Oct 1st 2022

Injury and Harassment of Legally Disabled Medically Injured Witness in Petersen Fraud

I can tell you all the reasons why this is a bad idea.

Or I can say, my client, a LEGALLY DISABLED MALE in his mid-30s, has received a written report from his physician that his intestines are lacerated requiring 48 hours of intensive care unit treatment at Mercy Hospital with ultrasound showing cysts on the gall bladder and both kidneys. Lacerations are the result of ulceration due stress caused by 2015-2022 ongoing harassment by persons aiding in the PETERSEN v ALLEN fraud and child concealment - including use of this victim's name to extort and identity theft to disrupt his account usage with services and network service and peers in direct confrontation.

Efforts to describe him as aggitated by the ADA CITY POLICE are therefore likely not accurate to the gall bladder surgery scheduled for him immediately, which explain the substantial pain and suffered he has endured from 2017-2022 since he was forced to run down a stolen car in Ada, Oklahoma, after it was refused report as stolen in that year during extortion threats. His prognosis is terminal, but the doctor's cannot figure out why he is still alive based on his blood chemistry.

As his ADVOCATE, a designated party appointed by him to assist due to PHYSICAL INJURY to his hands, spine, and brain; as well as loss of full use of his right foot and diabetes type 2 making him insulin dependent, which the theft of mail as intent of disruting during 2018-2021 at times and specific to renewal of his State health insurance in letters from OKDHS removed from the box after vehicle strikes; and one such letter recovered (opened, torn by hand) in 2021 December; we can affirm that this is not "accidental" and part of other ongoing INTERFERENCE IN COURT PROCESS to defraud; wrongly styled a persecution complex and falsely portrayed as imagined injury to further defraud.

An ADVOCATE with POWER OF ATTORNEY granted for financial matters at the verbal direction of a LEGALLY DISABLED PERSON is not a PUBLIC ATTORNEY, nor "pretending to be a public attorney for hire", and misuse of this term to suggest the claims of any legal right to carry out a complaint or bring a case under 31 U.S. Code section 3729(a) "qui tam" fraud, as a relator in sealed complaint to the U.S. Attorney General duly filed; should not be presumed to suggst PUBLIC ATTORNEY status.

Effort to defraud in this matter, in concert with extortion and electronic attacks of a LEGALLY MONITORED AND LOG ENTRY NATURE made by real time packet inspection in dedicated multi-home router security appliance devices for this purpose and in context to TWO or more such listening devices employed and five distinct address spaces cross-compared for attack patterns and volume in a 2017-2022 BUSINESS INTERNET configuration with hourly and daily and monthly logs for report; show this conduct to be real and established criminal activity to disrupt RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in a similar pattern and using IP ADDRESS FORGERY for "BAN EVASION AND HARASSMENT" impersonating specific identified businesses to extort and blackmail.

Use of the name of the LEGALLY DISABLED PHYSICALLY INJURED male under 40 years of age, upon the site of the extortionists holding the location of the child of JAMES ALLEN against COURT ORDERED DISCLOSURE owing and due from 2001-2022 to extort; is part of a pattern of extortion threats targeting women (2) in 2013 and making false claims of employment in 2011 and 2003 to blackmail and intimidate witnesses in the child taking for concealment at approximately 74 days of age from Dallas County to concealment in Denton County, Texas.

Directed Systematic Sustained Threats

Threats to extort persons in TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. as young as 15, to compel them to not participate in any business with community members of the RUNESCAPE group, and harassment to disable the accounts of those persons in retaliation for roles granted to them in the channel of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. live streams, precluded 2022 January 30th threats and fraud in false approach as a female-account to menace, accuse, and directly question in "gaslighting abuse" the employment of JAMES ALLEN as a SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER for "NORTEL NETWORKS (RICHARDSON TX) WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION";

This activity included on January 30th 2022, allegaions concerning a prior ICMP attack by DONALD J. BEAL of 2323 Bryan St Dallas TX on AT&T BUSINESS INTERNET CIRCUIT of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. causing loss of service over 8 million packets in maximum speed with payload data to include offensive ASCII name data, showing their origin from COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and GEBHARDT BROADCASTING LLC at that time, and use of SCHIZOPHRENIA WEBSITE CLIENT DATA incorporated from those businesses to add to and describe in criminal scheme the Oklahoma parent to support taking, concealment, and possession of his child in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION as part of a COMMERCIAL SCHEME TO DEFRAUD on behalf of those businesses and companies at the prior address later confessed in 2011 September and denied in 2012 October before Judge Kilgore of PONOTOTOC COUNTY, whom the Texas "system administrator" claimed under professional advice was the result of "accidentally entering the wrong command" in the "ping" command - and leaving that job running 3 days during threats against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - thereby disabling the Oklahoma business permanently and damaging its TEAMSPEAK GmbH clients in the City of Ada point of presence.

Due to lack of other EXPERT WITNESS in this shocking and clearly contrived defense, PONOTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT did not at that time issue an ORDER OF PROTECTION against DONALD J. BEAL, predicating such ORDER to be limited to physical and exclusive of electronic communications and harassment into PONTOTOC COUNTY themed illegal per 21 O.S. 21-1304 criminal code.

Complaint in November 2021 and April 2022, with May 2022 ongoing harassment, was also denied enforcement by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, alleging then that the OFFICE OF THE PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY did not have any willingness to pursue any crime committed on the Internet or by persons not in the State of Oklahoma; to deny protection which aggravated the death of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER M.D. and impersonation of her to adversely affect her will in probate over $100,000+ USD; and there also to impersonate her EXECUTOR in false claims denied by them both to deceive and defraud the public in child taking and extortion ongoing against "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.", "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", and "DEEP LAYER INC." on behalf of "EMBRACER GROUP AB", "PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB", and "TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD" companies and false sale in fraudulent title of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. property to those firms for use in interactive games and print and digital media - to dilute the registered trademark of the firms.

Whereby this activity in 2021 prompted initial interest in placing $2 million USD bid on property and $1.5 million USD in city funding, the ongoing harassment in 20222 July paired with July 15th illness and August 8th death of the company cat; an animal adopted during 2002 injury with assault at gunpoint on JAMES ALLEN maiming him in 2002-2003 during expected period of appeal or contest to false trial May 20 2002 by DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT then violating "KELLY v KELLY" (2009) Oklahoma Constitutional Rule and DUE PROCESS never met by that procedure in double jeopardy on the same court case for different civil cause and to defraud; followed by COVID-19 illness August 30 through September 14th 2022, have left the BOARD OF DIRECTORS to determine relocation of family and children to State of Michigan is the only secure decision for the RTI Director abroad, originally bound for residence in Pontotoc County.

Witnesses Waiting 20 Years to be Deposed in 6 Trials

Both the Director and his wife have observed this fraud as eye-witnesses since 2002, including fraud by TERRABOX against James Allen and in conceer with the owner of Norman Computers, who witnessed assault on our officer in 2002 during attempted flight from human trafficking at 722 S Haskelle avenue and assault at gunpoint during travel to retrieve the property and stolen mail there concealed since the May 20th hearing; for which false filing in 2018 November as an alleged court order was first formally presented for challenge and entitled CONTEST per UIFSA duly made - citing 15 U.S. Code section 1692g violation and "unlimited" taking without any right to any charges expressly enumerated in that legal instrument. Further does the instrument state that it is "discharged" in all debt related "obligation" inclusive of health and life insurance and other fees, since 2003, if read by any person of fiduciary competence and in plain language which must be an error of enormous legal stupidity contrary the publicly alleged fee for this instrument. Further such fee, per Texas State Law, may not exceed $500 including health and life insurance, fully paid, for similar Legal Incompetence of the Texas Legislature in their misuse of language made a STATUTORY LAW (157.261) which rendered the entire order subject to a "final judgment" - and such "final judgment" itself is by definition of law (BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY, 11th Edition) - not entitled to become a cumulative "money judgement" which is likely what the STATE OF TEXAS intended and has wrongly and criminally sustained from 2002-2022 in fraud to extort every payor of TITLE IV "Child Support" in violation since the use of that order and language.

As a contract professional, these matters are evident on reading - and "Fatal defect" obligated enforcement - per 42 U.S. Code Section 666(a)(9) rule of Federal Law.

Federal Law specifies "operation of law" and that the State may set the judgement as they wish (and did set "Final Judgment" as their elected type), but after that it may not change the nature of such judgment, meaning, or wording. This is stated as "operation of law" in Federal language; and precludes expressly per BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY 11th Edition the application of "intent" to alter the "Construction of Words"; making this a FINAL RULE.

The debt is therefore "fully paid", and "nothing owing or due" after the first $500 amount was retained and paid per the 2003 period in employment obtained after escape from human trafficking in Dallas Texas.

It is embarrasing to make contract mistakes like this, and speaks to the legal illiterate nature of the Texas Legislature, their Attorney General, and their entire BAR ASSOCIATION that htis error was passed into UIFSA section 6 "Laws of the foreign state" as means to determine solely the "amount owing and due" then enjoined the TEXAS FAMILY CODE (157.261) and actual contract language used.

It appears State of Texas has been "fudging" the entire TITLE IV process for years - using and relying on "intent" to overcome or remake and modify the contracts in violation of 42 U.S. Code section 666(a)(9) rule; and refusing modification contrary a duty to make "automatic" changes to 25% of post-tax income in State Tax Returns (regardless of the home state of payors) per 42 U.S. Code section 666(a)(10).

Rather than admit a simple mistake and make restitution for overpayment in the amount unlawfully sought and due repayment for false claims; the STATE OF TEXAS has persisted in sustaining a false case, a barratry (21 O.S. 21-550) alleged by JAMES ALLEN.

Refund Due is Perpetual and With Interest

Refund is due by the State, regardless of the ability to pay of the payee, per 45 CFR section 303.100(a)(8) rule.

The continued act by OCSS of Oklahoma to maintain in the name of this case by VERONICA PETERSEN a civil suit without grounds in 45 CFR 303.6 violation; on behalf of STATE OF TEXAS TITLE IV AGENCY DIRECTOR KEN PAXTON; and from the wrong county in claim of case in DALLAS COUNTY which underwent "venue transfer" in 2015 to DENTON COUNTY as case 15-06292393 from 2015-2020 January; during which time Clay B. Pettis did file suit for VERONICA PETERSEN in violation of UIFSA Section 3 Article 314, violating "immunity" that JAMES ALLEN had at such time as "PETITIONER" in case 15-06292393, as of 2018 November - causing then "want of prosecution" in that case by obtaining and refusing to forward complaints themed out of jurisdiction to either DALLAS COUNTY or DENTON COUNTY - thereby destroying those case files where they were not granted local jurisdiction or ruled upon with hearings; and such filings done without hearing and served on the attorney of the petitioner without answer, affirmed as LEGAL FACT then for their contents, as specified in 5 U.S. Code section 556(d).

Matters of this nature are 5 U.S. Code section 101 "TITLE IV JUDICIAL REVIEW" pursuant to contract elected and enjoined January 2017 by STATE OF OKLAHOMA per FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 rule.

Powers granted to the TITLE IV AGENCY are "delegated, limited, and exclusive" in such rule; and may not include any changes or alterations to violate 45 CFR or the 120 page instruction in that FEDERAL REGISTER for payment duly made; set forth in 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 rule.

Any agency or officer who alleges powers not permitted by 45 CFR or the protections and sole burden of proof upon the State alone in 45 CFR 302.56(f) rule and notice served prior 2018 filing of case FR-18-04 by JAMES ALLEN on OKDHS, the TITLE IV AGENCY OF STATE OF OKLAHOMA, is a false personation of a genuine TITLE IV AGENCY not permitted, and alleged 21 O.S. 21-1533 violation duly filed in criminal complaint with complaint of barratry November 2021.

Destruction of Evidence

Destruction of that report, by Officer Vogt of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, was not followed up or acted upon; and presumed destroyed by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT for cause alleged in video evidence to suggest the officer could neither read the Okahoma Criminal Code or question the victim to the report prepared for the DETECTIVE, and represented the statutory citation as "gibberish" which he construed had no legal meaning, suggesting that the DISPATCHER add a "43" code to the address suggesting mental illness due to his incompetent behavior. This behavior in the cruiser was discovered because it was shared in video format with DONALD J BEAL, who uploaded such libelous conduct and Title 43A mental health code reference to extort on March 3rd 2022 to YOUTUBE.COM with intent to extort JAMES ALLEN in COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY one day after the death of CHARLYCE ANN KLEPPER, mother of JAMES ALLEN and grandmother of MAGNUS VINCENT PETERSEN. This extortion was then executed in a planned abuse April 4th through MAy 13th in concer with demand from KEN PAXTON to pay a "minimum" $10100 USD to his office, violating 45 CFR 303.6 limit of $500 USD.

Demand for money over the gross income of a party in lump sump is 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) violation in 15 U.S. Code section 1673(c) to void the legal existence of the court order issued by Dee Miller by operation of law on such demand.

Despite the court order being evidently void in this filing and harassment violating 45 CFR §303.6 rule of $500 maximum fine per 30 days in any CITATION claim; the case was not dismissed; and sustained to harass without relief.

Filings done in this matter without notice in August during the burial of the 20 year old family pet, show that no service was performed on the DEFENDANT and false records were being maintained from 2008-2022 which were granted relief September 19 2022 for fraud, used in such extortion.

Harassment Continued in September 2022

Once JAMES ALLEN recovered from Covid-19, he was harassed September 16 2022 to disrupt business accounts in favor of "NORDIC" persons to promote a genocide of persons, causing 30 days of loss of service and 3 days loss of access following initial 1 day ban notice. This indicates an additional punitive and unlawful escallation of penalty by FACEBOOK/META employees, suggesting employee misconduct. Messages from ROLLANDRECOVE27 on TWITTER did then send out derogatory publications of the illness suffered by JAMES ALLEN; using photos of sexual images exposing witnesses in 2013 as one of the persons featured on that account, September 18th 2022. During such events on September 17th 2022, prior sudden onset of illness consistent with food poisoning, Alicia Scarbrough was observed at The Lot, and her presence prompted the SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP representative to leave the venue prior to the 2nd song in the 1st set of CODAGHOST, a local band.

This was just after 7pm on that day, and illness with severe vomiting occurred at 9pm to 1am. Minimal contact with employees and one person during this period limit vectors of contamination, and may be the result of a Dr. Pepper soda purchased at the venue which triggered the vomiting.

Extended Isolation Protocols in Effect

Due to upcoming SURGERY REQUIREMENTS and ADVOCATE DUTIES, isolation protocols are in effect again until such necessary and scheduled surgery may be accomplished for the client targeted in this ongoing fraud to extort the Blanchard man and abuse of persons in a pattern to extort cancer victims (Charlyce Ann Klepper) and her ex husband (brain cancer survivor, major surgery) and their families. Dr. Klepper's husband paid $10,000 USD to cover the expenses of the child's birth, in anticipation of his arrival with James Allen in 2001 for permanent residence in the home of the couple, and may die this year without having ever met or spoken with his grandson over 21 years due to malicious concealment to blackmail and extort him and his wife and their parents during their illness and death in 2007 and 2008 of Orvil and Dorthy Price.

Cruel and Inhumane Conditions Imposed

This conduct is exceptionally cruel, inhumane, and aggravated by ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE which was cause for the planned 2001 August travel with the baby to Oklahoma, where the extended family had substantial financial resources and property to house and support the children while James Allen returned to work at SYKES ENTERPRISES (his former employer, where he was the head of the Telephony Department in 1998). Fraud in this case precluded normal employment due to false claims by TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX companies contrary testimony of Andrew Miller, PROCEED TECHNOLOGIES employer of record; to conceal the pay stubs showing JAMES ALLEN was in fact the senior engineer and $60/hr income earniner supporting the family - while DONALD BEAL was a $15/hr junior contractor according to employment reports in his child support and $5000 payment of support forgiveness by VERONICA PETERSEN part of payment to carry on harassment and fraud themed alleged "Aggravated perjury" (Texas Statutory Code Title 8 §37.03); to conceal the child and deceive the child from 2001-2015 in false claim of abandonment held to justify no contact with the ALLEN/KLEPPER family.

Electronic Attacks affect State of NY/NJ/OK

Attacks in this fraud include 16 Gbps sustained 48 hour attacks on Level 3 Communications to disrupt SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. prior business relationship with LINODE LLC, and false claims that the company had no contracts or legal business and was a fictional company, while carrying out organized attacks on clients and vendors from Dallas Texas and NTT GROUP networks. No administrator makes a "16 Gbps accident" for 24 hours against a designated competitor target, and this domestic terrorism against Pontotoc County business has been tolerated by the United States Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents throughout the 2001-2022 child concealment, in gross negligence of duty evident on the review of letters of threat and extortion in the case.

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