June 21st 2022 - Understanding the Controversy

Occassionally the industry of our business is impacted by recurring fraud circulated to damage the labor market in the City of Ada, Pontotoc County, and State of Oklahoma.

While this is not pleasant, the nature of such criminal fraud to extort requires that specific legal documents, transcripts, and statements of extortion submitted to our office be exposed to contest regional abuse of mass media by our competitors.

Main Project - Scary Online Game

One of the REGISTERED properties of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is a supernatural horror fiction franchise, for use in interactive software.

While most adults are competent in our industry, the public should be informed of specific efforts to distort and misrepresent such works of scientific computing and network interactive media - as our competitors are employees of very large firms operating overseas and with intent to extort, plagiarize, and blackmail our business to surrender property and conceal theft of other products protected by franchise such as MGM / Metro-Goldwyn screenplay and film characters and personas then later illegally employed in ICELAND and SWEDEN for knock-off products sold back into the Untied States.

This activity has been ongoing since we were public about this work in 1996, and evident in impersonation of our work and franchise as well as that of IBM CLOUD services and IBM REDHAT LABS products explicitly to damage the United States firms and obtain insider access at IBM, SYKES, AT&T, and other companies served by our work and development over 1996-2022.

Specifically, when we represented CISCO SYSTEMS as a CHANNEL RESELLER, our competitor leveraged JUNIPER NETWORKS, a competitor of CISCO, in similar unfair business practices and harassment to harm our business activity for VARAGON ACADEMY and other established firms like THE OKLAHOMA HORSESHOEING SCHOOL - seeking to damage customer support there and impair delivery. This pattern was documented in the late 1990s in regional online catalog and database development for GARRETT BOOK CO of Ada Oklahoma, including theft of product reported returned and delivered to the firm by independent carrier named in our complaint.

Discovery of such product theft, along with false claims of equity ownership by persons using our LEGAL NAME to seek employment in STATE OF TEXAS began to show a pattern.

Those patterns became overt calls for violence against the persons in Ada, Oklahoma, and similar bizarre behavior observed in vindictive and obsessive contact with our office supporting our venture into Texas to escape such local domestic abuse as speculation for the incorporation of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and later in design of subscriber services and products for box office access and user identity registry in DEEP LAYER INC. streaming media.

Tampering with the labor force to intimidate and incite hate crimes and reduce or eliminate hiring and community outreach is systemic in Dallas Texas, Denton Texas, Lewisville Texas, and Tulsa Oklahoma, Ada Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma, Midwest City Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City (OK) in our observation of this organized and Interstate labor racketeering activity.

For this reason, we explored and hired in Australia, Scotland, and considered expansion into mainland China and Hong Kong; citing consistent resistance to ordinary labor conditions in the United States paired with increasing religious and public incitement of violence.

The project in question is "scary" by design. It is not a design to glorify "scary" ideas that other people and extremist groups bring to such works of art. Often, our critics see only what they imagine in those works, and their claims reflect a deeply perverted culture of sexuality and child sexuality paired with demonic and satantic sociopath stereotypes common in radical atheist manipulation techniques. The old "Satanic Panic" strategy of violence to incite Christans to harm Christians.


This is evident in the defamatory and derogatory behavior to style the Masonic Lodge as the source of some of the recent 2021-2022 harassment of our office in the City of Ada and State of Texas. Using labels like "BEWARE" and a "black ball" left at sites of real world vandalism and property damage to support extortion in violation of State and Federal Law in a premeditated fraud.

The intent is to separate such competent parties from genuine discussion with the business regarding the need to hire and technology, disclosure, and limitations of such work - in a pattern of commercial industrial espionage beneficial to foreign criminal industry and "show cause" 4th Amendment illegal search and seizure of business property as we saw in November 2021 after assault and extortion to abuse a child expressed in letters of murder and mutilation over 300 pages in length in 2009-2013 fraud.

Those works, signed by LOSTSERVER and VAMPIREFREAKS, competitors employing the parties named in the commercial threats of September 2011, are virtually identical to the human trafficking activity on Facebook and extra-judicial sexual content for-profit work, linked with Coepnhagen and Amsterdam via firms today like TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. of California, formerly JUSTIN.TV of Texas.

While such services have attracted at one time over 30,000 members of organized anti-capitalist narcotic groups like ICP - which the FBI listed as a formal Interstate gang due to their use of drug trafficking and appeal to recruit persons ages 12-17 into organized ANTIFA-like violent activity, going so far as to even say they were a "Christian Rap Group" to deflect attention on activity in organized trafficking which bears more resemblance to "Fritz the Cat" than children's literature; and like Steampunk creates a portal for persons to use "hobby" and "cosplay" to cover up work in adult content marketed toward children themed on BDSM and old-west bordello fashion and sexual "utilitarian" philosophies aimed at minor children.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has never liked "steampunk" because those appeals to minor children of sexual content, and to normalize prostitution as the film Firefly and Serenity by Joss Whedon did; do not represent our firm in Oklahoma or anywhere else in the world.

The Scary Game - Full Disclosure

Our work involves study of pre Hays-Code film and characters, not because of its themes or grotesque extremes - but upon the merits of cinematography and art style available to enhance 8K and high color depth RED camera format - which faces similar quality issues of superiour resolution and detail - which benefit from soft focus, computer aided (NVIDIA) film processing techniques, and development of work as seen on PARAMOUNT+ for "STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS".

Working with firms in organic and hard surface special effects 3D content and image creation, for use in 4K+ film, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is developing a studio process and pipeline for interactive media and game environments which differ from conventional "shooter" games - popularized by competitor game engine "middleware companies".

Terror Close Is Not Immoral Terror

Central to the game develompent is a character design in which very large scale war on a stellar level is known to the player, while the general audience remain unaware of the relative nature of such terror and weapons.

In simple terms, the horror is in the not knowing what did that to the worlds the players encounter, as well as the way those settings relate to the world we live in today as users.

A modern world like Earth, in contrast, seems exceptionally vulnerable and powerless in perspective to even a few of the technologies in the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. game Universe; and that can make persons who are mentally unstable express their deep disordered thinking very quickly when they feel that they are not in 'control' of the game or meta, or could 'lose' something that they feel they earned by rewards.

The game does not feed into narcissism. In fact, when explained, some narcissists literally "POP" and become psychotic, as it contradicts their entire theology and basis of "absolute fact systems" which justify their abusive behavior.

This was an unforseen side-effect of the game; and has been exceptionally disturbing and terrifying for our developers as were the Milgram Experiments - in which the inability to resist authority was first discovered in 1961, in which 65% of the participants delivered the maximum shocks to their victims based on authority.

The game we developed is designed to teach users to be their own authority and to understand that other forces will not intercede to make moral or ethical decisions for them - while consequences do exist and consequences are persistent to support a need to carry out real-world consideration of risk.

Where we see critics trying to turn that into some sort of furry animal sex game to deflect from the moral exposure such a game affords players, gives a very good indication of the 4% of sociopath players utter cognitive dissonance when confronted as the game does - presenting a world where endorsement seeking, rank, and lossless grinding against broad and imposed safety measures ordinarily represent the only boundaries to open world play. Our product is not made for minor audiences, and is designed for mature adult players. The game functions by removing these "safety and protection features" which - as a side effect of such artificial rules in other games frequently lead players of child-like 'reward grinding' games to increased mental dysfunction and enhance those negative behaviors with dopamine and serotonin addictive cycles. This "game theory" model of our competitors is exploitive of adult and child gambling behavior with artificial stop loss - which we maintain is both addictive and harms childhood development. Our games in contrast have no stop loss, and risk is a component suited for mature players, which may be unsuited for children without supervised support as audience members. In very simple terms, our games have lasting consequneces and unfair outcomes reliant on player activity.

Competitor games have - in order to sell memberships and copies - relied on a system of collective mass to overcome barriers to commitment. Taking on in those competitor products a clear "multi-level-marketing scheme" targeting children in Iceland and Swedish products, which incorporate racially motivated and class oriented radical national socialist ideals and principles of human exploitation.

Our largest competitor even incorporates drug manufacturing and drug trafficking in illegal smuggling, murder, and robbery in concert with human slavery and sex slavery in an ESRB game aimed at minor audiences.

In light of those facts

In contrast, expectations that the works of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. will follow other games like Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row, or are immoral and involve cannibalism such as "Rimworld" or "Sunless Seas" - wherein "eating members of your crew" or sacrificing people to dark gods for good luck are just part of the game - tend to expose the moral character of our critics limited and sadistic expectations.

Some of the worst being those "carnival steampunk" folk out of Enid and Tulsa Oklahoma, who used sexual charicatures of certain 'races' to make fan-fic pornography involving beastiality out of the initial release reports - in a style seen at regional art shows among anthropomorphic animals in 2010-2022 and using overt sexual characters not seen in prior classic art and print illustration for sheer commercial value and to smear our hiring activity with their illicit claims and fantasies.

While the Internet may make such works acceptable for personal indulgence, our competitors false representation of such work as our genuine product violate Title 78 copyright protections and are where produced to damage and dilute our genuine product in favor of their COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY, criminal conduct and a form of securities fraud in design when paired with other claims of mental health defect to manufacture evidence aiding WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to extort.

Scheme Evident in Published Works and Threats

Because the public is unaware of the authenticity of such works by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma - this fraud has continued to be carried by Texas and Oklahoma tech workers and TROLL LORD GAMES employees, and by PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB contractors selling media to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP and licensing such fraud to California reselles for laundering of property into the State of Oklahoma.

Genuine SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. works do not include sexual illustrations, sexually explicit characters, or content intended for consumption by mature audiences (ages 18+) in any sexual or graphic depiction; and such restrictions on sale of our media are solely due to the concepts of characters and 'evil' factions themes in eugenic and ethnic violence from which the players are relatively aware are 'violent and incompetent ideas of a criminal nature' and the result of deviant behavior foreign to our culture and laws.

Because these 'evil' chracters resemble certain foreign theories of law, such as the radical socialist and communist regimes and national socialist workers party (NAZI) of 20th Century Germany, the works and products of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. are not intended for export or sale into those countries where such legal beliefs justifying these ongoing and immoral theologies (i.e. human slavery and white supremacy) are sustained as lawful or dissent against such practices as deviance from "mental wellness" or "cultural values".

Claims that SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is a "mentally ill" company or product line are, therefore, simply citation by the foreign unregistered agents of those foreign sovereign powers in the United States who support NAZI ideology and ethnic hate or other radical cultural view to disenfranchise other religious, theological, or historical claims. The works of the firm are "blasphemy" in those extremist positions at best, or "deviant and immoral" works which deny value in the superior authority of collective benefit over the rights and protections of a Republican form of government and law in individual persons and inherent rights of living things.

The works of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. delve into this concept of basic rights for all living things, not only rights based on social or civil status in a government or national political body, using metaphors about power and technology which grant the individual substantial military and strategic advantage over society.

To persons who are religious adherants to such previous foreign theology, the very idea that the world would not collapse where individuals wield weapons of mass destruction and violence independent of collective will is insane. The same parties alleged similar claims about the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 14th Amendment.

Whereas to our writers point of view, the world exists as it does now in modern American in the 21st Century and contrary such authoritarian values and collective subordination only because such power exists and has been used repeatedly to strike down and obliterate all life on Earth when it became so delusional as to diminish or extinguish individual dignity. And the legend of such actions is so deeply enjoined to the survivors that there is a primordial fear and intimate knowledge of the consequence of this abuse burned into the very fabric of life due to the unspeakable horror that was witnessed - which triggers a basic fear in any creature that registers this coming awareness of the value of life contrary foreign designs to overcome and subjugate free people.

There are, of course, predatory inter-species relationships whereby some alien species eat other species - and even cannibalize their own in highly evolved bio-engineered warfare and weapon systems. This is no different than dinosaurs eating other dinosaurs, or similar science fiction like "The Time Machine", which present the concepts of class warfare evident in broad strokes over vast periods of time and history, which do not translate to social norms today or behavior in our society.

These concepts in science fiction are, therefore, not unprecedented "horror", nor are they central to the social and character work of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. fiction; and the effort to assault them by competitors arises generally from their abuse to frighten the public against the very genre of political and social science fiction - in an extremist and retaliatory behavior not unlike the NAZI book burnings of the 1930s.

Where our work requires a highly skilled labor force to perform 3D object asset design and development, fine art in digital media, and strong copyright protection of both the technology and techniques used as well as character and depiction of persona of those fictional works - this is commercial industrial sabotage in the fraud to dilute and abuse, intimidate, and threaten our skilled work force barred by Title 21 Criminal Code in the State of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A rule.

Labor Racketeering Evident

Exploiting the ignorance of our community and County and State law enforcement to conceal this labor union activity against domestic science fiction is a crime. As is the use of the concealment of a child to extort and coerce surrender of franchise for a fine never exceeding $500 USD in civil authority, to damage the works and rights of a company in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD.

In the time this has been ongoing, the value of such works has risen from less than $2 million USD to an average of $1 billion per franchise, and $70 billion USD in large works of registered sale, from 2000-2022.

Commercial sabotage in this area of skilled labor and to overcome franchise rights, book rights, and copyright - are therefore criminal in the extreme and evidence of organized Interstate crime to extort in the use of "mental wellness" to overcome the legal rights of persons in EXCESSIVE FINES and 4th and 14th Amendment protections expressly named in Federal settled law and Federal Register.

Even where the State or United States refuses to prosecute, there is no discretion to withhold justice from persons in such cases - and the failure to act to provide protection void the very trial that the state or United States make record of per KELLY v KELLY (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court) to suggest such rights are afforded by baseless mental health claims predicated on hearsay of COMMERCIAL COMPETITORS (PUBLIC ENEMIES) against political speech (II-3, II-22) and commercial right to work (XXIII-1A).

How "Scary" the book or game is - like "To Kill a Mockingbird" - has no bearing on the legal abuse of process or illicit activity under color of law to enforce a social prejudice.

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