May 3rd 2022 - GENERAL NEWS
Attack Report: We lost power in Ada on May 2nd 2022 briefly. I bet if you track what part of town, the area will correlate to the West Side of town. Our servers did not stay down - but the attacker did from 3pm to 11pm. All mass-bad-traffic is coming from the same advesary, obviously.

I hope they aren't trying to allege something from this stupid behavior. We use techno-tiger, which dynamically opens ports based on IP RANGE of a separate authenticated 4096-bit key to access services. If you are not prior authenticated, the port is closed to your IP address. If you don't know that and keep knocking it expecting to find an open port to "prove" a service exists, then you are about 20 years behind modern computer security.

After four solid years of this port-scanning SYN flood, it feels like a weenie dog humping my leg. Enough. Get off. It isn't going to find anything and now it just looks stupid. That technique proves nothing. Stop the embarrassment. It's like a woodpecker trying to penetration test a porcupine, and it is illegal activity.

It just screams "Notice me Senpai!" (SFW version) - Now scram! It's super creepy.
23 years - it really is over - go get a RealDoll™ or something. Jesus!

For more info, buy a clue about SPA vs old-school knocks.

(flips through dictionary for the appropriate non DSM-V diagnostic)

Yandere -

Someone who is clingy and jealous to their most pathological extremes, leading to criminal acts such as stalking, kidnapping, maiming, or murder (of you and/or their perceived rivals for your love).

"Yandere" is a combination of two Japanese terms: "yanderu" (to be sick), and "dere-dere" (to be lovey-dovey). The yandere is a popular character trope in anime.

This is why I am putting in more cameras (professionally contracted). This is absurd.


Central Files pulled a RESUME from 2001 regarding this, which shows claim of employment at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. after we discovered the PHONE BILL that shows it changed into the name of the suspect without permission of the company; and later complaint of falsely telling people on campus that they were 'my wife' (news to me, false).

For a 'competitor' with their own LLC, this confirms that such claims the company was 'not real' in fraud, looking for work USING THE COMPANY NAME AS THEIR OWN FORMER EMPLOYMENT HISTORY and for some very suspicious periods and claims, this conduct is 100% not acceptable.

The Oklahoma Tax Commissioned actually asked me if this person "owned" any equity in the Ada Oklahoma firm, and such claims evident in threat letters and public claims during the 2001-2022 concealment of a child. The only reason I don't nail that to a post right here is - unlike our competitor - we don't share their phone number or email or address, because we do not wish them ANY harm or public response.

I recall the boys in legal stated that in 2011 the same party claimed they did not know nor have a connection with the firm or myself, to feign stalking during commercial competition activity and physical threats in Norman, Midwest City, and Tulsa (April 2010). Such claims have been reported again in 2022 April to me concerning activity in the City of Ada, Oklahoma, by official channels of law enforcement, in what appears to be a repetitious fraud and con-artist scam.

Witnesses gave testimony April 30th 2022 of such threats and confirmed they stand prepared to go before a District Attorney or Grand Jury to support this complaint of direct stalking and prior (2002) attempted kidnapping and criminal entrapment of two Norman residents.

I would advise you stop.

May 3 2022 12:50 CDT
After the prior notice, at noon I looked outside. There was a full bag of garbage thrown in my driveway by my mailbox. Contents show it was taken from 1 block away on the corner, per a walmart shipping label inside. Contained pineapple juice (resident allergy reported, requiring I personally go out and clean it up / rebag it).

A second resident has also been receiving telephone calls he describes as 'heavy breathing' this morning, and over multiple prior days. Yesterday, harassing calls concering securities and securities fraud were received also to my office. This is not ordinary behavior - and must stop. verified as of May 3rd 2022 this is prohibited since 2008 November 13th, and a violation to the specified number and pattern of harassment ongoing periodically since Nov 7 2021, similar to "stingray" phone pinging for location. In concert with other "nuisance" abuse and property destruction (mailbox, with a vehicle - July 2021 and 4 times prior in 2015-2021) and broken windows, this activity and FOIA abuse appears designed to damage performance of Ada City Police Department and OSBI support for our business in ongoing criminal activity paired with a written $41,000 extortion demand.

1:47 pm - blocked heavy breather called back using a new number. Yup. Not sexy.

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