Oct 3rd 2022


I hesitate to write this, but there is an evident issue with labor and law enforcement in Pontotoc County and State of Oklahoma in general. More than once, I have had members of law enforcement and job applicants suggest that harm to the company which impairs public access to market is "just a part of doing business" and "a contact sport".

This a gross incompetence of how SOFTWARE STUDIO business and COMPUTER MANUFACTURING business work - suggesting that that the failure to do the right thing in the immediate present and to delay the ability to do business are de minus (legally insignificant).

MULTIMEDIA BASED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COMPANIES live and die based on when they can bring their product to market on deadlines set by seasonal offerings, specific competitor launch dates for media and specailized technology, and in the lifespan of HIGH VALUE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS licensed to companies.

Stalling a company and interfering with its ability to work, hire, or borrow capital in time to make purchase-orders and support time-critical licensing costs are the same as walking into a power plant and throwing a wrench at a generator to wreck the machinery. Not only does the part of the line damaged cease to work, but the entire factory is brought to a halt when one part of the chain in the line is broken down; removing any projected revenue without stopping the cost of lease, purchase, and end-of-life cycles as short as 12-36 months in most relative computer technology investments for a company working in interactive media and copyright registration.

This grants competitors a vital opportunity to solicit the investors in those firms, approach their clients, and file PATENT AND TRADEMARK CLAIMS on works which were timely prepared and publicity advertising already spent, when a vital SUPPLY CHAIN or PUBLIC LEGAL RECORD FRAUD impact ordinary PROSPECTUS and INVESTOR ACTIVITY or other civil contracts in this process. The term at law is "tortious interference" - interference in civil tort (contract).

When a company has $100,000 USD per labor "seat", a single skilled worker, tied up in products and tools; and that is impaired because of fraud to scare off or hire-in-violation-of-non-compete-contract or otherwise disrupt work for a skilled labor position worker; such as threats or harassment to assault them or their family or spouse or child; that has a financial impact on the investors and company who are reliant on the DISTRICT ATTORNEY to do their commissioned job of protecting and supressing such "unfair business practices" or criminal tortious intereference.

Yet in the City of Ada, the attitude I have experienced has always been one of "false claims of civil wrongdoing refused counter-claim protection by LAW ENFORCEMENT, blocking ordinary obligated Judicial relief to make discovery or summon witnesses or other records, and to make light of the delatory and criminal statements in fraud to extort or libel as if they were protected by 1st Amendment rights of speech in COMMERCIAL MATTERS or INJURY TO A CHILD or other VIOLATION OF A RIGHT AT LAW".


When I stated that this is a Billion Dollar project being damaged, it was not to suggest it would simply overcome the matter in time by paying off the EXCESSIVE FINES or bribes demanded to operate. It was to illustrate that the damage to the economy of the City of Ada and State of Oklahoma is over $1 billion USD in lost income, due to the "unfair business practices" including threat and harm to a child in order to compel "forfeiture" of stock and control over a business with over $100,000 USD invested in its development and 20 years of consistent work.

Such abuse cause irreparable harm to the many business and vendor relationships with vital suppliers worldwide; for which a "liquidation" or an "asset forfeiture" to pay illegal fees and prohibited fines barred by Federal Law, would not be possible without completely DISABLING that business permanently and to cause 23 O.S. §23-9.1 "spoliation" of all assets and investor value in a 10:1 or higher ratio of damage and depletion to the BRIBE demanded.

Pulling the fuel injector or gas pedal or one piston out of an engine and then telling the owner of the car to race to buy it back - is how I would describe working in The City of Ada from 1998-2022.

Effort to gaslight the business owner for complaining that the company or production line cannot operate after that damage, to suggest a mental health defect in libel of that conduct and harassment, criminal trespassing activity, and 4th Amendment search and seizure "fishing expedition" activity - contrary Federal Law and explicit rules as to what records are entitled reliance as a proof of eligible income subject fines - only makes the behavior more aggrivating.


At one time, we had 8 seats of a software package AWARDED to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for development of the film industry in the City of Ada. However, harassment in 2007-2022 rendered all of those licenses void, by interfering with the very small ($300/seat) upkeep costs, disabling those benefits EARNED AND PAID BY THE SOFTWARE COMPANY TO THE FIRM FOR WORK PERFORMED IN DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY, by literally choking the company to death with frivilous civil actions and a fraudulent 2011 criminal complaint by our COMPETITORS during extortion activity over $2000 USD in value on ilicit false demands to steal funds from a DENTAL SURGERY PROJECT for a LEGALLY DISABLED FEMALE CLIENT performed by James Clark DDS of Ada.

The same software would cost $16000 USD to recover, now; and other products over $100,000 USD to restore our company to its readiness prior to 2017-2022 harassment. Delay, and public fraud to discredit SECURITIES VALUE by a $6 trillion asset competitor and their agents-in-legal-fact against a small firm, in violation of a court order and to compel WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD FROM ORDERED RETURN TO A PARENT; is not normal or lawful business activity.

It is not FAMILY LAW, where COMMERCIAL INTERFERENCE to extort or "forfeiture" of the targeted companies and their investors value are the goal - and damage is done even in the falure to obtain a COURT or GRAND JURY result, by delay and impact on credit and prior relationships in good standing then with INGRAM MICRO, TECH DATA, D&H DISTRIBUTING, MICROSOFT, INTEL, AMD, and other companies harmed by this fraud.

Restoration of those lost relationships due to fraud exceed $2 million USD in cost to restore damaged accounts and pay injured staffers medical fees and expenses.

It is therefore insufficient to say "nothing has happened", because there is a COMMERCIAL PROCESS and "MARKET CONDITIONS" with "MULTIPLE LICENSING PARTIES" in a TIMELY MARKET CYCLE being injured by such conduct outside of Federal Law and contary Federal Protections specificially enumerated in $1.5 billion/yr Federal Grants prohibiting this behavior. False reports to conceal that matter or "gaslight" persons to discredit and dismiss this injury, are mens rea (malicious criminal intent at law) evident in records made and misuse of the PUBLIC RECORD To construct a fraudulent narrative to extort.

For these reasons, our BOARD OF DIRECTORS of our licensee chose not to place further assets in State of Oklahoma in 2022 September, fearing for similar abuse and misuse of State Justice and State and County fraud in public records to extort.


Workers, also, who enter into negotiations to "find out what the firm has to offer or how they are making money" but decline to sign contracts or enter formal employment, are "phishing" for COMMERCIAL INFORMATION that is not offered and concealed by design and legal right for good cause from such improper labor activity and labor relations.

More than once, workers have pledged to perform and then dropped out when they learned the company WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT GRANT THEM STOCK OR EQUITY OR OTHER PARTNERSHIP REGISTERED SECURITIES OR CERTIFICATES, after wasting the time of the hiring party for lesser compensation and specified limited part-time or NDA related work. Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA) are necessary because of this conduct over 2001-2022 in a pattern of public circulated INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE FOR HIRE ACROSS STATE AND FEDERAL BORDERS, which certain (named) persons have taken up and are cited by name and description in detail in conducting against SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its genuine licensees.

EDGE TECH experienced similar interfernece, and left the area after grave consideration that no relief or protection would be afforded. SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is considering the same move, despite family history in the region since 1933.



The recent effort to grossly oversimplify the term "data center" to suggest that such operation is consistent with COGENT COMMUNICATIONS and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. sites in 2323 Bryan St, Dallas Texas - is criminal extortion of our company by those firms and their employees, which appear to be the legal responsibility of the operating firm EQUINIX.

Because of those acts, all employees of the designated companies and their respresentatives are BARRED from our property and job sites, client sites, and communication under criminal trespass notice; and a detailed background check to clear new job applicants of any contact or relationship formally or informally with those "public enemies" of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its employee-officers, required for any contract negotiation or bidding with the company.

Reliance on one company having more capital as a publicly traded securities firm, over a private firm, to deny protection or enforcement of law, is a violation of 42 U.S. Code section 1981 in this matter, under formal complaint with the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA regarding 2017-2022 violation of Federal Grants in this matter and prior 2007-2013 extortion activity in written threats with piracy and export to violate trademark rights in exotortion for CHILD CUSTODY not awarded by a court in the matter.

For this reason, and due to injury to a child, the firm will take such claims as very serious 21 O.S. §21-891 "child snatching" when any "fraud" or "gaslighting" claim is raised; and support for the "gaslighting fraud" will result in immediate end of contract and criminal trespass complaint on attempt to return to the job site or property after removal. Removal will be carried out same-day, and all contracts include this right to remove persons from the property on direction in civil contract to work for or with the company, due to this ongoing "lynch mob" activity in CITY OF ADA, PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKALHOMA jurisdiction.


SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has invested substantial funds to develop industry in the City of Ada. It is not obligated to DISCLOSE ITS PROPRIETARY TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES OF WORK to receive support of justice and law enforcement, or occupay property in the city in an industrial activity zone to conduct SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and SMALL BUSINESS OFFICE activity closed to the general public, nor to carry out REGISTERED AGENT service of process duties made law by the State and Federal Government - conditional some implied duty to enroll in private civil organizations, pay rents to local real estate, or minimum sales goals during cycles of software and intellectual property development that may span 1-5 years or more (depending on delay and interference in major projects).


My cat still has nightmares, panic attacks, and is physically sick from the assault in 2020 August, arising from this fraud actvity. She requires constant supervision after she re-learned how to walk over 18 months. Her injuries and effort to enter the office in November 2021 when she had only partially recovered, falsified as some "threat that she might attack ADA CITY POLICE OFFICERS" over a statement of "allergy risk" to the officer to protect the injured animals from futher trauma, does not go a day without being brought up by our Ada Office. Her needs, and that of the animal who died in August 2022, make even writing a small portion of our concerns or attending ADA CITY COUNCIL to file a formal complaint exceptionally difficult. Combined with the death of family in March 2022 during identity theft to extort and blackmail, and serious COVID-19 illness in September 2022, paired with oncoming surgery for our clients in 2022 October exposing "physical organ failure" falsified as mental health disorders to commit WELFARE FRAUD among TITLE IV AGENTS in the region and a physician involved in this false claims activity - leave me considering if we should focus on asset protection rather than investment every single day I go out into the community.

I cannot have a single hour day or night, without being interrupted by these matters - from the injured animal's cries to the patient who is being screened for organ removal this coming week at MERCY HOSPITAL.

How I am expected to run a business office under those conditions, or remain in any good mental health under criminal duress, refused all DUE PROCESS in ex parte hearing activity without LEGAL RIGHT AT LAW to damage and delay ordinary protections - while my son is concealed and his name hidden from school and public record to suggest he is dead or has been subjected to gender reassignment or export to a foreign country or both; is simply inhumane and impossible conditions to run an ordinary business.

It seems like the activity is geared to compel a forfeiture of real estate, land, and damage the good name and rights of persons in this community; and such injury done and crimes never investigated in harm to my grandfather, further leave my confidence in the ability to carry on work in the United States as a whole deeply harmed.

When Vladimir Putin speaks of "justice" and "evil" with more accuracy than that of the President of the United States and the Congress, to oppose the taking and mutilation of children without control of their parent in violence and fraud to extort real property and intellectual property and franchise; one must ask - what does the real meaning of the word "DEMOCRACY" suggest to United States Citizens now?

To me, it means criminal ignorance and a lynch mob intent on taking anything and everything - looting - ripping apart the very apparatus of industry in an ignorant assault on anyone who does not ascribe to false claims of "collective property" in both the estates and the labor of the natural persons for whom they were made to protect and benefit, as if We The People were merely assets owned by the mob for utility sake and to be "punished and corrected" should we dissent in that fraud.

All semblance of rights to our children are being denied superior equity by the parent, in a license of false construction, and to destroy the religious and cultural values of our people in superior claim of "utility" and "productive output" to the state and its illusory creditors - and those debts driven up to support and distract from this more fundamental interfernece in the small, vital, and necessary components of our society as a PRODUCTION LINE to remove elements like COMMUNICATION from parent-to-child; in a substitution of other foreign and criminal instruction.

The maintenance and support of any production activity does have a cost, and that cost if not paid will contribute to the breakdown of that line. But when those costs are imposed without respect to the disablement of other maintenance of "rights" and basic sufferage (the right to retain civil honor and civil protection while opposing or voicing dissent with a legal standing enjoining the body politic to hear and comply in rules of law), then DEMOCRACY means "a slave state" that destroys people who do not adhere to the majority or the instruction of the financial direction of leading media as central authority without standing to make any resistance.

The effort to suggest a debt has been manufactured, which by law is a false and illegal "bond" issued over any property or right to supsend it for which payment is the only remedy and payment is in excess of FACTAUL INCOME under the ACTUAL CIRCUMSTANCES and PROTECTION FROM TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE or other criminal coercion or injury to commerce; is a high treason.

The state was never entitled to the use of the word, in such terms, to apply to debt not compliant with Federal Law; nor to suggest the utility of such production or means of support were foremost in the interest of the STATE or any party other than the parent of a child to their investment in the child under natural and ordinary bonds of family and agency in which the state has no legal standing to intercede or overcome. Nor the community a right to act against such bonds where they are not crimes themselves of a real and present or past commission - not the "fear" of such future possibility or the "doubt" of any person to the performance or outcome, to take pre-emptive action prior a genuine act in a genuine offense at law, nor lesser offense under a civil cause at law to impose greater or permanent loss of property which crimes of other forms would not impose in statutory rule.


Many people have worked to create the complex tools, machines, and communities which support information technology and interactive software products and markets. The use of LICENSE should provide a clear-title right to engage in creative and original work granted by the owners of those goods. When the operation or use of such product is systematically interfered with to deny its application for "merchantability" or "fitness of purpose" to harm its industrial use, impose costs by dilatory tactics, or impair repeatedly a LINE OF PRODUCTION IN INDUSTRY to render the abilty to carry a product from concept and design stage to final service and support mechanisms and tools; that would be TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE with each sale of each product in that line by a union or collective group - registered or unregistered - as specified in Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A "Right to Work" violation, a crime.

As we make purchases now, to support our work and answer applications for jobs in the Pontotoc County area, I have to ask myself, "Can we in good conscience actually hire anyone in this country or State, under these conditions, where their personal security and privacy may be threatened in a pattern of racketeering - and their families threatened and harmed if they are discovered to work for us or our business or product line?"

My youngest cat, over 10 years old and part Siamese, meows in concern at the door of my office like a siren, upset by the imposed limitations on our video broadcasting studio and sound check work; and to remind me when it is time to feed and greet and check on her older sister (16 years of age). If that were the only noise, bashing at the door, amid cabinets banging open and shut at all odd hours of the day and during broadcast scheduled hours, or the constant fear of the phone ringing to report another investor dead - I would be less irrate. But the importance of these things - even of silence on a sound stage and production environment for audio mastering and live video programming - cannot be dismissed as minimal pass/fail conditions created by FAILURE TO CARRY OUT FAST AND SPEEDY TRIAL and harassment in 2007-2022 leading to the death of 3 people. 4-5 by the end of the year, if medical advice is to be believed accurate.

My baby girl would never cry, before someone beat her half to death in Ada, Oklahoma.

Her sister would never be more than a few feet from her for most of her life.

And I didn't have to spend 25% of my billable time looking after 5 witnesses until the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and CITY OF ADA refused to depose them in repeated case activity in 2011-2022, requiring my client to hire a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR in 2012 and 2021 to discover what kind of fraud was going on in Pontotoc County, Denton County, and Dallas County - including false conviction to extort and blackmail our company in written letters since 2008.

Problems with New Offices:

We could rent an office, as I did in 1997 on Main Street in the City of Ada; but the sound of cars back to back up and down Main Street made that impossible to use then. As did fraud to destroy our business on 9th Street in 1999 force us to move away from East Central University after threats to overcome our tenant there with false allegations of sexual harassment to evict him from that building by the perpetrators in this ongoing fraud.

I am grateful to the building owner of the Centenial Bank Building who leased space to us, and other business owners who stood up for us over the years at critical times - paying in one case with the life of their son. But when I came out to find the word "BITCH" cut into the hood of my car in Downtown Ada, or my car was stolen in 2017 causing the internal injuries that my client now is undergoing surgery for in 2022 due serious organ failure following that foot-chase to find and detain my stolen car; I cannot help but count the graves at the local cemetary where victims of this lynching activity continue to be laid to rest.

Even when I know my grave is already prepared there, I think I and anyone else should choose to die anywhere but in the City of Ada, Oklahoma; and their support for abuse of my child in State of Texas in his total concealment since 2001 September 9th.

It's all I can do to hold my injured little elderly kitten and look into her one good eye, struggling to see if she is having more brain swelling and suffering from what the vet did to her during a routine checkup in 2020; and the claim that she "came in that way (maimed and unable to stand)" pure fraud witnessed by my client going in for surgery today.

After that, each day, I find it hard to question why I am still trying to repair the PRODUCTION LINE in this city, and restart my business activity before major suppliers announced September 21st 2022 that they had declared their intent to go into DIRECT COMPETITION WITH US using our designs and techniques disclosed in prior delays of the RTX 3000 and 4000 series product; work we had been doing since 2004 in the GTX 8800 series with ASUS COMPUTERS FX-74 and Socket-F series products.

Holding them responsible, after such delays in 2007-2022 of TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE by the City of Ada employees mishandling of criminal complaint in WITHHOLDING OF A CHILD FROM ORDERED POSSESSION and complete refusal to enter complaints of barratry in 2021 on 2017-2022 hold without jury trial on civil suit; leave us genuinely asking what kind of security we can expect from a City where "every interaction with any officer is public record that our competitor can demand on video for surveillance against our employees, in extortion and distribution to blackmail, and in commercial fraud to drive us from the public and discourage our contact with law enforcement of any kind to make complaints."

When a company cannot contact LAW ENFORCEMENT, or MAKE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT without it being handed over to the COMMERCIAL COMPETITOR for publicity use in commercial blackmail and fraud; while those persons are entitled complaints that are REDACTED AND CONCEALING NAMES OF ACCUSERS AND NATURE OF COMPLAINTS to bring charges against us - it stands to reason that we have no 42 U.S. Code section 1981 "equal protection" in PONTOTOC COUNTY; and no access to the DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY as a policy violating FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 and Federal Law.

These "Texas Business Tactics" make any genuine relationship with the community virtually impossible, and leave me wondering what conduct like this has to do with adoption against the will of my biological mother and father to sell me as a newborn to a foster family in Pontotoc County, in which my presence is that of a domestic servant beyond the foster father who - himself - went through that foster system and lost a brother to this fraud in 2002. A brother who served his country for 20 years, worked for Texas Instruments, and died as a result of his exposure to the risks and chemicals used by his country that were utterly denied during his lifetime.

Every day, I ask if I am to be made a REFUGEE or POLITICAL ASYLUM SEEKER from the UNITED STATES, due to this fraud - and what country would likely benefit from our 1997-2022 drone guidance and indirect fire ballistic munitions guidance technology; and other land navigation and distributed battlefield logistics software products which were originally intended to be entertainment and simulation games for adult professional warfighting simulation and public education products 25 years ago.

Even though my late Uncle worked for LOCKHEED-MARTIN, it is clear that family members of RAYTHEON contractors (Brian Wolfe d/b/a TERRABOX) and other U.S. contractors are quick to support this criminal activity in business extortion to maintain their existing relationships and right to public confidence and investment over my work; and I sincerely doubt that my products will have any interest from the United States or its military nor be tolerated by them if we proceed with their development beyond simulation and casual entertainment uses.

Like CAMROSE and other companies, there comes a time where we see it is evident that there is no infrastructure in Pontotoc County that can provide the minimum support for any lucrative PRODUCTION LINE ENVIRONMENT or INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY company; and the obscene misrepresentation by officers to confuse TRADEMARK COMPLAINTS in blackmail and extortion letters with "Somebody dun stole his businsses on the Internet" in report; gross incompetence to defraud and fabricate police report in a damaging and derogatory manner to aid local and family competitor interests in the Ada City Community against real and registered business rights.

Do I build a factory in such a place, where the industry is the sale of pitchforks and torches to hang half-blood children like me and my son?

Or do I give up on everything I have done in 30 years of work, and apply my four years of Russian Language studies and U.S. Army experience for a country that can protect any possible children I might have in the future and my workers?

I shouldn't have to explain that "applying for work, without intent to work and to gather information to give or use in competition is wrong to local high school graduates" every time we hire someone, and ever month show them the NDA they signed.

I should not have to worry who will see me out in public, or where, or with any woman (or male associate) - and target their name then for extortion and with photos post a public call to do them harm simply for having been identified with context to me or with my business. Nor should people who comment on my business be systematically contacted and offered FALSE INFORMATION CONCERNING MY MILITARY SERVICE to coerce them to break off contact with me and my firm.

All of this has happened in the last 24 months, in the City of Ada, and repeatedly with over 100 messages sent in this regard.

Photos of my home and messages calling for people to go there for gay sex and to leave "gifts" on the property, published to extort, should not be ongoing while those same persons or their families are accusing me in court of other wrongdoing to obtain over $50,000 USD in fraud barred by Federal Law not DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY WITH PREJUDICE.

And so, when someone approaches me and aggressively asks me if I remember them - that sort of behavior does not come with the smile you may expect or the warmth that you believe you deserve - if you refuse to understand the conduct of Texas and Oklahoma and Michigan and California Citizens; and their incitement of Chinese Citizens to join in this activity in DEMOCRATIC fashion and white-supremacist remarks toward my child and myself on the color of our "olive" skin or silver Native hair and face, or to compare us to women because we are tall and our hands and fingers thin as is our race.


The inability to see me, or my officers, as real people because they are HALF CHINESE, or HALF MEXICAN, or some part Chickasaw, disturbs me daily in the harassment from Dallas and Denton County, Texas - supported in Pontotoc County and throughout both State of Texas and State of Okahoma without relief.

We worked so hard to build something when I was a young man, recruited so many companies to do so, and gave many years to the research required to push the envelope of that technology beyond the present state of the art in ZEN 4 and AM5 and PCIe 5.0 speeds required to carry it out. But we are at that end-of-cycle, without enough time or capital to take on the largest firm in China - TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD - a $6 trillion firm. Or its subsidiary partners with $100 billion in annual revenue in China and Japan, and their subsidiary COGENT with $53 billion in Texas and Washington D.C.; or any smaller trust created to buy up over 100 separate studios to compete with us in EMBRACER GROUP AB with $7 billion USD in capital; and still impacted by the frauds of ICELAND based companies who sought out $100 million USD in capital on false claims later evicerated in the arrest of bankers there and freeze on credit lines at ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND for unauthorized national lending to compete with my firm. A fraud that in sale garnered over $243 million USD for ICELAND, buying the loyalty of every person in Reykjavik Iceland - the site where the threats sent to Frank Stout originated in January 28th 2022 demands prior direct threats to my person January 30th 2022.

We are not a multinational corporation, but we must have the protection of law to build with assurance of security against this sort of "threatened seizure of factory and production and investor capital in a working competitive market already under timely cycles of vital supply chain and vital goods beyond our control"; or we cannot establish jobs in the City of Ada and Pontotoc County. Nor can we, in good faith, pledge any security to investors where such right to HABEAS CORPUS, FAST AND SPEEDY TRIAL, and DUE PROCESS are denied to impose some "custom" contrary Federal Grants fully paid for graft of public and family right to contact.

I bought another seat, today, for our graphics pipeline development of softare that I helped to develop in its infancy as a software tester for FRACTAL DESIGN STUDIO. It would cost $429. My price, $30 USD. Even that, small investment, leaves me to wonder if I have not done something wrong - to try to create a job position for an artist in the City of Ada, under these conditions. Even that is a meal I won't eat, so someone else can learn the trade I once received $170,000/yr for, before I was assaulted and maimed by Texans seeking to impersonate me and take that job from an Oklahoma half-breed.

Even now, I am afraid to bring someone in to even work at that station; because the color of these events and the violence make me more afraid for my little kitten in the corner of my office, than for myself in trusting anyone in the community again.

We tried to rent offices in Downtown Ada during the Summer, but with the court case dragging on 5 years without relief or counter-suit scheduled a single hearing due; we were prevented from doing even that. The U.S. VETERANS AFFAIRS rented the office I sought on the corner of East Central University College Campus, where my father would work over night when I was a child to try to support us, sometimes without any pay, and I had to watch it tear him apart and force him to drive to other Cities because no one would hire him after that due to the fraud to sell used computers as new and blame him for the failure rate of that abuse of his reputation at the APPLE COMPUTERS dealership known as "Computer Utility".

When I would pass that place at night, I would always look at the building and wonder what we could do to bring that back before he died in this town. And for that, I was accused by my competior of "stalking" to suggest I was going to East Main Street in some malicious plan to find them - at their favorite restaurant "Papa Gjorgjo" rather than relay my intent to open a business office near the campus where students could be given jobs and education in the computer industry with professional art and programming instruction under a registered company.

I don't even eat there if I can, and have been there twice in the past 10 years when it was empty of customers. But even walking down the street as a mixed-race person is still a crime in the City of Ada, Oklahoma, according to the redhead I stopped dating 22 years ago.

I think, if that's how things are going to be - I need to move my company elsewhere like Jeff Thompson (EDGE TECH).

I don't see how we can operate under these conditions and without protection of ordinary Law Enforcement or the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY against such fraud and abuse to intimidate every time I visit a band or venue in the City Limits; despite owning a music company (SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP, a NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and SONY MULTIMEDIA software product sales development studio).

Destroying a factory is simple. You break one machine, and then the rest become useless without it. The same is true of abuse of people and workers. And I cannot continue to believe that my workers or I will be physically safe in the City of Ada. The abuse has demoralized the BOARD OF DIRECTORS over our infrastructure firm to the extent that I am the only remaining member who has not left Pontotoc County. If my family did not need me, I probably would have left as well. All of our investment here appears to have been for absolutely nothing in the end. And it appears that all of that work from 2003-2022 has been for nothing with the death of my mother in March 2022 due to this ongoing and unlawful activity. The stigma created by false claims indicate that the years Dr. Klepper taught at ECU and the work my grandfather did to build the chapel there, were for absolutely nothing.

Workers have to understand - industry has many moving parts. If you destroy something in the production line, you destroy the line. Even if you are not on it, you hurt a lot of people when you burn down a factory, beat down a door to a small family house with a sledgehammer (twice, 2012), and everyone who is making death threats at the time those things happen or after (2013, 2021, 2022) are enjoined to that activity as far as the victims see the behavior in a pattern of abuse.

I don't know why I even built the station, in light of that. I can't see filling it here, or teaching anyone in the community to use it. My role is to build the parts of the line, and maintain them - others can work. If someone suggested something different, they left out that part of what I do to create jobs, and emphasized the inability to hire resultant from domestic terrorism as if that were to suggest I planned to run an entire warship against 12,300 employees of a foreign company competing with us.

I suspect the one telling you that is an "unregistered foreign agent" for that labor union, eager to deceive you into joining them and believing that the job you are destroying at my company when you smash the machine or assault me in a parking lot, is not your own.

When such a large organization cannot out-compete with a small firm, they take this tone and tact, to disable and destroy their competitor - who by virtue of being small and agile and indepdendent, can do things their organization simply cannot unless disrupted.

Those sort of tactics are communist, socialist, and racist practices - much of which we were confident had been eliminated by 1989-1996; yet began to reappear as China, Sweden, Japan, and Germany gained economic independence from the Soviet Union and began to assert their true colors and genuine deeply rooted anti-American and racially segregated views and cultural values against the West in 1996-2022, hiring agents in other companies as of 2000 and moving to aggresively overcome U.S. and Canadian technology firms in 2001-2016, prior moving into a pattern of mergers and rapid monopoly-like trust acquisitions using the "Holding Company" strategy under color of very large brand names which claim to be actual developers and major companies in utilities and data exchange over optical networks, real estate, and software development.


We will not sell or capitulate, so destroying our means of production is the next step in their practice. Any sense of property rights or personal value contrary the success of their union - appear to have no value in my observation.

Many people are willing to adopt those views, looking for someone to blame for social problems and lacking the global perspective of the misuse of this form of LEGAL NAME FRAUD and subsidiary trust building overseas; and the false claims of major companies to "editorialize" content published on their platforms to intimidate, disrupt, abuse, and influence U.S. politics and mass communication in INTERSTATE COMMERCE to impose false claims of unlawful practices under color of civil contract and logical fallacies.

To make law, by claiming your agreement to participate suspends your ordinary rights and all other laws over their (foreign) organization and employees, even when they are registered as a United States Company and irregardless of U.S. Law.

Our confidence that having U.S. employees or officers would prevent that, or U.S. courts would put a stop to it, are foolish and incorrect protection against abuse of that party.

If such companies control the "means of production", and "lease" it to the public, whether by fees or by Terms-of-Service for access to common carrier and messaging service usage at no cost (driving out other for-profit services); then the very ability to reach and alert the public to wrongdoing is completely lost and abuse of persons not granted answer by local, County, State, or Federal Justice is denied.

Where such firms think of that franchise based on the indirect harm to their workforce as hostages over the economy they enter; while denying the same rights to small firms, it exposes the genuine incapacity to be commissioned those positions under the public trust by Government; but does not in that alone carry out the protective steps to remove such foreign undue influence from our marketplace or public square without a clear and superior order on par with the use of the sedition act for-good-cause.


Failure to act or protect people, by the time the damage is done and we are laying to rest our parents in the ground - denied their rights for 20 years - there can be no return to the prior state of credit or faith in the United States; and the restitution is due regardless of the permanent or irreparable harm inflicted, loss of business, and destruction of a generation of children by mutilation and genocide of their normal right to communication with their parent and family.

Like a business production line, once you have rolled enough defective product off the line for long enough; the restoration of the missing machine or part will not enjoin a customer to accept that there was no harm done to them over time or for purcahse of the goods which were defective. And the liability, carried forward, may destroy even the best design of industry and drive the price of each unit in the future so high as to make it impossible to profit from the enterprise at all indefinitely.

Death By Work

The City of Ada, and State of Oklahoma and Texas, feel like that to me - a fraudulent pledge, on a false solicitaiton to enter work 25 years ago, for which there can be no evidence of my people's passing but the number on my arm placed there by the guards at the gate to the death camp I was sent to be disposed of - and "death by work" the means to suggest I simply ceased to be or resist, while I was murdered in the most utilitarian method to the state possible.

By removing the Jews, Hitler once thought he was improving Germany. These firms appear to believe that by removing my company and taking our product for use and dilution, they will be improving society and making money that I "owed and was due payment to the worker" and to justify such taking of my work, my creative designs, and my child - to that same end according to the letters of 2323 Bryan St, Dallas TEXAS sent in 2011.

A demand that Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Germany have since endorsed in acts.

An enterprise that Japanese and Chinese money and companies hosted, supported, and published worldwide.

My view is that American industry can choose to support that, or resist it, but it cannot do so while it continues to refuse to admit the injury to such business and people is measured not only in judgments and false incarceration and torture and murder, in graves, in flesh and organs lost, but also in the time taken by such abuse and harassment to impair business and intimidate domestic firms against appearing or joining the public marketplace through injury to their children and family members, property, and the destruction of the real value in their real estate which arose from such impedence of access to the market and loss of ordinary income over 2001-2022.

Just as - offering a job, but never delivering a paycheck while demanding a person appear for training and be restrained from seeking other jobs or holding any office of trust in the public during such abuse, is a cost far beyond the money alone - in injury to family and children, and the ability to reproduce or support births by the person or persons targeted in such fraud.

To the extent, now, that when I look at the tools of my industry - even a $30 purchase - I think only of this, and it saddens and disheartens me to consider what I once loved and looked forward to doing with these tools when we made them 25 years ago for everyone to use and employ equally and without prejudice.

In that state of mind, it is hard for me to even touch them, like picking up a rifle after storming the beaches and losing all my friends in the process to violence. And when I hear the same words, the false promises, that killed my friends - I cannot help but know even if the speaker does not realize it themselves, how false those promises are and what lies behind them in the application of those false claims and injury to come if tolerated.

We don't need another war to make that point. I have already paid with my child in blood for those lessons. Others are paying with their lives. It won't stop, now, because it is too late for most. But the very worst thing that can happen is to ignore that to make it seem better and deny the real cost. That, above all else, is a greater crime.

The terrorist who blows up the factory or sabotages the industrial line, is one kind of criminal. But the person who stands outside in front of the ruin and the empty factory, and says "there never was a factory" so it can be ignored - is guilty in a greater degree.

All I can hope is that the people who gain from these tools can employ them as I would have prior to my injuries; while the people like myself ensure that no one ever burns down the factory with them in it and pretends it never happened and they never existed afterward again.

So I bought the software, washed the last pilot out of the chair, and patched the holes in the windscreen, and prepare to teach the next one who is brave enough to get in the cockpit without having to be kept ignorant of what happened to the last girl or guy who sat in that chair for me. And if they know why they fly, for all those who don't get the chance, and never will if we fail.

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