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The actions of April 4th to April 16th of the year 2022 affirm that the Scandinavian Countries racist behavior toward our community in threats by employees of their network service provider in Dallas, Texas - obligate a definitive and broad response similar to sanctions against the Russian Federation by other countries.

Our firm is now in the process of terminating and analyzing the Scandinavian, Canadian, Japan, Mainland China, and Singapore work stop order issued April 20 2022.

Use of our network requires PER USER IDENTIFICATION REGISTRATION, prohibiting VPN and other technologies ability to conceal users from sanctions. Proof of RESIDENCE and CITIZENSHIP are required to access our services, due to this ongoing fraud activity.

Citizens of States engaged in acts of child concealment, terrorism, and fraud are expressly denied registration due to this 2001-2022 activity in abuse of a child. Private networks operating on these services are separate from ICANN and AMERICAN REGISTRY OF INTERNET NUMBERS (ARIN) authority, and their employees and claims to coerce transport and access are wholly barred all legal standing under Oklahoma Law.

Fraud by corporations to suggest false business and to abuse children expressly stated in violation of their TITLE 76 Oklahoma Statutory Rights, and to sustain such abuse in employment of EUROPEAN UNION laws to conceal child abuse and child taking for export to a foreign country, obligate Citizens of those States to undergo additional screening and potential denial of service on relocation to those regions.

Human trafficking and extortion of vulnerable and elderly persons is a very serious crime, and the incorporation of such activity by companies in Texas and Michigan and organized groups with a history of paranoia toward Federal Justice Department tools and techniques associated with security in Canada, appear to be organized crime to our evaluation of FALSE AND KNOWINGLY CRIMNIAL ALLEGATIONS THEMED A FALSIFIED SECURITIES PROSPECTUS issued to defraud in State of Oklahoma by those parties, their known associates, and via Facebook and Youtube in concert with felony stalking activity.

Family members of the abducted child are under no obligation to undergo harassment or unsolicited contact in this matter, which is under complaint and duly filed in a citation of 2002 assault, 2003 threats against women, 2004 identity theft, 2007 threats, 2009 identity theft, 2010 extortion, 2011 threats, 2013 threats in writing by LOSTSERVER group and VAMPIREFREAKS.COM over 300 pages in length, ongoing threats of sexual assault in 2017-2021, and harassment to interfere in Interstate Commerce escalating to 2021 November identity theft and fraud to impersonate a County Judge and two additional persons in March 2022 and April 2022 to extort.

Persons who are known associates of the parties engaged in this or their commercial enterprise will be regarded as criminal trespassers under these conditions, and notice to cease and desist contact has been served and refused; obligating full and lawful resistance to further activity including public disclosure and identification of the parties acting in this abuse.

Effort to deceive the public that such disclosure by victims under coercion and duress are "stalking" due to public discovery of this complaint in ongoing threat and ongoing interference themed 6000 contacts April 26 2022, an sustained 5000 contacts per hour to harass, documented in records showing computer network Interstate Fraud activity, are wholly false and misrepresent an abuse of privileged network services and software designed and employed solely to harass, damage, and impair ordinary services of business Internstate Communications and commercial service in the prior dispute, directed into Pontotoc County and the City of Ada.

Such conduct continued until the arrest of the perpetrator in 2004 related to the prior 2001-2005 physical confinement of the child, so admitted in the 2011 Sept 7 letter violating the ORDERED POSSESSION, on substance abuse charges with conviction.

Anyone participating in this fraud or attempting to misrepresent it as imaginary or not-real or less than material legal fact, will be deemed a felony accessory after the fact by the firm and appropriate action taken immediately to update our records with those persons for permanent sanction and report in complaint to extortion of existing probate and estate matters under direct abuse of this criminal fraud and extortion scheme.

Regard 18 USC 1341 for details concerning rules and obligations of the public to cease all support and participation in such matters immediately, or be held liable in civil and possibly criminal degree.

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