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APRIL 2022

We had slated the launch of a COMEDY CHANNEL for the new media programming slot (#5) in our lineup.

Inventory for April-June (2nd Quarter) was also scheduled, with May release of new equipment after Tax Complaince work, preceeding this activity.

The office had also been discussing bringing "UNDERGROUND" or similar games out to local shows for demo, in an effort to call up members of the prior gaming community to participate in new business for the video platform and potential RPG themed channel service. Now cancelled.

Decision for final photography versus a secondary art pre-visualization for character work due in June submission deadline has been pushed back due to this abuse of network services and direct fraud. This removes local candidates from consideration, based on harassment to extort and threaten business activity. Most of the art staff for secondary (painterly) work are overseas due labor costs for content development, or retired and waiting for disposition on budget for 2022 commission, duly cancelled due to this harassment activity of our Ada business during outings in the Ada Arts District by former East Central University Theater students involved in the prior fraud.

No candidates already appearing are disqualified, but project time to develop new work based on this legal and security overhead directly impacts planned work this Summer to shoot locally.

Harassment violating basic security also discourages investment in equipment plans, based on review of impact to the estate planning and real estate affected by the resulting death of investors exploited in this fraud; prompting the firm to withdraw interest in two locations and signal forced sale to cover medical costs incurred by the 2021-2022 fraud.

While Elon Musk has made a $43 billion investment in similar "private" media - the private voice and video services afforded by our network are designed to offer real time service and video, instead of a 140 character memes.

Disrupting development of hosting in this area is very damaging to the economy of the City, as is fraud to suggest a lack of right to contract or carry out ordinary hiring and retention of customers, terms, and necessary security for further investment.

After spending decades working with digital audio workstation software from Sony and Native Instruments, it feels like the suggested effort to bring those tools into the regional market with Adobe for media development and content development has hit a wall with community prejudice and persistent malicious planned discrimination.

It isn't enough to just have one kind of music to build a community. Or one volume (11, I gather) to host. Just as having people behaving in such a hateful manner that I don't even go to the McSwain or ECU Theater or Act II events due to the prior harassment and false claims made in the 1990s. I was furious after I found out the Board kicked our roommate off, and she had me livid before I ever learned she had been skipping practice and lying to me about it. The same is true of restaurants near the campus that serve pizza - and the first time I'd even eaten there due to the boycott since they were located by the Box Mart, likely the last after the report I heard this April.

I notice in looking at the property nearby how empty the shops are on my way to more popular locations, and wonder if the ECU campus can recover.

I've tried the food on the corner, but always get sick. The last time, I split my sandwich with a friend in the office and we were both ill for two days. He said it made his lips tingle, and asked what was wrong. I attributed it to a sauce or spice, but the same thing happened when I ate there before and ordered something else. The choices were limited.

Compared to Norman, Oklahoma - that makes considering locations difficult for us. Certainly we have more infrastructure and private land to shoot on near the City of Ada, but if our out-of-town guests are ill while visiting location, it reflects on us as a company.

My hope this would be solved with reconstruction by Spring is now gone, and Summer is well upon us without great changes. But as we move into media development, the attitude toward events and promotions leaves me with one remaining option for "regular events" and a fairly substantial barrier for returns to move all such work into charity and employee appreciation private functions only.

From renting out whole hotel floors to struggling to find a venue without smoking and a lock on the back door, I am beginning to see why development is moving away from the metro and to sites off-shore to secure production and sound lots.

This is partly why we were considering industrial building space despite the usual $2 million per month in net profit expected for such an investment and use. Security, and privacy, incorporating high value property and fixtures with 24-hour staff set forth in the business plan for our 2nd office 6 days a week, were seem to be a difficult mental fit for the low profile foot-traffick-oriented business model.

The thing to remember about software development and application services, is the national and International market reach affords sales to direct capital income into the community, not out - unlike wholesale foods and imported goods.

Privacy and security for such operating systems and their infrastructure, equipment, and data center development suited to the unique conditions of weather and windstorm threats, power, and other connectivity issues common in the State - require specific engineering and planning while not being dependent on the "apple pie sky high" unlimited ad hoc best-effort network service grade of previous generation over-provisioning used by video and free voice conferencing software (that data mines the hell out of your activity and personal profile without your knowledge or meaningful consent).

To build a service based on privacy, security, and availability - independent of other foreign sovereign owned network transport (and tampering), requires more advanced peering and routing solutions than ancient public domain protocols like BGP and OSPF.

Clearly, those technologies - like the same service automation that replaced Railroad Engineers and Caboose Conductors, are going to put some undercertified and unskilled people out of a job.

The 4th industrial revolution is the automation of all job task that can be simplified and done by machine or remote operations. It will replace traditional 3rd industrial revolution of union labor and false job security, and by automation it will remove "unreliable and malicoius" elements who have abused those positions in the prior 3rd industrial era.

Elon Musk is in the process of doing this very thing to TWITTER, which has frozen its source code for inspection and audit of abuse by employees as of this afternoon, April 26th 2022.

Machines don't cheat and steal. People who do not deserve the trust of being good stewards but have obtained access and control of sensitive systems do. Standards and practices with strong oversight should minimize the abuse we see today from Texas and Michigan data centers owned by foreign government influence, and restore the necessary integrity for an honest and genuine market of ideas.

In the Military, any job that cannot be simplified and automated for a soldier to do is likely overcomplicated and can be improved. The more people who can check a job, the better that job product becomes. Abuse occurrs when actions go undocumented and privilege is mistaken for permission to impose undue authority over others. The leader serves the team, not the other way around.

Our project, and our systems, are based on that process of service and trust; and the business of our network is to that purpose - with specific practices - affording unjust advantage or use for none at the expense of others. Failure in this practice is the main reason that illegal business models and copyright violation as a diverse industry across Federal borders and by local actors have carried so far without competition or equal protection on many platforms.

All our project seeks is to establish that proteciton and restore a dialog without the violence and gangland behavior that I have witnessed over 2001-2022 among providers - against children - and to intimidate and defraud the public of their right to participate in such industry without having to give up small town America or its amenities to do so.

Collective violence, and organized abuse of persons, has no place on a professional network.

That we cannot remove bad actors because law enforcement or the Courts or States find in this conduct a financial incentive to refuse to investigate or protect persons, or to falsify the claims of abuse of network services - only damages our inculsive right to a community of diverse ideas and convictions. It is an abuse of the dignity of people, in an effort to wring the neck of the individual for the creation of a profit or interest to the public or community.

Present TCP/IP version 4 and 6 networks do not afford that security where administrators lack the conviction, character, and authority of mature adults present in the prior Greatest Generation. Our service takes a step beyond that platform to void all the practices and claims of anonymity which shelter crime, and license the use of a more stable and practical social network identical to any other business or organization of a competent governing body.

Transport and bandwidth for pornography, cinema, and other high-cost services will remain once we move a secure network segment into place - leaving the "Old Internet" with some job to do - like garbage collectors.

The "New Internet" will require that users reject those products when in the presence of other users and conduct themselves according to the laws of a civil society, including those Inhernet Rights in Title 76 which are fundamental to the continued operation of real property and family and security in our community.

The ability to choose your network, as a diversity of products, at-will and for your purpose does not preclude that the access to such a private and regulated community and industrial purpose should threaten or injure the other except by competition to excellence in the value before the consumer. That any company would suggest they hold a monopoly over such a right to offer choice to the consumer, errs in their PROSPECTUS and claims before their own investors to deny the Oklahoma Constitution, Article II section II-32.

That is why I, and my firm, would still like to draw the line here - in the City of Ada - and place our stake on this new Virtual Frontier under the laws and community and customs of such a place and people. And to give back through that the dignity and the pride that once terrified the Congress of the United States to issue a law that made Supreme Law here, the Declaration of Independence as an incorporated principle to the formation of the State and enjoined the Federal Union to that pledge in the Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906. So afraid were the members of Congress that the Native American People of the Chickasaw and Pontotoc Creek Treaty would disrupt their principles; that they ratified that beautiful treaty in almost the exact words first brough forward for the State of Sequoyah.

All we are doing, is bringing that Law to its fruition - and keeping the promise of the United States made to the People, of such protection and service denied in 2001-2022 a reality in SEVEN ALPHA™.

Integrated services in that network require a PASS KEY to access, hosted on the project servers, which is encoded to include service data and restrictions for individual users. This means that services can be attached or detatched, suspended, or coded to the user's account, and limited by each account user on a machine.

This service affords not only application access and products, lockbox services, and privacy tools - but also incorporates routing and network path dynamic management for specific class of service and privacy on physical network channels, similar to other network platforms used by government and private industry.

Services also create security between the client and the network across 3rd party portals, to deny unauthorized access to traffic still common in the "Old Internet".

While this technology works in concert with "Old Internet" products and services still available via wholesale providers, it is designed to facilitate a means to discourage "false Internet Government" movements and extremists, who incorrectly assume their industry or affiliation or peers are elected or appointed to some authority in the real Public Trust; and to deny them control over your media and ability to connect, meet, assemble, associate publicly and privately, and to keep such information wholly private and not for use in any digest or meta-data form for commercial purposes.

Naturally, some platforms reliant on the old technology do not want our new technology to be recognized as real or legitimate - as their entire business case is based on a presumption of market share and limited services and imitation of private features created and owned by other parties in copycat design and scale of economic offer. Going so far as to give away product at no cost in Oklahoma to win over customers and gain control over the content channels that reach vulnerable markets like children and young adults - and into such channels project their political and sexual ideals as "general health" in abuse of other traditional values and relationships, convictions, and rights.

This firm is vehemently opposed to that. And so is "SEVEN ALPHA"™ as a product.

Seven Alpha™ products are also licensed to our carrier network for implementation in a PRIVATE and DIVERSE solution for other groups to employ separate from the root authority; giving them the ability to support their own standards and keep their own data separate from the central developer.

Client sites for this technology are called "PROTECTORATES", and are like domain namespace in other programs, distinct from each other.

Small companies can therefore purchase and operate their own PROTECTORATE namespace, and from that enjoy control over private access and functions; without relying upon the central system for authority - as was intended in the design of the Internet in the 1970s. While many of these concepts have been lost, because no one RTFM over 50 years, the original designs and concepts are quite simple and were never intended to be placed in a central registry whereupon one body or organization would control the use of the technology or its application and private use.

As post-Hegelian governments gained access to this technology, they did not and still do not recognize or admit these rights and proper uses of the technology - instead seeking to commission their own authorities and deem what is acceptable and what is prohibited in their own jurisdiction, to the extinguishment of ordinary competition with their own state-owned commercial industries and state-vested business activity and military objectives.

Non-Hegelian governments and organizations, while aware of laws prohibiting this, lack the cultural and poiltical authority under present government leadership and conflict of interest, to assert those rules as devised.

SEVEN ALPHA™ is a solution to stop that - and impose order for a community which can then efficiently and professionally undertake proper steps to secure their liberty and property in a manner similar to traditional legal and regional, national, and International registries - as some unregulated agencies are already doing with Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology; and by contracts under the Uniform Code of Commerce (UCC) and civil law.

Because PROTECTORATES are not governments, they must operate in concert with the laws of the State and nations in which they are based legally and so registered; as an institution of professional organization - and their terms are policies and public regulations, not to be confused with Constitutional Law or Federal or State Laws.

These terms are confusing to some people, who are not sophisticated persons, but have specific meaning - just as Stock and Bond and Securities are registered words defined in the language and common law (Blacks Law Dictionary, 11th Edition).

The purpose of our meeting space and eventual project is to develop this "online governance of private bodies" and practices, to better arm our community and our industry against foreign intrusion and overrun of our commercial and professional relationships as the prior crisis illustrates in Interstate collapse of enforcement and abdication of duty by the United States and other Soveign Governments to carry out the obligations and treaties made by their legal bodies prior self-interest overcoming that record and wrongful actions to erase or dilute real debt and shield or excuse improper civil procedure to substitute for law and public safety.

Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised 12th Edition (RONR, 12th) give function to such systems in a "Deliberate Assembly", but they do not afford the protection that is a "guarantee of a Republican form of Government" expressly pledged to the minority and the individual.

"SEVEN ALPHA"™ seeks to assert and restore those rights and powers of enforcement, through tools and technology that will aid in the empowerment of the public and remove the barriers which are created in our society to qualified developmet and employment without sale of commission, title, or "jumping in" process of a gangland community now common in the upper ranks of the technology and entertainment industry - and related exploitation of children and young persons in that false promise of security in-consideration for other things of immesurable value that cannot be replaced.

I arrived in this community in a cardboard box. I expect to leave in a box. My goal - is to leave you a better box. And if possible, to see than none of you ever have to leave in a box or go at all - because: that is the next step.

If you had read my book, you'd already know that.

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