Jan 13th 2023

Tek Systems Fraud Claim

One of the main points in the 2011 letters of extortion by Donald Jonathon Beal, is the absurd fabrication of employment history to conceal an audit in a $250 billion fraud at NORTEL NETWORKS enabled by NTT COMMUNCATIONS "LOSTSERVER.NET" group and domreg@LOSTSERVER.NET operator D. Beal.

James Allen never worked for TEK SYSTEMS as a contractor. Ever.

All such claims are pure delusional fantasies published to defraud.

Allen was hired by PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES, who in turn was working for NORTEL NETWORKS directly, not in any other model. The hiring managers were separate companies from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and any negotiation or claims by any party between those persons and NORTEL did not have a TEK SYSTEMS agent acting as a PARTY OF RECORD there.

Allen never represented himself to any TEK SYSTEMS party, and found TEK SYSTEMS were engaged in fraud when directed by the Richardson Site senior officer to investigate a series of disturbing claims and false allegations in the TEK SYSTEMS group. The Result of this audit was discovery of a licensing obligation concealed from the NORTEL NETWORKS company, contrary claims, for which the TEK SYSTEMS group was fired.

As a CONTRACTOR, JAMES ALLEN was obligated to have two or more companies paying him at that time, to be classified as 1099m or B2B service. Otherwise his benefits from NORTEL NETWORKS would substantially higher as a full time employee, including severance for the layoffs at NORTEL in 2002 not done.

No misrepresentation of ownership was done or accomplished by James Allen, and any claims to suggest such information was concealed, is fraud on behalf of TEK SYSTEMS and Donald Jonathon Beal to defraud.

Two six-month contracts, consistent with 1099m term contracts, were executed; and withholding paid per term agreements for employment as a retained agent of PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES. NORTEL staff attempted to hire Allen through a look-alike contract firm, defrauding him after the first TWO contracts, and this violated their agreement with PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES to hire and pay a fee to that company if they chose to retain Allen beyond 12 months; a fraud.

On discovery of false contract contrary pledge of rehire done, with contract presented after start of work under conditions of duress and concealment of his child; Allen did report the work in good faith to Proceed, whom he was represented to believe was the contract offered - and learned of the fraud at that time by NORTEL, which was a matter between his prior contractor and the company exclusive of his position as a 1099m term worker and independent agent. Any contract the two firms had, breached by NORTEL in false offer or 'mistake', was a legal right of the prior company to enforce and not a legal liability of Allen to pursue or file suit upon. Payment and correction were done, in agreement then, but this improper hiring was the last attempt to retain the worker, and was not with TEK SYSTEMS as fraudulently claimed in 2003 and 2011 by Donald Jonathon Beal of Colomart, Robert Half Technologies, and 2323 Bryan St 2670 Dallas Texas 75201; aka IX NETWORKS LLC of 11816 INWOOD RD Dallas Texas 75244.

Threat to file civil suit October 5 2022 to sustain this KNOWINGLY FALSE EMPLOYMENT HISTORY and to interfere with COMMERCIAL CONTRACT and the office of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma; shows a pattern of false claims by the DIRECTOR of IX NETWORKS LLC and LOSTSERVER employee, an unregistered company operated by Dorian Rysling Kim and Jared Mauch of NTT COMMUNICATIONS with an insider at the 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas data center, and former colomart location.

TEK SYSTEMS has never been our employer or client, and never will, due to this fraud.

ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES is also placed on no-hire no-service list of the company due to this misconduct to threaten our employees and their families; in fraudulent claims sustained as of 2023 January 4th threats to extort on concealment of a child and Title IV-D regulatory violation in conflict with 45 CFR §303.6 and 'in rem forfeiture' fraud barred by bench order of the Supreme Court of the United States.

This conduct is fraud on prima facie, with death and child injury resultant.

Specific Findings Reported

  • TEK SYSTEMS pledged to deliver an Open Source no cost licensed database and web application to the company NORTEL NETWORKS.
  • Testing presented memory leaks which consumed all available memory after 72 hours of use, resulting in degraded performance and non-resposne. False claims were made to suggest this was related the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION to conceal fraud in the application fault.
  • Memory leak was identified in the external department application layer, not the PHP base parser created by the WETD group.
  • Request to trace and resolve the memory allocation error in their source code was submitted.
  • No changes were made, and claims in fraud persisted, suggesting lack of source code access.
  • Director of the Richardson facility tasked Allen to go to the group and investigate, and to report findings.
  • Investigation disclosed to Allen that the platform was a closed-source LICENSED PRODUCT with PER SERVER INSTANCE fee structure, concealed from the NORTEL client, and presented as finished work alleging total source control over the product to receive pay for development.
  • Memory leak was in the server product purchased, and thus not NORTEL product or compliant to the specification presented for conditional project. Failure to report misuse of 3rd party product as in-house development was deemed fraud, and report of finding of fraud made.
  • Allen returned to task after inquiry, and all decisions and enforcement left to NORTEL.
  • Report 3rd party group, styled TEK SYSTEMS employees, were terminated for this fraud, relayed.
  • Allen left end of contract term per agreement, with no negative report, August 10 2001.
  • Allen served two (2) contracts of six (6) months without incident; and was retained under pledge of rehire by PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES for a 3rd term, less than 2 weeks, to explain to a developer who was hired under VISA for lower pay how PHP program in monolithic non OOP worked. Developer lacked monolithic experience, was only familiar with OOP, and did not have a strong command of the manual or basic concepts of arrays and parsing. Scope of work creep to repurpose the application from a WAN based report for less-than-10 users to a global 56Kbps accessible report tool for 100+ users, obligated a redesign of report analysis and ad-hoc compiled reports prior done in real time from actual data entry; which was beyond the scope of contract in 2 week term. Initial trace to corrupt misdirection of SPRINT engineering work requests to NORTEL by a departed employee whose email had not been forwarded to a new officer was the finding of the initial $2 million/month loss of service for 60+ days on arrival, and resolved with SPRINT by liason contact performed by JAMES ALLEN, retaining the SPRINT account contrary 60+ day work backlog caused.
  • Elimiation of JAMES ALLEN resulted in loss of SPRINT, and sale of SPRINT to SOFTBANK GROUP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, in fraud and commercial sabotage. Later findings of Brian Shields suggest this was intentional 3rd party sabotage with nexus in Singapore file exfiltration of vital financial contract details resulting in a 2002-2004 Telecom Recession and loss of 80,000 jobs.
  • JAMES ALLEN and WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION were never responsible for the email server or server room that was compromised in such fraud, and reported the email fraud in 2001 to NORTEL formally, as suspected breach.

    Investigation Background

    Class: Juvenile Licensing Fraud, Payroll (less than 10 FTE)

  • James Allen prior worked with mSQL, MySQL, and integration with PHP/FI 1.0 to present interoperability with SQL based interfaces for the Open Source scripting language later made popular due to that work. PHP is a high level language that is not strictly-typed data, affording flexibility for novice programmers and data handling inherentance of data types. This made it less prone to common errors and exploits of data input types, and thus more secure and correct choice.
  • Allen and the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISISON were tasked with evaluation of the JAVA based products used by NORTEL, to convert or explore the Linux® and PHP alternatives for such products, citing cost controls and future licensing. This was not a group which dealt with signal patents, tower placement, or other aspect of TDMA or CDMA networks, and was an accounting and message processing office for other divisions of a global 80,000 employee company valued at over $200 billion USD.
  • Misrepresentation of this as a skills based radio engineering job is a criminal fraud by CANADIAN and TEXAN based competitor NTT COMMUNICATIONS and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. to harm NORTEL and blackmail its engineer via abuse of ICANN services to suppress a data breach report for 20 years, and sustain claims in fraudulent activity at NORTEL by TEK SYSTEMS and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES cited in 2011 July letter to extort.


Contractors lie occassionally. Other contractors are usually tasked with verifying the work. Any employer action based on DELIVERABLES, not upon the manner in which 1099m work is performed or other rights, is actionable. The prior is based on a presumed deliverable found to fail specification of paid contract, and report sole duty of task to PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES work.

Harassment of the auditor by a TEK SYSTEMS associate from 2001-2023 is not ordinary, and represents a serious violation of criminal law in employment and family demands to extort $100,000+ USD on concealment and injury to a child. Action after the initial investigation and report, outside the contract with NORTEL in August 10 2001 to 2023 January 6th, indicates organized and Interstate racketeering in corrup organizations subject 18 U.S. Code Section 1960 enforcment obligations of State of Texas and State of Oklahoma to refer to Federal Justice.

Impact on regional and United States trade and commerce in Interstae Commerce is evident, in misuse of ICANN and other platforms in organized harassment to conceal a $250 billion data breach and intimidate witnesses to such fraud and loss of XXIII-1A right to work explicitly designed in such false claims and injury to a child.

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