April 25 2022


Harassment of Stakeholders

Harassment of stakeholders in this matter of April 2022, following in fraud November 2021 and January 28th 2022 false claims filed with the CITY OF ADA by DEPREF.NET / LOSTSERVER members to extort; and in creation of YOUTUBE accounts to defraud March 3 2022 then employed in identity theft activity under FALSE NAME in April 4th to 16th to impose costs on INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and OKLAHOMA TAX COMMISSION filing deadlines of the firm;

Leave stakeholders in the business development of new computer services for Ada, Oklahoma deeply upset.

Whereby the firm was reviewing purchase or lease of office property prior used in 1997 and 1986 by members for similar computer business on East Main Street and West Main Street; or alternative locations by the Dicus Supercenter location near potential businesses beneficial to labor and special insterest in tabletop pen-and-paper hobby sales and use; central to the literature and fiction print publication and artwork of intellectual property used by the IP Owner;

Claims of improper conduct to intimidate buyers away from the CITY OF ADA were both constructed identical to 2007 and 2009 threats and 2011-2013 extortion activity resulting in the injury of staff then and impersonation of East Central University Students for such false claims and false persona actvities prohibted by criminal law (21 O.S. 21-1533).


It is evident that the parties engaged in this identity theft are members of a COGENT COMMUNICATIONS reseller by SOURCE OF AUTHORITY (SOA) tags directed to NS1.SHARKTECH.NET and NS2.SHARKTECH.NET and servers harpoon and saturn of the prior COGENT group, used by LOSTSERVER group also in prior 300 page death threat site on GOOGLE and related to previous SOONERCON staff demands for money and property from clients of Dr. James Clarke DDS in Ada OK at that time.

Claims of the false identification of BOARD OF DIRECTORS or OFFICERS of a real corporation, or to suggest such groups or names are not legally the specific nature of their commission, is organized fraud to give FALSE PROSPECTUS.

The OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF STATE per form 512 is the ONLY LEGAL REGISTRY obligated such entity filing; and search there for the entity to determine the real nature of that commission the sole proof required to such claims.

Claims to indicate the ADA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, ADA MAINSTREET ASSOCIATION, ICANN, ASN REGISTRY, ARIN, RIPE NCC, or other "private civil organization" as a mandatory registry of a STATE OF OKLAHOMA entity or trade name, or of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION, are proof of lack of legal standing are FRAUD.

Use of ICANN top-level-domain registry to extort persons in this case goes back to "CANADASUCKS" domains created to blackmail NORTEL NETWORKS by the same party, use of NATION OF CANADA to hide such works, and extortion to impair the service to SPRINT forcing its sale to DEUTSCHE TELEKOM / SOFTBANK GROUP CORP after injury to the officer overseeing those accounts for NORTEL NETWORKS: JAMES ALLEN.

On January 30 2022, blackmail requests appearing to regard these claims in a series of fraud to falsify the WIRELESS ENGINEERING TOOLS DIVISION, SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER job role and status in extortion of a $4 million client relationship established over 2017-2021 were observed and entered into incident logs in commercial harassment of a targeted nature coinciding with letters to the CITY OF ADA by the DALLAS TEXAS Contractor responsible.

These claims repeated threats in 2011 September 7th extortion letters naming therein TEK SYSTEMS account manager and TERRABOX as co-conspirators to extort in the concealment of a child ORDERED TO POSSESSION of the Oklahoma officer.

Incorporated in this fictional prospectus are delusional claims "as legal fact" of false persona of officers, shareholders, and to falsify the identity of members of a registered BOARD OF DIRECTORS in commercial retaliation for report of FRAUD by employees of those firms in false sale of 3rd party database software and server licenses to NORTEL NETWORKS as "original proprietary license-free software" to embezzle from investors of the company and in organization to defraud the Director of the Richardson, Texas facilities of NORTEL NETWORKS.

Use of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION claims to stalk, extort, and obtain records used then in publication to extort violating KELLY v KELLY (2009) Oklahoma Supreme Court rule to falsely sustain the concealment of a child subject GDPR protections and kidnapping prohibition against removal from the United States for that purpose, so specified in the Charles Lindberg Kidnapping Act, are evident in discovery and concealment of INFORMATION obligated disclosure to the Oklahoma Parent over 2001-2022 not performed and knowingly concealed, destroyed, and denied due abuse of a child to defraud and gain access to inheritance and other benefits, and in concert with impersonation of members of the family during a death in March-April 2022 to extort in public written fraud.

As these acts are by a PUBLIC COMPANY with stock on market against a PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY to manipulate its PROSPECTUS for commercial gain and such employment admitted in the letter to CITY OF ADA made January 28 2022; those acts are very serious.


Due to these unusual investment conditions, identity of investors and stakeholders for the private firm are deemed private and due to ongoing violence not subject to release or discovery citing "The Emmett Till Antilynching Act" (April 2022) in a consistent conspiracy to falsify the assumed gender, in anti-homosexual defamation, and to make repeated claims of a malicious commercial nature to damage the value of any property and offer false sale of such property in fraudulent conveyance (FCP 18b) as a consistent plan since 2001 taking to conceal the child under force and threat of bodily harm to a child.

Public lack of awareness of "MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES" to claim ownership by a female perpetrator since 1997 in such commercial business, are wholly false claims.

Public lack of awareness of such "SECURITIES" subject the OKLAHOMA SECURITIES ACT and protected titled property of persons targeted for impairment of commercial use and equity in dilution of brand names by fraud; are regulated and prohibited acts to defraud.

The public should be aware that REGISTERED TRADE NAMES are in use, and assigned by the REGISTRY of the STATE OF OKLAHOMA to specific businesses and property owners, for which false claims of title are felonies.

Use of UNREGISTERED FICTITIOUS NAME which does not include the owner's name are a crime.

Use of REGISTERED FICTITIOUS NAME to extort and blackmail in commercial activity is a violation of State Law, and possibly criminal law under 21 O.S. 21-1533, as a real and legal persona entitled rights and property lawfully not granted to such claims in fraud.

Review of such abuse in service and business is PROTECTED solely in the GOOD PURPOSE of information to the true PARTIES in such claims, by employment and SOA and other duty of chain-of-authority as TRUE COMMERCIAL BENEFICIARY of such commercial fraud; as in those providers who offer to these downline "RESELLERS" any service or program thereby a form of POWER OF ATTORNEY or AGENCY subject legal complaint and citation to real services and products tendered to the public, so specified in Oklahoma Tax Form 512, which would then require REGISTRY of the TRUE PARTY for such commerce in Oklahoma.


COMMON SHAREHOLDERS elect the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. BOARD OF DIRECTORS then appoint the OFFICERS of the firm. OFFICERS then may hire and conduct business on behalf of the shareholders interests and direction - and to any purpose or design of their incorporation so made and incorporated in all SECURITIES SALE AGREEMENTS or similar tender letters and terms and bylaws of the same firm.

No obligation to make such business or conduct solely or exclusively oriented to gross revenue or earnings is express or implied in State of Oklahoma; and a for-profit corporation may conduct any business it wishes while paying taxes as are due. Not-for-profit are the only restricted organization, and may not engage in certain activity in exchange for the benefits of additional tax protections and exemptions. Efforts to OVERTHROW the rights of a for-profit business or coerce it to conduct business differently are illegal, and are not permitted regardless of any profit or gain or demand outside of the rules and regulations of the bylaws and articles of incorporation and stock and debt and civil contracts duly made by and for that corporation. Use of collateral to claim power over those rights exclusive of the rights reserved by the shareholders and State of Oklahoma is blackmail and extortion; as no lien entitles the firm to duties or forfeiture other than what is set for at law.

Efforts to overcome the SECRETARY of the corporation by force, fraud, or threat to injure or blackmail their compliance are crimes; and it is their power to manage and hold the books of the firm against such threat. Further are all officers charged with this duty, and a threat to extort persons or contact for harassment of those persons with false information may be refused cooperation by any officer or employee of the firm.

Systematic approach of persons based on patronage, appearance, or commercial activity with the company in any form is illegal activity where those actions are improperly obtained or used to carry out any of the prior frauds or communication to intimidate, harass, or damage commercial relationships. Solicitation is the definitive test of such harassment, and has in 3 counts been documented in April 2022 in ongoing harssment of the company and its license to extort.

This abuse has caused physical harm to shareholders, hospitalization, major medical bills, and impaired ordinary services dramatically due to competitor fraud and organized falsification of traffic to impair customer service.

Fraud in this effort appears intent on:

  1. Styling recruiting of members of the Board to suit competitor infiltration of business and operations - overcoming or compelling hiring against the will of shareholders, and to falsify the requirements and qualifications of MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS to suggest fitness or competence based on COMPETITOR FALSE CLAIMS to deceive law enforcement and the courts.
  2. False claims to deceive the public as to business and scope of work, incorporating a systematic effort to impair VENDORS themed vital to the Oklahoma Company;
  3. Documented attempt to buy controlling interest of VENDOR firms by the larger foreign sovereign-government-owned (23%) competitor or its direct business partners themed to be monopolies in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, NATION OF JAPAN, REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, and Scandinavian nations acting as proxy for these bidding and fraud activities in intermediary shell-company actions on behalf of foreign capital takeover of 50% of major firms (RIOT GAMES, EPIC MEGAGAMES) to constitute "minority equity, majority capital silent partnership" evading ordinary "beneficial owner" laws in Oklahoma and other U.S. regulators.
  4. Application for employment followed by repeated extortion attempts in 2006-2008 and in commercial locations at SOONERCON, TRICK-CON-TREAT, and in concert with created events to parody those business ventures and commercial work of the Oklahoma real firm via new and divisive "Progressive Political Oriented" versions of the prior conservative tradeshows both in Tulsa Oklahoma and Bentonville Arkansas. Whereby labor relations tampering and strong-arm racketeering threats were relayed to the original business in Ada, Oklahoma using Myspace and Facebook social media platforms for commercial extortion and publicity violation in commercial efforts of TROLL LORD GAMES and PARADOX INTERACTIVE AB of SWEDEN.
  5. These claims follow prior "finding and severance efforts" against artists including Jospeh Michael Linsner (JML) and concerted effort to overcome the firm in its previous and extensive development of markets through fraud predicated on concealment of a child themed collateral property of the Oklahoma firm's officer - in total constructive termination of parental rights to obtain control over the firm and lines of credit exceeding $80,000 USD.
  6. These persons are therefore explicitly BARRED BY RULE from ownership or exercise of any shareholder rights or ownership or purchase in the BYLAWS of both regular corporations; due to unethical claims of equity and false claims of ownership which have NO LEGAL BASIS OR HISTORY WHATSOEVER.
  7. Persisting in these claims in a pattern coinciding with market cycles, product launches, and major sales and tax periods to knowingly and with premeditation and staging to extort the legal firms - damage or disable their ongoing registry and public access to markets unmolested by false claims and false liens.
  8. False claims as NON-CUSTOMERS to this end were documented APRIL 16th 2022 and in prior ongoing pattern, to sustain complaint of criminal harassment originating in ICELAND and from CANADA in concert with FreeBSD "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" prior activity and fraudulent business practices known now generally in the industry as "shadowbanning" - a practice of false claims to discourage and limit market activity without notice of a LEGAL or GENUNIE complaint to the firm and in context to false claims of solicitation for money and property in public ledge in-consideration of access and protection from this abusive and directed harassment of customers, labor, and public right of way.
  9. Shadow Banning is illegal, per 47 USC §230 subsection (c) as it makes a solicitation of equal right of way while covertly and without report directly disabling or crippling the same availability afforded other parties to impose a bias or commercial loss of ordinary exposure and sales to coerce the victim to endorse a group, political platform, or policy contrary to the ordinary free exervise of franchise in the public sector.
  10. Claims that "Tort" or civil contract afford a legal right of action to "Shadow Banning" are fraud, as XXIII-8 and XXIII-9 Oklahoma Constitution so void those claims on face, a false contract, and report of this incorporated as provocation in the "strong arm tactics" use to suppress and damage the firms who invoke this legal 10th Amendment Federal Right against such civil claims of limitation of releif, to coerce arbitration of a false and unlicensed nature, and to subvert the legal rights of persons in the State of Oklahoma by INTERSTATE COMMERCE themed wholly wire fraud in those claims of loss of rights governing commerce and activity entitled Oklahoma Tax Commission duty per form 512.

Deceit of the public to dilute or extinguins OKLAHOMA CIVIL RIGHTS and OKLAHOMA CONTRACT CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTED RIGHTS are therefore central to this ongoing fraud; and incorporated in the 2015 lack of DUE PROCESS and HABEAS CORPUS and 5th and 6th Amendment violations cited in $16 million counter-suit.

Corporations cannot function where businesses make FALSE PLEDGE OF EQUAL ACCESS TO MARKETS and then assign lesser rights concealed from the paying customer of that solicitation and application of labor and participation in a COMMERCIAL VENTURE then a COMMISSIONED ENTERPRISE of any State or United States across State Lines or in the State of Oklahoma; and are fraudulent businesses on face who discriminate in such manner (e.g. "Shadowbanning") per 47 USC Section 230.

Further, marking-up, stamping, voiding in indicator, declaring defective goods, et al - are not a right granted to ISP services per 47 USC Section 230. Only the right to accept or decline service based on specific terms, is afforded the law. Other powers are a taking of rights themed EDITORIAL actions - which obligate the taking and possession at law of the goods and distibution, for which any claims or loss of time or materials in the public use or the creators making and intent are wholly and surely liable upon the EDITOR without COMPENSATION for each COPYRIGHT PROTECTED WORK, and such rights inherent rights not requiring a REGISTRATION of such work to enjoy those INHERENT RIGHTS.

These rights, which are rejected by the NORDIC MODEL and JAPANESE-CHINESE MODEL, are critical defect of goods and services in the public trust by any commissioned State or Federal Corporation or other business or non-profit or NGO under United States Jurisdiction; are obligated defense - and such fraud in the prior case to discredit a real business in favor of the unregistered AGENCY of a foreign firm or unregistered foreign agent, are contrary the Laws of the State of Oklahoma.

The use of such tactics to damage securities, issue false prospectus, and to harm real and ordinary businesses of record - granting commercial advantage to FOREIGN AGENCY and FOREIGN SOVEREIGN ENTERPRISE to overcome the rights and security of a domestic competitor, are antitrust violations on face; and in matters of PROSPECTUS such as goods or officers or employee reports or count: are felony activity in our State to dilute the value of securities in favor of FOREIGN ISSUED INVESTMENTS and domestic securities issued in the foreign invasion of commercial domestic markets - a matter of foreign sovereign franchise not permitted the commission of a CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES or NGO or Not-For-Profit or other State Franchise or domestic busuiness of such member state of the Federal Union.


Publicly traded Securites are traded on Speculative Value and history of sale.

Privately held SECURITIES are not subject to speculative valuation nor upon a FALSE PROSPECTUS a right to make such claims entitled public notice or speech of any entity public or private.

Shares having NO PAR VALUE are not obligated a payment on return to the issuer.

Shares having PAR VALUE are obligated a payment on return to the issuer, which is not consistent with the price paid or price of ask on offer, nor consistent with any legal obligation for such transfer of title to any party or right to hold or refuse offer.

Efforts to falsify these claims to suggest PAR VALUE or NO PAR VALUE or other book asset on liquidation are a "true value" to coerce fraudulent conveyance of securities and impair their trade or speculation, are securities fraud in publication against a registered corporation of the United States; and are evident in the fraud concealing the child in 2001-2022 over TEXAS versus Oklahoma demands for return and communication pledged to the UNITED STATES in fraud by STATE OF TEXAS, for $720 million USD in aid per year from 2001-2022.

Evasion in this fraud is prohibited per Federal Law, and damages sought are lawful per Federal Civil Right of Remedy, especially where such fraud is in violation of clear regulations as found in the FEDERAL REGISTER, the fomal SERVICE OF PROCESS upon the member States of the Federal Union of all duties and obligations of any program or grant set forth by the UNITED STATES or delegated under its authority per 5 USC § 1001 as in the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES in December 20 2016 Volume 81 Number 244 issue concerning this prior fraud.

A company may ask for whatever value the shareholders and / or Board of Directors deem appropriate, and in use of prior market sales of record also, make claims without being molested for their choice of price or terms; or such conduct shall be themed "strong arm extortion and blackmail with securities fraud" in evidence to coerce sale or "forfeiture" or other unlawful lien or claim before the public.

Prior sales in this market constitute $423 million USD to $70 billion USD with media $1 billion USD per individual company having franchise rights, as prior shown, and intent to press its claim in original copyright and related licensee use exclusively - as is customary and a right not subject contest outside of LEGAL TRIAL. Claims to the contrary are felonies per 21 O.S. §21-1533 to suggest otherwise.

What we are observing is, therefore, an effort to overcome the REGISTERED SECURITIES TITLE and alter such documents or pay fees for their rights; a fraud - with injury to the SECRETARY of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION resultant from such serious organized and criminal interstate threats and false personification of real people in the City of Ada, Pontotoc County, and East Central University over 2001-2022 in repeated and ongoing acts.

The company, citing such activity overtly in written letters of extortion, has seen fit to make entry of those persons into the BYLAWS to bar their claims, either directly or by attorney or other trust or proxy, in ownership to gain benefit for those prior acts in any way - as is lawful to protect shareholders and officers and their families whom the foreign persons and their associates did systematically abuse.

Any company that enjoins or supports that activity whatsoever will be subject to review and may be added to the list of known competitors barred from those rights of equity and contract, service, and sales, including countries for whom such business entities are a mere franchise in any form. It is evident that certain countries "monopoly" practices and "highly unionized labor" have overtaken the ordinary law, and engaged in "acts of war" against the United States and residents of the United States to gain unlawful commercial advantage in a predatory fashion, for which the entire nation of such abuse or any hosting or support or trade group affiliation may be equally held liable in sanctions and limits placed on otherwise ordinary commerce with other countries - a right at law to boycott services by the UNITED STATES for all of its CORPORATIONS and for any member State business or entity or private person under such unlawful and illegal duress to interdict Intrastate, Interstate, or International Trade.


The prior businesses, separate and independent in their operation of service and goods, with client lines of service for each component and licensed developed; report hereby that such abuse by the firms and employers named in the letter and their carrier in DALLAS, TEXAS and parties concealing the collateral of a child to extort in LEWISVILLE, TEXAS - to carry out securities manipulation in 2001-2022 against MEMBER CERTIFICATES of an Oklahoma Limited Liability Company (LLC), and in the 2009-2022 abuse of STOCK to daamge sale; constitute substantial commercial interference barring a normal standing and clean hands in all matters of "The Berne Convention" and similar copyright, trademark, and patent by nations and States hosting or in commission of such franchise parties.

While the private nature of such stock prohibit a duty to report its disposition; those properties are 6 million shares in quantity and dispersed 5 million common shares and 1 million preferred shares; and an additional 1000 shares and 100 MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES, which the accused parties ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE LEGALLY HELD OR OWNED OR BEEN ENTITLED TO BY LAW, prohibiting their claims or effort to obtain a legal access to other records of the company and in context to then knowingly false claims to harm the firms in Oklahoma in support of their own real and explicitly separate business entities in overt clear and illegal competition activity.


The conduct is designed to harm and cripple the competition by the firm against FINRA traded stock of the abuser and their clients, to gain benefit by damaging the limited "ACCREDITED INVESTORS" in such domestic State of Oklahoma securities - who must be RESIDENT in the State of Oklahoma at the time of such purchase or distribution to receive shares and in-consideration of such transfer of book ledger a payment of funds or other value duly recorded or for service or debt by the company so recorded the lawful cause. This CONTRACT between those persons, for qualified goods or cash or other payment, is a PROTECTED CONTRACT not subject to outside interference to dilute the sale price or market value or other representation of the PROSPECTUS and legal information concerning those shares or their rights; and such action is a knowing, criminal, and premeditated form of extortion to impair credit and payment of duties obligated operation of law, as to void duties reliant on those terms in TEXAS FAMILY CODE Section 157.008 and other terms - for conspicuous tampering with SECURITIES to take, remove, conceal, and defraud a child and corrupt the inheritance and probate rights of the estate of that child in a matter of Interstate or International Trade.

Persons not RESIDENT in the State of Oklahoma are not entitled to stock transfer under such terms, and efforts to suggest the destruction of SECURITIES to create payment on a false lien violating FEDERAL LAW in public as a legal right or adjudicated award, are felonies to compel the sharing of benefits or destruction of such benefits for failure to carry out an ILLEGAL TRANSFER and against the BYLAWS and real contracts of other creditors, debt, and obligations of the firm in violation of State and Federal Law. Whereby persons are unable to enjoy these benefits, or suffer loss of life because of such act, a wrongful death suit may be applied to cite this activity and criminal interference in the DIVIDENDS of those shareholders by a competitor company or State or Federal Employees or corporation of any such domestic or foreign State.

Further, ACCREDITED INVESTORS must be shown to protected from financial loss by means and capital net worth or income or both, which limit the general public with less than $1 million in savings from most transactions. Efforts to intimidate the public to defraud the firm of value due to this rule barring issue of stock to qualified investors a limited privilege, as to incite a loss of right to WORK or other market access, to overcome these rules and regulations are felonies.

Failure to offer Stock or other options in compensation is therefore not a "discrimination" act nor a duty of employment or any contract condition implied or suggested right to "partnership" with a real corporation or limited liability company - and such rights are not entitled claims by workers who have contact with the firm without express written contract to those terms and registry of the lawful nature and representation of such person as entitled to those forms of compensation according to State and Federal Law.

In this matter, we see that several persons wrongly have claimed to be "entitled equity" in the firms which is LEGALLY NOT POSSIBLE NOR OF RECORD EVER A TENDERED OR EXECUTED OFFER.

Therefore, efforts to suggest that a fraud is present because the OFFICERS of a REGISTERED CORPORATION have REFUSED TO SURRENDER STOCK OR OTHER THING OF VALUE ISSUED BY THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA OR UNITED STATES, are fraud on face before any competent examination and inquiry into the registry of real corporations.


Modern COVID-19 WORK CONDITIONS have moved many administrative and legal offices to private service where contact is not afforded to the PUBLIC. Members of STATE AND FEDERAL government or the court, on official business, are not barred from these locations - but are obligated to be aware of such offices prior approach and to conduct themselves in a professional manner without discrimination of their nature or investment in the community or real estate market to warrant basic procedure.

Where physical violence has been a component to include threats of material harm or injury to family, such businesses are wholly entitled to withdraw and remove notice to the public of their location or whereabouts, value, or security aparatus - as in the prior firms and 2002 assault at gunpoint with attempted murder, death of two associates in 2003-2005, and ongoing threat of murder in 2007-2013 paired with attempted entry in 2012 and 2020 and violence to disrupt U.S. Mail in 2015-2021.

Imitation or duplication of registered COMPANY NAMES or OFFICER NAMES or other REGISTERED TRADEMARK of the firm to harm and describe falsely its workings in competitor claims; are wholly prohibited and illegal actions related the prior organized "strong-arm" tactics and violence in written threats used by DALLAS TEXAS employees associated with the STEMMONS FREEWAY data center and TEK SYSTEMS in written letter to extort, and TERRABOX false claims filed with DUN & BRADSTREET to extort prior CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER now retained by the Ada Oklahoma firm since 2002 for added testimony and protection in this ongoing fraud and SECURITIES FRAUD alleged then a false book refused ENDORSEMENT by JAMES ALLEN, MICHAEL MARINO, and SARAH MOORE.

Where an officer discovers a FALSIFIED BOOK for which they are asked to testify is valid, which omits fees and liabilities, it is the right of the officer to refuse without retaliation.

Effort to coerce a party to sign such FALSIFIED BOOK for SECURITIES offer, or to retaliate against those officers over any period and without end, and expressly in interferenc with their family or ORDERED POSSESSION of a child; are serious abuses of public mass communication evident in the 2001-2022 ongoing registration by TEXAS residents of the legal name of the witness.

Prior fraud in MCI WORLDCOM, FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN, and ENRON energy securities expose a pattern of securities fraud in STATE OF TEXAS administration, which make this fraud and ongoing concealment of a child to coerce payment without legal cause on taking by violence from the home of the father to use as collateral in such concealment, a serious Federal Matter.

Regional FBI have not taken action in such case, just as in prior cases against those firms, and suggest a District of Columbia or New York Attorney General case should be opened under the ongoing circumstances and November 2021 and April 2022 extortion attempts sustained in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, to defraud the public in legal right to work and legal status of UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS targeted by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in this context to gain investment and for benefit of large foreign-owned telecom services operating under commercial names in the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA jurisdiction using these strong-arm-extortion tactics.

Warehouse location, assembly location, and shipping locations are confidential information of a firm subject to such interdiction of INTESTATE COMMERCE, and the effort to coerce or proclaime no such right, facility, or staff to compel a SECURITIES FRAUD against an established Oklahoma business suggests criminal intent and premeditation in ongoing and active account creation at GOOGLE LLC in CANADA and REYKJAVICK, ICELAND incorporated with DALLAS TEXAS per letters of threat to extort for commercial purpose the contents of those facilities and to make video surveillance of the working office of a REGISTERED AGENT OF THE UNITED STATES in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA jurisdiction for purpose of extortion and SECURITIES FRAUD IN FALSE PROSPECTUS CLAIMS TO BENEFIT COGENT COMMUNICATIONS AND NTT GROUP stocks in the NYSE or other exchange markets.

Use of IP ADDRESS space including MICROSOFT and DIGITAL OCEAN, HETZNER.DE, and SOFTLAYER address space to carry out attacks, further suggests use of delegated address space to "forge or fake attacks" from the Oklahoma company, as sworn in a premeditated defense to suggest unlawful communication exceedng 8 million ICMP requests and 16 Gigabit per second sustained flow of traffic to impair LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS and LINODE LLC of STATE OF NEW JERSEY, a component of a 2001-2022 ongoing child concealment and securities fraud activity into Oklahoma and against the Ada Oklahoma corporations above.

Claims to suggest the franchise right to LICENSE software developed by the L.L.C. to the Schedule C Corporation in general application use; and to subcontractors in specific use for a 2nd Schedule C Corporation as client; to be the same business to damage franchise and specialized software development; further sustain the premeditated effort to deceive the public and to intimidate other clients of the technology from entering into contract for limited licensed use of derived licensed and authorized products in INTERSTATE COMMERCE developed in ordinary business.


The intent of such fraud generally is to further intimidate persons from any potential association with the victim of a child abduction and concealment; to overcome their prior commercial work and franchise - deny labor required to compete with larger foreign firms - and to intimidate the free and commercial association with other businesses and interested parties who might benefit from the access and contribute to the skill set of such enterprise operations upon the Board of Directors or in other officer or employment.

The ability to "stand" the position of a Board of Directors member is limited by credit and financial qualification to receive stock and other options and compensation solutions in compliance with State and Federal Law. Financial duties and access further require criminal background screening and a review of conduct and stability to constitute a minimum duty and commitment to the investment and equity options afforded.

Companies like TWITTER have very small equity ownership by their BOARD OF DIRECTORS, prior Elon Musk.

DIRECTORS are not expected to receive any EQUITY (stock), as a rule - and Oklahoma Law requires the compensation be in perspective to such wage or service, fair and compliant to other laws.

Therefore, such interference constitutes in general 7 to 11 positions at $125,000 USD per year in general market value; in which this fraud is seeking to impose control and coerce control over; themed $875,000 USD / year to $1,375,000 USD / year in lost wages to CITY OF ADA and PONTOTOC COUNTY residents; in favor of other parties and corporations competitive interest alone.

Simply having a "MASTERS DEGREE" or "MBA" or "PhD" does not qualify the party to enjoy a review or consideration for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Allegation to this degree, or to suggest that the parties not having such State accreditation of a program are fraudulent, is a felony act.

Any person may, at the direction of the SHAREHOLDERS of a real company, be appointed to sit the Board of Directors, unless State or Federal Law prohibit that for-cause.

The claim to this effect is a felony per 18 U.S.C. Section 241 in regard to Oklahoma Constitution Article XXIII section XXIII-1A; a crime in the making to publish or distribute any claim contrary to that fundamental right of the applicant to WORK and rights inherent in the equity interest of the SHAREHOLDERS to be sole party entitled to decision of such appointment or candidate qualification, barring specific 'for cause' objection such as racial or gender preference disclaimed by the firms in all contest.

This is not to say that the officers would not like to have a woman as PRESIDENT or DIRECTOR at the firm; but expressly stated that no such term may deny a candidate from consideration for potential application to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS or other job at the firm.

Firstly - if you met JAMES ALLEN - he likely evaluated that question as the first step in any informal contact, as that is his primary job for the firm.

Secondly - Upon evaluation, a referral to the Board of Directors for consideration of the candidate is normal; citing the requirement of such person to be examined and any objection made then to such submission.

Thirdly - Unless unanimous consent is achieved, no offer is made or extended. Further, financing for those compensation pacakges for such offer must be secured PRIOR to making such offer formally.

Fourth - If the party asks to be considered for a "BOARD OF DIRECTORS" position or other OFFICER role, expressly and formally, then the same process will occur.

    Pending an opening or opporutnity, and capital to secure hiring for the contract term, an offer may be constructed and formally made after two interview sessions to determine the fitness for office and any questions in normal hiring. As these are usually by virtual meeting, as officers are abroad, candidates who lack a computer and familiarity with voice and video conferencing skills are often not accepted based on a pre-requisite skill set necessary to conduct International business necessary for the firm.

Fifth - Where deficiencies exist, the local officer will make inquiry as to the candidate's willingness to join conference calls or other activities outside of business where they can gain experience in the technology.

    Candidates who are not interested in this "core technology" of the firm and its product are not compelled or coerced to proceed, nor declined for other employment in lesser capacity such as content or artist or technical work, which will require supervision and training at company expense.

This process happens rather fast, and most candidates do not recognize that they have been located, solicited, or offered remedial skill training because the OFFER and PURPOSE of such lead generation is based on character of office, not compensation or job title advancement goals.

The firm and its SHAREHOLDERS prefer officers and Directors who do not make the presence of their role as members of a business or organization central or public in their daily lives due to the 2001-2022 fraud and its coercive behavior and tactics to impede the firm by targeting executives and women using photos of those persons on public websites with threats of murder, arson, rape, and similar criminal intimidation paired with photos of the persons (2002-2004, 2007-2012, 2013, 2021-2022).

If you have been asked any of these questions, you were evaluated.

This means that there was interest shown in your capacity to potentially take on a leadership role in the firm. The effort to misconstrue this process as something else, is consistent with the sexual stalking of officers and Directors by Texas and Enid Oklahoma and Tulsa Oklahoma competitors at events hosted by AXIS (band) promoter and other radicalized unregistered businesses.

In 2021-2022, hard-approach inquiries seeking information from the firm appear to be private investigation efforts in an ongoing extortion-to-blackmail activity by the TEXAS and OKLAHOMA based competitors, for which citation of MBA/Marketing degrees and imitation of perceived business activity styled falsely by the competitor firm triggered increased security against these inquiries, claims, and lack of registration and OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF STATE record contesting claims during communication with the parties.

At least one person presented claiming to be a LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR in 2021, who was then proven not to possess a valid PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LICENSE and have lied over corporate telephone lines to bypass the switchboard and seek out officers under false pretext. The most recent call in this series came in Friday, April 22nd 2022, in 3 calls.

As a result of this fraud, the firm records all calls as is lawful in STATE OF OKLAHOMA, due to prior use of NPR station content to "fill voicemail systems with over 50 calls per day" in harassment and to cause commercial costs through such abuse of public business numbers; a part of the SOONERCON 2009-2013 extortion activity and threats against former ADA HIGH SCHOOL classmates of the business owner at that time. These activities appear consistent with the June operation of such events, and in concert with October convention activity to coordinate criminal threats in November 2021, whereby a criminal complaint citing the appearance and 14 telephone calls preceding new extortion activity were filed upon contact with the perpetrators and use of the names of such persons to extort used also in April 2022 fraud to extort.

Failure to pay fines, threats of violence to compel behavior, and intimidation tactics witnessed by DIRECTORS in 2007-2008 and 2013 and 2021, do not convey such activity any reconsideration on participation by any member of the public in such extortion activity or its commercial franchise then to compete in the area upon gains of those illegal activities.

Whether arrest at the Ada City Walmart Store #0231 for criminal trespassing, or refusal to pay a $500 advance themed a bail bond then falsified and disclosed a FINE by the ADA CITY POLICE against perpetrators of prior fraud; the firm does not consider that conduct or other violence or false claims to injure the members still resident in PONTOTOC COUNTY or other office or region to be eligible for review after citation. Victims of abuse have been traumatized enough, that the presence of any person engaged in such fraud within the business or its facility would be unacceptable and constitute a hostile working condition to rehire persons who prior engaged in violence, extortion, or blackmail threats of any sort against any employee or shareholder of the firm.

This is why the effort incite a "lynching" and encourage other persons to join such public hate crime and participate in harassment constitutes a permanent injury to the CITY OF ADA and to the labor force in the area affected by such illegal Interstate Union activity themed upon radical "Progressive" and "Marxist / ANTIFA" tactics to deny our choice to continue to use the CITY OF ADA as our primary business.

Like EDGE TECHNOLOGIES INC., we are deeply reconsidering after April 2022, our financial and physical risk in placing substantial network and data center assets including scientific computing and advanced image processing for film and theater work, at existing locations in the Pontotoc County region due to this ongoing and criminal INTERSTATE INTERFERENCE IN COMMERCE.

Damage to property, including the hole in the front window of our office, have left persons afraid to visit or be seen in the community due to this ongoing intimidation and physical destruction of U.S. Mail services to impair vital insurance and legal process. Concerns for shipping have further resulted in claims and loss of packages and letters themed of legal and State importance, due to the ongoing interdiction of U.S. Mail verified in December 2021.

The company is therefore losing confidence in its security in the region, despite evaluation of a very large data center development and secure power and facilities for off-site secondary office and business location accessible to the ADA CITY Main Street and/or East Central University.

Cooperation with the Chickasaw Nation to suggest a positive and beneficial neutral opportunity for development and sharing of industry access and development with students and near their new holdings is a substantial positive element reliant on the value of the Chickasaw People and their great culture and commitment to the area, against which no other City or population center has a comparable labor value and opportunity to support the native interests in media development and media technology a central tenent of the 1991-2001 prior work in fine art.

Threats in these matters, to suggest anti-ethnic prejudice and style persons and customs themed local as mental illness contrary foreign corporate socialism wholly absent the family values and tribal values of worth and dignity inherent in the Great Chickasaw Nation, are not so different from prior "crazy injun" stories used to snatch land from Oklahoma and Texas natives in prior extremist and nationalist fraud activity. In this we find the Chickasaw Nation our natural ally and the great Citizens of the Citizen Potawatomie and Apache people nearby some of our best supporters over the past 30 years of doing business.

The firm (LLC) nor its corporate licensees will therefore not abandon the Great Native American People or the region for foreign sovereign investment capital available in California or New England or other Texas or Florida competitor claims; and perceives the increasing Nordic Model racism consistent with Scandinavian support of white-only businesses as racist overtones to injure our staff and their multi-national character (Irish, Scottish, Italian, Chinese, and English mixed with Overton, Nichols, Witherspoon, Allen, Moore, O'Rell, and influences from India and Iran). In concert with physical injury to our mascot in 2020, leading to 30 months of rehabilitation and intensive care - the company does not appreciate the criminal threats of violence or fraud to style its animals as literal DIRECTORS by criminal elements in Texas and Oklahoma to dehumanize the real people affected by this racist Texas Nationalist and Denmark, Norwegian, Swedish, Iceland, and similar ethnic hate crime behavior by Japanese and Chinese nationals engaged in commercial competition with our work and development of REDHAT LABS platforms (an IBM COMPANY) through FEDORA application development and scientific computing with SLICEHOST and RACKSPACE firms regionally.

Efforts to falsify IBM REDHAT LABS INC. products and services as proprietary, such as BLOCK STORAGE and similar virtualization and network applications incorporating misulse of BGP protocol and false monopoly claims in false contract themed as ASA (Autonomous System Assignment) popularized by NTT Group, are not applicable or welcome fraud in this matter, and Unconstitutional Activity barred by Oklahoma Constitution Article II section II-32 to have no legal power of law in State of Oklahoma. Presumption of a monopoly where none exists, and upon work we actually participated in for our own private products and systems, is fraud to distort the "private non-government entity" nature of these groups as a form of "Internet government" falsely.

Seeing this activity in threats on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. and DISCORD INC. platforms on January 30 2022, affirmed the nature of such illegal competitor actions - and to identify the STATE OF TEXAS and related parties prior incorporated in our bylaws direct activity in these false claims - acting as covert competitors to deceive local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement of their commercial and established relationship shown in contract then produced by our office - out of necessity and 22 O.S. 22-31 right, evidence obligated immediate disclosure to quell threats against our employees and incitement of prior established physical violence with injury to our household and residents (human and animal, in two counts).

A failure to regard these matters as seriously as one might an "armed bank robbery" or other major crime using violence, is a basic criteria for failing any review of consideration for leadership in the organization.

Among such registered entities, and under conditions such as these of legal fact and record, the lack of respect for the rights and injury to persons in an automatic failing grade to any evaluation of mental health and moral competence necessary minimum standing of any office for the firm or in any capacity.

Perpetrators are keen in tone to suggest this is not a serious crime. It is as serious as rape or the photography of a minor to extort our client, and such offense not only documented but a conviction already obtained in telepresence activity to abuse our TEAMSPEAK 3 service clients, a documented fact. Law enforcement is keen to disregard the scope of such subcontracted-crime, despite evidence of physical and local participation, from which a 23 O.S. 23-9.1 subsection D class III complaint for counter-suit has been filed; and records to the effect of those manufactured in evidence to extort and published on YOUTUBE and other social media to blackmail are under present $16 million civil counter-suit entitled answer in PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, per estoppel and violation of UIFSA section 3 and 6 - specifically 314 Immunity not applied to sustain a false suit without finding of 5 U.S.C. Section 706 "fraud" a duty of the COUNTY pending adjudication obligated under 12 O.S. 22-13 in 2018, and hearing for such witnesses omitted to void any impact or defense in judicial review obligated for $1.5 billion USD /yr in 2017-2022 duty to carry the trial in 2019.

To avoid suit of $7.5 billion USD, a lot of claims are very likely to be made.

Any claim to extinguish the standing to bring suit, for instance, will be central. As such, any effort to impair or undermine the legal standing of the sole civil PARTY not declared "wholly in default" in the pertaining case, remains a 2001-2022 violation at $2.2 billion USD in liability per year cumulative and ongoing entitled adjudication per 5 U.S.C. duty and 2017-2022 contract made preceding the bringing of false civil action 2018 November by STATE OF OKLAHOMA through a County Assistant District Attorney acting under improper instruction on DALLAS COUNTY in a case lacking jurisdiction per 2015 failure to transfer the case by ASSISTANT DISTRICT COURT CLERK DAMARCUS OFFORD.

Specific persons failed to carry such case, a civil case, and in doing so, violated the basic law of Oklahoma set forth in "Kelly v Kelly" (2007, Oklahoma Supreme Court) which rendered by "operation of law" such claims against the firm "Automatic Mistrial" in all matters and further expoed in 2022 March that the suit was over a non-existant party in theft and use of DNA of a child to create a false suit, and a nonsuit failed answer wrongly styled in December 2001 without new trial, to create this 2001-2022 fraud.

Fraud, in this case, is therefore "evident of record" and may constitute a qui tam balance of up to $44 billion USD in total UNITED STATES grant, which warrant a small notice to the public of the risk of operating as a Director, officer, or other employee of a firm with States Evidence to such fraud by STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA in a human trafficking or forced labor scheme to embezzle from the Social Security benefits of the UNITED STATES evident in claims and print record and allegations made by employees of FAIRWAY INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE COMPANY of Lewisville Texas in 2008-2022.

Presence of mind to understand the case enjoins the State Title IV Grant in full, and all actions of all agents under such commission obligated 5 U.S.C. Section 101 and FEDERAL REGISTER VOLUME 81 NUMBER 244, a Federal Order in limitation and process to conduct business contrary those rules per 45 CFR 302.0 and 303.0 and appeal process not done - to make false book record for false grant application in any degree, much less to impair the SECURITIES of a UNITED STATES CORPORATION in 2017-2022, some of the most serious matters in Interstate Interference in Commerce since the Lindberg kidnapping.

After assault at gunpoint in 2002, and threat of murder in 2001, followed by remorseless organized and consistent concealment of a child; the firm and its SHAREHOLDERS do not regard any party engaged in support of those actions as innocent or entitled to employment or other access not obligated at law; and such "show proof" efforts under the concealment and injury of a child to obtain control of securities - to be abuse of office barred by 22 U.S.C. section 1701 and 18 USC Section 1589 Federal Law.

Persons wishing to pursue employment should be versed in these matters, as well as 21 O.S. Section 21-742.1 (human trafficking) and the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act; and in civil remedy for such human trafficking to disclaim any fraud suggesting this is a criminal matter obstructing testimony or civil counter-suit entitled upon the entry of such person in legal status to the jurisdiction and subject to the UIFSA rules and regulations against such fraud detailed in section 3 and section 6 obligations not met by present judicial review.

Unfortunately for many in the area, this is above the public education level, and failure of regional media to admit the duty to make report in a timely fashion or regard the complaint, suggests further elementary issues with the commission of such grants to the State, which discourage the ability of a competent technology firm to operate in State of Oklahoma due to obstruction of Justice by the officers involved in the case, and by STATE OF TEXAS on repeated occassion to violate 586 U.S. _____ (2019) case no 17-1091 pronouncement and BENCH ORDER for the unanimous Supreme Court of the United States to desist in this conduct immediately and void as UNCONSTITUTIONAL any such act per the 4th and 14th Amendment so clearly stated there.

Immunity claims which persist in this matter violate 588 U.S. _____ (2019) case no 17-647, which require the Civil Court afford the right to sue State and Federal employees who violate such laws which are acts contrary the express written terms of the grant and monies paid in part or full a contract obligated enforcement by the State and United States, regardless their mutual agreement to deny any loss or injury, due fraud to injure the public and harm the estate system in fraud tendered conditional all franchise of REGISTERED BUSINESS and INTERSTATE COMMERCE thereupon a private property per Flemming v Nestor (1960) of "The Congress of the United States", and thus subject as property to lien or forfeiture per "The Enabling of Statehood Act of 1906" and ratified Constitution of the State of Oklahoma; a form of "poison pill" which would unmake the Union and the State of Oklahoma should either engage in such conduct or reject remedy or protect such acts for any period of time (themed perpetual loss, contrary a 5 U.S.C. Section 706 duty to make status quo ante bellum and Article II section II-6 duty to also do so by State Constitutional Powers - or forfeit in perpetuity and without consideration of any-thing-of-value or other property those territories, persons, estates, and franchise predicated on the pledge of those protections - an incorporated right.

Foreign governments, nor their lackeys and flunkies, accept or admit these rights and terms - and as a result and due their influence in an unlawful and alien act of influence over State of Texas and State of Oklahoma, as evident in the McGirt v Oklahoma decision; there are legal questions which require a strong mind to represent and assert - for which public and State job preparation programs do not afford candidates any basis or minimal criteria to stand a Board Positions for the firm or for any foreign government made as a result of fraud by the UNITED STATES or STATE OF TEXAS against those commissioned bylaws of STATE OF OKLAHOMA.

It would not be the first time an Oklahoman stood up, like Will Rogers.

But it should be the last.

Geopolitical Scope of Responsibility in Organization

If that sort of geopolitical scope of authority is intimidating, we ask that persons unable to make a position do not seek to stand such office or task. The commercial activity remains to provide a strong contribution and development of the regional tax base and industry, and to sustain a peaceful and ongoing relationship with the State of Oklahoma, United States, and other nations. However, that commitment cannot be bought or made in-consideration of children or human trafficking, and the founder of the company is an adopted child "sold in a cardboard box" - against the will of his parents (2) and to the injury of other family members who were unaware of the nature of such taking and abuse which resulted in fraud and "ethnic defamation of character" to undermine the commercial rights of persons in this sort of abuse of children.

The firms are therefore very committed to the specific set of goals and values which are incorporated into their activity, application, and license rights.

Efforts to overcome those rights, or coerce them to service foreign industry which abuse or impose false claims on children to replace the family and parent with the State and with State policy or "settled science" claims to suspend the right of franchise and other rights - will not be welcome here.

The Firm is neither "Republican" nor "Democrat", but cites that one party has consistently and criminally imposed a fraud to extort its operation since organization - for which no legal standing as a political party can or should be granted those old (1820s) ideas that once carried the First American Civil War through racism, violence, and terrorism with burning crosses. The company has researched this extremist ideology in contact with NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and more recently the "NORDIC MODEL" of radical national socialism; and found it to be based in Prussian false psychology used to carry out the later Holocaust and murder of over six million people. The ongoing reliance on such theology as "mental health", is genocide.

The firm in all its operations is opposed to Genocide, and to any discrimination against ethnic or religious or theological beliefs among ADULTS, and for the full protection of CHILDREN from such abuse - including influence and instruction to compel the injury of children and alienate them from their parents to coerce, compel, or install a form of belief contrary to the religious basis in their own home and family; which is genocide under color of public education.

The franchise of children and families is superior to that of the needs of the State or of the public trust; and to suggest otherwise is an antithema to the Laws of the United States under which the corporations and company were organized.

As such, the firm will remain as long as it can in Pontotoc County, without regard to other markets or investor opportunities; because it is organized upon these lines of cultural and spiritual protection in high technology services - and refutes the effort to compel it to travel or produce work for foreign states and their agency in the United States or elsewhere as a subbordinate of those foreign and alien laws, foreign values, and dehumanizing conduct against men, women, and children sustained by the prior abuse of their own families, elders, and lands to compel they surrender the traditions and character and rights of those persons for populist consumption or use.

We feel the Native American People have heard these claims before, and so our faith in their familiarity with this fraud is quite unique and worthy our contribution and full confidence in their people to be the rightful beneficiaries of our technology.

While each nation has its own government and technology industry, it is not the intent of the firms to compete directly with those enterprises; and instead to operate in specific product and application development which minimizes our general purpose clients to select parties and real relationships in limited business and scope; subject approval.

Broad claims to suggest this refusal to service pornography, exploitation of women, narcotics distribution, or other services that harm the spirit or the mind of people or diminish the dignity of long-term and committed relationships, are fraud to deflect from our competitors physical presence in markets like Denmark and Amsterdam - who thrive on such abuse and sale of content as a vertical market for their optical long-haul packet-switched Internet video and paywall products which frequently target young members of our community (both male and female) for exploitation.

The firm in its license and franchise, reserves the right to limit certain use, purpose, or application of its technology to moral and approved uses; so determined by the firm.

This does not constitute a RIGHT TO WORK violation, as such parties may develop their own solutions exclusive of our patent, trademark, and copyright without restriction; barring its use to impair or abuse our personnel, legal names, and clients.

In that regard, the competitors appear to fail. Just like white wearing Indian garb to throw tea into the harbor, this impersonation and defamation to portray our people as "savages" and "animals" and "immoral" is the same old song of racism 2.0.

Terms calling the officers of our firm "greaser" and "olive skin" and other slurs to suggest moral or mental defect, are why we look down so much on SOONERCON and other groups who have aided in this practice to coerce and compel demands for money and property, endorsement, and to abandon recovery and communication efforts with children ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION OF OKLAHOMA PARENTS, whom the parties and their corporations and partners in business have acted to conceal and remove from their families in the City of Ada, Oklahoma.


While the STANDARD INDUSTRY CODE for technology in INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is very similar; and many services are identical in nature - the core business of the firm in Intellectual Property and Voice Services with Hosting and Computer Equipment Design for Workstation-class Multimedia Systems; is just one compoent of the enterprise releationship and work of the regional firms.

Those infrastructure and hosting administration services for general purpose network services are now present in a UNITED STATES CORPORATIONS, separate from the Limited Liability Company since 2009.

Further, all video and publication of specific product end-user license and services point-of-sale are placed in 2012-present in a second UNITED STATES CORPORATION intended to scale the business application layer to other vendors and accepting RTMP streaming from any applicant who qualifies to produce the content and distribution contract in terms there made clear and ordinary rule.

Similar services are common in most film production, with a development team and a studio lot operation for processing and delivery infrastructure; while a third company manages the sales and use and access portal and platforms with other value-added services.

These business organizations in digitial media all become similar due to the format and common use of security software. However, it would be incorrect to call them the same business and a fraud - just as alleging every company that uses MICROSOFT WINDOWS is owned by MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

The IP owner, the medium common carrier, and the distributor - are separate firms.

Fundamental to this is the ability to reach out to businesses who also host and support content developers, like the ADAOK.CLUB venue sites in the region - for potential access options to local clients and performers seeking to enjoy a more global audience while having protection from some issues common to other platforms including content and "shadow banning" practices now well known.

Development from 2012-2022 has been a decade of work, overshadowdd by criminal obstruction to that industry from competitors incorporating harassment in 2013-2022 of a violent nature, interferance in ordinary credit in 2015-2018 due ecessive fines in excess of FEDERAL LAW, and in 2018-2022 in false hold on the legal person to deny travel during an attempted takeover bid of NVIDIA CORPORATION by the competitor named in the complaint.

Like starting an automobile manufacturing industry in a new area, the risks and illicit nature of such abuse to disable our manufacturing and prevent public interest in the computer manufacturing arm of the firm which is staging for a public or private launch dedicated solely to the hardware and systems which are enabled to run this class of new computer software and enjoy exclusive benefits from that license as a dedicated platform with distributed artificial intelligence cloud built-in to the end-user purchase; are substantial.

As a PROSPECTUS, the claims and threats to blackmail the corporation into default in 2021-2022 are outrageous behavior contrary ordinary business development and sufficient to scare away most investment by knowing use of YOUTUBE and FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT process to engage in industrial surveillance activity of a REGISTERED AGENT office - including asking for access without a warrant and making false report of why access was denied to suggest a fraud before release of video obtained in that action to blackmail investors.

Sadly, this is par for the behavior from 2001-2022 of the TEXAS staff at the DALLAS data center and of TEK SYSTEMS and TERRABOX employees, as cited in the letter of extortion mailed to 72 recipients in 2011.

The firm is under no obligation to break-off its computer manufacutring arm; and would be doing so prematurely - as it did when it considered incorporating in Texas in 2001 prior to discovery of MASSIVE SECURITIES FRAUD in the RICHARDSON, TEXAS area; and embezzlement of resources by contractors and data center employees there - who openly bragged about stealing property from the companies they worked for and used such property in their home in a joint enterprise paired with clients at the center to carry out business and create a private off-book network in the home of such contractors using the equipment.

2022 April analysis finds the same "10.0.0.x/8" relationship in the traceroute of the offending domains, leading back to the same entities in 2022 as then; and in 2002 and 2011 fraud using the same server names.

The firm therefore remains confident that it will seek more capital support and stronger leadership to stand off these $100 billion/year foreign national monopoly groups in NATION OF JAPAN and PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and related foundation in Scandinavia, Michigan, and Texas data centers used in the prior fraud; as the necessity of a larger BOARD OF DIRECTORS and more senior officers to engage in legal defense against this foreign hostile takeover attempt of our company and technology after employing UKRAINE to stage such attacks in 2014-2021 against our network; sustain serious questions as to the global interest of certain groups against domestic U.S. business and domestic technology developers.

With social credit systems and "Electric Vehicle" mandates, comes a demand for network infrastructure development that is very lucrative and identical to that of PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA models and "THE NORDIC MODEL" in those nations; as well as prone to abuse to impair the political and economic rights of the public in favor of collective-technology-companies with government contracts.

Use of Cryptocurrency, in concert with national highway high speed networks and "energy recovery from Electric Vehicles" potential to be tokenized in vehicle driving to create a tangible property such as Bitcoin or other marker, from which driving these vehicles could result in a non-fiat economy to disable the oil and gas industry quickly, making dependent all persons utilizing what then appears to be a fringe benefit from such conversion a privilege subject other conditions and terms similar to free speech and equal access claims of so called social-media-platforms already evident impairment of market rights and political franchise.

The creation of such "tokens" as a "false form of SECURITY" which the public cannot distinguish from STOCK or other legal registered instrument, overcomes the QUALIFIED INVESTOR barrier, and affords a very large off-book economy for sex trafficking, sex work, vice, smuggling, and undocumented earnings" which will inevitably do exactly what "black market markers" did in the prior Century - give control of the economy and law enforcement to the unlawful parties who have control over the making and enforcement of such "books".

It is for this reason that our firms seek to strongly caution the public against CRYPTOCURRENCY despite working with KRAKEN and BINANCE development from early registration; as we observed this technology use in human trafficking and sex work activity originating in DALLAS TEXAS, from which those groups appear to have special interest in such "RIGHT TO WORK" and ability to impair or injure the access to markets documented over 2001-2022 fraud.

Our technology is designed to combat this wholly, and to retain a RIGHT TO WORK and RIGHT TO PRIVACY of all persons; which does not grant a false economic banking model contrary to the interests of the public trust or ordinary law; and to disclaim the fraud to "coerce persons to enter into illicit and criminal enterprise and self-injury to pay unlawful and excessive fines, simply because the Court or State believes such economy is a valid resource to condemn persons into for non-payment of initial illegal levies and fines otherwise barred by Federal Law." States like Texas who balk at Federal Law, make them an ideal "foothold" for such illegal monopoly claims and to escape Federal safeguards, as in case 01-17702-R over 2001-2022.

Before proceding, our goal is to ensure that such safeguards are evident in the right to carry on ordinary commerce, and that such "economic lynching" activity as is customary in PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA since the "CULTURAL REVOLUTION" and in JAPAN and SCANDINAVIA - shall be prohibited and abolished as instructed by the Supreme Court of the United States a duty of every commissioned real business and corporation to do.

As this is contrary the "populist" fraud that such abuse (lynching) is both supported by the public and therefore "right" - the unique history of the City of Ada Oklahoma to recognize and reject such "lynching" and terms and claims of a political nature or sexual abuse in mischaracterization contrary the rights of reputation and public office in 21 O.S. 21-3 and 21-8 rule; so formally made Federal Law in the "Emmett Till Antilynching Act", and other terms of the Oklahoma Antiterrorism Act, to quash claims by Texans that such "child taking and human trafficking and impersonation of judges and other persons was just a joke to escape charges and protective orders", must be well established in a fundamental community protected from foreign (Japan, China, Scandinavia) influence and control.

That is the goal of the technology franchise and licensed software produced by our office, and in the work of other network carrier and distribution and hardware divisions of the company.

Against such interests, are foreign sovereign funds representing the oil profits of many Scandinavian countries, as well as the Saudi Arabia Sovereign Investment Trust: a $200 billion fund.

A small Oklahoma company against those assets, is like throwing a small company against the patent monopoly of the automobile prior to the Model T.

If you believe the Model T was a stupid idea that infringed on people's rights, then you can side with foreign government and their agencies and contractors who are harming children to coerce us to stop. Or you can help build the next modern engine factor in the City of Ada, Oklahoma; and make it known that we are doing that with respect to the injustice done to all people who value their family and children and elders more than the interest of a foreign effort or that nation or nations agreement to "corner the market" over a vital resource or new continent ("Turtle Island").

While our firm and the values of collective interest may not seem eye to eye, as industry seemed foreign prior to Governor Overton James direction to bring forth "The Great Unconquerable Chickasaw Nation" as a thing; new in that time - as JAMES OVERTON (birth name, were it not for some shady adoption), and in interest of everyone who contributed to that work and this industry - I believe the general intent to resist such foreign claims as to what rights we as parents have or what we must give "in consideration and submission to foreign governments monopoly over our industry and invention" must start with the child taking and fraud to abuse my own family - which has been repeated in the STATE OF TEXAS act to further separate my child from my home to overcome my work for SPRINT and damage NORTEL NETWORKS by the creator/owern of CANDASUCKS and their associates in the Dallas, Texas commercial hosting and data center services there who wish to extinguish my work for SYKES ENTERPRISES and other firms in a complete obliteration of my legal and professional existence over 1990-2022.

We have seen this strategy by the Chinese Communist Party to destroy those persons that threatened their regime, and by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and those persons claims and arguements differed in no way whatsoever from the "mental welfare" claims of greater good in the taking for abuse and concealment of children to control and influence industry under State control.

The family that adopted me saw World War I and II, and wished for nothing but the protection of the public from this fraud and its abuse - which was in their day as much a technological advance of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan over lesser United States and European nations as the claims leveled today in network and ASA registration fraud we observed in January 2022 prior assault on my person and publication to extort my family in the death of my foster mother.

There can be no peace with such a nation - who have alleged to me that "NOTHING IS PROTECTED UNLESS IT IS REGISTERED WITH THE STATE FIRST", to overcome private property and teach the communist system of values - wherein all persons are simply a component for their utility and entitled rights only when they take a place in the line made for them and subbordinate position set aside to them by others; who as Ayn Rand said are commissioned based on "pull" rather than "proficiency".

Rather than say these are "German" or "Chinese" or "Japanese" beliefs - which are true by national conduct but not by race - we traced these toxic and abusive claims back to 1820 with "Elements of the Philosophy of Right", a book on politics falsified as a treatment on psychology to invalidate people who disagreed with the State, and set a tone which became the central agreement for National Socialism and Marxism and Mao Zedong regimes - and from which we are still witnessing a caustic ability of those logical fallacies and deceptive persuasive arguments to attack people using mass communication tools no different than genocide in the past.

We termed these arguments "Hegelian Dialectic Socialism", a form of quasi communist Statist argument, that would imagine the public trust (the State authority of consent) is in the State as a real government of people and organizations - or the people in any gathering or community - superior in right to the fundamental integrity of the individual, the family, the bonds between parent and child, and in interest also in a superior right for equity in all health care and political power, superior to the needs of the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, and the different.

It is the antithesis of all our shareholders commissioned these firms to believe.

The prior firms are organized under the Constitution of the United States - and further under Oklahoma as incorporated to the "Enabling of Statehood Act" of 1906 to make law the construction of words found in both the Constitution of the Federal Government in 1906 and the exact words of "The Declaration of Independence". Whereby, should those incorporated principles be rejected by any party as law, the making of the State of Oklahoma and Federal Union would cease to exist; per Article I section I-1.

We cannot, therefore, by our commission, afford such claims standing against the dignity of the People or the rights of any individual before us; nor in-consideration condition such rights to them for any thing-of-value including their service, labor, endorsement or consent - which is the franchise of their own rights in our commission. Nor by the Article XXIII rule make any contract or terms of service valid in this state that violate those rights; set forth also, as is true and proper.

This comes as quite a suprise to some, like former President Barrack Obama, who believe that the "Terms of Service" is a civil contract that can void those rules as one party wishes, to obtain leverage over another. That being a 10th Amendment violation, we would disagree.

Just as a Federal Mandate would have for its pronouncement no authority over a State which did not agree and was Sovereign; those States effort to suggest they disagree and did not enter into a contract with such government is void if it were - as a FEDERAL REGISTER VOL 81 NO 244 stated - a paid contract executed on acceptance of the full or partial funds in the grant, then as binding to both parties and lawful resort for any other party affected separate from those governments that were under its direction or instruction - obligated enforcement.

That the public is being lied to in a matter of $2.2 billion USD per year; to carry a false and foreign theory of law to aid in the destruction and export of our industy to a foreign sovereign government by way of a proxy entity made and wholly owned in the United States; is obscene. But that is what we have determined after years of fighting and investigation - that such laws do exist, but the will to enforce them and the authority to impose them over "rebel States" is lacking and require a strong central government and new Justice Department Branch equal in funding and manpower while separate from all existing branches, to carry out control over these "rebel" activities by some State Governments and numerous State employees under color of office.

Tools like the network document system the firms are developing, based on customer record tracking and customer service evident in fraud between the County and State and Federal Court, are not working and not present in the United States.

Were our products successful, such spoliation and false records would be not only evident, but afford automatic and high-level external audit to impose a protection of Civil Rights and protection of the public from abusive local, County, State, and even Federal government.

Many interested parties, naturally, do not want our hardware to be developed - nor any legal franchise or product to come from the work and development in this area.

Experience auditing the records of Best Buy, AT&T, Toshiba America, BankONE, and NORTEL, showed how frequently these abuses are both evident - and how difficult correction can be when the court has equity or interest in the proceeds of fraud.

By attacking the integrity of this process, the foreign competitors and their resellers have only made the point that a Federal authority is necessary and automation to stop the "equitable non-enforcement" policy of domestic and local fraud must be imposed from a top-down Federal level like investigations into similar practices in Chicago and New York, against all major states.

Tools to do this are actually not that complicated, but as Senator Ron Paul and his son have seen, those efforts are often opposed by the guilty to an incredible degree, and employ the incitement of mentally unstable persons who will do violence to the proponent of such change out of fear and deep lack of normal empathy and other senses which pose a real and present danger to persons reporting Federal embezzlment of funds from the U.S. Treasury or State budget.

Policies to prevent Congressional members and State Legislators from even speaking to witnesses in these matters, due to general prejudice and fraud in a rush to judgement and false books, afford no doubt in my mind that such abuse cannot be solved without the application of NVIDIA based Artificial Intelligence and peer based independent "proof of work" analysis that our equipment and products are deigned to create for diverse audiences and general purpose platforms.

Fraud and embezzlement before the computer was commonplace. Now it is wrapped in institutional authority, but remains operational due to the false nature of represenatational law and government afforded our record system. That system will not hold up to ordinary scrutiny better than the Iron Curtain, and it would be in the better interest of society to accept this inquiry and investigation into such abuse - than to suggest it should simply run and the damage be dismissed as a debt too astronomical to pay and too high to award to any person who reports it - as a false defense not afforded by TITLE 5 section 706 or other Federal Law.

In a budget where you can lose $1 billion easily, finding $44 billion is not insignificant. But like doing away with slavery, some States (Texas) simply cannot wrap their head around the concept even when handed direct orders from 9 of the 9 supreme Court Justices to stop.

Due to fear of repirsal, not many people in the North openly supported Abolition of Slavery. Fewer in the South. If we have come back to that condition, to favor foreign influence purchased with petro-Dollars by radical regimes or foreign governments who believe we did them wrong in the prior Second World War, that is a major concern for modern Americans to consider who they will work for and what they expect for their labor. It is a situation similar to the East India Trading Company and India, which would ask if we are in fact entitled to fetch our own salt from the Ocean or we must buy it from Britain. The same is true in technology and transportation, the so called "green movement" (which it is not), and broad false claims that make most moderate physicists throw up just a little in their mouth every time someone toutes the benefits of Electric Vehicles based on modern battery technology.

It is easy to influence stupid people It is easy to incite them to violence. Even to convince them to cut off the arms of their own children to remove the Western poison given in innoculations - just as these firms ask you to destroy a domestic company to make way for a foreign government owned firm that has purchased a business with an "English-sounding name".

You should know the parites. Then you would know the dispute.

By using FALSE NAMES, false identities, and false claims to defraud and deceive, these persons have carried out a fraud that the most incompetent fake Sheriff would have arrested a local person for undertaking in an Andy Griffeth sitcom. But because these people are using the names, credentials, and foreign authority of firms and officers engaged in large scale business - they are refusing to give "good report" or assert jurisdiction.

No free market can operate under foreign threat or foreign interference. Even if we must shut down such peering and nation-to-nation services; or license those services as the other nations have done already in anticipation of this sort of "new-type" of "undeclared warfare", the tools to proect modern business and authenticate real customers from this sort of industrial fraud are neccessary to be manufactured here. Not called upon from some foreign or compromised State which is concerned only in the lesser tax burden or access to other markets of greater size and potential earnings than our own country.

So frauds like the one which claim the prior organization is not in fact "Real" or is confused - are as absurd as the fraud about allegedly appearing in assault at gunpoint in 2002 November to confuse officers and deflect from snatching a child related death threats in August 2001; to undermine the basic premise of simple legal rights like POSSESSION, COMMUNICATION, and LOCATION of missing children which are and have been subject a prior COURT ORDER that having never been given enforement without SALE OF THE COURT first to illegal claims and in excess of Federal Law; cannot be REGISTERED in the STATE OF OKLAHOMA now or ever. And to assert that such failure to register that would undo the INHERENT RIGHTS or TITLE 76 Laws, because the Court or State cannot have the contract they desire, are treason and rebellion - not simply contempt - when both parties who made such order to embezzle from the United States Department of the Treasury are denied their equity in it to suggest the families from whome those children were taken illegally should be "in-consideration" denied also their child in perpetuity and that child taken and carried off to a foreign land for concealment using modern technology (GDPR) tools intended for victims of rape and sexual abuse.

To understand, my child was made a "STOCK" and "COLLATERAL", and without concern for "in-consideration" demands, those rights of the STOCK then denied to me contrary the law - and themed perpetual and without value entitled a remedy, strikes so close to the principles of "Marbury v Maddison" and "Dredd Scott v Sandford", as to test the very question of the value of public office and title and liberty we suggest is the purpose in the incorporation of a government and its sole duty (21 O.S. 21-1305) to protect persons from criminal harm (43A O.S. 43A-5-104) which is evident in the letters of extortion sustaining and supporting that concealment activity by LOSTSERVER, DEPREF.NET, and in service to their carrier business and companies in Scandinavia who are by my estimate and the shark costume I saw my abuser wearing around town promoting such firm's name, relatively weird even by Ada Standards.

The prior firms have a very strict organization. All these fraudulent claims serve to do is intimidate and deceive the public as to its nature and purpose. While most of the claims are laughable, the suggestion that one company "owns" another is a FALSE PROSPECTUS and felony criminal activity on face; made to confuse people who are unaware of basic business law and how to verify a real company - and should have no legal authority among a group of sophisticated investors, but carries harm in the use before the public documented in the letters to several persons in our community in April 2022 following direct threats.

We had not heard of the firms supporting this fraud prior, because the companies are NOT LICENSED OR AUTHORIZED TO DO BUSINESS IN THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, and thus "not real". But it is easy to see why these claims to "direct falsely" those claims on our companies and corporations to intimidate the public and conceal offers of some redheaded woman in a giant weird blue SHARK OUTFIT from seeking business or telling sad tales like Johnny Depp's ex wife.

There is a lot more going on than the public ordinarily has (legal, lawful) access to, including data capture and analytic inspection of fraudulent traffic and break-in attempts; security incidents, and people who do not want to be identified because of 20 years of ongoing strong-arm racketeering activity toward their person by these bizarre competitors concealing the child in question even upon the death of other family members (and in apparent celebration of that, uploading content and legal documents paid for at a public records site, which they falsely claimed were given to them by family members of the deceased to carry out the fraud).

That we are observing that in November 2021 to April 2022, in concert to other threats and harassment at The Village and Vintage 22, and claims of a bizarre nature to suggest a local party making false claims on behalf of the group and relaying to the group a contact November 6 and November 13 2022 from Village Club and Vintage 22 to instigate these new intimidation acts on a global scope with over 3000 persons exposed - counting such actions and trying to incite violence against children from that; warrants our interest in a new arms manufacture contract for armed security and other physical concerns about doing business in the City of Ada after such events in order to impair our tax filings and damage our relationship with the Federal Government.

Companies were created because they were being systematically targeted - and that activity in November 2021 demonstrated that the targeting was without legal basis or any CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP and solely as a commercial competitor action due to the long list of names produced to call upon the public to attack those firms.

As those firms are legally unrelated beyond a COMMERCIAL FRANCHISE LICENSE, the attack can then be construed as a RIGHT TO WORK and product intimidation of the creator, developer, and the end-user licensee of such product separately to impair their commercial use of network hosting, services, and security products which the previous SOA root host companies are wholesale competitors for in a general (derived, inferior) license from IBM REDHAT LABS INC. server products (detailed in their description, a separate peer product to the prior offering).

The claim to suggest such STOCK or other SECURITY or MEMBER CERTIFICATE are the same legal instrument, is fraud. And to do so is a FALSE PROSPECTUS claim against each separate legal entity, entitling them to enjoin legal action against the same for violation of their RIGHT TO WORK.

Had the party sufficient funds (billions) to pay the damages, that would be prudent, but the activity as an unregistered foreign sovereign agent of a country acting from inside the United States and inside State of Texas and by independent representatives also inside State of Oklahoma; we have a situation where those FOREIGN SOVEREIGN COMPANIES are violating Form 512 rules, to run an unlawful business with commissioned agency (unregistered employees) on the ground in both States. Paying fees for every account sold, per the websites we viewed, those terms would be illegal under conditions and in concert with any physical representation of their brands (which explains finally that weird blue shark suit, made out of felt, worn at Vintage 22 some years back).

The lesson here should be, don't dress up as a competitor and threaten people. But it goes deeper than that when children and elderly family members are being abused and harassed to give up their SECURITIES or lose their investment in property or business over the concealment of a grandchild.

Granted that, by law, there is no other party not declared "wholly in default" and such ruling contrary all DUE PROCESS to void the INHERENT RIGHTS of an Oklahoma person to extinguish their $2.5 million income in favor of a foreign competitor; who did take, conceal, and abuse their child then under 70 days of age and from their home - it does not suggest that such ongoing (2022 April) claims or the appearance of other known persons (2021 November) prior directed harassment are legally without fault. Even if some parties were impersonated, the damage done to confidence in the community is substantial - and all business plans prior are subject reconsideration due to such conduct without an arrest or referral to a Federal Criminal Procedure citing ongoing intimidation to sway a State Court Case across Federal Borders and intimidate witnesses against testifying.

None of that conduct - whatsoever - is the ordinary conduct of a legitimate business or enterprise in any nation, and as agency of the prior hosting firms: it warrants fully our decision to shut down Scandinavian countries access and sales until such matters are fully resolved and persons convicted for these acts contributing to the death of Dr. Klepper in 2007-2022 ongoing harassment and fraud to conceal her grandchild.

The prior firms, targeted in this fraud by the Texas competitor and their Iceland and Scandinavian host company, and by local resellers in local retail establishments well known to the victims by prior "wishing he were dead" comments in support of assault at gunpoint which maimed the business owner; have no obligation to afford or meet with any party involved in such abuse, and further to terminate any services or contracts with persons aiding in such violent fraud and injury to the property and family of the staff, stakeholders, or clients immediately. The firms may also reconsider their commitments and investments based on such acts, and lack of protection to bring a permanent close to such abuse and ongoing hardship imposed (and contributing) to the death of other members of their family in a design to overcome property, real estate, and other titled assets by child concealment in a premeditated kidnapping to extort and blackmail a real business and impose $50,000 USD in losses on AMERICAN EXPRESS CENTURION BANK and $30,000 USD in losses on MBNA AMERICA business credit from such premeditated fraud.

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