June 14th 2022 - First Indication of a Pathological Export Fraud

We first noticed improper activity when SYKES ENTERPRISES reported an improper transfer of information to client TOSHIBA AMERICA via one member of the hostile group, in the late 1990s; and in dealing with WHITE WOLF PRESS (PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of Sweden) alos. This conduct has escallated to a highly impractical pattern of abuse with NATION OF JAPAN and ICELAND and SWEDEN, NORWAY, and DENMARK nexus, centered on clients and abuse to extort technology and property including November 13th 2021 contact in ADA OKLAHOMA at Vintage 22 and a week prior at The Village, which involved the real persons cited and immediate application of coercive telephone and electronic threats and ICANN website creation to undertake the fraud using GOOGLE LLC in ONTARIO CANADA to extort.

We are therefore reasonably concered the sexual harassment and specific targeting of persons themed in these identity theft actions are personalized criminal and directed activity inconsistent with random crimes, random cybercrime, and are using automated robodialers and automated attack software for cover - with a pattern of abuse documented over 4 years of constant and specific contact themed surveillance and commercial inferdiction of credit, public communication, and gaslighting with physical property damage employing vehicle strikes and theft of U.S. Mail - paried with leverage of an illicit civil court process to extort high value sensitive technology by a mental health hoax in written confession of a child concealment and child abuse to extort and threaten and carry out XXIII-1A RIGHT TO WORK violations as an unregistered and clandestine group, across State and Federal Borders, and for foreign transfer of sensitive technology in false title and under color of law or abandonment by commercial sabotage and credit fraud employing TITLE IV AGENCY false office activity customarily refused criminal oversight.

Obviously this is too ambitious for the group, but in general motive to eliminate the source of their infringement and assume the identity of the product for sale - has sustained a motive paired with a pattern of commercial relationships recurring in letters and threats in 2002-2004, 2007-2009, 2009-2012, 2013-2021, and 2021-2022 which sustain a clear commercial "rat line" to Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Japan - for China. And in California to South Korea, and then to China.

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