left PONTOTOC COUNTY, and theft of property without relief was a factor in the security and removal of EDGE TECHNOLOGIES from PONTOTOC COUNTY also, similar to abuse I witnessed April 19 2020.

When a community activity harasses witnesses, giving testimony of Federal Fraud in medicare and medicaid programs, as I witnessed at local care facilities and have filed formal qui tam complaint in fraud contrary 45 CFR Federal Law made effective and superior State Law in 2017 February 20, it raises serious concerns for any business considering the community. Conduct of this nature, themed harasment of victims of a severe form of trafficking and violence act of 2000 and 21 O.S. 21-748 rule, does not create a positive business culture.

To the contrary, it evokes the "Bucket of Blood" title held by the City of Ada prior to the hanging of three prisoners on allegation of bribery to a Judge, which is memorialized by a monument in Downtown Ada. Regardless of the justification or perpetrators (who were never identified), the actions do not warrant attacks on business owners, real estate, or other property of residents. Including theft of motor vehicle (2017) and refusal to admit or make report of grand theft in such matters by regional claims where drug trafficking was then reported in context to that activity, and in sale of medical devices themed a fraud against medicare found in evidence (2020) in the search of the property upon recovery.

As a party being subjected to extortion in cause to compel false transfer of title and force forfeiture of over 99 acres of property including registered address of an OFFICER OF THE UNITED STATES here in PONTOTOC COUNTY, I take severe umbrage to such claims casually passed around the community.

Whether this was because I witnessed sexual assault against my fellow student at ADA HIGH SCHOOL, who later slashed his wrists in an effort to escape this abuse; or the beautiful student and friend who shot herself in the heart while I was a student at East Central University after similar rumors and claims nearly had me expelled for REFUSING THE SEXUAL ADVANCES of a student, and reporting similar sexual harassment by a professor against another student my junior year.

This conduct, paired with THEFT BY CHECK and false claims of EQUITY conjoined with the taking for concealment in violation of ordered possession of my newborn son, makes me relatively unforgiving of this casual conduct against public notice of fraud. In witness of other companies I worked for in PONTOTOC COUNTY committing false bankruptcy and transfer of assets to a new limited-liability company while suspending insurance and wages to workers, I find myself an advocate of persons who cannot defend themselves and often the target of those who want to suppress or dismiss their complaints.

This harassment, in light of violation of Federal Law in 2017-2020, maimed my body and attempted to force me to surrender my property during this time on the false claim that if I did not obtain SOCIAL SECURITY AWARD to pay a civil debt not obligated or due per Federal Law, I would be jailed in PONTOTOC COUNTY. This fraud, contrary Federal Law and State Law obligated change February 20 2017, themed embezzlement of benefits of the United Stats, is formally under complaint now and sustained during the ongoing concealment of my child in claims to disbar my XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK", a formal written publicized scheme and plan named by persons prior residents of PONTOTOC COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY, in joint human trafficking activity to extort equity in a registered UNITED STATES corporation.

Obstruction of due process and speedy trial, obligated 18 USC 3161 rule, is itself not afforded on false claims made and sustained by 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 fraud a popular tactic in PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA, which lead my family and I to take substantial security measures after our door was kicked in following threats in the prior fraud, and similar targeting of my family as a child due to my mother's Pediatric Practice and role in projects like Doctor's Park. Similarly, the business of Witherspoon Finance, a lending company that financed many homes in the area, including the DORTH PRICE ADDITION of the CITY OF ADA, was targeted by this abduction and 17 year ongoing illegal child concealment in TITLE IV FRAUD.

Like the ADA MAINSTREET ASSOCIATION, I found the treatment of my business and person terrible in dealing with these community organizations to the extent that we separated ourselves from the local economy after someone set my office door on fire at the 2nd floor of the Old Citizens Bank Building and carved profanity into my car on main street.

This sort of conduct, made possible by abusive community organizations and slander like I witnessed today, reminds me why Ada remains at less than 20,000 persons in population despite the 20,000 club - organized to develop and grow the City in the 1970s, and despite the influx of students each semester to East Central University of Oklahoma (which I graduated in 1999, with a bachelors of science in clinical psychology).

Despite eventually getting my diploma, the stigma of being falsely accused of rape because of the clothing I wore and by the people who thought they would behave in the same fashion as Ms. Brooks today, ultimately affirms the incapacity of such offers. My research partner, a good man and a friend of genuine law enforcement, was killed in 2005 - just two years after I was nearly murdered returning to Oklahoma while northbound on THE CHICKASAW TURNPIKE, by removal of lugnuts from the front-left wheel of my small car after assault at gunpoint in DALLAS, TEXAS over securities fraud, which my partner MICHAEL MARINO and SARAH MOORE DE MARINO were witnesses for the UNITED STATES against such fraud similar to ENRON and MCI WORLDCOM activity later resulting in indictment by the United States Attorney for the State of New York.

Since that time, I have witnessed sexual abuse of children in OKDHS care, been subject retaliation for report of such issues in licensed foster care homes, and for report of false medical diagnosis been likewise threatened with false claims in the regard of PONTOTOC COUNTY permanent care facilities in 2017-2018, making it difficult to foresee the use of the 99 acres and other properties in the region given hostility by the medical fraud in the community.

Recently, my client was billed $500 for a $12 plastic fan during his hospital stay, a practice with VALLEY VIEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL called routine, and are typical of the issues which eventually ended my mother's 35 year medical practice. While I feel some commitment to the community, due to their financing of my mother's medical degree on condition of her return to the community, the conduct against ordinary business and commerce to assault and abuse persons is unsustainable and contrary all labor relations and management pratices. Ranging from abuse of employees in my witness to force them to break down crying in fear of losing their homes and little security (elderly employees, 2) prompting me to walk out of the facility; to false write-down of abandonment when child care obligations required workers to remain with children after sexual assault on a child.

19 years later, I still have a red crescent of a 9mm handgun barrel visible on my face from the assault, and contrary rule of law, no location or return of my child has been performed as obligated by 76 O.S. 76-8 in suspension of habeas corpus by the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in violation of UIFSA Rev 2008 'CHOICE OF LAW' obligating TEXAS FAMILY CODE 157.375 rule making immune any appearance to seek a return of a child or duty to modify claims made in fraud a felony, barred by 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule; a felony per 18 USC 666.

In defense, claims of statute of limitations and other offenses not permitted 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091 rule on EXCESSIVE FINES and 4th Circuit UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS case no 18-1931 to 18-1948 disbar all "discretion" or obstruction, delay, or immediate relief, to include repayment of unlawful funds seized in excess of $500 USD paid in full balance made by operation of law July 1 2002, and duty to make payment that of STATE OF OKLAHOMA in per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8) rule, in addition to limits on taking now violated in claims made by RENEE BANKS and other officers (HOWARD H. HENDRICK) in knowing embezzlement of funds prohibited 303.100(a)(3) rule.

When a community defends these actions to "increase property values" or disclaim coercion like that which led to threat of arrest in 2016 as I stopped a suicide attempt at Walmart store #0231, it greatly diminishes the integrity of that community and its busienss and educational institutions. This was punctuated to me last week, April 2020, as I walked into the same store #0231 only to hear a small black woman scream "He Hit me in my Mouth!" and cry fro help.

I turned back to see this young woman, blood running down her mouth, staggering by the doorway - looking back at a car out of my line of sight - and calling to me to come help. Because of what persons like PAULA BROOKS did today, I instead raised my voice and directed the woman to come inside and immediately follow me to a store manager. I am afraid to go outside into this community, given the nature of this abuse, and as the young victim fumbled with her phone I repeated that direction calmly, trying to convince her to move into the doors and safety of the store where staff could assist her. She put the phone away, walked in after I moved away to show I was not coming out, and then went into the women's bathroom, just a few feet from the service desk - rather than to aid another twenty feet ahead. Out of concern I continued to staff and directed female staff to her location, reported the attack and what I saw, and made my way then into the store to minimize my contact beyond that report once I knew assistance was dispatched into the restroom.

This is what I expect in Ada, Oklahoma - and why I do not engage with or consider local hiring anymore. Given the hostile nature and prejudice evident in ADA CURIOSITY against victims of a serious form of violence and trafficking, injury I and others suffered both in primary school and college without protection that came in the from of your own fists, and with regard to law enforcement action that falsely portrays some mental health or stigma against victims systematically in reports conveying no concept of intangible property rights or other forms of coercion themed at law protected rights (OKLAHOMA ANTI COUNTERFEITING ACT, OKLAHOMA ANTI-TERRORISM ACT, TERRORIST HOAX, and 21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil right to relief and 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 section 7102 rule including mandatory investigation of human trafficking activity).

Granted that I saw landlord issues wherein one child blew his head off and another broke into a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE BOX, during the period of my own suspension, the body count in my experience is now quite high. Despite this, community members continue to dismiss the loss of life as comical, even after one of my programmers "walked into highway traffick" (in a fatal incident) and another "suffocated on a pillow in his sleep" after I left DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS; discounting the death threats and sexual assault against animals which were as of 2020 March still being received in my AMAZON INC. account at TWITCH INTERACTIVE in conjunction with this abuse and 300,000 forged requests per day initiated in September 2019 to influence the local court case filed in context to this matter, transmitted to SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICE HOSTING against two servers (600,000 total per day) sustained in general from a single source since September 2019 threats began in the PONTOTOC COUNTY COURT CASE.

With a $1.5 billion USD TITLE IV Grant to protect, not now presently compliant with 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule governing the Title IV agency of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA an obligation not met, contrary the threats in writing from STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA violating these laws explicitly; the qui tam damages made to the INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION now exceed $600 million USD in lawful claim, answered with admission of destruction of reports by the employee of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION so filed a component of qui tam suit now made in context to 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule, pending jury trial motioned in January 2019.

It would be ill advised to say more in context to that, granted the severity of this matter, with respect to the damages due by STATE OF OKLAHOMA for overpayment now subject refund TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 157.261 in "final judgment" falsely reported a recurring and perpetual amount "owing and due" not a legal thing or debt at law, UNREGISTERED, and prohibited such registration in barratry (21 O.S. 21-551) made November 18 2018 by PONTOTOC COUNTY in this matter to extort and coerce payment contrary 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule, a Federal Law governing all TITLE IV D programs and monies in consideration enjoining the State at law.

Purusant 45 CFR 303.100(a)(8), payment of all fees and costs over $700,000 USD is owing and due PONTOTOC COUNTY and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, regardless of a cause, on suit; and refusal to pay or other claims to intimidate victims themed additional damages, "serious injury", and so defined a felony under 18 USC 1589 rule; even in "reckless disregard", obligated mandatory restitution in the amount of $2,000,000 USD so proven on receipt of lost wages and funds filed and set forth in 18 USC 1593 rule; covered in civil procedure also 15 U.S.C. 1693d rule. The States are so enjoined to this duty, per 15 U.S.C. 1692n, and subject explicit rule 15 U.S.C. 1673(c) terms also, for fraud in this matter; and the STATE OF OKLAHOMA the sole party liable per failure to comply with Fedearl Law (42 U.S.C) in operation of law, set forth also in the suspension of due procss and default record of the payee Dec 2001 also a RECORD OF THE COURT wrongly concealed; per "KELLY V KELLY" (P100, 2007; OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT).

This notice a function of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-3 and II-22, in report of the record of the court and UNITED STATES FEDERAL REGISTER (Vol 81 No 244) so made; a right reserved under 22 O.S. 22-31 and 22-32 rule; in human trafficking and relief obligated 21 O.S. 21-748.2 rule and 22 U.S.C. Chapter 78 rule; made ncessary the alteration of such notices to disbar releif obligated and 76 O.S. 76-8 rights suspended in fraud of infringement against XXIII-1A rights and 76 O.S. 76-9 rule.

As a jury foreman, I had to be the one to point out in the prior case I sat, that the promise of immunity made and so recorded in video did by estoppel negate the claim of confession for what was then admitted a complaint of sexual assault committed against the accused by the alleged victim on the basis of gender (II-36A) which I later found on confession before my own person to be a genuine attempt to entrap and falsely frame in felony a person for sexual offense by offer of sexual favor for testimony in perjury by a minor against the accused. Further evidence of a pattern of this perjury was also presented, in written admission of a second allegation, and so affirmed our decision - only after three of the men in the jury did stand and admit in defense of the accused they had also been so subject to knowingly false allegations and advances in the City of Ada, for which they were likewise demonized wrongly.

A juvenile examination of the evidence would have exposed this matter, and for such acquittal I feel in no small way some of this animosity in the community has been enriched and falsely promoted by persons named in our criminal complaint known to be associates of the regional agencies, a retaliation against a juror for a decision duly rendered in RECORD a court of law, and order made. Efforts to knowingly accuse such report of Federal Felony Violations as non compos mentis in a premeditated defense strategy is evident in these acts, barred at law per 43A O.S. 43A-5-104, such report of misconduct witnessed in "sale of social security benefits on false report" evident to a juvenile examination of the medical report in record clear embezzlement from medicare and social security programs by STATE OF OKLAHOMA agents in our 2018 May findings and coordination with another victim subjected to the same examiner, which was not admitted hearing as required at law to further conceal this practice of embezzlement of funds in context to the $1.5 billion USD annual grant by UNITED STATES to STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

It is my opinion a Federal Special Prosecutor is required, as local STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA offices of the United States Attorney General have declined in evident fraud made clear in "MARK BITARA et al v UNITED STATES" defense by sovereign immunity now disbarred standing per 5 U.S.C. 556d and 557 rule, and on violation of 5 U.S.C. section 706 in Administrative Hearing not granted to false records made to obtain funds in fraud against the estate of persons themed UNITED STATES CITIZENS in STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS. Proceedings into this matter were suspended due to the COVID-19 closure of all 77 COUNTY COURTS in STATE OF OKLAHOMA, further extending the December 31 2018 Answer made to claim filed November 2018 in extortion a barratry, well into April 19 2020 without seating of a jury or other NATIONAL EMERGENCY or STATE EMERGENCY affording relief in 18 USC 3161 rule, "Speedy Trial" not met or injury despoiling return of a child obligated prior May 29 2019, themed hostage of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION resident in State of Oklahoma and an INTERFRENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE at length, aiding MICHIGAN, NEW YORK, SHENZEN CHINA, and NATION OF JAPAN foreign corporations claims against the party in STATE OF OKLAHOMA seeking forfeiture of property valued at over $423 million USD in competitive sale (2018, PEARL ABYSS acquisition of CCP GAMES, ICELAND; a subsidiary of TENCENT HOLDINGS INCORPORATED subordinate PARADOX INTERACTIVE, the owner/operator of WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING, named also in the 2013-2020 extortion letters regarding the prior child sustained in work by the "187" group and letters exceeding 323 documents now before the court, a criminal scheme to kidnap).

For more information on the matters in question, a reading of Quotes from "Marbury v Madison" is essential:

Explicitly in the effort ot disbar a person from public office or appointment by child abduction or civil debt then applied to disable their commission or RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) held to be an enumerated right, does Marshall write in 5 U.S. 137:

The value of a public office, not to be sold, is incapable of being ascertained.
- John Marshall

Marshall's immediate point is that public offices are not personal property in the sense that money or a parcel of land might be considered "property." This distinction is directly relevant to the case because it determines what legal options are available for defending Marbury's claim to his office. In making the distinction, Marshall also underscores the significance of the case, since it deals not with furniture or real estate, but with something inherently priceless.

It is emphatically the duty of the Judicial Department to say what the law is.
- John Marshall

This sentence is the "meat" of the case from a constitutional-law perspective. With it Marshall declares that although Congress can make laws, the courts get to decide how those laws are applied. At the highest level, such decisions take the form of judicial review, where the Supreme Court determines whether a law or other action is constitutional. Though judicial review is considered fundamental to American law today, the principle was not articulated by the courts prior to Marbury v. Madison.

If courts are to regard the Constitution, and the Constitution is superior to any ordinary act of legislature, the Constitution [...] must govern the case to which they both apply.
- John Marshall

Here Marshall goes into a little more detail concerning the workings of judicial review. When the Supreme Court reviews a case, it applies a principle known as constitutional supremacy. This means that in a conflict between the Constitution and any other law, the Constitution "wins." This idea, though basic to American law today, was not something to take for granted when the U.S. legal system was in its infancy. In some other countries (notably the United Kingdom), it is the legislature, and not a written constitution, that is held to be supreme.

'It is a general and indisputable rule that where there is a legal right, there is also a legal remedy [...] whenever that right is invaded.'
-John Marshall

This language comes from William Blackstone (1723–80), an English jurist whose Commentaries (1765–69) became the standard textbook for legal studies in the early United States. Because the American legal system was still in its early stages, the Marshall Court often cited Blackstone as a guide to how U.S. law should be applied. Here, Marshall invokes Blackstone as an authority on the relationship between injuries (violations of rights) and remedies (legal actions correcting the violation).

It cannot be presumed that any clause in the Constitution is intended to be without effect.
-John Marshall

Some of the advocates in Marbury v. Madison argued for a different interpretation of the Constitution than the one Marshall and the other justices upheld. They maintained that granting appellate jurisdiction to the Supreme Court did not mean withholding original jurisdiction.

If this interpretation is correct, Marshall argues, then parts of the Constitution have no legal effect. Marshall maintains that such ineffectual language, called surplusage, can never be presumed to exist in the Constitution. This principle recurs in later Marshall Court decisions, which tend to favor constitutional interpretations that avoid surplusage.

The Constitution is either a superior, paramount law, unchangeable by ordinary means, or it is on a level with ordinary legislative acts, [...] alterable when the legislature shall please to alter it.
- John Marshall

Here, Marshall restates the idea of constitutional supremacy by way of a dilemma. He favors—and in later decisions consistently upholds—the former position, which treats the Constitution as "a superior, paramount law." The notion of altering the Constitution "whenever the legislature shall please" is itself contrary to the Constitution, which includes (in Article 5) a specific process for introducing amendments.

Why does a judge swear to discharge his duties agreeably to the Constitution of the United States if that Constitution forms no rule for his government? if it is closed upon him and cannot be inspected by him?
-John Marshall

As he nears the end of his opinion, Marshall grows more emphatic. If the Constitution is not to be used as a standard for judging other laws, he demands to know, what is the point of the judiciary? To swear to uphold the Constitution and then not be permitted to do so, he argues, is a form of extreme hypocrisy.

AFFIRMED 586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091, For the Unanimous Supreme Court of the United States (9-0) in Opinion by Justice Ginsburg (Feb 2019)

AFFIRMED 590 U.S. ____ case no 18-5924 "RAMOS v. LOUISIANA", for obligation not met in PETERSEN v. ALLEN in claim of 'serious crime' themed 21 O.S. felony wrongly to conceal 21 O.S. 21-891 violation in Title IV Grant fraud alleged, afforded 5 U.S.C. § 706 rule an 18 USC 2071 and 241 claim permitted 15 USC 1692d. Specifically over 2001-2020 15 USC 1692d(1) rule:

(1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.

This includes refusing to communicate with a creditor regarding taking after taking of funds to refuse report of wrongful taking, in false claim of 15 USC 1692b(6) rule, a fraud by OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, April 24 2020; to escape 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule a fraud. Acts in combination with fraud themed violation of 15 USC 1681a and 1681b Federal Law in 2017-2020.

This Notice possible per 590 U.S. ____ case no 18-1150 "GEORGIA v PUBLIC.RESOURCE.ORG INC.", decided 2020 April 20.

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