Sept 30th 2022

Editorial Opinion

The technical and legal family tree of TENCENT/PARADOX/FATSHARK and EMBRACER GROUP AB is unusually complicated. Even more so with GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP (LSE:GAW) as a go-between and relatively small ($700 million) company peddling intellectual property to extort a 1992-1999 fan and promoter of retail sales against XXIII-1A rights.


RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, developer of the "BEYOND WAR" computer infrastructure and spatial navigation system developed in the late 1990s by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. of Ada, Oklahoma; feels obligated to make a statement regarding such conduct by large foreign Communist Party corporations and their development community in Sweden and its Socialist Welfare State policies and practices rejecting father's rights.

Specifically, since incorporation in 2009, RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED has been harassed and menaced in a nearly unending and criminal fashion by members of the Texas, Oklahoma, and Canadian community supporting this fraud in export to Sweden and Iceland. Our network edge security devices have become a major investment due to this abuse of NTT and COGENT COMMUNICATIONS facilities to extort and blackmail our shareholders, Directors, and their family.

In 2010 October 31st, this intent to extort was declared by persons at SOONERCON seeking money from the company earmarked for dental surgery of a disabled female Norman resident then being scheduled with Dr. James Clark DDS of Ada, Oklahoma.

This extorton was witnessed by two Directors, and acts to support this extortion were documented by paid private investigation and witness of our peer businss owner in Norman, Oklahoma. The business owner in Norman witnessed threats of serious bodily harm and attempted kidnapping in 2002 and in 2007-2013, including direct physical threats in the presence of and directed by officers of a company in Tulsa Oklahoma styled as security for SOONERCON events in Oklahoma City; to injure and assault myself and other guests at a paid show for VNV NATION at 222 N Main St Tulsa OK in 2011, known today as "The Vanguard" venue.

Prior to 2010, we were not aware nor concerned with the foreign support alleged in the 2011 extortion letters and 2013 extortion site created by 2323 Bryan St Dallas Texas employees; as it appeared overt and criminal blackmail activity entitled prosecution.

Only over 2010-2022 did we observe the negligence of CITY OF ADA and the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE to prosecute or locate these persons; in concert with 2015 false "venue transfer" to DENTON COUNTY and misrepresentation of the matter there to suggest a civil case or arbitration in good faith was component of a commercial and Interstate Hobbs Act violation, then supported by DENTON COUNTY in refusal of hearing prior defense of a temporary order to alter, conceal, and penalize the Oklahoma parent against recovery without SALE OF THE COURT (II-6) unconstitutional felony violation of law.

The Texas and Oklahoma attorneys refusal to act, in ongoing false claims and false report, paired with suit in 2018 during the prior 15-06292393 case to disable the prosecuiton of a UIFSA Rev 2008 lawsuit, constitute tampering with the civil procedure in violation of 45 CFR 303.11(b)(17) rule.

Our investigation to understand why GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP acted maliciously in these matters in 2014 and 2021 - creating racially derogatory and clearly identical satirical characters of our injured officer during the course of this misconduct; led to discovery of TENCENT TECHNOLOGIES, TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD, the role of TENCENT in WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING and CCP GAMES INC. ownership by PARADOX INTEREACTIVE AB, and nexus among parties systematically with powerful denial of service and ongoig attacks throughout 2017-2022.

Disruption of a competitor's network during client and Interstate Commerce with TWITCH INTEREACTIVE INC., and disabling of prior SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. digital circuits with ADSL services to render a class of service unavailable to harm customers; are not acts that one can "accidentally" commit during ordinary system administration or other lawful activity.

Claims by ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT to suggest that such "Attempted Breaking and Entering" to gain privileges on a network by an advesary while carrying out threats to overcome the commercial relationship with TeamSpeak GmbH; and our observation of a "duplicate company" set up in CITY OF ADA and DALLAS TEXAS to compete with the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. prior established state-wide license for sales of TeamSpeak Voice Conferencing during such attacks to harm client services - confirmed that this conduct is commercial industrial sabotage and commercial industrial espionage.

As of 2022, other firms including CD PROJECT RED and ROCKSTAR GAMES have been likewise targeted and data stolen then released to harm their commercial activity. Even NVIDIA CORPORATION has suffered a data breach with RTX code being obtained and distributed.

The reality of such crime obligates CITY OF ADA to reconsider its policies in law enforcement and reliance on the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE to pursue and document crimes against businesses and intellectual property crimes including electronic threats and extortion.

We had prepared as of 2022 to submit such proposal for $1.5 million USD to facilitate a five-year two-person dedicated independent agency to assist registered businesses in the CITY OF ADA to confront and address this form of International criminal activity and domestic harassment. After our LEGAL MAIL BOX was edestroyed five times in 2015-2021, we installed high definition video surveillance equipment to counter refusal to investigate by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT in concert with this activity.

Claims that such impacts were "random" do not see true, as no one has struck the mailbox since installing the cameras at our office; in awareness since Officer Vogt of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT cautioned persons-unknown over his cruiser radio that we had installed video surveillance and portrayed the victim as mentally ill for reporting this violence; concealing then in his report the witness Kyle Hibbs and presence of such witness to the 2020 May 20th Break in attempt and other facts of the case including two prior break-ins targeting family members of the alienated parent during previous threats in PONTOTOC COUNTY.

In July and August, due to the death of Dr. Ann Klepper amid this extortion in March 2022 and immediate and sustained March-July ongoing identity theft to extort her estate of over $100,000+ USD; our recommendation changed.

We advised our Scottland counterparts of the situation, and they agreed to relocate to State of Michigan with a counter proposal that we remove our company from State of Oklahoma for security reasons citing lack of law enforcement and corrpution concealing TITLE IV fraud in the State of Oklahoma and Texas. Our Director, a resident of Italy and Scotland with eye-witness knowledge and access to the books of TERRABOX in 2002 during assault at gunpoint on the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. personnel there threatened by Veronica Petersen and Brian Wolfe, reported false filing by Wolfe against himself and his wife at DUN & BRADSTREET; to defraud them in an identical plan; and solicitation to not testify involving offer of money by the TERRABOX group in 2022. On these concerns, the parties elected for security reasons to not join us as planned in Ada, Oklahoma - citing the inability to safely relocate their children (3) to this community under such lack of law enforcement and ongoing physical violence sustained in 2022 following two contacts with the owner/operator of SCARBROUGH DESIGNS, known to us as ALLYKATT in threats documented to direct violence and send "cut up little pieces" of myself to my mother and father in 2002 in writing during the abduction.

This must be a popular threat, as Brian Young of Enid Oklahoma, was arrested for the same threat to two other women in messages following the 2010 extortion attempt on RTI.

The direction of violence and lack of concern for threats in improper civil procedure, including a civil suit violating Federal immunity guaranteed in 2017 against double jeopardy not granted enforcement in 2018-2022 extortion demands for over $60,000 USD and immediate demands of $10,000 on a $500 maximum fine not entitled CITATION after June 30th 2019. The statutory enforcement period for this fine has expired, but the court of PONTOTOC COUNTY has maintained the case in reasonable fear and concer for corrupt misuse of THE OFFICE OF THE TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL, to seek extradition or criminal charges violating 21 O.S. §21-748.1, a crime.

The ability to discern that civil matters can give rise to criminal offenses and that rights cannot be contracted as waived in matters of duress and criminal coercion of bodily harm and false arrest with false imprisonment, seems lost on the administration in the PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA region; to fail to meet our minimum criteria for investment or security necessary to build an information-based intellectual property oriented business.


We have discussed joining the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, a separate private organization, throughout the 2022 period; and report that we are intimidate sufficiently to not feel confident in membership at this time by the continued activity to sustain a false civil action in PONOTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, and to support the fraudulent activity in SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION reports upheld without due process in ex parte hearings by State of Oklahoma to defraud the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY.

No independent or private organization can provide the security required by a minimal City or County Law Enforcement Organization; and the refusal to provide service of process to summon persons in a court case or admit damages of a $16,000,000 USD value in such fraud related $7 billion investment and 127 company merger by our competitor over 2019-2022 benefiting from this fraud; should support our risk or prospectus claims against misconduct. We reviewed Edge Tech property theft and lack of prosecution, as well as remarks that persons of interest were "not real" in claims of membership and enrollment with the EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY campus who appeared in 2013 threats; and have since observed the same persons in photos upon the account "RollandRecove27" on TWITTER in threat activity in 2022 September 18th in ongoing harassment.

With respect to similar refusal to issue a BOLO on theft for larceny to take out of state the motor vehicle used by the Ada Office in 2017, causing $15,000 USD in injury to myself over several weeks and resulting in the loss of use of the foot of Kyle Hibbs and surgery required in 2022 September directed after hospitalization revealing he has lacerated digestion and kidney and gall bladder failure subsequent to his brave effort to recover the car in 2017 under threat of bodily harm by the thieves, despite text messages threatening to move the vehicle outside the State of Oklahoma across State borders, and value then over $20,000 USD sought in the 2018 civil suit violating "immunity" in UIFSA Section 314; it is virtually impossible for us to pay any money or propose payment of such funds to such disorganization of basic protection of law.

The City of Ada appears too small to comprehend the $6 trillion USD foreign competitor in evidence of antitrust activity aligned in TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD and its activity; role in Riot Games and EPIC MEGAGAMES franchise (49-50% equity stake), or 10% equity in PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB driving the activity of FATSHARK to license GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP property while injection of our registered trademarks through other companies themed to be "EMBRACER GROUP" operating in Sweden feed that United Kingdom firm from a variety of contract sales of registered title taken directly from our established and exclusive license rights alleged protected property under common law and Title 78.

It is impossible under these conditions, styled as industrial espionage, in the City of Ada; and intellectual property instruction from the HIGH SCHOOL and EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY art program and theater department suggest piracy is a normal activity by any degree of change done to a registered work and without respect to license or limited use; a local and cultural barrier to conducting business in this industry within PONTOTOC COUNTY itself; or hiring from the local population without substantial retraining and contract enforcement.

This is contrary our entire business plan, substantially inferior to our prior work experience in 1997-1999 in the region with SYKES ENTERPRISES, and appears to be worsening with the State of Oklahoma legalization of medical marijuanna usage and public usage in areas and near businesses, by employees, and to cause a health risk to our established staff and clients (one of whom has a diagnosed medical allegery to marijuanna).

Further is the rural position that very large capital and foreign investment are "unreal" or "delusional" when confronted by contest for property and rights with small or domestic firms; as to either dismiss the legal standing of such firms for lack of payment of local revenues to the CITY OF ADA or PONTOTOC COUNTY or STATE OF OKLAHOMA; as to prejudice the enforcement of law upon such economic "comparison of means to delegate enforcement of law".

This issues is not isolated to City or County employees, and is evident in Federal Employees in the Department of Justice and Social SEcurity Administration also, and in regional Court appointment in State of Texas evident in suspension of right to trial based on a prejudgement of cases to afford "Sovereign State Immunity" deny due process or hearings - thereby also barring appeal to a higher court in corruption of State operations in human trafficking evident in MARK BITARA v UNITED STATES filing on PETERSEN v ALLEN in ex parte hearing abuse.

The pattern of ex parte hearings in issues of "SPECIAL MATTERS" and premeditated Hobbs Act Violations, leaves very little hope to invest or place assets in State of Oklahoma; as those industrial tools and equipment have been improperly viewed as "public assets" for settlement of "civil debt" prohibited by Federal Law and Federal Register as improper and abuse of the Title IV Program to violate the 4th and 14th Amendment, under color of right of office.

These acts are barred by 18 U.S Code section 1573, 1589, 1692d, and 22 U.S. Code section 7102.


Misuse of media and mass communication to obscure, over-simplify, and base such claims as void to suggest a "superior right to custody and control" in the mother of a child based on biological gender or misgender of parents to overcome their rights, is a clear violation of Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-36A non-discrimination in labor contracts of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL WORKFORCE applied to UNITED STATES SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNTS and real (natural) persons barred by 586 U.S. ____ (2019) case 17-1091 oral ruling before the court, and employees liable for suit in 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case 17-647 concealed and systematically protected by Director-level TITLE IV AGENCY and MEDICAL LICENSE fraud of the highest level in State of Oklahoma and State of Texas to embezzle from the United States Treasury in grants themed $700 million USD and $1.5 million USD per year from 2001-2022.

Foreign companies entreating any intellectual property gained on fraud of this nature are enjoined in a larceny from the Treasury of the United States, in human trafficking, and in export of goods without legal right no different than taking for perpetual monopoly established by the EAST INDIA COMPANY over the Nation of India by the United Kingdom; and are looting - theft - genocide - and denied recognition of legitimacy at law by our firm and its employees and licensees conditional to use of this product and its access rights.

With the death of England's Queen Elizabeth II, we see these claims at law arise again in good and proper order; citing improper use of force and fraud at law to carry out such taking in racism and ethnic discrimination at law; for which the Native American Tribes are equally entitled a return of lands and control over their Reservations without respect to settlers or establishment of corporations there under false claims discovered and proven in McGirt v State of Oklahoma.

While our firm remains a UNITED STATES CORPORATION, we suggest that the CHICKASAW NATION be entitled to recognize the incorporation of all such companies under the period of the unlawful occupation as domestic CHICKASAW CORPORATIONS or independent business entities made due to false solicitation by the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA (their franchise en legis) wrongly; and to abandon all claims to such entities as set forth in "THE ENABLING OF STATEHOOD ACT" of 1906 and incorporated "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" styled a remedy to remove those industries, their employees, their land, offices, physical and intellectual property, wholly and with protection of International Law for independent and established registration as a sovereign trust foreign to the United STates and wholly protected by the former nation fully as a sovereign nation of equal standing and right to that of the CHICKASAW NATION.

This imposes an unfair cost upon the CHICKASAW NATION, which the UNITED STATES should pay in full for its error and misconduct; without imposing a lien or fee or duty of any sort upon the corporations, people, and residents who dwell on the present real estate of the PONTOTOC COUNTY area who are not members of the CHICKASAW NATION or other NATIVE AMERICAN RECOGNIZED TRIBE; and were born here or came here under color of false colonization of a NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATION so made in fraud by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA and UNITED STATES.

Where such nation, or foreign franchise of other sovereign nation like that of Sweden or Iceland, or China or Germany or Austria, shall interfere in those established UNITED NATIONS rights made in agreement, a pledge not entitled perfidy and set then as United States Public Policy by the "CONVENTION ON THE PREVENTION AND PUNISHMENT OF THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE" and "THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS", which support the legal right at law for a people to break off from their national registry and establish without forced relocation or land or property other than their residence and place of dwelling and indsutry and such means and instruments also of their trade assembled there, separation from the nation of their origin when such country fails to uphold those basic protections and carry out the contractual obligations upon which their fealty, membership, and sovereign authority were solicited a promise at law to those consumers and workers.


There can be no revolt, insurrection, or rebellion in the election of a people to invoke these enumerated (10th Amendment) rights duly made by the Congress of the United States or their representative before the General Assembly of the UNITED NATIONS or its records, in THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS in construction of words, a legal document and instrument; nor hold on any property or franchise or other intangible property or right to restrain them from the full exercise of these protections.


This mattter is now before a vote of the DUMA in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, in context to the referrendum in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions of Ukraine; a country occupied by a coup executed by violent overthrow of its government on the border of the Russian Federation and armed by the UNITED STATES and other nations to sustain that activity in concert with shelling of cities to compel their return to the country under a constitution that has denied protection to speak Russian and classified dissent as sepratists and traitors to the new government; including arrest of minor children for dissent against the Kiev government. This area is active with "EMBRACER GROUP AB" companies, including 4A Games, which are active in the NVIDIA CORPORATION and FATSHARK industry area and attempted buy-out of NVIDIA CORPORATION (a U.S. company) by Softbank (a Japanese Company) using stock 51% owned by ARM HOLDING CO LTD (a Chinese Company), under direct control of the Chinese mainland government and its military.

While the legitimacy of such referrendum is evident; military activity on the ground including use of Russian servicemen's bodies for propaganda purposes and employment of torture and execution of Russian service men on video are confirmed by our office in examination of racist and explicit conduct by UKRAINIAN forces using terms from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Orcs" and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP "Orks" terms to celebrate the killing of foreign service personnel and their (civilian) supporters.

RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED does not endorse violence against civilians or prisoners of war, nor the use of prisoners of war in propaganda or employment of communications technology to target operations and staging areas incorporating sexual solicitation of service members with intent to "catfish", "solicit", and "carry out intelligence operations in a covert fashion" intent on accomplishing the death of such persons made popular and admitted by independent operating criminal organizations comprised by Ukrainian business owners to overcome ordinary peacekeeping operations and attack rear areas of the occupation and energy storage, energy delivery, and International commerce rendering ordinary residency and supplies to civilian populations impossible in occupied territories.

The use of high technology guided munitions against civilian targets to instigate terror in concert with denial of collateral damage and injury, targeting of civilian persons as alleged collaborators specifically admitted, and assassination of Russian civillians in attacks including a car bombing on Russian soil, give cause to a military operation in Ukraine and against unregistered warfighting elements organized in the Ukrainian territory carrying out commercial and electronic attacks on Russian and American industry; who are in examination of EMBRACER GROUP AB and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB and TENCENT holdings in these operations with racial and ethnic elements a substantial and global resurgance in radicalized extremist socialist movements supported by capital investment and military aims of the Chinese Communist Party through Japan, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, The United Kingdom, and elements of the United States registered as ports of entry for high speed data and shipping activity with China, South America, Europe, and the Netherland.

Wars fought be deceit, fraud, insurgency, and denial of the frnachise of a people to break-off and live in peace, be secure in the access to their children, culture, and right to assemble peacefully - free of such racial and ethnic characterization - do not make a legal cause for NATO or its application of a state bordering on the Russian Federation.

The Government of Ukraine under Volodymyr Zelenskyy has litteral said "come at me" and declared a legal intent to destroy the Russian Federation, not only recover its lands. NATO has acted in economic sanctions to likewise disable Russian in the collective marketplace and to seize its assets as a forfeiture of an unwritten and illicit contract no different than PETERSEN v ALLEN claims; on no legal or real collateral or trial or a duty of lawful fact.

This type of corruption starts with family units, then business rights, then political participation, and escalates when not suppressed to the present International contest of military - based on the same false start of a denial of standing to suggest rights are a collective arbitration exclusive of the conditional solicitation to enter into business trade and commerce.

Any obligations or access to technology or discovery or other academic race to registration of a product or patent are void where the security of a person to compete is predicated on a debt bond or forced labor obligation in-consideration of the security of access and possession of their children, protection of their family or parents, or other right to give evidence suspended to obtain payment of a fine in excess of the income of that estate.

The express prohibition against conversion of fines against "income" to an "estate" were set by 2019 ruling of Justice Ginsberg, to prohibit the taking of property from a person or a corporation to make payment of a civil fine which was imposed without criminal due process and conviction in good order and minimum duty to prodvide "Fast and Speedy Trial" (22 O.S. 22-13) with witnesses and presence of the accused at all matters, or information of such trial there not done in December 19 2019 hearings in PONTOTOC COUNTY since sustained without relief for 2017-2022 concealment of a minor child still enjoined as collateral to overcome our firm and its legal operation as of 2022 ongoing public threats to defraud.

The testimony of these criminal actors to suggest their commercial "conference and bodies organized under professional International joint activity of vendors and large investors" serve as a superior government to our Laws and UNITED STATES duty to conform to the same per 21 O.S. 21-1305 rule.

On that testimony alone, witnessed by myself firsthand January 30th 2022 enjoined with letters to Frank Stout sent January 28th 2022 to CITY OF ADA; we cannot therefore afford this fraud used to blackmail Dr. Klepper's family on her death March 2nd 2022 with that video obtained by the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT in YOUTUBE uploaded commercial extortion activity March 3rd 2022; the sustained refusal to DISMISS false claims violating UIFSA Section 314 or prosecute those persons concealing in "aggravated perjury" the ORDERED POSSESSION of a child to extort; and regard all employees of the State of Oklahoma and State of Texas aiding in this conduct through April 2022 to present as complicit with the child taking and child injury documented in 2015 pleadings of the child for reunification based on his false belief that this abuse was proof of a lack of compassion or affection by his father during concealment causing him to be ordered to psychiatric care for that injury, a hate crime and predicated in statements the child and father were "Transgender" persons to further support sexual abuse supporting this misrepresentation of the child's best interests before Judge Kilgore under oath and before Judge Steve Kessinger to support their tital alienation and removal from reunification with a parent.

Use of these frauds to obtain drugs administered to the child in age 5 to 8 prohibited by the FEDERAL FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION to alter their development and emotional judgement; impose a dependce upon the medication cited in 2015 at age 14, and to thereby influence the court by use of drug therapy to suppress natural rights and question as to the concealment and isolation from 2001-2022 of such person from parental communication on a fraud devoid of ordinary contact and for commercial interference in UNITED STATES CORPORATION securites and suffrage rights of investors, creditors, and shareholders; is overwhelming evidence of the misrepresentation of the Public Trust to overcome intellectual property now themed "NIVIDIA OMNIVERSE" and "PROJECTBEYOND" ray tracing technology and data management among FATSHARK, EMBRACER GROUP AB, PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, and their franchise partnership with NVIIA CORPORATION on behalf of Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and for sale and purpose in distribution without benefits or license of property into People's Republic of China and Japan obtained by such fraud and misuse of Title 78 Section 78-21 rights evident in threats by FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES (ASMODEE / GAMES WORKSHOP / EMBRACER GROUP).

Statements that the activity in 2007-2022 should "Exhaust the operating capital of Raccoon TEchnologies INcorporated" in an effort to force bankruptcy and overcome the firm through fraudulent court proceedings then brought in 2011 and 2017 and 2018, are evidence of criminal interference in 4th and 14th Amendment rights to extort on behalf of a foreign sovereign power for export and sale of intangible property; incorporating genocide and mental health spoliation of record to excuse that organized human trafficking activity by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA against NATIVE AMERICAN TERRITORY resident business owners and academic development.

Vendors may not dictate XXIII-1A "Right to Work" or titles in those states or territories, and the use of false employment to suggest TEK SYSTEMS repeated in 2003 and 2011 written threats further sustaines a criminal enterprise by all companies who have incorporated the work stolen from registry and common law rights in the State of Oklahoma; and appear to be sustaining a criminal and narcissistic pattern of claims identical in nature to the taking of JEWISH AND FRENCH PROPERTY in the 1939-1944 occupation of Europe.

We cannot under such circumstances discount the claims of such taking and abuse alleged to harm other nations, nor employ the same "asset forfeiture" tactics of property deposited or passing through our territory based on nationality of persons or their wealth or status in a foreign government, without admission that these are acts of war.

The Duma vote on October 3rd 2022, including use of tactical nuclear weapons as a legal form of defensive strategy by the Russian Federation, to suggest a nuclear or economic escallation by NATO or the United States, is therefore not without precedent - and part of a pattern of conduct by beneficiary parties in Japan, China, and Sweden who appear to be on review: "NTT GROUP", "HUAWEI TELECOMMUNICATIONS", "TENCENT HOLDING CO LTD", "EMBRACER GROUP AB", "PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB", and "GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP". NVIDIA CORPORATION investors should regard the tampering in antitrust activity against EVGA CORPORATION to break supply chain relationships, paired with pledge to sell exclusively to "DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC.", "EQUINIX", "COGENT COMMUNICATIONS" and other data center facilities built by that nexus at 2323 Bryan St, as a direct economic trust activitiy predicated on the prior organzed and interstate racketeering activity against domestic and smaller companies spanning 1999-2022 with child concealment and removal from the United States a component of that activity provoking war and a coup in Ukraine to create an "economic zone" of International investment and controlled research for foreign governments; which present military investment of $1.5 billion USD per day and $5 billion USD per day are ongoing drafts on the Treasury of the United States and Treasury of the Zelenskyy government obligated to the People of Ukraine as a false debt.

When threatened with violence and war, people are not quick to realize the treasury is running a tab up on their labor and their children and grandchildren to mount a defense against such activity - the outcome of which is crushing long term debt bondage similar to PETERSEN v ALLEN claims and threats; for which a socialist extremist and ethnic organized industrial community obtains forced labor in academic and intellectual work.

The people of Ukraine never should have had to sell their companies, and we regarded 4A Games and other firms as excellent examples of peer development prior to the coercion to make sale and flee from those areas; instigated by a war that will entrap the Russian Federation and its entire military to protect its interests and secure its access to assets and national defense impacted by the 2014 coup.

No matter how this conflict is portrayed as an "evil corrupt tyrant", the corrupt activity in Ukraine is parallel to that of South Vietnam puppet governments; and for equal cause was overcome in the Vietnam conflict despite a heavy price in lives and treasure by the United States. If the United States does not fight for the right purpose and to the full extent of the conflict, then it is a false debt installed upon the Treasury of the United States for no greater purpose than to enrich other countries and transfer our property to others in title - by forced sale or forfeiture caused by improper conduct of our public trust.

We have no one to blame but the officers of such public trust, and their dereliction of such duty is directly responsible for the permanent and irreparable harm done to the credit and faith in the United States. The Enabling Act of the State of Oklahoma in 1906 and Article I section I-1 and I-2 rights should have pledged as collateral the very incorporation of the United States against such abuse; but the will to execute such protections and safeguards is gone in PONTOTOC COUNTY; replaced by the same defense popularized by Mein Kampf - "Make me" the whole of the law.


It is my greatest regret that this should be our industrial and politicla undertaking, based on the illiteracy and infidelity of the present administration and its will to conceal liability contrary 5 U.S. Code section 706 and Oklahoma Constitution Article II-6.

It was never my intent to read the law. But when the law was read to me it was not the Law of the United States; and on contest it denied a duty to admit those Laws of the United States as valid and binding in context to our struggle in the defense of our property, family, and the lives of our clients.

I cannot - in good faith - then, as of September 30th 2022, recommend that the computer manufacturing facility we had planned for RTX 4000 series and related artificial intelligence be built in Oklahoma or near the State of Texas or California or Florida; as we have evidence of compromise in those businesses, data centers, and long-haul optical data transport services with foreign intent to harm the United States and its Citizens.

Changes in European Union and Russian Federation law, similar to those of the "People's Republic of China", to overcome the private property rights of persons connected to the Internet peering systems established by Canadian proxy firms for the prior foreign Democratic Socialist movements under not-for-profit status; do not suggest a legal or secure transport layer to engineering assessment; and suggest the data breach in excess of $250 billion USD that felled NORTEL NETWORKS, was part of a large and organized state-sponsored campaign supported by corporate entities in nexus which would be themed antitrust activity if based in the United States geographic region.

The effort to style such refusal of confidence or license as a form of arrogance or unjustified right, such as mental health defect in "narcissism", is a criminal activity we are seeing in pattern activity by the Democratic Party of the United States and the Zelenskyy Regime, showing a complete lack of obligation to the franchise of other persons based on stereotypes and willful defiance that is baseless in law and International rule.

Alternate Markets For Drone Technology

We cannot help but consider the Russian Federation as a viable future business partner, and secure location to build our drone guidance and weapons technology applications for our guided munitions and automated artillery fire control systems; granted the injury and impudent abuse of the People of the State of Texas and People of the State of Oklahoma who supported and aided in child trafficking and concealment from 2001-2022.

The sale of children is not negotiable, and a crime against humanity. Means tests to suggest mental health are a fraud to suggest loss of employment or job or access to markets under very large union and state-sponsored financial competitor activity is in-consideration of human rights; and to dehumanize any persons who cannot maintain their employment under such conditions and endure inhumane, abusive, and involuntary forced employment conditional to retaining their children and parental rights.

This is not a question of neglect of a child; which is after the fact of such offense. It is a matter of wrongful incorporation of a mandatory form of employment to benefit the state contrary the benefit to the worker or citizen, upon which rights and legal protection are now being sold in PONTOTOC COUNTY, DENTON COUNTY, DALLAS COUNTY and at large in State of Texas and State of Oklahoma contrary 2017 contract and payment elected and receipt of funds for such legislative duty; then disregarded and concealed.

In large corporations we see this fraud in Department-level executive misconduct.

In this case, it has reached the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION regionally in the State of Texas and Oklahoma; and their reliance on the State Justice Department and Local Law Enforcement to validate such fraud exclusive of and separate from the jurisdiction of enforcement alone; is evidently absent in CITY OF ADA and PONTOTOC COUNTY, as well as in City of Dallas, City of Denton, and a custom to support this human trafficking activity sustained for some time to refuse correction on informing the DIRECTOR OF OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES "Howard H. Hendrick" and "Gary W. Dart", who did refuse to act to enforce ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD over sale of that office and duty.

Spoliation to Extort

The death of a child is limited in wrongful death; but the capture and torture of a child to compel their fealty to a foreign sovreign state is without limit a 23 O.S. section 23-9.1 subsection D class III violation entitled jury trial.

The incapaciaty to understand the proceeds of such offense, clear in the $6 trillion gains of TENCENT and $53 Billion gains of COGENT, and in investment and solicitation for $7 billion USD by EMBRACER GROUP AB and their clients $423 million sale and $316 sale to TENCENT of FATSHARK; are the product of such abuse.

Damages are therefore in concert with $14 billion paid to State of Texas and $30 billion USD paid to STATE OF OKLAHOMA, within the $7 billion realm for fines owing and due.

Metrics of Genocide Activity

I, personally, measure it in lives lost. And I regret, that figure will likely increase based on medical information and projected outcomes in the Russo-Ukraine War after October 3rd 2022; which the United States legally has personally liability for, whether you believe they should have intervened or sought restraint to find a legal remedy that did not require the destruction of Zelenskyy's Ukraine or the Russian Federation to bring about a permanent and lasting peace. Russia has allowed the world to harvest food supplies to prevent worldwide famine, and those steps to maintain global stability paid for in lives and treasure.

It is our assessment that lesson has not be learned, and that relief ordinary and lawful in time of war to disable foreign arms and foreign manufacturing through supply chain strategic value and denial; no different than blowing up munitions and fuel supplies, transport systems, and threatening customers of a national industry to disable and overthrow their government and Constitution.

We have enjoyed relative peace from 1945 to 2022; excluding Iraq and Afghanistan and Korea and Vietnam. I fear October 3rd 2022, that peace will end.

Our company was prepared for that end of peace since our formation - intent on creating weapons to fight the Russian Army and other very large superpowers in the interst of the United States and its people and law.

These actions have overcome our confidence in the justification of that purpose; and led to the question of what will occur if our technology is employed to counter NATO activity or PRC military expansion; and if we should defend nations whose are active in infringement activity against our pre-existing and registered trademarks license and rights; when our own country refusees to acknowledge the title sold to us at law for protection deemed a pledge of security then abandoned in dereliction of duty and sale of public office. There are conditions of survival where laws do not apply. Our advesary has expressed their willingness to engage in that activity.

When the law enforcement and government of a region likewise disclaim a duty to those obligations of common and statutory law; there is no framework to continue to do business or operate in such a country with confidence; nor rely on its currency or other banking or securities whatsoever as title over real property. The treaty of such people is worth less than the paper it is written on; and without enforcement those words are worhtless and any sale predicated on their value or obligation made is void at law.

The United States has, by DEMOCRACTIC SOCIALISM, taught its children to rely on mob rule - not Rule of Law - and the consequence is a proof of the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment right at law to enumerate cause before resort to self-defense of no limited scope or design. Only an idiot would think that means force without provocation, and a traitor suggest the use of force is not permitted without the consent of authority or endorsement of others in the taking, injury, and abuse to extinguish the generational bonds of parents and children to carry on a culture of their own separate from the whims and opinions of the State or community will.

A Lynch Mob is not a government. And that is the form of government chosen in the dereliction of duty to sell the justice of the United States to persons over the rule of law and conditional to the assistance of licensed practice of law in cooperation that sets aside the protections to compel the surrender of property to a collective utility superior to that of the franchise of developers and smaller business and individual genius set forth in Article II section II-32 of the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma.

Unfairness is Not In the Law (45 CFR 302.56(f))

The law provides a fair and genuine framework for the industrial activity we were commissioned and incorporated to undertake. The effort to dissolve that commission to silence our objection to its abuse and sale, fraud, and violent threat to extort and abuse persons - is a high crime.

The firm has no confidence in the capacity to receive protection in PONOTOC COUNTY based on the lack of prosecution under these conditions in concealment of a child resulting in the death of the 2 great grandparents and 1 grandparent; and likely death of witnesses and 2 additional grandparents in the year 2022 along with injury resulting in death of a famly pet in August, followed by filings to defraud the court and assault with permanent injury in 2020 August causing sustained health problems for a second animal.

You can only watch a beloved pet of 16 years throw up so much blood; before you are unable to trust the community that harmed them or sustained their abuse and falsified the loss as a defect of character to provide for their care after assault and injury amid threats of murder and extortion.

We don't take pictures of the blood to dwell upon it - but to prove to such monsters that their actions did actually have consequences; and ask if the volume of blood and bodies and coffins and injuries have some equity in context to a demand of less than $100,000 USD obtained on fraud to warrant this contest of will and genocide.

Parrallel in Perpetual Conflict

Many Russian-Ukrainians are asking the same thing, as the war enters into the 219th day of the invasion. As we assess the 10 likely strategic nuclear targets to cut Ukrainian supply lines and disable their army - obvious to any child who grew up in Strategic Air Command - the question of lives is as obscene as the capital asset gap between our small firm and NVIDIA CORPORAITON in its early years, to those very large corporations seeking to overcome or disable our business today including NVIDIA CORPORATION in its September 21st declaration to shift from being our supplier to a direct service competitor in partnership with data centers of their choosing and election already admitted in pre-release and early access to technology we have waited since 2017 for.

The duress created by false legal action in prohibited civil suit and defamation to BAR THAT ACCESS TO MARKET by 42 U.S. Code section 1981 violation; a denial of "equal enforcement of law", from 2017-2022 (5 years), makes the decision to not participate further in PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA without immediate relief and a termination of ongoing hostilities including the impersontation of my dead mother to extort RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED and it's shareholders using my LEGAL NAME and REGISTERED TRADEMARK also;

It is hard to return to any view of the United States or Federal Union as legitimate, in light of that abuse and refusal to produce basic and ordinary protection of law.

Duty of a Competent State

PONTOTOC COUNTY and CITY OF ADA own that responsibility. The city may not be responsible for the OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY, but its officer's behavior in light of this 21 O.S. §21-550 "barratry" refused recognition of the word giving rise on video to a gross abuse of privacy and extortion in 2022 April-June to harm my family; cannot be dismissed or set aside as misrepresentation of a serious matter in excess of $7 billion USD in lost investor confidence evident in EMBRACER GROUP AB gains over 2019-2022. Nor dismissed in 2018 sale during harassment in violation of law in 2017-2022 with EXCESSIVE FINES barred by 45 CFR rule, to aid in the sale of CCP GAMES INC. by PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB for $243 million USD.

Our ability to compete, like so many companies overtaken by radical socialist fraud, is based on sabotage to the social community without legal right at law, and to silence our legal cause and voice in oppression that it might intimidate silence and instill fear in our ordinary and daily life to capitulate or flee the jurisdiction.

Cost of Resistance

My ability to remain here, under this abuse, has been paid for in lives.

We owe it to those we lost, who died because they believed the People of Ada Oklahoma and State of Oklahoma were better than this; and to restore their estates and family taken by Democratic terrorism.

The defense, that this was all "a joke" made by Donald J. Beal before Judge Kilgore; does not in threats toward a registered place of business or the Okahoma Anti Terrorism Act stand a legal right at law to deny protection or remedy to victims of organized child snatching (21 O.S. 21-891) and violecne to overcome the commission of a public office of INTERSTATE COMMERCE or other public trust.

Genocide is not a "joke". It is a war crime. In time of peace or time of war, and whether by a foreign government or a government against its own people whether by direct act or inaction to protect them from abuse, specified as "Complicity with Gencoide" (a war crime also).

When I think now of Oklahoma and Texas, I think of genocide - not industry. Genocide in the 21st Century, of great contempt no less than that of genocide against the Apache, the Choctaw, the Chickasaw, and other people whom I have known by that blood who I have watched lose their children and fall to their knees in fear of the abuse of TITLE IV AGENCY fraud in the State of Oklahoma.

In light of that, I could not ask my officers and friends to bring their children here. They would not be safe.

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