Oct 5th 2022

Understanding Modern Internet Business

The biggest barrier to small business in the City of Ada is the attitude of law enforcement and Pontotoc County toward Online-Only Businesses and Service Providers.

Small business make up 90% of online commerce by volume, while having no RETAIL business office or floor space. While other countries have adapted to this - Ada seems stuck in the past and unable to change.

Video Streaming using H.264 and AV1 provide new methods of delivering broadcast quality video, along with TENCENT Media guided royalty bearing H.265 codec services.

Yet the community remains locked in a virtual contempt for direct video conferencing and client services based on wholesale warehouse and public access locations which are absolutely unsustainable business models in cost competition with direct shipping and carrier solutions in the post-Pandemic era.

Even though the RTX 4000 product launch did not go as planned; businesses are still preparing to shift to a small-business model with work-from-home isolation as the primary basis full time for millions of Americans.

If the community is to attract business, it must offer law enforcement support to those persons without discrimination or "video recording for public record" on entry to residences and homes where executives and data services are produced; and conducting their business as if everyone who is engaged in video content development is some sort of pornographer.

Over the past year (2022), this attitude and lack of support for basic services, including 42 U.S. Code section 1981 refusal to carry out even basic investigations prior delivery of some of the most fictional and outrageous reports ever written, have damaged the relationship with businesses established over 20 years in the County and their regional partners.

Firms developing products in these areas generate over $1 billion USD per year in net income, and cannot secure their property in a community which treats news broadcasting and general audience entertainment like a call girl every time a shot is fired or a window is broken, or some streetwalker complains they were not hired by the studio for 'publicity and history' inconsistent with the right to represent legitimate brands and firms.

After running the technical department for telecommunications for Sykes Enterprises and business-to-business services for SPRINT, this conduct 20 years after the fact would fail our business standards even in the prior Century.

Phone support services where all calls come into a single line, and non-emergency calls terminate at the same center as a 911 program, are simply unacceptable for even the smallest community. As well as the failure to secure victims rights to privacy and medical information when reporting concerns or giving information concerning criminal activity as if every interaction is PUBLIC RECORD, is both invasive and damaging to the genuine duty of law enforcement.

Competitors, aware of these defects of process, are quick to exploit such a naive and incapable City Government to damage domestic firms without any legal fear of arrest or punishment, simply by renting servers in Canada and Iceland to carry out extortion threats.

This cannot be the standard of business, to redevelop a labor force or create jobs and infrastructure in a small town. Nor can the small town ideas of a police culture prejudge events or deny cases based on personal friendships or family ties, to create the appearance of bias and a barrier to entry for new businesses and equal opportunity in the marketplace.

This means training officers in Title 78 trademark and unfair business practices, and integrating those concepts into other criminal protections like blackmail and letters threatening, which are criminal conduct even when the 'property' being damaged or misused is ordinarily a civil matter in lesser circumstances and among ordinary simultaneous discovery or non-criminal misuse.

There are businesses who want to develop a culture separate from AMAZON and YOUTUBE and META, who wish to uphold the standards of rural Oklahoma above those popular in California and other 'sex positive' countries direction on children and child-sexuality. By denying companies the ability to establish and develop a basis of operations here, those policies virtually guarantee a marketplace monopoly of more mature, adult, erotic, and sexually themed business activity that exclude persons from economic opportunity based on conservative values and religious sentiment inherent in our community and regional social organizations.

Voice and video services are coming, whether retailers want them to or not, and harassment of companies who bring those services for not allowing public access to sound studio sets, stages, or sensitive operational offices, should not create an "unseen" class of business who operate with less confidence in the police department to respond to calls than a Pot Dispenser or Weed Farm.

Ultimately, retail business has 20,000 residents and regional visitors to rely on in sales. Online business has 150 million in the United States alone.

It should therefore be obvious which one the community should want to develop to generate a positive cash flow, local spending, redevelopment of regional infrastructure, and potential labor and education development in new technology services for permanent residency of students during and after their education at East Central University.

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