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April 14 2022


+ Tencent to block access to 'unapproved' games.

+ Sony invests $1 billion in Epic Games

+ Network Abuse in Ongoing Extortion:

Malicious traffic in rotating pattern from sources linked to the present fraud to extort, damage AT&T and Sparklight Business service, and threats upon TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. and demands for money from Texas parties concealing the child to impair business in the Okalhoma State Area and recent (Apr 4 2022) release of SSN and other information to extort using assets and hosting of a Texas and Nevada corporation with nexus to CANADA and ICELAND based fraudulent domain use in active extortion demands.

Relevant questions

  • Photo is NOT of local man, despite use of local name to extort.

    Photo used in impersonation of local HALLIBURTON employee confirmed to be that of DONALD J. BEAL, DALLAS TEXAS, who took and concealed the great-nephew of COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR C. LEE ALLEN, OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD, in 2001-2022 violating ORDERED POSESSION.

    Prior suspect employers include ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and TEK SYSTEMS account manager role documented in such fraud in 2011 Sept 7 admission of intent to extort, citing there also TERRABOX as co-conspirators in this abuse to injure the child. Idenitity of party further confirmed by illegal use of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT to obtain records for extortion attempts including SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and DRIVERS LICENSE number distribution in video upon YOUTUBE, solicitation of persons, and false claims of military service and rank to extort.

    Present service appears to originate from COGENT COMMUNICATIONS client server known as direct LAN connection using and non-routable internal addresses per traceroute.

    Subject is a convicted substance abuser involved in a collission with an SUV from behind, served probation with veterans groups, and incorporated veteran issues into his active concealment of a child to intimidate the public and violate return of the child to the Oklahoma parent, whose person and father and two brothers of his father served in the United States Armed Forces - for business extortion incorporating threats of violence and false name, styled such mental health claims on assumed homosexuality of the Oklahoma parent (false) and later exploited schizophrenia organizations for additional information to incorporate in a fraud for employment and to seek disablement of recovery and all communication with the child.

    A formal complaint has been filed with the ADA CITY POLICE. Additional contact April 16 2022 in 36 counts prompted records to pull his photo from 2012 investigation for identical conduct in concert with Alicia Scarbrough and Brian Young on the same fraud and child concealment activity. Abuse began Nov 14 2021 after contact with Alicia Scarbrough at VINTANGE 22 in CITY OF ADA, and has been escalating since. Scarbrough and Young are both business owners concealing their identity to extort SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as a competitor and legitimate business refusing extortion demands and equity claims already investigated by the OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION in the prior 1990s false claims and false ownership repeated in 2013 extortion claims to obtain MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES or forfeiture of the Ada Business. Demands today exceed $40,000 violating FEDERAL LAW, to extort payment held in a civil suit outside the court and by witness intimidation to escape discovery and counter-suit of $16 million USD duly filed.

  • Are we suing the County?

    Reletively speaking - The County filed suit under the name of a party voiding their immunity, because the party sued had immunity and was already suing the first party in the same matter in another County. So wrongdoing is by the County, but the party at law is the same party; then exposed to counter-suit per State agreement, limited by the maximum amount of the contract - themed there "unlimited" damages, and so also in Title 23 Section 23-9.1 class D subsection III rule, "unlimited damages", in addition to two counter-suit claims for threat to coerce labor or incarcerate for false debt fully paid and violating a $1.5 billion USD grant subject 31 USC suit filed complaint prior with the U.S. Attorney General for process. Where the US AG fails to act, the relator may sue the STATE OF OKLAHOMA on behalf of the UNITED STATES, and for 25-30% of that amount. This suit may be taken to all other states also, and in direct course is about $11 billion USD in net damages for fraud, showing a failure of the Legislature to perform a duty.

    In the counter-suit, versus the party, the STATE shall pay the credit awarded, per the duty to return such claim sole obligation of the present law, not the party - so the STATE would be obligated to issue payment for the prior, and the County responsible for the error (Fraud) would be their delegated party per page one under U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations, a civil contract between the UNITED STATES and STATE OF OKLAHOMA; and also separately between UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS for $720,000,000 USD per year and 2017 to present principle amount.

    Since DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT CLERK "DAMARCUS OFFORD" improperly transfered the case, preventing trial in 2015-2020 and false suit was field in 2018 by PONTOTOC COUNTY employees as VERONICA PETERSEN then violating that pre-existing UIFSA section 314 immunity to suit prior and ongoing - in a pattern of refusal to comply with legal notice and EXCESSIVE FINE barred Federal Law since 2017, limiting such suit to $500 USD; and where the case was ruled and ORDERED to show the petitioner in default in Dec 2001; after which a new trial inconsistent with rule of trial was carried in fraud and double jeopardy to extort on violation of KELLY v KELLY (2007) rule, to create automatic mistrial in 2002 - no legal thing can occur or support this abuse whatsoever. More than a failure of procedure, the petitioner lied under oath and claimed to live in DALLAS COUNTY, and to have a child born in DALLAS COUNTY. Neither was true, and such fraud for a child that did not legally exist then sustained to conceal a real child taken by force and for concealment in kidnapping and to embezzle from the United States Treasure funds for that fraud over 2001-2022.

    Technically, the case has been attempted twice in DALLAS COUNTY, once in DENTON COUNTY, and once in PONTOTOC COUNTY (without jury trial) and to violate Fast and Speedy Trial, as the accuser and respondent never met at any time in a court of law nor were afforded any evidence or witnesses to the respondent - to create a TITLE IV FRAUD so entitled legal defense under Section 6, and failure to serve the correct venue violating section 3, of THE UNIFORM INTERSTATE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT (Rev 2008); the case has been tried 4 times without DUE PROCESS and twice by false practice violating Oklahoma Supreme Court minimum standards to produce mistrial and to incorporate in false Federal Record a report of a criminal conviction at law which does not exist to defraud the Federal Treasury. These are non-negotiable, and void all claims sustained against the Oklahoma Parent, per 15 USC 1673(c) and 1692d rule.

    Initially, suing the COUNTY for their action would be the option, but in this matter the County Seat is a delegated arbitrator for a STATE OF OKLAHOMA agency subject strict delegated authority only set in FEDERAL REGISTER a term of the grants, and in that capacity acting there as the delegate of the authority solely held by the UNITED STATES in misuse of the claims and Interstate enforcement by the STATE OF OKLAHOMA. However, where County resources or employee(s) did conceal the report violating relief obligated hearings in 45 CFR basic protections, thereby destroying evidence to bring suit in retaliation, the COUNTY may be liable separately and presently are representing themselves by alleging to be the petitioner in the original suit, who was in default in that suit, prior filing to renew the case under a FALSE MARRIAGE claim in knowing fraud, prohibited by TEXAS STATUTORY CODE TITLE 8 Section 37.03 eligible full application in this UIFSA case a formal defense claim, and such order not registered per no REGISTRATION HEARING, a legally void instrument. Meaning the suit is brought against the party granted jury trial, but has no ORDER to rely on in this claim to show for the suit once trial is underway - and is a nonsuit (suit based on no evidence).

    Further, Justice Ginsburg for the 9 Unanimous Supreme Court Justices have prior declared from the Bench to the Material Facts of this matter, it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, per this pronouncement. The Federal Law is very clear on these points, in 74 page instruction to stop, cease illegal actions, and comply in Dec 20 2016 notice representing the Supreme Law of the United States direct authority and delegation of formal powers in concert with the $1.5 billion Grant terms paid to STATE OF OKLAHOMA. Presumed immunity of the City, County, or State to civil suit is also void per 588 U.S. ____ (2019) case no 17-647, and to suggest no right to sue or DUE PROCESS is new offense in each count; a new claim eligible liability. Use of defamation or resort to 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 threats or claims prohibited would be further criminal activity to suppress the public right to be aware of suit and damages possible in such claims as Constitutional right to remedy and restitution, and 5 U.S.C. § 706 statutory rule to original error a duty to provide compensation to accomplish status quo ante bellum (restoration of all loss and standing and security and property prior fraud); and to assert "fraud" expressly. So such resistance to these notice and right to due process and suit is criminal should it speak to compos mentis under such evident and sustained fraud to obstruct justice.

    These offenses, in concert, would fall under the new Emmett Till Antilynching Act and conspiracy rule, and lynching any act to deny without due process and prior conviction, to punish - as prior prohibited in 21 O.S. §21-3 and §21-8. It need not require rope or death to be a National Hate Crime, to attempt to suspend that right to suit and punish or allege non compos mentis to evade a duty to protect or undertake jury trial in any case, or to intimidate a witness by serious bodily harm as I suffered in $15,000 injury w surgery.

    In short, COMES NOW JAMES ALLEN with Superior Orders for the District Court of Pontotoc County, to the material facts of their duty before the Supreme Law, on 4th and 14th Amendment matters alleged a limit of their power to fine or enforce fines by any State or Federal Civil Court. Honestly, I thought I was bringing doughnuts, but this is what I was given.

More Info:

    STATEMENT - APRIL 16 2022

    • Threat Analysis - Core Host is Start of Authority matrix; is backup name bearing commissioned hostile vessel;
      All vessels are commissioned hostile competitors under admiralty law;

      All Vessels/commissions therefore deemed COMPETITOR regardless of title by commission and tact a known VENDOR or SUPPLY for prior hostilities in unlawful interdiction activity against this firm and its employees, clients, and express threats of harm to family and vulnerable persons, a pattern in 2001-2022 ongoing established hostilities with false flag/name conduct of record.

      Concealed National Actors appear to include Netherlands and Denmark (ams / Amsterdam) and (den01 / Denmark ) citations in path traffic, correlated with WHITE WOLF PRESS / PARADOX AB regional threat/claims to extort - now showing NEXUS with COGENTCO.COM and ATLAS.COGENTCO.COM, a LOSTSERVER GROUP commissioned vessel of prior conflict to extort.

      Due to these actions to extort, 28 million users of Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway have been permanently barred from SEVEN ALPHA services and applications effecitve 4/15/2022, citing actions by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS to blackmail RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED for block storage technology and protocol technology by unlawful search and seizure efforts Nov 2021 and January 28 2022 incorporated threats April 4 2022, citing 36 more contacts 4/16/2022 in stalking activity to extort the Oklahoma based firm.

    • Use of non-routable IPs:

Human Interest

I very nearly donated this domain to the City this year, having found some new zoning and planning issues unexpectedly dropped on me in the middle of a major office plan and investment project to promote the evening hours public and high technology sector.

Had I done so, I would not be able to see the nature of the fraud now circulated by a foreign company to damage that investment in Pontotoc County, using invasion of privacy to extort my business and attempt to entrap the City employees to carry out that unlawful search and seizure. Actions that contributed to the death of my mother and an attempt to impersonate my family in a false power of attorney and securities fraud scheme. Accounts created immediately after the death of my mother appear to seek to exploit her death in a concerted attempt to overthrow her will and that of other members of my family by violation of parental custody and abuse of a child prohibited at law, and on behalf of corporations cited in prior complaint through false demands and manufacture of evidence.

These actions deeply damage not only the City of Ada, but also sought to defraud HALLIBURTON oil and impersonate their employees, other persons in City of Ada, and to instigate a $5000 USD fraud to sell false job references for kickbacks using fake names and to blackmail me for my U.S. Army military service in support of this fraud. These actions, registered in Iceland, Texas, and Florida, appear to be commercial blackmail to deny U.S. based firms in a monopoly to extinguish competition by HIPAA compliance and GDPR firms duplicating the RACKSPACE and SLICEHOST corporate research my company worked in prior to these threats, and to extinguish our registered TRADEMARK in VPN and advanced privacy through use of false identities and a mental health fraud carried since 2002 and 2011 letters of extortion on concealment of a child.

The community should therefore be advised, and respectfully desist in being misled by these claims, as their relationship hosting companies in Texas and newly discovered firms (4) suggest nexus with COGENTCO and other NTT AMERICA / NTT GROUP firms and companies cited in prior blackmail, extortion, and copyright and trademark theft stated on concealment of a child for over $80,000 USD in fraud and fraudulent conveyance for sale overseas to China and/or ICELAND and JAPAN.

These are monopoly practices to exploit the Patent and Trademark and Copyright laws of the State of Oklahoma and United States, to overcome domestic law, and to extort in systematic witness intimidation harming ordinary investment and spending in the City of Ada purposefully and to incite violence against its residents, and to overcome vulnerable and elderly members of our community and persons with physical full disability in SOCIAL SECURITY fraud formally alleged in complaint.

While this investigation is ongoing, please cooperate fully with the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT. They are aware of the fraud and convicted criminal who is impersonating a local person to extort, and has served time in probation with a military veterans group from which substantial behavioral dysfunction has led to an obsession with narcissistic abuse of military family members to extort and carry out prior emotional abuse through WIRE FRAUD and other means; in a pattern spanning 2002-2022. The party is a member of the prior LOSTSERVER group, now using a new name to evade detection in 2007-2013 extortion activity spanning 300 pages of extensive threats under the alias of a "187" name suggesting murder.

Granted the death and injury imposed due to this fraud in 2007-2022 of a family member subjected to this abuse and public defamation to conceal a child, we ask for the public cooperation in reporting any contact from this perpetrator.

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