May 18th to 23rd 2022 - Harassment to Extort Report

  • April 4 to May 15 Harassment to Extort by Competitors
    • Claim balance portions over 30 calendar days prior cannot be enforced (45 CFR 303.6(c)(2))
    • Demands for payment not subject to the section void the claim (45 CFR 303.6(c)(5))
    • All demands over $500 are illegal and due refund, per TFC 157.261 rule.
    • Competitor made false claim of employment to defraud and extort.
    • Competitor admitted to kidnapping a child, and filing a false civil suit to sustain abduction.
    • Competitor named TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX and was employed by ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOIGES in threat. Sites name other competitors LOSTSERVER, VAMPIREFREAKS.COM employee of SCARBROUGH DESGINS (SDC) and INFAMOUS PRODUCTIONS, LLC of Arkansas, and KEIF-LP Enid.
    • Criminal Arrest shows Competitor earns $15/hr as 'network admin', claims $500/day rate false.
    • Criminal Arrest shows back taxes and unpaid child support at time of arrest.
    • Criminal arrest enters guilty plea of substance abuse.
    • Parties in contract are selling adult website hosting, name victim to sell service w/o consent.
    • Parties admit joint forum set up to extort and conceal child from ORDERED POSSESSION for money.
    • Withholding of HABEAS CORPUS and ORDERED POSSESSION for money is sale of rights (II-6)
    • Instruction to undertake work to pay parties is forced labor (21 O.S. §21-748.1 rule)
    • Demand for endorsement to work is XXIII-1A violation, not entitled civil contract (XXIII-8 XXIII-9)
    • Fraud is predicated on HATE CRIME use of homosexuality fraud, (18 U.S. §249 rule)
    • Fraud is predicated on HATE CRIME to imprison victim (43A O.S. §43A-5-104 rule).
    • Violation of any of these rules, regardless indictment or prosecution, violate 15 U.S. §1692d.
    • State is obligated to apply prior rule per 45 CFR §303.0 and 15 U.S. Code §1692n rule.
    • Demand in excess of Gross Income in STATE INCOME TAX is void, per 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule.
    • Income "automatic" adjustment never done per 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10) rule.
    • "Final Judgment" by State Law made sole judgement (42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) rule).
    • "operation of law" voids any claims of common law, public policy, or intent a defense.
    • Child admitted injured in public threats to Oklahoma CIO from Texas, Interstate Fraud.
    • Concealment and failure to report injury is child abuse by concealing parent, not Oklahoma Parent.

    Texas claims are deflection and concealment to withold ORDERED POSSESSION and Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-2 rights from the child and Oklahoma parent; in a scheme or plan prohibited by 18 U.S. Code §1341 and nonsuit filed on kidnapping and false address and falsified child (Born in DENTON COUNTY), not the child of the suit named as fraud alleged in ORDER Dec 2001 to be a child born to the Responent in DALLAS COUNTY. This fraud is evident in DECEMBER 2001 ORDER, and shows alleged spoliation (23 O.S. §23-9.1) in subsection D class III degree of violation to defraud, giving rise to the unnatural child of DALLAS COUNTY created to carry the fraud falsely - against a DENTON COUNTY birth and natural child and its estate and father.

    The "Unnatural Child" is the legal term for a "false child" made by the court to carry a fraud, which is not representational of a separate LEGAL CHILD or LEGAL NAME and LEGAL NAME FRAUD pertaining to a natural child (human being) born and its estate created in the UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION for benefits, used to then embezzle and obliterate the natural and legal rights of the parent for forfeiture of that estate barred by Oklahoma Constitution Article II.

    ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER (12th Ed.) aka (RONR 12th Ed) cites that the MOVANT and NON-MOVEANT terms used to ensure this fraud is not done, are violated in DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT whereby the term NON-MOVEANT is improperly substituted with the word Respondent, assigned to the Petitioner, and in concert with a false statement to the collateral property to rule out the provenance of the real property entitled a civil cause of action for which a false cause and false benefit are made and imposed.

    DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT cannot satisfy HABEAS CORPUS obligations to produce the child because the child never existed who was born in DALLAS COUNTY named in case 01-17702, and is a fabrication to impersonate, alleged 21 O.S. §21-1533 violtion in Oklahoma, the natural child and LEGAL NAME of the child born in DENTON COUNTY entitled return and HABEAS CORPUS to JAMES ALLEN, as INHERENT RIGHTS (OK. Const. Article II-2) and Title 76 Oklahoma Statutory Law protection then and sustained denial to James Allen by a fraud and public terrorist hoax. Every act of terrorism is a felony. Refusal to report this violation is a felony, per 18 U.S. Code §4 alleged misprision of a felony.

    At law, it is not enough to "get it sort of right" in a $2.2 billion FEDERAL GRANT or abuse of TITLE IV AGENCY reserved and exclusive powers limited to the commission and rules of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES specified in 5 U.S. Code §101 and §706 "fraud" rule, and so made commission solely per 2017 State law in 2016 December 20 publication FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, in-consideration all monies paid in that TITLE IV program to the State of Oklahoma and/or State of Texas. This duty of the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma and Legislature of the State of Texas cannot be refused by Sovereign Immunity as it is an election for payment of funds in a GRANT, and not performed without required Federal Civil Suit filed against the UNITED STATES to obtain a ruling for the State and specific exemption from any part of the duties in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 required and 45 CFR rule cited State Law and State TITLE IV AGENCY duty, evidently disclaimed by KEN PAXTON and OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL on behalf of STATE OF TEXAS in May 11 2022 ongoing written U.S. Mail into State of Oklahoma to extort.

    A demand for payment over $10,000 is extortion and grand theft, not protected by State or Federal Law, and a malfeasance of public office in its issue under the prior OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL and employed obsolete and void form 5L014 dated December 2016, which has no official legal authority and is a felony to sent by U.S. Mail in such manner, to threaten use of the State Office to coerce payment, or to misrepresent a demand as other than "enforcement" and so barred by 45 CFR §303.6 rule - an illegal and personal act sealed by State of Texas employee not entitled State immunity or commission a lawful right, subject civil action not entitled Sovereign protection of office per SCOTUS ruling 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647. Refusal is a CONSTITUTIONAL LAW VIOLATION per SCOTUS, as is a fine in the amount cited per Ginsburg et al (9-0) pronouncement and instruction in 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-1091.

    In concert with other evidence, this is ovewhelming evidence of material injury and contrary to the best interests of a child in sustained fraud to conceal and carry out an illegal adoption, by persons employing this human trafficking activity to deflect from their character and criminalize James Allen without his consent or permission as a real business and creator of public family oriented mature science fiction and to overcome his right of franchise to such works (books, art, game design, characters) systematically in an effort to submit his work as their own and for sale and export in false title overseas and for registry in foreign countries for use to dilute and sell back such works into State of Oklahoma and United States illegally.

      The Public Should Familiarize Themselves with the parties making claims against JAMES ALLEN, "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.", and other industries and commercial registered tradenames and real corporations of JAMES ALLEN and associates. allegations of fraud and to disable eye-witness audior and CFO testimony under protection of Allen industries by multiple persons, and in formal fraud to DUN & BRADSTREET to extort and coerce witnesses, should be regarded as potential organized crime and Interstate racketeering activity in any claim against the firms or industry or family of James Allen or his estate at law. Allen is "Pro Se" in this matter and a REGISTERED AGENT entitled personal right of LEGAL ANSWER, and the duration of such right established by Internet fraud in false claims of LEGAL NATURE by the parties and under false name and false CIVIL SERVICE OF PROCESS to extort, afford then a public notice in the same media and in duration of perpetual and updated context entitled renewal and a pattern of prohibited competitor activity and events barred per rule 18 U.S. Code §1341. Citation of a rule or Statute of code, as evidence of a civil right in contract and for protection immediately and right of action, is enumerated in 15 U.S. Code §1692d and §1692g and §1692n Federal Law enjoinging all State employees, officers of law enforcement, the State court, and public to comply in INTERSTATE COMMERCE or INTRASTATE COMMERCE activity of any LEGAL NAME or civil right impaired by the failure to make record and to enforce duty of public office by all persons engaged in the Public Trust of the Federal or State or incorporated County or City. To refuse or conceal such information or misrepresent such right is a Federal act of rebellion (18 U.S. Code §2283) and to speak to such claims as fact or aid such fraud is sedition (18 U.S. Code §2284) barred by law.

    • Criminal Record of Donald Jonathon Beal
      - Claimed $500 per day value to impersonate $480/day parent he took child from before Judge Kilgore (PONTOTOC COUNTY)
      - Termianted for hosting pirated software on client servers at a job site, and violence to retaliate vs reporting party then in concert with substance abuse and a premeditated plan to stalk and assault the employee responsible for his firing, so witnessed by James Allen in 2001 and in concert with emotional crisis (crying, abuse) cited by Veronica Petersen in DENTON COUNTY court records for "emotional abuse" to conceal herself and the child from JAMES ALLEN as if Allen were the cause of her exceptional circumstances hold, in what appears to be a joint fraud to extort James Allen and his firms.

    • AllyKatt Contract
      - Alleged harassment of cancer victims since 2001 1999, in pattern of abusive false claims against men. Allen was not her employee nor she his agent or an agent of the firm SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in such contract or business activity then or ever; and such claims to allege an interest or partner or other equity are fraud in 2001-2022 ongoing false claims and from junior appointment of education and to accompany the firm on travel in business there later falsified as her own or original enterprise and hobby; not entitled executive or management authority. This matter was before disciplinary review in SYKES ENTERPRISES in release and improper contact with the client TOSHIBA AMERICA also, cause for demotion from training travel to Florida, a pattern of behavior and foreign unregistered influence cited prior with Sojourners (Socialist Christian extremist group) similar to BLACK LIVES MATTER and THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND, and the party was a member of GREENPEACE at one point in similar activity of registry. Without respect to those organizations, her conduct reflects badly upon them and entails theft-by-check warrant served on 925 E 9th St by the PONTOTOC COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, giving discovery of her prior fraud to allege CATHLINE SPENCER stole checks from ALICIA MCMAHON to gain employment at 925 E 9th Street. Allegations of sexual impropriety toward M. Rutledge resulting in his eviction at 925 E 9th St are further cited as a pattern of false allection to occupy and misuse and abandon lease on such location for non-payment recognized and cited removal by the property owner after non-pay and use of space to store "manequines" alleged donted by EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY THEATER DEPARTMENT to the former ECU Student, suspected to be stolen merchandice, and other stolen merchandice from GARRETT BOOK CO of ADA OK located during removal of her property in a pattern of behavior and deflection to incite and organized retaliation against persons by malfeasance of trusted custody of property as a courier service and competitor to clients during such alleged activity. Efforts to style victims as sociopath/psychopath are common in reports, beginning with brother at ADA HIGH SCHOOL, and ex-boyfriend in college, and female minor Norman High School victim in 1999, and later James Allen from 2001-2022 and 2011 joint report to conceal and aid WITHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION of a Child in false police report with Brian Young (Program Manager, KEIF-LP aka Dr. Fear of Enid OK public televions and present TROLL LORD GAMES employee) and in commercial sabotage and immitation of products and services of SHADOWDANCERS DIGITAL PRESS and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. brands in Ada Oklahoma, a publisher of fantasy literary fiction and software developer.

    • Resume 2001 of VERONICA PETERSEN
      - seeking forfeiture of real estate by child concealment act in false 2001 Nov 14 written published claims to extort
      - Former short term (temp) programmer for website UI, suspected of employment by labor group in unregistered placement of their members to gain access to firms and instruction to use this email then in 2001 by Donald J. Beal to bypass normal hiring and gain entry from staff already placed in job sites; defrauding investors in such false labor and hiring practices witnessed again in 2022 April "HALIBURTON.COM" offer of $5000 to use a false reference for application on the legitimate JOBS.HALLIBURTON.COM site to gain a foothold and blackmail option over HALLIBURTON employees for the unregistered labor firm in Michigan, California, and Texas.

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