If you have no experience with abnormal psychology, the conduct of a clinically ill person acting to project their dysfunction upon a target or parent of a child they want to control and isolate may be disarming. Fraud to allege mental illness to prevent cross-examination of their deliberate pathological lying is very common, and is never something that will stop on its own like a grudge or emotional dispute among rational people.

Ad hominem (to character) abuse is exceptionally evident in the "magical thinking" that is operating, and once you can see that in the writing style - narcissism and clinical sociopath behavior becomes evident in the way they treat people that they perceive to be more intelligent who threaten their imposter syndrome and mimickry of their perceptions (and delusion of grandiosity) often attirubted to others based on nothing but a job title or seniority.

Often they will compare the triangulated person to fictional characters, to ridicule, because they have no other real model of what normal emotions are and resort to claims that their victim "thinks they are some movie or book personality" - to avoid accepting the person is real or valid. Attacking their employment, their legal existence, and right to work are part of that conduct - while casually seeking to gain in the very same trade or industry on that injury without any responsibility for harm caused by their actions to anyone but themself.

Clinical narcissism is very dangerous, because it is a delusion that strives to gain advantage over others by abusing them - not competing - and sabotaging the ordinary productivity of someone while concealing the gain and for public support of their own value conditional any protection from this abuse. Children are ideal targets, because they can be bullied and isolated to believe in the narcissist when no other person will, and villianize and demonize the alienated parent - often for years unless stopped by criminal justice intervention.

Narcissim is most evident when someone brings up a negative point, and the other party attacks the validity or character of that person rather than acknowledging and incorporating that negative fact or need to correct a wrong or admit a risk or liability - by attacking the person rather than the issue. This is a cultural norm in "Democratic Socialist Movements" and "blame shifting" normalized therein [see 21 O.S. §21-1266.4(2) rule]

The attempt to "befriend" and "warn" my parents - after my father had both lenses of his damn eyes cut out in the last 2 years, and all his upper teeth removed to get at an infection causing him to literally drop dead between serious and ongoing heart failure, really needs some perspective after assault at gunpoint and castration fantasies and talk of sending my cut up dick in a box to both of them in 17 years of WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to abuse their relationship with their grandchild and disable their sole means of support after their parents died in 2008 over 4 years of serious illness, and my father's ex-wife died March 2nd 2022 horribly due to this fraud - sustained from 2001-2022 to injure a child.

The (Oct 5 2022) letter was extortion and blackmail, nothing else - and evidence of a clear mental illness of my child's captors impacting my son in his concealment after abduction by force and threat of murder from my home and his registered home (on medical records) in Aug 2001. Allegations in those letters are self-descriptive of activity of Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen over 2001-2022, evident in a volume of written threats retained by our office for Federal and Internatl Law Enforcement.

Damages awarded by State of Texas are now exceeding $1 Billion USD for lesser commercial fraud, and we are considering seeking more than that in concert with a 31 U.S. Code 3730 filing entitled for part of $40 billion in State Funds paid to guarantee this fraud was not permitted to operate after 2017, never performed as enjoined contract with the United States by Oklahoma and Texas. (See " 2022 Oct 12th Judgement on Sandy Hook Fraud")

Pursuant 31 U.S. Code §3730(c)(3) "If the Government elects not to proceed with the action, the person who initiated the action shall have the right to conduct the action." Further Pursuant 31 U.S. Code §3730(c)(2), "The Government may dismiss the action notwithstanding the objections of the person initiating the action if the person has been notified by the Government of the filing of the motion and the court has provided the person with an opportunity for a hearing on the motion," and has failed to hold a hearing since filing of the motion. This is lawful per 31 U.S. Code §3730(b)(1), "A person may bring a civil action for a violation of section 3729 for the person and for the United States Government. The action shall be brought in the name of the Government. The action may be dismissed only if the court and the Attorney General give written consent to the dismissal and their reasons for consenting."

Pursuant 31 U.S. Code §3730(b)(4), "Before the expiration of the 60-day period or any extensions obtained under paragraph (3), the Government shall — (B) proceed with the action, in which case the action shall be conducted by the Government; or (B) notify the court that it declines to take over the action, in which case the person bringing the action shall have the right to conduct the action.". The party is an original source and notified the government of this discovery and waited the time required prior giving notice of right to file separately after such report, per 31 U.S. Code §3730(e)(4). The suit PETERSEN v ALLEN is between two legal persons, not the UNITED STATES v JAMES ALLEN, and satisfies 31 U.S. Code §3730(e)(3) rule, as UNITED STATES is not a party to such suit at law.

Award in such separate suit would be 25-30 percent of $44 billion USD, or settlement agreed. Claims of non compos mentis to disbar that suit would be retaliation eligible the same action in each count, for as long as they are maintained in any way, evident in Oct 5th 2022 written threats granting 3 years to file to the accused for qui tam fraud violating FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 and 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule.

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