Oct 7th 2022

2nd Animal Dies Oct 8th at 9:32 am

Animal Care after Oct 4th 2022 Stroke

Industrial Matters in Legal Qustion on Public Controversy


Tuesday October 4th 2022, my cat suffered a major stroke with initial impairment of her left front leg, pain in her shoulder, and progressive loss of mobility.

That evening (Oct 4th 2022) at 8:42 pm an older male approach our property after braking sharply on video in front of the house and parking at the neighboring property; then crossing to our door in the dark and knocking loudly while holding a camera with flashlight and speaking in an loud voice to annunciate their communication, as if a second party were present. We reviewed the cameras, observing no person with them. The party asked for "Iris" and left upon challenge at the door in a secure manner by our registered agent. OFFICE HOURS are 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday for LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS obligated by law with the SECRETARY OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA as a registered UNITED STATES CORPORATION office.

At 4:32 AM CDT October 5th 2022, Donald J Beal of 19251 Preston Rd APT 732 Dallas Texas 74252 sent a 10 paragraph written demand to the family members of JAMES ALLEN instructing them to "obfuscate their ties" with JAMES ALLEN on threat of non-filed unspecified civil litigation to claim their estate assets if they were invovle with JAMES ALLEN, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, DEEP LAYER INC. in an attempt to collect a $70,000 USD fraudulent debt barred by FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 and Federal Law in 45 CFR 303.11(b)(17) and 303.6 rule.

In this letter, claims were made as beliefs by DONALD J BEAL that include delusions alleging as LEGAL FACT that James Allen is capable of making people do his "bidding" and to make statements of FALSE EMPLOYMENT to defraud, alleged aggravated perjury in citation of the civil suit named therein on behalf of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, prohibited by Texas Criminal Code Title 8 Section 37.03; and to suggest that a PONTOTOC COUNTY civil suit in 2018 were a legal action in DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT case 15-06292393 fraudulently to conceal UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT section 314 violation of "immunity" prohibiting the filing of case FR-2018-00004 and 2018-2022 threat to collect over the Federal Maximum of $500 USD allowed (45 CFR 303.6 rule) in fines with demands for over $10100 USD in "minimum payment", barred by 15 U.S. Code section 1673 to suggest JAMES ALLEN was the factual income earner of $40400 USD per month in revenue after Federal and State Taxes; a fraud.

Libel is evident in the letter, including "psychosis" to describe the legal right of business activity obligated criminal prosecution per Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A.

Donald J. Beal, a convicted substance abuser, described his threat as "the precipice of a great deal of litigation" against James Allen in which assets of the elderly couple were the target if they did not comply with his instructions concerning their assets and estate use, and gave instruction in a Narcissistic Passive Abuse Form suggesting that the failure to follow his instructions would result in "grief" for the vulnerable elderly parents of JAMES ALLEN, who are over 65 years of age and legally retired persons.

Included in this letter was the YOUTUBE account address created the day after Charlyce Ann Klepper died, created on March 3rd 2022, and stated in the letter as legal fact that the claim of messages sent to James Allen by KariSmart76, Jason Smith, Jacey Chronister, Jay Chronister, and HALIBURTON.COM (of NJ) were "false police report" and "never happened"; in a pattern of pathological lying easily dismissed by DOCUMENTED IMAGES OF THE MESSAGES AND STATEMENTS RETAINED FOR FEDERAL AND STATE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OR OTHER LEGAL USE; and such video obtained January 28th 2022 by Donald Beal using the email upon COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and Reykjavik Iceland registration of such email address; and in this email using a new GMAIL address to communicate these written threats and give the phone number 469 978 5991 to solicit the elderly persons to contact him outside of the court process for questions in regard to this $70,000 USD attempt to collect a debt.

Federal Law 15 U.S. Code section 1692d prohibits this form of civil debt collection activity, and it is a State duty to disbar such debt for fraud - a partial or full defense to any UIFSA enforcement action.

State of Oklahoma is obligated to enforce these rights per 15 U.S. Code section 1692n, and specific TITLE IV AGENCY activity in TITLE IV JUDICIAL REVIEW so required per 45 CFR 303.100(a)(3) rule - instructing the court to apply 15 U.S. Code section 1673(c) in full to void such order where any demand exceeds 65% of factual income; as evident in May 2022 in $10100 minimum payment demand.

TITLE IV AGENCY rule, 45 CFR 303.0, obligates the court thereby allege JAMES ALLEN has a post-tax monthly income of $40400 after State and Federal Taxes, and must prove this or admit 21 O.S. §21-550 "Barratry" and fraud in these demands, as well as void the order employed in such demand.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her ruling, before the court, eloquently describes the fraud in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case 17-1091.

Exceptional fraud to extort a U.S. ARMY VETERAN by falsification of rank is evident in "STOLEN VALOR" threat contained in the letter to the parents of JAMES ALLEN; made to allege that the video given over by Officer Vogt of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT is "proof" of this to compel the victims to watch the video - a response to the victim after harassment described in 18 U.S. Code sction 2261A felony stalking which the letter alleges "never happened", contrary witness of Kyle Hibbs - a community moderator on TWITCH INTERACTIVE for RUNESCAPE. Kyle Hibbs has given testimony to the Director of Rolling Hills regarding threats toward minor children arising from harassment of James Allen, and Mark Deaver has given testimony of threat to assault James Allen in Tulsa Oklahoma and attack upon his vehicle at 722 S Haskelle Avenue, Dallas Texas - the Terrabox data center. Former Terrabox President and Chief Financial Officer in 2002 remain prepared to give legal testimony of fraud in falsified books to solicit investment. TERRABOX is cited in Sept 2011 extortion letters to RIGGS ABBNEY LAW FIRM in mass mail by Donald J. Beal in admission of taking of the child by force to present false "abandonment" and style James Allen as "psychotic", "delusional", and homosexual/transgender to control the public and incite the public to refuse to return the child to JAMES ALLEN in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION then made in 2002 after 2001 December "wholly in default" ruling by Judge Dee Miller against Veronica Marie Petersen.

Effort to style JAMES ALLEN as non compos mentis for exposing this fraud in failure of Veronica Petersen to appear whatsoever and fraud in filing a case of abandonment for welfare fraud; themed a perpetual concealment of child planned from 2002 in wrting published on THECHURCHBOARD.COM; and admission of five years of concealment by Donald Beal and Veronica Petersen while creating ICANN domain names to damage the prior $60/hr proven income of JAMES ALLEN in 2000-2001 August 10th; in fraud to conceal employemnt by PROCEED and Andrew Miller as that of TEK SYSTEMS falsely disclosed in 2002 and 2011 letters; is employment history fraud to abduct and extort.

Threat of litigation, and other claims including "narcissistic emotional abuse of a criminal extent" to abduct and conceal a child, interfere in inheritance, and impersonation of C.A. Klepper and Ruth Ann Taylor in 2022 written extortion provided to Rolling Hills Psychiatric Office in evidence of a written criminal fraud; obligate the OSBI and FBI to act where the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY fails to recognize this reported extortion or enters any of the claims made to damage and libel James Allen in commercial fraud as if facts of a legal case or public record.

The child and Texas abducting family have had no contact with C.A. Klepper or Ruth Ann Taylor, according to their statement, and such fraud is clearly a scheme to defraud prohibited by 18 U.S Code section 1341.

Any use of YOUTUBE to publish the document, which is a for-profit act, using the video obtained from the PUBLIC RECORD OF THE CITY OF ADA in violation of a written pledge of limited use, is a COMMERCIAL ACT evident in the libel to disable the REGISTERED AGENT of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION an damage its security offering in false prospectus activity and on behalf of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, TENCENT, EMBRACER GROUP AB, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, and their licensees; and by 2323 Bryan St businesses named in the 2011 extortion and employment and facilities used to launch attacks on SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED over the duration of their business with AT&T, LINDE LLC of NJ, LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, and SPARKLIGHT BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICES to defraud.

Timing of these letters in concert with the 35th Anniversary of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP on October 7th 2022 in a product incorporating "UNIVERSES BEYOND WARHAMMER 40,000", "SANGUINIUS", "SANGUINE", "STRYXICUS", "STRYXIS", "STYRIX" toy product and art and literature; for sale into State of Oklahoma; contrary SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. registered trademarks in Title 78 literature and art and print for "STRYX", "SANGUINE", "BEYOND WAR", and threats by these persons to sell such documents to WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB), and into Germany in "THQ Nordic GmbH" and France (ASMODEE) to a subsidiary of "EMBRACER GROUP AB"

Failure to abandon such claims in violation of Title 78 §78-21; and launch of "PROJECTBEYOND" and "BEYONDSPEED" marketing campaign by NVIDIA CORPOARTION paired with PARTNERSHIP termination of EVGA CORPORATION disabling that firm to withhold RTX 40xx technology for direct competitive salse by NVIDIA CORPORATION; suggest retaliation for FTC complaint against NVIDIA CORPORATION filed by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. citing the nexus of SOFTBANK GROUP CORP and ARM HOLDING CO LTD of China in those patent and stock swap themed $40 billion USD merger blocked in 2022 February.

EVGA CORPORATION was the primary vendor of MILITECH.ORG, a SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. registered TRADE NAME and access to such service disrupted by 2017 unlawful and fraudulent liens, enforcement, and sale of the court suspending right to DUE PROCESS and HABEAS CORPUS and hearings in case 15-06292393 conditional prior payment of over $50,000 USD superior to written pledge of a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP and ORDERED POSSESSION right by DENTON COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY and THE OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS presenting itself as the TITLE IV AGENCY contrary denial of 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule; disbarring their claims as an unlawful and illegally commissioned agency of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES obligated in 5 U.S. Code § 101 and FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 elected for payment of a $2.2 Billion Federal Grant per year to Texas and Oklahoma in 2017-2022.

This fraud described in 31 U.S Code §3729(a) filed by JAMES ALLEN in 2021 to THE OFFICE OF THE U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL, obligated hearing to prohibit suit entitled for a portion of that $10 billion fund misuse by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in 2017-2022.

As of Oct 8 2022 the material title cited in CEASE AND DESIST notice to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP was documented on-sale in PDF format for distribution from Stamullen Ireland into State of Oklahoma at 95% below MSRP ($25 for $589 list value), using a new distributor "Cubicle Seven Entertainment Ltd", and C7 logo. Cubicle Seven left Rebellion Developments in 2009-2014, and appears to be a licensee of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP initiated in 2017, and prior carrying products derived from the Chaosism Games Franchise and BBC "Doctor Who". The LSE:GAW claim that FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES was no longer publishing the disputed work is no longer valid as a defense, and the timing of such offer coincides with the extortion letters served Oct 5 2022.

Oct 4 Contact Prior to Extortion Email Threat

We have a very strict appointment policy BECAUSE threats and provocations toward our office are frequent, and our hours are limited to 8am to 5pm by State Law. Due to inquiry after business hours and a 2020 daylight break-in attempt, persons are prepared to challenge contacts 24/7; citing a prior 2001 solicitation to rob our office on 9th Street circulated by persons now returned and living in City of Ada.

In addition to car break-ins and theft of clothing from those vehicles in 2001 made by the suspect named in that incitement to commit burglary relayed to our office, and such acts in a gated facility with magnetic key-card access then, and written threats to criminal trespass in "gaslighting" activity from 2002-2022;

These rules are for your protection as much as our own. We have higher resolution images of the incident, but are withholding them to protect the privacy of the individual until a formal investigaiton requests them or a court hearing requires them. Use here is to prove such claims are real, and a concern for our office, as there has been a death of a company mascot resultant from the abuse as of 9:32 am Saturday October 8th 2022.

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