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Original Purpose & History

Initially SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. purchased this domain to stop a scammer from using it to defraud members of the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION community in Pontotoc County, and at times to organize local projects open to local candidates only.

In 2022, the company was walking to the office of the City Attorney to offer to give the domain to CITY OF ADA, when extortion activity created by a January 28th 2022 commercial misuse of a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST by IX NETWORKS LLC 11816 INWOOD RD DALLAS TX 75244 began using the public name of the company owner to blackmail the family, leading to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper March 2nd 2022. On March 3rd 2022, the Texas company created a YOUTUBE.COM account featuring video made by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT, which was defamatory and staged to create the illusion of a mental health disorder in CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE in ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD to extort OKLAHOMA REGISTERED TRADEMARK NO 12415565 and 12341878; sought in fraudulent conveyance in 2013 letters of extortion for $93500 USD on concealment and injury to a minor child.

Harassment in April, May, October November and December 2022 then canceled all investment in the CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION area by the company, citing an attempt to blackmail the elderly family and overcome the child's grandparents by criminal threat to extort. The prior District Attorney refused to prosecute this group in 2011, contrary a Private Investigation on similar public terrorist hoax and child concealment, CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE, and threat of murder - maintaining a policy made illegal by Federal Law February 21 2017 in REQUIRED STATE LAW and $1.5 billion Federal Grant fully paid to State of Oklahoma.

Initially the firm expected video and voice conferencing services for the local community would be directed through this space. It is now a meeting place for evidence suppressed in the abduction, concealment, and abuse of a child in Federal Fraud, filed in sworn affidavit as a child "abandonment" fraudulently; and admitted a fraud in 2003 and 2011 during 2001-2023 concealment of the Allen child to extort the company SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Oklahoma. The perpetrator is the Director of IX NETWORKS LLC of Texas, per filings discovered in December 2022, and a commercial entity engaged in Interstate mail fraud and commercial use of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT body camera footage to overcome the United States firm on behalf of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and NTT COMMUNICATIONS group labor organization known as LOSTSERVER.NET, BLACKROSE.ORG, NETHER.NET and LOOPBACK0.NETWORK incorporated in ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM and foreign service activity SHARKTECH.NET and ATLANTIC.NET companies representation of monopoly claims into CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION.

Changes Made January 2023

Due to the overwhelming amount of physical documents, transcripts, and witnesses refused report on lawful complaint to the State of Oklahoma and State of Texas to sustain TITLE IV-D fraud contrary Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93429 change in STATE LAW; the site has been updated and user interface modernized to help visitors navigate.

Use of VPN and DEDICATED SERVER IP ADDRESS ASSIGNMENT by the perpetrators, exposing a network of services with THE DAILY STORMER, Swedish and Argentinian white supremacist elements, and Canadian basis of this active foreign racist movement operating in commercial partnership with NATION OF JAPAN, GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, SINGAPORE offices of the prior, and joint action against NORTEL NETWORKS by those firms via their agency - dedicated servers attempting to sweep and archive the server are systematically blocked. Ongoing attempts to break in, disable, obtain privileges, or otherwise degrade the server to conceal the information found herein in documents and confessions of a child taking for commercial extortion on behalf of foreign sovereign monopoly practices and extremist attacks on suffrage rights of persons - themed felony hate crimes in 2001-2022 per 18 U.S. Code Section 249, and by portrayal of Christians as schizophrenic and Native American males as transgender, security practices at this site are exceptionally high.

Identity theft and impersonation to defraud are evident in the record of this criminal organized interstate activity, and well documented. All email from this site will be signed with the GnuPGP key of the real author, and recipients are advised to verify such key with the State ID of such officer prior to accepting any electronic or telephone correspondence. ANI fraud software and fake ANI information (caller ID faking) has been and continues to be evident in a highly organized fraud to kidnap, conceal, and abuse a child ORDERED TO POSSESSION OF JAMES ALLEN and prior 11 months legally resident in his sole financial and physical care, abducted from 2502 Live Oak St #335 Dallas TEXAS 75204 during INTERSTATE TRAVEL from State of Texas (a Foreign State) to State of Oklahoma (the Home State of the child and father).

Fraud Impact In 2022

One person is dead, two animals dead, and two animals in critical condition.

Any attempt to support, promote, or justify the fraud will therefore be treated as an incitement of murder and serious bodily harm upon persons and animals of felony degree; and addressed accordingly.

Written threats of murder, refused lawful registration or prosecution due to local corruption in prior District Attorney administration periods and Interstate fraud, now clearly seditious conspiracy - obligate a Federal security policy of limited registered access by appointment only and operational security and privacy of a Federal criminal complaint to protect witnesses and their families - who as of January 13th 2023 continue to receive explicit threats from one representative of the abductors in Cambridgeshire Rd, Carrollton Texas 75007 area (Denton County TX), under well known FALSE LEGAL NAME and in concert with use of a Dallas County PMB (Private Mail Box, ineligible for Service of Process or Court Use) address to conceal the true party from civil process and civil service during such commercial threats.

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