Sept 29th 2022


A firm under this form of duress, with foreign competitors able to spend very large sums to disrupt and injure ordinary business - has a right to keep its business and securities holders confidential.

A Privately Held firm that does not trade on a public exchange, is entitled to this form of protection, and efforts to menace and abuse our shareholders and creditors, vendors, and target our technology agreements are evident in 2022, in a pattern of industrial sabotage over 2001-2022.

Specific Assessment of Parties

Prior to this misconduct, we had very little interest in any of these parties beyond bidding for procurement of requirements for product as a computer integrator and manufacturer with 10 year support plans in scientific computing.

Silicon Graphics Inc. was more of a concern to our business, and who made which hard drive, than any of the issues since created by IP theft in 2001-2022 fraud.

Ordinary people don't steal and try to resell the insider information of a company nor sustain such conduct over 20 years and persist in antagonizing the company in a child abuse matter.

Brief Overview

Some of these groups are quasi-legal, and have questionable registration which - while it may have been done properly - is simply not worth our investigator's time to pursue for degree of separation from the parent company responsible for the franchise misuse and trademark dispute.

CAMARILLA GROUP is one such "bunch" of people who have claimed the name from the PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB impressum "WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING" (et al, known also as BLACK DOG GAMES, WHITE WOLF PRESS, or simply WHITE WOLF).

At present, the group is in Canada where their conduct is more accepted than in the Midwest and rural Southern United States. They are a "fan club" loosely organized into a "franchise" for "official" Whife Wolf "World of Darkness" theatric performance and registration.

Goth and Vampire subculture costumes, online personas, and social network use in State of New York with VAMPIREFREAKS.COM and in Texas as "The Church" (aka The Lizard Lounge club on 2424 Swiss and Good Latimer Rd, Dallas TX) as well as the 89th Street Oklahoma City "Conservatory" club, were central to their activity at one time.

The group began asserting a "monopoly" claim to compel and suggest a license to perform exclusive of other groups and fans (buyers of the product, without a performance license or restriction for merchantability and fitness of purpose in solicitation and sale of a game); which resulted in them being BANNED from all SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. events for racketeering activity barred by Oklahoma State Law (Article II-32).

We believed they were disbanded, but recently learned that they have reformed via "RENEGADE GAME STUDIOS" of California, which began licensing the PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB content for sale in addition to registered trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for digital distribution and sale to infringe on our Oklahoma patent in Title 78 Section 78-21 rule.

This was done in a manner that appears malicious, for sale and distribution into State of Oklahoma to dilute our existing and vital mark of service, in instruction to "modify and redistribute under the trademark name" the product produced in literature (class) by their company contrary our trademark (in the same protected class) in State of Oklahoma.


Honestly - Never even heard of them prior September 2022. Although they appear to own/operate the "Vermitide" and "Vermitide 2" game engine now being prepared for the upcoming "Darktide" game with RTX DSLL 3.0 technology afforded by NVIDIA CORPORATION prior release date to public sale of that equipment.

We examined Vermitide, and found it lacking in qualities we value and require, but hoped for better in future. We observed Darktide and found it generally the same defects as seen in "Necromunda, Hired Gun"; which is a playstyle issue different from our goals and end-product, likely more enjoyable on XBOX or PS5 than PC samples we viewed.

Not until September 2022 during routine investigation of TENCENT investment in the prior PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and related products advertised by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP in violation of our trademark in State of California, did we discover the total buyout of controlling interest in FATSHARK, and its nexus with other Sweden based developers named in compleints explicitly as ASMODEE branded subsidiary FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES in 2013 extortion letters from VAMPIREFREAKS.COM and LOSTSERVER labor union group representatives (actual employees/owner of those marks, per our licensed private investigation undertaken by our client of the fraud claims to extort).

The presence of TENCENT in both FATSHARK and PARADOX INTERACTIVE create a bridge with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP commercial license development activity, which did not prior show clear relationships outside of "THQ NORDIC GmbH", and their parent company "EMBRACER GROUP AB".

We were unaware until September 5 2022 that EMBRACER GROUP AB owned both "ASMODEE" and "THQ NORDIC GmbH", or that they had been known as "THQQF" and "THQ NORDIC AB" and "NORDIC GAMES LICENSING AB" also; concealing their role and due to denial of such relationshp by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP attorney services on our express formal solicitation with legal CEASE AND DESIST notice concering the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and its jurisdiction.

We are now certain this represents a bond between FATSHARK, TENCENT, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, and EMBRACER GROUP AB; whereby NVIDIA CORPORATION and their contract dispute with EVGA CORPORATION appears to be a direct monopoly scheme or plan identical to those communicated in threats by the Camarilla and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING employees, threats in 2013, and such claims sustained on concealment of a child in 2001-2022 by those organized groups to extort.

Foreign Law A Critical Support

To the public, where anti-monopoly laws and "right to work" rights are common law and custom, this is hard to believe. But those groups, with what appears to be a cultural community support evident in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Copenhagen (Denmark) and Sweden and Austria support; with direct material links in January 28th 2022 letters from domain registry in Iceland out of the City of Reykjavik, hosted on COGENT COMMUNICATIONS networks and identical server name structure employed in prior death threats; support our complaint that this is organized and International criminal extortion with possible export for concealment of the child to escape HABEAS CORPUS in human trafficking activity to blackmail.

The language of Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-1A is very clear, contrary to the demands and threats suggesting an "inferior authority to hold or enjoy public office in incorporation and trade" conditional to an entitlement of welfare civil debt barred by Federal and State Law; and such program employed in this manner a fraud to overcome by human trafficking and collateral use of a missing and exploited child, on false "shelter country" use to flee the jurisdiction in commercial extortion of a registered United States Corporation and its vendor.

Claims that the mother has a "superior right" of custody, contrary ORDERED POSSESSION, are foreign law not entitled standing before a competent civil court having already ruled POSSESSION was owing and due to the father.

Refusal to admit these issues, or provide protection of law and to misrepresent such abduction with commercial and INTERSTATE COMMERCE Aspects, is a HOBBS ACT VIOLATION. The use of TITLE IV AGENCY to suggest a State right to act contrary FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 Number 244 rule governing that commission of TITLE IV AGENCY and terms; is further a RICO ACT violation by any State or County or City employee who shall do so or obstruct the duty of the Public Trust to produce 42 U.S Code section 1981 "equal protection of law" to the father of the child.

Flight to Avoid Prosecution

The activity has all the hallmarks of International kidnapping, and violation of the CALIFORNIA PARENTAL KIDNAPPING PREVENTION ACT.

Those rights mean nothing to those persons in a foreign country, or where such country makes a portion of its income on the commercial industry that is imposing infringement on the parent's intellectual property to prevent child recovery.

However, any company or "holding company" or business that is profiting or licensing this work would be subject our public citation and report, in the ongoing effort to locate, recover, and assess the child's 2001 September to 2022 September concealment from all contact and discovery by the parent during a search and formal objection to such complaint punctuated by physical violence with injury to maim the parent and threats to extort and intimidate witnesses who include Citizens of Italy, England, and People's Republic of China.

FATSHARK and other companies reselling goods likely do not expect any of these issues to come with the property they will be asked to produce into interactive media, games, or literary works in digital characters - and it presents challenges to any company to properly overcome the fraud and false claims in a human trafficking activity over such time and interests in very high value commercial product rights as NVIDIA and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. spatial simulation and navigation communications software and hardware products. Products that can play simulated games or guide armed drones to target and automate warfighting technology as employed by our military products arm.


Hobby and miniature toy company "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP" also known by its subsidiary "GAMES WORKSHOP LIMITED", has been a publisher known to us since 1987. Their work is interesting and based on some original art of good quality, contrary a prior relationship with TSR Inc. prior to its $20 million USD sale to WIZARDS OF THE COAST; as a "licensed reseller of Dungeons and Dragons" and publisher of "White Dwarf" magazine.

The company changed dramatically after going public with its stock; and became aggresive in defending its presumed intellectual property - wrongly. Finding the names and characters it possessed were adapated from J.R.R. Tolkein's literature and prior art in film, name, and body of fiction; and losing its serious tone made previously popular by "Dune" and "Bladerunner" cinematic works by other companies.

The target age group of the company changes to 13+, from older mature audiences, and as a result it struggled to find itself, remaining at less than $700 million USD in value recently.

The use of racist stereotypes in its artwork, adapted from Aryan characterizations and Norse viking and legends, appealed to certain local markets while alienating and exploiting Native Americans and asian markets. Use of German Nazi symbols for "Ork" characters, complete with uniforms, were similar to satire of prior American art, and then removed as the company sought to gain market access to Republic of Germany.

In 1996-1999, the company was calling its books "(race name) Codex"; and JAMES ALLEN created a website and corrected this misuse of the Latin as well as organizing the books in "Editions" from 1st-5th, and publishing several works for public domain clearly labeled as non-canon fan-made works to encourage players to buy the toys.

In that work, he used the public 1992 established CHICKASW NATION user name his business was based on, "STRYX".

Since that time, GAMES WORKSHOP has wrongly and in clear knowledge of the prior legal ramifications - adopted and mutilated the "STRYX" brand, creating in 2014 following threats to extort by their contractor FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES (ASMODEE) on concealment of his son from 2001-2022, a piloted walker "STYRIX" and an alien creature of defamator and deplorable character "STRYXICUS" to abuse JAMES ALLEN.

On report of this, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP created and used in 2021 November a satirical chracter dressed like JAMES ALLEN named "JAMES WARHAMMER", a fictional "creator of WARHAMMER 40,000" at their company, using an Irish actor with red hair and a buffon and incompetent behavior - imitative of defamatory threat letters to JAMES ALLEN in the State of Oklahoma, an adopted child of IRISH GERMAN parents.

The character "JAMES WORKSHOP" was used again September 2022, following threats on FACEBOOK, in video; and the "CODEX LEAGUE OF VOTAN" a similar derived work from the 1999 written product of JAMES ALLEN entitled "CODEX SQUAT" available at:

The SDA3.ORG product says, plainly, "this product is unbalanced and overpowered", as of its 2002 editorial update.

The "JAMES WORKSHOP" character basically said the same thing of the LEAGUE OF VOTAN, as the armor piercing rifle and multiple-shot tools in the original 1998 work were written for 5th Edition rules, and the 9th Edition rules have changed; duplication of those elements in general was published as if a GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP original copyright product, and rejected by most players on examination of the math involved. This "parody" is not at all normal of a person, their manner of dress, or ridicule to abuse a business officer of a competitor company in a separte legal franchise; and speaks volumes of the immature and deficient management decision making at GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP to engage in such conduct subsequent to a CEASE AND DESIST letter in a TRADEMARK styled to be the "author's legal name registered in 2013 and in-legal-use in commerce and contract as 1992 physical documents show".

There is a great deal of sentimental affection for GAMES WORKSHOP at the Oklahoma company, enjoined 10 years of active regional promotion of the product.

However, like the CAMARILLA, GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP observed the commercial success of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and other private companies to host and run these events, and asserted their own "official fan club and officers - OUTRIDERS" who are contractors in the region of sale including Oklahoma.

OUTRIDERS began to tell other promoters they were not allowed to run "GAMES WORKSHOP" games or demonstrate products, to demand 3rd parties not show models other than those made exclusively by GAMES WORKSHOP at regional events or be ejected from the event by management, and retaliate against persons offering custom rules for games to intimidate them to cease participation in the hobby.

Many companies like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. shut down their relationship with GAMES WORKSHOP because of this, and ceased promoting their products entirely - citing this Article II section II-32 "monopoly" behavior, and injury to the hobby and game space caused by such work.

GAMES WORKSHOP still maintains a contract with resellers, which suggest that the physical store will be entitled to a protection barring sale from distributors to any other vendor in a fixed radius of the store - to fix prices and deny competition by regional distribution agreements. Many stores buy from other vendors covertly or possess 3D printers, and operate in the region. Store owners are reluctant to seek enforcement of the contract, as it violates the laws of the State of Oklahoma and suggests a "user license" not present in the products, game, and performance, which are not permitted in contract in State of Oklahoma nor would be fit for "merchantability or fitness of purpose" in sale of toys to children and young adults - who themselves are not attorneys or masters degree in business buyers.

While we appreciate the prospective risk that 3D Printing has on GAMES WORKSHOP, and do not engage in any service or support its use to violate copyright; the company is having a very hard time defending its $22.50 USD price for a plastic figure that once sold for $0.70 USD in 1999; and less than $5 USD in metal.

In concert with improper use of "STRYX" brands and content from presenations and disclosures on the "BEYOND WAR" product found in the 2014 books circulated and distributed into Oklahoma and sold in the City of Ada, filed with receipt of such sale with PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in complaint of blackmail on child concealment to extort; the decision to expand the product line with "UNIVERSES BEYOND" + "WARHAMMER 40,000" text adjoining in October 7th 2022 planned release of "WIZARDS OF THE COAST" collectable card game licensed by GAMES WORKSHOP appears to be a purposeful infringement with $1+ Million USD civil liability, in a pattern of commercial fraud and retaliation against the owner of the top website worldwide on Internet Directory for the game in 1998.

Retaliation to compel "good reviews" on FACEBOOK of the product, further suggests a misuse of the media and extortion activity interfereing with a number of UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS in a pattern each November for the past two years (2021-2022) at the same time as major Christmas advertising campaigns by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP.


Back in the era of 3DLabs first parallel GPU, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. was developing software for advanced virtual imaging in games. Prior working with TEKTRONICS and AMIGA graphics capabilities, and APPLE II and MACINTOSH SE (black and white) grapic technology, the firm has a history in the 3D space as a trusted alpha software and hardware company for product testing. Including work with MAXWELL RENDERER at NEXT LIMIT and NEWTEK and LUXOLOGY products in 3D Animation, and recently ZBRUSH by PIXOLOGIC prior release.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. also works in relational database tools development since early SQL technology and COREL spreadsheet software, operating in software for logic that is generally themed with accelleration "Artificial Intelligence" or "A.I." products for control and navigation, behavior, and human-computer interfaces.

The growth of NVIDIA CORPORATION into this space from GTX to RTX products, and 1000 and 2000 series consumer and Tesla compute card device launches, were funded by illicit securities token trade created by compute-intensive "cryptocurrency", aiding in a $40 trillion USD growth in its market and increase in profit margin from 10% of $2 billion to 33% and $44 billion asset report in 2022.

The company was a supplier of chips, but began issuing "FOUNDER" edition cards as a proof of stake, later moving into control with PARTNERSHIP programs that sought to "set prices" and "conceal costs" until launch; disabling the right to design and manufacture product independent from the chip manufacturer.

NVIDIA CORPORATION then began selling other versions of its cards directly, citing shortfalls and markup, to deflect antitrust supply chain issues during the pandemic. This proved lucrative, due to price controls and setting of the cost below market for their own manufacturing; resulting in abusive tactics similar to the prior CAMARILLA and OUTRIDER monopoly claims - prompting EVGA CORPORATION To break off and declare that they will no longer even make graphic cards due to abuse by NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2022 September 16th publicly.

The fact that this began in April 2022, coinciding with threats to disrupt and extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - a client of EVGA CORPORATION - and party to the antitrust complaint filed against NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2021 prior rejection of the merger with ARM HOLDING CO LTD of China to give over shares in $40 billion USD value to SOFTBANK GROUP CORP of Japan; is not without note.

Companies can change their business model, but this behavior and pattern of direct harassment and claim to offer the product "PROJECTBEYOND" and "BEYONDFAST" and "BEYONDSPEED" branding in concert with specific "BEYOND WAR" capabilities and functions described publicly and to insiders holding a child hostage; while further declaring their developed intent to compete with the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. company by selling to data center clients only and leasing rather than selling in property that new hardware; branding this technology "OMNIVERSE" and "NVIDIA OMNIVERSE" upon prospectus claims of "BEYOND WAR" products in development for 20 years - is disconcerting behavior.

Where such technology, developed by other companies, and applied to accellerated chipset design as a "Service" to access hardware is done, contrary 5 years of public marketing to suggest a product release to the general market of this new chip in all classes for equal access at the same price;

And where such release was apparently delayed for over a year while select partners received the product for use in development and production, including FATSHARK;

There appears a genuine case for antitrust and trademark infringement to dilute the brands knowingly of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in a related criminal coercion on injury to the PARENT-CHILD BOND and partnership with data centers involved in the extortion activity specifically over 2001-2022.


The prior is not investment or financial advice, and should not be taken as such. Further, no claims or statements to the intent or nature of such conduct observed and documented by SHADODWANCERS L.L.C. or JAMES ALLEN are made by the prior, which shall be attributed to any officer or leader in particular at any company named. We are only aware of the financial reports made public from public locations like AMERITRADE and WIKIPEDIA and other sources that are themed cited and duly reliable for prima facie evidence entitled information pursuant Oklahoma Constitution Article II.

This material is provided to inform our customers, the local and regional public subjected to a Title 76 Section 76-3 fraud, and correct false claims of improper and false PROSPECTUS against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its licensee UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS and other customers; for which public notice of false information is well documented and submitted to a court of record.

Effort to intimidate a corporate officer for citation of Statutory or Federal Law, direction of limitations or regulations, or other protections made settled law which might otherwise be misinterpreted as personal opinion or public question contrary settled law and established Laws obligated any commercial activity, are fraud.

These are issues where upon good information, in a pattern of conduct, and nexus of real business and license now documented - a clear case for a pattern of improper conduct themed monopoly practices enjoined the abuse of publicity and racially motivated and serious abuse to impair INTERSTATE COMMERCE using concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION are evident; to give complaint in public notice of TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT CONCERNS re: the established works and copyright and characters of literary fiction registered with the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, who are named in threats to extort and blackmail and a general deceit of the court to overcome United States government commission of patent, trademark, and public office in securities fraud activity.


Employees in other nations and foreign franchise should regard such notice as final warning, and cease and desist their activity - as it is being pursued and component to a 5 U.S. Code section 706 fraud activity in embezzlement themed $44 billion USD or greater in grant fraud.

The effort to dilute and distribute stolen property to companies, who may by digital intellectual property aid then in dilution of rights to achieve a forced taking and racially motivated genocide activity, have no more right to the taking of property than the looting of other physical works of art or property in the prior 1939-1945 conflict, and are acting under the same franchise of false convictions.

A pattern of such conduct, first form SWEDEN and ICELAND, then UNITED KINGDOM, and now from UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS sought in purchase by JAPAN and using UNITED KINGDOM assets also on behalf of CHINA - suggest a clear economic abuse which may void perpetually any rights held by those nations in any commercial purpose or standing under the BERNE CONVENTION or similar treaty entitled a clear respect and INHERENT RIGHTS of content creators prior and exclusive of REGISTERED COPYRIGHT or REGISTERED TRADEMARK or GRANT OF PATENT, to full recovery and punitive or total loss of standing and recognition in sanction for this degree of abuse.


The RUSSIAN FEDERATION, after being subjected to this activity by UKRAINE in concert with attacks from UKRAINE and after EMBRACER GROUP AB gained control of companies there; has taken proper and necessary steps to void such claims and reject wholly those rights in citation of similar "economic blackmail" by NATO and its allies not permitted without a full declaration of war or other interference in the internal and private affairs of the Russian State and backing of Ukraine in ethnic cleansing activity witnessed in 2014-2021.

The effort to dehumanize and exterminate people based on race, and use of the term "ORK" to describe Russian soldiers and civilians, is evidence of a dark misuse of such works to carry out mass killing and violate International Laws of War and use of prisoners and dead soldiers bodies for propaganda (a war crime). This is not a unilateral condemnation of Ukraine, but evidence in fact of provocative acts enjoined the prior conduct - which make the Russo-Ukrainian War understandable to other victims of this "radicalized Democratic Socialist Movement".

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