Stupid F* Frequently Asked Questions

SFFAQ covers some basic concepts that every competent person should know, but recur in astounding frequency in the false claims surrounding the child taking and child abuse claims concerning the ongoing 2001-2023 concealment for extortion of a business in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by competitors in Japan and China, their agency in persons in the United States and IANA.ORG and ICANN and META and GOOGLE service abuse, and consistent ANTRITRUST PRACTICES that require harsh language to briefly convey the urgency of not being a waste of public time.

Harsh language to follow. Not suitable for all audiences. Ages 21+. Nothing in the following shall be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. It is a policy handbook on the customs and practices of common law in the State of Oklahoma and former occupied territories settled by United States Citizens in INDIAN TERRITORY made foreign to United States by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

Background: Privacy of Certain Industries

Due to inherent regional concerns, the nature and kind of work a person does may not be subject to public access or discovery. In computer science and industrial computing services and software, places like laboratories and server rooms and asset lists of leased or service-based very-large-scale business equipment are not entitled to a discovery process without a SEARCH WARRANT and LEGAL CAUSE in good order.

Cost of services for very large equipment can be over $2 million USD per month, and competitor services average $50 billion to $80 billion in capital assets and annual revenue for very large competitors - with a second tier of 'holding company' groups operating in $7 billion stratum which contain dozens or even hundreds of small name-only companies in a joint portfolio often misused as a single company without proper structure and accountability by foreign and hostile sovereign nations. Companies in these 'groups' and the groups themselves, often change name frequently - making consistent accountability and civil process to enforce basic protections, rules, and relief for piracy and abuse of labor and unfair business practices exceptionally high.

A company operating against such "national monopolies" and "foreign sovereign franchise" as a unified industry, is not restricted in its rights to the capital power of its ability to sue, prosecute, investigate, or pursue other companies to their punitive compliance in the Western Law. However, in East Asia and the Netherlands, many companies consider this approach to evasion and covert activity a normal method - refuting any foreign claim unless physically assaulted and overcome through legal or martial force.

Price Theory by Right of Law

Against such piracy, flagrant infringement, and claims that intellectual property has no standing or legal basis beyond what can be brought in court or International threat or political or public pressure - normal rules do not apply and costs may not be consistent with protected physical industries like shoe making or manual labor or food industry jobs.

Therefore while prices may be $60 per hour to $200 per hour, those rates usually apply to less-than-full-time and short-term contracts, for which the overall price is made a payment of a retainer fee in trust account - similar to legal services - and remainder refunded after completion or duration or other terms to satisfy a written agreement.

Only a Fucking Moron would Confuse those rates with manual labor or U.S. 2000-annual-hour employment, and would do so only to defraud.

Since the company cannot presume the competitor aggitant is a legal MORON, a company accosted by such claims must assess that such claims are ALWAYS LEGALLY AN EFFORT TO DEFRAUD COMMERCIAL RIGHTS AT LAW BEFORE THE PUBLIC de facto, and respond accordingly to such false allegations and the legal entities - those organizations by direct employment or affiliation or association in joint commerce - as acts of aggression intent on overcoming the commercial right of way to the workers and organization of those workers jointly.

Such a fucking moron would likely misrepresent the rate as a 'value of the person' versus another worker, or comparison of 'earned entitlement' of pay grade based on education or vendor or scholastic award, which is how a 5 year old monkey on PCP interprets the world; and a huge red flag of emotional disorder and arrested development constituting a serious mental health crisis.

Such misconceptions indicate the person has never held management or administrative title and may be impersonating such job roles to convey a false authority.

High Rates Explained

Rates for services can be filed up to $1950 per hour for legal services in the United States, as that is recognized as fair compensation for the limited time and specialized knowledge of some sectors of law.

Similarly, experts in process and design require very little time to hear a proposal and give specific direction and assent or rebuke of such propositions prior to commitment of very large funds.

Persons in authority of organizations operating in the enterprise class and with securities and regulatory duties employ such persons regularly - and wages are there commensurate with risk and negotiated, not determined by some magic or community consent to what is justified compensation. Compensation is private, and failure to produce such compensation data to prove its validity or merit, is a demand only a competent court or officer can make in context to a specific legal cause and formal registered inquiry - not casually or without legal merit.

No sane and competent person bears malice toward any party based on wage or earnings, as rights in Western Law are not predicated on such assignment of value - nor afforded to firms whose assets are larger than others. To the contrary - to afford any bias is a felony criminal offense in most cases where that question shall arise, and evidence of unlawful activity on face or disclosure of demand.

Standing, which is the LEGAL RIGHT TO OPERATE, such as a grant of LICENSE by the STATE or Federal Government, is the legal question. And no two businesses are granted different classes of standing in the United States who apply at the same level - regardless of capital. This is true also of the Uniform Code of Commerce. Resort to suggest a superior or inferior or negligible right based on the collective capital or labor of a group, is a criminal offense in State of Oklahoma, entitled forfeiture of such business who asserts that claim to overcome another.

Persons who hold STANDING as OFFICERS of any business, are entitled the right to negotiate for that business on behalf of the firm without proof of such demands to be admitted; and denial of such PUBLIC OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST is a seditious conspiracy against rights of felony degree and an attack on the authority of the State or Federal Government in abuse to disable or impair the performance of the public office or impede the agent there emplaced by any lawful registry.

The prior is known as SLANDER OF TITLE, and is entitled to exemplary damages in misuse, as specified in 21 O.S. §21-839.2 for misuse of their name or image to suggest an incapacity or to sell the product or service of another without their consent. *

Oklahoma Constitution: Article II-3 and II-22 Exemptions

Photos of persons, where USED TO COMMUNICATE A FALSE CLAIM, are surrendered in the publication of fraudulent allegation for use in academic and complete retention and limited distribution of 'information' to give full knowledge and context to the PUBLIC or STATE or LAW ENFORCEMENT or other CLIENT or INJURED AUDIENCE by such false information; of the injured party.

Photos of persons which are taken in public places or distributed to persons without TERMS AND CONDITIONS IN UNSOLICITED MAILING (physical or electronic) are subject such use and release in proof of claim, on specific allegation.

For instance, an allegation of moral superiority in behavior can be granted answer where the party alleging such superior right and authority is shown in her conduct to be engaged in immoral behavior and activity contrary their public claim to obtain 'anything of value' from the publisher.

The publisher's right to enforce their claim to the PROPERTY and USE OF THE PROPERTY and obtain INFORMATION AND LOCATION of the property they have equity at law in - affords their application of such privileged information in limited degree to establish 'proof' of a legal claim - such as video of a criminal trespass or act of violence, or sexual performance before persons later denied for legal purpose such as to style a false allegation of criminal mental health disorder in a victim (43A O.S. 43A-5-104) - or to cause cruel and unusual injury and emotional abuse on a spouse or suggest the spouse is delusional in their assertion of the claims of conduct to obtain control over them or impeach other vital testimony entitled standing in a court of law.

Further in cases where a court, for any reason, denies a party a right to 'Fast and Speedy Trial' (22 O.S. §22-31) including the right to call and bring witnesses of their choosing AND to be PRESENT AT ALL SUCH PROCEDINGS WHERE LEGAL ACTION ARE DONE WITHOUT DISCOURAGEMENT OR CONCEALMENT OF THE MANNER OR NATURE OF SUCH PROCEDING, the party injured may resort to public notice to protect their person, family, assets, and privacy to disprove any PUBLIC or SUSTAINED claims maintained against them wrongly.

Effort to Falsify Title - Slander of Title

Effort to suggest a person asserting their rights or declaring the criminal protection of law in Hue and Cry or Clameur de Haro, is criminally and falsely assuming a PUBLIC OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST such as a license to practice (United States, or State of Oklahoma) Law commercially:

Likewise, refusing to admit or recognize STANDING of a REGISTERED BUSINESS or DOMESTIC REGISTERED AGENT or FOREIGN REGISTERED AGENT OF THE UNITED STATES to overcome their position, is equally a form of 'slander of title' in any report, writing, publication, or claim to misrepresent commercial activity of an enterprise and organized commercial or political body at law as a-private-individual person or the acts of a private person to overcome such person or organization or gain any thing of value. Such act is premeditated 'slander of title', a civil wrongdoing with potential criminal degree based on the property, context, audience, and injury done or potential injury (see Trade Secret rights, potential value as damages).

The fees, rates, and cost of a person granted limited authority through a REGISTERED AGENT in a jurisdiction is their agent in fact, such as an employee dealing with the prescribed activity of the business, and subject to the determination of price or fee only by the agent or Laws of the United States or Laws of the member State of the Federal Union in the jurisdiction. Effort to assert impropriety in the right by law to set prices, to charge, and to collect on service or performance those fees, is INTERFERENCE IN INTERSTATE COMMERCE in claims across state or Federal borders.

Fees, fines, costs, retainer, deposit, et al may be very high - from $2000 to $2 billion USD - and no person who lacks factual equity on book or other authority to regulate such claim shall be entitled to pronounce a defect or irregular abuse of public office by such work, provided it shall comply with the regulations, laws, and authority of the Public Office. Other franchise and market competitor actions have no legal right to impose or dictate terms, and such demand is criminal and a violation of Antitrust Regulatory rule if solicited conditional any service or access or privilege - to suggest a dilution of the legal separation of such entities from one another made by design of law and commission a duty of their legal operation.

The same is true of demands to show proof of labor pool size, hiring history, hiring capacity, quality of labor or terms of labor hired, or other allegation to suggest a right by "collective bargaining" in imputed value, some authority to impeach or invalidate or disqualify another separate legal entity from conducting its business and participating in the market and hiring without condition or terms. These rights are set in Oklahoma Statutory Law Section 21-837 and 21-838.

Where such claims are uttered, criminal conspiracy against rights is evident on admission in any public disclosure or release, to void the authority of such agency in civil process and engage protection against criminal coercion and unlawful demands and activity whether directly related to that solicitation or in any other business enjoined with those entities sustaining such criminal claims.


While a professional may charge $2000 or $10,000 USD for a service, which may require only one hour of initial work and guarantee of future support and priority service later on any specified terms or conditions; those hours are not worked conditional to receiving the fees agreed fully paid, nor subject any guarantee not expressly in the contract terms between two parties.

When a party who is not a member of the contracting parties seeks to intercede in such agreement to assert a claim, they have no STANDING to do so - and it is interference in commercial relationships to do so, especially in unsolicited contact and unsolicited provision and transmission of harmful information to carry out such injury by design; as we see in PETERSEN v ALLEN over 2001-2023 and ongoing in February 2023 with repetitive threats from State of Wyoming, State of Colorado, State of Texas, State of California, State of Michigan, State of New York, and State of Florida into State of Oklahoma, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Germany, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and other countries to defraud on taking for concealment of a child to overcome the family estate of grandparents and business and industry of the United States and State of Oklahoma without legal cause.

Changes in Law were made Feb 21 2017, and published December 20 2016, with no more than five years of the member States to Comply with REQUIRED STATE LAW to sustain TITLE IV AGENCY delegated exclusive and limited authority. Any claim to the contrary is seditious conspiracy against rights reserved by the United States Public Policy and set forth per Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 Page 93492.

Misuse of the law themed BLACK CODES and EXCESSIVE FINES by the Honorable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg expressly prohibit this in bench order, Feb 2019. Such UNITED STATES AGENCY or State use cannot be converted to suspend the XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK" of persons or impose debt bondage or forced labor upon persons nor to set a wage or rate by which such person shall be restricted from the free exercise of those rights - without felony offense specified in 18 U.S. Code §241 to violate those 10th Federal Amendment rights made in the State of Oklahoma Constitution Article II and XXIII.

Effort by unregistered foreign agents in cases pertinent are a direct attack upon the United States Public Policy and sedition against the settled Law of the United States, to overcome the Public Office of the Public Trust, for foreign commercial advantage in overt act of war under color of law and under abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process - there uttered or asserted or done de facto human trafficking (22 U.S. Code §7102). Refusal to admit these facts on RECORD on discovery or contest, or to withhold habeas corpus for prior payment of excessive fines or fees, are prohibited by Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-6 and Federal 10th Amendment violation of identical felony degree, "A Sale of the Court" barred in Oklahoma Constitutional Law.


The same is true of the right to set prices of goods, without condition to access to markets or supply in preference, and such misuse part of present Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint underway in 2023 citing 2022 termination of supply of NVIDIA CORPORATION products without price setting agreements across the marketplace and limited sale with implied lease agreement to small and unfavored organizations along political and foreign national interest lines in the failed NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA attempted merger (Rejected 2023 January).

Computer systems do not have a 'fair' price, and buyers are the sole party entitled to make a purchase decision or evaluate the value fairness of a contract tendered to them; separate from any competitor or non-customer who is not privy to that offer -AND- make false assertion that the product and service is limited to what is shown solely in the advertisement and / or claims of merchantability or fitness of purpose by such competitor/reviewer who is not a genuine customer. This is the same legal basis as the previous 'Consumer Reports' litigation which rendered such unfair business practices illegal in the 1980s, when magazines attempted to charge fees conditional a positive review of consumer products leading to injunctions that barred the practice.

Many benefits in service are HIDDEN or PURPOSEFULLY CONCEALED to prevent competitors from learning proprietary trade practices and services, and to deny duplication of such work or service claims held to be legally and contractually confidential under non-disclosure terms and conditions of rider warranty and additional service.

Speculation on the nature of such rights or terms, or to disclose by speculation or abuse the proprietary information in such contract agreement by force or coercion or false LEGAL NAME or false persona, is a criminal activity - and entitled no rights or authority at law. Anti-competitive practices by foreign agency have compelled this practice to become common in the computer and industrial electronics market for specific services over 2001-2023.

Efforts to "conclusively reverse engineer goods" to create a market price point or value contrary to the seller, on imputed information as a non-customer and non-contract-party, is criminal in most jurisdictions.

We have observed this conduct in 2001-2023 as part of a pattern of malicious threats from NTT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, EQUINIX, and their physical data center contractor(s). As a result, this notice is based on complaint of misuse of public ICANN and IANA.ORG registration in concert with GOOGLE LLC and ALPHABET INC. business services to injure and harm private persons and family members in antitrust activity, for which notice is duly and lawfully warranted on sustained ongoing and escalating Feb 6th 2023 and January 6th 2023 threats and photography of residences to blackmail, extort, and impersonate the identity for credit over $70,000 USD in STATE OF OKLAHOMA and STATE OF TEXAS actions into INDIAN TERRITORY and THE CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION illegally.

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