An Oklahoma Constitutional Crime


The violation of law alleged is a Constitutional Matter in PETERSEN v ALLEN, whereby the attorney of PETERSEN in public address to allege a matter of LEGAL FACT as LAW, and without license by the TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION OR ANY COURT against a party who is Pro Se (Attorney for self, a party to the case in the matter, entitled LEGAL ANSWER without license and on matters of law authorized to issue statements in defense) cites, OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE XXIII SECTION XXIII-1A "RIGHT TO WORK";

WHEREBY the attorney for the Texas Party demands that the Oklahoma Party pay a fine in excess of gross income and based on the reputation or status of their JOB TITLE and the assumed DISABILITY status of their legal parents a declared cause to assert blame for undisclosed medical conditions of a child concealed from a JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR in perpetuity and for a duration of no less than 2001-2022;

WHEREBY the attorney, acting jointly and to organize labor in the industry and persons in the region of employment and nationally and Internationally also in concert with his employer ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and with other companies by name TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX did conspire in released and LEGAL ANSWER a plan or scheme to deny employment to JAMES ALLEN and to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and DEEP LAYER INC. and other registered tradenames and impressum of JAMES ALLEN industries and licensees solely based on the withholding of the son of JAMES ALLEN from him in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION and all ORDERED CONTACT and all COMMUNICATION so also withheld in fraud;

And WHEREBY such concealment was threatened in-consideration of the prior rights themed XXIII-1A and COMMERCIAL activity of COMMERCIAL ENTITIES and perpetual in nature;

And WHEREBY such act was carried out by falsely claiming JAMES ALLEN was an employee at any time of TEK SYSTEMS and of false job report also in writing and to extort in letters in 2003, 2011 and before the public at other times in joint fraud and use of the image and name and trademarks of JAMES ALLEN and his industrial work and firms of genuine license to his work;

And WHEREBY also impersonation of JAMES ALLEN in persona and in COMMERCE upon MYSPACE.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, CRAIGSLIST.COM, and other platforms and by messages there of a vulgar and sometimes violent nature and using false identity to conceal the LEGAL NAME of the author of these threats and parties in a joint activity and to style James Allen, the agent of the estate as non-compos-mentis.

WHEREBY also impersonation of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. before her death and after her death in 2022, by name and legal documents, and of Ruth Ann Taylor as her power of attorney during medical procedures, publish those Power of Attorney documents to defraud JAMES ALLEN stating in knowing fraud in writing that the device in 2022 was a "GUARDIAN AD LITEM" over an incompetent adult-child in over 40 years of age, to harm and disable FEDERAL INCOME TAX FILINGS and OKLAHOMA STATE INCOME TAX FILINGS and harass the REGISTERED AGENT of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION in their duties in April 4th through May 13th 2022.

WHEREBY this activity paired with $67523.25 USD demand for money in writing by UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE delivered to a U.S. POST OFFICE BOX including a demand for $10,128.49 and written prior published demand for $41,000 USD in this scheme November 14 2021 naming the companies prior to extort and in a systematic form for this purpose of TITLE IV AGENCY claim not eligible enforcement by law per 45 CFR, was carried under color of law and to deceive the public;

WHEREBY claims in the letters of this scheme ongoing since 2001 August taking by force of the child of JAMES ALLEN from his custody and physical possession before CHRISTOPHER MELTON MAIDT of NICHOLS HILLS and from residence in DALLAS COUNTY for concealment in DENTON COUNTY was falsified before DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT in October 2001, and the petitioner claiming "abandonment" in termination of access on threat of murder witnessed by J. KARA METZGER did there fail to appear at three (3) hearings of three set appearances, and the ORDER of the court show "Veronica Petersen, having been duly notified, failed to appear and wholly made default"; not made journal record or relief owing and due an Oklahoma Resident and business owner as respondent, ex juris, and this jurisdiction refused entry and elements of domestic violence against James Allen refused entry on threat of perpetual concealment of a child to extort and by attorneys for the TEXAS BAR ASSOCIATION wrongly carried to extort a COMMERCIAL BUSINESS, AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., and for credit lines in excess of $80,000 USD and ongoing repetitive activity to repeat the injury on any credit extended to the businesses in 2001-2022.

WHEREBY these claims were predicated in writing upon a presumption of TEK SYSTEMS false claims in concert with ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES employee in public COMMERCIAL competition and to defraud;

AND WHEREBY such claims were falsified upon the representation that JAMES ALLEN must have a degree in a particular field not regulated by State or Federal Law from a list of specific schools not accredited to any monopoly and may not be self-employed or a business owner themed a competitor to the client that may compete with the 1099m CONTRACTOR hired also by the client NORTEL NETWORKS to enjoy employment directly from their hiring as a legal employee (W2) then of PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES and such contract a BUSINESS-to-BUSINESS service contract between NORTEL NETWORKS and PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES in which TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, nor ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES are one or jointly a legal party at law to the hiring party or party hired;

WHEREBY refusal to hire the Oklahoma Resident in abuse styled to enlist and incite and enjoin global employers using his name in publications made by DONALD BEAL under concealment of LEGAL NAME and at attorney for VERONICA PETERSEN were carried out using JAMESARNOLDALLEN as a registered property made in 2002, 2011, and 2021 to do so in concert with use of GOOGLE LLC and ALPHABET INC. hosting platforms and NTT GROUP servers themed PATRIOT, ATLAS, TITAN, HARPOON, SATURN and variations with a group unregistered party name across those networks and devices to extort JAMES ALLEN and his employers and clients systematically and to promote the fraud of false credit and false hiring party as LEGAL FACT.

THEREFORE does JAMES ALLEN allege that no such contract or condition or any bad report in two six-month terms and an additional third term of full duration of time were factual, and no conditions or non-compete or other civil agreement barring any of the prior 1099m work done nor a custom of professional work and client confidentiality limited to the full duration of NORTEL NETWORKS bankruptcy in 2011 violated; and the limit of such NDA no more than 2 years customary or void in case of violence or civil unrest automatically indemnifying his right to make LEGAL ANSWER and such abuse a scheme also to compel him to release information then employed by SOFTBANK GROUP and DEUTSCHE TELEKOM to overcome and acquire SPRINT, his true client at NORTEL NETWORKS, by this fraud in securities tampering and industrial espionage to harm the support of NORTEL NETWORKS - RICHARDSON TEXAS - WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION. Abuse to allege incompetence in this fraud were evident as of January 30 2022 ongoing threats against the former contractor, demanding information on tower and cellular systems to abuse and threaten him in forums of HOUSTON TEXAS performers of TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. and to damage the contractual AFFILIATE relationship purposefully with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. to cause substantial loss of economic INTERSTATE TRADE AND INTERSTATE COMMERCE resultant;

THEREFORE specifically in addition to other remedy at law, does JAMES ALLEN allege the activity is in LOSTSERVER group cited in over 100 letters of threat in 2013 using the account "myluv187" to extort and by persons observed by PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR KRISTEN MACK in LEGAL CONSPIRACY of a COMMERCIAL NATURE and toward RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED expressly and identical organized scheme described in letters and mechanisms of organization by DONALD JONATHON BEAL witnessed by STEPHAN MARINO aka STEVE MARINO, an abuse constituting a XXIII-1A "labor organization" demanding payment to work in the industry or any position of leadership or other authority of a prior or future commission in the public trust of the State or United States or overseas and against continuation of such employment prior performed and organized business activity of an existing firm and existing UNITED STATES CORPORATION also enjoined this demand, the conditional endorsement and direction to work under the direction and subordination of such parties and to "dig yourself out of this hole" alleged a debt of odious and fictitious design against the sole party entitled standing in a CIVIL CASE 01-17702 and false judgment sustained without legal cause and to support the taking, concealment, and abuse to extort a registered OKLAHOMA BUSINESS and UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS of record in legal use in 2001-2022, 2009-2022, and 2012-2022 simultaneously done.

JAMES ALLEN asserts that VERONICA MARIE PETERSEN is a member of this LABOR ORGANIZATION citing her title as a VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE and prior to such abuse a NORTEL contractor of minor standing and entry-level experience, and in her grant by DONALD BEAL of a name to obtain employment under the legal graft of a placed hiring party already on the job site who would look for the ADMIN.UNIXPRO.ORG email which he was instructed specifically to add to her resume with the prior explanation of an unregistered labor organization being able to install her based on this signal, and having no knowledge or membership in such union did as his client requested then as part of professional job services as a desktop publisher for assistance and to support his child.

JAMES ALLEN asserts that he did observe at TERRABOX with witnesses MARK DEAVER, MICHAEL MARINO, SARAH MOORE, and other persons who wish to remain anonymous due to direct threats against their person causing injury; that the group was affiliated with the Canadian organization CORE COMMITTEE - a FreeBSD professional organization, and engaged in copyright video and media piracy for fees of access to servers, in narcotic controlled substances at 722 South Haskell Avenue, in affiliation with members of organized crime wearing red cloth indicators known to FBI gang specialists and in organized visitation to meet with the owner leasing the building, and this activity prior assault at gunpoint in a premeditated ambush on the person of James Allen taking him at gunpoint from his car and holding him there under repeated threat of murder prior maiming him in an act to mark him and cause severe bodily harm to his teeth and face.

JAMES ALLEN asserts that these actions did not appear to influence the conduct of DONALD BEAL and other members of the Canadian group and related 2002-2022 ongoing threats of an INTERSTATE NATURE and INTERSTATE COMMERCE, and to show no remorse in the concealment of his child to carry this fraud and demand money and "forfeiture" of property and the commission of his public office throughout the concealment of his child and fraud to deceive the child as to the cause for the father's absence as voluntary and willing loss of contact; and such employees of DALLAS COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, and PONTOTOC COUNTY and the DISTRICT COURT of each county did not grant return of his child or report "fraud" in this taking and ongoing communication violating his XXIII-1A right to influence his employment and seek to extort credit and other property from him from 2001 to present; and to falsify such claims as delusion in refusal to depose or enter witnesses testimony accurately to record or admit the existence of or right to call witnesses.

JAMES ALLEN asserts at the time of the false employment claim by TEK SYSTEMS, he was employed with full knowledge of his role in Oklahoma by PROCEED TECHNICAL RESOURCES of Plano, Texas; and there inquired with reply from his supervisor of no such complaint or negative report as described by the attorney for VERONICA PETERSEN making these legal false claims and sustaining such claims in 2003 before BRITISH and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA lawful Citizens in ongoing unsolicited and INTERSTATE communication to extort into STATE OF CALIFORNIA and STATE OF OKLAHOMA those claims, by DONALD JONATHON BEAL and in written statement jointly with VERONICA PETERSEN.

EVIDENCE showing the nature of these threats and comparison to the prior true wage of JAMES ALLEN then (above) are material facts about case 01-17702 which were falsified to retain the child for 20 years, and evident in the PETERSEN resume and BEAL arrest report.

COURT RECORD shows that DONALD JONATHON BEAL was a $2500/month employee of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES - and self-described 'network admin' who signed his name with an 'x' characteristic of Sovereign Citizen evasion of Court Process, used dramatically altered signatures over the courts of his trial, gave a false name to the report (marked out and corrected) that is clearly not his LEGAL NAME, and owed back taxes and child support arrearage consistent with non-payment; and was paid $5000 or more by VERONICA PETERSEN to forgive such debt in exchange for his representation in LEGAL ADVICE to intimidate and deceive the public in the concealment of a child in later court documents and alleged civil case of "emotional abuse" filed by VERONICA PETERSEN against DONALD JONATHON BEAL employed to obtain a concealment of the location and disclosure of the children then employed to suggest domestic violence or other cause without due process against JAMES ALLEN; thereby concealing his child to extort the Oklahoma Business Owner and several businesses he was assumed to have equity or relationship with publicly.



Right to work.

A. As used in this section, "labor organization" means any
organization of any kind, or agency or employee representation
committee or union, that exists for the purpose, in whole or in
part, of dealing with employers concerning wages, rates of pay,
hours of work, other conditions of employment, or other forms of

B. No person shall be required, as a condition of employment or
continuation of employment, to:

   1. Resign or refrain from voluntary membership in, voluntary
   affiliation with, or voluntary financial support of a labor

   2. Become or remain a member of a labor organization;

   3. Pay any dues, fees, assessments, or other charges of any
   kind or amount to a labor organization;

   4. Pay to any charity or other third party, in lieu of such
   payments, any amount equivalent to or pro rata portion of dues,
   fees, assessments, or other charges regularly required of members of
   a labor organization; or
   5. Be recommended, approved, referred, or cleared by or through
   a labor organization.

C. It shall be unlawful to deduct from the wages, earnings, or
compensation of an employee any union dues, fees, assessments, or
other charges to be held for, transferred to, or paid over to a
labor organization unless the employee has first authorized such

D. The provisions of this section shall apply to all employment
contracts entered into after the effective date of this section and
shall apply to any renewal or extension of any existing contract.

E. Any person who directly or indirectly violates any provision
of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

Added by State Question No. 695, Legislative Referendum No. 322,
adopted at Special Election held on Sept. 25, 2001.

Contracts waiving benefits of Constitution invalid.
   Any provision of a contract, express or implied, made by any
   person, by which any of the benefits of this Constitution is sought
   to be waived, shall be null and void.

Notice or demand, stipulation for.
   Any provision of any contract or agreement, express or implied,
   stipulating for notice or demand other than such as may be provided
   by law, as a condition precedent to establish any claim, demand, or
   liability, shall be null and void.

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