Logical Fallacies

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Throughout 2001-2022, a pattern of fraud has been evident in organized criminal harassment extending to taking, concealment, and abuse of a child prohibited by law affecting the family and commercial service in coercive Interstate Interference in Commerce activity barred by 18 U.S. Code section 1951 and 1961 rule. Refusal to render service violating Title 22 Chapter 78 obligations of the United States, citing costs inconvenient to the duty to perform the role of a competent government at law, compel the victims to come forward May 19th 2022 with good cause and for good order, the surety of the peace at stake in ongoing November 14th 2022 to May 15th 2022 extortion and ransom demands served in violation of law and public fraud to extort in concert to those claims by known and specific parties at law and refused ordinary prosecution by the United Stats, State of Texas, and State of Oklahoma in conspicuous violation of International Law and the Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC) to breach of contract and intimidation to conceal breach of the terms and conditions of incorporation of the United States and State of Oklahoma and the Federal Union in contest, a foreign claim of mental wellness suspending franchise for the victims of Genocide and ongoing child taking to abuse and destroy inheritance in Indian Territory in favor of racially motivated and unlawful fraud and Federal benefits theft.

To which end, and due commercial taking for spoliation of intangible property of value in subjugation to a fraud and false authority not granted by or to the public trust; and specifically barred by the unanimous Supreme Court in formal oral proclamation Feb 2019 (586 U.S. ____ case no 17-1091) and in ruling to disbar unjust and unconstitutional defense of these JIM CROW and BLACK CODE laws continued application in 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647 right to sue persons without benefit of public office where employees of any State or State Agency or body or of the United States; wrongly themed a Sovereign State or Federal Immunity not made or afforded improper actions under color of law or abuse of legal power or intent (18 U.S. Code §1589 and 22 U.S. Code §7102) - an illegal act void where not in compliance with standards and practices established at law by the 45 CFR and Kelly v Kelly ruling on EXCESSIVE FINES and due process and judicial review of quality to compliment and require "Fast and Speedy Trial" (22 O.S. §22-13 and 18 U.S. Code §3161) consistent with a real justice proceeding and Constitutional Law to restrain or abuse natural persons under any pretext of law or LEGAL NAME;

Comes now SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. with information necessary and in good cause (II-22) for the public, and to clarify for improper interpretation wrongly and consistently made to conceal and damage the Justice of the United States; so obligated final notice (II-3) granted no duty to take hearing or judicial review or other genuine and formal investigation owing and due the bringing of witnesses in a timely fashion to relief in a child taking for commercial extortion and blackmail of living and real persons, to injury, and resulting in death and grave bodily harm without legal cause of action and in improper civil procedure to conceal criminal violation of natural rights of persons for the enrichment of the State and foreign State, and to embezzlement from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and abuse of the exclusive authority in commission limited and directed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to carry out a false medical practice under color of law and of false report and false claims of conviction not worked on the journal of the courts of registry to do so, evident in this matter and in Federal Record made by State of Oklahoma licensed persons in practice under color of a medical and legal franchise and authority.

Whereby, certain fallacies of claim are evident, and bear public examination of a pattern of false application to deceive and accomplish illicit taking, so prohibited by 15 U.S. Code §1592d and 18 U.S. Code §1341;

An examination of the abuse in public controversy due ongoing aggravated perjury by use of JOHN DOE accounts evident to a layperson to represent in claim and in nature a clear and concise origin in beneficiaries of the fraud over 2001-2022 and 1997-2001 prior a clear and evident pattern of misconduct then also themed civil wrongdoing to conceal a pathological and premeditated criminal intent to defraud applied subsequently and in a highly organized and aggressive and Intestate manner, as to constitute in design and concealment of threats to extort a racketeering activity enjoining employees of State and Federal grants to aid and enable and sustain such ordinary hold and prolonged concealment of a child to influence the Interstate and International Trade adversely of the United States.


Necessity aside, the prior authority grants the right to discuss, per 22 O.S. §22-31 rule, several matters of public controversy impacting the City of Ada and business development.


Why not do this through the court?

Plainly, because the fraud is to a WORLDWIDE audience, and to deceive and incite violence of a eugenics nature to take and abuse children under color of the U.S. court through fraud and improper conduct of local, State, and Federal law enforcement aid in regional and specific special matters now improperly and fraudulently made record to conceal State and Federal failure of duty and corruption;

Victims are entitled to their II-3 right where Government has refused to acknowledge or meet with them, hear their complaint, or acted to retaliate and suppress such claim with injury and resulting in death to impose a public fraud.


The matter is one of false trial in the ancient context of United States incorporation, 5th and 6th Amendment violations, to sustain 4th and 14th Amendment violation schemes generally themed human trafficking and specifically "debt bondage" and "forced labor" employing as means the coercion to enroll persons against their will in the UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE or alternatively "UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY" program, for which the UNITED STATES has and does borrow credit against these insurance write-down classifications of potential earnings and future proceeds to obtain credit and terms.

Insurance fraud is another name for the same fraud, and performed in this case on the scale of improper underwriting of SOVEREIGN CREDIT AND CREDIT LINES, for which a default of the UNITED STATES is evident in the 2001-2022 fraud.

Without dwelling on these issues, their role as motive for regional and individual job performance with malfeasance of medical practice, fraud in formal filing, and a policy of "no defense" offered contrary Statutory Law and written terms in commission by the United States Department of Health and Human Services exclusive license of agency to the States, set forth in Federal Register, and codified in 45 CFR - are elementary fraud on rejection and non-compliance by any officer or Judicial charged with their enforcement or application and correction.

This is set forth in 5 U.S. Code §101 and §706 fraud and scope of restitution perpetual statutory duty to recover and restore all losses a function disclaimed wrongly; and such evidence obligated sole review disregarded for fraud in violation of §556.

Were this an FDIC insurance fraud, the restitution would be substantial, but use of the injury to a child as false cause - including emotional distress at being discovered or removed from chattel bondage to upset their present confidence in the doers of the fraud and false claims, has been wrongly and criminally represented in coding before the court to suggest "Justice and discovery are a material harm to the child, held in bondage."

Such arguments, akin to refusing to free African slaves in the Confederacy due to their incompetence and incapacity, is repugnant to the constitution in child trafficking.


To understand the mens rea of the fraud, we must look at the claims by the parties taking, concealing, and employing violence and anonymous threats in concert with abuse of legal process and evasion under color of civil contract to withhold a child under the TITLE IV PROGRAM of the UNITED STATES from a natural parent and from whom the child was taken by force to remove the equity and interest in the child purposefully - while still sustaining before the public a duty to pay costs based on gender and gender roles sustained in the STATE OF TEXAS misapplication and improper jurisdiction over an Oklahoma Resident born in CHICKASAW NATION sovereign territory, and to refuse that child their natural rights in tender of employment and title then coerce and retained through taking and control over their natural child against their will and in context of a felony conviction without trial or due process under civil authorities and without any right to face their accuser over 2001 to 2022.

The very nature of such abuse, in broad scope, is overwhelmingly UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and the execution without aid of local, State, and Federal Agencies for 2001-2022 evidence of a clear knowing misconduct and action to sustain such fraud in complicity with false claim of imagined authority, since proven in records and ORDERED POSSESSION refused enforcement on the taking to conceal and flight to conceal and concealment without communication for 20 years of a child to export them from the United States in avoidance of habeas corpus.

Central to these frauds is also a competitor Commercial Interest, and overwhelming evidence by merger and bona fide owner, of a Foreign Sovereign National Government private equity for-profit interest in the competitor carrying out this fraud from 2001-2022, making this a matter of National character against the rights of an individual natural person and their franchise and (XXIII-1A) "Right to Work" in organized labor and racketeering activity of an Interstate and International application of force and commercial harm intended and done.


1. In the fraud, we see the abductor of the child make claims that the business of the parent from whose home and custody and prior sole financial support over 12 months the child was removed, allege that the commission of commercial Intrasate Commerce issued by STATE OF OKLAHOMA is fraudulent and void - a false claim to overthrow the authority of the State of Oklahoma on face in direct commercial interest and competition of a labor group in State of California, State of Texas, and State of Michigan jointly self identified in servers and common identity a subsidiary of NATION OF JAPAN franchise NTT GROUP.

2. In the fraud, we see the abductor create ICANN property using the name and likeness of the child's Oklahoma parent in 2002, 2011, 2013, and 2021 in a pattern of fraud to distribute false claims and support the child concealment and economic gains worldwide, affecting over 2 billion potential customers with Internet access, and aided by the private non-government organization ICANN and GOOGLE LLC, and by NATION OF ICELAND in hosting of such fraud and communication to extort in 2022 and 2003-2022 direct franchise creation to compete upon this illicit activity and in $100 million credit fraud to overcome the Oklahoma company.

3. No information concerning any actual wrongdoing has been served upon the accused Oklahoma parent, which could justify the taking, concealment, or removal. All such activity has been without disclosure, employed for evidence by persons it is shared with, and a Kelly v Kelly violation deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL all rulings and official acts predicated on those claims implication as evidence to influence ordinary right to press charges and recover property.

4. The public is falsely misled in a purposeful scheme or pattern of false claims outside the court and under color of evasion of civil process, to believe that there is a material threat of bodily harm or assault or kidnapping should the ordinary rights of the Oklahoma parent be afforded enforcement, to conceal and wholly terminate all parental rights without abandoning the claims for payment in kind for such ordinary interest in a child and access themed on a non-working and at-home parent providing services to the working partner and in gender roles not in practical use since the 1950s.

5. These claims are specific, targeted, directed, and delivered in a pattern of unsolicited and malicious abuse to insult, injure, and coerce response from the Oklahoma Parent, which the abusers then style to law enforcement and the Court as evidence of their fabricated and materially false claim, in a pattern of torture in the 3rd degree and to induce PTSD and other traumatic brain injury on the victim whereby the Emmett Till Antilynching Act, and revised definition of a HATE CRIME are evident and in ongoing violation a plan to kidnap.

5. This abuse extends into targeted fraudulent conveyance of title of intangible works and registered intangible works of the Oklahoma Parent, his employers, and clients of his industrial work; systematically and to sell such works via official channels into the foreign ports of other countries for registration there as original works free of lien or claim for franchise and export for sale back into the home jurisdiction of the Oklahoma Parent and his businesses, and to thereby dilute and damage permanently and irreparably his credit and income against which continued, high, and EXCESSIVE FINES are applied to criminalize his natural person for incapacity to pay in excess of factual income and without regard to 45 CFR §302.56(c) duty to take this abuse into account, a burden of proof upon the State solely per 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.6 rule, or cease abuse (45 CFR §303.11(b)(17)).

6. These violations, subject Title 76, are criminal in their nature as blackmail and extortion of goods, but wrongly refused protection due to the qualification of local and State and regional Federal Justice and Court confusion by Title 76 civil remedies as if superior to the criminal code in taking, concealment, and coercion using holding of a family member under color of law in a violation of 'rights' (POSSESSION is a right, VISITATION as an alternate term is a privilege, and the two terms are not inter-changeable in matters at law), subject to the central controversy.

7. The lack of local, regional, and State officers to afford private conversation to discuss and clarify these issues, in their reliance on the policies and conduct set by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL in the States; and employment as the adversarial TITLE IV AGENCY seeking payment and Chief Justice of the State for Justice enforcement in dual-role a conflict of interest so made by STATE OF TEXAS and GREG ABBOTT, Governor and former Attorney General of the State of Texas; is evident false judicial review obligating an immediate removal of the case to Federal Jurisdiction or International Criminal Court Jurisdiction where such relief is refused in a timely manner; per the CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE, a U.S. Treaty obligating remedy in this form of fraud with breaking of bonds and denigration of a systemic and religious and economic nature evident in commercial and government joint abuse of natural persons regardless of the Legislative authority or intent of such laws on face - and solely in the execution and injury and policy contrary the rule of law a duty to prosecute; and without defense in public policy of a good purpose contrary any real execution and consequences of actual agency or franchise or other authority.



It shall be the duty of the State of a competent government or jurisdiction to hear such matters, immediately, and provide swift and certain remedy and to all injury as specified in Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6, or remand themselves from the territory and cease to falsify their representation as the competent government responsible for those persons, property, lands, and franchise in full.



Having such grounds for the duties of the sovereign national trust and nation, in contest with the will and rights of natural persons, from which their incorporation and authority as sovereign bodies are solely derived and sole purpose in utmost authority to serve first these fundamental protections or abandon their claims and withdraw;

THEREFORE comes the injured parties to allege plainly the material fault and defect affording this misuse of the public trust, and duties not met, in common cause at law, Pro Se (For oneself):

1. The Presumption of Compos Mentis or cooperation may not be predicated on a coercion of false incarceration to compel surrender of those reserved rights under color of bad report, and the scope of such report is International and global due to digital records, with implications in credit and commerce that the present United States has not properly foreseen and abuse for which its domestic use of such records serve only as a way to hobble and impair and injure its victims against the necessary travel, movement, and freedom from infamous and heinous crimes in fraud or false official allegation not served "Fast and Speedy Trial" of such controversy in 12 months and a substantial burden of DUE PROCESS in which the "burden of proof" per 45 CFR §302.56(f) and Federal Register made public policy and Statutory Federal and State Law then, falls solely upon the State to prove and make cause entry to retain a hold on a legal person or natural person or by consequence of one over the real rights and presumption of innocence before the public and laypersons of the other in context to such heinous and irreparable harm.

2. Claims that such allegations must be proven by the victim to the satisfaction of the LEO, beyond reasonable doubt, are fraud; where the taking of property themed in LEGAL POSSESSION obligated thus to the party enjoined its use and dominium utile at law are evidence in the taking and admission of the holding by another party not granted a LEGAL ORDER to do so formally at that time specified.

3. Failure to afford this to male victims in parental rights and concealment, violate Oklahoma Constitution Article II-36A, and impair the UNITED STATES LABOR POOL in false enrollment and false removal as retaliation to improper DISABILITY coding of the victim who resists this fraud; whereby like the $44 billion TWITTER merger with Elon Musk companies - this represents a knowing fictitious write-down of book value employed then for UNITED STATES credit applications, borrowing, and terms on the $29 trillion U.S. Public ledger debts (disclosed) and substantial liability concealed by violence in undisclosed II-6 duty to restore victims in restitution not reported.

4. UNITED STATES is therefore material beneficiary to such fraud, and their failure to report this is a form of book asset insurance and securities fraud, employing harm to the People (its incorporators) and taking from their assets and franchise to prop up its improper borrowing and spending.

5. This cause, in self-injury to discover and reclassify the fraudulent 'fake account' registrations made in this way, and to remove coercive fraud as ordered in the prior case prompting Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, proves the refusal to apply local, State, and Federal Justice to the matter in a policy to normalize and privatize such defense against criminal injustice under civil color of law and a false shifting of the burden of proof upon the victim of larceny and robbery; is to conceal the books of the United States by the Justice Department from the audit of the United States Treasury and the authority of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services misuse to carry this fraud.

6. Improper application of foreign theory of law, a treason against the Laws of the United States, is there done by the implication that "wellness" and "mental health" practices may be substituted for the fundamental duty of the public trust to prove its case over the natural person and the legal person (the property of the United States Congress solely, per Flemming v Nestor 1960), in construction of a debt-bondage and "forced labor" circumstances not afforded or intended by such registration and rolls sole commissioned use to distribute benefits and never for taking or accounting of debts or their enforcement or identification purposes of natural persons or contracts between natural persons.

7. This ens legis (created thing of legal person in nature, an account in fiduciary fact) known generally as "IDENTITY" and a credit account; and "IDENTITY THEFT" in use of such account (not name) to obtain any thing of value not authorized by the bona fide owner of such name in Christian or similar family registry of law; represents a "family" of legal creation by the UNITED STATES and "TITLE" in such "FAMILY" of the UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE, which is prohibited by the United States Constitution Article I section 9 and 10.

8. While the prior metaphor of familiar terms to communicate the nature and context of a "title" at law to the layperson is necessary; the function of such tile, and similarity to natural persons obligations and bonds and connections in common law among their natural family and family unit; are increasingly creeping into United States common English due to contact with foreign businesses who already employ this "Family" model to suggest community and society are a "ens legis family unit" for which the natural "biological family" are merely a means of production and not a superior party or any franchise owing and due to those persons by the State. This is the basis of Communist Doctrine carried forward into modern Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Japanese National Socialist Party public policy; evident in U.S. Law and increasingly in U.S. medicine and science licensed trade; a corruption of the professional practice and harmful to the beneficiaries of U.S. Law and the courts reliance on such 'Experts' to deliver impartial and unbias genuine and qualified report of authority as 'an agent of the court' made in their license and commission to practice.

9. Why does the victim know this? The victim in the prior fraud was adopted into a Family that consisted of a licensed M.D. and Chemistry Professor and other military and electronic science and engineering skills; whereby these highly structured and abstract themes were second nature to the professional and daily performance and work of those persons, both in trade and home life.

10. In Law, where such claims are contrary the present public policy (common practice), which may by agreement of the court not always shared with persons who come before it unexpectedly; and in entering the jurisdiction unknowingly submit to that authority in false confidence of a common and strict agreement of statutory and formal regulatory rules denied then by the lesser scrutiny of a rural or casual or unprofessional court, be so wrongly enjoined and entitled release; that party may invoke "PERSONAL LAW".

PERSONAL LAW means a law or custom of the party and their culture, person, and community - for which the Statutory or public policy; the court must afford where there is reason the rights of this claim and motion to assert PERSONAL LAW, as its reliance on a common and rational standard of behavior and conditions were elementary to the application for protection by the jurisdiction and not expressly disclaimed by the court in agreeing to take up the arbitration of the matter before it at that time.

11. PERSONAL LAW is not an authority to justify taking, like the great Cherokee Outlaws explained in their capture of things from the white settlers by contest or combat held to be a custom not denied by the arrival of European culture and Courts. But in defense against immoral acts it is a basis for the presumption that the agreements entered into were done so in the context of the culture and community; and those standards should be upheld against wrongful taking of property or withholding of children in the entry to that community and effort to assert a foreign jurisdiction of authority or franchise to seize and remove and conceal the property in which the parties expressing PERSONAL LAW have clear interest and equity. In summary, you cannot go into a place and take a child away solely because the party did not invoke a statute or right your community has codified; and is part of jus non-scriptum - Unwritten law - that taking on such basis is mens rea (malicious) and to harm persons, never afforded the authority or intent of the law by its design.

12. Logical Fallacies rely on the idea that, in absence of a rule - a right of violation is presumed a lawful act; contrary the ordinary customs and equity and interest of persons in property and bonds and contact with family. Oklahoma Law asserts in Article II these rights are "Inherent Rights", rights not necessary a formal writ or grant for them to exist over property and persons and children; from which those violations are offenses, specified in Title 76 section §76-1, §76-3, §76-6, and §76-8. Remedy to such abuse in §76-9 is "dominium plenum" in scope defined there as "all necessary force".

13. The term "all necessary force" constitutes the term "force" to mean "power of law" and "authority of any law" and in "all necessary force" the total scope of all imagined and enumerated types of lawful right of any person or body, granted to the individual, to defend against such injury.

14. To the CCP/Socialist extremist mindset, this means only "physical force", and a presumption to incite (perhaps for rightful knowledge of self-guilt and the first remedy of their imagination then projected upon their victims sudden franchise to seek revenge and recover the property or impose a similar pain and abuse) the immediate outcry and "call to action" against an implicit (but imagined, delusional) certainty in the threat of bodily harm or death to the abuser as if it were a general threat against all of society. And against such threat, public action immediately to pre-empt the injury a duty of common (codependent, delusional) necessity wholly justified and warranted.

15. In this delusion of a sociopath / or socialist extremist PERSONAL LAW, a right to harm the injured party before they can obtain support to pursue a recovery and to disable their natural and legal person, in the interest of self and in the bizarre incapacity to recognize this is a personal offence they have committed in responsibility and outcome both foreseeable and natural to the wrongdoing they committed; and in this we see the use of criminal and sophisticated efforts and commercial acts of TRADE and COMMERCE undertaken then to defraud the public and fabricate evidence, fabricate false claims, and to deflect the public from the discovery of the true injury and right to legal remedy and timely intercession against the original taking and concealment of such property and those responsible.

16. The conduct is distinct from incompetent mental illness, as the party takes steps to conceal their claims and acts from identification subject civil procedure and counter-suit, such as privacy registration and placement of such domains in jurisdictions outside the original author and the victims jurisdiction, so that additional costs to recover and discover the true publisher and LEGAL NAME of the party behind the abuse can be obtained. Computer crime experts are familiar with this, and regard it as a juvenile problem replacing the LEGAL NAME with JOHN DOE in sustained investigation, until such time that party and the natural person or LEGAL NAME of the person who carried out the transactions to pay for and set up the cutout persona are disclosed by ordinary discovery process - a subpoena signed by a Judge of any jurisdiction over either party suspected of being the real victim or the real publisher.

17. PERSONAL LAW does not afford this "false persona" activity, or "false claims" in the making to conceal LEGAL FACTS of a case, as "TEXAS CODE Title 8 Section 37.03 prove, a felony on prima facie".

18. Oklahoma Law denotes this in general "IDENTITY THEFT" per 21 O.S. §21-1533, which is broadly written in context to 21 O.S. §21-1304, to allow local, State, and Federal Justice Officers to act on behalf of the court with force against any communication - written and mailed or electronic - in each count a separate offense and in pattern an additional charge for fraud or stalking evident over multiple days or following CEASE AND DESIST notice and violation in evasion of bans to create new accounts for this purpose component of the same prior JOHN DOE or first offense in a pattern of acts.

19. Anyone working in computer science is general aware of these rules, and conduct made EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK for most corporations, a statutory code which affirms the right of remedy in civil contact precluding a costly and wasteful Civil Court or Criminal Indictment, to extinguish misuse of networks and commercial computer systems and property.

20. Despite this, CITY OF ADA and STATE OF OKLAHOMA appear to not be executing these basic steps; and in a pattern and conjunction with false taking in violation of Federal Law by State of Texas, suggest a regional issue obligated, owing, and due (22 U.S. Code Chapter 78 rule) a mandatory formal investigation of TITLE IV AGENCY participation to carry such fraud in the 20 year concealment and harassment to conceal of a child taken by fraud, force, and threat of murder for perpetual concealment from the Allen family; in conspicuous and ongoing threat of criminal entrapment and (May 13 2022) use of child pornography to seek such false manufacture of evidence against the Oklahoma resident by the Texas abductors and their commercial associates participating in the fraud over 2001-2022 and 2010-2022 period and with intensity.


These matters, in context, clarify the computer crimes activity which CITY OF ADA should hire a dedicated and separate specialist outside the ADA CITY POLICE and to work with the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY and FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION to address such abuses, which remain in ongoing discovery before the County Court wrongly - under color of a failure to enforce and lack of want for prosecution not permitted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services $1.5 billion USD payment to State of Oklahoma for enforcement and remedy denied by this matter in case FR-18-04 and refusal to incorporate the basic rule of DISCOVERY to combat an ongoing alleged Federal fraud (18 U.S. Code §1341) with substantial liability constituting 2001-2022 cost of $2.2 billion USD per year and $46.2 billion USD as of May 2022.

Participation of a family member of the Computer services contracted by CITY OF ADA in the taking, concealment, and threats to retain and control the child in Texas and Oklahoma residency, in concert with refusal to speak to the victim by a Detective directly on these matters and in 2011 effort to impose libel charge for public report of this wrongful holding and extortion activity to blackmail the Oklahoma parent and their business; requiring $4000 in Private Investigation to clear charges without a remedy or investigation of the false report and fraudulent business and commerce practices of the parties making such claims before other witnesses; leave business owners in doubt if internal affairs of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and its records are being sufficiently maintained and accurate report made to stop this FEDERAL INSURANCE FRAUD and FORCED LABOR practice repeated a plan to extort and recorded in audio conversation of such plan to extort contrary to the 45 CFR Federal Regulations governing the TITLE IV AGENCY and Judicial Review of TITLE IV AGENCY matters in PONTOTOC COUNTY. An independent specialist from outside the area with no family or domestic relationship to the involved JOHN DOE suspects seen November 13th 2021 prior renewed ICANN extortion site creation and 30 contacts to extort Nov 14 2021, preceding a pattern of CITY OF ADA requests to obtain and then publish video from the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT to carry the extortion activity in ongoing contact in April and May 2022; afford the community sufficient minimum services for a computer company or industry to safely enter the area and undertake industrial activity safely.

The Oklahoma Parent was a lead officer of technology services at SYKES ENTERPRISES, which left the area.

Similar EDGE TECH business has also left the area after similar loss of substantial property without the expected prosecution by the District Attorney of Pontotoc County and proper response;

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED has installed $1800 in surveillance equipment as a result of five separate vehicle strikes on the mail box of their office on North Country Club Road in a pattern of intimidation and driving of a vehicle through the property to strike and break open the U.S. Mail Box during service of process concerning this child concealment there expected delivery. Mail was documented by the U.S. Postal Inspector as having been stolen, rifled, and located in a trash can in December 2021. These pattern of events strongly support the need to task City or County or State monies to investigation of the taking, disappearance, and loss of all contact with the child in 2001, and concealment after suit in 2015 whereat there was no acknowledged POSSESSION or custody or other right by the Texas parent prior her removal of the child and at no time a proof of life since 2001 September given to the father by the abducting family obligated to produce such contact and not harm that bond or conceal the location and welfare of the child.

A photo was published in 2013 to extort, allegedly the child, in fraud to blackmail the Oklahoma parent and their business, but no proof of life or communication afforded by Texas or Oklahoma Social Workers or TITLE IV AGENCIES despite demand for help and report of abuse from 2001-2022. This issue is therefore a FEDERAL MATTER in scope of tampering with Interstate Service of Process and false reports to suggest no crime where POSSESSION pledged upon Federal grants and insurance claims and to compel forced employment of persons and EXCESSIVE FINES are wholly evident and of record.

Natural distress caused by this abuse and provocation has been knowingly, wrongly, and criminally represented and reported by persons as defect in the alienated parent, in evident fraud themed 23 O.S. §23-9.1 subsection D class III violation sought hearing in counter-suit in 2019, and denied jury trial contrary grant of motion to carry this fraud or resume wrongful concealment by incarceration on EXCESSIVE FINES of the father from which the child was taken by force August 11 2001 and refused all contact by threat of murder and criminal entrapment alleged Sept 2001 prior destruction of the New York World Trade Center in a Terrorist attack. Civil suit in counter claim also filed in 21 O.S. §21-748.2 has not been heard despite its authority to proceed in the same case, now delayed 36 months under a presumption that the State nor United States will grant immunity to the Oklahoma Parent so he may proceed to give States Evidence in this matter without fear of retaliation pledged and sustained May 11 2022 by State of Texas OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL, KEN PAXTON.

More costly issues of Enabling of Statehood Act and breach of its incorporating principle terms, suggest that monetary damages alone may not be sufficient to resolve the harm; and injury including the death of family members deprived of ordinary protection of law under cruel and unusual circumstances is the injury worked in concert with a corruption of blood and $67523.25 forfeiture sought against the estate of Dr. Ann Klepper by the abductors of her grandchild; forcing her to liquidate her home and property in rural Oklahoma where she and her child grew up to satisfy the kidnapping of her grandson and his concealment for 20 years before her death without communication or relief pledged in TITLE IV false documents refused all enforcement during such time for sale of the power and authority of the court - and in EXCESSIVE FINES in excess of income during debt bondage and human trafficking of her son to extort such payment.

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