One of the most common questions we get is also one of the most juvenile: "Why do you not have more selection?"

Anyone in the industry of professional audio and digital audio workstation (DAW) professional services already know the answer. But for the public a brief notice is necessary, due persistent fraud in the Midwest by a small group of harassing parties.

We sell lowest cost alternatives, which are minimal tools, for use and testing with our systems and their installation.

High end headsets cost well over $200 per pair, and like quality musical instruments can be much higher in price.

All the firm provides are "auxillery" USB devices for system check and basic consumer gaming. Real "audiophile" (professional audio) equipment is limited to a few select dealers which we also supply customer access to, for specific business use.

It would be immoral to hold a $2000 headset in front of a customer in rural Oklahoma and claim that will make their music sound better.

Studio design, sound cancelling, metered audio measures in rooms and environmental material, and proper isolation from performance to gain peak input are all part of a larger sound stage industry that violence in the City of Ada and regional area do not make possible for our local office and in continued harassment from 1998-2022.

Audio engineering is not the only application of AGS and specialized workstation systems. Other uses in database and quantitative analytics, voice and video services, and real-time low-quality mass communication offer a larger regional market.

To help our customers avoid improper (non-full-ear) equipment that can lead to serious hearing damage, such as earbuds, made popular locally but not safe for long term use in intense sound environments - we offer some cost-effective accessories.

Cost for keyboards, mice, and other peripheral products exced $100 USD per unit and $500 for interface and display tools per user. Consumer PC users are not familiar with these devices in office and data entry job roles, and are not suitable comparisons with retail equipment for intensive or precision real-time use.

Patents also affect these products, and as a result we often see product enter and leave market very quickly due to design disputes - which make pricing inventory and keeping inventory expensive in our regional market.

As a result, if customers need equipment above "voice conferencing" consumer grade, we will perform product research at-that-time for clients, to find best fit and available equipment.

Many studios producing those parts only make limited runs, so inventory is not a practical solution for studio gear of that grade.

Specialized markets exist for such equipment, also, and our primary focus at the LLC is hardware, software for audio, and digital signal processor (DSP) tools to suit specific work-cases.

Many consumer devices (cell phones) cannot even replay sound at the quality of our video and audio service, and the inferior quality of such devices have held back other industries for years due to efforts to suit only those customers with sales and licensing of derived work.

Our area is in mastering and red book format (raw) audio processing pipelines, so we do not ordinarily focus on post-production "cuts" of those masters as a real market for our customers and content creators. Similar concepts in RED video and 8K and 4K camera production, which exceed most displays, are fairly easy concepts to understand where our product fits in the pipeline.

Camera equipment, support, and direct contracts from those peer industry parts manufacturers is ordinary in such industry, as engineer support and warranty with the end-user is necessary at over $10,000 USD per camera or major equipment.

Our sector is in control, storage, processing, and data preservation with monitoring devices suited solely to identify and help "data wranglers" verify and move content in very large productions - like film and project level work.

Because of this, keeping a detailed catalog of all possible audio equipment and mixers, professional sound cards, and high value solutions not ordinarily used in local venue work would be silly.

However, since some competitors have attempted to falsify this with a warehouse or big-box wholesale business model to confuse and deceive the public; a notice of our area of specialized service and selection of parts is essential.

The nature, brand, model, and details of capture cards, portable radio transmitters, network equipment, security devices, and storage configurations employed in our products are not subject to marketing or release for use by other competitor services to interdict, impede, or duplicate our work.

Customers with a genuine need are welcome to obtain information, provided a verified registration with the State per form 512 or similar obligations and registry to be a genuine and real business entitled to purchase in their respective state. We verify representation due to numerous and repeated fraud attempts by Texas competitors and persons seeking to gain customer information after prior confrontation to threaten our staff in protective illegal business practices in Dallas, Tulsa, and Norman.

Areas of our work in communication for command and control in ballistic and flight simulation, large and small unit tactics, and logistics for online next-generation war games, also make our product selection for users exploring the virtual world development of our platforms curious what is required for long-term participation lasting 4-6 hours in some operations with global teams. Equipment is oriented for that professional (e-Sports) model, which implies full time commitment of players to sophisticated persistent environments, unlike console and causal games for children and consumers.

Koss has been one of our favorite product brands for years due to their value and support, quality, and availability across development cycles and shortages of other devices.

Other vendors have a "good reputation" with our use and may reflect our confidence in certain brands over other imitation products from foreign markets at lower price in retail stores.

Effort to make PROSPECTUS CLAIMS concerning "merchantability or fitness of purpose" to our use or sale of all goods with our equipment is illegal in California and many other states, and a form of intimidation of our clients against our service agreement and contracts in print or false claims to the public by non-customers; and recent "false reviews" documented in April 2022 in the Ada (OK, USA) Area.

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