I am literally watching people die. So if it takes a moment to make crystal clear what is not legally affordable behavior, or it is a little wordy - it is because I am dashing from one person to another and do not have time to say anything twice.

The firm has, in like fashion to most small companies in rural Oklahoma and the tradition of the old conventions, always gone out of its way for REAL customers with REAL medical needs.

That does not mean call me up and act like you have an injury, as someone did a few months prior, trying to see if we will proactively offer services. It means when one of our REAL customers with a REAL medical disability needs something we can offer, we do that. Fees are also set based on their REAL ability to pay.

As a FOR PROFIT COMPANY, PRIVATELY HELD, the firm can do that and where such costs are not substantial - set aside time and effort for those necessary works.

Assisting a diabetic with arm injuries documented in surgical procedures - who suffers increasing loss of use of his hands the more he uses them - is one such regular project from about 2015-2022.

Collecting and sending proof of purchase for a disabled customer accused of stealing the computer he BOUGHT FROM OUR FIRM by the County (not Pontotoc County), because "it was too nice for him" so it must belong to the local school - is another. The newpaper actually took photos of that computer and tried to claim the school owned it. We had to show up with the damn serial numbers to stop the county from pressing charges for it.

Why? Because he reported a woman trying to use his name to get extra food stamp benefits. And he pulled her son out of the street after the child was hit by a car. Which seemed to make the mother insecure.

This work has been going on since the 1990s, when during a convention we came across a young woman who was crying on the floor of a convention center. Her friends just kicked her out of their room, and she had nowhere to go. So the local computer shop owners basically adopted her and spent time hauling her out and about until those events "got weird" due to radical political behavior and pro ANTIFA panels in the early 2008 period.

She repaied the favor by carrying me into the Norman E.R. with a bleeding ulcer, that hurt so bad I couldn't walk by myself or stand.

We watched friends die, slowly, while all this commercial harassment has been going on from 2009-2013, and like me - she was accused of being a monster and a sociopath by a red headed woman that tried to use my legal name and pretended we were married (falsely).

There is ordinary jealousy, and then there is "pretending to be someone else to destroy someone's life" jealous. And that abuse is how I came to realize just how seriously wrong my relationship was in college to watch my red headed ex try to make everyone think this girl was an emotionless delusional psychopath. From delusions about some belief of running away with me to bizarre stories, it took several people who had been conned into thinking this was a joke to realize they were driving this girl to suicide in the things that my ex was doing.

It took years to come to terms with how close I came to marrying that. And I thank God every day that I did not.

Part of what those groups did after that trauma in 1999 was to play a lot of online games together, as a well known group.

Many of those group members were legally disabled due to health, surgery, work related injuries, and mild high functioning autistic spectrum which in that community are very well adjusted to online games, comic books, and science fiction (technical) literature fandom. Otaku, as the Japanese say. Which means "obsessive" basically, or overly interested.

It also became synonymous with "pirate", because most of these people did not have money for music CDs at the price point fixed by the industry, and got their movies and entertainment from Napster, eDonkey, or similar services.

So I - and by virtue the firm - had a great inside line on what was going on in the community using such digital media and video products and players, from the advent of the DMCA and RIAA conflict to the present. Unlike some Texas firms, we did not SELL nor HOST any of that; respecting the law.

But prior to online music services, finding old songs was sometimes half the battle. And that battle was fought and overwhelmingly won by my ex in her piracy activity - which remains quite legendary in scope.

Some companies view piracy as a "legitimate method of customer support", and in fact I saw this in Texas at 722 South Haskelle Avenue and later at Trio Brands in Ada Oklahoma - where music was literally ripped and put on MP3 players shipped to customers in order to build a bigger market. None of that was my idea, but I had to watch it because I was forced to be there, in addition to other work - and to support it.

Trio is gone, and bankrupt, and I don't need to say more - but it affirms that some of the people accusing me are people who are engaging in criminal piracy activity for-profit in my witness; and this is how they cover up their activity.

Generally, by alleging anyone seeing the enterprise scale of their activity and for-profit activity as mentally ill to conceal that fraud - come what may and whatever the cost.

While I appreciate that some customers simply cannot afford services or entertainment, it has never been and never will be our policy to host, support, enable, or aid such activity. Accounts doing so are cancelled, and it has cost us business when we void accounts for movie sharing.

It is not our job as an Internet Service Hosting Provider to judge people, or turn them over to the cops. We only remove illegal content and issue warnings like every other firm with a right to end services if it persists. For this reason, not every client chooses our service, and that is fair.

The key thing is, we still go above and beyond when customers with special needs or limited resources need us for other things - like consultation or computer repair, and usually charge about the going rate for food and no more. A sort of "buy me dinner and see if we can fix it in an hour" service level as a sharp contrast to attorney-client rates charged to "commercial enterprise customers".

The key difference is "liability".

In a business, if we cause an error, that has a certain legal cost and overhead.

Whereas, for a coke and a snack (to quote Eddie Murphey) we promise nothing but can do a lot for a customer willing to realize the support is Enterprise class without the remedy for taking our advice.

This lets us do a lot of good in a small community, and help people that would not get access to premiere help, without a serious burden. Sometimes people cook. Occassionally I can even eat it, due to my delicate digestion (see prior). In this situation, a meal means a lot more than $200 and a bag of unrealistic expectations of performance and outcome.

A lot of technology depends upon whether the customer wants to "understand it", "use it", and "be consistent" with the best practices instruction. Just like prescribing pain killers. Once we turn our back, if the customer takes them all at once, we can only do so much as computer and network specialists. Enterprise support is beyond our scope of work (unless paid in full).

As a result of this, I end up with regular clients who have HIPAA rights and privacy, and whose disposition and opinion (and identity) are not entitled public use or disclosure. Some of them who have been around through the past 2001-2022 are genuinely scared to be photographed or shown or identified, due to the intensive violence and stalking against my office.

One party had his account targeted for weeks after chatting in my live stream.

So harassing our office is like coming to a free clinic and following the customers home. It is highly inappropriate and unprofessional - not only because they are customers, but because they are already sick and need help, often being victimized by the legal system as my friend was - for trying to fix discarded trash and give it away to kids (those same kids) after buying parts required to make the computers functional from my company.

I can testify, the computers did not work prior, and would not without repair. Further, the parts were paid for in full and the result was not sold for any money.

People in this community give each other their old parts, because they know that passing down those parts when they upgrade helps everyone down the chain. This is part of our recycling discipline and waste recovery mission as well, so we help with that by giving information and advice to the community on what and where and why they can make good use of those things.

Trying to force the company to not do this would suggest that someone is paying for the time we are putting into the disabled community - without actually paying.

In business that's called stealing.

Forcing a company to stop doing a service because you want them to perform another service for you, is stealing labor and time from an existing enterprise which serves the incorporators mission statement and company goals; and damaging relationships that do lead to the occassional $5000 to $15,000 USD product sale. Or 2011 system (AGS) rebuild to modern specifications in 2022 (done this April), which proves our design goals for those high-end open-standards long-term-support computer systems.

Some of those machines are legends, like the 1999 triple tower system still in use today at the office 22 years after their commission. Pending the next major upgrade to workstation tech in a month.

Building machines that customers do not throw away is a big part of our computer manufacturing system, and far more useful to everyone than the PC graveyard most offices generate of e-waste.

We have gotten machines as low as $20 PC, fully functional, but lack enough customers to give them away. Many people are generally so terrified by the fraud, they won't take a free PC.

As a result, we don't carry them anymore, because of the fraud activity in 2017-2022.

A company can accomplish substantial gains when it creates value, but customers have to be able to believe in that value and the ease of access - which is what the present fraud is intent on disrupting by public harassment and intimidation of our work.

I was even able to discover that our citation of a client with disability was falsified to suggest the services we were offering were LEGAL PUBLIC ATTORNEY SERVICES in knowing false report; filed as of November 2021, in what appeared to be fraud to damage the business in the City of Ada and a planned intrusion to survey our office and network equipment there without a warrant.

This sort of abuse of police power leaves me extremely distrustful of other firms in the area who are network service companies; especially those who worked for the City and had ties to that group. This is because such relationships continue to knowingly distort and abuse the ordinary services we offer with imaginary and fictional claims of a high order - suggesting some source for these false allegations in competitor activity ongoing in the local community.

Precisely because of this abuse, we do not provide walk-in service.

I should not have to say, "I am not accepting new customers because my mother, father, and his wife are ill. One of my clients is also supposed to be dead, but they are trying to determine why that has not taken. Or argue that my mother died because of this fraud in March 2022, which in no way reduces my obligations. Or that two more people on my list are likewise in need of my time and have priority to it. That also excludes sick officers, who at times seem worse than all of the prior (living and dead) combined, due to definitive health conditions."

Companies dealing with those conditions do not owe NEW UNREGISTERED CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS any time or duty to answer. That I'm in the office as legally required from 8-5 Mon-Fri excluding Federal Holidays, is enough miracle at the moment.

There I can video conference, audio conference, and share files and database services and other administrative tasks via connection to several sites and servers, and persons outside the United States.

Based on the increasing threats, and value of such software including Microsoft Visual Studio and ZBrush, we have elected to prohibit hiring of any new personnel to the main office - and set up an auxillery public space to deal with these ongoing and unwelcome hostile inquiries since public contact prompted the increased public fraud activity.

This will not only afford armed security, but keep the public away from our injured mascot that some employee of a local business bashed in the skull in 2020 and the later 2021 inquiry was so eager to compel us to produce. I've just had it with people messing with the animals at our offices. Dallas personnel killed all the kittens in the litter except our yellow cat, and threw the animals on the street to starve when I was removed by my friends due to collapse of my health in those conditions - despite our paying for their care and initial claims they were safe and secure then admitted a fraud and $500 in vet bill to treat parasites they obtained due to that cruelty, contributing to the death of my daughter's favorite cat.

I simply do not trust the public to be near the injured animal sitting on my lap, now, after the threats this April and last November in sustained stalking activity to damage our business, employees, and force us to give up property in Ada contributing to the death of my family.

The fact that this is the same behavior I watched in 1999 used against my friend in Norman, shows me that the parties involved are not remorseful in any degree - and appear to be incapalbe of genuine regret despite feigning their ignorance to this behavior in a fraud.

We do other work, and the prior jobs do not take up the majority of time. They are, however, persistent obligations with distinct costs; for which I cannot be removed from the role of caregiver without serious impact including wrongful death and property loss, the death of animals in poor health, and daily obligations that in general I cannot have done by my associate or covered at less than $3000/month in additional expenses.

The question of who is a good candidate, to me, therefore - is "Who do we trust to feed the cat?" - not "What is your Masters or PhD field of study in." The cat doesn't care if your thesis is good, and all the other skills we can teach you. But if you have a bad character or an empathy deficiency, that's beyond repair. Those issues are hereditary, in my experience, and not something I'm prepared to risk again in these conditions.

A good professional office assistant earns as much as a junior executive, $100,000/yr to start. I have only met one that lived up to those standards. Not a day goes by they are not missed.

So when BOARD OF DIRECTORS suggest we move the firm to Italy or Scotland or Michigan or Mexico, I really have to think about it.

Former Directors have even been to Ukraine and Moscow, scouting options.

The case to remain in the area falls on me, and in the past was present in the event and charitable services work we did regionally, including events for kids and a club that spent a lot of time in the 1990s playing games even up to our old office on the Citizens Bank Building 2nd floor - between our room and Dataforge group.

I wish we could go back to those days, but the animosity and support for this criminal fraud is so intense, that I cannot believe further investment or risk is possible under the present circumstances and hostile environment.

The hope of setting up a 6-9pm lounge area for members based on one of our brands for casual computer service seems overwhelmed by the number of dispensaries and the cost of commercial space far beyond the revenue of a small office in the City of Ada.

There are still a list of possible locations, but after harassment while scouting those this March and April, I feel unsafe going back or near certain would-be competitors - and the audio volume in the public venues is so overwhelming that I cannot with my 20 dB hearing damage in both ears, nor even enjoy conversations in those venues.

The night time community that once made the campus and area around "The Hut" and other downtown locations attractive, appears wholly eliminated by COVID-19 and City renovation efforts to make the town look like Deep Ellum in Downtown Dallas about the time I lived there on Swiss Avenue and Live Oak Street briefly for a contract (term). It doesn't feel modern. It feels like a knock-off of my apartment with exposed vents, 20 years out of date.

The student body, once common all over campus when I was attending in the late 1990s, now replaced with blue lights and empty paths - for insurance purposes no doubt.

Remaining family not involved are leaving, and I genuinely question if I will be able to do anything under these conditions, rather than consider what is the going rate for a professional assistant somewhere else. Or for my replacement, as my lungs fail after April like my eyes and my ears already have.

No matter how arrogant these people are, they deceive the public in the most fundamental way - to suggest my work is for myself, when I am actually shopping for my replacement. Looking for that version of myself at 15 when I began my company, or 24 when I was working for $100,000 /yr before I became a father.

And because of the violence, I set that age we start looking for a competent adult to take over such work at 24 - because I would not put the burden of this violence upon the shoulders of a person younger with more to look forward to in life and love than the job entails.

My advice, if you are under the age for the service, is to enjoy your life while you can. Because people will take it if they can and you will never get those years back, nor should I ask for them for any price.

And that is why we do charity work. Not-for-profit service. And help the younger streamers and people without interest. Because it was never about someone giving you commission or accredidation to be a part of the community. But once people perceive you are a threat to their business, they will try to hurt you and your family. Any advantage I can give to people before they realize that or get sucked into that gangsterism that is now so prevalent in computer technology and foreign influence on U.S. corporate Information Technology groups is the best method of stopping it from coming across as "the only way to get ahead" taught by so many of these racketeering groups and false businesses.

The last thing I want to hear from someone is "How much is this going to cost me?"

If we are helping you, we already think you are worth it - and you can show that by demonstrating good boundary skills and respecting people and their privacy.

I hear one thing more than anything else: "Who else is doing this?" as a demand to validate the work against a team or qualified persons. At that point, I'm already gone and moving on to the next person who can have a genuine conversation about the here and now - not about the validation of a peer group or sponsorship to afford the attention to the subject matter.

Another classic disqualifier is "What is your degree in?" A great way to say, I believe in your institution, but I don't know enough to make a judgement about what is being discussed without relying on an authority or outside group to tell me what I should do.

Both of these indicate a gross failure of education that is absent in people who actually practice a trade in the real world - even among the disabled and jobless. Because they can have conversations without trying to look for validation to underwrite a project or assert peer endorsement as a show of validity - a common practice in dialectic arguments to excuse or invalidate information they don't accept as proprietary (1st party knowledge).

One of the benefits of working with the legally disabled is that they do not wait for validation, authority, or dismiss information that is useful and freely given to help them. In many ways, it makes them smarter than the average college student coming out of most modern programs.

Those groups reliance on expectation of a peer community to support their placement and presumption of normal ideas are terrible fit for a real working community outside of peonage and low level work in a structured environment of strict collective authority.

We don't, on the other hand, even allow the use of the term "boss" in our organization. Everyone is "Mister" and their last name, or "Miss". No one uses a job title for a name. It is just a sign of courtesy and respect. You don't need to apply rank if you are doing your job and communicating properly. Ever.

And if someone does, it usually requires me coming down and explaining what will happen, not who is authorized to decide - because that's my role for 13 years.

It's also why I defer 90% of the time to other people, and ask where everyone wants to eat or go, generally. Because of how nervous everyone gets when I don't.

Usually, nobody hits me. Not since about 2001 at least. But I still think about Veronica Petersen punching me in the head while I was driving when I asked her "Where do you want to go to dinner."

That was pretty much the start of every incident. For which those parties are still trying to come up with reasons to excuse, despite the loss of both my ears due to the blows, just like the cat in my lap.

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