Sept 29th 2022


History of Offensive Acts

While the organizations and legal entities named are "responsible parties" to the relationships exposed by our counter-terrorism and private investigation; the majority of members likely are unaware of specific acts by leadership and formal activity to commercially publish, circulate, and act in INTERSTATE COMMERCE in the United States that give cause to a serious legal greivance of felony degree in the abuse and targeted stalking with collective incitement of violence.

It is criminally incompetent to suggest that the citation of the legal entity or formal registered (or unregistered, well known or self-identified) citation of the parties or relationships evident in information as material evidence to misuse of licensed public office and business practices defined at law in the State of Oklahoma and United States - expressly Title 76 and Title 78 of Oklahoma State Statutory Code; or any attached "teachings and instruction" to carry out abuse of title property or registered or common law copyright and trademark law entitled full protection - should suggest a "massive persecurtion conspiracy" or even imply all members or large institutions are aware of the negative actions by officers, representatives, agents, and contractors to harm established businesses themed "competitors" in INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

A history of specific acts, or timing of acts in overt violation in concert with other specific threats by alleged employee/contractor self-identified persons in connection to registered property or title then transfered, sold, given, disclosed for commercial use, or otherwise published to cause commercial harm in false title and false origin of work; is sufficient to merit prima facie evidence to investigate and assert a complaint based on discovery of relationships and specific wrongdoing.

The degree of wrongdoing is not lesser or negligible, between a party engaged in the taking or physical holding of a child, a party making threats, a party seeking to collect "protection money" for such fraud or abuse of a child, or parties taking for transfer or false title sale in fraudulent conveyance the works of a person in leu of demands for EXCESSIVE FINES or other prohibited civil debt.

Companies should take steps to remove such parties and property from their catalog, and respond to inquiries with respect and comply with law; rather than the contempt to cause harm evident in refusal to heed CEASE AND DESIST notices with REGISTERED TRADEMARK documents; as observed in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP.

Firms who license such property or promote the tainted franchise are therefore subject complaint as a component regardless of separate legal entity or contract, where the clear evidence of a primary business and transfer for commercial use of property is central to that organized corrupt activity across County, State, and Federal borders.

When paired with specific "quid pro quo" and "in-consideration" demands to the company for surrender or alteration of their manner of doing business on threat to withhold POSSESSION and lesser enjoined rights over PROPERTY contrary a court order or INHERENT RIGHTS such as the control of a child taken from a family by force, this activity is exceptionally criminal and does not enjoy civil constract or civil court standing nor can such civil agreements made by fraud be entitled a legal protection from any criminal law in the State of Oklahoma against abuse; and are void on face and in making (Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII-8 and XXIII-9).

It appears to our examiners that foreign states theme civil law "superior to criminal law", and suggest that corporations and criminals may "make contracts enjoining other persons to literal debt bondage and forced labor" without legal remedy.

These claims, where asserted, are acts of war and piracy, which enjoin the victim all rights of "all necessary force" - both civil and political and legal powers of all degree, separate and without reservation from other right of physical force and use of violence or other prohibited conduct against ordinary persons not granted "cause" under law of the STate of Oklahoma and INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS so defined by agreement of the UNITED STATES in "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS".


Companies, unregistered organizations acting as their agent-in-fact, persons promoting or circulating false claims, and the nations who those companies are "franchise" of in INTERNATIONAL TRADE and FOREIGN AND INTERSTATE COMMERCE are thus subject under the Constitutional Law of the State of Oklahoma and INTERNATIONAL LAW, to the rights afforded the victims to make public notice and seek relief, remedy, restitution in full degree, return of property and an end to such misuse as a form of hostility not protected by national sovereignty or other Laws of the Sea or Law of Nations; and enjoined to the estoppel of potential SANCTIONS or other acts to arrest the abuse and restore permanent security to the injured parties.

This means that if you are employed by, associated as agent or promoter for, or engaged in the sale or distribution or transport or hosting of such goods or claims; your organization and its legal and physical associates are enjoined liability without a right to void that duty of restitution and sanctions to any degree should you break-off later or cease activity in a pattern of misconduct.

Indeed, the use of multiple entities and the creation and dissolution of many legal entities to evade and escape legal action and retaliation by use of FALSE NAME and threats in false name to misdirect law enforcement and conceal commercial relationships in organized activity to capture, repackage, and export for sale the intellectual property in this matter on collateral of an abducted, abused, and concealed child is overwhelming.

As such, and due to the ongoing CHILD TAMPERING and SPOLIATION (23 O.S. section 23-9.1 violation) evident in intent to defraud as a terrorist hoax; including use of ICANN to create PUBLICITY BASED ON DAMAGE TO DESTORY AND KILL THE INDIVIDUAL TITLE HOLDER over 2001-2022 in extensive fraud and public threats of murder - a right to make LEGAL ANSWER to the fraud with full information gained on all commercial activity the parties have knowingly enjoined the child abduction and abuse to in their defense is lawful and obligated notice. Ongoing 2021-2022 acts by a known pornographer who represented WHITE WOLF PRESS and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, paired with a COGENT COMMUNICATIONS employee at EQUINIX DATA CENTER in DALLAS TEXAS "D3" and later in documents "D4", enjoin all such companies and names used to cause commercial harm under their employed exploitation of IDENTITY THEFT of commercial clients in 2002-2022 to a public claim in wrongdoing and felony activity which must CEASE IMMEDIATELY.

None of these companies were even on our agenda prior explicit acts of infringement (78 O.S. 78-31) following 2002 and 2013 threats to extort in the concealment of a child during WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION. Discovery is the result of 2021-2022 ongoing threats in writing to extort and impersonate a GRAND JURY and State Justice Department in extortion and repetitive telephone fraud to commit social security number theft and harassment of elderly Oklahoma residents with LEGAL DISABILITIES, contributing to the death of one such person in 2022 and aggravated injury during care in 2007 and 2008 on two prior deaths.

Presently, the harassment targets a third LEGALLY DISABLED person in PONTOTOC COUNTY with a terminal prognosis, and victims (2) in other Oklahoma Counties who were targeted with sexually explicit written letters impacting WALMART CORPORATION store #231 and Choctaw Tribe members.

This conduct is therefore MEDICAL FRAUD, with intent to extort for the use of registered trademarks established in documents prior 1999; and to conceal the true owner by dilution of trademarks to harm a business in securities fraud on contest of transactions over $74 billion USD in commercial single transactions and $250 billion data breach retaliation against an eye witness.

The injury to a child in addition to that activity is not de minus (without book value), or limited by any legal theory of maximum damages per 23 O.S. Section 23-9.1 subsection D class III offense determined a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT in prior Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma, for 5 U.S. Code section 706 relief from "fraud".

Effort to rely on Felony Article II-6 violation in "sale of the court" clearly evident in 2002, 2015, 2016, and 2019 false claims; further make this commercial enterprise activity a matter subject "The Hobbs Act", "THE RACKETEERING INTERSTATE CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT", and antitrust activity evident in a nexus of parties in Iceland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Japan, China, State of Texas, State of Michigan, and State of California. State of Florida and State of New York have further been discovered to have hidden-assets and commercial name use in over 300 pages of threats served on our office.

As such, and in concert with the presnce of COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, an NTT GROUP company, in previous 2002-2022 and 2021-2022 onoging threats; the firm is entitled to take action and direct the public to the "competitor" and "nexus" and "property in dispute" being rapidly and intentionally circulated to damage Oklahoma Residents Constitutional Rights systematically and for securities fraud to obtain investment on franchise in stolen goods of registry for sale into the State of Oklahoma and to falsify the title of such goods on a worldwide electronic and physical product distribution model.

The transfer of such goods from literary products and physical tabletop games to electronic media in false title and to compete with the original content creator directly, is malicious abuse of public office and a malfeasance of license to practice law and medicine evident in the documents we have obtained in this fraud for Federal criminal complaint.


Many innocent skilled workers and other officers are clearly caught in this form of enterprise-class fraud coming out of Dallas (Texas), Reykjavik (Iceland), Sweden, Austria, Denmark, and Germany.

Like NORTEL NETWORKS, which lost 80,000 employees to an insider access of email to transfer bidding information to China and Japan; these acts damage more people than are involved directly in their planning and execution. The perpetrators conduct appears to be to commit a crime, style the victim as the cause of loss, and move quickly without regard to ordinary business structures to their next employment through the network of communities created among common trade and International organization of data transport service industries and supporting brands across jurisdiction and language - in Regional Piracy and transfer similar to Letter of Marque abuse in the 14th to 16th Century.

Some cultures are very positive about that "raiding" and "piracy" activity, viewing it as legal brinksmanship to skirt the law by literally hiding in a foreign jurisdiction (Reykjavik, Iceland) or country with contrary family values (Sweden, Japan) whose public do not hold the same "equal protection" (42 U.S. Code section 1981) values at law or understand labor law and family law are not separate contract areas in discrimination based on gender and traditional role models, race, or ethnic character of persons entitled lesser protection for their religious or spiritual suffrage and customs, culture, manner of dress, or social behavior separte from a "monoculture" promoted by "national socialism" - often called "Democracy" or "Democratic Socialism" or "Unity" value systems promoted by the Hegel/Marx theology of 1820-1945.

Like radical militant Islam, this sino-Germanic-Norse racism is not a legal basis for International business, and violates the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and basic protections reserved by the incorporation and formation of the United States and State of Oklahoma conditional to its application for membership in the Federal Union - and conditional both the legal right to exist of the State and Federal Union known generally as the United States today, or its government (UNITED STATES, a corporation and government entity in organization - a legal person separate from the nation and the public - from whom all UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS are a "franchise" commissioned in the "Public Trust" created by the Federal Union system).

These efforts of terrorism and fraud would overcome the FEDERAL UNION, disable the UNITED STATES, and afford an opportunity for STATE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT groups responsible to apply for Sovereign national character as State of Texas was in "THE REPUBLIC OF THE STATE OF TEXAS" prior to the 1856 American Civil War.

They are by and large "white nationalists", who view the seizure of Texas from Mexico as "justified" and carry on the same conduct now to seize and overcome the United States through kidnapping - similar to the Kurdish people's activity verus ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN.


Oklahoma Law defines such conduct as "The Oklahoma Anti Terrorism Act", and does not afford a legal defense to the use of any act to carry out a hoax or threat against a "place of business" as done in this matter on the grounds that it is "a joke" or "jest" or to any intent or capacity to actually perform the threat.

The threat of taking of REGISTERED TRADEMARKS and dilution to damage securities and investment in obliteration of the PARENT-CHILD-BOND to obtain property and endorsement of a registered business or control or interest in its property, hiring, or right to work (XXIII-1A) is criminal, and terrorist activity where it is discovered such conduct is being acted upon by ANY ENTITY WITH TIES TO THE PARTIES OR THE CLAIMS NAME AS EMPLOYER IN FACT OF RECORD, so documented in 2013 claims citing PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB as that employer.

Use of such marks with intent to defraud by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, and through EMBRACER GROUP AB companies (FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES) in sale to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP; brought us to become aware of a nexus among those parties;

Further, actions by TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD in equity over PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB led to our discovery of their joint investment in "UBER BRANDS" with "SOFTBANK GROUP CORP" and use of joint interest in "ALIBABA GROUP" shared by employee executive leadership during a takeover attempt of NVIDIA CORPORATION in 2018-2022, prior to 2022 use of REGISTERED TRADEMARK adoption and harassment of our vendor (EVGA CORPORATION) to sever supply chain access in concert with a move to go into direct competition with our firm on the disputed REGISTERED TRADEMARK and related technologies based on their RTX and previous equipment integration in proprietary Oklahoma software, for which they are not marketing as "NVIDIA OMNIVERSE" products to compete with our 1999-2021 product "BEYOND WAR" and its organizational development unit, "THE BEYOND WAR PROJECT".

Use of the term "PROJECTBEYOND", "BEYONDSPEED", and "BEYONDFAST" appear to be use to market the equipment we were developing our "BEYOND WAR PROJECT" upon, using claims of commercial application directly parallel to our prior work and WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD as collateral to disrupt and disable the securities of those projects in 2010 October 31st to present (2022 September 29th).

This is beyond coincidence, and irritating, as registration of the BEYONDWAR domain name by our company has ben over 20 years on file and in-legal-use prior to this move by NVIDIA CORPORATION in April 2022 and September 2022 coinciding with "attacks on our company to blackmail and extort" at each instance from Dallas, Texas.

Paired with the announced intent to sell such equipment now only to data centers like DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS or EQUINIX, and lease such service on that hardware, it appears to be clear antitrust by the same parties engaged in the child kidnapping and child abuse over 2001-2022.

If your company or employer or licensee or licensor is enjoined in this, it is at your peril that you continue to support their work where it is based on human trafficking activity and spoliation of record to obtain any patent or intellectual property derived from the work of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. or its licensees or partners, as well as subject public examination of your business dealings and the financial activity obligated PUBLIC REPORT and PUBLIC RECORD clear evidence in an ongoing human trafficking matter by State of Texas "Nationalist" elements and their assoicates in Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Germany.

Based on attacks from Panama and Brazil, I would strongly suggest you start checking your employees for swastikas and "88" symbols, or similar ("Odinism") ink that represents "White Nationalist" organized activity in the United States. Affiliation with racist elements of other Asian-Pacific and Latin-American groups with similar beliefs should not discount those persons from suspicion.

Threats to falsely accuse our staff of "transgender" and "homosexual" activity to abuse and abudct; further suggest a trend of mysandry against traditional male character and ethnic "XYY" chomosone males, based on a pattern of radical "Democratic Socialist" rhetoric and propaganda-based statements with elements of Narcissistic Pathology and Autistic Personality traits incorporating Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors and bipolar disorder with projection normalized among the criminal groups.

Sociopath claims that profit or public (majority) support to overcome facts in a fraud warrant legal right of action, are evident criminal mental health issues which we have documented in the letters of threat to extort; which are unfortunately not widely rejected as functional technical sociopath behavior in some nations and regions, including China, Japan, Iceland, Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

Values expressly enumerated in the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma affirming as Constitutional Rights these "ordinary boundary issues" and "empathy", appear absent in the core group, their accomplices, and speak to a concentration of functional personality types operating over 2001-2022 in criminal conspiracy against rights, with identity theft rings in the Eastern European region including Ukraine.

These observations are based on actual communication, messages and letters, and high-volume sustained enterprise-class (16+ Gbps) sustained single source evasive Denial-of-Service attacks on our networks over 2002-2022 which indicate insider access to carrier-class data centers in the United States, Europe, Italy, The Omega Building in Israel, The Trump Tower in Panama, Australia, Japan, Germany and follow the expansion of NTT GROUP networks and facilities worldwide.

More information including extortion letters are available here:


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