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German Law requires contact information for persons who are unable to utilize other forms of identification in publications such as WHOIS or State registration of terms. Domain Names do require registration, but recent laws to conceal or failure of ICANN to register correctly real persons to such works have facilitated the need to provide legal agent contact for DMCA and other claims.

This site is an EDITORIAL COLUMN for persons in the City of Ada, State of Oklahoma. Views and opinions do not necessarily express the views or opinion of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, which are a diverse publisher in Oklahoma Article II protected rights. The firm is a publishing business operating in 1990-2022, with a wide variety of brands and impressiums. ADAOK.ORG is one venue of many products, and SHDOWDANCERS L.L.C. is the publishing hosue of such works for various authors. The firm prefers written contact only for legal reasons.

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