Feb 17 2022

I come back to pages like ADAOK after moments in the City Council remind me that the basic rules of a civil society stopped functioning a long time ago.

Originally I obtained this domain to stop scammers from setting up a malicious website, and paid the fees out of pocket. Occassionally I would write when someone hurt my pet or stole my mail, but it got to the point that if I did that every time it would be bi-monthly.

The community is changing, and today I did something I feel absolutely terrible about. I made a decision to help the security of the City of Ada despite the awful behavior, by moving to pass a question before the Ada City planning Commission that I could not rationally agree to. I did it because I believe in the Chickasaw People and the Chickasaw Nation, not because it was legal or right or prudent.

I moved because I felt it was important to someone - even though I feel it was improper - I could not act to impair the right of one of our people to the fair use of their own property and their intent to enjoy the benefits of that property and for their choice of its best use; as I would hope others regard my own property.

I fear I will regret my decision, deeply. As it is evident this is business as usual in the City of Ada, and the real issues far from the table as possible in most matters - to maintain a sense of order that has not existed for decades.

The Matter:

Comments On This Dispute

Therefore, if you do not have anything to say to me or a duty to speak and wish to speak out of turn, do not do so.

This does not excuse those charged with a duty to speak or public office to do so, or to make their contest or submit in tacit-admission doctrine to the claims and matters before the court, duly filed and pending ruling or abandonment of public office in failure to perform such relief as to suggest a complicty with Genocide and other wrongdoing not afforded the public trust per United States Treaty in this matter and material facts.


... in address to the Imperial American Congress and Imperial Coalition Network Services Division (NSD).

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