Stupid F* Frequently Asked Questions

SFFAQ covers some basic concepts that every competent person should know, but recur in astounding frequency in the false claims surrounding the child taking and child abuse claims concerning the ongoing 2001-2023 concealment for extortion of a business in CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION by competitors in Japan and China, their agency in persons in the United States and IANA.ORG and ICANN and META and GOOGLE service abuse, and consistent ANTRITRUST PRACTICES that require harsh language to briefly convey the urgency of not being a waste of public time.

Harsh language to follow. Not suitable for all audiences. Ages 21+. Nothing in the following shall be construed as LEGAL ADVICE. It is a policy handbook on the customs and practices of common law in the State of Oklahoma and former occupied territories settled by United States Citizens in INDIAN TERRITORY made foreign to United States by McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

Data Center Ops

This whole section was created so some profanity to describe the situation and fraud sustained by NTT GROUP and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS employees over 2001-2023 without cussing out every kid who walks in the door.

Foremost that is proving to be difficult, as the habit of being quite politically correct is hard to break. But maybe that will change when we address:

Put simply, the $53 billion company made claims to intimidate the local County and City by knowingly, falsely, and criminally styling the business of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as a "whorehouse for child pornography and other random stranger servers" so lovingly known as "data centers" of Dallas, Florida, and other dirt cheap crime invested hellhole sides of major port cities that afford industrial use without safety inspections.

Norman Rockwell Marketing

Every picture you see of a data center looks like a NASA control room. They do not look like that in reality. Dust collects, air filtration is poor, and they are staffed by people who often do not 'function' well in society but eek out a living ($12-$18/hr) behind the guise of $40/hr or more in shop rate public facing services.

Data Centers are a term made popular by marketing, to optimize access to high speed long haul analog and digital circuit cable installed in major cities at nexus points, which have become a dedicated real estate market under certain 'real estate investment trust' tax shelters.

The term also applies to any server hosting facility that carries out any sort of application or storage for any reason. Every business is a 'data center' today, to some degree, but those who offer services to the Internet (a product, not representational of all optical networks in the world), or other networks (other products that you are likely not going to know about as members of the general public - like Internet2.0), which are virtually identical but independent of the IANA.ORG and ICANN groups - non government organizations now foreign to the United States who style themselves as 'quasi-government' over the Internet as a domain or property, contrary International Law and charter.


Companies that host data centers usually have a purpose - which can be for public rental like hotels for tenants - or for private customers or specific applications which function as their own independent businesses.

The sheer audacity and stupidity of someone to say that a company is not a 'Data Center' is like a Nazi SS guy looking at a Jew and saying 'Das ist nicht Deutsch' (That is not German). It is beyond arrogant, to the point of being clinically mentally ill, to attempt to infer that every company is in the whore-hosting business or storage of very secure child porn. Some companies do not want data other than the specific lines of business they choose, and discriminate according to other policies which make their customers very few and specific.

At scale, a large enterprise with $1 billion USD to invest will have a substantial amount of assets in their facility. However, most of those assets belong to other companies (clients, providers) and all of those companies gain unfair advantage by passing off everything in the building as their own private property to ignorant public customers. It is, when utilized that way, simple securities fraud as the manner of presentation and general and vague claims leveraged to infer value in such clusterfucks.

Government and private business know that where high value assets are present, the uniformity of exclusive isolated control and security, physical control of lines, and most importantly - the physical security and information security (obfuscation) of such assets is vital. So a company that hosts in the residential suburbs of a small community in various locations to minimize regional awareness is pursuing a different value proposition than a 40 story building with its own generators and a flag on top.

Again, purpose matters.

Tokyo Rose Slander

By engaging in slander to suggest that purpose does not matter, and a whorehouse is the same as a church on Sunday, sounds very appealing to a rube.

But in the real world, the data on the server and its legal and commercial value is independent of the number of running machines or total power availability, bandwidth, or service agreement uptime (a basic insurance contract for rebates during actual loss of service).

SHADOWDANCERS LLC has been hosting in rural Oklahoma for 33 year. Prior, early Commodore and Amiga dial up services, mailing floppy disks, and storing data on tape drive was the thing. Now, its more about survivability and access in Network Attached Storage and disaster recovery. With some early distributed neural network modelling language products (AWS ML) coming onto the scene under dubious antitrust violations and legal conflicts of interest.

Fat Ass Lies

The effort to suggest by scale that a $50 or $80 billion USD company will - by virtue of its fat ass - be able to accomplish whatever a small rural developer suggests, is not entirely false. The omission of a lie is - by theft and fraud - in that method. A company with assets can steal faster than a developer can write good code in a small business. But they cannot engineer or implement eloquent agile solutions, act independent of their organizational size, or direct their products toward high risk experimental and transitional technology in a state of emergence or rapid change.

Small organizations focused on simple problems of scale, with global application across a wide variety of platforms, are what drives the industry. Effort to assert that one company has accomplished 'innovation' when they just 'implement' a 20 year old technology and slap a name on it literally taken off another firm's catalog page - is a recipe for overselling and underperforming disaster.

Make Work

Stealing is easy. Making what you stole work without the rest of it that is not disclosed and the undocumented mechanical features concealed like a Leonardo Da Vinci schematic, well - that's the beauty of working with people who actually engineer for a living.

What we are seeing is an assault by People's Republic of China and Nation of Japan on small developers and companies, in a pattern of large capital 'fraudulent start-up' mergers - incorporating 20-40 companies into a new firm using foreign capital to remove competitors. Practices that are clearly monopolistic, and considered normal progress to installing a single national telecom service similar to Japan or China.

Data centers went this way in 2001-2011, and continue to be a terrible business run by very large foreign sovereign capital as real estate investments for nexus and 'influence purchasing' in the United States and other countries. Vital points, which a foreign country would like to have control over in a 'disagreement' (like the 2020 election).

Small Data Centers

Small data centers, on the other hand, resist decentralization and operate along lines that oppose central registration (and thus single point of failure or manipulation) which we saw in Twitter, Facebook, Meta, and other social media explode and slaughter public discourse and enable and protect child sex content proliferation in 2010-2023.

Foreign moral values, and attitudes toward sex and sexuality among minors as a monetized application contrary all public claims of ordinary business; exploded due to criminal lack of enforcement and surrender of U.S. law to foreign civil terms of service and private internal enforcement actors - persons who ultimately failed the American people and a generation.

Abnormal Selection of Leadership and Controls

Any psychologist can tell you - 4% of the population is empathy abnormal - and those people are legally part of the public with the same rights and obligations as the rest of us - but they do not share the 'base code' that we often incorrectly rely on to prohibit the harm to others and to children as part of commercial activity.

This is evident in human trafficking as well - and a biological physiology issue where scale of large enterprise organizations increasingly tolerate sociopath, psychopath, and narcissistic severe mental health disorders in aggressive roles similar to gang and organized crime activity.

False Confidence in Internal Controls

The public reliance on a misconception that computers and computer networks are a sophisticated science like internal medicine or advanced chemistry, is wholly false - and these bad actors gain substantial ability to abuse others with very little in the way of gatekeepers and safeguards now in place in U.S. and foreign corporations engaging with foreign legal and family values. Values that wildly differ from our standards, to the point of open contempt for the age of child sexual consent and absence of boundary issues in favor of reliance on a public 'popularity / social vote' as to who has rights and in what degree.

Against such conduct and support of those practices as a utility to certain firms: Local, County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement are wholly incapable of carrying out the necessary enforcement duties obligated by the new industry.

Small firms can compete by renting (leasing) servers on these networks and portions of very large high value machines ($300,000+ USD); but the rates are astronomical as of 2023, with $2/hour normal for even basic application support. And increasingly a real gap between the haves and have nots of specific first generation technologies will fall to a large-customer-only market, if regulations are not introduced to stop this 'feudalism of industrial computer equipment sales'.

Danger of Misuse of Industrial Computing

The danger of affording everyone equal access to Artificial Intelligence capabilities and necessity to hide the reliance on very large data sets not normally practical in small hosting situations, creates a very real risk of monopoly and unfair trade practices.

However, the danger of placing the modern equivalent of the firearm in the hands of only a few political extremists with foreign financial backers is far more terrible an idea; and already evident in threats from 2001-2023 February 5th showing the neo-nazi like language and abuse we can look forward to if small, private, covert data centers and equal access to markets are not maintained by law against foreign monopoly practices.

The ability of A.I. to reverse engineer, search, scrape, and probe without fatigue is a new level of cybercrime and aggressive industrial espionage. If it is profitable, it will be a use of such tools. Ergo, the restriction of such tools only to a select group - including People's Republic of China and Texas and California centers working with NATION OF JAPAN closely; poses the largest threat to U.S. Sovereignty that we have seen since World War I.

Sure, it is nice to have 2 million people in 50 miles as labor to carry out work; but in the end of the day - the art and the technology is a collaboration of people worldwide, and should not be denied based on the suffrage or color of your skin rather than the content of your character and codebase.

Industrial consolidation is how we arrived at the 2nd World War, and as surely is the same formula as we approach the 3rd.

You can either side with the major (Foreign backed) Unions, or you can pick up a flag and stand with the (American) rebels - but you can't doubt this is about the right to keep and bear such tools in your own home, or the ability to put A.I. technology to work for your interests and contrary the sentiment of the country or a major company that has its own financial and political interest(s).

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