April 21 2022

Project Status

We don't normally discuss this, but there are over 50 projects on the task board, of which ADAOK.CLUB was just one. It was a pleasant one, themed good report, with a few genuine good contacts under consideration from the program slated against other industry product cycle deadlines.

Just because one project is suspended, we are not off. However, things are difficult and disclosure concerning some aspects appear necessary to address consumer apprehension.

For one, we are shipping 5800X units from AMD for BGS model system; and letters of commitment to break-off the computer manufacturing sector of the firm is pending a tax software purchase to satisfy new state requirements; prior harassment to damage prospectus development in the City of Ada.

Project Merrimack is being reviewed for automation, scheduled to launch in early April with the new comedy channel, prior to the harassment and intimidation of our staff. We are giving some thought to age and language on that programming, as exploitation of young adults by the competitor to defraud is evidently a bigger issue than we expected.

Development for RTX plaftorms is also looking at expansion and office space, to protect our privacy further by isolating all new developers from core office and manufacturing citing increased security needs after the April threats in 2022.

We have consulted with several businesses regarding these issues, and committed to upgrading security based on the threats, impersonation, and prior history of physical violence including assault at gunpoit and placement of women's photos on stolen vehicles to extort, and in theft of vehicles and recovery in 2017 resulting in permanent injury to our client during pursuit and recovery. He is likely going in for another surgery due damage to his arm, reported this morning, leading to total loss of use of the limb.

A brief (PDF) for "Artificial Intelligence" applications in our work is also referred for editorial review, prior release. We hope this answers some of the questions regarding the specific details and elements of "serious games" and "simulation" technology, which are distinct to the project and not in other competitor one-off clones made in anticipation of the public release, to dilute our trademarks, and in a pattern of fraud by ICELAND, KOREA, SWEDEN, and illegal false sale to UK and NORWEGIAN firms, as part of the child taking and concealment extortion fraud.

Due to consistent threats and copy-cat claims of product designs by COGENT COMMUNICATIONS resellers, this is getting an extra week of review to ensure no vital or protected data or methods are disclosed.

We like to think of it as "An Army Training Manual" and restricted to selective audiences for the very same reason at this time and under these conditions.

The purpose is to help familiarize investors with the specific terms and limitations and role of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as it applies to this product space and project; to remove any misrepresentation of such technology likely to arise in further competitor fraud.

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