June 4th 2022 - Compromised Level 3 Clients exploited to harass in concert with Prior Donald J. Beal threats.

SAN JOSE CA Data Center used as ALTERNATE to Push Abuse

We traced the route to DALLAS TX and SAN JOSE CA, for these flows abusing our Business Class Internet Service; and find their origin appears to be the same LOSTSERVER members physical patriot, titan, and atlas locations used in 2002 and 2011. Despite making threats about extorting MILITARY SERVICE RECORDS to defraud and to threaten STOLEN VALOR to blackmail, the group uses "United States Nuclear Missile Delivery Vehicle Names"; including harpoon, and saturn in 2022 threats in January and November. Despite changing the name to DEPREF and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK, these people are the same ones using "WINSOCK" as a user name to confuse and intimidate people, discredit victims reports, and make all details of their activity sound confusing to laypersons. Those names are like "carburetor" or "muffler" or "drive shaft" on a car, and as part of computer operating systems, used as actual address and email, create reports that would deceive a non-engineer or jury, court attorney, or law enforcement. In grifting, fraud, and confidence games, these sort of names are like "fake names" used before law enforcement. We have seen this in use of alternate spellings to escape background checks and conceal prior charges, and evident in the police report showing a wildly bizarre name corssed out in the arrest record.

All of those actions are "bad faith" indicators. Names known in the claims include include Sir_Ahzz, Lil_Lady_Vee, Psychosis, TheDon, Storm Rayne, DJ Infamous, Dr.Fear, AllyKatt, Terrabox, and are not protected by "legal name" use for real businesses (as of last investigation in Oklahoma, at this site). A "legal business" non-incorported may include the Legal Name and brand or trade, or is "The Legal Name doing-business-as (d/b/a) The Tradename"; but must be included or the solicitation is an "unregistered ficticious name", aka a "Fake Name" in business.

STRYX is a "Legal Name", because it is trademark under Title 78 Oklahoma Statutes; and H.M. Stryx is short for Herr Magus Stryx. Loosely translated, it means "Mister Big Owl". This is short, for the proper name in the books, which means roughly big scary quiet owl. The character was inspired by Choctaw and Chickasaw cultural legends, and is also a copyright protected work created by David Rutledge, for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in the late 1990s. The character serves as narrator for the books, and an unnerving representation of the power of God in the stories by James Allen, as well as the love of all people of all types and faiths, a romantic comedic cartoonish protagonist. Although the foreshadowing techniques used to build drama have apparently caused some of the critics of the work to suffer serious mental breaks from reality and write some impressive erotic fanfic dedicated to Mr. Allen, the creator of the character, and his butt.

There is also a lot of "furry fanfic" on the hate sites, which appear to be fantasizing about the characters in a very unhealthy way inspired by art shows at some of these events and "fan service" (a term coined in Dallas, to talk about sexualized cartoon characters created to attract minors to buy product like Texas strip club content on Twitch Interactive Inc and and other sites in association with the Dallas / Tulsa / New York BDSM group of promoters; AXIS themed neo-nazi content inspired by The Dallas Fetish Ball; and to place such content before young audiences in an effort to discredit Allen's work in Christian literature.

In review today, we found a "hitler mustache on a baby" used on such sites, to harass Mr. Allen during the 2001-2019 concealment of his child during WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION and false trial. We located in this court document the alleged "venue transfer" by DAMARCUS OFFORD, which styled the case as if the child MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN were suing the mother VERONICA PETERSEN, to corrupt the case and bar 2015-2020 motions to return the child in a knowing fraud evident to any competent attorney. The Court Clerk could not even spell the child's name correctly, but that is because the mother's motion also mispelled the child's last name as "PETERSON" (not "PETERSEN" of this vital record).

As one can see, the real (natural person) child was born in DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS. While the lawsuit used to abuse the Oklahoma parent says the child born in DALLAS COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS was the collateral property allegedly born to the Respondent, who gave birth to the child (a legal person, with no natural human counterpart). The father was the Respondent, in the original case and that ORDER. So, James Allen gave birth to a child at law on the record in 2001 in DALLAS COUNTY, while Veronica Peterse gave birth to a natural child in DENTON COUNTY. The lawsuit is not for a baby or legal person in DENTON COUNTY, and thus his rights to his natural child were never contested by the parent, as detailed in 76 O.S. Section 76-8. Such a scewed up beginning in fraud, to a screwed up middle, deserves a screwed up end. The SWORN AFFIDAVIT of Veronica Petersen that she lived in DENTON COUNTY since 2001, prior to the ORDER in December 2001, whereat she swore as material fact to defraud attesting she lived with her mother (a DENTON COUNTY RESIDENT) but gave a DALLAS COUNTY Address to suggest James Allen left the home as is required of legal abandonment, exposes the fraud since 2001 October in her 2015 filing.

The civil claim "abandonment" faslely alleged against James Allen means Allen must have willingly left the family home, and such home styled to be that of Iva Petersen in DENTON COUNTY. But in fact the letters admit the child was taken by force and direction by the mother in 2011 by a witness to extort Allen, and publicized as though such concealment after attempted murder and threat of murder witnessed by J. Kara Metzger, were legally "abandonment" due misconudct of DALLAS COUNTY to defraud and make false trial in 2002. The child was legally resident at 2502 Live Oak Ave, #335, which is where Allen was served after the lease ended as planned initially; at a cost of over $2000 to stay and try to recover the child against fraud to extort money and property after SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. paid $10,000 in bills conditional promised move of the family to Ada, Oklahoma just prior the abduction, and such taking during that trave to the City of Ada (INTERSTATE TRAVEL, INTERSTATE COMMERCE, INTERDICTION OF INTERSTATE COMMERCE falsified as civil and refused Federal Aid to defraud TITLE IV AGENCY GRANTS).

The child's grandfather, Arnold Allen, withdrew money from his Social Security to pay off the Texas woman's debts conditional to her moving to PONTOTOC COUNTY. This forgivable loan was conditioned relocation, which was never done, and Arnold Allen had to work an additional 2 years to restore his retirement due to this fraud, never repaid by the abducting parent for her debt or reported as support to the court in her subsequent nonsuit claim of "abandonment". That is why the Texas family is fighting to hard to wholly discredit James Allen, to evade that loan, just as Veronica Petersen defaulted on other loans she falsely blamed on James Allen to defraud.

The Private Investigation performed by the corporation in 2012 named in threats ex parte to this suit, returned the following disclosure 2012 to the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. group. The P.I. was then featured in 2013 on a site calling for violence identical to the one created in 2021 November 14th to extort Dr. Ann Klepper and her family prior her death March 2nd 2022. Dr. Klepper was James Allen's adopted mother since 1975. She worked at Valley View Regional Hospital in pediatrics and the Emergency Room, and had a private practice at Doctor's Park medical center, and later worked at MERCY HOSPITAL. The missing child is her grandchild, at law, and the defamation in the claims against her in the child's medical history style her as non compos mentis, along with Arnold Allen, and James Allen (a adopted child) to carry this fraud.

Fraud claims including allegations James Allen had "bad genes", due to his ethnic character as the son of Reo Nichols and Robin Overton, disclosed in 2021 - appear anti Native American eugenics slurs by Donald J. Beal aimed at James Allen and his child born in DENTON COUNTY during Veronica Petersen's living with Allen in 2001 at 2502 Live Oak Ave, #335, Dallas Texas out-of-state for-work address while he assisted NORTEL as a PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES employee, a competitor of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and TEK SYSTEMS, whom Veronica and Donald cited in 2003 and 2011 falsely to allege were his real employers in coordinated premeditated fraud to abduct. James Allen attended the birth of his child, housed the mother during the pregnancy at his sole expense and in luxury, took his child home to his residence after the birth with the mother, and paid for everything she allowed him to prior her physical abduction of the child, including all bills presented to him from 2001-2022 for the child's medical costs per the support order. All claims to the contrary are criminal fraud.

The Child's name in Latin literally means "The Great Victorious Truth", but the mother crossed out "Truth" (Veritas) and inserted "PETERSEN" instead. The child was always loved and sought, and this was concealed to abuse the child by Donald J. Beal and Veronica Petersen, and by Iva Petersen, from 2001-2019 to defraud. Since the Child's name is Latin and the Father's "Legal Name" (STRYX) in 1992-2022 legal use is LATIN, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is lying in this fraud, and what happened to the truth. The mother claimed she was afraid (to a clinically dysfunctional degree, concealing premeditation to abduct) that she would be denied the right to pick the child up at school, and since her prior child was a girl she wanted to add a boys's name to the family line. The Father (James Allen) consented, out of love for Veronica and trust and an agreement the child may choose his name on maturity provided he was informed of the reasons for the unusual (wordly, popular in India) name "MAGNUS". The name was inspired by th comic book character "MAGNUS, ROBOT FIGHTER" in the 1970s, who could tear apart machines with his bare hands; and appropriate because the baby at birth was over 13 lbs. The Nurse in December 2001 told James Allen that the child looked malnourished, having been in the care of Veronica Petersen from August 2001 to December, and attempted to imply James Allen was responsible despite the fact that he was denied all contact on threat of murder and of false arrest made prior and before J. Kara Metzger, refusing to allow the father to see or speak to or visit his son.

Texas CPS were told these facts, and refused to act citing that once they relayed the complaint to the mother, they dismissed it because she "replied it was not true" by written statement - denied CROSS EXAMINATION or other access by eye-witnesses of abuse and bizarre altered behavior suggesting delusions and conversations with people who "were not there" according to Sean Wayne Pike (Main, USA) as of 2002 just after the fire destroyed the residence of KARA METZGER in DALLAS COUNTY at WILLOW WINDS COURT as threatened on THECHURCHBOARD.COM prior by the abductors. THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, GREG ABBOTT, was also informed as the TITLE IV AGENCY of STATE OF TEXAS, and refused to act on this information or record it in the TITLE IV AGENCY FILE of the cause; per letter to James Allen. It is the duty of the TITLE IV AGENCY to retain such reports per 45 CFR §302.56(f) and to conduct investigation per Title 22 Chapter 78, never done during the 2001-2019 or later period of concealment; and in 2022 May 11th to continue to make demands for payment on threat of prosecuting James Allen to cocerce his silence in this fraud, and to make conditional his civil rights on forfeiture of his business activity (XXIII-1A Right) contrary 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8; obligated prosecution for barratry by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY per 21 O.S. §21-1305.

A formal "barratry" complaint has been filed, on discovery after Private Investigation in February 2022, prompted by repeated targeting to extort RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and DEEP LAYER INC. in this fraud and for forfeiture and stock dilution prior the NVIDIA CORPORATION scheduled launch of the 4000 series graphic processor, a 2 year product development cycle for those firms reliant on 2022 fiscal work and recovery of their community activity to develop industry in PONTOTOC COUNTY - threatened by this illicit activity under color of law described prior.

The alleged December 18 2001 ORDER states that Veronica Petersen was "wholly in default". The Order falsifies the default then in favor of the Petitioner in May 29 2002, a full 9 days after the alleged hearing where DEE MILLER, District Judge, did see James Allen and declare she had heard the case, and ruled while he was held in the Courthouse against his will be her staff. Fraud is evident, in examination of the documents, hand-written change of "docket" to "trial" on the fax, and AMENDED FILING made to style the case as "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF JAMES ALLEN AND VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN AND IN THE INTEREST OF A CHILD" which was never a legal thing for an "abandonment" civil suit (same case number reused) already void for nonsuit (no evidence, no CROSS EXAMINATION) obligated by Oklahoma Supreme Court "KELLY v KELLY" (2007) decision making any such suit an "automatic mistrial" and all claims based on hearsay to terminate rights of an Oklahoma Parent, fraud and UNCONSTITUTIONAL under Okahoma Law. The ORDER December 18 cited, further admits this child is not the DENTON COUNTY birth, but a wholly invented legal doppleganger created to defraud born in DALLAS COUNTY. Scribners errors are minor spelling errors, not getting the party and estate of the party of a natural person confused or reversing the petitioner and respondent in the ORDER names and wholly in a new case (15-06292393).

The case is corrupt, and void (per Kelly v Kelly, and "operation of law" a duty to record). As are all claims of the abducting Texas family corrupt and to defraud.

The States may want to read the Oklahoma Enabling of Statehood Act to see what rider contract the Congress of the United States incorporated into the State of Oklahoma prior to pulling that "export children to foreign countries stunt" in an Article I section I-1 rule of the same said document. The Terms in the Declaration of Independence are Supreme Law here, an incorporated protection prohibiting such conduct contrary, evident prior, in abuse to void that incorporation of State of Oklahoma; and per Oklahoma Constitution Article I Section I, trigger a dissolution of the Federal Union and all States so made by such legal body as collateral to the injured parties, a lien on them superior the States prior existing in their making not including the Indian properties cited in the Declaration..

You see, when

Supreme law of land.
The State of Oklahoma is an inseparable part of the Federal
Union, and the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law
of the land.

When something is inseparable and you void the incorporation to dissolution of "State of Oklahoma" for violation of the incorporating documents in the articles of incorporation, per civil procedure - that means the same civil process executes also on the Federal Union. - and "Operation of Law" is this form of civil process in Constitutional Law, whereby intent of the parties who certify the thing has no legal right to undo the civil process that automatically takes place when the breach of that clause is executed. The overt act, not some Grand Jury finding or conviction or a discretion of the State or Federal Justice Department or office, works such contract as an Article of Incorporation per International Law. So I would re-read that contract carefully and the 2018 November to 2022 failure to seat a jury after motion for fast and speedy trial, predicated on the prior documents as evident fraud, sustained wrongly and without KELLY v KELLY 22 O.S. §22-13 rule DOCKET HEARINGS instead subjected to ex parte hearings under color of law, before dismissing the allegation of barratry or suggesting quid pro quo a restoration of the rights of the injured party and $2.5 million USD in lost wages over fraud, plus all restitution due and owing per 18 U.S. Code §1593 rule, and 5 U.S. Code §706 rule. Because that is an "awfully big stick" versus the carrot-and-stick-approach being waved at Mr. Allen to coerce evasion of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 December 20 2016 Exclusive Authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services limited commission duly made per 5 U.S. Code §101 over the TITLE IV AGENCIES failing to perform the duty in 45 CFR rule and 120 page instruction manual and 127 page Civil Agreement waiving Texas jurisdiction to rule fraud a duty of the State of Oklahoma duly filed in February 2022 as evidence without contest or answer or objection of record by June 2022.

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