April 19 2022



Harassment of our foot traffic survey for the social identity product under development for evening venues and events has resulted in a decision to cancel testing in Ada.

The product is a part of the application stack for admission and security for online server applications in virtual reality and augmented reality tools. The firm was interested in testing the product at several locations on East Main Street, West Main Street, and Broadway extending to venues outside of Ada near Byng.

Like Chinese social credit systems, this would afford venue owners the opportunity to report misconduct and prevent customer abuse, increase security, and create a method of enforcement lowering police burdens for development of venues against minor offenses, with voluntary enforcement and level-based selection of service. The device system expressly would allow code compliance and assist low-capacity venues to organize event rotation maximizing their earnings within safety limits; as well as provide overflow direction in real time similar to travel applications.

When our personnel visited venues, retaliation to falsify their intent or harass them for leaving due to performance or lack of performance and without contact was abusive. We registered this as sexual harassment, based on claims, and reported two instances of direct sexual harassment against staff during the process.

The Board of Directors elected that the risk of injury or fraud against the staff for this project now exceeds acceptable norms; citing competitor activity to abuse and direct contact November 2021 and April 4 2022, to terminate the project in City of Ada as unsuitable for the trial.

Employee reports of passing empty venues and opting not to include those in the study were subject to retaliation; which is unacceptable conduct to coerce business or impair other business activity and safety of employees.

If an SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP agent does not identify a group or persons suitable for work or commercial contact, they will leave after assessing the sustainability of the customer flow for product trial offer. Agents are not looking for educational certifications or specific genres of live bands, and will not remain at programs which do not fit the Heavy Metal, Rock, or other content central to project. Likewise, drug use or sales are not equitable for work with RED CAMERA EQUIPMENT or other sensitive equipment, and the agent may opt to withhold offers to any illicit activity without prejudice or negative report, citing privacy of all persons and public access.

Site survey personnel are not obligated to remain in businesses where narcotic use is so overwhelming it may linger on their clothes or hair or person; and are free to leave if they encounter conditions like this, even in open air venues. We cannot compel our staff to expose themselves to these conditions observed in certain sites.

Effort to retaliate for that removal and direction to more suitable venues and groups during this process of site evaluation ultimately indicate previous conditions pre-pandemic are not met by the present business practices; and competitor action to harass and abuse customer relations do not obligate continuing the pilot program in the City of Ada. The pilot program was a not-for-profit trial, with no fees or costs to participants, and for research purposes only in a national product offering and voluntary participation by select venues meeting our basic standards. The project had been under development for 2 years, and is now considered closed.

No video or personal information was gathered in this survey by our office, for privacy of all customers and venues.

Use of ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT video surveillance to extort January 28 2022 in a premeditated Freedom of Information Act application was the decisive action compelling the company to end the survey - in apparent retaliation by one venue and against the registered agent's office after prior violence and theft of U.S. Mail, including shooting into the office damaging a window, and release of such video after the resulting death of the agent's family and to impersonate other members of the agent's family in extortion activity to defraud and incite violence in intereference with a witness and jury trial for $16 million counter-suit granted February 2019.

The Board of Directors of Raccoon Technologies Incorporated, overseeing the network stack application deployment, undertook the matter on behalf of the representative SDP MULTIMEDIA GROUP license owner; and voted unanimously to end service due unsafe conditions, April 16th 2022.

The firm cites 36 new contact attempts in ongoing stalking about 9pm and false use of identity to impersonate customers in extortion activity via social media, directed at specific audiences in the City of Ada area and age group to defraud.

The vote was 3-0, against further development or offers under these conditions. Directors represent alternative metro venue regions in the OKC and Edinburgh, Scotland area, as well as Ada Oklahoma.

The firm will continue to offer encrypted voice conferencing despite this conduct, due to existing customers, in concert with TeamSpeak GmbH. Video services for the planned comedy club broadcast service and music channel broadcast project are also suspended to those regional candidates until the matter is resolved.

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