Skilled Trade Practices of the Firm

The skills we look for are much easier to recognize than the project itself.

Rather than give project information, which leads to bizarre copycat claims and strange competitor actions - the skill set will better help interested parties understand what the main driving goal of the company is developing in its studio and sound stage plans, data and scientific computing area for visualization, and dedicated telecommunications server strategy in Pontotoc County.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what we do, but it would be preferable if we could do it without people trying to crash the shoot like some Alice in Wonderland crossover with The Crow (where do they get those black jumpsuits, anyway? the Mall?)

Recent recurring effort to confuse our work with some "data hosting cage warehouse" selling servers or raw bandwidth to video providers in the billion Dollar adult video streaming service market, is not correct; but neither are those old-style data centers profit centers or very advanced compared to the SOHO media and technology sector driving new software development and tool development, franchise design, and the creative works and strategies of next-generation media and environment tools.

Some businesses pretend to be pretty, big, and high tech giants like NASDAQ winners. The rest of us are just working so hard we don't notice them until they set the building on fire (it happened, 2002). When the tools being created are worth more than the whole building the city runs its data traffic through, burning down the competitor lab like Edison did to Tesla is more likely (and common) than the public knows. So a low profile is important to keep such unfortunate events from occurring (again, twice).

  • Visual C++ and GCC work for Redhat Enterprise Linux

  • Computer Manufacturing and Electrical Engineering with A/V and Network Experience

  • 3D CAD/CAM work in solid and soft-body dynamics for asset development.

  • Traditional and 4D painting with laser imaging and RED camera editing.

  • Lighting, stage, and sound work for technical set management.

  • Administrative and Fiduciary Regulatory analysis.

  • Color theory and computer technology engine design and display basics.

  • Real time message management for distributed systems.

  • IP and other Protocol security fundamentals in data systems.

  • Traditional welding and metal working skills for fine devices.

  • Framing, manufacturing, and construction of physical stage and set.

  • Costuming, design, and management for set-ready quality work.

  • Mechanical engineering in automotive, combustion, and aerospace.

  • Telecommunications with an emphasis on signal environmental dynamics.

  • Audio and Video data management, compression, formats, and storage.

  • Voice and body (hand, face, genre) talent (agency only, no exceptions)

  • Audio and sound production and mastering for film and public master copy.

  • Inventory management and customer support.

  • Customer service for interactive client relationship management and support.

  • Shipping and warehouse management, organization, and product preparation.

  • Copyrighting and Editorial pre-press and layout for Kindle, physical, and other formats.

  • Product design and inventory management specialist with travel roles.

  • Presentation and sales team dedicated travel and promotion roles.


In summary, we like to find our people in their element - not expect direct applications and frauds to sort through. Most of these skills do not exist presently due to the consumer industry and lack of executive office locations in the Oklahoma region or Midwest.

These are all areas we have worked and provide support with firms much larger than our own, often in strategic vertical growth in each area. Development of such an industry in the City of Ada and Oklahoma has been limited due to hostile and negative credit and investment paired with the infrastructure and domestic weather issues, in favor of the West Coast and Canada. The result is some of the worst and most bias media in 200 years.

The value of domestic people and character and comfort with the environment to adapt to such changing conditions and gain over the relevant cost of living and operation, give micro-media firms with interactive virtual environments a much greater advantage in locations like Southern Oklahoma. High temperatures and extreme low temperatures with intermittent service actually are a component of our product platform design since the 1990s; and those extremely unreliable conditions of 28.8 Kbps modem networking contributory to the environment and structure of how our version of the Virtual Environment must operate for millions of people who have similar spotty service and participation issues due to device cost and limitations.

Therefore, if it works in Oklahoma, it will work anywhere - is our strategy.

The Problem

The problem we face is finding people who believe they actually can get into that industry, and the learning curve once installed - versus retention and development. This was achievable prior to direct and commercial abuse to intimidate our labor and public interaction with the markets in the area from 1999-2022. At which point we are thinking about other markets that this industry can and should move into - if the law enforcement and protection from such "Chicago-style corruption" and computer crimes enforcement services are not improved to offset the competitor and Interstate Sovereignty antitrust activity by State of Texas.

While countries are trying to build education "systems" to create viable workers, businesses are trying to build core teams of generalists like Tesla to expand faster and adapt more readily than traditional "state" degrees afford and students recognize their value.

Whatever you were trained in, in 4-7 years, is obsolete in 2 in the real market for the prior skills. The take-away is the social skill set and the ability to incorporate new disciplines and generalize in skills.

Those are not traits we are seeing in Western and European institutional education; and it is evident as other nations surge ahead - how their teaching pattern is geared toward organizational adaptation, as Jack Ma cited as the head of Alibaba Group and Director of Tencent Corporation.

These firms are competitors because they are beating traditional "state career" performance on most days with ordinary people given extraordinary opportunity and a firm foundation of support afforded by a State monopoly playing in a market with private Citizen-owned corporate competitors.

Their attitude has become, like government, corrosive - with a brutal befriend us or be crushed and ravaged approach, that reminds me of the worst days of Stalin and Mao reforms. Always colored in flashy sickly insincere language to pretend a lesser degree of malice.

Hiring Skills Based Model

Because of this, we hire based on character - not credits. And to that end spend a lot of time looking around the community and in various places for persons who are motivated, interested, and eager to learn a college level skill and work with very high technology, while keeping their work confidential and at the office. "Loose lips sink ships, et al."

The City of Ada has a history of such businesses, though it is not well known, and a workforce already trained in those skills 20 years ago. It can again, with the right management and establishment of compartmentalized workplaces, offices, and privacy paired with good service for the evolving technology sector.

What we intend technology to do is as important as what we can do with it, and that is why we have PROJECTS - about 50 specific small scale works in the hopper that are ideal for teams to move to and then shelve and return in job cycles, developing the element in our ecosystem of tools and brands.

The potential for low skill entry-level educational access and application is therefore part of the design - but some of the work is confidential. Just like NASA or the Lockheed facilities, you get your warehouse but you don't go walking around playing show-and-tell in an industry like this.

This is not to add mystique to the work. It is because we have had people try to literally steal prototypes, come to our office and take things that are tools, and seen this behavior over and over in 30 years; impelling an isolation of such work from other tool groups and total rejection of the "open office" plans favored by low-skill work. With persons in small locations in Scotland and elsewhere in the world, we gain global perspective and news much faster than local, state, or national media; and often directly from persons on the ground in some theaters.


Privacy, when your competitor has over $100 billion USD per year in revenue, is vital. Many people we encountered in November to May appear on good review to be competitor information sources in the ongoing threats, and letters and claims support that effort to "group-source" and "observe, speculate, and assassinate" our work, workers (ability and peace of mine, often by violence), and target specific people solely by association and valuation.

Good legitimate businesses do not do that. These are Texan competitors owned by foreign sovereign governments at law, and similar nasty special interest.

As such, we keep our workers away from each other - for their own safety. Geographically, even. And the Directors at least 50 miles apart.

It sounds terrible, but after 30 years - this is where we are today. And the future looks incredible after all that hard work and effort. But to what end, and what corporate application of the technology, is as important to us as it is to Elon Musk and Twitter, or Facebook, or Twitch Interactive - as violence is escalating and reliance on "very large collective judgment" to protect and mitigate such abuse is contrary the purpose.

So our projects include roles like charity, assistance of the Disabled, and people skills as well as high technology and community outreach work. Not all of this is done in Ada, obviously, but the use of mass intimidation sites and strategies to abuse those efforts and through Youtube and GOOGLE and ICANN registration of "hate based names to extort", show the public exactly what we are dealing with and why our "projects" goal is a little "cryptic".

Threats Themed on Masonic Lodge Language by Enid and Ada Competitors a form of Criminal Gaslighting

The use of "BEWARE" by one such creeper, a Masonic warning to draw attention of some inherent ill faith in a person in old Colonial days; wrongly suggest a gross misuse of such confidence on older and well known symbols. So we use Christian and metaphorical language to frame the work in response, and terms and codenames out of the King James Bible quite often just to aggravate and confuse the atheist hate speech that often tries to impose its own false and misleading claims to confuse, intimidate, and poison the normal trust between our members and agents of the court, members of law enforcement, the ABLE COMMISSION, and persons who recognize that large scale narco trafficking and sex work is not good for our children and young adults.

Technology gave me an escape from that - and our projects are intended to do the same thing, building trust and confidence in systems that regard dignity and rule based security over all else for members, clients, and even transgressors.

We have information we are not releasing publicly because it is wrong to do so - but because we stand in the public in view, and not behind a mask and an anonymous shell domain 3 layers deep on the competitor server; we cannot engage in the same illegal practices that our competitors are now.

Use of Fake Names and Knowingly False Police Reports To Constitute 23 O.S. 23-9.1 Spoliation

If they were identified, it would be easy to charge them. But the use of fake names, child pornography, VPNs, 1000s of fake accounts, and (strangely) the transgender female profile that keeps logging in to Twitch to listen for any sounds it can record and use for fraud and false claims; appears to be a man, Ba-by. And a Man we all know, sadly, by his fake teeth in recent photos.

This is not cool, and damages the transgender and LGBQT+ community, and in general comes across to me as "anti-gay anti-trans white supremacist behavior", that speaks to a lot of curios-personal-insecurity and sexual issues which are outside our scope of care and beyond our duty to address beyond a broad ban and extra security detail.

It is okay to be whoever you are. But that does not mean you have no control or boundary issues. Nor is that typical of those communities, unless you are playing out some bizarre fantasy. And in such case, we do not approve and must - for the sake of our office - like any office, draw the line and if it recurs - add those persons to the DO NOT ADMIT list after they have been warned and fail to cease and desist in this activity.

Sadly, for some, that just comes as a challenge.

Since neither our staff or business has time to do things like that, with a 52 project workload, it just comes off as some absence of a quality of life to see - but still takes time and money I would rather spend on hiring new staff and training. It is intimidation, simply, to instill fear in hiring in the Pontotoc County community and State of Oklahoma, And either the County and State will recognize that and move to coordinate with Federal Justice to stop this conduct; or other countries who are willing to provide the security will be the winner in the bid for those industries in the future.

The community appears to be on the edge - like the country - and this is a critical time to decide if the rule of law or the temptation to lay back and think of England suits the present generation looking for high technology companies to come to their community. Such industries provide jobs and access to markets never imagined before, along with credit and investment opportunities that grocery and dry goods superstores do not in residual revenue.

But these infrastructure decisions and community support, law enforcement, and court protection do not happen organically. They require planning and steps to improve the service level to meet the minimum requirements of such industry needs against this sort of threat. Or, like Elon Musk, those firms will fundamentally change and move to new markets where they can trust thieves and child abusers will be arrested and punished for harming others.

State and Federal Law Changed in 2017

Trying to act like everyone is innocent or well intentioned, is not suitable for the speed of the Internet, and by the time that decision is done, $1 million USD in capital entry becomes $100 billion in 10 years. Barring then that community from ever having consideration of a company like Edge Tech or Remington Arms to return to the area. It is not a try, fail, try again harder situation. Cities like Gary Indiana disappear when they fail to recognize there are only so many seats at the table, and taking a chip off the board from that pile when no one is looking, eventually will get you an empty seat.

That is why the Laws were changed in 2017. That the States have not admitted that and continue to try to slide chips off the table as they did before, is not okay. It's acceptable to lose the pot if the game goes on. But if you lose the players, there is no game next week.

Applicants for such industry must be at minimum, competent in that, and understand the good will we ascribe in "Projects", is to serve the long term goal of development, not the short term goal of virtue signalling or immediate rewards. To be here in 10-20 years, is far more profitable as a franchise developer, than to be rich today and hated tomorrow - like Facebook and Twitter. For labor, its just one generation who take profit and retire. But for managers and leadership, it is the loss of 50 more years of earnings and numerous generations of stability and skill development worth its weight in gold to survive in the community provided.

This is why large cities are far more competitive. Bad companies can burn through the labor force over a longer period, and gain a number of genuinely career-bad-actors who stand by them. This is essentially what my peers tell me happened to my old center in the 2001-2022 period here, costing Ada another employer of 300 people.

If our projects work, we hope to employ thousands. It scales to every home. And that builds equity and wealth which scale back into the community and the hands of people here it is most needed. And if it works in a rural community like the City of Ada - it can work in millions of homes worldwide.

Big picture. Economics of Systems, not financial year-over-year maximizing before a pop and a winding down in 5-7 years. Enterprise planning, like the military does for long term defense and force protection development. The business of nation building, one project at a time. Domestically.

What we were before, we will be again - and better.

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