June 22nd 2022 - Professional Analysis of Evidence

What the Court of DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY have omitted and concealed from the record in case 01-17702-R aka 15-06292393 and FR-18-04, is a pattern of professional fraud by and; later also known as - suggesting a professional skill level in the evidence manufactured to take, conceal, and abuse the Oklahoma business owner's child in order to gain commercial advantage. Paired with skills and November 13 2021 and June 16 2022 ongoing contact with the victim during acts of extortion and harassment in the City of Ada and 2017-2022 ongoing commercial network abuse exceeding 200,000 requests per day in average measure; a pattern of malicious conduct with violence and COMMERCIAL EXTORTION central to the concealmnet of a child in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION or greater taking without due process to constructively adopt the child against the will of a TITLE IV AGENCY and in excess of such authority without evidence of wrongdoing.

Earliest (2002-2004) evidence of a premeditated Title 43A fraud shows the use of

    "James, Arnold, Allen, Nortel,,,, shadowdancers,, militech, SDA3" as keyworkds to extort, and a title of "This site is dedicated to exposing the mentally challenged and troubled side of James Arnold Allen" in anonymous publication during the UNLAWFUL WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD. Text includes credit to "friends of Veronica Petersen and Don Beal", and "It's sole purpose is to show how one person can create their own reality and then try to pawn it off to as many people as possible. James Allen does exactly that in an attempt to try to make people feel guilty for actions they've never done. If anyone who reads this recognizes his symptoms and knows of a good way to recommend him for the asylum, please email He truly needs some serious help."

The fraud page in 2002-2004, later admitted a publication of Donald J. Beal, alleges that "James has made MANY slanderous statements which are false and unfounded."

The claims deflect from kidnapping and concealment to extort, assault at gunpoint, fraud to abuse, and admission of a plan to conceal the child contrary ORDERED POSSESSION and return of the child in 2001-2015, and rightful lack of possession granted fraud based on hearsay of this nature in 2015-2020 then by DENTON COUNTY without hearings in ex parte fraud.

Claims that the child was NEVER accepted as his son, are utterly contrived fraud contrary kidnapping to extort, blackmail, and such actions carried out in 2001-2022 in ongoing fraud, following a written plan to abudct the child by Veronica Petersen published on THECHURCHBOARD.COM and aided by Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough and Donald J. Beal.

Oklahoma State Statutory Law, Title 43A Section 43A-5-104 is evident in the "asylum" remark, to carry out such fraud and criminal plan to do so, on prima facie of IMG_5450.JPEG in folder compliled_examples/2002-2004.

Defamatory Language Evident

The image created using portions of the photo with Alexis Marie Petersen to style this fraud, is entitled in the file "jamesisalittlebitch.gif" by Donald J. Beal - the party holding the Allen child hostage and deceiving the child to believe loss of contact was voluntary during such violence and extortion activity with express threats and bodily injury to James Allen in 2000, 2001, and 2002 sustaining this child taking.

This expresses the conditions of taking, concealment, and sustained stalking to extort the business of JamesAllen over 2002-2022, which we see in ongoing 2021 November activity and failure of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY to recognize or file indictment on the sustained claims of $10128 demand to pay this behavior violating 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule.

Failure to admit or analyze this evidence from onset as COMMERCIAL DEFAMATION of registered business to cause substantial loss of career and income using a child is wholly upon the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and UNITED STATES for refusal to enforce in a 2001-2022 concealment of a child with wrongful death a result in 2022 for the child's grandmother, Ann Klepper, which is a clear impact of suspending ordinary relationship with the community and public to the parent of the abducted child.

False claims in 2003 and 2011 to wrongly and deceptively allege JAMES ALLEN was an employee of TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, or other firm engaged in this conspiracy against rights; further cement the COMPETITOR RELATIONSHIP in the child taking and child conceament as a commercial fraud entitled GENERAL RELIEF and return of ORDERED POSSESSION of a child or INHERENT RIGHTS where such legal child named in case 01-17702 was in fact a fraudulent non-entity created in DALLAS COUNTY to carry out an identity theft of the DENTON COUNTY birth and removal of the child from their home in DALLAS COUNTY to conceal in DENTON COUNTY by force and threat of murder paired with 2002 assault at gunpoint and conspiracy to commit HATE CRIME acts styling the defending Oklahoma parent as "homosexual" and "transgender" in the sustained 2001-2022 fraud.

Ongoing reliance on these claims in false light and 43A-5-104 fraud, show cruel and unusual punishment in refusal to grant standing to the parent ORDERED, and support of numerous employees of the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma to sustain this criminal fraud without report and to conceal such activity of a COMMERCIAL nature removing a child - denying all criminal protection under color of a "superior civil court authority" or "collateral contract" not afforded XXIII-1A, XXIII-8, XXIII-9, or II-3, II-22, and II-36A Oklahoma Constitutional Rights.

A clear premeditated pattern to extort carried in concert by persons promoted by Jerry Wall and Larry Nemeck at SOONERCON to this fraud; and in extortion demands to obtain money and defamatory abuse of a sexual nature toward persons who witnessed this fraud in 2010-2022, evident in later (2013) publications; further makes this a commercial tradeshow labor union fraud with child kidnapping to extort - and sustained endorsement of such persons (Brian Young) who did engage in this behavior evidence of COMMERCIAL activity incorporating other computer companies in State of Oklahoma to sponsor this activity against the parent of an abducted/concealed/abused child to gain "forfeiture" of the City of Ada based businesses and industry and registered trademarks of that firm named in complaint to pay this behavior since 2001 taking on alleged "abandonment" of the child and use of violence to injure and maim the Oklahoma parent prior removal and concealment across COUNTY borders falsified in TITLE IV programs as a civil suit for "abandonment" 01-17702.

Effort to remain "neutral" where such demands are filed to extort and publications to extort using the full LEGAL NAME of the victim with ICANN and GOOGLE LLC, make this abuse by persons with minimal professional experience evident in the resume or VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE at FAIRWAY MORTGAGE COMPANY a party to such abuse over 2001-2022; beyond commercial test and INTERSTATE COMMERCE tampering refused all judicial review by TITLE IV AGENCIES in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to embezzle from the United States against sums themed $720 million USD and $1500 million USD per year from 2001-2022.

Loss of business is estimated on prior confirmed wages alone of $60-$200/hr, to be $2.5 million USD to $8 million USD; plus retirement and other securities and interest, refused protection by the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION in the region contrary to FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244; and to protect State of Texas and State of Oklahoma employees violating 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case 17-647 rule; a false immunity presumed to public office or State over such cases which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

In the 2002-2004 publication, a clear written plan to violate §43A-5-104 of Title 43A, which appears to be executed by Mary Languille-Hoppe in 2019 and PONTOTOC COUNTY contrary notice of "fraud" and demand of a "fraud" defense afforded UIFSA Rev 2008 section 6; which the attorney for the DEFENDANT did refuse and reject to carry out alleging in concert with other attorneys of the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma "no defense" to such claims entitled to the party or against such judgment rendered after Veronica Petersen was found December 2001 to be "wholly in default" in case 01-17702; and in unlawful continuance of trial in 2002 as a second prosecution refusing the respondent all State and Federal Rights and GENERAL RELIEF presumed wrongly and criminally by the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT employees to cause spoliation (23 O.S. §23-9.1 in subsection D class III degree), and repeated in 2015 in creation by DAMARCUS OFFORD of case 15-06292393 in fraud in a second count on "venue transfer".

This fraud is ongoing in 2021-2022 by the same perpetrators, as evident in the renewed website to extort following contact by Alicia McMahon November 13 2021, with identical tone and nature and false claims - which must warrant a Federal Criminal Prosecution per 22 U.S. Code Chapter 78 in TITLE IV AGENCY abuse barred by 45 CFR. State of Texas and State of Oklahoma reject and deceptively refuse to act on 45 CFR, rejecting 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 contrary notice; as a public policy evident over 2017-2022 and in audio recording of such denial by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS obtained by James Allen.

45 CFR is a mandatory requirement unless a FEDERAL EXEMPTION ORDER is issued to the specific state, for all funds paid to the State in this cause, and duly paid and received per OKDHS budget reports.

Human trafficking (21 O.S. §21-748) is cited and entitled a civil counter-suit without District Attorney consent or indictment, now filed in FR-18-04 for $16,000,000 USD in damages immediately required to offset loss of commercial public confidence caused by criminal negligence of public empoyees; and aggravated by 2022 release of video from the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT to Donald Beal on a formal Freedom of Information Act request filed January 28th - which was used March 3rd and April 4th through May 13th 2022 for COMMERCIAL EXTORTION in INTERSTATE COMMERCE then and to this scheme.

General scheme and plan of fraud is prohibited by criminal law per 18 U.S. Code §1341 and civil contracts or debt created by such fraud are void per 15 U.S. Code §1692d. The purpose of such fraud is to cause economic loss and disable competitor activity in violation of XXIII-1A rule, and to taint any jury trial on the matter by publication of false claims by Donald Beal, Alicia McMahon/Scarbrough, Brian Young, Veronica Petersen, and other members of their commercial enterprise engaged under the name of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS, SCARBROUGH DESIGNS, AKA DESIGNS, and other names both registered and unregistered including LOSTSERVER, DEPREF, LOOPBACK0, VERIO-NTT, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, VIRTBIZ.COM, PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO, FEARCAST, HIRED GUNS UNLIMITED LLC, and such firms competitors to JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN and his firms MILITECH.ORG, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, DEEP LAYER INC. and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. (aka SHADOWDANCERS PRESS / SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS) of Ada, Oklahoma.

Admission of the joint nature of these claims in 2011 publications by Donald Beal and in letters of extortion in LEGAL ANSWER to 70 attorneys in September 2011 by Donald Beal, expose the design, fraud, and bizarre behavior to pretend a legal and commercial standing to conceal a child from ORDERED POSSESSION then in 2001-2015 a duty of the State of Texas to grant relief or due process not done, and in sale of the court to JAMES ALLEN violating his II-6 right as an Oklahoma Resident on threat of "false incarceration" and "arrest on appearance to testify" in State of Texas by TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION ATTORNEY MEMBERS.

Attorneys in this case have systematically abandoned the case, while refusing to recuse themselves, creating the appearance of representation in a series of false and sustained holds over the natural person and business and employment of James Allen, a natural person and agent of the estate named in suit "JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN", in clear fraud contrary ordinary civil procedure - themed alleged fraudulent conveyance, "debt bondage", and "forced labor" to compel participation in the UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE and abandonment of existing private industry and business to service a foreign monopoly themed in NTT / SOFTBANK / TENCENT and their PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB brands in Sweden and Norway, Iceland, and South Korea.

Claims in 2011 to "sell" in false title the franchise of the DEFENDANT, further for $80,000 in a market where such rights are valued at over $1 billion USD and $70 billion USD in sales of record; further affirms a criminal enterprise to export, register, and sell back copyright protected material in concert with child taking and mental health fraud to extort.

State law changes obligated 2017 January by FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 have not been adopted by STATE OF TEXAS nor STATE OF OKLAHOMA, in sustained fraud activity and under the J. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION of the UNITED STATES refused relief; contrary ruling from the bench by THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES in pronouncement by Justice Ginsberg for the unanimous court in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 that such authority was not granted or afforded to the courts of the State or Federal Government, were EXCESSIVE FINES, and violate the 4th and 14th AMENDMENT expressly making all such claims "void".

Safeguards including 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) and §303.100(a)(3) have been refused all enforcement; and retaliation for filing of 45 CFR §302.56(f) in 2018 by filing a CITATION FOR CONTEMPT against JAMES ALLEN for his objection and to conceal the sole burden of proof upon the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to make proof of factual income to the estate, exclusive of such taking and seizure of his natural person and body as collateral for such fraud; are refused relief as of 2017-2022 dispute; with refusal to prosecute in PONTOTOC COUNTY the ongoing actions of STATE OF TEXAS as a superior force majeure against the victim by perpetuating the fraud intended by the original kidnapping to shield the victim from cruel and unusual punishment and impairment contributing to the death of Ann Klepper, and danger to his adopted father and father's spouse, who are vulnerable elderly persons in PONTOTOC COUNTY and whose property is threatened.

Destruction of the building in 2002 at WILLOW WINDS COURT in DALLAS TEXAS by fire, following similar threats to KARA METZGER (witness), and assault at gunpoint with injury toward James Allen, sustain this activity is organized, interstate, and commercial gang activity. State authorities refusing to call in Federal Justice assistance appear therefore to be complicit at a City and County and State level with such activity; by concealing the fraud.

Letters threatening are clearly COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, and directly affect the validity of all State and Federal TITLE IV AGENCY actions; as well as employing the agency commission in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NO 244 as a form of national "enforcement organization" to carry wrongly a fraud to extort and compel surrender of intangible property, copyright, trademark, and franchise for export and surrender to foreign sovereign commercial entities owned in one part up to 23% in equity by "Government of Japan"; and supported throughout 2001-2022 by "Government of Japan" and "People's Republic of China" monopolies enjoined with a takeover bid in 2018-2022 of NVIDIA CORPORATION for $40 billion USD value (rejected, 2022).

These matters therefore appear to affect United States National Security, to target United States Armed Service Members, and to seek surrender of trade secrets and protected property for export or transfer of title to foreign sovereign nations for resale back into the United States; and to disable the industry of the United States in activity targeted since 2001 August through Ann Arbor Michigan, San Jose California, and Dallas Texas.

Similar products in sale and export have undergone $100 million financing and $423 million USD sale in ICELAND to SOUTH KOREA, and such January 28th 2022 letter by Donald Beal to Frank Stout appear to originate in REYKJAVIC ICELAND per registration of "DEPREF.NET" and "THECHURCHBOARD.COM" domains used in this fraud to extort and conceal a child. Nexus is therefore evident, and shown also to use ONTARIO CANADA as a refuge to host content to target the victim, which ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT appear to regard as a foreign jurisdiction contrary to financial demands and threats of an unsolicited nature delivered upon the Oklahoma business owner to extort from those locations and to damage INTERSTATE TRADE and INTERNATIONAL TRADE systematically.

The fraud is evident from 2001-2022, and ongoing, barring any claims of statute of limitations as a single and ongoing fraud with multiple acts of express support contrary Justice; and to pervert the record in knowing spoliation and design of a high order suggesting foreign advesarial legal aid to extort with benefit to NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and to their agency in SWEDEN, ICELAND, ENGLAND, UKRAINE, ITALY, and STATE OF CALFORNIA, STATE OF TEXAS.

Law enforcement would be advised to regard this action as an organized compromise of major ports of the United States in INTERNATIONAL TRADE and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, representing the digital industry in Dallas Texas, Ann Arbor Michigan, San Jose California - and high mobility of such persons engaged in this fraud and financial support as employers of subcontractor activity to defraud, as contributed to sabotage of NORTEL NETWORKS in 2001-2011 bankruptcy a component - citing DONALD J. BEAL as the advesary / creator of similar works and scheme in CANADASUCK.NET domain to gain employment with JUNIPER NETWORKS and NTT GROUP of Japan, competitors of James Allen and CISCO SYSTEMS, for which he was a reseller via D&H DISTRIBUTING at such time and employee of PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES serving NORTEL NETWORKS at the time of such child taking and extortion to disable his testimony against TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX groups.

Witnesses Michael Marino and Sarah Moore (formerly officers of Terrabox witnssed by James Allen and Christopher Melton Maidt, and other witnesses available under present protection of the Oklahoma firm) corroborate the securities fraud claims of James Allen and conduct themed in Dallas Texas to be securities fraud and organized investor embezzlement by labor union members operating through TEK SYSTEMS and similar companies associated with BSD user groups (FreeBSD) and in cooperation with the CANADA based FreeBSD group "Core" Committee, a radicalized group engaging in "cancellation" of persons systematically and for commercial and political goals later widely recognized in social media censorship of suffrage and commercial rights.

Use of this level of propaganda to extort, predicated on "mental health" and "mental wellness" is evidence of CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) tactics; and such activity in concert with firms like CCP INC. / PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB promotion of national socialist workers party themes and racial and ethnic aspects, appear to be overt unfair business practices with strong-arm racketeering to overcome U.S. business and franchise rights, obfuscate the real and legal existance of publishers and copyright holders, and component to systemic taking of content for foreign commercial investment in foreign business incorporating child kidnapping and child concealment to extort franchise and publication rights, investment rights, and the XXIII-1A rights of State of Oklahoma through social welfare fraud to a felony degree (18 U.S. Code §666) paired with EXCESSIVE FINES and FORCED LABOR demands ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the United States.

Attorneys efforts to treat COMMERCIAL activity and "circumstances" to coerce change in employment by concealment and abuse of children, contrary 45 CFR §302.56(c); while refusing GENERAL RELIEF unless a false civil contract themed fraudulent "AGREEMENT" to such "debt bondage" and "forced labor" is undertaken conditionally, in concert with surrender of business and franchise to suit foreign competitors; appears to be a sale of the court by the OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION and TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION.

Victims are entitled resistance per Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 22 Section 22-31 and II-3 and II-22 right of equal notice, citing prior sustained propoganda to overcome the civil court process and refusal of such attorneys to recuse themselves without surrender of their client to false claims in order to obtain and retain business under color of law and in alleged fear of abuse of THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS in pattern abuse there evident CONTEMPT OF FEDERAL LAW on civil contract paid in-consideration of protections and in violation of UIFSA Rev 2008 terms per section 3 and section 6.

Efforts to "make orders to create the appearance of no wrongdoing and set abuse to the present temporary order barring HABEAS CORPUS discovery" appear systematic in DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY. Activity to "extinguish wholly the right to work" (XXIII-1A) appear evident and premeditated in mens rea in all acts and sustained by the prior parties named in ongoing fraud without "good faith" as to render any civil ORDER worthless and unenforced by regional City, County, State, and Federal Justice employees - a custom similar to JIM CROW and BLACK CODE violations cited by Justice Ginsburg in her explicit Proclamation on CAse 17-1091 from the Bench as wholly UNCONSTITUTIONAL activity barred all force of law and record.

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