Stupid F* Frequently Asked Questions

SFFAQ covers some basic concepts that every competent person should know, but recur in astounding frequency in the false claims surrounding the child taking and child abuse claims concerning the ongoing 2001-2023 concealment for extortion of a business in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by competitors in Japan and China, their agency in persons in the United States and IANA.ORG and ICANN and META and GOOGLE service abuse, and consistent ANTRITRUST PRACTICES that require harsh language to briefly convey the urgency of not being a waste of public time.

Harsh language to follow. Not suitable for all audiences. Ages 21+. Nothing in the following shall be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. It is a policy handbook on the customs and practices of common law in the State of Oklahoma and former occupied territories settled by United States Citizens in INDIAN TERRITORY made foreign to United States by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

Putting Nortel Networks Failure In Perspective

While I feel it stands to reason this should be common knowledge now, I still recall when I was in junior high school and mad at the world to think some people were paid more than local jobs in my small rural community. There was a time I also felt $40/hour was ridiculous. I was young. And stupid. And a victim of the expectations set by public schools and my peers, who were like most youth today - being led to slaughter in an obsolete and broken public education system staffed by failed academics and perverts.

Nortel and jobs prior, helped correct my views in working with real companies and leadership of very large enterprises, scale of communications, and most importantly - the business economics of industrial communications and data services at scale for national and global clients.

Which is to say, I learned watching other companies transition from dial-up and pre-dial-up into the digital economy, in what others call 'the dot com bubble', from the nerve center of those firms customer service operations and billing for those systems. This job was afforded to me because I was the best in a worst region, not the educated candidate choice, and partially - because the clients were trying to get something for next to nothing: opening the door to an outsider and self-taught candidate by paying 50% of the going rate in rural Oklahoma. No one, and I mean no one, would take the job for the money offered - who had any choice or access to other clients in major cities.

This is important, in putting into perspective, what happened next. As well as to understand the racism and violence that followed.

The Numbers

First, some numbers to put this into perspective.

Nortel was a $250 billion failure. By contrast, the Texas Savings and Loan Scandal was a mere $132 billion government loss, and MCI-Worldcom scandal was a mere $11 billing balance sheet fraud.

I, like many consumers, had never heard of NORTHERN TELECOM (NORTEL). It was a utility and service for the emerging wireless and optical Internet, and despite rapid growth like today's NVIDIA CORPORATION ($2 billion to $44 billion USD in 5 years), was known by its clients like Sprint/T-Mobile cellular services and other regional Internet Service Providers. Nortel owned 80% of the patents needed for optical Internet at that time, and as such had a monopoly position in the technology sector similar to the modern RTX graphics pipeline for NVIDIA CORPORATION. Like NVIDIA, this got it into some trouble.

Most clients balk at $2 million per month in utility bills, much less those figures, but at scale a $1+ billion company is very common as of 2023. Much less so in 2003. Less in 1993-1999.

Capital investment to create $7 billion 'start up' firms, and $6 trillion capital asset companies like Tencent Holding Co Ltd of China, without State backing and monopolies afforded such foreign national regions, seemed nearly impossible in the markets of the late 1990s. Nortel was a fluke, based on a technology and evolving demand for its services overseas and in International business, much like petroleum markets, with similar risks.

And like the oil industry in Texas, Nortel was not prepared for the level of corruption that contributed to the prior MCI-Worldcom and Texas Savings and Loan scandals, possible only in a lawless border state a short drive from flight to Mexico for executives willing to take criminal risk.


Labor union activity and unregistered labor groups operating with organized crime are a factor in any large organization. The same was true of Nortel. Despite the high education level of computer and software, the labor market was exhausted due to the growth of Internet based businesses in the dot com bubble, as public adoption of Internet business activity was accepted on a large scale. As a result, something fishy was going on.

Internal teams were increasingly reliant on JAVA and other technologies that promised 'free' and license friendly benefits, which were both unsustainable and false in nature. Money was missing. Work requests were backing up 6 months. Millions of Dollars in client billing was for the first time being refused payment until something was done - and no one wanted to say who was responsible.

Under color of building a new exploratory technology team, designed to research emerging technology to create an alternative to JAVA and ORACLE Corporation products then heavily relied upon; Nortel commissioned a 30 person team to develop solutions. In fact, the team was built to solve a problem regarding communications inside the company, and a breakdown in methods from being a small firm to working at scale.

Before 10 people were hired, the crisis was developing, and distress was evident. Not only could the company not find 30 developers, but those it was hiring were proving to be 'less' capable than advertised. Turnover was high, and only 3 members of staff were eventually retained for the contract out of the 30 seats promised. Assurance I would not be 'that one guy working double shifts overnight to carry the company' were, again, foiled - as I was one of those three. The other two were the manager of the division and an artist he knew personally.

The job tasked to us, was to sort the data of all of the client billing and find out why work requests were not being fulfilled. Jobs were going in one end, but not coming out, and no one knew how the communications system really worked. It turns out - it was based on email, and those mail servers were a poor fit and unsafe for the task, as later bankruptcy proved for two reasons.

The Reasons

Reason number one is obvious - email is not a sound reliable form of transport.

Which is to say, it was never designed to carry a vital process, nor a best (or minimum) practice, and a holdover from the days Nortel was very small.

When part of an email chain of work failed, no one knew until the work was not executed. And even so, because no one knew or managed the process, parties on each end did not know why the requests were being ignored. Only that they paid for them, and service was not done. It was a blind process based on faith in a system without oversight.

It was also a system that never should have carried financial or vital technical information, stored, or transmitted such information.

A fact that later cost $250 billion USD.

Who is in Charge?

Mind you now, I was not the developer or architect of that. Nor aware or briefed on the facts as no one who still worked for the firm 'knew' how the system worked. In turnover and large organizations, especially competitive ones, key personnel often leave and no one knows they are in control of a process that can harm the company. When they go to a direct competitor with this information, or worse - with the passwords and access points, this can get much worse. And that is what happened in a nutshell. A party left the firm, did not forward the requests for a region, and let them pile up in his inbox which the network team did not deactivate or trace, leading to millions of Dollars in unserviced work orders.

It sounds dumb. Because it is. But it happens. And that explains most of the root problems in enterprise process management.

I was not in charge of that process. Nor privy to it. And the email server management was tasked to another group. This task and scope division, where departments lack an oversight or management officer who moves between divisions, led to the ultimate $250 billion snafu.

This did not 'just happen on its own', to be fair, and as later analysis confirmed of my initial report - an adversarial party had gained control over the email server and multiple accounts, from which it extracted vital bidding and contract information and technical data to Singapore which later led to the cancellation of contracts already entered into book as earnings by NORTEL to calculate their stock price in statements to the SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC); and upon such cancellation did the company become forced to restate its actual earnings - triggering a collapse of stock price in trading (perceived value, not actual value) from which the $250 billion loss of value was derived (a projected versus factual street value of stock held in conversion).

Someone did not 'steal' a $250 billion pallet of cash from the vault, or bearer bonds like Hans Gruber in Die Hard (movie);

The actual price of the stock just fell, sharply, 90%. Causing a mass panic and sell off by investors who believed they had 'securities' in the stock, and buy-back options and par value forced buy back risk that impaired NORTEL when it needed critical leadership.

Leadership was at fault. Because when told there was a data breach, they ignored and dismissed the report and the reporting parties, leading to the actual 2011 bankruptcy and 80,000 jobs terminated in the year 2000 to 2001 worldwide by the company. It was 'a bad call'. It was also a call resultant from poor face-to-face communication, and interception of email to the Directors, which the intruder actually answered with hateful and explicit remarks to abuse the reporting party - a snide proof of the audacity and vulgar nature of that competitor-agent seen since for 20 years of ongoing threats.

Brian Shields and other employees went to the police, but Canadian law enforcement like Texas law enforcement, wanted nothing to do with such a high value case - and wrongly assumed that a company in the $1+ billion range could solve this by civil litigation - denying service to the firm and specific victims which further encouraged foreign sovereign agency to abuse and discredit those reporting parties openly and aggressively.

Layperson Terms

Nortel was a failure that experts saw coming, and the warning signs were there, but leadership and law enforcement were arrogant and paid a price.

The comptroller of Nortel Richardson, afraid for his life, came to me and said he had genuine concerns about the practices he saw. The activity he was asked to endorse, he refused to support and left the firm, but prior to going he came down to my office and said, "You are the only honest person I know, and I don't know what they will say about me when I am gone, but I need to tell you something." He then described the practices and activities he was having to perform, and how they were irregular but not specifically illegal - which contributed to the lack of accountability and his belief that several groups in the company were actively working to drain the assets in a confident scheme the company would collapse before they were discovered. I had seen prior contractors and employees slandered and even been told outright that 'the last guy left to get a sex change' more than once, a claim popular among TEK SYSTEMS employees to discourage association or contact with the prior worker to gather reasons for failure and interview both sides in a normal project hand-off.

I was asked by the Director of the Richardson Facility, by one degree of separation, to investigate a unit which claimed my project was failing and at-fault for their performance issues.

The plan introduced me as a new hire to examine the group, and check for information which was part of their working group contract, specifically why they could not correct a memory allocation error in their application that was causing the fault. A defect they had initially tried to blame on my data application, which we had ruled out and deemed suspicious claim. If they had the source code, as claimed, and owned the application in full as an in-house product, there should be no reason for such a basic memory error to go unpatched.

I discovered almost immediately that the group was not building a source level in-house proprietary product. They were passing off a third-party server and web framework with licensing in closed source as an internal project, and that company and its product had the limitation of memory which caused my data to freeze their application. This was a contract breach, and so I reported it and returned to my department. I was told on verification, they were fired. I neither had a role in the decision making nor subsequent investigation, and simply reported the discovery made on request to investigate their claims and contract scope and terms.

Later, this group claimed (2003, 2011) that I was their employee, and that I was incompetent, to take and conceal my child and abuse him.


The Compensation Package

Being an insider and investigator in a very large enterprise, where organized labor is present and have access to capital to abuse the civil and family life of regulators and auditors, is very dangerous.

Compensation in my role, against such adversarial labor organizations, was not sufficient nor secure to compete with the corrupt TITLE IV AGENCY activity in State of Texas, similar to prior TEXAS SAVINGS AND LOAN failure and complicity by the Attorney General of the State of Texas - Greg Abbott. And such frauds under his administration a pattern of criminality that helped put him in the position of Governor to sustain that fraud activity against the United States over the following years of concealment of my child.

Ultimately, this is a United States corruption issue, from Bush Sr. to Biden era of administration, exposing the compromise of other organizations like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and State law enforcement; for similar cause of political and financial foreign sovereign influence behind the NORTEL scandal.

The lesson, in NORTEL, is that - bad things happen outside your scope of work and administrative authority. In an enterprise, you are reliant on that organization to provide security and stability against such abuse. When a foreign adversary or labor union, or insider operating for a very large foreign national competitor overcomes the normal stability of an enterprise: the ability to flee and to protect your family and property become one of compensation and liberty. I spent 20 years dealing with the fallout of that contract, for less than 12 months of my life.

When compensation packages are mentioned, and high school children balk at the rate some contractors and specialists, auditors, and officers are paid for the risk they assume - granted no protection of State or Federal Law as pledged by the United States and its member States, keep in mind - it can cost you a family and your children, parents, and home. It can kill you.

The rates charged by persons in that position of adversarial risk are often much higher than those of a line cook or welder, because the risk to life and property is inconsistent with ordinary rates. Nortel may not have foreseen the risk, nor paid based on that, but what they needed was an investigative cybercrime unit; and that's what they got. The job title was 'WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION' (WETD), a joke among acronyms created by the Manager who formed the unit. It's amazing how few people actually get the fact the name was a joke.

Instead, I get accosted (2022 January 30th) by adversaries in that dispute who are still stalking, following, and sending me elaborate written threats to try to discredit me and suppress my testimony 20 years after NORTEL collapsed, and 12 years after the bankruptcy was finalized in 2011. The nature of those threats are mentally unhinged, with claims that sound absurd when we discuss them later, speaking of 'monopoly' and 'narcissistic delusional allegations expressing a clear superiority complex in full psychotic rage', speaking to me as if I was a 'fraud' and 'criminal pretending to be a technical engineer'. Naturally, these claims are evident in the letters of extortion in the concealment and abuse of my child, who remains missing and exploited in State of Texas without communication since 2001 August, and by the people directing him to remain in hiding with the aid of State of Texas TITLE IV AGENCY employees full support, contrary law.

In that particular contact, in January 2022, the writer claimed to be a Wireless Engineer who began to aggressively question me about towers and signal strength - escalating into a full blown psychotic pattern of claims that asserted that any person who owns a computer which uses TCP/IP protocol MUST submit to the authority of the IANA.ORG and its member groups without exemption, and that I cannot own or operate my computer, network, or business without their direction and say so. Asserting that the AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBER (ASN) group was the sole authority to have any right to do business in optical data services, and I should consider myself delusional for disputing their authority - because this persons (styled as female, obviously male and approaching me under false persona in a pattern of such abuse) went to the conferences and actually worked with the vendors who are the leaders in the industry.

Batshit crazy. That's the best term to describe the behavior. But genuine.

I can see how a mentally ill person could arrive at those conclusions. But I can also say - it was irrational and abusive, and coincided with January 28th 2022 letter from Donald Jonathon Beal to City of Ada attorney to request a video from ADA CITY POLICE then used to send extortion threats April 4 2022, May, June, October 5th 2022, November 4th 2022, and every weekend in January 2023 and again February 4th and 5th 2023. All under false names, threatening me, in control over my missing and exploited child (now an adult, concealed without contact to extort).

These claims, made in concert with the SENIOR IP ENGINEER of NTT COMMUNICATIONS and DIRECTOR OF IP ENGINEERING of NTT COMMUNICATIONS over 2001-2023, under the group name LOSTSERVER.NET and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, are typical of what such jobs can produce.

The prior, a member of the INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE of the IANA.ORG, is known to me solely due to the threat letters and ICANN registration of my legal name to extort and conceal my child - enjoined use of NTT COMMUNICATIONS servers in Michigan and California, and with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and ABOVE.NET services to carry the fraud.

Ironically, the 1996 "INTERNET ENGINEERING TASK FORCE" document RFC-1918 prohibits just such claims.

Private networks, which are not part of "The Internet" (a product, never themed a monopoly), may not be subject to the IANA.ORG or the IANIA.ORG dictate the use of private computer equipment or assignment of names and numbers. It may only set terms for connecting to "The Internet" which are civil contracts and limited to the DEMARCATION of such services, made by other private companies who are neither owned nor operated or beholden in their franchise to set 'monopoly-like-agreements' against users or clients to satisfy any United States authorized organization not made Regulation or Law of the United States; nor to service the quasi-International organization IANA.ORG or ICANN group who operate the TOP-LEVEL-DOMAIN-NAME-SERVER group (TLD) for that (private, limited) business product community - in a non-exclusive non-authoritative role.

TLD is operated by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and other groups, including VERIZION, and is not a monopoly.

Any user of the "Internet": which is not a trademark-capable word and in public use, like "toilet paper", free for anyone to use; can opt to use an "alternate Top Level Domain" (TLD) service, and the mapping of such names to IP ADDRESSES in the IPv4 and IPv6 space then routed over the networks by requests will work the same as it does for the major TLD group services.

All that such registries do is sell you a database entry for TLD in their system, in buying a domain name. If a company or group were to change TLD, it would void that name because the product you purchase is the database use, not the trademark of the name or exclusive right like the PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES. By presuming to be such a 'government entity' - the original TLD group have become a threat to the United States, acting in contest of their authority, and for a foreign sovereign interest contrary the commission of their original service and office made a franchise of any entity in the United States.

Conflicts and Monopoly Delusions

Clearly, this fact (RFC-1918) takes the spunk out of the narcissist delusion that some people 'control the Internet'. To be fair, data networks that are wholly separate from 'The Internet' have existed and will continue to exist as competing services.

Examples include "MILNET" (SIPR/NIPR) and "INTERNET 2.0" (also based in Ann Arbor, MI); as well as "SEVEN ALPHA", my product.

Such services are made for the obvious reason - to keep delusional abusive and criminal elements physically off the communications networks of legitimate organizations, who require the ability to SANCTION and BAN bad actors, and limit by default all access to sensitive information for select audiences.

These private networks have a right to exist, and effort by "INTERNET" companies and businesses and corrupt local and foreign governments to impose 'NTT-like' monopoly status, as we see in Sweden and with TELIA services (now ARELION / TWELVE99.NET named after their ASN 1299 designation), show how these companies are engaging in quasi-government activity and racketeering to support a private commercial franchise independent of the laws of a host nation, a violation of their "International Organization" standing, and terrorism in overt communications and violence directed toward competitors.

Support from GOOGLE LLC and ALPHABET INC. in these activities, including employee aid and support to such fraud, evident in TWITTER and META products discrimination in 2016-2023, are a proof of organized and criminal insurrection owing a Federal Trade Commission investigation and sanction by the United States Corporation Commission.

The Challenge of Going to Washington DC

Narcissistic criminals, and the foreign government behind their activity, would style any person so victimized by this monopoly abuse and organized fraud as a 'small person' and 'nobody', because that's exactly how prior fascist and communist propaganda have overcome whistleblowers and dissenters for a Century of successful human rights violations and corruption in populist revolutionary uprising and foreign interference in government.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that accusing a person of 'thinking they matter' as 'crazy', to begin to recognize this treasonous behavior.

It would be laughable if:

Normalizing 'a few rapes' or 'the odd kidnapping', or de facto hostage taking for 'the greater good', is both improper, as it is absurd when put into perspective. But for those of us who work in International Affairs and geopolitical regions outside the United States, it is a very real fact that open and un-prosecuted sexual assault and human trafficking are widespread and narcotics trafficking open and tolerated by many regional law enforcement and State and Federal groups, under the liberal EXTREME DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL MOVEMENT, known generally as Young Hegelianism.

For those unfamiliar with history, Old Hegelian political theory holds that the world is perfect and as it should be, and effort to overcome the status quo is a mental health defect in youth and the dissenting. It is not medical psychology. It is a political argument for invalidating the rights and protections of suffrage in a society to remove dissent.

Young Hegelian thinkers, like Karl Marx and Adolph Hitler, promoted that the world is imperfect, but change in the name of 'public health' and 'science' to apply the new (bullshit made-up and fraudulent) claims of 'agreed science' like eugenics and extermination of persons who fail to conform to a social 'workers paradise' are the only rational solution to resistance of 'agreed settled (populist) policy'.

That we are seeing this come back after the Holocaust, indicates what a strong influence organized neo-nazi and foreign (former AXIS) national support for those defeated ideas and claims contrary a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT have been given life by foreign sovereign influence and state-sponsored monopoly control over the "(Old) Internet".

The Bonking

I studied Psychology, along with political theory and mass communication - in context to signal warfare and advanced warfighting in a modern (NATO) era against foreign occupation for most of my life. As my professor would say, "There are two kinds of people. The kind who conform when bad things start to happen at a societal and political level, and the kind who get bonked on the head." I, much to my regret often, am one of the latter (the kind likely to be bonked on the head), for having (and expressing) convictions in time of political turmoil and corruption.

This is both a character trait, and the reason I was hired and promoted over other persons in large organizations - before I reached the height of corruption and was promptly (and with little ceremony) kicked off the top of the proverbial Aztec Temple of Sacrifice for failing to get with the new program (corruption, bad business decisions, and lying to the client regardless the foreseeable consequences).

The PeoplePC scandal being a perfect example of that.

In another job, I had a scope of managing the telecommunications for seven call centers and 3000 employees nationwide, over a new computer manufacturing company (PeoplePC).

While my scope of work literally was "keep the phones running" and route 500 calls a minute to maintain maximum possible service levels, using Lucent metro-class equipment; I was not in charge of the computer or data network, product testing, or direct agent teams. If you have ever called a company for support, and spoken with an 'engineer' or 'associate', you spoke with one of those people I just mentioned in the 'trenches' of very large scale customer relations support (CRM).

When I learned that the new model PC had a defective chip, which would cause it to fail and freeze, I immediately conveyed that information to the Account Manager over the company, whose job was to communicate the risk and costs estimates for each period to the client (PeoplePC).

I was told, plainly, "Don't tell them that! It will generate more calls for us and more billing!"

I attempted to impress upon him that this was not a 'minor inconvenience' defect, and would tank the company - thus depriving us of our client as a successful and lucrative business line. The Account Manager refused to take that under advisement, and ordered me to not report the information.

PeoplePC shipped the device. The product failed. They were forced to replace the major component (the main board in every PC affected), and it destroyed them. We lost the account, obviously, when they lost the line of business they had developed on good will. But that was my experience. Single failures in an Enterprise Class operation, at national scale, can have substantially negative results.

Now, unless you are a delusional madmad, it should be obvious this was not a question of 'authority' or 'self-importance' in any of the prior decisions. It was a question of 'scope of work' and chain of command.

I informed command of a finding on actionable intelligence, asserted to the risk of my position and insubordination objection to the (illegal) order to proceed, and when overruled complied - resulting in the failure of the client and thousands of jobs lost. In a contract situation, the roles and authority of such officers and office are clear and defined.

That is not to say I don't think about that decision with regret every day of my life, long after PeoplePC became a dial-up company of last-resort and ended its credit practice to allow average Americans to buy a computer at less than $100 per month. The client changed the industry, and Dell adopted those financing plans to create a whole new line of business in finance, superior to their actual history as a computer manufacturer.

What did I Get Paid For

What I did in the PeoplePC role, and with other clients like AT&T and YAHOO, BEST BUY USA, and other brands I do not want to mention without an attorney present and in closed court - was to perform the job role assigned, with limitations express in my scope of work.

People who make stupid decisions are quick to spread the blame, but in the end - only the officer over the group has the authority to make a call in policy that the working unit is then responsible to implement or refuse on substantial grounds of legal or ethical rule, often not evident or clear and definable.

Compensation for this role of 'support' and 'responsibility' are often disproportionate to the regular 'labor hour' because the consequences of a bad call are long-term and can be career-ending. Even when you are not the officer over the unit who made the bad call, the reputation of the client and the failure of a business entity follow you forever.

Higher compensation covers that risk, and is increasingly harder to obtain because of the myth that such wages and benefits are the reward for State accredited education or degree programs, vendor endorsements (certifications) or other accolade or membership in a labor 'association' (union); whether styled as one of workers or academic or commercial membership (a club).

While this is common knowledge, unskilled workers admitted to this environment or in the 'trenches' of SERVER MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION or other line-tech interface and hands-on-labor role; often and improperly confuse this pay difference with a 'worth' assessment of real people.

It should be a warning sign of mental instability.

Limited Manpower

However, due to the very simple and specialized role in such tasks, bad workers are often retained despite these mental health issues - as they do not affect their work; or worse - energize and motivate them in a psychotic degree - to try to overcome other workers and competitors in an ego-centric pattern of activity. Even going so far as to engage in activity outside of the authority or law to achieve gains over the competitor of a company. This is what NTT GROUP in NTT AMERICAN INC. and its activity did in my opinion, and evident in their abuse of creating sites in my LEGAL NAME to extort NORTEL and other clients in 2001-2023.

The use of mentally unstable high functioning employees to engage in crime and criminal activity is not new, nor is the evidence of a clear pattern of knowledge that the acts are morally or legally wrong distant when the parties use FALSE LEGAL NAME to extort, blackmail, and send threats in their own name to coerce family members of competitors to surrender.

It would seem obvious that firing such workers would be policy, but until Federal Justice or other State intercedes, companies are afraid to take action and often conceal these behaviors until irreparable harm is done. Injury done impacts the reputation of both the company and their clients and industry, as well as all organizations affiliated with the conduct; but at scale of $1+ billion transactions and $100+ billion annual income, such conduct is worth paying the settlements (if any) and proceeding.

In this fashion, State of Texas business and State of California historical formation to overthrow their legitimate governments to join the United States, sets a tone and historical pattern for their present affiliation with Nation of Japan and People's Republic of China as strategic partners of the State - often and in clear conflict with the Laws of the United States.

In prior Centuries, if a port city were to ally with a foreign sovereign, the king or government of that nation would realize this is a threat to the national security of the country. Today, in a false sense of sophistication, the Obama, Biden, and Bush administrations have failed to do so.

Only Donald Trump saw and reported the issues I documented over 2001-2023, and for it he was targeted in exactly the same method as I was in 2018-2020; incorporating the same employee and insider abuse of mass communications to impair the normal and ordinary election process - even styling his supporters as mentally ill openly to overcome them and disable permanently their business and participation in society.

What happened to me and my family, happened to the Country in 2018-2023.

A Look at History

Rebellion, insurrection, foreign undue influence, and the purchase of foreign control over ports and major exchanges of interstate means of commerce (The Internet) are nothing new.

They are simply hard to recognize unless you are up on the 'Wall' so to speak, and as the Hun approach your commanding officer orders you to 'open the gate' so they can pass. Whether he is holding a purse of gold or just a coward and unwilling to make resistance because he can foresee the outcome; it is a very apt metaphor of the nature of corruption in our "INTERNET" business community and foreign character of ICANN and IANA.ORG operations in 2001-2023.

When members of an enterprise organization - even one as unregulated as "The Internet" - cannot trust their superior officers to uphold the charter or follow orders, and to take bribes and operate on behalf of adversarial forces in their own interest to a high degree, the separation of a 'legal organized body' (RONR 12th Ed) is inevitable.

Whether that is due to discrepancy in compensation packages inciting the poor and line-workers to rise up and overthrow the officers standing the peril against such foreign influence, or due to unchecked spending and foreign wars which dilute the economic power of the currency to an unsustainable degree - there comes a time when the 'shining city on the hill' is lost, and anyone who fought against the incursion must flee or die, or be subject to cruel and unusual bondage there if they remain as retaliation for making resistance to corruption.

When you ask why officers and specialists are paid 'large sums' for very little work, remember: that is "run away money".

Money (not social status, or perks, or promises of healthcare or other false and tenuous support), which serves to help them "get themselves and their family out of the region and away from the threat" if the battle does not go in the favor of the "good guys". Far too often, and due to public schools and State career programs, we fail to teach this fundamental component of basic economics to students - in the rush to solicit them to join the workforce and play the game. It is a game, in the sense, that no matter what you know or who you know, you can lose and your family may have to survive without the benefit of the support you once provided. Whether that is because you are physically dead, or 'untouchable' after an enemy force overcomes your society and renders you specifically or your class as enemies of the present narrative - is virtually the same.

Companies pay high compensation to assume 'risk', and to support those persons (and their families) when things do not go as planned or expected.

That we have ceased to teach students that the means to stay alive, and even the right to be alive, without participating in the "LABOR FORCE" plan and mandatory employment in the State and wages and ideal model of home and life - is criminal.

History proves that where a population is reduced to subsistence, reliant upon constant employment (bondage) for their daily security - that social collapse and oppression, abuse, and corruption are sure to follow quickly.

The Insanity of Free Agency

Asian and extreme socialist countries like Sweden and Japan, who have ascribed to the New Hegelian model under color of 'public health' - just like the last regime we had to fight in the skies and on the ground from Omaha Beach to Berlin, have again assumed in 2001-2023 a fraudulent model granted the reach of "Internet" services to organize, standardize, and hijack the normal social development of young developing persons into a naive and simplistic delusion of what life and work, society, and political and private life are. Extinguishing the very idea of 'a private life', similar to the Soviet Revolution and Chinese Communist Revolution. The idea that a person exists for themselves, not for the State, or society as-the-state, is actually becoming quite closely associated with mental health defect by these radicalized 'grass roots' movements financed by overseas interest in U.S. affairs and business.

Interest especially in the monopoly the United States briefly had in information and computer science, and the possibility to establish such monopoly in control over key patents and technology sector producers - from which control over the modern "means of production" in a clear exclusive quasi-government administration of "The Internet" as a transaction channel and form of banking through its overt regulation and content misuse (both abuse without protection of law, and criminalizing the report of facts contrary State and corporate narratives to suppress whistleblowers and victims of corporate and state abuse).

Some media companies, like my own, are fighting back - but we are being literally killed in the streets.

Fair Compensation

In the end, a corrupt state will always style those dissidents and whistleblowers as 'invalid people', and seek to overcome them. Both in commercial access to employment as well as property and even the taking and dismemberment of families for political retaliation. The United States and its DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL PARTY are engaged in this, just like the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY, to a degree that the reliance on the courts and law enforcement as presently standing at the gate cannot and will not for self-interest, make resistance. Against foreign state-sponsored movements and adversarial actors, they stand no greater chance than did NORTEL when foreign adversaries targeted the company for industrial espionage and sabotage.

There were faults in NORTEL, in management, and in handling of accounts - to be sure - but those were not the root cause of the failure. Nor could Brian Shields or I do anything as individuals against such abuse without the help of Law Enforcement and the respective Canadian and United States government, beyond the scope of our own limited authority.

Even daring to report the facts today, places both our lives in danger, and that of our families for doing so. And NORTEL does not endorse or support such report, having sold those assets to other firms and divested their portfolio into other companies who paid to divy up the remaining intellectual property at pennies on the Dollar.

Nortel is just one of dozens of clients, with similar good and bad experiences, that I can talk about only because 20 years have passed and 10 years since the bankruptcy hearing closed. More so, because non-compete laws have changed, and been ruled Unconstitutional by the Federal Trade Commission in 2023.

Such non-compete contracts - wherein I could not work for two years for any competitor of NORTEL or PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES - and the very allegation that I did work for TEK SYSTEMS was a public fraud to suggest I violated my employment contract to damage my future earnings and "ability to pay" on the concealment of my son by his abductors - demonstrates the abuse and likely unlawful nature of such contracts to impose terms and limitations beyond the period of payment for services, from which other 'extrinsic fraud' done then did overcome my ability to protect my family and property in 2001-2003, placing me into conditions that were actual 'human trafficking' and requiring aid from friendly and brave Oklahoma based business owners to actually help me escape.

So when someone tells you - the compensation is not fair - you remember, there can be actual conditions of 'slavery' and 'debt bondage' and 'forced labor' for persons who are abused to that degree by competitors misuse of INTERNET services to defraud the public. And that human trafficking and removal of children to create a hold over a person is a very real threat even in the upper areas of a six-figure income. Because of the value of such employment and trade secret access and insider information, its misuse, and wrongful transfer for access to see or speak with a missing and exploited child - as I was subjected to in 2002 - it is vital you recognize those financial agreements serve to insulate and protect vital employees (NORTEL, designation of my role in 2001).

I was in the process of removing my family from the organized crime area when the child was taken by surprise, and my witness in such taking died December 25 2022 when his home burned down. Just like my office 'burned down' in 2002 during the trial after threats of arson and against my other witness then living there. Two other members of my group have been killed. One suffocated on a pillow. The other turned into oncoming traffic suddenly in front of a semi-truck, much like I almost did on an open road when the bolt on my front left wheel snapped where someone removed 4 of the 5 lugnuts in 2003. And another walked into traffic, at night, where they were struck on an Interstate.

These are not the way most people commit 'suicide', and in concert with threats of arson in 2013 by the LOSTSERVER group in written publications toward my person, sustained in 2021-2023, show a serious pattern of foreign influence over U.S. technology sector businesses to overcome our testimony before Congress of a foreign agency requiring substantial and immediate Federal oversight.

Efforts to style such matters as a mental or emotional health disorder, by the parties, only further compel a clear finding of criminal activity in the taking, concealment, and abuse of a child ORDERED TO MY POSSESSION. As well as evident fraud in the filing of such false claim to obtain any limitation on my custody of my child, sustained by State of Texas to embezzle federal funds in excess of over $700 million USD per year from 2001-2023.

Ego Has Nothing to Do With Complaint

Such activity, purposefully styled in false light by LOSTERVER/NTT employees and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. workers, as union labor activity versus competitors; indicates why the education and organizational endorsements, association, and affiliation with such conduct is neither sufficient or credible to my party and witnesses directly threatened in 2001-2023. Identity theft of witnesses in February 4th 2023 continues to show a willing criminal enterprise in such conduct, which letters threatening admit are the direct actions of a worker in the Denver Colorado area and involvement with Fort Collins Colorado and Denton County and Dallas County perpetrators activity to sustain these frauds.

In concert with identity theft of my late foster mother, both in letters to extort in 2001 December and 2003 September, and again in 2022 May during and after her death to carry this fraud; the wages I was paid do not begin to accommodate the costs and injury done by NTT COMMUNICATIONS employees and their clients and providers organized activity to disable my report.

Insane claims that I do so because I am "more influential or important than my job title or my wages or household, or ability to meet illegal demands put upon my legal person in TITLE IV fraud suggest" are criminal racketeering to disable the United States in fraud, documented in the SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION employee actions obtained by my office showing use of fictional persons as witnesses for the false claims, duly submitted to obtain benefits in a manner specifically designed to impeach my testimony to the United States and Federal Justice Department permanently - a criminal design requiring multiple parties to commit felony wrongdoing to accomplish in concert with regional and personal special interest.

Under a foreign theory of law, this misplaced 'concept of an importance in society' set by payment of EXCESSIVE FINES and false debts and bribes, may hold some standing. Under U.S. Law, it is treason on first look, and a criminal enterprise in State of Texas which has extended into State of Oklahoma and State of Florida, State of Colorado, State of Wyoming, and originated in State of Michigan, State of California, and State of New York operational groups defined clearly at law.

The Transition

It is a misleading claim to suggest that a person refuses to transition, or to accept lesser pay, where their family are dying and they need full-time care and support simply to maintain the property and animals victimized by violence with fraud and injury of a medical degree to those persons and chattel during a dispute.

One could say, this is the first "Internet Range War", similar to prior cattle and oil industry civil unrest - with foreign sponsorship of actions by specific national groups and special interest organizations operating across national borders.

The tactics are the same, and that 'run away money' essential for any business who is thinking of hiring someone to fight in that sort of conflict - both legally or physically - as we see in Ukraine where the data center used to attack my firms is a smoking ruin today, thanks to the Russia Federation's timely interdiction in its attacks on my company and family in the prior use.

Life and 'the private life' is a full time career - and the moment that a State seeks to impose upon a person a superior claim to surrender that for any debt or obligation of legal fiction (made by the court, not a real thing in natural law), to the extinguishment of the freedom of movement and right to compete in the market or leave the conditions of abuse - it has become a tyrannical form of government and alien to the commission of the United States under which such authority was exclusively, deliberately, and in a limited degree made by legal organization a charter of limited government rights and express duties in-consideration for any existence or other public authority.

The purpose of such violence seems clear, to damage confidence in that very institution by overcoming or corrupting its agency and officers to coerce control of the Public Trust, and in doing so - serve a foreign sovereign interest in the United States and its vital telecommunications and national defense.

To misplace those concerns, by trying to equate the matter to the 'title' or jobs that refugees are forced to take up to survive and feed their families in a political or commercial criminal abuse of public office, is criminal as well.

"Run Away Money" in a contract, compensation above subsistence means, is for this purpose also a defense obligated a competent employer - who asks his employee to stand up to a cartel or criminal or foreign sovereign state, risking their family and life, which cannot always be protected by regular employment after such assault or injury or abuse - made possible by the abuse of INTERNET services as a 'private company' and 'many companies' to wholly divest the ability to sue any one party for remedy or lasting regional relief and protection under the civil court process.

Ego Has Nothing To Do With It

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other Socialist theories often and criminally substitute 'ego' or 'assessment of self worth separate from that of society or the state' to criminalize their critics and opponents, enemies, and foreign theory of law as 'insane'.

As a military family, this sort of tactic against the Top Secret work of my family members for the United States was common knowledge. Having direct experience in Korea and Vietnam, and in other conflicts, as well as a deep rooted history in World Wars and the American Civil War, the rhetoric of war was already a language familiar to me even as a child - as well as a deep understanding of the duplicity of such rhetoric in the historical abuse of persons and tragedy of war as a reality and political impact.

These educational resources, not offered in public schools and career programs, made me more resistant to appeals in the community and social pressure, criminal influence, and regional pressure. They set me aside from many conventions, and that separation was wrongly interpreted as some emotional or mental defect of a delusional local flavor to imagine the fault was in my inner thoughts as imagined and construed by the hillbilly and racist redneck child fuckers who generally raise these delusional claims to speak for me or of my state of mind to satisfy their ego and prejudices.

To their mind, my refusal to take part in drugs, drinking, and child fuckery are a holding of myself above them - and thus my defect of mind.

The franchise to refuse to participate in child fuckery or other activity, against my convictions and ethics, morals, and purpose - never even enters into such persons consideration. One can either be 'part of the group/community' or 'outside' and thus 'invalid'.

Polite terms can be things like 'stoic' and 'iconoclast', but in frank terms the language used is usually 'gay', 'homosexual', 'transgender', 'a fucking vampire' (who sucks the life out of you, just to be around), et al.

From my perspective, I just dwell in a level of pressure and stress that would kill most people - in which I operate and carry out business and required work completely independent of the fear that many people have and the depression and hopelessness they succumb to in facing impossible circumstances. The presumption that I 'enjoy' being 'depressed' or 'sad' - is pure delusion, as is the idea that I am unhappy a projection of cowardice and weak character upon me by others viewing my circumstances and exhaustion from 16 hour days 365 days a year, always on the clock.

My work is not something I "come home from", and that is because I love my work and it is rewarding.

While line workers go home, the real world continues to move forward while they are on vacation or after 5, and if you care about that as a career or have equity in the industrial outcome of that market, a lifestyle is not something that the State or Court can deny you the right to enjoy or sell to you for some legal fiction that implies a duty to abandon your work and report for duty to the State as if a convicted criminal. This does not mean that the work does not support my children or family. It is just a leap of logic to sustain a false claim that such work does not support them 'in the manner they became accustom to' when they were spending 100% of the "run away money" on luxuries and eating at the Cheesecake factory twice a week and buying dinner at fine restaurants every day while living in a $2000/month ($250,000 sale price) private home with a private pool.

The entitlement to such a lifestyle, as if a form of employment in a $100,000 job role is a minimum performance to enjoy contact with children for a man; is absurd and criminal misrepresentation of the TITLE IV benefits to hold out the rights of family for substantial and unrealistic performance in a job market where those contracts (1 year maximum, 2 years off) preclude employment in any similar competitor engagement for 2 days for every day you work.

Even where those terms are being outlawed by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION in 2023, the 2001-2022 period of waiting for that ruling did not afford me much peace.

Nor have the claims that allege I "think I am a real life vampire" born of delusions and organized stalking by my son's Texas and Oklahoma family members and friends greatly impressed upon me any legitimacy in the United States legal system to carry out the minimum requirements of a competent enterprise under the Texas and Oklahoma administration(s).

Being a heterosexual male, of mixed race, targeted for Native American ethnic characteristics in an illegal and forced adoption whereby I was sold as a baby to a white family before I was even born against the will of my mother and father (per their own letter, received in 2022) - vastly imposes the clear RACISM and CRAZY INDIAN scheme evident in such claims by Texas Nationalists and their Japanese and Asian partners and employers, against my people and The Chickasaw Reservation (where I was registered and have lived since the 1970s, legally).

Calling me a "sad" Indian, to take my land, or a 'savage' or "vampire" or other evil spirit - is downright offensive, criminal, and a felony hate crime where incitement or actual physical injury was then done to me in 2001-2023 ongoing threats and assault at gunpoint in 2002.

Obviously I'm not 'happy' about the emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse of my child - but that is not sufficient cause to then in turn try to equate my prior wages or wage requirements and rates, size of my 'tribe' (number of employees, to justify a violent taking of children and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A right to work), or otherwise overcome me in my right to practice a trade (computer science) or own property.

It is fucking absurd, in short. And criminal. Owing Federal prosecution.

Delusional Stereotypes

The wages that are paid to persons like myself, to confront and remove such bias in very large organizations, - as we found at NORTEL and in the hiring policies of Texas businesses labor groups who had developed a system to "signal" human resources to hire certain persons based on 'prior agreed email address domains' in the resume; affording their white supremacist members to gain preference in hiring - speaks to the systemic racism now infiltrated into the Midwest, California, New York State, Florida, and Netherlands/Austria area in a weird partnership with Asian Nationalist countries (Japan, China).

It bears a strong resemblance to the prior AXIS POWERS appeal to people of Latin and Asian origin, which were successful in Brazil and Argentina after the war, as well as in money laundering and concealment of stolen Jewish property by Sweden.

Paired with the and Canadian hosting of THE DAILY STORMER in logs and appearing in February 2023 traffic reports to my service, one might even think we stumbled upon a neo nazi community of substantial scope established in Canada and Texas, Colorado, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Panama, and Argentina. Certainly, there is some 'nexus' of communication between those places in our traffic logs and the threats by Donald Jonathon Beal, correlating with his 2011 arrest and 2012 July 10 start of trial, after which we see two competitors appear to engage my firm July 11 2013 and July 11 2014 in City of Ada (Oklahoma) and Dallas Texas.

Findings this December 2022, show that the first firm is not even incorporated in the United States - and based in Canada near the location of the denial of service attacks on our network in Beauharnois Quebec; and in misuse by State of New Jersey to defraud job applications solicited in threats in April 2022 to my office on concealment of a child and extortion demands; and further in the discovery that the second firm is incorporated in State of Florida - but their actual owner/registered-agent is in fact living in Argentina (the country).

To my knowledge, a REGISTERED AGENT must live in the State where they are claiming to be available, and further be available from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday for SERVICE OF PROCESS to qualify as a valid agent.

One also cannot use a PRIVATE MAIL BOX (PMB) as a legal address for a company or officer, as it must accept SERVICE OF PROCESS and residency or business occupancy. Nor can one use terms associated with CORPORATIONS OF THE UNITED STATES as a title of any officer for a limited liability company (LLC), as we found in the Texas 2020 August 27th entity sending the threats to my family and City of Ada to extort - there designated as "DIRECTOR" and also as the well known copyright character "BOFH" created by Simon Travaglia (used in multiple product titles).

While trademark of an acronym is normally not permitted, copyright does prohibit such use as a LEGAL TITLE OF REGISTRATION for IX NETWORKS LLC owner Donald Jonathon Beal, and show a history of appropriating the work of other artists (Simon Travaglia, 1988-1999) to promote himself commercially in concert with other threats of a clear agency set forth in the extortion letters of September 12 2003 by Veronica Marie Petersen.

It is abit like calling yourself "Han Solo", a well known character in the industry, and then accusing your competitor of literally being "Darth Vader".

If this were a story and work of fiction, it would be interesting psychological drama - but this is actually what we found in our due diligence search of the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS and OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE OF FLORIDA.

It appears to be a literal "shell company" made in 2020 to conceal other silent partnership with 2013 and 2014 commercial interference and denial of service attacks upon our voice conferencing services to intimidate and overcome witnesses and customers; thereby denying income (and thus child support payments) to Magnus Vincent Petersen, a missing and exploited child. Using the child to gain business advantage upon such concealed activity, and employing the 11816 INWOOD RD DALLAS TEXAS 75244 address of the business officer DONALD JONATHON BEAL to send threats on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN demanding $70,000 USD or prosecution for failure to pay such sum of money - barred by 45 CFR Section 303.6 rule of TITLE IV AGENCY regulatory code, an illegal demand and void per 15 U.S. Code Section 1673(b) rule set forth in 45 CFR Section 303.100(a)(3) rule.

Automatic acts voiding such contract, for improper and excessive demands in written authorized collection letters and collection attempts under color of law, in extortion language, and commercial direction to threaten the property owner of a business leasing such property, and thereby to disable the business in interest of criminal entrapment of a competitor under civil or criminal court enforcement sought Oct 18 2022 by VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN through the OFFICE OF THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL.

This conduct, in clear criminal degree and opposition to law, is why businesses are required to pay rates on-peer with $200 to $1950 per hour for LEGAL SERVICES to contractors facing this kind of push-back and multi-decade criminal harassment.

Damage to Businesses And the State

This kind of conduct, paired with injury to a child, is substantial.

It has by harassment of a clear and Interstate nature and felony degree of stalking in repeated unsolicited contact, directly contributed to a loss of consumer and commercial confidence in persons associated with THE LIZARD LOUNGE at 2424 Swiss Avenue Dallas Texas, the physical business associated with THECHURCHBOARD.COM electronic forum where these threats and organization to kidnap and conceal a child were originated and formulated, shown to be preparation to press false charges without due process against an Oklahoma contractor - and for the permanent and perpetual concealment of a child falsely filed as '(willing consensual) abandonment of a child' in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS case 01-17702.

Then amended as "IN THE MATTER OF A MARRIAGE OF JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN AND VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, AND IN THE INTEREST OF A CHILD", where no legal marriage existed nor has been asserted nor dissolved in concert with the abuse of filing an appeal limited to MARRIED COUPLES to overcome the failure of Veronica Marie Petersen to appear in all three (3) hearings in 2001, and by fraud by the COURT CLERK to fail to report such hearings on the docket in fraud to embezzle federal benefits on a DALLAS TX child birth - a child birth that never occurred - to overcome the TITLE made for a CARROLLTON TX birth already legally resident in the home of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN at 2502 Live Oak St #335, DALLAS TEXAS 75204 at time of abduction for purpose of commercial and perpetual concealment then sustained in 2001-2019 and 2001-2023 refusal to grant ORDERED COMMUNICATION to extort and blackmail.

The record, not the emotions or intentions of the parties, speaks to the fraud in this case.

That only the record, and not the TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION nor OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION or any of THREE COURTS engaged in this matter have done so, speaks to the collapse of the civil and criminal justice systems in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma, including Federal Bureau of Investigations refusal to take up the case until after the civil courts release it - on the age of majority of the child and likely false incarceration of a parent to sustain fraud.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS, in interference in INTERSTATE COMMERCE with other States including CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION and REPUBLIC OF GERMANY as a partner in International Trade of the United States; as well as employment and hiring for those persons detained unlawfully in State of Oklahoma during such hold on Fast and Speedy Trial to support the false claims of mental health defect refusing a hearing and witnesses to take the stand, a KELLEY v KELLEY violation; do not then stand to carry out other business or represent a good faith party in any claim of rights or duty over the victims and injured family members after such abuse.

Private companies compensation, where State and Federal Government cannot be entrusted to conduct a minimum or competent investigation including speaking to witnesses prior to making false reports based on presumed and bias stereotypes; must be astronomical to compensate for such regional corruption and lack of a competent court process and civil procedure violations required of a legitimate case per 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17).


The effort to style simple violation of the 5th Amendment, and enjoin as a means a 1st and 2nd Amendment violation on false testimony of 'sadness' of a victim of genocide and racially based child taking, does not approach a COMPLEX LEGAL MATTER. It is as simple as the record, and a duty of 5 U.S. Code section 706 to consult the record and give answer, or withdraw from such claims entirely and provide restitution over $2.5 million USD in lost wages.

Yet in the present EXTREMIST DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST political atmosphere, under the Biden Administration and tolerance of regional and national corruption, the effort to 'vote the crime a non-crime' to suit the public is so fundamentally offensive as to thwart the incorporation of the State of Oklahoma pursuant to THE ENABLING ACT OF 1906 and the severability clause made incorporated obligation of that State incorporation in protections from taking and removal for export of children for contest to a foreign state to raise up arms and overthrow the property rights of their parent. A clear and evident act in case 01-17702-R abuse, evident in letters threatening spanning 2001 to 2023.

And further, upon dissolution of the State of Oklahoma, by virtue of escape clause - application of the agreed dissolution of the Federal Union in forfeiture of its property in full and all territory to the injured parties, a clause set forth in broad protection in Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1, prohibiting the dissolution of the State of Oklahoma from legal existence while the Federal Union was present and enjoining all its property inseparably with the prior entity for purpose of liability and assets of book value in injury a collateral security.

In layperson terms, it means - the States who are members of the Federal Union, when they joined the Federal Union and assumed a seat in The Congress of the United States, entered into contract with State of Oklahoma and the People thereof, both those in the legal state and the ones lured to take up the name of State of Oklahoma in illicit settlement directed by the United States into Chickasaw Nation Reservation territory also; the very right to their territory and industry and franchise as collateral subject a lien or claim by anyone injured in the violation of those incorporated protections pledged to the making of the State of Oklahoma in 1906 Federal Law directing such convention - The Enabling Act of 1906.

The Congress of the United States did, in 1907, ratify that agreement made in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, making it Supreme Law.

Ratify, means to agree And thus, a contract made, is a contract due enforcement and performance.

Obviously, naturally, and evidently - the member States will reject and refuse this proposed fact at law, as they are under the ongoing impression that if they do not like the United States management and Federal Union, they may leave and take their lands back into prior or new Statehood as a body of people. The later agreement "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS" would agree with them, if they accepted its conventions also as treaty, but it is an accord and thus lacks the 'force of law' to produce the escape required, as well as having simple language unsuited to the complexity of border security and national migration of persons in a well organized state with foreign adversaries.

The term 'full faith and credit' has never had so much force, as it speaks not of a promise or reputation - but of the land and territorial holdings of the entire jurisdiction of "United States"; in this clause and Federal Law, a collateral lien made to State of Oklahoma and its people jointly, for which the State cannot by its dissolution on trigger of a violation, stand to contest thereafter.

The legal response, as I gather, from State of Texas is something akin to "fight me for it, bro".


Which brings us to the ultimate reason for such compensation - the risk of overt treason against the United States or any country you work in or for or with; as an operator dealing in high-level regulatory enforcement and discovery. The very finding of fact, to show fraud, may result in violence or serious bodily harm or financial harm to permanently disable the investigation and the investigator, as well as any witness to the facts of the case.

Even where these matters come to light, the time to escape this buys the guilty parties can be sufficient to carry out murder.

Or to lesser extent, engage in aggravated perjury and commercial and industrial sabotage and espionage.

For all these reasons, regulators and auditors - and consultants dealing in those areas of high value ($1+ billion asset) properties, will consider the risk and good will, good faith, and history of such groups prior to entering into any agreement to take on a matter or make report.

Just being seen with me, in my company, is sufficient for many people (Mr. Hibbs) to be targeted by name and stalked in a felony degree with intent to extort and blackmail by my adversarial corporation and its agents, as well as for-hire criminal services willing to support those actions and influence the courts.

If I seem a bit strict, or guarded, it is because these events are ongoing, factual, and evident in letters threatening.

As a young man, I often marvelled at the thick leaded glass at the office of attorneys and Federal agents, which is now installed in police stations and court clerks, and for good reason. As a youth, I had no concept of the level of violence and threat that persons in those positions undergo, nor did many of us consider it would escalate to the degree it has since September 11th 2001. Society has adapted, but attitudes among the public who do not deal with such unlawful elements have not; and the confidence in the civil court to address protection from criminal or state-sponsored foreign agency remains one of skepticism and false belief in the fantasy of such events known only to them through television and movies - that many agents and confidential informants subjected to this abuse die like my friend - alienated and alone, where his own children do not believe the things he did because they are not 'in the books' shown to her as a school child or contested by a hostile or criminal parent.

Having been involved in computer security and information strategy like Project Echelon and similar security matters in the industry; the work of a security computer services specialist can seem overly cautious. The skepticism - and naive attitude to dismiss persons who are dealing with genuine foreign threat actors - especially organized crime like Los Zetas or arms trafficking, do not translate to the expectations of a pre-Internet world and local police and law enforcement services in a community of less than 2 million local persons.

What is treason in one country, is business in another, and the legal implications of destroying the security or community through drugs or arms or criminal identity theft and fraud, never impact those foreign organized actors. Nor does the attitude to dismiss the activity as purely foreign service the real and local 'setting up' of regional personnel on the ground and operations similar to the mass calling fraud center recently identified in Texas which took months of harassment and thousands of calls to finally convince the Federal Justice Department to directly pursue.

No One Is Less Important

To persons working in this level of GeoPolitics and Interstate and International criminal counter-intelligence services, evident in most business activity today involving the INTERNET and Interstate shipping; security is a real concern.

It does not take a defined organized gang to warrant 'best practices' be applied.

Communities who are skeptical of 'best practices' should consider the reputation of their local residents and schools and businesses have no bearing on the mobility of modern criminals and Interstate fraud appealing to members of the community on the grounds of "unfair pay" or "child abandonment" or other false cause to incite participation in groups like ANTIFA and similar militant unregistered movements led by regional advisors who are more like coffee shop marxists and sex workers than gang leaders and violent thugs of the past.

Worse, their intentional appeal toward children and young adults is far more direct than even drug dealers and sex traffickers of the past. Because it seeks to enlist the aid of such persons in a long term movement and collective sense of belonging to carry out criminal activity at a level below that of major crimes; in preparation of a target for other legal and publicity-oriented direct approach and black propaganda activity paired with charity and business activity impacting political and legal opponents.

That these claims are predicated on some false premise that the target(s) believe themselves to be "important", "smarter", "more valuable", or other exemption projected on a narcissistic delusion in manipulation and false claims - is rhetoric of a communist and Young Hegelian appeal, known as Progressive Socialism.

The fact that everyone is equally important - regardless of their job or title, pay, family size, social class, history in the community, residency, or other factors - is automatically disclaimed in this biopic narcissist appeal.

Sadly, it attracts many persons who are mentally and emotionally unstable, or simply too ignorant to recognize the facts and evidence, or read the record, and immune to the context of larger commercial activity and influence goals.

This is evident when an adversary invokes the 'little man' fallacy, attesting in Marxist and Maoist style to the lack of influence of the individual as to dismiss their very existence and opinion as 'mental illness' if they do not adhere to the body of the public and conform.

In fact, the little man or '13th Man' in such forum, and one voice to contest a popular but false claim - or direct the attention of the rest to the risk and injury potentially done should the group pursue an action; and to report and advocate for the protection and investigation of information provided by other individual sources, whereby its dismissal for convenience or wishful optimistic intent to disregard clear findings, should remain the responsibility of the group for all potential consequences of their actions. Not just the good outcomes, as if to excuse the bad outcomes and injuries on an impossibility to see or predict the risk and liability they must accept and protect against.

99% of this is 'common knowledge' to a competent person.

Nothing I have said is 'new' or particularly foreign to a well educated person.

Danger of Youth

However, to a person under 21 years of age - or a child raised by such abusers - as my own son was; this information is contrary to their instruction and values in a community that sustains EXTREMIST DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST values.

In fact, it trains and teaches and installs that attacking such arguments and people - and to attack their character - is the normal and right method of behaving. Even though, in an adult over the age of 12 chronological years, that is a mental illness and evidence of racist and sexist beliefs formed in childhood that are retained in some degree for life.

This is why the protection of youth in that period (ages 1-18) are so vital, more so than education or training or conformity - to facilitate a strong character of self-worth and franchise which will come under attack by such foreign influence and domestic corrupt influence.

Learning to write well, perform math skills, or how business and banking work - are secondary to this one fundamental purpose of a society to protect its youth. And such goals are wholly lost in the EXTREMIST DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST approach to education as a 'paid in entitlement promise' for future work and job security, income, and social class. All those things, and the knowledge with them, are worthless if the person who possesses them cannot tell the difference between reality and the stereotypes and character abuse employed by a television set or INTERNET media seeking to incite them to action or to join a community or movement.

All the money in the world, in a career, are not worth the loss of the intimacy of trust in a family, in the companionship of both parents afforded to a child, and in the security of the investment in that child which will pay dividends in the end-of-life and expected support and advocacy that neither society or the State can genuinely offer to a disabled or physically impaired adult in their 80s.

Our children should not be raised in such a manner, as to instill in them a genuine danger to their parents and grandparents based on whether those persons support or object to the policies of a regime. Yet that is the policy now in this matter, and the nature of such abuse, as to invoke a final resort to the ENABLING OF STATEHOOD ACT of 1906. And to view any state who would contest it as a traitor to the United States and its commission and authority - high treason.

For this conduct is a form of making war upon the State by corruption of the suffrage rights in persons of minority and to hold out to them unrealistic and manipulative fantasies in exchange for their self-injury and damaging the fealty and bonds that they should and must have with their own blood and kin and family over community will, for a functional state to survive under the present system of government.

No doubt, some states deeply enjoined with this 'Progressive' movement will "Fight me for it", and style me a villain. Just as I once felt as I learned that persons working in my field made more than I did working hard labor in my youth on a farm. I did not understand why those wages were so much higher, then - nor genuinely appreciate the simplicity of the security of my little farm and time with my grandfather standing in the fields, listening to him talk about World War I and World War II.

I was certainly unprepared for the world of national telecommunications when I was drafted into that position as a computer user able to handle the Sun Microsystems Solaris based equipment; without any training or classes and - thank goodness - a full set of physical documents printed and purchased to go with it.

Nor did I foresee the $250 billion scale of NORTEL when I jokingly said, "what about $60/hour" in frustration of prior calls and being turned down for asking much less.

It wasn't until years later, after the fallout, after escaping human trafficking in Texas, that I began to realize the work I did and the reports I filed in early 2001 detailing the concerns and fraud by TEK SYSTEMS employees, that it had any relationship to DEUTSCH TELEKOM / SOFTBANK GROUP CORP acquisition of SPRINT as our client, and NTT/VERIO employees who harmed my pets and aided in my human trafficking in Dallas.

As the threats continued in 2007-2013, I learned more about these people due to their constant harassing contact and false claims, while they hurt my child.

And from the discovery in due diligence and tracking such business, obtained the resumes on the servers used in the fraud which link the activity to under-qualified and unethical abuse of the NTT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT GROUP assets through Ann Arbor Michigan and San Jose California, which sustained in traffic and abuse of my network to extinguish our ability to connect or support clients through AT&T business class Internet services; up to 16 Gbps sustained flows to tamper with our lines and intimidate Linode LLC of New Jersey to disable our services amid threats concealing my child (from ORDERD POSSESSION).

In 2013 threats to sell my registered Trademark to foreign companies for an alleged $93500 USD, and false use of company names in a pattern to defraud, this information led me to the perpetrators and chain of custody in the theft, export, sale, and franchising of my work to OWLCAT GAMES LIMITED of Cyprus and CUBICLE 7 ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED of IRELAND, on confirmation of fraud by attorneys for GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP of Britain, who allegedly purchased such works in false title from EMBRACER GROUP AB and illicit use also evident in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB; obtained via misuse of Fantasy Flight Games in Minnesota.

None of these companies - nor their employees - were of interest to me until and beyond the fact that they appropriated property in legal title for misuse, in a direct and evident pattern of fraud on concealment of a child. And to create in those products racist and defamatory white nationalist caricatures of my own prior registered art and defamatory language employed by my son's abuser.

This is not the first time that white nationalist caricatures and glorification of white nationalist and socialist elements have appeared in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB products, and are evident in CCP GAMES INC and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING products for a period of 2003-2023.

The nexus and ongoing pattern of abuse, enjoined FRANTECH.CA and threats in 2021-2023, lead me to strongly believe that organized white nationalist activity has fully and substantially engaged the interactive media and content of several of the major publishing organizations in Europe, partnered with hate groups in Carrollton Texas, Dallas Texas, Casper Wyoming, and South African expatriate activity coordinating this from Canada, with help in Ann Arbor Michigan and San Jose California industry partners affiliated with NTT GROUP of NATION OF JAPAN. From which Nippon Kaigi extremist political support of 23% ownership NTT GROUP by 'Government of Japan' (the actual entity, at law) appears to support this white national socialist movement in the optical long haul transport and partner services made with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. and EQUINIX, and prior DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC., for which we cannot then do business in security since the 2013 publications to extort and defraud signed by the 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas Data Center employees sharing that activity and Interstate commercial threats to extort and blackmail for concession of our legal claims and ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD.

Children are vulnerable, and when a provider of such services actively engages in such radical behavior and conduct by its employees; openly - it is a clear indication of a danger to the customers of that utility or service who are vulnerable to similar abuse, and a form of instruction in the criminal racketeering activity evident in the letters and threats and violence employed to take, conceal, and abuse my child - as well as to attack my testimony in NORTEL NETWORKS to conceal a data breach confirmed by Brian Shields, then reported prior the child's abduction and in concert with report of TEK SYSTEMS misconduct to commit fraud at Nortel Campus, Richardson TX.

The failure to recover the child, on demand for ORDERED POSSESSION, and to refuse to do so under direction of TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION members in demand for EXCESSIVE FINES and threat of false incarceration, ultimately leaves us with no confidence in the integrity of the Government of the State of Texas, the Governor of the State of Texas Greg Abbott, nor the Attorney General of the State of Texas Ken Paxton; who upon notice of such abuse have refused to give legal answer and persisted in threats of abuse of public office under the TITLE IV AGENCY as if a State Agency exempt from Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 and related 45 CFR regulations owing duty during ongoing and fraudulent enforcement activity against me in State of Oklahoma, now themed CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by later Supreme Court ruling.

It is a moron's conclusion that such acts are a 'conspiracy' against a person, rather than a gross and broad failure to perform and abuse of public office in human trafficking over three generations based on white nationalist claims and exemptions - in contempt of the Laws of the United States and for foreign commercial favor and influence; denying all due process and having refused to allow me to ever face my accuser in a court of law while concealing and removing my child from my home to overcome my testimony against the $250 billion securities fraud worked by State of Texas negligence; and in a prior pattern of MCI-Worldcom and Enron and Texas Savings and Loan scandals, that suggest corruption.

To suggest this is "a delusion of grandiose importance" is to disclaim the real damages, injury, and fraud with overwhelming documented Interstate communication to coerce change in testimony and identity theft; for which the State of Texas is obligated to make lawful prosecution and cease threats against victims to quash their testimony; and in false claims of 'in rem forfeiture' and XXIII-1A Oklahoma Constitutional Rights violation threatened explicitly in concert with impersonation of OSBI and FBI resources to support such threats to extort, in writing (Feb 4 2023, Dec 1 2022).

Such conduct lends substantial credibility to the Russian Federation and other countries, who are resisting this kind of abuse and economic fraud; interference in International trade; and effort to monopolize and seize by force the technology and trade secrets of other parties themed private property - under color of a method of consolidation and sale of favor to specific companies and very large business groups at the same time that The United Staes was in the process of selling to PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA or NATION OF JAPAN as their buyer/intermediary in a long-term patent transfer scheme (see NVIDIA SALE, blocked 2022 Feb) evident on juvenile investigation of parties, joint officers between TENCENT and SOFTBANK, and appropriation of technology in a pattern of theft to obliterate 20 years of research and contributions of other firms in false offer and flagrant violation of trademark to dilute the value of such works in like fashion to the prior "MYLUV187" letters and threats and false claims to blackmail and extort in the CHILD CONCEALMENT AND ABUSE.

If Nation of Japan, and People's Republic of China, choose to align themselves with such criminality - and to employ the United States to exploit and defraud and abuse its own people - as we see in similar patterns in Ukraine's behavior and abuse of the licensing and sovereignty of other nations through cyberwarfare prior to the 2022 Russo-Ukraine war, there can be no moral choice but to support Russia in its prosecution of the war and other claims against Nation of Japan, and to view People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan as hostile foreign powers engaged in commercial piracy and human trafficking support with white nationalist elements in the United States, South America, Canada, and The Netherland.

Even I'm confused, facing such battle lines and conduct not seen since 1944, in the same arrogant and radical extremist views and conduct that my grandfather spoke of.

The legal facts are these: whether this was a formal agreement and written transfer or the result of an open 'letter of marquis and reprisal' issued under color of State of Texas to engage in piracy and sabotage and commercial and industrial espionage of a state character, similar to prior hacking 'bounties' and 'open game' immunity granted to Ukrainian and Chinese and Singapore computer espionage against foreign states and targeted corporations in crowdsourced violence; it is conspiracy upon the plan of action publication and the doing of the act by any second party - contrary any other connection or communication than the public release of such plan and application of the same. This is the law. Title 18 U.S. Code §2261A(2) "any interactive computer service or electronic communication service or electronic communication system of interstate commerce," governs these behaviors clearly, as does 21 Oklahoma Statutory Law Section 21-1732 Larceny of Trade Secret in

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