Oct 5th 2022

Video Surveillance Necessary

More and more, elderly and vulnerable persons cannot rely on cultural norms and boundaries to protect them. Persons with mobility impairment cannot rise to challenge every late-night knock on their door just prior 9pm after dark.

On October 4th at 8:42 pm, such contact occurred near the Country Club Golf Course, with a loud knock on the door just as our staff sat down to eat with our client, a patient awaiting major surgery at Mercy Hospital.

Prior in May 2022, an attempt to break into the same office by force, following a similar knock, led to a pair of heavy duty work trucks speeding away down Country Club Rd toward Mississippi Avenue. The sound of their tires was loud enough to alert neighbors to their peeling out during the escape after staff confronted the attempted burglary.

BATES ELECTRONICS of ADA OKLAHOMA provided a professional video security system in 2022 following additional incidents and confirmed theft of U.S. Mail at our office, hit-and-run attacks on our mail box (5), and threats to harm the residents and staff. Their system allows for local staff to view the facility from an iPad Pro, review video footage, and make records for law enforcement of any incident toward staff or property over a long period of time - eliminating "doubt and skepticism" used to justify non-investigation of such incidents and attribution to children or other coincidental juvenile activity.

In the October 4th 2022 incident, an adult male crossed the property after slowing directly in front of the address in a heavy duty truck, parking at the adjoining property driveway, and crossing into the property to make contact with the residents or determine if anyone was home to challenge.

Prior a similar incident where a vehicle parked at the opposite adjoining property, lingered on the end of the drive, and entered the property to linger in front of the main door without leaving the vehicle, prior moving to the end of the drive and linkering further over 1 minute; before turning out 90 degrees to the street in an odd counter-intuitive angle before proceeding north - increased challenge/response practices.

This activity, and telephone calls at 5:05 and 5:10 to determine staff presence at the office immediately following business hours, follows a history of solicitation to make forced entry and to take property from 925 East 9th St and other rental property in a pattern of invasion threats from a specific local individual involved in November 13th 2021 and September 17th 2022 contact incidents.

The continued activity - in concert with other incidents in 2022 - prompted the company to contract and install camera systems due to necessary documentation of ongoing and persistent threats to harm commercially and personally the residents in effort to influence a court case before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, and DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in aggravated perjury (Title 8 Section 37.03) ongoing fraud.

It is a sad fact that persons who are injured or physically impaired are in reasonable fear of abuse in our community; or that their failure to promptly make challenge to a late-night probe of their home would require billable private security hours to confirm for law enforcement what sort of activity is ongoing in PONTOTOC COUNTY toward witnesses.

The ability to view the camera system and response from a position of bed rest, and to alert law enforcement and private security to incidents observed on the cameras is vital. We were very impressed with the quality of service provided to meet that need by BATES ELECTRONICS, and strongly recommend them to any business or property owner experiencing similar issues with "porch pirates" or other "gaslighting" and "intimidation" activity now common in Pontotoc County.

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