Sept 30th 2022

Relationship of Disputes

A person has to be fairly ignorant to disregard a COMMERCIAL THREAT by trying to suggest FAMILY LAW operates in a vacuum.

In this case, the abduction occurred in context to a FORMER EMPLOYEE removing a child from a PRESENT EMPLOYEE home, immediately following end of contract and to extort. Then employing false COMMERCIAL CLAIMS to disrupt and falsify peformance of a COMMERCIAL NATURE to deny work and right of ownership over a $50,000 USD credit line and $85,000 USD in assets, after taking $10,000 USD from the business (SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.) provided by Okahoma family members for travel and relocation costs, medical costs, and pledge of delivery of a child in 2001 August.

Competitors CCP GAMES INC. and ACTIVISION-BLIZZARD reached out to solicit the father to work for them. The parent was unable to do so because the first offer was fraud to export product without license under false claims in ICELAND; and the second offer was in State of California with a new company that also did not want expert equity in civil contract obligations prior made in State of Oklahoma to stand in the way of their obligation. Both offers would have removed the father from the jurisdiction, preventing resistance and demand to return the child to the home - which STATE OF TEXAS did falsify and conceal to suggest the recovery of an abducted child was not the legal claim of the parent accused of abandonment in a child-snatching act.


Since that time, Oklahoma and Texas Court Members have willfully and with prejudice, obfuscated the standing in commercial registry of the parent to damage over $95,000 USD in credit and Article XXIII-1A "Right to Work" protections, including refusal to prosecute 2002-2004 publications to extort and blackmail the parent during withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION.

Companies engaged in this fraud, like WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING on behalf of members of the child concealment group, and CCP GAMES INC. (their owner in later acquisition via Reykjavik Iceland), appeared repeatedly on RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED network security reports throughout the developing situation; supporting other evidence of direct adoption of material and claims from the Oklahoma firm after 2003 public launch of their product.

The incorporation of USER INTERFACE elements from previous insider information and limited access raised serious questions about the prior 2002 solicitaiton to hire in inferior capacity; and such works shown were not demonstrations of substantial technical sophistication to warrant serious interest under duress of a child concealment.


Prior each contact, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. did not have a substantial knowledge or concern for the groups; and in review of market products did not see or did not believe the inferior product observed represented a substantial technical challenger to the technology license of "BEYOND WAR" in its development and prior pen-and-paper game design and mechanics development.

Implementation of features specific to design insider access raised questions to examine public works and assess potential technology leaks, with market research and a 2007 effort to recruit a team to do so who were solicited to change their mission by competitors after attempting to gain stock or equity in the company over fixed and limited non-equity terms prior accepted.

This re-negotiation effort, irregardless of prior option holders and creditors, became a pattern prohibiting recruitment and actively blocked by agency of the concealing parties to harm and damage labor relations in the region and industry; supporting ongoing child concealment refused relief and modification to a change in income under such abuse and assault at gunpoint with injury to maim in 2002.

In 2003-2007, work was done prior discovery of extortion websites created to harm employment and investment by the child abudctors.

In 2007, direct threats by persons identified as abductors in the original fraud on MySpace drove the company to move to Facebook in 2009 due to violent and repeated contact with fantasies of 43A O.S. 43A-5-104 extortion (mental health fraud).

In 2009-2010, the firm invested in restarting SOONERCON, a regional convention.

In 2010 the abductors approached persons at SOONERCON and began to make demands for money with guests conditional threats to ban the company based on the child concealment, as if a civil wrongdoing - and expressly to destroy RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED commercially if this was not paid and submission to the concealment accepted contrary ORDERED POSSESSION. LAW ENFORCEMENT REFUSED TO ACT, AS IF NO ORDER EXISTED, WHILE THREATENING THE FAMILY TO PAY THE DEMANDS MADE BY THE COURT REFUSED DUE PROCESS AND MODIFICATION REQUIRED BY LAW.

In 2011-2013, the extortion moved to FACEBOOK in large organized harassment by BRIAN YOUNG of SOONERCON and DONALD BEAL of DALLAS TEXAS; who created websites for 2323 Bryan St Dallas Tx businesses to blackmail SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES.

Law enforcement, including ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and THE OFFICE OF THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY refused to act; after threatening to press charges for report of the missing child and interference with Allen to extort his ORDERED POSSESSION OF A CHILD, then still a legal right at law.

Harassment continued in 2013-2022, with threats alleging to be a WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING employee and to claim a sale for $80,000 USD to a "German" company, using a German Name and "myluv187" as the GOOGLE user account to send the threats. These threats appear to now indicate THQ NORDIC GmbH or THQ NORDIC AB as the bona fide receipient of that fraud.

This seemed hard to believe, until 2014 when actual elements suggesting the REGISTERED TRADEMARK of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. was published in new books after the TRADEMARK REGISTRATION for enforcement in Oklahoma.

The continued appearance after CEASE AND DESIST notices in GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP and WHITE WOLF PRESS, along with consistent name use of design claims falsely presented (and now proven in PRESS RELEASE DATA OBTAINED BY THE FIRM) to copy prospectus and investment specifications of the Oklahoma project, increasingly sustained concerns of willful and purposeful trademark violation with a malicious and derogatory character of publications.

Publishers of this fraud were traced to FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES, owned by a PETERSEN family member in Minnesota. VERONICA PETERSEN, the plaintif and abdcutor, alleged she came from Minnesota, and this raised further concern of a potential family connection to FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES and their clear and evident duplication of multiple intellectual property including GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP products for their own publications.

FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES claimed to cease this in conversion to a subsidiary of ASMODEE, and the trail to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP for this fraud went cold.

As harassment increased in 2017 and a false CITATION FOR CONTEMPT was filed violating the UIFSA section 3 subsection 314 rule of "immunity", as well as 45 CFR 303.6 and 302.56(f) rule; filed without a required "Factual Income" document obligated by Federal Law; as retaliation for report of the fraud and to intimidate in harassment sole LEGAL ANSWER to the 45 CFR 302.56(f) filing prior that year in 2018; the behavior of abuse exposed more obstruction to the legal criminal coercion and false trial activity in 2015-2020 ongoing at that time. Documents obtained in 2015 show that the abductors confessed to taking the child to DENTON COUNTY for concealment, and the case was mutilated by the DALLAS COUNTY clerk to void any trial while pressure to jail the parent on appearance or reunification with the child was given as legal advice if a bribe was not paid in excess of income to satisfy the court - an EXCESSIVE FINE and sale of the legal right to file CONTEMPT CITATION in recovery. On refusal to pay, the court imposed a punitive penalty removing for hearsay the POSSESSION, over objection of the Oklahoma Parent; and entered such fraud as "Agreement" falsely, in aggravated perjury then pledged no more than a 1 month stay before hearing to appeal. This was sustained for 4 years and made by construction a "permanent order" over the child contrary a "temporary order" status - refusing to hold any hearing on the matter after the filing per attorney JOHN RAGGIO.

During this time, harassment of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED employees and false threats by SOONERCON members increased; and employment was disrupted when MACH SPEED TECHNOLOGIES declared bankruptcy; then fled to Plano Texas under a new "INSPIRE TECHNLOGIES LLC" name - abandoning employees in Ada Oklahoma and cutting their pay and health benefits in a layoff process that damaged the recovery of the child. Sexual harassment at the busienss further aggravated conditions, prompting a return to iQor, where abuse continued predicated on the false civil case.

This harassment, in concert with the Alzheimer's illness and death of the child's great grandparents in 2004-2007 and 2004-2008, attempted 2008 and 2010 extortion on grounds of the child concealment; and loss of relationship due interference in employment in 2017 with $15,000 physical injury resultant causing loss of mobility from 2017-2021, during which surgery and ordinary medical care were denied to the parent - underlines the abuse of the TITLE IV AGENTS in this cause to conceal a child.

Retaliation in 2018 for report of lawful cause on Kelly v Kelly "Cross Examination" failure in DENTON COUNTY and DALLAS COUNTY, was to file suit against the parent as if a wilfull CITATION FOR FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT under these conditions and 2002-2004 and 2011 and 2013 extortion activity.

The development of product and investment, under these circumstances and in denial of access to other prior established relationships with INGRAM MICRO, TECH SYSTEMS, D&H DISTRIBUTING and wholesale vendors needed to maintain business activity and support services; paired with $30,000 levies in excess of income in 2017 and 2018 disabling business loan payments and credit; are a proof of abuse which the 2018-2022 civil suit maintained by OKDHS and OCSS under color of VERONICA PETERSEN then done; contributed to competitor gains and securities activity using the "STRYX", "BEYOND WAR", and "SANGUINE" character names sought in forfeiture.

These forfeiture demands were published in 2021 November after contact by Alicia Scarbrough in Ada, Oklahoma; naming "SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.", "RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED", and "DEEP LAYER INC." as the target of such abuse to compel "forfeiture" of the businesses and their entire intellectual property catalog for failure to pay an illegal demand (barred by 15 U.S. Code section 1673; and 45 CFR 303.6 rule).

Rather than relent, the firms involved at 2323 Bryan St in 2011 letters of extortion and their partners in Sweden and Iceland increased pressure; using the names and information in concert with a sale of CCP GAMES INC. and fast merger and stock issue to capitalize on the "false light" created by the fraud, failure to afford DUE PROCESS whatsoever, and public claims to suggest the "doubt" entered in ex parte hearing by Steven Kessinger was a proof of their false claim to abduct, conceal, and extort the Oklahoma business violating ORDERED POSSESSION in an alleged false "abandonment" claim converted to suit a maximum award ruling on a LEGALLY FALSE CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH for a child born in "Dallas County"; using DNA from the real child born in Denton County and taken from the home of the DEFENDANT in Dallas County for extortion.

In 2020, Court Records confirmed this, showing Veronica Petersen "Wholly in Default" as of December 2001; and mutilated documents to restart the case in double jeopardy in 2022 immediately after the attorney for the defendant withdrew during the loss of court communication due to the burning of his apartment building following threats by the abductors toward Kara Metzger.

Objection to this was filed, but no action taken by PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, maintaining an illegal hold on the LEGAL PERSON under fraud evident to all witnesses, and refusing to set jury trial or hearing for witnesses in the case for the DEFENDANT to sustain a perpetual hold throughout 2022 and the death of the Defendant's mother.

The companies involved, generally, have not made games that suggest they are technical competitors; but have used claims from the BEYOND WAR project to sell their products - such as collission based physics and limitless universe size; which are in evidence and actual technical examination, false on all counts.

Whether NVIDIA CORPORATION "Omniverse" products and services can deliver on the claims made remains uncertain; but they are claiming use of distributed technology that was developed in part with SLICEHOST of Witchita Kansas and Testing of technology by and for SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and Rackspace Hosting of Texas.

The move to bring this technology to market as a competitor rather than a supplier to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED, prompted a September 5 2022 inquiry to determine what relationship if any existed on intial "PROJECTBEYOND" claims made in advertisings for NVIDIA CORPORATION and the parties named, including ASMODEE and GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP.

When ASMODEE was determined to have a legal relationship to EMBRACER GROUP AB, and they to GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP, FATSHARK, and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB - with high equity stake as a party in TENCENT; this nexus of relationships among the prior threat letters and 2021 November 14th to 2022 July 27th extortion letters were correlated with claims and trademark use to show a definitive relationship and high activity during 2012-2022 with substantial securites acquisition mergers in the 2018-2022 period of false detention.

Discovery and Assessment

It has been 14 years since the company examined the CCP GAMES INC. product closely; and similar duration in time between launch and review of other products now deemed to be FATSHARK games (VERMITIDE, VERMITIDE 2). The game performance was so poor, that they were not considered to be relative to the technology being developed for RTX based solutions and distributed computing at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. for "BEYOND WAR" products.

The purchase of almost 50% of "RIOT GAMES" and "EPIC MEGAGAMES" during 2017-2021 evaluation of "TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC." by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. - was cited only in activity of TENCENT as a monopoly threat to VALVE CORPORATION and other platforms for distribution rights of BEYOND WAR and potential "unfair business practices" in any technology operating through PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA which may affect those secure network and user privacy products. The ownership of PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB raised this concern of TENCENT activity further, but discovery of TENCENT as true owner in fact (beneficial owner) of FATSHARK and its "Vermitide" products licensed by GAMES WORKSHOP did not occur until after September 21st 2022.

It was only made relevant because after observing "HIRED GUN" - by FOCUS INTERACTIVE - another GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP product license; the upcoming October release of DARKTIDE and prior poor demonstration public release trailers suggested inquiry to see if the developer had any relationship to this "mess" of intellectual property and poor quality game engine performance.

Much to our surprise, FATSHARK was in fact published first under PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB, and then purchased in 2019 and taken over fully in 2021 by TENCENT, to carry out the GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP licensed first person title "DARKTIDE".


Like so many other licensees of GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP since "Final Liberation" and "Fire Warrior", and watching other titles pulled from Steam including "Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus", we had no expectation of more than a mediocre offering that would briefly pass by like "NECROMUNDA: Underhive Wars"; and noticed in the Summer of 2022 that such titles were on sale from HUMBLE BUNDLE for 80-95% off.

We began to notice on investigation that many of the TENCENT owned titles, and EMBRACER GROUP AB titles, were being offered for 80-90% off, or incorporated into TENCENT distribution platforms as give-away products despite high ($60 USD/title) rates; raising concerns among Oklahoma vendors of a "toaster give-away" program banned by law which precludes release of products under-cost to gain user accounts or other membership, so named after banks who gave away free kitchen appliances to open accounts in the 1900s.

The total value of these give-aways in MSRP was quite high; and tax rules allow for a write-off of such "Sale price" discounts to absorb costs and advertise, which appear to be over $1+ Million USD in this case for EPIC MEGAGAMES.

This is prohibited because it undermines other resellers ability to set prices when customers are aware of a sale and prices are set below manufacturer cost for goods or services; often used to drive smaller businesses out of regional markets as the consumers relied upon for regular purchases learn to anticipate and wait for the annual or frequent discounting of high-ticket products.

We were unsure what the ownership or relationship or contract among these digital license distribution companies were, but as such goods have physical product on store shelves, the law applies as it impairs other retailers and suggests a potential antitrust activity overall.

As we looked into the sales further, we found the number of units sold at high discount were indiscriminately entered into sales figures along with present MSRP, to create a misleading prospectus of past or future expected sales to gain interest in securities among unsophisticated investors and companies who are watching only the gross units sold, not the gross receipts or earnings on cost for such propducts; identical to fraud strategies employed in State of Texas as Enron and MCI-Worldcom, and prior "Texas Savings and Loan" inflation of expected housing futures to create a lending bubble.

Other Companies Games By Comparison

We cannot and will not give detailed technical analysis or opinion on the quality of competitors games as a company; both because it aids competitors with potential insider development knowledge and directiont to market advantage and trends that SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. has developed or discovered using research and sources that are private to the firm.

The effort to compel the firm to give over its research, vendor lists, capital, future plans, or justify the right to be in business during critical market cycles release and industry announcements - amount to 4th Amendment violation in industrial espionage with illegal search and seizure not permitted by FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 or any TITLE IV AGENCY or "child support" claim to discover new assets, income, or make administrative decisions about the use or vulnerability of the firm which might be exposed to give competitors or any securities offer competitive with our own a clear and unfair advantage.

The use of the child as collateral to seek such information, make false claims of a right to investor and industrial equipment obtained under contract of investment and repayment, or to suggest a right to obtain funds prior payment of creditors in civil contract for loans and debt of ordinary and necessary use; is fraud.

It is an effort to compare a company with billions of Dollars to a start-up or small business under duress; and qualify its rights at law under the equity of competitive pay regardless of REGISTERED TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT and FRANCHISE RIGHTS, which are the central asset and beyond context of a fair assessment by the civil court to give, take, divide, or withhold conditional an EXCESSIVE FINE or other illicit act or abuse of CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Where the court does not value these things, contrary Title 78 Oklahoma Statutory Law, or dismisses their abuse without respect to real injury done by the tampering with their legal right at law to franchise free of other lien or hold or false incarceration; the capacity to carry out fair market practices is destroyed by clear criminal scheme and plan barred by Oklahoma State Law.

The effort to carry out or sustain such claims under color of law as if a negotiable, or to impair their use or right by any means, is a crime: 21 O.S. seciton 21-550 "Barratry".


The feature specifications of a game, which set it apart from other products, are protected by trade secret - both in operation as software and copyright of source code and compiled code; and in design and development stages as well as in the presentation of a confidential and limited offer of equity or credit for preview.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. remains confident its product will stand apart from other products for specific purposes, entitled a CLOSED COURT HEARING or similar limited disposition; and shall not be subject to fraudulent claims to compel their release in open court or other manner - or to TITLE IV AGENCY or AGENT - conditional to the relief from illicit and unlawful demands barred by 45 CFR 302.56(c) and 303.100(a)(3) rule.

The technology to accomplish this task is covered by trade secret, and its disclosure as a commodity component in integration to existing standards and practices use for consumer end-user platforms make risk of duplication or theft or false patent filing to block its original inventor and owner from rightful use, an established risk. The cost of filing the patents alone where TENCENT is a party in contest, and has a $6 billion war chest of assets to dispute and menace any implementation of legal record; make the award of less than $7 billion USD in damages for this obstruction of 2001-2022 commercial rights on taking and concealment of a child to extort against an original and prior-existing documented work necesary and minimal.

The incapacity of an Oklahoma Court to put this into perspective, due to the developing and rapidly growing marketplace for this product; to even dismiss the injury without a legal filing of reason or evidence of their own; over market conditions and clear competitor abuse of the DEFENDANT to obtain those works without compensation on the in-consideration removal and concealment of their child, is evident in 2018-2022 fraud.

The taking of the property registered, per Title 78, is proof of intent to cause commercial injury in use by another company; not the presence or prior income of the company to whom it is owed exclusive 78 O.S. Section 78-21 "word" use or title.

Refusal to regard the language of the Oklahoma law, in favor of other "theory of law" exclusive to other jurisdictions or foreign sovereign jurisdiction claims and customs impacting an Oklahoma based firm; make this case a clear proof of 21 O.S. 21-1305 refusal to apply the Laws of the State of Oklahoma as written to coerce and compel a simple and insignificant EXCESSIVE FINE for other rights and freedom of speech.


The abuse and contempt expressed by the parties in this fraud have damaged not only the companies involved, but the countries and all business and trade and communication from those sites. Attacks have forced RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED to wholly shut down user access from SWEDEN, NORWAY, DENMARK, PANAMA, and deny registration to all residents of those regions for breach of contract by the firms that are seizing upon these properties for export and sale, attacks upon the network of the Oklahoma firm, and in ongoing intrusion activity documented daily on our network security system to specific and unlicensed privilege gain attempts against RTI servers and channels of INTERSTATE COMMERCE to harm quality of service.

Whereby we may expect this from public and private persons in the service itself, this activity has been acute and given rise due to cultural and regional fraud to apply their laws over U.S. Civil and Constitutional Law, obligating a nation-wide ban to all persons which require a proof of citizenship and registry to bypass; with change obligated report to maintain such X.509 key access and service.

This "PRIVATE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE" appears to be a growing and global trend due to piracy and harassment fueled by this conduct; prompting even major trade news sources to suggest that the original "publc" Internet era has passed by for most of the world population due to unlawful competition and widespread use of VPN products to falsify the point of origin in connections; as well as due to forgery of source IP Addresses by the parties in this case to implicate the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE and other nations and businesses (DIGITAL OCEAN, the #1 company being used to cover up attacks in 2022 on the network of RTI), who in analysis appear to be competitors of NTT GROUP, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, SOFTBANK GROUP CORP, TENCENT, AMAZON AWS, and partners associated with COGENT and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. customer sites.

Abuse of this scale cannot be occurring without awareness of data center managers.

It is therefore themed Industrial Sabotage by RTI; and private optical links in our network segregated from COGENT and NTT and DIGITAL REALTY TRUST INC. data centers are a requirement after discovery of the EQUINIX data center D3 and D4 role in attacks from 2323 Bryan St in 2011 extortion and 2021-2022 ongoing extortion activity.

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