May 30th 2022 - Sexually harassing images sent to client group in witness harassment

On May 30th approximately 8:00 pm CDT, SHADOWDANCES L.L.C. received a formal complaint of identity theft and false personation of a witness named in the prior complaint, citing indecent photos allegedly of his body were sent to members of a large community organization for eSports, a former client of the firm. While these were not photos of the real witness - they were sexually explicit, used the identity of the witness fraudulently, and were transmitted for viewing into a group known to include minor audiences maliciously.

This is harassment of a sexual nature and against a legally disabled person, in a fashion of identity theft seen frequently in the prior gaslighting behavior throughout 1999-2022. At the same time, the witness did discover also a proximity alert near his residence - suggesting prior criminal trespass threats and without relevant witness travel outside the home to explain this detection in the residential area late on Memorial Day.

The victim did discover the Snapchat user "St0ner_dr3amz" did appear in his local proximity discovery, using then the alias of the prior named party in previous threat of murder published on THECHRUCHBOARD.COM and fraud to suggest lost files unreadable on a CD provided as a courtesy by the firm to the prior claimant were a liability of the firm to call for the murder of James Allen and for bodily harm of a graphic nature of the sexual organs of the staffer who provided the media as a courtesy (and prior tested the media as working and readable). Fault in the CD read issue appears incompetence to know CDROM formats and use of an obsolete CDROM device incapable of reading the rewritable format now in common use. Effort to instill this as a malicous plan to harm before 800 members of the Dallas Gothic Dance Club forum, conceived in narcissistic injury, rather than ask for replacement or report the error is evident in a pattern of such fabricated narcissistic injury.

This pattern of abuse, in concert with near me feature gives the firm grounds to cite no probable cause for such contact during ongiong menace activity since the appearance of the party November 13 2021 immediately prior threatening messages and creation of a HATE SITE with FALSE EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION and FALSE LEGAL DOCUMENTS in IMPERSONATION OF DR. ANN KLEPPER and the executor of her estate to overcome the will of such property in fraud.

Premeditated criminal effort in such site is clear in the false presentation of a POWER OF ATTORNEY as a legally distinct and different "GUARDIAN AD LITEM" suggesting the victim of the fraud was non compos mentis to carry out commercial extortion and to overcome ORDERED POSSESSION of a child then being withheld for commercial gain in Interstate Commerce interference and to damage the Right to Work (XXIII-1A) of the victim in favor of their own business activity and labor organization.

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