Sept 30th 2022

What Is the League of Votann?

Wotan, or Votann, is another name for Odin in Norse Mythology.

"White Supremacist Groups", in interest of using religious freedom protections to support and bear symbols identifying their members and promoting their values in the U.S. Prison System, have begun to incorporate Norse mythology and Odin-ism (the resumption of the established Viking religious rites) much like "Wicca" has become a catch-all for "Witchcraft" and "Earth Magic" new age followers, adopting elements from Native Americans for use in European practices and symbols popularized by festivals and pagan rites of European origin.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is actually named in honor of a piece of art work owned by Charlyce Ann Klepper, a pediatrician in Ada Oklahoma, purchased during her travel and so ascribed as a "SHADOW DANCER" figure in the home of the company founder.

GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP has, since operating as a reseller for "Dungeons and Dragons" franchise in England for Gary Gygax, sought to incorporate in their look-alike product "WARHAMMER FANTASY", a combination of Norse Pagan symbols, art, and rites including human sacrifice, sexual practices with raiding and captive taking, and icons which pay homage to the Viking "Norsemen" legends in England.

Reliance on the Norman vs Saxon conflict resonated well with the English and French audiences, giving the company a substantial benefit with art and World War I images in 1987-1993 sales following the end of their formal relationship with Gary Gygax and the original TSR Inc.

However, in the mid-1990s, images of characters described as Native American shamen like the Emperor of Mankind, began to be replaced with artwork depicting armies of plate-mail-armor soldiers with German features, blonde hair, blue eyes, and organized pictures of images which looked very much like nazi propaganda posters and formations for parade.

This "national socialist" shift from a lost space-faring rogue-like game to racially polarized collective industrial societies focused on war against "impure" alien corruption, borrowing from H.P. Lovecraft many elements of the characterizations used to suggest foreign influence and foreign ethnic traits were malign character of a great movement of persons without individual franchise - expanded rapidly.

The value of one person, or even entire population centers, was diminished over these unified goals of combatting alien expansion and influence in the racially pure "Empire" of mankind.

Games like Vermitide in 2015 and 2018 remarked on how glorious and heroic the dismemberment of "rat-like" people were, in vague rhetoric similar to antisemetic propaganda. Graphic scenes of bodily dismemberment in group fighting by players and executions of non-humans in gorey ways, appealed to children ages 13-17, resulting in increased sales.

While this is a legal franchise in literature and fiction, without direct correlation to actual or real persons - the inclusion of the legal name of real people in NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY as "alien monsters" or "alien races" in 2014-2022 became overtly racist, and refused relief.

In 2022, the republishing of books created in 2018 for commercial use from those writers as "League of Votann" practically paraphrased every element of design from U.S. sources; including the vastly overpowered nature of the force cited as an imbalance in 5th edition and for use in mixed forces play solely as a small component of a diverse and multi-racial army popular in use then among U.S. players and squad-level multi-faction 1v1 games.

9th Edition has moved to a "pure racial army" model, where the overwhelming mechnics of such units and their capabilities in the game at scale are overwhelming - prompting a September 29th 2022 revision of "point values" to reduce the number of units allowed as a "balance" issue - based on official tournament sponsor feedback rejecting the new book "League of Votann" in their stores and regional events for fairness to other players.

The "League of Votann" are described as an "all male clone race" known as "Kin" or "Kindred" - a german word for "Children" and used in Norse mythology as a "subordinate for tribe or family under a superior noble bloodline or king, popularized by other games using terms like Jarl (Duke) in the game Skyrim". Jarl (Duke) is a junior officer of the king of a region, acting in the Kings name over a county or regional state, as proxy.

While this may be a cultural or regional adaptation, ordinarily protected, the promotion of human trafficking and slavery by the games and other products as normalized racial and tribal discrimination; do not suit the audience of minor end-users or communicate the context of these issues appropriately. Sexual violence as a weapon of war is not expressly mentioned in content, but is implied throughout the works, including the systematic isociation of female figures to non-combat and support roles excluding specific female-only units in the priesthood or women-only irregular criminal organizations for the tabletop games.

The League of Votann is, therefore, a "boys club" of masculine character aimed at 13-17 year old adolecent males, with a viking overtone evident in prior art (CHAPTER APPROVED, RED BOOK).

The modern 2022 book adds a "battle bus" transport with guns and armor, and removes the Judge Dredd style motorcycles ridden by the dwarf viking axe weilding original models; but does very little to improve on the exploitation of persons with a real hereditary condition fictionalized as a "race" in J.R.R. Tolkein's popular World War political novelization.

While we cannot expect or require a company to write fiction to satisfy concerns for other cultures or values, the incorporation of "Votann" as a warlord-god glorifying prior Norse and Swedish conquest by violence against people based on racial segregation and collective socialist property and religious beliefs, as a rallying point for real-world racial sepratist movements in their culture, raises serious questions as to the financial and intellectual property development of such a commercial product for sale into the United States and other nations.

Similar products in Iceland and their refusal to suggest there are alien races at all - dividing their content based on skin color and caucassian religious groups versus black and french and anarchist versus fascist commercial factions (4) in Eve Online; share similar racially motivated criticism of United States racial segregation and Christian mythology as an evil and obsolete slave-based-faith which socialist organization and violence must unite to overcome and destroy.

Christians were not treated well by Norse raiders, and specifically targeted due to their beliefs and culture, as having an incapacity for the masculine and violent tribal culture popularized by early invasion of England and North American expeditions from Iceland and Norway.

The League of Votann brings into focus these similarities in a white-washed narrative made-for-children, which over shadow the horror of real ethnic war and ethnic cleansing activity in Ukraine, and violence in 2014-2022 against civilians by military weapons in an effort to force portions of the country to rejoin the nation after a coup (see: Revolution of Dignity) in 2014.

The League of Votann appears to be one of several "sanctioned" non-human or "abhuman" characters which the human empire treats as tolerable in the Warhammer 40,000 franchise - meaning they do not exterminate them on sight or plan to remove them by violence at every opportunity.

Warhammer 40,000 is, as of 2001-2022, an exercise in Lebensraum (Living Space) exerpt from the theology of Adolph Hitler's famous book, Mein Kampf (My Life).

The elven races are portrayed as diminishing, dying off, and unable to reproduce fast enough to compete with the encroaching needs (and thus right to take) of humans; and the heroes are the human race - fighting off rapidly reproducing aliens like the Ork species (A fungas, literally, which has to be exterminated by fire or it grows into giant soldiers with innate knowledge to build guns and aircraft held together by magic and pure hate).

Other aliens are styled as asian and African in character, but are physically or mentally incapable of operating without direction from a socialist central authority or leader unit. There are also alien "bugs" and "octopus-like-monsters" which are under control of similar "manchurian candidate" infiltrator agents incorporated among ordinary human worlds and intent on their complete depletion and consumption by a foreign force operating outside the reach of the local population.


To fail to see the jingoist character in the value system targeting children similar to the Hitler Youth Movement, iconography, and characterization - is to be blind. And is supported by the new League of Votann as a "power" that was "hidden" for a long period from the public - a secret racially pure genetically created and maintained eugenic army, based on viking Odinism.

In illustrations, we see no asian marines, or dark haired brown eyed soldiers as heroes, and slavic norse blonde female figures are consistent with messenger and romanticized unrealistic representation of female bodies throughout the product including female "assassins" in latex suits and subbordinate roles suggestive of the vice activity in the "Weimar Republic" - including use of the "Weimar Republic" symbol (the black Eagle), officially known in 1918 to 1933 as "The Reich". (see Weimar Republic)

War Game development is a complex industry, where both sides have to be given a reasonable cause for players to participate. However, the trend in 2001-2022 by United Kingdom based GAMES WORKSHOP as license holder, in its franchise to PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB (publisher) and FATSHARK (developer) under TENCENT (10% equity in PARADOX, majority owner of FATSHARK in 2019 and 2021 acquisition) exposes a cultural insensitivity of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA to $316 million USD financing of this content themed on "Cultural Revolution" values and ideas which overshadow the cultural appropriation of United States products and registered trademarks systematically by EMBRACER GROUP AB (formerly NORDIC GAMES LICENSING AB, and THQ NORDIC AB) and their subsidiary firm "ASMODEE" and its United States subisidiary "FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES" use of the "STRYX" mark for unlicensed and derived works in a foreign, offensive, and racially defamatory product.

Like TSR INC. claims veruses "NORDIC" and "NEGROID" races in the recent "STAR FRONTIERS" reboot by the former TSR INC. community, which styled Nordic persons as superior in intellect and negroids as inferior in intellect "as a race in game statistics", this conduct is increasingly suggestive of a Swedish movement of racial discrimination and promotion of United States incorporation of "Odinism" as a racial defamation toward real persons and use of real persons LEGAL NAME in their products to extort and support eugenics claims in 2002-2022 during concealment of NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY children from their parents in violation of law and to impose obliteration of XXIII-1A "Right to Work" and cultural extermination of by parental alienation of a real and evident act versus real persons resulting in death and loss of property.

The appropriation of a class of people as a "religious character" (Votann) who are found throughout the world and in all cultures (dwarfism), and to make them a presumed uniform gender contrary ordinary culture; borders on cultural appropriation prior evident in the "Native American" characterization of the "psychic powers" and "emperor" mythology used by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP in its original Rogue Trader (1987) books.

Fans attracted to the works due to recognition of these cultural values and character, now obliterated due to recognition of the sovereign rights of the recognized tribes against cultural misrepresentation without royalty or license, are increasingly appalled by this shift toward Odinism in close parallel to "white seperatist" movement activity in Texas, Michigan, California, Minnesota, and partnering with elements in Iceland and Swedent to continue to send threats to parents of missing and exploited children in Oklahoma in concert with sale of their LEGAL NAME to use as "alien race" or "xeno" (the LAtin word for fear, used to refer to non-human aliens) in WARHAMMER 40,000 and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING "WORLD OF DARKNESS" franchises and books; and the sale of such works back into Oklahoma and the NAtive American Territory to harm the recovery of missing and exploited children allegedly exported to Iceland, Sweden, France, or other European Union country in 2015-2022.

Commercial companies do not conduct business in this manner, or do so only where the franchise granted by their nation of origin becomes liable for the acts to harm other people of other nations and tribal cultures who are not their subjects or willing participants in such illegal franchise activity.


PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB owns "Kindred: The Embrace" (tv show) based on the WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING "Kindred" (race, supernatural trademark term applied to their specific species of vampire in their fictin).

Use of the term ("Embrace") and "Kindred" now among "NORDIC GAMES LICENSING AB" aka "EMBRACER GROUP AB", and transfer to "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP", former licence holder over their original "THQ NORDIC AB" company; indicates on inspection a collective license for use to expand the "KINDRED" brand and "EMBRACE/EMBRACER" term, in concert with systematic taking and use of competitor trademarks and LEGAL NAME registered for use in prior 1992 and 1998 publications critical of the "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP" and racial segregation elements.

JAMES ALLEN ("STRYX") wrote a book ("CODEX SHADIS") in 1998, which incorporated members of all of the alien ("xenos") races and human race in description of a United States modernized professional soldier weapons and tactics character and literature common in public domain and directed use by the ROGUE TRADER (1987) written guidelines for models and ad hoc rules (known today as "mods" in software grant of license), for use in selling and promoting as a 3rd party the business of local hobby shops and game events. These works, published by the SDA3.ORG for use under the prior license granted to end-users of the ROGUE TRADER printed book, have not been modified since 2002; and remain available in archive for reference with other items released to the public domain by GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP specifically and for academic purposes in an obsolete (5th Ed) rule set now replaced wholly by 9th Edition (per GAMES WORKSHOP TOURNAMENT REGULATIONS, and designations arising after the prior classification first created by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of ad hoc undileniated books and publications serialized without license in magazine format, then sold as compilations in hardback and paperback books at THE GAMES STORE in CROSSROADS MALL, Oklahoma City, State of Oklahoma.

The effort to create a "monopoly" retaliating against the "merchantability" and "fitness of purpose" upon which such books were written and sole in public to afford player-created content and custom rules for private use; are central to copyright claims later arising as if a "screenplay right" license were tendered to buyers falsely. No game has been derived from the works of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP nor commercial use or restriction in access imposed; the right of buyers to carry on their own development of wholly separate franchise is being threatened by these companies in union activity barred by XXIII-1A rule of the Oklahoma Constitution; a crime.

Commercial work and creation of games themed competitive, including "BEYOND WAR" and its related registered trademark "STRYX" and "SANGUINE" characters, are not property of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP or PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB or EMBRACER GROUP AB, and inclusion of such characters is a violation of Title 78 Oklahoma Statutory Law in sale or marketing into or before residents of State of Oklahoma.

Dilution of its marks through relationships with NVIDIA CORPORAITON or via "NVIDIA OMNIVERSE" product, appear to be knowing and purposeful infringement, and are consistent with a series of threats on WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD FROM ORDERED POSSESSION from 2001-2022, directly published to the attention of the Oklahoma party and to harm their XXIII-1A RIGHTS.

The nature of such threats appear racially motivated, based on mixed race of persons, and in felony stalking of women and employees of the Oklahoma firm.

This conduct is ongoing as of November 2021 to July 2022, and under criminal complaint in concert with the release of "PROJECTBEYOND" by NVIDA CORPORATION and its partnership with FATSHARK and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB owner TENCENT; and consistent with prior "STRYX" and "SANGUINE" extortion used in GAMES WORKSHOP and WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING (PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB) printed works and November 2021 and 2022 product announcements, including "UNIVERSES BEYOND WARHAMMER 40,000" game scheduled for October 7 2022 release by WIZARDS OF THE COAST and GAMES WORKSHOP GROP.

Like TSR INC., SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. wholly rejects the racial and discriminatory use of its trademarks in concert with "KINDRED" and "KIN" and "STRIX" sound-alike and look aline product registration attempts, in concert with illegal civil litigation to intimidate its workers and investors in securities fraud in 2018-2022 violating UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008) Section 314 "immunity" in cause to disrupt DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF TEXAS case 15-06292393 in fraud to obstruct recovery of a missing and exploited child from 2001-2022 HABEAS CORPUS right and ORDERED POSSESSION in sale of the court (II-6, Oklahoma Constitutional Violation).

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