Oct 5st 2022

Polycom Products Selected

POLYCOM will replace LINKSYS as our telephony vendor, following investigation of the availability of equipment for office space scheduled March 2022 expansion in City of Ada. Regional office services over SEVEN ALPHA voice systems and Certificate Based Security will create our basic VPN for telephony carrying inter-office communications planned for downtown storefront development delayed by April-May extortion threats.

The equipment is portable, and can be removed and delivered to Michigan offices if conditions in Pontotoc County continue to degrade in October-December 2022.

Budget meetings for staffing were not successful due to harassment October 4th 2022 interrupting payroll talks with other offices; due to a physical contact on Country Club Rd at 8:41 pm CDT and security incident following. This precluded attendance of the payroll meeting with foreign office and vacated hiring of limited staff for a COREL PAINTER 2022 project in the digital arts and illustration sector proposed for October 15th 2022 start date to fill two vacant license seats in the City of Ada.

I personally ordered the equipment based on local interest in the company and limited funding, citing the lack of office capabilities preclude reconsideration of hiring or other staff increases in the City of Ada; after consideration of the injury to the local patient and loss of mobility caused by prior medical malpractice evident in the Mercy Hospital ultrasound reports of internal injuries and loss of an organ function causing pain and digestive failure - falsified as emotional disorders by our local Law Enforcement and Social Security employees in welfare fraud activity.

Legally disabled persons should not be penalized due to the misconduct of city or County or State employees in a Federal TITLE IV matter, nor denied employment because of ongoing unusual and improper surveillance, unregistered improper investigation, or repeated contact to harass them prior surgery and during a terminal illness.

Polycom systems provide Skype support and touch-screen service for multiple lines, and for SIP protocol services which we are developing for voice-bridge applications with TeamSpeak GmbH commercial software license.

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