June 14th 2022 - Intimate Partner Violence and Targeting To Coerce Allen

Use of sexual abuse to coerce a technology transfer makes this matter and use of ports and intermediary countries to transfer technology further unique activity linked to a sensitive arms industry and parties with RAYTHEON employee family members (Brian Wolfe, aka TERRABOX) as of 2002 involved by name in 2011 threats, and ongoing identical pattern of 2021-2022 threats to extort outside the court process and to influence and corrupt the court process. We first became aware of this when Mr. Wolfe attempted to video tape Allen while at 722 S Haskelle Avenue in 2002, resulting in spraining the wrist of one Brandy Dilling, who refused to give up the camcorder before it was snatched away and the victim refused to participate in the entrapment activity. Mr. Wolfe later filed false claims with Dun and Bradstreet against Michael Marino and Sarah Moore to extort, contrary observed offers and false claims made before Allen, to conceal his effort to seek investment using securities which Allen, Marino, and Moore refused to sign as officers on discovery of false books at TERRABOX. Inclusion of such firm and claims and basis a SECURITIES FRAUD and United States Department of Defense Contractor issue incorporated with foreign export and child concealment to extort spanning 2002-2011 with aggravated injury, theft of property, and such threft also observed by Christopher Melton Maidt, Mark Deaver (Norman Computers Owner), and Lindsay Tarver - who did witness the incidents and were prepared to testify to settle the question when PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT denied the right to a DOCKET hearing and engaged in ex parte hearings to spoliate the case in a 3 year obstruction of Justice, predicating the abusers move to blackmail James Allen again in 2021 November to 2022 May direct new actions.

As a result of presence at those meetings, James Allen has insider information related to TWITCH INTRACTIVE INC. and JUSTIN.TV similar to discovery made by ELON MUSK regarding TWITTER INC. fraud and false metrics; and testimony of other victims in organized fraud related to the DFW data center and NTT-VERIO group role with such work and organized plan to extort and discredit legal trademark, credit, and first use systematically to damage U.S. and State industry in exchange for foreign favor and employment, access, and roles with foreign sovereign monopoly and finance activity inconsistent with the character and academic qualities of organized corrupt influenced labor - themed in behavior of TEK SYSTEMS and hiring practices to gain entry to publicly traded companies in Dallas Texas themed a monopoly and to discriminate and abuse such access for commercial and illicit purpose so observed among "subcontractors" operating closely with Veronica Petesen and adult content industry she worked with, moderated for, and performed nude modelling and public adult oriented sexual content and promotion in the BDSM lifestyle which was openly promoted on her LiveJournal and in her online handle "Sex Kitten", a lifestyle and name not known to James Allen when he took her into his home and proposed mariage prior to her abduction of the child and flight after obtaining $10,000 USD from the retirement funds of Arnold Allen on promise to move to City of Ada and marry James Allen.

Allen attempted to sustain despite domestic violence, which the courts refused to admit without threat he would not see his child for a protracted duration if he reported and promising him a right to give information then refused and defamed - but such abuse was life-threatening and sexually deviant expectations consistent with violent sex and expecation of sodomy not compatible with the heterosexual lifestyle and expectations of intimacy and ordinary behavior to make the marriage possible or functional.

Mr. Allen struggled out of an abundance of concern for the children to sustain the role in this situation, despite neglect causing the drowning risk to Alexis Marie Petersen discovered on returning home, and in affection for the sibling of his son whom he raised as a daughter prior abduction of the children.

Targeting of intimidate partners of James Allen to blackmail in this manner is therefore further evidence of a previous intimate partner violence unusual even among organized crime - to destroy the reputation of such persons systematically - and provoke James Allen to violence or anger which could be misconstrued as baseless without a competent understanding of the intimate partner violence and directed explicit and obscene threats and harassment employed to provoke Allen, persons near him, and any female partner he has publicly disclosed to take up such cause agains him on the basis of the fraud and support to harm him and disable him personally and professionally.

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