Oct 5th 2022

Voice Chat Servers

Discord and other free-for-use services record and create meta-data off off all user interactions. We do not therefore recommend those services for minors or any form of community or personal services such as talking to close friends, expressing opinions, or whistling copyright protected songs among yourselves.

TeamSpeak GmbH provides solutions, including non-commercial and for-profit-commercial licensed servers. In Oklahoma, there are only two providers, and only one for-profit license provider: SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada Oklahoma.

One of the reasons you do not see us or most of the population of the community is the replacement of traditional meeting spaces and venues with online virtual meeting places. Friends now meet in community and voice conference rooms, newsgroups, and online games. Traditional businesses that do not adapt to that environment alienate themselves from the majority of the community and potential customers.

X.509 KEY SYSTEMS provide digital signature of messages to ensure that users and providers know the bearer of the key is an authorized user of the account associated with that token, and privileges and access to events and invitations which other members of the general public are not entitled to.

SEVEN ALPHA™ is a business service for this communications technology, and as oversight to ensure it is not used for narcotics or vice activity which would harm the integrity of our community and the welfare and dignity of our customers and their families.

Police society would call it a "club", but it is in fact a communications service under registered trademark of the State of Oklahoma, to ensure integrity in the transmission and contents of data, voice, and text chat services with proper civil remedy for misuse among a professional organization.

Member Communication is encrypted from end-to-end, without a third party key, affording the basic design of privacy and a key management server system for public (but not private) key storage.

TeamSpeak offers a similar "identity" service, separte from SEVEN ALPHA™ which allows for voice and text encryption from user to user, group chat, and multiple server access at the same time for mixed conferencing and large group meetings, voice control, positional audio, and other features necessary in an organized or team versus team environment.

Membership in both services require Identity Verification and for some communities, background check requirements. Forums and chatrooms are not open to the public due to privacy concerns in foreign and automated data collection practices.

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