Stupid F* Frequently Asked Questions

SFFAQ covers some basic concepts that every competent person should know, but recur in astounding frequency in the false claims surrounding the child taking and child abuse claims concerning the ongoing 2001-2023 concealment for extortion of a business in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by competitors in Japan and China, their agency in persons in the United States and IANA.ORG and ICANN and META and GOOGLE service abuse, and consistent ANTRITRUST PRACTICES that require harsh language to briefly convey the urgency of not being a waste of public time.

Harsh language to follow. Not suitable for all audiences. Ages 21+. Nothing in the following shall be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. It is a policy handbook on the customs and practices of common law in the State of Oklahoma and former occupied territories settled by United States Citizens in INDIAN TERRITORY made foreign to United States by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

Publicity Rights in LEGAL ANSWER to FRAUD

There are some very serious question about publicity rights in LEGAL ANSWER to criminal fraud and taking for concealment of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and custody. Especially where Texas Statutory Code Title 5 Section 37.03 aggravated perjury is clearly evident on prima facie by th concealing party, in concert with Hobbs Act Violations and XXIII-1A threats of a criminal nature (Constitutional Criminal Fraud) and mental health claims to defraud barred by law (43A O.S. 43A-5-104) to overcome a witness in separation of a child from their home for commercial advantage.

Simple Answers

Laws made by the State or United States may not overcome 10th Amendment rights of persons, even where ratified by the Congress and signed into law. Among these is the right to make LEGAL ANSWER to FALSE CLAIMS in the same MEDIUM where the fraud is being promoted and distributed, to counter imminent injury and irreparable harm to real and legal persons.

Two matters are central to our complaints:

  1. The use of photographs of persons for editorial, academic, public safety, or commercial purpose.
  2. The use of names of LEGAL PERSONS (the estate at law) or the names of real natural persons (the human being, Christian names), often interchangable in general public use.
Public Figure

  1. If you are a DIRECTOR of a registered firm, like IX NETWORKS LLC, and you are abusing your job or position to harm a child or their family through such work and claims regarding false report of ORDERED POSSESSION or of JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATORSHIP to suggest a right at law to conceal a child, even if this was done in the past - it is wrongdoing related to that public office of the public trust and subject complaint and report in public;
  2. If you are a PRIVATE PERSONS, you must NEVER have entered into a public online forum visible to others and made a written statement of merchantability or fitness of purpose concerning an individual or their XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK", such as the "worthless" comments December 2001 in transcript of VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN, aka "Sex Kitten" aka "Diva Vee".
  3. If you are using a FALSE LEGAL NAME or a Private Mail Box to conduct any CIVIL PROCESS UPON A STATE OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY OR OFFICE, such as a REGISTERED AGENT or PUBLIC ATTORNEY AT LAW or CITY ATTORNEY, which does not by contract grant you the right in use of such PMB address to receive SERVICE OF PROCESS; those acts would further grant right of publicity to find, locate, identify, discover, pursue, and give notice of such use of an ALIAS or FALSE LEGAL NAME in any avenue of INTERSTATE COMMERCE to deceive, defraud, or obtain any thing of value based on false claims of legal rights made or granted or protected by a Court of the United States or State of Oklahoma. Even where the party maintains also other LEGAL NAME services, the use of such FALSE LEGAL NAME to engage in communication with a REGISTERED AGENT or their delegated agency (employees of a business of record) to intimidate, menace, defraud, coerce, or compel any change in the conduct of their business, is a criminal activity per 21 Oklahoma Statutory Code Section 21-837 and 21-838.

Either activity in any instance, renders the TRUE PARTY subject to PUBLIC FIGURE standing in context of ANY CLAIMS OR LEGAL FACTS ALLEGED IN SUCH COMMUNICATION, and all relevant discovery thereby also disclosed a PUBLIC NOTICE to contest any basis or theory at law under which title or slander of title is asserted.

This does not, by reverse, grant or extend any virtue to contact the party making LEGAL ANSWER in any manner which is generally or specifically to harass or collect a debt of civil degree, per 15 U.S. Code Section 1692d.

Nor to solicit the party, their customers, their audiences in the places that the members of such community are found, or to pursue such persons in any manner based on their affiliation or association with the solicited party to whom the contact was sent; excluding registration and sanctions in policy by formal or informal organization specified in Title 78 Section 78-53 and Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A rule.

Commercial Sale Or Use

With respect to false light (fraud, of legal false design by claims) to suggest some commercial advantage superior to the right to make LEGAL DENIAL and OBJECT and PRODUCE EVIDENCE against a material injury to a child or elderly person in fraudulent public claims;

The prescribed prohibition on use of LEGAL NAME or TRADEMARK without permission in concert with the sale of goods themed advertising of publisher goods, without consent, is not violated where LEGAL ANSWER to fraud or abuse of equity or credit requires answer to false claims of a material legal fact in a case of legal jurisdiction already of record; or rights of contract already set whether registered or disputed in registration obligated the UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (UIFSA, Rev 2008) or other contract of INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

Discussion of CONTRACT DETAIL in fraud activity alleged breach of a COLLATERAL CONTRACT and false use of publicity or LEGAL NAME to overcome rights prescribed in a COLLATERAL CONTRACT in which the UNITED STATES or TITLE IV AGENCY is involved and thus Federal benefits the subject of the controversy, may not suggest a right to private legal goods when such goods are the children of a party concealed from ordinary rights and protected INHERENT RIGHTS of persons - as are set forth in Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-2 and Oklahoma State Law Title 76 Section 76-1, 76-3, 76-4, 76-6, and specifically 76-8. A full right by law is granted in such specific abuse to injure a person to overcome their COLLATERAL RIGHTS BY LAW and CHATTEL TITLE in Title 76 Section 76-9, for which the State has no claim on use of force or other legal authority required to assert recovery and the protection of a child - whether a minor or adult-child of a family member - from abuse and enticement into a fraud with injury to their welfare or injury to the commercial rights of any family member.

This is specified in United States Code Title 18 Section 1589 and Title 22 Section 7102.

Which renders null and void any claims of a CONTRACT OBLIGATION violating 15 U.S. Code Section 1673(c) on demand; a fraud having no legal life in civil or criminal court to suspend a person or overcome their property rights made purchase during any period where no debt was subject collection or entitled the thirty (30) calendar days to file a complaint per February 21 2017 Federal Law made REQUIRED STATE LAW by Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 Page 93492 on December 20 2016. State that are non compliant and have accepted TITLE IV AGENCY commission, a delegated exclusive and limited grant of UNITED STATES AGENCY and commission of the UNITED STATES as an OFFICE OF THE UNITED STATES exclusive of State Sovereignty, are subject 5 U.S. code Section 101 as those UNITED STATES AGENCIES so made and any enforcement division or group thereof, are subdivisions of THE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES exclusively, and their employees are UNITED STATES employees - not State employees - de facto.

No state may deviate from this prescribed regulation, and must FILE A FEDERAL CASE for legal delay limited to no more than five years, or comply as prescribed in full to be authorized to engaged in collection and debt activity for those Federal benefit programs and related claims, in full compliance by the end of any ORDERED EXEMPTION without excuse or delay or failure.

Private persons contesting these REGULATORY RULE made conditional to TITLE IV AGENCY operation are engaged in felony sedition, rebellion, and treason against the United States.

Effort to employ such felony sedition to overcome INTERSTATE COMMERCE or United States International Trade - and especially where such party is a competitor or engaged in the same industry - is exceptional abuse of public office and a Hobbs Act Violation in felony degree.

Businesses and REGISTERED AGENTS who encounter such abuse are authorized by Law (Oklahoma Title 22 Section 22-31, and Title 76 Section 76-8) to engage such piracy of goods and property, interdiction in Interstate trade and Interstate commuinications, and combat such activity as it would any piracy upon the maritime or land routes of trade and International commerce and trade; or threat upon their agents and property, publications, and equipment enjoined such lawful acts under protection of the INTERSTATE COMMERCE or INTERNATIONAL LAW or foreign jurisdiction.

This includes but is not limited to the issuance of NOTICES of persons positively identified in such CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, prior arrest, for public safety and within the jurisdiction of their private and commercial use of such service; and in response to any provocation or interference to disable their vessel or vehicle of commerce such as servers, networks, public pages used by COMMERCIAL PURPOSE through any party in the name of such registered FRANCHISE OF THE UNITED STATES as is a REGISTERED BUSINESS, and to deter or remove and pursue to recover any goods or value removed from such place with prejudice. An attack upon private persons, threat to their home or person or property or security, or other abuse to include IDENTITY THEFT or impersonation to gain credit or anything of value, is an attack upon the franchise of the United States and a clear abuse of legal and civil process not affording other rights to stand against recovery and immediate remedy to restore protection and protect the peace of a district, point of sale, or POST of the UNITED STATES.

Respectfully, such NOTIFICATIONS of a UNITED STATES AGENCY OR FRANCHISE in OFFICER of such AGENCY for cause, may not be restrained to suggest a superior benefit of commerce loss or potential loss of public confidence arising from enforcement of the prior rights by law, as a consequence of the pursuit, arrest, or deterrence of criminal enterprise activity or felony menace of the public.

Any loss of a person engaged in such conduct is their own loss for criminal or civil wrongdoing.

Any gain due to association of reputation in the commercial activity of the business which was unjustly attacked and solicited in interference and interdiction, is a 1st Amendment right of the public to associate, aid, support, and respond as obligated a duty of hue and cry against a formal and premeditated attack upon the INTERSTATE COMMERCE activity of a real business; with no legal authority granted for any civil claim or dispute or size of capital assets a full or partial defense to such aggression in the market among FRANCHISE operators of the UNITED STATES or any member State of the Federal Union in their delegated agent/agency.

Where a perpetrator comes into a place of business, to knowingly disrupt and abuse it by civil or criminal disorder and abuse of persons, no other rights afford that contact any protection or PRIVACY otherwise secured for PRIVATE PERSONS engaged in their own activity; nor restore to that party some right after the action which is a beneficiary of the prior illegal or illicit conduct - to suggest a fault on the commercial entity abused for failing to break off pursuit after flight from the jurisdiction with goods and property of any kind subject to title or law.

Further, attacks to overcome title to afford sale, franchise, or transfer without consent on such abuse - are perpetual in their right of recovery and enforcement - from which no later resort or alteration of legal or organizational structure may shield the true parties in their later effort to capitalize on such fraud under other names or business entities or organization held up to the public for credit in these illicit activities and standing to overcome a real or registered or legal person or entity at law of their protected right to movement, commerce, and merchantability and fitness of purpose exclusive of foreign and domestic competitor claims against their prescribed and limited promise of service and offer.

Photos of such persons, surrendered to the company during communication or threat, are entitled use to show-proof of the specific persons and nature of claims raised in dispute of behavior and conduct that are central to any legal or commercial controversy; in fair use and limited use, and in clear distinguished identification as unaffiliated parties to the company or its partners and associates enterprise and agency - a clear designated third party sought in concert with missing or exploited goods owing equity to the pursuing party upon their rights. Further, such use is for 'good cause' so prescribed in Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-22.

Use of photos published to advertise goods are not disclosed to persons for mutilation, defamation, or redistribution or use on other products, and such use is proof on prima facie of theft of goods to extort and blackmail activity in defamatory, abusive, or false light claims to suggest a clear incitement of the subject to harm their security and confidence to participate in private, civil, or commercial life against such abuse; evidence of felony degree in concert with extortion demands conditional some behavior or surrender of rights or property, express proof of criminal conspiracy against rights in this manner and explicit letters threatening.

Names of persons, in report of objective responsibility as PARTIES TO A CONTRACT or NON-PARTIES TO A CONTRACT where dispute over RIGHTS IN CONTACT are evident and publicized by those persons to defraud; are not protected what-so-ever; and may be used freely to elaborate on a contractual fraud or false claims in a material case at law, as this is felony aggravated perjury held out to the public entitled contest at all times and in perpetuity to sustain such lawful LEGAL ANSWER.

Names of businesses who are affording to such abuse their resources and facility to carry out the removal, concealment, or abuse of ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD or other rights; forfeit their legal PRIVACY in full, on failure to extinguish such activity and separate themselves from such commercial exploitation of CHATTLE and FAMILY RIGHTS to gain commercial advantage; and may be thereby as a NON-PARTY in a COLLATERAL CONTRACT seeking commercial advantage openly or in a clandestine manner of employment or agency, subject to such report and any fraud to deny the facts of those matters their liability in injury or resulting loss until they separate from the party or produce proof of the claims subject a test at law of criminal degree to work a conviction not shown or afforded in 01-17702 or later cases upon the taking and concealment of a child for benefits alleged 'born in DALLAS TX'.

No child was born in DALLAS TX, and thus no legal case or collateral exists, in a mistrial act falsified as a suit for a child born in CARROLLTON TX already granted in title to JAMES ARNOLD ALLEN, from which full rights were not afforded by false claim of 'abandonment' in forced seizure for concealment and flight to avoid contact and deny communication from 2001-2023 to sustain a fraud ongoing in written threats as of February 5 2023 written demands for COMMERCIAL PROPERTY to extort, menace, stalk in felony degree, and target witnesses named in 2003 and 2011 and 2013 and 2022 false claims of false incarceration - themed HUMAN TRAFFICKING threats.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING under color of law is defined a felony in Oklahoma Statutory Law Title 21 Section 21-748, and is entitled civil suit for "debt bondage" and "forced labor" in any threat, so evident in the claims and activity of LOSTSERVER (NTT GROUP), COGENT COMMUNICATIONS INC. contractor(s), and EQUINIX / DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. real estate at 2323 Bryan St Suite 2670 Dallas Texas office used in 2011 extortion documents as ADMINISTRATOR address of record to carry out such concealment from ORDERED POSSESSION of a minor child, refused protection by STATE OF TEXAS and concealed to extort on behalf of the firms and industry there in that location in DALLAS COUNTY and DENTON COUNTY.

Effort to suggest that the parent would cause harm to the child by any communication or contact on the legal rights and facts of the case is a criminal activity in RACKETEERING INTERSTATE CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS (RICO) degree, entitled application of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 PAGE 93492 REQUIRED STATE LAW rule, a duty of STATE OF TEXAS to comply for payment duly made in 2017-2023.

Use of False Names to conceal and distance these actions from the companies responsible further indicates that such conduct is of premeditated Interstate Criminal Design, and a HOBBS ACT on prima facie, in fraud ab initio and judgment contrary the Laws of the United States on juvenile examination of claims in letters threatening compared to civil cause of action in fraud before DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, alleged federal welfare fraud. Abuse of the XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK of the alienated parent (a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR, with ORDERED POSSESSION refused by extrinsic fraud) only further affirms no civil or criminal liability for the ongoing recovery and report of illicit and criminal demands, communication, and true parties in the concealment of a newborn child to extort a pre-existing business and obtain forgiveness of loans over $15,000 USD in damage to credit exceeding $80,000 USD and $2.5 million USD in lost wages.

Exemplary damages and spoliation damages are entitled legal rights of civil suit, without limitation per 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III rule; and pursuant to Title 78 violations in repeated threats obligating full potential damages - so also specified in TRADE SECRETS rights under Title 21 section:

§21-1732. Larceny of trade secrets – Applicability of section.

A. Any person who, with intent to deprive or withhold from the owner thereof the control of a trade secret, or with an intent to appropriate a trade secret to his or her own use or to the use of another:


C. In a prosecution for a violation of this act, it shall be no defense that the person so charged returned or intended to return the article so stolen, embezzled or copied.

D. The provisions of this section shall not apply if the person acted in accordance with a written agreement with the person’s employer that specified the manner in which disputes involving clients are to be resolved upon termination of the employer-employee relationship.

Added by Laws 1968, c. 110, §§ 1 to 3, emerg. eff. April 1, 1968. Amended by Laws 1986, c. 85,

§21-1702. Larceny of lost property.
One who finds lost property under circumstances which gives him knowledge or means of inquiry as to the true owner, and who appropriates such property to his own use, or to the use of another person who is not entitled thereto, without having first made such effort to find the owner and restore the property to him as the circumstances render reasonable and just, is guilty of larceny.
R.L.1910, § 2653.

§21-1708. Grand larceny in night time from person a felony.
When it appears upon such trial, that such larceny was committed by stealing in the night time, from the person of another, the offender shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding ten (10) years.
R.L. 1910, § 2659. Amended by Laws 1997, c. 133, § 392, eff. July 1, 1999; Laws 1999, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 5, § 284, eff. July 1, 1999. NOTE: Laws 1998, 1st Ex.Sess., c. 2, § 23 amended the effective date of Laws 1997, c. 133, § 392 from July 1, 1998, to July 1, 1999.

§21-1709. Larceny of written instrument - Value.
If the thing stolen consists of any evidence of debt or other written instrument, the amount of money due thereon or secured to be paid thereby and remaining unsatisfied, or which in any contingency might be collected thereon, or the value of the property the title to which is shown thereby, or the sum of which might be recovered in the absence thereof, as the case may be, shall be deemed the value of the thing stolen.
R.L.1910, § 2660.

§21-1705v2. Grand larceny a felony.
Grand larceny is a felony punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years if the value of the property is One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) or more and if the value of the property is less than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) punishable by incarceration in the county jail for not more than one (1) year or by incarceration in the county jail one or more nights or weekends pursuant to Section 991a-2 of Title 22 of the Oklahoma Statutes, at the option of the court, and shall be subject to a fine of not more than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) and ordered to provide restitution to the victim as provided in Section 991a of Title 22 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
R.L. 1910, § 2656. Amended by Laws 1993, c. 147, § 6, eff. Sept. 1, 1993; Laws 1997, c. 133, § 390, eff. July 1, 1999; Laws 1999, 1st Ex. Sess., c. 5, § 282, eff. July 1, 1999; State Question No. 780, Initiative Petition No. 404, § 5, adopted at General Election held on November 8, 2016, eff. July 1, 2017.
NOTE: Laws 1998, 1st Ex. Sess., c. 2, § 23 amended the effective date of Laws 1997, c. 133, § 390 from July 1, 1998, to July 1, 1999.

§21-1711. Securities not yet issued or delivered, larceny of.
All the provisions of this article shall apply where the property taken is an instrument for the payment of money, evidence of debt, public security or passage ticket, completed and ready to be issued or delivered, though the same has never been issued or delivered by the makers thereof to any person as a purchaser or owner.
R.L. 1910, § 2662.

  1. Whereby, such theft to include the allegation of the title of a property or trademark of book value over $1000 USD in costs to secure that mark and its legal defense, is a larceny also - and when enjoined claims to obtain or seek forfeiture in rem under color of law on fraud barred by FEDERAL REGISTER or other United States Public Policy a guarantee of security of the United States against EXCESSIVE FINES and unlawful collection activity (15 U.S. Code §1692d) a duty also of the States (15 U.S. Code §1692n), to suggest STOCK or other SECURITIES or MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES in a real business have no par value or false value to compel their sale, use, employment as collateral against the will and obligations of a business at law, or otherwise overcome such entity through hold on a child of a person or employee or other family member abuse (see: sexual harassment and identity theft of a female employee of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED in Feb 5 2023 threats), that activity is securities fraud and property fraud subject to larceny in claim of equity that is not a record or legal fact or entry of the BOOK of such company, corporation of the United States, or other legal instrument to compel surrender or franchise or use of trademarks, trade secrets, or other title protected by Oklahoma State Law whether registered or not.
  2. Effort to compel such taking as forfeiture or in rem property subject a claim at law, on civil cause of action or complaint of LEGAL NAME or FICTITIOUS NAME use to defraud in public assault and solicitation of persons and workers to interfere with trade and manufacturing, development, or security and distribution of goods by any means of Interstate commerce facility such as INTERNET EXCHANGE POINT (IXP) or INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) or protocol such as BORDER GATEWAY PROTOCOL (BGP) or OPEN SHORTEST PATH FIRST (OSPF) or DOMAIN NAME SERVER (DNS) or REGISTRATION in such service to cause commercial harm to a product, worker, officer, or security; in concert with taking of any real or intangible property of value or COLLATERAL REGISTRATION such as a child (chattel) to overcome a company of the State of Oklahoma or CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES will be construed as felony conduct on first discovery, and resistance (22 O.S. §22-31) a duty of an officer of either State of Oklahoma or United States in either case.

No one has a right to 'privacy' where perpetual concealment of a child to extort or obtain any thing of value from a company or corporation of the United States is the central demand of such criminal enterprise, nor protection from the Title 76 Section 76-9 rights afforded a parent in recovery and protection of their child - as if a Title of authority on no conviction or indictment prior were worked contrary those protections (Federal Constitution, Article 1 section 9 and 10) - nor granted as a civil privilege entitled to any State or nation or sovereign against a violent and unlawful taking without due process and minimal CROSS EXAMINATION right of all evidence (KELLEY v KELLEY, 2007 Oklahoma Supreme Court).

Privacy is a right entitled where no breach of the peace has been sustained, nor peonage or bondage imposed by false design of misuse of law, and the right of persons to escape such abuse and bondage is pledged a superior right in United States Agreement under International Law as "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and in Treaty made Supreme Law of the United States and State of Oklahoma in "The Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide".

This sort of taking, and taking for franchise and labor in death by work dividing families and asserting racial and gender bias to overcome the rights of persons and defame those persons systematically, have been done before and are high crimes for which "THE ENABLING OF STATEHOOD ACT OF 1906" and "INCORPORATION OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA" and "LEGAL EXISTENCE OF THE FEDERAL UNION PREDICATED ON 1907 ARTICLES OF THAT CONSTITUTION IN SECTION I-1 SO RATIFIED BY THE CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES A DUTY AND COLLATERAL FULLY PLEDGED FOR OKLAHOMA STATEHOOD", which claims of contrary right to overcome ORDERED POSSESSION or prior INHERENT RIGHTS are a direct attack upon the Federal Union and the Full Faith and Credit of the United States made collateral subject forfeiture in full on breach or delay or obstruction to overcome such rights or liquidate the COLLATERAL property of such LEGAL PERSONS and family bonds as are evident in PETERSEN v ALLEN (2001) themed later 15-06292393 and double jeopardy case in Pontotoc County now before the Court in evidence of malicious barratry alleged criminal conspiracy against rights.

No commercial advantage is gained by the REPEATED BREACH OF THE PEACE initiated by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF WYOMING against STATE OF OKLAHOMA and CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION in TITLE IV AGENCY fraud; and it is a crime to suggest that such benefit support a concealment of facts from the public in conspiracy to commit treason against the United States by levying war against the people and concealment of children from the American People taken by force for commercial advantage as hostages de facto over 2001-2023.

No State can claim a right of publicity to commit SLANDER OF TITLE in a COLLATERAL CONTRACT held out for payment, partially paid, and paid in full of 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(9) and §666(a)(10) and 45 CFR and 15 U.S. Code §1673(c) rule; provided limitation in 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule; and null in 45 CFR §302.56(f) formal written complaint of kidnapping to extort in commercial fraud and jactitation of marriage evident in record.

A non-party under false legal name, having no LEGAL RIGHT to engage in such slander of title, and employed by Sept 12 2003 contract published at law to do so; is a formal agent of the petitioner "Veronica Marie Petersen" so made, in Donald Jonathon Beal (alleged husband of Petersen there), to extort to an officer of the firm in criminal threat of serious bodily harm (miscarriage) to take, remove, conceal, abuse, and flee jurisdictions with a child then less than 3 years of age ORDERED TO POSSESSION of the father at such time, and taken by force from the home of the father where they were resident for 11 months prior premeditated abduction confessed in 2003 threats Sept 20 2003 and 2011 May 7 letters to extort; authored by Donald Jonathon Beal.

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