Abuse - Vernichtung durch Arbeit

Germany called it "Extermination Through Work", the presumed appearance of inclusion and kindness while subjecting people to conditions which were inhumane, essentially slavery, and maintained by implicit threat of harm to their family or loved ones that did not represent a voluntary employment.

This is what I went through in 2003-2017 in Ada, Oklahoma. Forced labor under color of law, in deprivation of a child, and refusal to return my son if I did not participate in criminal activities to further the economy of the State of Oklahoma there in Pontotoc County.

Specifically, I was required to work over 8 hours per day or be terminated, refused the right to leave the job site (locked in) at places where I and my witnesses have been harassed and criminal entrapment attempted upon my person during threat of grave bodily harm to a partner, and the means of such harm provided by other employees (firearm) whereby I was nearly killed and bodily injury was the result of such abuse of employer-employee relationship in public retaliation for the fraud by the abuse of my child.

In one instance, contrary hiring contract, I was converted to unloading trucks and struck in the head with a box weighing about 40 lbs thrown at me. Freight of this weight was routinely thrown during unloading, despite containing glass product in integrated electronics, and damage including cracked screens obtained by customers denied warranty.

As technical support, I received and supported Android operating system calls from users, related to the material defects in the product and quality, which consisted of return-merchandise-authorization (RMA) procedures over half the time. At the same time, while taking customer calls, I and my team were tasked with physically testing RMA product returns for defects. This was done at the desk while taking calls, and simultaneously with recording customer reports, without letting callers know we were doing shipping and receiving manual labor at the same time as we were performing support like professional agents. I was not a supervisor. This was not my decision, and such objection given and overruled. My impression is that I did not do drugs so I was not considered for management at the company on that basis and due to my prior ethics and regulatory roles, never given opportunities and exploited due to the TITLE IV FRAUD against my legal person.

The prior work did not test the product for specific defect. It determined only if the tablet could turn on, connect to the WiFi and browse the Internet briefly. It consisted of no testing of hardware using tools or diagnostics other than this hands-on test and inspection for visible damage to the screen of the RMA product (returns).
After such test, products that "passed" were repackaged and sealed "as new" and sold "as new" as if factory 1st (direct from manufacturing plant) to BEST BUY USA, HOME SHOPPING NETWORK, and directly to customers via online sales - with a very high rate of returns and a limited warranty practice that required buyers to keep their paper receipt (not a bank statement of purchase) in order to receive exchange; in what amounted to a product scam barred legal practice in State of California and other regions to the best of my knowledge.

Forced Participation in Illegal Services

At such time was under duress threatening me in 2015-2020 case to sustain employment to recover my missing and exploited child, I had no way to resist or seek income other than this situation to meet EXCESSIVE FINES and threats of false incarceration made illegal in FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 Dec 20 2016 change in TITLE IV GRANTS and TITLE IV AGENCY REGULATIONS; and was compelled in forced labor thereby under threat of OKDHS abuse to do this work and in concert with fraud by STATE OF TEXAS and residents of State of Texas concealing my child.

Stacks of Tablets by my chair in my cubicle, photographed for my protection in likely future denial of this $100 million practice and bankruptcy and removal of the company then under a new incorporation in State of Texas and Plano Texas to evade the Oklahoma creditors; and in the same business to my knowledge but abandoning workers resident in City of Ada like myself who were not part of management and prepared to relocate, is a central component to the "debt bondage" and "forced labor" component of my child's concealment and my mother's later death without benefit of care due to this local activity in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, against myself and other persons.

Life under these conditions was bearable because I met someone and had a relationship and a family, until during layoffs and increasing abuse to increase these practices, I left the business in an effort to find employment that would protect my partner from sexual harassment there of her person - and found the blacklisting of my person due to the fraud and publication of false information in the concealment of my child sustained. On enforcement violating Federal Law, the stress caused my partner to suffer a nervous breakdown at which time she injured me, causing $15,000 USD in medical surgical costs and impairing my ability to move and walk from 2017-2020.

Grand Theft with Injury

During that 2017-2020 period, my car was stolen and police protection to recover it refused, despite threats to take my vehicle out of state if I resisted. Kyle Hibbs, of his own volition, and resulting in severe injuries in his pursuit of the vehicle on foot after searching and discovering it in the City of Ada concealed and being used by the thief, did detain the parties and contact me to allow recover of my stolen vehicle.

The pursuit further injured me as well, and during such time I was sued in civil court for CITATION FOR CONTEMPT in violation of UIFSA section 314, blocking my ability to carry on the 2015-2020 litigation of VERONICA PETERSEN, and in concert with theft of U.S. Mail through destruction of the U.S. Post Office box in a series of attacks coinciding with LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS in the STATE OF TEXAS case, to falsely impair SERVICE OF THE COURT and further conceal my child; for which there are no suspects as of 2022 despite one party in the first strike becoming stuck in her car in my neighbor's yard after driving into the mailbox at high speed after a 90 degree left turn on a 35 mph road.

The photo (fig 3) shows the volume of RMA returns we repackaged in days as a team waiting for testing, under such duress and conditions of forced labor enjoined the withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION of my child and false hold to suggest I was not entitled remedy due to the excessive demands placed upon us at this worksite, and pay that is lower than clerks receive today at HOBBY LOBBY for such work.

Other businesses continued to operate, but were impaired due to the hold on my natural person and time obligated to meet the demands of the court, which public defamation and extortion identical to the November 2021 to May 2022 activity that surrounded the death of Dr. Ann Klepper M.D. of Ada, Oklahoma, my mother, and for which she was unaware of the extent of coerced hard labor and activity her child was compelled to participate in due to the TITLE IV FRAUD.

Forced to Witness Abuse / Women Driven to Tears

Forced labor in other countries, where employees literally throw themselves from balconies and nets are put up to stop this practice, were conditions I witnessed in City of Ada and psychological abuse at INTERACTIVE RESPONSE TECHNOLOGIES (IRT) and iQOR job sites; including managers at the later berating elderly women (2) to the point that one broke down in tears before me and such abuse prompted me to walk off the site in protest.

Prior, I was for SYKES ENTERPRISES a department head and responsible for all of the phones and calls into and out of that business for the site, as well as the voice of PEOPLEPC and TOSHIBA AMERICA during the 1990s.

Due to the fraud and public bias in relation to such fraud, I was never granted supervision or management and persons who were recreational drug users routinely promoted to positions of management while I was present, clearly demonstrating my lack of qualifications for the role after SYKES left the building and in animosity against the former SYKES ENTERPRISES officers a policy disclosed to prohibit hiring of those persons initially offered.

Injury During Support of Family

To support my mother, I undertook overtime at those locations and used improper hearing equipment provided by the company and for durations not recommended by the manufacturer, which led me to suspect I was suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss after my U.S. Army enlistment. Army physicians passed me, but there were increasing signs of a hearing loss, and after the military and 3M earplugs use during artillery demonstrations, I was aware that had become substantial suddenly.

I was unable to verify this until 2021, when testing determined I had -20 dB loss in both ears, cited by employers in constructive termination by reducing my hours to less than 16 per week at another location following the Regional Plano TX Supervisor abusing me verbally for her discovery of EXCESSIVE TITLE IV FINES as if they were a moral defect of character during the prior forced labor and subsequent denial of employment in the City of Ada in support of the TITLE IV FRAUD and public libel to extort my income in concealment of my child.

Human Trafficking is Not Just Sex Trafficking

Human Trafficking is all around us. People who work because their spouse, or child, or parent is ill and needs the extra income, but are exploited and subjected to conditions an ordinary person would refuse to participate and justifiably leave a job.

I was subjected to human trafficking by OKDHS negligence and violation of FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, and forced to participate in a large scale fraud, for which the beneficiaries moved their industry to STATE OF TEXAS after such abuse and termination of labor force in the City of Ada, and as a result of the loss of such work and coerced silence and inferior role exploiting my college degree and 25 years of computer experience; including software engineering and web application development with database and catalog software design - jobs are limited in the City of Ada.

My family were poor, often lived on credit cards, and underwent significant hardship as a result of the demands imposed on us and loss of income caused by the forced removal and fraud to conceal my child in COMMERCIAL EXTORTION thereafter and by my competitors in false claims against my real employment and XXIII-1A right to work.

Living Under Extortion With Vulnerable Family Members

Only much later were resources shared with them, and some security established, which in contrast to serious illness and end-of-life costs is not substantial and far less than required to provide for their care. My duty was to support that with my work, and the abuse directly contributed to the conditions and hardship, and death of my mother, as well as fear and injury to my father; who in his situation is still not secure against such foreseeable costs necessary to provide for potential and predictable quality of life in the advanced age and due to medical conditions without my ongoing support and commercial activity.

Attacks on labor and the RIGHT TO WORK (XXIII-1A) and fair labor conditions and inclusion with dignity for all persons of an equal and executive class, remain the policy and the values of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and other firms I administer to develop those business lines and products I am expert in and experienced in the service of very large firms like Best Buy USA, FirstUSA, BankONE, Toshiba, Sprint, IBM Redhat Labs Inc. networks and software development, Oracle and Informix Database systems, and image development for film with firms including NEWTEK LLC, NEXT LIMIT INC., LUXOLOGY LLC, THE FOUNDRY, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH of Germany, and Internet hosting and applications with network security products on Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

Much of the work afforded teleworkers is criminal in nature, due to the 1099m nature of such projects, or exclusive to NDA agreements that prohibit all franchise and ownership of other work (ruled Unconstitutional in California, recently) - and such agreements as GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP and other firms in the intellectual property industry offer are for 1099m and even partner and affiliate agreements, virtually employment-without-pay bondage cited by many professional legal experts as immoral contracts and unsuitable and prohibiting free speech to create false advocacy and suppress criticism of products and companies to grant "title" and "name recognition authority" over the free press in paid undisclosed agency to defraud the public and especially minor audiences as customers.

All our Products

All our products are focused against this abuse, these practices, and are the result of personal experiences whereat I was compelled to physically "unload freight trucks and unload 4000 lbs of freight a night - sometimes alone - in isolation - and to be responsible like many warehouse workers for improper and unsafe pallets that would collapse on workers and product damage during such abuse and long hours whereby my connective tissue disorder became acute and pain so intense I could not walk or hold objects or use my hands after shifts performing this work", so witnessed by the 2009-2022 seated DIRECTOR OF RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES in our prior effort to survive 2003-2007.

Abuse of her person, in defamatory and inhumane verbal treatment, was what ultimately led me to cease participation in conditions that were unfit for domestic service in 2007, aided by others and to escape such abuse that was designed to keep me perpetually in a condition of household service, and such abuse concealed from the public and my person used to justify animals soiling the house in a pattern that I had witnessed as a child in abuse against my foster father and passive aggressive violence which destroyed my home and childhood; and as an adult and with my Director did there observe indications of the early physical disease that ultimately killed my mother 15 years later despite all effort to urge her to seek care, stop this abuse, and having failed to do so as my father also did.

Brain cancer is a terrible thing. It can manifest as mood changes and strange ideas and confusion of persons in emotion such as my mother yelling at me for something and then suddenly using my father's name instead of mine during this anger, which initially looked like PTSD but over time we came to recognize in concert with other behaviors a long term and high functioning compensation for irrational thoughts and behavior - which were uncommon to her character and ethics at other times - for which the public would not believe had I not documented for my own protection those behaviors in her home.

Many people are living with Alzheimer's Disease and other serious neurological disorders, and the abuse in PETERSEN v ALLEN to conceal from the public this factor, and to imply that strict behavioral distancing and rules and lack of otherwise normal relationships is solely a family matter, or to suggest that I would be subject to such behavior as heredity to carry the concealment of my child - evades the fact I was born to a 16 year old mother and 15 year old father, and sold against the parents will per their letters, to a 40 year old parent whose old age and infirmity would in the case of my mother wrongly employ myself and my spouse as domestic servants in 2003-2007 under color of helping such children, and at times and consistently treat the adults as children in her house and abuse them as she had her husband in her marriage; creating conditions that isolated and shamed her family to the extent that it created grave fear in introducing her to her grandchild and at times led to an ongoing condition of doubt in the cause for that relationship and excuses she made for this abuse of an adopted child before her extended family.

I have, therefore, been in bondage all my life - defrauded of the very existence of my biological parents by Dr. Ann Klepper to deny that Robin was "real" even, in my childhood to alienate me from my real mother (whom I remembered in separation as a child and cried for), and I am familiar with the impact of parent-child alienation personally; in addition to the abuse that is inflicted and often justified by such fraud.

The Taking

The taking, withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION, and forced work and debt bondage to gain commercial advantage over me and to impersonate my work and skill set and prior income as a perceived 'class' that controlling my child granted to the abusers, is therefore exceptionally criminal and purposeful - as the abductors know my family were 40 years my senior and I was always performing to provide for their care and welfare despite those conditions of abuse.

My father was terrible to me when I was a child, in that foster family. I did not understand why he would behave that way. He would suffer rage and migraines like my mother, and be incapable of anything but violence - which he hid like my mother from the public. Very few of my closest friends saw the abuse behind closed doors, and realized contrary to the public image, that those outward overt and extreme behaviors were hiding parental and family issues that were not normal.

However, when my father was diagnosed with brain cancer, he suffered terribly, and after the cancer was removed his entire personality changed. He became considerate and remorseful and aware of how his pain which he had suffered all his life had affected his treatment and temperament, and how I remembered it - driving me to walk the streets of Ada alone as a child to escape the conditions of that home and remain for days with other families and at friends houses. I was lucky I survived. I survived because of people who did see the abuse and took me in in Ada.

Brain cancer affects persons in this way, as it did when my mother collapsed - having delusions due to the swelling and where the cancer affected her brain of being in a different place and not understanding the people around her, and being angry that these people were in her house. This is not the first time that happened. And had I not been restrained, she might have lived. But for the TITLE IV FRAUD and public fraud still being carried today in an effort to "exterminate my people by work", contrary to the duty and the commitment and the obligations of care and availability now before my office and private practice in the trade; which are by design a component to find my replacement and train that replacement while I care for the needs of my family in their final year of life.


And by the grace of God, like so many Jews in the Concentration Camps, somehow my father survived near death experiences this Christmas 2021; likely caused by an infection that required he lose the teeth in his upper skull to get the infection that was throwing clots out into his body. He is still sick, despite having the lenses on both his eyes surgically replaced also, and that act done a life saving but temporary extension to the medical needs of a parent under substantial duress in the coming year. We plan for death every day. And there are people who are waiting eagerly for it, who will profit from it, if he should die.

So in that context, if I seem guarded - understand: I have been to the camps. I have been subjected to abuse and separation and forced to do things against my will to survive, and watched abuse of women and children and fraud to extort over 2001-2022 that make me wish I could cut out my own eyes to never remember.

The Assualt Continues in 2021-2022

And these attacks and taunts to conceal my child and abuse me to discredit my testimony are COMMERCIAL ACTS by companies would would see me forfeit or sell my book rights, my creative works, and even my name to conceal the taking, parental alienation, and identical abuse of my child - to extinguish our culture, our values, and the promise I made to Dr. Klepper's father Robert (Papa Bob) Klepper, to fight for the individual and for their dignity over the collective jus tetrii demands for gain-of-function and group productivity which harms even one person. It is a PERSONAL LAW, of a culture, behind the American Soldiers who raised me.

When you ask a soldier like Clyde Allen or Command Sergeant Major C. Lee Allen (OK National Guard) why they fight for the United States Armed Forces, they don't talk about the public trust or the debt or the economic interests of the Congress of the United States or its creditors. They fight for the dignity of the People of the world, not just the United States Citizens or Americans or the territory - because they believe in the rights described in the Constitution of the United States and its incorporated documents in Oklahoma (Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906), belong to all people and without sale or in-consideration of any thing or service, a duty.

My grandfather believed that of his people in Germany, and loathed the institution of a promise of work for substitution of the dignity of human beings made by God, entitled these rights regardless of their class or trade. When dinners were held, he was not willing to discriminate if a man were a Christian or a tradesman or a land owner or a pauper. He invited people to eat at the table he prepared, having seen the Great Depression in his lifetime - he was adamant that the first duty of his work was to see that everyone was fed, not to raise a profit at the expense that others not eat.

Now he, and everyone, was just an ordinary man - and I saw him suffer and ultimately die due to the lack of welfare and ability to care for him despite all the effort of his wife and a daughter who was a medical doctor. His daughter could have made more money if she moved to a City with her degree, but she chose to stay and practice in the City of Ada to support the people who paid for her Medical School when she and her family could not ever afford it; and to be near her family who needed her, and aware also of their history of infirmity in old age.

A Systematic Process of Genocide

The claims to conceal this "culture" and "utility of people to extinguish their dignity and their bonds with their children and family" in favor of forced labor and moving children to chase industry that will ultimately abandon and dispose of them like a part in any machine; while coercing them to do the things that industry ought not do and to their injury - is what made my mother a lifelong Democrat, and led to her contempt to please her friends in abuse of my father - a lifelong Republican. I saw the worse of both sides, and as a child I was encouraged to cheer for whatever color on the board made everyone in the room happy, until I began to ask what the Hell this was all about - in the tone of Will Rogers, a great comedian and political satirist.

As I worked in Enterprise business I began to see the problems and motivated by that acted - sometimes outside my authority and hours - to solve them where I could. This led to me being known by workers and mistaken as management until I fell upward into the role by title and crisis the one fool who would not run away from the sound of guns, as Napoleon so quaintly put it. From which I gained a reputation in my genuine office of being the only person who showed up (5 of 100+ people arrived for work) and holding hands with clients as the walls fell down (disaster, complete failure of a live Enterprise system, and recovery like a Star Trek engineer).

It sounds great, in a telling - to the point some people are insanely jealous and mistake the reality for the "fun" narrative I can use to create a teachable parable of encouragement. And in a sick mind, the desire to tear me down and debunk and fact-check my "Biblical parable" of Enterprise leadership and positive support, is evident in the bizarre letters of extortion in the concealment and abuse of my child. A pattern identical to the pharisees of Jesus time - people threatened by my position of apparent moral authority, who will be impeached in their piety and narcissism if the moral story is not destroyed by violence and denigration of the teller. Because mine is not their lesson - that protection comes with submission to the authority of the collective, and they are the elect and anointed superior authority whose endorsement is required to live or die - or to suffer or be protected from suffering.

Retaliation Against Me Is for TEK SYSTEMS Fraud

It is Biblical, and while I am aware that people lost their jobs for lying to my employer and to me, and for my work to discover and extinguish fraud, abuse, and combat practices like I saw harming the confidence and security and ability of workers who were being terrorized in fear of losing their homes, their children, and being forced to sign documents or be fired that suggested their sole fault in even the slightest word or phrase misspoken, as to make them into "living robots" for some of the companies that "retained and abused" my person after my child was abducted, concealed, and alienated from his family in Oklahoma to service a TITLE IV GRANT FRAUD and FALSE TRIAL PROCESS absent all DUE PROCESS and without evidence, a nonsuit falsely entered to condemn me for 20 years.

As the letters say, I was thrown into a hole (a pit, if you read Revelations much, metaphorically speaking), like the Beast of the Bible, a symbol of submission in the HEBREW known in accounting shorthand by the 666 number, the mark of submission in the Old Testament as a class - the slave.

And if I climb out of that pit, the people who put me there for false cause are rightly afraid for their mens rea (guilty mind) is without doubt capable of knowing what they would do and putting that on me or demanding I signal my unconditional forgiveness of them for their actions to leave me to my life and leave be the persons I live it with.

Guidance in God

I look to the Bible for some guidance, in this, and I find that this would be a false oath and an effort to have me swear that I am God - who can forgive all sins - and in some persons convictions of self-delusion that to prove the power of God so must God forgive every sinner.

My culture (PERSONAL LAW) has a different reading of this. Perhaps by the King James Version given to me by my mother, that I love so well. It suggests, God cannot be compelled to abide by the laws or whim or to the interest of Man. God is not here to serve Man. To presume that God forgives you is to presume too much, as it is to speak to the Will of God in authority as if that were beyond the reproach of the living God himself; or to do less because we presume a person is "saved" or "a sinner", also - to presume wrongly to know the will of God and withhold the kindness, dignity, and compassion at our disposal to apply for such excuse.

And since I am not God, and will not swear to such duty implied to God falsely, an oath - I would be condemned if I reserve my right to Judge, and to levy my determination by my own law and understanding of the law to the best of my ability contrary all other men a franchise reserved for me over me and for others of me, which is the franchise of no other Man or person or the State. And to apply liberally my franchise to the necessity of the protection of some against the abuse and malfeasance of others, aware in my moderation that I - too - am only human and a sinner, and I in my way also make mistakes and am fallible and capable of wrong.

Society cannot forgive you for your crimes against persons and PERSONAL LAW.

Slavery and bondage, peonage, and denigration are not a franchise afforded society to bestow or deny to suit its own purpose, a power contravening PERSONAL LAW.

THE PRICE: A False Oath For A Child

To suggest as much is to obliterate the franchise that is reserved in each person central to the United States incorporation and articles of organization, an assault on the Republican form of Government and a treason against the fundamental spirit of the law, as Galatians 3:13 cited, denying that the fact that something is written should be held superior to the authority that made the promise, superior and beyond the scope of such foresight to admit a hearing and the evidence and witnesses to discover the facts and to apply the authority of such body over the written code where it should be necessary to the franchise of a competent jury.

Evidently some people are not subscribers to this PERSONAL LAW in the United States and Texas now, as to assert some custom or practice barred as cruel and improper be applied in fraud to suppress the ordinary circumstances of an unusual family and its particularly long cultural perspective on the 1901-2022 period of the United States which such TITLE IV FRAUD suggests we wipe away in favor of a narrative suited to put the child abuser on the throne (authority) of the Father of the house, and cast down those who work as slaves to that authority and the adultery that brought it about.

This is a very old problem, in general, common with oppression and exploitation of people since Roman Law. As is the parable in the Book of Revelations, a complaint of its injustice and fear that should serve warning not to violate certain PERSONAL LAW whereby society destroys the bond between one generation and the next, extinguishes a culture, decimates a people, or by work reduces them to slavery to service a false public character whereby they are exterminated under color of civil industry - and very often in the context that such abuse is "for their best interest" as though a "minor child, of inferior emotional and academic welfare, doing harm to themselves by such resistance to a parental authority figure" - and to even imply those claims are "mental illness" to resist or object. The same arguments of BLACK CODE slavery popularized by the State of Texas in their first to resist and last to surrender effort of the Second American Government - The Confederate States of America (CSA).

Killing a DAR Member - TEXAS LAST ACT

One of my mother's ancestors fought for the CSA. He hid in a cellar, as the family story goes, surviving a massacre that was almost every major battle of the First American Civil War. Her supporters were quick to encourage this noble fantasy, as well as her conduct similar to the prior Democratic Party rhetoric and false fable used to abuse and conceal my child; a Southern Lady's excuse for the Black Boy on the Porch serving tea, as if a charitable work to save the young Nigger from himself. Such is the tone of my child's Abductors and his home life likely no different, an affront to all my family and culture in the Republican Party stand for.

And so - too - is the tone I see quite often in my forced work under those conditions, and to injury and abuse in the withholding of ORDERED POSSESSION from 2001-2022. Where, at times, as witnessed by MARK DEAVER, I was being trafficked and used against my will for promised help to recover my son, only to be injured and nearly killed. Other Directors of RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED were likewise victimized by that fraud and abuse, and stand ready to testify to that activity of a criminal and premeditated nature in Dallas Texas at 722 South Haskell Avenue.

It is from that tone of "inherent violence" and claims of a "grand jury" disclosed in November 2021 threats again and against my person and family, suggesting I be jailed for "failure to work" in concealment of my child to compel I pay an EXCESSIVE FINE to silence my testimony of TITLE IV AGENCY FRAUD; published on GOOGLE services by the abductors; and denied prosecution by the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY for claims of jurisdiction in the concealment and civil case present - that raises my concerns for the forced labor and working conditions in the City of Ada, and security of such business activity or property under such conditions now seeking to liquidate and dispose of Dr. Ann Klepper's estate by force to pay these illegal fines sustained by KEN PAXTON and STATE OF TEXAS in a false cause.

Using Child Welfare to Traffic Adults

Human trafficking is here - in Ada Oklahoma.

Whether we choose to see it for the victims affluence or in averaging their escape to support false claims of increased taking and enforcement BARRED BY THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES as a 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violation, or for benefit of small business activity it may attract to the City which carry out and benefit from such oppressed labor and poverty conditions exceeding 20% according to 2001 and 2011 census; does not justify the practice or the denial or the COMPLICITY WITH GENOCIDE that such dereliction of duty to protect by clear ruling a legal finding of FRAUD and to limit such abuse to the very real and practical factual income only, explicitly prohibiting taking during loss of employment, and in seizure of over 25% of disposable income for such claims due to the 45 CFR §303.6(c)(2) rule which prohibits enforcement against any sum that contains any amount due and not paid over 30 calendar days prior.

The rule is a protection, not entitled deviation to impose a punishment PROHIBITED BY LAW and made STATE LAW per $1.5 billion USD payment from the UNITED STATES to STATE OF OKLAHOMA each year.

Whereby, the sustained claim to diminish the industry, credit, investment, right to work, reputation, or retention of capital or in any lien on any other legal person not a party to the civil suit and against whom a judgment and in such case a "final judgment" of $500 USD only ever made or entitled case 01-17702, is law (TX Fam Code §157.261, non payment creates a judgment superior to the interim judgement by operation of law, voiding future money judgments, cumulative judgments, and any fines or liens in a case at law, by operation of law not eligible change by the States, a duty of Federal Law 45 CFR and 42 U.S. Code Section 666).

Religious Code / Religious Embezzlement

The crime for non-compliance, in excessive taking, is 18 U.S. Code §666.

It's actually ironic - and a purposeful choice of the Congress of the United States, government legislative branch of the third such American Government since the 1776 incorporation, to suggest this. The First American Government certainly did not intend it, but the Second dismissed the intent and the Third dismissed it until 1906 - when the threat of some uppity Native Americans seeking to form a State prompted them to pass as law the "Oklahoma Enabling Act" of 1906; expressly incorporating those "Declaration of Independence" and "Constitution of the United States" documents into the required principle of State of Oklahoma in 1907; and to ratify all those requirements set by (the same uppity Native Americans) in the extensive Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. One of the coolest programming documents written in 1906.

Geeky Stuff - Slightly Cool Programming Discovery

The cool part being - Article I section I-1, obligates that the Federal Union shall not exist if the State of Oklahoma is dissolved, making the dissolution of State of Oklahoma for any breach of the incorporation terms a trigger clause whereby its end of legal life as a legal thing would enjoin also the Federal Union, known as United States. So, from a programming perspective, as the State of Virginia once cited to a Legislative act that is contrary its bylaws themed a power to carry in contravention to the limitation of the powers that made it - the effort to overrule or overcome as policy such incorporated principle and construction of words and rules and remedy legally enjoined the state - would be an official act only in so much as to void the charter, and as collateral the United States "Federal Union" also be undone.

What "Operation of Law" Got to Do With It

This is where operation of law, law by construction of words obligated a bylaw or incorporation, is superior to any intent of the incorporators - a duty then made and enjoined what programmers today refer to as a "callback function", a function that references and executees another body of law automatically at end of execution. In corporate contracts, we call it "a poison pill" or "golden parachute", or "escape clause" - whereby on doing a bad thing the remedy is triggered and executed automatically so protecting the parties from any resistance or obstruction of relief and creating a worse thing that should serve as a deterrent for considering the cost-benefit-analysis to purposefully or inadvertently or by negligence or malfeasance of acts in any way, allow a bad thing to injure one party without a very clear defined consequence. In contract design, we call those consequences the "teeth" of the contract; the part that will "bite" the party who acts improperly. All Legislative acts should have "teeth" in consequence to deter violation, and unfortunately we too often rely on the separation of Justice and Civil Law to suggest the State or County will assert criminal law designed to stop such abuse, where the State or County is the perpetrator and will not prosecute itself or its employees; a Federal remedy then in Civil Law may be insufficient, and Federal Justice again a poor steward where they are motivated by self-interest and worse by political (radical Democratic Pro Human Trafficking) bias among their administration or employees - a clear and definable "RISK" obligated 8-K disclosure or PROSPECTUS citation if this were a moneyed company or issued securities or debt, which the UNITED STATES as a government body in legal person does and operates as cited by Judge Fox in prior citation of the case as a private corporation improperly and in excess of the bylaws of the United States charger, whereby it has wrongly presumed the ens legis cestui qui trust estates of the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION are a fungible commodity - and so ruled in property law in Flemming v Nestor (1960) as property as an asset class (just like Bitcoin).

Who Owns the LEGAL NAME Sued?

Flemming v Nestor (1960) ruled that the Congress of the United States, as a body, owns this "bitcoin-like" registry of securities, and is in control of its use and benefits, and all payments into this are the property of the Congress without other lien or accounting interest of the natural people who use the estates for legal license in INTERSTATE COMMERCE, a monopoly of trade established by and for the UNITED STATES to govern ordinary trade among the member States of the Federal Union. INTRASTATE COMMERCE, in comparison, is for trade solely in the State, and prohibited export, a franchise of the State Legislature duly made, and evident in contract law for firms like limited liability company (LLC) groups as pass-through business structures or elected tax status as corporations also allowed by the United States, and a form required for such election.


The process that the Democrats have set up, and sustain illegally, is to imagine an ideal and fictional model where: parents work only one job each, the job provides for all their medical insurance and support needs financially as if that were sufficient to support all the children they want, and such job is an extended "family" like the Plantation and community of serfs purchased and installed upon the job site, in the interest of industry to produce in a common commodity and to sell as a collective of plantations in collective bargaining those goods then based on mutual graft and collusion among the owners - promoting this to the workers in poverty conditions and unfit conditions that such family is the value they receive for their work which - as it turns out - can be taken away if they don't follow the rules or the direction of the persons assigned to tell them the rules or the owner who makes the rules up as needed and can change them at any time or refuse to enforce them equally.

The Reality

The reality is, most of us work 1 job and have 1 more serious and sometimes 2 small sources of income working to supplement the defects of that W2 or 1099m employment; and both parents work to pay bills and costs for even a small family - and are reliant on subsidies to pay the cost of healthcare which create by design a bondage situation with the employer for which the employer cannot possibly cover the needs of the family or workers, but is compelled to suggest it is so in order to not be run out of business by the syndicated collective bargaining across the industry for the subsidies and need to give workers an incentive to come to work for subsistence wages.

Workers who cannot produce are "moved" - forced to relocate - and usually are removed due to these conditions from their family. The State then takes over, uses this absence to suggest the parent is unfit due to the conditions of economic obligation as if a defect of character or talent, and promotes the replacement of the parent with a higher income earner selected from candidates based on political and economic ties or grants that are attached influence of the political character of such workers as influencers and authorities - changing the nature of American politics from one of equality across the class to a selected and narrow portion of persons, wherein children are the asset which is used to bargain those persons into and out of the cooperative agreement with this issue of a "commission" similar any title or honor in previous serfdom, and to suggest as we see in terrorist threats that such "commission" is a "requirement" to enjoy application or employment in a field - even where such field like computer science or theology or financial ventures do not by law require a trade union agreement or endorsement.

How Mistaking "Education" as Title Works

It is repugnant to the Constitution of the United States, and an offense against the public, to suggest I as an employer not hire a person because the State has not given them a Masters Degree or PhD in Computer Science.

After 30 years of computer science, during which time computer science degrees were non-existent and the personal computer did not exist in most homes, my business like every business can teach our employees how to use a computer and the skills they need to function - and if the computer system or similar task is too complicated to teach as a trade school or one year on-boarding level, then the design of the job is not correct or the job is an artisan job requiring mastery of substantial skills like a practical Freemason, a person who not only in name is a student of the sacred craft - a seeker - having observe it, but is in fact a person who has lived and functioned and operated in that area with success for years and with others to absorb a tremendous body of knowledge which is - like Freemasonry - a protected valuable resource not given over to the State or ever granted the franchise to limit or remove persons from that trade.

There are trades, like that of a Pediatrician or Medical Doctor, or in certification of work like a clinical psychologist for the court or the health industry, that the industry itself can require and must enjoy a standard which does obligate schools and preliminary supervision to practice on persons - as injury or grave abuse may occur. Chemistry is one good example, where there is a danger and the science is not practical or something easily accessible to train or teach.

But where we begin to restrict "computer science" and use of "computer industry experience" to persons - is absurdity.

Bondage on False State Title (21 O.S. 21-8)

And that is where the bondage and peonage and fraud in the withholding of Magnus Vincent Allen from his father, in violation of a court order for 20 years, and to gain control over the technology, works, and creative franchise of property arising from such work and the estate of the family adopting his father and to extort them and impair their good investment in the education of his father and public good will, to the extent of issuing false PROSPECTUS to harm corporations of the UNITED STATES to carry that fraud; is so far beyond the norm and has impact due to the TITLE IV FRAUD upon which the fraud is predicated, that it is a global fraud impairing the ordinary operation of TRADE and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS due to the parties invoked and scope of the formal and organized registries of names and numbers themed use as a "monopoly" to overcome the business and industry of the City of Ada, and impair its workers access to and credit and investment to create a job site for a community, and to develop as part of the economic mission of that business and its incorporators their interest in the return on investment in the opportunity and the franchise of that work to aid and promote the good character and good will of people who live in that community and its values and dignity - employing taking and concealment of a child as collateral to do so and for the benefit of the City of Dallas, City of Ann Arbor, and other Cities in which server products and employees of the competitor and sponsor nations are invested and who in franchise the foreign sovereign national governments are actual 23% equity owners of the corporation that is the primary beneficiary in such fraud.

Title Gives Way to Federal HATE CRIME

These acts, in such tone, in such character, and to such foreign sovereign governments support and endorsement and hosting of HATE CRIME sites as a government authorized franchise and by their officers, in United States Commerce and jurisdiction into the INTERSTATE COMMERCE franchise of the UNITED STATES, make the statements to abuse the XXIII-1A right to work of JAMES ALLEN in the taking of his son, exceptional criminal conduct of a national character and complicity or the overt act an international offense themed Genocide under color of commercial technology monopoly activity and an effort to install that foreign monopoly into the State of Oklahoma and to overcome three (3) businesses established to resist that foreign theology to extinguish them and denigrate their founders, employees, officers, and assets to destroy utterly a community and culture of the State of Oklahoma and Indian Territory in a manner not unlike the abuse cited in the coercion to impose the Treaty of Pontotoc Creek on the Chickasaw Nation.

Ignoring the Record Destroyed This Case

For this reason, like a Beast from the pit, we intend to resist those illegal actions and give answer not proven false citing EXCESSIVE FINES in concert with overt confession of TITLE IV FRAUD whereby exceptional restitution not limited to establishment of a new foreign sovereign trust of national character, in light of the fraud and false name of birth in DECEMBER 2001 ORDER asserting all such claims in case 01-17702 are by and for a legal person (ens legis) born in DALLAS COUNTY who is in fact represented in the case by genetic material of a natural person and child born on the same day in fact in DENTON COUNTY, known to be the son of James Allen, and thus such false character alleged to be the child of JAMES ALLEN in DALLAS COUNTY and found by order to be the child of JAMES ALLEN, is not a child nor a natural person, but in fact it is asserted to be an illegal estate created by the DALLAS COUNTY DISTRICT COURT to file a false lien on JAMES ALLEN and abuse his XXIII-1A Rights.

Creation of an "Unnatural Child" Ens Legis

As the legal unnatural child has existed for 20 years without challenge afforded Judicial Review obligated in 22 O.S. §22-13 and 45 CFR; it is the property of James Allen, a natural person against whom the DNA used to assume it to be his child was made record by fraud of the DNA of his natural son born in DENTON COUNTY, and it is his child by proof of deemed fact by Dee Miller, entitled a character upon maturity of a "Sovereign National Trust Recognized by the United States" and "To be at peace with and a recognized legal entity entitled is franchise and all rights of a nation" even where that land is the physical province of the People to whom it adheres and was born upon them, as the ORDER shows, the Respondent gave birth to this child - and JAMES ALLEN was the Respondent of the case.

What the record likely intended but did not make journal entry, was the Non-Movant gave birth, in their finding, to a child that the Court believed due fraud to be born in DALLAS COUNTY because the mother falsified her address to be DALLAS COUNTY and the father in foreign residence and registered home of the Child born to him naturally was also DALLAS COUNTY.

But as a legal thing of record, the moment this child of DALLAS COUNTY subject to suit 01-17702 was filed as being the child in DENTON COUNTY recorded born, a TITLE IV FRAUD was committed.

Biblical Incompetence In Record

The incompetence evident is so extreme in the record, and so improper, to be laughable and terrible - and impossible to believe without reading the factual ORDER allowed to stand without correction by the State for 20 years, and concealed in shame from the public to carry a fraud.

Professional writers don't use plot devices this complex, because their audience would not believe them. God, on the other hand, is a terrible author, and his books are full of contradictions and plot holes, and bizarre impossible things - which is why they call it the mystery in Revelations.

A Competent Court, which must rely and does rely on the record, cannot refuse to then admit this oddity, of an unnatural person made by product of the obstinance of the STATE OF TEXAS and its Attorney General for 20 years, and used to embezzle funds under the lawful cause of a nonsuit for abandonment in a child taking confessed in 2011 to be fraud, and for commercial purpose of a foreign sovereign government acting in commercial franchise to overcome an older Oklahoma business competitor.

Making and Unmaking A Legal Thing

And it is suggested, being a creature of the court (ens legis) made there and not unmade like the Cherokee Reservation of McGirt v State of Oklahoma; that this is a Sovereign Nation and Perpetual Trust of foreign character abandoned by the United States in its negligence of the law to protect it for 20 years; and claimed wholly as salvage by Admiralty Law and custom, by James Allen - and may it be in this a Fourth America in the series of governments made and commissioned by the People and for the People; and in the interest of the welfare and the rights thereof above its creditors (Third American Government: PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN the largest financial beneficial owns of the non-domestic debt, and all domestic debt and franchises collateral to that only in fact); that it be fair to assume the promise of a Republican form of Government and PERSONAL LAW in the survivors of the genocide activities and forced labor and debt bondage attempted by those ill meaning creditors to impose their system of convictions, values, and laws upon the People of the United States wrongly, shall in this institution be afforded the necessary rebuttal.

None of this nuance is necessary to a formation of a government or the election of national character, and is already signed in agreement not afforded perfidy by the United States on behalf of the Federal Union of the United States in the United Nations registry of agreements, THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. While not a treaty entitled binding law and themed Supreme Law automatically, the agreement is not something that the United States can disclaim as less than a legal waiver to proceed with this franchise of national organization by the People, without their consent, and for such purpose also a remedy triggered by the child concealment for 17 years and alleged export of the child to a foreign jurisdiction for concealment, in The Enabling Act of 1906, a Federal Law wholly the basis of the incorporation and ratification of Statehood of the State of Oklahoma.

Countries Obligtions Falter

Were the State or United States or any member of the Federal Union to object or deny this right; it would unmake the franchise of the State of Oklahoma, and trigger in the recursive function therein the I-1 rule to void the Federal Union, upon which all States are made from lesser national character themed territories or protectorates not afforded their own government nor other Sovereign claims at law; and automatically.

A nation is based upon the land it has to claim its place in the world. It is written in the laws of Man this is a requirement, whereby no new nations can come about without the destruction or reduction of others, as we see in LUHANSK PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC and DONETSK PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC now at war and allies of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. Each of these entities in citation here is a legal person in character a government, not a nation; and the land in which they occupy disputed with UKRAINE, a government; for its incursion on their borders.

The Rebuilding of the Abandoned Temple

The Temple, as the Masonic custom would say, is representational of the spirit, and the parables of the keeping of the temple are parables of the keeping of the self as an individual.

The legal person into which this fraud and concealment has been done, in a child born in DALLAS COUNTY, is a temple in national character, by declaration of the salvage and the loss of other character by abandonment by its making wholly now a new province and in that image, the national character and its province the People who adhere to its faith, the very body of that nation, as the Followers of Christ were the body of the Church, a nation without land made by God into which a Kingdom was ascribed and a promise of admission; the dignity and the compassion without sale or duty the civil honor of all who dwell, and to keep better that temple that is every person who ascribe themselves to that national character - a right by law to be both a Citizen of the nations of registry in most countries and of another nation elected and so made without loss of standing.

People's Republic of China (PRC) and their government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), do not afford that right to their Chinese Citizenship; and to do so is a crime, as it suggests there is a way other than the collective bargaining of their "plantation" and its rules made by collective agreement to overcome the minority, the individual, and the persecuted. To style those as "mentally invalid" and borrow terms from the United States insurance and medical codes used for borrowing and International credit surety, "mentally ill" to impeach and disable those vessels who organize or resist their authority, or speak against them or hold ideals similar to the Republic of China (ROC), who still live in exile and fear of invasion and forced inclusion.

Clearly, the proposed FOURTH AMERICA, where such people are themselves the very body of the nation without respect to their place in the world and always, is a foreign idea and repugnant to the Communist concept of "mental health", and alien also to their allies in the Nation of Japan and other countries who still adhere to the "Elements of the Philosophy of Right" (1820, G.W.F. Hegel); the antithesis of family of ALLEN and his people in its claims of collective authority to overcome the franchise of individuals in thinking and expression and other enumerated and protected rights incorporated by the Witherspoon teachings of Princeton for which his family business Witherspoon Finance was so named and held in trust.

Present United States Government Limitations

The THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT defines itself by borders, disclaiming the duty of a free people to render aid and protection, support, and protection to people for-profit and to sustain improper credit which has made it a slave to other nations against service and property and labor generally enumerated as "THE UNITED STATES LABOR FORCE" and such equity falsified as mandatory and reliable product, earnings, and futures - against which its agency has no legal right or authority to compel;

It has by fraud begun to compel those persons who will not voluntarily participate or participate under coercion to be forcibly enrolled in a pattern of TITLE IV FRAUD in the incompetent or criminal accounts and registry of its books, to commit securities fraud.

High Crimes

These are high crimes, to make such claims to suppress the franchise of the People in favor of foreign borrowing and a false report of defect to install by threat of false incarceration a "forced labor" and BLACK CODE asset seizure explicitly barred by the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES, and such body itself not without sin in a long history of defending slavery and human bondage which instigated on prior negligence the First American Civil War. Bringing us back, at last, to Charlyce Ann Klepper's ancestor, and generations later - her adoption of a baby against the will of its mother to extinguish its relationship as a child of her own for her use; for the endorsement of others; and without remorse in injury to the people around her for similar endorsement for the friends she had who did not see the injury for what it was or know that home behind those doors.

This is a very long and prior done offense; and an abuse which is so severe as to be recorded in the religious text of the jealousy of a Prodigal Son, Luke 15:11-23. Of a child lost, of revival, and of the need to bring to the People a nation, when a nation cannot restore to its People the dignity and full faith and credit invested as first lien upon such national character - owing and due before any second creditor or foreign prince or state.

Not because some insane rambling man or woman are so callous and small minded that their imagination stretches only to suggest the injured party wishes for the injury to be undone contrary the irreparable harm, and that allegation ex post facto applied to assume there was defect of mind prior to warrant the doing of the injury; a fraud.

But because the Court nor the State nor the sinners or any pious man should know the mind of God, or the extent of the great mystery as Revelations reveals is a thing but is not given over to us prior that moment as we are in the audience before those events, and cannot be other than cursed of mind to presume to know such thing as the will of the living God - or to know the mind of our fellows either, were we not to ask them - and in good faith and observation solely then so rely and only in so much as we are "self aware" to recognize, "This is our perception of them, not who they are."

It is our franchise to act on that, in a free society.

Claims verus Actions - Franchise

It is not, as the fraud assumes, our franchise to make claims AS LEGAL FACT to those assumptions; and to do so confesses there in "magical knowledge" a sickness of the mind that has overtaken half the world; and is false doctrine and an assault on the very nature of the individual in their person and dignity, for which FOURTH AMERICA as its institution and for such cause in majority of its traumatic origin, reject wholly and completely from the American culture and all doctrine in its presumption of a right to resist such abuse, coercion, taking, and theme such claims of the monopoly of authority to subordinate the individual in this abuse a treason against the human race.

The unhappy side of this is the presumption that such position disbars the myth that persons who are held in bondage are free to leave their nation and come to live in the protection of a land where those abuses are lesser.

The reality is that for the human race to be free, then the THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT and its insolvency must be admitted to be a default to the first estate - the dignity of its people and the faith in their character and franchise; not to the second estate - the debt it has created and manufactured and quantified and manipulated to gain favor with foreign countries over 200 years.

Any liens owed to the second estate, are disbarred as in Jubillee and have no bond over any person, place, or district or natural or legal people; where they have violated and come due to a party entitled restitution in the first estate.

This crude representation of the mechanical obligation of the THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT to give way this fraud and admit that it has a prior lien unpaid and superior, is as to the Galatians 3:13 citation of the Tree upon all who hang are cursed, attributed to the written law. It is PERSONAL LAW and jus non-scriptum that the act seeks in TITLE IV FRAUD to obliterate, like killing 1000 men in the night quickly, and like that errand the task is not accomplished if one of them awaken and sound the alarm. That is, take action and initiative without the authority to first instruct him to the defense of his kin and community.


The advent of a FOURTH AMERICA does not displace the THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, as it is not necessary to contest land or territory to possess the rights of the first estate or assert their authority as the maker of the promise for which that which was written was always and only intended to sustain, and in that any imperfection by the guarantor of that promise to record the living will of a party in promise predicated upon the incorporation and adherence to a new nation, may for cause give correction or clarification or withdraw from such pretext when abuse is evident and ancient law has been violated (Enabling of Statehood Act and rider agreements incorporated formally).

It is not enough to say, your time in doing this could and should have been spent to the direction of the industry or labor sought by the steward of the law, to correct the author in their intent to a recourse of their own design and interest. The very suggestion is treason and repugnant to the PERSONAL LAW under which the solicitation to be a participant was uttered and tendered; and to suggest it is a legal obligation or fact then owing and due contrary that ancient law and SCOTUS findings also, is to sedition and rebellion an uprising of the THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT against its incorporators and Oklahoma Constitution Article I section I-1.

Labor laws, like welfare, health, and public safety, are made with a presumption of simple and ordinary facts - of good will on the part of the majority and officers overseeing them - and incorpoated in a set of prior jus non-scriptum cultural values and convictions, which lacking those cannot be applied boldly or without hearing to examine the foot in which the matter rests is one of simple civil contract or a serious offense against the rights of persons which is criminal and superior law to the presumed authority of a court denied by SCOTUS and those acts, specifically, where they reach beyond the powers granted, 4th and 14th AMENDMENT violations which where sustained for such extent and to conceal organized syndicated national industrial fraud like that observed in City of Ada and Plano Texas its escape, to include human trafficking, and the prostration of labor to service this abuse and through withholding of their children for terms to extinguish the culture, PERSONAL LAWS, and heritage of such persons in perpetuity; are not protected by civil authority or from relief obligated a competent sovereign.

Where such abuse becomes by design multi-generational, and where communities rise up to support such fraud openly and with violence prohibited in the 18 U.S. Code §249 amended Emmett Till Antilynching Act; to require special new laws to re-affirm the prior 4 U.S. Code §4 misprision of a felony by officers and evasion of duty; then the right to make objection to the declaration of a separation from such government and body is not only unjust, but a form of bondage in its own failure to end a dispute for 20 years and conceal further the matter from the public for fraudulent self-interest.

Jonah On the Beach

I was forced to work, on threat of never seeing my child again, in the City of Ada, Oklahoma - in human trafficking carried out by the OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES in violation of law, and under color of a TITLE IV AGENCY; a child sold into bondage, and a child from me taken in bondage and as collateral also in false pledge of ORDERED POSSESSION also a fraud.

In that standing, and with respect to overwhelming confession, and with the clear conscience of the death of those persons who harmed me, and for whom I have been working to protect due to their own illness and vulnerability, despite their peers knowledge of this abuse and effort to conceal it criminally, and in subsequent fraud a clear embezzlement from the TITLE IV program by the State and employees of the Federal Government to carry out a fraud and sustain such false EXCESSIVE FINE to overcome the property and industry of my lifetime; to injure and abuse witnesses also, and deny all due process and habeas corpus;

I can so assert that a FOURTH AMERICAN GOVERNMENT is founded in these principles of resistance to such abuse and a gross misuse of the credit of the United States and Federal Union, for which independence from such is a human right and immunity from further prosecution and harassment carried upon such violence and effort to overcome the private property and scientific and technical discoveries of those works is a clear criminal enterprise which the Executive Officer of the United States in the prior 45th session did recognize and begin to identify in State of Texas at such time as he was then exposed to similar tactics, claims, abuse, and fraud to disable his authority and voice and place in the public in an identical manner to what I observed from 2001-2022.

And while I enjoy the reading of my mother's book, a King James Bible she felt was one of several gifts I am deeply grateful for and reflecting her better moments and character I wished my child to know over and prior to the predictable lesser days as disease took her life in aggravated and unjust conditions of imposed loss of that for my resistance to a criminal fraud;

The Story Is Not Prophecy

My work is not based on the literal interpretation of some presumption that I know the mystery of God or speak for God in these things. I do not even claim to know the mind or purpose of the persons responsible other than by their own deeds, words, and actions to sustain a criminal injury to my child and family - but I am entitled to condemn and judge them under PERSONAL LAW, and have no burden of proof to be so entitled that or lesser its value.

It is the crime that such a foreign culture sees "no value" in the PERSONAL LAW of those they abuse and injure and coerce; while placing authority in the state and their collective ability to defraud, deceive, and overcome by force and false device - the will and interests of others, and to sustain such acts do so condemn themselves and reject the authority and validity of that condemnation wholly in their rejection of the obligations necessary for a civil law to exist, and by act contrary all false claims do they in this make evident that they are my "public enemy" and as such, and so well known, impeach all the statements toward my person they have made to be for their own interest - as their guilt is evident in their swearing before the court and contradiction and acts to withhold my only heir and child, and to turn such child against his father.

I am Reminded of The Book of Mathew, Chapter 10:34-36

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's foes shall be they of his own household."

In Unity, where there is injury, and dissent is punished as disloyalty and deviance, there is no Truth.

In solidarity, evil breeds by syndication of collective interest contrary to the needs of the few, or the One.

Fourth America

FOURTH AMERICA, and the industries and tools we are building are thereby made to provide a relief which presumes these ideals are not exclusively territorial or regional values for which other places and nations are entitled to violate in their effort to overcome and compete with the industry and wealth of the world as the standard of collective achievement, extinguishing the individual to do so.

It is the achievement of Dignity without sale to the individual and the security that a child will be restored in the future, in all cases, and without exception, to the wish for their father or mother to know them and to share with them the pride that others would sell and monetize and withhold to control and coerce the direction of those persons as their slave.

Where this generation has predicated that right upon the industry and its proceeds, it has forfeit the right to give direction to the next; and abdicated the duty of a sovereign people by complicity with the practice of genocide to lessen its commitment to the obligation of the first estate for dividends and endorsement and diminishing surety which can never be paid or accomplished for most, from the second estate.

From 1900-2022, Some Thought

Where I was raised, due the work of both those parents into labor and in duty that left me with an older generation of Americans, concerned to see their values and common knowledge acquired confronting this threat in Europe before and in the Pacific sea and islands directly the credit of their time; it was something to bear through such hardship as I have seen and withstand the physical abuse, the attempted murder by battery, and the murder-suicide that Veronica Petersen did attempt in protecting her and her child from possible consequences of her illness and mens rea.

But in the years of abuse since, in 2001-2022, and in the forced criminal enterprises I was compelled to aid and work in order to protect myself and my parents from the violence and abuse incited by her peers and accomplices abuse of the law; I came to accept that this will not end without a fundamental change in the way the people see these crimes; and to acknowledge the duration of such "lynching" date back to 1907 in the State of Oklahoma - for which we can either flee and seek shelter in another country of lesser will, or we can confront as President Ronald Reagan stated, in address to his own critics of the compromise and progressive effort to overcome the United States after then end of the Viet Nam War.

With the end of the War in Afghanistan, and new war in Ukraine, it is clear this movement cannot be afforded its civil privilege to return to a customary or fair or minimal standing, and by the failure to admit the physical violence and the economic bondage that has resulted from such criminal enterprise to extort in TITLE IV FRAUD and 3 years without a ruling due and owing of fraud; there cannot be a remedy within the THIRD AMERICAN GOVERNMENT whereby informing their officers does not produce a result that is the duty of their office.


A FOURTH AMERICA is therefore necessary - and deeply regrettable, to distinguish the conviction of fraud as a false narrative; and set aside the country if not the order for its conduct, void all things it made, were restitution and remedy never a consideration of the civil society which pledged these things against violence and criminal intent.

For all the high words of abuse, and allegations of ego, I tell you now - I have been a slave. And I will see that those who work for us and with us are never slaves again.

Those who mistake franchise for arrogance, are the slave masters of the field, and think themselves like the Capos of the death camps to be superior in their words to those they strike the whip against because their masters tell them so, and the plantation takes care of them. This is not a corporation, in law, though they claim it to be. It is the "family" of bondage and slavery, into which inclusion is a service bought with dignity and blood, and rejection is death.

That is socialism. And I would ask those who would reject it in favor of the true equity and interest of all People join us in FOURTH AMERICA, signal our refusal to admit this taking of our children, our franchise, our authority, and our many countries. For each person in this world who is a human being is entitled to be a member of community which upholds those values, notwithstanding their Citizenship or regime, and to separate themselves from that voluntarily to suggest in the very act, peacefully, and in the love of a parent which is natural for their child without such odious violence and abuse, sale, and conditioning of the public not granted a franchise to the State or the Court to impose - that we should make clear this form of exploitation and deceit of our workers, our families, and our children is the sole debt any nation owes above and beyond any fiduciary interest or venture or other industry or subsidy or welfare pledged with conditions and supervision evident "social engineering" not a lawful use of the Public Trust or franchise given to the United States or any government made in its image and given use of the Constitution of the United States to carry itself at any time.

The Country is Being Murdered by Narcissist Injury

The United States has made many decisions that were wrong. The effort to convince the public by crime and violence that it is to be abandoned, is an effort to instill the offenses of the SECOND (CSA) and THIRD government (Federal Union) upon the people living today, as if a debt, in classic Hegelian Dialectic Socialism of the CCP.

A FOURTH AMERICA, a government that can set aside the bank with prejudice to place those rights above the false presumption of a collateral not duly authorized and void in the making; against such expectation of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and NATION OF JAPAN, and any other foreign interest; is necessary. For the faith and the loyalty and the security of the People should not be so cheaply sold or their children left without so much as a telephone call for 20 years due to the negligence to protect and allow the concealment of a child to earn a ledger balance.

That is the product of my working education, our training, and fundamental to the Heavy Operator program derived and licensed from our XSP pilot program.

What are Heavy Operators

Heavy Operators don't leave the ground - they walk into the fight - and they view their mission as war. Anyone who wants to live more than they want to win, quit. The rest of us, stay and fight. That's how I came to the front in leadership. I was never that special, nor did I ever claim to be. The talent is to learn not to run away when everyone else does, because they don't see a way out. Heavy Operators are trained to find a way, make a way, or hold until others can bring fire and support to assist them in the confidence of command.

The service is not designed to replace 9am - 5pm $15/hr guys like the kids with a GED or High School degree substituting and impersonating real engineers common in Dallas, Texas.

The rates are designed to pay the hospital bills that are inevitable when you stick out in a firefight and bad actors are around, and to minimize their exposure to the public because of such work and offset the fact that most work is a 1 hour a week job - showing up, logging in, and starting a combat tool that automates and analyzes the network administration and security monitoring for the Operator Desk to monitor and schedule on-site and remote-optional support of security devices and appliances which are cloud and client-tenant facility located.

Use of these tools, like any military equivalent or diagnostic tool like the prior Ada company could have and should have employed at little to no cost to automate their shade-tree operation in a $100 million industry credit, and incorporating for valuation the full sale price of RMA equipment received as "new" and "ready for sale" inventory to borrow money, was not and never will the way we function as a business or permissible in our clients accounting and practices. This is why we screen clients carefully and reserve the right to verify and to reject clients, choosing "good actors" over bad.

Shit our Competitors Say (Hiding Behind a Child)

It is easy to believe the shit our competitors say, but unless you have literally been a slave in the IT industry and watched your parents and their parents die because of corrupt practices and fraud; you don't have the education that the SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. group or RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED training licensed programs bring to the industry. That attitude that the criminals are so upset by, is the intensity of knowing that real people are going to die if you don't do your damn job and treat the customer with respect and dignity. John Sykes and his leadership, and the experience of his personnel in senior leadership, were very good inspirations to that intensity. Crisis management, and vertical growth, require combat engineering - and no student or graduate course can compare to the experience of handling a few accounts like that or watching the space shuttle plummeting out of the sky over your job site.

Unlike the fantasy that the socialist regimes uphold, those skills and experiences do not carry over into programs for children run by any nation in academia; or produce good actors.

One of our students reported today from his Computer Science class in a State, that the instructor was telling him how to lie to customers and to "fake it" till you "make it" - suggesting if he didn't know that he could just bluff and go look it up on Goggle. In the instructors own words, to defend his PhD, "You can learn anything on Google".

This is not a parable. This happened yesterday.

It's a Thing (en legis)

So when we tell you that FOURTH AMERICA is thing, and that it is defined. That you should not be afraid, or scared, or expect your tax filing to be late, or anything like that - understand:

FOURTH AMERICA as an institution is for compliance with regulatory missions of the United States and the Congress of the United States today. They are as much an oversight movement as a political and legal entity in claim; with different ideas and a different scope of mission than the old Government appears to accept now. Since this is the same set of Laws, thus far, there should be no conflict. Any dissent that is present, is the product of some entity or agent or employee of the State crying out in pain and fear because they just got poked with a regulation or code they were concealing in their pocket to grease their palm.

Unless you are trying to break the law or overthrow the government of the United States, you probably are not going to be on our list of DO NOT ADMIT parties; but there are some business interests and groups who are aligned with those foreign sovereign commercial unregistered interests; and they are not happy we are running numbers and disclosing relationships, filing FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION reports on mergers they are attempting, and monitoring technology in pre-release now for day 1 launch of products in 2022 and later.

Their mission is to screw up our credit, intimidate the public, and deceive the Justice department to sustain their activity in suppression of eye witness information and to discredit victims of violent and organized crime including narcotics trafficking at events toward children, sex trafficking in events and services aimed at minors, and promotion of a global monopoly over the IPv4 and IPv6 network services which they appear to be styling as a form of "global democratic government" superior to the United States as an authority of vendors and special interest groups.

In short, they are "stateless CCP" agency in a number of falsely titled entities and in the infiltration of those groups and organizations made for the purpose of evading U.S. Justice and United States interest, themed generally in a common interest labor union and by proxy of several domestic UNITED STATES CITIZENS employed to pin their shell companies and affiliate and partner firms to the United States or other target regions.

Who are these Freaks?

Most of these are fronts for pass-through groups with up to $200 billion USD in assets, directed to lend preferentially and invest to create in new legally distinct cut-out entities, the real interest of the actual beneficial owners who are to our findings mostly foreign nationals and in a few specific countries very likely agency for governments who "own actual equity in stock as if private investors" in monopolies as a part of their national portfolio, a conflict of interest. Or as in China, are a franchise wholly owned by the CCP, represented in name only by an officer who acts in the interest of the country rather than inferior orders of the shareholders or board (See ARM HOLDINGS CO LTD disputed control, an interesting story of a seal).

Rather than a "conspiracy of James Bond proportion", this is more a "ecosystem of sharks" and some of the big sharks are well known and sovereign nations by class of asset and legal person. This means that their public tax income can and will be used to influence and interdict markets; and in our sector we are competing on a global scale with actual "governments in business" and their scruples in hiring some of these "$15/hr street trash kids" to run around and scream their head off or break windows and trash mailboxes and send threats to extort - are a real thing in the chain of custody of those firms clients and direct support of "hooligan engineering" in market disruption and commercial industrial espionage and sabotage.

Just like your local bank, we have seen and admit a threshold of organized and anonymous violence paired with opportunity and improper lack of prosecution due to the appearance of unsophisticated and random violence and recruiting of young persons especially on certain chat forums set up by crazy people, or people who want to make money by trying to make their victims crazy or appear crazy; whereby we are moving to recruit our own armed security and impose our own private law enforcement on private land and reviewing foreign business sites where such services are normal over United States districts where tolerance enables this form of militant tactics.

Fighting in the Streets

I would love to stay in the streets of Ada, and to build my business here granted the resources - but if the United States succumbs to such lawlessness and fails to recognize and respond appropriately to such interdiction activity as ANTIFA RIOTS, racially motivated charities, and destruction of the history and Peace agreements made with the belligerent parties of the First American Civil War, then we do owe it to our investors to look to other places in the world where we can safely establish industry, escape corruption, and ultimately continue to resist the rising national socialism trend which is evident in the fraudulent and criminal withholding of a child to extort by Texas competitors in a violent pattern of abuse not granted lawful relief or protection in PONTOTOC COUNTY, STATE OF OKLAHOMA or under STATE OF TEXAS role in TITLE IV FRAUD shown there in Federal Register Vol 81 No 244 violation a clear embezzlement from the United States.

War on Russia is the Same Fight

The Russian Federation is now experiencing the same "undeclared war" by Socialist Nationalist Extremists, and for similar cause since 2014, people have been dying without legal authority and in a pattern of violence that appears bound to escalate.

Russia has wisely recognized what we did, that the corruption of the PATENT AND TRADEMARK REGISTRY and other INTANGIBLE PROPERTY rules, including abuse of data networks to coerce government, is a threat to national security and a weaponized tool that National Socialists wrongly and criminally presume protects their nation from real military response. Ukraine "learned its lesson", even if it wins, for attacking Russian Banks and businesses first and with an intent to disable and cripple the Russian State; and they are continuing to do so in telephone fraud to impair the DUMA and attack vital targets of civilian utility in a process of unregulated war that ultimately will not be possible to reach a peace agreement unless Russia or Ukraine cease to exist.

The Make Me Generation At War

That behavior, "make me" is the same behavior we have observed in all of the National Socialist Rhetoric from 2001-2022, and in the withholding of a child from ORDERED POSSESSION and lying before the Court to sustain a fraud; for which we have already written off any use of military force Russia finds necessary to defend itself at this time in a military option. We have seen too much similarity in the actions of TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, and ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, and by TENCENT, SOFTBANK, and NTT GROUP; to deny Russia the use of any weapon in its arsenal to stop the war and secure its border. The law of nations have not been obeyed, and like the Allen child taking, the rules violated are being ignored by NATO countries to carry out a provocation that literally is criminal entrapment to bait Russia into striking one of them or Ukraine, and bleed Russia of a generation of young men like Afghanistan.

Ukraine is the Austria of this National Socialist Movement. And reports already indicate the popular Vernichtung durch Arbeit (Death by Work) policies of the regime are operating with torture of Russian P.O.W.s confirmed and media reports that are bias and encouraging war crimes on both sides.

If the United States had not done the same thing in Korea and Viet Nam and Afghanistan and Iraq, there might be some justification to object; but this is "just another war" in a "series of wars" for vital resources related to the technology sector where SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. is an actual party, and such combatants and other parties prior cited have their own interest also in the outcome that is not clearly on the side of the Ukrainian People or the United States.

We Don't Talk if We Want to See our Children

U.S. Operations on the ground are not happening, just like Cambodia and Laos, and those intelligence activities are just as "fantastic" to people like our $15/hr car battery class of competitor as the other million things that Julian Assange and other persons have turned over in the past 40 years, a daily brief for most competent IT personnel - and one which a competent Level 1 Admin would never in any circumstance use the word "conspiracy" to suggest confusion of intelligence reports and actionable but unreliable information and conclusions to suggest "FACTS" and "FACT CHECK" forward operator intelligence. Much of which is where reports of leaked computer industry and specifications documents then publicized by third parties becomes our scope of work to verify and/or make business decisions and recommendations upon in industry.

In short, anyone who says "conspiracy theory" to deflect from information or abuse their competitor in the computer industry, excluding some false claim to perpetrate a confusing mixing of facts and reports like a word salad and out of context "grifting" strategy, is a fraud in the industry.

There are LEGAL CONSPIRACIES, express and implied refusal to perform a duty or to act in the duty of an office and to conceal material facts and falsify reports: a process that involves either error or a material effort to fabricate a false narrative of convenience or malicious intent to defraud; and those reports - as we saw in November - arise where the statement of a LEGAL FACT is interpreted and relayed in an effort to impair the legal process and to obstruct justice. Whether by professional incompetence or mens rea - such conduct is a serious and measured element of determining the integrity and the reliability of institutions and of the region to uphold a business based on strict privacy, non-disclosure, and compartmentalized information with numerous interested parties who may be outside the jurisdiction or simply bad actors (criminal conspiracy) engaged in evasion of civil process.

To our office after such abuse - all of this is only moderately sophisticated.

More Sophisticated Threats Are Less Stupid

There are more sophisticated and esoteric threats that the firm deals with, in coordination with other companies, which are "very scary" in comparison, and while less personal - represent the industrial versus government-based-actor threats that most companies have to deal with now in a very polarized market. Whether that means Ukrainian hackers or Russian Hackers or Chinese Hackers, the party is not the problem. The tools are. And many are the same tools, just as rifles were similar among all sides in any war - this is an ongoing problem with increasing stakes.

One would think that would be the greatest threat, but the criminal computer espionage industry is actually a lot more professional than the public stalking and defamation activity of some regional competitors flagrant conduct to incite violence in our community and sexually harass our employees and places of work.

If law enforcement cannot comprehend the "place of work" is a virtual environment with a registered address, whereby a party must appear and interact with the public, and do so on a contract or schedule in public view like a clerk at any point of sale - and such harm to them by a person in the jurisdiction of the United States or the County or State are the suspect aiding or engaging in such activity to threaten in any material way or by U.S. Mail; those enforcement protections of State and Federal Law must be applied and cannot be dismissed simply because the community "disbars the economic value of the Internet based business or the intangible property or harm to employees and hiring in the community".

Suitability for Investment

Such a community is unsuitable for investment, where such protections are not available, sold for a price, or refused based on who you are or what money you are accused of owing to the County, State or a Foreign State; or due to a pending prosecution or refusal to seat a jury or allow witnesses to be called.

All of those things, in those regards, are absolutely criminal - and the harm to the community is the product of the foreign adversary challenging the economic rights of their competitor and demonstrating an incapacity of local, State, and Federal government to back their opponent to the same degree that the foreign entity or domestic entity has in support from the Justice Department for their own commercial work.

When this becomes a "popular narrative" like the KKK once spread about "community values" and "duties" to keep black people in their place or retaliate against inter-racial couples, or circulate homosexual or mental health frauds to cover up this activity in exploitation of the community - there are serious questions as to whether the HATE CRIME statutes should be applied as well as protection of law enforcement equality not done a suitable justice to suggest any record made is a part of the crime and any medical claims not facts malfeasance of medical license, for which the reliance of the public on such records is clearly impeached by abuse.

Our Competitors Ongoign Harassment is Deflection

I'm not going to go "To Kill a Mockingbird" on anyone, but this is how victims feel in the community undergoing such confrontation in repeated harassment by TEK SYSTEMS, ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, NTT GROUP, and supporting members of TERRABOX against the firm SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., who was never an employee of any of those firms nor their employees or staff subject to any report of prior performance other than as commercial competitors, responsible for refusing to sign false securities documents and witness to criminal dealings falsely themed as software development and incorporated business, and to such claims have answer given already to fraud duly filed challenging attempted extortion in DUN & BRADSTREET by MICHAEL MARINO, former TERRABOX CEO before my sworn witness and witness for the firm in future claims versus those parties.

If those companies have become enjoined by any action (as our letters from the January 28th 2022 extortion and prior letters to attorneys show), and release to extort with false claims in a criminal plan to abduct and conceal a child; then we are victimized by that claim and misrepresentation of the work we do to a criminal degree and false trial evident on UIFSA Section 314 violation in 2018-2022 impairing the course by EXCESSIVE and ongoing collections fraud by STATE OF TEXAS against a prior 2015-2020 false case reported to the local PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.

Clear Extortion to Human Trafficking in Letters

Human trafficking incorporating forced labor and debt bondage claims, are evident in the letters we have received and disclosed now publicly, specific to demand to alter work for a $15/hr employee and criminal who in concert with other parties in the present case, did take, conceal, remove by force against the will of the Oklahoma parent, and then declare to the court that such removal and threat of murder done to conceal the child in DENTON COUNTY, were "abandonment" under law.

There can be no "abandonment" claim after ORDERED POSSESSION with concealment of the child outside DALLAS COUNTY and without filing a CHANGE OF ADDRESS with the court which was never done by VERONICA PETERSEN or her attorney, and falsified from 2001-2025, so sworn.

So every one of the prior companies, and all their employees (whom we have documented in repeated ongoing and malicious attacks from their IPs using ASSURED challenge-response SSH unauthorized attempted log ins) give evidence that the LEGAL CONSPIRACY paired with the HATE CRIME amendment, is criminal ongoing behavior in 2022 after the new law came into effect - and was prior criminal conduct as well in a child snatching and human trafficking activity.

In this year, the fraud contributed directly to the death of an Ada Pediatrician, the grandmother of the child. After the death, the party uploaded the video obtained to YOUTUBE.COM to extort.

The party has been sued for emotional abuse already by another party, and a withholding of information in that case used WRONGLY to conceal the child from the Oklahoma Parent and to support some claim of legal action not done against the Oklahoma parent due to the Texas man who aided in the child taking being the "emotional abuser" accused by the Texas woman.

No Contact Fraud A Hoax

The abducting mother has had the opportunity to contact the father for 20 years, and known his location and business; but has not done so through any channel or spoken with him in this matter since 2001. Despite all false claims, her duty to report the child's health and welfare while in her care was NEVER PERFORMED, and as such, concealed, and used then to incite the public in a fraud to style the father as uncaring while she abused and injured the child with this fraud - and those claims reported as the cause of his psychological illness by his physician, in central distress - refused real care by the mother to criminalize the Oklahoma parent at SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.

So if it takes a little bit of Christ and a little bit of God, and some exceptional policy and security rules to deal with this sort of commercial use of a child for gain by FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of Texas; and their VICE PRESIDENT OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE who is doing this to her son, then it should be clear her behavior is a pattern of conduct; and that her effort to defraud her way to such position of authority in abuse of her child's father, a senior engineer in his role and support of her self during her voluntary unemployment and eviction for subletting her apartment in Texas then solely supported by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and the father of her child; and all such bills due by her for the child paid in full by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as trustee for the child's grandfather, ARNOLD ALLEN, who put off retirement for 2 years to settle her debts, then this is beyond absurd. (read her 2001 resume for career path)

While she was in that position gained by exploiting the father of her child, the father of her child was in bondage in Oklahoma trying to support her and the child's grandparents through a mental health crisis that death in 2022 revealed to be advanced brain cancer.

The woman who was hitting the father of her child, and attempted to murder him and her child, was a former NORTEL contractor and junior Web Developer with Customer Service skills only at that time; and did give the information prior as genuine and true to SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as her account of her true employment. Her present employer may wish to check and see if it matches her application, to determine what other fraud may be present in her application and who endorsed such application to elevate her to a VICE PRESIDENT role after such conduct and in WITHHOLDING OF ORDERED POSSESSION in 2001-2015, and fraud to sustain such control without promised communication or relief in abandonment of all civil process in 2015-2020 aided by renewed and illegal enforcement barring her prosecution and theft of U.S. Mail to interfere with LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS to Oklahoma witnessed by Kyle Hibbs in destruction of U.S. Mail POST Box installations valued at over $700 in repeated industrial locking boxes over 2015-2021.

Employer is Aiding the Fraud In Real Estate Demand

I know if they worked for us, we'd be asking questions after reported violence against a UNITED STATES REGISTERED AGENT or any family member of any of our employees; for cause and due to the access to sensitive systems evident there. Ultimately, though, that's up to them. She never told her child's father of her employment, promotion, or change in income while his family (Orval and Dorthy Price) died in 2007 and 2008.

Our present office honors their memory, by operating from their former home in the City of Ada, Oklahoma - in the hope of recovering their great grandchild one day through legal process and to rectify this fraud in human trafficking predicated a formally alleged TITLE IV FRAUD.

The ex-boyfriend who helped her remove the child and has harassed the Oklahoma parent during concealment, also provided the domain extension to suggest she was vetted by his group, in a pattern of employment fraud relying on such pre-agreed signals to gain placement of persons and flag resumes for such escalation.

This scheme was described in offer of the email to her when I prepared the resume at her direction, and per her job title in 2022, it appears she was placed and admitted to a sensitive position based on that fraud, contrary a character and prior history of domestic physical assault and displacement of blame for these injuries onto her victim in written public false claims later to conceal and remove and retain in violation of ORDERED POSSESSION a child from a family, who her attorney in KEN PAXTON now seeks to forfeit the value of the child's grandmother's home and great grandparents home, to pay such taking, valued at $100,000 USD before tax liens and costs owing and due - and in an attempt to deny the property to any other heir in her fraud to extort the dead woman's identity, her cousin's identity

There doing so in false public claims with Donald J. Beal to circulate a false guardianship over the JOINT MANAGING CONSERVATOR of her child to further conceal child taking and false suit in 2001 and extortion of a commercial nature in 2001-2022 (May 13 2022 last Directed Threat, May 15 2022 demand for over $67500 USD in excess of earned income and in concert with blackmail to disable legal representation of the victim - a pattern incorporating mail theft and tampering with legal process, and service of legal process on January 28 2022 from a false address not eligible for Legal Process Service and across State Lines to a City Official for Police evidence

The illegally obtained evidence was used to extort and in commercial effort to blackmail the Oklahoma parent disclosed in April and May 2022 - for which settings to do this were underway in November 2021 and January 28 2022 and communication January 30 2022 to extort; and files created in accounts March 3 2022 for preparation to sent letters of extortion April 4-16 and May 13 2022.

Due to such concealment spanning 2001-2022 contrary a Court Order, and fraud to evade the court in 2015 again without further answer to attorneys present, followed then by sustained illegal enforcement in 2016-2017 destroying the family of the father and to sue the father illegally in 2018, then met with further threats in 2021-2022 in 9 different days ongoing unsolicited and abusive acts to carry the fraud - we can assume it was not an accident or something she did in the heat of the moment or alone.

The Demand Letter obtained May 15 2022, would require VERONICA PETERSEN to have filed with the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL for an illegal enforcement demand, already in a court case in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and predicated on the full value of Ann Klepper M.D. (child's grandmother) estate in concert with these acts - a sustained apparent belief in the legal right to use her MORTGAGE COMPANY experience and tools to assess the value and wrongly presume a civil court right to such money in concert with the previous parental alienation, false swearing, concealment of a child, injury to a child, and commercial extortion - an act which gives evidence to her role in the fraud and illegal EXCESSIVE FINES under alleged barratry.

A $16,000,000 USD counter-suit has been filed, for cause against VERONICA PETERSEN, and no answer given than to persist in her mental health fraud to sustain her outrageous behavior and prior planned extortion shown in letters of LEGAL CONSPIRACY to extort.

Imposing on the victim a duty to make legal practice against such acts and to guard against such abuse - a full time job and against their will, and to harm the victim by repeatedly exposing them to the violence and forcing them to disclose in self-defense of a public hoax, details to suppress a hoax themed a "Terrorist Hoax" alleged formal criminal complaint, which seeks to overcome their legal person, property, and elderly vulnerable family members over 65 years of age, and to thwart their ordinary safety and reliance on a fair and reasonable duty of care from their adopted child, his business, and protection from such criminal interference in his defense of the eye-witness facts and persons who are able to come forward in this matter despite obstruction of justice evident in the court record, a false case and venue transfer, and nonsuit on default of Veronica Marie Petersen in 2001 refused legal action.

Petersen failed to appear in 3 hearings, and has since and through Donald Jonathon Beal repeatedly falsely and knowingly claimed Allen failed to appear in conspiracy with Dee Mill who did continue such trial violating KELLY v KELLY (2007) protections and refusing to recognize the non juris nature of her coercion and hold using a child taken from the care of James Allen on INTERSTATE HIGHWAY against his will then and in a kidnapping of his legal person to remove his child, witnessed by CHRISTOPHER MELTON MAIDT and confessed in letters as a nonsuit for civil cause "abandonment" first filed by sworn oath of Veronica Marie Petersen.

Human trafficking is based on debt bond and collateral hold on the child. JAMES ALLEN has demanded repeated that the HABEAUS CORPUS right to release his child be granted, and no reason has been given or cause contrary ongoing and repeated demands over 45 CFR §302.56(f) written demand to stop, refused answer other than a literal filing of CITATION FOR CONTEMPT in response to his Lawful notice, a protected and sole duty to suspend such illegal conduct by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA; denied in evasion to reject FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244 as State Law in all counties who heard the case through inaction after notice of the duty to perform there and filing in such case also of the entire 120 page brief, as proof of authority, still not granted obligated remedy as of 2022, 4 years into a UIFSA Rev 2008 Section 314 violation in hold on his legal person and without removal or report of such matters to the UNITED STATES as obligated a TITLE IV AGENCY duty, per 45 CFR §303.11(b)(17) rule.

Based on the latest demand, it appears the STATE OF TEXAS would "exterminate through work" the party, until he pays the EXCESSIVE FINE wrongly themed in the value of his family property, which was consumed in the care costs and death of his mother due to COMMERCIAL SABOTAGE in 2007-2022.

The effort to compel the public to pay his debt or other persons, or give up his COMMERCIAL BUSINESS and RIGHT TO WORK in his prior ($2.5 million) trade, conditional prior payment and abandonment of his testimony, is clearly an extermination of the inheritance rights and XXIII-1A right of the victim and their family; and a criminal abuse affecting the entire City of Ada and Pontotoc County economy.

These are not demands on money earned or funds owing and due per 45 CFR §303.100(a)(3) rule in 15 U.S. Code §1673 rule. This is force work to disable an agent of the UNITED STATES in REGISTERED AGENCY and to disrupt INTERSTATE COMMERCE there by a pattern of fraud, trick, and false public commercial claims barred by 18 U.S. §1341 now involving by value real estate title fraud and probate in concert with identity theft and attempted illegal search warrant activity in a premeditated FOIA request on dispatch of a member of the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and release of the video to the abusers for use as extortion with the SSN and Drivers License, name, and address and phone of the victim, then done in good faith without awareness of this 2001-2022 repeatedly reported and prior (2011) investigated matter by the DISTRICT ATTORNEY OF PONTOTOC COUNTY; and in such case to prosecute the victim for libel at the direction of the persons holding his child - no charges filed or investigation for false report undertaken in apparent support of the child concealment and refusal to apply a criminal charge for such ORDERED POSSESSION tampering.

Vernichtung durch Arbeit

By the Grace of God, we survive.
But we are not without injury.

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