May 31st 2022 - Industrial Harm and Beneficial Owners Of Such Claims

Details on the companies related to the technology and industry sought in forfeiture are not unrelated the harassment or duration of the fraud, and parallel such fraud from 1997 claims prior 2001 letters to extort and 2003 public launch, a creeping infringement activity which are hard to follow without access to the resume, servers, and employers of the adversarial parties. A Limited Public Report has been prepared.

Additional logs from our honeypot show criminal attempts to login as root on servers tracking this fraud and industrial espionage activity directed by DEPREF.NET sites. Flagrant privilege-gain-attempt: Over 5,000 times in 24 hours, passing through Amsterdam. Origin appears TENCENT in data, with the genuine advesary at District of Hi-tech Park, Shenzhen (China). It looks like they are trying to pretend a CIDR class C block (/24 with 255 hosts) is a RUSSIAN flagged IP to evade, even though it is physically in Hong Kong, China. We also see hostile traffic from which is a PCH.NET entity, as of May 31 2022. If you don't want to be cited, don't send requests to odd ports repeatedly.

International Parties Require a Sophisticated Eye

Many consumers would be surprised to know how the firms operate, share directors, derive funds from a $600 billion trust, and are employing $3 billion in assets to stage service in concert with demands to forfeit the technology of the REDHAT LABS INC. developer and Fedora Project work in the City of Ada central to these claims demands and goals.

Corporations holding 7% of equity in Oklahoma are themed "beneficial owners" and liable for direction of the firm, including conduct that would ordinarily be protected by a corporate liability against ordinary shareholder risk, and may constitute a violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act or other Laws governing antitrust activity, such as the distribution of "free" product below cost into a market and over a threshhold of value - as EPIC MEGAGAMES does to promote its services over competitors.

We can therefore see EPIC/RIOT/PARADOX and the subsidiary WHITE WOLF are essentially TENCENT, and in equity part of TENCENT GAMES, TENCENT MEDIA, TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES, and operating to collect patents applying to the game industry like SHENZEN TECHNOLOGIES and other groups seen in security breach efforts against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. over the course of this fraud. Closely paired with monopoly services in China in ALIBABA group and owneship of such firm in 29% equity by SOFTBANK GROUP, supported by paired BOARD OF DIRECTOR membership to persons with TENCENT in joint strategic operations and competitor expansion targeting the small game development studio in City of Ada, Oklahoma. Coercion to compel the Oklahoma firm to buy the UNREAL ENGINE 5 or prior version, rather than develop a competitive product and middleware, is evident Interstate Interference in Commerce in such demands issued by the Enid/Tulsa/Dallas group and in concert with the Ann Arbor Michigan and California/Florida/New York State group presence of its personnel in this common cause.

Fraud exploits Public Good Will

Companies in gray are on the periphery of this - firms solely doing ordinary business with the very large asset book value entities, unaware of their acquisitions and merger labor group activity documented against our network in the City of Ada, are victimized also by this unlawful (XXIII-1A) organized unregistered Labor Activity.

"Collective Groups movement to assume control of traditional specialists is a driver of this fraud activity". Effort to displace our role as a Fedora Project data center and success in City of Ada, including fraud to damage combined with a recent bid by CentOS group members to take over the work of the Fedora group, are copycat behavior attempting to nudge established communities out of their working roles by impersonation after a series of technical project failures in ongoing evasion of responsibility and deflection.

These acts appear concert with IBM server virtualization falsely predicated as a proprietary product of COGENT customers ATLANTIC.NET on hosting used to send the threat and extortion to the City of Ada from ICELAND registration this February and March 2022 extortion account created on YOUTUBE.COM to begin INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION interference April 4-16th and May 11th-15th 2022 in illicit communication to our office to extort over $10,000 violating Federal Law.

Prior the harassment by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, TEK SYSTEMS, and their sponsor firm NTT GROUP, we were unaware of these groups or their relationships - and made discovery solely due to the ongoing and repeated coercive commercial harassment paired with withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION to extort surrender of our technology at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. over 2001-2022.

THECHURCHBOARD.COM and DEPREF.NET are both registered in REYKJAVIK ICELAND, further narrowing the probability of motive in organized commercial activity to a small 345,393 person island nation and city of 118,918 residents; whose primary software industry is that of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden, a TENCENT company of People's Republic of China by equity true and bona fide beneficial owner of record directly or through fund managment since done to conceal this high (10%) ownership and similar high (40%) investiment in our leading competitors (EPIC/RIOT) and public TENCENT GAMES and TENCENT MEDIA investment in H.265 code development, licensing, and control.

It is central to such fraud that the perpetrators of the child concealment deceive the public (76 O.S. §76-3) that such complaint is against every person in an enterprise class organization to which they are acting as an unregistered agent or independent unregistered labor organization in industrial espionage and industrial sabotage activity against real and in legal use businesses of the City of Ada, Oklahoma; so that the public may confuse the financial capacity of such firms to buy property legally with fraud to suggest the developer is obilgated to sell or sell as a price inconsistent with $423 million to $70 billion sale price of similar work, as low as $80,000 in credit for false debt created and solely to settle such debt in taking, withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION and communication with a child of the property owner by the concealing parties, and to gain forfeiture of the business to then sell the products and license and rights of franchise to such firms as if free title property in a practice banned since 1991 in Federal Register per December 20 2016 notice, Volume 81 Number 244, themed illegal per SCOTUS 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case ruling in pronouncement, barred EXCESSIVE FINE and BLACK CODE known also as "human trafficking", "debt bondage", and "forced labor" under color of civil fines.

Rather what we see are a small number of corrupt parties and improper foreign unregistered relationships evading obligations and to coerce and damage PROSPECTUS investor interest and credit in a domestic firm contrary protection of The Securities Act of 1933 (Section 5) and related OKLAHOMA UNIFORM SECURITIES ACT OF 2004, to defraud and produce an export in false title of intellectual property for sale or transfer overseas and for false registration as original work through developed avenues of fraudulent conveyance of controlled technology themed dual-use subject to the Wassenaar Arangement for ballistic intercept technology and aerospace flight control systems consistent with automated fire control in practical application environments.


Efforts by withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD or abuse to coerce statements of FINANCIAL QUALIFICATION to apply against the will of an ISSUER or REGISTERED SECURITY are wrongdoing, and are prohibited and not obligated LEGAL ANSWER to fraud and false claims, other than complaint of such disclosure or allegation as FALSE PROSPECTUS, video surveillance, unlawful search and seizure, false characterization, or any abuse to the person(s) involved in the issue or management of a security or property to obtain such information or statements not of their own free will, on condition of obtaining some benefit or thing of value or transfer or to harm such property to gain commercial advanatage, are prohbiited.

Damage to the public and economy of State of Oklahoma and City of Ada are for such franchise and forced diluton of marks, a billion Dollar economic fraud carried on false cause and to defraud by withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION and felony activity including false persona of a REGISTERED AGENT to harm investment in City of Ada and PONTOTOC COUNTY industry, formally alleged a pattern evident from 2001-2022 ongoing and violent remorseless action with physical injury to victims constituting maiming and bodily harm, loss of health and function, and physical loss of capacity and hearing resultant from repeated attacks which are not being prosecuted by State of Texas nor State of Oklahoma as obligated equal protection of law.

Any person acting in false claims to conceal the removal and concealment for abuse and injury to a child to obtain such things or to defraud the public, should be prosecuted - and dedicated services required to enforce Oklahoma Supreme Court "KELLY v KELLY" DUE PROCESS standard (2007) commencerate with Cybercrime and electronic extortion to blackmail a minimum capacity of a City or County police force.

Law enforcement and investigation services must be without sale of the service on existing payment of membership, retail, or job creation a factor in discrimination of protection - to attract and retain businesses essential to the present and future ability of the public to compete against other national-government-backed industrial advesaries in the global economy, who do not follow Oklahoma "RIGHT TO WORK" (XXIII-1A) and other contract laws (XXIII-8 and XXIII-9) while making false PROSPECTUS claims into City of Ada, Pontotoc County, and State of Oklahoma refused contest by law enforcement as crimes. Industrial espionage is not a civil matter.

Efforts to confuse law enforcement to believe such "show proof" claims are to suit competitor profiles in discovery under color of legal abuse, or fail to recognize the harm done in launch and labor costs to disruption of business with repeated provocations and "shakedown" activity carried in the prior cause from 2003-2022, without official investigation or case or court afforded deposition of witnesses to violent crime and child concealment, make The Emmett Till Antilynching Act necessary.

An officer of a United States Corporation is not pretending to be "better than you" because they will not discuss stock options or recoil at the improper suggestion of "partnership" often followed by an implied threat of extortion to obtain it under color of "friendly advice". They are following the law and protecting creditors, stakeholders, and securities pledged in contract, and must ensure you qualify before discussing certain matters - and may not publish certain facts even when confronted with false claims, according to State and Federal Law.

Gaslighting Fraud To Date

The Gaslighting Fraud to date: suggests falsely that complex commercial ownership of a competitor firm and infringement of intellectual property registered under Title 78 of Oklahoma Statutory Law are some evidence of mental health defect.

This fraud would deceive the public to suggest detailed global industry analysis of regional Intellectual Property rights and objection to theft and infringement themed "piracy" generally, are simply narcissism or personal beliefs of a superiority complex.

Such activity would be on prima facie Federal Fraud (18 U.S. Code §1341) and a State Crime (43A O.S. §43A-5-104) in any utterance or decision to not perform a duty of office (21 O.S. §21-1305) on cause of doubt created by such refusal or non-disclosure, a right, and an effort to overcome and obtain information protected by contract in industrial espionage for court or public record accessible by foreign industrial agency - both registered and unregistered.

To make such claims would be like going to a bank teller or cashier, and slipping them a note that reads "put the money in the bag" while motioning toward a concealed weapon.

The use of a child or family member coming to harm or concealment in violation of law is exactly what that offense appears in context to WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION (a right) not afforded.

These abuses appear in concert with demands for silence and payment in-consideration a performance against the will of some duty of the officer quid pro quo to enjoy and hope to benefit from effective property rights in the State of Oklahoma contrary INHERENT RIGHTS prior owed and due per Article II section II-2 and Title 76 inherent rights.

This is leveraged on gender discrimination against employment for which II-36A prohibit discrimination or bond against a parent on the basis of sex to suspend such rights prior conviction of wrongdoing in KELLY v KELLY (2007) CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARD TEST not done, then automatic mistrial and void at law in all States claims a false trial by "operation of law" and elementary to 18 U.S. Code §1341 violation.

Federal Law Obligates the State Cease Assuming Guilt

It is the LEGAL PURPOSE and authority expressly of the 45 CFR §302.56(f) rule to stop this abuse - a duty of the State, and 100% of the burden of proof in 5 U.S. Code §556(d) a duty of answer solely upon the State to disprove the victim's written rebuttal per present law. It is the duty of the State, not the victim, to prove other claims subject a paid $1.5 billion Federal annual grant to the State of Oklahoma to perform an expressly enumerated legal duty.

To characterize it otherwise would be a component of a Hate Crime both in gender and assumed mental health for failure to file legal answer to the written rebuttal per Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, State Law since February 2017 - and accessory to that fraud and offense in any statements of support made to such fraud during concealment or false claims of a burden of proof other than on the State. Especially where injury, grave bodily harm, RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) or other legal civil honor or civil standing were subject in such claims to impair credit, contract, or Uniform Code of Commerce elementary in INTERSTATE COMMERCE or International Trade of the United States such as export without title or false title, and with any party prior cited no matter their size or true nature as a (23% Government of Japan, Government Owned) entity like NTT.

The transfer of patents or material for patent or to aid in foreign registration of Oklahoma Trade Secrets as patent of a foreign government or franchise is a very serious form of wrongdoing with military applications and PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY (PLA) of China a beneficiary where TENCENT or ALIBABA or ARM HOLDINGS of China are a party. Resistance is therefore lawful against such transfer per 22 Oklahoma Statutory Law Section 22-31.

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