June 13th 2022 - This is only about 5% of the Story

I was going to explain this, somewhere between 5:30 am and 9:00 am opening of office Monday, but between a client with a possibly broken foot and diabetic late-stage loss of feeling in that limb - and other matters - the release of "select business and project information" to help the public understand our task and purpose.

It is not possible to say "hey, wait" when every person tries to rush to an "imaginary" explanation for things they do not understand - nor want to admit are simple racism, child abuse, and fraud.

This is a medical emergency. I will not be available for comment June 13th 2022. While foreseeable, this is a component of the injury done by the prior fraud and contribution to the death and suffering of Dr. Ann Klepper and other members of the Allen family due to welfare and TITLE IV fraud by STATE OF TEXAS from 2001-2022.

Further evidence expected today and over the weekend will not be "digitized" as scheduled for proof of claims today, despite release, as these events are unforseeable and pose a real risk of grave bodily harm and serious bodily harm, conditional the availability of James Allen and his role as a caregiver and advocate for vulnerable persons with legal disabilities - ignored and abused in the prior fraud to extort, conceal a child, and organized WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of his son to extort money from clients and customers and family members of James Allen wrongly.

The commmercial and technical details planned in follow up articles as positive services and part of industry - are not ordinarily obligated public disclosure. Such disclosure is the result of strong-arm extortion in the City of Ada and State of Oklahoma, directed by fraud in State of Texas to extort and alleged human trafficking ongoing since 2001 in Interstate Corrupt Organizations activity impersonating public organizations and customs, religious and fraternal methods, and to deflect from ordinary vice activity denied lawful and necessary protection by criminal justice due to white collar crime aspects.

Members of the Board, prior stepping forward, have been systematically targeted and abused to sustain the fraud, isolation, and triangulation of this abuse - whereby certain privacy and security rules are necessary to give notice of a pause and MEDICAL EMERGENCY this June 13th 2022, following the prior disclosure.

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