June 14th 2022 - Double Jeopardy Case Evident

The party in the case did appear and was refused all right to enter motions by Judge Dee Miller, who did accept a case on "civil cause of wrongdoing" for "abandonment" and then mutilate the case to extort the Oklahoma Parent in violation of his Inherent Rights, with prejudice - changing the civil cause of action to a custody suit not permitted and in violation of Federal Law.

The same case number was re-used, in 2002 as a second trial, styled "IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN AND VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, AND THE INTEREST OF A CHILD", a fraud; evident on juvenile examination of a competent court and obligated immediate disposal to the prior ORDER December 2001 whereat Veronica Marie Petersen was "wholly in default" and entitled nothing; while James Allen was entitled "general relief" including return of his child - taken from his foreign residence to conceal in a separate county by force and threat of bodily harm to the child and to James Allen.

This was done with malfeasance of office, in violation of KELLY v KELLY (2007) later rule as automatic mistrial for denial of all right to CROSS EXAMINE all evidence, and reversal of burden of proof to refuse to return the child unless the accused party proved that a child born in DALLAS COUNTY was his child. The accused estate was aware of a child born to both parents in DENTON COUNTY and removed illegally from the registered home in DALLAS COUNTY, but no second child existed to claim a false TITLE IV CAUSE which was born in DALLAS COUNTY.

A second trial was created after the first default of the Texas petitioner, in fraud in 2002.

By that time, the Texas petitioner had sworn in her later statements she had residency in DENTON COUNTY, and examination of her first Statement showed she was resident in DENTON COUNTY while defrauding the court to suggest she was in DALLAS COUNTY to confuse the court as to who left the family home with the baby.

In 2015 March, the Oklahoma parent located the party and filed suit. That case (15-06292393) was a "venue transfer". The case was destroyed in DALLAS COUNTY and was not installed correctly in DENTON COUNTY by gross incompetence of DALLAS COUNTY, filing such case as "MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN v VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN", a suit by the child (a minor) against the mother (the abductor / concealing party), rather than the genuine case. As of that time, due fraud, the case ceased to have legal legitimacy and was null.

The false case lived from March 15 2015 to January 2020, and was concealed by refusing to allow the petitioner to enter any motions, obstructing Justice, and by abandonment of the attorneys who refused to communicate with the clients unless they paid $2000 USD in addition to prior funds, failing to recuse themselves from the case nor speak - aiding in the child concealment and fraud.

In 2018 November, Attorney Clay B. Pettis for VERONICA PETERSEN, respondent in the prior case on the same grounds; filed suit in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT under UIFSA Rev 2008, in violation of Section 314 immunity of JAMES ALLEN, DEFENDANT; and such case was refused dismissal and counter-suit for $8 million USD. The refusal to dismiss the CITATION FOR CONTEMPT suit filed improperly and prior excessive fines disrupting the financial services of the attorney in case 15-06292393, causing its failure for want of prosecution, so tampering with the case to preclude JUDICIAL REVIEW OBLIGATED BY TITLE IV GRANT of $2.2 billion USD paid to both State of Texas and State of Oklahoma; was for the same legal dispute and "Double Jeopardy at that time", venue shopping the complaint to avoid the prior deadlock and incompetence of STATE OF TEXAS to execute a lawful TITLE IV AGENCY service obligated by 45 CFR Section §302.0 and §303.0 rule.

The case in PONTOTOC COUNTY was amended due violation of "FAST AND SPEEDY TRIAL", which kept the victim under threat of supspicion for imminent incarceration without legal cause and violating 45 CFR §303.6 rule by inclusion of fines over 30 calendar days in demands of EXCESSIVE FINES, for 36 months - increasing the claim to $16,000,000 USD as afforded legal right of TEXAS FAMILY CODE §157.008 counter-suit, and in suit of violation of law in 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III violation; and 76 O.S. 76-3, 76-6, and 76-8 violations; and in counter claim also of 21 O.S. 21-748.2 civil suit for "debt bondage", and 21 O.S. §21-748.2 for "forced labor".

Refusal to carry these cases to jury trial granted February 2019, and ruling without hearing scheduled in violation of 22 O.S. §22-13 right to appear, claiming that in such conference set "nothing would happen" and no DOCKET for the scheduled date of a lawful HEARING had been set, occurred in December 2019; 13 months after onset of trial and 1 month outside of the "Fast and Speedy Trial" right obligation failure.

Evidence in such case was likewise based on HEARSAY and refused appeal by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA on complaint, refusing to see witnesses or set a HEARING, and thus "automatic mistrial" by operation of law per KELLY v KELLY (2007), having no legal authority to sustain the case or cause in Federal Claims. Further, such filing by Mary Languille-Hoppe contained claims predicated on a false allegation that the DEFENDANT was convicted of a crime; which was falsified and employed to defame, libel, and impeach the witness in aggravated perjury (TEXAS FAMILY CODE §37.03 of Title 8) prohibited use; and it was filed with the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES and UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, over objection and such objection denied ruling contrary objective of a 2001-2022 fraud to abduct and conceal a child with commercial effort to overcome prior occupancy of a public office central to such fraud and evident conspiracy against rights there confessed before multiple witnesses.

The case cannot be revived to detain JAMES ALLEN, therefore, as such case is evidently "DOUBLE JEOPARDY" and denied the right to appear or bring witnesses, required of 22 O.S. §22-13; and no objection to his claims is permitted without entry of RULING and HEARING to those claims duly filed, per 45 CFR §302.56(f) made; and all information is LEGAL FACT after 12 months without objection a duty of the court to report and act upon as LEGAL FACT; per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 (filed with the case, 120 pages of Federal Regulations).

Effort to pursue the claim in 2022 May 11th by KEN PAXTON is fraud, therefore, as such case and claims were not defended in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, and a false report of record to the State and Federal Treasury.

Suit of JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN in 2018 was a RETALIATION act for his filing of 45 CFR §302.56(f) rebuttal to the TITLE IV AGENCY of STATE OF OKLAHOMA; and a criminal act of barratry alleged in formal complaint November 2021, which was falsified by law enforcement and fraud to conceal a 31 U.S. §3729(a) "qui tam" suit and RELATOR status right by mental health fraud - in a second case of RETALIATION AGAINST A WITNESS themed $44 billion fraud by State of Oklahoma and State of Texas jointly.

Impact of this fraud contributed to loss of care and income directly affecting loss of over $100,000 USD and death of Ann Klepper M.D., a Pediatrician and adopted legal mother of James Allen on March 2nd 2022.

Continued hold in this case threatens to cause the death of the father and spouse of the father of JAMES ALLEN and to deny James Allen legal right to become the proper guardian ad litum, in a manipulatuion to defraud the PROBATE COURT of over $2 million USD and corrupt the will and property title, assets, and security incurring likely injury and loss of life also to accellerate such loss of substantial property in PONTOTOC COUNTY; which appears to benefit EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA and to disable SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.", "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", and "DEEP LAYER INC." firms resident in PONTOTOC COUNTY since 1998, 2009, and 2012 respectively; and such companies named as criminal targets in letters to seek their securities be damaged or destroyed in 2021 November 14th preceding the death of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D.; a beneficiary of such industry.

The case against JAMES ALLEN is therefore prohibited, per 45 CFR Section 314 and TEXAS FAMILY CODE section 375; and the counter-suit is entitled full prosecution without fear of retaliation or jail to deter James Allen from a right to receive payment from the party who brought such claims alleging "Abandonment", a felony allegation, against his person without DUE PROCESS and sustained such "criminal allegation" on concealment of his child in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION or the more serious "76 O.S. 76-8" violation planned to be perpetual and constructive alleged 21 O.S. §21-891 "child snatching" and alleged 18 U.S. Code §1951 "Hobbs Act Violation" clearly evident also. Jurisdiction of such criminal prosecution is clearly PONTOTOC COUNTY or FEDERAL COURT simultaneously; as all companies and persons have been legal residents of PONTOTOC COUNTY in the suit since 1975-2022; and were assaulted while traveling for work in State of Texas at such time and purpose for PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES and detention due to removal of a child in premeditated abduction and pursuit with use of firearms and destruction of a building by fire and threat of destruction of the same building by fire on THECHURCHBOARD.COM used to carry those threats, as prior images show were also hosting a plan to maim and sexually abuse without cause and to produce information by persons to carry out that threat made visible publicly and discovered in 2003 and 2012 to be sustained publications over 10 years with other aggravated fraud and hoax of false employment to deteain and conceal and deceive the child to extort.

There can be no remedy on DOUBLE JEOPARDY and other extenuating aggravated circumstances short of full restitution and payment of damages per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(8) as child support overpayment in time obligated a duty of the State to pay and then recover their losses at their own risk for negligence of public office and fraud.

Use of TITLE IV AGENCY public title in violation and false commission contrary 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 as of 2017 January to present, void any legal authority of all actions by those agents and employees violating the rules of 45 CFR and related FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 terms; and should be prosecuted criminally and subject per 588 U.S. Case ____ (2019) 17-0647 to civil suit and damages under THE VICTIMS OF A SEVERE FORM OF TRAFFICKING AND VIOLENCE ACT by a special prosecutor from the District of Columbia. Failure to act by regional FBI officers and claims of a fee or balance of loss to sell services, should disqualify the regional Justice from all participation in the case and investigation.

Judicial immunity and protection from civil and criminal prosecution to qualify as extrajudicial territorial rights in restitution and perpetual raw title transfer of territory should be afforded to the victim, citing a failure in Malone v Malone (1970) and Kelly v Kelly (2007) and refusal to accept in PETERSEN v ALLEN the same claims (2018) as legal cause; to nullify the jurisdiction for failure to enforce law and provide protection over the property of the Allen family inperpituity and the manner to remove from the U.S. registry and books all assets including the Social Security Identity and value and credits ordinarily owned by the Congress of the United States per Flemming v Nestor (1960) as real title and transfer in full with all rights and license to operate without fee or further duty or obligations to the United States or any member state or Federal Union as a foreign sovereign perpetual trust and national character of the "ens legis person alleged born to the Respondent in Case 01-17702 legally JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, an estate at law" and gender biologically and legally male - be it so recorded the first man to give birth in the United States and State of Texas due to this fraud - and such child a sovereign national perpetual trust of national character entitled per the UNIFORM DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and LAW OF NATIONS full inheritance and immunity from further molestation by State of Texas, State of Oklahoma, United States, or their respective government bodies and agencies and franchises which are foreign to it; a duty of the Oklahoma "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906 and ratification of the duty to do so or void the Federal Union and surrender as collateral all assets thereof and of all member States, the right to leave the Federal Union where such taking of children and abuses described in the incorporated documents are violated in this case, without further contest or hostility and to restore the Peace and public good of the Native American Territories declared in McGirt v State of Oklahoma; paying restitution to the CHICKASAW NATION for such lands which may be theirs immediately in settlement of other unlawful registry of land and title made contrary the clear evidence of McGirt vs State of Oklahoma.

Such moneys are essential to the protection of elders in the community, the maintenance of their property, and to quell the unrest created by such revolt, insurrection, and rebellion by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA agains the Laws of the United States and by employees working with them of the UNITED STATES; contrary the commission of their office and jointly to corrupt the Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 "limited exclusive delegated authority" of the "DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES OF THE UNITED STATES" and actions in false title to defraud and falsify such ransom and kidnapping as "child support" contrary Federal Definition of such fine limited to "disposable income only"; prohibited claims exceeding 30 calendar days (45 CFR §303.6) and 65% of income in any calendar period and all property both private and registered from taking to satisfy or calculate such claims express in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091 Pronouncement from the Bench for the Unanimous Supreme Court by Justice Ginsburg, so reported by the COURT CLERK.

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