Human Trafficking Expose

Twitch Exposed for Human Trafficking

This is what I have spent 4 years trying to uncover the abuse of a friend in Texas. In January 28th 2022 when Donald J. Beal began abusing our companies, it terminated a 2017-2022 effort to uncover human trafficking on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. which I discovered when approached in 2002 prior to the AMAZON INC. acquisition of Twitch while at 722 S Haskelle Ave Dallas Texas offices of TERRABOX.

I was asked in 2002, as an Oklahoma company of registry, to do some work which I refused on the grounds of legal violations themed 'fraud', and the sustained 2002-2022 harassment of my person and family carried out for that. The prospective client was Justin.TV (aka TWITCH), and the practices were false viewership, emotes, use of public domain code as though proprietary violating license, and general content and welfare and labor law violations as a long-term practice under 1099m in a very exclusive and thus inappropriate misuse of tax status as a business plan.

In 2017-2022, I discovered how this was implemented and began a study to see if practices had changed. In November 1st 2021 I quit that study as a firm, and harassment by persons known to be associates of the group living in Ada Oklahoma began at my public venue and online and in telephone threats.

Fraud to retaliate against witnesses to this activity, is a component of HUMAN TRAFFICKING activity in State of Texas, and sexual exploitation of women at regional Texas and Oklahoma events evident in 2010-2022.

This video, from October 15th 2022, shows what I have suspected and reported in January, and the violence in this industry. Kaitlyn Siragusa reported Oct 15th 2022. I've known about this since the couple met. Effort to gaslight me by VERONICA PETERSEN, DONALD BEAL, ALICIA SCARBROUGH, BRIAN YOUNG, and their associates, have been support for this type of activity at regional events and against companies like my own who oppose human trafficking - including fraud supporting the taking and concealment of my son since 2001 because I would not participate in abusing people or businesses focused on sexual solicitation of minors.

Kaitlyn's husband threatens to sell her horses and kill her pets if she does not make metrics. We observed this bizarre behavior in 2021, when communications were clearly intercepted, and in clear retaliation for complaint consistent with human trafficking abuse by her staff. Contact was lost in 2022 January, 2 days after Donald Beal sent letters to Ada City Attorney Frank Stoute, when harassment on DISCORD and a ban using a female profile to approach and then threaten me based on very large (8 million packet) ICMP attacks which DONALD BEAL had sole knowledge of.

The Texas community behind this activity, which brought adult marketing and content into the childrens hobby and game community, was not confronted by law enforcement or the FBI when reported. The net result is this exploitation, and a clear danger to adolecents and young adults who are lured into these business praactices (re: OnlyFans, adult content, and fraud as a lifestyle for influencers - sold under the brand "It's Real Work" as an agency, and other adult-content-oriented platforms/start-ups repeatedly).

One of my corporations operates a video service which is focused on streamer's rights, welfare, and dignity. "Friends" who enabled this abuse and supported it, should be culpable - including Morgan. I became concerned when persons enabling this abuse told me that Ms. Siragusa was a homosexual to discourage people from approaching her in her early career. This is the same tactic used on myself, to concel my child from 2001 to present.

Gaslightling by Managers and Assistant Jointly

A theme in Texas Human Trafficking is the 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 criminal activity to suggest by implication that a person subjected to emotional, psychological, financial, and physical abuse is mentally ill - as in PETERSEN v ALLEN - and a pattern of BLACK CODE fraud in violation of United States Case Law to overcome civil debt claims in 586 U.S. _____ (2019) case 17-1091 ruling against such criminal conduct (a felony, 18 U.S. Code section 241 and 249).

Moderators who have been suppressing LEGAL FACTS in such case, to gain commercially, are as guilty (see Texas Statutory Code Title 8 Section 37.03) as other staff members - in supporting this fraud activity and creating entrapment situations in State of Texas backed by Texas Criminal Justice and Texas courts violation of protections inherent in Oklahoma XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 rule; and clear threats in XXIII-1A violation as a business practice in State of Texas in a pattern of Welfare Fraud and 2001-2022 Interference in Interstate Commerce.

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