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The news and serious nature of such misuse of communication in a targeted and abusive manner to incite violence in our community is grave.

AdaOK was originally being misused by a scammer so the firm picked it up along with many other projects for future use.

We almost donated it in February 2022 to the City, but had reservations due to the creation of a hate crime site made to antagonize and conceal a child to extort the business in violation of Federal Law and dozens of harassing telephone calls since that November 6th 2021 contact in Ada.

May 2022 use of real people's legal names in IDENTITY THEFT to attempt to instigate a violent fight with City of Galey residents and to also implicate Halliburton Corporation in that activity, led us to discover ERLICHINC.COM and HALIBURTON.COM look-alike domains used to defraud in context to DOMAINREGISTERY.COM, a competitor service in State of New Jersey owning the domains.

Information quickly developed that disclosed aka aka ("Josiah Deutch") aka ("Deutsch Canoe") - was responsible for sending to the CITY OF ADA the false claims to extort, and to release the video on March 3rd 2002 of our Ada Police Officers on YOUTUBE.COM in a scheme to then extort the famliy of Doctor Ann Klepper, a pediatrician and grandmother of the missing child, who died on March 2nd 2022 after a sudden and terrible episode caused by spider carcinoma of the brain.

Dr. Klepper refused treatment because she was terrified of the harassment and stigma over 2001-2007, despite concerns of similar behavior in 2006-2007 which were present in her 2022 sudden episode and death ten days later in 2022 March.

Early treatment might have saved her life, but loss of economic support from her son and injury to conceal her grandson contrary ORDERED POSSESSION to her son of the child consistently refused by STATE OF TEXAS on demand for money and property, ultimately constructively led to a lack of care and loss of contact, attacked faith in reports of symptoms observed by two witnesses, and worked to discredit those persons in a systematic manner from 2002-2022 which constructively isolated and killed the local pediatric M.D. and former Valley View Emergency Room worker.

These issues are part of a large Federal public policy and alleged Federal grant fraud carried out since 2016 December 20th to sustain false cases by State of Texas and other States for embezzlement of benefits of the United States, and to intimidate witnesses and supports Federal and Congressional discovery of this United States Treasury fraud documented over 2001-2022 concealment of a child.

Other Projects Continue

We have other projects (52+) going on, and do not get an opportunity to share that information due to the unlawful leverage and sustained blackmail and extortion activity related the taking, concealment, and abuse of Dr. Klepper's grandchild without legal cause, without due process, and without the right to hear evidence against the Oklahoma parent from whose home the child was taken by persons prior any court order and for concealment duly confessed in written plan to extort an Oklahoma registered business commissioned in 1998, prior the birth of the child in 2001, and throughout its continued operation despite fraud to deceive the public and assert it is fictional in legal standing to intimidate jurors and Justice Department employees.

Due to security and concerns for direct targeted harassment, witnesses and offices do not use FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or other insecure social media to carry those projects; and cite the direct competitor activity to create false business services to directly draw on local customers allegedly based in the City of Ada only in Oklahoma, and created on the same day as that in Dallas Texas to divert TeamSpeak 3 secure services from the local ATHP (Authorized TeampSpeak Hosting Provider, a commercial license vendor for use in business applications of the voice chat service).

Competitors "Free" Services

Many services are free now, on face, but not private or secure - selling data and using foreign national sovereign government monopoly to place billions of U.S. Dollars into extinguishing local telecommunication providers like the host and firm owned by the missing child's father. Carrier data centers like those where the abductor works are the competitor to such business, and the taking of the child conjoined with all commercial threats and false claims of quality to overcome the public and destroy the Ada Oklahoma business using the child as leverage and without communication or disclosure of any lawful cause - a hearsay trial - and without formal hearing or ruling; a form of KELLY v KELLY (2007, OK Sup Court) violation to carry false claims contrary DUE PROCESS requirements for evidence in the State of Oklahoma since 1960 (Malone v Malone, OK Sup Court).

Governor Stitt cited these "Red Flag" hearsay legal actions are abuse of process and taking under color of law, and issued an executive order to bar them - but the public remains overly confident in such abuse, despite no real judicial review and refusal to comply with the legal obligations of a bona fide required judicial hearing and 22 O.S. §22-13 "Fast and Speedy Trial" including the right to call witnesses as the accused to discount false "bias and claims" never given cause on record, a violation of 5 U.S. Code §556(d) rule. The matter is a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services matter, per 5 U.S. Code §101 and Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 express and exclusive judicial delegation of sole authority in a §101 matter, so made statutory rule in 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 and in 120 page instruction duly served on State of Texas and State of Oklahoma December 20 2016 conditional approximately $2.2 billion USD grant per year for both States in-consideration - a contract enjoined UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT revision 2008, and this case per 2018 filing by Clay B. Petis, in that specific law and violation of §314 against a DEFENDANT enjoying total immunity due petitioner standing in DENTON COUNTY DISTRICT COURT case 15-06292393 themed a venue transfer of case 01-17720-R per order received and executed by DAMARCUS OFFORD, DALLAS COUNTY ASSISTANT DISTRICT COURT CLERK in 2015. Improper execution of such "venue transfer" and false trial created, and false collection by KEN PAXTON as the designated TITLE IV AGENCY of State of Texas, including failure to report and false report of the case as if still alive in DALLAS COUNTY without judicial review, constitute in May 11 2022 letter and harassment of an official nature during ORDER STAYING CASE in FR-18-04 PONTOTOC COUNTY, double collection and a double jeopardy attempt to collect a debt themed on face illegal and void (15 U.S. Code §1673) and so prohibited by 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) and §303.6(c)(5) and expressly void per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) citation of the prior 15 U.S. Code section to prohibit all such fraud.

Incapacity of the County Judicial Duty and Performance

The casual legal process is very friendly and forgiving, but it does not serve the public where a genuinely criminal or large organized and highly motivated white collar labor union fraud comes into conflict with a comptroller or gatekeeper to overwhelm their "right to work" (XXIII-1A) Constitutional Right, a crime.

The use of mental health slander and libel, observed in 1996-2022 expressly in this matter, appears wholly criminal, and Federal Civil Rights appointment of a Special Investigator is sought after the 2015-2022 trial without due process or witnesses afforded in a false hearing and illegal hold to conceal a child for extortion and ongoing fines in excess of Federal Law and limits duly set.

We don't want another Tulsa Race Massacre or Ada Hanging, but the Emmett Till Antilynching Act has been the first change in law to finally codify the 'conspiracy' and 'assumed' misgendering of persons to harm their legal rights. Ironically this is false portrayal of a heterosexual Christian as a homosexual and for child stealing (21 O.S. §21-891) with racial remarks such as "bad genes" in open court against the victim and their child, styling their Chickasaw and Native American ethnic characteristics as "inferior, effeminate, and sufficient to imply expressly long hair is a homosexual trait in biological males".

As alien as this sounds, the racism is extreme in Lewisville, Denton, Flower Mound, and Richardson Texas; where such claims have been upheld without review to support injury to a child and commercial extortion from 2001-2022 ongoing as of May 2022 incidents in explicit threats and new (2021, 2022 March 3rd) hate sites justifying the child taking and concealment.

Allged Aggravated Perjury

(see: Texas Code Title 8 Section 37.03, material facts concealed - false report of a court case to defraud and in UIFSA matter in Oklahoma and Texas done)

Despite direct claims of libel by the concealing parties for report of ORDERED POSSESSION violation, no charges were pressed by the prior District Attorney of Pontotoc County. Jurisdiction, suggesting that protection only extends to perpetrators who are in the county rather than victims living and resident in the county, appears to be the consistent claim to refuse to indict or open a case by the CITY OF ADA and PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE; fearing retaliation by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, who has sustained these claims and repeatedly destroyed reports obligated for Federal Agencies in 5 U.S. Code §101 and such act alleged §706 "fraud" evident; to maximize State of Texas taking and fear of that office in misuse of the delegated authority with illegal discretion sustained under the prior OAG Greg Abbott, now Governor of State of Texas, who ran for office on this illegal and barred unconstitutional 4th and 14th Amendment violation (586 U.S. ____ case 17-1091 oral pronouncement as bench order to the material crime of such power not granted to the Federal or State civil courts as a fine and fiduciary accounting practice barred in her explicit instruction, made record by the Court Clerk for the unanimous decision of the nine Justices).

Restitution, and the statute of limitations not starting until such missing person enters the State of Oklahoma under child snatching statutes, appear to be disclaimed in favor of a violation of the obligation to make restitution per II-6 Oklahoma Constitution and in 15 U.S. Code Section 1673 and 18 U.S. Code section 1593 rule.

Confidence granted by this abuse is themed human trafficking activity in Texas into and sustained by Oklahoma as a marketplace for forced labor then, in peonage of persons; without a rational or lawful obligated 45 CFR §302.56(f) and §303.6(c)(2) duty to review and limit illegal excessive fines.

45 CFR §303.6(c)(5) bars all discretion in this rule, as do 45 CFR §302.0 and §303.0 on the taking of the $1,500,000,000 USD grant each year in 2017-2022 by State of Oklahoma; which void all contrary State Statutory Laws per the Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244 agreement to be paid and at time of such first payment - and present action contrary those rules and any practice in the instructions of the commissioned U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244, 120 pages of rules, and 45 CFR statutory regulatory code over the State made commissioned agency and agents thereof; and to perform as the Legislature of the State a duty to make this code and laws compliant in such contract duly paid, enjoin the court to act accordingly and quickly to provide remedy certain without sale or delay (II-6, OK Const.).

Our Work in Contrast

Our projects focus on this, human trafficking prevention, and the protection of persons regardless of economic and social class or race or legal status in the dignity of living natural persons and duty to sustain such rights also in their legal person - or any alternative execute by operation of law whole default on the Oklahoma articles of incorporation: the "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906;

And thereby dissolve or allow the Sovereignty of the injured parties to separate from the United States and carry out their rights under the UNIFORM DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, a pledge signed by the United States and so prohibited perfidy, public agreement to the minimum standards of public policy owing and due such government and deliberate assembly or body at all times under the Laws of the United States and its Jurisdiction or franchise in the Federal Union and cestui qui trust made in each State and State government then subsidiary thereof: a franchise of the Federal Union and unable to exist in case of its dissolution due legal self-destruction by breach of such clause (loss of incorporation of the State of Oklahoma, and 1907 enjoined Article I section I-1 clause voiding at such time the Federal Union in such destruction - an agreement with the Congress of the United States duly ratified).

Metaphorical Explanation

Our work focuses on allowing persons to recognize these principles and to help others join us in the law; a phrase that admits the square upon which we stand is both level and correct, and the duty to measure that constantly and adjust ones self appropriately to the correct place without presumption of improper thought or vanity, a false oath in the very thought that our place is correct without examination and consideration of the Law, of others, and of the instrumentality of our acts and inaction a duty in service to our role as stewards and keepers of the temple.

At least that's how it was impressed upon me by several residents - in their lives and actions and service, and duty to judge and to exercise their suffrage and franchise for others welfare the purpose of any power to act whatsoever. They were quite older than I, and saw the last World War and covered wagons in this place. Their values were those I wished to share, which were sought to be extinguished, and our work and projects central to the preservation of those ideas in new media and environments exempt from foreign undue influence and clandestine aim.

To the rule, and to the measure. Though a Lost Boy, the darkness does not destroy what he light reveals. It merely hides if from those who do not carry the torch into darkness alone.

To go with others is easy. To let them find the wide path for all is popular. But to find the narrow door, one must go in good order or alone. And go without witness if duty be.

That the greatest makers mark of the architect of the Universe is that we leave no sign upon the work that we have passed, and no record of our person there - memento mori - the legacy is the good we do, not the attribution to that which passed.

From this a child was taken, and to this a child should always be sought and to return.

That is our project, in general. And quietly, the work continued. From father to son, mother to daughter, and all persons of good character passed, to finish the stone that rests the next makers and seekers and those who sleep. Let the world marvel at what we did, not who we are, that they will dream of building even greater things and give to the least the tools to make the most of their craft and skill.

We do this at our business without exemption or custom, or bar against gender or faith, because we grow in these things most where they are found least, save in the most vile of spirits - and we must cast our net into the Darkness and take back all so that we will leave no person lost whence our time is done and we to sleep.

Some of our competitors would call upon old words and invoke grave rites to call to arms a violent opposition to that franchise; because it is not an oath to hold one above others or to give injury without judgment and cause in the doer of the harm a duty to any for favor or admission, nor in-consideration, such price ever want or paid for the giving.

Others would have us give over everything, or see in our work only the Darkness that is their eyes upon our discretion, to think all beyond is darker still and in their image. To look into the unknown, and see the unknown - not what you wish or hope or expect to see, is the greatest genius and the only true wisdom one can afford in this life. Do not look to see yourself or your expectations. In Darkness, Against Darkness, employ the Darkest Magic - Ask. The asking is free. And when we lose the ability to keep sacred the answer for fear or trust, and look only to others to confirm what we see - all are blind, even in the Light.

Our Projects

Our projects are economical and industrial, but they also operate in those principles; to teach our audience to see, to be secure, and to reflect without prejudice or bias upon the information before them; without fear of their peers and to make observations without the delusion that they must be considerate of the findings of others to be valid in themselves.

Many cultures find that sort of thinking to be madness and delusion, that an ordinary person would have an opinion or value without an authority or the State to make him certified and honored for such power. The very idea, is to understand the seat of power resides in the idol, and not in the temple which looks to it and is its ill reflection.

To teach others to be clean place where others may pass and be seen, be holy, and be honored - is to be the temple in one's self of all knowledge that passes into it and through it.

Our company builds tools (software, C++ code, and logic systems with data solutions) that quantify the prior information and human-computer communication and interaction systems. Like the tools of a craft or trade, they are only leverage in the hands of the maker, not a substitute to their understanding and practiced application.

To build the man (or woman), requires projects. And people who are willing to join us in the law, which is to say - the good faith and good conduct of a competent effort to the rules of a deliberate assembly. If you can accept such conditions and accept others without ranking and presuming to measure them to prop up your own foundation, we would love to meet you and work with you. And if the foundation requires a little work, we would love to help. The threats to conceal that for favor of others who would sell the gifts we offer to you, and bring without an open hand - is an old world sort of business that would deny the very idea you can gain without giving to others your loyalty and your own works or the works of others in substitution.

A person may wrap themselves in that Old World Idea (bondage and debt slavery, benefit equity) or in the law. It is a choice. You may choose to be deaf, or you may sit with us and read the word together, that we understand the purpose well, and without interpretation live in good agreement.

Or you can allow the violence of the world to demand its intent, contrary the word, and live in that delusion (tyranny) until the weak are consumed and the strong hold no virtue other than gain over each other and authority without purpose or dignity other than its own its goal in all it survey.

Our projects in literature, film, photography for new media and high quality work in character and registered fiction, and development of those cultural properties; is a diverse scientific area. One we would be happy to share once the violence is over and the peace restored. Until then, one project or another at a time will have to do.

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