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Try the XP-PEN 24 tablet with QuadHD and zoom dials for AMF Sites. [ or press Ctrl+/- on PC ]

American Microfiche Format (AMF), is a page layout for QuadHD (2560x1440 pixel) layout. It is suitable for XP-PEN 24 Pro and similar devices, replacing the prior 1920x1200 format used by our office and studio.

AMF is interesting in the format ability to allow 8pt text with scaling and the dial system (left knob) found on the XP-PEN series of devices, to adjust to ideal viewing from a compact format for detailed and legal information.

Like LEGAL format paper (8.5 x 14 inch) this aids in composing documents and margins similar to the prior SUPREME COURT digest and law review formats frequently used in early American journals for the news of the Supreme Court in the period of William Cranch (1769-1865).

This format allows for a perfect overview and perfect full screen investigation similar to the 20th Century Microfiche process, for information and detail in very large and sophisticated matters, which other mobile formats and device profiles are unsuited. Inferior devices are damaging our ordinary ability to process information and deliver correct information. AMF is as a format, therefore a professional specialist tool, which with correct hardware vastly improves that human-computer interface toward the intended use of the World Wide Web in the 1991-1999 period of early information oriented websites.

Ordinary users can perform the same functions with keys on a PC or on an iPhone or Android device, but the physical dial included in XP-PEN 24 PRO makes this exceptionally faster.

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