Workstation designs for the "Advanced Gaming System" (AGS) product line, and less sophisticated solutions, rely on multi-monitor multi-tower configuration.

Efforts to coerce or compel details of these products for commercial duplication of design and industrial use are not appeciated.

While we do not sanction or manage the applied use of such equipment, built to suit product desks for consumer and SOHO (Small Operation Home Office) applications frequently require access to video and voice conferencing and other data windows, similar to stock broker or real-time quantitative analysis applications.

Customers are very protective of their systems, due to the nature of this work, and do not ordinarily allow review of their proprietary builds. This system is from 2011, operating in 2022 April 27th, for voice and live services in a popular online service.

Ordinary AGS desk and platforms are usually L shaped corner desk platforms limited to one per major household circuit. For this reason, two AGS systems will rarely share the same physical office space and require an installer verify the power and user agreement prior delivery and sign-off.

Modern AGS systems featuring the A6000 or 40xx series NVIDIA equipment ordinarily operate in the 1100 to 16oo Watt upper power range. This is for efficiency at lower demand as well as future applications not common in consumer disposable personal and office computer systems. AGS lifecycle is 10 years of active duty, with additional terms based on market conditions and design format.

Similar systems for Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard business server equipment are similar in design and durability, and purpose-built for industrial applications and commercial use. Private use is not prohibited by law in most states.

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