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The owner of the site is being provoked criminally from outside the jurisdiction (ex juris) by a JOHN DOE (unidentified suspect) in cause to fraudulently collect an odious debt in Federal Fraud formally alleged (UIFSA Rev 2008, 5 U.S. Code §706) before PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT COURT.


Purpose of such communication is to knowingly, criminally, and fraudulently tamper with jury pool selection in a registered case in PONTOTOC COUNTY and to carry such civil case forward wrongly to escape the Emmett Till Anti-lynching Act criminal code from being applied to his/her person.

Gender (sexual identity, not biological gender) of the perpetrator is unknown, presumed female online and male offline and at work; due to repeated appearance on TWITCH INTERACTIVE INC. services as a woman in numerous false accounts to solicit, approach, and harass the Pontotoc County man in a sexual manner, in concert with homosexual themes, and recurring use of sodomy and beastiality to threaten his pets with injury similar to Ukrainian slurs toward Russian troops prior to the invasion of Ukraine. These comments appear to have a nexus with Dallas Texas, Ontario Canada, Reykjavic Iceland, Copenhagen Denmark, Amsterdam Denmark, and Swedish owned firms there in Sweden and Iceland; where such domains THECHURCHBOARD.COM and DEPREF.NET are registered and originating demands to turn over business property used by those competitors for sale in fraudulent conveyance upon the taking, concealment, and abuse of a child from 2001-2022.

Certain elements in these claims are exceptionally bizarre, and merit notice to the public of fraud; as they may be mistaken for factual claims without context to the history of extreme physical and sexual violence in the case and injury to a child to gain public sympathy and incite BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE (BACA) and other community organizations including EAST CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA student body into representation to extort, to damage hiring in the community, and incite violence and civil unrest deflecting from the concealed child and fraudulent court process themed 5 U.S. Code §706 "Fraud" and TITLE IV grant fraud alleged formally in counter-suit and criminal complaint duly filed with the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL in the State of Oklahoma.


1. There is no crime because there is no case #.

Company Assessment:

A Criminal act, in the performance of an act prohibited by the statutory code, is presumed to be a crime without regard to any suspect or indictment or conviction, and entitled 22 O.S. §22-31 right of resistance as it was done and similar proportionate force even prohibited force under other conditions, as is necessary to impose a permanent stop to the criminal offense or wrongdoing.

Force defined is written or oral or electronic service upon the party making such civil or criminal wrongdoing where upon prior LEGAL SERVICE OF PROCESS or LEGAL RIGHT issued by the court, the party has not complied with the obligations duly made or given a contest entitled KELLY v KELLY (2007) standard of CROSS EXAMINATION to DUE PROCESS prior any legal or official act, or the withholding of a legal or official act such as submission to indictment by the district attorney or grand jury.

2. James Allen did not receive rank because (insert delusional claim here)

Company Assessment:

The Discharge Papers for SPECIALIST JAMES ALLEN are valid, and are the product of circumstances at time of war for the United States.

No further information will be provided, nor should be inferred. As this was a medical discharge with mitigating circumstances for cardiovascular trauma with evidence of hearing loss caused by physical battery to the head of James Allen by Veronica Marie Petersen on three or more occasions with serious injury; imposing lifelong and pronounced hearing loss in the former telephony administrator essential to the performance of his prior job and other public-facing communication roles, and subjecting him to substantial discrimination due to medical condition falsified as a cognitive or emotional defect to conceal this domestic partner abuse preceding the taking and concealment to injure his career and person of his only child.

Any records provided or case notes transmitted violate KELLY v KELLY and are legally thereby manufactured evidence to influence a controversy and impair potential jurors prior to jury trial; subject criminal complaint on discovery.

James Allen wished only that he could serve without fear, and such service was impaired by the abuse of his child and broken hip suffered by Charlycle Ann Klepper, from whom this fraud took him away at that time directly resulting in her inability to receive support necessary for her care from her son; and ultimately contributing to her death in March 2nd 2022.

James Allen lost his uncle, Specialist Clyde Allen in 2002 due to the same hold upon his person illegally, and such information concerning the death and service of the family member complicated by Command Sergeant Major C. Lee Allen of the Oklahoma National Guard; whom parties have falsified in a fabricated stolen valor claim to sustain the kidnapping, concealment and abuse of the son of James Allen in concert with probation ordered upon Donald J. Beal in Veteran service in 2012 conviction of substance abuse, from which such fabricated and delusional criminal conspiracy to harm the Allen brothers service and defame James Allen in the taking and illegal concealment of his child violating ORDERED POSSESSION and removal for no lawful cause on default ORDER of December 2001 by failure to appear of Veronica Marie Petersen, the abducting parent who - with Donald J. Beal - did engage in alienation of the child from the Oklahoma parent and military family members from 2001-2022 in conspicuous conspiracy against rights and upon International and Interstate commerce over the commercial networks and highways of Oklahoma and Texas provided access to carry this fraud by NTT GROUP, COGENT COMMUNICATIONS, and other providers known per the restitution documents of DONALD J. BEAL to be ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES and "PLANO COMMUNITY RADIO" and later in 2010-2012 by KEIF-LP ENID "THE ROCKET" not-for-profit radio station affiliated with the prior Texas firm via NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) programs and in coordination with a 3rd station in State of California for similar political purpose and to abuse the political rights and suffrage of JAMES ALLEN, a registered REPUBLICAN in PONTOTOC COUNTY to prohibit his commercial exercise of office and right to run for public office or other license of civil honor via this holding and abuse of a child and interference in income not afforded 45 CFR §302.56(f) proper and minimal judicial review.

Persons identified in the 2010 and 2013 threats from ENID OKLAHOMA, have since been identified as employees in fact of TROLL LORD GAMES, a competitor of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and party named in controversial unlicensed use of other property from TSR INC. and Wizards of the Coast for similar false claims.

3. "I" versus "We" controversy, suggests Allen speaks nonsense due no other employees or peers.

Company Assessment:

This one borders of fringe incapacity, as claims go, but have actually managed to entice some non-professional supporters like 13 year old non-binary angst to the claims. As it preys upon the present "gender" and "pronoun" controversy of LGBTQ+ prejudice thinly concealed in the child abuse threats.

In fact, James Allen lives and works in Ada Oklahoma and has for 25 years frequently travelled to Oklahoma City and Dallas for regional work, there representing his group of hobby community and small business parties; and with whom the Board of Directors and contractors and other workers and stakeholders (shareholders and other equity interest parties) are entitled his representation duly filed and reflected as a REGISTERED AGENT.

The term REGISTERED AGENT, and the roll with the OKLAHOMA SECRETARY OF STATE, prohibit all claims that JAMES ALLEN nor his companies in which he represent, do not exist and are in any degree not available for civil service of process since 1998.

Such facts destroy all claims before the court that the parties concealing his child were unable to locate him for service of documents and information obligated to his receipt, and show a knowing and purposeful evasion of such duty pledged for money before the civil court, and to evade those duties and deceive the public in a fraud of construction to obliterate this legal fact and legal duty to perform.

In contact, "I" is always personal and for the agent, or their opinion, which does not in such role represent the opinion or claim of the corporation. In corporate dealings including those with a limited liability company, the term "We" is used to indicate that the firm as a legal body gives opinion and formal statement, for which the company or C Corporation is signalling is its official action as a deliberate assembly and registered entity at-law. This is therefore necessity and formal in the communication to persons, as in an attorney stating "for the firm" in her letter.

The same parties, upon seeing this "for the firm" remark, did seek out and without consent send defamatory and libelous email to abuse James Allen and intimidate legal services from representation on threat to "sue the attorney who represents him" in a fraud to conceal the child, Sept 7 2011 from Stating such act on behalf of an Account Manager of Tek Systems and TERRABOX (a name representing in aka use without registration known presently, Brian Wolfe). This act constituted, in demand for service and pledge of future abuse then executed to extort Nov 14 2021, the criminal construction of a blackmail and extortion demand latter upon James Allen and all corporations listed there also in context, ongoing and limited to the last statutory act in May 13 2022 eligible for legal action under present consideration by the firms and persons affected.

Because James Allen represents those organizations via the authority of his estate, JAMES ALLEN, a United States Citizen - those terms are important aspects limited to the use and conditions of the JAMES ALLEN estate at law, and enjoined all claims of real or fictitious illicit demand against that estate whether civil or criminal.

As a registered member of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, JAMES ALLEN may speak for the BOARD of any company he sits, and such report of his registration also made - a component of the coercion by TEK SYSTEMS, TERRABOX, and implicit employee conduct of ROBERT HALF TECHNOLOGIES as competitors to his work and services, to constitute a criminal complaint duly filed for blackmail and extortion in the 2022 and 2011-2022 conduct pattern, so also formally submitted via the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT and designated Officer. Any failure to process or record such report does not fall upon JAMES ALLEN, and is therefore subject to the OSBI to determine what if any defect of duty prescribed in 21 O.S. §21-1305 did occur after its transmission or deposit; that no action has come to pass since 2007 threats began in this tone related to the concealment of a child ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION of JAMES ALLEN and so concealed to obtain anything of value in writing or demand not lawful under 5 U.S. Code §101 and 45 CFR rule, no more than 25% of his STATE INCOME TAX revenue in lawful fines for a civil case. 42 U.S. Code §666(a)(10) rule obligates STATE OF TEXAS to automatically modify the sum to suit that and directs as public policy of the sole commission to remove all claims on any amount under 200% of the Federal Poverty Line from such calculations, which are a duty set forth in 45 CFR §303.6(c) rule not met.

This matter is therefore further deflection from fiduciary fraud and embezzlement from the United States Department of the Treasury of benefit, themed alleged 18 U.S. Code section 666 felony violation on prima facie, and duly reported to the ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT with documents May 15 2022 showing that fraud in evidence from KEN PAXTON, OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, Director subject Title 21 of a Moneyed Company and subject civil counter-suit or Federal qui tam action per realator standing as UNITED STATES in 31 U.S. Code §3729(a) and §3730 rule.

The parties are simply trying to damage the "standing" of JAMES ALLEN to defer from being sued as afforded and to intimidate and damage the witness in knowing and clear witness tampering themed on a $46.4 billion fraud alleged.

Other officers include TERRABOX former CEO and witnesses from violent attacks on the body of James Allen while fleeing from the TERRABOX building, a place of criminal entrapment and attempted human trafficking in 2002 employed against the Oklahoma parent. TERRABOX former CIO remains prepared to testify on behalf of JAMES ALLEN against TERRABOX, for her discovery of book irregularities and to the response of such party against James Allen, herself, and her husband.

Other witnesses include Mark Deaver of Norman Computers, a trusted and well established business of the State of Oklahoma; and victims of the prior group when minor children who are in Norman, Oklahoma and prepared to testify now.

Protection of these persons in appearance, and for their opinion and sustained report against hostile and illegal coercive action, is the role JAMES ALLEN is presently tasked in defense of these claims and report; and entitled the use of the term to assert a consensus of the deliberate assembly against the organized unregistered and commercially enjoined XXIII-1A group in Dallas, Enid, and Midwest City, and their offices in Michigan and California in other corporations of record not lawfully permitted to operate jointly under FTC and Interstate class of business - shown in evidence and eye-witness testimony to be syndicate activity of a foreign monopoly in direction and design coordinated out of server and related harpoon, saturn, titan, and patriot host computers related that business server which sent the threat to CITY OF ADA for video January 28 2022 concerning JAMES ALLEN and to release such video then to extort for purpose of blackmail and extortion of testimony in a $67,523.25 matter of record, odious debt and TITLE IV fraud carried by STATE OF TEXAS Director of TITLE IV AGENCY, DIRECTOR. Such act in CITATION to retaliate without LEGAL ANSWER for prior filing of 45 CFR §302.56(f) rebuttal to Office of the Attorney General - Central File Management, and also with Clay B. Pettis, TITLE IV AGENT attorney for the matter; would be wrongdoing on prima facie.

Intimidation of the public to conceal and confuse and preclude communication of legal standing of such disputes to influence a jury and witnesses in a Federal matter or Federal controversy to bar complaint or report, is prohibited per 18 U.S. Code § 2071.

If these terms are unfamiliar or unclear, you need to contact an attorney prior to making false report of your interpretation or false claims based on a defect of mind or understanding or professional duty any report to their quality or purpose.

The fraud preys upon the tendency of laypersons (non REGISTERED AGENTS) to do so, including rural and inexperienced Bar Association attorneys. Mistake or error in this matter is not permitted due prior and sustained complaint of fraud and malicious spoliation to constitute Federal Criminal code violation and violence with bodily injury already done and evident.

James Allen has the scar of a 9mm handgun in his upper-right mandible from laceration during attempted murder and kidnapping in 2002 at the TERRABOX office; and photos and video and eye witness testimony to support this attack are available to a qualified body prepared to sit for the review to affirm to a registry or record those concerns of potential minimum safety and ongoing gang activity involved in threats to kill, maim, or disable and to intimidate Allen and his associates; for which ordinary security of a Federal facility or institution are now in effect.

4. Malicious Stalking in Child Concealment is Imagined by Oklahoma Parent

Company Assessment:

From 2001-2002 the parties conspired in written statements on THECHURCHBOARD.COM and LIVEJOURNAL.COM, sending threats in 2003 to witnesses in Oklahoma. In 2002-2004 the abducting party DONALD BEAL did publish under false name a website using the legal name of the Oklahoma Parent, and there feature a modified image of the assault injury to James Allen with a thought bubble, indicating a mental illness delusion to intimidate and abuse the Oklahoma parent while proclaiming that the Oklahoma parent had no interest in seeing or recovering or speaking with his child, then held by DONELD BEAL and VERONICA PETESEN in DENTON COUNTY, STATE OF TEXAS violating an ORDERED POSSESSION to JAMES ALLEN.

This was again done in 2007-2009 in threats of the same style on MYSPACE.COM and in 2009-2011 on FACEBOOK.COM with 2010-2011 aid of BRIAN YOUNG, while concealing from the public the ORDERED POSSESSION and custody of the child obligated to JAMES ALLEN, in commercial effort to extort and obtain money from SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.

MOTION FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER was filed by JAMES ALLEN and DONALD BEAL claimed his failure to physically be in the county negated the power of the court to issue a order governing his activity or communication to JAMES ALLEN or regarding JAMES ALLEN, while actively competing against JAMES ALLEN in commerce and for a business in the same industry code as those of JAMES ALLEN based in DALLAS TEXAS.

In April 2010, Mark Deaver witnessed a planned physical assault on James Allen at Tulsa events arising from this, and intervened to intercept the attackers as they organized such criminal discussion. In 2011 Sept 7 sent an email in LEGAL ANSWER admitting that he had created under false name the 2002-2004 site and under trial admitting also he sent the 8 million ICMP packet flood that disrupted commercial relationships with AT&T and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C.; in concert with an ongoing coercion and promise to continue if James Allen did not comply with his demands and such compliance include abandonment of contact and dispute to recover the child then ORDERED TO THE POSSESSION OF JAMES ALLEN at that time.

Law enforcement did not register or enforce because DONALD BEAL and VERONICA PETERSEN did conceal this legal fact, and DENTON COUNTY did in 2015 wrongly alter and then refuse to reverse in a premeditated sale of the right on no hearing or legal contest of fact and predicated a hearsay claim of "fear" of kidnapping only to make permanent change to the order under color of law and improperly, a temporary order in illegal proceeding themed as official and charged fees to JAMES ALLEN for such contest, there refusing him his right to appear or enter CITATION without false incarceration and counter-claim taking a superior role over his prior filing; a coercion of rights to defraud the UNITED STATES in a false TITLE IV cause on prior automatic mistrial and default by Veronica Petersen in December 2001 preceding new trial not permitted and false new cause of new suit not granted more than 24 hours of notice to TRIAL date disclosed.

Ongoing 2013-2022 and 2021-2022 creation of another domain in this pattern to extort, are therefore part of a pattern described in 18 U.S. Code &sec;1341, and component to a repeated failure of the STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF OKLAHOMA to act on and retain records or carry out an ordinary TITLE IV AGENCY duty set forth in 2017 law effective and given notice by Federal Register Volume 81 Number 244.

The effort to try each provocation as if unrelated to the last and to the child and monetary claims central to all, are clear concealment and spoliation; not afforded a lack of records retention, and arising from a negligence of investigation and of removal of employees who began to render assistance at the U.S. Department of Social Security Administration office in Ada Oklahoma in 2019 and ADA CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT in 2022, during transition of the PONTOTOC COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY; to include removal without re-assignment of the matter to another qualified computer crimes expert or DETECTIVE and refusal to enter a proper case by the CITY as a policy of dismissing computer crime to the OSBI or FBI exclusively - from which a threshold and improper transfer of information concealing the severity and duration and impact of the case was permitted to overcome the victims in ongoing and unwanted contact resulting in death in 2002, 2007, 2008 and 2022 of witnesses; and serious illness with early mortality of a clinical diagnosed condition in 4 more witnesses as of 2022; and death of 3 other associates:

  • One Associate (former employee of contract record) died due "suffocating on a pillow"
  • One prospective employee "walked into traffic on a metropolitan highway at night"
  • One former client "turned into an oncoming semi truck on the Chickasaw Turnpike"
This pattern, paired with threats of violence and arson in 2002 and 2013, and by destruction of the legal office of the respondent in the nonsuit during 2002 double jeopardy refiling and execution suffering the destruction of such building by fire in DALLAS COUNTY, sustain a claim of suspicious activity whereby Federal Building security and employee safety protocols under ongoing (2017-2022) harassment by the same parties and letter January 28 2022 in concert with Nov 2021 in-person confrontations (2) and resumption of activity, and March 3 2022 extortion site creation following the death of Ann Klepper March 2nd 2022; then employed in 40+ threats in April and May 2022 to continue this blackmail and extortion activity to intimidate the public, sway or silence witnesses, and render James Allen unstable through emotional and psychological abuse in concert with a formal act to collect $67523.45 USD in this behalf and demand for payment in 30 days issued by KEN PAXTON on May 11 2022 for a minimum $10,128.49 USD notwithstanding the 2001-2022 concealment of a child and prior behavior to damage, disable, and induce written demands for "forfeiture" of:

Three separate businesses and the value of the home of the deceased grandmother, Charlyce Ann Klepper M.D. of Ada Oklahoma - to satisfy this false debt and immoral fraud in false TITLE IV cause.

Federal criminal wrongdoing seems therefore evident and a formal investigation barred by local cooperation with the child taking, significantly similar to prior Hobbs Act violations against Oklahoma Oil men by Texas relatives aided by State of Texas elected law enforcement in the prior Century.

In addition:

  • A small caliber shot impact point, fired into the West side window of the Oklahoma Parent's house was discovered by Kyle Hibbs, through the glass.

  • Destruction in 2015-2021 of the mailbox 5 separate times by a high speed car in targeted strikes with theft of over $1000 in mail and goods, and mail placed up to 3 blocks away and appearing on Sunday (no mail delivery, the May 11 letter for $67523.25, a pre-sorted first class mail envelope that has no postage stamp or ink indicating processing to arrive there; with OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL and ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTED embossed on the envelope; containing a demand for money over $10,000 USD payable by U.S. Mail to San Antonio TX. No "electronic" payment method is cited in the letter, or electronic reply option; or name other than that of KEN PAXTON as officer or employee responsible. The letter is dated December 2016 in issue date, and is per language not a valid or compliant 45 CFR §303.6 service by a genuine TITLE IV AGENCY per Federal and State Law made 2017 February.

  • Harassing telephone calls from a service bureau which appears to have relationship and in prior operator discussion during such harassment, disclosed their contempt for the FBI, bragging "We've been doing this for years. They aren't going to stop us now." to taunt the subject in considerable frequency and correlation to other threats made and in the FACEBOOK communications to extort on behalf of VERONICA PETERSEN.

The firm therefore feels this is a fully criminal matter, unanimously among all witnesses, and civil remedy denied a unified RICO approach obligated such civil, criminal, and State employee and Federal Employee misconduct as documented in this case in SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION fraud, insurance fraud, and TITLE IV GRANT fraud duly alleged in a pattern to defraud evident with manufacture of evidence to extort and blackmail using the U.S. Mail and with tampering with U.S. Mail and Court process, refused correction by the courts present and domestic to Texas and Oklahoma.

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